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test: [20d20 = 222]
test: [20d12 = 123]
test: [20d10 = 138]
test: [20d8 = 89]
test: [20d6 = 70]
test: [20d4 = 48]
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test: yay this works
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
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Near: Mukyu?
'Noir' disconnected
'Noir' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
test: mm
Noir (Near): Mukyuuu
test: grandma on fone
Will: kies
Will: need time to retype sheet anyways
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Near: How much EXP should we have? x_x
Tester: sorry guys ...charcter was on the last sercer
Will: Yeah, I know. You'll have to retype your sheet.
Will: I assume you made a backup or a chardesc file? >_>
Tester: *cough*
Tester: no
Noir (Near): SP should have it on her end. (>'_')>
Will: SP's hard drive fell in the ocean.
test: ^^;
Near: o_o
Near: oh.
Will: that's why I'm typing from my chardesc file
Will: I should've made an XML backup but I didn't care enough :P
Near: This is why I made my character in solomodo
Near: No retyping needed \o/
Will: smart
Near: Well, a little..
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Near: What was the 3rd language I picked? I don't remember it, it was due to nobility
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Hextor: Just had to get the name right
Near: I also have to get ready for work in about... 2 hours >_>..
Hextor: hmm
Near: let me check if it's 6 or 630
test: >_<
Near: It's 6 :/ but I go in at 930 tommorrow, and off Monday. :X
Hextor: shitty
Near: this can just be a warm up game to get back into it :x
Will: Miw.
Will: We've got some time, yeah :)
test: I solemnly pledge to stop trying to make my schedule fit that of others. It's not feasible anyway and it frustrates me.
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Near: mukyu ._.
Will: Char retyped.
Will: Kies.
Near: My vacation got moved back to next month too ;_;
Near: fgsfds
test: Whatever. Sorry about your vacation being moved around. What do you guys want to do?
Near: Well, we were about to come up to a boss fight, make preps for that?
test: Yep
Near: Oh, and how much exp should we have? :x
Will: Miw, I was having an interesting conversation with the senior engineer, I believe, making plans for that.
test: I have no clue. You were discussing tactics with the goblin leader, she wanted to wait out the day of no magic since according to her it didn't affect the Bone Machine at all.
Near: And Near was with the gobbies, probably in the baracks asleep right now.
Hextor: well...we could wait the day out...but I've got the feeling that this thig was MENT to move on the magic free day
Will: I would much rather wait out the day if we can.
Will: The value of magic is significant, and if she advises it, she knows better than we do.
Campaign saved.
test: Well, a detail you shouldn't forget is that the Bone Machine hasn't been operational for a full year.
test (test): Ok, game time started.
Will: *nod*
test: Near was trying to fund someplace to take a break to, Will and Hextor were talking to the senior engineer...
Noir (Near): I read that as break into..
Will: "You said the necromancer animated your machine, though...if the Day of Dread would not break that, what could?"
test: The older greenskin thinks alittle. "Rocks?"
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "think bigger"
Will: "True... the body could be destroyed. It frightens even me to think of magic that would not be broken on the Day of Dread, however. What will it likely do tomorrow?"
test: "We have no idea... yesterday it just started to thrash about. It killed the operators inside by moving in such a way to squish them."
test: "It's not trying to dig its way out that we can tell... it attacked everyone it could reach, then just started flailing about."
Will: "So it isn't moving anywhere, really?"
Campaign saved.
test: She shakes her head.
Will: "THAT is relieving news, assuming it stays that way. Still, it worries me as it seems to you. Your advice is sound...waiting out tomorrow and using the time to prepare is sensible."
Hextor: "we could colapse the chamber on the beast and let the stones have it"
test: she smiles. "That was our first thought... it's worth a try, but it may collapse a large portion of the mine. Unfortunately we don't have enough explosives to do it."
Will: I nod. "Hmmm...well, how quickly can more explosives be made?" Knowing not of explosives, he really has no idea.
Campaign saved.
test: The elder goblin closes her eyes and seems to zone out for a moment. "Three, four days? A lot of our gear was destroyed during the fight..."
test: A goblin runs to the chief and squeaks something rapid and unintelligible. Her face turns from a frown into an expression of alarm. "The dead are returning!"
Noir (Near): That can't be good..
Will: I look around quickly to take stock of the situation. "How many, from where, and with what?"
Campaign saved.
test: The goblin elder answers in three short sentences, and the messenger runs back to the bunks trying to rouse his tribesmates. The elder answers, "Our... employer would come to give orders or take minerals by means of a small delegation of dead men... mostly men anyway. They're coming back now -- they haven't attacked, but the Sphere hasn't tried to hail the pickets as usual, either!"
Hextor: the sphere?
Will: "Sphere? Pickets?" I ask, hoping to get quick answers.
test: The messenger manages to rouse maybe one goblin in three, and two of them cautiously approach Near.
test: "He would communicate with us by means of a glass sphere. Perhaps it is already being affected.... but then why are the dead men moving at all?"
Near wakens slowly due to the earlier noise of awakening the other goblins.
Hextor: "maybe simply to see what has effected the sphere perhaps"
test: The two goblins actually make a quick bow to Near, then move on to try to wake those who aren't too tired or too wounded.
test: "I do not know. Again, we will place ourselves under your direction... you've proven your ability in combat exceeds ours.
Near goes to see what's going on, gripping her cleaver, and loking about curiously.
Will: "Hmmm...I would not know. The dead men should crumble to a pile of useless bones on the Day of Dread. My guess is he likely wishes to make use of his minions BEFORE they turn to dust."
test: Just as the elder goblin finishes speaking, the two skeletal armors that had remained in their idle standing position collapse in a small drumroll of metal and bone. A few moments later, a cuckoo clock makes some very sick noises.
Campaign saved.
test (test): lol jinx
Hextor: " I guess that would be the day of dread"
Will: "It appears the day begins. It seems I won't be getting much sleep for a while..."
test (test): Eh, you holy-man types can probably deal with it. Good thing Near got a bit of a catnap at least.
test: The elder goblin shouts something shrill and fairly profane-sounding, that not even Near quite gets on account of having just woken up other than it's probably swearing.
Kittymew (Will): Our holy-man stuff just got the off switch.
Noir (Near): I'll probbaly roll occasionally to see if she falls asleep (>'_')> Going without rest is pretty draining.
Kittymew (Will): Indeed...but we be soldiers and such is life.
Will: "Do the dead still come?"
test: "We've been working in this mine for eight months... and don't know what will happen. If the Bone Machine has stopped, we'll soon be told - " She's interrupted by another messenger running up from another chamber. "It- it has! It has curled up into its defensive stance, and has stopped."
Hextor: "Good...much easier to hit a target thats not moving
Campaign saved.
test: The messenger, not waiting for an order, runs towards the living area and repeats itself, its words followed by shrill cheers.
Will: "If it is a shrewd animal, it may be lying in wait for prey...but on the Day of Dread it might truly be slumbering."
test: "We can send a troop of machinists to disconnect the Bone Machine's limbs. Will you escort them, just in case?" She barks a few orders.
Will: "Hextor? This may be dangerous, but I ask you to come with me," I bow curtly to the engineer, "You have my aid."
Near just arrives as the old goblin says this, "I'll help," and yawns.
-> Near: got it?
Hextor: "I'm with ye..but grab some of what explosives you have...just incase we need to seal the thing in
Near: ?
-> Near: "Get three scouts to look for the dead men and report on whether they've stopped! Blue team, Make sure the Bone Machine isn't damaged permanently!"
Near: ah. Kay *tilde*
test: Six goblin sappers in leather armor, one of which seems to be bigger than the others and missing an ear and an eye, noisily run towards their elder and are pointed at Will by her.
test: The bigger goblin speaks in what is, surprisingly, dwarfish-accented Common. "Let's doo it!"
Kittymew (Will): ROFLMAO
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor gives a laugh and bows his head to the new comers.."lead the way"
Will: Will smiles to the goblin's cheerful demeanor, and hefts his shield. He gives a short nod, and a quick prayer.
test: The sappers get the point, and start running off northwards into the darkness, towards a freshly-dug tunnel. While they're small, you'll have to walk fast to keep up.
Will: I hustle my armoured butt along behind, doing my best to keep up with the goblins' stamina.
Near has to run to keep up with them.
Hextor: "hextor hurries after them dropping to a ducked run to squeese into the smaller tunnel
test: The new tunnel is freshly dug and while it doesn't show dwarven precision, it's a lot less rough than the ones you saw earlier -- it's tall enough for a man, although Hextor still has to crouch a little. It leads to a chamber where the granite gives way to softer rocks and dirt -- this also has been cleaned up somewhat. "We blow up de ramp last day" the sapper's leader explains. Indeed, there was a wooden ramp to some sort of cavern below -- bits of it are attached to where the granite stops.
Campaign saved.
test: This room, and the cavern below, are dimly lit with a green glow.
Hextor: "well...if that's not suspisious then I'm Loki"
Will: I nod..."Why?" I ask, thinking the Bone Machine could easily bypass that...then I notice the green glow.
test: There is a fifty foot drop between this room and the cavern.... the glow is coming not from the fungi you saw earlier, but from crystals that appear in the raw soil here and there. Quite unlike gems, they are opaque and look somewhat brittle, like glowing chalk.
Hextor: "you still have any of that rope Near?"
Hextor: "we'll need to get down there...and back"
Will: I look down, then to the lead sapper, saying nothing, just plain expecting him to break out the rope.
Near: "I'm out, sorry.."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I do have a towel.." Looks at it expectantly.
test: At a gesture, two of the sapper begin to deploy a ropes-and-planks ladder. The lead sapper breaks out a small bottle of what's likely liquor and takes a swig.
Kittymew (Will): I'm just hoping this isn't plutonium.
Noir (Near): Probably just Plebonium.
test: The sappers begin to bicker over who gets to go first, and their leader barks at them. "Shut oop!"
test: A second ladder is deployed after an attachment point is found.
Hextor: " Bright boys this lot" Hextor says..."Mind if I go first ?'
Noir (Near): How far down is it, anyway?
test: The sapper leader nods and, with a bit of shouting and prodding, manages to get his five troops more or less lined up behind him.
Noir (Near): Oh right, 50 feet..
test: There's about a fifty foot drop.
Noir (Near): Hmm... a jump can negate how many feet?
Kittymew (Will): Not that many.
Noir (Near): jump check*
Hextor: Hextor Drops his spear point down off the side of the drop and then hops onto the rope ladder
Will: I wonder why he just blunted the hell out of his spear on solid rock, and wait to see if the ladder can take his weight.
test: The spear neatly slides into the softer ground for a few inches with a twang; from the look of it, while the ladder is holding it's probably best to not load it further.
Near climbs right down the other ladder, pushing one of the goblins out of the way. Her cleaver held in her teeth.
test (test): The chamber is at the interface between the granite and softer soil
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor reachs the bottom of the ladder with easy and snatches up his spear
Hextor: Looking around at in the odd glow hextor tries to makes sense of the dark canvern
Will: I wait for Hextor to finish his climb, then loose my shield and climb down slowly, to keep the ladder balanced.
test: The only illumination is given by your gnomish cold lights, and more of the crystal formations in the ceiling; magical torches had been embedded in the walls, but are now all out -- except for one flickering weakly to the far right. Hextor gets the impression of a shipyard, if such a thing existed underground; the cavern is huge, and only the near side to the room above has been improved. There are three large bays with wooden scaffolding to each side; one is empty, one contains some light construction equipment, and one contains a number of copper plate pieces and some more scaffolding. The empty chamber has, well, claw marks on its floor; its scaffolding is visibly damaged.
test: Something shiny is dimly visible further down the cavern, reflecting the green glow.
someguy (Hextor): how heavy would you say all that damaged scoffolding is?
test: One thing you do notice is that there are no bodies...
test (test): Enough to support a siege engine being built in each of the bay; it's old wood, but sturdy.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): thanks
Hextor: Hextor grips his spear tightly as he moves forwards...trying to keep the wall and scoffoding to his back as he steps closer to the source of the green glow in the distance
Will: Will reaches the bottom soon after, and follows behind Hextor. He pulls his warhammer from his belt, expecting it to serve much better than a sword if trouble comes.
Near walks without caution, following Hextor.
Will wishes he'd brought a heavy maul.
test: High-pitched moans can be heard from further on in the cavern. "Demolition team coming doon!" is heard from behind you, followed within seconds by the sappers. They fan out, but remain behind the three of you.
Hextor: "So much for the subtle approch" Hextor says with a shake of his armoured head
test (test): I can't dra this, my mouse is being flaky
test (test): anyone care to try to
Hextor: Creeping forward once more hextor approches the sources of the relexted glow
Noir (Near): ?
Kittymew (Will): draw what?
Hextor: map
test (test): The cavern
Kittymew (Will): Noir, you're good at that
Near: I has tablet <('_'<)
Noir (Near): that was OOC
Campaign saved.
test: The high pitched moans are definitely coming from .... whatever it is that's about a hundred and fifty feet from you, at the far side of the cavern. What you do see, dimly, is what a giant pillbug would look like if it had been made of metal.
Noir (Near): Though the map has to be shared and open for editing for me to draw it ^^;
Kittymew (Will): Is it moving at all?
test: Nothing's moving. Some noises are coming from the mass, though.
Hextor: 'well ...I would guess that's what all the fuss is about " Hextor whispers to the folks behind him as he looks over the Insectoid like construct
Noir (Near): I wasn't quite sure of how to go about it x_x
test: The machine is easily the size of a brigantine, and does look very insectoid -- its plating is mostly copper, with some steel bolts in place. Surprisingly, you see very litle bone; where part of a plate has been torn off, it's possible to see an internal structure of bone, rope and metal.
test (test): Positions please
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Where are we coming in from, bottom entrance?
someguy (Hextor): I'm in lead will and near behind me with the little guys behind them
Kittymew (Will): I didn't think we were quite that far up, but if Near's there I'd be a bit ahead of her...
Noir (Near): I was just guessing.
test: You can definitely hear moans coming from the mechanical shell now.
test: The sapper leader raises a hand and his team stop.
Hextor: "So it can moan on the day of dread...fitting"
test: random die @_@
Hextor: "wonder if it'll bleed too"
Noir (Near): It was a sleep check. *shrug*
Will: I turn to the sapper leader. "Plan?"
Near walks closer to it, to get a good look.
Hextor: "you bring those explosives?" hextor asks with a wolfish grin
Campaign saved.
Near: "doubtful," Near singsongs.
test: "Plan? Ye go take a look, ye tell us!"
test: The sappers begin to set up their demolition charges, but don't advance.
Near goes right up to it and taps it with her cleaver.
test: The clang echoes through the cavern.... and the moans inside intensify.
Noir (Near): If a fullbodid swing is considered a Tap..
Will: I turn to the sappers' leader. "You're the demolition expert, I wouldn't know how to take this apart..."
Near: "Hmm, need more data.."
test: The armor plating is made of the same material as the skeleton armors above; however, it's shaped to fit much more precisely and the plates neatly overlap. A more mechanical groan, like an old door creaking, is heard from the inside at the opposite side of here Near is.
test: "Oh noo, charges are just for backup! We gotta try to disable it first you see."
Hextor: Hextor side steps around the bulk of the thing to get a look at where that creaking came from
test: Spot check plox.
Near sniffs at it like a dog would a corpse.
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 3]
Hextor: [1d20 = 16]
Hextor: +2
Hextor: meh
Will: whoops, was still looking at the chief :P
Will: only +2? Spot's wisdom, and I thought you had at least 16 there
test: It smells like, uhm, recently dead kobolds and goblins. So overall not very good.
Near: Scent -2, Spot -2 [2d20-2 = 21]
Campaign saved.
test: Hextor sees one of the plates hesitantly moving...
Hextor: "We've got something moving on this side
Near climbs ontop of it. "Moving?"
test: Haltingly, and with great effort, part of one of the armor plates sllides back exposing the construct's underbelly. It seems that the siege engine is also built to be a troop transport, or it created a cavity within its body.... It is now full of freshly dead, and freshly raised, kobolds and goblins. They haven't noticed Hextor yet, and for what little he can see in the dark alcove, are milling about and banging into the machine's understructure.
Noir (Near): Oh yey, zombys.
Hextor: Hextor rushes forward and trys to slam the plate closed and hold it that way
someguy (Hextor): I'm thinking str check?
Will: I rush forward to assist him, as quickly as I can, when I hear him slam the plate down.
Hextor: "I think we know where the bodies went now "
Near: "Where?"
Hextor: "your standing on them"
Hextor: "hey got one of those charges ready?"
test: The plate closes, but it keeps trying to open.
Campaign saved.
Will: I look at Hextor, not knowing what mess he found inside. "Hmmm? What did you find?"
Hextor: Hextor puts his back into holding the gate
Near knocks again on the shell.
Will helps Hextor keep the hatch closed.
test: "Aye! But this plating be to thick for it. What you got in mind?" The leader leaves his troops there and comes forth, holding what looks like a large bottle.
Hextor: "They've been raised inside of this thing...and they're still moving
test: The hatch stops trying to move.
Hextor: I'm going to open this thing and your going to toss that thing inside and then run like hell
Will: "What...that makes no sense, how would they still move on the Day of Dread?"
Near: "Why not let them out, then squish them all?" Near asks plainly. "It'll probably be easier."
test: The sapper shows the bottle to Near. "Firebomb. Won't damage the big bug, but... heh! Zombie roast."
test: "But we have to save these..."
Hextor: "you can ask them yourself when they're toasted will" "looking to the Little one with the bomb "would you rather try to blow the thing up from inth inside or through the armour plating?"
Hextor: "on 3 I'm going to crack this thing open and you light them up
test: "Inseid, definitely. But we're to try to disable it first, Mama said."
Hextor: "one"
Hextor: "two...."
Near: "Why not just squish?" Swings her cleaver in a few practice arcs.
Campaign saved.
test: The lead sapper shrugs.
Hextor: Hextor moves his hands to pull the thing open
Will moves out of the way as Hextor opens the hatch.
test: There doesn't seem to be any resistance from the plating...
Hextor: yanking at the hatch hextor pulls back
Will: dodm
Kittymew (Will): didn't expect there to be any resistance...haha
Hextor: "Three!"
someguy (Hextor): please tell me the thing opens and I don't get a face full of fire myself
test: Going along ith Hextor's movement, the machine fully opens that plate and the one next to it; the zombies had massed at the opening, and literally spill out bumping into Hextor, Will and the sapper leader. Realizing it's too close to use a fire bomb, he drops the explosive rolling it backards to his team, and swings his liquor bottle into a kobold zombie's head. Whatever he was drinking seems to be corrosive....
Near: Initiative [1d20+1 = 12]
Will: Initiative [1d20 = 19]
test (test): They're frikkin zombies : you automatically get init, this is just to see for who goes first
Hextor: [1d20 = 10]
Near lets out an excited shout and is ready to smashy.
test: Goblin sapper team init [1d20 = 5]
someguy (Hextor): well so much for the roast idea
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor):'s got to be easier to take the thing appart from the inside then from out here
test: The small undead spill out, moaning and smelling if possible even worse than the usual sort. A few of them are incapacitated from what killed them -- one goblin is not there below the waist, and drags itself along.
Will: The mass could be dangerous if caught in it, but the small bodies would take a fair effort to drag a big man like Will down quckly. He steels his nerves and steps forward towards the huge mass, taking a wide cut with his warhammer, then stepping back quickly, raising his shield to defend himself.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 20]
Will: Str bonus [1d8+2 = 9]
Will will just kinda assume 20 hits a frickin zombie...
test: The swing isn't accurate, but is enough to knock three creatures -- a goblin and two kobolds -- off their feet. The kobold that actually got hit has half its guts spill out, its spine visible... and, after a moments, gets up again, trailing entrails. The zombies don't seem to even be trying to fight; they're just walking or crawling towards the nearest living creature.
Campaign saved.
Near briefly debates jumping into the mess and just going to town, but elects intsead to slide down to the side opposite Hextor. An nhe touches ground, she attempts to kick in the head of one of the zombies.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 25]
Near: Str bonus [1d4+3 = 4]
Hextor: got a question...does a clerics Turn undead count as magical for the Day of Dread here?
Noir (Near): Or she slid feet fist into a zombie. That works too.
Noir (Near): first*
test: The zombie Near hits is the same one that had its face hit with a bottle of whatever the sapper leader was drinking.... which was powerful enough to melt away some of the scalp and expose the skull. Near essentially lands on it, crushing it and splatting brains on her boot -- the small creature collapses immediately.
Near: "Squishy.."
-> Hextor: Good question: undeads don't generally walk about during the Day or Dread.
-> Hextor: So nobody's ever been able to find out that you kno of.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Caught up in the sight of the swarm of undeath Hextor instinctivly reaches for his holy symbol...trying to draw upon the power Odin to strike these creatures low
someguy (Hextor): we'll see if the day of the dead means the god put me on call waiting
test: The Bone Machine trembles and shudders, and would probably shriek in pain if it had been equipped with a voice... the zombies however seem entirely unaffected.
Hextor: If anyone within 300 feet happens to speak norse they get a rather detaled description of unkind terms for where odin can put his spear for the day and Hextor sets himself for combat
test: While the other sappers quickly secure their gear to prevent accidental explosions, their leader grabs the neck of his broken bottle and savagely attacks the closest undead kobold, severing its legs and one of its arms in a flurry of enraged blows -- what's left of the creature, however, still twitches. "They're gonna have to glue you back together - in hell!"
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): ah...that explains it
test: The zombies, apparently displaying more stupidity than even regular zombies, keep trying to mob Near and Hextor, with Will being a little too far to be affected.
Kittymew (Will): You didn't get it yet?
someguy (Hextor): just now
test: Zombies trying to zombie-pile on Hextor [6d20-5 = 39]
test: Zombies trying to zombie-pile on Near [7d20-5 = 68]
someguy (Hextor): note to self...don't bad mouth odin infront of pile of things wantingto kill me
test (test): lol srsly
Noir (Near): What's with the -5? x_x
someguy (Hextor): that 19 got me worried for a sec without that -5
someguy (Hextor): otherwise I'm zombie proof atm
test: The zombies' attacks are remarkably ineffective -- they just try to grasp and snap their jaws, those that have them, at you. One kobold manages to gnaw at Hextor's arm, unfortunately for it hitting armor and losing some of its little triangular teeth.
someguy (Hextor): is it just me or are there more of those things?
someguy (Hextor): and I've been glomped by the undead
Will: I shout out to Hextor, and hold out my shield wide, bringing my elbows in to form an armoured wall. Seeing the zombies lined up on Hextor, I basically rush them and try to bulldoze them into the cavern wall, hoping Hextor will see my manoeuvre and helnd me some mass.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): I have no idea what to roll on this one.
test: Str and Dex.
Kittymew (Will): kies.
someguy (Hextor): bullrush
Will: eh point, I guess it is a bull rush
Will: but more of a shield-bulldoze rather than the grapple-y sort.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 18]
Will: Str bonus [1d12+2 = 12]
Will: [1d20 = 13]
Will: Whoops wrong die on the str one, third one is dex
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 18]
Kittymew (Will): there's melee, str, and dex, you figure out what happens
test: Will doesn't need much of a head start to rush towards the grouping of zombies.... he pretty much splats two against his shields, smashing their noses and eyes and leaving them on the ground unable to get up; others are simply scattered. Shieldplate full of really smelly gore, Will lands next to Hextor impacting with another zombie and smashing its muzzle.
Campaign saved.
Near sees Will's manouvre, and attempts to implement it herself; leading with her armoured hand, rather than a shield.
test (test): ok, which group of zombies? you basically have 2 targets
Noir (Near): The ones right in front of her. *shrug*
Near: Melee attack +6, Dex bonus +1, Str bonus +3 [3d20 = 30]
Noir (Near): orz.. a nat1..
someguy (Hextor): near forget to tie shoelaces?
test: Noir rushes ahead and slips on the entrails of a previously ripped-open zombie goblin! However, she turns in mid-air and makes a spectacular landing on one of the creatures, squishing it utterly. This leaves her icky and unprotected, but within the reach of the sapper leader.
Hextor: huh
Kittymew (Will): should be Hextor
test (test): whoops1
someguy (Hextor): thz
test (test): sorries.
Hextor: Hextor reaches up with an armoured hand ripping the biting zombie off his arm and tries to throw the wriggling corpse into the pile infront of the machine
test (test): ok, you need to grab a small creature with one hand and throw it with two -- roll accordingly
Hextor: melee for the grab [1d20+5 = 15]
Near falls asleep while laying on the ground.
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Treat as NPC when she wakes up..
Hextor: str check for the throw [1d20+3 = 17]
test: Hextor grabs a zombie kobold with reasonable ease....
test (test): OK, let's say that the fumble caused Near to pass out.
Noir (Near): Well, she's already tired..
someguy (Hextor): we'll try to make sure nothing eats your brains while your gone
test: .... and slams it into the bunch of undead that have finally stopped spilling out of the Bone Machine, making a number of them fall.
Kittymew (Will): one day of no sleep doesn't do that to a healthy human being...
someguy (Hextor): unless there where exams that day
test (test): Day of Dread rules: Spell like abilities of clerics/paladins don't work, other stuff generally does.
someguy (Hextor): k
test (test): ciao noir
test (test): Why turning undead only hurt the Bone Machine is anyone's guess.
someguy (Hextor): maybe it just doesn't like the sound of my voice
Noir (Near): Well, she DID travel through tunnels, and fight several kobolds andskeleton things. It might also not have been only one day.
Kittymew (Will): fair
test: The sapper leader engages the remaining zombie in combat, literally over Near's body, and manages to drag it away.
'Noir' disconnected
test (test): do you guys want to continue it? You may have figured out it's not quite the boss fight yet
Kittymew (Will): Personally I feel better with Noir here but I can play...
test (test): y'all tell me :) hope this is good.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Ya, good
Kittymew (Will): You made zombies scary again.
Hextor: if you want to call it here
Kittymew (Will): we can always see if we can catch all together tomorrow
Kittymew (Will): I'm here all day
Hextor: well...a day the dead aren't suposed to move makes them scary
test: my other option for today is go get lunch and poach a couple of prts..... ok
test: i may go to stanford to do work, depending on what they say
test (test): how do i save the drawing?
Hextor: dunno...riley?
Will: Miw. Ummm...didn't it automatically persist last time?
Will: I have no idea how this thing works, generally, and kies.
test: kies!
test: gg

Chat log started at 13.5.2008 / 19:11:08

'Noir' connected
'Kittymew' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Noir (Near): Oohrah!
'someguy' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Will: Miu :)
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: been a while eh?
Noir (Near): It is the god of tyranny!
Will: yup
Noir (Near): Yes, it has..
Will: too long man
the ugly person: note to all: i'm at riley's base killing his doods.
Noir (Near): o_o;;
the ugly person: ^_^
Noir (Near): I just wasted a nat 20 ._.
the ugly person: XD
test (the ugly person): Recap?
Hextor: heh...evil so so much more entaining in person,
the ugly person: And he's sitting with his back to me :p
Hextor: good...he can't see you stab him that way
Hextor: er...I mean...hug...
Hextor: with knives
Noir (Near): Sappin mah setries..
Hextor: crikey
Will starts bonesawing random people, looking for spies
the ugly person: Eeeek.
the ugly person: Who feels like doing a recap?
Hextor: so....while the bodies hit the floor with that...there was talk of a recap?
the ugly person: yep!
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Recap good.
Noir (Near): I remember passing out after slippin' on zombrains.
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Will: yay zombimes
Will: *zombies?
Hextor: zombrains...part of a balanced breakfast
the ugly person will do recap if noone else volunteers?
Noir (Near): stupid nightmares ._.
Will: zombimes = zombie mimes? >_>
Near: Umm, from what I remember
Near: attacking bonemachine thingamabob, it's filed with zombies
Near: We has on our side the demoman in goblin form, and several other special forces gobbies.
Near: There's a buncha the zombies and they is squishies.
the ugly person gives Noir a cookie
Near: yay, cookie! *munches*
the ugly person: yeppers! Noir was being dragged away by Will IIRC... continue there or do you want to restart the fight?
Hextor: and then there the big mechanical beast, and some big wooden frames that they used to build a dry docks
Hextor: that's about all I got
Will: that all fits right with how I remember it too
Noir (Near): I'm fine with continueing where we left off.
Hextor: same here
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: You are in a large cave, lit by torches, one or two odd permanent light globes that haven't gone out since it's the day of no magic but some stuff still sort of works, and the Bone Machine is mostly idle... except it had a bunch of dead kobolds and goblins in it. Hextor tried to Turn Undead a few times which didn't work very well. Will was dragging Near away.
the ugly person: lm draw this thing real quick
Will: less dragging, more scooping over my shoulder and running like hell
the ugly person: Well... what happened after Noir dropped was that some of the zombies (goblin and kobold zombies get along pretty well apparently) surrounded one of the sappers and started eating him.
the ugly person: So you're all still in combat, the order was Near who's KO, Will, badguys, Hextor, goblins s let's just resume from there :)
someguy (Hextor): yummy
'Kittymew' disconnected
'Kittymew' connected
Hextor: hmm
Noir (Near): o_o;
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Hextor: he'll be back
Will: O_o
Will: weird exit
Will: anyway
Campaign saved.
Will: I'm heading for the ropes with Near over my shoulder. Flat-out run.
the ugly person: Str check since you both are in full armor.
someguy (Hextor): on with the beat down
Near: Near'll probably wake up in a few turns with all that jostling around x_x
Will: str check for...carrying Near? Kies.
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 12]
Noir (Near): Muscular loli still heavy :V
the ugly person: Will picks up Near in a perfect fireman's carry and runs off with a couple of zombies scraping at his back, which is covered in heavy armor so who cares.
the ugly person: One zombie is standing right in frnt of Will, stumbling forward uncertainly

the ugly person: Near, con check when it's your turn plox ^-^
Noir (Near): hahaha, kay.
Hextor: Hextor sidesteps between the retreating pair and the undead hoard and jabs forward with his great spear
someguy (Hextor): at nearest zombie
the ugly person: Go for the hit!
Campaign saved.
Hextor: zombie cabab [1d20+6 = 23]
someguy (Hextor): ouchy thats going to leave a mark
Will: nice shot
Noir (Near): Zombie onna stick :o
Hextor: damage
Hextor: [2d6 = 4]
the ugly person: You have a zombie impaled on your spear... it's a kobold, or what's left of it -- not much since you can see the ribcage and stuff is already starting to spill out. You did get a kebab.
test (the ugly person): Hint: If you get a good to hit, don't just roll for damage, get creative :)
someguy (Hextor): creative would be me doing a ventrilqist act with the corspe on a stick with a mexican accent
the ugly person: Hextor rips his spear off the side of the creature, making a good chunk of its internal organs spill out... the stupid thing instantly forgets about anything else and falls to the ground, having lost its balance. Will, DEX to avoid slipping on entrails!
Noir (Near): hahaha
Noir (Near): mmm, entrails.
Campaign saved.
Will: Dex bonus [1d20 = 20]
Noir (Near): o_o;
someguy (Hextor): so you go and do a lord of the Dance number on this goo
Noir (Near): Will jumps over the entrails, pirrouettes and lands gracefully, a rose somehowe appeared in his teeth.
the ugly person: Will slips on the entrails and keeps his balance like a professional juggler, making a twenty foot slide away from the zombie. He barrels into the goblin sappers, who have the sense to scatter.
the ugly person: He may have to buy new shoes at some point though.
the ugly person: The remaining zombies stumble towards Hextor and the fallen sapper, surprisingly not fighting each othr over the new body...
the ugly person: The Bone Machine sseems to be empty; no more small zombies crawl out, although the damaged plate stays open.
the ugly person: The sapper leader hits the zombie in front of him in the eye with what's left of the bottle of whatever he was drinking.
Near: Con bonus [1d20+4 = 11]
Noir (Near): ._.
the ugly person: You wake up, but can't quite move. Or figure out why the world is sliding past quickly and smells bad.
Near: "nn...Nn? whaffa..."
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: (you're good to go at next round)
Near barfs.
the ugly person: Will gets barfed over. Which actually improves the average quality of the shit he's covered with.
Will: With a loud, bellowing shout of "FALL BACK!!!!" Will pours on the speed and keeps racing for the ropes, hoping the rest of the crew has the sense to follow, rather than stand and fight such numbers.
Near: "..loud noises.."
the ugly person: kes, keep running!
the ugly person: One of the sappers, while not really understanding the words, gets the gist.
the ugly person: The sapper leader is finding himself slowly but surely surrounded by zombies, and two of his assistants move to help, if a little uncertainly...
Campaign saved.
Hextor: With a short sprint towards the line of zombies approching the sappers Hextor attempts to polevault into the fray
the ugly person: Dex check?
Hextor: his great spear smacks into the dirt as he leaps into the air
Hextor: pole vault [1d20+1 = 8]
the ugly person: Hextor lands on his feet... unfortunately he lands pretty much between the sapper leader and the rest of the zombies!
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Will hands Hextor 4d6
the ugly person: Four small zombies trying to grab Hextor [4d20 = 33]
someguy (Hextor): yay for ac 19
the ugly person: One of the critters, a rather freshly dead goblin that to Hextor doesn't even look particularly undead since it's green anyway, latches on to Hextor's spear and starts to gnaw at it.
Kittymew (Will): yay for grapple checks ignoring your armour bonus? >_>
someguy (Hextor): ya..that JUST crossed my mind
someguy (Hextor): oh well...still good
Kittymew (Will): you're so dead :P
Noir (Near): hahaha
Campaign saved.
Near fully wakes up and realizes Will is carrying her. "Hey! Leggo!" she pounds on his armor and struggles as violently as she can.
Will: I let go as Near starts thrashing around, letting her drop behind me. Realizing we're a bit low in number, I look back over my shoulder and see what's going on. Seeing Hextor diving into the zombies, I make a snap turn back towards the fight, hoping to pull those foolhardy idiots out of there. "Near! Keep running!"
Near: "...Run? Yes! Run to the zombies! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
the ugly person: The sapper stays close to Near for now, as its leader and two surviving comrades fend back the zombies and dash away.
Near runs back towards the zombies.
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-> Hextor: Now would be a good time to either back off, or go completely nuts.
Kittymew (Will): I responded to what Near's doing with a full action, so just that
Hextor: I'll think about it
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: The zombies keep massing around Hextor, except for some that are going entirely the wrong way and a few who have put what's left of their minds on the still-living goblins...
the ugly person: Moar zombies! [5d20 = 58]
the ugly person: The zombie realizes that the spear isn't a part of Hextor and starts attacking the northman's ankle instead...

the ugly person: (go dude!)
the ugly person: The other critters are mostly getting in each other's way, fortunately for Hextor, who just has to endure a horrible stench from them.
Hextor: gathering up his strengh hextor grips the butt end of his great spear and takes a massive horizontal swing with it trying to clear some room to fight
the ugly person: Str check!
Hextor: for the baseball swing [1d20+3 = 23]
Hextor: SWEET
someguy (Hextor): does happy dance
test (the ugly person): Eeeep!
Kittymew (Will): BONK
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): RIP AND TEAR
the ugly person: SLAM! Zombies are thrown to the side as the northman's spear clears a large swath that goes through one kobold altogether and throws it as a projectile against the other undead. Bodies are scattered and some zombies have their spines broken, beign reduced to get to a crawl and falling down on the ground again. The initial crack of the spear impacting ehoes through the chamber, becoming a boom.
the ugly person: (Hextor, pick some zombies to disperse in one of the sectors)
the ugly person: (just x it)
Hextor: that'll do
the ugly person: (Hextor got REAL lucky but it was a good technique!)
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): I wasn't expecting a home run...but hey...I'd rather be lucky then good
Near continues charging toward the closest cluster of recently airdropped zombies, crushing the downed beneath her boots.
the ugly person: Near reaches two creatures, a kobold and half a goblin whose legs have been thrown, well, not in sight which is probably a good thing... (ok, you got the charge: attack)
Near: Melee attack [1d20+9 = 24]
Noir (Near): I think that's right o_o;;
Will: well it's 2 for a charge
Kittymew (Will): so that plus whatever your normal is?
Noir (Near): Yeah, 2+7..
Will: *nod* wasn't sure if she had 18 str or 16. She's beefy. :P
the ugly person: Near hits one of them square in the head in a vertical movement...
Near: *squish!*
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): I think that's it..
the ugly person: This time, the zombie's head splits in two neatly -- this drops the creature to the floor instantly.
the ugly person: ooooooooooooops!
Hextor: np...I can wait
Near: "BRAINS FOR THE... uhh.. Brain god?"
Will: I do a quick pirouette turn and follow Near back into the fight with a rousing McNinja battlecry of "DAAAAAMMNIIIIIIIIIT!!!" I batter the zombies with my shield, aiming to keep them away, seeing that they're reasonably fragile.
Will: Melee attack +5, Charge Attack +2 [1d20+7 = 16]
the ugly person: The technique works - you have two of the things in front of you. However, you only manage to glance one... this rips off the ex-goblin's left arm clean off, grossly enough.
the ugly person: (guys, one thing -- I'm going to give you the option to just roll for damage, or do something fancy, in which case you gotta desc it. okays?)
Noir (Near): Ah, okies..
Campaign saved.
Will: kies! I'll try to do a little better next time :)
Noir (Near): Same ._.
the ugly person: ^-^ hey it's an option is all :)
Hextor: After the messy results of his last attack Hextor rasies his head and bellows at the top of his lungs "ODEN!!!" before snapping his spear to the postion and stabbing forward once more
Hextor: stabby [1d20+6 = 18]
someguy (Hextor): going for damage
Hextor: [2d6 = 11]
Kittymew (Will): OW, big damage!
someguy (Hextor): its a big stick
the ugly person: You impale an undead kobold straight in its throat, making the hea simply fall off the spine... the headless body twitches and falls backwards.
Kittymew (Will): it's OUTTA HEEEERE!
the ugly person: After a brief verbal scuffle, the sapper leader and his two cohorts charge to the sides as well, each holding a bottle of what's either liquor, alchemist's fire, or both. At the leader's signal, they douse the three undead closest to them in the stuff... then the leader ignites it by a means you can't quite see.
the ugly person: The things don't feel pain, and keep trying to fight even as their flesh burns off..
Campaign saved.
Near executes another verticle slash, intending another top to bottom bisection.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+7 = 14]
Noir (Near): Tell me that hits ._.
the ugly person: The bisection doesn't quite work... Near's machete ends up stuck in the zombie's shoulder. Given that it's missing below the waist and barely mobile, however, it's good enough to put it out of the fight probably....
the ugly person: (roll for damage?)
Near: Her aim slightly off she clips her target starting by its left ear, and it peels down, ...
Noir (Near): I guess so then.
the ugly person: (Wel, it's not an autokill)
Near: [1d8+1 = 5]
Noir (Near): ah, right.
the ugly person: The creature's ribcage snaps in two like a wishbone, and its lung and heart fall out off the side. What's left of the zombie twitches, but can barely move, much less fight back!
Will: Will sees the battle turning, and flanks right to avoid the crazy goblns and their flaming zombie dance partners, his sword slashing in quick, disabling strokes.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 24]
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: Will cuts a zombie goblin's head off in a display of skill, the body falling backwards and not even spilling anything disgusting on anybody for once!
Hextor: Hextor whips his spearforward once more aiming for a disemboling gut shot to the small corpse infront if him
Hextor: [1d20+6 = 11]
the ugly person: The kobold in front of you gets impaled right through the large hole it already had in the chest... which doesn't seem to affect it much as it keeps trying to grab you, however unlikely that is.
the ugly person: (damage?)
Hextor: [2d6 = 8]
the ugly person: As Hextor retracts his spear, the weapon catches against the creature's spine, and the kobold suddenly falls to the right as its left leg and tail go limp all of a sudden.
the ugly person: The goblins have by now figured out that setting zombies on fire isn't especially effective, and are walking away from them, the leader yelling at his subordinates... one of them has burned down to a skeleton almost, and finalyl falls.
Campaign saved.
Near runs around will toward a another of the zombies and attempts to kick its head in, not wanting to nick her cleaver further.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 14]
the ugly person: The zombie is kicked back, its kobold jaw ripped off by the swift kick... but it's still moving, and tries to get up.
Near: [1d4 = 1]
Noir (Near): Blah..
the ugly person: (And can't bite anymore, which would've been important if Hextor hadn't done a home run, lol)
Will: Will looks to the isolated zombie flanking his and Hector's position, takes a quick step, and puts it out of comission with a swift stroke of his blade, before turning to find more prey.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 8]
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: Will hits with anotehr masterful stroke -- and gets his blade stuck against the ex-goblin's spine due to some lump of hard tissue that must've been in the critter when it was alive! Head bent at a strange angle but still able to lurch forward, the undead creature shifts its focus from Hextor to Will.
Hextor: stampeding forward like a rhino, his spear acting as the horn Hextor crashes into the next zombie to face his wrath
Hextor: [1d20+6 = 17]
Hextor: damage
Hextor: [2d6 = 10]
the ugly person: A zombie doesn't mind much getting impaled.... getting impaled, thrown overhead, and landing on its face however is another matter.
the ugly person: The goblins are taking care of their opponents simply by dragging them away until they drop to the fire...
the ugly person: wait wrong one
Noir (Near): ._.
the ugly person: Will left a zombie behind in his charge - the creature tries to jump at his neck, but just doesn't have the mobility.
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: Instead, its kobold claws grasp Will's leg, dangerously close to where his armor had been pierced
the ugly person: Zombie kneegrab [1d20 = 7]

Noir (Near): I'mma do something flashy and probably stupid.
someguy (Hextor): it works some times
someguy (Hextor): I hope it works again
Near steps foward once and rolls foward into the center of the zombies, and attempts to execute a spinning double kick mixed with a handstand.
the ugly person: @_@
Noir (Near): :D
the ugly person: To hit _and_ Dex check please!
Near: Dex bonus [1d20+1 = 15]
Near: Melee attack [1d20+7 = 16]
Near: damage [2d4+3 = 8]
Noir (Near): that is.. if it works.
the ugly person: Near's kick hits the zombie she had previously de-jawed and sends its head shooting against the others, making two of them fall down and finally bouncing on the Bone Machine with a sinister splat.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Hoo hah!"
the ugly person: The Bone Machine groans, possibly in response, but doesn't move...
Will: Will is unfazed by his blade sticking, as well as by the remnant of a zombie clawing at his leg. Kicking out with the leg being grabbed at, he punts the half-decapitated one off of his blade, hoping to hurl both in front of him and run them through quickly so he can get back to work...
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 8]
Noir (Near): *-* ...
the ugly person: Will manages to kick off what was left of the first zombie's face off, but the motion throws his balance just enough to turn his motion into a clumsy swing about a foot to the side of the second zombie.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: with the room near has opened up with her acrobatics gives hector enought room to charge forward, hoping to pin one of the undead to the side of the bone machine like a beetle is a insect collection
Hextor: charging [1d20+8 = 16]
Hextor: [2d6 = 9]
the ugly person: SGADENG! The zombie gets impaled right between the legs against the Bone Machine... incidentally, this particular goblin probably didn't have a lot of fun in bed when it was alive. Hit at the base of its spine, it twitches uselessly before the pelvis snaps from the sheer pressure. The undead falls off to the side against the Bone Machine, twitching but inert.
the ugly person: The goblins aren't intervening, and have instead clustered around the one remaining kobold zombie. The leader barks out high-pitched orders to what's left of his squad.
the ugly person: (You guys have too much momentum for the zombies to even reach you most of the time, dammit >_< )
Near rushes foward to finish off one of the remaining zombies with another kick to the braincase.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 11]
Noir (Near): x_x
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: The kick connects, but doesn't do much other than hitting the undead goblin's ear and ripping it off.
Will: Will tries again to take a good kick at the one stuck on his blade, now that the irritation on his foot has been tossed away.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 14]
the ugly person: This kick connects somewhat better... the undead kobold now has half of Will's weight on its skull.
the ugly person: (dmg?)
Will: Str bonus [1d4+2 = 4]
the ugly person: SQUISH!
Hextor: with foes falling so fast hextor locks in one one of the few vertial ones next to near and takes and over head swing intent on cracking it's skull open like a melon
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20+6 = 20]
the ugly person: (move, lol)
someguy (Hextor): there
someguy (Hextor): and fyi, a friend of my family just had her water break in the drive way
Noir (Near): o_o;;
someguy (Hextor): ...and they're off to the hospital
test (the ugly person): Meep! I hope they'll be okay.... *hugs*
Kittymew (Will): oh shit...hope they'll be ok!
someguy (Hextor): that would be number 3 for her, she'll be fine...
test (the ugly person): yay darwin? ^^;
Hextor: anyway...back ot the killing
Hextor: [2d6 = 6]
Hextor: damage
Kittymew (Will): yay for new life ^_^
the ugly person: While a spear isn't intended to be a bludgeoning weapon, it impacts and cracks the goblin's thick skull... the creature falls down, with no visible damage. But, it's stopped moving.
Noir (Near): Yay for a new life filled with dissapointment and sadness :D
the ugly person: Aw shush. Y'all are all too cynical :p
the ugly person: be happy! build robots!

Campaign saved.
Near pulls back her armoured hand and lets loose a punch intent on splattering the zombie's grey matter.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 25]
Noir (Near): :D
Noir (Near): I narrate that, right? >_>
Near: Str bonus [1d4+3 = 4]
Noir (Near): Bleh.
the ugly person: The punch connects... the zombie falls flat on its back... and slowly tries to get back up, with little to no coordination.
the ugly person: The goblins are still doing whatever-it-is with the remaining undead kobold.
the ugly person: The goblin sapper that died earlier begins to twitch...
Will: I take a defensive stance and take stock of the situation, while Noir and Hextor finish things up. (Refocus action, sets my initiative to top of order)
the ugly person: (gotcha!)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: snaping his spear to vertical hextor leans on it, a bit winded form all the 'fun' and settles in to watch near polish off the final foe
the ugly person: The reaniamated goblin starts to crawl, then lurch towards Will.
someguy (Hextor): not kill stealing for the viking today
Will: Will gets a good idea of what's going on, seeing its rather dead complexion, and charges it with all his force, hitting it out of the park with his shield.
Will: Melee attack +5, Charge Attack +2 [1d20+7 = 22]
the ugly person: The other goblins seem to have understood the movement perfectly as they look behind at Will, but don't try to stop him... The freshly undead, its stomach gored out but otherwise intact, is slammed into its former comrades who quickly descend on it and cleanly stab it in the forehead with some sort of sharp digging tool.
Campaign saved.
Near reaches down to grab the downed zombie's head in her armoured hand in an attempt to crush it.
Noir (Near): ...Make like a punch?
the ugly person: Make like it's over: Near's armored fist splats the undead kobold against the Bone Machine. The construct is, strangely enough, still inert -- all it did during the confrontation was close the hatch from which the undead goblins and kobolds emerged.
Near makes a face in slight distaste at the thought of cleaning off the goo from her guantlet.
the ugly person: The sapper leader grins and points at the Bone Machine. "Kabooom!"
Near: "Hnn?"
Near: "Ya gonna get ta blastin' the thing now?"
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Whiping his face of sweat hextor laughs "That row will be worth a drink or two in valhalla
Will: Will smiles, nodding to Hextor. "That was quite a swing back there. Impressive! That'll be worth a drink or two from me when we get back!"
the ugly person: "I say we make an art piece of it!" The sapper leader walks past Will, carrying half of the demolition gear it took five goblins to. "One of my lads is dead! Twice!"
Will: Will hangs his head low, and looks to the sappear leader. "I'm know as much as I do it couldn't be helped. I just hope wherever his soul is now, it's happy."
the ugly person: He nods at Will. While he tries to sound confidence, the greenskin's twitching in a way that is usually seen only in wild goblins about to get into a frenzy. Two of his subordinates follow him, while one stays behind.
Hextor: Hextor starts to pick a few teeth out of the shaft of his spear from the uncooth undead that had chewed on the master crafted weapon
Near snorts and wanders off from the bone machine.
Hextor: "Blow the thing to Hel I say"
the ugly person: "Aye!" The three goblins heartily agree; the fourth is still trafficking with their kobold kill.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Aye aye," Near says tiredly. She removes her guantlet and lets it land on the ground uncerimoniously.
the ugly person: The gauntlet splats into some more zombie entrails, which doesn't get it any dirtier because it can't get any dirtier physically anyway.
Will: Will repeats the gesture with his own. "Whoever spawned these things is going to find himself on my sword posthaste, and the swords of my people."
the ugly person: The demolition team look at the hole in the Bone Machine where the deformed plate is, and quietly talk amongst themselves; the other goblins packs up some gear, and starts to walk back towards the cave exit.
the ugly person: One of the sappers peeks inside the Bone Machine. "It's dark!"
Near: Listen [1d20-2 = 10]
the ugly person: The cave echoes and distorts sounds, but there doesn't seem to be anything moving in there...
Hextor: Hextor leans down with one of the unnatural lights they had been giving earlier and shines it into the gresome interioir
Hextor: "That better small one?"
Near walks over to the top of the bone machine where there aren't any zombie innards.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Well, there was a little fun, but it was like kicking babies."
Hextor: " about as messy too" hextor says over his shoulder and he looks into the gizzards of the metal monster with the sappers
the ugly person: The construct is still silent, whether due to its magical nature or because it's trying to play dead you don't know.
Will comes over to Hextor and the sappers, and takes a look inside, but says nothing for the moment.
the ugly person: The inside of the Bone Machine is... well, bone, along with rope and wire tendons and copper and iron beams to reinforce it.
the ugly person: "No changes from construction!" the sapper announces, then scurries inside.
the ugly person: The large construct still doesn't move as the diinutive sapper checks out a few spots and, while he's at it, unties some wires; at a signal from the sapper leader, the other subordinate follows.
the ugly person: "I still say we bloe it up..." the leader comments with a snarl.
Campaign saved.
Near clangs on the bone machine with her machete.
Hextor: "so, it hasn't changed?" "Then who was opperating it?"
Will: Will stays outside, and asks the demolition leader what his group should do, assuming he'll be ordering Near to get the hell back.
the ugly person: The plate Near is on gongs resoundingly, and the two sappers run outside clutching their ears.
Near grins at them and says something in goblin.
the ugly person: They squeak a few angry remarks at Near, which I won't bother to translate, before one of them gets slapped by the sapper leader.
Near: Oops, Sorry *tilde*
Hextor: "Just make with the exploding allready...this metal bohemoth makes my skin crawl
-> near: (translated)
Near laughs.
the ugly person: The sapper leader nods at Hextor's comment. "We're tae disable it... but we can just change the tale a bit, roight?"
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: He says more or less the same things to his subordinates, which seem to approve as they start unpacking their explosives in front of the hole in the construct.
Near slides off the bone machine and walks back toward the exit, at least to get away to a safe distance. She picks up her guantlet as well.
the ugly person: The goblin that's been waiting near the ropes waves at Near as she approaches.
Hextor: Hextor stays in place making sure that the sappers aren't interupted by anything//living or otherwise
Will: Will looks around, and points out to the sapper leader "'re missing a man," pointing back down the corridor.
the ugly person: The sapper leader nods. "That's Kirik. She's the one who runs and tells if we all die."
Near: "So no need to punish a coward?" Near sounds almost dissapointed.
the ugly person: The sapper leader smiles. "We're Tactical, not Infantry!"
the ugly person: The two sappers come out, grinning widely. "Ready, boss!"
Will: Will nods. "I guess she'll be bringing home bad news then. Poor dear...but I guess someone needs to do the job..." Will then steps back, hearing the ready call.
Hextor: hextor backs off along side Will...waiting for the fireworks to start
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: One of the sappers gets everything in place, then falls back. The sapper leader lights up what looks like a small flaming rag covered in sticky stuff, throws it just before the flame touches his hand, and hits the Bone Machine right where the hole in the shell is.
the ugly person: BOOOM!!!!
the ugly person: DEX check versus shrapnel, everyone but Near
Noir (Near): Ya mean reflex save? :o
Hextor: same thing for me [1d20+1 = 13]
Noir (Near): heh.
Will: Ref. save [1d20+1 = 21]
the ugly person: ya ref sorry
Noir (Near): Will enters the matrix and dodges shropnel sharns in ultra slomo :V
the ugly person: The sapper leader gets the full force of the blast in the face... and dusts off copper splinters with a grin ten seconds later when the smoke clears, save for one that's stuck in his ear like an earring.
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: The goblin that stayed behind is busily putting something into her pack.
Hextor: "interesting way to accessorise small one" hextor laughs as the sapper new jewelery
the ugly person: (As a note, I gave it a 80% chance that one of you would get bitten... you've completely stopped a zombie outbreak! The Bone Machine was supposed to not fight at all, just gather up the remaining zombies and surface)
Will: Will grins. "Impressive work, you certainly know your trade."
the ugly person: (assuming the day of no magic would pass w/ one of you needing healing)
the ugly person: (you bastards :p )
Noir (Near): We're sexy like that.
the ugly person: The three sappers laugh maniacally at Will's comment whereby their leader just grins.
someguy (Hextor): just call us the zombiebusters
someguy (Hextor): now all we need is a few proton packs and a cool car
the ugly person: Kirik starts climbing one of the ropes, and all the sappers scurry ahead to do the same since they're a lot lighter than Hextor or Will.
Near waits patiently (haha) for them to get up the rope so she can climb up as well.
the ugly person: Looking behind you, the skeleton of the Bone Machine isn't even visible save for some charred remains -- the thing was built like an insect, hard on the ouside but fragile on the inside.
Campaign saved.
Near is holding onto a rope for her turn.
the ugly person: The goblins reach the ledge without incident; one of the sappers starts to undo the rope, but is slapped in the head by another and told to wait for the pinkskins.
Near: "Ah, too bad we couldn't fight that thing ourselves.."
Hextor: looking back at the devistation hextor says aloud "there is an old viking saying "they don't make them like they used to""
Will: Will simply waits, watching the goblins, impressed with their work. "I'm honestly glad to sheathe my sword for the day," Will says, doing so after wiping it clean.
the ugly person: Trying to wipe the sword clean has no effect because you're all completely covered in zombie shit.
Hextor: heading up the rope after near Hextor mutters about finding a nice clean ocean some day to get the stink off
the ugly person: About a fourth of what remains of the goblin clan is waiting for you once you reach the main chamber again, the others busy with cleanup or salvage presumably. Five large decanting canisters are waiting for you on makeshift bogeys; the goblin engineer raises her natural arm to greet you, then starts laughing like crazy.
the ugly person: The goblins behind her follow suit.
-> near: You know that laughing like maniacs is their way to clap basically.
Will: Coming up the rope, Will smiles at the sight, and laughs with them, knowing they're all covered in all manner of disgusting things. He can only rejoice at the victory - it was a hard-fought one.
Campaign saved.
Near grins. but really wants to get clean as soon as she can.
-> near: Hey, some cultures bow. This one treats you to a proper mad-scientist laugh.
Hextor: hextor slaps the nearset halfpint on the back with a gore coverd hand and reachs for a mug of....well what ever it is
the ugly person: Slowly, the goblin engineer walks up to you, and has one last little laughing fit. As if remembering herself, she clears her throat and looks up at the three of you. "Thank you. You didn't need to help us, but you did anyway. I don't like to feel in debt to anyone, so what do you want in return?"
Near: "A bath, a good night's rest, a full belly and clean gear."
the ugly person: The sapper leader manages to not stagger too much at the pat in the back, and doesn't seem to particularly mind Hextor reaching for one of his bottles, other than looking with great interest.
Noir (Near): And your souls! :E
Will: Will smiles. "For now, directions to somewhere to clean our gear off and bathe? After that...lasting peace with your clan, if we can get it." he says decently.
the ugly person: The engineer says something quickly to the sapper leader, who leads his small cohort on a corner and motions the three of you to follow.
the ugly person: The engineer follows with, "Clean you will have to be... now!"
Will: Will follows them.
Near does as well.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor takes a swig and steps after them
someguy (Hextor): just wondering if I explode
the ugly person: CON check?
someguy (Hextor): fort save?
the ugly person: The goblins line up behind the large barrels, some holding pikes
the ugly person: yep
Kittymew (Will): hehehehe
Hextor: [1d20+4 = 23]
Hextor: *gulp*
the ugly person: Moving to the indicated spot, Hextor stumbles, goes crosseyed, but recovers himself remarkably well -- the sapper team, and a few other goblins who presumably have the same job, reward him with another hyena laugh.
the ugly person: The goblin engineer stares openly at Hextor for a couple seconds.
Hextor: "as for spoils of battle...send a keg of this stuff up north to my kin"
Noir (Near): "Good job on drinking gasoline."
the ugly person: Reflex check everyone!
Near: Ref. save [1d20+4 = 17]
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 2]
Hextor: ...
Hextor: boom?
Campaign saved.
Will: Ref. save [1d20+1 = 4]
Noir (Near): The ground opens up and swallows Hextor :V
Noir (Near): And Will too apparently.
someguy (Hextor): the words yoga flame crossed my mind
the ugly person: The next thing happens remarkably quickly, without almost any of the usual bickering between goblins -- the canisters, full of scalding-hot water, are toppled over and poured onto you and the sapper team. It hurts, a lot, especially as it gets under the armor; Will and Hextor end up in intense pain...
the ugly person: Near, you can either dodge it or take it, at least i t will clean you up
Near dodges and shouts something in goblin.
Near: not that hot!
Will: Will curses, then looks himself over. "At least I'm clean..." he says.
Near: Then she laughs at Will.
the ugly person: Excessively hot water damaging Will [1d6 = 1]
the ugly person: Excessively hot water damaging Hex [1d6 = 5]
Hextor: Swearing in the northern tongue hextor hops from foot to foot as a the water works its way through his armour
Near also laughs at Hextor's dance.
the ugly person: A number of goblins surround Near and tell her to not move and not touch anything, as four more run off to fetch a smaller barrel of water. Hex and Will are handed towels which are clean by goblin standards, meaning a step up from being covered in entrails but not that big a step.
the ugly person: Four goblins arrive with a smaller barrel and hold it on top of Near, one of them assuring, "just warm! just warm!"
Campaign saved.
Near: "Good." She montions that its okay.
Hextor: hextor sits down on a stone and shakes the steaming water out of his boots
the ugly person: Slightly less excessively hot water on Near [1d4 = 1]
the ugly person: :p
Noir (Near): that lethal or nonlethal? :V
the ugly person: nonlethal, lol
Near removes her chainshirt and swats one of the goblins with it like a wet towel.
Noir (Near): Shirt, arther than chain.
the ugly person: Laughing, they run away after one of them gets smacked in the ass with great strength and purpose; the other three help it up
Will: Will starts helping Hextor with his armour, trying to un-waterlog the viking and hoping for the same favour in return afterward.
the ugly person: Grinning a little, the engineer approaches you three after a very quick talk to the sapper team, who run off probably to sleep. A torpedo hits something a few hundred light years from here.
Noir (Near): CLANG wtf was that?!
test (the ugly person): Injoke between me and riley ^-^
Noir (Near): Haha, mine was an injoke too :p
the ugly person: "We weren't sure if this would be used for cleaning up or for siege defense" the engineer apologizes.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor takes a minitue to take a swig from the now watered down bottle
Near: "Ah huh.."
Near runs her fingers through her hair to get anything out of it.
the ugly person: "I sent Red Team to sleep because.. well.. they're a bit overexcited right now. You did it with only one loss? Was the Bone Machine difficult to defeat?"
test (the ugly person): The goblin engineer is basically the only sane one of the bunch.
Will: Will laughs at Hextor's drinking as they continue to lay out waterlogged armour. "It unusual battle. We fought the undead, when there should have been none..."
Hextor: poping his helm off his head Hextor "I've eatten tougher breafasts"
Near: "Same as that one," Near points to Hextor.
Hextor: "but that does trouble me will, even the power of the gods could not diswade those walking piles of bones
the ugly person: "How do you mean?"
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: The show over, the other goblins disperse -- they seem to be pretty busy moving salvaged equipment back and forth, some of them at cross-purposes.
Hextor: fishing his holy simbyol out of his now soggy armour he held it in the palm of his hand
Near asks some goblins for another barrel of water, and a clean rag or two.
Near: "They weren't quite normal zombies for one. No purpose to them."
Hextor: "mayhaps it's simply the day..but they didn't even react to it..though I thought I saw the metal creature twitch"
Near: "Ah, that as well."
the ugly person: Near, these aren't especially smart goblins, skill check for language?
Noir (Near): umm, okay. o_o;
Noir (Near): ... thought there's not a stat for it.
the ugly person: The engineer looks at Hextor's symbol and nods. "I don't recognize it... you must come from far away! And, it did nothing to stop the undead?"
test (the ugly person): Right, it's not under Knowledge. argh. Int check then.
Near: Int bonus [1d20+2 = 20]
Noir (Near): :D
Hextor: "I come from the northlands" Hextor says not taking his eyes off the hammer sign of thor in his hand "...very far away"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Unlike many, they fell dead again without their heads...I think we should consult a sage on this matter," Will suggests.
the ugly person: A gaggle of goblins run off and start dragging another barrel of water over; there's only two, so it takes them some time.
Near assists with the barrel when they get close.
the ugly person: The engineer nods. "Undead on the Day of No Magic. Did it affect us the same as the kobolds, if you could look closely?"
Near: "Oh, it, one of those with us was inected with a bite.."
Noir (Near): it did*
the ugly person: The goblins scurry away after Near gets to the barrel -- one of them was the one who got an asscheek full of chain mail. There are two rags hanging off the barrel, meaning that half of them is soaked, but oh well....
the ugly person: "And died? I saw we've lost Cnote..."
Will: "Died, yes...and returned as one of them.
Near sighs and rolls the barrel on its edge to make it easier, while avoiding spilling too much.
Hextor: "an honorible death, and it pains me to see a warriors bones lifted by the will of another"
Will: Will nods. "Worry not, Hextor, we put his soul to rest again."
the ugly person: The engineer looks alarmed at that comment. "You did what?! When? Oh, you mean, you killed him again?"
Near: "I suppose, though he cannot return to the soil." Near begins to scrub herself with a rag and water.
-> Near: By returning his soul, goblins mean get a piece of a fallen comrade and put him or her inside the original fungal mass; this helps the evolution of the colony, although most goblins don't know that.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Yes, we did...was what I said wrong?" he asked.
Hextor: snaping his palm closed around the hammer sign hextor placed it back under his brest plate ans stood "his soul wll find it's way"
Near: thhat's what I meant. :3
Hextor: "as must we all"
the ugly person: The engineer looks relieved. "You really scared me for a moment. We would have lost many more than one without you! I hate being in your debt... what would you ask of us?"
-> near: yep, thanks for reading the specs :)
Near: :3
Near: "I've nothing in mind, other than food and rest, currently." She continues to bathe, unbothered by the two men.
the ugly person: The activity around you subsides somewhat as more goblins return to sleep.
Hextor: running a mail covered fingers through sopping hair hextor nodded to the engineer and offed his bottle for a toast "let us drink to the dead and duscuss the matters of the living"
Will: "I ask you to help us stand against who is responsible. You are strong, hard-working people, and have lost much...let us not let others face what you have." he says. "There may be hard days ahead, but with our combined might, we won't lose. We won today, did we not?" Will says, in the best impromptu speech he can give, battle-worn, without sleep in two days, and in the process of stripping out of wet clothes.
Will: Diplomacy [1d20+19 = 27]
the ugly person: You actually want to drink MORE sapper brew? Where are you coming from exactly?" asks the engineer, pulling out her own flask of presumably something milder. "Just stay away from open flames when you lie down for the next night, please."
the ugly person: The engineer was rather distracted with Hextor's comment, and takes a moment to process what Will said.
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: "I'm afraid for when our former employer returns... then we'll have to deal with the previous owner of this mine. I was going to put to quarrel that we collapse the mine and slink away, honestly."
Near thinks of something to say, realizes she doesn't know what to, and goes back to cleaning all the gunk off of her.
Hextor: "The brew reminds me of home lass, and you'll haves to discuss details with the high and mighty one there" nodding towards Will "my people do only fight as well as we I do beleive I'll have another"
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Clean clean clean, Emperor damn this filth..
Will: Will laughs at Hextor. "That stuff must be quite the brew..." he says, turning back to the engineer. "Be not afraid - I presume he is the one I have a quarrel with, and you as well. As for the mine, I will argue your case, as I promised. You will keep the mine, if it is as it should be."
Hextor: Hextor settles in to strip the rest of his plate with a practiced ease and sets off to find some more to drink
the ugly person: The engineer toasts to that with Hextor figuring if the pinkskin wants to explode he has the right to like a goblin does, but pays attention to Will. "We still must get ready to leave. You're valiant, but... We're not a mining clan; we're artificers primarily anyway."
the ugly person: The engineer starts to laugh, but catches herself and bows to Will instead; some bits fall off her metal arm.
Will: Will steps down to help her pick them up.
the ugly person: "We've tried to make beds for you if you want to rest. I expect another long day to come."
the ugly person: The manufacture is surprisingly good for being something done by a goblin; it might not have been the case, even. Either way, they probably weren't structural as the elderly engineer doesn't seem to have even noticed.
Will: "Well, if you wish to abandon this place, I respect your right to leave, of course. Thank you for the offer, I believe I'll take you up on it. You folk are good company, and honestly, I don't get why goblins have such a bad reputation. Certainly you're odd by our standards, but we must be odd to you, no?"
Campaign saved.
Near: "Certainly, everyone is as odd as they are the same.." Finally clean, Near wipes herself off as best as she can with the other rag. She then lays her clothing out to dry nd slumps into the bed after whachking her cleaver into the head of it.
the ugly person: The engineer shakes her head. "No, you just take yourselves way too seriously for us."
the ugly person: "Except that guy." she points at Hextor.
Noir (Near): And is out like a lightbug squished under an elephant's toe. :V
the ugly person: Two goblins who had been milling around approach the engineer to help her walk to an area of the main room that has been cleared an filled with bunks; three of those have been made bigger and put a little apart
test (the ugly person): Good time to call it done for the night methinks :)
Kittymew (Will): Sounds alright to me
Noir (Near): Yeah. Can we has levelup nows :V
test (the ugly person): Haha!
Kittymew (Will): That wasn't NEAR enough of a fight imo :P
Kittymew (Will): we've barely wet our swords!
test (the ugly person): Well, you guys are third level
Hextor: yay deadpowered up
test (the ugly person): 1st you'd have, 2nd maybe, 3rd... you still got to get out of this mine :p
Noir (Near): Aww. :P
test (the ugly person): Incidentally, I gotta do a bit of replanning, I was assuming one of you would eventually get bitten and would have to take the day off being healed, which would've resulted in a functioning Bone Machine the next day
Campaign saved.
test (the ugly person): so since I don't do railroading I gotta change the scenario a bit :)
Noir (Near): hehe
someguy (Hextor): well there is always the t-1000 method
Noir (Near): Sorry?
test (the ugly person): Nah, that'd cheat you out of your work. Plenty of undead mechas later anyway.
Kittymew (Will): Functioning bone machine, after blowing it up THAT hard? That thing is tough!
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'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: sorry..wireless burped
test (the ugly person): so call it a night?
Hextor: works for me
test (the ugly person): are you guys familiar with Fate Points? (SPECIAL system from Fallout and Arcanum)
Hextor: gives time for the open world to catch up with the concoring heros
Near: not quite.
Hextor: not exactly...anything like force points from star wars d20?
the ugly person: Nah a lot simpler. Spend a fate point, change the result of any one die.
Will: Nifty.
Hextor: cool
Near: coolies
the ugly person: Your team gets one for having stopped the first zombie outbreak before it had a chance to happen.
the ugly person: However, you DID piss off the DM :P
Will: LOL
Near: hahaha
the ugly person: ^=^
Hextor: great...dues ex machina death
the ugly person: =^_^=
Will: Hehe.
the ugly person: Sparklies fall. Hextor CATCHES FIRE.
the ugly person: :p
Will: That's our job, right? ;)
Hextor: generally
the ugly person: Being that he drank about a liter of kerosene.
the ugly person: ^-^
Near: Near's bed is the one furthest from Hextor's :V
Campaign saved.
the ugly person: jokes aside, nini, sorry for the short session, plz critique
Hextor: we got to sqush a lot of little easy guys this time rather then strategicaly knocking off big guys like last time
Hextor: though stratagy vs horde we didn't have a lot of options
Hextor: and I DID luck out with that home run
Near: ...When have we hit big guys yet? Haven't we only been squishing?
Hextor: the exosuit guys
Will: Also, the big skeletal machines at the start! That's something we should address: our weakness vs hordes
Will: When we get a chance to start planning equipment again, this should definitely be thought of.
Hextor: answer will be gettting cleave some time
Hextor: well we have a mine full of artificers
Hextor: thats something to think about too
Near: Ah.. right.. I still need to get my flail from the town guard >_>
Will: So I gather you're aiming for a cleric/fighter-class character, that works
Will: Personally I'm more thinking some boom
the ugly person: haha
Hextor: think chaplian space marine minus the bolter
Near: I'mma jus' continue with Warblade, and get more AoE manouvres..
the ugly person: Well, you'll get to go against somewhat more traditional enemies pretty soon, next session maybe
Near: yay
Hextor: nice
the ugly person: afterall whoever employed these critters will want to come take a look once his surveillance system is back up and he doesn't see any undead mechs around
Hextor: still, we have a mine of articfers that owe us big...I'm thinking equpiment talor made
Near: And a crossbow or ranged weapon of some sort.
the ugly person: Spoiler: You need to decide if your Q team will be goblins or gnomes.
Near: ...I wanna bolter..
Hextor: hmm
the ugly person: So you have to decide between good mechanics and good alchemists
Near: An' a chainsword.
Hextor: tough call
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Too much Dark Heresy for you Noir. :P
the ugly person: Also: Mentally prepare for a boss fight. You didn't get one this time around but you will soonish :
the ugly person: :0
the ugly person: :)
Near: :3
Will: Hmmm. I wonder if we can invent a more compact form of cavalry warfare for Will to show off with? ;)
Hextor: long it's not the Lord of terror or anything I'm good for a boss fight
Hextor: wind up horse
the ugly person: it's the Lord of Anything!
the ugly person: Strap rockets on everything.
Near: Rocket hammer?
the ugly person: from Alita? Yaaaay!
Near: :D
Hextor: gravity hammer maybe
Near: If da gobbies can make one, I'm all for those.
Hextor: I'm leaning towards goblins...
the ugly person: well, you have to basically decide who keeps the mine. what the right thing to do is i leave to you.
Hextor: unless anyone wants black powder and acids I think the gnomes aren't for us
Hextor: we like it a bit wackier
the ugly person: this said, goblins are famous for blowing stuff up and gnomes for combining magic and artificing creatively
the ugly person: each can do the other thing, just not as well
Will: I intend to act fairly and in-character for Will.
Will: I'm pretty sure this will mean goblins for us. :)
the ugly person: generally, gnome stuff malfunctions by not working and goblin stuff malfunctions by working too much.
Will: that said, we might be able to stay enough on the good side of the gnomes to still be able to buy stuff without TOO much of a hate markup ^_^
Near: I'm sure acting in character for Near will result in someone dieing.
Hextor: well as long as it doesn't over work on us...there is no such thing as overkill
the ugly person: Sounds about right
the ugly person: well, it will probably over-work on you
the ugly person: Why the most commonly seen unit in videogames as far as goblins go is the suicide bomber? :p
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hey...just because I play outside the bell curve doesn't men I'm going to blow myself up
the ugly person: Says the guy who drank two bottles of sapper beer
Hextor: I have refined tastes
Hextor: like refinded petro
the ugly person: you have reDEfined taste :p
the ugly person: catch you guys some other time? i have to figure out if it's a good time to try to molest riley
Hextor: clorform
Kittymew (Will): o.O
the ugly person: who is worringly biting his fingernails right here
Kittymew (Will): HALP ^_^
the ugly person: well he was
the ugly person: :p
Near: hahaha
the ugly person: nini!

