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This is a character template for the test Waylights game.

Name: string
Race: Streamie
-> Eye Color: Turquoise-ish Hazel

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin Color: Fair
Height: ~180cm
Weight: ~50kg

Gender: (Androgynous Male)
Age: 21

Hits 1 (1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)


Threshold : Sta+Foc=[7]
Timing : Spd+Ins=[8]
Movement : Type+Spd=[5G]

Psi Powers (INT-2):
-\\Disguise - A much simpler variant of a cloaking technique, this makes Sasha's appearance not stick in other people's memories, causing them to pay more attention to what he's wearing. -\\Disrupt Lights - Disrupts the fluorescence of lightbulbs.

-\\Gender Confusing - removes both positive and negative sexual orientation modifier from any social interaction.

Action Skills:

  • Alertness: 2
  • Close Combat: 1
  • Sleight-of-Hand: 2
  • Athletics: 2
  • Stealth: 2

Other Skills:

  • Performance (Whoring): 1
  • Manipulation: 3


Boy who grew up on the streets, whose femininity got him in a lot of bad situations. Eventually instead of being beaten up by the local gangs, he skipped town and took the name "Sasha", and began to live as a woman. Now no one really knows what his true gender is, not even himself. He mastered his seductive skills at an early age, and has used a combination of suave con artistry, stealth, and quick fingers to make a living as a thief.


  • Mechanic's Suit
  • Sexy androgynous looking outfit
  • Hand Razors (melee weapon)
  • 12000 Tal
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