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Tenna is a character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Tenna
Race: Streamie
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Eye Color: Green, but she has a collectino of cosmetic contact lenses for being silly with.
Hair Color: Brown. She does not cook with crystals.
Skin Color: Paleish, but not abnormally so, just 'spends a lot of time indoors' pale.
Height: 195cm
Weight: 60kg

Origin: Ship's cook, originally from Hibernia
Hits x (1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)


Threshold : Sta+Foc=7
Timing : Spd+Ins=7
Movement : Type+Spd=x

Psi Powers (INT-2):
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tenna is particularly good at soups, broths and the like, so much so that just a bit of extra effort can turn them from scrumptious to actually revitalizing.

Traits: None. Tenna is a normal representative of the Streamie race.
Skills: 20xp
Awareness (instinct) 2 (3xp)
Brawling (strength) 1 (1xp)
Repair (intellect) 1 (1xp)
Cooking (intellect) 3 (6xp)
Logistics (intellect) 2 (3xp)
Haggling (charisma) 2 (3xp)
Rig Riding (instinct) 1 (1xp)
Biology (alpine) (intellect) 1 (1xp)
Biology (hybrid) (intellect) 1 (1xp)
Shell reinforced rubber armorsuit
Crystal-socketted full arm gauntlet (right arm)
Combat Knife (+2)
Longbarrel Pneumatic Launcher
A travelling chef apprenticing under anyone she sees herself as having a lot to learn from, having already served several prestigious apprenticeships in kitchens throughout the stream, Tenna comes from an unspecifiedly nasty background, her mother being a figure of fear more than anything else. She seeks to one day unite all she has learned from every cuisine in the stream to create a new cuisine all her own to cook and teach.

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