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Lystra: Myahahahaha
Lystra: My attack bonus is waaay too high to try and pass as a 3rd level adventurer. Think I'll go with her wearing flame-retardant robes, which restrict her movement a little, so she instead has a +5 to hit, rather than +8.
mkb: *nodnod*
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Lystra: And it counts as medium armour, so no WIS bonus. There. She can pass as a 3rd level character nows.
Lystra: We usin' d20s or 3d8 in this?
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mkb: d20s
mkb: keep it smpel :)
Lystra: Kies!
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Kittymewmew (Will): rawr
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Sinclair: test 1 2 3
someguy (Sinclair): ???
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someguy (Sinclair): where'd the DM did up THAT headshot?
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Dee (Red): Is that Booster Gold?
someguy (Sinclair): could be but I don't think so
mkbp (mkb): It's the steampunk version thereof :p
someguy (Sinclair): Ah
someguy (Sinclair): that would do it
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mkbp (mkb): what, it fit
someguy (Sinclair): that it does
Dee (Red): Awesomes.
someguy (Sinclair): I've got to come up with Skeets
Dee (Red): Sentries? :V
Kittymewmew (Will): Nice portrait.
someguy (Sinclair): well, I might be able to upgrade one to fly
Kittymewmew (Will): and rofl booster gold
mkbp (mkb): I guess I already did the recap, unless we want to throw that part away and resume
Dee (Red): I think we were throwing it away. Let's resume back when Will took Amy out on a runand not do odd dream sequences? >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm okay either way honestly.
someguy (Sinclair): I'm ok iwth the flash foward myslef
someguy (Sinclair): *I'm ok with the flashforwards myself
someguy (Sinclair): you think I'd learn to type one of these days
mkb: [3d20 = 30]
mkb: [3d20 = 28]
mkb: [3d20 = 40]
mkbp (mkb): So roughly what do the characters do in the next three days?
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Dee (Red): I think Red will either: Work on alchemical supplies, as well as get Will tested for magic powerz with her sorcerer's stone. Or she'll still do the latter and maybe find the notes for the LCN. >_>
Dee (Red): Will also talk with Sinclair about preventative measures, and magical stuffs.
Dee (Red): If she gets the notes, she may be able to come up with a counter :D
someguy (Sinclair): Sinclair takes his little how to class through the motions of crossbow production, burning some of his infusuions to aid them along the way in crafting...and what time he isn't doing that he'll spend tinkering with a new Homunculus
Will: Will spends most of his time thinking, and getting himself ready mentally to deal with Duke Stefan. Mending clothes, polishing armour, getting himself in the best order he can. For the first time in his life, he feels uncertain.
mkb: Will, you DO have the notes. Whether you want anyone to see them...
Red: Oh! Red will work on clothing for Will!
Will: Will doesn't trust Red enough to give her the notes on the LCB at this point.
Dee (Red): Odd that he doesn't trust her, considering she's been nothing but helpful to him.
Will: Will also makes a point of being extra nice around both Amy and Zalpha.
Kittymewmew (Will): See last session.
Dee (Red): Yeahyeah, but that mostly shows how paranoid he is. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): we really need to resume the ooc bashing? Because we can cut the session, bring up the logs, and go back to basic logic again...
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Red: Red will make three outfits for will. In what colours he desires. One's for wearing with armour, one's for casual and one's for formal.
Dee (Red): We don't need to do that. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): nkyou :)
Sinclair: Is it ok if I spend my time and Craft points on an Iron's a combat Homunculus, roughly dog sized and shaped
Kittymewmew (Will): coz Red being all cryptic and ominous over something serious to do with him? Yeah of course that would make him mistrust her especially when she's not up front about it. Most rational people would.
Red: As for Lily, she'll be helping around the village. (>'_')=
mkb: Will, Amy so far seems to respect the fact that you need time to think... Zalpha mostly wants to go home. One interesting thing is that the Designated Oppressors (tm) are mostly leaving you guys and the villagers alone: they're still sleeping in the inn but have started digging a trench to the south like Will asked. Sinclair, you start work on your new homunculus -- Zalpha comments that it looks a bit like something they did for Near at one point.
Red: Red will make: Fertilizers, Leatherpatch, and Endurance (i.e. Energy) drinks. To get the most out of what they have.
mkb: Sinclair, Dimitry asks you if you'll find the time to actually work as a blacksmith later on when things go back to normal - he seems rather adamant that they will.
Campaign saved.
Will: After a couple of days, Will tells Zalpha that it is probably best that she go home, and that he come along. He says he would rather sort things out in Specularum first, if she would ferry him there, but if he takes more than a day there she's welcome to leave him - it's only two days' ride to Kelvin.