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Hextor: test
Hextor: check one..two
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Near (Near): Wheeeeee
Near (Near): that was long sleep XD
mkb: miwmiw!
mkb: seriously
someguy (Hextor): at least it wasn't THE long sleep
mkb: where's teh kitty?
Near (Near): Iunno.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: he was there a minute ago...likely wandered off to mess with TF2 or something
mkb: miw.
Near (Near): ;_;
mkb: seems to have come back
'Kittymew' connected
Near: Tumble [1d20+6 = 22]
mkb: yaaay!
mkb: Recap tiem.
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Near breakdances.
Will: Yar.
Will: FINALLY we're all back in the game
mkb: sorry for the other day v_v i get deployed a lot by my extended family to fix things when i'm here.....
mkb: anyone wants to recap or should I go ahead and do so?
Will: I'll leave this time to you :)
Near (Near): ..I can't remember much, really..
Hextor: I could go for a recap....last I recall we were settling which was going to be our magical pit crew...
Will: and Will has taken a liking to the oddities of these Goblins.
mkb: After Hextor freaked out half the goblin tribe by keeping up with the sapper squad in drinking, the gobs decided to call it a night and wait out the end of the Day of Dread since the Bone Machine was blown up to bits after you guys killed all the zombies in it. The questions remaining are, will the mysterious undead employer show up, will there be a legal battle over the mine to deal with the strange glowing rocks found in it, and why didn't the zombies care much at all about being rebuked?
Will: which is odd, but being a Good Person, he kinda does that for everyone who isn't actively trying to harm something he cares about
Will: *nod* many questions.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor's at this point just wondering whcih way is up after said drinking marathon with the gobbos
mkb: probably
Will: :P
Will: Will's not feeling too bad because he had the sense not to drink brews meant for hardy members of another species
Near (Near): Near is tired, but clean. I don't think she got any food, though..
mkb: The Day of Dread ends noticed only by the goblin sentries, who relax a little as the glowing globes that had been installed in the mine by the original dwarf and gnome owners flicker back to life -- most of them, anyway -- and they have to run around a bit to extinguish some oil lamps. The first of you to wake up is Will, because he's the most self-disciplined (would have been Hextor if he didn't drink rocket fuel)... most of the tribe is still out cold, a handful of sentinels near the big room's exits standing next to improvised gong drums.
Hextor: *snores loudly*
Near snores softly.
Will: I look around, simply taking in the appearance of the goblin camp in the morning, just observing their culture and way of doing things.
Campaign saved.
mkb: A couple of points of light come from under the canvas under which the skeletal armors or their remains have been put, but the constructs are inert. Three goblins are sleeping next to them, tools still in their hands. While there doesn't seem to be much organization -- even the pots in which some sort of stew was boiling have been left unguarded, drops of let's-call-it-meat-in-broth all around because someone had to make a quick food run at night, the camp is so compact that it could wake up in one breath. Most goblins have fallen asleep next to their weapons and wearing at least some of their armor.
mkb: One of the sentries notices Will having waken up, and skitters toward him before returning more or less to his post.
mkb (mkb): Near can wake up at this point. Hextor's still out for a it.
Will: Will seems curious at the functionality of all this chaos, and how it can actually pass for a civilization, as he eyes the goblin that skitters up to him. He smiles at the creature, still mostly unsure of how they express gender.
Near awakens slowly, as if she doesn't really want to.
Near: "bleeeh..."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor rolls over in his sleep and snores some more...
mkb: A sort of crane has been built out of scrap, probably smaller crane, around a well in a corner of the big room; the chief engineer is sleeping nearby. Even though it's not an exit, one of the sentries is sitting there, feet into the well; the small creature is looking at the handle of a dwarven picaxe, tracing the simple carvings that make it somewhat more ergonomic with a finger. This goblin has six fingers on one hand and four on the other.
Near looks about blearily, before checking on her clothes, and puts them back on.
mkb: Near's clothes have been washed after she fell asleep, but whoever did her this kindness didn't have the attention span to do a thorough job of it, so they're still a little damp.
mkb: One of the engineer's assistants stirs, belches somewhat mutedly, and wakes up its leader who stands up uneasily, wearing only a tunic rather than the chainmail she had. Interestingly, her arm is part of her armor.
Near doesn't really care about the moisture in her clothes, and is glad there's no zombie stains on it.
Will turns to Near and asks for help donning his heavy armour. It may be needed again today, after all, and it will be at least officially part of her duties for the next while.
mkb (mkb): Hextor's welcome to wake up now.
Will also takes a moment to observe Near's total lack of femininity, even out of her clothes. He seems surprised, somewhat.
Near helps Will with his armour.
mkb: Will's armor had been clened somewhat violently earlier on, but not his clothes -- past the disinfecting dousing. Will's knee seems to mostly have healed, but he'll need new trousers and a blacksmith.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor open one blearly eye...snorts and groans as he lifts his head..."anyone get the name of the cart driver that ran me over" he says with a shake of his head
mkb: (You all did get enough rest to heall a full night's go; this said you have no idea what time it is.)
Near (Near): Yey
someguy (Hextor): nights healing does not a hangover cure
mkb (mkb): Nope :p
Near stretches a little after helping Will, and does a few practice swings with her cleaver.
Near: "You probably shouldn't drink rocket fuel anymore if it does that to you.."
Will: I smile to Near. "I feel relieved today...I think things will go better now that the monstrosity and the Day of Dread has been dealt with. I fear for my house however - we should return home swiftly.
Hextor: "eh....where is the fun int that?" Hextor asks as he streches his arms over his head with a few tendon popping sounds
mkb: A few goblins slowly stir to awake, one here and another there until about thirty in total are up; some put their armor on, some don't bother. One of the sappers walks behind Hextor, slaps his back (which is barely noticeable to a big guy like him) and grins broadly at Hextor's face, stifling a laugh.
Near: "Hmm? Yes, whet we've came to do is done, I suppose we should take our leave soon."
mkb: (Technically you also came to kill the goblins and/or the kobolds)
Near (Near): We did kill some kobolds. Which was all the gnomes hired us for :V
Hextor: Hextor gives the goblin a playfull punch in the arm, enough to rock the smaller creature "I'm in no hurry...these little guys seem to know how to have a good time"
Hextor: even with that hextor sets himself up and starts pulling on armour with experianced ease
mkb: The goblin chief limps towards you three, manging to stand on her own without armor. "We're beginning preparations to leave this place." she says aftr clearing her throat. The goblin sapper nods vigorously, which would look better if it had any hair.
Campaign saved.
Will looks at the goblin chief curiously. "I still wish to understand the case for this mine, if you wish to keep it."
Near sheaths her cleaver, and watches the conversation, but keeps quiet.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "Don't suppose we could settle this the norse way?" hextor muses as he straps on the lower parts of his armour over his legs
mkb: "It was a silver mine; we think the gnomes found this... other thing. I believe it's a plant; young Kirik says it's a mineral; either way, it has power. We were hired to extract it and allowed to keep an equal share... we discovered its vapors would sicken us, and the kobolds -- less so -- but were extremely harmful to the previous owner of the mine, and likely to you tall people as well. Then it made sense for our employer to use the undead to deal with us... we never saw him. Then the skeleton armors came; then orders to build the Bone Machine... it was to be a digging device; weapons... well, I'll admit to our design team it just looked right. Then - but you saw the rest. Zombies came... and on the Day of Dread, kept moving, and you came when our little war was already halfway into motion. What claim have we? Blood, and little else."
mkb: The wizened creature stops to breathe.
Will: Will shakes his head. "No, I don't believe that is a good idea, Hextor. This mine is in disputed territory, is it not? Or is it still within our borders?"
Will: "That said...if there is such a toxin at the bottom of this mine, it may be best to just collapse the entire thing."
Near: "I can see why you would like to leave then.."
mkb: The two assistants run to their chief, accompanied by a taller, darker-skinned goblin that has about twice the amount of muscle they do. They salute; their larger companion tries to imitate them and smacks its thumb and index against its helmet.
mkb: A brief exchange of squeaks that not even Near quite gets, having just woken up.
Kittymew (Will): (oh god)
Near: "...bwuh?" pauses a bit, but then ignores it.
mkb: "Toxin.... yes, but there's power along with this poison. We don't understand yet, but! Still. What may not affect us may affect the core... so move we will. We cannot survive a siege against dwarves in a mine that they built. All I ask is some time to leave... my tribe is weak; adventurers could wipe us out just for the sport of it unti we've returned to our previous home."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The other assistant shoots a question at Hextor, then remembers to speak Common and slow down. "What is norseway?"
Near: "I don't have much say about time, only Sir William would. Though I'd gladly protect you should such occur.."
Will waits for Hextor to finish, then speaks to the chief: "Very well, if that is what you wish. I will go to the dwarves and gnomes, and tell them about this mine. If you wish for us to remain while you prepare to leave, we will gladly give what help we can."
Hextor: "Take the biggest guy from each side and have them beat on eachother...last one on his feet wins" Hextor says with a wink
Hextor: "makes sure the arguments are at least worth getting a beating over to win"
mkb: The two assistants point at the larger goblin in their midst and squeak at Hextor -- the fellow is large for a goblin, but any dwarf miner could probably throw him into a wall with one hand.
Near: "...Yeah, that wouldn't work with these guys.."
Will: "Maybe if we threw her in the ring..." Will jokes.
mkb: The engineer answers Will, "We can leave in half a day... but how to conduct talks? I will be honest: we are at less than half strength. Send a scout, and it'd get killed for fun!"
Hextor: Hextor thinks about it for a minute..."well I guess you could stack 2 of them in a suit of armour...might be a fair fight then"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I will speak on your behalf, but it would be best if someone from your tribe would accompany me."
mkb: One of the assistants looks at Hextor intently, and explains something to the other -- the two laugh maniacally for a moment, and run away. The larger, slower goblin stands there as if guarding its chief.
mkb: "What would you ask of us in return?"
Will: "Friendship and peace. You seem well enough off to survive without raiding - would you try coexist peacefully with us, the dwarves, and the gnomes?"
Will: "This could lead to trade with my country, should I be able to convince the Grand Duke. I do have a bit of extra pull right now," he says, eying Near.
Kittymew (Will): brb as fast as I can
mkb: (okies)
Near: "?" looks inquisitively at Will.
Hextor: Hextor shakes his head at the goblins as they run off,
mkb: More goblins have woken up, and the canvas spread over the remains of the skeletal armor has been fortified with planks to make a tent of sort; hammering and sawing noises start to come from it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You would fight for us against your own people and you promise us safe passage... It sounds almost too good to be true. Forgive me if I think for my nephews and don't fully believe you... much as I would want to."
Hextor: As hextor attaches the last palates of steel covering his large frame and settles his helm on his head with a rueful look atthe tent popping up
Near: "I don't think much fighting would occur, really. And humans enjoy fighting amongst themselves moreso than fighting any other peoples."
mkb: Like an avalanche, the rest of the camp finishes waking up; those who are hungry line up to eat, those who are hungrier try to cut the line, those who have a bit of an inkling about what's going on cluster around the well and start working with some sort of purpose.
Hextor: "I'll agree to that Near"
Kittymew (Will): back
someguy (Hextor): wb
Near (Near): Rawr, welcomes back nyu.
mkb: "And we hire sapper squads out to them."
mkb: "We will move our core out of this place within the day; will you delay returning to your superiors until then? It's all I ask."
Will: Will nods. "I don't believe there will be much fighting either. If I must, however, I will. I fought beside your people - they are not evil as others woudl believe. I will indeed delay," he says, starting to remove his armour to lighten his load, "and lend some muscle. Come on, Hextor, Near. Let's get to work."
Campaign saved.
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Hextor: "In a moment...I could use a few minutes under real sky"
Will: Will nods.
someguy (Hextor): going to prep some spell
-> Near: You're not sure, but trying to move the core fungal mass for a tribe of goblin is unheard of; it's not something they'd let foreigners do, probably.
Near grumbles a little and picks out a few cans of food from her pack. She begins eating after telling Will that she'll help afterwards.
Hextor: hextor looks around for a tunnel that would take him to the surface and fresh air
mkb: "I've seen you fight... you are holy men, yes? Would you consider helping our lookouts in case our former employer sends more of his, instead?"
Near: She does offer a can to her party-mates, however.
mkb: The tunnel from whence you came is clear, but it'll take at least half an hour to get up there at a run, since there's ropes to climb and so on.
Will nods, and stops unstrapping his armour, fastening it back up. "Guard duty? Understood, and gladly taken. I could use some sun myself."
mkb: "This at least we can pay for fair and square."
mkb: The chief engineer squeaks loudly, and one of her assistents crawls out of the pile of bone and brass that the skeletal armors have been dismantled into and runs into the sleeping area, coming back with some effort carrying a rusty iron box.
Near looks up from her meal with mild interest at this.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor considers the long hike to the surface and of comuing with the sky-father (oden for you non-norse) and starts the hike in a hurry
-> Near: This is suspicious: even if the chief engineer said she'd pay you in advance... well, goblins are born swindlers, and paying in advance is just something they don't do. These guys are a bit TOO nice.
mkb: By their own accord, two of the surviving sappers run after Hextor.
Near finishes her meal quickly and puts away her cans and wooden utensils. She stands up and stretches.
Hextor: I'm just kinda adding the sky thing for praying...clerics do have perferances for this kinda thing and I'm just settling on sky
mkb: The asisstant opens the box, revealing an inside that's just as rusty... the contnets however seem in good shape. A scimitar, of primitive make but of deadly sharpness, has been adapted to the handle of a dwarven longsword.
Near she fiddles with the sapphire ring on her unarmoured hand.
Will: Will eyes the sword very curiously. "What on earth?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "That mineral... or plant. We were trying to use it; put it in the sludge after forging spear points, and... This sword is too heavy for any of us to use, but -- believe it or not -- is made out of smelting leftovers."
mkb: The blade looks like it has rusted for twenty years without cleaning, but the rust flakes are attached to the body as tight as any steel and the jagged edge is vicious. This said, the sword itself is unbalanced and very heavy -- the weight would do as a cavalry sabre, but it's too short for that.
Will: Will tests the balance of the blade, and finds it rather poor. "If it were longer it might make a decent sabre, but otherwise...what good is it?"
mkb: The engineer shrugs, and smiles impishly, her elderly face cleaning up for a moment. "What good is a newborn baby?"
Will: "It will grow, and has a future...but this is a sword. Swords don't they?"
Kittymew (Will): Did you just give me the Mana Sword?
Near: "Babies are good for..." Decides not to finish that thought while a paladin is around.
Near: "Some swords may grow," Near shrugs. "It all depends on the maker and materials."
mkb: Hextor's run through the corridors just traces the path you blazed two days ago; there are signs of a fight, but nothing moving except for him and his current groupies.
mkb: Rodents have started attacking some of the corpses, steering clear of others, but the smell isn't too bad yet.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "This one does, slowly, if it's left around ash. We don't think it's magic... all the crystal was expended."
mkb: "We do have silver... little of it. This mine was mined out, after all."
mkb: Hextor reaches the first room, and finds it pristine and open -- outside it's well after dawn, probably mid morning; the opening in the rock that led to the gnome's wagon is still there, but to the other side is almost pitch black darkness.
Hextor: Hextor pushes on, a day without his gods behind him having been a bit more unnerving then he'd expected with the creatures of the undead...he wasn't about to insult those of asguard asking for aid from the depths
Near: "Hmm, well, I'm not in the need of a new blade, so Sir William may keep that sword. As for silver, I need none either. Though if you still wish to, two pounds of steel or iron is fine."
Hextor: Climbing upon a rocky outcrop the cleric settles his weapon before him, dofs his helm in respect and begins to mutter in norse
Will: Will looks at Near and grabs her by the collar, pulling her back, and looking sternly at her. "This girl needs to learn her place. Near, you are not to negotiate for me," he states harshly, giving her a glare that would turn Death. Turning back to the goblin, he says "this sword won't do much, and I have little understanding of it. What makes it interesting enough to give to me?"
mkb: The goblins that came with Hextor look at him curiously, figure he's not about to blow anything up, and go get distracted by the hole in the rock, even though they don't dare cross it.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): brb...fg is giving me a few issues
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
mkb: "It shows, to you, what we can do. Would a dwarf or a gnome have tried letting a sword grow from a dagger? We know more than just alchemist's fire."
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Will: Will smiles, and nods. "
Near: Stares blankly at Will, and decudis to keep quiet.
someguy (Hextor): back and better
Will: "I I understand. You have the courage to fail and try again. I admire that."
Will: "A dwarf would have given me a wonderful blade the first time, but the second time I would have the same blade. If you forged would be better, wouldn't it?"
mkb: The elderly goblin gives Will the sort of slightly crazed cackle that Noir recognizes as a sound of appreciation.
Will: Will eyes her strangely.
Campaign saved.
Near licks her finger and makes a tick in the air, like she is making a tally. She does this where Will can't see her, however.
mkb: Eventually, the chief engineer catches herself. "Yes, yes, you've got it!"
mkb: The sappers start sniffing the air. It's a nice day outside; what's most important, none of the commotion below seems to have broken ground.
Will: Will grins. "Well then...hmm. You seem to have the balance of the weapon all wrong. Do your smiths need some examples of good blades?"
Will: "I don't know what all you have in trade, seem to have some skilled warriors, and excellent miners. Perhaps my house can negotiate a contract with your tribe."
Near mumbles something in a language that sounds a lot like hisses and growls.
mkb: The engineer gestures with her arm stump towards the makeshift tent. "My smiths, both of them that are left, are trying to turn those skeletal armors into a legged wagon, I think. And... I will consider." The chief goblin turns toward Near.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Hmm?"
Hextor: Lucky for the northman, his gods are those of battle and need no long winded speechs to once more grant power to those they favor...the cleric stands once more and replaces his helm upon his head and takes in the mornng view a refreshed man
-> near: They're probably going to listen to you more than me... Would you help us cover our front or rear as we move our core?
mkb: One of the sappers is trying to mimic Hextor's stance from earlier; the one is kicking it in the head and hiding behind a rock at intervals. Someone's coming down the path.
Will: Will nods. "We should be getting to the surface. Hextor and the lookouts will want our help," he says, looking around for (and quickly finding) his pack, and hoisting it onto his shoulders. "We will join the guard party now, madam?" he asks the chief politely.
Near replies to the chief in goblin, then turns to Will, "It might be a good idea for us to cover their front, so that we may head off any confrontations."
Near: she basicly says "Okay"
Hextor: hextor smirks as the goblins imatative nature then the movement from the path catches his attention
Hextor: hextor makes a grab for his spear as he slides off the rocks and plats his feet on level ground
mkb: "Please!" The chief engineer moves to close the lid of the box with the arm she doesn't have.... "I need my armor. Gribitz, help me?" The assisatant leds its elderly leader back to her bunk.
Campaign saved.
Near mumbles again in the hissing language.
mkb: There's movement on the trail about half a mile out; it looks like a small party of warriors from a distance, moving at a walking pace. The one in front looks somewhat odd.
Will: Will gets an idea, and turns to the chief. "About this sword: if you can make me a good one given an example from my armoury, would your smiths agree?"
mkb: The engineer stops. "Yes; of course; if we manage to get away from here..." She squeaks something else.
Near (Near): brb
Hextor: watching the motion in the distance hextor stops to observe...then guestures to the goblin (the annyong kicking one) "you may want to warn your chief...we may have visitors"
-> Near: Take six of us with you, any specialty, your call.
Will: Will nods. "You have my help with this. We'll head to the surface, and leave you to your work," he says, taking Near along the path Hextor took out of the mine, his red lamp lighting the way.
mkb: The goblin looks at Hextor quizzically, mumbles the words once or twice, gets it and runs down into the mine again. The party is of soldiers; they're all wearing the same uniform, and move more or less in unison. The one in front has a fancier chestplate, and a really weird looking helmet.
Near has pointed to six goblins, seemingly at random to follow.
Kittymew (Will): glad I'm on my way...
Campaign saved.
mkb: Four goblins follow Near while the other two have a very brief spat over who gets to bring which quiver of bolts before doing so.
mkb: While she put on her armor and prosthesis, the chief engineer starts shouting orders to her troop, who renew their effort around the crane above the well.
Hextor: looking down at the little goblin that had done his best to copy his praying form with a smile hextor says "my gods favor those who help the strong and brave....before the sun rises we may have to see if you are"
mkb: One of the crossbow-bearing goblins is ganked in the head by the larger goblin from earlier, who follows Noir in its stead. He's holding a wooden tube that seems to have four flares in it.
Kittymew (Will): ROFLOFL
Near (Near): >:3
someguy (Hextor): so now that the demo man had his fun we get the solider?
someguy (Hextor): because that just screems rocket launcher to me
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): well, you missed the first reference ;)
someguy (Hextor): I caught it...I was waiting to see if he had a shovel to hit himself with
Near checks on her ring, she takes a vial from her pack as she walks and puts it to the inside of the ring.
mkb (mkb): Hey, the TF2 guys ACT like goblins :p
Near (Near): Hehe..
Near (Near): Heavy is an Ork? :<
mkb (mkb): Maybe. Maybe. But I've yet to see one that...
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 16]
Kittymew (Will): Do I catch that?
mkb: Yep.
Near (Near): Me?
mkb: Yep.
Near: [1d20+1 = 7]
Near (Near): ...yeah. you do.
mkb: Will isn't doing anything distracting right now
Will looks curiously at Near. "What exactly are you doing?" he says curiously, looking at her ring.
Near: "Just making sure it's not going to be empty if I need it."
mkb: The goblin patrol starts to move ahead of Will and Near, in a somewhat organized fashion, surprisingly.
Will: "...what?" he asks, hazarding a guess as he picks up the pace. "If it is what I believe, I ought to CUT that ring from your hand."
Campaign saved.
Near: "It's nothing to worry about, and might save either or both our lives. It's not a fatal one anyway."
mkb: The small column is coming closer; Hextor can see there's DEFINITELY something wrong about the head guy....
Near pulls the ring off her hand anyway and places it in her pack along with the vial.
mkb: The sapper that stayed with Hextor is debating whether to climb on his shoulders to get a better look, or don't and stay in one piece.
Will: "We will discuss this later, come. We must keep up with this patrol," he says, trying to get to the front in a timely manner.
mkb: The goblin patrol is easily caught up with, as they didn't stay coherent for terribly long.
Near trots fowards lightly, keeping pace just behind and to the right of Will.
Will: Will smiles, seeing Near starting to understand...maybe.
mkb (mkb): I love the Will/Near dynamic btw. Can't wait for the first fight :p
Hextor: Hextor considers his options... "Stay here and guard the entrance" he motions tothe goblin as he slips down the trail and into the brush
Hextor: Stealth isn't exactly easy when your 6' 4" and covered in plate steel, but the Norse man attempts to get closer to the approching coloum for a better look
mkb: Apparently "guard" to a sapper means "start deploying bomblets", because that's what he does -- rigt at the entrance. At the sides of the trail is dry bushes, not quite a forest but very thick; Hextor can navigate it easily, but will be spotted unless he stands still. The small column, maybe twenty men in two rows, seems to be taking it slow.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20-1 = 14]
Hextor: stealth
Hextor: er..Hide.
Near briefly debates putting her ring back on, but decides against it.
someguy (Hextor): been reading too many other D20 books
Near (Near): Are we at the exit, yet?
mkb (mkb): Not quite, but you know the wway and there's no obstacles so...
Hextor: dropping to his belly Hextor slowly creeps forward into the bushes tryng to get closer
mkb: The thickness of the brush is an advantage to Hextor standing still as it's a disadvantage while moving; it's twenty-one men total, in full armor. They move in a very disciplined fashion.
mkb: Spot check?
Near: She does, inexplicably, pull out an empty ration can and fill it with rocks, before encasing it in the other empty, and slightly larger can from earlier. She ties it with fishing line so that it's reasonably sealed.
Hextor: spot [1d20+1 = 20]
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): ooh, nice :V
someguy (Hextor): ninja in full plate
Kittymew (Will): well, until you see the -8 for armour
Kittymew (Will): or wait, no, 6 I think
mkb: There's DEFINITELY something wrong about the leader of the troop -- his head's missing! Rather, his helmet has been molded around a crystal sphere. In it, encased in glass or a magical image you can't quite tell, is a skull with something on its forehead. Also, the men walking are more than highly disciplined -- despite being of different height and build somewhat, they move in perfect unison.
mkb: Even the crystal-ball-head man seems to have limbs of flesh and blood, what little is visible of them under the armor.
Near (Near): ohnoes, bots :O
'someguy' disconnected
Kittymew (Will): incoming...some kind of wight?
Near (Near): Dullahan.
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
someguy (Hextor): sorry..wireless hickup
someguy (Hextor): about how far away are they from me?
Campaign saved.
mkb: They'll come across you, or not if they don't see you, in maybe five minutes -- they are moving slowly.
someguy (Hextor): and how many aside from boweling ball head?
mkb: 20 soldiers, 1 leader
Near (Near): That's a lot... OF MEAT HEADING TO THE GRINDER
Hextor: Hextor considers the odds...too many to take in the open...and juding by the appearace of the 'man' in charge this s like to be the employer that the goblins mentioned
Hextor: 'too many to take out here' hextor mutters to himself as he slowly worms his way back to the entrance
mkb: hide check?
Hextor: [1d20-1 = 13]
Kittymew (Will): hopefully I get there shortly...'s been a while since I've done anything XD
Hextor: oh and armour check -2
Hextor: for got that last time
Campaign saved.
Will: only -2? What kind of superplate are you wearing? I thought you were in FP?
Hextor: maybe I recored it wrong...let me check
Hextor: -6 sorry
Hextor: oops
mkb: Hextor does make some noise returning to the small clearing in front of the mine -- it's entirely possible that the undead troop hasn't been instructed to care, however; they don't speed up or slow down. When he gets back, he finds that the sapper has laid down a simple explosive trap at the mine's entrance, and the patrol with Will and Near is about to get there.
Hextor: Hextor sees the explosives and nods approvingly...and gingerly steps around them
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 13]
Kittymew (Will): Do I see the stickies?
Near (Near): ...damn, I should've filled the cans with explosives..
mkb: You're all at the mine's entrance -- whether you want to fight in the open or inside is really up to you. The sapper on your patrol points the explosive trap out well in advance; it's prbably SOP for them.
Near heads out into the open to look ahead. She lightly tosses the cans in the air to get a feel for its weight.
Will: Will nods to the sapper, and walks outside. He looks at the approaching patrol, and calls out to them. "WHO GOES THERE?"
someguy (Hextor):
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): so much for surprise
Near (Near): Totally :V
mkb: The sapper on the patrol calls back, "Want drink?"
Kittymew (Will): I just walked out of the damn entrance. I was pretty visible, duh.
Kittymew (Will): Also, the more they pay attention to me the less they may pay attention to the stickies. First rule of pyro. :P
mkb: The undead troop keeps approaching at their inexorable pace... they're now clearly visible, and can see you; they'll be here in a minute or two, supposing they don't stop or start charging. You're all pretty much standing right outside the entrance now.
Near (Near): ...are they in range of me throwing the can at them?
Kittymew (Will): Nobody's answering me, huh?
Hextor: Hextor points to the lead ...thing...with the tip of his spear to get will and nears attention
Near (Near): I don't think they _can_ answer.
Kittymew (Will): Too bad we don't have a sentry up lol.
Hextor: "I would say THAT is in control of the shambling ones'
Will notices, and nods to Hextor. Looks like go time, but best to use the corridor to use their numbers against them and our bombs in our favour. He waves his hand in a rearward motion.
Near: "Ahh.. I wonder..." Concentrates on the one Hextor pointed at, and lines up her sights to throw the cans.
Hextor: hextor nods but guestures to himself and the top of the entrance
mkb: They're not actually shambling; they're marching in perfect unison, albeit slowly. While the lead is obviously some undead abomination, you can see little other than glimpses of tanned flesh under the armor for the others. Suddenly, the small column stops.
Near (Near): Ooh perfect, now I don't have to try to hit a moving target.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Fiery eyes flare in the skull inside the crystal sphere, and the skull moves inside -- it's clearly a magical image. The leader of the troop takes three steps forward, and the skull face inside the helmeted crystal ball starts to spin slowly.
Near (Near): Is it in range of a throw? :O
Hextor: Hextor's blood starts to rise at the sign, but stays his hand for the moment...ever second for the goblins to prepare was worth standing infront of this abonination
mkb: The second sapper has planted the same trap on the entrance's ceiling, and joins his comrade behind a wall further inside the cave; the remaining five goblins look at Near expectantly. The skull stops, and starts spinning the other way.
mkb (mkb): Maybe?
Near (Near): Okies, I'll try anyway. *shrug*
Near: Dex bonus [1d20-3 = 13]
Near (Near): Ranged attack, so add 3 to that from BAB x_x
Kittymew (Will): -4 for improvising tho
Near (Near): Already added that.
Kittymew (Will): kies
Near (Near): hence the -4. +1dex
mkb: Flyyyyy.... The ration box hits the leader spot on top of its head.
Kittymew (Will): Which goblins are with us?
Campaign saved.
mkb: You have two sappers that are already in position, two fighter/miners, two crossbowmen and one big guy with a wood quiver with four flares in it.
Hextor: "I think that might have gotten his attention"
Near: "Aww, was hoping to take it out with a lucky shot."
Near pounts, and puts her hands on her hips.
Hextor: "well Will...your the talkitive want to say hello to the nice man with the flaming skull?" hextor hefts his spear "..or should I?"
mkb: The leader doesn't seem to have reacted -- then, deliberately, it takes three steps to the side to let his column through; those keep advancing. They're maybe thirty seconds from you.
Will: "I do believe your way of saying hello is appropriate this time, Hextor," he says, deliberately gesturing for the goblin crossbomen/rocketeer to open fire. "FIRE!"
Near: Initiative [1d20+1 = 16]
Will draws his bow and lets an arrow fly at the header.
Kittymew (Will): (do we get a surprise round, since these guys are so inept?)
Hextor: int [1d20+1 = 8]
someguy (Hextor): just in case we don't
mkb: Will, you can distinctly tell that these guys are zombies... the sort you're used to. You cannot tell what their leader is, other that he has a pretty strong lawful evil aura.
mkb: The leader takes the arrow square in the chest... and leaves it there.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The goblins are still scrambling to set themselves up above the mine entrance... the crossbowmen anyway; the miners and the big goblin are left on the ground with you.
someguy (Hextor): may the rest of us act or shall we wait for int order
mkb: Maybe thirty steps from you, the armored zombies unsheath their longswords and change formation into a five-by-four, still moving in eerie unison....
mkb: (You're good to go: near, hextor, will in order)
Near charges with a roar, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" attempting to barrel through the entire formation.
mkb: @_@
Near: Charging minotaur :V [1d20+10 = 28]
Near (Near): ate my roll x_x
mkb (mkb): Near is about to get a rocket in the ass
mkb: where do you aim?
Near: right dow nthe middle.
Will: Initiative [1d20 = 9]
Kittymew (Will): Stupid Near, I yelled FIRE not CHARGE...
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): She worships Khorne, what do you expect? :V
Hextor: can't worship if your dead...even khorne knows that
mkb: Near barrels down the middle of the column, and throws two of the undead hoplites back out of sheer momentum... ending up stuck right in the middle of their formation!
mkb: (positions pls!)
Near (Near): Bah, these are nothing. I should take off my chainmail to make it fair :V
Will still has an arrow to resolve...
Will: Ranged attack [1d20+3 = 5]
mkb (mkb): Near, these are human sized creatures in full armor, not little guys like before :)
Kittymew (Will): and miss with...
mkb: Will's arrow hits the leader's right epaulet and bounces off.
mkb: Hex?
Hextor: I'm casting enlarge person on myself
Hextor: cue the super mario music
mkb: XD
Kittymew (Will): Reach and Enlarge Person. I like how you think, Kipper.
Near (Near): doo do doo do do doo doo! Doo doo doo, do do dodo doo dodo do doo doo do do.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: so I'm now a large creature with 10 foot natural reach (plus spear) with +2 str -2dex and -1 to AC and attacks on top of that
Hextor: for the next minute at any rate
someguy (Hextor): thinking big
Kittymew (Will): Isn't it one minute per level?
Kittymew (Will): ergo, next three minutes?
someguy (Hextor): your right
Hextor: hextor smilings as he now towers over the battlefield
Hextor: ...that's all I got this round
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, being as this system doesn't have a leadership skill, Intimidate roll if you want to try and countermand your order.
Will: Intimidate [1d20+4 = 7]
Kittymew (Will): Nope, I guess Near's going haring off after the bad guys, and I'm NOT going after her this time. She can die on her own unless our firepower disrupts them enough.
mkb: The goblin crossbowmen fire into the flanks, not being able to reach the leader an not wanting to hit Noir -- their small bolts score body hits which don't seem to slow the undead hoplites much if at all. The large goblin with the flares fumbles with his homemade weapon, presumably priming it; the two goblin footmen simply stand to Hextor's sides, half awed half scared.
mkb: Noir has managed to do one important thing -- disrubt the undead formation with her charge.
mkb: Stupidly, the two rows keep moving forward at a slightly accelerated pace... however, the zombies Near barreled into react to the unexpected enemy and start stabbing her with heavy top-down blows after more or less surrounding ehr on three sides.
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Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
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/export [module_filename] [description]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zombies trying to bonk Near [5]
mkb: Zombies trying to bonk Near [5d20+5 = 66]
mkb (mkb): dude, crit @_@
Near (Near): o_o;
someguy (Hextor): ouch time
Will: possible crit anyway
Will: but ya
Kittymew (Will): pain
someguy (Hextor): ouch time
Near (Near): 42 HP :V
Near (Near): and I'm sure I killed one of the hoplites in my charge x_x
Will: LOL you're going down in one round. XD
mkb: You've KO'd two; with zombies it's hard to say if they'll stay down.
Near (Near): Ah.
mkb: Zombies managing to hurt Noir [2d8 = 12]
Will: no str bonus?
Near (Near): What I wouldn't give for Robust Body now x_x
Kittymew (Will): What I wouldn't give for Near Having a Brain right now x_x
mkb: By luck or by dark direction from the leader, one of the zombies cuts Near's arm clean off at the elbow! (The one without the gauntlet, obviously)
'Near' disconnected
'Near' connected
mkb: CON roll to not pass out. Or disconnect apparently. ^^;
'Near' identified as 'Near'
Near: Fort. save [1d20+7 = 27]
Near (Near): My arm regrows spontaneously :V
Will: well at least she saves that...
mkb: For the rest of this fight Near is in rage. Her armor bends in such a way to block most of the blood loss.
Near (Near): ooh, rage.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): ...the Barbarian-type rage?
mkb: Basically. Good thing your primary weapon is a one hander I guess.
Near (Near): woo, +4 str, con and willsaves! but -2 ac. Oh well.
mkb: Noir losing a limb, a lot of blood, and etc. [2d8 = 11]
Near: that was the ones from earlier?
Kittymew (Will): You're so gonna die. :P
mkb: no, that's the HP loss from losing your arm. >_>
Near: ..oh.
Near (Near): the damage from before would be the lost arm, though o_o;
mkb: no, that's the other 2 zombies that hit past your armor....
Near (Near): ._. oh, so that was the crit..
Kittymew (Will): ya
Near (Near): well 12 HP from my con boost so itworks out.
Kittymew (Will): hahaha
Kittymew (Will): just remember that it's not temp HP, when that HP goes away you might die XD
mkb: Incidentally it's your turn, so either run away and get a bigger chance to live, or go completely apeshit.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Given that she's in Rage of Khorne right now, I would guess apeshit...
Near roars and lashes out back at the one that took her arm off, her skin flashes stone grey as she does.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+9 = 24]
Near (Near): ...I'll assume that's a hit? >_>
Near (Near): oh, and stone bones to clarify :V
Kittymew (Will): Can't use Manoeuvres. You're raged.
Near (Near): ..where's it say that?
Kittymew (Will): Under rage where it says you can't use any special abilities that require focus, etc?
Near (Near): oh... darn.
mkb: Near slices through the zombie as if its armor wasn't even there, shoulder to groin. Will observes that these are fresh zombies, there's barely a blemish on the skin an the blood is still fluid....
Kittymew (Will): ...uh-oh...
Near (Near): yeah, I just figured it out too. I think.
Kittymew (Will): This could be going from Bad to Much Worse.
mkb: (They're the sort of zombies a paladin is used to, magically animated; just these are recently dead.)
Kittymew (Will): I assume my Detect Evil comes up lotsa evil?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Yes; these are the sort of zombie you learned about in your training.... just very well preserved, and someon went through the expens of giving them armor.
Hextor: the now troll sized Hextor lowers his greatspear and charges forward into the right side of the formation like an angry rhino
Will: Cool. The kind of zombies Hextor could be turning and saving Near's butt if he wasn't Hulking It Up and making shishkebab :P
someguy (Hextor): this is a lot of mods
Kittymew (Will): then again Turn affects nearest anyway so it's not like it'd work right now
mkb: Okay, roll your charge!!!
Kittymew (Will): lol
Hextor: just getting the numbers str is at 18 so thats a bab of 8 now+2 for charge...trying to recall if I get anything for charging creatures smaller then me
Will: -1
Kittymew (Will): that's in the spell description
Hextor: right
Kittymew (Will): other than that, let 'er rip, that's it afaik
Hextor: + mw great spear negates that
mkb: Well, you charging would've been great when they were in formation to break it because you could have one so more safely, now it's less effective unless you're trying to snatch Noir out of there
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20+10 = 15]
mkb: Hextor's charge is less of a skewer and more of a tackle... he barrels into the armored zombies on the right, which have simply moved forward sngle file. The impact scatters them, but with no lasting damage on either side.
Will: Will fires an arrow into the left flank, trying to direct the fire of the goblins before dropping his bow and drawing and readying his sword and shield. He calls out for fire to the left, hoping they understand...
mkb: The two crossbowmen get it, and follow suit.
Will is hoping to scatter them away from Near, and not wound them in the process...
mkb: (roll 3 since they're following your lead)
Will: Ranged attack [1d20+3 = 12]
Will: what mods for the goblins?
Will: [2d20 = 29]
Will: Here you just add them
mkb: All three of you end up firing at the lead zombie on the left, hitting him in the legs due to a slight misjudging of distance -- this is effective however, as the thing stumbles and has to stop for a moment.
mkb: (dmg?)
mkb: [2d6 = 12]
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): kitty? roll damage?
Will: [1d8 = 2]
Will: [2d6 = 7]
Kittymew (Will): use whatever hits I guess
Kittymew (Will): (two kobold crossbows + Will's longbow)
mkb: The zombie is left falling down, and the other four in the line shove it aside and keep marching forward.
Kittymew (Will): ROCKET TIME
Kittymew (Will): I hope?
mkb: The two goblin infantrymen look at each other and rush forward right at where Near is pinned down in zombies!
mkb: The larger goblin has finally primed his weapon... and doesn't fire it. Rather, he runs after his brethren -- and lets he flare drop, shooting himself in the feet!
Kittymew (Will): lol rocket jump
Campaign saved.
mkb: The high-pitched squeak is followed by a whump ad another detonation as the crazy critter fires another flare in the middle of the zombie platoon, narrowly flying past Near and setting one of the things ablaze. The goblin lands in front of the crippled zombie, looks at it, and promptly pees itself.
mkb: The zombies continue their relentless attack on Near, even though one of them is on fire.
mkb: [4d20 = 31]
mkb: Fortunately, she's too busy flipping out to notice or indeed give any of their slow deliberate blows a clean shot at anything that isn't armor.
someguy (Hextor): fyi Im threating everything within 15 feet of me for attack of opertunity
mkb: That'd be 3 zombies and technically a goblin.
Hextor: none of them moved or did anything to trigger one...unless you could the rocket I'm good for now
mkb: Well, they move towards the neaest enemy -- you in case of three of them.
Will: any that move >5ft would trigger one

Near (Near): ..Too bad I can't use steel wind. Well, then, POWER ATTACK!
Will: that works
Near (Near): Closest zombie, adding 3.
mkb: someone better catch near when the adrenaline ends...
Campaign saved.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 23]
Kittymew (Will): BOOM
Near: [1d8+4 = 9]
Near (Near): or whatever.
Kittymew (Will): Where is the lead bastard?
Near (Near): The X
Will: oh, hiding from me, damn.
Kittymew (Will): I was going to go smite him for OVER NINE THOUSAND
mkb: Somehow Near even with one arm manages to physically throw the zombie over her head after impaling it; it collapses behind her, twitching but out of the fight for a good while. Near pushed her way to the back of the line, one creature between herself and the undead troop leader.
Kittymew (Will): What are the modifiers for shooting him from here, roughly speaking?
mkb: You don't have a sniper rifle, so no; too much stuff in the way, including giant Hextor.
mkb: you can try, but you'd have to crit it
Kittymew (Will): well, Smite Evil adds to hit too ^_^
Kittymew (Will): 's why I'm asking, I can give myself a +12 >_>
mkb: Well, he IS the most evil creature around, although right now Noir is #2.
Kittymew (Will): LOL
Near (Near): And arrows arc :V
Near (Near): Rawr
Kittymew (Will): lol
Kittymew (Will): Noir is also very close to him. This is likely bad. Oh well, I'll carve my way to him.
Will: REALLY wish I had my horse right now
mkb: Well, a low level paladin is liable to confuse "evil" with "insanely pissed" :p
Near (Near): ..right level 4 to summon.
Kittymew (Will): lol
Kittymew (Will): 5 to summon
Kittymew (Will): it's a regular horse.
Near (Near): oh.
Kittymew (Will): and it's not here
Kittymew (Will): :(
Will: if it was I could Overrun into melee with the leader in one move (and take an assload of AOOs, but w/e)
Kittymew (Will): You guys make get this one without me. Anyway, whose move is it? >_>
someguy (Hextor): well you could get on my shoulders and try mounted combat with a large creature
mkb: Hextor's
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): You're probably letting Near take out the leader, as that seems to be where she's headed.
Near (Near): better off*
someguy (Hextor): how close IS near to me...within say..10 feet?
Near (Near): Not really.
Kittymew (Will): looks about 20 from here
Near (Near): I'd wager.. 20 feet.
mkb: in your current state, ten steps.
Kittymew (Will): so yeah
Kittymew (Will): :P
mkb: five *
mkb: srry, you're BIG.
Kittymew (Will): hueg like xbox
Hextor: well my current state does that make a 5 foot step a ten foot one?
mkb: ya
Hextor: thank you very much
mkb: in that direction anyway considering you're still going on momentum
Hextor: works for me
Hextor: Hextor continues to move for ward, reaching out to the blooded near with a large hand upon her shoulder...
Hextor: spontaniously casting cure moderate wounds
Near (Near): :D
Hextor: [1d8+3 = 6]
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): isn't it 2d8 for moderate?
mkb: Two Zombies get a chance of slashing at Hextor as he passes through (resolved later).
Hextor: that's what I typed...but FG ate it
Kittymew (Will): oh.
mkb: [1d8 = 4]
Kittymew (Will): and it ate that too apparently.
Near (Near): ;_;
Hextor: [1d8 = 8]
Kittymew (Will): it doesn't want you to be healed XD
Will: there we go.
Near (Near): woo :V
mkb: Lightning crackles on Noir's stump, sealing it against further blood loss...
someguy (Hextor): I gave up charging the big guy for that you better make it worth it
Near (Near): I will :V
Near (Near): I have... 7 rounds left in my rage x_x
Will: Will rushes into the fray, trying to push into their formation towards Near. It looks like this might not be suicide after all, as long as we can keep the zombies from massing again. Stepping to the nearest, I smack it with my shield to set it off balance, and go for its head with a quick backhand cut.
Kittymew (Will): Gonna use 4 points of smite
Will: Melee attack +5, Charge Attack +2, Cha bonus +4 [1d20+11 = 30]
Will: ...if only undead weren't immune to crits, on a longsword that would be one.
Will: It's so fucking dead. :P
Will: Cha bonus +4, Str bonus +2 [1d8+6 = 13]
mkb: Charging in full armor isn't a cakewalk even for someone with Will's training, but he reaches the nearest creature and smacks into it.... his backhand cut hits air, but the thing falls backward and doesn't move any further, save for its neck twitching.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Weeaboo wind cutter technique!
mkb: The two goblins cannot do much but defend themselves, keeping two of the zombies busy; the crossbowmen jitter and move closer to the fray, as do the sappers.
Near (Near): err, misread I guess.
mkb: The larger goblin picks itself up from the rough landing and aims his flare cannon straight into a grouping of zombies, firing his last two flares.
mkb: [2d20 = 14]
mkb: One narrowly hits another of the armored undead, setting its side on fire and causing it to start spinning toward what it probably perceives as motion...
mkb: Three zombies still have a clean path to Near as she struggles forward.
mkb: [3d20 = 33]
mkb: Zombie getting lucky again [1d8+1 = 5]
Near (Near): owchies :V
mkb: One of them opens a nasty cut in Near's leg.... except she probably barely notices.
mkb: The zombie leader finally deigns doing something, and slowly starts to hiss as the skull's image inside the crystal sphere begins to glow a sickly green.
Campaign saved.
Near somehow notices this action, or is probably distracted by green shiney thing. Either way, she lunges at the undead leader, swinging her cleaver and cursing in Goblin, Common and Draconic.
Near (Near): Power attack again :V
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 18]
Near (Near): ..dunno if that would hit, but +3 again.
mkb: Near sinks her cleaver into the thing, barely slowed down by the armor and confirming to Will (who is the only one who can notice this) that the zombie leader is also a very fresh corpse that has been animated in the normal way. A grisly detail: its face has been sewn to its chest, as Near sees because she skewered right through one of its eyes. The skull in the crystal sphere doesn't seem to notice, even though the zombie leader is being held up by Near's arm and little else.
mkb: (I need to make these encounters harder, you guys are tougher than I thought)
Near (Near): mwahahaha
someguy (Hextor): just lucky
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor continues his forward momentum and strikes out at the zombie next to near with his great spear
Hextor: [1d20+10 = 29]
mkb: Hextor has a zombie on his spear, neatly impaled. What will he do with it?
Hextor: swinging the spear the giant of a man flings the undead thing down into the crowd of zombies on his left in a pile of gore
Campaign saved.
mkb: Hextor's movement scatters the creature, knocking down a few and forcing others to sidestep the 200lbs projectile...
Will: Will looks to do what he can to aid the two goblins caught in the middle, quickly running the next one on his way through just as he did before, then stepping further into the fray.
Will: Melee attack +5, Cha bonus +4 [1d20+9 = 10]
Will: FUCK. ><
Near (Near): eeps :O
Kittymew (Will): waste of a smite.
mkb: Will runs into the nearest zombie and misjudges distances, colliding with it and careening with it into a small group of foes.
Kittymew (Will): O_o...why was I even running in the first place, I thought I used the last zombie to halt my charge
mkb: (what is this, zombie bowling night?)
mkb: (idunno?)
Kittymew (Will): w/e
mkb: (figured you picked up sprint again from your desc ^^; )
someguy (Hextor): well we can always go zombie surfing if you don't enjoy bowling
mkb: Having exhausted the shots in the flare weapon, the large goblin throws it in one undead's general direction, realizes he forgot his sword, and starts attacking a zombie that's just getting up with a shovel.
someguy (Hextor): I knew he had a shovel!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Overwhelmed, the two goblins that got into the melee try to fall back and regroup, but one of them is caught and sliced in seconds by the creatures; with a high pitche yell ,the other four join the fray.
mkb: Will lands into a small group of undead, disorienting them enough that their attack is clumsy even for their standard.
mkb: Zombie reaction [4d20-6 = 31]
mkb: One of them hits Will in a vulnerable spot, the others mostly getting in each other's way.
mkb: [1d8+1 = 8]
mkb: Two zombies manage to slice at Hextor's legs from behind as he assists Near...
mkb: [2d20-4 = 6]
Kittymew (Will): O_o even flat-footed I deflect that 19, don't I?
mkb: and are kicked back by Hextor in a reflex action.
mkb: No, you're parrying blows from four people.
mkb: Sorta people.
mkb: While the zombie leader's body, misplaced face and all, struggles to disimpale itself from Near's cleaver, the skull in the crystal sphere is replaced by a ring of green that closes in on itself faster and faster, becoming bright enough to half-blind Near...
Campaign saved.
Near yanks out her cleaver and violently attacks the crystal.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 21]
Near (Near): another power attack, +3 :V
mkb: The crystal is rolled clean off the zombie leader's neck, and just in time! Something explodes from it, green rays and a purple mist...
mkb: (Paralysis spell, save plz)
Kittymew (Will): OUCH.
Near (Near): Which save?
Near (Near): And damn, if it's will, I could use conc >_<
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Except you can't focus :P
mkb: ya
Kittymew (Will): but you do get the +2 for rage
Near (Near): Yeah.
Near: Will save [1d20+1 = 10]
Kittymew (Will): whoops
Kittymew (Will): that's not good
Near (Near): (9)(9)(9)(9)(9)
mkb: Will and Hex too?
Hextor: [1d20+4 = 23]
mkb: the crystal ball wen off at X, so Near gets full effect, Hextor almost, Will little.
Will: Will save +3, Cha bonus +4 [1d20+7 = 27]
Kittymew (Will): HAHAHAHA
Near (Near): ...hahah
Near (Near): I want your roll.
Will: too bad that wasn't for what I was going to do next
mkb: The zombie leader and Near fall ot the side of the trail together, one crumpling, the other frozen; Hextor has the time to notice that the lead zombie's neck has been sewn up with remarkable care to hold the crystal ball up. The sphere lies on the ground, apparently inert.
Kittymew (Will): KICK IT
mkb: The remaining zombies let out a low moan, and a few of them drop their swords -- rather than slow and belabored, their motions are now shambling as one would expect. This doesn't change much of their effectiveness with their formation broken.
Kittymew (Will): changes their damage codes to my liking though
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Hoo hah! Even though I'm paralyed ._.
Hextor: Hextor spins around to face the zombies behind him and the former head of the commander of these corpses and plants his spear infornt of him and mighty clap of his giant hands
Hextor: casting sound burst
Kittymew (Will): NICE
Kittymew (Will): why the heck did you prepare THAT though? :P
someguy (Hextor): thunder sound...thunder god
mkb: A thunderclap spreads from Hextor's hands, causing all the uncoordinated zombies and the small goblins to fall down.... except one of the sappers, who's probably already stone deaf from earlier engagements.
someguy (Hextor): so this is an area of effect..10 feet around the zombie horde with the crystal thing at the edge of it...1d8 sonic and stunning (if zombies can hear
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): can I has 10min break? @_@; biology
Hextor: fine by me
Near (Near): Sure.
Kittymew (Will): kies.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: backies sorry ^^;
Campaign saved.
Hextor: np
mkb: well, you hit pretty much everyone incl the goblins so let's see....
Near (Near): 'sfine.
Will: so I guess you want some fort saves from us?
mkb: ya
Will: Fort. save [1d20+9 = 19]
Will: at least that's my good save. I'm fine. :)
Near: Fort. save [1d20+9 = 27]
Will: 's only what, DC12 or 13 or something, Hextor's wisdom sucks XD
Near (Near): I'm fine too :V
Hextor: do I need one? I'm casting it?
mkb: no
Kittymew (Will): no, you're casting it :P
mkb: the goblins are KO'd not dead, eh.
Kittymew (Will): LOL
mkb: Most of the remaining zombies have dropped their swords and are mostly trying to grab now -- interestingly, now that the crystal sphere is inert, you can actually SMELL them; it seems their decomposition had been halted magically.
Near is paralyzed.
Near (Near): Do I get a will-save to become un paralyzed?
Kittymew (Will): Usually it just lasts X time...
Near (Near): Aww.
Near (Near): So I can't do anything :V
Near: Will save [1d20+1 = 2]
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): ...yep, Near falls unconcious due to her rage wearing off while paralyzed. ;_;
mkb: Makes sense.
Near (Near): maybe not unconcious, but she's not having fun.
Kittymew (Will): you at least had HP left, which is lucky for you that most of the zombies didn't even attack you
Near (Near): bwahaha
Kittymew (Will): The fun part is now that they're back on default operations: NOW they will
Near (Near): also, second combat I've fallen unconcious in. Also the second zombie encounter... Hmmm...
Near (Near): No zombies are near me.
Hextor: forgoing his spear for the moment Hextor reaches out with his huge arms and tries to slam the two zombies infront of him into eacother
someguy (Hextor): grapping or just a str to sqush these guys?
Near (Near): grappling's higher, I assume, so use that? :V
someguy (Hextor): or just an unarmed attack with each hand?
mkb: Try and grab em, you do have a penalty for doing two at a time, but as a wrestling move it looks pretty cool. :)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20 = 8]
Hextor: [1d20 = 3]
Hextor: plust str bonus of 8
Hextor: I think that's it
Will: 8? O_o
Hextor: sorry bab
Will: oh, ok :P
Hextor: with the boosted str
someguy (Hextor): not exactly the hulk smash I had in mind with those rolls but meh
mkb: You grab two zombies by the scurff of their neck; one somwhat tenuously -- these things ARE rotting very quickly now, the bits of skin you can see are already greyish.
someguy (Hextor): looks good
someguy (Hextor): so can I squish them this round or wait for next?
mkb: go for it
Hextor: squish [1d20+8 = 25]
Hextor: sorry...just thats +4 not 8
Hextor: and the other one
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20+4 = 11]
mkb: The two zombies fall to the ground twitching, barely.
Will: Looks like this fight is almost over. With the three I've kinda run down, I'm just going to make with some quick thrusts, and try to take as many out as possible. I'll save my smite this time though.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 14]
Near (Near): this combat so far has only taken 24 seconds or so in game time...
mkb: Will engages one of the zombies, hacking away a slice of its side after knocking the armor loose.... the other two disengage from under him and reach for the closest target, namely Hextor. The one Will is basically standing over is pinned.
mkb: The goblins recover faster than the zombies, and scamper away, trying to regroup in front of the mine entrance -- the sapper that wasn't knocekd down by the sonic wave has the luck and sense to spot and recover Near's severed arm.
mkb: The remaining zombies shamble towards Hextor -- except for one.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): I think that was some AoO- :o
mkb: One of them is going after you :p
Near (Near): Well, I have an awesome fart save, and 28 HP left >_>
mkb: fart save isn't THAT useless against rapidly rotting undead :)
Near: ...fort.
Near (Near): STUPID TYPOS,
Hextor: Hextor reaches out with his troll sided fist to belt the zombie heading for near (without the spear I still have reach 10
mkb: roll for it!
Hextor: [1d20+6 = 8]
Hextor: -1 for being big
Kittymew (Will): whoops, watch for flying fist
mkb: Hextor swings.... and doesn't quite reach! He barely avoids stumbling over a fallen undead.
Will: Will again keeps his distance, sidestepping to get to the edge of the pack and keeping three busy with long thrusts.
Campaign saved.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 12]
mkb: The strategy is effective in keeping three ofthe creatures busy, but doesn't cause them much damage...
mkb: The goblins regroup a couple dozen steps away from you, one of them darting down the mine entrance.
mkb: [3d20 = 39]
mkb: Two zombies manage to grasp Will's arm, and having lost any semblance of order, jst try to bite or claw into it...
mkb: [2d4 = 8]
mkb: (with some success apparently!)
mkb: Hextor is surrounded by, to him, midget size undead stmbling over each other to grasp at his legs.
mkb: [4d20 = 31]
mkb: [1d4 = 3]
mkb: One of them manages to lightly wound him as a shred of its armor gets stuck just right.
mkb: Meanwhile, a single zombie reaches the inert Near, and after determining its target still has a pulse, reaches down to bite her ear off...
mkb: [1d8 = 1]
mkb: [1d8 = 2]
mkb: (whoops, disregard the 2)
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): damage from that zombie under foot on me?
mkb: 3
someguy (Hextor): k
mkb: will took 8, near took 1 and good thing for her these zombies aren't infectious
Near: ;_;
Hextor: Hextor, ignoring the zombies in his face leaps forward to try and shoulder charge the zombie over near away
Will: Will shouts out to Hextor "Line me up!"
mkb: like so?
Hextor: pushing from this side further down the trail
Campaign saved.
Hextor: melee [1d20+5 = 20]
Kittymew (Will): That'll do, I'll at least get four, maybe five.
mkb: Hextor yanks the zombie off Near easily.
Hextor: ...for a large creture melee should be here gos
Hextor: [1d6+4 = 5]
mkb: Hextor throws the zombie down forcefullly, but it emits a low moan and begins to get back up.
mkb: The remaining zombies shamble toward Will... except for the three he was already fighting.
mkb: [3d20 = 10]
mkb: Their attacks are ineffective; behind the three of you, the goblins have regrouped and are coming closer.
Near (Near): You didn't perchance prepare something to rid someone of paralasys, did you? :V
Hextor: not really
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Higher level for that...and I don't think I can do that yet either, lemme double check
mkb: well, in addition to being paralyzed, you've passed out after going nuts and losing half an arm and a lot of blood...
mkb: hint: don't rush like that next time :)
Near (Near): Next time I rush like that, it'll be with stone bones rather than minotaur :V
Will: lol
Kittymew (Will): Anyway, I believe I'm up to finish a bunch of those little bastards.
someguy (Hextor): please help yourself

Will: Will has had enough of this drawn-out fight, and takes his opportunity as he lowers his shield, making it glow white-hot with power beyond his comprehension, he charges headlong through the zombies towards Near, shouting a rousing battlecry. "ON TO FINAL DEATH!!" he shouts, as his burning shield scatters his foes.
Kittymew (Will): [SMITE EVIL!!!]
Will: Cha bonus +4, Melee attack +5 [1d20+9 = 15]
Kittymew (Will): 's good enough to hit zombies :)
Will: Cha bonus +4, Str bonus +2 [1d6+6 = 7]
Will: Damage ain't so hot. Should've used a bigger smite ><
Kittymew (Will): still, SOMETHING should be dead XD
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will charges forward, overshooting a little... and while he doesn't kill any zombies, he rips the legs off several of them, leaving them twitching on the ground. The goblins get the idea, and begin carving up the ones that are still moving.
mkb: Meanwhile, Hextor still has a zombie under his feet....
mkb: (how long does the embiggenation last?)
Near (Near): 3 minutes.
Hextor: 60 rounds
Near (Near): oh.
Hextor: same different
Kittymew (Will): so effectively whole combat
mkb: ya
someguy (Hextor): anyone have any tap dancing music?
Hextor: hextor brings his giant sized boot down on the corpse under hims head with a sickening thud
Near (Near): Don't step on me x_x
someguy (Hextor): you the almost dead...the zombie is all dead
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20+5 = 14]
mkb: Hextor's foot squashes the armor, which in turn breaks the zombie's spine.
mkb: The remaining four zombies shamble towards Will and Hextor... and the crystal ball flickers to life near Hextor's feet.
someguy (Hextor): your up will
mkb: Even with a big dent, the skull image within it is obvious -- it surveys the situation much more quickly, and vibrates with an eerie deep voice. "YOU WILL DIE."
Will: Will hears the crystal, and laughs as he takes a big run at it, giving it a solid punt and sending it flying off the trail and into enough sharp pointy rocks to likely shatter the hell out of it.
mkb: "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee....." *crash*
Near (Near): *explosion*
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): and it's going...going...gone!
mkb: The zombies aren't distracted by what to them is just noise, and two of them each lunge at Will and Hextor.
/die [NdN+N] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
mkb: Will [2d20-2 = 17]
mkb: Hextor [2d20-1 = 29]
mkb: Hextor being scratched [1d4 = 4]
someguy (Hextor): ok now that damage is beinging to worry me
Will: that's just to-hits, 4 damage won't kill ya will it?
Hextor: not yet but I took some beating eariler
someguy (Hextor): how do you say "gamma crush" in Norse?
mkb: With a belch?
someguy (Hextor): good enough for me
Campaign saved.
Hextor: with a blech...hextor brings his fists down two handed tin the skull of the nearst zombie
Hextor: [1d20+5 = 11]
someguy (Hextor): not to my spear back
someguy (Hextor): *get
Near (Near): ..bleh.
mkb: The zombies aren't particularly hard to hit....
Hextor: damage [1d6+4 = 8]
mkb: .... or hard to break, especially since they seem to really have started rotting off after the sphere was neutralized; their armor is now more of a hindrance than anything.
mkb: The goblins are making short work of whatever's still twitching while you dispatch the remaining undead.
Will: Still helping to mop up, Will starts decapitating what he can, now that there are only a few left.
Will: Melee attack [1d20+5 = 21]
Will: Str bonus [1d8+2 = 10]
mkb: While these corpses are more active after decapitation than the ones you faced underground, not having a head makes them essentially useless in a fight.
Campaign saved.
mkb: There are only two zombies left; dispatching them is trivial. On the ground are the bodies of a goblin, a number of zombies in quite salvageable armor (as one of the sappers points out), and the mutilated corpse that carried the crystal sphere in lieu of a head. The sphere itself has crashed on the trail, and is in small pieces.
Near is unconcious. Again.
Hextor: "I think we've seen the last of him" hextor points to the broken shards
Near (Near): ..I don't like fighting zombies ._.
mkb: The goblins are discussing something around their fallen comrade; Noir is no longer paralyzed, and just seems knocked out -- other than well, th whole having lost half an arm thing.
Hextor: as the magics that gave him the strengh of the gods fades Hextor shrinks down to the size of mortal men angain
Hextor: droping to his knees beside near he places his hand upon her head and chants in his native tougne
mkb: Very carefully, the goblins get around Near and start figuring out what the best way to pick her up and carry her inside is.
someguy (Hextor): I may not be able to stick the arm back on with magic...but I can still heal a bit
Near (Near): I've got 15 HP taken off me, healing is appreciated x_x
mkb: As they try to do so, Near gets poked to wakefulness.
Near: "nnnn"
Near curses as she awakens.
someguy (Hextor): take to cure light wounds and call me in the morning
Hextor: [1d8 = 2]
Hextor: [1d8 = 1]
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): x_x
Hextor: 3 for the caster level on each
Hextor: still not much but it's something
Near (Near): so that's 6 more?
Hextor: yeah
Near: "Thank you.." Near manages to wheeze out.
mkb: After a few squeaks and grunts, the larger goblin leaves his comrades alone, breaks out the shovel and starts digging a ditch.
Hextor: "next time don't be so foolish and I won't have to do this every time"
Will: Will, kneeling at Near's side the whole time, only has one thing to say to her. "This is why you listen to orders. Now you're missing an arm."
Near: "..I'll try to remember that swords tend to hurt next time.."
mkb: "Everyone needs hot washing again now!" one of the sapper comments, to nobody in particular.
Will: Will groans.
Near: "I've had worse." Near says in a false accent.
mkb: The small greenskins figure they should leave the three big people alone, and as one of them goes down to report, the others begin stripping the armor off the zombies and piling up the bodies.
mkb (mkb): Reattaching or regrowing a limb is Serious Business, still.
Near (Near): ...Mecharm? :V
someguy (Hextor): well I've got to take off...been pushing a few things off all day...mkb ant handle the viking while I'm gone
mkb (mkb): Will won't be held responsible for this incident as he did his best to protect his charge, and well, this stuff happens to adventurers, still it'll be embarassing to expli
mkb (mkb): okies.... sorry for the crappy episode, i's a bit rusty :(
someguy (Hextor): sorry to cut and run...ltterly...but a damn fine game
Near (Near): It's fine.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): gread game bt I got to go...cya when I can
mkb (mkb): okies, ciao!
Kittymew (Will): it's been a long run anyway, lol
Near (Near): kay, lats
'someguy' disconnected
mkb (mkb): stop here or keep going?
Near gets up shakily, and tries to walk on her own.
Kittymew (Will): I say stop here, it's been a long run and Kip's out
Near (Near): I at least want to see if I can get a mecharm or my other reattached.
Kittymew (Will): Though I was hoping to see what happens to Near for a bit. Okay.
Near (Near): But that's fine to
Will: Idunno, I'd rather Kip around to see it :)
Near: Kies, then.
Near (Near): I need to pay my electricity x_x
mkb: kies, let's split then :) i should have time tomorrow FROM now TO 4hrs from now
Kittymew (Will): kies
Near: Kies
Kittymew (Will): I can probably do that
'Kittymew' disconnected
Near: I might be able to do that too
mkb: yay!

Chat log started at 19.6.2008 / 20:51:29

'Near' connected
'Near' identified as 'Momiji'
Momiji: Nyu
Momiji: WAUF!
mkb: meowness
mkb: okies, this works
Momiji: Rawr :3
Campaign saved.
mkb: hmm
mkb: inumimi counts as human
Momiji: Yeah
Momiji: no benefits from it
mkb: telltell re the god?
Momiji: Detect Poison, or Read Magic? _
mkb: actually, do that in IM so it can be saved easier :)
Momiji: =_=
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Shield!
Momiji: Ranged attack [1d20+6 = 17]
mkb: miu
Momiji: Rawrawr
Momiji: ..I have no clue what to spend the rest of my cash on, other than some essentials that won't exceed 100gp ._.
Campaign saved.
Momiji: But what I have now is enough to fight with :V
mkb: nya
mkb: i sees
Momiji: Bring on the zombies >w<
mkb: kitty as i was saying earlier i'm kinda watching a movie with my mom atm?
Momiji: oh, okies then
mkb: bt it's all saved
mkb: 270 platinum? meow?
Momiji: I'll look up some magic items to get
Momiji: 2,700GP, starting gold for level 3
Momiji: I just put it as pp cause it's easier
Momiji: ..I could make my shield adamantine, and still have enough left over for everything.
mkb: well
mkb: your chara is from a small place and i'd think most of the money she's made so far she sent home
Momiji: Yeah
Momiji: probably..
mkb: so here's the thing
mkb: you get ONE custom item (everyone did)
Campaign saved.
mkb: and tone down the $$$ after that :)
Momiji: Hmm, let me look up how much the Returning quality costs
mkb: meep
Momiji: for the shield, I'll need it anyway for Corporal Canada XD
mkb: ....
mkb: lol
mkb: eep
Momiji: Same as Adamantine..
Momiji: Maybe I'll just make it a Mithral shield she found and decided to learn how to use.
mkb: 'splain?
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Well, explorin' she found a merchant being attacked by some bandits, they ran off when they saw her (and after she blew up one of them) but the merchant was close to death. A couple healings later, the merchant is thankful for her saving his life, so he gives her a shield, as she has no armour, and says she can't wear it.
Momiji: It was a shield that was too expensive for most people to buy anyway, so it wasn't worth that much to him, really.
Momiji:'s a more interesting tale than finding it in a dungeon or buying it, really.
mkb: works
mkb: how heavy is it?
Momiji: Mithril is light
mkb: also, she can't carry two shields with her body type ^_^; i'd think
Momiji: She only has one :o
Momiji: Mithril is half that of steel..
Momiji: Adamantine is the same as steel.
Momiji: If you'll allow Adamantine, I'll use that one ^^
Campaign saved.
mkb: honestly i think you need the lightness more than the extra strength.
Momiji: yeah, probably
Momiji: okies, then. Mithril, aerodynamic shield \o/
mkb: meow
mkb: looks like the chara is done
Momiji: Well, basic supplies and that's about it.
mkb: now you gotta bring it up to kip an riley
mkb: i like near fo the whole loli-from-hell thing honestly:p
Momiji: Nyu
mkb: well it's gotta work for everyone, i don't mind the chara as it is, i may tone down one thing or two after i run some numbers
mkb: nice concept for sure :)
Momiji: :3
Campaign saved.
mkb: so areyou bored w/near or this is more interesting?
mkb: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________\
Momiji: This is more interesting to me, really. Near would work better in an evil campaign :/
Momiji: Against fleshies
mkb: LOL
mkb: i don't think i ever ran an evil campaign
mkb: well, zombie army vs zombie army could be fun
Momiji: The blood god is not as pleased with zombies as with living, bleeding, things.
mkb: unless the zombies are overruning everything else?
mkb: how do you run an evil campaign?
Momiji: Even then. Khorne likes a good, fair, brutal fight :V
Momiji: Like a good one, with evil goals :V
Momiji: Near would be a leader in an Evil campaign, seeing as she's got the skills and head for it.
mkb: haha
mkb: there's that
Campaign saved.
Momiji: ..prepare le scout, ain't she?
Momiji: Well, she's a mountain girl, so yeah.
Momiji: little*
Momiji: le = little*
Campaign saved.
mkb: miw?
mkb: *nod*
mkb: i'm ok with it
mkb: brb
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 20.6.2008 / 15:58:32

'Near' connected
'Near' identified as 'Momiji'
Momiji: I might need a goat for Momiji..
Campaign saved.
mkb: goat?
Momiji: I thought I might need extra carrying capacity
mkb: well that is a lotofstuff
Momiji: But I'm stull good on medium lead with my backpack on
Momiji: load*
mkb: *nod*
mkb: ya
Momiji: added two things and now at 94.5 gp
mkb: that's about same as a hiking backpack, less maybe
mkb: other than the javelins
Momiji: Javelins X3
Momiji: For hunting bigger stuff her sling can't take out
mkb: nya
Campaign saved.
Momiji: ..I'm going to have 2.6k gp in donations ._. unless... wonderous item tiem :V
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mkb: ?
Momiji: those little special magic items
mkb: ya
Momiji: oh, right, forgot her clothing
Momiji: 4 sets of monk's clothes is about right
Momiji: and nearing heavy load territory, I think I'll put 1,500 as donations, and have the rest to keep on person
Campaign saved.
mkb: *nod*
mkb: iunno, her clothing looks really light
mkb: so no shield and no armor?
mkb: hmm
mkb: wow
mkb: brave
Momiji: She can't wear armour and use her magic XD
mkb: true
Momiji: also ,forgot she gets 3 bonus spells known due to wisdom..
mkb: so what o you think about riley looks wise?
Momiji: ...quite frankly he looks a bit like Rick Ashley to me..
mkb: who's that?
Momiji: ...
Momiji: "We're no strangers to looove, you know the rules and so do I"
mkb: *googles*
Momiji: Yeah, that guy
Momiji: I'm only using two of my bonus spells now, I'll save the third for a bit higher level x_x
mkb: *nod*
mkb: and idunno, maybe it's different in person. he's a bundle of nerdy cute.
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Also, if enemies get near Momiji, I'm doing something wrong.
mkb: getcha
Momiji:, ofuda aren't much compared to my other things are they? x_x
Momiji: Should I add WIS bonus to explosive's damage?
Campaign saved.
mkb: hey you made the class...
mkb: :p
Momiji: Yeah..
Momiji: THere
mkb: nya?
Momiji: Better than her sling, a little worse than her javelin
Momiji: though it is aoe damage, even if it's a tiny area
mkb: not sure javelins are that hot an idea, kitty
Momiji: Why?
mkb: well, they get in the way a lot when you move for one
mkb: and for your chara speed has to sub for armor
Momiji: yeah ._.
Momiji: there :/
Campaign saved.
mkb: looks good to me
mkb: kies, you get ONE fancy item.
mkb: (magical, tricky, w/e)
Momiji: nyu. too bad striding boods am waay too expensive XD
Momiji: Hmm... lotsa stuff to look at
mkb: well, if there's something on your mind, describe it
Campaign saved.
Momiji: ..I don't really have any ideas :/
Momiji: except a +5ft speed boosting shoes for 1kgp
Momiji: or about that amount :/
mkb: surprised (and grateful) you haven't brought up familiars
mkb: also
mkb: you COULD get some manner of light magical armor i suppose
Momiji: an item that generates a light forcefield :L
Momiji: I forgot what it's called, ut there are items that generate Mage Armour
Campaign saved.
mkb: if it's in character for her to have it it's cool
Momiji: Well, the shoes would be her funny sandals
mkb: ya
Momiji: Explained in that the "teeth" (the long bit) squishes and springs to help her move faster
Momiji: Gift from her god to aid her in her quest to gather Faith? :o
Campaign saved.
Momiji: You really need to use a grid in the battle maps x_x
Momiji: makes it easier on everyone to tell distance :o
mkb: ya
mkb: gift bit works
mkb: grid bit... will try to, i need to study FG a bit, meow
Campaign saved.
Momiji: nyu
Momiji: working on the portriat x_x
Momiji: yey
mkb: wowies
Campaign saved.
Momiji: "Aye aye, sir!"
mkb: miaow?
Momiji: What will probably become her most commonly used phrase
Momiji: "Aye Aye, sah!" (X3)
mkb: y?
Momiji trots about, her geta sandals springing with her steps.
Momiji: Cause it's cute.
mkb: XD
Momiji: She's easily excitable, and does her best at whatever she sets her mind to. >:3
mkb: if while you draw you could also do the shoes i'd appreciate coz i'm trying to visualize it and to see if it's buildable irl :)
Momiji: I showed you the shoes earlier :o
mkb: ya
mkb: i meant the spring bit :P also what's the thing about teeth again?
Campaign saved.
mkb: oetwwettttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Momiji: the tooth of the sandal refers to the part you stand on. The portion that touches the ground I should say
mkb: aha
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Balance [1d20+8 = 23]
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Balance [1d20+10 = 22]
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Explosive Ofuda +6, Explosive Ofuda +6 [1d20+10 = 26]
Momiji: Explosive Ofuda [1d20+5 = 15]
Momiji: Explosive Ofuda [2d20+5 = 20]
Momiji: Sling +6, Rapid Shot -2 [1d20+4 = 5]
Momiji: x_x
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Sling +6, Rapid Shot -2 [2d20+4 = 21]
Momiji: Explosive Ofuda +6, Multiple Ofuda (2) -1 [2d20+5 = 28]
Momiji: Binding Ofuda +6, Multiple Ofuda -1, Multiple Ofuda -1, Multiple Ofuda -1 [4d20+3 = 38]
mkb: mm
mkb: brains?
mkb: :)
Momiji: Working out the hotkeys :3
mkb: getcha
mkb: splain the last one pls?
Momiji: Is zombie tiem?
Momiji: Binding ofuda?
Momiji: it reduces any physical based roll of the target by 1
Momiji: each one does
Momiji: but they only last one round
mkb: *nod*
Momiji: on that toss, let's say two hit. The target suffers -2 to attack, damage and AC for 1 round
Campaign saved.
mkb: *nod*
Momiji: it would be a DC16 (15+1) to resist the effects of them
Momiji: will save*
Momiji: ...Binding ofuda aren't that bad, now that I look back at them.
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Draining Ofuda +_+
mkb: miw :)
Momiji: ..dang, Momiji could only deal 1 point of ability damage with those, though :/
mkb: that's a lot.
Momiji: If I had 18 CHA, it would deal 4 points of ability damage.
Momiji: with superiour draining doing 6 points of ability damage, and 12 HP damage
Campaign saved.
Momiji: Sling +6, Rapid Shot -2 [2d20+4 = 32]
Momiji: [2d4+8 = 13]
mkb: how long does it last?
Momiji: Draining?
mkb: ye
Momiji: until removed.
Momiji: You can take off armour to get rid of it.
mkb: *nod*
Campaign saved.
Momiji: unless it's on your bare flesh, then you need remove curse
mkb: how about a t-shirt?
Campaign saved.
Momiji: A shirt could be removed
mkb: works for me!
Campaign saved.
mkb: looks good this far
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

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'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: bombs?
Hextor: hello and good morning/afternoon/bombs to everyone
Will: Meow.
mkb: "promiscuous" is a funny word
Campaign saved.
Hextor: ever wonder why 'abbreviated' is such a long word?
mkb: as opposed to "long"
mkb: can we has a noir? >_<
Campaign saved.
Hextor: incase of emergecy break glass, use Noir
Hextor: ...ok that came out a bit more dirty then I thought
mkb: lol
Will: LOL
Will: brb
Hextor: k
Campaign saved.
mkb: v_v
Will: Miw.
mkb: miwmiw
mkb: >_<
Hextor: ...bark?
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: do dee do do do
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: beep
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

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'Kittymew' connected
'Near' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Will: Nya.
'Near' identified as 'Near'
mkb: Hooray!
'someguy' connected
Near: *yawns*
mkb: *pokes*
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: Hmm... I vote Near recaps :0
Near: I almost clicked on momiji..
Hextor: sounds like a cajin dish
Near: I vote Hextor recaps (>'_')>
Hextor: ok...we were in that place...with that thing there...
Hextor: seriously was just after the undead fight at the entrance to the mine
Will: Rawr.
Will: Ya, we just fought a bunch of stuff.
Will: and I kicked the plot exposition into a canyon
Near: Near lost an arm, but strangley doesn't seem worried about it. <('_'<)
Hextor: some one went and played soccer with what I would get to be the lichs orb/head
Hextor: *guess
Campaign saved.
Hextor: so...the zombies dead...near is minus and ARM...and we've got a portal back to the guys that hired us
Near: And a gobbie stole my severed arm for some reason.
mkb: hmm
mkb: g my
mkb: something
mkb: keeps
mkb: deletin
mkb: y
mkb: my
mkb: sentences
Near: ._.
Will: o.o
mkb: good recap :) zo... let's geet back to it?
someguy (Hextor): maybe they can make you an automail one
Near (Near): Or something.
Hextor: Hextor rips a ragged cloth off one of the corpses and trys to wipe the gore off him armour
mkb: I can't do this. Stuff keeps getting deleted.
mkb: Brb.
Will: k
mkb: looks like it was bz2lan hijacking my kbd buffer
Campaign saved.
Will: aha
Will: sensible
Near: /swt
mkb: The portal leads to a dark room, or so it looks like; the damp smell in it is similar to that in the mine, but not quite the same. The goblins have collected their one casualty, both pieces of it, and have summarily left after one of them started digging a ditch but got bored after a few moments.
mkb: They've also retrieved Near's arm.
Will: Will looks curiously, and turns to Hextor. "We agreed to remain and stand guard until the goblins were ready. We will wait, though I doubt there will be further attacks today."
mkb: Near, you're out of adrenaline... CON check pls.
Near: Con bonus [1d20+4 = 7]
Near (Near): >_<
Hextor: " the moment near is stable...nothing my magic can do about the arm without something a bit more divine to back it up...we may want to send her back for her own safety
Near (Near): I thoughtI already did this..
mkb: Near is woozy, and has a hard time standing up.
Near sits down on the ground hard, and leans against a large rock.
mkb: s
Campaign saved.
mkb: vry
mkb: >_<

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'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: any better now?
Hextor: any better now?

