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Yena is a character for the test Waylights game.


Name:"Yena" Yelena Kerman
 Eye Color:Black
 Hair Color:Light grey, habitually dyed cobalt
 Skin Color:Argyric


Derived Stats
Hits(1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)x

Psi Powers (INT-2)

  • Mystic Tape
    • Repairs a nonliving object, often a rig, usually when it is attempting to auto-disassemble or otherwise catastrophically fail, but can be used for ordinary, non-life-threatening situations, too.
  • Catfall
    • Allows unscathed survival of relatively short (a few stories) falls, provided you can use it in time. Often useless, except when it's not. Can assist with not dying in that awkward altitude range when flickers and parachutes can't be deployed fast enough.
  • Triangulation
    • Gives knowledge of position, within a dozen or two miles, and heading, as long as the sky, either as the sun or some stars, is visible and the date is known.


  • Hanging On By Your Fingernails, Just Because It's Awesome (My Name...Is Jebediah)
    • Perk: Very rarely crashes, capable of recovering (more or less) from extreme maneuvers and even very dangerous congruences of heading/vector and solid objects, rig limitations, or combinations thereof.
    • Drawback: Prefers flying dangerously ("fun"), burns half again as much fuel as normal when doing so. Is drawn to attempt to modify any non-custom rig endlessly, thus rigs suffer periodic equipment failures due to modifications and stress.
  • Hey, This Is Just Like That Time When... (We Are Going To Space Today.)
    • Perk: Extremely quick to learn any heavier-than-air non-autogiro craft, excellent rocket pilot.
    • Drawback: Initially pilots everything as if it were a high-speed rocket-glider. Not all subject rigs survive this loving attention. Fewer survive unscathed. Is near-obsessively drawn to fit rocket boosters to everything.

Action Skills

  • Rig Riding (3)
  • Mountaineering (1)
  • Sharpshooting (1)
  • Explosives (2)

Other Skills

  • Rocket Science (2)
  • Airframe Mechanics (1)
  • Engine Mechanics (1)
  • Synchro (1)
  • Circuit Drafting (1)
  • Memory Casting (1)
  • Field Medicine (1)


  • Change of clothing
    • Unremarkable, utilitarian clothing, pants and long-sleeved shirt
  • Light armor
    • Heavy boots
    • Gloves w/plating on backs
  • Stomp suit (Protection 2, Duration 3)
    • Set of matching aerospace-styled breathing mask and large, slightly darkened goggles
    • Jump/climbing harness
    • Altimeter
    • Small air tank
    • Jump/flight hood
  • Carbine
    • Pyroarm, short barreled
  • Bandoleer
    • Part of jump harness, holds refined crystals accessibly
  • Flicker/Chute
    • One or the other always attached to jump harness
  • Rope
    • Short length, attached to jump harness and coiled in side pouch
  • Toolkit
    • Tools for working on and constructing rigs, primarily, but adaptable in a pinch to most things mechanical
  • Medikit
  • Canteen
  • Spare flicker charges


Yelena is a relatively ordinary, nearly unremarkable geep, in the context of Kerbian geeps. Her parents, likewise, are reasonably ordinary Kerbian geeps, both making an honest living. This wonderful sense of wholesome normalcy is somewhat undermined by the fact that, according to nearly everyone who is not a Kerbian, Kerbians are, to a one, nigh insane. Perhaps to put some proof to it, her father worked in the manufacture of solid rocket propellant, while her mother made a reasonable living naming guidance crystals.
She's been a curious sort, from the youngest age, thanks to her environment, one of continuous questions and challenges to the skies. Being exposed to the heart of what could be called Kerbian culture, its ideas captured her imagination early on, but her requests to pilot anything, let alone rockets, were denied, as her parents hoped she'd grow out of it and settle on something else. To her delight, after several years of everything they could think of, all to no avail, they surrendered and gave their reluctant approval.
For a few years thereafter, she delightedly spent every tal she could make on fuel, parts, and tools, while trying to learn all she could. By the end of it, she had become an acceptable, if quite overconfident, teenage amateur rocket scientist.
All it took to disabuse her of her overconfidence was a single large explosion. Her proudly-made "newest and most powerful" rocket, intended to be a reusable Race To Space winner, exploded on the pad and threw her several dozen feet on the edge of its fireball. She didn't exactly escape unscathed. During her recovery, she ruefully decided that she needed to be to be more cautious and well-prepared. When she did finally heal, she, somewhat bitterly and amidst improvised self-training, set about a methodical review of everything she knew.
Many experiments later, she had satisfied herself, and made her first tentative forays into piloted rocket-gliders. Drawn by the allure of flight, she steadily tweaked her ideas, not-so-slowly becoming an adrenaline junkie test pilot. She readily admits to having made some remarkably bad decisions, but maintains that the exploding shower incident involved her bailing out of it, not causing it.
Even when on the ground, Yelena's impossible to find without her jump harness and gear, even her carbine, breathing mask, and goggles. She sometimes keeps the goggles up and mask down, giving a rare (to most) look at her gray skin, solid black eyes, and cobalt dyed, shoulder length hair. How much skin she has showing is a clear indicator of how well at ease she is, but needless to say, this tends to be somewhat disconcerting to others, especially those who take her choice of apparel as a sign of impending danger. Fortunately for her, she's relatively hard to perturb much and easily cheered, rarely descending into bad moods for long. Unfortunately for everyone else, she is a touch oblivious when it comes to them. Perhaps also unfortunately, she's still endlessly curious, will delightedly experiment, and her caution has relaxed somewhat.
To say that Yelena is absolutely determined to go to space is to underestimate her intent; she will go to space or die trying. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, and she won't be able to keep the second moon or rumors of ancient Invader and human ships off her mind until it happens.


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