Kittymewmew (Will): (or was it shorter, I forget)
Sinclair: The artficer tries to settle Dimitry's wories as he continues his works, but also points out that settling down for that first requires some assurances of safety...which is why he's working on these things first
Red: Lily will go with Will if he's leaving. Red's got projects up and running, and can't leave half-finished materials and such behind. Will probably get someone to help her with mixing if she does some large batches.
Sinclair: Sinclair also talks to zalpha as he works, trying to demonstrate some of the more esoteric angles of Homunculus crafting as he shapes his newest creation
Will: Before they leave, Will spends some time talking to Amy. He tells her a family secret she might not know, and why the gods of law may have forsaken him - somewhere many generations ago, there is faerie blood in him.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): [Note Will has the Nymph's Kiss bloodline feat, from way back, I just remembered that this morning in the shower and thought it might make an interesting point as why Will isn't the perfect Paladin]
mkb: The ship leaves with a bit of uncertainty as to the direction (Rossiu is driving) and you see it disappear past the horizon eventually... Sinclair, Zalpha did pay attention but all she got out of it is the feeling that you're cheating, and a massive headache. She has been wearing her wig pretty much all the time, that said. Amy takes a little bit to talk to Alina, whose opinion is that it wouldn't surprise her, you are Thyatian afterall. Amy's take on it is that if law looks like the idiots outside the wall they're welcome to do all the forsaking in the world, incidentally, she better make sure they "find" some more booze.
Dee (Red): Thought Will was going with Zalpha to Kert?
Red: err Kelvin
Kittymewmew (Will): That's what I said but I guess she changed the plan and I'm riding to Specularum from Kert
mkbp (mkb): derp, looks like i got it horribly wrong.
mkbp (mkb): sorry
Kittymewmew (Will): Whoops
Kittymewmew (Will): Sorry if I wasn't clear enough
Dee (Red): Myu. =x
Dee (Red): Switchan' to Lily
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mkb: The same afternoon, yoou see the ship return -- from the south, for some reason. It looks like it's coming in too low and will break a wing on the keep.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_O shit wut
mkb: "YOU'RE NOT TOUCHING THE ROPES EVER AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE EVER!" That was Zalpha screaming at Rossiu, and you can hear it over the engine, which is worrying....
Dii (LilyWhite): eeep
mkbp (mkb): and here's your ship back
Campaign saved.
Will: Wherever I am if I see this I start shouting obsceneties and to climb to whoever's running the damn ship!
LilyWhite: "That doesn't sound good."
Sinclair: Sinclair has one of the sentries up on the roof playing look goes to find cover in the keep so it doesn't get squashed
mkb: How they managed to leave northeast-bound and come back from the south, without any of you seeing what crazy path they took, is beyond anybody. Will, you get to the keep's roof just in time to see the ship screeeeeeeeeeeeeech.... ow.... against the mooring mast. Zalpha and Rup are trying to hold against it by tying it into place like you would with a moored boat whose sails weren't taken down.
mkb: Sinclair, you're about halfway done with the metal mastiff.
LilyWhite: Lily rushes to go help with the thingie.
LilyWhite: "Not a boring minute wth them."
Will: I head up to the roof to assist as well.
mkb: Not a nice landing overall -- well, not a landing at all, more of a tying-down; the goblins, minus one of the firemen rappel down from the mooring mast. The engineer and scout resume their high-speed argument over spots in the sun, seeing things, being hit over the head and for some reason frogs.
Will: "You saw the thing in the sun again?" I ask Zalpha once the heat of the argument has died down a bit
Campaign saved.
mkb: Tellingly, Natasha just raises her eyes to the sky and doesn't comment, she's getting used to this sort of thing.
mkb: "No, she did. I thought I was the one whose head got split open! Cheese!"
mkb: Rossiu's sulking on a crenellation.
LilyWhite: Red will start work on glasses with smoked glass lenses for sunwatching. Just as a precaution. Probably won't be done for a while.
Will: "Zalpha, we saw something like that on the way south of here, remember? It may actually be something real, that high up. Maybe some kind of dragon?"
LilyWhite: "Hmmm.."
Sinclair: The Sentry on the roof noses out from it's hiding spot and goes over to the others...keeping a little back from Zalpha after that LAST talking to
Sinclair: meanwhile the artficer contunines to work
mkb: "Uh uh. You can't go that high, it's too cold and you get out of breath really fast. Maybe something like an ice dragon or something, do those even exist? Weird because you'd think going closer to the sun it'd be hotter not colder..."
Will: "Perhaps some magical beast...or perhaps a ship with its own heat and air? I know the Glantrians have ships that can travel underwater..."
LilyWhite: Lily sketches something into the dirt, asking Rossiu what it looked like.
Will: "Or it could be undead..."
Campaign saved.
Dii (LilyWhite): Didn't Will, Sinclair and Avara see what outerspace looked ilke? :P
mkbp (mkb): It was all dark. Coz of the stars having been long gone.
someguy (Sinclair): sure...did they understand it....not likely
mkbp (mkb): that was the end of time, remember?