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'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: test
mkb: oard i
mkb: g
mkb: as
'Kittymew' connected
'Near' connected
mkb: my keyboard was being weird, seems to have stopped
'Near' identified as 'Near'
Near (Near): Ah.
Near (Near): I'mma make something to eat riiight quick.
mkb: most fragmented d&d session ever ^_^;
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Hextor: then you've never played with the interdimentional mage of mystry
Will: LOL
mkb: meep?
Near (Near): apples.
Will: Still too bad he said no to this game
Hextor: well...more zombies for us to surf then
mkb: Eep!
Hextor: "Joe the wizard' had some tendincy to use the grease some odd times
Hextor: anywho
Hextor: we were debating what to do with the one armed warrior
Campaign saved.
Will is just glad the blood loss didn't get her, and that Hextor's healing came in time.
mkb: While there's some commotion from inside, the most that's happening is that the zombie carcasses out here have rotted very quickly, suggesting they were magically preserved and it's worn off; the corpses in the armor now look and, most importantly, smell a good two weeks old.
Will: Will grimaces a bit at the stench of rotting bodies.
Hextor: "Well...not exactly the purfume of the goddess.." Hextor says with a sniff "anyway...we still need to get word back to our current employers before we go making a deal with the locals here"
Near mumbles a bit.
mkb: The portal is active, but at a glance you can't see a lot on the other side.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "The Goblins can look after themselves for the momment...but near needs more aid then we can get here Will, we should go back to town and see to her there"
mkb: The noise inside intensifies. Is any of you near the portal?
Near (Near): Near probably is..
someguy (Hextor): hextor is closer to the pile of no
Kittymew (Will): I'm standing by Hextor talking to him, obv
mkb: A remarkably small goblin, armed with nothing but a bent metal bar, runs outside. This specimen has excptionally large ears and seems more hyper than even your average goblin. Barely looking at the three of you, it scurries over to the destroyed zombies, sniffs the air, meeps, and starts shouting "All clear! All clear!" as he runs back down.
mkb: You're not positive, but you've heard some noise from the other end of the portal....
Hextor: looking down to the hyperactive little guy as he runs past..."What in the name of loki was that?"
Near: "...hungry.."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will walks over to the portal and looks at it.
Will: "What IS that, and where does this thing go now? It certainly didn't go there before."
mkb: It's still pitch black in there -- no wait, there's fissures, as if the other side of the portal was inside a room that's sealed very well but not quite perfectly. If you look in there and block out the outside light, you can make out some sort of shed, the portal facing a heavy wooden door; what the shed is made of you can't quite tell, but it's big and it smells like hay in there.
Hextor: how about we just go and find out...I don't think it will seal if we go though...and even if it does the town is still in hiking reach if need be"
Hextor: hextor reachs his spear through the portal to tap on the wooden door with the butt end
mkb: The door is about eight feet away, and can be reached barely by leaning. You can realistically knock on the door with your spear -- the portal seems stable.
Kittymew (Will): "It's beginning to look a lot like Dustbowl..."
mkb: Near, Spot check since the other two are looking in the portal. You have a huge penalty but lessee what happens.
Near: Spot [1d20-2 = 13]
Campaign saved.
Will: "This could lead across the world, you know"
Near (Near): I dunno what penalties you're giving, so just my standard.
mkb: There's a few goblins in the mine's entrance, peeking out at you three; what they're doing, or how many there are, no idea. Most of the noise inside the mine seems to have stopped.
mkb: Tentatively, a single knock is heard at the door through the portal.
Hextor: "Think of it from there it...what is the words?...'Cost effective' go around the world for us?"
Hextor: Hextor continures to step through the portal as he speaks..."I'll give it a quick look and be right back..I hope"
Near attempts to stand up.
mkb: Near stands up OK, other than all the black spots in front of her eyes...
Will: "I don't know how many other ends they already put up...or if it's working properly at all. I suggest we use caution." Will turns to Near. "Near...don't try to stand, you're badly wounded."
Near: " can.. small one...."
Campaign saved.
mkb: There's definitely some more goblins peeking out; they don't move, despite the earlier 'all clear'.
Near: "be fine..."
Hextor: Finding himself in the darkend end of the portal Hextor chants softly putting his hnad over his holy symbol of thor
someguy (Hextor): casting light on the symbol...
Will: Will looks down at Near. "Blue can?" He kneels beside her. "You're delerious...please, take it easy. I'll take care of you, I promise."
Near: "..from pack. Blue can is sweet... sugar.."
Will: Will nods, and takes the can out of her pack, hoping nothing bites him or attempts to remove his soul, and opens it.
mkb: The portal is inside a wood and brick shed, petty big that you can tell.
mkb: e.
Near (Near): It would be a can of fruit with a thick syrup. smells really sweet.
Hextor: Hextor reachs out to the door within the shed and opens it caususly
mkb: rom
mkb: the other side.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The portal is inside a wood and brick shed, petty big that you can tell.
mkb: The door is heavily padlocked from the other side.
mkb: There's hay on the floor.
Near holds out her hand for the can of food.
Hextor: "hmm...looks like this could use a suble touch...." Hextor muses.....then taking a few steps back shoulder charges the door
Hextor: str [1d20+3 = 14]
mkb: he
mkb: >_

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Hextor: server meltdown?
'Near' identified as 'Near'
Near (Near): x_x
Kittymew (Will): Yay. Good to have it back.
Kittymew (Will): Recap last few lines?
mkb: Hextor rams through the portal with no effort and bangs heavily against the door, which shakes but doesn't budge.
Near holds out her hand for the can of fruit.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Right.
Will gives Near the blue can, after opening it for her. He smiles at her affectionately.
mkb (mkb): aww!
mkb: Hearing the loud clang, the goblins that had hidden in the mine's entrance seem to disappear, probably deeper inside.
Hextor: "hmm.." Hextor straightend his helm...and backs up out of the him some good runup room
Near waves her left arm about, as if she was makng an eating motion with it, before realizing again. She holds the can to her lips and tries drinking from it. As an afterthought, she mumbles "Thanks" to Will.
Will looks around in Near's pack for something like a spoon, to help her eat that.
mkb: Near is now stable at least for the next few days :)
Near (Near): \o/
Hextor: Taking his stance Hextor Takes a moment to check the wind with a finger..settle down like a runner at the blocks....and barrels forward like a wild boar
Campaign saved.
Hextor: str [1d20+3 = 9]
Kittymew (Will): and bounces off the door like a pool ball
someguy (Hextor): well maybe the sound of me bouncing like a rag doll will have some kind soul open the door...before I club myself to death with it
mkb: After Hextor tries again to give himself concussion, a loud knock is heard from the other side. A voice, most likely a gnome or a young dwarf from the pitch and tone of it, calls out. "Is it safe? Are ye being overrun? Do ye require assistence!"
Hextor: Grabbing his helm to stop it from ringing like a bell so much Hextor says "I could use an unlocked door"
Hextor: "we've settled things for the moment...but we've got wounded to take care of here"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Have ye cleared the mine? Or at least scouted it?" Then, farther away. "Get a stretcher! Wounded coming in."
mkb: A single goblin starts to walk out but is grabbed by the tail and reeled back in.
Hextor: Hextor sticks his head out the portal..."Looks like we got aid here...Sir" the last word sort of just tacked on
Near uses her tongue and some fancy handling of the can to get out the last of the fruit from the can. There's syrup on the side of mouth..
Hextor: "Don't worry little ones "Hextor says to the goblins...."they're not coming out"
mkb: The goblins inside the cave seem to be having an argument -- strangely hush-hushedly so though. The door starts to clatter and clang; obviously, multiple locks are being undone.
Will: Will smiles, and nods to Hextor. "Thank you. I'll take it from here, if it suits you?" he offers, not having found anything in Near's pack, and watching her talented tongue clean out the fruit can.
Will steps through the portal to greet our allies.
Campaign saved.
Near reaches for her pack and pulls out her towel. She wipes her face, then picks up her pack, bofer turning to the goblins. She shouts something back to them, then steps through the portal.
mkb: Will gets into the portal with no intent to slam anything, and sees that the cart the gnome was on at the beginning of your mission is in the shed, along with at least one more, the scroll still on its side.
Near: "Sorry, we would stay longer, but we had a previous engagement."
mkb: The most intelligible sound from the mine is a groan... then steps and metal being clanged together, still with the intent of making little noise.
Hextor: Hextor walks out of the portal back onto the goblin end and takes up next to near "Can you walk?"
Near: "I'm fine, I'll just need some rest. And food."
Will is shocked at Near's inhuman recovery, even with the aid of Hextor's magic. He smiles to Hextor, proud of the cleric's skills.
Hextor: "And an arm little miss....they might have something that can help more then I at the other end"
Near: "Or we can just give it time," she says cryptically.
mkb: Another high pitched argument starts inside the mine, and is ended abruptly by someone putting a mouth on the offending creature's mouth. The same voice as before is heard from behind the door, "We're ready to open! Is your mission complete?"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will shouts back "Yes! Mission accomplished!"
Hextor: Giving Near a quizzical look hextor just shakes his head in wonder then give her a rather honest bow
Hextor: "Your a tough one...I'll give you that"
mkb: The door quickly opens -- it's very bright on the other side, so you can't see much other than the environment is clean and there's a gnome and two dwarves with a well built camp stretcher between them. The goblins have suddenly one quiet.
mkb: *gone
mkb (mkb): You said you'd wait for the goblins... now worst case scenario this could turn into a war :) let's see what happens!
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, well, this is me trying to defuse Hextor calling them in. I SAID THAT.
Kittymew (Will): Honestly if this turns into a war I'm making dwarf-kebab
someguy (Hextor): your the talkitive one...I just hit stuff
Kittymew (Will): well you hit the wrong stuff lol
mkb (mkb): I hope you can at least see i don't railroad :)
Kittymew (Will): ya
Near (Near): Nyar
Will: Will walks through the portal, greeting the Dwarves and Gnome, and waves Hextor back.
someguy (Hextor): viking remeber...all I need to do is get kill maim and burn in the right order
Kittymew (Will): This had better damn well work...time for a little gambit.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The gnome gives Will a hint of a bow (partly to hide his disgust at the rotting corpse smell), but the dwarves basically shove him aside. "Where's yer wounded! Ye said it was critical, let's moove it!"
Hextor: Hextor gives the Goblins on his end a causual stap up and take it easy kinda hand sign and follows about will
mkb: The dwarves get in the darker room, but don't peek outside the portal just yet.
Near: "I am the wounded. And it's not as critical as you seem to think.."
Will: Will looks at them and says deadpan "apparently a missing arm isn't as critical for her as we thought."
someguy (Hextor): do the goblins still HAVE the arm?
Will: Will turns to Near and looks at her as if to say "be silent, this is important"
mkb (mkb): Yes.
Near: "It's not immediately life-threatening."
Will: Will tells the Dwarves "Still, see what you can do for her, I plead you. She's fought very well today."
Kittymew (Will): if I know Dwarves, she's getting carted off with or without her say
Kittymew (Will): and if this is going to work right I need Near gone for a few minutes XD
mkb: The dwarves look at each other, then at Near, with some admiration. "Er... Right this way, miss." They wait respectfully just next to the portal for Near to step through. These are combat medics; they're in full armor, but only carry a bonesaw.
Near steps through, and motions for the dwarves to lead.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The two medics lower the stretcher a little, and essentially shove Near on it -- very professionally so, but very firmly; even she can't do much to resist them physically. "Panramik will see oto you, miss. Worry ye not."
mkb: The gnome, somewhat bewildered, finally steps into the shed. "Sir William?"
Will: Will smiles. "Indeed, sir gnome...your name?" he asks, this obviously not the gnome from before.
Near closes her eyes and makes herself as comfortable as she can on the stretcher.
mkb: "Caramip Skotos, commercialist, fourth class... er, sorry, I was instructed to debrief you, but -- I take there was trouble?" He wrings his hands. He's very young, and dressed too nicely for his own comfort.
Hextor: Leaving Will to the 'soft warfare' of diplomic hextor steps back to the other side of the portal and makes his way to the mine enternce and In a harsh whisper asks the goblins "Have you seen where that arm of hers went?"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "We don't have any kobolds as you said anymore, but we have a very, very large problem on our hands."
mkb: The two dwarvs -- well, glide through a courtyard, then what looks like another mine except it's clean and well, lived in... to arrive in what is obviously a place of healing, at least from the nasty smell. "Now, ye take a rest and we'll soon take care of everything!"
mkb: The gnome breaks out a small notebook and, using a partially gold-encased quill that carries its own little bottle of ink near the bottom, starts taking note. "You have found kobolds, and removed them... yes, I see. Please go on? We were also accusing a greenskin infestation, did you meet any?"
mkb: Near is hit in the head.
Near (Near): x_x
mkb: Precisely, surgically in fact; the leather-covered wood mallet is just the ticket to knock someone out in the hands of a skilled dwarf surgeon.
Will: "We encountered goblins, but they were not hostile. Peaceful arrangements were made, and they are in the process of departing the mine this afternoon. Their claim to the region seemed to be legitimate according to the law, but they seem to rather depart. If they make further contact, it will be peaceful in nature."
someguy (Hextor): back in a min...need to deal with something here...Hextor defaults to viking ass kickery if need be
mkb (mkb): darn, near was actually going to be out for the next lil bit... also, getcha
Kittymew (Will): well if this goes wrong you can help me throw the gnome in the trash
Campaign saved.
mkb: The gnome looks at Will, jots down a few symbols, then takes half a step back. "Sir William? Would you care to repeat that carefully? I have these fields to fill, see, and - wait, they're leaving?"
mkb: "You've intimidated a goblin tribe into submission?"
Will: "They're leaving. We _negotiated_ with them, peacefully. They were in fact quite reasonable, and are in fact on our side, if you allow me to explain further. I promise you the goblins will not attack your people, IF you do not start anything."
mkb: "You're telling me that they're about to leave, and peacefully so? Er... Sir William, would you mind if we sped up the rest of the debriefing? They are the only remaining hostile presence in the mine, yes? As an aside, I'm authorized to say your team has done a superb job..."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Why do we have such need speed this up now?" Will asks, cautiously.
Will: *need to
mkb: "We've been trying to clear out that mine since... uh, let's see, five months now! Being able to reopen it would be momentous for our work. You and your team will of course be awarded a bonus..."
Campaign saved.
Will: "We have a problem with the reopening of the mine. A necromancer with at least some significant forces has taken interest in it. It will need to be protected. Said necromancer has also made an enemy of the goblins...there IS also the matter of whether or not the goblins' claim to the mine is legitimate, or if they even still want it. I would like to see this end as quickly as you would, and there is one way that would make things quite brief, if you trust me."
mkb: The gnome was about to comment, but decides to listen instead. "Please, Sir William. Do go on."
mkb: Near wakes up, fully conscious.
Near (Near): Is there anyone closeby to her?
Will: "Well, if you trust me, we can simply clear up the goblins' intentions with their leader, who I have spoken to on many occasions, report this to your superiors, and deal with it accordingly. It seems like it's the most sensible plan, given that these goblins have proven to be very unusually reasonable."
mkb: You're strapped to a table, but not uncomfortably so. Beard is taking up most of your view, that and a thick leather vest that someone, presumably the doctor, is wearing under it. "Yer awake? Already?"
someguy (Hextor): back...had to deal with some family issues
mkb (mkb): eep, everything ok?
Near: "...I'm a light sleeper. May I ask what you are doing?"
someguy (Hextor): just planing a trip to a funeral
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): ._.
mkb (mkb): eep. what happened?
someguy (Hextor): I had an uncle die in hosptial yesterday....I just needed to sort out some things
someguy (Hextor): anyway..back to things here
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): *hugs*
someguy (Hextor): thanks...I guess we should get on with the show though
mkb: The gnome looks at Will and Hextor. "Intentions? Next you'll want to sit down a bunch of monkeys at a table and talk to them. I've seen you have fought, gentlemen... what else have you done there?"
mkb: The dwarf doctor laughs. "You've a strong fiber, gel! I just gave you a bit of extra vim in liquid form. What happened to ye?"
Near: "A boneheaded error, and a luck shot from a zombie. Other than that, nothing too harsh."
Will: Will glares harshly at the gnome. "They fought and died beside us. I suggest you give them a bit more credit than comparing them to monkeys."
mkb: "Nothing too harsh? Yer arm's off!"
someguy (Hextor): anyone else having a black knight moment?
mkb: The dwarf answers Near clearly impressed.
Near: "I did say nothing other than that. But I've had worse."
mkb (mkb): Aw, missed opportunity there noir :p
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Not entirely :V
mkb: The gnome seems to shrink under Will's gaze. "Sir William... they also fought and died in front of us. Well, not me specifically, I'll admit, but - I... I think it's best if you talk to the Board directly. And your cohorts, if that is an option."
mkb (mkb): to make a monty python reference :p
Near (Near): I half made it still :V
Will: Will nods. "Look...I realize you have fought against goblins in the past. These are not those goblins. These are different from those you and I have both fought before."
Hextor: hextor as revereted to an age old viking skill....Looking big and scary
Will: "I too have fought goblins."
Hextor: "I beleive this here is an opertuinity...what is the old saying...the enemy of mine enemy?"
Hextor: "Anything of the grave still walking this earth IS the the enemy of those still breathing...these goblins have fought that...I would suggest you do as well"
mkb: Upon hearing Hextor's rumbling voice, the gnome all but runs out of the shed after muttering "I'll take you to the Board right now."
mkb (mkb): can we break? it's almost 2am here... @_@;
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): eeeep ya.
Hextor: ok...people still need to sleep in italy I see
mkb (mkb): srry but... in addition, i gotta re-plan a bunch of thins :)
Hextor: thought you may after this
mkb (mkb): Tho I have to admit that forcing negotiations to happen ASAP was brilliant.

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Hextor: test
'Near' connected
'Near' identified as 'Near'
Near: RAWR
Campaign saved.
Hextor: and a marry RAWR to you too
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'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Will: Oh, server's up
Near: Nyarr
Will: didn't even realize. ish Kay here?
Will: I has new player if you're okay with her joining. She's been apparently wanting to join a game for a while.
Near: I'm fine with it :D
Hextor: more the merrier as they say
Near: We're at the perfect place to pick up a new party member as well!
mkb: hang on
Will: woot. I'll fill her in. :)
Will: kay: no worries re: you needing to do things, we'll take care of Sarah and you do what needs done :)
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: so...while thats going about a recap?
Near: Since you volunteered, you get to.
Hextor: near was getting hit on the head by the medical marvels while will was negoisating goblin gnome dwarf relations
Hextor: and hextor was....well...standing around looking scary...
Hextor: as vikings are wont to do
Near: Of course.
Will: :)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: which reiminds me....the magic man is running on fumes when it comes to hp and nobody do anything that needs more then a mending spell please
Near: hehe, kies
Near: Well, I just found my next feat. o/
Will: Oh?
Near: Unarmoured Defense Preficiency, Beginner
Will: also I still have about 20 points of healing left just fyi
Will: unarmoured defence? Why would you need that?
Will: you're an armoured fighter >_>
Near: It would give me +4 AC when not wearing armour?
Will: O_O
Near: I'm light armour...
Will: what book is this in?
Near: SA
Will: SA?
Will: what the fuck is a SA
Near: Is what it says
Will:, it could be some Monte Cook bullshit, if it stacks with monks it sure as hell is
Near: It's fighter only
Near: well, fighter bonus..
Will: well then you can still take it as a regular feat...
Campaign saved.
Near: Well, it's equal to my currenty armour so \(o_)/
Near: It does scale with level.. every 3 is +1...
Will: O_o
Will: that's fucking broken!
Will: sorry, but every wizard will take that :P
Near: You can't wear armour with it
Will: wi. zard.
Near: nyu ._.
Will: needs universal ban
Will: :P
Will: this is why you talk to the DM
Near: It's not broken for me >_>
Will: instead of just fishing through broken books
Near: I was planning on talking with her.
Will: Kip and I usually keep it to core+completes+scapes for a reason
Near: It's a list of all the feats in d20..
Near: *shrug*
Will: wow
mkb: miwmiw
mkb: if you want someone else to join let them in :)
mkb: my mom wants to see some youtube stuff
mkb: why not use the TEN older pc's i have in here i have no idea >_>
Will: kies. I'm talking to her and helping her get FG and stuff out
mkb: 10min tops...
Will: np, it'll take longer than that to sort Sarah I'm sure :)
mkb: well, 9, 1 is fried
Will: ouch
mkb: still >_>
mkb: eh
mkb: pentium 350
Will: ouch!
mkb: was gonna rip the ram anyway
Will: oh, ok.
mkb: backies!
Near: :o
mkb: also
Campaign saved.
Near: I'm trying to optimize, not min/max ._.
Hextor: ...didn't know I was but ok
mkb: yer not, i was trying to not make names :)
Near: And hex, you're a Cleric. You don't need to bother ophimizing to be good >_>
Hextor: point
Hextor: the onlything outside of the core books I've gotten is that big spear
Will: I'm not either. I'm simply trying to keep THIS UNNAMED PERSON from going way over the top :P
Will: coz she already really outguns the party >_>
Will: this isn't the Near Show, and a balanced party is more fun. :P
Near: Hey, I wouldn't gain any bonus from magical armour :V
Near: ....
Will: :P
Will: honestly, I think Vital Recovery is a good feat for Near
Will: you refresh rapidly and get hit points every time you do it
Near: nyu ._.
Hextor: maybe the hand of vekna since we're dealing with the one armed bandit
Will: rofl
Will: god
mkb: given what's happened so far....
Near: :o
mkb: sides
mkb: it's not the near show
mkb: it's the brack shoooow!
Near: ._.;
mkb: (meaning the minor character from This Island Earth of course0
Campaign saved.
mkb: sorry.
Hextor: and here I thought it was the space ghost one
mkb: that's where the space ghost one comes from :p
Hextor: ah
Will: looks like we're getting an unarmed swordsage
Hextor: well...all I wanted to say about that was....ssssssspppppppppaaaaaaaaaaccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee gggggggghhhhhhhooosssssssstttttttt
Near: :o
Will: she wanted nonlawful monk so I said use swordsage
mkb: The Triforce of Wisdom promises that the king WILL DIE!
Will: monk is going to be too underpowered to keep up with Near anyway XD
Near: Nyarr!
Will: ooh, she has an interesting concept, I love her char already
Will: she's a rambling crazy wandering monk
Near: Ohhh, Leadership + Henchhurling!
Near: Funny.
Near: Kinda pointless.
mkb: Like this team needed another nutcase :)
Will: kitty, you would have like a minus three thousand reputation penalty to your Leadership score
mkb: lol
Will: you MIGHT be able to recruit ants.
Hextor: if you threaten them with a magnifing glass first
Near: Nyarr
Will: lol
mkb: She would >_
mkb: >_>
Hextor: so...crazy monk...the shining knight....the viking ...and the near...who I don't think I can sum up in a one word sterotype
Campaign saved.
Near: Omnicidal?
Hextor: I think it starts at 'raving loon' and goes up from there
mkb: I solve BLACK PROBLEMS!
Near: o_o;
Will: apparently our last character will be a Kilrathi.
Near: ...ABHUMAN!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Unless it's a farm.
Hextor: killer for the whole family...unless they have alergies....or organs to rip out
Near: Mmm, kittens.
Hextor: brb guys got to grab a multimeter and check some wireing
Near: kies
Near: RAWR
mkb: And if that don't work, use a BOAT!
Will: lol
Will: btw are we still 3rd level? I assume so?
mkb: ya
Near: Yes ._.;
mkb: ^_^;
Will: point, we have to deal with the gnomes.
Campaign saved.
Near: [1d20+6 = 10]
Near: :/
Near: Instantly regenerate Lost Arm [1d20 = 18]
Will: I think that'd be an Epic Feat so con check DC100 :P
Near (Near): ;_;
mkb: I think you gotta watch Evil Dead 2 and 3 back to back
Near: probably
Will: I think so too
Campaign saved.
mkb: zo :)
mkb: ZOO! Farm.
Near: Eatan' place.
Will: btw we can resume, Sarah will take a while to get taken care of so we can introduce her when she's long as everyone's good
Near (Near): Nyarrr
mkb: tays!
mkb: Near recaps :)
Near: Some stuff occured.
Near: Hextor at one point started to go back to the goblins to reclaim Near's arm, but due to a timespace hiccup, never actually did.
Campaign saved.
Near: Will has been attempting to wrangle a Gnome into meeting with the goblins a stone's throw away from the portal.
Near: And Near is in the Med ward with a dorf doctor whe has no concept of personal space.
Will: it's like DF. "interrupted by cat" :P
mkb: Pretty much :)
Will: Gotta hate it when 30 or so cats end up in your mines.
Will: Mining cancelled: interrupted by cat. IS THE ONLY THING IN YOUR LOG FOR FIVE PAGES.
mkb: O_O
mkb: where's that from
Will: Dwarf Fortress
mkb: where's the lolcat for that :)
mkb: anyway, ready?
Near (Near): oh... that was a 3.0 feat, not 3.5...
Near (Near): Meesa ready.
Kittymew (Will): Ready!
mkb puts Near in compatibility mode. >_>
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near had just been KO'd before the surgery on her begins. The younger gnome is trying to talk Will and Hextor into following him, mumbling and fidgeting with his clipboard. "I cannot make decisions, you understand - this is definitely a matter for the Board! Would you care to be debriefed now?"
Will: Will nods. "Very well, but let's be quick about it. We haven't got all day if we're to arrange this meeting."
mkb: He hurriedly walks -- not runs -- into a corridor dug into what looks like one side of the quarry; aside from minor difference in colors and decors, the quarry itself seems more or less to have bilateral symmetry from what Will and Hextor can tell.
mkb: The corridor itself is, well, overdesigned: small faux-natural details with a red motif underscore the fact that it has been flawlessly cut in the rock. The young gnome seems to know exactly where to go, and leads you up some stairs and over a platform that slowly moves up and down, like an ore lifter but with a safety rail. There are relatively few people, all dwarves or gnomes, and all of them look remarkably busy.
mkb: "Would you care to sign here? I hope I haven't caused you discomfort or wasted your time." The gnome presents his clipboard to Will, being as he's the better dressed of the two.
Will: Will looks over what exactly he's signing first!
Campaign saved.
Will: "No, no great discomfort, I understand. All this goblins-not-being-evil business was confusing to me at first as well."
someguy (Hextor): I'm back, just had to find a fault on a set of trailor lights
mkb: It's not parchment -- looks like brownish, low quality paper. It asks if the debriefing experience was satisfactory, and if mission participants had any complaints. The space for complaints is marked by a ridiculously small rectangle that has been prewritten on the sheet of paper.
Hextor: "Evil is a point of view to some" Hextor says catching up with will and the gnome...
Will: Will chuckles internally, and signs.
Campaign saved.
Will has to wonder how gnomes get anything done, what with all this bureaucracy and no real ability to command...
Hextor: "Hextor signs with a singal norse rune for H"
mkb: The gnome quickly gets the clipboard back and literally runs away after opening the door for the two of you. Inside is a small antechamber with very uncomfortable seats careved directly from the rocks. One of them has Near in it, her arm stump neatly bandaged and remaining wounds looked after.
mkb: She seems to be sleeping.
mkb: The far side of the room has another door, heavy wood with a brass knob.
Hextor: Rubbing his shoulder hextor looks to will "Maybe you should knock this time"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will simply stands, waiting courteously for something to happen, looking curiously at the gnome bureaucrat.
Kittymew (Will): Can I take a Sense Motive on this guy?
Will: Sense Motive [1d20+12 = 13]
Near (Near): ...
Will: Meh. Still a 13. :P
Near (Near): This guy seems legit.
mkb: Still a critfail.
Will: o.o there are critfails on skills now? :(
mkb: Maybe :P
Will typically doesn't use that optional rule coz it's bad enough to fail normally :P
Will: yer game tho
mkb: You're not cleared for that information at this time.
Kittymew (Will): *nod*
someguy (Hextor): the master computer has spoken
mkb (mkb): That would be your cue to panic. O:-)
Kittymew (Will): Yeah...
Kittymew (Will): I sensed some paranoia references here.
Kittymew (Will): Which gives me an excuse to shoot Near!
Near (Near): Is blissfully ignorant.
mkb: The main impression you get from that gnome is that he's very young and overeager... why a gnome would be overeager about admin tasks is beyond you, but it takes all sorts.
Near (Near): Eye'm asleepin. Yew can't hurt mes without fallin' or whatevers.
mkb: Nothing seems to happen for a few seconds, other than Near waking up. She's in a little bit of pain, but remarkably little considered the extent of her injuries.
mkb: There are definitely people in the back of what's likely an anteroom; you can hear voices.
Hextor: Hextor takes a seat in one of the chairs and streches out
Campaign saved.
Hextor: yawning loudly he settlings in for a wait
Near rubs her stump, and looks around for her stuff.
Will: Will has had enough of waiting and bureaucracy, and walks up to the door, and raps hard on it three times.
mkb: Near's stuff is on the seat next to her, including some bits of armor that were taken off to dress her wounds.
mkb: "Come in!" The voice, loud and deep, is clearly dwarvish. "Ye're the mission participants, yes?"
Near pokes at the pieces of chainmail and wonders why they didn't just remove the shirt.
Will: Will opens the door, nodding. "Yes, we are. There is much to discuss," he says, trying to get a feel of the group.
Kittymew (Will): Sense motive, not being stupid this time, taking 10 for a 23
Near picks up her pack and carries it by the strips into the room.
Near: [1d20-2 = 7]
Near (Near): :V
Near (Near): one less than if I took 10. Oh wells.
Hextor: hextor...a bit miffed about his rest coming to shuch a quick end hops up grumping abit and then follows the others in keeping close to the door
mkb: The room is lavish. A rich oil painting is on the wall behind a finely crafted mahogany table with tall-back seats, most of which are filled with gnomes althogh 3 of the 11 people at the table are dwarves -- including the one in the head seat. Under the painting the word "Teamwork" has been calligraphed by a very good hand. Oil lamps lit the room evenly, and small ducts suck up the smoke; there are no windows.
Kittymew (Will): Oh, and Detect Evil for good measure.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will doesn't detect Evil. Or much of anything.
Kittymew (Will): I still detect Near?
Hextor: Hextor's brain goes into automatic...tring to caluclated the sum worth of the goods in the room...and keeping an eye out for the sharp objects that dwarves tent to keep around
mkb: No.
Near stares at the painting and tries to see if there's anything written under the TEAMWORK
Near (Near): (without going closer
Will makes a mental note that we're in an AMF.
Kittymew (Will): well, or possibly a zone of nondetection
Kittymew (Will): wouldn't shock me if they had that up on their secret meeting room
Near: [1d20-2 = 15]
Near (Near): Spot check x_x
mkb: There are runic characters, but they're so ornate to result practically unreadable. The head dwarf stands up, leading those of you who pay attention to think that there's a footpad under his seat as he's about level with Will, and speaks again. "Welcome back, gentlemen. I understand you have something to tell us; proceed."
mkb: One of the gnomes is asleep with his eyes open.
Near stays quiet. Eerily so, probably.
mkb: While there isn't much to loot in this room, just the clothing these people wear are worth tens of thousands... they're all rather old as far as you can tell for demihumans, and the dwarves in particular are somewhat gracile.
Will: Will nods. "Alright. This will be difficult for you all, but it is quite important for you to all understand. Please, hear me out. First and foremost, your mine has been successfully scouted with no casualties among the party. We were aided by a strangely friendly group of goblins, who fought well beside us."
Will: "These goblins currently hold the mine, but are in process of leaving the region. We would like for a representative from your side to meet with them today. I will accompany this person or group gratis, as a bodyguard. We have a bigger problem than goblins."
Hextor: Hexter makes a loud grunt of agreement as will makes his points
Will: "You see, there is something down in that mine we do not understand, and there is at least one necromancer who has eyes on it."
mkb: One of the gnomes, sitting left of the head dwarf, interrupts. "Have you also removed them? Oh..." The head dwarf makes a gesture towards him shutting him up and says, "Go on."
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): I'm going to take 10 on the Diplomacy check for a 29...
Kittymew (Will): Assuming I can, is it too much pressure?
someguy (Hextor): which is about on par with the pope
Near (Near): Can I give him aid another, or would I have to speak? >_>
mkb: "You were hired to scout the mine, not clear it. Are you advancing demands of additional payment?" one of the two other dwarves asks after coughing.
mkb (mkb): You'd have to speak
Will: "No, I am not"
Near (Near): Then nevermind.
mkb (mkb): No, these guys are a lot like local lords -- just pompous in a different manner.
Will: "The payment agreement we reached is satisfactory for the deeds I have done."
Hextor: Hextor rolls his eyes at that one...but thats just his plundering reflex
mkb: As you say this, the ten demihumans start murmuring amongst eatch other; you hear words like "budget" and "bonuses" thrown around. For a full half minute, they stop paying attention to you, with the exception of the head dwarf.
mkb (mkb): anyone wanting to do anything while they are distracted?
Kittymew (Will): NO KILLING PLEASE
Will: but I'm going to try to listen in and get some more information for another Sense Motive.
Will: Listen [1d20+2 = 14]
Hextor: not having a stomach for the buracracy Hextor takes a slow walk around the edges of the room inspecting the handywork of the makers...trying to keep a running tab on the cost of things
Near stares at the head dorf.
mkb: They seem unsure what to do with the money that had already been set aside to hire a team to clear the mine.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20 = 3]
mkb: The head dwarf coughs loudly, bringing the discussion to a halt. There are few knickknacks in this room, but all of them are of the finest handiwork except a little wooden frame holding four rough-hewn stone marbles by an arrangement of string.
someguy (Hextor): so much for aparsise
mkb: The head dwarf speaks again. "We nevertheless feel you've gone above and beyond your duty an will recompense you accordingly, as you've cleared the mine of kbolds and.... you mentioned undead? and only the greenskins remain. Now, please go on about the undead?"
Will: "Will nods. There are no undead at the moment, we have destroyed all that we encountered. That said, there IS a necromancer behind these forces still living, and we have no knowledge of how much power he possesses. He wants that mine." Will says, speaking only of the undead as asked, hoping to still come up with some agreement about the goblins later.
mkb: Everyone, sensemotive again real quick?
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 15]
Near: [1d20-2 = 6]
Near (Near): Meh.
Campaign saved.
Will: Sense Motive [1d20+12 = 15]
Kittymew (Will): As soon as you say that I get bombarded with windows ><
Hextor: at the mention of the undead the clerics hackles rise as he turns his full attention to the dwarves, "the creatures of the grave have risen, and there purpose naught but for there own gain, none that do those of the living any good"
-> Hextor: The head dwarf didn't mention the goblins on purpose.
-> Will: The head dwarf didn't mention goblins on purpose.
mkb: The gnome that was dozing wakes up at Hextor's proclamation, and the members of the board are generally startled. "Er... Thank you. What sort of creatures specifically?"
Hextor: "Mechanical creatures that disgorge zombies of such vileness that even of a day of no magic they wander the world of the living"
someguy (Hextor): viking boy takes the undead seriously...if nothing else
Campaign saved.
mkb: Now THIS had an impact. One of the gnomes stands up, showing that he does not have a footpad. "You fought undead yesterday?" Another asks what sort of mechanical creatures. One of the dwarves, the one who hasn't spoken before, calls out "Then I say we collapse the lot of 'em down there!" in a heavy accent. General noise is made, eventually settling down without the leader's intervention. He faces Hextor and answers levelly, "Please go on, we could use details."
Near: "'d be better to ask the knight..." Near speaks finally.
Will: Will nods. "I agree on collapsing it, but there are no further undead WITHIN the mine. We must find this necromancer, and purge him from the earth!" Will says, in a rousing battlecry.
Hextor: "Even the goblins will grant how foul these creatures are, and may yet prove as allies against such depravied creatures
Near sighs heavily, and seems to not notice Will's shout.
mkb: The third dwarf seems to agree by his body language, but one of the gnomes interrupts. "Surely what this necromancer wanted warrants further investigation?"
mkb: The head dwarf shrugs heavily, and faces Will again. "Yes, about that; would you and your team consider leading a security squad to remove the rest of the infestation, after you've recuperated?"
Will: Will looks at that gnome curiously. "Perhaps, but I can guarantee it will be dangerous work." he says. "The rest of what infestation? I told you the mine was cleared of hostiles."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We would have that mine cleared entirely, either to collapse it, or to let our sages discover what a necromancer would want with an exhausted silver mine."
mkb: "You would of course be recompensed according to the magnitude of the task."
Will: Will nods. "Well, then I suggest before the goblins move out and we have to find them, a few of you come with me to talk to them and work something out. They are behaving unusually reasonably, and respect me and my comrades. We can deal with this quickly, without bloodshed."
Hextor: "At the very least," hextor chimes in "they know more of the nexromancer and the mine as it is now then you or your sages"
Will: Will nods. "Indeed."
Near: "..." Near nods silently.
mkb: For a moment, the head dwarf's face flares with anger. "We will... consider the matter, and keep you on retainer if you wish to help us deal with it. In the meantime, consider your duty to us over... is there anything we can do to help you recuperate?"
Near: "Give me a new arm." Near says quite bluntly, and without any intention of it being a request.
Campaign saved.
Near continues to stare at the head dorf.
Will: Will says nothing to hold Near back.
Hextor: Hextor simply walks over and stands behind near to reinforce the 'request'
mkb: About half of the board look at Near for the first time and look rather grossed out by what's happened to her -- clearly some of these people have never seen combat. The head dwarf scribbles a few notes on a sheet of the same brown paper seen earlier. "Hmm... That's beyond our abilities, miss. We will take the time to find a cleric for you, and pay for part -- the greater part of any expenses he or she might incur, of course... I'll personally talk to our medical responsible tonight. Now, one thing; you mentioned fighting undead yesterday? Are you certain about the timing."
Hextor: "Very"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Perfectly certain. Hextor's magic did not function, and even I felt like my courage was being sapped from me as I always do on such a day..."
Near falls silent and glares at the members of the board with cold anger.
mkb: The Board members return in a hushed discussion, intermingling various languages and essentially ignoring your presence as mere underlings for another minute or so except the gnome closest to Near, who is a bit freaked out.
Will: Will places a hand on Near's shoulder to try to calm her. "We will have your wound healed, Near. Trust me..." he says calmly. "Now, as for the lot of you," he says, "I can tell in your eyes you have no love for goblins. Nor do I. These are not the goblins you know. Perhaps they are some other race, even. What I do know, is that they are reasonable and their information and skills have proven invaluable. They fought the undead beside me, and I sensed an unusual kinship rather than my usual revulsion to savage greenskins," Will says.
Near mumbles angrily, and just below normal voice tone in the lizard's tongue.
mkb: They don't seem to listen -- except again for the one closest to Near. "Excuse me miss, I'm to keep minutes of this and can't miss any of it." He's scribbling in what seems to be shorthand notation.
Near leans in close to the gnome and whispers in his ears.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The head dwarf calls silence by spreading his arms. "We will have to come to a consensus on what move to make. In the meantime, please! Consider yourself our guests. Miss, we will put our resources at work for your injury; don't worry."
Will: Will decides to be a bit stronger with things. "Out of curiosity...where EXACTLY is the location of this mine?"
mkb: The gnome physically recoils from Near a bit.
mkb: "You're in Ironforge, young knight. Approximately a day's travel from where you were picked up, as the wagon moves."
mkb: "We call this the Gravel Pit, since it's what it was before we converted it into our business centre."
Hextor: "Well...since we wait for the bearded ones to make up there minds...lets see how muhc that hospitality extends to the kitchens here" Hextor says with a wink
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "I see, but I am currently trying to figure out where the mine is relative to various borders..." he explains. "I need to further understand the situation before I can comment. I understand your position."
Near silently wonders how Hextor can be so disynchronized with the current situation.
someguy (Hextor): it comes from not having anything to lose
Near (Near): brb
mkb: "Very well; you will find an associate outside to take you where you wish. Please leave, now." The head dwarf passes a piece of paper across several board members, to the gnome closest to Near who timidly holds it out for her. Said that, he sits down and starts to have a whispered conversation with the two people closest to him at the table.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will turns and leaves. He smiles, knowing these dwarves will work slowly while he has none of their sloth. Turning to the associate he indeed finds, he asks for a horse, and asks the associate calmly how important he is and whether his words are meaningful to anyone.
Near silently takes the piece of paper and looks at it.
Hextor: Hextor shugs at the dissmissal steps back to the doorway waiting for the others
mkb: The associate turns out to be human, possibly in her late teens -- clearly peasant stock despite the simple bt clean plain-grey dress she's wearing. "Milord? I can take you to the stables..."
Will: He smiles kindly to her, given that she is the first human girl his age he's seen in days. "Thank you...could you answer my other question while we walk?" he says again, much less sternly this time.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Near has a 'Nam flashback and goes berserk, killing all the board members in a rage :V joke joke
someguy (Hextor): nothing like the smell of napalm and dwarf in the morning?
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): mmm, toasted dorf..
someguy (Hextor): part of a complete breakfast
Kittymew (Will): low in DM?
Near (Near): Mecha-Lich has a Skelepault nows :D
Near: The DM was demoned away ._.
Kittymew (Will): :(
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): beep
Near: Boop.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Bleargh.
Hextor: ...someone get the paddles...I think there some life left in this thing
Hextor: CLEAR *ZOT*
Near (Near): ow.
Kittymew (Will): lol
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: too hard to reload
Near (Near): you could use it as a drill too.
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Hextor: how does one have a mecha lich...isn't that more of a dead cyborg thing
Near:'s complicated
Campaign saved.
Will: or it isn't. see Iron Kingdoms.
Near: ._.
Near: trying to make its left arm is giving me a headache _
Near: =_=
Campaign saved.
Hextor: well...I've got to go agian...more wiring to do...I'll catch up with you guys later
Hextor: cya
Campaign saved.
Will: kies.
Near: lats
'someguy' disconnected
mkb: srry, my folks wanted to give me a pep talk... now i'm depressed.
Near: D:
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Near: We can stop here if you want ._.

