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Decker is a character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Decker
Race: Plat
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Eye Color: Blue, if anyone ever got her to take those damned goggles off.
Hair Color: greeny off-white
Skin Color: mostly very pale. crispy on the exposed parts.
Height: 148cm
Weight: 50kg

Origin: Tsuxian exile, adopted by Enotrian merchants
Hits x (1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)


Threshold : Sta+Foc=8
Timing : Spd+Ins=7
Movement : Type+Spd=4

Psi Powers (INT-2):
-Da Healins! for healing people who is hurtsed. given system oddities, mebbe provides bonus temporary threshold? Or ablative extra hits?
-Feather Fall. The ground is a long way. You can take your time getting there. [note: Decker only THINKS she can slow the effect of gravity on a falling body. In fact, she only slows the falling body's perception of time. As a result, while for small falls she has been able to right and catch herself and mitigate injury with this technique, she is going to be very disappointed and confused when she tries to use it on someone else and by all appearances very very little happens.]
-Magic Caffiene. But i don't waaaaannna go to bed! There's only 13 more volumes of this book!

Unrelenting Nerdery: Perk- exceptional at working out just what an unidentified thingie does. Thingie may be mechanical, chemical, xtalic, or organic in nature. organic thingums do not survive analysis. Drawback- easily distracted by anything remotely technical she does not understand, and frequently is difficult to understand.
But I Can Taste The Colours: Perk- Instinctive understanding of xtal circuit theory allows her a significant facility with inventing and imbuing psi circuits into crystals to make named crystals. At least, ones that her abnormal mind can easily use. Drawback- Very Unusual Mind. Other people trying to use her custom named crystals, or crystals she has attempted to make in a fashion more in line with normal procedures of thought, have a 30-80% chance of catastrophic failure on use, depending on complexity of the circuit involved.
Skills: 20xp
Awareness (instinct) 1 (1xp)
Crystal Naming (intellect/attunement/focus) 2 (3xp)
Crystal Use (attunement) 3 (6xp)
Hide (instinct) 1 (1xp)
Psi Knowledge (intellect) 3 (6xp)
Repair (intellect) 2 (3xp)

Backstory: Born in a Tsuxian military family, she was always a bit too weird for the comfort of those around her. Not terribly hard, among Tsuxians. With a gifted mind wrapped up in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in an awesome rack (she would like to think, anyway. In truth, it's nothing to boast about), she had a tendency as a small child to ask the sort of questions that are not welcome in Tsuxian culture, ones like "No, just what IS a demon, really? If it physically exists it has to have anatomical exploitabilities." Or, "What does the Celestial Beaurocracy actually DO to keep the world existing?"

Since one doesn't look very good sending a child to the gulag, once intense re-education failed to curb her Reductionist lines of questioning she found herself given two options in life. Stand, or Fall.

These were given to her on an islet roughly 20 centimetres in diameter, without any equipment but a largely nontechnical outfit, and the injunction that her choice didn't matter, because if she Stood for long enough to dehydrate, she'd Fall anyway, and nobody was sticking around or coming back to find out when she chose to die.

Her choice ended up mattering, because an Enotrian merchant vessel happened to be near enough to see the ship bringing her to her doom, and was curious why a Tsuxian ship would putter out tot he middle of nowhere, loiter briefly, then go back. They were rather upset that this was to leave a child to her clandestine death, and decided that she'd stay with them when her answer to 'can we take you anywhere?' was 'anywhere but there.'

When she refused to give her former name, insisting that 'she's been killed,' her adoptive parents named her Decarabia. She flourished quickly, though somewhat deliberately became weirder and weirder behaviourally as she grew up, exulting in the absence of the repressiveness she had initially lived under. She developed an exceptional aptitude for psionics, grasping circuit theory almost instinctively, though her attempts at extemporization have mixed results. Few are quite prepared to believe her that she can produce more effective results healing an individual psionically if she has been able to analyze a dental-mold taken from them, but the few who have permitted her to take one do seem to notice a difference. Whether or not such a difference is worth the creepout of seeing her petting her fake-teeth collection is something that every individual must ask themselves.

She tends towards heavier clothing, almost as though trying to hide behind it, her stringy and largely unkempt hair running unevenly down her back, and she definitely hides behind her over-bulky goggles, they're a common thing to see someone wearing in the slipstream, but usually the padding beneath them doesn't cover -quite- that much of the cheeks, and most people take them off indoors. Decker doesn't. She even sleeps with them on. She does take anything experimental out of the xtal sockets of which her goggles have three on each side before trying to sleep, though. If she remembers.

She also has a tendency to giggle, either at random, or after blurting something that probably only makes sense to her. She sees the world differently than many. Hopefully for her sake, the rocks in her world are in the same places as they are for everyone else.

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