Dii (LilyWhite): Ah, thought they saw time sped up until then, zo.
mkbp (mkb): That's true.
Will: I'm going to assume Will didn't understand it but takes Zalpha's word about it being cold and lacking air.
Kittymewmew (Will): So he gets the point that a spaceship would kinda be like a submarine.
mkb: That's what Rossiu sketches you once persuaded to leave the smiley face out of the solar disc.
Dii (LilyWhite): The awesomeface?
Kittymewmew (Will): ...........................................
mkbp (mkb): ?
Kittymewmew (Will): the Kilrathi are here.
Kittymewmew (Will): Christ. They're everywhere.
someguy (Sinclair): we'll just some some infernal Fleas and they'll go away
LilyWhite: Lily ponders what it could be. "Odd..." She looks quizzically over her shoulder as if asking advice from someone, but saying nothing. "Drats," She pouts, "I won't question why, though."
Will: "I can't say I've seen anything like that, but it doesn't strike me as a dragon shape."
mkb: "I think it's a spot in her eye COZ OF STARING AT THE SUN TOO LONG..."
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: "No. Doesn't seem to be a dragon. I have a feeling it isn't just a spot..."
Will: "Whatever it is, it's not as much a worry to us as all of the other things."
LilyWhite: "Yeah. We should only worry if it gets larger."
mkb: Lily, Zalpha starts explaining to you why it's impossible to get that up high. Natasha notes that the idiots have stopped digging and are going south to meet what looks like someone coming.
Sinclair: The Sentry bounces along with Natasha to have a look
LilyWhite: She listens to Zalpha, and offers some ideas how to get higher.
LilyWhite: If she has any.
someguy (Sinclair): ROCKETS
Will: I make a note to see about a spyglass in Specularum, and start climbing down to see what's going on.
LilyWhite: It mostly boils down to 'try harder?'.
mkb: By the look of it there's a group of peasants traveling to here; the Black Eagle guards are walking over on the same path to get a hold of them.
Campaign saved.
Will: I decide to pay attention to that and see what's going on, following the Black Eagle guards.
Sinclair: Sinclairs Second Sentry, out front of the shop, starts to bounce to the gate, While Sentry 1 Keeps it's lookout from the roof
mkb: Will, you have no problems catching up -- the guards look like they mostly wanted to do anything other than digging a ditch. Sinclair, the sentries take position accordingly. Will, you get there to see that the guards are giving a hard time to the peasants about them having bows.
LilyWhite: Lily continues talking with Zalpha about various things. She wants to help with the airship, if possible. It seems awesome :O
Campaign saved.
Will: Will asks the guards what the trouble seems to be.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha is very happy to show it off! She explains to you that the way the lifting gas works, it just won't go up higher than a certain amount, and even then you end up having to use all the power to push upward, and you can't shovel fuel in because you get tired pretty much instantly.
mkb: Will, you're told that these peasants are traveling without a chit and have forbidden weapons by the three guards that are there. Said peasants, four of them with a mule, are either looking sat you with curiosity or trying to decide whether to pick a fight or not.
LilyWhite: She eagerly listens to all the gobbie's talk, planning in her head some way to get around all these ways you can't.
mkb: Sinclair, you're getting there with the.... thingy? What's it going to end up looking like?
Campaign saved.
Will: I ask the peasants what their business in my fief is. I don't make any mention of their weaponry.
Sinclair: Maybe it's been his time around the goblins or just the 'primative' shop he's using , but the new Creation is showing a bit more clock work gearing and brass fittings to it, but looks intimidatingly hound like
mkb: "We're going to Tuek to sell heads!" There's a layered burlap sack on top of the mule, containing.... huh, zombie heads, by the look of it and the fact that the jaws move.
Dii (LilyWhite): meep
Dii (LilyWhite): Buy one for Red! DX
mkb: Tuek is a village northwest of Kert that was on the Black Eagle Barony's border.
Dii (LilyWhite): Or not. Up to you.
mkb: "You've heard of the bounty then. I'll just take the bows and you can be on your way" the guard sargeant offers, then takes a step back, deferring to Will.
someguy (Sinclair): pretty sure they're going for a bounty...not a morbid gift shop
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): zombies would make for a pretty decent siege weapon if you're trying to raze rather than capture
Dii (LilyWhite): ya
Dii (LilyWhite): Well, we have 2 scientists and a near-doctor. What do you think we could do with one of these zombies? >_>
mkb: Lily, Zalpha isn't sure *why* you'd want to fly higher: there's nothing up there and it just means you go slower and are less comfortable.
LilyWhite: "Yeah, probably no point. But just to do it, you know?"
Will: "Unless the Baron's instructed you to enforce some general law, I see no reason why they can't keep their weapons. We've nothing to fear from them."