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Hextor: Hi everybody!
Near (Near): RAWR!
Near: Melee attack [1d20+7 = 10]
Kittymew (Will): 1 sec
Kittymew (Will): Sarah will hopefully wake up and come on sometime during this session. She said she would.
Near: :o
mkb: woof!
mkb (mkb): Hay guys.
mkb (mkb): what's going on?
Near: Depdepdepdepdepdedp
mkb (mkb): who feels like a recap so i know if i wasted my planning time :P
Campaign saved.
Near: Buncha DORF and 'nome businesseness happened. We watched. We know they're overly cautios and really don't want to listen to us.
Hextor: but they got all spooked whe nthe overly dramatic religious nutter said undead walking on a day of no magic
Near: Nutter butter.
mkb: And now you're essentially being kicked out after being promised some extra cash.
mkb: Now if you actually DO get kicked out or not depends on how you react to it :)
Near (Near): I'm fairly certain Near's gonna turn mad scientist soon. >_>
Will eyerolls
Hextor: /action
Near (Near): What, she does have 14 int :V
Near (Near): And the Mad part down..
someguy (Hextor): point there
Near (Near): Let's see what happens, though x_x
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): bit ooc mostly?
mkb: As of right now, you had been graciously but curtly dismissed from a board meeting at Ironforge, which may figure on the maps as a dwarf mining town but so far looks more like a fairly soulless small-person combine mining/financial operation. Leading you to a horse as per Will's request is a young human woman who just mostly seems to work there.
mkb (mkb): ya?
Near (Near): Oh, thought Ironforge was larger. Oh well.
Near (Near): *Kirckets*
mkb: Even as she waits for you to follow her, other workers -- mostly gnomes -- begin to walk in and out of the board room at a brisk space.
Hextor: Hextor follows after will and the woamn, trying not to step on anyone
Kittymew (Will): Okay, is Ironforge an independent state?
Kittymew (Will): Or is it in our territory, or dwarven?
Near looks around, glaring at the emptiness. She strugles to put her pack on, and sets it on the ground to do so.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): That you recall yes - it's in Karameikos land, but it was already there when the settlers moved in so Duke Stephen decided to call it an enclave and just enjoy the etxtra trade.
mkb: The young lady in front of you flashes a smile that is surprisingly regular for someone who otherwise gave all the signs of being from peasant stock. "Hello! I'm Gladys, they usually have me working the voice pumps for announcements, but... Would you like to pick up your payment first?" She seems to speak in a bit of a monotone.
Near (Near): Oh crap.
Will: Will nods. "That would be a good thing, yes. After that...actually, I think I'll be staying a bit longer, if you happen to have a library about where I might find something detailing the laws dealing with mining claims?"
Hextor: Hextor snorts at the idea of pandering the day away with books
Near 's perk at the sound of Library. "If there is one, would it have any books on engineering? But yes, payment is good.."
mkb: "Uh... certainly, you would have to be processed for access first though. I was told that you'd want to be on your way quickly." Note that you don't know how she was summoned to the board room, or told anything.
Campaign saved.
Near is slightly suspicious of this girl. But she doesn't seem to be too dangerous. She files away that instinct for later.
mkb: One of the dwarves that greeted you through the portal barrels in, still in full armor. "We're closing the portal, ye get everything of yern from the mine?" The girl repeats what the dwarf said, minus the accent, and gets out of the way as this dwarf too gets int the board room.
Will: Will shakes his head. "Nay. Need to make one more run." he says to the dwarf. "Give me a few minutes if you can?"
Hextor: Hextor looks to Near "You did leave something behind"
Near: "Yes, I have a few things to check there, too.."
mkb: While the dwarf's already gone, the girl nods and turns around. "I suppose you've already been briefed on the scroll-borne portal device. Let me lead you to the courtyard so you may find it."
mkb: She sighs, and starts walking down the halll at a brisk pace after possibly wagging her behind at Hextor for a split second.
Near follows directly behind the girl, blocking line of sight to her behind.
Near (Near): :V
Campaign saved.
Will: Will follows along, intent on informing the goblins that the dwarves are much less civilized than their kind, and that it will be more difficult than expected, if at all possible, to make peace.
Hextor: Hextor cocks his head for a moment ans she sashays away and then starts after her and the others
Near sends a glare back at Hextor for a brief second.
Hextor: Hextor just shrugs at near, armour clinking at the move
mkb: There's definitely more movement than when you entered the board room - mosly gnomes going back and forth with anything between old papyri and clipboards with pulp paper on them. This however only seems true for this gllery; the courtyard is mostly silent, its sort-of-bipartite appaearance holding and a few figures going in and out of stone doors. The vehicle shed is more or less in the middle of this split, built in a somewhat ramshackle way next to a rock on the side of the main quarry that was probably too expensive to move. After reaching the center of the courtyard, the girl stops. "I'll be happy to show you anywhere you wish to go. If you still want to consult the library, you will need to be processed, this takes a few minutes."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I'll be wanting to visit the library upon return, of course. First, to the portal to retrieve a couple things."
Will: Will nods. "The portal first, yes." He glares at Near again, reminding her of her status.
Near returns the glare, and doesn't seem as phased as before.
Hextor: "I'm not one for flipping through dusty tomes, I'll head back too...just point me to the kicten on the way back, Miss...?"
mkb: She points to the vehicle shed. "I have other duties to attend, if there is any trouble across the portal, please don't destroy vital testing apparatus."
someguy (Hextor): snicker
mkb: She turns towards Hextor. "Gladys, sir." The last reply was in much less of a monotone, and with some Traladarian accent showing.
Will: Will rolls his eyes.
Hextor: "Gladys then...well thank you for the tour" Hextor says with an informal bow
mkb: "Provisions are there and there." She points to two doors, more or less symmetrical, on each side of the quarry hole, and scampers off.
Near: "I wonder..." Near starts, trails off, then shakes her head. She's more focused on getting to the portal.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The vehicle shed is guarded by two dwarves in heavy armor -- interestingly, their armors lack the level of detail work usually found amound dwarves, although the workmanship is superb as always. Presumably the portal inside is still open -- no noise is coming from the shed
Hextor: Hextor watches her leave, then gives his head a shake and leands down to give the provisions a look
Will: Will looks around the shed for the portal entrance, eager to finish business here as best he can and talk to more reasonable beings about the business of the necromancer.
Near follows Will silently.
Near: [1d20+1 = 4]
Near (Near): ;bah, botched that :V
mkb: The dwarves open the door for you; inside are three iron carts, one that is either being built or dismantled. The portal is still hanging from the side of one of them; the dwarves don't close the door behind them.
Near enters the portal swiftly, and calls out for the goblins in their own tongue.
Hextor: Hextor stuff a arm full of provsions into his pack and then hurries after the less then sielent near
Hextor: *silent
Will: Will walks through at full pace, looking around for the goblins. Work first, plunder asshat dwarves later.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): You guys figure out that something is fishy yet? :)
Near (Near): At the girl's name >_>
someguy (Hextor): now your thinking with portals
mkb: Going through the portal is again, smooth and sensationless other than the slight change of temperature between the two areas. The mine entrance is deserted, although three pairs of ears can be more or less spotted after Near's call.
Near: She calls out somethitng again.
mkb: The undead have been buried -- in their armor, as a kneeplate showing from shoddy shovelwork seems to testify.
Hextor: Hextor waves a big hand in a friendly manner
Near: The dorfs don't seem too friendly. So we're gonna have to be careful. Don't worry, I'll be on your side, regardless.
Near: something like that. x_X
mkb: One finger beckons inside the mine, silently.
Hextor: "well...they're as friendly as ever"
Will: Will steps in hastily. This has to be done quckly, and properly. He scowls deeply at Near, having completely had enough of her at this point.
Campaign saved.
Near nods to herself, as if confirming something.
mkb: Inside the anteroom is the entire troop of goblins in marching order -- or what passes for order. Sixteen of the bulkier individuals are carrying what seems to be a giant cubical cauldron from which an eerie blue-green light emits; that's enough to discern figures. The goblin engineer basically grabs Will... "Do they know we're here?"
Near keeps quiet and chooses to let Will take the punishment.
Will: Will nods. "We've been betrayed. Bastard dwarves."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "What are you lads cooking up this time?' Hextor says pointing to the glowing cube
Near prods Hextor and tell him it's not a good idea to ask.
mkb: "Damn it!" The chief's prosthesis slams the granite wall, chipping it. "That is the core of our tribe - we think it will not be damaged by having stayed in the mine. But we're vulnerable! What do you mean by betrayed? What happened in there?"
mkb: The goblins seem markedly more hostile than they were just a few hours ago.
Will: Will lowers his head. "I believed them to be reasonable people. You are not like the goblins I have dealt with in the past, you are honourable and decent, hard-working people. This should not have to end in bloodshed, and it may yet not. They speak, amongst themselves now - together they are like a mule, slow-witted and stubborn. They cannot understand."
Hextor: "...remind me to ask for our pay before you go telling that to the stunties"
mkb: "Do we have time to leave and lose our traces?"
Near: "They dont wish to understand, is it," Near remarks, she begins to add more, but stops.
Near: "Possible. Dorfs aren't known for their speed..."
Will: "Hush, Near. We have plenty of time as it stands now."
mkb (mkb): True, but they can just go through the portal, although they'd have to do so single file
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): I know, but they won't be moving out anytime soon
mkb (mkb): Didn't look like it, deliberations take time.
Will: "They have a magical portal out there: when we go back through, I recommend attempting to remove it if you have anything that can. If not...put something big and heavy in front of it."
Near (Near): Dorf cancels action. Interrupted by Dorf.
mkb: hahahaha!
Kittymew (Will): Exactly
Kittymew (Will): Or like the miner in my game that bugged out.
Kittymew (Will): He had a job right in front of him, he stayed "no job" and stood in one place until he starved to death.
Hextor: "Well..we can go back and pick up our promised pay...once that bussness is concluded...we're free and clear to say...."borrow" a cart with a certaint portal on it"
Will: Will laughs. "That sounds like an excellent plan, Hextor. Give it a good kick on our way out."
Will: "I'll be speaking to the king about this situation when we return. Their behaviour disgusts me, and they have far too much autonomy for their greed."
mkb: "We thought you'd betrayed us. You have my thanks, for what they're worth from a homeless tribe... I do have something for you though, specifically for her." She points at Noir with her prosthesis. "And I like the way you think. We can only give you some of our weapons though, I want my boys out of here quickly -- all of them." she answes Hextor.
mkb: Even as she says that, nine goblins more-or-less line up to her side, facing you; unlike the others, they seem ready for a fight.
Will: "I have no desire to betray you, friend. You have our aid, as best we can give it. I will do what I can to pacify the dwarves, but I do not believe they can be made to see yet. Perhaps if one of you came along with us, but...that is rather a gambit."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Anyone in the mood for a good conversation punctuated by all-out war?"
Near grins widely for a second, before pondering how well it would turn out.
Hextor: hextor has a rare moment of though...looks over at the portal...."Can't we put a big rock infront of the thing? Some big enough to slow a dwarf with an attitude down a little if we need to later?"
mkb: "My boy need the calm of age to restrain them sometimes, I'd be the obvious candidate to come with you, but..." The chief engineer turns around to her own and explains something briefly. The nine goblins in war gear look disappointed, but a few hands (and one foot, for some reason) shoot up from would-be volunteers.
Will: Will looks them over curiously, eying each one in detail.
mkb: "We have a small rockfall rigged to go over the cliff already, fearing an attack; wanted to give you a chance of return."
Hextor: "Bright lads
Will: Will nods.
Campaign saved.
mkb: There are five goblins in front of you who have volunteered for diplomacy, and nine to go with you to fight -- the first group are making their way through the ranks, but the second are in what probably is a remarkably good attention pose for a goblin, right in front of you. There's the sapper leader you already met, the large goblin with the flare cannon, a remarkably small goblin with very thick legs who's completely naked other than a cap and a crowbar, a small female goblin with a backpack full of odds and ends, another larger goblin wearing a hollowed-out kobold skull for a facemask and carrying a metal tank on its back which you guess is some explosive concoction, a tall visibly male goblin in a leather apron full of pockets stuffed with visibly organic things, and a short goblin carrying what looks like a masterwork longbow that has been repaired many times. The last goblin is almost as large as a man (although Hextor still towers over him) and completely devoid of ears; he has something heavy in his hands which you cannot identify. Behind him, a smaller goblin is crouching against the rock, most of his features invisible in the shade.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): NICE.
Near (Near): o_O; naked gobby.
Will: Will looks over the five diplomats next...asking them why they volunteered, trying to discern what good they might be.
someguy (Hextor): anyone else hear the TF2 theme?
Kittymew (Will): Me.
Kittymew (Will): taking 10 on Sense Motive for 22 on these guys.
mkb: As far as you can tell, they're perfectly OK with going on a suicidal charge.
mkb: The five volunteers are smaller, their lighter green hue identifying them as relatively smart for their kind; one of them had its ears specifically clipped to look more humanoid, and introduces itself as the tribe's trader. Two are his assistants. The other two arrive hand in hand, and one of them introduces itself and the other as prospectors, hoping they could at least talk shop with the dwarves.
Hextor: "maybe we could clip some grass together for a beard or 2...I'm sure the dwarves would relate with them more that way"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will smiles. "This should work well. If the dwarves refuse to negotiate, it will be painfully obvious who stands in the right here."
Near attempts to get the chief engineer's attention. "Since I'm not needed at the moment, you said you had something for me?" Though she does keep an eye on the rest of the goings on.
mkb: The engineer takes Near aside. "You took the trouble to learn our language and fight with the ferocity of a wildboy. Who are you?"
Near: "Just a strange creature, I suppose. I don't understand myself why I do this, other than it feels right to me."
mkb: The very large, earless goblin starts to crank up whatever he's carrying -- it literally has a crank on the side. The trader walks over to Will. "Zo how wee do this?"
-> Near: check message on hamachi pls :)
someguy (Hextor): I say we just roll off to pick which goof ball comes with us
Kittymew (Will): Honestly I think we could use the numbers here.
Campaign saved.
Will: "We five go to the dwarves. Near and you warriors stay here, on this side of the portal."
Near (Near): Take 'zem all.
Near: "I am fine with that."
Will: "If they close it behind us, I don't want you trapped. Near...try to follow us as soon as possible, I don't want you stuck here."
Will: "I don't even know precisely where here is, so bringing you home would be quite difficult."
mkb: (So Will, Hextor, the trader and the two prospectors are going for now?)
Kittymew (Will): That's how Will calls it, yes.
Hextor: Hextor nods " Sounds like a fun time to be had by all"
Near: "I've been on my own enough, I can take care. Don't worry, I can find civilization if we're seperated."
mkb: The chief engineer nods at Near, and makes a somewhat creepy motion with her shoulder -- her prosthesis lands in Near's healthy arm. "You'll be ready to fight in half an hour. It will hurt, though."
Will: Will smiles to Near. "Take care...and never forget you're still just a child. You throw yourself into far too much danger."
Near grins, "I can handle a bit of pain."
Near: "Don't worry so much, Sir William. Take it Easy."
Will: "Stay alive, and fight well. You will be at my side again."
Hextor: as hextor turns back towards the portal to go e hollars back to near "Civilization is over rated anyway"
Will: Will smirks. "Apparently it is, at least if it involves a bunch of fat, greedy dwarves. Let's get to work."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The portal is still there, stably so -- you've almost grown to consider it a natural feature of the mine, at least from this side as the portal rune was inscribed diretly in the rock.
Near gets to attaching the arm.
mkb: The five goblins more or less line up after Will and Hextor, while the aproned goblin from the warrior contingent walks over to Near and offers her a piece of redwood to bite on. "Dis vill definitely hurt, girl." The word the medic used for "girl" is in fact the word for "female identified goblin".
mkb: Note that the door of the vehicle shed is still open; some light goes through the portal, although the way the carts are parked, the guards will not see you coming.
Near takes the wood, and braces.
Will: Will steps through, leading the way, Hextor and the goblins hopefully close behind.
Hextor: hextor steps through ..still ducking his head out of reflex going through that...thing
mkb: CON check for Near?
Near: Fort. save [1d20+7 = 22]
Near (Near): :V
mkb: The goblins follow suit -- these aren't fighters, and just mostly line up behind Hextor, hiding behind his bulk.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): wait. Con would be 3 less.
mkb: "Ye know lads, if ye lost equipment down the mine, just turn in a chit fer it if it's nothing fancy!" one of the dwarf guards calls out after hearing Will and Hextor step back through the portal; hay covers the ground, and the comparatively tiny goblins' noise is more than covered by those of Will and Hextor.
Hextor: Hextor motions to the cart and stacks of hay and to the goblins
Hextor: to the dwarves Hextor speaks up "And sit around arguing the cost of a few armour plates with a mother didn't raise a fool"
mkb: Back at the mine entrance, the goblins have started filing out, generally clustered around the giant cubic cauldron -- one of them retrieves something out of it; it looks like a steel epaulet, covered with glowing fungus and -- quite possibly -- a little bit of human flesh and bone that Near really doesn't want to know where it came from. The very small goblin offers Near a bonk on the head before the operation begins.
Will: Will smirks.
mkb: The goblins disperse under the cart, doing a decent job of remaining hidden. "Eh, what do ye care? You and your pals just got more than we make in a year!"
mkb: "Ye got everything? Only I hafta call our wiz to shut down that portal."
mkb: The guards haven't moved, and are still outside the shed, talking to you through the open door.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods...but reminds them Near is still on the other side. "We got separated from Near in the mine. She knows her way, and should not be terribly long."
Hextor: Hextor nods to the goblins and steps out the door "And speaking about pay, where does one collect the goods in this fine hole in the ground
mkb: "Crazy girl ye got there, brave though. Sorry about her arm. Oh... ye'd have to go down to Red A 4, that's provisions... think Ms. Tight Arse's already been tole you were coming."
mkb: These dwarves seem rather friendly and uncomplicated, unlike the ones in the board room.
Will: Will laughs at the name, picturing an aged, angry, female dwarf with a large blunt implement.
Hextor: "You boys make it sound like we'll need a crowbar to get our due out of here"
Will: "Let's go get paid then, Hextor. It does seem like business is done."
Hextor: "music to my ears" Hextor says with relish
Campaign saved.
mkb: The goblins stay put for now. "Allright, we'll hold the fort up here. We got to lock here until the portal's closed, hope your friend'll think of knocking."
Will: Will motions to the goblins to follow.
Will: They're diplomats, not thieves, and acting like it will do them no good.
mkb: One of the dwarf guards pushes the door wide open, letting some more light in; the goblins flatten aginst the carts, unsure what to do, but eventually get up.
mkb: "Ye need a hand with the loot in there?" the other guard asks.
Hextor: "nay..we've got enough help here" Hextor says with a wave of his arm
mkb: "Huh?" One of the dwarfs gets in.
Hextor: Hextor set himself to smack the dwarf at the first hint of a viloent move
Will: Will has the same plan.
mkb: "Plese hurry up, we don't -- hey, whatcha got there?" The other dwarf stayed outside; this one looks at the goblins intently. "Prisoners?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "If yer spies yer visibly too stupid to raise an alarm about... but what's going on, Sir William?"
mkb: The dwarf hasn't seen Hextor, mostly because his helmet blocks side view a little.
Will: "Ambassadors, sir." He says flatly. "Come to talk. I'll be keeping an eye on them."
-> Near: I'll deal with you in Hamachi to reduce clutter if that's OK
mkb: "Ambassadors? Heh. We got dwarf financiers and gnome smiths, why not goblin ambassadors now. Things have really gone upside down since the old thane died, I tell ya! That's fine I guess, but I'll have to fetch an escort."
Will: "Understood, though we can handle the lot ourselves. Be quick if you must."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: In the mean time I think I've got a Madam Tight arse to see about some pay"
mkb: The guard runs outside and shouts into what you think is a speaking tube, from the tinny echoes. "Replacement sentinel at vehicle shed! Diplomatic party coming in." The same announcement is heard about ten seconds later in Gladys' monotone, seemingly from the ground itself. "I'll escort ye."
mkb: "Provisions is down there, fourth red door on the first drop of the quarry. The bosses cleared ye, right?"
Will: Will smiles to Gladys. "Good to see you again," he says. "We need to get to Red A2 to get paid, then back to the boardroom. We're as cleared as we get."
mkb: The other guard watches the goblins file out, and locks the door again.
mkb: (Gladys' voice is apparently coming from the ground; she's nowhere to be seen.)
Will: Will looks around. "Whoops," he chuckles.
Hextor: hextor shakes his head at the disembodied voices "How Does she do that?"
Will: Will looks around. "She mentioned a system, I would guess just a very good echo?"
Near: Concentration [1d20+8 = 10]
Near (Near): Fuck.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Speaking tubes going in, we've this contraptions under the quarry that shakes the rocks. Could only send out bugle calls until we found her voice's just right for it. So, I take ye'll want yer money first? Maybe I should take the greenskins to the board myself."
Hextor: to will "I'll take care of the loot while you go play ambasitor"
Will: Will shakes his head and chuckles. "Does it offend that I don't trust you as my paymaster just yet, Hextor? We'll all go. Tell the board we'll be around posthaste."
Hextor: Hextor give will a faux innocent look "why your lordship...I only have your best inmind" with a theatical bow
Hextor: to the dwarves hextor says "Lets hurry before he has you buffing his armour"
mkb: The dwarf grins. "Yer not bad for mercenaries, lads. Not sure I want the runts to look around our base... ah, what the hell." He starts heading down to the center of the quarry; the three goblins stay behind Hextor, as the trader presumably explains something to the prospectors.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "They're just hear for the chit chat friend, now lets see about that loot"
Will: Will follows along. "Normally I'm not much for mercenary work, but there was something about the job that caught my interest," he says. "It seemed you quite desperately needed our help, and had we not come...well, there would probably be a right big mess right now, instead of peace talks."
mkb: "Well, frankly ye were hire as scouts, not to clear out the whole mine. But if you did -- hah, this is sort of bad for our infantry, they're getting rusty... s'pose upstairs would rather settle things with gold than iron." the dwarf answers conversationally as he leads you to the allotted door. Most of the furniture in the room has been carved from the rock directly; a desk, a tall chair for what you guess is the quartermaster, two small chairs for waiting. The tag on the door is in dwarven runes and in common, and says "Payment officer". Inside is, indeed, a large and visibly female dwarf, but instead of a blunt instrument she's holding a clipboard and a wrought-iron abacus. "About time ye got here!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "This will save a lot of bloodshed on both sides. These are no ordinary goblins, either," he says to the guard. "My apologies, madam. It's been business up and down."
mkb: The ordinarily chatty goblins are pretty intimidated so far, and just cower in a corner. "Look ordinary to me... cleaner 'n' most, I'll give them that." The dwarf guard pats Hextor's back and goes stand outside the door; the quartermaster addresses the both of you. "Aperture mine contract, scouting, standard... thirty thou, yes? Hold on, there's a bonus mentioned, but no total. What's this?"
Hextor: Hextor starts looking over the room for a keen interest in anything smacking of loot...but the brain keeps chugging away at the escorts mention of Gold solving problems and a new thane
Will: Will looks at her. They threw a lot of offers at me, not much by way of an upper limit yet. He gives Hextor a "keep your mouth shut, watch me work" look and continues.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Come on uber diplomacy bonus :V
Kittymew (Will): srsly.
Kittymew (Will): I'll take 10 for 29. XD
Hextor: Hextor just steps off and leans against a wall...about as close to pouting as big viking man can get
mkb: The room is bare of anything valuable (except presumably under the large stone desk) but there's a door behind the female dwarf.
Will: Will waits for her response, smiling at her with interest.
Will: Mostly feigned, trained by years of skill at court.
mkb: "Who does the paperwork here... the original agreement was thirty thou, then we have... let's see, injury... bonus is generally fifty percent, but -- hey, aren't you the ones who cleared the mine altogether? Brought some for later?" she motions at the goblins. One of them throws a raspberry at her before being smacked in the faced by another.
mkb: She moves her abacus to what's visibly in the neighborhood of fifty thousand.
Will: Will smiles. "Hmm. We did indeed, and we're in fact also bringing these goblins to commence trade negotiations with their tribe. That could lead to even further profits, as well as possible new sites your prospectors haven't found."
mkb: (Roman style abacus, easy to read)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor snorts at the goblin antics
mkb: "Wait, you're trying to sell me the goblins? You oughta take them upstairs, we don't do that yet, thank the gods. "
Will: Will laughs. "Not here to sell goblins, they're here to talk. Don't mind their attitudes, they're miners," he laughs. "I'm sure you know how that goes."
Will: "Anyhow...there is also the information about the necromancer we brought back."
Will: "Though I'd rather have brought back his corpse."
Hextor: Hextor smiles "Or at least the chunky parts of it"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "A necromancer? What happened? Ye don't have to tell me, 'course, but... At any rate, this all comes down to fifty one thou, five hundred. How do you want it?"
mkb: (that's a shitload of money guys)
someguy (Hextor): we know
Kittymew (Will): Will pauses for a moment to think.
Hextor: Hextor's merc brain kicks in "Gold for that amount is too heavy to move with...platnum's good...jews better"
Hextor: *jewels
Will: Will looks at Hextor. "A moment to think, Hextor?"
Will: "You do have the right idea, I assure you, but again...allow me a second."
Near (Near): Hahaha. Jew golds.
Near (Near): Err..
Hextor: Hextor signs "Of course you'll likely want it in land and promice notes of course" Hextor says dripping with sarcasum
Will: "Of course not," he says, "but there is more to payment than gold and jewels."
Will: Will pulls Hextor aside a moment.
mkb: The quartermaster scribbles down some notes.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): 51,500/3 is....
Kittymew (Will): Hold on there...
Will: Soldiers in my employ don't get an even split of the original contract. Will is honourable and the bonus will be split evenly, which IS most of it (the original was only 6000...we're getting 51500...)
Kittymew (Will): er, that should've been ooc...
Near (Near): Near isn't in Will's employ. >_>
Kittymew (Will): Um, I signed the first contract under my house's name. Yes you were.
Near (Near): Bah >:E
mkb (mkb): lol
Will: Will looks to Hextor. "How you take your share is your choice, of course. I simply need a moment to allocate the ridiculous bonus..." he whispers.
Will: "You know...dwarven made armour is nice..." he whispers to Hextor.
mkb: "Now, ye understand ye agreed to military secrecy with this, yes?"
Will: Will nods. "Indeed, with the exception of the dealings with the necromancer. The board agreed that he should be hunted down, and the Grand Duke will be informed upon my return home."
Hextor: "yeah yeah, your lord ship...but with the cash we can buy it after we have money in the first place...armour takes time to make and we may not be back too soon" Hextor whispers harshly
Will: "All other business is secret."
Campaign saved.
Will: "After all, you ARE still within our borders, and he is a threat to all of Karameikos."
Will: Will looks at the woman. "Could I borrow an abacus for a moment? I need to do a few calculations men must be paid, and allotments for my house must be made of this..."
Hextor: Hextor rolles his eyes, telling a dwarf in a relm older then the one your from that they are in your borders isn't that bright
Hextor: even for a lord
mkb: The quartermaster nods. "I... suppose you've already cleared it with the Board. So what'll it be? Now, not my place to say, but if you wait a day or four we can give you some perfectly decent custom plate mail at cost."
Will: Will smiles. "At cost? THAT I cannot argue with!"
mkb (mkb): he does have a point, but I doubt she cares.
Kittymew (Will): Indeed, but as long as she approves of the necromancer business being public, it's good.
mkb (mkb): CAN you wait a day or four though. :P
someguy (Hextor): this is a case of a bird in the hand to me
Kittymew (Will): That's the question.
Kittymew (Will): I think in this situation it's better to stay here, stall for time with the goblin negotiations anyway.
Near: Fort. save [1d20+7 = 19]
Kittymew (Will): Will needs to get to the Grand Duke, but an audience will take time. Messages can be sent.
mkb: The quartermaster answers with some extra scribbles. "How about you, northman?"
Kittymew (Will): We're working on Medieval Time here...a day or four is generally little.
someguy (Hextor): just making it a point to say keeping big viking boy from loot...not generally healthy
Campaign saved.
Hextor: I'll take my share in gems and platnum if you have it...and maybe a barrel of ale on top
Near (Near): Why not a coupla wenches while yer at it?
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, take Gladys with you, she wants some hot viking action
someguy (Hextor): hard to put the price tag on wetchs
Near (Near): No, don't take her unless you really like cake and fish shaped things.
Kittymew (Will): LOL
mkb: Loud grinding noises start from under the stone desk, scaring the goblins a little. The quartermaster calls out a few things into a speaking tube, there's a thud, and the whirr becomes less noticeable.
mkb (mkb): meep!
mkb: "Soon as your boss tells me what your share is, big man."
Hextor: Hextor starts tapping the butt of his spear on the floor and gives will a nod to hurry up with the counting
someguy (Hextor): I'm one to count loot in volume rather then indollar value
Will: Will smiles at Hextor. "I've figured your share."
Will: "Sixteen thousand, one hundred and twenty five gold pieces to your holdings, friend. My house hasn't seen that much money in its history. Rejoice."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The quartermaster calls out that number in dwarfish -- you're pretty sure it's numbers -- and the clanking and rattling resumes. After another thud, the quartermaster reaches down and produces a bag of rubies and one of platinum coins -- perfectly minted discs with King Everast's effigy on them. "Here you go." She counts out the gems and moneys and puts them in front of Hextor in two orderly stacks.
Will: Will grins.
Will: "Another such sack for my squire should do."
Will: "My share...I have interest in armour, and the rest in platinum and gems. Allow me a moment to think of the suit, however."
Hextor: Hextor's grin makes him look like a child...if that child was encased in metal and over 6 feet tall
mkb: "Small girl, lost an arm? Do know that some of this was specifically set aside for you to find a healer."
Will: "It's being dealt with swiftly, worry not."
mkb: The leather bag Hextor gets with the loot has been nicely cured and looks professionally made, it's probably worth hanging to by itself. The whole thing is pretty light for its value.
Kittymew (Will): Injury pay in medieval times is kind of odd to Will, so he's just going to pay everyone ridiculous amounts of money and help Near his own way.
Kittymew (Will): Given that everyone's making about one thousand times standard pay here nobody should complain.
mkb (mkb): No, mercenary companies in the renaissances had what would amount to union rules for it.
Kittymew (Will): (not by D&D standards, but as generic 3rd level mercs)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor takes up his bags, relishing the weight of it as he paws throught gemstones
Kittymew (Will): Oh really. I thought they mostly still took care of their own.
Kittymew (Will): Eh. Near's still going to be fine. :)
Near (Near): ...I'm soooo getting some adamantine plating. And maybe some other fun options.
Kittymew (Will): Oooh. That sounds fu.
Kittymew (Will): fun
Near: Dex bonus [1d20+1 = 10]
Near (Near): ack x_x
Near (Near): I'm rolling so crappy today D:
Hextor: hextor pauses to put the loot away in his pack with care
Hextor: the viking nearly looks giddy
mkb: The rubies are, well, very generic -- superbly cut gems all, with a hexagonal prism cut. What's slightly unsettling is that they're all exactly the same cut.
mkb: The quartermaster rips off a scrap of paper with some figures, and puts it under her desk; another small whirr.
Hextor: Hextor has the urge to bite on one of the platnums peice but hold soff doing infront of the nice dwarf lady
Campaign saved.
Will: Will begins to think of an appropriate suit of armour to return home with.
Will: Then his thoughts return to business.
mkb: One of the goblins had started crawling under the quartermaster's desk to see what's making the noise, but the trader grabs it by the short tail.
mkb (mkb): Mission 1 ends when you all get together, since you got paid and there's no immediate hostility.
Hextor: the goblins goofing around brings the norseman down off his money high (for the moment) and prods will
Will: "You three...we still have work to do. Armour can wait until we're all finished," Will says. "Hopefully we do have time." He turns to the quartermaster. "I would like to commission a good suit of plate armour. I will meet with your armourers in a few hours, if that satisfies them?"
Near (Near): Should I head back as soon as I'm fairly used to this arm, or wait for you guys to get me? :3
Kittymew (Will): I did ask you to return...
mkb: "So hold off on your share? Very well. Now, this is just for a few days, so you'll get no interest. But, take these."
mkb: The quartermaster gives two stacks of leaflets to Will and one to Hextor -- they're meal chits.
Near (Near): Allright.
Hextor: "If you would like I could run nears share of the payment back to her" Hextor says
Hextor: Hextor's stomach growls now that the thought of a good meal has crossed his mind
Campaign saved.
Will: Will says "No, wait for Near to return, she'll be back soon enough. Worry not about payment, she should be back soon."
Will: "We have to get to the board. Now." he says, walking out, motioning for the goblins to follow him. "This needs dealt with."
mkb: The quartermaster writes something else down. "Take this to the armorers and they'll work out your sizes later. Oh, I was to be told when the board left for lunch, and they're still there.... so I'd hurry up taking the runts upstairs if I were ye."
Will: Will nods, takes the paper, and heads upstairs.
Hextor: Hextor watches will walk away...then leans down and actually gives the dwarf lady a quick kiss on the cheek "You've made my day hon"
Hextor: with that he turns on his heel and head out after will
Near (Near): x_x
someguy (Hextor): what can I say....I'm a senimental about large sums of money
Campaign saved.
mkb: The quartermaster reacts with alarm first, then rubs her cheek. Which has quite a bit of fuzz on it.
mkb: The goblins follow; the guard outside takes you to the boardroom again, in passing asking what the deal was finanically if he could know.
Hextor: Hextor is practically skipping down the halls...enjoying the light jingle of coins and gems in his pack
mkb: "We're trying to standardize on rubies as trade goods... actually we're getting rid of them after that crazy Ramas person - ah, never mind."
Will: Will laughs. "Too much." he grins.
mkb: The flurry of people going in and out of the boardroom has stopped, although there are a few people in the anteroom -- mostly gnomes, but also dwarves and one well-dressed human.
mkb: While thhey are a little taken aback by the goblin, the fact that they've bunched up between Hextor and Will leads to think they're POWs.
Hextor: "Come on out lads...nothing to be afraid of...well aside from me" Hextor says with a laugh
Campaign saved.
mkb: One of the dwarves stands up and politely mentions that the Board is still in a meeting, addressing Will.
-> Hextor: These guys are LOADED, especially the human.
-> Hextor,Will: One of the dwarfs is obviously a seasoned fighter.
someguy (Hextor): Pillage senses....tinging
Near (Near): Awesomenessness senses... blaring +_+
Will: Will looks at the dwarf. "This is important. These three ambassadors came from the mine to resolve what little business still needs done. Can they be convinced to pick up the pace?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The dwarf sidles in -- he's pretty thin built for his race -- without a word and without knocking; the tone of the discussion inside raises.
Hextor: Hextor approches the table arrgoently "Gentaldwarves and company," He says with a goofy royal bow, "may I introdcue the represenatives of the goblins"
Will: Will facepalms.
Hextor: PS Hextor is now MONEY DRUNK
Hextor: "I would ask that you would speak to them fairly and justly, though they are not as beautifly bearded as some of us here today"
Will: Will lets Hextor go, he's not doing too badly so far.
Hextor: with a quick hand Hextor reaches down for the head goblin and props him up standing on the edge of the table closest to him
Campaign saved.
mkb: Chuckles from the dwarves -- the gnomes mostly just stare. Interestingly, the other human in the room is studying Will very intently.
mkb: (you're still i nthe anteroom)
mkb: hextor, roll me a d6 and make it high.
Hextor: [1d6 = 4]
Will: Will takes a good look at who is studying him, and takes in the room generally. (sense motive, 22)
mkb: The small table in the anteroom doesn't budge for the weight of a goblin. This particular specimen looks generally male and has some hair. "I'm a prospector in the Pineshredder colony. We're here to er... tell you what was in your abandoned mine when we got there!"
mkb: One of the gnomes stands up. "So you do acknowledge it's ours, yes?"
-> Will: The man is obviously Thyathian, possibly an envoy for a political or trade delegation. He obviously has no idea what's going on, but is doing a good job at not letting it show.
Will: Will waits to see what's going on for now.
mkb: The goblin tilts its head. "Uh... Well, it WAS abandoned when we got there. And there were no seals."
Hextor: hextor just sits on the corner of the desk and nods his head in agreement
Campaign saved.
mkb: "There were seals!" a dwarf calls out. "And I know ye've not been able to remove all of them. We do make backups."
mkb: The goblin looks at Will, confused. "Er... Maybe but you see, there were kobolds and..."
mkb: "And you lot've beaten the crap out of every single one another if we've any luck!" an older dwarf, in full armor, answers before he's calmed down.
Will: "The mine looked abandoned when we got there. If the goblins took the mine from the kobolds, then it was rather long-abandoned before they took it..."
Will: "Honestly...with what's down there I think we should all agree just to collapse the entire thrice-damned hole of necromancy and filth and be done with it."
mkb: "Yes!" the goblins call out in unison. The gnome who interrupted earlier answers, "So you're not making a claim then."
mkb: One of the prospectors goes "Well, there was-" He's elbowed by the other prospector. "Still a bit of silver! And skeletons! And more skeletons!"
mkb: The door opens again. "The Chairman will see you now, sirs."
Will: Will waits to see what occurs.
Hextor: "well that's serice"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The human stands up. "I should like to be admitted as well."
Hextor: "I'm not underdressed to see the chairmna am i" Hextor whispers all too loudly as he guestures to his armour
Will: Will chuckles. "I think we'll all be fine, Hextor. Let's get on with this. I want this mine business over so we can deal with more important matters."
mkb: The older dwarf laughs and tells Hextor, in a thick accent, that the chairman needs to see more armor in his life. The dwarf who opened the door slinks out; the human lines up behind Hextor. The Board members are silent, and mostly looking at Will.
mkb: Will's ass gets poked by one of the goblins who wants to get inside.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "can't leave the good dwarf waiting now can we?" Hextor says givng a shove into the room ahead
Will: Will looks at them and says straight to them "the goblins agree to leave the mine if you agree to collapse it."
Will: "There is vile necromancy in that mine, and nothing good will come of leaving it open. There was much death...and those who died rose again."
Will: (taking 10 on diplo for 29 again)
Kittymew (Will): Sarah just got here btw.
Kittymew (Will): She'll be joining us shortly assuming we're not calling it soon, lol
mkb: The board begin to discuss among themselves; there's talk of "resource", "overhead", "research", what to do with the portal, "pylons" and looting. "These are reasonable terms; as long as we take care of the collapsing. As responsible businessmen we feel somewhat uneasy about goblin craftsmanship..."
Will: "Can it be done in four days?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I wish to oversee it, and am having armour done anyhow."
mkb: They do indeed look uneasy about having the goblins around in the first place. "As a... diplomatic gesture, we would also deliver a care package of basic tools and implements to the goblin tribe."
Hextor: "they are an expert group when it comes to taking things can trust them that much
Will: "They DO have excellent demolitions people...I have seen them in action, though I do agree their work can be a bit haphazard. I would rather see your dwarves collapse it."
mkb: "We trust nothing's been removed from the mine as of yet?" a gnome asks in what sounds strangely like falsetto.
'SpiffyBalak' connected
mkb (mkb): hello!
'SpiffyBalak' identified as 'Katsu'
Katsu: hello all
mkb (mkb): i seem to be doing OK with multitasking today, so why don't you throw chardata at me while I wrap this scene up?
Will: "Just a bunch of goblins and their gear, and whatever the kobolds and undead may have taken."
someguy (Hextor): howdy dody
Katsu: can you look at my character sheet? But I'll tell
mkb: "Very well. We would know where to deliver our compensation to the goblins, and will accept Sir William's supervision as a neutral party."
Katsu: Katsu is an ex-monk who fears for his sanity, so he's gonna become a ninja
mkb: The goblins huddle, sports team style.
Will: "You can hand it to them personally, or I can deliver it for you."
Near (Near): Great. We have two insane people on our side now.
mkb (mkb): two? i count three and a half :p
Near (Near): Hahaha
Kittymew (Will): Hahaha.
Kittymew (Will): you're forgetting the goblins.
mkb: "We would do this ourselves -- only question is where."
Katsu: can you give me a quick run-down on how to use the chat?
mkb: Even the notetaker has stopped scribbling during this last brief exchange with the chairman.
Will: alt-enter to mark it OOC, ctrl+enter to mark it as emote.
Will: That's it.
someguy (Hextor): "/help"
Katsu: thank you
Near (Near): use /e for actions as well.
someguy (Hextor): that will give you a list of commands
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I like turtles
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks the chairman over and tries to figure out what he's planning...
Katsu: eats a cookie
mkb (mkb): Katsu, you have no inventory, I like turtles too, and can you email me your backstory :)
Will: Sense Motive [1d20+12 = 29]
Near bursts through the wall like the Kool-aid man. "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): ok, message me your email addy over Hamachi?
Near (Near): Joke.
-> Will: He wants the mine intact, including the remains of the Bone Machine and whatever crystal is down there.
Will: Figured as much.
-> Will: He's also avoided so much as looking at the goblins, talking only with you. You can practically taste the contempt.
Will: Will nods. "Just what do you intend to give them, anyhow? I thought you had nothing but contempt for goblins."
Hextor: Hextor is thinking Will should learn sometihng about Gift horses
Will: Will is thinking Hextor should learn something about TROJAN horses.
mkb: "We would handle this with iron, but iron needn't be sharp to be effective. I offer tools, a month's provisions, and a *cough* PROPER *cough* forge."
mkb: A board member raises a finger in protest, but is kicked under the table.
Will: Will smiles. "That sounds like an excellent deal. As they are moving, they will likely need a cart and mule to pull it, as well."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Heh, suppose the mule will count as extra food. Very well. Trinacrio, draft a contract, if Sir Will would read it and sign it for these greenskins."
Near (Near): Mules are cheap, get two :V
mkb: The trader pipes up, "We can read and write, thank you." Everyone pretends to not have heard him.
mkb: The richly dressed human behind you hasn't said a word yet.
Will: Will laughs at the food joke.
Will is allowed to find that one funny as goblins WILL in fact eat a mule when it's no longer useful.
mkb: The notetaker is prompted into action, and drafts a contract in very flowing script, perhaps making it difficult to read on purpose; he hands it to Will.
Hextor: "you know...with the right sause thats good eats"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): If they're hungry enough to eat a horse, a mule is the next best thing...
mkb: It's surprisingly free of legalese, except the bottom -- Will notices that the bottom part was, in fact, pre-printed.
Near (Near): Tad tough, so ya gotta gotta stew it :o
Will: What've we got here, specifically?
Campaign saved.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Is the goblin leader named Jareth, by any chance? :P
mkb: A promise of payment of the materiel indicated, conditional upon vacating the Aperture mine; a promise to take an internal contract for the collapse of same under the supervision of Sir William; a request to renounce liability about the mine when it was occupied by the goblins.
mkb (mkb): No, why?
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): there's a movie called Labyrinth, starring David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King
Will: Will passes it over to the goblin trader. "Looks alright by me, your thoughts?" he asks.
mkb: The trader whispers in Will's ear, "I'm not to tell anyone other than you where we're moving to!"
mkb (mkb): Nah, these goblins are more like Lemmings, maarginally less moronic tho
Near (Near): Think Kobolds from Kobolds Ate My Baby, with less baby eating, and less canabalism.
Will: Will nods to the goblin. "I see nowhere that says you must...just that you're leaving..."
Near (Near): ...And less brain deadism.
Near (Near): Okay, not really like them at all.
Campaign saved.
Katsu: we should start a campaign called "Unusual Creatures Consumed My Progeny"
Katsu: whoops
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): double whoops!
someguy (Hextor): need more dingos then
mkb: "We're traveling with our core! What if they seee it?"
Will: "Cover the damn thing up" he whispers back.
Near: Near enters quietly.
Near: [1d20+1 = 18]
Will: "I don't want them around long enough to see anything any more than you do."
mkb: Near bumps against the other human in the room. As he's actively trying to stay silent, he doesn't complain.
Near (Near): Finally a good roll x_x
Will: Will smiles as he sees Near.
Near waves with her left arm.
mkb: "Are these terms acceptale, Sir William? We're trying to keep it simple for our... unsophisticated guests."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Acceptable as long as the goblins aren't bothered too much by your people. I intend to see to that, though."
mkb: "Bothered? How do you mean, Sir William?" The tone underlies the question, "Are you threatening me?"
Will: "No sir, but I don't want any fights breaking out between your miners and their settlers. We all know how well dwarves and goblins get along."
Will: "I'll be around to try to keep the peace, but could you give everyone a good briefing?"
Hextor: "I say they'd get along a bit better if they shared a drink now and then" Hextor chinded in from the side lines
mkb: The chairman nods. "You're full of sense, young man. How soon can the goblins leave?"
mkb: "We're already leaving!" one of the prospectors pipes up.
mkb: "Excellent! We can send our wagons out in six hours, if the greenskins would wait. "
mkb: Encouragingly, the chariman actually acknowledged something said by a goblin fr once.
Will: "Excellent. I need to go spend some time with your armourers," Will says with a smile. "What say I buy you a drink after that, mister Chariman?"
Campaign saved.
Near: Near prods Hextor with her flesh arm, and in a whisper, "Did we get our pay?"
mkb: "In my own house? I think not, young man! Come, you and your comrades will be having lunch with me. And put those chits away... do give one to your, uhm, charges though."
mkb: As soon as the chairman said "lunch", the other members of the board begin to get ready to leave.
Near realizes how hungry she is.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): *sings* Fighting goblins gives me thrills/But excitement don't pay my bills/Give me money, that's what I want!
Will: Will gives the goblins a meal chit, and tells them to head to the mess. Turning to Near, he hands her her share of chits if she needs them, as well as a small sack.
Will: "Enjoy more money than you've ever seen, girl."
Hextor: hextor gives his pack a russle to the sound of loot
Near grins, "I'll enjoy it, even if it isn't."
mkb: A barked order from a board member summons a dwarf from the anteroom to escort, icliy but politely, the goblins to the mess.
Hextor: "we'll stop off at the paymaster when will goes for his shiney duds and see to you"
Will already got Near's pay, remember?
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): He just gave it to her
Near (Near): yeah :V
someguy (Hextor): missed that...oh cna drop in to say think you
mkb: The board members file out, followed by the richly dressed man who hasn't said a word during the whole exchange, and the anteroom empties -- it's just you and the chairman now. "Let's forget business for the next hours or so, gentlemen. Ma'am." He does a "ladies first" motion toward Near.
Kittymew (Will): It's WILL'S pay that's still missing, which he has to deal with after he gets a quote on the suit.
Will: Will smiles at the thought of a brief reprieve. "I could do for a break."
Near (Near): I'mma add 12k to my total, the rest go to the "Help the Gobbies Settle Fund".
Near (Near): We got 16k, right? x_X
mkb (mkb): roughly
Hextor: 16125gp worth of rubies and PP
someguy (Hextor): does rich man happy dance
Near opens the bag and does a double take.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): that's the Steve Balmer Crazy Hop
Near (Near): Thoughts of adamantine armour flutters through her head.
Near (Near): Right. and back to the story...
mkb: "My chambers aren't far. By the way, we haven't even been properly introduced..."
Near looks about for the lady before realizing.
mkb: He waits; dwarf custom is for the lowest ranked to introduce themselves first.
Near waits for Hextor to speak.
Campaign saved.
Will: "I am Sir William Kert, Knight of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Yourself?" he says, offering his hand, as he is obvious being waited on for an introduction.
Near winces at Will.
Kittymew (Will): Hold on, I thought you two shuffled out.
someguy (Hextor): nope
Will: o.o
Near (Near): nope.
Will: ah, plural you
Will: I hate English
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): try "vous"
mkb: The head dwarf is a little surprised, but goes with it. "I am Nalili of Urak... now of Ironforge, I suppose, although this isn't exactly a proper stronghold. Come with me."
mkb: Interestingly, the head dwarf is wearing plate armor boots; they clang somewhat as he makes his way through the granite corridor, eventually getting to an unmarked door.
Will: Will nods.'s generally human custom for men at arms to be in the background anyway...they tend to prefer to be out of such bull anyway.
Will: Will follows.
Hextor: Hextor is debating following Will..or his stomach to lunch
Kittymew (Will): Lunch is this way :P
mkb: "Now that I think of it, would ye be more comfortable in the open?"
Near: "A free dinner, and one like back home. hopefully. Today is turning out wonderfully."
Near: "I'm fine anywhere I can get my fill, truthfully."
Hextor: "Wonderful is the arm?" Hextor askes with some mild consern
Campaign saved.
Will: Will smiles. "It's your home and your custom...besides, this is a well-made hold, I could stand to appreciate more of it" he says, complimenting the dwarf.
Near: "Shall take some getting used to. But," She helds up her coin pouch, "It will be much better soon."
Hextor: "that a girl" Hextor says with a smile
Will: Will chuckles. "Indeed. I'm glad you're seem to be in good spirit. It's odd, but I missed you."
mkb: The chairman hasn't really noticed Near's arm yet. The door is wooden, and requires great force to open apparently, judging from the older dwafrf's movements -- it leads to a very brief corridor, then a cleaned-out mineshaft with an iron box on cables. "My private apartment is thirty floors below."
Hextor: "so much for fresh air" hextor grumbles under his breath
Near hums a tune with no real meaning, rythym or basis.
mkb: "I'm very glad to have taken the recommendation from the Tresshold authorities.. you've been extremely competent, honest, and uncomplicated. Would that all mercenaries were such, the word itself would have a different connotation!" He gets into the box, which is more than big enough to accommodate you. "Would you rather eat in the common area? I understand if you're not comfortable with staying underground after your mission."
mkb: "I generally do for the midday meal, although I get to skip the line... rank does have its privileges, you know."
Campaign saved.
-> Will: The man is obviously on a charm offensive.
Will: Will shakes his head..."Underground is fine if you prefer it. This doesn't feel much like the goblin tunnels, that's for certain," Will says with staunch courage. The mission didn't faze him one bit.
Near: "It does feel quite different."
mkb (mkb): If you guys eat in the cafeteria I can just have Katsu be there ^^; sorry for pushing, but...
Near (Near): Ah. I see.
mkb (mkb): I realize I promised no railroading, srry v___v
Kittymew (Will): True!
Hextor: "If it's all the same to you my lords, I think I'll eat with the gental folk...but don't let me stop you"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): as long as it's not a trainwreck
Kittymew (Will): Well we have enough TF2 references that someone dying to the train wouldn't be too shocking.
Near: "Though.. I would prefer to be out of tight spaces. for a change of pace."
mkb (mkb): Well, technically they do have trains, cremaillere specifically but they go about twice walking pace, lol
Will: Will nods. "Well, I have to respect my men. They fought well."
Kittymew (Will): Yeah. Well, twice walking pace until a goblin gets ahold of one.
Near (Near): MWehehehehe
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Mwhahahah
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): I'm the only girl in a party of hairy, sweaty men ;_;
mkb: "I don't see why not." The chairman had been preparing to push a lever, pulls it instead and the box moves upward at a brisk space. "Would you believe my counterparts keeps a doorman just for this?" he asks in good humour. About a minute later, the elevator stops in front of an opening, fresh air outside.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I'm a girl IRL
Near (Near): Yeah, but still :V
mkb (mkb): I'm so not getting into that right now :p
Katsu: I'm on?
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): grr, stupid key
someguy (Hextor): any one want to be miss personality is going to be in the caf here?
Will: Will chuckles.
Kittymew (Will): Gladys? Hehe...all for you, Hex. :P
Kittymew (Will): Just to make it more fun. ;)
Hextor: "I have a sudden urge for cake "hextor mutters to himself
Near: "And me for fish.."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The catwalk is on one of the manufactured cliffs on the outsie of what, from up here, looks like a crater -- in fact a mined-out quarry turned factory and business centre. The cafeteria itself is a wooden building with big windows that sits outside the crater; a large yard next to it houses carts coming and going, and a few peddlers allowed to conuct their business there. Rather than being served at tables, the food and ale is distributed from a wide bench -- dwarves and gnomes constitute about half the patrons, the rest being traders or travellers.
mkb (mkb): you're on
mkb: There are two lines, one for food and one for drink; the first few people at the first one step back respectfully to make room for the chairman and your party.
Katsu: At the table, a dark-haired-and-eyed man in a black martial arts uniform sits eating a reddish-brown soup. As he eats, he appears to mumble to himself, but because his lips are tightly shut whenever he does so, no one can tell what he's saying, if he's saying anything at all to himself. He eyes the man ordering cake for a few seconds before going back to his meal.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): A table...beginner's luck -_-
Near (Near): ._.
mkb: Your server is a pudgy female gnome who exhudes cheerfulness and, interestingly, doesn't reserve special groveling for the chairman. "Today we've soup, maize pudding and lamb chop, sir. Mix cake for dessert, but someone overdid it with the fish again."
Hextor: "Sounds great to me"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I was thinking the soup was beef vegetable...yay detail
mkb: The chairman just nods, and is quickly poured a plate with everything, including a slice of cake.
mkb (mkb): it's all good :)
Near: "Mmm, two of each?"
mkb: The server returns with two plates, in one of them the soup is a different color than earlier.
Will: Will smiles. "Everything for me too," he says.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The chairman sits down at the opposite end of the table where Katsu is; there are no empty tables, it's the least occupied, and dwarfs don't care too much about precedence unless it's an official affair. Will is handed his -- the soup is of the same color as Near's second plate, they probably swapped pots.
mkb: Without having been asked, one of the servers gets over the desk and delivers four large tankards of ale to the table; rank does have its privileges.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): everyone's sitting already?
Hextor: "A man could get to like it here" Hextor says and he moves to sitdown
Will: Will sits down at the chairman's right, as custom would dictate.
mkb (mkb): Ya, they kinda invaded the table :p
Katsu: Katsu looks up. "...I don't drink. You seem like you like ale the most." With his fingertips, as if it was poison, he pushes the tankard over to Hextor.
Near sits down near the other person. She doesn't touch the ale other than to move it closer to Hextor, and begins eating. She eats fast, but not messily so. a full quarter of her soup has dissappeared before anyone notices.
mkb: "When the Ironforge gold vein ran out seven years ago, we decided to stop prospecting and turn the settlement into a trading center with a metalwork... we try to be hospitable, as you see."
Near (Near): Hahaha, hivemind on the ale.
Hextor: Hextor grabs the mug with a grin "Thanks...but you don't know what your missing friend" and with that takes a long pull from the mug
mkb: "We were considering reopening the Aperture mine, but... I agree with Sir William that some things are best buried under a lot of granite."
mkb: The chairman nods at Katsu, but doesn't really seem to care for him either way.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will picks up a mug and takes a big swig. "Indeed, Hextor...oh, this is GOOD stuff. I should have expected that here."
Near: Taking a short pause, "You've drank rocket fuel before. Goblin rocket fuel. Your opinion on taste is null and void."
Near (Near): too slow :V
Hextor: "Oh come'll put some hairs on your che-" Hextor stops to look down at nears chest for a moment
mkb: "I'm a firm believer in the notion that well fed workers are better workers. I understand that's becoming the sentiment again in Traladara, yes? I mean, Karameikos."
mkb: Near's chest is still a bit bandaged up.
Near (Near): And covred in a thick shirt >_>
Hextor: Hextor just goes back to his drink
Katsu: Katsu attempts a grin. "I don't like mind-altering substances. I drink what doesn't travel to my brain." He slurps some more soup.
Near returns to daintily inhaling her meal.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): If the soup is spiked, feel free to shout NO SOUP FOR YOU
Will: Will laughs at Hextor's joke, and nods to the chairman. "Well said." Will turns to Katsu. "I just drink."
someguy (Hextor): soup nazi
Will: Will takes another drink, then starts into the food. If soup is spiked, Will will probably be fine, given all his not-die-from-poisons-diseases-etc abilities XD
mkb: The chairman grins. "More for us, then! Sir William, is this one of your men?"
mkb: The food is good, very robust in order to be palatable to dwarves and a little too spicy so gnomes will like it. The only hint of foul play is that you end up using a meal chit no matter what you actually pick, but they seem to be okay with it.
Hextor: "what...the goof in the pajamas?"
Campaign saved.
Katsu: Katsu looks at Will. "Food is much more fun for me...especially when you can spice it. The cook shares my sentiments, I think." He turns to the chairman. "No, I've been sitting here for 20 minutes."
mkb: "Well, meet the heroes of the day then!" the chairman answers expansively. "You're here to buy or sell primarily?"
Near starts on the lamb after draining her second soup bowl harfway.
Near (Near): half*
-> Will: He's being a bit too nice.
Will: Will looks at Katsu. "No, he isn't one of mine...I've no idea who this is, or where he may be from..."
mkb: The chairman pours the meat in his maize pudding, and starts to scarf it down.
Hextor: Hextor just shrugs and digs in...he's seen stranger any way
mkb (mkb): you guys ever had polenta e agnello incidentally? it's godly.
Near (Near): o_o; p..pour meat?
mkb (mkb): ya, it's pre-cut, so you just pour the contents of the plate in the pudding
Near (Near): Ah.
mkb (mkb): hey, it's an alpine specialty :p
someguy (Hextor): doens't sound to bad
Near follows suit, since she has two plates of both te experiment with anyway.
Katsu: "I'm buying. I lost some of my supplies when I came into town, and I need to know what I can get here," Katsu rubs his pockets and tears a chunk off the mutton.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): I have no idea what dwarfs like, so I'm going with northern italian / swiss food.
Near (Near): Dorfs liek rocks.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I'd imagine they'd like German food...but I don't know about German cuisine :\
mkb: "Perhaps you should go with Sir William to the armorers directly, then... you seem a bit underdressed for a warrior."
mkb (mkb): germans have cuisine?
Near (Near): Hence the connection with dorfs.
Near (Near): Is martial study INT or WIS?
Will: Will has started to pick up the pace and eat reasonably quickly.
someguy (Hextor): I was thinking something more northern euro...dwarves are mainly from the northern sagas from my recall...but hey...your DM...they could be eating green moon cheese
Near has downed nearly all of her first pudding. She pauses a bit and studies the underdressed warrior.
mkb (mkb): I'm fairly sure Tolkien modeled dwarves after the Swiss a bit.
Katsu: "I fight hand-to-hand, so weapons aren't a top priority. However, a dagger would make hunting much easier." As if proving his point, he stabs the lamb with his fork and wolves it down.
Near: [1d20 = 13]
Near (Near): Bah.
Will: Will looks at no one in particular. "They did overdo it on the fish," he says, "everything seems a little fishy, but it's good. I hope the goblins got some of this, they'd like it. Better than their usual fare for sure," he says, winking at Near with the last bit.
Near: "Quite."
Near she resumes inhaling her mean in her most ladylike fashion.
Hextor: "Hey, isn't shopping for weapons where we started from?" Hextor says with a laugh as he reaches into his pack
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Your greenskins looked I have to admit, almost civilized... still I'd be surprised if they cook their food. I was simply going to send them field rations, they keep longer."
Katsu: Katsu grumbles to himself before looking at everyone else. "Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Katsu Yamashita. Who are all of you?" He smiles.
Will: "They're not terrible cooks, but they have to make do with what they can find or cultivate underground, you know," he says. "Oh, and I am Sir William Kert, Knight of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos," he says in a well-practiced tone.
Hextor: "now where was that thing hextor grumbles as he sticksh his head in his back...out of the leather a murmmer of "Hextor , nice to meet you"
Near pauses to swallow. "I am Near Dios, of Izwald."
Hextor: Ah Ha! Hextor shouts ans he finds his prize, Pulls out the goofy expanible mace that he purached at the much earlier on
mkb: "I am Nalili Urack, and would ordinarily be the chairman of the board for Ironforge... except, as you see I'm off duty at the moment. These gentlemen are coming from a mission for me, and I'd rather them take with them a good memory of our gold than our food."
Hextor: hextor signs "I didn't even get a chance to break it in yet"
Katsu: "Nice to meet you all." He bows slightly. "Can any of you direct me to the weapons shop?"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): He's not the most charming conversationalist, as you can see
mkb: "So much for not working!" the chairman says, with a little of a forced laugh. "Blue-8-A, young man. You can't miss it."
Near has finished her soup off, and polishing off her pudding. "I was going to head there myself, actually."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "Now that we have a bit of coin to spend I'd say thats a good idea, will?
Will: Will nods. "I have to head for the armoury, but there's something I must attend to over at the mine first. I realized I left my thrice-damned bow in the dirt back during that battle!"
Near: "Rare to meet a swordsage, really. Maybe we could trade techniques?"
Katsu: "Hn. Weapon shops are always very enjoyable to go to." Katsu stands up. "I'm just beginning my studies. Perhaps later."
mkb: "We'll be happy to provide you with weapons at cost, Sir William; that was part of the deal. Although if your friend has already cashed out she'll have to endure our quastermaster's wrath for a few minutes..."
Near: "What luck, I am too." She grins widely.
Near: She has somehow eaten half of a slice of cake while talking.
Will: "It was quite a valuable bow, I'd rather simply retrieve it. It was made by the best bowyer in my county."
Katsu: stands up and walks to Blue-8-A with soft steps, almost inaudiably murmuring.
Katsu: stands up and walks to Blue-8-A with soft steps, almost inaudiably murmuring.
mkb (mkb): Guess this is can't keep the party together day. :)
Will: Will turns to Near. "Near, would you kindly retrieve my bow, while I continue on to the armourer? It shouldn't take you more than a moment."
Near pops the last bit of cake in her mouth, swallows and gets up before Will stops her.
mkb: The layout of the former quarry is very simple to navigate, fortunately.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor starts stuffing his face ones more..around a mouth full of cake he mudders something about loving the scinece of baking
Near: "It would be a long long walk back to the mountain.
Near: "They closed tho portal shortly after I came out."
Near seems eager to chase after the strange one, for some odd reason.
mkb: "It takes approximately a little less than a day by cart, you can get there by midnight if you leave at dawn. Could we just provide you with a bow, Sir William?"
mkb: He doesn't seem to care to stop Near.
Hextor: Getting up and draining the last of his ale hextor salutes to the will and the chairman with the empty mug "a pleaseure"...then belches
Will: Will looks at the chairman. "Your portal is closed?"
mkb: The weapons shop is geared toward large orders; espite being at the bottom of the quarry, it's served by a carefully pavemented path that spirals outward, touching some of the doors. The gnome shopkeep is remarkably fat with a double chin an has managed to grow a mustache.
Near: "The guard was getting incredibly anxious about it."
mkb: "Yes, to tell you the truth, we've never held it open this long."
Will: Will nods. "Very well then. I'll just get it when we go back to the mine."
Near sprints off toward the weapon shop.
mkb: "We could reopen it, I suppose, but takes some time and effort. I know little about bows as they are, but if the weapon is valuable, one of our demolition experts can retrieve it for you before we collapse the mine?"
mkb: You catch up with Katsu just as the customer before him exits, two serfs in tow carring fasces of iron spears to load on a small wagon.
Will: "I was going to oversee that demolition...I thought your men weren't leaving for another five hours?" he asks.
mkb: The shoopkeep welcomes Near and Katsu in, assuming they're together. "Welcome! I'm Morshu. We're having a special on hemp rope and refined lamp oil."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor having finished his non verbal complements to the chef (belch) tuns to head towards the weapon shop as well
Near: "Do you deal in Adamantine?"
mkb: "Not for bulk orders, no..."
Near: "I just need one."
mkb: "We may have something now and then for the open market."
Katsu: ignores the shopkeep's words and heads straight towards the section for the weapons of rangers and druids. "They are so in harmony with nature, they can kill an animal with their own tools, yet their faith in their bond is unshaken..." Katsu grabs a dagger with a jagged blade and runs his finger across the hilt.
Katsu ignores the shopkeep's words and heads straight towards the section for the weapons of rangers and druids. "They are so in harmony with nature, they can kill an animal with their own tools, yet their faith in their bond is unshaken..." Katsu grabs a dagger with a jagged blade and runs his finger across the hilt.
mkb: The chairman nods gravely. "Of course! I apologize, I actually do try to get my mind off business time and again. The caravan is being assembled as we speak, and we were considering leaving tonight -- my demolitionists will return home and you can lead our carters on to the goblins."
mkb: This being a dwarf stronghold, there aren't many wooden weapons; those that are thre are hoewver of the finest quality. Daggers on the other hand exist in all shapes and sizes.
Will: Will nods. "That will serve, then on to arms and armour!" he says with a grin, trying not to betray his suspicions.
Near: "I see. I have two weapons to trade in, first," She pulls out a flail and her heavily nicked cleaver from her pack.
mkb: "Wouldn't you rather be measured for armor now, then? You can come collect it after the demolition is complete, that way."
Will: Will nods. "I did say arms _and_ armour," he says. "Let's get those measurements out of the way first then."
Katsu walks up to the shopkeeper. "Excuse me," he says, like a child asking permission to eat an extra helping of dessert, "how much does this dagger cost?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Morshu looks at the weapons critically. "The flail's in good shape, but -- You're one of the people coming back from the mine! Good sweets, you didn't get an equipment chit?"
Hextor: Hextor has managed to catch up and enters the shop as quietly and starts to inspect the racks
Near: "Ehh? Why are you buying something off the shelf?" Near acts suprised. "There's nothing better than having your weapon made just for you, so that your enemies may tell that it was YOU who cut down their allies."
Near: "..maybe?" She checks her bag for one.
mkb: The chairman stands up and pats Will on the shoulder. "Very well, we both have business to attend to. If you need to talk to me, just ask any office with a speaking tube, and I'll be notified."
Will: Will nods.
Will: Will heads towards the armourers' as per directions, but upon losing the chairman, heads for the vehicle hangar to double-check the chairman's word on that portal.
mkb: Near doesn't have an eqpt chit because Will cashed out her part of the reward.
Katsu: "I cut down my enemies with my fists. The quicker you kill an animal, the less chance they will notice, the greater chance you can return to that forest, the greater chance you can have a guarenteed meal." He turns to Near sternly.
mkb: One of the guards is gone, and the door is shut but only has one lock out of three or four clamped. The guard stands at attention when Will shows up.
Near: "If you can kill a man with your fists, you can kill an animal with them as well."
Kittymew (Will): we never got any equipment chits
Near: "My cleaver has butchered Bandit, Kobold, Dear and Rabbit alike."
mkb (mkb): no, but it was an option rather than cashing out. and YOU do for the armorers' time and expertise.
Katsu: "A dagger is a more humane way to get meat from an animal."
Katsu: "The pain is over in a second...most physical pain is like that."
Hextor: "they all fry up about the same too "hextor says to near from across the room
Near: "Hah, humane. Your teeth are all you need to strip flesh from a creature."
Will: Will looks at the guard. "Portal all closed up?"
mkb: The gnome shopkeep doesn't interject other than saying "We do have butchering tools as well... although not as fierce as this" indicating the cleaver.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Question: have I noticed any difference in the population of guards in the last two hours?
mkb: The dwarf guard nods. "Yessir. Your comrade said everything that needed doing was done... there is the matter of returning the greenskins home, but we figured they'd just leave with you."
Near: "Well, that's what I want in adamantine. Another cleaver like that one. Maybe an inch or three longer, with a walnut handle, rather than this oak."
mkb (mkb): There was a bit of commotion when you first got in the boardroom, but it has subsided; things are now slightly less on the alert than were earlier.
Kittymew (Will): As far as numbers though, no significant [ie assault team going out] drop?
Katsu: Katsu's fist comes within 6 inches of Near's head before he pulls it away with an embarassed look on his face as he bows. "I apologize. It is not good to attempt to attack those you have just met."
Kittymew (Will): I'm trying to figure out just how big the knife in my back is right now
mkb: "The entire blade?" Morshu asks. "You'd be best off speaking with a smith directly, I mostly sell to traders."
mkb (mkb): No.
Near: "I doubt it would hurt me as much as you believe," She says, nonchalantly.
Near: "Ah, I see. Well, then. I can sell these to you anyway, correct?"
Will: Will nods. "They will indeed. Not a worry then. Can you direct me to the armourer's from here?"
Hextor: "Not much does eh near" Hextor says and he browses over some spear in a corner
Katsu shoves the gold onto the shopkeep's table as he pockets the dagger.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): how much should the dagger cost?
Near (Near): not even 10g. if it's a normal one.
mkb: Gladys' voice comes from a speaking tube in the shop. "Internal order 18, prepare for demolition team departure. Lamp oil, rope, bombs, by discretion. File to nonrefundable."
Kittymew (Will): 's like 1g normally
Hextor: "She's playing our song" Hextor muses
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I just wondered...what level is everyone? I'm 3.
mkb: Absentmindedly, the shopkeep counts the money -- 1.5g in various pieces. He produces some copper coins as change. "Lamp oil, rope, bombs... Do you know what's going on?"
Near (Near): Same.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Nothing to worry about."
Will: Will heads for the armorer's by what path he already knows, since he's being ignored.
Near: "Ahh, guess I'll go towards the blacksmiths' to put in my request."
Katsu: "I'll take some oil and rope, if you're selling it to the public."
mkb: "Sure am."
Near: "And I would've suggested a utility knife, rather than a fighting one if you plan on just using it on animals."
Katsu hands over the money. "Thank you."
mkb: Will is rejoined by Near and Hextor(I think?) at one of the secondary forges, the main facility being used for bulk orders these days, while Katsu browses for equipment.
-> Katsu: Just fill out your eqpt sheet and don't worry about it :)
Will: Will looks over his comrades, and whispers softly "sorry I'm late...was measuring the size of the knife in our backs."
Katsu: "I'd also like a knife." Katsu hands over money for what he hopes will be the last time today.
mkb: The smiths seem rather busy, as is their wont, and don't pay attention to people standing in front of their work area -- the place is busy, remarkably clean, and full of competent displays of metalwork, a good portion of which are used in the manufacturing process itself.
Near (Near): You've got it already.
Hextor: "what do you think they'll try Hextor says non chalantly as he inspects a few shields
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I pre-emptively put it on
mkb: You can talk; the noise in the forge is such that you'll have to shout to get any service anyway.
Campaign saved.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Err...he's taking Near's advice and getting a utility knife
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): ^_^;
Near: "Ahh, what would adamantine plates cost? And a new chainshirt, the goblins really did a number on it.."
Will: Will calls out to no one in particular "I was sent hear to get fitted for armour. I need your best smith for this!"
Near (Near): Heehee.
Near: Near shouts out as well, "I looking for an armour and weapon in adamantine!"
mkb: People generally will pay attention to warriors in full armor that are a good half more as tall as average. A surprisingly young dwarf, slight of build and with his beard tucked under his smith's apron, carefully puts down a piece of metal he was chiseling and walks over to Will and Near.
mkb: "Boss sent ye down, right?" The dwarf's voice is a high tenor. "I'm at your service, you've priority right now."
mkb: "I'm Valgunn."
Near: "Wonderful. These are Katsu and Hextor. I'm Near. And this..."
Will: "Mmm. I need to discuss a suit of wonderful armour with ye. I have a feeling this will be a piece you'll enjoy working on," he says.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The dwarf leads you to a small office that was hewn in a corner of the cavernous workspace; there's a table, chairs, pencils, paper, and surprisingly no visible alcohol. He sits down. "Do tell. My specialty is precision chiseling and carving, but I can at least help you with the design and hand you to the right person."
Hextor: hextor follows after the crowd just to far notthing seems to have caught his eye in this place
mkb: There are very few completed pieces in the workspace; most of the work seems to revolve around forging blades that will be given hilts later.
mkb (mkb): can i has food? @_@;
Will: Will nods. "Excellent. Well, I want something that will command attention, something fit for a battle commander. It should be well-made and well-fortified, as best you can manage it.
Near (Near): of course.
Near (Near): I've already eaten about 3 times ^^;
Campaign saved.
Hextor: take a break kay...I think everyone is too busy drooling over what they could buy to RP much at this point
mkb: "As for the fitting, could we use your current armor as a template? As an aside - adamantine will... well, you realize that making the entire armor with it will be extremely expensive and rather heavy, yes?"
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): I am kinda phasing out right now.. I can has leaving? It's been fun
Will: Will nods. "I said nothing of adamantine, it would indeed be far too expensive and heavy to justify. Your finest steel would make much more sense."
Near: "Hmm? Adamantine is lighter than steel, though."
Kittymew (Will): o.o?
Kittymew (Will): I thought it was much heavier.
'SpiffyBalak' disconnected
mkb (mkb): Mithril is a lit lighter than steel, same strength, has other properties; adamantine is a lot stronger than steel per volume but wighs more
Near (Near): It actually says nothing about weight. So it's the same.
Near (Near): Ah.
Near: "Or maybe that's mithril.. Anyway, A chain shirt, and a cleaver similar to this one.." She holds up her used and battered one.
Near (Near): Okies, break x_x
mkb (mkb): okies
Near (Near): Right.
mkb (mkb): next time we'll quickly deal with the fitting and the leveling up (unless something bad happens which shouldn't)
mkb (mkb): hope it was decent, lack of action but i'm trying to let the plot advance a bit :)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: I know...we just got caught up at the end there with shops
Near: There really isn't anything that would suggest adamantine is heavier than steel o_o; It's just really rare and expensive..
Near: Lack of combat action is fine
Hextor: I think that the buying stuff thing can happen between games mostly...just give us a hint at way we can't have and we should be ok to pick stuff
Hextor: and we can run our buys past you before the game starts up next time
Will: ya.
mkb: that'd be good :)
Near: Yey.
Will: Mostly because it's likely what we'll be getting will have to be forged...we might wanna be careful about how many orders we put in.
Near: Ya..
Will: but remember, at-cost means half listed DMG/PHB prices @_@
mkb: also, if you do end up fighting with these guys, here's how their biz ethic works
Near: We're all getting at cost? :O
Will: they said forged stuff is at cost :P
Near: :D
Near: :D
Near: :D
Near: :D
Near: :D
mkb: they'll still deliver noncombat stuff (money for a delayed payment, tools), will hold on to armor to deliver ifwhen the fight is over, and will just keep weapons
mkb: your chances of NOT ending up with these guys being openly hostile so far are about 40%
mkb: and you should have figured out if they plan to be covertly hostile or not :p
Hextor: yay..ish
Will: Oh I suspect there was a small team sent through that portal who are now dead. :P
Hextor: we kinda see the back stabing coming...I just want some loot before it happens
Near: Ya.
Near: So I will go adamantine +_+
mkb: make sure it's something you can wield.
Near: I should probably play TF2 ._>
Will: :P
Campaign saved.
Near: I'm proficient with all armours, all simple and martial weapons, and all but tower shields. :3
mkb: I guess it kinda sticks in your head.
mkb: You're also missing an arm.
mkb: Sorta.
Near: I know.
Near: I've plans for that.
Near: Chainshirt is easy to put on :D
mkb: ya
mkb: criticism? ^^;
Near: Was fun
Will: good game :)
Hextor: indeed....I just don't want to get caught up with shops looking and arguing over gear
Near: Yeah x_x
Will: Mmhm.
mkb: me neither
Near: Fun fun. Some parts a little slow, but ya can't do anything about that.
mkb: this IS a trading/industrial hub so just assume they have stuff.
mkb: and id rather not check how much $$$ you have left after eqpt buys please :)
mkb: do keep in mind that the metagame reason why you got a SHITLOAD of money is to start building your own faction, not just get shinies. :p
Hextor: well...maybe my idea of a viking long ship was a good idea after all
Near: I knows. That's why I only have 12k on me :o
mkb: the ingame reason is that you were less expensive than a cleanup ops and you're expected to take the cash/goodies and keep your mouth shut.
Near: Heehee
Hextor: ...and then blow things up and run before they can aruge wuth us
Will: Yeah. I realize this. I probably shouldn't be spending as much as I am on armour but at half price it's stupid not to.
Near: ya
Will: I'm paying <4000 for this suit and it's too awesome XD
Campaign saved.
mkb: there we go.
Will: but yes, I think the outbound goblin stacks will get our Hero bonus for the next couple turns :P
mkb: you don't have to tell me, but can i know about your plans?
Will: I do need to speak to the Grand Duke.
Will: The sooner the better.
Will: I also want my fucking horse back.
Will: :P
Will: It's a good horse!
Hextor: for me...I'm likely to invest in some shiney if somethign I like comes to mind...the rest is likely to get bank rolled into viking/pirate gear
Near: soo.. my chain shirt will be.. 2,600gp. And grand DR1/- :D
Hextor: that's why I' haven't jumped at the armour...I'm 19 ac right now...I'm pretty good....I need some boomstickness
Near: or... 5,050 for an adamant breastplate for DR2/-
mkb: meow
Will: Whee. My armour will be 3725 gp and get me 9 AC, +2 diplomacy, and you guys all get ANOTHER +1 vs fear on top of my Paladin bonuses.
Near: I friggin need DR x_x;
Will: oh, and crit reduction :D
Will: After what happened to you I'm getting crit reduction XD
mkb: lol
Will: I LIKE my arms.
Hextor:'ve got a spare
Near: How much would custom adamant plates for me mecha arm cost? :o
Campaign saved.
mkb: so far what the bad guy has learned is that undead mechs are decent, but he needs to back it up with conventional magic.
Will: mmhm.
Will: What Will has learned is he needs some way of cavalry charging in confined spaces.
Hextor: pogo stick
Hextor: mounted pogo stick combat
Hextor: magical of course
Will: Actually I wonder if the dwarves have anything that might do.
mkb: the first person suggesting the addition of rollerblades to their armor is going to get loudly meowed at.
Near: hahaha
Near: oor, ysgardian heartwire. +2 AC vs confirmed crits :o
Near: ANd it's an addon to chain shirts :D
Will: Okay, so my idea is getting meowed at. :P
Will: Yes, I was thinking something Heavy Gear-esque with a lance.
Will: Basically at about a 30* bent, lock the knees and hit the boosters.
mkb: You'd need to let the goblins work on the captured mining mechs.
Will: Ya.
Will: That is definitely goblin engineering. :P
mkb: If they still have them.
Near: 3,350 GP then. for my chainmail :D
Near: They should. Though.. wait. They broke them down, Ithnk.
mkb: ya, for transport
Near: ah
Campaign saved.
Will: Hmmm...
Will: Well at 5th level I get my Special Mount. Maybe I should consider calling something amorphous.
Will: or,
Near: ...oooh, mecha arm would let me wield Stygian ice for ultrascaryness :D
mkb: guh?
Hextor: dunno
Will: I CAN call alternate mounts, they just start off comparatively weaker
Near: +1d6 cold damage, and 2 points of WIS damage (DC12 neg).
mkb: If you get something amorphous it may molest you.
Will: hahahahaha.
Near: On contact.
Hextor: no mudkips please
Near: Or it'll molest me o_o;
Will: lol
mkb: well, a Heavy Gear type thing would be kina useless in a dungeon
Will: I meant the wheel mechanism on a normal suit of armour
Will: propelled by rocket
Will: I forget what old NES game it was in but there were guys that did that :P
mkb: assumes that the floor of the dungeon is clear :) don't wanna trip in that thing
mkb: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBONK
Will: truth.
Will: Maybe I should forget about the smite multipliers but I'm trying to make things work here XD
mkb: good news for you there's fairly probably a field batte coming
mkb: bad news you're nt prepared for it
Will: I have a good horse, a good ride check, a good lance, and Smite Evil. Bring it.
Hextor: and I get to pick up the pieces and heal them
Hextor: hmm
Will: Jumping over mooks to lance commanders for a bajillion damage is my specialty.
Campaign saved.
mkb: well, mission 2's theme at least at first is "Rocks fall, everyone try to not die"
Will: lol
Near: x_x
Hextor: ...any magic umbrellas for sale?
Near: Whar'd sarah go?
Will: Mission 2: Reverse Dwarf Fortress
Will: :P
mkb: prettymuch.
Hextor: sarah disapeared a while ago...not enough attention trying to get that dagger I guess
mkb: neways
mkb: see you guys laters?
Near: okies

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Campaign saved.

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'someguy' connected
'Kittymew' connected
mkb: yay
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Will: what was it?
Hextor: well that was fun
mkb: f'in windows firewall turned itself back on and neer told me
'Near' connected
'Near' identified as 'Near'
Hextor: cheeky little bastard an't it
Near: yey
Will: lol
mkb (mkb): YOU MUST DIE.
Near (Near): ._.
mkb: You must have dinner at ratatoing.
someguy (Hextor): huh?
Hextor: [1d8 = 1]
Hextor: ....shitty hit point roll
mkb: XD
Will: whoooops. I'm just taking average again. XD
Will: out of curiosity I would've gotten...
Will: [1d10 = 3]
Will: significantly fewer hit points, as usual.
Near: [1d12 = 4]
Near (Near): Dang ._.
mkb: ^_^'
Campaign saved.
Will: XD
Near: Oh well, 50HP :D
Hextor: @#$^% meatbag
Will: how does 38+4+con mod = 50?
Will: There is no way you have 32 constitution.
Near: I had 42 HP
Will: o.o
mkb: allagalaa
Near: 18 con :D
mkb: toing.
mkb: -_-
Near: There, skill points allocated ._>
Will: same, just gotta pick my two maneouvres and stance
Near: Now to switch out a manouvre :o
Campaign saved.
Will: Might as well get Steel Wind so I can smite two things at once
Near: heehee
Will: and besides, I need an Iron Heart manoeuvre to get Iron Heart Surge later
mkb: they have lint coins?
Near: No, it's just a joke
mkb: actually there's one thing dryer lint is great for.
Near: Hmm?
mkb: IT BURNS!
Hextor: faster then light travel too
Near: mwehehehehe
Will: For my second one I'm not sure...maybe Stone Bones for defence, or Crusader's Strike...
Campaign saved.
Near: I couldn't tel ya, sorrehs
mkb: near, done?
Near: Need to select which manouvre to switch out :/
mkb: kies.
mkb: hextor done?
Near: Why do I have CON damage? o_O;
Hextor: from getting parts hacked off?
mkb: Because you almost died 12 ingame hours ago ^^;
Campaign saved.
mkb: and because you went into rage afterward
Near: I barely went below half my HP....
mkb: meaning you're all out of adrenaline
Near: Ah..
Near: So we're picking up right where we left off, and not letting a day or two pass?
Near: Why'd you take my level up point from STR? ._.
mkb: coz the damage counter is broken, i'm trusting you'll put it back properly ^^; there's a negation implied sonewhere
Will: o.o
Near: Kies, I did
Campaign saved.
Will: Wow, now I see why divine feats are so good for Paladins
Near: Oh?
Will: I have 7/day really useless turning attempts
Will: XD
Near: haha
mkb: y useless?
mkb: miw.
Will: coz I count as a 1st level cleric
Near: Sudden Leap :D
Will: oh, but I have a lot of charisma, so they might do stuff
mkb: against hordes of skeletons it might be good :)
Will: I thought it was partially wisdom based
Will: it's all charisma
Near: Jump [1d20+11 = 20]
mkb: zomies.... so far not so much
Will: so yeah, it'll do something XD
Will: not THOSE zombies
Will: :P
mkb: well, so far you've gone against three types thereof.
Hextor: any problem with me buying a 6 pack of cure serious wounds potions for 4500 gp around here?
Campaign saved.
Near: I just jumped 20 feet o_O;
mkb: If you find them, no problem at all?
mkb: this place is a foundry with an attached marketplace. If it's made of metal they have it. if not they might not.
Hextor: ok then
mkb: since RPing shopping sessions is boring, if you DO decide to take a couple of days to rest while the relief convoy for the gblins is being readied, just tell me what you want and tell you if it's there or not ^^;
Near: I'll certainly take the rest, as our stuff will take a bit to get made...
Hextor: I've got nothing against kicking back for a little bit to get some of the book keeping out of the way
Near: ooh, tumble synergy to jump +_+
Near: Jump [1d20+13 = 27]
mkb: While you ARE honored guests and you're given nice, if sparsely decorated, quarters in the gnome half of the quarry, you are told that the convoy will take 2 days to be assembled rather than 1, so you do have time to go shopping or do other things. You're also welcome to take advantage of the very efficient messenger service that a trading outpost like this runs normally.
Campaign saved.
Will: I keep a close eye on them to make sure the convoy actually takes two days to be assembled. I also try to find out if there's any way before we leave that my horse can be retrieved.
Hextor: Between shoping around the apothicares or the dwarven equivlent for a six pack of big healing potions, Hextor takes some time to vist the hub of messaging in this quaint place
Hextor: I'd like to send a message to the far north, asking about paying for a longship and crew from the home land
mkb: After you're asked for a signed letter to the stables, you're told that no it can't, but will be brought to you en route. The messenger dispatched to deal with it is human, and he breifly apologizes for not being sure how to handle a warhorse at more than a slow trot.
Near: Near writes a letter to her father and family back home. She also looks throughout the library, and does some minor shopping. She spends a lot of time sleeping as well as eating.
mkb: Hextor: You manage to rustle up four of the potions you wanted.
-> Hextor: Do you encrypt the message in any way, and in what language?
Near: (Her writing is probably messy scribble that's barely legible.. but..)
-> Near: A very diminutive female gnome is assigned to you as a secretary and asks if you'd like her to write for you.
Near: that would be awesome.
Kittymew (Will): Great, so I get to find out my horse ran away after someone got kicked to death.
Hextor: written in old norse, uses Runes, but it's not quite what a dwarf is used to least the dwarves this far from the north
Campaign saved.
mkb: The convoy takes longer to assemble primarily because the decision is made that a charity shipping should interfere wth normal commercial taffic as little as possible. You do see some more activity in general, but it may be because of this.
Will: Will writes a few letters home as well, most importantly to his steward.
-> Hextor: Okay. You need to get the answer delivered somewhere, default is here obviously.
-> Near: You do find that your signature at least isn't too hard to relearn how to do.
Near: that's good
Hextor: it'll take a fair amount of time for it to get there and back...hmm magical commnication is pushing things on that will do fine, they can send another runner to find me if need be
-> Near: Do you mention your accident to them?
Hextor: or I'll send another message from the next big town
Near: which accident?
-> Near: They might (eventually) find a cleric to fix your arm naturally.
-> Near: If they're anything like my family IRL everyone pitches in for medical costs.
Near: oh, yeah, she'd tell her family about it, but she'd also say that they wouldn't have to worry about the costs this time.
Hextor: burn that bridge when I come to it lol
-> Near: LOL at this time.
Campaign saved.
mkb: While the people at Ironforge are a bit too pompous, they do get things done.
Hextor: with bussiness attended to Hextor takes some time for R&R...since the dwarves know how to brew it good, he'll be at variously levels of not sober for most of the next day
mkb: What's interesting is that one thing that all of you DO notice is that while with anyone else there's no such thing as a favor -- even the littlest things are paid for, and any but the littlest things leave a paper trail -- you're being treated extremely well; outside merchants are instructed to give you the first pick, you're not paying for room and board, and so on.
Near: the letter to her father is different, and in Draconic. I dunno what to have it say, though... She'd try to write it herself, or pay 100gold to the secretary to keep her mouth shut ^^;
Hextor: Walking into the nearest bar Hextor throws a platnum piece to the bar keep and tells him to keep them coming until it runs out
someguy (Hextor): just another way he prays
someguy (Hextor): going "oh Gods!" all the next day with a hang over
Near: haha
Campaign saved.
mkb: XD
-> Near: sense motive check please?
Hextor: so....what ever gutter the viking finds himself waking up in the next afternoon should be a holy of holys
Hextor: or just plain smelly
mkb: These are people who work hard but party hard, at least the dwarfs.
Near: Sense Motive [1d20-2 = 12]
Near (Near): WHee ._.
Campaign saved.
-> Near: You get the idea that with how much these people fuss about efficiency, it's not a very bribe-tolerant culture. Or maybe it's just the impression they want to give.
Near: it's not a bribe, it's paying for a service :V
Near: would be Near's explanation, and a quote from her father.
Hextor: so at least I won't bw alone with the hang overs then
-> Near: Well, do watcha gotta do :) you tell me.
mkb: Srsly.
Near: Eh, she'd probably try to write it herself, or use a typeset if those are availible. Like a stamp or something where she could write the draconic letters out.
Campaign saved.
-> Near: Surprisingly, they have those -- not for draconic letters, though.
Will: *nod*
Near: ah, then she'll stamp it out in common, and seal it with an envelope and extro wax
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'Near' connected
mkb: sorry
'Near' identified as 'Near'
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'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: (ok, done with your shopping?)
Hextor: yup
Campaign saved.
Near: Just gonna put all my items down on my sheet.
Hextor: do wa diddy diddy dum didy do
mkb: i'll take that all as a yes :)
Will: ready
Hextor: yupper
Near: Think I'm done
Campaign saved.
Near: ANd the gobbies get a whopping 6,500 goldfrom Near x_x
Hextor: ...bribe?
Near: funds.
Near: No, funds.
Hextor: ah
Hextor: funds means no Fun's
mkb: [FUND][FUND][FUND] Earthquake!
Hextor: ...?
mkb: Simcity2000.
mkb: god i'm old >_<
Will: Will has exactly 10k remaining atm.
Near: near has 611 gp on her person ^^;
Campaign saved.
mkb: You're told that the caravan is ready midmorning of the third day, just a couple of hours behind schedule; the Chairman has basically been busy most f the time, although you've each caught a glimpse of him on and off.
Will: where's the rest?
Near: Wait...
Near: 8,932 spend on stuff, 6,500 for gobbies..
Near (Near): Oregon trail time?
Will: *nod*
Near (Near): Hextor has died of Dysentery
mkb (mkb): Meeep.
Near (Near): XD
Near (Near): Not that long a trip, for that.
mkb (mkb): I never played that game >_> keep getting references tho, is it one of those edu games that sold only to schools?
Kittymew (Will): Pretty much ya
Hextor: a thought enters the foggy mind of the drunken viking....He has neglected to find a horse for this little stroll!
Kittymew (Will): Will's horse is in transit >_>
Near (Near): ...not really. I did play it in school, though.
Kittymew (Will): and Will has paid personally for the first load of supplies to the goblins.
Near (Near): Can I buy a goat big enough to carry Near? :V
someguy (Hextor): I've only gotten a few mentions of it too...meh...the simpsons did a bit on it with the bufflo killing
mkb: Will's horse will be delivered to him - Near and Hextor are given mounts of no remarkable ability, which they will surrender at the end of the trip.
Kittymew (Will): Will rides on a cart until his horse shows up
Near (Near): Aww. Oh well.
Will: Animal Handlers Killed by Ironhide: [1d4-1 = 1]
Near (Near): Actually, a riding ox is the only animal fit for Near >:o that or a T-Rex.
mkb: The ease at which the stout breed of local mule is able to carry a dwarf in chainmail AND his armor plating is impressive; what is also impressive is that the escort for the convoy is about twice what you'd expect.
Hextor: Hextor squints at the mount, still fairly red eyed from his evening..."your sure this isn't the norse kings mother in law?"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will turns to Hextor and smirks. "You may see some of your kind of fun again sooner than we expected, friend."
Will: "I still worry it's a trap."
Will: How much escort are we talking here?
Hextor: "and what do we do with traps" Hector says with a drunkish lilt to his voice..."We spring um and see who's do'n the trapp'n"
Hextor: Hextor Lurches up onto his mount...notices the lack of a head infront of him...and then slowly figures out that he's backwards
Near (Near): "Or we break it.."
Near (Near): gah.
mkb: There are a total of five carts, two small and three large; each has two conductors and is accompanied by four dwarven fighter, the tough sort that would have no problems with doing the unloading if it was required.
mkb: There are no gnomes on this little expedition, and the dwarf troop has been instructed to take orders from Sir William.
mkb: Two of the guards are on horses, the rest on mules.
Campaign saved.
Will: I look around for the caravan boss, and ask him if all the provisions and gear has been double-checked yet.
Hextor: Hextor gives his head a shake gets down off his high horse...wanders around to the other side and hoops back up with a grin....only to find he's backwards again
mkb: The closest thing to a caravan boss is one of the conductors, which is being briefed by a gnome clerk; they're discussing just that.
mkb: XD
Will: Will checks things over himself, then.
Hextor: Getting down off the horse he looks it in the eye...just to make sure it's not playing around with him...turns the HORSE around and then gets on
Will: No fine-toothed comb, but let's at least make sure we didn't leave the forge/steel/lumber/etc behind
Hextor: tada...hextor right way on a horse heading the wrong way
Kittymew (Will): Now let's see if you can turn the horse around without dying
Hextor: Hextor's rather oblivious to the wrong way thing...and just smiles at folks
Near checks over all her things, and makes sure her haversack is on correctly. She also checks on her arm, and thinks absently about what she had for breakfast.
mkb: Gladys joins a few bystanders in applauding Hextor -- who's earned a carving on the "greatest drinkers" billboard, although not in the first place -- and asks him in her odd monotone to write her, and that she hopes you won't find any insurmountable osbstacle.
Near: She also shakes her head at Hextor's antics, and sighs.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You guys haven't had breakfast -- two elderly women, which could be any race of demihuman because they're bald and hairy and might actually be old men in drag, bring over a fuming cauldron with what seems to be a pretty dense stew, and start distributing wooden bowls to the caravan members including you.
Hextor: Hextor gets his bowl and offers a spoon full to the horse
Will: Will eats it.
Near: Near "derp"s to herself and takes a bowl, then tries to sneak another after wolfing down her first.
mkb: It's pretty thick, greasy stuff that still has some water in it -- just right before travelling, actually. One of the old women brings Near another bowl.
mkb: The other suddenly flips the cauldron, which still had quite a bit of the stuff in it, with one single fluid motion belying incredible strength, then points at the tree of you, her visage disfigured as if her skin was trying to crawl away from her skull.
Near (Near): ('___' )
Kittymew (Will): Oh hell.
Hextor: Hextors horse give the kinda look one would interprate as "didn't I scrape you off my foot some time last week" and hextor just shrugs and helps himslef
Will: Will is taken aback, then growls at the corpse. "I WILL FIND YOU. I WILL TEAR YOUR ROTTING SKULL FROM YOUR UNDEAD CORPSE, FIEND!"
Near stares blankly at the whatever, shrugs, and gets on her horse.
Hextor: Hextor looks up blery eyed..."some one say something about a feast?"
Campaign saved.
Near: "A feast on the soul, of the mind, and ignoring the body. Wait what?"
mkb: While the guards had correctly dismounted and got into a fighting stance, most of the other bystanders seem just plain freaked out. "who was that?" "but... gilda has been with us for two dozen years!" "is she alive? is she breathing?" "stay away from her!" "it's a trick, get an axe." "Medics!" "Medic? We need an exorcist!"
mkb: One of the guards, trying to stay as far as possible, prods the frail body with the tip of his haldberd.
Will: Will shouts out to the caravan in general "THAT was the necromancer I told your bosses about! I TOLD you there's a war on!"
Will: "Those goblins need this gear to help fight off the goddamned undead! I told you all...there's a lot worse than goblins out there. There's work to do! We move as soon as the medics arrive!"
Will: Will then goes to see if the woman's alive, and if so, what he can do
mkb: Now that you think about it, where are the four goblins
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Near looks about for the goblins, and asks one of the conductors about them.
Hextor: The words war and undead start to bounce around in hextors beer addled mind...and with a sign he gets off his mount to go investigate with Will
mkb: The conductor pulls back a rough linen sheet covering a number of supplies, among which the four greenskins have been bundled up like kindlings. They're all sleeping pretty soundly and smelling of liquor.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will figured they'd have found their way along...and is proven right.
Near: "I see," Near nods. "Well, that's taken care of."
mkb: The old cook was very old and close to death already -- she doesn't seem to be breathing, and is just collapsed in a little heap. It's a testament to endurance if she could even bring half the cauldron here, how she flung it in the air couldn't have been natural.
Hextor: to his mount hextor says almost southingly ",....Sit!...Good boy"
Hextor: to his mount hextor says almost southingly ",....Sit!...Good boy"
Hextor: woad....anyone else have and echo in there head? Hextor asks to know one in particualar
Hextor: *no one
Near seems bored and somewhat agitated this is taking so long.
mkb: What is probably now a corpse rises, hovering a few inches above ground, its limbs somewhat crunched up and moving haltingly -- with a hiss, the creature throws itself at Will!
Kittymew (Will): Meow?
Kittymew (Will): ARGH LAG
Campaign saved.
Hextor: har har
mkb (mkb): The old cook who just died got up, is now hovering, and threw herself at you.
someguy (Hextor): but it was a good stew she made
someguy (Hextor): yum
Near sits back and whatches in amusement.
Kittymew (Will): is the internet broken?
Kittymew (Will): ah there we go
Kittymew (Will): I'm unlagged
mkb (mkb): little bit
Will: Having half expected this, I smash it out of the way with a strong backhand.
mkb: Will breaks the thing's neck, leaving no doubt about the poor cook's possibility of recovery -- not that there were many. "We must burn the corpse!" someone calls out from the bystanders, and the suggestion is accepted to the point of a few people running off to fetch bitumen and a torch. The dwarf who had reacted the quickest looks at you three. "Should we move out?"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Torch it! Tell the guards here to make sure it burns down to nothing! We move out!"
Near: "Finally," Near mutters to herself.
mkb: The caravan gets moving quickly; the drivers know what they're doing, and crossing the double iron gates is done with what amounts to military precision. As you head out, you see a small funeral pire being set up on the spot after a small argument about whether even that was too much rather than just a splash of tar. The conductor of the head cart calls out to the three of you, and asks for a heading.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will gives them the rough direction of the old mine, pointing it out on the conductor's map.
Near pulls out her map, and thinks.
Near: She shrugs and places it back inher haversack
Near: "So, you know the way, Sir William?"
Will: Will shrugs. "I do if the map's right, I had one of the dwarves point the place out. You know it exactly?"
mkb: "Ah, the Aperture mine. Yessir. There won't be any zombies there, aye?"
Near: "Oh, so the mine? Nevermind for now, then."
Hextor: Hextor gives the fresh corpse a snear as people grab torches..wandering back to his mount he's a bit more sobered now as me mounts in silence
mkb: The last cart of the expedition is small, and built entirely out of iron except for the wheel rims; it looks like it has been hastily adapted from rail to road travel, an there's a small smokestack on it. The front of it is round. You've been told that it contains the explosives that will collapse the mine.
Will: Will shrugs. "Hope not. Can't really say...I told your boss all living things are at war again, but he didn't seem to listen. Maybe now he will."
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): ...huh?
someguy (Hextor): huh is right
mkb: "If you ask me, it's all gone odd when we hit the end of the vein a few years back. I'd work in a forge than in a mine any day, and we needed some starting capital, but these gnomes creep me out!" There are many paths starting from Ironforge, and the lead conductor takes one with no hesitation. After only minutes, the path enters the sort of rich but not too dense forest common in this region; on its outside a few fresh stump testify that someone gathers wood here regularly.
Hextor: Hextor starts to whistle a tune but with none of the talent involved
Will: Will nods. "Down in the Aperture mine you mean? There was something down there the necromancer wanted. Let's make sure he has to dig for a hundred years to get it."
Near: "Might be better if he couldn't dig, iffinyaknowhaddimean."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I was thinking though, using skeletons as miners ain't a bad solution once you're tapped out... all the skilled work is done, they can just rasp up all the leftovers for no pay. Is tat what they were doing?"
mkb: The co-conductor points ot that at this pace, you'll reach the mine by late this night.
Will: "I think so, yes...but think of the souls of the dead, friend...that's a terrible, terrible price to pay..."
Near: "Hmm, a corpse is a corpse. I remember that it's not the original soul trapped in the undead's form.."
Hextor: "I'd say there was more to it then 'free labor'...there is a sickness to the stone down there"
mkb: "Most of the lads I know woul probably rather keep diggin' than lyin' in the ground. Well, granted, not if they were doing it for free."
Near: "Or Father was justifying himself again.."
Will: Will turns to Near. "Or what?"
Hextor: Hextor raises an eyebrow at nears comment, but it doesn't seem to get too far past the fading beer head"
mkb: "What stone?"
mkb: Looking at Near and Will, the conductor figures it's a good time to shut up and watch the road.
Near: "It was some time ago. Mother put an end to it quickly, so it's a moot point, yes?"
Will: "Your father...necromancy?" He asks.
mkb: The path looks well maintained, but nature is encroaching on it slowly -- since the closure of the mine there's probably a less lot traffic.
Campaign saved.
Near: "He never actually did anything. He was smart enough to bring it before Mother and Grandfather first."
Will: Will sighs. "Everything I've ever been taught of it paints it a vile practice that traps the souls of the dead to fuel their bodies..."
Near shrugs, "Well, you prebably know more of it than I."
mkb: "That so Sir William? I'd ahte to see myself torn from the afterlife to push my bones around to someone else's tune... Hextor, what is the lore in your parts?"
Will: "Well we'd both best focus on sending them back to the grave. We've no need for that madness."
Will: Will turns to Hextor to listen.
Hextor: "The stories tell that that while the bodies rise and the soul still dwells that it's is a living hell, colder then the depths of the honor left...mearly a puppet..dancing to a tune that no mortal would stand to hear"...Hextor is saying this almost to himself...lost in thought and the dregs of what ever he was drinking the night before
Campaign saved.
Will: A chill runs down Will's spine, and the normally fearless man almost shivers at the thought.
mkb: "Sounds just about right to call in for a rockslide!"
Near: "I see now why they're so opposed.." Near murmurs to herself. "All the pains of life and death and the enjoyment of neither."
mkb: The only encounter you make for the next few hours is a doe and her two young, just before sundown. The conductor helpfully shows you a method that the caravan men have developed to deal with these -- shine a signal light right at them, which causes them to freeze in place so they may be either avoided or felled quickly.
Hextor: Hextors minds seems to return from his inward glance to observe the roadsides with a bit more attention
Campaign saved.
mkb: This is the sort of forest which covers most of Traladara and, barring a sudden explosion in population, wil lcondtnue to do so for the next few centuries; while none of you have ever been here, the environment is familiar -- although perhaps a little to warm for Hextor. "We can either try to pull for it and camp at the mine entrance, or find a place to stop and get there in the morning."
Hextor: Gaining back some of his humour with a little strain Hextor comments to the drviers that they should think of a way to marked this Drive thru dinning
Near: "It's up to Sir Williom to decide on that."
Hextor: "how long would you need to set your....charges?...explosives?" Hextor asks...mildly confused at the magic that is demolitions
Will: Will tells the conductor to pull for it. "Better to camp on safer ground...after this morning, I'm paranoid about the undead, and we've more soldiers waiting for us."
Near pulls out a book she "borrowed" from the library and reads, glancing up occasionally to make sure the horse is following correctly.
mkb: "Aye. We should be there by midnight."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor perks up at that a little...and starts again to whistle what may be a melody
Hextor: or it may be the mating call off a yetti...hard to tell with him
mkb: As it gets dark, the forest's sounds change accordingly; in what's probably an uncommon occurrence for a caravan escorted by adventurers, you don't feel watched, there is no particular feeling of dread in the air, and the only thing you have to defend yourselves against is a particularly nasty breed of mosquito that inicates there must be a small lake nearby.
Near holds one of those lamp sticks to keep light on her book.
mkb: The caravaneers can orient themselves with the stars as well as sailors would, and their leader annouces midnight just when you reach the area where the forest thins as the path goes to reach for the mine. The place is as deserted as you left it, although there's an unmistakable cadaveric smell about.
Near: Scent [1d20-2 = 4]
Will: Will lights up his red lamp, and calls out. "Anyone there? It's Will, we've brought a caravan of supplies!"
Near sniffs the air, and sneezes.
Hextor: "perhaps we should perfume the bodies next time?" Hextor says while waving away the stench
Near: "Ah, they've already left.."
Near: "I saw the last ones off before I went into the city."
Will: Will curses. "You've got to be kidding me...why didn't you TELL ME? Now you've stuck us here, do you even have a clue where they're going?"
Near: "Of course."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I thought I had told, you, though."
Hextor: Hextor actually snickers a bit at that
Hextor: "well you certainly left the Committee clueless...and us too"
Near: "They had given me a map, though... I'm the only one to see it, they said."
Will: Will shakes his head. "No, I was still under the impression that the goblins had been waiting for our escort out of here. We'll have to follow behind them, then. Also...that's rather foolish, but we'll deal with it in the morning. For now we make camp."
mkb: The conductors fully expected to unload everything here; since this isn't happening, two of them put the last cart on the existing rails removing the padded wheels, whle the others help the guards to set up a few tents. The explosive cart fits perfectly on the rails.
Hextor: hextor nods "those little critters are pretty bright to safe guard themselves that way"
Will: "Since the dwarves thought we were coming this way, we'll wait for the rest of the supplies here tomorrow, I guess."
mkb: The four goblins are still sleeping, but it seems to be natural sleep. Except for the one who has barfed to the sde of the cart.
mkb: One of the conductrs mounts a wheel with a handle on the side of the explosives cart, and starts winding it. "If we start at dawn we can sort it all out by mid-morning!"
Near nods, and gets off her horse after placing a ribbon to mark her place in the book.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Excellent. We can demolish this hellhole, take on supplies, and be gone again like a shooting star," he says, as he helps some of the dwarves with the tents.
Hextor: "Indeed...but Lets make things a little more homely here first" Hextor says hopping off his horse
mkb: "Your'e still our guests, it's your call whether you wish to stand gard or not."
Hextor: In the dirt hextor starts scribling with the buttend of his spear and then begins dragging it in a circle around the carts and camp site chanting lightly to himself
someguy (Hextor): Consecrated Ground anyone?
mkb (mkb): eek i kinda blacked out there
Hextor: I'm just going to cast consecrate...should make things a bit safer for the evening for us
Will: Smart man to prepare Consecrate on a run like this.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): he's not all drunken idiot...and level 4 gave me some more options on what to be preping
Near: Placing her book back inter her haversack, she then sets the magic pack on the ground, and pulls out a large branket. She takes off her chainmail and cloak, and goes to sleep wearing a large, green shirt. She seems oblivious to everything else happening around her.
Near (Near): I wouldn't expect any good cleric to be a true idiot :V
someguy (Hextor): so we have 8 hours of this...plenty of time for a good nap
Near (Near): Yey
Will: excellent.
Near keeps her shiny new cleaver well within arm's reach, however.
Will: Will offers himself up for guard duty if needed, and lays out his bedroll in one of the tents.
Hextor: Finishing his circle Hextor finds a rock to sit on and Nods to will "I'll have first watch"
Will: Will nods to Hextor and thanks him.
Near: In fact, she seems to coddle it (in it's leather sheath, of course) like one would a doll.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor sits cross legged on the stone with his spear across his knees...taking time to look around and ocasionally up at the sky above
Near is already asleep.
Near dreams of riding a T-Rex, and annihilating entire armies by herself.
Near (Near): Is this a good place to stop? I gotta get ready for work. x_x;
Hextor: sounds good to me
Campaign saved.
Hextor: sorry for the early/lateness...forgot the time change there
Near: What time change? o_o;
'someguy' disconnected
Kittymew (Will): Time change? Wha?
Kittymew (Will): 's the middle of summer, there's no time change XD
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Near (Near): I'm logging now. Gotta get ready for work x_x
Near (Near): Near can drag over half a ton :V
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'Kittymew' disconnected
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Will: miu
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mkb: test
Will: received
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Momiji: oops
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Near: Blacksmithing [1d20+6 = 12]
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): hi all
Near (Near): Rawr!
'???' connected
'???' identified as 'Momiji'
Momiji: o_o
Katsu: are we still setting up?
??? (Momiji): ..Maybe?
??? (Momiji): I'm just playing around :3
Momiji: Jump [1d20+7 = 11]
Katsu: [1d4 = 3]
Katsu: [1d8 = 6]
Near: Jump [1d20+13 = 25]
Katsu: [1d10 = 4]
Near: Ha! I win.
Katsu: [1d4 = 2]
Will: miw
Momiji: ;_;
Katsu: sticks the 4-sided dice up her nose
Momiji: ewww...
Will: Momiji, are you noir?
Momiji: ...maybe.
Katsu: [1d20 = 20]
Momiji: Hahaha, you wasted that.
Katsu: haha yup
Momiji: Multiple Ofuda [1d20-1 = 6]
Near: <_<
Katsu: Jump [1d20+25 = 36]
Near: O_O
Katsu: [20]
Near: Oh.
Katsu: Jump [1d20+36 = 40]
Katsu: Jump [1d20+40 = 43]
Near: I thought that was your actual bonus
Katsu: Jump [1d20+43 = 55]
Katsu: Jump [1d20+55 = 66]
Will: o.O?
Will: lawl?
Campaign saved.
Near: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 [1d20+78 = 91]
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 [1d20+303 = 306]
Momiji: I want smash zombys.
Katsu: likewise
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 [1d20+306 = 317]
Momiji: *gets in her wagon*
Momiji: :3
Momiji: Now accepting donations!
Katsu: have a tuhtle
Momiji: I like turtles.
Near: They're tasty
Katsu: I heard about turtle soup
Katsu: sounds good
Katsu: after all, meat is meat
Momiji: I go byebye nows. Two thingies is wierd x_x
'???' disconnected
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 [1d20+317 = 328]
Near: ....
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 [1d20+328 = 332]
Katsu: and I just go on and on and on and on and on....
Near: And you die upon landing.
Katsu: no I don't
Katsu: there's a big trampoline beneath me
Will: lol
Near: <_<
Will: that won't stop you from that altitude :P
Near: Yarr :V
mkb: Rocks fall, everyone dies.
mkb: anyway
mkb: wasup?
Near: ;_;
Near: plaaayyy
Katsu: or I can launch myself into space, no gravity
Near: I wanna kill something.
mkb: who gave Katsu a portalgun
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332 [1d20+996 = 1009]
Campaign saved.
Katsu: I'm on a sugar high
Katsu: Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91, Jump +66, Jump +55, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13, Jump +13 +91 +332 [1009]
mkb: okays! Noir recaps coz it's her turn. ^-^
Near: We got fancies stuffs while we waited for the supplies to get ready.
Near: Took a bit to get to the cave, where everyone thought the gobbies would be waiting
Katsu: and I'm in teh caravan
Near: But they were already left forthe forestesntes
Near: I has map to where they are , and the only one who knows.
Near: Hexy set up a consecrate spell before going to sleep
Katsu: *concentrate?
Near: and in the mornin' or whenever the Dorfs is gonna make with the splodies.
Near: Consecrate. Makes holy area
Near: EBIL cave collapseness
Will: lawl
mkb: Okay... that's about right :)
Near: Near went to sleeps with her new cleaver like a teddy bear :3
Near: In its sheath of course
Katsu: Unarmed
Katsu: oops
Campaign saved.
mkb: You're at the cave and decided to make camp there. Since some of the foood promised was still coming, it was sent along after, and for the sake of convenience let's say Katsu is going with it. Noir and Will are waken up in the morning, since nothing much happens other than one of the gnomes on guard shooting a deer, by them arriving. They're also carrying a secon explosives cart. Nobody's entered the mine yet, presumably not before you guys do -- as far as you know.
Will: I look around to see if anyone's missing, for starters, then get my horse and new armour from the caravan.
Katsu: I walk out and wave hello.
Near stretches and does her morning excercises and workout.
mkb: Your armor has been packaged with straw to avoid bumps; your horse isn't with the caravan, but the messenger did mention he was going to take it slow.
Near: She absently waves hello back as she goes through her movements.
mkb: The caravan driver approaches Will. "We're ready ta blow the entrance, would ye want to take a last look inside, or we can just blow anything left in there back where it belongs?"
mkb: Near's arm glitches twice as she does her exercises, but only minorly so.
Near is slightly annoyed at the glitches, and starts over on the forms.
Katsu: I absent-mindedly punch and kick the air
Katsu: .
Campaign saved.
Near: After she is satisfied with her performance, she THEN gets dressed.
mkb: Katsu, the travel has been rather uneventful other than the annoyance of having to travel at night. Two of the gnomes are skinning a deer which will presumably be ready for lunch, while the demolition experts prepare the first explosives cart, replacing its road wheel with rail wheels and putting it on the rails at the entrance.
Near: She looks toward Katsu...don? And shakes her head at his forms.
Will: I suggest to the caravan driver that I accompany the demolitions crew in case they run into any trouble. I also clear the straw out of my armour, and motion for Near to help me into the heavy suit.
Near: Since she's relatively free, she helps William in silence.
mkb: The second explosives cart is put behind all the other carts, presumably as a backup in case the first is a dud.
Katsu: "Heavy armor does not strike my fancy, but that's because I sweat like a pig in anything heavier than my uniform."
mkb (mkb): Spot check eveeryone?
Near: "It can be useful.."
Near: Spot [1d20-2 = 2]
Near: Scent [1d20-2 = 15]
Katsu: Listen [1d20+6 = 19]
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Just learning how to roll, don't worry
mkb (mkb): okies
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): now for attacking test
Katsu: Unarmed [1d6+1 = 4]
Will: I nod to Katsu. "Being quick is nice, but one wrong move and it all ends; I prefer the steel."
Katsu: Melee attack [1d6+5 = 6]
Campaign saved.
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 19]
Near: "I combine both, or at least try.."
Will: Listen [1d20+2 = 13]
Katsu: "We do all that we can to outrun the other fellow." I snicker.
mkb: "I prefer aqua regia and saltpeter myself!" the head demolitionist comments. Right after, he delivers a powerful kick right to the iron keg that presumably contains the demolition charge. "Dagnabbit! Main spring's shot. All right lads, we'll have to push this one in by hand!"
Near: "Hmm hmm hmmm" Near hums, and stands out of the way.
mkb: Two dwarves, fairly muscly even by the standard of their race, move forward. "Needs someone to go ahead of us. Frankly I was hoping to just wind this up and let it barrel down, but damn clockwork!"
Will: Will responds curtly to Katsu "running only serves to land an arrow in your back, where I come from."
-> Will: You're not sure, but there may be something moving inside the anteroom.
Will: "I'll scout ahead. Near, Hextor, and Katsu, follow me."
Near: "Or a spell into it, where I come from.."
Katsu: I follow.
Near: "Righto, Sirrah!"
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Noone made their spot check earlier?
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): people did
Near (Near): I meant succeded.
Katsu: Spot [1d20 = 1]
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): rofl
mkb: One of the gnomes pipes up. "Hang on, we need someone to stay out here!" Said gnome points to Hextor. "As per your report he spotted the armored skeletons coming first."
Will: Will nods. "Hextor, stand guard then; we can handle this ourselves."
Katsu: "Hmph...I wouldn't mind pounding something right about now." I look around with an evil glint in my eyes.
Katsu: makes a stance.
Near: "I need my armour, in case we come across something.." She walks off to get her new, black chainmail from her haversack, as well as placing her bedroll and such inside it.
mkb: The large northman nods and proceeds to swat the gnome off with the butt of his spear. As one of the demolition experts disengages the clockwork motor that was to propel the explosive charge down, the other two make a few adjustments. "See this here red lever? When it is twisted and pulled off, we'll have about a fourth of an hour to get back up. My lads and I will push the cart while you scout ahead."
Campaign saved.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): eek, I hear something that sounds like thunder, not good
mkb: "We want to put this in exacly the right spot to collapse the entire mine, so let's take it slow and deliberate." The master demolitionist is joined by his two assistants as they start pushing the cart down the rail that leads to the mine entrance. There's no sounds or smells coming from the inside that you can tell.
Near (Near): Probably nothing to worry about :V
-> Wil: But you DID hear something earlier, pretty sure.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): it seems like it's just heavy wind, though that ain't picnic weather either :P
Near: As Near walks, she still sniffs the air occasionally, most likely out of boredom.
Will: Will shakes his head. "I'm sure there's something in there...keep your eyes open," he says, pulling out the gnome's lampstick and affixing it to his helmet, red light shining into the cave, breaking the darkness.
-> Near: There were goblins in here a little bit ago. You can tell because of the smell of whatever it is their demolitions guy drinks."
mkb: The dwarves wait for the three of you to enter the cave before they start heaving the cart again. The anteroom is as you left it, only it feels somewhat more empty now. There's nobody and nothing in here.
Katsu: Spot [1d20 = 18]
Near: Near sticks her tongue out at a rather strong odor (at least to her).
Near: "Hate the smell of alcohol..."
Campaign saved.
Katsu: Listen [1d20+6 = 13]
mkb: Interestingly, there's at least two less mining carts than there were when last you entered.
mkb: The way is otherwise clear down the rail into the first series of shafts.
Will: "Hmm...something in here's changed...Near. You said alcohol, can you tell what kind?" Will says, as he sniffs the air himself.
Near: "The kind Hextor likes."
Katsu: "Where DID that Hextor go?"
Near: "It's nothing, though, just a leftover."
Near: "...He's outside, guarding?"
Katsu: "Ah. Bugger my absent-mindedness." I make an embarrassed noise and focus on the path.
mkb: "We're going to go down to the room that used to have the loading crane in it, then release the charges, come back up and collapse at least one door between us. That should give us time to blow this all up without interference." The head dwarf has got the cart right behind the three of you.
Near shrugs, and slashes at the cave walls with her new cleaver, enjoying the feeling of it slicing through the stone as if it were flesh.
mkb: The cleaver hits echo down the tunnels and move some pebbles... or was that someone or something skittering away?
Campaign saved.
Katsu: "Khkhkh, sounds like fun."
Will: Will turns to Near, and asks her to call out to see if there are any remaining goblins down here. If not, it might be best if we scout the area - collapsing the mine on undead that can dig back out won't accomplish anything.
Near: "sha shchaa khkh." She mumbles, then calls out in goblin.
Near: "!!!!"
Near: that was her calling out :V
mkb: There's no response, other than one of the dwarves looking fairly nervous for a moment before he realizes it was Near.
mkb: "Do ye want to scout ahead or just cover us?" the head dwarf asks.
Katsu: "I will. It's about time for some excitement!" I clench my fist and speed up my pace.
Near: Thinks about offering to throw the dorf to see how much she should trust him, but decides against it.
Will: Will turns to Near. "Follow Katsu, I'll be right behind you!" Will says, dashing off, knowing Near can outrun him in the armour he's wearing.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): *dwarf? on a silly note, my old teacher was named Mrs. Dorfman :P
Near: Near nods, and trots off.
Near (Near): They're Dorfs :V
Near (Near): Hehe..
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): We're on the road to Viridian City! *sings*
Campaign saved.
mkb: The corridor after the anteroom has a pair or rails run down it, and twelve shafts per side -- well-hewn but small holes. There used to be rope-and-pulley arrangements to bring miners and equipment up and down, but even the equipment that was left when Near and Will first came in is now gone except for steel pitons that used to hol the plleys.
mkb: *hold
Near: As she runs, she pulls a crystal from her haversack's side pocket, more to test the claim the merchant had for it. She slows down briefly to place it within her cleaver, then runns off as fast as she can manage safely.
Near: "Hmm, they're very good at salvaging, at least."
Near: She calls out for Katsu to see if he's nearby.
mkb: Other than this, the corridor is empty, that all of you can tell.
-> Near,: listen check pls.
Katsu: "I'm still here."
mkb (mkb): which one of you is first?
Near: Listen [1d20-2 = 13]
mkb (mkb): first down the corridor i mean
Near (Near): I think Katsu, Me then Will...
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Near I think
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): whoever's the fastest
mkb: The corridor seems clear, that you can tell from a cursory examination
mkb: the dwarf calls out to tell him when you want him to bring the demolition cart down.
Near: Scent [1d20-2 = 15]
Campaign saved.
Near sniffs the air deeply a few times to see if her eyes and ears are lying to her.
Near (Near): I love this stance :D
-> Near: There's definiely been goblins here a few minutes ago. With explosives f their own.
mkb: The way to he next room is also clear; the rails are in excellent condition save for a layer of rust, so the cart can be rolled down easily.
Near: "....Maybe we should either get out of her fast, or try to check if there's a suprise down here.."
Near: "Sir William, which would you suggest?" She calls back.
Will: Will looks around curiously, and shines his red light down some of the holes to see if he can make out anything.
Near: Near shrugs, and sniffs around to see if she can pinpoint anything.
mkb: Down one of the hole, there's a green glow that you've come to associate with that crystal. The hole used to have a dripping water leak, that is no longer there.
mkb: *holes
mkb: The glow is at the very bottom.
Near (Near): Taking 20 on my scent check :V
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): search, scent, whatever..
Katsu: Search [1d20+3 = 20]
-> Near: You're pretty sure there ARE goblins in here somewhere, hiding. You never told the 9 guys waiting for you to follow the others, did you?
Near: I did, actually..
Near: Near calls out in Goblin again.
mkb: The corridor has been meticulously cleaned of anything that could be reused -- twice. You do however find a few kobold bones, picked clean but still smelling badly.
mkb: Something below you makes a clunk noise, as if a piece of stone had dropped from a ledge.
Near: She's telling them to show themselves, or they'll be blown sky high in a short period of time.
mkb: "Who is in there?" the head dwarf calls from behind you as his assistants negotiate a dnt in the rails.
Near (Near): noise below who?
mkb (mkb): below you, but it's from the next room or beyond rather than from one of the shafts.
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): Ah. kies
Near: "Last warning, it'll serve you right to go down with the entire mountain because you were to afraid."
Will: "Something's moved back in...and I think we can be sure it isn't our goblin friends, either. We need to look around, I think..."
Near: She calls out again, and listens a short bit for a reply.
Katsu: Search [1d20+3 = 7]
mkb: The reply comes in the form of the creak of a rusty hinge, possibly a leftover from the lifts that led into the main underground chamber.
Near: "If you think so, youz da baus, an' baus iz baus.." She catches herself, and shakes her head. "Gotta remember to keep the languages seperate.."
Near: "Yeah, something's moved in, and it isn't OUR goblin friends at least."
Near: "In fact... Leaving the explosives unguarded like they are probably... isn't... good....."
Campaign saved.
Near: She doesn't seem to consider however many dorfs that are moving the cart to be worth anything..
Katsu: I start to grumble and mumble about how boring that no punchable beings have appeared.
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): Is he strange or what? :P
Near: About as much as Near :V
Near (Near): errr..
Near: She lets out a hissing curse and runs to check on the dorfs.
Near: "Checking a bad feeling!" She calls back
Campaign saved.
Near (Near): >_>
Near: She makes several leaps as she scurries to make sure her foreboding sense is just overworry.
Near: Jump [2d20+13 = 24]
Near (Near): Sudden Leap ._.
Katsu: Jump [24]
Katsu: oops
SpiffyBalak (Katsu): not gonna start THAT again
Near (Near): I has a manouvre for that :V
Near (Near): 15 feet and 10 feet..
Campaign saved.
'Near' disconnected
Katsu: now it's time to say goodbye to all my company
Katsu: mic
Katsu: key
Katsu: mouse!
'SpiffyBalak' disconnected
mkb (mkb): we're going
'???' connected
'???' identified as 'Near'
Near: :E
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Near: Cleaver, Masterwork [1d20+9 = 23]
Near: Cleaver, Masterwork [1d20+9 = 24]
Campaign saved.
Near: So... no game thenL
Near: Cleaver, Masterwork [1d20+9 = 12]
Campaign saved.
'???' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
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'Riley' disconnected
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Chat log started at 14.9.2008 / 12:04:42

