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This page will eventually become the main page for the development efforts on the tabletop wargaming system known as Emlia. It is a work in progress, created by developers, gamers, hobbyists, and anyone who can appreciate a good game.

What is Emlia?

Emlia is a tabletop wargame system, similar in nature to Warhammer , DBA or Warmachine . Unlike these systems, however, Emlia is suitable for many different scales, genres, and settings. It is flexible, free, and in constant development. The philosophy of Emlia is made up of three simple things: flexibility for any scenario, in any setting, in any scale community people building a game together freedom to produce, distribute, and sell content using an open source philosophy.

The Rules

The book layout of the rules for version 0.6 is now FINISHED! All 0.54 content has been removed from the main page. Archives of old 0.54 content is available here .

The Emlia Rules, Version 0.6
The Emlia Rules, Version 0.6, in editable OpenDocument format. Edits to this document constitute Rules Content, as defined by the license below. If you need a place to put your edits, email us - we also have a wiki now!
Optional Rules for Surrendering and Taking Prisoners
Demo Unit Set for Swords for Hire - from CanGames 2009 - Setting Content, For Example Use. Abilities and Skills shown here are Rules Content, the world of Swords for Hire is copyright Riley August, 2000.
Demo Scenario from CanGames 2009 - Setting Content, For Example Use
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The Forums!

We finally got off our collective butts and put up some forums.

Go to the Emlia Forums!


The entirety of the Emlia System documents and all development work are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. This work is copyright Riley August, some rights reserved.

Rules Content is defined as any content not describing specifics of a game setting. This includes dice mechanics, new skills or uses for skills, or abilities that apply to any setting other than the one in question. For example, rules for magic spells can apply to any setting with magic use, and are therefore rules content. All rules content is subject to the above license on Emlia System documents. Setting Content is defined as the background information, art, unit sets, miniature lines, and scenarios that define a coherent setting for a game. Setting Content is NOT covered by the Emlia License - it may be distributed freely or commercially as the developers see fit. When distributing Setting Content, including commercial distribution, any Rules Content may be distributed with it in order to create a coherent rulebook. This rules content must still be made available under the above license. Creative Commons License
Emlia by Riley August is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.
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