LilyWhite: "I mean, a mage can heal people with magic, but I like knowing how to do it without that."
mkb: "That is the law, Ser William, yes. We're trying to cut down on poaching, the crop situation being what it is." Will, you're not sure what he's talking about: this land isn't a farmer's dream but it's prosperous -- then again it'd depend on how they farm in the Barony.
LilyWhite: She shrugs, and let's Zalpha continue with how this ship works.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha says ask Sinclair because that's stuff for magicky people, she's just trying to make sure stuff works... maybe pointing a booster upward if you want to just sort to do a little jump past maximum altitude, but that's a waste of a perfectly good booster just to show off, and Rukti doesn't have to refill the damn things.
Will: "We haven't had crop problems here, ever. If there's a crop problem elsewhere in the Barony, I intend that it doesn't propagate here."
LilyWhite: She nods, and drops the subject of going higher.
mkb: "Yusif just giv'em the bows, it's still definitely worth the trip."
Will: "For the record, inform the baron that I request his laws on rights of arms be loosened in my fief. I will deal with the backlash from it."
Will: [me to the storm soldiers, since they have to report up to him eventually anyway]
mkb: "No problem on us ser William, so what do we do with these?"
mkb: The peasants have carefully closed the sack again.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Lily wants to know about doing the ropework, too, so she can help with that :o
Will: "I'll take them for the armory."
someguy (Sinclair): yay more toys to messs with
Will: appraise to see how much I should pay the peasants for these bows, are they well made or just simple handmade twig bows? [3d8-1 = 14]
mkb: Will, the bows are the short, not very flexible sort you use for small game at short distances. Or for zombies, by the look of it seen the obsidian arrowheads.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Sinclair): ...hmmm
mkb: From a military standpoint they're pretty worthless.
Will: I give them a couple of coppers each for the bows as compensation and apologize for the trouble.
Dii (LilyWhite): A couple silver might be better.
Will: Yeah I guess you're right.
Will: swap that to a couple silver
mkbp (mkb): why is a shortbow 20gp according to the srd?
Kittymewmew (Will): No fucking clue.
Dii (LilyWhite): That's a military shortbow, capable of firing 500 feet or so reliably.
mkb: The peasants gladly take it, especially since they get to keep the arrows, and keep going north.
Campaign saved.
Dii (LilyWhite): Also: Able to be kept strung longer than normal, and put under the stresses of an Adventurer. :P
Kittymewmew (Will): good summary actually
someguy (Sinclair): vs the walmart shortbows that most folks end up with?
mkbp (mkb): lol
Dii (LilyWhite): Ya
LilyWhite: Lily continues learning to be Airship Crew material!
Dii (LilyWhite): "Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a milkman!"
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh THAT'S what the problem was.
Dii (LilyWhite): Huh?
mkb: Lily, there doesn't seem to be much to it -- Zalpha tells you that she can barely fly the thing herself, you want someone good to mind the engine and someone good NOT ROSSIU to mind the controls.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: She giggles a bit at that. "I think Sir William had wanted to come with you back to your home. Mind if I do, too?"
Kittymewmew (Will): I thought we were bringing Red, or is she leaving when we go to Specularum?
Will: Will, in the meantime, heads back to the village. Says he's gotten himself pretty much ready to head to Specularum when the ship's ready, and we'll head back to the village afterward?
Dii (LilyWhite): Red's coming with to Specularum. Right now, she's working on some things.
Dii (LilyWhite): You don't want half-finished leather patch sitting out. >_>
Sinclair: Sinclair in the mean time continues to work upon his latest creation well into the night
mkb: Sinclair, you find that Svetlana eventually calls you for noms -- that'd be dinner, since Zalpha has decided to take the time to check on the ship since it's another longish trip.
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: For the sake of what might happen Sinclair works in a small chunk of Harmonite into the 'heart' of the creature. before heading for dinner
LilyWhite: Yay food? :o
-> sinclair: sounds good; how much?
Sinclair: Using his powers to continues the work while he leaves (Unseen crafter)
mkbp (mkb): Excuse me a sec.
Sinclair: 1 unit, just a small one to see what effect it will have on the process
-> sinclair: ok
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: Sinclair, having known that harmonite acts as a magical amplifer expects some form of improved version homunculus, if not exactly what
Sinclair: what I'm Hoping for is a free Upgrade, which adds a hit die, and thanks to my feat "Improve Homunculus" lets me add an ablity to the thing
-> sinclair: is that a request or a guess
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: a request I guess, but if you want to have control over what ability it gets I could go for that, since it's really an experiment with no known outcome
-> sin: getcha
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): sorry, was helping kitty get his plane ticket
Dii (LilyWhite): ahs
Kittymewmew (Will): alright, I'm badk too.
someguy (Sinclair): wb all
Dii (LilyWhite): mya!
mkb: So you're ready to leave in the evening, after a somewhat bland meal.