'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Will: rawr
'???' connected
'???' identified as 'Near'
??? (Near): RAWR!
??? (Near): ...oops, forgot name thingies :E
mkb: yay!
mkb: well, looks like it's just us
mkb: recappies?
??? (Near): Not my turn :E
??? (Near): And Sarah's not availible?
Campaign saved.
Will: rawr rawr, Sarah's apparently too lazy to reboot to windows
??? (Near): Then tell her Katsu doesn't get EXP for this session :E
Will: I'll recap. From what I recall (it's been a while) we'd just received our mid-travel caravan, resupplying us for the second leg of the journey, while the dwarven demolitions team is collapsing the mine. Will has gone in ahead with Near and Katsu, while Hextor stands guard outside.
mkb: Yep!
mkb: miw, bb in 2 min.
??? (Near): There was also some noises from inside the cave that we were investigating. Near called out several times in goblin to no reply. So apparently it isn't gobbies.
Will: need a dispenser here! need a dispenser here!
mkb: backies.
Will: wb
Will: dispenser?
Will: (srsly, new magic item: dispenser)
mkb: The room with the shafts in it is clear; behind you, the dwarfs ask if they can keep coming down.
Will: Will calls out that they can move down, it's clear.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): why is it that I also thought 'grounding strap'?
mkb (mkb): That's my standard explanation for why I don't have shoes on
??? (Near): ...Eh?
Kittymew (Will): Hahahahaha. Nice.
mkb: The only accident for the next two rooms is that you still hear skittering noises coming from below, although there's less and less of them. At some point, the dwarf engineer complains about the rails having rusted through more than he expected, and gets Katsu to help them push. It's pretty unusual for a dwarf to admit insufficient physical strength....
Near moves to help push in place of Katsu.
Will: Will calls out to Katsu and the dwarves if they need a hand, though they seem to be doing well enough now, as he looks on ahead, his red light flickering along the walls of the cavern, looking for shadows that might mark danger.
??? (Near): Or ignore that if Near's in the front :E
Campaign saved.
mkb: What impresses you as you revisit the area where you first battled zombie kobolds is that there are no corpses -- just scattered bones that look like they're already desiccating. Other than this, it's all clear. What meager possessions the ghouls had on them are still on the ground, so you have to watch out for rusty metal spikes.
??? (Near): ..What ghouls?
??? (Near): orite
Near sniffs around to see if anything might be suspicious as she stays well ahead of the group.
Near: Scent [1d20-2 = 11]
Will keeps an eye on Near as he tries to see ahead of her as far as possible, but also watching her back carefully.
Kittymew (Will): rofl, Kip sounds surprised at "dogs like pie"
Kittymew (Will): I've never met a dog that doesn't like pie
??? (Near): Dogs like just about everything edible. ANd some things that aren't.
mkb (mkb): same, cept for zucchini. blech
Campaign saved.
-> near: There's definitely goblins, alive ones, still in here.
Will: some dogs don't like it, others do, personally I like the stuff
Near mores forward slightly faster, and calls aut a few times in goblin.
mkb: You eventually reach the room with the rail switch and the elevator; the dwarves are two rooms behind, taking their time with the cart. The elevator itself has been removed, presumably by the goblins for use as scrap metal -- the ropes tht went down are still there. Near gets no answer.
Near: just general "Anyone out there? Answer or you'll get blown to bits."
Will: Will calls to Near, telling her to halt here for now, then back to the Dwarves: "the elevator's out, how are we going down?"
Near: She listens a bit longer. "Guess the scent was playing tricks on me. Probably wasn't that fresh."
Near: Near stops, and turns back to look at Will. She shrugs, then leans agaisnst the wall, looking around.
mkb: "We don't need ta! This is the mine's weak point, right here. The charge should collapse anything above it against anything below it -- 's a standard design in case we end up at the wrong side of a siege."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The engineer makes a few adjustments on the device, which starts ticking as a clockwork mechanism springs to life. "Catch!"
Will: Will calls back to them, "Are you certain? If we end up just sealing them in, that isn't going to do us any good - they're undead, they CAN dig back out."
mkb: The cart is let go by the dwarves, who are just outside the door to this room, and starts moving towards yuou on the clear rail....
mkb: "Go, go, go!" the dwarf tells his two comrades."
Near makes sure she's out of the way of the cart.
Will gets clear
Near also begins heading back out as fast as she can.
Near: Hairs on her neck have begun to stick up, and she has a rather bad feeling..
mkb: Katsu is in the best position to run after them... and pays for it: the doorway collapses on top of him, as if on cue -- and probably so. The rocks can be cleared by two people, but it'd probably take at least half an hour....
mkb (mkb): Rocks fall. Katsu dies.
??? (Near): And if you CUT your way out? :.
??? (Near): :3
Kittymew (Will): Oh shit. So we're trapped down here with a bomb?
??? (Near): Ohnoes D:
mkb: You can hear the heavy footsteps of the dwarfs past the rockslide as they leg it off; given that dwarfs are known for being slow runners, you probably have some time. Their skill is evident in that the cart slowly comes to a stop essentially in the center of the room, a few feet in front of the elevator shaft.
mkb (mkb): Cue mcgyver music!
Campaign saved.
Will: "Of course. It was a trap."
Will slaps his forehead. He should have seen this...he knew that chairman was a little too nice.
Near furiously attacks the rocks with her cleaver, trying to cut a hole into them.
Near: She curses loudly in venemous draconc as she does so
mkb: While the heavy cleaver can and does cut granite, the most that Near's powerful blows accomplish is to break a few rocks and cause a few more to fall.
Will takes a look at the cart, trying to figure out if there's any way to stop that infernal ticking, that counts down their destruction.
Near: "Kshhhh," she stops trying after several swings.
mkb: As the cart's mechanism ticks away, amplified by the chamber's echo, you notice that there are a few green crystals on the ceilings that weren't there just a few days ago, where the granite meets the limestone.
Kittymew (Will): Great. We're about to set off what's going to basically be a necrotite dirty bomb?
Near: Near thinks, outloud, "Would destroying the mechanism stop the bomb?"
Near: Explosives weren't in her studies, unfortuneately.
mkb: The ticking comes from an armored metal box bolted to the side of the main charge; you can see the activation lever next to it.
mkb (mkb): No, it's just a few crystals. And objectively this IS the best spot where to blast the mine irretrievably, it just so happens that you're also on it.
??? (Near): Also, Hextor's going to kill the dorfs outside >:3
Will: Will thinks about what little he knows of explosives. "Of course Katsu would know, if he weren't dead..." as he looks at the pile of rocks to see if there's anything to be pulled out and healed.
Kittymew (Will): and oh hells yes, when they run out without Will and Near he's going to cut them all down
Kittymew (Will): Kip's been trying to fix hamachi and log in for about 20min
mkb: ooc Cool! :D
Campaign saved.
Near: Near runs to the card, and examines it as best she can, trying to find where she could cut it.
Near: ontrained :V [1d20 = 20]
Kittymew (Will): rofl, the only one that lands in the box is a natural 20
Near: ....Ate my first two, but :O
??? (Near): Yeah XD
??? (Near): +2 knowledge Engineering..
Kittymew (Will): Kip says Hextor will ask some...pointed questions, if you know what I mean, before outright killing them all :P
mkb (mkb): srsly
mkb: Near determines that the box is heavily armored just to prevent tampering with, and that the activation lever has been messed with so that it'd release a catch upon being pushed down, in such a way that pulling it back up has no effect. It should be possible to cut a hole in the box and just jam the mechanism, but it would require a lot of care. Or, the lever hole can be used to try and jam the gears from there with a thin metal spike.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks on. "What have you figured out, Near?"
Near: "...jamming... Jamming! No time for care!"
mkb: The skittering below you continues, somewhat masked by the ticking. One problem you have is that there's no way to determine when this thing is going to go off.
Near: She thinks if an arrow will work or if it needs to be bigger.
Near: "..Bodkin head.. will it be enough?"
Will: Will nods. "Of course, jam the gears of the clock, of course!"
Will: Will looks through his gear...
Near: Near looks through hers, and pulls out one of her new arrows.
mkb: You need somethin that'll fit in the hole, but be tough enough to not be just ground up by the gears.
mkb: The ticking continues.
??? (Near): Steel arrowhead? :3
mkb (mkb): try it!
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): How big's the hole?
Kittymew (Will): I still have my old sword in my pack.
Near: Near, using her right arm for this, looks through the hole and attempts to stick the bodkin into the gears.
??? (Near): ...Just thought, and cutting the gears would be bad..
mkb (mkb): About half an inch by two, with the lever in the way.
??? (Near): So jam, yeat.
mkb (mkb): Cutting the gears would either stop it, or cause it to freewheel and blow up in seconds rather than minutes. No way to tell from what little you can see.
mkb (mkb): no ooc in the last one
??? (Near): Yeah
mkb: You can only stick the bodkin in if you take your hand off.
??? (Near): I'm using fleshy hand :V
mkb (mkb): sorry, misread
mkb: You can hear more noises from below -- this time, they're louder. Is someone fighting down there?
??? (Near): And it's that long? o_O;
Near: Near ignores the noises for now, this is much MUCH more important.
Campaign saved.
Will: Int bonus [1d20-1 = 12]
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 17]
Will: Anything I can figure out?
mkb: This is a demolition charge, not a weapon of war -- you probably have time since the timer box looks stock. There's someone below you. You're doing remarkably well at not being pissed off.
mkb: Anyway, you can try to stick something in the lever hole.
??? (Near): Near makes plans to tell her father to raze that Dorf city to the ground, provided she makes it out of here alive.
??? (Near): Umm, that's what I've been trying to do D:
??? (Near): Arrow with a bodkin head, stick in the hole!
Near: Dex bonus [1d20+1 = 6]
??? (Near): Ack
Will: broke it? >_>
Near curses as her arrow breaks.
mkb: The gears make some fairly nasty grinding noises, and the arrow breaks, its head being caught in. The ticking spins up for a moment, then stops -- it looks like the head caught in something.
mkb: The problem is that now you have no idea how you did it, or how to get it unstuck if you need to.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Or if it'll eventually unstick itself.
Near: "...Well, at least it's stuck for now.."
Will: Will nods.
Near: She takes a few calming breaths, then tries again, to make sure it'll STAY stopped.
Will: "Now that it's stuck, the question is do we want to keep it fouled, or do we want to be able to set it off...
??? (Near): Taking 20 if I can :O
Will: "If we want to keep it fouled we can probably fill the gear box up with gravel. You use that a lot on mechanisms in a siege..."
Near: "Ah, that might work then."
Kittymew (Will): good ol throw rocks at it
mkb: There's definitely gravel in here, if nothing else from the small rockslide.
mkb: A pair of malevolent red eyes pop up from the elevator shaft, looking around and catching the light of your light sticks.
Near: Scent [1d20-2 = 7]
mkb: It's a very smelly goblin, as in smellier than usual.
??? (Near): ...I am not rolling well today..
mkb (mkb): says the person who got a natural 20 on DEFUSING A BOMB
Will: LOL
Will: srsly
??? (Near): And not a single of my other rolls was above 10 :V
Kittymew (Will): your luck got used up SAVING US ALL
??? (Near): ;_;
Will: Will calls out to Near. "Incoming!"
Campaign saved.
Near smacks the ground, HARD, to focus herself. Her skin flashes steely gray for a brief instant.
Near: She calls out, in goblin.
Near: Who's there?! Speak or die!
mkb: The very diminutive goblin that you met earlier comes out, doing a pretty impressive jump over the ledge. "Eeeep!"
Kittymew (Will): okay so we just killed Gollum?
??? (Near): ...oops.
mkb: The little guy looks very, very scared at basically having landed in front of Near's sword. "It's us!"
Near: "Ah. I'm a bit on edge..."
mkb: "We wait like you say! Dead kobolds get back up, shed skin. We fight bones..... bonk! Then we hide."
Near: "I see... Is the one-eyed one still alive?"
Will: "Is everyone alright?" Will asks, looking over the goblin for signs of injury.
Campaign saved.
mkb: This guy looks like he's been in a scrap, but is otherwise okay -- worryingly, there's some phosphorescent dust on the edge of one of his wounds, a scratch on his shoulder that was too small to bother patching up.
mkb: He nods eagerly. "Green team come up!" Noises below indicate that the other goblins have started climbing up the ropes.
Near: "We'll also need those big ones for help in getting out of here."
Will: Will tries to Lay on Hands the wound and remove the green dust with a gloved hand. "Stay still, let me heal that...that dust is dangerous."
Near: And I'm sure I told them to go on ahead, actually ._. oh well.
Near waits for the other goblins to come up, as she tries to calm her heart.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The small goblin squirms a little under Will's touch, but does so; the small wound closes, and the dust can be sweeped off. The creatures looks up at Will with curiosity, trying to remember some words probably, as the rest of the team comes up.
mkb: They're all in decent shape, but fresh bandages indicate that they have been in a fight; the engineer seems to have lost most of its gear except for her helmet.
Near: Near remembers something. "Think Katsu might've survived...?"
Will: Will looks at the team, mostly the demoman and engineer. "Can you stop that bomb? Near, and everyone else, help me dig us out of here."
mkb: There's a groan from under the rockslide... the goblins cluster around Will, minus the engineer who starts looking at the cart. The one-eyed goblin taes a glance and shrugs, then joins the others.
Campaign saved.
Near: She nods , and trots back to the rockslide.
Near: Dig dig dig [1d20+3 = 18]
??? (Near): STR check :V
mkb: Ten people can dig a lot faster than two -- it's mostly a matter of taking rock chunks and moving them just out of the way. In a few minutes, you end up with a passage and a couple very large fragments of granite over Katsu's upper body. One of his feet is twitching.
Will: Can we lift those rocks so I can see if there's enough left to heal?
Near: Near asks Will, "Lift or cut away the rocks?"
Will: "We don't want to harm Katsu's body...if he's still alive. But we still have those treacherous dwarves to deal with. Help me lift these, quickly!" Will calls out to the goblins.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near moves the rocks as best she can, makeing sure to not step on any bodyparts sticking out.
mkb: There isn't a lot of room, so only the two strongest goblins -- the one with the missing eye and the large one with no ears and a large crossbow -- help Will. (str chec?)
??? (Near): Damned, Dirty, Double-crossing, Distasteful, Dorfs >:E
Near: Str bonus [1d20+3 = 8]
??? (Near): ....
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 21]
Kittymew (Will): HURRRRGH!!!
??? (Near): Near seems a little tired ._.
mkb: You do a masterful job of removing the largest piece of rock without causing collateral damage.... which is just as well, because as you do, Katsu gets up and attacks you. Half his heas has been crushed to a pulp.
mkb: *head
??? (Near): o_o;
Kittymew (Will): Wonderful. Zombie Katsu.
Near: Initiative [1d20+1 = 21]
??? (Near): .........
Will: Initiative [1d20 = 13]
Campaign saved.
Near: Caught a little by surprise, Near's instincts kick in first.
Near: Her leg flies up, and she brings it down into the zombie-Katsu's stomach
Near: Melee attack [1d20+7 = 12]
??? (Near): >_<
??? (Near): Hit or not? :/
mkb: Near's kick hits, pushing the zombie away from the path of Will should he have chosen to just drop the rock on the creature again. Slammed against the side of the doorway, Katsu's reanimated corpse changes target.
mkb (mkb): roll for damage
Near: And is a leg 1d4 or 1d6 damage? ._.
mkb (mkb): iunno?
Will: Unarmed is always 1d3
Will: and subdual unless it's armoured
Will: (ie nothing to undead)
??? (Near): Awwwww
??? (Near): See why I want unarmed attack >_<
Near: Str bonus [1d6+3 = 5]
??? (Near): So 4? ._.
Campaign saved.
Will: get snap kick instead, it works better for the way you use it
??? (Near): You need unarmed for that, though? :V
Kittymew (Will): much higher reqs tho
Kittymew (Will): do you?
??? (Near): Ya.
Kittymew (Will): oh
Kittymew (Will): hmm..back to fight lol
Near: Near also leaps back to get away, before she realizes anything.
Near: Jump [1d20+13 = 18]
??? (Near): Hooray Sudden leap :V
??? (Near): So Near is now... I think 10 or 20 feet away, towards the exit.
Will: Will WAS going to drop the rock on the damned thing again, but as it lurches back aind aims its charge at Near, he gets another idea, and steps to one side, readying himself...[I ready an action, respond to charge by throwing big rock]
??? (Near): Ah, so 15 feet, checking the entry.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The one-eyed goblin gets out of the way, not having been ready to fight at close quarters; the larger goblin simply steps back and arms his crossbow. Katsu's corpse, unseeing, stumbles towards Near.
-> Will: You see around Katsu's body the well-known aura of a magically reanimated zombie. That, and half his brain isn't there.
Kittymew (Will): Smashy tiem?
??? (Near): If he moves into my threatrange, is that an AoO, or is it moving out of threat?
Will: Moving out.
??? (Near): Ah, okies.
Will: I just realized my readied action is mostly pointless as he'll provoke an AOO anyway...I guess then if the rock misses I can make a trip or bash attempt
Kittymew (Will): whatever, I wasn't thinking D&D combat
mkb: All the creature is doing is stumbling, slowly, towards its last attacker, Near.
Kittymew (Will): well, does it stumble past me, or into my threat range so my readied attack can at least go off? :P
Campaign saved.
Near: Near has her bearings again, and moves further away seeing the actions the corpse is taking. She pulls out a flail from her pack. It glows slightly as the zombie advances toward her.
Near: Moving back 30 feet and drawing weapon from haversack. My turn's over.
Will: Okay, since it didn't trigger the readied version of it, let's just actively step up and SMASH ZOMBIE WITH ROCK.
Will: O_o
Kittymew (Will): FG just locked up my dice, rolled a 14
Kittymew (Will): with +6 attack bonus
??? (Near): Oh and forgot, Near changed stances to punishing. Dunno if I can do that now, but :V
mkb: Will opts for the simple solution, and throws the rock at the zombie -- coming slightly short, the heavy rock hits the thing's legs, breaking them both. The goblins get the idea, and within a minute Katsu's corpse is buried under rock again, this time in a spot where it won't impede your escape.
mkb (mkb): Guys, it's ONE ZOMBIE, don't have to think about it too hard ;)
Kittymew (Will): well, I wasn't thinking about it hard, it's how I would've dealt with it: wait for it to charge Near, splat it into wall w/huge rock
Campaign saved.
??? (Near): I know, but it's the zombie of a martial arts master :E
Kittymew (Will): still a zombie
??? (Near): And I'm going to SMASH it, I just needed the right weapon..
Kittymew (Will): the brain with the kung-fu in it is in the head that is smooshy
mkb (mkb): so? 's just a zombie. maybe if whoever reanimated it had spent sme effort into generating a higher level of undad it'd have mattered
mkb (mkb): the question is who reainimated it? this wasn't a plague zombie.
Kittymew (Will): Indeed.
??? (Near): Yeah..
Will: Will turns back to the engi and the demoman. "Can you get that bomb working?"
mkb: The engineer has been out of the fight and proudly shows the results of his tinkering -- there's a piece of rope coming out of the timer box now. He mimics yanking it and exploding.
mkb: You'll either need a long rope and a couple of pulleys, or one goblin to stay behind and detonate this...
??? (Near): Ah..
??? (Near): ...damn, I forgot to buy rope.
mkb (mkb): Now that's something people say a lot in d&d games. :)
Will: My rope's in my saddlebags.
??? (Near): Go out and get it? :O
Will: "Of course, the dwarves have my saddlebags, assuming Hextor hasn't amused himself by cutting them down."
Will: "So what say we pay those traitors a visit first? CHARGE!"
Near: "Hmm, I'm out of rope.." Near says queitly to herself.
Will: Will goes thundering out of the mine, hell-bent for blood.
Near: "Yes!" near turns and runs the rest of the way out, leaping every 50 feet or so.
mkb: The goblins look at Will, then Near, then start bickering amongst themselves as to whhat to do. Eventually, they follow.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): It took goblins that long to think "Kill the stunties" is a good idea?
mkb: Getting out of the mine takes just a few minutes.... what you see outside is the dwarf caravan, with two of the dwarfs chained to the backup explosives cart -- it's the engineer and one of his assistants.
??? (Near): 100 feet every two rounds :D
??? (Near): No wait.. 120 feet every two rounds :O
mkb: The bright light outside blinds you for a moment, but that's the scene you come to -- the goblins are still behind you, and the dwarfs haven't seen them yet. Hextor is standing besides the cart, keeping an eye on the two prisoners.
Near: Where are the rest of the dorfs? or is that all of them?
??? (Near): Kjak ,a; SSI
??? (Near): That was OOC
Kittymew (Will): Wait...what prisoners?
mkb (mkb): Looks like it's about all of them, from a glance.
mkb (mkb): They've chained up two of the three dwarfs that came down with you.
Will: "Hextor!" Will calls out, glad to see him alright. "It was a trap, those blasted dwarves set us up. We need enough rope or a fuse to rig that bomb," he says, starting to rummage through his saddle bags for the large coil of rope he keeps along.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "No argument there, friend" the northman rumbles, poking the engineer with the butt of his spear. "I recommended to send them down with the bomb, but there's to be a trial instead..."
mkb: The other dwarfs have the decency of looking embarassed.
mkb: The goblins are still running behind you; even the small one hasn't caught up yet.
Near: Near looks around, her expression masked to show nothing.
Will: "You know you may have brought the wrath of the Grand Duchy upon you, traitor," he says to the caravan leader, in a stern voice.
Near: "There's definately something to pay for our dead companion, at the very least."
Will: "Near, worry not. They will be brought home and I will hang them all myself."
Will: "In fact...wait..." Will turns to the goblins. "What is your way? This is your land."
Kittymew (Will): Lawful just bit them in the ass.
Near: I think it was the three that went down with us alone..
??? (Near): ...OOC
mkb: The chief engineer shouts out when the goblins show up, "I told you we were ambushed!"
Campaign saved.
Near: "Ambushed? By my subordinates?"
mkb: The dwarf that went with you, but hasn't been chained, shouts something back in dwarven -- a rough tranlation would be "You're full of shit, much as I hate the idea, these are friendlies"
mkb: The caravan leader steps up to Will and looks up at him with a grave expression. "This is a military operation. There will be a court martial. You of course are welcome to attend it."
Near: Near nods in approval.
Near: She's put away her flail and blade, and stands, waiting for Will's course of action.
mkb: The goblins behind Near had assumed a combat stance, mostly out of reflex; the dwarves are wise enough to not repond in kind.
Near: Near tells them to stand down.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): poke will?
Will: Will looks to the goblins, and again at the dwarves. "These goblins did not ambush you, as they were below us when the cavern caved in. Nothing moves fast enough to have ambushed you, collapsed the tunnel, and met us from below."
Will: "As for a military operation, I think not. As of this moment you are prisoners of my house. If I have my way you will be prisoners of war."
Will: "The Grand Duke decides your fate."
Near: Near cocks an eyebrow at Will. She's thought that the dwarves that attempted to kill them did it on their own entiruly.
mkb: The chained-up engineer just snarls at Will, but doesn't contest it. The caravan leader was about to explain further, but takes a step back insteaad. "Sir William, leaving aside the issue of enforcement -- that is unacceptable! We will complete our mission and notify you of the date of the trial of these three. The Board may even let you carry out the sentence if you so choose. But that is all we can give."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will turns to Hextor. "Are you completely certain only these curs were responsible? COMPLETELY certain?"
Near: "If I may say something, " She makes a face, and her voice makes it obvious she doesn't mean it, "I think it's just these three. It doesn't seem like this had been planned at all."
??? (Near): That didn't come out right :V Near's just showing respect, just sarcastically. Bleh.
mkb: Hextor explains to you what he saw -- the three dwarves ran out, one of them shouting treason and denouncing the other two; he grabbed the engineer, his asistants were restrained by the other dwarves, and all three were given a chancce to speak. After you two didn't reemerge in a few minutes, the snitch's version of the story was believed -- all three were placed under arrest but he wasn't physically chained.
mkb: Hextor had to be talked out of going down there and digging you out by the fact that nobody knew how the bomb was actually rigged, since the three engineers' version was flat out judged unreliable by the caravan leader.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Interesting...I've not a clue if I should believe this or not. We will hold them until the next day, where we will have a field trial. Hextor, may Odin grant you the power to see through lies on the morrow."
Kittymew (Will): I just remembered, though _I_ gave up Discern Lies for martial maneouvres, HE can still cast it!
mkb: "I'd ordinarily believe the word of a dwarf, but these..." Hextor's hand gesture sweeps over the entire caravan, displaying his contempt.
Kittymew (Will): So we hold him until the cleric can prep discern lies. :P
Will: "Hence why we need you to see the truth in this matter."
mkb: The caravan master interjects. "Is it prudent to wait here for a full day? Whatever dark presence exists in the mine is still here. Shouldn't we collapse it now?"
Near: "A field trial is best. It concerns more than just dwarves, this was an action against two human nobles, so our laws apply." She says this more to herself.
Near: "It need not be here. We can hold it near the goblin's village," She pauses, "Though it is up to Sir William."
mkb: The caravan leader step on a rock, so he's almost eye to eye with Near. "This happened inside the mine, which is Ironforge territory. You have no jurisdiction to make that claim. And again, I am leaving out the issue of enforcement out of respect for you as the victims of this action" he adds.
Will: Will turns to Near, and whispers to her. "So you revealed yourself..." before staing "It need not be here, and we need not leave the mine unattended." Will hands the huge coil of rope to the demolitions goblin, and looks around the caravan until he finds some more.
Will: "But I will not send you lot of spies and backstabbers home to your medals. If you are telling the truth, this mission will proceed as planned. Otherwise, I have a dozen able bodies without relying on traitors."
Campaign saved.
Near: Near shrugs. Then goes to find Katsu's stuff, should it be laying around.
mkb: Rope was part of the relief supplies, and a fraction of it is used to set up a trigger. The arguments that ensue between the goblin technicians and the backup set of dwarf engineers soon turn into simple bickerings between techies, with no political undertones -- two dwarfs and two goblins go down the tunnel with pulleys and ropes.
mkb: The caravan leader calls Will to the side. "I think we need to find a solution that doesn't break our schedule."
??? (Near): Screw Schedules :V
Will: "I have less concern for our schedule and more for finding a knife in my back. I have said what will be done. Near, arrest this lot."
mkb: The chained-up engineers calls Near as she looks at Katsu's field kit, still on one of the cart. "You! Greenskin lover! Why let anything tainted out of that mine? Those illiterates, even you and your master -- we wanted to protect the land!"
mkb: The caravan leader hisses at Will. "Sir William - I wouldn't. There's three of you and twenty of us. You are in the legal right, why jeopardise that?"
Near: Near grins, "Dwarves, In my experience, have never done anything to protect the land. And goblins do appear smarter than you lot. They would have killed us before running."
Campaign saved.
??? (Near): Grr, phone.
??? (Near): brb
Will: "I am in the legal right to arrest you, as well, as what you have done is an act of war. If you are telling the truth, there will be little difficulty for you anyhow, worry not. Besides...there are twelve of us, all of us professional soldiers, better trained, and better armed, and two of yours are already chained. I as an officer would not take that risk in battle, would you?"
mkb: "I as an entrepreneur would not take the political risk of denying myself, and your people, the opportunity to trade with greenskins on equal footing for possibly the first time. The Board would hate it, they couldn't do anything about it, and us smaller contractors stand to improve our position greatly. If you escalate this it'll just be another little war."
mkb: The caravan leader is whispering to Will now.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You want justice? Fine. Slay those two, or kick them in the same trap they set up for you for all I care."
Will: Will nods to the caravan leader. "For politics' sake you're right, but please...give us one day to sort this out! Hextor is a priest of Odin, he can discern lies and sort this out after his morning prayer!" he whispers back.
??? (Near): Back..
mkb: "If you agree with me that this is a political matter, you will see why that might be... inexpedient."
Near: Near goes to herd the dorfs into a more controllable group.
??? (Near): Putting them closer together where they can all be seen at the same time.
mkb: The dwarfs seem to be cooperative, although they make a point of basically pretending the goblins aren't there. The few gnomes in the caravan go along with this.
Will: "What's one day, when word back takes two, and word to the grand duke takes a week?" Will whispers back.
Will: "This day is almost out anyhow."
mkb: "One more day in the open at the mercy of a necromancer. According to your own report, Sir William."
mkb: "We should blast the mine now, and if you want these two in it when it collapses, so be it."
mkb: "But it is my best and last offer."
Campaign saved.
mkb: When the technicians return from the mine hole, rope in tow, Near and the other goblins have basically herded the caravan members against a rock, with the carts on the path and the two prisonrs still chained to the backup bomb a little ways away.
Will: Will turns to the demoman. "Blow it."
Campaign saved.
mkb: There's a huge grin, a little bit of scurrying about, a warning from the prisoner to not look directly at the mine entrance unless you want a faceful of pebbles and granite dust, and a yank.
Will: Will drops his helmet visor and watches the blast.
Near: Near makes sure the dorfs are between her and the blast.
Kittymew (Will): lol
mkb: There is no boom. Rather, you see the top of the hill over the mine push up then cave in like a badly made souffle.... then, a second later, you do get a boom. And a deep rumble. And the ground moving under you. Another moment later and a shower of rock fragments bounces out of the mine entrance just before it, too, collapses, almost entirely within its own footprint; from a technical standpoint, a beautiful demolition job. You're all covered in granite dust.
Will: Will applauds.
Campaign saved.
mkb: What you didn't expect, once the noise clears, is a sinister howl starting with a bone-rattling pitch but quickly growing higher and fainter until it disappears....
Will: "I hope that means it's dead."
??? (Near): Ohnoes :V
mkb: "That's that for that pit of horrors! Now do what you will with me, but get the greenskins! They must've been fouled." the prisoner retorts.
Will: Will looks at Near. "The dwarf DOES have somewhat of a point that they may be contaminated. All you lot," he says to the goblins, "line up so I can take a look at you, please?"
Near: "Fouled no more than you, wretched one." Near kicks the dorf.
mkb (mkb): Congratulations: You've postponed the zombie plague outbreak until the Uncertainity Lich finds another source of the crystal.
mkb: That generates a reaction from one of the other dwarves. "Who are you to kick a man in chains?"
Near: "One who prefers her prisoners quiet."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will turns to Near. "That was dishonourable. One should FIRST ask a prisoner's silence. THEN kick him if he does not give it."
Near: "..Right, my apologies."
Will: Will then apologizes to the dwarf. "She's young. Please give her a bit of your patience."
Near: Near makes note.
mkb: The caravan leader doesn't seem to much mind. "Shall we move out, or do you insist on field justice, Sir William?"
Will: "Both. We have too much ground to cover to waste time sitting around just so Hextor can rest. He cannot do his duty until dawn anyhow. We move out. Near, keep a close eye on everyone."
Will: Will then lines up the goblins as best he can, and gives them all a thorough inspection.
Will: Heal [1d20+2 = 18]
Near: "Yessir,"
mkb: They look good -- they also look a bit too eager to bully some dwarfs around since they can get away with it, but what do you expect?
Campaign saved.
mkb: The caravan leader gives everybody the appropriate position orders, the two prisoners still chained to the bomb cart -- in such a way that they can't activate it. "Why not just bury them in their own trap?" the caravan leader asks William in confidence as the convoy starts moving.
Will: "Because that's no more just than assuming everyone else innocent," Will explains.
Will: Will then walks up to the dwarfs chained to the cart. "By the way, I just inspected the goblins. There isn't a trace of the crystal dust on them, they're fine. You were right to remind me though."
mkb: "You're a fine knight, but won't make a good lord to your people. And I don't give free advice often." the caravan leader comments, then drops it. The only answer you get from the engineer is a snarl. "This is bigger than you! Maybe even bigger than both of us."
mkb: By sunset, the path has meandered into thick woods. "We don't know how to proceed further; either the goblins take our gear from here, or we'll need directions."
Campaign saved.
Will: "We should make camp at the edge of the wood. Better to camp here than in it."
Will: "Hextor and the dwarves sleep the night. Near, and these four [scout, sniper, soldier, pyro] take first watch, the rest of us will take the second."
mkb: As the dwarfs and gnomes make camp, not quite managing to circle their wagons as there's little room to do so, the goblins -- who had been keeping to themselves after discovering that the caravan is giving them a major cold shoulder -- troop in front of the three of you. Hextor, just in case, has decided to retire early so that he may spend the time right after dawn in meditation.
mkb: The smallest goblin seems twitchier than usual. "They leave stuff here? yes?"
Near: Near nods, and goes to take watch. Diricting the goblins to look outward, asshe looks over the dorfs.
Will: Will nods. "That was my plan, yes," he says. "The trial tomorrow determines who we might trust to bring along as a trade liason."
Near: "If there's complaints, direct them to the guilty party. It's entirely their fault we're doing this."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will then pulls Near aside a moment.
Near: "...Yes?"
Will: "You did well today."
Near: "Thank you." Her expression is blank.
Will: "I was right when I told myself you had the makings of a good soldier in you, keep it up. You're not the only one who learns from our companionship, you know?"
Will: Will then demonstrates, by rasing his fist high over his head, and SMASHING it into the ground. His body shimmers with a golden light for a moment, then fades.
Will: "I appreciate the inspiration for that."
Near: "You're quite welcome." She nods. She seems happy now.
mkb: The goblins consult with each other to figure out what the hell Will said. "No dwarfs in our camp. We set up a tradepost, here, later."
Will: Will nods. "Fair."
Campaign saved.
Will will take it to the caravan leader in the morning.
Will: For now, he pitches his tent among the goblins.
mkb: At Will's word, the small goblin grabs a chunk of meat that'd been roasting and runs off into the woods -- you can't really go after the nimble creature, but you could try to call him.
Will: Will turns to the other goblins. "This is what he does, yes?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: After some nodding, the greenskins set to make their own little campfire, respecting Will's sentry orders.
mkb: The backup dwarf engineers have started dismantling the spare bomb, as they obviously have no desire to include that in the relief supplies; the caravan leader makes sure the goblins are swatted away when trying to look at it. The prisoners remain chained to the cart's shell.
??? (Near): Hee hee
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): hey guys, i need to go to rat shack before they close... any comments/feedback?
Kittymew (Will): Great session.
Near: yeah
Kittymew (Will): One of the best.
??? (Near): Really fun :D
Will: This or #1 for best session
??? (Near): *nod*
??? (Near): I kinda wish Katsu didn't die, but oh well :V
mkb: ooc thankies!
mkb (mkb): I always wanted to do "rocks fall, xxx dies" :p
??? (Near): Ah :o
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): not a fan of dmpc's, and that actually made some sense.
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, that was awesome.
??? (Near): ... I can't type z's at the start for some reason.. but Zombie part was kinda fun.
mkb (mkb): Sorry for the not large amount of fighting
mkb (mkb): but I was half expecting one of you to say fuck it let's kill the dwarfs
Kittymew (Will): That may or may not still happen :P
??? (Near): Yep :D
Kittymew (Will): Anyway, go ratshack before it closes!
Kittymew (Will): You can talk to us again when you get back
??? (Near): Ya, don't wanna keep ya :E
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): ciao, hope you liked!

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Hextor: weeeeeeeeeeee
Will: Rawr
Hextor: it works
Noir (Near): Yay!
Will: indeed
Noir (Near): Hey, does Hextor have Sending? :O
mkb: does he?
Hextor: nope
'Kittymew' disconnected
Hextor: just had to double check it
Noir (Near): Ah. Darn. Oh well. Most likely won't get backup from da mongols then ._.
'Kittymew' connected
Near: *shrug*
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Campaign saved.
mkb: awright...
Will: Back
mkb: someone explain to hextor what happened ^_^;
Hextor: mongols?
Hextor: haha
Hextor: haha
Noir (Near): Near is a mongol :3
Hextor: that would explain a lot
mkb: srsly
Hextor: I'm just remebering the mogol invasion campaign I actually was running when I did run a mystara game
Near: Wierd. lag. Anyway, Dorfs tried to kill us. They succeeded in killing Katsu, but we managed to keep the bomb from taking us out.
Noir (Near): :o
Near: Will's asked Hextor to prep up some truthiniess spells in the 'morn. and we're having these guys on trial :3
Noir (Near): Near and 4 of the TF2 gobbies are watchin' camp atm. As it's night times.
Hextor: hmm...well as I said to riley earlier, viking law was a bit piratical...but since we don't have a plank or and ocean to throw them over into I'll go with that
mkb: hahaha
Kittymew (Will): also, if I'm dumb and they changed discern lies to a higher level spell, just ritual-cast it or something, it's kinda storyline important now >_>
Hextor: ah
Kittymew (Will): we can afford the time for the ritual in this case
mkb: The goblin scout had gone off, and the night passes without incident.... Who's on guard around 3AM?
Kittymew (Will): Me
Campaign saved.
Will: with...Heavy, Medic, Spy, Demoman, and Engineer
Noir (Near): CLR4, pal3. for Discern Lies.
Noir (Near): 1 round/level, concentration required.
Hextor: too high for me, but I guess we could use say I used COmmand to make him tell the truth for a little bit
Hextor: or just threatened with the pointy stick
Noir (Near): ...
Noir (Near): .Zone of truth clr 2
Noir (Near): Use that.
mkb: If it's a mind-affecting spell, the placebo effect works sometimes, ya know.
mkb: Being that everyone believes in magic coz it works.
Noir (Near): 1min/level.
Noir (Near): And it's a 20ft radius :3
Noir (Near): The CAN'T speak lies in the area :3
Hextor: works for me
mkb: There's a little bit of noise within the camp, not enough to wake anyone up, but somebody alert might catch it...
Noir (Near): Unless they make their willsave, and I don't think these guys can do it :V
Kittymew (Will): Oh hey, zone of truth works
Hextor: listen check [1d20+1 = 19]
Kittymew (Will): Yer snoozin
Noir (Near): Yer asleep :E
Hextor: oh
Will: Listen [1d20+3 = 11]
Hextor: well in that case I'm just sleep hearing a great dream
Campaign saved.
mkb: It's not easy to hear furtive things past a bunch of dwarfs snoring... there might be something going on inside or just outside the camp though
Will: I order the spy on patrol, tell the others to be on alert, and follow at a good distance behind spy.
someguy (Hextor): waking up the sleeping viking I hope
Noir (Near): Near sleeps.
Near: listen check [19]
Noir (Near): o_O;
Noir (Near): Wierd lag.
Hextor: yar
Kittymew (Will): No, let him sleep lol, he needs to cast tomorrow :P
Kittymew (Will): laaaaag
mkb: The dark-skinned goblin is surprisingly good at blending in with shadows, and Will has a few problems following him -- he does stop, and signal you to stop, at the dismantled demolition charge; the dwarf that was arrested but not chained is talking with the other two prisoners.
Will stops dead still.
Campaign saved.
mkb: miu?
'someguy' disconnected
Noir (Near): He isn't in his armour, is he? :o
'Kittymew' disconnected
'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Will: eeeep
Noir (Near): Lag is being wierd..
Will: ya
mkb: sirry
mkb: who is in armor?
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Will: o/
Noir (Near): Will isn't? :V
Hextor: hmm
Will: ya
Will: but I keep lagging out anyway
someguy (Hextor): dunno why that happend
mkb (mkb): no idea
Noir (Near): Internet storm.
Noir (Near): Seems fine atm..
Will: I'm keeping pretty well back though
mkb: They're whispering, and don't seem to have seen you or the other goblin. You ARE in armor since you had guard, so watch your step if you want to get close enough to hear...
Will stays put and waits for the spy's report.
Hextor: hextor snores on
Campaign saved.
mkb: The spy gets around the dismantled bomb cart, and crouches on the other side of it, listening. They seem to be a lot less angry at each other than they were in the morning.
mkb: Eventually, they stop talking and the spy retreats.
mkb: "Thick dialect, very fast... something about don't do that yet, stupid, face consequences. They all want to find out where we're going to live for sure."
Will: "I had a feeling they were plotting more than that. It might be a long night for us, friend; keep a very close eye on them. I'll be back at camp - I shouldn't get in your way."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The goblin spy disappears from your sight in seconds; you see him next somewhat past dawn, curled up under one of the carts and either sleeping or pretending to sleep. The sunlight wakes everyone up, minus two or three people who have to be poked into getting up.
Kittymew (Will): We may need more than four minutes of Discern Lies, and I doubt we'll need your high-level spells today, Hex; load up on zone of truth
Near: Near awakens quickly, her mind awake before her body.
Hextor: Hextor wakes with the sun and is a wee bit fuzzy this morning
Hextor: muttering something about sea serpents and ill winds he shuffles out of his bed roll and into his armour, still cool from he nights chill
Near takes to practicing her manouvres and techinques as part of her normal morning routine. She does, however, keep an eye on the dorfs.
someguy (Hextor): cold armour...much worse then a cold shower
mkb: The caravan doesn't get back into marching order -- a broth is prepared as breakfast, and the caravan drivers seem to be taking it generally slowly. The caravan master cleans himself up and reports to you with a bit too much eagerness. "What would you have us do, Sir William?"
Campaign saved.
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'someguy' connected
Noir (Near): o_O;
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
mkb: my bad, router hiccup
Will: Oh, ok
Will: Anyway...
Will: Will stands guard by the dwarves, waiting for Near, Hextor, and the goblins to assemble so we can deal with this. "Hextor...are you prepared?"
mkb: The caravan doesn't get bac into marching order -- a broth is prepred as brekfast, and the caravan drivers seem to be taking it generally slowly today. The caravan master, haivng cleaned himself up, reports to you a little too eagerl perhaps. "What would you have us do, Sir William? We can move on, or leave our equipment here for the goblins to take... in this case however, you take responsibility for the delivery."
Hextor: " I do believe so, the wyrd sisters them selves won't be able to spin truth on it's head once this is set"
Campaign saved.
Will: "First, we will sort out this matter of treason, but the goblins have spoken firmly that they will take the gear ahead themselves. I hope that is satisfactory?"
mkb: "It is to me; if you could sign this." Ignoring your first sentence, the caravan driver produces a page of writing -- on actual parchment this time -- that declares the delivery complete.
Kittymew (Will): Will looks it over, to find out exactly what would return with the caravan team, and what would be kept to help move the supplies further into the forest.
Will: er, not ooc
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): testing
mkb: how
Hextor: hmm
mkb: The caravan team would return with their escort mules, and pile themselves on the cart that has the supplies for the caravan itself (they had packed for about a week worth of food and water); this fits the agreement.
Kittymew (Will): oh, thought we lagged out, sry
Will: Will signs it, and then turns to the matter at hand.
Campaign saved.
Will: "You dwarves stand accused of the crime of treason, of committing an act of war against the Duchy of Karameikos and Izwald, an attempt at eleven murders, and the completion of one. How do you all plead?"
Will: "I apologize to the gnomes among you. You all."
mkb: The caravan driver stares at Will. "If that's the way you want it, Sir William.... We plead subornation of false muster."
Will: "I was placed in command of this expedition by your superiors. I WILL conduct this trial."
Near shrugs.
mkb: "The proper trial will happen in its proper forum with the proper defendants! As I said, I am sure my superiors will not object to you attending and will likely seek your help with the sentening. The middle of a forest is not a proper forum."
mkb: The caravan driver seems more aggressive about it than he was yesterday.
Near: "To you maybe." Near snorts.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Hmm. Perhaps thou doth protest too much. Hextor, the spell please."
mkb: "What spel?"
Kittymew (Will): Zone of Truth?
Noir (Near): The zone of the truth telling.
Hextor: "As you wish...but I think I'm going to stay quiet for a bit after this" and with that hextor starts to mutter to himself chanting in norse
someguy (Hextor): zone of truth
Will: "Merely a legal proceeding where _we_ come from."
Hextor: with a final thrust of his arms the spell is complete, leaving a mild tingle in the general area
mkb: The caravan master replies icily, "I trust that you will not use this to extort any trade secrets from us. As a gesture of diplomatic goodwill, we shall cooperate."
Will: "Of course not! I would never do such a thing, on my oaths as a knight!"
Will: "I stand within the Zone of Truth as well, so you know I am not lying to you. Now, I want each of you to state your involvement in the plot to assassinate us. Silence will be intepreted as no involvement."
Kittymew (Will): [the silence bit keeps them from just shutting their mouths in a ZoT, classic trick]
someguy (Hextor): will save nengates for any one btw
mkb: Four dwarfs drag the two prisoners in front of the three of you by means of bringing in the metal plate they were secured to; everyone else other than the caravan master stands back. Notably, the third dwarf that was arrested is also standing back with his comrades.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The engineer begins. "I trapped you under a half ton of granite, ye daft human! Should've done a better job than that in the first place!"
mkb: The assistant adds, "Or ran you through before lighting the charge."
mkb: In a pacate tone of voice, the caravan master answers after clearing his throat, "I have no involvement in this. I also protest the notion that there was a plot in the first place!"
Hextor: Hextor starts to get bored with not talking (and or yelling at things) and just starts to humm tunelessley
Kittymew (Will): Sense Motive to determine if the caravan master saved.
Will: Sense Motive [1d20+13 = 31]
Kittymew (Will): Also, if he's lying >_>
Near: "So why did this occur? Might I ask you, the ones who decided to seal us in?"
Will: "Wait, Near, for the others to finish."
Kittymew (Will): [just enumerate the rest I guess]
mkb: The caravan master is angry, isn't lying about it, and will definitely remember this in future negotiations; he honestly had no idea. That of carrying two charges is standard practice as this particular method of mine collapse works about two times out of three.
Near: "..Okay.."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Because it had to be done! It's our duty! My family has protected us from horrors crawling from mine bottoms for longer than your family has stood upright on this earth!" protests the engineer's assistant.
Will: "As for the rest of you?" Will looks over the group to see if any are holding their tongues against the spell's power, or are innocent.
Near snorts at the dorf's comment.
Kittymew (Will): [take 10 Sense Motive for 23]
mkb: The third dwarf gives you the impression that he REALLY needs to go to the bathroom...
Kittymew (Will): This is on _everyone_ still, you know...
Kittymew (Will): No one else responds?
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor starts to wander over to the rather constipated looking dwarf, using his spear as a walking stick and just starts to orbit around him
Hextor: still humming way out of tune
mkb (mkb): Nope
mkb: The third dwarf shouts. "This is unnatural!" To everyone's surprise, he attacks the goblins, who had been mostly standing behind Near.
Will: "Would those involved in the attempt please state whether anyone not currently present was involved?"
Kittymew (Will): LOL Near AOO
Kittymew (Will): Grapple plox.
Noir (Near): >:3
Near: Melee attack [1d20+7 = 22]
Noir (Near): Grapple :D
Near: Near reaches to grab the dorf in a head or shoulder lock, whichever she can best do.
mkb: Near slams the third dwarf in the face with her mechnaical arm, then grabs him -- even so, there's a good thirty seconds of confusion. The caravan master shouts at everyone to calm down, and hands Will a piece of rope. "So much for not restraining him as well."
Will: "Indeed. Thank you. Near?"
Will: "Now then, my question, for you three? The rest of you are free to go."
Near: "Restraining, restraining." She sings, holding the dorf in a headlock she directs the gobbies best suited to tie up the dorf.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Alll three try to answer, bt the one that Near overpowered is the loudest. "All of us! All dwarfkind! Trade with greenskins? This is blasphemy! This is madness! They're as tainted as those undead horrors you faced! What if you two die, or I? There can never be peace between us as long as the sun moves in the sky!"
mkb (mkb): eep, 300 quote just happened O_O
Hextor: Hextor looks like he's about to reach over and smack the little bugger
Will: "Blasphemy? Madness? THIS IS PROGRESS!" Will shouts loudly, as he kicks the bastard to the ground.
Noir (Near): Near's still holding him D:
mkb: Everyone facepalms.
mkb: (no, not really)
Hextor: hextor actually smiles at will's violent's
Will: Will looks around and apologizes. "I'm sorry, I lost my composure there. I hope you understand what I mean, though. Trade between our peoples would be a great work of man, dwarf, gnome, and goblinkind. I hope we can put this act of violence behind us, and reconcile our differences. I apologize for accusing you all, but I truly had no way of knowing until now that you were innocent. I hereby find these three knaves guilty of the crime of murder. Now then, you three - state any further accomplices, while you are still compelled. Silence will be taken as no others are involved."
Near lets go of the dorf and moves out of the way as Will kicks him.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We will not leave these three in the custody of goblins, Sir William, but at this point, I think they've forfeit their own lives. Trying to escalate a conflict is never in the best interest of any solier. We will do what you ask of them" the caravan master interjects. The engineer, obviously fighting himself, snarls something in thick dialect. "We take the punishment for our failure... Our leader is not..."
mkb: The engineer's words end in a gurgle of blood -- he bit his own tongue off.
Near: "...Huh." prods the corpse with a stick, and waits to see if zombification happens.
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
mkb: (he's not dead, just bleeding a lot)
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: Two of the caravanmen, a dwarf and a gnome, immediately start administering first aid.
Will: Will turns to the next. "Speak. Who is your leader?"
mkb: The other chainer prisoner snarls, and points at the engineer. "Ironforge is making a mockery of our traditions!"
Will: "I have no desire to keep these three once this is over. I now trust you to deal with them yourselves, but I require more from them."
Will: Will silently agrees with that part. "Who is your leader, and silence will be marked as though you are he!"
mkb: (to which of the dwarfs?)
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): [second of the accused]
Kittymew (Will): [the others are free to go now]
Will: "Who is the leader your engineer spoke of?"
mkb: "King Denwarf!"
mkb: A few of the other dwarves groan. "Religious crazies..."
Will: "Who is King Denwarf?"
Near: Knowledge, Nobility [1d20+4 = 7]
Will: Knowledge, Religion [1d20+4 = 14]
Will: Knowledge, Nobility [1d20+4 = 5]
mkb (mkb): King Denwarf is a demigod, the mythical first king of the dwarves. Legend has it that he found his own path to immortality, and still guards the Rockhome dwarves and their traditions.
mkb (mkb): The current King of Rockhome is Everast XIV.
Will: "What mortal dwarf is your leader?"
mkb: The dwarf points at the engineer again -- the guy's not passed out, and is mumbling at you what presumably are obscenities.
Hextor: "by oden's beard SPEAK YOU FOOLS" hextor shouts, completely out of the blue
Campaign saved.
mkb: The third dwarf says "We are at war with the goblins.... We have always been at war with the goblins..."
Will: "What mortal dwarf is this engineer's leader?"
Will: "Who told you to kill us, damn it?!"
mkb: The compulsion is obviously putting these two under a lot of mental strain. "Only he knows... Tight chain of command.... He did, damn you!"
Will: Will nods.
mkb (mkb): OMGTRRRISTS
Will: Will speaks now to the caravan leader. "These two underlings are yours."
Will: "This engineer...I need a moment to think. His leader must be found, as he is obviously a danger, especially with the necromancer about. By fighting us, he serves them."
Hextor: Hextor seems deep in though now, considering that these dwarves did pretty much try to kill in the name of there god
mkb: The engineer is unconscious, but won't die. "Doubt you'll get a word outta him again, but he can read and write properly..." one of the gnomes explains.
Campaign saved.
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: getting him to write is unlikey...getting stabbed with the writing tool is far more so
mkb: "Let's go home. I hope the Board won't have too much of our hides." the caravan leader says, not quite sounding like an order.
Will: Will asks Hextor if he has some spell to force him to write the name of his leader.
Will: Will apologizes profusely to the Caravan master for the misunderstanding. He really had know idea who to trust.
Will: Diplomacy [1d20+22 = 31]
Kittymew (Will): I love that giant diplomacy bonus.
Noir (Near): You could ask Near for a +2 aid another :V
Kittymew (Will): As long as I break 30 it doesn't matter :P
Hextor: there is a way, though I'm loathed to use it, we may yet command him to write...though it is not a sure thing
Campaign saved.
Near: Near just watches the goings on with mild bemusement
Will: "Finding this criminal could be of grave importance. We have enough enemies with the necromancer at our throats, to have no need for this business."
Hextor: as you wish, but may the all-father save us if this goes ill
Hextor: Hextor plants his spear in the ground and walks over to the wounded dwarf, head hung low
mkb: The caravan driver seems relieved. "I hope this will not affect future business.... We have a few of these -- as much as I am proud of our traditions, I disapprove of those who would enforce them in this manner. Surely you have similar organizations?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Indeed. I have dealt with them on occasion, and prefer to do so with the point of a sword, honestly."
Will: "Worry not; I hope to open trade negotiations quickly and pleasantly, and I wish you a good journey home. You may take all three of your prisoners, though we have one more thing we would like to attempt on this engineer, in order to find our real villain."
Hextor: reaching down to grab the dwarf by the side of the head hextor starts to mutter in norse once more, a deeper sound that seems to resonate in peoples boot soles
mkb: The head dwarf isn't given the time to assent or dissent, but figures the best thing he can do is stand back. Teh engineer is still unconscious, by the way.
someguy (Hextor): oh
Kittymew (Will): then let's say he healed him back to consciousness _first_? :P
someguy (Hextor): guess I need to wake him up first, this doesn't work if he can't hear me
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): back...little wireless wiff
someguy (Hextor): where were we?
mkb (mkb): eeep
Noir (Near): Stuff occuring :V
mkb: A good shaking causes the dwatf, eyes still bloodshot, to come to.
Hextor: Hextor locks eyes with the shaken dwarf and in a voice not quite of this earth says "You shall write the name of your commander, the one who sent you on this murderious mission"
someguy (Hextor): will save negates
Noir (Near): What's the target? :V
Kittymew (Will): The engineer, duh
someguy (Hextor): up
Hextor: *yup
Noir (Near): I meant will save target..
Campaign saved.
mkb: [1d20 = 18]
mkb: The engineer nods.
Hextor: hextor puts him down and calls for partchment and ink
mkb: The back of the contract is provided -- then on second thought, a scrap of pulp paper is.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): So what do we get?
Near: Balance [1d20+6 = 21]
mkb: The engineer growls, and takes the pen
mkb: a couple of runes are hastily scribbledd on the piece of paper.
Will can't read a word of dwarven, sadly.
Hextor: hextor wipes his hands on his pants as if they were filthy after casting the spell muttering something about loki spawned trickery
Near: Nor can Near. She makes note to try and study the language later, it seems to be useful.
mkb: The caravan master interprets them as "My leader is my paymaster", although the wording can be interpreted as him acting for his personal gain alone.
Campaign saved.
Near: "...that's helpful.."
Will: "We won't get anything out of him. Take him away with you...feel free to try your best yourselves."
Hextor: "you see why I am loathed to use such a thing" hextor says then spits upon the paper
Will: Will nods. "Indeed. So it goes..."
mkb: "We will, this sort of thing is bad for business, frankly." The engineer doesn't oppose further resistance as he's dragged up; all the three dwarves are chained up to one of the carts that the rest of the caravan is leaving with. "What would you have us do, sir William? "
Will: "Honestly, by my laws these three would be executed; the engineer may find himself sent to the wizards to better retrieve the information we need. By your custom, I know not what you should do."
Hextor: "Fish bait pure and simple" hextor says ruefully
Campaign saved.
Near: "Tied to horses and let them run." Near hums.
mkb: "We must have a trial, Sir William. Not the king and not the most vicious murderer is above or below the law for us. As to what will happen... if death is decided, it'll wait for you should you wish to interrogate them again in the reasonably close future."
Will: "Very well. Though the trial should be quick, since you already have their repeated confessions."
mkb: The other members of the caravan are already beginning to pack up their personal effects and get ready to leave.
Will: "We have work to do here," Will says to the goblins and his crew. "Enough of this legality. As was said, it's bad for trade."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor makes a grunt that could be agreement..or just gas....and then heads for his mount
mkb (mkb): can we stop here? brain hurts @_@
Near: Near looks to the horses, and sighs as she remembers her bird back home. That got eaten bo wolves. Depression sets in.
Noir (Near): Sure, I don't mind :o

