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Scratchpad wiki for Robots Everywhere side projects.

Complete RPG system, with three different settings: Very Different Places

Expansion for Very Different Places with a fourth place: Streets of 2040 (By Riley)

Expansion for Tripocalypse with an alternate scenario, Left Beyond, and its strategy game counterpart playthrough here.

Story / Let's play: XcomAcademy (Read from the mission 4 or so, that's when it gets good!) (By all of us who cowrote this!)

Boardgame: What Goes Up and its crowd-played iteration, Space Princess Quest (By the 4chan /tg/ community)

Boardgame: Spirit Plumbers

Boardgame/RPG : Monster Hunter (By Riley August) - copyright Capcom

Minis game (WIP): Dolly Wars

d20 RPG campaign: Enemy Unsure

d20 RPG campaign: Antaeus Rising?

d20 RPG campaign: Rise of the Uncertainity Lich (Uncategorized)

Generic Setting Content: The Kingdom of Muscletonia - WRESTLER PRINCESSES! (By Riley August)


All content on this wiki is licensed Creative Commons 3.0 Noncommercial Sharealike, Attribution to Please send a message to for information.

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