Campaign saved.
Will: I ask everyone if they want me to bring anything back from Specularum.
LilyWhite: Lily is used to such meals, and doesn't mind much.
Sinclair: Sinclair Eats heartily even with the bland noms...he does seem a little woosy though
Sinclair: crafting the thing takes a pint of blood to finish
Dii (LilyWhite): Wait, it's been three days of down time?
mkb: Nails and screws mostly.... needles...
mkbp (mkb): no, two
Dii (LilyWhite): Ah.
mkb: Maybe some assorted seeds to see what grows best in the square.
LilyWhite: Red: "You're leaving now? Can you give me a couple hours to neutralize this stuff?"
Will: I tell Red yes, that's acceptable if it's important.
LilyWhite: Lily is coming with, so she can shop there personally. :3
Will: I tell everyone in the meantime to bring me a list of supplies to get from the city. If I don't fly back in I'll have a cart sent.
Will: Or pull it myself if I'm still a horse!
someguy (Sinclair): heh
LilyWhite: Red rushes to her lab, runs out with a pot of something, and tries to find a nice, vegetation free area, preferably muddy.
LilyWhite: It makes a fairly flashy explosion when she pours a vial from her belt, and she spends the next hour doing... something, to it.
mkb: Lily, there's one in the smaller square -- the guards ask you what the hell you're doing.
Dii (LilyWhite): That was Red
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Red: "It's none of your business. Now get back or you can die."
mkb: "Does Ser William know you're mucking about?"
LilyWhite: Red: "It isn't mucking about, and he knows."
mkb: "Then keep it inside that wall."
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Red: "Look, you obviously don't know what the hells I'm doing. I do. Now fuck off." She continues maxing up the stuff, putting on a mask before pouring another vial into the mess of odd junk.
mkb: Red, that gets you the point of a sword against your back. "You asked for it. Stand up, hands on your mouth."
Will: Am I made aware of any of this?
Will: I assume not till it's over?
LilyWhite: Dragon jumps on the man's back, screaming bloody murder.
mkb: Sinclair, you get a ping from one of the sentries. Will, where would you be at the time, logically?
Will: (that IS pretty much what Dragon would do)
LilyWhite: Red herself leaps forward, trying to clear the gunk.
Sinclair: "Huh?" Sinclair mentally asks what's up as he puts some of the final touches on his latest project
Will: Loading supplies if there's any to be loaded, helping with work in general if anyone needs a hand, otherwise looking around thinking.
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mkb: Will, you are aware of what's going on, yes -- Sergiu comes down running and tells you that something blew up and Red got in a fight.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, one of the guards is being savagely scratched and kicked by your familiar, the other five are running out of the inn towards you.
Red: "Dragon, Down! Will you leave me alone and let me disable this stuff before it blows up even bigger?!"
Will: "Bloody hell," I curse and bolt out the gate towards Red and the guards. "STAND DOWN! EVERYONE STAND DOWN NOW!"
mkb: Red, the guards are now standing in a circle around you, save for the one who got eighty pounds of bunny on his ass, who's just whimpering.
Sinclair: Sentries start to react, sentry 1 on the roof keeps an eye on Red from above while the other one heads for the gate from it's post infront of the Forge
Sinclair: am I close to completing the Iron Defender?
Red: "Stay back, the fumes will get you." She gets back to mixing th estuff back up, until it's a hard, useless, black rock.
-> sinclair: yes, if you work thru the night it'd be ready in the morning
Will: I'm still shouting for the storm soldiers to stand down.
Sinclair: in that case. Sinclair will keep working and the Sentries will handle things with this
Sinclair: it's generally what they were made to do
mkb: Will, they don't seem to be listening. Red?
Red: Red is busy working.
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: Sentry 2 wobbles its way out the gate after will
Will: "What the HELL is going on here?" I ask a guard. If nobody replies, I pick a random one and YELL IT IN HIS EAR.
Sinclair: Sentry 1 is rushing down the inside of the keep as fast as it can hop while Sentry 2 tries to catch up with will
someguy (Sinclair): hop hop hop
mkb: "Witchcraft in the middle of town is what's going on ser!"
Red: She's cursing up a storm, at the idiots, zo. "When a mage frelling RUNS and noone's chasing her, you damn well should get away yourself! Especially if what she's carrying fookin' explodes! What sort of dipshitted, ork-brained idiots did they send?"
someguy (Sinclair): just realised that if these guys don't like that...they aren't going to like seeing the sentries for the first time
Will: "So the Baron has forbidden all magic on his lands as well now?"
mkb: "Arcane magic within town limits is forbidden without a license in all the duchy, ser."
Campaign saved.
Red: "Isn't magical either."
mkb: "And we've all been a little jumpy about things exploding for no visible reason."