Chat log started at 5.10.2008 / 07:59:04

Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
'Noir' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Near: I have decided to attempt Selfreplication!
Near: Spellcraft [1d20+2 = 9]
Near: Guess that didn't work...
Campaign saved.
Near: Knowledge, Arcana [1d20+2 = 10]
mkb farts
Near: Stinky .-.
Near covers her nose.
Noir (Near): So where did we leave off? I really don't remember.
Will: o.o
Will: waiting for Kip and Rene.
Near: Ah
Will: The latter of which may turn into a useless lump and not arrive
Near: D:
Near continues trying to at least grow another arm or something.
Campaign saved.
Will: lol
Near: Heal [1d20-2 = 4]
Near finally gives up, and goes off to pout in a corner.
Near: Mind retelling me what happened to refresh my memory?
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Near: ;_;
Near: Blacksmithing [1d20+6 = 11]
Campaign saved.
Near: Of course, afterward I rolla nat 20 not on the thing.
Near: Blacksmithing [1d20+6 = 14]
Near: [1d20 = 8]
Near: [4d20 = 29]
Near: [1d20 = 8]
Near: [1d20 = 6]
Near: [4d20 = 41]
Near: [3d20 = 40]
Campaign saved.
Near: Disguise [1d20+1 = 16]
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Near: [1d20 = 13]
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Near kills everything.
Near: Cleaver, Masterwork [1d20+9 = 19]
'Noir' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Kittymew' disconnected
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

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'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Noir (Near): WAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!!
Will: Wergh.
Near: wogwogwog
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: yo
Hextor: thank you thank you *takes bow*
Near: wog
Near: *dances*
Near: Is Hextor's turn tto recap?
Campaign saved.
Hextor: I was kinda half there for the last game...I don't much know what was going on
Near: Ah.
Will waits for the DM :P
Near: I seem to recall a dorf biting off his own tongue
Near: And we are likely to level today :O
Near: Should we make it to the goblin placethingamabob
Near: camp
mkb: meow1
mkb: yeppers.
mkb: okay, recap anyone?
Near: Stuff other than fighting occured. Near was bored. Dorf bit off tongue
Near: Also, found out they were representing the religious extremist of the first dorf king
Hextor: we interogated some dwarves about some dastardly deeds, through a bit of magic and then...well the cat got his tougne
Near: Dorfs were mad at Will, but he kissed their asses enough that they don't hate him for it. That is, the ones that are religious crazies.
Near: He also sparta'd one
Hextor: well put
mkb: *applauds*
mkb: nice!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Well, what else is going on.... dwarfs are deciding whether to leave you guys or stay until the goblins show up, you can make that call, you have a court date with the dwarfs in a month if you so choose, and the goblin scout went off to look for everyone else.
Near makes it clear she would rather the dorfs leave. She knows the way to the goblin camp, so they don't need to worry. However, she's waiting on Will's orders, and doesn't actually say anything.
mkb: The dwarfs are packing up, mainly by separating the stuff that comes back with them (two small carts, the spare bomb and all of the large mules they were riding) from the rest (everything else). They don't seem to be in a hurry, but move efficiently.
Hextor: Hextor's trying to contain some of his anger at the situaton and has stepped out of the came to 'calm down"
Will discussed in private with the dwarf expedition leader at the end of the last session, stating that we will be continuing on without the caravan from here, and signed a notice of completion.
Noir (Near): Derp.
Campaign saved.
Near sits down and eats from her rations again.
mkb: The goblin platoon you picked up in the mine seems to have disappeared, all of it except for the large guy with no ears, who's loudly eating a sandwich.
someguy (Hextor): anyone want to take a bat to him and steal the sandwich?
Noir (Near): ...Have sandwiches even been invented yet?
someguy (Hextor): bread and meat...not exactly splitting the attom here
Kittymew (Will): Obviously they have, since he's eating one
Noir (Near): Don't underestimate human stupidity.
Near: Near heads over to the heavy-set goblin, and speaks a few lines towards him.
Near: where did the other's go?
Will asks Near where she thinks everyone went
-> near: the scout ran off... the others you don't know either, really.
Near: no, that's what she's asking.
Near: "Maybe to their camp? I wasn't paying attention."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The head dwarf walks up to Will. 'i would like to apologize for the inconvenience on behalf of my superiors, we hope that you feel you've been treated well and compensated fairly other than that."
Near is tempted to ask for a purring maggot.
Hextor: hextors off looking for an open clearing where he can see sky and just lays back looking at clouds
Will: Will nods. "Things have gone well, though I cannot readily forgive the death of one of my men, despite his very brief service to me. I hope the criminals will be punished severely for their deeds, and that we will have better luck with our crews next time."
Near is now sad she couldn't learn some new techniques from a swordsage.
mkb completely forgot katsu died...
Noir (Near): You killed him!
mkb: with remarkably litle effort, the head dwarf climbs on his mule -- which could pass for a horse as far as size is concerned, these creatures are very well bred -- and bellows out an order to leave, double file.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The dwarfs and gnomes move out in good order, escorting the cart with the bomb and the cart that used to contain the first bomb but now holds the chained prisoners.
Near smacks the heavy in the head for ignoring her.
Will: Will looks around. "Well, I guess we wait for our goblin crew to come guess is they've gone ahead to get some haulers?"
Near: "I could go on ahead and ask about it."
Hextor: /action
Hextor: hextor looking at clouds thinks one of them looks like a bunny...or a dragon with big ears
mkb: The large goblin looks up at near with immense annoyance, finishes his sandwich, then stands up at a reasonable facsimile of attention.
Near: Near repeats her earlier question, where did the others go?
Will waits for Near to extract further information.
Near: "...I don't actually think this guy can talk.."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large goblin points exactly opposite to where the scout went, then shrugs.
mkb: (spot check everyone?)
Near: [1d20-2 = 6]
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 4]
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 16]
Near taps her foot in annoyance and debates throwing this guy in the direction he pointed.
mkb: You don't see goblins anywhere -- they really wouldn't show well in the undergrowth -- however, you do see movement to the side of the road in the direction where the supply caravan just disappeared.
Near: Near yells loudly in goblin, mostly out of anger.
Hextor: die 1d20+1 listen for swearing
Near: "Get out where we can see you you ****" Insert several long streams of expleteives.
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 9]
Noir (Near): You know me too well it seems :E
Noir (Near): But I think a nat 1 could hear that.
mkb: xd
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): hahahaha
Kittymew (Will): Is this movement ahead of or behind the caravan?
mkb: a few goblins appear from the bushes, they'd been tailing the dwarves as they leave... one of them, the one who aided Will in listening in to the dwarves earlier, is still not around.
mkb (mkb): behind
Near: "I'm going to have to chain you all together by your ears, aren't I?"
mkb: "We're making sure they leave already!" the goblin with the crossbow pipes up. One of the other adds, "Er... we're also kinda lost. You have a map right?"
Will: Will tells the scout "there's one missing, go fetch him would you?"
Near: "I have the map, but we aren't leaving until you all are here."
Near: Diplomacy [1d20+10 = 22]
Noir (Near): Bleh.
Hextor: calm enough to not want to stab anything with a beard gets off his but and dusts himself off
Campaign saved.
mkb: the scout is still gone.... apparently it knew where to go, left early. Who isn't there is the other small and shifty one. The one who patched up Near's arm shrugs. "Haven't seen him either!"
Will: Diplomacy [22]
Kittymew (Will): o.o why'd it do that?
Kittymew (Will): out of curiosity where'd Near get a +10 diplomacy bonus anyway?
Noir (Near): Stuff.
Noir (Near): Maybe I actually put ranks into it?
mkb (mkb): and can't spell "authoritative" apparently :p
Near shrugs, then sighs. "Guess we'll go on ahead then. I'll lead.." She pulls the map from her havesack without looking.
Noir (Near): I love that *tilde*
mkb (mkb): ya, when did those ranks appear? eh, w/e
Near: With that she does an about-face toward the correct direction, and walks towards it.
Hextor: Hextor starts to wander back to the camp a bit calmer then he left, usinf his spear as a walking stick
Noir (Near): ..I've HAD them since the beginning.
Noir (Near): Well, 1 point at last level..
mkb: The goblins look unsure whether to follow you through the undergrowth or keep an eye on the provisions, but end up mostly following (flanking is a better term) Near.
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): ...I don't think I can be flanked actually...
Will stays around to guard stuff.
mkb: The map leads straight into the forest at a right angle to the road; you estimate it'll take about an afternoon to get there on foot. The problem is how are you going to get the provisions through?
Near wonders how long it would take for her to clear the way.
Hextor: hextor reachis the camp at last and rasise an eyebrow at the lack of dwarves
Will looks at the map and facepalms.
Near: How can he look at the map? :V
Kittymew (Will): Oh sorry, you already left.
Noir (Near): that was ooc
Kittymew (Will): my bad.
Noir (Near): ...I need to check on my potatoes
mkb (mkb): i'm the gm and i barely know what's going on right now...
someguy (Hextor): thats pretty much par for the course
mkb: v_v
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): orz
Noir (Near): I has baked potatoe!
mkb: k, place yourselves everyone else
someguy (Hextor): works
Kittymew (Will): Pretty much right, Will+Hex would probably be walking back to guard the stuff while Near goes to the goblins.
Near: *walk walk walk*
Hextor: Hextor looks to will and asks "where did the stunties go?"
mkb: Will and Hex are joined by a very out-of-breath goblin wearing little but a dark green cloak, who after catching his breath somewhat starts shrieking in his native tongue at the two of you.
Noir (Near): And the translator just left :V
Hextor: hextor looks at will "...You get any of that?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near, the forest is easy to walk through, but getting carts across is going to be pretty difficult unless you get the whole tribe's help -- and it will definitely leave a trail to their current position.
Will: Will shakes his head, and tries to speak to the goblin slowly in common.
Will: "What happened?"
Near: Near shakes her head. Its stupid how they didn't think this through, but she cant fault them for being the way they are.
mkb: The method of being s l o w and LOUD works. "Dwarfs stopped! Unchained one prisoners. Big shouting match. Kept going a lot faster. Lost em."
mkb: With remarkable aplomb, the goblin collapses, then sits up with its back against a cart wheel, obviously tired.
Will: "I've never seen dwarves move it WAS treason. How on earth did they break your ward, Hextor?"
Hextor: "Spells are not made of spring and steel, a mind can break them if determaned enough"
Hextor: "though I think they're is more to this than simple dwarven stubbonness"
Noir (Near): ooc, there are NPC-friendly prestige classes that grant immunity to ZoT an' other stuff like that :V
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): yeah there are...thnks for the reminder
Noir (Near): Or DM fiah :W
Near continues walking.
mkb (mkb): What makes you think you have the whole picture :)
Kittymew (Will): Nothing, but this seems quite fishy.
mkb: It's a lot fishier than you suspect. Whahaah!
Hextor: "either way we have to make a choice...rush after them and possilbe be ambushed, or go on with the mission"
Noir (Near): I think Near is far enough away that the provisions exploding won't catch her :V
mkb: After about twenty minutes, Near catches up with the scout, who has a few tribespeople in tow. He seems pretty fresh considering he must've run the whole way and back. He tells Near that these are the best guys in the tribe to deal with carts and weren't otherwise busy with rebuilding.
mkb: The goblins tell each other what happened so far, but the scout keeps his attention on Near as best as he can.
Will: "I think we need to go on with the mission. We have to establish ourselves, and find out what the necromancer is doing, not deal with these dwarves. For now, there is little they can do that my sword cannot deter."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I see, well then, you, you, and you," She points to the three biggest of her squad, "and the ones you brought," she points to the scout, "Go and pick up the provisions. I'm going to head on, I need sleep."
Hextor: " a wise choice, though I think you may underestimate a dwarfs ire"
Will: "I know their ire - I also know that we have some time. Let's use it so we can get about our business."
Noir (Near): Dorfs are fecking PSYCHO, they'll probably kill themselves off before they ever get to us.
mkb: The goblins obey after a minimum of squabbling, and report to Will and Hextor shortly thereafter.
mkb: (Hex and Will, spot?)
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 15]
Will: I'll just take ten for a 12
mkb: The amount of relatively unguarded food has attracted the attention of some kind of large animal, but you can't tell what.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): How large are we talking here?
Hextor: Hextor swings his spear to a ready postioon and steps closer to the carts, expecting nothing more then a fox or raccon
Hextor: "Might be some fresh meat for dinner" Hextor wispers back to Will
Will: Will nods, and waits to see what's coming.
mkb: if you want fresh meat then pork is on the menu; you've been followed by a wild boar. This specimen in particular is about eight hundred pounds and looks like a squat horse with a very angry face and very big teeth. It probably smelled what provisions it can eat and waited until the movement stopped to see if there was anything scavenge-able.
someguy (Hextor): it's bacon time
Hextor: Hextor stalks closer to the boar, readying his spear with dreams of pork dancing in his head
Campaign saved.
Will: Will decides the direct approach is better, and starts to move towards Ironhide.
Will: Slowly, not to startle it ...yet.
someguy (Hextor): can we get porky on the map?
someguy (Hextor): thanks
Noir (Near): THat would suck if the pig killed you...
mkb: the large animal is just poking into the gravel road and sniffing around.
mkb: Near, you're still walking at a good pace towards the goblin camp, and you sent some gobs to help bring in the provisions.
Hextor: move silently to spear range of boar [1d20-5 = -2]
Hextor: ...crap
Noir (Near): All the ones that the scout brought, and three of my own :V
mkb: The boar goes "graaaaaugh?" and turns its muzzle and tusks towards Hextor, but doesn't take action. One of the tusks is broken, its tip has been replaced by a crudely made iron spike that has almost rusted off.
Noir (Near): OH SHI-
Kittymew (Will): This is no ordinary boar.
Hextor: Hextor freezes...confused at the bolt on accessory to his dinner
Noir (Near): Don't eat it. You'll get sick!
mkb: Hextor, you're in the creature's sights, basically.
Kittymew (Will): is the Detect Evil picking up anything?
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Near?
Kittymew (Will): ...other than Near.
Hextor: spear still ready hextor looks over the boar....rust isn't generally on his menu
mkb (mkb): No, Near's far away, the spy goblin is asleep, and you seem to just be facing a big hungry animal with lots of teeth and lots of attitude.
mkb: The boar snorts, and examines the cart that had a giant bowl of soup in it until a few hours ago.
Will: Well, when I get close enough to Ironhide, I'm going to jump on quickly, grab my lance, and spur him into a charge.
mkb: You're pretty much there if you want to try.
Will: Ride [1d20+9 = 10]
Noir (Near): ....
Hextor: "will.." hextor whispers..."...I think this boars knows a blacksmith"
mkb: the clang made by Will as he dashingly gets on his warhorse, overestimates and lands flat on his face on the other side is heard through the woods for miles; Ironhide is trained well enough to sidestep to the side just a little, but he'd probably snicker if he could. The boar is frightened by the loud noise, turns tail and runs. Before doing so, it seems to have gone #2 on the gravel.
Noir (Near): Hahahaha
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Is Near back at the camp?
mkb: some goblins quickly get off the beast's path before reporting to Hex and Will. Near's still moving towards the camp.
Hextor: "...anyone order dinner to go?" Hextor says with a sign as he raises his spear
Will: Will dusts himself off, and out of principle, grabs his shovel and hurls the boar dung as far into the bush as he can.
mkb: giving chase should be easy -- a half ton pig isn't exactly hard to follow.
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 15]
someguy (Hextor): true...but a guy in full plate doesn't run that fast in a forest after pig
Hextor: "so...they ever teach you to hunt in the big city" hextor asks with a bearly straight face
mkb: The boar slows down but keeps moving away while Will shovels the crap out of the way; the goblins start looking around, throw the spy on one of the carts waking it up for five seconds, and start trying to figure out who's in charge of which cart, making a somewhat unpleasant background noise.
Will: Will chuckles. "I guess I tried to do that a bit quickly."
Will: "Want to head after it, or should we just follow the carts?"
Hextor: "well it wasn't your average walking pork get a good look at that tin grin it had?"
Campaign saved.
Hextor: as he speaks hextor turns to look down the trail the boar dashed through the trees and brush
mkb (mkb): how are you guys doing dinner wise
Noir (Near): Me just ate, so me fine.
someguy (Hextor): same
mkb (mkb): meep, me less so
Near: Near decides to climb a tree to see if she can tell how much further it is.
Near: Jump [1d20+12 = 29]
Noir (Near): Yes, I'm jumping into a tree :V
mkb: Near, you can see a few columns of smoke from where you are, so not very far.
Kittymew (Will): food break for us I think
Will: Will nods. "I wonder if the goblins know anything about it? Maybe a pet of theirs?"
mkb: The boar left a pretty wide break in the undergrowth that leads about sixty degrees away from where you're supposed to lead the carts through; it is now out of sight.
Hextor: "Pet? I think your looking at the wrong side of the food chain....that thing looked like it could eat the little guys whole"
Campaign saved.
Near takes out her choppah and gives several practice swings into several trees as she walks.
Hextor: "It does blaze a trail rather well though"
mkb: the goblins have sorted themselves out, and are more or less ready to go, except for the one who just got massively kicked in the leg by a mule and is now on one of the carts with the spy.
Noir (Near): You can go eat if you want, I don't mind waiting a bit
mkb (mkb): thanks
Hextor: Hextor turns away from the trail and wanders back to the camp to ask the goblins about a boar the size of a small horse
someguy (Hextor): cya when your done eating
Noir (Near): ...He doesn't know the way, does he?
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): be back in 15
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: backies
Hextor: wb
Noir (Near): hooray!
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): the d needs coffeee
mkb: The goblins did see it, and were generally running away from the creature.
Hextor: "You lads seen something like that before?"
mkb: One of them explains yes, younger and in better shape, orcs use those instead of hounds because of general extra machoness.
Hextor: "Orcs....that's just dandy..."
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): And Near is walking, and she's walking, and she's walking...
Hextor: "Will...we may have company if that thing makes it back"
mkb: Near gets to the goblin camp; it doesn't look like much, other that you can see that the fungal mass is gone -- probably hidden somewhere dark and damp. The goblins are starting to build wooden huts, but it looks more like a refugee camp than a village.
Near: "Eargh, finally," It feels like its been longer than it probably has.
mkb: without further orders, the goblins begin to drive the carts into the forest at about a walking pace, the best that can be managed on unimproved terrain.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor Snaps his fingers infrom of will to get his attention
Will: Will motions to Hextor. "Let's follow. If there ARE orcs, let's get moving."
Will mounts Ironhide and follows the caravan.
Hextor: hextor leads his mount by the hand after wards

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'Noir' identified as 'Near'
someguy (Hextor): back
Noir (Near): :E
someguy (Hextor): any one else get booted?
Noir (Near): I had.
mkb (mkb): srry, what id i miss?
Hextor: dunno...we all got booted...will not back yet
Near: Jump [1d20+12 = 15]
'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Noir (Near): That's still 3 feet straight up :V
Noir (Near): So Near arrived at the camp.
mkb: yeppers
Noir (Near): She goes to find a place to put her tent, probably in a tree away from where the gobbies could snatch any of her things :E
mkb: which isn't in great hsape
mkb: hex? will?
Hextor: Hext and will are marching after the caravan, will mounted and hex leading this mount on foot
Kittymew (Will): Yeah?
Hextor: Hextor is looking for any other signs of Orc pressence as they march
Campaign saved.
Will does the same.
mkb: By the time you reach the goblin settlement, Near has set up camp -- the trek is uneventful. You did leave a fairly large path from the gravel road to the goblin camp as you took the supplies in the carts over, though. You get there safely by sundown, and are greeted by a pretty big cheer by most of the camp -- food is here, tools are here, and so on.
Noir (Near): Yay tood and fools!
Hextor: Hextor drops his gear off to the side near...Near and takes a walk around the outside of the settlement for to apprase the situation
mkb: The goblin elder greets you while the activity in the camp increases as supplies are unloaded, mules don't get et yet, and the furnace is unpacked and quickly deployed as anyone who doesn't have anything better to do starts gathering firewood to make charcoal with. You end up in one of the huts that have already been built.
mkb: The outside of the camp isn't guarded, but everyone is up and about.
Will: Will is happy to see everyone doing well. He waves from horseback before he dismounts, ties Ironhide at a nearby tree, and gives the horse some food. "Is there water nearby?" he asks the goblin elder.
Noir (Near): Can't Hexxy make some? :V
mkb: The camp is near a small creek with a waterfall, and doesn't seem to have much in the way of natural defenses. The goblin answers in the affirmative; the waterfall is big enough that a few goblins are already putting together a waterwheel from some of the stuff scavenged from the mine.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): yeah..but what do we put it in?
Noir (Near): Barrels
mkb: meep!
Near: Treehouse [1d20+2 = 3]
Will: Will nods. "Excellent, I could do for a bath. More importantly though, one of the others noted there was an orcish boar around."
Noir (Near): ......
Near falls out of the tree she was in.
mkb: xd
mkb: XD
Near: "..ow.."
Hextor: Hextor laughs a bit at that "I guess your just not a good squirel
Near: Near glares at Hextor and the tree.
mkb: Near is laughed at mercilessly by a few goblins that were up there in nearby trees, a couple of them also falls off which generates a little bit of a chain reaction. Will's horse is being tended to rather carefully by two goblins who apparently felt like it. "We're saving all our firewood for heating up the furnace properly, so it'll have to be cold."
mkb (mkb): Engineofwar is masturbating o_O
Noir (Near): O_O;
Campaign saved.
Near: Near dusts herself off, then sniffs herself. "A bath sounds good..."
Near: She's blushingsomewhat out of embarrassment fromlooking like a moron.
mkb: While the goblins now have food for a couple of weeks, the menu consists on a very suspicious looking food with chunks of small cute woodland creatures in it.
Noir (Near): Cuteness adds delicriousness!
Noir (Near): Any catmeat though? :V
Will: Will doesn't seem to mind the mention of it being cold, and was just going to jump under the waterfall, really. "Still, I'd be wary of orcs about...but if no one seems concerned, I guess I shan't be either."
Hextor: Hextor goes back to pacing around the camp, he's used to the not bathing thing at this point...safer to smell like the forrest then stand out with rose sented soap
Noir (Near): Soap isn't scented in these times, I think..
Near strips, and makes her way to the water.
Kittymew (Will): It can be...
Noir (Near): Mission accomplished yet? :V
Kittymew (Will): Will blushes and turns his head away...
someguy (Hextor): actually they were scented quite a bit to cover up smells, perfume was stronger then ever and all that stuff
mkb: ya
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Yeah :l perfume to block out diseases.
Will debates for a moment going to the creek and trying to avoid Near, and ends up kind of shuffling away from camp in some direction, and ends up at the waterfall.
mkb: The goblin that asissted the dwarfs in planting the charge eventually explains that from what he could see that was a warboar, but a pretty old one -- orcs would've eaten that years ago. It probably just ended up here randomly.
mkb: the goblin leader is a lot more interested in what happened with the dwarfs...
Hextor: Well Hector give a brief explaiantion of the truth spell and the investigation as he recalls it while will and near are off skinny dipping
Near seems a bit confused with Will's actions, but shrugs. She's used to not having anyone to scrub her back anymore.
Noir (Near): Bathing, not skinny dipping :E
mkb: scrub me, link
Kittymew (Will): There's a difference?
Noir (Near): The end purpose.
Kittymew (Will): Well yes.
someguy (Hextor): just joking around
Campaign saved.
mkb: You have to either be OK with goblins building a very crabby looking waterwheel near you, move, or tell them to go away. The goblin looks concerned. "I'm not surprised... but it's usually us who's animous, not them. Do you think they'll come this way?"
someguy (Hextor): crappy..not crabby
Noir (Near): Near is away from the waterwheel in the actual stream portion.
someguy (Hextor): slight difference
Noir (Near): ...Yes, and I see crabby.
someguy (Hextor): intent rather then correct spelling...I'm used to reading stuff like that
Will: Will decides to go find somewhere else to bathe, since the goblins are building at the waterfall, and looks for a place downstream deep enough to at least wade up to the chest.
Noir (Near): Was a joke anyway :V
Noir (Near): ...A waterwheel with claws and angry looking googly eyes on it... I can't get that out of my head now.
mkb: Not much happens as the two of you bathe, other than the fact that Near's arm seizes shut for a little bit until she bangs it against something. In the meantime, Hextor is being asked if he thinks there's any way they can cspeed up the regrowth of the bushes, since the path created by the carts amounts to a big "We're here" sign.
Hextor: Hextor, having made his rounds by the camp, desides that fresh meat would do the camp some good, and asks for some aid tracking where that boar may have wandered off near by
Noir (Near): Ask that mysterious druid over there?
Campaign saved.
mkb: ya, that was kinda the hook for ren's chara...
mkb: should we stop here?
Noir (Near): Level first? :V
Kittymew (Will): Meow
Kittymew (Will): I'll warn you all, ren can be kinda flaky, your call
mkb: you usy don't exactly warrant a levelup yet....
mkb: oh
mkb: ouchis
mkb: bit of a prbbie
Hextor: huh?
Will: well it's already 8pm here so I say we call it a session, give him a chance
mkb: kies!
mkb: sorry for the bad session
Noir (Near): Okies.
mkb: head wasn't in it
Noir (Near): Salright. Got stuff done :3
mkb: miw.
Hextor: not a problem...didn't give you much to work with

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'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: meow!
Near: Huzzah!
Hextor: hi
mkb: Is this worth doing again for the next field battle (which will not happen any time soon so i'll do a better job with units etc)
Near: Hmm. It goes a LOT faster
Hextor: yeah it does, though starcraft just doesn't blend quite as well visually
Near: Yeah..
Hextor: worked pretty weill though
Will: You could do war3, or we could try to set up something using Maptool and the Emlia ruleset if you wanted turn-based and smaller
mkb: will use a ustom build of war3 next time probably, need to make a small installer & it's less finicky network wise
mkb: yay!
mkb: ya that'll be good for skirmishes
Will: war3 would work well
Near: Yey
mkb: Anyway!
mkb: First off, welcome to level 5 as soon as you get rest.
Hextor: yay
Near: Yey
mkb: Second... the dwarf camp wasn't really intended to be even semi-permanent; the only tough structures were the bunkers, who the goblins are even now cheerfully adapting into underground shelters.
Campaign saved.
Near: [1d6 = 2]
mkb: This said, the dwarf camp is dismantled in possibly minutes by a swarm of little green hands.
Noir (Near): Mwehehehe
mkb: What you found a little ways is somewhat more disconceerting....
Hextor: bodies
Hextor: \?
mkb: (well hex, your forces found the other stuff so tell me what you saw)
Hextor: I honestly don't know...the north east was a mess of fighting when I charged
mkb: (iin SC terms what units did you see)
Hextor: magic and spirits and ilisions
Hextor: ...didn't get a good look
Hextor: I saw a temple near the center of the map
Hextor: that would be a bunker I would assume
mkb: ya
Hextor: and by the time my troops got close enough to see buildings they were a bloody paste
Hextor: so while I may have gotten troops there I didn't get a good look
mkb: While the dwarf's equipment is cannibalized (making the goblin tribe go from average to somewhat rich, at least as far as they're concerned) the chief engineer asks for the three of you in her hut.
mkb: With no rush. If you're tired it's perfectly understandable.
Hextor: hp [1d8 = 7]
Noir (Near): Lucky bastard :V
mkb: The tribe has lost about a fourth of its numbers, and bodies are being returned to the fungal mass where they'll compost and, according to the tribe's belief, be reborn in due time.
Will: Will doesn't worry too much about his fatigue from the battle; he spent much of it tending to his glider pilots as they flew sorties against the dwarves and undead forces.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor spent his battle smiting spirits with the power of thunder
Near: Near spend most of her time playing Commissar with the goblins she appropriated.
Near: She's not too tired, though she did jump into the fray a few times herself.
mkb: meep?
mkb: 'splain the commissar part?
Noir (Near): When there's something scary at the front, put something even scarier in the back.
mkb (mkb): lol
Near: She didn't have to cleave any gobbie skulls, fortuneately.
mkb: The old engineer is beaming; she's alone in the hut, because everyone else is busy making room for themselves when they eventually collapse and sleep most of the day tomorrow, as they're likely to.
mkb: (check for appropriate knowledge of greenskin cultures everyone pls?)
Near: [1d20+2 = 22]
Hextor: knowlege untrained [1d20 = 4]
Noir (Near): BOOYAH!
Will: Int bonus [1d20-1 = 14]
-> Near: You've never seen anything like the zeppelins and gliders that this tribe uses; other tribes have them, but not nearly as effective.
Near: [Bwahahaha, I'm teh smartest!]
Campaign saved.
-> will: This goblin tribe is very advanced given how well built their flying weapons are; you're not sure you've seen better, at least not that it wasn't magical in nature.
someguy (Hextor): yes you are
-> hextor: These goblins kick butt for being goblins!
mkb: She motions all of you to approach. "I am almost frightened to see what my boys can do with effective leadership."
Hextor: "they fight well for they're size....almost reminds me of home
Will: Will smiles. "Your gliders are impressive, and your pilots even moreso. Their bravery is astounding."
Near: Near just grins.
-> near: In fact, far as you can tell these may very well be the cleverest goblins in the known world. Why?
mkb: "I don't think we can repeat ourselves anytime soon, however -- we lost most of our sappers, and for certain all of our energy for now.... will we be locked into warfare with the dwarfs, do you think?"
mkb: A passing goblin, visibly a militia member given its simple armor and scratches, laughs at that. "Let'em come!"
Near: "If we are locked into Warfare, I could send for some troops from my father to assist, not many, but strong..."
Will: "These cultists are spent. They threw everything they have at us. They will rebuild if not pressed - but I do believe these are not friends of ironforge, but rather enemies."
Hextor: Hextor smirks "if we had access to the sea I could bring northmen to these shores that would enjoy such a scrap
mkb: "Cultists? The dwarfs of Ironforge didn't double cross us?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The old engineer seems very relieved at the thought.
Will: "No. These were the same cretins that tried to assassinate us back at the mine."
Near nods in agreement. They were less sane than dwarves usually are.
Will: "They are, however, in league with our necromancer we will have trouble of the undead sort sooner than we'd hoped to have."
mkb: "I... tend to forget dwarfs have factions as well. To us they're generally as monolithic and hard as their precious bedrock."
mkb: "Who would ally with - sir William, this makes no sense!"
Hextor: "they are as one mind only as often as they need...much like us all"
Hextor: "they're rhetoric may burn in more dwarvesn hearts then we know of yet"
Near: "Power is power, some care not from whence it springs. These dwarves may flock to the necromancer for their own goals."
Hextor: "and the wise of them will flock away if we rend his corpse limb from limb" spat hextor
Near: "Doubtful they are wise."
mkb: The head goblin sighs heavily. "To willingly ally with an abominium... why?"
mkb: "Do you recommend we keep moving?"
Campaign saved.
Near: Near thinks.
Near: "I would say to stay here. We've already got some defenses set up, and tearing them down will only leave us weaker.
Hextor: I shall hallow what ground I can to keep such abbominations at bay for the night...I may have enough in me for that
Hextor: "I hope " hextor mutters to himself as he turns to leave
someguy (Hextor): brb
mkb (mkb): pause 5min i need to prevent dinner from exploding...
Near: "I should rest, and find some manner to contact father." She turns to leave as well.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): back
someguy (Hextor): dog needed dinner too heh
mkb (mkb): dinner exploded lol
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): it does that some days
mkb: "We can send a messenger, but he'll have to go through the woods to not be detected... would a messenger from use be accepted at your father's court?"
mkb (mkb): let's just everyone go hump their charsheet and i go deal with dinner AGAIN :)
mkb (mkb): imma leave FG up if you wanna mess with the charsheet directly
Hextor: thanks
Campaign saved.
Near: "Hmm. That may not be neccessary, should Hextor be able to cast a spell."
Noir (Near): Sorry, I wan makin' dinners ._.
Noir (Near): I've already got my sheet set up :V
someguy (Hextor): I'm done save for preped spells, whatcha thinking of me casting?
Noir (Near): I'd need you to Ritual Cast Sending :V
Noir (Near): Which would cost a fair bit..
Campaign saved.
Hextor: don't think that's one of my known spells at this stage
Noir (Near): Hence Ritual casting. Riley knows how it goes..
Hextor: k
Near: But we just need 1 sending, or Animal Messenger
Hextor: hextor spends some time casting consecrate on the center of the encampment
Noir (Near): Do you have that one?
Hextor: so that will cover about 35 ft radis and yeah I do
Noir (Near): WOO!
Hextor: should keep us in safe for the night at least
Noir (Near): Send animal messenger to dad, he uses his wand o' sending an' we're set! :D
Hextor: anminal mesenger...don't know if i heave that one...I was talking about the conisecate
Hextor: I'll check now
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Oh.
Hextor: nope...not a known one
Noir (Near): Darn D:
Hextor: might be able to summon something and give it the job...dunno how well that would work
Hextor: or fly there
Noir (Near): Flying works :V
Hextor: eh...wouldn't be able to fly far or fast, even if I stripped the armour and went naked
Hextor: hmm....I could use the spell to gain some hight and drag a hanglider with me
Noir (Near): Isn't fly speed 60ft? o_o;
Hextor: with armour its 40
Noir (Near): Oh, you don't mean the spell..
Near: Ah.
Noir (Near): Cast it on Near and let her do the flying :V
Noir (Near): ..Wait, take an airship >_<
Hextor: ...why didn't I think of that?
Hextor: heck, give me a week and I could bring some viking airborn over with those!
Hextor: sky pirates
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): XD
Noir (Near): We can all get our posses together with airships!
Hextor: I like that
Near: MWeeeheeheehee
Campaign saved.
Hextor: just doing some mental manth on how far I magical flying viking could glide if he used all his flying for height and just fell with style after that
Hextor: 300 feet up plus what ever hill I could find
Noir (Near): :o
Hextor: then I'd really be wishing for feather fall
Noir (Near): Hahaha
Hextor: because it's a long way down
Noir (Near): It's 12 days on foot to Izwald :/
Noir (Near): Can't you cast fly while flying to extend the duration?
Hextor: it's a 3rd level domain spell for me
Hextor: that 1 a day
Noir (Near): Oh.
Noir (Near): Nevermind then..
Campaign saved.
Hextor: I'm just figuring if I could get enough height off the 1 time use I could glide the rest of the way
Hextor: of course what does a viking know about catching thermals?
Noir (Near): Well you don't have to make it all in a single trip, either.
Noir (Near): We could head the the closest nondorf town and pay for a sending there, maybe.
Hextor: true...and longstrider is another domain spell for me
Hextor: flying + running with longstrider - heavy load could be fast for the day
Noir (Near): Yeah :o
Noir (Near): I think airship or animal messenger might be the best idea.. If Riley's friend showed up we'd have a druid who could cast it :/
Hextor: ...catapult!
Hextor: the goblins could fling me half way and I could fly on the way down
Noir (Near): XD
Hextor: I was thinking if I was a crusader I could use the time from the delay damage to heal myself to not dead on impact
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): XD
Hextor: that could be a whole new method of travel for these guys...fling people glide down and crash into a pool of healing potons
Hextor: beats the pony express
Near: Heh
Near: Well I'm done on here, and looks like the session's done. I'm out.
Hextor: k
Hextor: same here
'Noir' disconnected
Hextor: cya later
'someguy' disconnected
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
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Campaign saved.

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Near: THere we goes :3
Near: Wait wat
Near: something wierd occured o_o;
'Noir' disconnected
'Noir' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Near: MMCLongbow +3 [1d20+7 = 14]
Near: Choppa, Adamantine [1d20+9 = 27]
Near: BOOM :V
'Noir' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

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Noir (Near): Right, wierd mess up again, but I can fix it..
'someguy' connected
Noir (Near): THere..
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: ola
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Salutations!
Near: Dragon Jump [1d20+24 = 42]
Noir (Near): 40 foot leap o_o;
'Kittymew' connected
mkb: prrprr
mkb: ola
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Noir (Near): :3
mkb: yay!
Hextor: yay indeed
mkb: in other news, in addition to being able to play sc we can also play wing commander over hamachi
Noir (Near): yey
Hextor: ...yay?
Hextor: I was always more of an x-wing fan myself
mkb: aftermath of last battle: Near has somewhat disappointed the goblins by standing back. Hextor ended up with a huge gash on his face which was quickly patched up as he berserked at the undead. Will's horse Ironhide is either dead or about to. Anyone has anything to add recap wise?
Noir (Near): Mmm, not really.
mkb: (hextor gets -1 to disguise and +1 to intimidate)
Hextor: and a sexy scar
Will: yup
Will: go show Gladys :P
Near spent most of the last battle watching the others fight, both her party members and goblins, thinking of what to teach the gobbies and absorbing knowledge.
mkb: One of the goblin alchemists has been tugging on Will's shirt for a while now.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks down at him and smiles. Having a bit more of a grasp of the goblin language, he says "what is it?"
mkb: The goblin tribe is mostly busy stripping the dead dwarfs of their armor, having buried the dead, burned the undead and threw their own casualties back into the fungus. If you pay attention, you notice that most of the glider pilots are gone, and so are most of the alchemists. The one currently pestering Will looks more female than male, and is urgently calling all three of you outside of the leader's tent.
Near is now contemplating what she should do next. She gets out a few sheets of paper, a pen and ink and something to be able to bear down on. Then gets angry at not being able to write too clearly, and stubbornly attempts to reteach herself to write.
Hextor: Hextor was too busy healing the fallen goblins to waste with his own injury until the scarring had set in...he looks at it as a mark of honor to be repaid upon those undead
Will: Will follows the alchemist out, curious of the urgency.
mkb: There a bulky goblin of the stupid variety has been put to work on a bellows connected to, well, Ironhide -- the poor animal has a gashing hole in his chest, guts spilled out, and both lungs collapsed -- the bellows have been quickly and cleverly stuck into one of the wounds to keep the beast breathing.
mkb: It doesn't seem in pain, but it's definitely passed out.
mkb: The svelte alchemist returns to trying to tend to the warhorse as best as it can after shouting to two of her cohorts that no, that's not food yet.
Will: Will lowers his head at the sight. " this? He lives?"
mkb: The alchemist tilts its head and makes a so-so gesture. "We try to fix good if you want, yes?"
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor wanders by after putting a field dressing on his scarred cheek to investigate the bellowing sounds within the tent
mkb: The entire scene looks less gross than one'd expect thanks to the fact that someone has aready cleaned the blood and dressed some of the wounds.
Will: "It sounds very painful...what could you do for him?"
Hextor: entering he looks grimly at the fate of the once noble steed...his distaste for the gobins choise in 'treatment' written on his face, but he says nothing
mkb: guys i can't see the screen

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Hextor: back?
'Noir' connected
mkb: ya
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Hextor: k
Will: aye
Near thinks it would be better for the animal if it could pass on, and be rewarded in its next life. Galf tern filishta. *claps hands twice*
Noir (Near): err, what?
mkb: The alchemist opens Ironhide's mouth and pours some liquid down his throat -- probably what's keeping him unconscious from the look of it. She explains that the medics are busy. "Mekboys coming quick quick. No?"
mkb (mkb): meow?
Near resumes trying to write in Draconic cript.
Hextor: "and what can they do for this creature?" hextor asks tight liped
Will: Will sighs. "I don't know...what CAN they do?"
mkb: "Rebuild? stronger, faster? Probably dies today though... can't eat this right?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The alchemist gets up and takes over pumping the bellows for a couple strokes as the larger goblin got distracted.
Will: "Can't eat I don't know...what will happen to him? It sounds horrible..."
Hextor: "My magics could keep it alive...but I cannot make it whole once more...." Hextor says, stroking his own wound without thought
mkb: By way of an explanation, the alchemist point to Near's arm before returning the bellows to the other goblin. "Iunno?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "You could do so much for it?"
Hextor: "so more of the same" hextor says with mild discust...he's come to accept the need for such things of late, but the unnatural still doesn't sit well with him
mkb: Maybe the warhorse makes a sound, maybe not and it's just general unpleasant organic noises. Either way, it's still unconscious. The alchemist looks up at the three of you (even Near, she's tiny even to goblin standards). "Can try? You can has, is yours."
mkb: "Or put to sleep."
Will: "Ironhide has served me well. I don't know what to do...Hextor?"
Campaign saved.
-> near: spot check?
Hextor: "the fields of the next world would ring with ironhides noble hoof beats if ye let your steed pass this day, but sometimes this world needs more of it's heros then the allfather gives freely"
Near: Spot [1d20-2 = 3]
mkb: Shuffling outside this tent indicates that goblin technicians are waiting outside.
Near is busy trying to write. Her arms are being annoying. She looks ready to throuw the board she's using at someone.
-> near: The bellows operator is still pumping, but has steadily brought close one of Ironhide's hoofs to him (no it's still attached, don't worry) and is now looking like he's considering gnawing at it.
Will: "It comes to me the effort it would take. Would take long time, yes?"
Will: Will seems to be speaking in a very mixed manner of Taladarian and goblin at the moment.
Near: I still managed to see that? o_o;
-> near: there was other stuff to see, and none of the others know enough goblin culture to get the body language for "this is yummy"
Near glares at the Goblin bellower, and sends the signal to him that "it is not yummy."
mkb: The alchemist counts on her fingers. "Two months? Maybe?"
mkb: "One? Four? Two."
Will: "Indeed. That much time could be spent on things far beyond one horse."
Will: "Ironhide has served well...and as Hextor says, it is time for him to ride with the great herds in the next life. We have more important matters to see to."
Near: "A servant passes, and is born again to serve once more." Near mutters in Draconic, to noone.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor gives near a quiziel look while she speaks in tougnes
mkb: The alchemist nods and gives the warhorse some liquid from a differeent vial she had on the floor. Ironhide passes away quietly with barely a sound, and about half a minute later the bellows operator stops pumping and isn't smacked back into getting back to it. While the alchemist recovers her gear, the other goblin breaks out a cleaver and looks at the three of you intently.
Near: "It's just a saying for when a soldier, or servant dies in my country." Near explains, without translating it.
Will: Will kneels beside his former companion, and runs his hand through his mane one last time, as a tear rolls down his eye. "Goodbye, old friend. I guess you can only cheat death so many times."
Hextor: Hextor nods solomly to near then turns to watch the beast breath it's last...he mutters under his breath...the words "oden" "Svandilfari and "sleipnir" can be made out
mkb: The alchemist looks down at the dead warhorse. "Oh? Good stitch job other times then!" Before leaving, she hugs Will's leg, then runs away quickly. The other goblin gets the idea and puts down the cleaver. Outside, the goblin technicians are calling.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): OK, this was moving. Yay good RPing, thankies all!!! =^_^=
Noir (Near): ;_;
Kittymew (Will): yeah, srsly
Kittymew (Will): ;_;
Hextor: "the fallen are gone will, to the living we must contend with now" hextor says as he turns to leave the tent and see to the goblins outside
Will: Will nods. "Indeed. Still...he deserves a proper burial. Care to help me lift him out of this tent? I think the two of us can manage..."
Near is quiet, and has put away her materials. She goes to help move Ironhide.
Will: Will smiles at Near and nods a silent thanks.
mkb: The warhorse had been put on a piece of remarkably clean white linen, probably something the dwarfs had. It's not a problem for you to lift.
Hextor: Hextor open the tent flaps and moves to aid the others in lifting the fallen steed
mkb: The goblins outside get it, and respectfully make room, except for two who shout "Steak!" in Common as loud as they can, then get slapped by someone.
Will: Will thinks nothing of the goblins' comment, quite used to their antics now. "There's much to be done...still so much to be done," he says as he gathers up some shovels and begins to dig a grave.
Campaign saved.
Near reminds herself that these people bury their dead, rather than cremate them.
mkb: The goblin elder stands in front of you and points toward a clearing. The goblin casualties are being buried there with the dwarfs. "We can't return our boys home, we fought undead..."
Will: Will nods. "There is something of that we must speak of. Would you come along?"
mkb: A few goblin militians are chopping the heads off both goblin and dwarf casualties; a pire is being set up to dispose of the zombies.
mkb: "Yes."
Near follows behind Will, she's quiet and in thought.
Hextor: "I spent last evening consecrating what land I could" Hextor says as he helps hoist the dead animal "but my magics won't last forever"
Noir (Near): We've already gotten to bury Ironhide, hex
Hextor: k
someguy (Hextor): missed that
Campaign saved.
Near: Knowledge, Arcana [1d20+2 = 12]
Near: Knowledge, Religion [1d20+2 = 12]
Near tries to remember what she can to safeguard against the undead.
Noir (Near): Two 10s in a row o_o;
Will: Will looks gravely at the Elder. "I saw one of our fungal masses...but it was...different. It was evil."
Kittymew (Will): lol I thought you were just taking 10
mkb: Not a lot; these may or may not be your normal undead. Right now it seems everyone's keen on burning the zombies, chopping up the other fallen in a clearing away from camp, and washing everything thoroughly later.
mkb: The elder stops. "I will not discuss something like that."
mkb: "We saw. We burned it. I hope we'll never see again."
Near: "maa, Father's knowledge would be helpful here.. Even Sariel's would be good.." She says the second name with a bit of hate.
Will: "We need to know what to expect from the enemy. I hope we never see it again either."
mkb: This is probably the first instance of superstitious terror that you get from this particular tribe of goblins.
mkb: "There is going to be more, you think?"
Will: Will looks at Near..."That isn't a bad idea. I was intending to leave for the Grand Duchy soon, I will also speak to your father."
Will: "I don't know if there will be more. If there is...we have to destroy it."
Near: Sariel is Near's brother, a cleric. And she doesn't like him much V:
Campaign saved.
-> near: getcha
Near: "Well, I saw a map in the library of Ironforge, my homecountry is not far from here.. though the path would be rather dangerous."
Hextor: "wipping this stain from the face of the world would be an honor and a privlage" hextor says in earnest
mkb: "I must think of my people... we're going to be weak for a long time. Should we expect more assaults? Dwarfs, undead? Ironforge knows where we are. I'm afraid for my boys, our core has been moved too much and needs to take root..."
Will: "I had no plans to walk, Near. I was about to ask...may I take passage to the Grand Duchy by zeppelin?"
Will: "Ironforge will not attack."
mkb: A giant foooom noise envelops you as the pire containing all the zombie corpses is lit.
Will: "The undead may, which is why I am asking you and Hextor to remain here while I fly to the grand duchy."
Will: "I will do my best to not be gone long."
Near nods.
Hextor: Hextor looks at the pyre for a time in silence "Aye...we'll hold this place until you return"
mkb: The goblin elder quickly counts on her fingers, using her nose as a reference. "You can have a balloon, an engineer and two firemen. How far?"
Near: "I have plans to teach what I can to these people, to help defend themselves better."
mkb: Some of the goblins start to dance around the big fire; most just find a place to fall asleep on.
Will: Will does some mental calculations, then pulls out the map the dwarves gave him, knowing where the caravan trail was going, and remembering from there...
mkb: "We can defend ourselves without your help" the engineer answers haughtily "although I admire your ability to strike back."
Near: "I only said better, not to teach them from scratch."
Campaign saved.
Will: "By air...not far...a few days at most, I would hope."
mkb: (If you were riding, you'd probably get to Specularum in a week or so. If you want to speak to another noble, it's also an option - you can get back to Treshhold in three days)
mkb: (a zeppelin would probably take a little less)
Near: "You fight well enough, I can say. There was much I saw that could be improved upon, however, and I don't mean offense by it," She's more interested in teaching to hone her own abilities.
mkb: "I'm a maker, not a fighter. If you can teach something to us... I won't stop you. But we have to rebuild first and foremost."
Near: "Of course. Rebuilding is a priority."
Near: "When Sir William returns, I hope to be able to visit my father," She adds not really to anyone.
Will: "There may be those who will challenge even the word of a knight sworn to never lie. We should bring proof of the presence of undead here."
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor nods to this and asks to a passing goblin if any of the fallen undead were left unburned at this point?
mkb: The goblin answers by poking his head with his index finger a few times.
mkb: A gaggle of excited engineers forms around you as each of them squeak excitedly to the goblin elder.
Hextor: "a hand an arm...anything not to likely to kill someone would be nice" hextor says to the confused goblin
Near: Near looks about to see if there's anything to eat. She's getting a bit tired of rations.
Near: Fortuneately she doesn't need another bath at this point.
mkb: There's lots of meat. You're almost sure that none of it is dwarf.
Campaign saved.
mkb: (remember all those critters?)
Near sighs in mild dissapointment at this, and sets to coking.
Noir (Near): orite
someguy (Hextor): told you killing them would be a good idea
mkb: The goblin doesn't seem to get it.
Hextor: "never mind..." hextor says with a shake of his head
Will: "We need proof that there were undead here, that I can bring back to the Grand Duke. There are fat merchants who would rather ignore this threat for the sake of their own pockets."
Near explains to the goblin what Hextor is saying, in goblin.
mkb: The goblin shakes its head and point to the pire, then notes that he's pretty sure they got all of it in minus what the engineers are looking at!"
mkb: The chief engineer calms down her subordinates, and nods in agreement with Will.
Near: "Looks like you'd need to ask the engineers about it." She says to Hextor.
Hextor: "thanks for the translation" hex's nods and turns to see to the engineer near will
Near: She goes off to carve up the critters, while thinking of how to preserve the things, without merely salting them to the abyss and back.
Will: Will nods. "Right. I'll go see the engineers then..." as he shovels in the last heap of dirt atop Ironhide's grave, patting it down with his shovel.
Near: Int bonus [1d20+2 = 22]
Noir (Near): ....
Campaign saved.
mkb: The Bone Machines you fought were smaller versions of the one you sw in the cage, basically bone-and-metal skeletal caterpillars containing a self loading ballista. The one that had been coupled with a goblin zeppelin however is different
mkb (mkb): save those for more important things :p
Noir (Near): I got a nat 20 on knowing how to preserve things for eating. ;_;
Kittymew (Will): yay eating
Noir (Near): An army marches on its stomach!
someguy (Hextor): yum
mkb: Near noticed that behind the small watrfall in the creek is a cozy, somwhat accessible (for a goblin's thin frame anyway) cave that remains cold due to the lack of light and the running water. It'd make great longterm food storage.
mkb: Two goblin guards are stationed next to the wreck of the flying Bone Machine. Something's moving inside it.
Noir (Near): Yey, refrigeration!
Near hacks apart the beasts and tries to find a means of moving them easier.
mkb: Lots of goblins who aren't asleep and still feel like cutting and shoving things make for a pretty good means of transportation
Will: Will looks at the guards. "What's in it?" he asks.
Hextor: hextor walk towards the fallen bone machine with spear at the ready...not trusting anything after the last few days
Noir (Near): Should I roll Diplo or Intimidate to convince the goblins to help, or is it protty much automatic?
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): Automatic.
Noir (Near): Kies.
Near gets the goblins to help move their new food supplies.
mkb: The thing looks like a goblin zeppelin of cruder build than the ons this tribe has. Its gondola is a bone-and-metal construct of the type you are by now familiar with, with eight niches for what you saw in battle to be a flying skull with skeletal bat wings; these fell out of the sky when the small airship did. The remains of the hull contain something.
Near isn't too concerned with the bone machine thing.
Noir (Near): Unless it starts spewing zombies :V
mkb: (Nah, it's a lot smaller than the first one you saw. There could be about three in there tops."
Hextor: Hextor looks to will as he tightens his grip on his spear..."To stab or not to stab?" he asks deadpan
mkb: One of the guards salutes, the other smacks itself in the face. "Prisoner! Scary!"
Near takes interest.
Campaign saved.
Near makes sure the gobbies are still moving the meats, and goes to check it out.
Will: Will smiles. "Exactly what I needed, I think. GET OUT HERE!" Will yells at the top of his lungs, as it echoes into the hull of the machine.
Will draws his sword, and readies his shield.
Near has her old, steel cleaver instead of her adamantine. Its got blood from the butchering all over it, currently.
mkb: You're answered with a very inhuman sound.... it sounds a lot scariers to the goblins than to you given their reaction. It's a high pitched scream.
mkb: The gondola, or what's left of it, shudders trying to crawl, the directional fins wiggling.
Near: "Hmmm?" one of her eyebrows goes up as she watches this.
Hextor: Hextor has enough of the waiting and moves in with a rush
Hextor: Pivioting on his heel he aims a kick to over turn the gondala
Will: "Wait! We might have a use for it! Don't damage it too badly!"
Near: She also readies herself to jump out of the way, should she need to.
Near: As she gets closer to it.
Noir (Near): (Leaping Dragon Stance :V
Campaign saved.
mkb: This gondola is very light -- the gas bag was small and much less airtight than the sort used by your tribe. The gondola itself is bone covered in canvas and only reinforced with metal in some places. Its structure is similar to the wormlike Bone Machines, but enclosed rather than having legs on the bottom obviously. Notably, there aren't even landing legs. One of the battered metal plates moves at Hextor's kick, showing a glimpse of a white-blue point of light inside.
Hextor: "Either you come out or I drag you out!" Hextor shouts
Near repeats Hextor's sentiment is somewhat broken Dwarvish.
Near: Just in case its needed.
Hextor: Hextor sticks his spear under the edge of the gondala to lever it over
Near: "Not sure if that was right.."
Hextor: str [1d20+3 = 4]
someguy (Hextor): well thats typical
Noir (Near): He threw out his back or something :V
mkb: The same screeetch comes out as the gondola wriggles faster as if trying to turn away from you. The device is pretty easy to move, even though the large viking is exhausted from the battle it rolls over on its 'back' with little problems. Its belly is slightly more armored, as whoever designed this thing expected it to take hits mainly from the ground.
Campaign saved.
Near: "..Hmm, maybe we should cut it open?"
Hextor: Hextor drops his spear and just grabs the edge of the thing and hold it still
Hextor: str [1d20+3 = 23]
mkb: The goblin guards respectfully step back; most goblin techs who are still awake are behind you, but at a safe distance.
Noir (Near): How tall is it?
someguy (Hextor): I'm just hitting each side of the bell curve today
Will: Will watches, unsure what exactly to do, but happy he'll have SOMETHING to haul back to the grand duke.
mkb: Hextor lifts the gondola bodily -- it's about as long as he is tall, and weighs somewhat more than he does.
mkb (mkb): You can either crack it open or throw it I guess lol
Hextor: Hextor tips the thing on it's side and shakes it violently
Hextor: trying to shake out what ever is making that annyoing sound
Hextor: str for shake rattle and roll [1d20+3 = 4]
Noir (Near): ....
someguy (Hextor): this is pretty normal for me
mkb: ...
Noir (Near): The dice gods seem to be having fun. 10, 10, 1, 20, 1.
Near moves to help Hextor shake the thing, as he seems to be having some diffeculty..
mkb: Hextor drops the device.... the mechanical stress is too much for it. Another shriek is heard, and one of the plates coms off.
Campaign saved.
Near: "ah.." She stops.
someguy (Hextor): maybe I should change my name to Murphy....since his laws keep hitting me
Will: "Near...why don't you just crawl in there and take a look?"
Near: "...Right. I'll do that."
mkb: What's inside is disturbing. It's a goblin -- sort of, its skin black and covered in boils, its face emaciated. It's far too lively to be a zombie, but smells worse than one. The most frightening part is that the creature stops at the waist; past that is nothing but a picked-clean spinal cord that bends up into a S and forms the spine of the entire gondola.
Near: "...Oh."
Near: "That's... not .... good.."
mkb: The crude machinery necessary to generate the lifting gas, most of which have been smashed, are operated by bony appendages.
Hextor: Hextor looks at the thing in a mixx of horror and sickening dread
Noir (Near): (that was knowledge.
mkb: There is a crystal sphere in front of the goblin torso's normal resting position; the creature shrieks again, and puts its feeble arms on the crystal sphere. An image in it starts swirling....
Will: Will feels rather icky inside.
mkb (mkb): As far as you can tell it's a sort of half-skeletal goblin naga hybrid that someone built a flying Bone Machine around. Possibly to use the goblin's innate knowledge of how to build and operate a goblin zeppelin.
Near is only mildly disturbed, her moral senses not really affected.
Hextor: Hextor hollars for will to bring an engineer and a medic
Near: "I see.. good show.. Our enemy is not above using what he hates.. This isn't good."
Campaign saved.
Near: "MEDIC! ENGINEER! Oe of each! Come!" Near shouts in goblin.
Hextor: Hextor leans as close as he dares to get a look at the crystal without getting his head bitten off by the irate "pilot"
mkb: The creature in the machine screams again.... much louder... this time one of the flying skulls that had fallen off earlier pushes itself out of the rubble it'd been thrown out off, and hesitantly takes off again on one and a half wings, heading to you and to the construct.
mkb: The goblin guards cover their ears and curl up on the grounds; the techs behind you don't but are visibly shaken.
Near goes to smash the skull.
Near: Melee attack [1d20+8 = 14]
Campaign saved.
mkb: The skull is flying just above your reach; the gem embedded in the skull's forehead lights up and a sky-blue ball of plasma flies towards you.
Noir (Near): Mecharm :V
Noir (Near): Ack!
Near: Ref. save [1d20+3 = 13]
Noir (Near): @_@
Noir (Near): only just above? :V
Near: Dragon Jump [1d20+24 = 35]
mkb: The ball of plasma hits you in the leg.... causing nothing but a little hole and a mild burn. You jump up into the air and grab the thing.
Noir (Near): THat's 8 feet straight up x_x
mkb (mkb): This thing is out of power basically
someguy (Hextor): hextor see anything in the orb
Near: "Ow... Stupid frestnaf!" She tries te smash it in her left hand.
mkb (mkb): roll for it
Near: Str bonus [1d20+4 = 13]
Hextor: spot othe orb thingy [1d20+1 = 15]
Noir (Near): Don't tell me Hex only has 12 or 13 wis o_o;
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near lands and lets her downward momentum carry the skull down on a rock, thereby both smashing it in two and inventing the slam dunk. A skull appears in the orb; when the smaller artifact was destroyed, the goblinoid creature seemed to have suffered enough feedback to pass out.
mkb: Hextor, something is trying to look inside your head.
Noir (Near): Will save :V
Hextor: will save [1d20+5 = 6]
someguy (Hextor): sonofacrap
Noir (Near): wtf, the dice hate you.
someguy (Hextor): so I'm expecting an evil dead 2 moment here
Noir (Near): Soon to have another member of the mechanical arm club? :D
mkb: Visions of Ragnarok flash through Hextor's head, so intense that the others around him can hear the roars of Jormungand and the cracking of the ice at the top of the world.
-> hextor: You have no doubt that this necromancer actually has figured out a way to hurt gods. And your gods may be indeed if not dead, fighting for their existence.
Noir (Near): It'll suck if we have to kill Hextor now..
Campaign saved.
Will: Will seems unshaken...only curious.
Hextor: Hextor starts to mutter in Norse repeatedly, everytime getting louder the Following:
mkb: Hextor appears to be hit by ten thousand invisible blows, and collapses... he's not unconscious, though. He screams at the air, fighting back.
-> hextor: go for it :)
Hextor: Lo there do I see my fathe. Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of valhala, where the brave may live forever"
Hextor: hextor falls down muttering and shouting in norse
Will: Will steps back...waiting for Hextor to compose himself, mostly.
Campaign saved.
Near tries to get close to the crystal without getting too close to Hextor should he go nuts.
-> hextor: A vision of the Hall of Warriors engulfs your mind... perhaps you've died and gone to your reward. But the heroes of your people all have the decaying faces and muscles of the zombies you fought earlier under their armor...
mkb: The skull's face turns toward Near.
mkb: Near, you feel something trying to get into your mind.
Near: Concentration [1d20+11 = 17]
Noir (Near): Moment of perfect mind
Will: ...did you even have that readied?
Noir (Near): Yes.
Noir (Near): Since I found out I can't double up manouvres..
-> Near: The necromancer is focusing its psychic energies on Hextor in order to trap him in his own personal nightmare... you can tell he cannot do anything to him physically from a distance, though.
Hextor: Hextor starts to shout and screem now, not even words now but in horror and agony, his hand grasping his holy symbol to his breast until blood leaks from his fist
mkb: Hextor seems to have passed out, although his eyes are moving and his fingers clinging on to his holy symbol. All in all, he seems to be having a vision, or a nightmare.
Near: Near grimaces, and shouts at the crystal, "Death hasno god to govern it! It is the cost of birth, you, nor any other being can decide to halt it!"
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): this is your brain....and this is your brain on necromancy
mkb: The skull in the crystal sphere seems to move towards you Near, not physically, but the image somehow tricks your eyes into thinking it's coming ever closer to you. Once agin, it attacks your psyche.
Noir (Near): Domn gotta use my base now :V
mkb: The goblinoid creature is weakening visibly....
Near: Will save [1d20 = 1]
Noir (Near): Feck.
someguy (Hextor): join the club
Kittymew (Will): welcome to team 1
mkb (mkb): i'm not manipping the dice i swear
Noir (Near): Well, it's up to Will to saev us!
someguy (Hextor): we're just beating the bell curve to death with outlyers today
mkb: Near is assaulted by the same invisible forces that hit Hextor earlier. Her collapse is more sudden; she falls on Hextor, perhaps locked in the same nightmare.
-> Near: You don't get any apocalyptic visions... for you, the worst possible future that the sphere can project is unending stasis, your people and all the otehrs going through the motions of sowing and reaping, every harvest getting more meager and the ennui getting more crushing until one day the last family in the last village in the world forgets how to wake up and dies of thirst only to join the hordes of the shambling undead in the mist.
Will: Will is now visibly concerned. "MEDIC!" he yells out, looking them over himself...wondering what to do.
Kittymew (Will): attempting Refresh, does it work?
Near: ow. Fuck that's bad.
mkb: A swarm of goblins cover Will and Near, and get them off each other.
mkb: They quickly check their vital signs as best as they can. "They're fine... just... bad dream!"
Campaign saved.
Will: Averting his eyes from the crystal ball, Will runs his sword through the chest of the blackened goblin.
mkb (mkb): Well, we were going to separate Will and Near/Hextor, so next session is a bit of a freddy krueger thing for them while Will goes on a diplomatic trip.
Noir (Near): Is there a save to end?
mkb: While the creature's bones are as tough as those on its Bone Machine exoskeleton, the goblinoid's life is quickly extinguished; blood and pus seep from the wound, and the skull's face quickly disappears from the sphere. "YOU ALREADY HAVE LOSttttt....."
Noir (Near): Damn, I wish I had Iron Heart Surge..
mkb (mkb): No, your next episode is going to be inside of your own heads.
Kittymew (Will): You can't IHS when you're unconscious. :P
Noir (Near): ;_;
mkb: The once-flying Bone Machine barely shudders when its living component gives up what ghost it might have had.
someguy (Hextor): so we have an adventure of the mind net
Noir (Near): Yey.
Noir (Near): ...and not yey.
mkb (mkb): well, i need to mix Hextor and Near's nightmare scenarios together. Any tips of what they'd be afraid of other than the things I kinda improvised?
someguy (Hextor): well its either that or the goblins have a lobotomy party and we're all invited
mkb (mkb): Great RPing everyone btw
someguy (Hextor): have us a lot to work with
Will: this is EPIC shit
Noir (Near): Thanks, this is fun :3
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): as for scary for the big nailed it with ragnorok...nothing quite as spooky for a cleric as they're own personal end of days
mkb (mkb): Near did find out before passing out that the necromancer cannot yet affect you over a distance other than messing with your head. This said, you DO want to wake up before th goblins decide to either use you for parts or have their fungal mass digest you as a means of honoring your bravery.
mkb (mkb): thanks -- how about near? i doubt much can scare her other than care bear land
Noir (Near): Yeah. That would suck.
mkb (mkb): which isn't really fitting for a necromancer to try and probe lol
Noir (Near): Well, the slow diseased death of her people into eventual undeath is more than enough.
mkb (mkb): That was sorta the default. Will's personal nightmare was going to be Alpha Complex.
someguy (Hextor): lol
someguy (Hextor): aren't we crazy enough?
mkb: NO!
Noir (Near): Never is crazy enough!
Kittymew (Will): Glad I didn't get sucked into that thing.
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Yeah. Will is smarter than Near itseems :V
someguy (Hextor): and the viking cleric should have known better
mkb (mkb): And apparntly the dice agreed it'd be fun
someguy (Hextor): now you know why I gave up 40k
mkb: why?
someguy (Hextor): I always roll like that...
Noir (Near): x_x
mkb: eeeek
mkb (mkb): well we can call it done i think :) kip and noir tell me when you're in a playing position next ok?
Noir (Near): I'm off tommorrow :o
Hextor: I'm free
mkb: yay! ttyl then! i'm kinda wiped ^_^;
mkb: hope you like so far
Noir (Near): Is really good :3
mkb: yay!
someguy (Hextor): you did great with this one
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): kies
someguy (Hextor): never saw it coming
Noir (Near): Story tellin' is good, an' the NPCs are good too :3

