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The fertile flatland spans horizon to horizon, without end.

It's a beautiful day today, just a few clouds in the blue sky. It always is. Nobody has seen the night sky for centuries.

It was a different world when the Rapture and the Tribulation happened. Seven years of war, plague, destruction. And then, the end of history, the Triumphant Return. All the wiles of the Devil or the cleverness of Humanity could not stop the Divine Plan. Now, in the Millennial Kingdom, Jesus rules from the New Jerusalem Temple over the inexorable wrapping up of History.

Between the Tribulation and the Millennium, Jesus was content to take His time, to have as His canvas an entire globe that had been shaken flat -- except Israel.

The only place elevated is the Holy City itself, where the Mount of Olives has been rent in two and Jerusalem raised hundreds of feet. How appropriate that the new, holy capital of the world should stand high above all other cities and nations, more than a thousand feet high and gleaming, pristine, and ready to be redesigned and decorated for and by the Lord Jesus Himself. Every day the landscape changed as full-grown greenery appeared.

Imagine euphoria that shows no sign of abating. We felt full of the glory and presence of God through Jesus. In our previous lives, we were aware of our sin and lowliness. But in the presence of Jesus, the contrast between us and our Savior was even starker.

Perhaps Jesus will not allow us to dwell on that. Every moment should be filled with joy and wonder and worship, as Jesus continually impresses upon our hearts that He died for us, arose for us, and is preparing a place for us. The Millennium will be all about Jesus, worshiping the Lamb who was slain and now lives forevermore.

The millennial temple would be the only temple, and the entire population of the earth will make use of it at one time or another. Entire continents will become lush and green with rich, black soil extending down hundreds of feet to seas of pure water that spring up to irrigate the land.

As the vast new temple grows each day in the distance, so will the pristine farmlands and orchards throughout the world.

Jesus will be ever present, physically in the city of Jerusalem, soon occupying the temple and retaking the throne of David. The nations have been granted to Him as an inheritance, and He is to rule the world with an iron rod. People occupied themselves planting and harvesting and building their own homes.

“And yet the Scriptures are clear that at the end of all this, Satan is loosed again for a little while to tempt the nations, and the army he amasses is as numerous as the sand on the seashores. So not only will there be those who choose their own ways, there will be countless numbers of them.”

(From the introduction to "Kingdom Come")

"Well, there you have it. No skiing, no midnight campfire stories... no videogames? I think not! I say we've got to put the planet back together. How about you, phi?"

The cosmic clock is ticking towards the year 1000, and then, that'll be it. But, now, you are here, and one way or the other you can make a difference. All considered, it's a good time to be alive.

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