Will: "Of course. I was under the impression that she was licensed in Karameikos. She's been practicing here for months."
Sinclair: both sentires are heading for this while Sinclair works...the little guys are slow though...should catch up soon
Will: [oh hell :P
mkb: Will, you've grabbed the sargeant, who's doing a decent job of answering with milkitary precision.
mkb: "We technically ARE the local constabulary and she never notified us. Unless you call that a notice. I call it terror."
Red: She's cursing in all the languages she knows, simply to curse.
Will: "I call it her job."
mkb: "If you vouch for her... Stand down!"
Will: "I was TRYING to do that for a while."
mkb: The men look at Red with uneasiness, but lift their pikes.
Will: "Why do you think I was yelling at you lot to stand down?"
mkb: Will, the sargeant hisses at you, "I'm trying to do my job. I know one of these guards is with the secret police to keep an eye on you, but I don't want to get in any shit if he decides to add to his report, all right?"
Red: Her cursing slows in frequency as she starts having to put more effort into mixing it up, instead being replaced by various grunts.
Will: I nod and say nothing. Now I know we have a spy.
mkb: Red, you're being left alone to finish whatever it is you were finishing.
someguy (Sinclair): Senties continues to hop along
Campaign saved.
Will: I resume what I was doing then...and spend some more time thinking about a choice I almost had to make, whether or not to turn Red in as an unsanctioned sorcerer. I sigh. "Father...why did you have to die NOW, when I need your guidance the most..."
mkb: Sinclair, if the guards see the small homunculi they don't pay much heed -- maybe. A short while later Zalpha says she's ready to go, or would you rather wait till morning.
Red: After the stuff is finished being neutralized, she signals, "All clear. Next time you see me running out of the village like that, holding anything - and I'll make sure to warn you - get some distance fromme. Next time it may be a bit more volitile than this gunk."
Red: "Dragon, come." She heads back in.
Sinclair: The Sentires hide behind Will's ample frame
mkb: Red, you hear the guards mutter about a shit assignment, and the sargeant pointing out that there's not been any actual fights yet except a couple of brawls.
Red: She grumbles to herself, about being too used to goblins when she's made her bigger stuff.
Red: She strengthens her resolve to solve this damn mystery, as well.
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: The sentries keep a warry eye on the guards and start back for the keep
mkb: The guards are still living in the inn, although they have been working on the trench as instructed.
Will: Works for now. I have enough to deal with.
Will: I resume getting things ready for departure.
mkb: It's mostly a matter of deciding if you want to leave now and travel overnight, or save it for morning.
LilyWhite: Lily aids in getting things ready. And learning how to do the airship stuffs.
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: Sinclair keeps hammering away on his experiment through the night and the Senties out front of his shop get the point across to anyone asking that he's not to be disturbed
'Kittymewmew' disconnected
Dii (LilyWhite): Meep
mkbp (mkb): hang on a sec
mkbp (mkb): kitty's not happy with his free plane ticket, so ima go book him a better one, gimme a sec.
someguy (Sinclair): ...what could possibly be better then FREE?!?!
Dii (LilyWhite): Paying you instead?
Campaign saved.
someguy (Sinclair): if you can find an airline that does that I'd be very impressed
'Kittymewmew' connected
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
Campaign saved.
mkb: So what are you guys doing? :)
Sinclair: Sinclair continues to work on his experiment through the night
LilyWhite: Lily spends time doin' stuff to the airship, eventually falling asleep on it. That is if we leave in the morning.
Red: Red will switch out her clothes, put away her more hazardous chemicals, and basically spend the night packing up stuff.
Will: How long does it take to fly to Specularum and who will fly the airship in the meantime?
LilyWhite: If Lily watches Will fly, she might be able to pick it up. (>'_')=
Campaign saved.
mkb: It'd take about twelve hours, and that's a good question.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Sinclair): crafty crafty crafty
Red: Red spends the night making the more formal clothing for Will. Going with a masculine look that won't clash with the feminine features of his current form. (Craft: Tailoring) [3d8+7 = 17]
mkb: Red, you do a very good job at it, and find you pretty much have to let yourself sleep right after, formal wear requires a lot of attention to detail.
Red: Yes. Will sleep on the airship!
Sinclair: craft blacksmith For homunculus body [3d8+14 = 24]
Will: Will is going to need to be in good mental shape for dealing with things in Specularum, which would lead to him trying to get sleep on the ship, though the quality of THAT sleep tends to vary. Problem is who flies otherwise. It's not like Rossiu's much use.
Campaign saved.
Sinclair: USD for spell to emulate arcane eye [3d8+12 = 23]
Sinclair: USD for spell to emulate keen edge [3d8+12 = 20]
LilyWhite: Lily has been asking Zalpha about how to fly the thing. Mostly as a backup in case the original pilot can't do it, zo.