Chat log started at 12.11.2008 / 10:32:36

mkb: bat
'Noir' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Near: Nyu
Near: I'm gonna mark all my prepped things as "2", so I can tick them on and off easily
'Kittymew' connected
mkb: what's that?
Near: My manouvres
Campaign saved.
Near: In case I need them x_x
mkb: i have no idea what athat is.
Near: Just letting you know ahead of time why I have 2 of each prepped
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Near: ...
mkb: two of WHAT prepped
mkb: christ
Near: My manouvres? My warblade things?
mkb: :P
Near: I did
Kittymew (Will): Um, you can't double those up anyway, you told me that last time
Near: I know
Near: I don't have them doubled, just marked twice so ticking them off doesn't remove them from the mini-sheet
Will: oh
Will: k
mkb: kies!
mkb: makes sense
mkb: i need to get off my lazy ass and figure out the xml for this stuff
Noir (Near): Do it for FG2 so you con atually use the custom sheets :V
'someguy' connected
mkb: kies
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: alo
mkb: ei
Will: rawr
Noir (Near): RAWR
mkb: meow
Hextor: some one is going to wear those words out one of these days
mkb: kies, near is on recap duty :)
Noir (Near): Well, umm..
mkb: great now kitty's meowing and rawring at me irl ^_^;
Campaign saved.
mkb: I think Noir is hyper. -er than usual that is
mkb: yay ragnarock?
Near: Oh and Will was doing stuff, too I guess.
mkb: LOL
Hextor: something about zepplining somewhere imporatant
Near: Yeah.
mkb: *nodnod*
mkb: Well, on this one you're basically on your own... I'll deal with Will latr
Hextor: while we get a Friday the 13th speical
mkb: uh?
mkb: isn't that Nightmar
Noir (Near): Nightmare on Elm street.
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Friday the 13th is Jason.
mkb: ok first thing you guys do is.... this is an amalgamation of your wrst fears as best as the necromancer could discern them
Hextor: .ooc my bad
mkb: so first off -- all your attribute bonuses and penalties are now flipped
Noir (Near): Maybe some Akira, too, but I don't think there are any psychics among us..
Noir (Near): O_O;
Noir (Near): Wise Near.
someguy (Hextor): smart viking
Hextor: well....not really
Hextor: looks like I get to be a sickly weakling
Noir (Near): I'm not much better off..
mkb: You two come to your senses in what looks like an empty expanse of misty ground. It's cold, the fog is thick enough that you can't see to fifty yards, and the ground is poor soil with the occasional yellow tuft of grass growing in it. Near is wearing a frilly peach dress, a tiara and silk gloves (and no shoes for some reason), and has her arm back. Hextor's in what looks like a merchant's clothes, grey trousers and coat and a white shirt underneath. There's a ribbon around his neck and he's wearing comfortable leather shoes.
Noir (Near): 5STR, 8DEX, 2CON... ACK HOLY SHIT
mkb (mkb): not that bad
mkb (mkb): but if you had a +1 it's now a -1
Noir (Near): I had a +3 and a +4..
Kittymew (Will): so yeah, she has it right, she has 2 con
mkb: eeep.
mkb: lol?
Hextor: str -3 dex -1 con -2 int 0 wis -1 cha 0
Hextor: blarg
Kittymew (Will): yikes
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): 6 INT, 14 WIS, 8 CHA ;_;
Hextor: "What in the halls of the gods am I doing in this?" Hextor shouts as he looks himself up and down
Near appears shellshocked.
mkb: Near looks about the same age, maybe a little thicker around the waist. Hextor seems to be the same age as Near, and lost pretty much eighty percent of his muscle mass.
Noir (Near): ...Near is THICKER around the waist? Nothing about losing all that muscle mass?
mkb: not visibly
Noir (Near): She's a strong as Hextor..
Noir (Near): Okies, I'll stop interuppiting.
mkb (mkb): k you know what... it's a dream sequence, it doesn't have to make sense.
someguy (Hextor): GRAPE TACO
someguy (Hextor): sense what so ever
Noir (Near): *quiets down*
Hextor: Hextor gives his head a shake, still dizzy from....something...he can't quite recall what brought him to this strange land
mkb: The air is cold and dry, and there's a little bit of wind. Hextor, you think you'd be used to the cold but it's a lot colder than you'd expect.
Campaign saved.
Near shivers, very not used to cold.
Hextor: Hugging his arms around himself in a very unwarroir like way hextor tries to remeber how he got here as he looks out into the mists
mkb: Not much seems to be moving otherwise. The fog is VERY thick, the only feature you see from here is a dirt path. It seems like it was built very sturdy, compacted properly and so on, but has been neglected for some time -- you can only discern it well because there's so little vegetation around you.
Near absently wonders why her brain isn't think so gewd nows.
Noir (Near): Fish is done.
mkb (mkb): Nah, the new values are just for dice rolls.
mkb (mkb): you dun have to RP them
someguy (Hextor): k
Hextor: Hextor...seeing nothing else to do, takes a few steps down the path and kneals down to inspect it closer
Noir (Near): Oh, kies
Campaign saved.
Near looks at herself and sighs. "I look like my sister when she was younger." It's a minor complaint.
mkb: The ground has a faint putrid smell that you can't identify. As far as you can tell from the sun poking out from the fog, the path is roughly going north/south.
Hextor: "well I see your as chipper as ever.." hextor sighs as he stands once more
Hextor: "this isn't right..."
Near: "Bleh," she makes a face. "Of course it isn't."
mkb: Other than the faint wind, the landscape is very silent, almost unnaturally so; there aren't any animals around.
Near: "Nothing'll be right here," She sighs angrily this time. "I'll make that bastard pay..."
Hextor: "well...unless we feel like wandering the mists for eternity...and considering the suroundings that could BE an eternity...we have one road"
Near fumes on in silence.
Campaign saved.
Near: "I guess we should follow it.. We might not get out of here otherwise."
Hextor: Hextor nods stiffy and starts walking northward on the road
Near follows, while trying to think if her father, or any of her siblings had said anything about a spell like this.
Near: Knowledge, Arcana [1d20-2 = 9]
Noir (Near): ..Yep, doubtful.
mkb: Not that you know of.
mkb: Hextor and Near are about to lose sight of each other already.
Near: I was following him.
Noir (Near): that was ooc
Noir (Near): not quite too dumb to be unable to walk and think at the same time..
mkb: You walk for an amount of time you can't tell the length of, but don't particularly feel hungry, thirsty or tired. The mists recede just a little -- although you're sure yu spent some time on the road, the sun is unmoving, up in its noon-spot but barely visible through the mists.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: hextor, wishing to have some measure of time starts to idlely hum a northern tune
Near: [Time passes oddly in the land of dreams, that it does..] Near continues to fume, and entertains herself with the thoughts of what she'lldo to the bastard that put them here.
mkb: The path reaches a larger road; this one has been paved with gravel and bitumen, and is in a nearly pristine state -- even so, you can tell it hasn't been maintained for some time as there are tufts of dying grass on it. It's slightly less cold. The dirt road continues down its original direction. There's a metal lamp post at the crossroads, high up enough that you can barely tell where the lamp is. It's unlit.
Near: that won't make a difference to someone who's barefoot, would it?
Hextor: stopping at the cross roads, not out of exaustion or hunger, hextor looks around, still hugging himself for some warm.
Near: the change in terrain.
Near bares the cold, reminding herself it isn't real.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): Not to you, your feet are pretty tough even in your altered state
Noir (Near): Yey
Hextor: Hextor reachs over and give the lamp most a shove...half explecting it to be an illsuion
mkb: You hear something approaching.
mkb: The lamp is solid; in fact it's pretty well anchored to the ground. Giving it a hearty shove hurts you more than you thought it would.
someguy (Hextor): which I guess EVERYTHING is ...but he hasn't quite figured that out yet
Noir (Near): Not illusion, dream. There's a big difference.
Hextor: "Son of a troll" the norse man swears rubbing his arm
Near turns to the approaching sound.
Noir (Near): You'd be a boy now. If you're the same age as Near, you're 15..
Noir (Near): Which you are in this dream state.
Noir (Near): If I remembe correctly :V
someguy (Hextor): he's still figuring that out...not exactly a mirror around for him to see himself with
mkb: An iron wagon slowly approaches. It is being towed by six old men who appear to be able to move it with little difficulty, other than the fact that they are obviously not enjoying it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Its top half has glass portholes, like a ship, only they're square instead of round; it used to be painted yellow, but most of the paint is gone. There's movement inside.
mkb: The wagon is slowly moving westward.
Near simply watches as it rolls by.
Hextor: Hextor jobs over to the old men "excuse me...would you happen to know where here is ?"
Hextor: hextor actually blushes...he's starting to even sound like a merchant!
mkb: One of the men turns his face towards you. His ears and eyelids have been sewn shut, although the eyes are still there -- two strings of something shiny, possibly metal, come out of its forehead. Up close, you can tell that some of these men have the sort of open skin sores that identify them as undead, although their skin isn't decayed.
mkb: The man opens his mouth and hisses at you for an isntant before moving on.
mkb: One of the portholes in a corner of the wagon pens. "Get out of the way!" a voice, definitely human, bellows.
Near: "..." Near stares blankly at this.
Campaign saved.
Near: And wonders how many blows to the head Hextor has taken in his life.
Hextor: hextor steps back quickly...but upon hearing the human voice sparks something of the old viking in him as he swings around to hammer on one of the portholes with his hand
Hextor: "Come out and show yourself"
mkb: The banging resonates through the wagon, showing that most of it is made of metal, and makes some of the flaked paint chip off and fall to the ground. It loses color, becoming light grey, upon touching the tarmac.
mkb: "Get out of the way, I'm late as it is!"
Near reaches out and snatches Hextor back.
mkb: The man talking is sitting on a sort of stool in front of the wagon, six pairs of reins and a few levers in front of him. There's a metal partition between him and the rest of the vehicle, that was obviously added later. He's dressed much like Hextor, but about the size that Hextor is in the real world; he has a fat face with an unkempt beard.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor shakes off Nears hand in a huff, it's been a long time since he had been manhandled
Hextor: "Answer my questions vargrent and you shall not be late!"
Near sigs and facepalms.
mkb: Near can actually pull Hextor back somewhat, which is a good thing because the man pulls a lever and the old men (or zombies) pulling the wagon simultaneously experience a jolt of pain and resume walking forward, very slowly but accelerating.
Near grimaces as she feels how weak she is.
Hextor: "By Odins good eye woman! Never do that again!"
Hextor: Hextor, still feeling slighted hurries after the hulking cart
mkb: Hextor ends up saying the second part of that sentence in the sort of falsetto teenage boys get when they're under stress and still changing their voices.
mkb: The cart isn't moving fast, but is accelerating so that you actually have to break into a jog to keep up; the side door is still open.
Near pushes Hextor to cause him to fall.
mkb: (dex check both of you then)
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20-1 = 11]
Near: Dex bonus [1d20-1 = 2]
Noir (Near): Blarg.
mkb: Near shoves Hextor but doesn't even make him stumble; Hextor catches up with the still open door. The big man at the control is making a point of ignoring him, apparently.
Near growls.
Hextor: hextor reachs out and graps hold of the open side door, hopping up into it to get closer to the driver
mkb: Hextor manages to climb on the thing... Near is still besides it, and now has to run to keep up.
Hextor: "Don't you drive away from me when I'm talking to you, you souless lout!"
Campaign saved.
Near would prefer to let Hextor make a fool of himself alone, but really doesn't want to be by herself in this place..
mkb: There's no answer. "Who are you that i should care?" comes out in a rumble from the man eventually. The old men pulling the wagon are still moving at a walking or shambling pace, but their movements are accelerated, as if they'd been magically hastened.
Hextor: "Who am I, I am Hextor, Warrior of the north, and I shall not suffer this insult any longer"
Hextor: "You suffer the existance of the unliving and tarinsh the honor of your people...I shall not stand for it!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man stares at Hextor for a few moments, then laughs. It's a bellowy but mirthless laughter. "And?"
Hextor: "And this!" Hextor says and slugs him in the face
Hextor: [1d20 = 18]
Near is seriously considering leaving him now.
Near: I couldn't use a stance in this world, could I? It seems to show that I can, just making sure :V
someguy (Hextor): this from the person that thinks a choppa solves everything?
Noir (Near): Not everything...
mkb (mkb): you can try
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): well he may be trapped in the boy of a 15 year old merchant...but his still a viking...violence solves everything
Near thinks to herself, and decides to try. As she runs, she tenses her legs just so and...
mkb: The punch connects really well, but doesn't do much -- it causes the large man a nosebleed, and Hextor a bit of recoil pain in the shoulder. Either the man has a very dirty nose, or there are little black flakes in his blood. He stops the wagon, stands up, and grabs both of Hextor's wrists by the arms, then lifts him up by them and walks out of the wagon that has in the meantime stopped. Near is about 20 feet from them.
Near: Leaping dragon stance, jumping on top of the wagon thingie..
Near: Jump [1d20+18 = 28]
Noir (Near): Huzzah! 25 foot leap still :D
Hextor: Hextor aims a kick to the larger mans crotch as a responce to his manhandling
Noir (Near): Well, what I did was pointless now..
Hextor: [1d20 = 18]
Noir (Near): You dan't have any BAB? o_O;
Hextor: oops...+4
Hextor: -3 for str
Hextor: so almost no bab
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): and you can still jump down on the guy from up there...or steal the zombiewagon
Noir (Near): So did I make it? :o
mkb: Near runs closer to the wagon, jumps, and lands with her face on one of the portholes, which are acctually very dirty glass -- she makes out a few human figures inside the back of the wagon, then falls backwards. Hextor's kick connects, and while it doesn't stop the man any, it does make him let go.
Near: "Oww.." she rubs her face, and looks towards Hextor.
Campaign saved.
Near: And debates if she should help him, or leave him be.
mkb: The large man recovers quickly, and takes a step towards Hextor, then sees Near and stops. "Miss, it's not safe for you out here. I'll just have to give you a ride after I kick this nebbish to the curb."
Near: "I see, thank you muchly, kind sir," Decides upon the best apparent action.
Hextor: "why you ugly son of a.." Hextor trails off as he hear's nears "pretty princess" routine
mkb: The large man grunts toward the open door, then takes another step towards Hextor.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near curtsies politely, and looks through the door.
Hextor: Hextor takes a quick step backwards and tries to sumon up his magics for aid
someguy (Hextor): casting magic weapon on my fists
someguy (Hextor): oops...just double check that....can't do it that way unless it was a monks fists...darnit
Noir (Near): Yeah, you'd need magic fang or sharptooth for that :V
someguy (Hextor): guess I'll try spirtual weapon instead
Kittymew (Will): don't actually have the wisdom bonus to CAST spells
mkb: The large man grabs you and shoves you in the door, causing you to hit your head against the bulkhead. It hurts some.
Hextor: ...oh crud
Campaign saved.
Near looks at the scuffle one last time before stepping into the wagon and looking about for a place to sit.
mkb: The bulkhead inside has no windows, so you don't know about the wagon's cargo. There is only one seat, and the large man takes it without further comments after slamming the door closed -- there's really no lock other than a latch to keep it closed in motion.
Near stands and waits patiently, then.
mkb: The man flicks his wrists to the motive power's reins and they resume their unnaturally accelerated shuffling. The road continues; it's in good enough shape that there's little sensation of motion, or maybe it's just that from the side windows you can't see anything but fog.
Hextor: "ouch" hextor says rubbing his head
Hextor: "you know...this isn't going like I expected it"
Campaign saved.
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Noir (Near): Welp. We're seperated, nows :/
Near: Near considers asking where the man is heading and where they currently are.
mkb (mkb): no, you're both on the bus, hextor was thrown in
mkb (mkb): and yes it's basically a zombie-powered schoolbus
Noir (Near): Ah.
Hextor: "so..." Hextor says for lack of anything better to say as he checks his head for any new lumps
mkb: The man seems to have simply lost interest in both of you and is just staring at the road. Hextor's head hurts. There is moaning and the ccasional banging on the bulkhead from whatever's behind you in the wagon.
Near: "You should probably keep quiet..." Near whispers to Hextor.
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Hextor: "oh yes, anything you say my lady" Hextor whispers back, dripping with sarcasum
Campaign saved.
Near: Power attack +5, Target: Hextor's face [1d20-3 = 17]
Hextor: ...
mkb (mkb): really?
Noir (Near): ...Nah.
mkb (mkb): way to waste a crit then :p
someguy (Hextor): why does this only happen to me *sigh*
Noir (Near): Can I just get an action point instead? :V
mkb (mkb): no.
Near kicks Hextor in the face for his words.
Noir (Near): Eh, I rolled it :V
someguy (Hextor): just wondering...if I get knocked out cold here does that mean I wake up in the real world?
mkb: After another unspecified interval of time, you reach... well, it looks like a castle, from what you can tell; however, it's made of a very smooth material and there are essentially no architectural elements. It's a very large grey crate with small square windows. As the vehicle moves, you see that there are two, four -- two rows of essentially identical buildings, about six stories tall, at the side of the road. What ground is still visible between them is still cold and barren. There seems to be nobody around.
mkb (mkb): maybe
Noir (Near): That's only like 9nonlethal damage, anyway...
Hextor: yeah
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextors too busy nursing his burises to look out the window
Near studies the castle and buildings through the window.
mkb: The buildings are all the same... at least at a first glance. (spot ceck?)
Near: Knowledge, Engineering [1d20+3 = 10]
Noir (Near): I has this! Works on architecture too.
mkb: The buildings were originally designed to all look the same, but have different wear and tear on them.
Hextor: spot [1d20-1 = 13]
mkb: The vehicle keeps moving, you estimate you're going about the same speed you'd get from a horse drawn cart on a good road.
Near: "I see why Father wanted to use undead now..." Near murmurs to herself almost inaudibly.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man might've heard that, as he turns towards Near. "A blackbird sings on bluebird hill, thanks to the calling of the wold wiseman's child..."
mkb: *wild
Noir (Near): Do I know what the hell he's talking about? :V
mkb (mkb): maybe if you google it
Noir (Near): I meant does Near..
Hextor: hextor looks about ready to belt some one , but keeps his mouth shut
Near: "ah.. huh.."
mkb: The wagon coasts to a stop; the large man keeps staring at Near, eyes vacant.
Noir (Near): And google brings up nothing anyway :V
Near stares back at the man, with a blank expression on her face.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The staring contest goes on for another indeterminable interval.
Hextor: Hextor just jumps out of the wagon and spits on the ground
mkb: The tarmac absorbs the water as if it was greedy for it, or as if the roadbed was scorching hot rather than cold-ish as it is.
Near ignores Hextor. She continues staring at the man, thinking back to her sister's ghost stories...
mkb: The man seems to be mumbling something, but he's barely moving his lips and it's hard to read under the grime and facial hair
someguy (Hextor): and hopefully the blood of a broken nose...but thats just me hoping
mkb: Your nose healed as soon as you stopped thinking about it -- incidentally, your blood doesn't seem to have black flakes in it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The wagon has now stopped completely, essentially between four of the strange featureless buildings.
Hextor: "We'll my lady...this looks like our stop" Hextor says with only a slight twing of sarcasum to it
mkb: The large man is actually drooling a little. His salive also has black flakes in it.
Near moves to back out the door Hextor opened, careful not to break eye contact.
Hextor: "you know...I miss the good old days.....give me a sword and a dragon anytime" Hextor mutters as he looks around
Campaign saved.
mkb: Interesting you'd bring that up; there's a sword on the side of the wagon, it's apparently been welded there as part of the bulkhead, but it can probably be rattled loose. It's in very poor shape
Hextor: Hextor reachs for it and tries to pry it off
Hextor: [1d20-3 = 11]
mkb: It comes off with a clank, flakes of rust shedding on the wagon's floor.
Hextor: "..well thats a bit more like it"
mkb: You're still in the wagon at the moment.
Hextor: Hextor feels a bit better with a blade in his hands as he hops out
Near: "..Near a tree there's a river, with a hole in the ground.." An old song comes back to her mind.
Hextor: "...don't see a tree OR a river lassy" Hextor says as he inspects the rusted blade
Campaign saved.
Near: "Hush you."
mkb: You're out of the wagon. This is a good thing because a medium-size dragon falls on it. Medium-size in this case means a little larger than the wagon.
Near: "...And I've forgotten it now. Though that's something new."
mkb: The dragon is brown, dead from a piercing wound in its hart, and there's a knight wrapped around its neck; he clearly delivered the killing blow, accepting the crash aftrward.
mkb: The wagon you were on has been squished so thoroughly that it now appears painted on the tarmac.
Near looks at the knight, if he or she is still alive.
Hextor: "Well now...should have seen THAT coming" Hextor very nearly smiles...
Hextor: Shouldering the rusty blade Hextor is feeling almost his old self
mkb: The knight is wearing a very well polished armor (minus the dents and the squirts of dragon blood) of a fairly archaic make, full plate rather than the now more usual plate-and-chainmail. A long beard comes out of his helmet's mouthpiece, but it's the only feature of him that you can see. He's either dead or passed out.
Near attepmts to pull him off the dragon. Failing that, she examines the dragon itself.
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 4]
Hextor: "Normally I'd thank someone for squishing that horror...but something tells me lizard lips here isn't that friendly
Campaign saved.
mkb: The dragon is dead due to an old but very well-made sword piercing its heart. The sword is stuck in the thing's spine; the knight is in full plate armor.
mkb: Neither objects appear very mobile.
Noir (Near): The sword isn't? :<
mkb: A few windows in the buildings next to you become lit -- this thing DID make a lot of noise.
mkb: The sword is stuck in the dragon's spine. You can probably tear it out if you put a LOT of effort into it.
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 17]
Noir (Near): HAHAHAHA!!!
Near: Near grabs onto the sword and yanks as hard as she can, probably straining something..
mkb: The sword comes out, and you fall flat on your back, barely avoiding hitting yourself in the forehead with it. The knight moves a little, but it might be because he's waking up or because your effort shook both him and the dragon.
mkb: The dragon is beginning to smell.
mkb: The dragon's skin starts to flake off, as if it was decaying unnaturally fast.
Hextor: "well that was amusing" Hextor leans down to help near to her feet
Campaign saved.
Near: "That's not good.." Near points to the dragon, decaying already.
Hextor: "you were expecting 'good'?"
Near: She then looks to the buildings, expecting people to come out.
Near: Now with a weapon, she feels much more at ease and comfortable.
mkb: The knight falls off the dragon's neck; again, you cannot tell if it's because of earlier motion, or because he tried to.
mkb: With the sword no longer locked in its spine, the beast starts to stir... it's not decaying any further, merely smelling bad.
Hextor: Hextor walks over to the knight and tries to pull off his helm to see his face
Hextor: at the stirring of the creature hextor hurries and grabs the knight by the shoulder s and drags the body away from the rising beast
mkb: The helm comes off with no issies -- the guy's really old, and is breathing, albeit in a belabored fashion.
mkb: You can't drag him away.
mkb: Too heavy.
Hextor: "wake up old man...any time now"
Near: Near looks up, "Truthfully, I don't think he'd survive.."
Hextor: Hextor steps between the armoured knight and the twitching drake and raises his rusty blade
mkb: People begin to come out of the four buildings around you; they're all dressed more or less like Hextor, except for the few females who have a skirt rather than trousers. Their faces and hands are somewhat grey, but they don't look undead -- they do shuffle like undead as they move, though.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The old knight moans.
Near: Near looks over the people warily.
Hextor: Hextor cranks his head around and tries to listen to the old knigt and keep an eye on the corpse and the people at the same time
mkb: "... and i don't even get to die... is she dead?"
mkb: The people(?) from the buildings form a crowd around the scene, leaving a very neat circle around you, the knight and the drake.
Hextor: "If your talking about the dragon...dead is a relative term around here
Near: She strains her ears to listen.
Near: To the crowd's murmuring.
Near: Listen [1d20-2 = 11]
Near: "..Is who dead...?" She asks cautiously.
mkb: They're speaking a language you don't understand, with lots of long word. Some words you do get.
mkb: "... is she dead. did i win or lose."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "does it ever end"
mkb: The drake raises a front paw -- it wasn't shedding skin because of fast decay; it was just very wrinkly. You get the impression that the creature is also very old.
Near: "If it's me, I'm quite not dead..." The dragon's the only other female possible.
Near: "..And apparently neither is...she?"
mkb: The knight groans again, then looks to the side at all the grey people. "!" He tries to get up.
Near: Near holds the sword in a precarious position, but at the ready.
Hextor: Hextor steps back from the pawing dragon and drops down to try and help the old knight stand
Near: What she's prepared to attack isn't obvious, however.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "Come on Jarl" using a norse term for honored elders "get up here"
Hextor: lift the old fart [1d20-3 = 2]
Noir (Near): *snerk*
mkb: Er.... no.
mkb: The sword's very heavy for you Near, you can lift it, but you may not be able to swing it effectively. (Str check every time)
someguy (Hextor): me am rolling very kip
Near speaks out to the drake, "Old one, are you still alive?"
mkb: The people around you notice the movements, and steadily close in -- mostly toward the dragon.
mkb: "I'm... not dead. Did he die? Did I win or lose?" the dragon asnwers. It is indeed very old, or hasn't had anything to drink in forever.
Hextor: "ugh" Hextor says straing to lift the old man
Near: "It seems... neither of you died.."
Near: Near's blood runs cold, as she remembers her nightmare from when they were first struck by the mage's magic.
mkb: The drake roars, loudly. This stops the crowd around you long enough for the old knight to get up with Hextor's help.
Hextor: "Ok...dragon...knight...."looks at the gray skined crowd..."and ect.."
Hextor: "Please tell me this makes sense to someone?"
Campaign saved.
Near: Count down for Near to go L5.... [1d10 = 6]
Noir (Near): That was OOC..
mkb (mkb): what's L4?
mkb: 5
Noir (Near): Higurashi reference.
Near: "Old one," Still in draconic, "You wished to die? For at least one of you to die? Because it seems you can't naturally?"
mkb: The crowd ignores you and the knight as they make their way to the dragon first. Silently, they pile on the creature... and start taking it apart with their bare hands. The process is bloodless; they disassemble the creature as if it was made of toy building blocks, each person taking away a small piece until only the skeleton remains. Some pieces are still wriggling as theyr'e taken out.
Noir (Near): ARGH.
mkb: The people around you are probably alive, most of them anyway -- just moving with the lifelessness of zombies.
mkb: The creature manages to answer yes before it's no longer able to talk.
Near: L5 countdown. [1d10 = 4]
Hextor: Hextor is speachless watching the slow methodical deconstruction of
mkb: Most of the crowd leave, each with a lttle piece of dragon held reverently in their hands. A few, ten or so, surround the three of you, disregarding the squished wagon and dragon skeleton.
Near: Near grimaces and clenches her teeth.
Hextor: hextor's hand cletchs the borrowed blade
Near: She turns to the remaining people, "None of you can die...?"
Noir (Near): In common, that was.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The grey people form a circle around you too, but it's centered on the old knight. The man watched in horror, and now looks like he's about to have a seizure. "...not like this!"
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 0]
Noir (Near): ...Argh.
Near: Near moves to swing the sword at the people before they can do the same to the knight.
Hextor: Hextor takes a warning slash infront of the gray folks with his rusty blade to keep them back
Near: But stumbles as she can't manange to move the blade.
Noir (Near): Is this thing a twohander? >_>
mkb: Near can barely lift the sword -- Hextor can, but it seems that these people haven't really noticed him. Except one, come in later -- he could easily be related to the large man that drove the wagon, but is also dressed like these guys. He's lot bigger though. "Step aside. We're here to help." he snarls.
mkb (mkb): Yes, heavy two handed sword, not very good material but well made
Hextor: "Help?" Hextor says causiously "You people just ....pulled.... a corpse of a dragon apart and wandered off!"
Near growls, and grunts as she tries again to lift the blade to no avail.
Hextor: "I'd rather like to know what the Hel is going on first before anyone else gets taken home as a party favor"
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor keeps his rusty blade ready
mkb: "This man needs medical attention. We'll take his armor off and you can follow him inside.
mkb: "" the old knight answers feebly.
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = -2]
Near: Near drops the blade at this point, and collapses onto the ground. Her muscles aching from something that should take her no effort at all.
Hextor: "How about we keep the armour on....Gods know I feel naked without mine" hextor mutters that last part
mkb: Near drops the sword but gets up fairly quickly. The large man turns towards Hextor. "It is your duty to help us. He is obviously deluded."
Hextor: "Delusinonal my pale ARSE!" Hextor says taking another warning slash to back the crowd off again
Campaign saved.
Near takes a deep breath and focuses in on herself, ignoring the surroundings.
Noir (Near): Goin' for some Zen/Matrix stuff :V
someguy (Hextor): you didn't pack any uzi's we could use did you?
Noir (Near): Nope. Sorry.
Near: Concentration [1d20+3 = 13]
Hextor: Whispering back tothe old man "Come on gray beard...give me something to work with here"
mkb: The second time, the people back off behind the larger guy. He's as bearded and bald as the other one, but this one has his remaining hair up in two tufts.
mkb: The old knight has knelt and, with great efforts, has recovered his sword and is now using it as a cane. "What's... the use?"
mkb: "Even if we fight ten, there'll be a hundred as soon as we walk down a block..."
mkb: "Son, if you can, kill me."
Hextor: Hextor Freezes at that...trying to make out the conviction in his voice
Campaign saved.
Hextor: -1 sense motive [1d20-1 = 5]
Near: "...I would say, do so. If you manage it, he deserves death..."
Hextor: "Odin forgive me" Hextor says in a sigh...then spins around to slash at the eldar knights exposed throat
Near: Near goes back to focusing in on herself. [1d20+3 = 20]
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 5]
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): I'm going to give him is a nose hair trim
someguy (Hextor): unless old guy counts as helpless and then it a cou de gras
mkb (mkb): sory :">
mkb: Hextor's blow hits the knight's neckguard and manages to do no better that knocking him off balance, making him fall again. At that, the grey people advance around him again.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor steps over the prone knight and hacks downward at his throat in a rush
Hextor: [1d20+1 = 6]
someguy (Hextor): shit
Noir (Near): I don't think you're threatened, so you could take 10...?
Noir (Near): Argh, wtf my comp is being wierd o_o;
mkb (mkb): okies, we'll wait
Noir (Near): There, fixeded it.
Noir (Near): Is Near getting any effect from her meditation? :V
someguy (Hextor): yay
mkb: The grey people have all but closed in on the knight and Hextor.
mkb (mkb): yes, you're standing there instead of trying to help :)
Noir (Near): I don't have a sword anymore, so how can I help? =_=
someguy (Hextor): punching people works
Campaign saved.
Near: Near sighs. Apparently it isn't working..
Near: She throws a heavy punch (the best she can muster) at the closest grey.
Hextor: "May the chosers of the slain come swiftly..." Hextor says and tries once more to slit the mans throat with the blade
Hextor: mercy [1d20+1 = 2]
mkb: The large pointy-haired man grabs hextor by the scruff of his neck, and pulls him back; the other people start to descend on the knight, except for the one that Near hits who just stands there and takes it.
Hextor: ...............
mkb: Hextor's sword is thrown off by one of them.
Near: Power attack +5 again... [1d20-3 = 14]
mkb: The grey that Near was attacking gets hit in the chest again, and falls flat on his back.
Noir (Near): Bleh x_x
someguy (Hextor): anyone at all find id strange I can't kill a helpless old man?
mkb: The grey people pull the old knight apart in that unnatural way again... or at least his armor; where the dragon's skeleton was left, here is the naked frail form of an old man, thankfully covered in a white shirt and undies. One by one, the grey people retreat, each carrying a piece of armor.
mkb (mkb): that was honestly the dice's call ^^;
mkb: The old knight seems to have passed out from shock; now all you are facing is the large man, who's collected Hextr's rusty sword (the greatsword having also been disassembled and carried off).
mkb: The large man, holding the sword as a swagger stick, looks at the two of you with some confusion.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "Last guy that looked at us like that had a large flying reptile land on him" hextor tells him
Near sighs, and is generally frustrated with herelf.
Noir (Near): herself.
mkb: "There are no flying reptiles. Get back to work the three of you!"
mkb: One of the grey people, the one Near knocked out, slowly tries to get back up.
Near: L5 countdown. [1d10 = 2]
Hextor: Hextor just starts shouting in norse, if anyone can understand it it's a rather long list of profanites
Near straddles the grey and attempts to rip it apart with her bare hands, while growling and hissing.
Near: Tearing out the troat [1d20-3 = 11]
Near: (STR check..)
Hextor: "I don't know who you think you are ordering us around you Loki spawned dolt but I want some bloody answers!"
mkb (mkb): guys sorry but something's come up
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): ok...we can pick this up another day
Noir (Near): Awww. Okies
Noir (Near): ANd 2's close enough for Near to have gone into L4...
Noir (Near): Hence the ripping and tearing.
someguy (Hextor): this game sure is spacey
Hextor: no idea what the hell is going on
Hextor: but that works
Hextor: anyway...cya later then
Noir (Near): Kies.
'someguy' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Near: Well, if whatever came up gets solved, I'm up for play later today. If not, I'm off saturday and sunday
Near: L5 Check: [1d10 = 2]
Near: Still at L4. Oh well.
'Noir' disconnected
'Kittymew' disconnected
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 22.11.2008 / 17:08:16

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'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
Hextor: testing 1 2 3
Campaign saved.
mkb: mew
Will: Miu.
mkb: someone growl at noir :)
Hextor: there...growled
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): she's on a food-seeking mission apparently
Hextor: ah
Hextor: tummy growls win
mkb: <--- fat
mkb: swim swim swim swim swim
Kittymew (Will): Yer not fat.
Kittymew (Will): stop calling yerself fat.
Campaign saved.
mkb: when did noir say she'd be back? i'm considering quick shower now that it's free
Hextor: I'd say go for it, if she gets in we'll just talk behind your back about everything
Hextor: *evil grin*
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): go for it
Kittymew (Will): she didn't say
mkb: sure ^_^;
mkb: you figure anything out about the dream sequence yet?
Hextor: not really
Hextor: for some reason it makes me think of Soul Reaver
Will: Hmm
Campaign saved.
Hextor: then again I'm running around in a dream world surrounded by the undead...that's pretty much a given to make me thing of soul reaver
Campaign saved.
Will: LOL
Will: yup
Hextor: so...any idea what Will is up to while near and hextor are on their little acid trip
Campaign saved.
mkb: either getting a shinier mount or getting people ready for the zombiepocalypse.
Will: combination of the two.
Hextor: I think they can do that for as little as wearing shorts
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: lol
'Noir' connected
'Noir' identified as 'Near'
Noir (Near): Etorawr.
Hextor: ola
Noir (Near): Sorry for taking so long .-. I had to clean up after I cooked.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: np
mkb: I am Fluffy, the king of the potato people.
Noir (Near): So you have lots of eyes?
Hextor: maybe it just means that it's just a potato that's moulded into something furry
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Or one that's grown old and fuzzy with mold.
Will: LOL
mkb: eeep.
mkb: Okay, who's on recap?
Noir (Near): I did the last so it's Hexxie's turn :V
Hextor: gues that's me
Hextor: last I checked we were in the dream land from stuck as a child and near as some frufru princess in a village that just tore a dragon apart bare handed
Hextor: we're with an old, and now nearly naked knigt that they stripped of his arour that wanted to die
Hextor: of course I couldn't kill a defenceless old man (though not for lack of TRYING)
Hextor: *random grumbling about deamon dice
Hextor: so...we're basicly here infront of some big guy trying to figure out what the hell is going on
Campaign saved.
mkb: There is a bearded large man who could be the twin of the wagon driver (not quite, but almost) scowling as you two while the grey people descend on the old man.
Hextor: hextor takes yet another swing with a rusty blade to keep them back, his now child like arms getting tired of all this flaling
Near returns the man's scowl with a cold glare.
mkb: (Near, intimidate check plox) (hextor, str check plox)
Hextor: [1d20-3 = 2]
Near: Intimidate [1d20+3 = 8]
Noir (Near): Argh.
someguy (Hextor): I tellz ya dem dice iz possessed!
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): I wish I had Iron Heart Surge now ;_;
mkb: One of the grey people pushes Hextor off, the sword cutting his trousers and leaving a small cut on his leg. The old man is quickly taken apart into little pieces, bloodlessly, his screams becoming less human and more garbled as the unearthly process continues. The large man looks at Near with contempt and turns around to supervise the villagers as they return to the grey buildings, each with a piece of uhm... person in his or her hands. Nobody seems to notice either of you.
Hextor: seeing this unatural prosses yet again, and to a human a maddening to hextors morals
Noir (Near): Near wasn't really going for intimidation, but meh.
Hextor: he just can't seem to DO anything about it, which is all the more aggravating
mkb: (have you considered that maybe that's the idea?
Near: Near's blood boils at the thought of the man and the dragon being still alive while seperated into so many parts.
someguy (Hextor): the idea crossed my mine...hextors not quite that bright though
mkb: The people make their way back into four of the almost-identical grey boxes with windows; only the large bearded man isnt moving, maybe he's making sure they all get inside.
Campaign saved.
Near stays put, and doesn't bother to move.
Hextor: Hextor is reduced to kneeling on the ground panting with the sword in one hand...edging towards shock
mkb: The large bearded man takes one look in your direction, then enters one of the buildings (the one he was standing next to). Another timeless interval passes.... you notice that the paint on the tarmac that used to be the yellow wagon starts to fade and flake off.
Hextor: Hextor Finally gets standing again...trying to get himself undercontrol again...swrod gripped tight in his hand
Hextor: "ok...." he huffs to no one in particular
mkb: Now that you think of it, there's some wind -- enough to carry paint flakes off. Some of the lights in the gray buildings' windows come on, others come off.
Near: Near looks down the road, in the direction the wagon had been travelling.
mkb: There are more pairs of grey buildings, two that you can see before the fog makes it all too indistinct.
mkb: (hextor, spot check?)
Hextor: spot [1d20+1 = 18]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Your sword seems rustier than it was before.
Near checks for the knight's sword.
mkb: It was also taken away by the grey people.
Near: She sighs.
Near: "Should we continue on, then?"
mkb: The only movement is a little bit of damp cold wind, and the lights flickering in the buildings.
Hextor: "Near....I'm going to find out what the hel we just saw, and I don't care how many people I'm going to have to stab to do it"
Hextor: Hextor starts walking to the closest of the grey stone buildings
Near: "Okay," She says simply, and waits for him.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The building has a glass door with tin-plated iron frames and a visible chain lock around it; it's the one that the large bearded man walked in to.
Hextor: Hextor knocks on the door with the hilt of the rusted blade
mkb: Behind the door is a lifeless hallway with concrete columns, a few notices postedo n the walls, and featureless windows -- you can see a stairway behind a door that was left open. Knocking has no effect other than making you realize the glass is pretty thin.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Not really caring anymore about being 'nice' hextor gives the glass door a solid smack with the flat of the sword blade
Hextor: str test [1d20-3 = 7]
Near is a little shellshocked, and is trying to compose herself.
mkb: The glass shatters pretty readily and you manage, although barely, to not hurt yourself with any of the fragments. Kind of silly to put a heavy lock on a door like that really...
Near: She rubs her throat with her left hand.
Hextor: Hextor steps through te shattered door,not really being careful at all anymore, and plants the sword point down infront of him as he looks about the room
mkb: The room is basically a columnade with an identical door on the other side that leads to, well, nowhere proably. Two columns are actually staircases.
Near: She rubs her throat with more force, dragging her nails across the flesh. Red lines form fairly quickly.
mkb: You can't really see if you get lines on your throat since you don't have a mirror.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Hextor strolls off towards the next glass door and without bothering to check for a lock smashes it as well "I'm tired of these games" he mutters to himself
Noir (Near): I know, I'm just describing the force she's using :E
Hextor: rasing his voice hextor shouts now "come out!"
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = -1]
mkb: Hextor's voice picks a bad time to break, and comes out a little squeaky... the large bearded man does come out though, from one of the staircases. This time he's wearing a blacksmith's apron. He looks at the two of you with contempt... again
Noir (Near): How can he see Near? o_O;
Hextor: "You...I want to know what is this place and I want to know what is going on here" Hextor says with as much loathing he can manage out of his breaking voice
Hextor: intimidate [1d20+1 = 14]
Campaign saved.
Near: Near's breath is ragged and she clenches her fist around her ouwn throat in frustration.
mkb: The man walks up to Hextor. "YOU MUST DIE! OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE." He basically shouts that in Hextor's ear. (fort check?)
Hextor: fort save [1d20+6 = 14]
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 10]
mkb: Hextor manages to not cower in a corner at that bellowing, but is somewhat shaken... The large man looks past Hextor at Near, and tilts his head a little. Near seems to be trying to choke herself?
Noir (Near): More like rip her throat out..
mkb: okaaay....
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man walks past Hextor and towards the broken door. He moves slowly and very deliberately; he did however leave the stairway door open.
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 15]
Hextor: "I'll die when the Norns have written my fate, and not a moment sooner" hextor says out loud, and noticing the mans line of vision turns around to see near
Near: Near slowly applies more force to her throat. Her face is contorted with some odd mix of emotions.
mkb: Near manages to squish her throat enough that her reflexes take over and she has to let go after drawing in a very deep breath.
mkb: The large man is looking at her with interest, but not interrupting.
Hextor: "what in the name of Freyr are you trying to do?!?!" Hextor says running to her side
Near: Near spits out several choice words in draconic hissing, and orkish grunts.
mkb: "Gna gna gna gna gna!" the large man says in a kid's voice suddenly, as an answer.
Hextor: Hex's whips around to look at the large man "You're doing this aren't you!?!" he shouts raising the rusted blade once more
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man turns around again. "Yes. How do you propose to do anything about it?"
Near ignores the man and Hextor, and resumes attempting to rip out her throat, dispite her instincts.
Hextor: Hextor default responce would to run the man though, but he drops the sword to grab Nears hand away from her throat
mkb: The large man looks at Near. "Feel free to enjoy the pain, death has no dominion here."
mkb: (str check both of you to see which wins it then)
Near: Str bonus [1d20-3 = 16]
Hextor: [1d20-3 = 3]
Hextor: blerg
Noir (Near): I just realised I could powerattack myself..
mkb: Near swats Hextor off. "You. You're interesting. Do you fear death, little girl? I already know weedy boy here doesn't."
Campaign saved.
Near: "If.. If I feared death, would I attempt... This?" She glares, "No, I'm afraid of not dying. To rot and live through it is a nightmare."
Near: "This world... Is a nightmare. And when I find who's causing it, I will show them that one cannot deny death. Even if that one is a 'god'." She spits out the word.
mkb: This seems to have shaken the large man. He walks off, in a bit of a hurry this time, to a fixture in the wall that could be some sort of small speaking tube.
mkb (mkb): Good job!
Hextor: "Life or death, but there is no Honor in" this hextor says to near as he continues to try and grab nears hand
Hextor: str check [1d20-3 = 13]
Hextor: *in this
Near: Near growls, but doesn't bother resisting.
mkb: Hextor ends up holding Near's hand just as the large man calls out "Cleanup on the ground floor" and, seconds later, the grey-clothed people start to stream out of the open stairwell.
Near: Near jerks her hand out of Hextor's.
Near: Dex bonus [1d20-1 = 4]
Campaign saved.
Hextor: A look of confusion crosses hextors now young looking face for a moment, but at the words of the large man he gropes for the sword hilt once more and jumps up
Hextor: "And what about you 'Friend' " Hextor asks with a snarl as he set himself "Have you made your peace here as well"
mkb: This time the slow moving, but not quite shambling people are definitely moving towards you... there's twenty or so, they don't look armed but they DID take a dragon apart in a minute earlier.
mkb: The large man doesn't answer, but slowly turns around to observe. For a moment (and you can see it clearly despite his being behind a column) his skin goes transparent and you clearly see his skull.
Near: Near rolls her shoulders and shifts to a loose stance.
Hextor: "Bring on your hordes, bring on your demons and bring on your gods, they shall not find me cowering like a child!" hextor bellows
mkb: "What good is bravery without organization?"
mkb: The last word said by the large man echoes out of the broken door. (spot checks both of you)
Near: "What god is life without death? Happiness without Sadness?"
Hextor: spot [1d20+1 = 19]
Near: Spot [1d20-2 = 4]
-> hextor: The lights in the adjacent buildings turned off one by one starting from the top...
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Good*
Noir (Near): Grrr, stupid cold fingers
Hextor: Hextor actually Laughs in the face of the skull faces man
Hextor: "Life is Life abomination...that is all I need!" and with that he charges sword held high
mkb: The grey people start to cluster up around Hextor, the large man standing well behind, but not moving to take cover.
Hextor: Hextor is laughing aloud as he swing his blade into the nearest grey creature
Noir (Near): [ohright, Absolute Steel stance..]
Hextor: attack on charge [1d20+3 = 17]
Near: Initiative [1d20-1 = 9]
Campaign saved.
Noir (Near): Or should I even bother with Init? :V
mkb: Hextor's hit connects, and black-stained blood gushes out of the person he hit, a young woman scarcely older than Near wearing the same white-grey semiformal attire as everyone else. Her face regains its color as she collapses backwards from that one hit. Unfortunately, the other people are surrounding you fairly quickly.
mkb (mkb): nah, you seem to have decided to try the violent solution, go for it
Near: Near charges as well, with a roar as she leaps into the fray after Hextor.
Noir (Near): [Charging Minotaur, and I forgot all the bonuses an' stuff other than the damage bonus >_>]
mkb (mkb): it's not like you actually have any of those anyway
Noir (Near): Oh?
Near: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 7]
Noir (Near): ....
mkb (mkb): bonuses work in reverse, i said it at the beginning of the dream sequence, remember?
someguy (Hextor): demon dice strike again
mkb: Near lands flat on her face rushing to help Hextor.
mkb: At that, the grey people leave him and start walking towards Near... "If there is one thing that still vexes me, is INCOMPETENCE!" the large man bellows.
Campaign saved.
Near: "It pisses me off even worse, and you don't know how much so."
mkb: By the time Near gets up, she's been reached by the grey people, who are now in a semicircle in front of her.
Hextor: Swinging around to the crowd of undeath streaming past him to get to near hextor Desides to dog pile in, all the while laughing and once more chanting in norse
someguy (Hextor): DOG PILE
Hextor: attack on closes grey [1d20+1 = 17]
mkb (mkb): You guys had it figured out, then decided to go stupid on me. I frankly don't know how to continue this, can has 5min break?
Noir (Near): ..Sure.
Hextor: sure
someguy (Hextor): I know we had something going here...but when it comes to spirtual matters...well he's still a bloody viking
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): violence IS the path to spiritual enlightenmet for him
Noir (Near): Near's gonna do something odd next anyway =_=
mkb (mkb): eh, whatever.
someguy (Hextor): still I like how you played out the stabbed to life kinda thing for the first grey to go down
mkb: From the other buildings, more grey villagers starts to get out and shuffle towards this building.
Near: "Death is impossible here. This world is not real, and I shall not allow it to become reality!"
Near: Steel Wind on the closest two thingies. [1d20+2 = 18]
mkb: The large man laughs his bellowing laugh again. "Thank you, wild wiseman's child! I have plans for us, nights in the scullery."
Campaign saved.
mkb: He might've said 'skullery', if that's a word.
mkb: At that, the grey villagers turn their attention to Hextor again; this doesn't mean much though because another group of them from the other buildings is fairly close to Near as well.
mkb: The large man fishes something out of his apron, a black piece of metal that looks like a very poorly constructed spiked knuckle or perhaps a hammer missing a side of the T
Noir (Near): So my attacks had no effect? ;_:
mkb (mkb): not really -- Near is good with her moves, so in dreamland any attempt to use a stance pretty much autofails. I said that three times already and will not do so again.
mkb (mkb): But you've ALMOST figured it out.
Noir (Near): You really didn't say anything like that ;>_> Meh
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): I said all bonuses are reversed
Hextor: Now that Hextor has the attention of the of the undead once more, With a wink to the skull faced man he acutally turns and runns full out for the stairs that the man had come down earlier
someguy (Hextor): strange for him yes...but this is dream land as he's just figuring out
Kittymew (Will): You suck in combat. This is not a combat adventure. You can get out of it.
mkb: The bulky man didn't expect it, and his cohorts are just... well, slow. In passing, Hextor notices that the girl he killed has a smile on her face, although her body is already starting to decompose rapidly.
Noir (Near): Yeah, I'm starting to get it. I'm 'tarded ._.
Kittymew (Will): Haha, no, you had it way before anyone
Kittymew (Will): you're SMRT.
Kittymew (Will): :P
Noir (Near): THen I didn't realize I had it..
mkb: The staircase is as dull as the hallway; the most striking feature are the very sturdy handrails. Beyond that, there are floor numbers and plain wooden doors -- there's at least one underground level, and you know that the bulding is six stories tall.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Hextor): fleeing combat and runnign like that is a full turn for me, so I guess I'm done
Near: Near drops her fighting stance and sighs. "To fight here would be pointless as well." She turns, and briskly walks toward the stairwell opposite the one Hextor took.
mkb: "Fly away, little bluebirds! You'll be mine soon enough." The large man makes a flourish, and his minions follow Near into the stairwell
Kittymew (Will): "opposite the one hextor took"
Kittymew (Will): she's going away from him
Noir (Near): Yeah..
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): sorry
mkb: The grey people look confused before finally splitting up -- you both have time to assess the situation and decide which way to go.
Near: Near looks out the closest window.
mkb: The crowd of grey people that was following you is returning to their respective buildings.
Near: Near heads to the top of the building, then.
Hextor: Hextor still laughing like a mad man "Who ever said I was running?" He says paradoxicly as he runs further up the stairs looking rooms as he goes
Campaign saved.
mkb: Both staircases have roof access; Hextor opens one of the doors at the top floor, and gets into what could be a reading hall if all the books were removed. In their stead, the tables -- that have little wooden walls, about an inch high, to delimit work spaces -- are full of pencils and sheets of paper; all the building's occupants are slowly making their way up the stairs.
mkb: Near is on top of the building, the fog thick enough that she can barely see the pavement; Hextor is basically right below her.
someguy (Hextor): evil ubicals
someguy (Hextor): *cubicals
mkb (mkb): Kind of.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near thinks to herself, puzzling the riddles that have apparently been asked without her knowing.
mkb (mkb): It's big tables with little inch-high partitions to prevent one person's sheets from getting confused with another's.
mkb: Hextor is the first to hear the shuffling of the occupants of this and other rooms who are slowly making their way upward.
Hextor: Hextor reachs out to one of the tables and starts to shove it towards the doorway
Hextor: str check [1d20-3 = 6]
someguy (Hextor): question...table big enough to go through the door?
Near: "If something is impossible, but must be done, I shall do it," She murmurs to herself, the words of her teacher. She concentrates as best she can to get over the sick feeling in her stomach.
Near: And proceeds to try to rip her throat out again.
Noir (Near): (I'll.. just take 20 on this, kies? ;>_>)
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): connection issues?
Noir (Near): Hmm?
mkb (mkb): sorry, i idn't get replies then a bunch of em
Kittymew (Will): No, as in Take 20...20x the time needed to score a 20 on the check
mkb: The table is heavy oak; you can move it if you push it, but you're too weak to just shove it.
Noir (Near): Yeah, to succeed on the check.
Hextor: Hextor puts his back into shoving the big heavy (for a freaky dream) table towards the door
mkb (mkb): You cannot rip your own throat out if you're a human being. A trained fighter would know that.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: [1d20-3 = 0]
Noir (Near): ...Umm, yes you can.
mkb: You push the table against the door of the stairway you came in from; from both stairways, the grey people are still coming up an are about a floor below you.
Noir (Near): It is REDICULOUSLY easy to kill someone if you know how.
mkb (mkb): not if it's your own, pain and breathing reflex prevents you from doing so
mkb (mkb): it's like trying to tickle yourself in that sense.
Noir (Near): You can ignore those things. Especially if you're a disciplined fighter.
mkb (mkb): Fine, whatever.
mkb: On th roof, Near keeps trying to paw at her windpipe.
Hextor: hextor trying to jimmy the large table through the door way and topple it down the steps towards the shabling crowd coming up the stairs
someguy (Hextor): what kinda check for that...dex?
Noir (Near): *rolls eyes* I'm serious. You CAN rip out your throat. You can severely damage your own body willingly, People do it all the damn time.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The table needs to be split in two before it can be pushed through the door (it's the sort that you assembled from a few larg-ish parts); you can robably push it down.
mkb (mkb): I said fine, whatever, do what you want to do
mkb (mkb): i'm not stopping you and if it works it works.
Noir (Near): Kies :E
mkb (mkb): don't expect me to care either way.
Hextor: str check to split and topple it down the stairs [1d20-3 = 9]
mkb: Hextor manages to push his weight on the table so that it splits into a V and goes through the door, and pushes it down the stairs. Since the people coming up were almost there, the table slides down only a few feet, and while it has stopped them for a bit all they have to do is get back up and walk over it. The other stairway is about to be blocked by the other half of the people coming up.

someguy (Hextor): so much for the table surfing idea, plan b time
someguy (Hextor): as soon as I come up with it
mkb (mkb): the idea was good but it needed two people to be executed properly :)
Kittymew (Will): Noir, there's never been a recorded instance of a person ripping out his own throat, and the nervous system is designed to prevent it.
Kittymew (Will): Try using something sharp ffs.
Noir (Near): Bleh ._.
Noir (Near): Fine. I'll use option 2.
Kittymew (Will): Kay's right, sorry.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Though why you're trying to kill yourself I don't know...
Kittymew (Will): but yaydeath? :P
Noir (Near): I have no clue what the hell I'm supposedto have figured out. >_> This is the only thing I'm aware of.
mkb (mkb): still your move.
Noir (Near): Nothing sharp on the roof? >_>
someguy (Hextor): its a roof...people jump off those
Noir (Near): Yeah. That's my other plan.
Near: Near gives up on the throat ripping, and turns to the roof's edge.
Campaign saved.
mkb: In the meantime, Hextor is almost but not quite trapped between ten grey people who have returned to thei work place, and ten who are getting back up and shoving the table pieces aside. The only way out now is the staircase you cleared with a table, since the others are in the room with you and are still advancing towards you.
Hextor: hextor makes a mad dash to the stairs and leaps onto the hand rail in hopes of sliding down past the horde
mkb (mkb): btw, the table idea gained you a very useful piece of intel, now let's see if you run away with it.... dex check?
Hextor: dex [1d20-1 = 17]
someguy (Hextor): *kip thinging* table...teable....they write on table...what do they write...why would the write
mkb (mkb): you're sliding DOWN? okay
someguy (Hextor): hextor doesn't know what suicide girl is up to
mkb: Near is at the building's edge; Kip leverages his smaller form in this dreamland quite well, easily dodging the grey people's attempts at grabbing him and ending up on the next-to-last floor below them. Confused, the large man's minions stumble against each other trying to turn around.
Campaign saved.
mkb: This floor is almost but not quite the same as the one above; it's just a chamber with tables in it, an more sheets of paper that haveb een left by those working on them. There's nobody in it.
Near: "Well, I still don't know which to do. I'm only aware fighting is pointless here. But if I can't die, then what would be the drawback?" She manages to talkherself into it, and takes a leap from the edge as best she can.
mkb: You're floating! You're flying! .... nevermind, you fall down like a rock, diving down headfirst. SPLAT!
Campaign saved.
'Noir' disconnected
someguy (Hextor): hmm
Hextor: diving into the room hextor, almost used to his now diminutive size dives under a table, then...with a bit of curiously reachs above him to grab the paper (or whatever) that was on the table top
Campaign saved.
mkb: That's pretty interesting actually; you grab two sheets of paper from two different workspaces. They are arcan symbols, of the sort you're used to seeing in spellbooks, along with pretty complicated mathematical equations.
mkb: The most interesting thing perhaps is that like many other things here, the two sheets are almost identical but not quite -- a few numbers are different, maybe a symbol or two, in what is howevr the same structure.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: "Life and dead, joy and pain...what does it all mean" hextor mumbles to himself as he hides below the table leafing over the pages
Hextor: Still hidden under the table hextor tries to mess up the pages above him, moving some here and there
mkb: The first group of grey people enters the room; it's hard to tell whether they saw you or not.
Hextor: Hextor sets himself under the table...trying to hide or get ready to run again
Campaign saved.
mkb: Slowly, your pursuers fan out inside the room... until one of them sees you; either that or they decided to get back to work, because they're approacing the table from multiple angles.
Hextor: Hextor stays as still as possible and holds his breath
Hextor: hide [1d20+1 = 17]
mkb: Hextor puts in an excellent attempt at blending with the environment, and it would've worked if it wasn't for the fact that there are no furnishings to hide behind other than the table's legs. He had actually been unnoticed until one of the people sitting down bumps him with a foot.
someguy (Hextor): oops
mkb: As a man, they push their chairs back, stand up, and slowly get on their knees in order to reach you.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: Rising from his crouch under the table hextor trys to tip it to left and drop it on the greys on that side
Hextor: str [1d20-3 = 1]
someguy (Hextor): and he strains something
someguy (Hextor): he's just too used to being a big burly viking
mkb: Hextor can't push the heavy table out of the way.... now he's basically trapped between the x-frames that hold up the table, and grey people on each side.
mkb: They're about to grab him...
Campaign saved.
Hextor: ...hextor screams...not the battlecry of the gods or holy the little kid he appears to be at the moment
Hextor: something ear splitting
Hextor: he struggles to free himself from the table
someguy (Hextor): escape artist I'd guess?
someguy (Hextor): not that it's any help
Campaign saved.
mkb: Hextor's screams and kicks have the effect of kicking the table off its legs, something he tried to do earlier but only partially accomplished. Frtunately for him, he's faster than his pursuers in racting to this.
Hextor: hextor gets up once more and bolts for the door?
Hextor: *no ?
mkb: (dex check)
Hextor: [1d20-1 = 2]
Hextor: ...
Campaign saved.
mkb: Hextor is grabbed by the grey people. What happens to him isn't quite describable... flashes of -- experiences. Mostly writing on those pieces of paper he was looking at earlier. What feels like eons spent working on -- minute variation on spells to animate dead, spells to raise cities, spells to... figure it out, change one symbol, one number, one rune, try again for what feels like an eternity.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Means to what end? Unknown. It's an end in itself. There's no sense of evil, or despair, or even purpose. There's just work to do. Forever.
someguy (Hextor): dun dun dunnnnnn
'someguy' disconnected