Sinclair: USD for spell to emulate mirron image [3d8+12 = 24]
Sinclair: USD for spell to emulate meding [3d8+12 = 24]
someguy (Sinclair): that' does for the Iron defender
mkbp (mkb): looks like stufff worked....
Dii (LilyWhite): Lots o_o;
mkb: Lily, Zalpha's really not sure how to teach someone how to fly an airship -- it's not her role.
Dee (Red): I'll stick with my Rabbithound famliar. >_>
someguy (Sinclair): yup...the DC's weren't really high or anything
LilyWhite: She nods, and asks what does what.
Sinclair: and what everyou like for the harmonite effect
LilyWhite: If the gobbie starts getting annoyed at her or tired of questions, she'll leve her alone and get some rest.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Lily snuggles with Red on 95+ (>'_')= [2d10 = 9]
Dii (LilyWhite): Guess not. :<
mkbp (mkb): Meep
mkb: Lily, fort save?
LilyWhite: [3d8+5 = 15]
Dii (LilyWhite): Will ask why now that I've rolled...
mkb: You're overwhelmed with information about what fiddly bit does exactly what little thing that contributes to what is ultimately a barely controlled swamp-gas fire.
Dii (LilyWhite): Meeep @_@
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Lily now has a headache. And needs a nap. Or three. She goes to find one , excusing herself if needed.
mkb: There's really nothing bothering your sleep. The next morning you're ready to leave! Except for the fact that Alina is freaking out about a demonic hound standing in front of the smithy.
Red: Puppy!
someguy (Sinclair): bad
Red: Red checks it out, if it really is demonic or not.
Sinclair: Sinclair is asleep at his seat in the smithy and drooling on an anvil atm
Red: "What's this about now?"
mkb: There's a large dog outside the smithy. It's made of metal. It has glowing eyes. And spikes. Lots.
Will: A what?
Will: Am I anywhere near there?
Will: I assume Sinclair built it.
Will: but IC I don't really look pleased.
Campaign saved.
Red: She raises an eyebrow and sniffs the air for the scent of demonic magic.
Red: What's it doing?
Red: Just sitting there?
mkb: Yes
someguy (Sinclair): demonic no...magic yes
Red: "...It isn't demonic, just in poor design taste."
Sinclair: The beast barks at that comment...the metalic sound seems to reverberate a bit
Red: "That one in there," She points into the smithy, "Probably did it."
Red: "It hasn't started attacking anyone, has it?"
Sinclair: Sinclair Starts to wake up at the sound, wipes the drool from his mouth and the anvil and comes outside, streching his arms over his head with the sound of popping tendons
Sinclair: He whisles lightly to the metalic beast to come
Will: "What the HELL is that?" I ask Sinclair.
Red: Red is kneeling down to examine it.
Campaign saved.
Red: Dragon sniffs at it, curious.
mkb: Sinclair, you seem to have good control of the construct -- still no idea what putting a bit of harmonite in it does, though.
Dee (Red): Where did he get harmonite? o_o;
someguy (Sinclair): it was in the fine print of the tank sale
Dee (Red): Ah
Sinclair: The metalic beast heels smartly next to the artificer as he leans down to give it a pat on the head "this here is my latest experiment...say Hi Skeets"
Sinclair: The spikey metal hound raises a paw to 'shake'
Kittymewmew (Will): ...roflmao
Red: Dragon paws at the 'shake', trying to shake with the doggy-bot.
mkbp (mkb): hey doods i gotta eat, i didn't today
someguy (Sinclair): any one one to take a little break for dm noms?
Dee (Red): Sure.

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'Dee' identified as 'NearO'
mkbp (mkb): Yey! Recap!
Dee (NearO): So, ah. Where did we leave off, I don't remember so well. x_X
NearO: That and Flan isn't really evil as much anymore.
NearO: One thing I sort of forgot, was FABLES and such stories for everyone. Are very useful for raising children.
Dee (NearO): For Ethenegaran fables, Anansi works for a lot, plus some Chinese ones.
mkb: Yep. That's been a big hit when you started doing that, and Spiloh is very good both at remembering them and at making sound effects.... But that's for when there's no GIANT SPIDER AT THE MAIN CAVE ENTRANCE!
Dee (NearO): yeah. x_x
Campaign saved.
NearO: I try to get this little body out from under the spider. Is there anyplace to run and hide under that it could reach, should it get out?
NearO: If not, I'll release it and then give orders to gear up, set up defenses and get a kill team ready.
mkb: It's looking inside the first cavern with interest, right now, and keeping you under its abdomen with little effort.... maybe you can make the antling make a dash for the leftover of the village, or maybe it should play dead.
NearO: I release control over the antling. If I can keep it stunned for longer than normal, I will, will help it play dead.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Allright, everyone ready up! Tempr, Grummsh, Machista, get geared up. Everyone else, get to the water room."