Chat log started at 24.11.2008 / 20:59:58

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'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Kittymew (Will): Test test
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Hextor'
mkb: miu
Kittymew (Will): Couple questions re: goblin fort before Will leaves
mkb: sure
Kittymew (Will): Have the prospectors had any luck yet?
mkb: no
Kittymew (Will): What are we currently capable of producing?
Kittymew (Will): as far as trade goods mostly, because I know we're going to need more metal for war materiel
mkb: very little because they're still builing thmselves a place to live
Campaign saved.
Will: Then Will will be boarding a Zeppelin heading home, he needs to get back to Karameikos and hopefully, his letters will have carried enough weight to get him an audience with the Grand Duke quickly.
mkb: there's a zeppelin available, you can put whats left of the zombie flyborg on it too
Will: Will be doing so.
mkb: yay?
mkb (mkb): cn i has slap in face
Kittymew (Will): What's wrong?
mkb: an d stay awak
Campaign saved.
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mkb: meow!
Kittymew (Will): Miw
Kittymew (Will): testing
Kittymew (Will): gah lag
Kittymew (Will): there we go
mkb: looks okay :)
mkb: do we just use this or do we use im and this just for checks?
mkb: what sucks about FG is that it doesn't log
Will: Ah, you want to log?
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): honestly I'm sort of wondering if we're actually gonna play this or if you're gonna keep trying to distract things like you've done the last 4 times we've tried :P
Kittymew (Will): Do you want to just fastforward through this part?
mkb (mkb):
mkb (mkb): we're going to play this but i need to unhorny myself a lil :)
Kittymew (Will): Kies
Campaign saved.
mkb: so.... we left you haivng smashed the necromancer's last attempt at interfering with you. The goblin chief flat-out refused to discuss the warped fungal mass and the zombie goblins, instead ordering the area burned thoroughly -- you've never seen superstitious terror from this particular tribe before, but now you have. After a few hours, it becomes appearnet tht Near and Hextor are alive and physically well, but trapped in a nigthmare.
mkb: this said, one of the zeppelins is in good enough shape to fly long distance, and it can carry you and the flying Bone Machine minus the gas bag -- the thing is small enough that Hextor could lift and hurl it, and weighs only about as much as two people. It has slots for eight small flying bone constructs in it, but only one is still in there -- it seems t be inert.
Campaign saved.
Will: I bring these things along, along with my infantry weapons, armour, and shield. I check the provisions of the zeppelin to make sure there's stuff that humans would call edible, and order takeoff.
Kittymew (Will): lol Cid's theme from FF7 just came up on my playlist when I typed that
Kittymew (Will): That was one badass character. Trained himself in the ways of the ancient dragoons when he was young, joined the space program as an astronaut, when they shut down the space program he and his girlfriend (who was basically you) finished building the rocket THEMSELVES and he went into space ANYWAY.
Kittymew (Will): best way to get First Man In Space achievement ever.
mkb: You're traveling with Rukti, the pilot, and Zalpha the engineer. They've both fought with you, but sustained light wounds -- Rukti wanted to bring a glider along, but the weight of the recovered artifact prevents that.
mkb (mkb): NICE.
mkb (mkb): for something like that check out Wings of Honneamise by Hayao Miyazaki (yes THAT guy)
Kittymew (Will): *nodnod*
Campaign saved.
mkb: While the zeppelin LOOKS rickety, you've seen it take dwarven crossbow fire and handle it surprisingly well. Before you go, the goblin chief (who's apparently recovered her iron arm from Near now) informs you that your companions are still out cold, but she's made sure they get fed broth and taken care of for as long as the tribe can afford it.
mkb: She's eating what looks like a large chicken leg that smells vaguely pork like. Don't ask.
Will: Will nods, and says hopefully he can bring back supplies and men to help with the war effort, and set up trade routes.
Will: If all goes well on this trip, we should have a lot less to worry about.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Supplies we have.... time we don't know about. And we'll have to prospect some -- I don't know how long this wood will last, I hope we find coal."
mkb: While this is a wise goblin, the concept of forest husbandry is still way beyond her.
Will: "I know, I've been speaking to the prospectors. I will do the best I can, milady, but...this forest looks vast from the air - the wood should last for quite some time!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We're a crafting tribe and have barely had any raiders for... oh, most of my life. I don't think we can defend ourselves again if we're attacked soon. What do you recommend we worry about first in that sense?"
Will: Will realizes that without Near and Hextor, their military training and effectiveness will be severely slowed. "Get some barricades up. Use whatever scrap you have. Get men trained with what crossbows we salvaged from the dwarves, and learn to make them and repair them. Get some stakes in front of the barricades, and some polearms for when the crossbows get charged - that should hold fast."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I hope you find us when you come back. We'll take good care of Near and Hextor."
mkb: The zeppelin's air bag is almost full, and the flying Bone Machine has been slung under it so that it won't get in the way -- the gondola is very simple, and Will is likely to hit his head on things a lot.
Will: As a soldier, Will's used to things not always being the most comfortable. Such is war.
Will: "Please do...and I'll return as swiftly as I can! Do you understand my plan for the defences?"
mkb: "Hide behind pointy walls and shoot things? I'm sure my boys can get that far."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Just to make that point, an crossbow bolt lands at your feet; there's a pair of wings affixed to it with green tree branches so that they deploy after the bolt has slowed down. It lands fairly harmlessly, which sort of defeats the point but is prbably a good thing because it almost hit the zep's airbag.
Will: Will chuckles "those are interesting, have your scouts use them to send messages!"
Will throws it back like a paper airplane
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I don't know, I wonder if we.... Well, what happens happens. Only - Sir William, we want to be left alone. There's work to do and I have to think of my own first. We'll welcome caravans and try to be honest with them but... I doubt having anyone with a weapon around here would do much good.
Will: "I understand, but we must think of the future, and trade will be necessary for us to thrive. The men I return with will be my own, and will work and fight alongside you just as I and the others have. Trust me."
mkb: (diplo check)
Will nods.
Kittymew (Will): I'll just take 10 for 33
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I'll trust you... but they better understand this is our home!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "They will, I promise...I have not broken my word to you yet, and never shall, that is my duty as a knight!"
mkb: "Sucks to be you, but we appreciate it!" The goblin chief figured out you're a bit strange when you decided to euthanize a perfectly salvageable horse, but has obviously grown to respect you. The next sound is the whistle off the zep's boiler.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You're leaving with a significant fraction of the colony's coal supply, but that should get you pretty much anywhere that you can think of.
Will: Will simply laughs, having come to appreciate, or at least accept, the strangeness of these goblins, and protect them just as though they were his own people. In a way, now, they are...
Will: Meh. I've got asstons of gold with me. We can buy coal.
Will: Then we will make for Will's own lands, in the north of Karameikos. It is the safest place to set down a goblin zeppelin without being attacked, as Will is well-liked by the people there and can very quickly convince them that the goblins are on his side. Assuming they aren't shot out of the air.
mkb: Zalpha, who right now looks like a bundle of leather, says something very unintelligible to you from under her fireman's mask.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Hum? What was that, Zalpha?"
mkb: She repeats the exact same thing.
mkb: Rukti translates, "All that gold's too damn heavy!"
mkb (mkb): I don't make it an issue normally but you ARE traveling by airship :p
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, getcha.
Will: "How much do we need to unload?"
mkb (mkb): how much were you leaving with?
Kittymew (Will): GOLD specifically, not much
Will: but that's what a lot of our stores from the second shipment were in
Kittymew (Will): so we'll drop that and I'll carry Will's personal funds only
Kittymew (Will): which is in gems/platinum
Kittymew (Will): (which he wouldn't leave lying around ANYWHERE anyway)
mkb: Thirty seconds of sped-up conversation between your two crew result in Rukti answering, "We can't take all the gold and all your gear and that thing. Eitheer less coin or we leave that piece of junk here!"
Will: "Alright, we drop the gold!"
mkb (mkb): point, lol... so yo have money, but it's hard to exchange, so you know.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, I know. I have a plan for that.
Kittymew (Will): When dealing with big merchantlike people it's a nonissue, I can't spend it at the bar...but I'm a KNIGHT. It shouldn't be that big of a deal for someone like Will.
Kittymew (Will): I'm not moving little stuff here...
mkb: The gold had, for some reason, been neatly put in burlap sacks. With evident regret, Rukti throws some of it overboard where a few goblins quickly collect it, one of which runs off but is sternly yelled at by the tribe chief.
mkb (mkb): Well, you can bank on nobility for hospitality at least somewhat.
Will: "Don't worry...we have enough money to buy what we need."
Kittymew (Will): Well I would think so, I'm one of their own...
Kittymew (Will): I'm not really worried...I DO have a few silvers/coppers for inn/bar money etc, as I started with them and never spent much of it
Kittymew (Will): So there may be minor snags with the money but not much, I doubt
mkb (mkb): ya. well, you guys have been operating in arcanum/WoW setting so far, now it's more like Calradia.
Kittymew (Will): Yeah.
mkb (mkb): see pidgin for maps and mark where wil's place is, coz i honestly forgot >_>
Campaign saved.
mkb: More muffled comments from Zalpha turn out to mean "We're wasting heat here". The tribe chief loses control of the goblins recovering the gold pieces as they start to put them on the ground and play with them, but she looks at you with a slight shrug as if that's not cause for concern.
Will: Will shrugs, and smiles at them as though they were children.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Your armor and heavy gear has been packed outside the zeppelin's gondola, securely but in such a way that unlatching a few hooks makes it easy to drop; the same arrangement has been made for the construct you recovered.
mkb: The gondola itself is about the size of a small fishing boat, enough to carry ten goblins (eight plus a crew of two); rough wool tarps are wrapped up on themselves and secured to the sides of the gondola, and can probably be used to sleep on. "Where to?" Rukti asks. Zalpha seems to have disappeared among the leather tubing surrounding the boiler.
Campaign saved.
Will: "We go south to Specularum. We'll fly my banner so they know we're friendly."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will goes into his pack and pulls forth his battle standard, which he asks one of the goblins to hang where it can be seen, but won't interfere with anything.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): how big is it? there really wasn't a standard and they're definitely not designed for airships.
Will: I never really specified...I would guess about a metre wide and about 1.5m long?
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): He's also got a lance pennant but it isn't very big so I doubt it'd be that useful here
Kittymew (Will): it's like 2' long, about 10" at the base of the triangle
mkb (mkb): Doubt anyone'll see it, you'll have to eventually get a gasbag with your colors :)
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, need the big banner lol
Kittymew (Will): and yeah, eventually we will
mkb: The closest goblin just ties the standard to the bottom of the gondola as you climb on.
Kittymew (Will): meh, if it gets wrecked on landing I'm going home, getting more is not difficult, haha
Kittymew (Will): So...crazy random zeppelin happenings time? :P
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): yep!
mkb: Zalpha voices her impatience by another loud whistle from the airship's boiler; by now the thing is ready to go, and a gaggle of goblins are holding it anchored by pulling on the mooring ropes.
Will: Jumps back aboard, and prepares himself for takeoff!
Kittymew (Will): ack, should've been ctrl+enter, meep
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): np!
mkb: Preparing for takeoff involves hanging on as the goblins let go of the ropes, don't quite coordinate well, and leave the gondola wobbling as it rapidly rises above the treetops. You cut it fairly close when it comes to clearing the high branches, and notice that while you are moving roughly south, the zeppelin is just being carried by the win and Rukti isn't even trying to orient it towards your destination.
Will: Will taps Rukti on the shoulder. "You know...we're probably going a bit off course, aren't we?"
mkb (mkb): What is Will wearing?
Campaign saved.
Will: If he's out of armour he's wearing brown leather trousers and a white woolen shirt; he's sensible enough to keep his fancy stuff packed away when riding a goblin zeppelin and is just out in hunting clothes.
mkb (mkb): good, because you getting up with a helmet on = gas bag rupture
Kittymew (Will): Eep!
mkb: "Wind's going where we want, why bother?" Rukti answers. He breaks out a fairly odd looking instrument that looks like two sextants welded together, looks at the sun through it, and leans back from his chair. Zalpha's still nowhere to be seen, but is probably under the leather skirt tht covers most of the boiler assembly.
Will: "Makes some sense...but time is more valuable than coal right now"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Oh, fine." Rukti pulls on a large handle.... and nothing happens other than a high pitched yelp from under the boiler assembly. "Ow!"
mkb: A very fast conversation in goblin goes woosh over Will's head, but he picked up a few words in the last few days -- apparently while the boiler is working, the zeppelin has fins for propulsion, and those got some battle damage earlier; given the wind, it was decided to go ahead and launch anyway.
Kittymew (Will): So we're relying on the wind more than our own propulsion regardless?
Will: Will turns to Rukti..."Our speed has barely changed..." he says, as he looks around the zeppelin.
mkb (mkb): Normally no, right now yes - you're about 15 degs off course anyway, no big deal.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rukti yanks the handlebar twice more. "OW! Sir William, make him stop!"
mkb: Zalpha's Common is actually pretty good when she's not wearing her fireman's mask apparently.
Will: "What's going on?" Will asks Zalpha, in goblin.
Kittymew (Will): I did finish skill points for Goblin language last level...
Kittymew (Will): FINALLY...
mkb: Rukti grins. "That's not linked yet and I was sitting on it! OW!"
mkb: The answer comes from under the boiler again - Rukti's grin to you is somewhat lewd, you get the impression.
Will: Will gives Rukti some kind of O_o look.
mkb: Rukti doesn't bother answering, and takes another measurement with the sextant. "Direct to Spekularum? We're just a little bit off. I think we'll be there by tomorrow afternoon." He puts his hand on the hanle again, but doesn't pull it.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Sounds good enough, and...if that handle isn't linked yet, why are you pulling it?"
mkb: "Coz she's sitting on it!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Riktu demonstrates, and predictably a moment later Zalpha calls "I'M WORKING! QUIT IT!"
Will: Will gets it, blushes, and facepalms.
Will: "maybe you should leave her alone for now..." he suggests.
mkb: "Hey, she can move you know." This said, the pilot obeys, and gets up from the stool with the controls in front of it. Half walking half crawling, he gets to the middle of the gondola where he unfurls and pins down a parhment map wth consummate motions -- the map has been corrected many times, from all the erasure marks.
mkb: (miw... dinner! be back in 1h)
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mkb: meow
Will: Testing
mkb: <3
Campaign saved.
mkb: <33333
Will: <3
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Meow. Out of DF now, can play.
mkb: yay! can molest first a bit? <3
Will: :P kies.
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Will: ok, so I'm heading out in about 40min so if you need build stuff from me, Kip, let's talk mechanics.
mkb: ei
Hextor: I'm not really worries about mechaincs here, just been lazy generating the new character
Will: works I guess but I wouldn't be too lazy on it, you've got noir's munchkinry to keep up with :P
Campaign saved.
Hextor: The idea for the new character is a sword sage, focusing on unarmed combat (with a back weapon for things that are perfered not to be punched)
Kittymew (Will): That's actually not bad as Near's respeccing for tactical
Hextor: Generally going for Desert Wind with touches some others as the mood takes me
Will: that sounds fun.
mkb: miw
Hextor: Background wise the character is from a monistary in the western part of the Emirates of Ylaruam, near the darokin boarder, and is a student of the Eternal Truth (a religion local to the emirates about honor and duty, with hopes of making the desert a garden of eden palce)
mkb: yay fremen warriors?
Campaign saved.
Hextor: characters name is going to be "Akhara ibin Ukhra"
Hextor: which if my bastardised Aribic is right literally means "Another man son of another woman"
Hextor: since monistaries tend to take in orphans and such, it's the only name he's got
mkb: ibin?
mkb: bin
Hextor: ibn
mkb: k
Hextor: Akhara is fresh out of the monistary and is wandering the contry side looking to make the world a little closer to the dream of the garden come true
Hextor: Not stepping into any plot holes with any of that am I?
Campaign saved.
mkb: not really
Hextor: Good
mkb: why from there btw?w?
Hextor: was going over some mystara fluff and it caught my eye
Hextor: also in past games most of my characters are lacking in religion, something I desided to change when I ran Hextor...thought I'd keep it up
Hextor: I'll try not to jihad though
Campaign saved.
Hextor: basicly aiming for something between Prince of Persia, and Kung-fu the Legend
Hextor: if that makes any sense
mkb: miw
mkb: no objection actually
mkb: one thing tho
mkb: you sure unarmed fighter good idea vs zombies
Campaign saved.
Hextor: well it's a swordsage, I was intending to go for a monk type one, (they're a little section under them for droping the armour prof for the monks unarmed strike progression
Kittymew (Will): yeah, she's not asking about damage type here :P
Hextor: but I can run him as a Scymitar dervish type too
mkb: works better
Kittymew (Will): having to punch something that can infect you is bad
mkb: yep
Hextor: k, guess I'll keep the armour then
Kittymew (Will): then again a flaming fist might not be bad for that
Hextor: so I'll go more standard sword sage with a blade then
Campaign saved.
Will: If you're going with that desert wind dervish build, you can pretty much use it straight out, it's very general; there are two paths
mkb: hmmm
mkb: there's one thing
Will: two-weapon scimitars or falchion crit
mkb: would you be wanting to use any sort of magic/wuxia effects that are fire based?
Hextor: that's pretty much what all of desert wind does
Hextor: lots of boucing around and fire
Hextor: re...tumbling around
mkb: hmmm
mkb: if you're a dune fan how about making it sonic based rather than fire based.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: I've seen the film versions of dune....never really got into it
mkb: aw, kies. too bad :)
Hextor: generally the idea for this character came for the newer Prince of Persia games
Hextor: just with more 'fire' power
mkb: *nod*
Campaign saved.
Will: sounds good
Hextor: just trying to come up with a nice set of ablitity scores
Hextor: point by was at 36 right?
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Ya
mkb: miw
Campaign saved.
Hextor: just hammering out the character still
mkb: yayhammr?
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Hextor: ok...I think I've got it all sorted
Hextor: I've going to leave and come in as the new char and start hammering it into the char sheet on here
Will: *nodnod*
Hextor: ...still dunno what I'm going to spend starting cash on...I checked the DM guide and at 5th level its 9000gp
Hextor: back in a sec
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'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Akhara'
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: kk
mkb: lessee
Akhara: I've put in everything but the manuvers and equipment
Campaign saved.
Akhara: I'm going to sneak off and get a bite to eat, I'll be back later to finish it off
Akhara: before I go...any limitations on what you want a wandering swordsage with 9000gp to be able to buy?
Akhara: any back it a while
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: kies
mkb: well... stuff that would be reasonably found in his environment.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: back
Campaign saved.
mkb: yaybeans!
mkb: now kip is hunting foood
Will: kies.
Will: well, he's not ingame yet anyway so we can continue until we actually get to him
Campaign saved.
mkb: One thing that surprises you is that depsite the pilot's statements about wind speed and direction, you barely feel a breeze even as you see the trees move below you and the hilltops moving past as the airship starts moving down the river's course.
Will: Will watches curiously, marveling at being able to fly like this. "I can see why you goblins love these machines...flying is incredible!"
Will: "in fact...this gives me an idea..."
mkb: The short goblin looks up from his map. "oh? Heh. Old idea, swamp gas and... Go on?"
mkb: You realize you really haven't seen Zalpha come out of the engine yet.
Will: "I wonder if the Grand Duke would, with a bit of good persuading, let me have one of the war wyverns..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Involuntarily, the goblin eeeeps -- to something Rukti's size, there isn't a lot of difference between that and a dragon. "He's got any?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "The Grand Duchy keeps a stable of them...I've always wanted to fly upon one, but have never had the chance. Now...I think they will make a worthwhile weapon against these undead."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Never flew one... I can do zeps and gliders. What do you know about flying?" The short goblin folds the map after looking down below a few times.
Will: "Not's something I'd be trying to learn...though at least a wyvern is smarter than a machine. It's like riding a horse...except you fall a lot farther if you fall off."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You took a pretty big fall yesterday." He doesn't sound mean saying that, mildly amused perhaps, but greenskins in general do that. "Not much piloting to do on these if you know the wind and there's no enemies."
Will: "That hurt, indeed. I don't think I'd want to fall from a height like this, and...hmm. Do you think you could teach me to fly it?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rukti looks you up and down. "No, I can show you how it works though. You guys just don't have the reflexes and the knack for combat flying if you ask me."
mkb: Quickly, he moves to what passes for the pilot's chair and rather than sitting on it he crouchs on the gondola's edge, hanging on with bot hands by one of the ropes connecting it to the bag.
Will: Will watches how the goblin moves, and what he does.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Right now he seems to be looking at you; after a few seconds he makes a come-here gesture, pointing at the rough stool that serves as the pilots chair.
Will: Will follows and sits down on it, stooping because he's a lot taller than a goblin.
someguy (Akhara): back folks
someguy (Akhara): back
someguy (Akhara): I'm getting back to work finishing this guy
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): yay!
Kittymew (Will): Miw.
Kittymew (Will): (continue!)
mkb: The controls aren't cramped because there aren't many, but you still end up with your knees in your mouth somewhat. "All right... there's four things you care about. Left pedal is for left fin, right for right, this handle here is to get some gas from the boiler" *the goblin smacks it, getting another OW! from under the boiler skirt* "this is to let go some gas."
mkb: "You let gas go, you go down, you make some more, ideally you go up... now the fins, if you move the right fin you turn left, left right, both you push forward. So you gotta have a good touch with your feet, right? You need your hands to figure out where you are most of the time."
mkb: Th goblin looks pretty happy with himself seeing how the high and mighty knight has to ask him stuff.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods..."I think I get left foot goes right, right foot goes left, and these levers work the gas to go up and down."
Will: Will gently presses the right pedal to swing left slightly, testing the sensitivity.
mkb: Of course, the levers are also reversed -- the 'drop gas' lever goes to a valve in the gasbag directly so it hangs from above, the 'add gas' valve goes to the boiler and passes through the bottom of the gondola. When you move the controls, nothing happens except a slight croak and a little movement in the gondola; one of the fins spreads outward a little, but doesn't move. "We're only burning coal to keep the gas bag topped up right now, you gotta turn on the fins first."
Campaign saved.
Will: "How do I turn on the fins?" he asks curiously, looking around.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You tell your fireman to start em, it's her job!" "Almost there!" "Right nowe we're going...." he pulls out the sextnt again "more or less right. I'd rather go with the wind in the mountains."
Will: "Alright then...we'll just go with the wind, if what the chief said was right, we should be careful with our coal, and try to bring back more"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Now this I don't think I can explain." He leans out of the gondola, so much that you get mildly worried about him falling off. "We've moved for this long, this tells me how fast, so I know how far we got..." He looks at the sun and several points n the ground. This done, he gets back to the map. "If the wind keeps we'll have to actually push only in tonight. I'd say get a bit of sleep now, coz those are noisy..."
mkb: You've got to the foot of the mountains, and see a settlment in the distance.
Will: Will nods. "Alright...and how does that work to measure speed?" he says, wondering where anyone sleeps on this thing...
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You gotta look at the ground with this arm to the sun and -- heh, funny. I don't know how to explain that. Works though." Zalpha finally gets out of the leather skirt. "I think we're good to go!"
Will: Will nods. "Excellent!"
mkb: "How in a hurry are we exactly?" Rukti asks.
Will: "The sooner we're there, the better. Coal's cheap where we're going."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Accrding to the map, the settlement you see is either Kelvin or Rifllan -- it seems fairly small from up here. "You heard the big guy Zalpha..." "I sure did!" she answers without turning around. The taller goblin kicks one particular spot under the leather skirt, and the boiler's quiet hot-pot bubbling becomes a lot more animated as the fins on the sides of te airship start swatting the air in a rowing motiion, slowly but picking up speed. This makes the gondola vibratq uite a bit.
mkb (mkb): you has worldmap in mail yes?
Kittymew (Will): yup
Campaign saved.
Will: Knowledge, Local [1d20-1 = 1]
Will: "Can't tell from here which it is...if it's Kelvin we're a bit too far east..."
Will: "but as long as we follow the river we should be fine and end up just east of Specularum...we should find safe ground to land"
mkb: "We're trying to not fly over any towns really."
Will: "Well, we do fly my banner,'re probably right, it's safest if we don't."
mkb: The river is indeed more on your right than on your left, so you're veering east somewhat. Rukti gets up from the pilots stool and walks back to you, leaving the controls empty. "You try, how's that?"
Will: Will nods, and sits down, slumped forward again and looking outward. He pushes down on the left pedal, lightly to get a feel for it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rukti grunts, and slaps Zalpha's hand. "Dammit!" She laughs. "Toldya he'd get the yaw right the first time, pay up!"
Will: Will chuckles. "I may not be an engineer, but I do listen."
mkb: The controls are somewhat erratic, in the sense that you only really change direction when the fins make their stroke -- at this speed, it's about once every three seconds. Now you start to feel a little headwind.
mkb: The gondola does move around a little uunder the gas bag, and you hear the ropes creaking.
Campaign saved.
Will lifts off the fin controls and lets the gondola stabilize. "Is the shaking normal?" he asks Rukti.
mkb: The smaller goblin turns and grins again. "Feet on the controls if the fins are on! And yes, it is, that's why we have to change the ropes every so often."
mkb: The settlement has gotten closer now -- you can see a larger one farther away, they're both on your left hand side.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Akhara): just interupting for a sec, think I've got equpiment done...nothing too over whelming I hope
someguy (Akhara): just wanted to run it past you guys
Will: Will nods, and holds the zeppelin steady. "Hmm..." he says, looking at the map, and looking ahead. "Can you see ahead if those two settlements are Kelvin and Rifflian, or Rifflian and some little village?"
Will: "Or if the rivers meet up ahead?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha is adjusting something on the boiler, Rukti answers "What's those places?" The map, while looking pretty accurate, has no names on it. "The rivers meet, yep. We're pretty much on course. Now since we were pushed that way by the wind, you want to angle a little this way... look down a while, see how the wind is still pushing us despite our fins."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods..."I see, so the wind's pushing us south, but we're pushing ourselves southwest. So we want to aim a bit more's just like shooting an arrow?"
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Kittymew (Will): Miu?
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mkb: [0]
mkb: [0]
mkb: [20d20 = 212]
mkb: [2d10 = 40]
mkb: [20d8 = 87]
mkb: [20d12 = 130]
mkb: [20d20 = 255]
mkb: [20d4 = 47]
mkb: [20d6 = 61]
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Kittymew (Will): Meow
mkb: well, this works
Kittymew (Will): Yep
Kittymew (Will): Well it did. Laaaag.
mkb (mkb): eep
mkb (mkb): do you have what all true warriors strive for?
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Yes, I have the map.
mkb (mkb): great, can you remind me where you were?
Kittymew (Will): We're heading southwest, we came down the east river coz we got off course a bit and now we're pretty much on. We just passed the junction of the three rivers, I think, or were just approaching it.
mkb: Yep - you're pretty high up by now since the mountains have receded but you haven't changed height. It's getting somewhat cold. There are two settlements to your left, one large one small. You're still the one drving incidentally....
Will: Will doesn't seem to mind the cold, knowing we're trying not to be seen, and being higher up will help - at least for now, and holds a steady course down the river.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Holding a course actually requires a little work -- you have the impression that one of the fins lags the other, there's some crosswind, and so on; Rukti keeps measuring position and occasionally yelling at you to change heading. Before long, you get the hang of the fact that airships work more like boats than horses or wagons -- where you're aimed isn't necessarily where you're moving towards.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will follows Rukti's instructions carefully, and does his best to keep the airship moving well in the right direction. "How am I doing?" He calls back after a while.
mkb: "Decent! I'm taking a nap!"
mkb: (spot check)
mkb: You really haven't seen Zalpha anymore -- the airship's engine seems to need a lot of tending to, but you haven't heard anything other than kettle noises and the occasional creak from the ropes.
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 6]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Given the size, the city that's more or less under you right now (there's a metal mesh under the pilot's feet for him to see underneath) is probably Kelvin; it's disappearing behind the hull, to your left. You wonder what would become of waystations in the plains and deserts if this method of travel became widespread...
mkb: The sun is high, there are no clouds either below or above you for a good hundred miles, and you've never seen so much horizon in your life; the slight headwind that is actually an effect of your movement through the air pushes the boiler's noxious vapors backwards, causing the small airship to leave a trail. For some reason, the air smells salty as if you were standing on the piers in Sulescu.
Will: Will guesses they'd end up becoming supply stops for fuel and provisions, as long voyages by airship would probably require a few stops...
Will: He wonders about the salty air, but doesn't really want to wake Rukti up. He'll ask later...
mkb: The shorrter goblin fell asleep probably ten seconds later announcing his intention -- he crawled in one of the rolled-up tarps tied to the underside of the airship, and fell asleep right there and then.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Of course, the idyllic scene lasts for maybe twenty minutes - just long enough for you to leave Rifllian behind, still following the river -- when things happen. Specifically, the left fin seizes up with a croaking noise.
mkb: [5d4 = 15]
Will: Will curses. "Rukti! We've got a problem, the left fin's stopped!"
mkb: A moment later, a loud whistle comes from the boiler, and the right fin also stops -- by the time the whistle goes down in volume, Zalpha's reappeared from under the leather skirt. Rukti is starting to get out of his tarp. "It's just a linkage. But we'll have to sit in the wind for a long time while I fix it."
mkb: Rukti gets out, nods at Zalpha, and looks at you. "How much in a hurry are we?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "What are our options? The sooner we get there, the better, but I don't want us taking any serious risks."
mkb: "Option one we wait, option two we switch to backup power." Zalpha takes her apron and mask off, revealing a very diminutive figure very little of which you can see because she's wearing heavy burlap clothes underneath; she starts sorting some ropes. Rukti gets busy with some pieces of wood that were stashed inside a compartment in the gondola.
Campaign saved.
Will: "What's our backup power?"
Will: Will is pretty sure he gets the idea, but might as well keep looking like the novice here.
mkb: Zalpha undoes one of the ropes wrapped around the gas bag, and secures herself to it with a few loops -- after tying the other end of it to the gondola's structure, she lets herself go, ending up suspended somewhat above the fin. She starts taking a look at the wood-and-canvas mechanism, with no tools other than her hands. Rukti looks up and grins. "Well, there's this." With effort, he pulls out of the cmpartment what looks like an enormous Alpathian firework, dirty with oil and completely bereft of any decorations. You're familiar with the look of the thing, but you've only ever seen them about a fiftieth of the size...
Campaign saved.
Will: Will just looks at the goblin wide-eyed. "That does NOT look very safe..."
Will: "Arriving dead is much less useful than arriving late."
mkb: "That's for emergencies, this isn't a combat rig. The other option is you. See these?" He points to the stuff that was below the large rocket, it looks like spare parts. "Rig a spare fin and get rowing, horse pilot! Best if I steer since we'll still be underpowered on one side."
mkb: Zalpha reels herself into the gondola; she seems pretty upbeat. "I think we're looking about at half an hour of work here. Sir Will, can we buy some things whn we arrive?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Certainly," he says, "though we should probably stick together - goblins still scare people," he reminds them, and says "I guess I'd best get rowing, then," as he looks at the fin parts, which are thankfully rather simple, and looks for somewhere to affix the fin to row.
mkb: (Relevant check for putting the fin together: Rukti assumes that you're familiar with goblin design, that is, little of it and a lot of improvisation by whoever happens to be around)
mkb: Zalpha selects a few pieces of wood and a badly welded cardanic joint, puts them under her arm, and launches herself off into the air again, trusting her rope; the small airship oscillates a little when she does.
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 22]
mkb (mkb): Might wanna save your crits for more important things ;)
Kittymew (Will): (I would say goblin engineering is mostly wis based rather than int given there's less thought and more winging it...
mkb: (I would say tht goblins and wisdom don't belong in the same sentence)
mkb: (let's call it a 20-1 and be dne with it :p )
Kittymew (Will): Fair enough
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): rly, goblin woodwork? wisdom? >_>
mkb (mkb): you've seen how i work right :p
Kittymew (Will): Well wisdom tends to be more the seat-of-your-pants thing rather than the book knowledge thing
Kittymew (Will): weird
Kittymew (Will): Honestly you have your own stat for it :P
mkb (mkb): You has a weird.
Kittymew (Will): I has a weird.
mkb: You're pretty lucky in that the spare parts, which aren't so much spare parts as generic probably-useful leftovers from construction, have been used to put together an oar at least a few times before, and there's marks on the wood and string lready sewn into the canvas. In a few minutes, you're holding a cross between a trireme's oar and a slavegirl's fan; there are indentations in the gondola, a little fore of the normal fin to stay out of its way, just for tht purpose. "Okay, get something to sit down on, face the boiler, and try to sit a little right of center. Got it?"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Got it!" as he looks around for a chunk of spare lumber or compatible to sit down on.
mkb: While you assembled the oar, Zalpha turned the boiler back on in order to power the remaining fin; the contraption resumes its kettle-like noises. "We're at one-third power, you're a big boy and should keep up just fine!" she tells you before suspending herself from the wing again.
mkb: "Now watch what the other fin does, try to do the same -- find your own rythm, I'll make the right fin go faster or slower to adjust. Just keep your movements steady!" Rukti calls. "We mostly need to push aside the wind a little so we don't end up too much off course."
mkb: You've really lost track of which way the airship is headed or moving now.
mkb: The functioning fin makes a slow oar-like movement -- fan flat like a wing going forward, spread like a sail going back.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): miw?
Kittymew (Will): Sry, had to run to bathroom, ok now
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods, and starts to try to mimic the motion of the opposite fin, his head looking back and forth with every stroke to make sure he's roughly got it.
mkb: The movement is just like rowing -- you've never had the occasion to do that much, but it's not hard to grasp. However, to you it feels like your efforts aren't accomplishing anything -- you see the fan move, and that's it.
mkb: "I thought I was about halfway there but this is going to take a little while longer!" Zalpha calls out. Rukti barks in acknowledgement; you can't see him, but he's probably busy trying to match your movements.
mkb: (I need three STR and three CON checks, or whtever you think is appropriate for a prolonged effort)
Kittymew (Will): sounds like strength and con to me...
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 22]
Will: [1d20 = 13]
Will: [1d20 = 18]
Kittymew (Will): 3 str
Will: Con bonus [1d20+2 = 18]
Will: [1d20 = 13]
Will: [1d20 = 17]
mkb (mkb): I think Kiip would mightily hate you in general. :p
Kittymew (Will): and 3 con.
mkb (mkb): right now anyway
Kittymew (Will): you should see it when we play 40k >_>
mkb (mkb): why?
Kittymew (Will): There's a reason we largely don't.
mkb: (WIS check, also)
Campaign saved.
mkb: [5d4 = 6]
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 9]
Kittymew (Will): Eh, could be worse?
mkb: You start out with great vigor, tire after a few minutes, but quickly find your rythm and follow Rukti's instructions to stick to it; you find that looking at the other fin in that sense is a little distracting, especially with a goblin on the wing. Watching Zalpha, you have a moment of vertigo when it looks like she might've done something stupid, and the color drains rom your sight for a moment as she quickly changes the knots on her rope and recovers.
mkb: "So what do your pilots do in these cases, Sir Will?" Rukti asks in a shout at some point.
Kittymew (Will): Hahahaha
Will: "If a wing stops?" he says in rhythm with his breathing, "On a wyvern? Crash?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Thankfully wyverns are less prone to breakdowns"
mkb: "A what?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I spoke to you before, remember? Humans have not such great inventions - they fly great winged beasts, called wyverns."
mkb: Will realizes there really isn't a word for wyvern in goblin. "Midget dragons? All right, you're crazier than I am." From a goblin pilot, it's a compliment.
mkb: [5d4 = 9]
mkb: The air looks a little foggier than it did a few minutes ago -- then again, it's been a long few minutes and there's quite a lot of sweat on Will's brow now. The good thing is that this did a good job of getting rid of the cold.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Something like that..." he says, and chuckles. "Well, you can at least talk to those..." he says. They aren't smart, but they aren't terribly stupid, at least..." he says, and doesn't really mind the work terribly much, being used to physical exertion.
mkb: "Do they talk back?"
mkb: Zalpha stops her repair work to adjust something on the boiler, then jumps overboard and gets back to it.
Will: "In a way..." he says. "Some handlers can really speak to them, from what I've been told."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The airship turns sharply for a moment, then the gondola shakes under the gas bag as you hit some turbulence -- Zapha yelps and ends up at the end of the emergency fin, hugging it. All of a sudden the oar you're holding is trying to hit you in the chin.
mkb: (str check)
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 20]
mkb (mkb): Goblins generally don't have much in the way of animal kinship, which is probably what got them to get interested in engines.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You catch it pretty well, and the only consequence is the airship turning to the side as Zalpha catches herself and gets back to work swinging from your oar to the broken fin. Rukti skips a couple of strokes with the working one to get back into the correct heading. "I'm almost done!" Zalpha calls.
mkb: "How about horses? That's your thing, right? Sorry about yours by the way, Stoin was really looking forward to nursing it back to spec."
Will: "I don't think Ironhide would have wanted to be in such pain..." he says, knowing that goblins don't generally think of animals that way. "I think he will be happier wherever he is now...he fought well, and I guess...well, it was the first horse I've lost."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Sorry. I had a pet bat once. My engineer ate it." "It was already dead and had roasted on the exhaust! because you put it there because it used to roost on top of it!"
mkb: "I thought bats hybernated! You still owe me a meal for that."
mkb: Zalpha sneezes and mumbles something that sounds mildly chastised.
mkb: [5d4 = 10]
Campaign saved.
Will: Will simply laughs, having gotten somewhat used to goblins having different ways than he. Living with them has definitely changed him. "I have NO idea what that was about...but it sounds rather batty."
Kittymew (Will): and all those d4s scare me.
mkb: "I'm done!" Zalpha announces. "Sir Will, do you mind catching me?" Rukti stops the working fin and turns around.
mkb: The repaired wing looks just as ramshackle as it did before, but these goblins have been quite competent so far.
Will: Will looks at her, and says "I've got you," as he pulls her oar in.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The nimble goblin lets the oar support some of her weight as you retract it and undoes the knots holding her up; free from the fin, she ends up swinging in and lands pretty much on you. Rukti is fast enough to catch the oar and make it bend before it hits the air bag.
mkb: (wis check)
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 5]
Kittymew (Will): woot, made DC 5 :P
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha quickly thanks you and recovers her apron and mask, then slides under the boiler's skirt to rev the engine up again. "I think we'll be in Specularum before sunset, Sir Will. If the wind keeps this direction it'll take a whole day to get back though...."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "I hope the wind changes, then...I hope to take a wyvern and fly to the khanate...I wouldn't impose such a long journey on you two, especially with the coal shortage."
mkb: "Should we land early and hide?"
Will: "We aren't expected, it may be wise to hide the airship and buy some horses in a village to ride the rest of the way."
mkb: Below you, the thick forest has given way to the bushy plains you're familair with from home; the only significant feature of the terrain are the Duke's Road and the river next to it. You spot a few barges lazily floating downstream.
Will: Will isn't exactly sure WHAT the archers on the walls will think of this thing, really.
mkb: Rukti's face at the suggestion tells you that the goblin pilot isn't as fearless as he acts. "You know, I've never seen this boiler run so well" Rukti comments. A muffled thnks comes from under the leather skirt.
Will: He really doesn't want to find out the answer is "target practice" though.
mkb (mkb): They'll probably think wtf; goblin zeppelins that can fly this high and this long with so few problems are pretty unheard of. In Specularum, the only nonmagical airships they ever see are observation balloons from ork pirate fleets...
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Still not sure if they'd let us land...they might surround us and let us come down though, just for a look at the technology.
mkb: While there aren't any major settlements between Rifllian and Specularum, the landscape is dotted by hovels and the occasional stone-and-stakes keep of a minor feudatary such as yourself. The ground looks a little closer. "Where do we land? I'm going to start gliding down in a moment."
Will: Will thinks of the knights he knows around Specularum and their rough locations...he knows he'll get a good reception on foot anyplace, but he doesn't want anything pointy flying his way...
Will: Knowledge, Nobility [1d20+4 = 13]
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Miu?
mkb (mkb): miu?
Kittymew (Will): *kissies*
Campaign saved.
mkb: The closest noble you remembr right off the bat is in Ser Raban, a Traladaran baron who maintined his fief when Duke Stefan took over Karameikos; the old gentleman was at the time instrumental in the transition by virtue of simple common sense and a booming voice.
Will: Can I recognize his keep from here?
mkb (mkb): Too high up, and there's some fog, you can tell where there's a house, a barn or something like a temple or a keep but cannot tell which is which. You're not used to seeing things from above.
Campaign saved.
Will: "I think I know where we can land..." he says, going to the map and pointing out Raban's keep on the map. "I can't figure out exactly where we are...but I know it's close. Can you land us near it? I can probably point it out if we're lower!"
mkb (mkb): it's Sir for Thyatians and Ser for Traladarans. Long story.
Kittymew (Will): *nodnod*
mkb: The map isn't terribly accurate, but Rukti nods as soon as you bring it to him -- to avoid getting the sun in his eyes, he has the airship do a two-seventy by having the repaired fin skip a few strokes. The place is actually northwest of Specularum, so you're closer than you thought. "We're going to go down in a glide then if you don't mind, it's faster."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I follow your lead, you're the pilot," he says, "just tell me if you need my help!"
mkb: "Now did you ever pilot a midget dragon before?"
Will: Will shakes his head. "Not yet! I intend to learn quickly."
mkb (mkb): Goblins use one word for riding, driving and piloting.
Will: "Flying with you has shown me a lot about simply being in the air, and that, I think, is quite important."
mkb: "They're pretty fast, and I mean also against the wind. Will they have pig shit at your friend's castle?"
'Kittymew' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Kittymew' connected
'Kittymew' identified as 'Will'
Kittymew (Will): Testing testing testing
mkb: "They're pretty fast moving, and I mean airspeed, not like this thing. Hmm. Will they let me borrow some pig crap at your friend's castle?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Pig...umm, I would guess so, yes?"
mkb: "Zalpha! Glide-in landing, prepare to vent aft! All right big guy, strap in to something!" Apparently the trip was a bit too uneventful for Rukti...
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks around for something that he can physically strap into, and quickly!
mkb (mkb): Feel free to imagine goblins taking on a SoCal accent here :p
Kittymew (Will): Oh lord.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You're quite surprised as Zalpha squees for a moment and then shuts down the boiler, with another loud whistling. She pulls a few ropes, and in a few seconds you hear a hiss of gas coming out of the bag's back end... Yanking the levers, Rukti reels the fins in so that they're as flush against the gondola as possible, then aims the airship downward; you feel queasy and strangely light. There's plenty of spots to strap yourself in fortunately.
mkb: (spot check)
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 11]
mkb: The fins are still being moved by the levers, but barely, one of them occasionally hinting at spreading out again but ony doing so a little
mkb: There's a nice spot on the gondola floor with leather straps that aren't holding nything; however, when you get there Zalpha pokes you in the shoulder. "Hey!"
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks at Zapha for a second, then asks "Yes? Rukti told me to find somewhere to strap in!"
mkb: "You're tall! Stand behind the vent with this." She hands you an ordinary, if somwhat diminutive, torch. It's lit, but only in the sense that the top of it is charred and glows red/orange -- some oil it's drenched in prevents the flame from forming.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods, and does as asked. "Alright..." he says, still quite fearless though wondering just what these crazy goblins are up to.
Kittymew (Will): we're using the gas vent as a rocket, aren't we?
mkb: (wis check)
mkb (mkb): yes
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 16]
Campaign saved.
mkb: You've seen these flying machines in action but why do they want you to put something on fire next to what's keeping you in the air?
Will: Well, we're going we don't want to stay in the air anymore? Will has no real reason NOT to trust these two, as they've done an excellent job so far...
Kittymew (Will): (this is gonna hurt)
mkb (mkb): probably
mkb: Zalpha gives you the torch. "Don't touch the bag, just hold it behind us! And hang on to something!"
mkb: Now you feel the air moving -- the airship's definitely taken on some speed. With a grunt, Rukti spreads the fins out again somewhat, this time in their flat position, as wings.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods, and does so, making sure to keep the torch away from the gasbag, using his other hand to grab onto whatever's handy and sturdy.
mkb: What's sturdy is the exhaust from the boiler; what's handy is one of the ropes that hang the gondola to the gas bag -- they held Zalpha well, but she weighs about a third of what you do. The two are mutually exclusive since you've only got one hand. "C'mon, c'mon!"
mkb: Zalpha urges you on.
Will: Will grabs onto the rope and reaches out to light the trailing gas. "Here goes!"
mkb (mkb): you can't really see the gas, you CAN smell it though -- it's hydrogen and methane for the record.
Kittymew (Will): Note to remember: Will is literally fearless. He knows when TO be afraid, but since he isn't actually affected by it, things like adrenaline often take over...
Kittymew (Will): (and make him do stupid shit like this)
Campaign saved.
mkb: (dex check)
Will: Dex bonus [1d20 = 5]
Kittymew (Will): Eep.
Kittymew (Will): I think I may be overestimating how much thrust this actually creates, too...
Campaign saved.
mkb: You hold the torch up.... WHOOOMP! A gren-yellow flame bursts from the back end of the gas bag. "DROP IT!" Zalpha shouts as you accidentally touch one of the ropes with the lit end, and you do so, losing the torch to the plains below. Just as the sun begins to set, your airship is now producing some sort of beacon.... and increasing its speed noticeably, with bumps and sudden hiccups that weren't there just ten minutes ago. Now you can feel a very strong headwind; the ground below you is growing closer and closer, and you realize you're probably going almost as fast horizontally as if you were falling down a precipice.
mkb: Zalpha is leaning forward, hands on two ropes, looking down from the gondola. "Wheeee!"
Will: I'm hanging on as best I can to the gondola, just staring at Zalpha...wondering what on earth these goblins do to come up with things like this.
mkb: Rukti is emitting guttural grunts, a wide grin on his face, as he focuses on the controls -- you notice that now it takes much less of a movement from him to steer the airship. As you glide down, a low rumble coming from the flame behind you, you start to see a path leading from Raban's keep to the Duke's Road, then carts on it, then individual peasants getting ready to call it a day. Some have seen you. A few are running. They're all getting biggr as you glide down in circles. "Toldya!" "I give, I give, vent ignition IS faster! Now let me steer!" It feels like a cart ride after someone's stuck ginger up the horse's ass. A flock of seagulls is dispersed when Rukti basically splashes into it, and you hear a few birds' heads connecting with the gondola's bottom. "And that's dinner! Nyaha!"
Campaign saved.
Will: I give a loud yell below. "LOOK OUT!!!" to anyone who might be in the way.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The fields around you are barren; it's getting close to the middle of winter, but the fields still need attention, notably in clearing evergreen weeds local to this region and picking up the occasional spontaneous herb. Fortunately, there will be no lasting damage if a goblin zeppelin makes a rough landing in a plowed field, such as.... NOW!
mkb: The landing is actually less rough than you expected -- however, you DO skid for a good fifty yards before coming to a stop. "Uhm, we sort of had a valuable artifact underslung, didn't we?" Zalpha asks sheepishly. Rukti leans back, satisfied of a job well done. The ten or so peastnts that asssted at the landing are gathered in the path at a respectful distance; the gas bag finally finishes deflating, lazily floating off to one side.
Will: Will looks at Zalpha, then looks shocked. "The bone machine wreck! Well...wreckage is wreckage, I guess...and somehow I doubted my banner would survive this anyhow..."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I still shouldn't have let you two talk me into this."
Will: He then steps off and waves to the peasants. "We're alright...I'm sorry about the field!"
mkb (mkb): that's why the wis check earlier
mkb (mkb): i was gonna remind you if you got higher
mkb: You notice that one of the peasants dropped a wheelbarrow full of manure -- wheelbarrows with wheels that are wide enough to negotiate soil but light enough to be useful are relatively new in these parts, so much so that your own fief has a precious few of them. Somehow they look a lot less interesting after spending a week around things like skeletal armor, flying machines and portals. "Who goes there! Man or beast!"
mkb: *only has a precious few
Campaign saved.
Will: "Man! I am a knight of the Grand Duke and come with dire news! Is this Ser Raban's land?" I ask.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Knights of the realm don't plummet out of the sky! Who and what are you!"
mkb: The peasants have clustered up and are now brandishing their tools (mostly spades) behind the largest of them.
Will: "I say again! I am a knight of the realm! There is much urgency, and these goblins were gracious enough to carry me this far - hold on. Zalpha, get my pack, my pennant and jersey are in it!" he says sternly.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha stops gathering small spheres with a smile on them that you knwo to be full of ephesian fire, and scrambles to do so. Rukti replaces her, ad while the peasants advance uncertainly asks you if you still have a torch. The spheres have a red triangle for a mouth and two white circles for eyes.
Will: "Rukti, hold! They are not our enemies!" I say, jumping down from the gondola to meet them face to face in the twilight. "I am no enemy to you!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Perhaps what convinces them is that you're not holding a weapon. "We don't dabble in the business of arcanists, but we're keen on them not trashing our fields, either. Although you did spread more manure in a minute than us the whole day. I'm Rufus, foreman here. What do you want?"
Will: "I told you. I am Sir William Kert, Knight of the Grand Duchy, and I am looking for Ser Raban. There are urgent matters to discuss. As for your field, I apologize, and will do what I can to make amends."
mkb: Traladarans are very attached to the feudal system, but one would never guess from their speech patterns -- to a Thyatian, this always sounds like insubordination, but after a generation at least the small nobility has learned to know better.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The men behind Rufus turn around and talk quietly among each other, the large peasant listening in. "Uh... Actually, would you mind splashing on the next field as well, if there's time?"
mkb: "On account of us only having to dump the shit in one spot rather than shovel it around, see."
Will: "Well, we can't just pull this zeppelin back into the air with no gas, but I'm sure my engineer wouldn't mind using some explosives."
mkb: It does smell like fertilizer's just been spread, now that you think of it.
mkb: To your surprise, Zalpha yucks. Rukti doesn't make a sound, but you just know he's grinning.
Kittymew (Will): Of course. Our evidence and my banner are covered in shit.
mkb (mkb): It happens :p
Kittymew (Will): Does my name look like Biff to you?
mkb (mkb): no, but it's not a big deal plotwise, and the GM wants lulz sometimes.
Kittymew (Will): Hahahaha true. :P
Campaign saved.
Will: "Zalpha, have you found my pack yet?" he calls back to the goblins. "Rukti, get a small charge ready to spread some manure," he says as he turns back to the peasants. "My engineers aren't quite what you'd expect, but trust me, they do good work."
mkb: "Your engineer? Will there be a siege?"
mkb: The two goblins are bickering about something; it turns out 'small charge' is a bit of a difficult concept to define. Zalpha hands you your pack almost as an afterthought.
Will: "None near here...these engineers are good for a lot more than just siege engines. This zeppelin is their doing."
Will: Will points to their flying machine.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Of course they also seemed to think CRASH landing was more here we are, instead of somewhere less...full of shit?" He laughs, looking down at his manure-covered boots.
Will: "Let's get ourselves out of this field...which way is Ser Reban's keep? It is urgent I speak to him, before he retires if possible..."
Will: Will digs out his pennant, and a couple silver pieces from his pack. "Here, this proves I am who I claim, and here - for your trouble."
mkb: Now that's something that the peasants can relate to; there's a good ten seconds of laughter. "Of course; we'll be glad t walk with you, Sir William. And keep your silver" the foreman ignores a couple elbows to his sides "but please do let the little guys help us with the next field tomorrow!"
mkb: "Sir William? You said grave news.... is an army on the march?" one of the peasants asks. To your surprise, Zalpha's pack is a lot bigger than Rukti's. "I'm staying with the zep if it's all the same" he says.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods to Rukti. "Take care," then says to the peasants. "Do let the others know that the goblins aren't a problem? There's only the two of them, and they're on our side. They're...unusual, even for goblins, I think."
Will: Will keeps his silver, but then halts. "Oh, hell. We slung my armour under the zeppelin, didn't we?"
Will is glad for the virtues of magic armour and leather bags, right now...
mkb: Rukti nods vigorously and laughs. "Eh, I'll have to fish seagulls out of it if I want to eat!" He laughs anyway. The peasants don't get it.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will is now VERY glad for leather bags and magic armour.
mkb: Now that you're back on solid ground, it's easier to get your bearings -- the Raban keep is actually only twenty minutes away; as for them, the peasants aren't unhappy to have a man at arms with them, being as it's already dark.
Will buckles on his sword and lashes on his shield from his pack. Better to have something than nothing.
Will: "Rukti, if you're staying here, I want that armour out of there and clean in the morning!"
mkb: "Great, then come back and dig it out, I have to get the boiler ready to extract gas!"
mkb: Zalpha laughs. "I'm taking the evening off, I've never been to an actual castle before!"
mkb (mkb): Goblin language distinguishes between aboveground and underground forts, but not by size.
Will: Will throws the nearest lump of something at Rukti, in true goblin fashion. "We don't need to fly tomorrow, but I DO need everything ready to ride to Specularum!"
Campaign saved.
Will is not leaving magic armour sitting in a muddy field.
mkb: Rukti grumbles something barely intelligible back. The peasants file in reasonably good order behind you, even the foreman who stays slightly behind you and to the side after pointing you which way to the keep. "Sir knight, what danger did you find to come tell our lord like so? Are you going to fly on to the capital?"
mkb: Zalpha has apparently not only cleaned herself, but talked one of the peasants into letting her ride on his shoulders. Apparently she's used bits of fire bomb to clean and cover her shoes.
Will: "We will ride to the capital in the morning - I still don't want to chance their archers seeing us as enemies and damaging our machine. As for the danger...the dead are walking in the north."
Campaign saved.
Will does things the peasant way and kicks the muck and manure from his boots off when he gets to some grass.
mkb: The large peasant looks at you quizzically -- the lands of the death are in the north according to Traladaran tradition. "And may they walk to their rest, Sir William... how do you mean?"
Will: "Ah, my mistake...I mean not that north, but the north near Ironforge. A necromancer is making quite some trouble, and I've come to raise an army."
mkb: "Will there be war?"
Will: "Is there any other way to stop something that wishes to destroy life itself?"
Will: "Have faith in me...I WILL slay this monster and all of his creations."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We grow good grain and we have faith in the gods, Sir William. That's a good way to keep life. Other than raids from the Black Eagle, we haven't had a war since my grandfather was my age..."
Will: "If we act quickly you won't even hear a word of it this far south."
mkb: The keep is now visible at the horizon -- it's a wooden stockade with stone foundations and a squat, round tower in the middle that was clearly built by salvaging a larger structure; a modest mansion for the lord of a modest fief. The huts clustered around it seem in excellent shape for their unadornedness -- old Raban is a good administrator and a honest man, and this hasn't changed in recent years if your eyes are any jduge.
mkb: "I'll keep this to myself if you so command. Well, I'll try."
Will: "For now...please. There is no need to sow panic - but know that if you hear rumours of the walking dead, take them to heart, for these are no old wives' tales."
mkb: "Will you speak to the priests yourself then?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Three of the peasants split off and return to their homes; you're in the small village. Most people have retired fr the evening, and nice smells come from some of the hovels, reminding you you've barely eaten all day.
Will: Will says "'re right. I will need messengers...I should have you speak to the village preacher. He will know best how to spread the word amongst the church here."
mkb (mkb): how do i add a skill to a charsheet?
Kittymew (Will): Like, a new named skill? I have no idea. ><
Kittymew (Will): I'd just throw it in notes or something.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Elder Rainu is tending to Miria still, I think... she's the cheesemonger hereabouts. Lost her son three days ago." The foreman points to one of the huts. "I would share my dinner with you if you command, but you're likely to find better in our lord's house."
Will: "As I am in a hurry anyhow, I will seek Ser Raban out for dinner. I thank you for your kind offer. Give my regards to your family."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The rest of the peasants disperse, obviously in a hurry to get something to eat; the one that was carrying Zalpha looks at you and chuckles before also going away. She's still wearing her burlap flightsuit, giving the overall impression of either a midget pilgrim or a child in a friar's robe who decided to make it fit by means of rope.
mkb: The keep has one entrance through the palisade and, while it's closed, there are no guards posted outside -- a sign of a quiet settlement if there was ever any.
mkb: "Can we go eat something? Did you see that? I think we've got at least an eight better speed than we used to just venting the gas out!"
Will: Will smiles at Zalpha, and nods. "I'm sure Ser Raban will have some food for us...and as for our speed, I'd say you're right, though our landing left much to be desired."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The goblin shrugs. "Never did a combat landing without breaking a fin before actually. Rukti's good." She doesn't sound too happy admitting it. She looks at the palisade. "I thought castles were bigger... do I have to dress up?"
Will: "This isn't really a'll see a REAL castle when we get to the capital."
mkb: She points. "So that's practice?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "It's a small fort, it takes a lot of stone, wood, time, and work to build a bigger castle..." he explains, as they reach the gate.
mkb: "That's because you guys waste too much time in making it look neat. It does, though." She looks up at the palisade then at you. "I can dress up a bit if you want. Or I can hide somewhere."
Will: "Go ahead and take a bit to get ready, I'd rather keep you with me," he says, being somewhat protective of her here. He knows Rukti is violent enough to handle himself, Zalpha's cuteness makes him more protective.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You're fairly sure at least some arcane skill is responsible for Zalpha actually turning her pack inside-out into a small tent, or maybe it's just pent-up energy. Zalpha's in it and moves around a bit back and forth. "I've read about nobles and courts and stuff you know, I can behave myself. Do you think they'll still have any apple juice?"
mkb: Zalpha emerges just as suddenly. She hasn't changed her shoes, but -- well, at the very least you have to wonder just what she read.
mkb: (see pic)
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks at her, somewhat surprised, but having seen some of the random, colourful things nobles have worn, especially the short, gnomish variety, doesn't seem as surprised. Will blushes a bit for how long he'd been staring, and says "I don't know what you've been reading, but you'll look just fine like that."
mkb (mkb): was kinda hoping to make you go awwww :p
mkb (mkb): there's ppl to deal with here, speaking of formal dinners
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Kittymew (Will): Meep! What happen?
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Will: *poke*
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mkb: <3
Will: <3.
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mkb: wanna continue or ^_^;
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Will: Yus ^^
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mkb: miw! yay!
mkb: not sure if i want to do sexycute r d&d
Will: :P
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Will: Meow
mkb: meow!
mkb: kies, can has recap coz i honestly forgot half the names already?
mkb: btw, how do we gt this thng to log?
Kittymew (Will): I have no clue if it can log
Kittymew (Will): Rukti was the goblin pilot...I was with the other goblin, gak, the cute one's name I've forgotten, and about to enter Ser R(e/a)ban's keep. You know I'm bad with names.
Kittymew (Will): I don't think the foreman got a name.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): i did some of the schem, want to do a bit more that way we finish faster, or i got it?
Kittymew (Will): Well how can I magically know what parts you've done and what parts I did and didn't tell you about?
Kittymew (Will): That makes absolutely no sense to me.
Kittymew (Will): Can you explain how that works?
mkb (mkb): pointy! kies, i got it
mkb: You and Zalpha are in front of the palisade door; there are no guards, which to you is a sign that the local lord is either very incompetent or very well liked since there aren't any realistic external dangers this close to the capital. Somehow, Zalpha had managed to put on what to her is formal clthing.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): *kissies* I love you and I promise I'll make this up to you
mkb (mkb): yay!
Will: Will smiles at Zalpha, and offers the rather adorable-looking goblin his hand. "Shall we, milady?" he says with a bit of a silly smirk, as though he is again a child, playing at lords and ladies.
Kittymew (Will): Do remember Will IS only 15!
Kittymew (Will): This is about the only chance he has to act his age and not cause his own death.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): 15 is young adult in the middle ages.
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, but biologically he still has the ability to act a bit goofy.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): Which is probably why at the time local wars happened a lot more often.
Kittymew (Will): Probably true.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You didn't know it was biologically possible for a goblin to blush, this one however does - the side effect is that her eyes flash red like whenever a greenskin is under tension. After a bit, she puts her hand in yours. She has a pretty scary grip. The courtyard is pretty much empty; all the horses are in a small stable, if there's an armory you cannot tell it apart from the other storage sheds, and the keep proper -- the only all-stone building in the village -- looks pretty unassuming, so it's about on par with yours. By the smell and sounds coming from it, they're having dinner.
Will: Will seems pleased to smell food, and hopes he can get a place at the table - he's as hungry as Zalpha. He continues inside, toward the keep and the lord's dining room, expecting _someone_ to eventually make him announce his presence to Ser Reban.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The door opens on pretty well oiled hinges... and this time a guard does stop you, by the simple expedient of halting the door with his back since he was sitting on the floor eating from a wooden bowl. He manages to quickly get up and actually hold the door with a minimum of fuss and noise in the manner of accomplished slacker grunts in every place and time. "Who is it?" The man is about twice your size and has a booming deep voice, he can probably guard the door against a siege just by leaning on it.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Sir Will Kert, I come with urgent news to see Ser Reban. The lady Zalpha accompanies me." Will says, motioning lightly to the little goblin on his side.
mkb: The little goblin on his side is busy baring her teeth and growling at the big guy -- she's being quiet about it, and she's behind the door so he hasn't seen her yet. "Yess'r. I'll announce ya, mind waiting outside a moment?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Certainly not," Will says politely.
mkb: The large man walks with heavy steps towards the main hall, which you guess is right behind the entryway's right corner, and Zalpha calms down as soon as he's out of sight.
mkb: By "calming down" I mean she's trying to disappear behind your leg.
Will: Will looks down at Zalpha and whispers "you don't need to hide here, you're a guest."
Will: "Though try to behave. I tried to learn the ways of your people, try to do the same?"
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha seems shaken more than angry. "D-do I have to?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "You'll be fine...don't worry. You wanted to come anyway, so come out and enjoy yourself."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "H-he's scarrrrrry..." She points at where the big guy went, just as you hear him coming again (not hard to do given the size and the armour boots).
mkb: (spot check)
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 12]
Will: "He's just a big guy like Hextor. You've seen me spar with Hextor, haven't you?" Will says with a wink.
Campaign saved.
mkb: There's something mildly odd about the guy. Who incidentally is bigger than Hextor by a good bit. Zalpha hides behind you again as he approaches. "M'lord says come in, s'rry for the wait, ser."
Kittymew (Will): A SERPENT MAN!!
Kittymew (Will): (sorry, too much Conan.)
mkb (mkb): maaaaaaybe.
Kittymew (Will): (watch this, he's actually a serpent man)
Will: Will nods to him. "Thank you."
Will: also, what's detect evil say?
mkb: He's not evil. You don't need holy abilities to tell he's not very bright either.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man opens the door and politely waits behind it; the moment he gets ut of sight Zalpha timidly peeks from behind you. The entranceway is a simple stone building with two doors; the entrance proper is a couple of steps lower, and bracings next to it tell you that the heavy oak door can be closed tight in the event of a siege if need be.
Kittymew (Will): Okay, I am going into Social Awareness Mode with Will; assume I'm taking 10 on Sense Motive checks on ANYONE saying ANYTHING to me; if I can't get anything concrete I'll pursue further conversation and take 20 when I get the chance to speak privately with the person. Also, detect evil everything.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will walks through the door, Zalpha close behind, and gives a short bow as he enters the room. "I thank you for inviting me on such short notice," he says, awaiting an invitation to the table.
mkb: The large man just stands behind the door, having already invited you in (or not having been told how to handle it, more likely). You can still hear dinner-consuming noises from the corridor where the guard went in and out of. Zalpha is following you, but she stilll tries to keep you between herself and the guard.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will continues ahead, keeping an eye on Zalpha to make sure everything's okay.
Campaign saved.
mkb: She's holding your hand and has her eyes closed, but drags herself along -- she stops freaking out during the time it takes to walk down the short corridor and go through the open door at the end of it. In there are three tables, one on a step in farther back to the door, and a lot of people -- ten to fifteen, depending on how many boys and girls are moving in and out with food and used plates -- are there.
Will: Will stands at the door, looking for Ser Reban among them.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Ser Reban is the old man with a fairly pretty, if buck toothed, servant girl on his lap. He's sitting on what probably passes for the throne outside of meal times, a large oak chair in comparison to the stools or wicker chairs everybody else is using. He doesn't get up, but gestures the girl to move along and raises a hand towards you. "Come here, come here! Do join us."
Will: Will smiles, and brings Zalpha along, finding two empty seats at Ser Reban's table and sitting himself and Zalpha there. "Thank you, ser. I appreciate your invitation, given the short isn't often one gets to literally drop out of the sky on an old friend," he jests.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Why, how'd you get here, boy?" The girl he asked to move returns with tw pint mugs of what smells like decent cider, and puts one in front of you and one in front of her lord before sitting on her lap again. The other people made an effort to pretend to be observing etiquette until you sit down, then get back to what they were doing, which is apparently carving down a few large birds you're not sure what they used to be.
mkb: Zalpha looks around, stands up, and jumps in your lap. This causes Ser Raban to raise an eyebrow. "And with... where are you from, girl?"
Will: Will takes a sip of the cider before continuing, as after such a trip he finds himself quite thirsty. "Zalpha, here, and her pilot, Rukti, flew me here with a zeppelin - a flying machine their tribe designed. They're goblin engineers," Will explains, "not the sort of goblins we're used to, by any means."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Your old man told me you were growing to be a man of manners my boy, but to domesticate a goblin! Nice jester outfit, too... wait, a flying machine? Like the ork pirates use?" Zalpha is too busy looking up at you to get offended, apparently.
Will: "Far better than those baloons, I flew here from Ironforge...and they are hardly domesticated, they are simply different. I have been aiding them in matters of trade and warfare. We hope to bring trade agreements before the Grand Duke, as we have already done in Ironforge."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The old man looks worried now, and sends the servant girl off -- with a good natured slap on the lower back, not quite the buttoks, admittedly. "You've been aiding goblins in warfare? My boy, you'll have to start from the beginning here... is this related to the news Virek mentioned, or did he mishear you? Did you get us in trouble? Tell if you did, son, don't be afraid."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Oh no, there's no trouble I caused. You see, it all began when I hired myself and two of my men out to aid some gnomes to scout what they believed was an infested mine. What we found was...phenomenal."
Will: "We met these goblins, who had moved into the mine seeking a home; Some kobolds attacked us, but our primary enemy was in fact, the undead. Zalpha's tribe was of great help clearing the mine of the unliving menace...but it does not end there. We returned to Ironforge, the holders of the mine, and negotiated the collapse of the mine and free passage for the tribe. Something down in that mine was being used by a necromancer, to power some form of evil spells."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The old man leans forward. "This is troubling. I haven't seen the dead walk in... my, fifty years already? Come with me, we'll talk where it's quieter."
mkb: Ser Raban stands up -- he's wearing work clothes underneath his mantle and epaulets, and is barefoot. He walks with surprising vigor for his age, and moves to the side towards where you figure the kitchen is; his departure is greeted with some "good night m'lord" but people who were waiting to eat keep doing so. Zalpha stops looking up at you and eyes one of the birds' legs.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will follows along, and whispers to Zalpha to follow. "Ser, if it doesn't trouble you too much, Zalpha and I haven't eaten in a day..." he trails off, knowing that was all that needed said.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Great! We're having peacock and roasted beets tonight, get your girl to bring something along, yes?" He keeps walking.
mkb (mkb): Traladarans are very informal, but everyone has a definite place. Thyathians are more like classic renaissance. Will would find these people somewhat uncivilized if he spent more time at home.
Will: Will nods. "Well, you heard him, Zalpha, just remember to get enough for all of us," he instructs, as he waits briefly for her.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The old man struggles a little with a small wooden door, then opens it. "You'll have to excuse me and my age for a minute or two, ser Will."
mkb: Zalpha looks up at you and crosses her arms.
mkb (mkb): One thing Traladarans are and Thyatians a lot less so is sexist. Good luck getting that into the brain of a goblin.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks down at her, and says "fine..." and walks over, but moving only if she follows, to go get some food for both of them.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha gts the hint and, sprinting as small creatures sometimes do, she zips in front of you and generates three full plates which she holds one on top of the other.
mkb (mkb): i have to reboot, btb!
Will: Will smiles, and says "thank you, Zalpha," and returns to following Ser Reban. "Sorry for that. As I said she's not really a servant or anything of the sort."
Kittymew (Will): Okies!

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mkb: The old man gets out of the lavatory just as Zalphas done getting the food. "You have to excuse my old age as I was saying, son. Had this built during the last siege..."
Will: "Rather certainly must have done wonders for morale," Will responds politely, as he waits patiently for food and further discussion.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Well, it's given me a pretty handy light punishment for whoever's slacking at any given time, you know?" The old man pats your back with some force. "Come on, let's get to my quarters and talk."
Campaign saved.
mkb: This landed knight's quarters are very bare, although he did reserve himself the innermost room in the keep which also happens to be next to the kitchen's fireplace. A desk and a chair tell you that the man did get around to learning how to write at some point, and the collection of old weapons and armor show that he's done some fighting in his time. He motions to you and Zalpha to take the table, and sits on the table. "Well boy. What breaks the duke's peace and why am I the first to know?"
Will: Will nods, and stays quiet for a moment, following along. "I've known you long enough to be wise and trustworthy. That's why. We needed a safe place to land, where those louts from the capital wouldn't use us as target practice," Will says, motioning to Zalpha. "I think you understand why."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Y'know, I remember these buggers going along with ork raiders from northwest before the Duke came... wonder if Baron von Hendricks chased'em off to your parts frankly. Hmm. She's got a nice figure under those jester's robes. Oh, and do eat, don't let me keep you." He chuckles, seeing how Zalpha is literally drooling. To her credit, she's not helped herself yet.
Will: "Thank you," he says, and takes a plate from Zalpha, digging in. "Mmm, this is excellent, my compliments to your chefs," he says. "You'd have to ask Zalpha where they came from, I haven't been privy to that many details yet," he explains. "There has been too much going on."
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha actually waited for you before attacking her plate, which she did curled up under the table in Raban's view. "So you tell me these goblins are civilized.... well now. Civilization's been the word since the Duke came, hasn't it? I started spelunking to clear some parts up north when I was barely older than you, was twenty five when I joined my first dragon hunting expedition... got lucky a number of times if you ask me, but let's not tell that to the bards, hmm? And now there's been peace for twenty years going, other than the Barony. Did you know my father would be called to the regiments at my age still?"
Will: "Indeed...I know, Ser, but this is a serious threat to...well, everything that lives. I do not know what this necromancer wants, but he has powerful magic and machinery at his disposal, and I have fought his forces many times. Ironforge, as usual, pledges uselessness. I believe you can see what plight is upon us?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Good gods, boy, I'd come with you in the time it takes for me to get packing... my boy, if you ask me, this sort of adventure is what every true warrior strives for! Just when I was afraid our time was losing the need for heroes. But, I've a village to at least pretend to run, you see... No matter. How can I help you?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I need to see the Grand Duke tomorrow. There is no time to waste, and I know not if going alone will get me anywhere; I don't even know if the evidence I brought with me will look like anything after we crashed on top of it," he says.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You didn't plow one of my fields with a bag of bones underslung, did you? Legend has it that if you sow the remains of an animated skeleton, a hundred'll rise by next winter! I don't know if it's true or not, always saw the buggers just genrally turn to dust, but..."
Will: "I'm not sure if the parts I brought along were ever animated, and we have no intentions of sowing it, we need to show it to the Duke. I'm sure it's only a legend, but I'll make sure it's long gone."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You'll need a wagon and two well rested draft horses if you have to bring this evidence with you. Will you take your flying machine along? I should like to see it."
mkb: Zalpha has scarfed down her food, the third plate she got because she thought Ser Raban was still eating, and is now eyeing yours, but not touching it.
Will: "My plan was to have Rukti, our pilot, remain here and get it ready; if you have the means to move it along with us, we can cart it with us," Will explains.
Will: Will makes certain to keep eating from time to time, lest Zalpha attack his dinner.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The food is spicy as all hell, but very good -- it's as if someone took some very good turkey, had it exercise for six months, and covered it in spices either before or after cooking it. There wasn't any silverware on the table either, so that's okay.
mkb: "It's the off season for most of my men, so I can spare you a cart and horses. As to getting to talk with the Duke quickly... well, you'll have a better chance at it than myself, sure, but don't expect it to only take a day. Now, you're welcome to bunk with my guards for the night, but I don't really have room for your girl there... she'll have to figure something out. There's tarps in the hall."
mkb: "I like to think I'm still a morning person, and so you'll want to be tomorrow if you're heading to Specularum."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "That will do fine...and you may be right. I'm sure while I wait for the Duke I can find other business in Specularum."
mkb: "Seems to me you've enough business on your hands as it is!" Zalpha, since Ser Raban hasn't really addressed her, has decided to curl up on your feet, half asleep from digestion. "Jokes aside, son... I don't like the big city. I hope when there's less urgency you'll tell me what you faced before coming here, but let me warn you, if you're anything like me you'll miss doing that tomorrow."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods again. "Well...I can tell you more before we turn in, I believe..." he begins. "Perhaps you will have some insights. What the necromancer currently seems to be interested in doing is creating armoured creatures that carry smaller, more dangerous ones, and disgorging them upon you. Recently he has sent a flying version of such a monstrosity upon us, the body of which I bring to the Grand Duke. Beyond such forces, we see the typical opposition - skeletons, zombies, and the like - but also a new type of zombie, whose nature we do not yet know, but they are not undead, and must be beheaded and burnt."
Will: "Or perhaps they are undead, but of such a different sort, that we cannot tell the difference."
mkb: "Reminds me of a tale I heard when I was your age, just striking out in the world."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I reckon something like that which you tell me of happened in Darokin, when they still had a Lord Protector in power... that'd make it... let's see, 1300 on their calendar, so about a hundred years ago. Two of the small independent kingdoms that are now part of Darokin were attacked by undead.... what was it...."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "According to what I heard -- this is all third hand, you understand -- a sorcerer came back to unholy life, and besieged a castle whose lord had obtained his grimoire to dispose of in safety. A great army of skeletons rose from the ground... and was defeated, listen to this, with the help of a man from the future, with a hand of steel and a lance of thunder, riding a battering ram with a windmill head. You ask me, we were being all too liberal with the wine at the time.... lousy tavern moochers and their crazy stories. But, the rising of the dead is in the scrolls of history; I reckon it's the last major event of that type in this part of the world."
Will: "Indeed, I have heard tales of the dead rising...but not on the Day of Dread."
Will: Will, just then, remembered that important detail.
mkb: "Come now, that's impossible! You must've miscounted the days while out in the field. I myself have been on at least three sorties against magical beasts carefully timed around that!"
mkb (mkb): Yay AOD?
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Yay!
Will: "Indeed, and I can tell you the day, as one of my companions' magic did naught, and I felt...weakened, as I always do on that foul day."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Foul says you... good time to catch a beholder napping says I! But no matter. You bring a lot of novelties with you, young man. I'll have to sleep on them. But do know that what little help I can offer is yours -- it's good to be part of something interesting again. Don't you worry; plowshares cut as bad as swords in Traladaran hands, regardless of who rules us."
mkb: (spot check)
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 13]
mkb: Zalpha's fallen asleep at your feet and the old gentleman is none-too-subtly ogling her since her dress got caught in something and now appears a lot tighter than designed. Incidentally, Zalpha is sort of cute.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks down at Zalpha, and smiles, picking her up, carefully untangling her dress. "I am glad to have your aid. I believe we will all be asked to stand together again in times to come...they may be trying."
Kittymew (Will): What's with Ser Pedobear?
mkb (mkb): Was pretty common at the time, he's too old to actually do anything, and it's socially acceptable. Zalpha is thirteen so she's older than you proportionately.
mkb (mkb): I'm basing myself on eastern europe aroun 1250s.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Fair enough.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Son, I'd rather die in battle than die of boredom. I'll be frank with you -- yours would be the best news I had in years. if I didn't have to worry about my people here. Oaths of oyalty do go both ways, after all."
mkb: The old man takes off his mantle and hangs it at the foot of the bed.
Will: Will nods, and smiles at the man's honesty to his people. "Many would not agree with you, but I for one am glad to hear that. I do not ask for your sword, but your plowshares. Zalpha's tribe does have need of supplies - coal, metal, food. If you can spare any supplies for the return trip, it will be greatly appreciated."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Now food we have... bumper crop this year in these parts, and we're having problem selling it. You probably saw some of my peasants reclaiming some fields today, we're going to seed into the flood areas a little to see what happens -- but we have plenty. Now coal... we have the same problem. I barely have enough for my smith!"
Kittymew (Will): *snugglysnugs* Yer the best DM ever btw.
mkb (mkb): miw? thankies, why?
Kittymew (Will): Just coz.
Kittymew (Will): Yer also the best everything else ever. :P
mkb (mkb): meep... thankyou ^_^;;;;;
Will: Will nods. "I you know of anywhere with an abundance, preferably close? They never seemed short in Specularum, but being so close, that may have changed..."
mkb: "It's a seaport -- what you seek they'll have. Might take more than gold to get it though if you spread your news too quickly, there might be a panic and food and weapons would only go with those who can pull themselves ahead of the line, word to the wise..."
mkb: "I'm thinking, why don't you take a mattress and bunk in the kitchen? If you care for privacy more than protocol, that is."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I don't mind sleeping with the troops, and I don't think Zalpha cares either way. I've invaded your home enough, I think."
mkb: "Ha ha! Straight-and-narrow like your father. You'll go far fast kid, just don't hit a crossroads pole... I'm going to retire, feel free to see who's still awake. Do take my advice and leave early tomorrow though."
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods. "Thank you, very kindly." With that, he is off, and headed for the barracks. He wastes no time spreading rumours amongst the men - he needs to keep things down for now - and decides to simply get some sleep, so he may rise early in the morning.
mkb: About ten minutes after you fall asleep (the barracks is in fact simply a large room with bunk beds, eight of them only four of which look like they see continuous use)
mkb: you wake up after sme noise and an oppressive weight on your chest.
Will: I look up with a start, to see what on earth it might be.
Will: I'm guessing it's Zalpha.
mkb: The goblin has taken her hat off and is now curled up on you. She's not snoring but is breathing somewhat loudly.
Campaign saved.
mkb: She's also holding a large piece of cheese you don't recall seeing on the table.
Will: I put my arm around her and try to fall asleep again if possible. She's just being cute.
mkb (mkb): Awwwww.
mkb (mkb): can we stop here before i either fall asleep or get ecchi on you :p
Kittymew (Will): Sure. <3
Kittymew (Will): *kissies* <3
Will: Zalpha getting ecchi on Will is something I've been half-expecting and was mostly gonna play along for a bit coz it's cute. :3
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Kittymew (Will): Miu
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mkb: miu!
mkb: where were we?
Will: Will was falling asleep with Zalpha on his chest, so I'd say morning, unless something occurs in the night.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You fall asleep discovering that Zalpha, unlike most goblins, doesn't snore.
mkb: (perception check?)
Will: Listen [1d20+3 = 17]
Will: Spot [1d20+2 = 11]
mkb: You wake up before dawn. Zalpha's fallen off to your side and by her movements she's probably dreaming. There are noises right outside, as if someone was walking around trying to not make noise but failing at it.
Campaign saved.
Will: I decide it's best to follow Ser Reban's advice (I hope I remembered that name right, 's been a couple weeks) and head out early, shaking her gently to wake her up.
mkb: (you're essentially in your underwear, do you get out of the room as you are?)
Will: (obviously I dress, but Zalpha's in bed with me so I'm waking her up first)
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha seems pretty nonresponsive, other than she's trying to hug your arm as you poke her. The steps come closer.
Will: I poke her a bit harder, still trying to be nice. I'm not terribly worried about what's more than likely the changing of the guard.
mkb: You have a diminutive goblin wrapped up against your arm. The steps stop and a creaking sound is heard right outside.
Campaign saved.
Will: I continue to prod Zalpha more forcefully, whispering for her to wake up. I'm still not concerned, though if I can see the door, I do look to see who goes.
mkb: The door's closed on your end -- it's another door that is being opened. A moment later, there are a few odd noises, and a bucket of water being splashed down something.
Will: Must be the servants cleaning or something. "Zalpha, wake up...we should be going"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "mmmmmmyes?" The small goblin opens her eyes wide, looks at you, and doesn't seem to want to let go of your arm. Outside, a door creaks again.
Will: "We should probably get up; we need to leave early if we're to make it to Specularum."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "can has water?" Outside, the steps resume, then another door creaks. From where you are, you're pretty sure it's Ser Raban's door.
Will: Will nods, and decides to see what has the old man up before dawn. "Yes, I'll get you some," he says, as he gets up, quickly throws on his trousers, and heads in the direction of the noise.
Campaign saved.
mkb: str check
Will: Str bonus [1d20+2 = 18]
mkb: Zalpha is STILL clinging to your arm, and you end up just getting up and carrying her along as you get out of the door. A hooded figure is opening the door of Ser Raban's room.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will doesn't pause, and says in a much more audible voice, "who goes there?" to the hooded figure, ready to raise the alarm.
Kittymew (Will): Also, Detect Evil.
mkb: Zalpha shows up as mildly evil, but you're beginning to disagree with that assessment. The person in front of you doesn't.
mkb: The hooded figure turns around and uncovers his head. It's Ser Raban . "You'll have to forgive me, boy. I should perhaps cut down on the mead at dinner. Say, did I interrupt you and your little friend?" he asks after noticing Zalpha. She looks rather embarassed.
mkb (mkb): Thus marking perhaps the first time in a D&D campaign that someone actually has to go pee.
Will: Will shakes his head. "My apologies. I think all this war has made me paranoid," he says. "Though we were looking to fill our waterskins before heading out, is the kitchen this way?"
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): I figured it was a mindfuck
mkb: The old man clears his throat. Zalpha is a little startled at the noise, she lets go of you and hides behind your legs. "You speak of war as if it was already here... my pantry is yours, of course, I'd ask you to keep away from the wine but you don't seem given to that. But before you go, you'll have to tell your other follower how to help my farmhands... and even before that, you'll have to tell me what you'd recommend I do. I'd rather burden my people with unnecessary preparations than leave them unprotected, it is a lord's responsibility after all."
mkb (mkb): hey, i like slice-of-life stuff.
Campaign saved.
Will: "This far south, you should not worry about direct attack. Be wary of spies, assassins, and beasts in the dark. Tell your guard to be alert, and find members of the clergy that can be trusted should you need the church's aid against the evils we face. As for may not be here, but we faced much fighting at Ironforge."
Will: "I should not tarry with such things. Be on your guard; my man should have things ready for your serfs already, though we shall see if I have to bop him on the head first."
mkb: "Did you have to protect the miners there? We used to buy our coal from them, but they stopped selling it a few years ago, if I recall. I'd see you off formally, but I'd rather go back to sleep and trust that you'll do good by me. I'm sure your father'll return my hospitality to you before the end of hunting season if my bones can still take the ride..." He points towards the kitchen, and opens the door.
Will: "Zalpha's tribe was attacked by a cult of mad dwarves that fought alongside the undead. Ironforge itself is safe, for now..."
Will: "Sleep well. Worry not."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Some conflicting messages you bring, son... I'll worry about my own, as it's my own to do. Best of luck in the city." This said, he leaves. The kitchen is on the other side of the door you remember for the dining hall; your exchnge hasn't attracted any guards, they're probably used to the old man having to get up.
Will: Apparently they are. I head to the kitchen...has Zalpha removed herself from me yet, or is she still sleepy/clingy?
mkb: Zalpha was behind you when you were talking to Ser Raban. However, she's gone when you finish doing so.
Campaign saved.
Will: Great. Well, since she's probably still thirsty, I'll head to the kitchen first.
mkb: The guard that's supposed to patrol the inside of the keep is there, snacking on a piece of bread and leftover cheese. He stands up in a reasonable attention when he sees you enter. This Traladaran farmhand-turned-guard is easily a full head taller than you, but seems intimidated by you by reason of rank nevertheless.
Will: "Have you seen the lady Zalpha? She was with me earlier; she's a rather unusual goblin girl, you can't miss her if you see her," Will says, as he looks about for a couple barrels of water to load the cart with.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): This close to Specularum the main road is in excellent shape, and you can probably get there in two or three hours tops.
mkb: "Nossir!"
mkb: The kitchen and pantry exist in the same room; it's plain but well provisioned, and the fireplace is top notch ironwork. Behind a metal grille in a locked chest are two barrels of wine and two glass goblets of excellent quality, one of which slightly cracked. Eveerything else is accessible.
Campaign saved.
Will: I'm not here for the wine, but since the trip isn't long, I simply take a barrel of water for the horses, along with a nice shank of meat, a loaf of bread, and some cheese, so we can have a meal on the road.
mkb (mkb): In general glassware is more expensive than silverware in this time period. Elves are good at it but don't much care to trade.
mkb: "Can I help you with anything sir?" the guard asks as you stock up. You can take one barrel with the rest of the stuff on top, or everything with some effort.
Will: "Actually, if you can haul these supplies out to the stables, I can look for Zalpha," he says, indicating the water and their lunch. "Ser Reban said there'd be a cart prepared, the stablehands should tell you where to load it," he says.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "You got it sir! If the old man - if our lord has gone back to sleep, do try to not wake him up, please." The large guard simply puts a barrel under an arm, puts everything else on top of it, grabs the other barrel with the free arm and heads out. He's at least decent at moving quietly.
mkb: You're mildly irked at the general informality of this household, but by the look of it it's something that the old former adventurer encourages rather than suffers.
Will: Will nods, not sure where the second barrel came from, but isn't in the mood to quibble; I'm sure someone will find a use for it later. As for the informality of the place, it's a bit irksome but at the same time, reminds me of the goblins, which HAVE been my living mates for a while now.
Will: It's nice to see a culture that somewhat understands. Still, off to look for Zalpha; try the barracks next.
Campaign saved.
mkb: [3d4 = 9]
mkb: The small creature has slinked back into the bunk and, apparently, managed to hog the pillow in its entirety.
mkb: The day shift, three guards in all, are still sleeping soundly, one of them snoring horribly.
Will: Will shakes Zalpha again, then goes about getting dressed.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "early" You find that your courtly clothing has survived the rough landing and the short trip through the mud pretty unscathed, although your banner didn't. Zalpha turns around, still curled up on herself. She's taken off her black dress and is mostly naked that you can tell, although you can't see much because her legs are in the way. Incidentally, she has big feet even for a goblin, so the overall impression since it's too dark to see color is that you have a funny-looking halfling in your bed at the moment.
Will: I shake her again once I'm dressed. "Zalpha, wake up!" I try, quietly enough to not wake the others. Everything else should be ready, aside from picking up Rukti...
Campaign saved.
mkb: She blinks at you, covers herself with the linens, and looks embarassed. "Eh? wha? whe? oh." Rather than getting up, she hides under the linens and comes out seconds later with her little black-and-rainbow dress on. "now?"
Will: "We have a lot to do. Don't'll have plenty of fun where we're going," he says, honestly somewhat looking forward to showing off his cute goblin friend to the snooty fools in the capital.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "mm. can we go to the market?" She seems either sad or just out of it.
mkb: [30d4 = 59]
mkb: [30d20 = 373]
Will: Eeep!
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Will: "Yes, there should be time, but we have a lot of important things to do first," I explain.
Will: I grab my things and head for the door. "Gather your things, we have to find Rukti and make sure he's got his manure spreader done."
mkb: "YAAAAAAY!" You're afraid Zalpha woke up the whole keep, but she was in fact speaking normally -- except right in your ear, standing up on the bed. By the time you're at the door, one of the guards has changed his snore and Zalpha is basically underfoot you with her things packed up. "Walk or fly?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Ride. Ser Reban lent us a cart, we can carry everything and enter the city without having to worry about being shot at," I explain. "We can load the zeppelin on it."
mkb: "We need to make gas, needs boiler. Rukti stays or I stay?"
mkb: Nobody gave you directions to the cart, but the keep isn't big and it's just in the small courtyard. It's already been loaded and the large guard, along with a boy a couple years younger than you who looks like he's just been roused, are waiting by it.
Will: I nod to the guard, and thank him. "I guess we'd best find Rukti now," I say, "and hmm...we'll see what Rukti's done, but I guess we can always come back for him later. It isn't far."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha walks around the cart -- good draft horses, simple wooden frame, and iron wheel rims that attest to this village's relative prosperity -- and goes under it. "Nice?" The two young men there with you seem a little uneasy about the goblin. "Er, sir, safe travels to you..."
Will: "Don't worry about her, she's not like the ones you may have seen," I tell them. "Come on, Zalpha, let's get going."
Campaign saved.
Will: I take the reins of the cart, and motion for Zalpha to hop on the back.
mkb: The stable boy hurries to open the gate, the guard salutes and returns inside. The horses are docile, and as you move the stable boy mentions, "The main road is about a half hour from here, Specularum is to your right hand side."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will nods, gives a quick salute, and jogs the horses. First stop is the field we passed through at night, to get Rukti and the zeppelin.
Will: Or at least figure out what we're doing with them.
mkb: (wis check?)
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 7]
Campaign saved.
mkb: You can't quite make it back to the same field; Zalpha, for her part, decided that this vehicle doesn't need a flight engineer and has fallen asleep with her head in your lap. The sky starts to light up, it'll probably be half an hour to dawn.
mkb: You're sure you're in the same general area, but don't remember which way to go, and you can't see the zeppelin in the empty fields.
Will: I guess I have to spend some time looking around.
Will: The cart makes enough noise that hopefully someone will notice me, then I can ask for directions. I'm sure everyone knows where the zeppelin crashed.
mkb: (wis check again?)
Campaign saved.
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 20]
mkb: You get to the zeppelin just before dawn, you can already see workmen coming out from the village -- it's winter, and the fields are bare, but they need fertilizing. Rukti is sleeping on top of the gas bag, and the ground is cold enough that you can walk on the muddy field without even getting your shoes too dirty if you want.
Campaign saved.
Will: No harm in a little mud on my boots. "Rukti!" I call out, hoping to wake him quickly.
mkb: Both goblins wake up, Zalpha quickly getting off the cart and getting back to her post on the gondola. Rukti looks at you head to toes. "Yes boss?"
Will: "What are we doing? We need to help these peasants spread their fertilizer, we need to make gas, and we need to go to Specularum. If you don't want to come to the city you can stay here and do the rest, otherwise we need a plan!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We need crap to make gas, Boss. Spread it? Like when we landed?"
mkb: Zalpha looks at you, then at Rukti. "faster if I stay but... well, I wanna go!"
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): hold on
mkb (mkb): kies, everything ok?
Kittymew (Will): Ya, Risa called re: work
Kittymew (Will): I was a bit slow getting back to her and she's at me now :P
Will: I say good for her!
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): well, i'm impessed already :)
Kittymew (Will): Well, I'm sorta yes sorta no. She can do a trial job, but she may or may not even be able to spare the time to do any of it in person.
Kittymew (Will): back tho
Kittymew (Will): (I wanted her to actually see the antbot and such)
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): aw, kies. still i like people who are eager to work, no? ^_^;
Kittymew (Will): Ya
mkb: The two goblins begin to discuss back and forth on how best to handle it; you get some of the conversation. Rukti doesn't mind at all helping but doesn't see why he should work while Zalpha goes off to have fun, she says that she's earned the time off and from what she sees humans would probably rather just work with Rukti because they don't expect women mechanics, he says Zalpha isn't a woman anyway and humans should learn how to deal if they want help.
Kittymew (Will): The good news is whatever she does do will be done on time and decently. That's still > Lisa. :P
Campaign saved.
Will: I ask Rukti and Zalpha how long it will take to rig an explosive to spread a pile of manure, and suggest that we set up the boiler to make gas closer to Specularum.
mkb: "Me, about half a day, Rukti, longer a bit. Or we use the stuff we have? Easy, a couple hours, but then we can't fight!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Hmm. This is a harder problem than I thought, but my best solution is this: we use what we have, and make more before we take off again."
mkb: The first farmhands reach you just as the two goblins have removed the black round bombs from various hiding places in the gondola, both looking somewhat relieved at not having to argue. "Ser Raban sent us to work with the greenskins, Ser Will. Didn't expect to find you here, can we be of any use?" their foreman asks.
Campaign saved.
Will: "We need a big pile of manure in the middle of the field you want to spread it on," I tell them.
Will: "I'll be taking everything with me to Specularum after we're done here, these two figure they ought to come with me. If any of you are heading there, I can go on ahead, otherwise I'll wait."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The flying Bone Machine is soiled, but didn't get any more damage from the impact than a few more dents than the ones it already had. You'll probably need help to get it on the cart, and the same is true for the gondola. "That's easy, we can just unload the cart right in the center... we'll have to do a few trips however, it will take half the day to do just that."
mkb: The men are indeed followed by a cart full of fertilizer, pulled by an ox led with a very long leach by a boy about your age.
Will: "Well, if we're stuck here for half a day either way, Rukti, Zalpha, I guess you can make some new bombs now, and keep the good ones after all!
Will has no idea how to best do things...he wants to get to Specularum fast, but really doesn't want to leave these two alone, either.
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): I told you you were going to have to manage an army and a fief at some point, might as well start with an airship crew and a work gang.
mkb (mkb): think like a GOOD manager here. do remember that any help from you at all will make these people's work easier even if you don't take care of all of it.
Kittymew (Will): Point.
Will: I pull Zalpha aside for a second. "Do you think it may be better if I ride on to Specularum, while you and Rukti get the zeppelin ready and fly along behind me? If you do, can I expect you tomorrow?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: She shrugs. "I wanna go with you and see a real castle! And you said don't just land there because there's archers..."
Will: "If I go ahead, I'd be able to tell them you're coming; Ser Reban did say I'd have to be there more than a day anyhow. We promised to help these people, I need to get to Specularum, and I want to bring you two with me as fast as I can..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: She looks at Rukti and the workers; he's playing magician a bit and making a big production of telling them to stay away from the charge while he goes and sticks it in the middle of the manure pile in the patch adjacent to the one you landed in. "M. Yes. Thankyou?"
mkb: (wis check)
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 10]
Will: Wait...they said it'd take them half a day to pile up the manure...what's Rukti doing?
mkb (mkb): They said it'd take them that long to do all the little patches they have to do
mkb (mkb): this is the first load they had along anyway because this thing you want to start early with, so it's cold and it smells less :)
Campaign saved.
Kittymew (Will): Aha, that's what we said we'd blow up, not the whole blasted fief
Kittymew (Will): ><
mkb (mkb): they have done part of the work already, if you being around turns a 20 day job into a 14 day job, yay
Kittymew (Will): Yeah, that's what I was going for, now they think I'm trying to do everything?
Campaign saved.
mkb (mkb): if you meet a sorcerer or compatible that said he'd help, might as well ask; for these people for all you know you can get everything done in one day and you're friendly so what's to lose in asking from their perspective :)
Kittymew (Will): Point.
Will: Will looks back to the peasants who are now running around hauling manure everywhere. "We've only got enough to do this big field here; it's the best we can do to help, sorry" he says. "We'll have it done as fast as we can, though!"
mkb: to Rukti's direction, the stuff has been dumped in four spots, and he's put four bombs in place. "Ready, boss!" he calls out to you.
mkb: The workers have clustered around the gondola.
Will: "I suggest we get everything OUT of here first"
Will: "How much fuse do you have there, Rukti?"
Will has seen enough of goblin bombs to know at least that you light them and they go boom, and is pretty sure he needs a longer fuse...
mkb: "Don't worry!" Rukti finishes the sentence giggling.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Rukti, we need to be clean and well-dressed to go to town!" I tell him, as I step VERY BRISKLY away from this bomb, motioning for the peasants to do the same lets they be covered in shit. If the cart's been brought close, I walk the horses along, too.
mkb: Right afteer you see Rukti zipping past you, your senses of sight sound and smell are overwhelmed.
mkb: When you recover, you don't see the mound of fertilizer anymore -- none hit anybody, although the cart the fertilizer was originally on was splashed to some level.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rukti jumps on top of the boiler, holds his hands up, and screams defiance at the heavens -- the workmen, after looking dazed, cheer. Zalpha is behind you, giggling. "Now the next!"
Will: I just laugh, and make sure I'm at a reasonably safe and un-shit-covered distance.
mkb: As Rukti runs off to light the next fuse, Zalpha tugs on your sleeve? "Go now? He's having enough fun as it is."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Hmm. We said we'd bring him, and the zeppelin needs both of you to fly. I wouldn't want him trying to get into Specularum on foot."
Will: "I think we can wait for his little show. Besides, this IS kind of fun."
mkb: (dex check)
Will: Dex bonus [1d20 = 17]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha tries to climb on your shoulders as Rukti lights the second fuse and runs like hell. He hides behind the boiler, but shoos away the farmers from the piece of machinery. This time the explosion is expected, and you're rewarded with an incredible amount of flying compost to a large area around; this time the blast was a little too strong, and it leaves a little crater. "And we're halfay there!" Rukti announces. After that, the youngest farmworker asks him if he can light the third one. Rukti considers it for a moment, figures he likes the attention, and hands his small torch over to the boy.
Will: Will smirks. "This should be good," he says to Zalpha, squeezing her legs a little bit, affectionately.
Campaign saved.
mkb: [1d20 = 8]
mkb: [1d20 = 8]
mkb: [1d20 = 3]
mkb: The boy approaches the third pile pretty hesitantly, wasting some of the torch's life and causing Rukti to humph in impatience; the other farmhands cheer him on, but a bit uneasily. He's got to the charge; most of the fuse is buried in manure (Rukti doesn't seem to mind getting his hands dirty). However, the boy is a little more squeamish, and in pushing the torch up to the fuse he doesn't quite lean in the right way and lights it where it gets in the manure rather than at the very end, effectively shortening it. "Run now you primitive screwhead!" Rukti calls out in goblin; the boy gets the gist, and starts running after the briefest moment of hesitation.
mkb: [1d20 = 19]
mkb: [1d20 = 19]
mkb: [1d20 = 8]
Campaign saved.
mkb: The kid runs off probably a little faster than Rukti, and ends up safely behind the cart when the third charge goes boom. So far the spreading is a little uneven and they'll need one or two men to cover a few missing spots, but this was half a day's work compressed in a few minutes.
mkb: This time Rukti asks for a volunteer.
Will: I'm tempted, but not that crazy. I need these clean clothes for town and can't risk slipping in the mud, getting splashed, or anything equally soil-inducing.
Will regrets wearing these on the road, rather than dressing a bit shabbily.
mkb: The gang foreman, not wanting to be upstaged by a kid, takes the challenge on and is given the torch. He approaches the last mound with a lot more deision. [1d20 = 18]
mkb: *decision
mkb: [1d20 = 6]
mkb: [1d20 = 9]
mkb: Maybe because he didn't pay attention or maybe because he wants to show off a good run, he too lights the fuse a little lower than it should have been, although he seems to do so deliberately. This time, Rukti just harumphs; the workers clap their hands and sing "run, run, run" at him as he does just so.
mkb: [1d20 = 2]
mkb: About a third of the way away, he trips!
Campaign saved.
mkb: This gets Rukti's attention as he gets off the boiler and shouts, in passable common, "STAY AWAY!" to the other farmers.
Kittymew (Will): How far is he from the blast? Is he safe, or is he actually in danger of being harmed?
mkb (mkb): You have no idea, but Rukti seems at least worried. Zalpha is behind you so you don't know.
Kittymew (Will): Great. More catch-22s. ><
Campaign saved.
Will: Okay, simple solution, is there anything really big and flat near me?
mkb (mkb): Your character has a rough idea of how explosives are similar and different from spells, but that's all he's picked up ^^;
Will: well, compared to _the other blasts_
Kittymew (Will): I was watching those...
mkb: (wis check)
Will: Wis bonus [1d20+2 = 7]
mkb: Your forecast is good chance of shitbath and slight chance of actual injury.
mkb: Rukti shouts a single word in goblin that you hadn't heard yet. Zalpha tells you, "Oh frak! He used a wide charge for last!"
mkb: Your forecast is now good chance of shitbath and more than slight chance of actual injury.