NearO: "Flaflan, stay here with Spi'loh."
mkb: You come to in your real body rather quickly -- your little tribe is mostly unaware what's going on, and has been trying mostly to get some work done. When you come to so suddenly everyone pays attention -- there's some shouts back and forth to relay instructions, and it all gets done as it should! In less than half a minute your three warriors are in front of you, carrying bits of their armor (you only have one metal suit, don't forget) followe by Mes'sith who brings more bits before running off. The snakelike greenskin curls up around Spi'loh protectively.
NearO: Yeah, only one metal suit. hope it's Tempr or Grummsh, is it?
Campaign saved.
NearO: I'll take the one with the lighter armour, excluding Machista.
mkb: It will fit a firblin -- Tempr and Grummsh have similar builds.
NearO: I tell Grummmsh to put the armour on, "Tempr, I'll borrow you." I nod to her, and await a response.
mkb: "Mom what's going on?" she asks. "Are we in trouble?" Grumms and Machista help each other suit up, which is mostly tying things to things, as it stands -- the armor is roughly hewn plates tied together.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "We are likely under attack, you aren't in trouble, you have to defend us."
NearO: I take over Tempr about now, letting her know as I start. I'll help check over the other two's armour as soon as it's done.
mkb: You see yourself kind of pass out... Tempr's muscles are well tone and quck to react although she's not very strong. "We're ready!"
mkb: You haven't felt the antling die, at least...
Campaign saved.
mkb: By the look of it everyone's gone to the pond room.
NearO: I stretch a bit in this form, getting used to how it works as fast as I can. I pick up a spear, "Allright, Grummsh, you have the heavy armour, so you'll be point. Both of you attack when I say to, but I will tell you both separately, got that?"
NearO: Good that they've headed back that far. They sholud be safe there.
NearO: Do they both have their weapons? Grummsh sholud do good with a club, longspear for myself, and javelins for Machista.
mkb: Nobody really got around to making javelins, but you have clubs, two picks, and Machista's actually gotten very good at throwing rocks, enough to kill molerats with.
Dee (NearO): Thought we did get some Javelins o_o Or can I not grow quills? Eh, oh well. Rocks work.
Dee (NearO): Just less range, there, and that's a problem.
NearO: Are the picks weapon quality?
mkb: (throwing javelins are hard to make right -- they'll do as spears...)
mkb: (if it goes thru rock it goes thru flesh mew)
Dee (NearO): Ah, kies
Dee (NearO): Meant gripwise, but eh, that works.
NearO: I have Grummsh get a pick as his weapon, then.
NearO: When we're ready and geared up, we'll head out. I make sure the dor's closed behind me, too. We go out to where the spider was last.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Well, not directly there.
NearO: Within throwing range for Machista.
mkb: The spore launchers wiggle a little when the three of you pass by it! When you get to the big room, you can't see the spider anywhere.... nor the antling.
Dee (NearO): And I can't sense when possessing someone?
NearO: "Allright, Grummsh, you stay a bit ahead. We'll head towards that tunnel, be on your guard." (..And we don't have shields, do we? >_>)
mkb: (Not that I see in the inv page ^^, )
mkbp (mkb): No unless it's a mastermind.
Dee (NearO): Kies
mkb: The subterranean brook under you is flowing quite happily today -- up ahead are still the remains of the village, which has been demolished with great care to preserve materials so it's far from gone..... oh! Remember the depression in the ground after the rockslide? It looks like the spider has started making a web across it, like an antlion's trap! A little white bundle tells you what happened to the antling, for now anyway.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Would Machista have a shot at the spider from where hi is when we get close enough?
mkb: Yes, the spider is in a bit of a hole.
NearO: "Allright, ready up. Machista, aim for that critter and let the rocks fly!"
mkbp (mkb): place your guys first, did the map load this time?
Dee (NearO): Ya, i's loaded. Can you zoom in any more?
Campaign saved.
NearO: Thankies!
mkb: The spider has been jumping to the sides of the former shaft -- it looks like the little bundle of silk is wiggling, so the antling may still be alive.
NearO: I signal for Machista to start tossing the rocks at the spider.
mkb: [3d8 = 10]
mkb: That hit the big critter glancingly on the tough carapace on the abdomen's top side; it got the critter's attention, that's for sure. It opens its mandibles without a sound ,and looks towards you.
NearO: "Grumsh, get ready, only attack when it gets close. Machista, keep it up."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Oddly enough the critter is retreating on its beginning of a web...
mkb: Grummsh is raring to go; Machista has picked up some rocks, planted himself firmly on the ground with his four feet and taken better aim.
mkb: [3d8 = 19]
mkb: That hits the critter in one of the eyes!
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
mkb: It keeps skittering back.
NearO: "Okay, go around. Machista, circle that way," I point east, "Grummsh, follow the river, don't get near the webbing."
NearO: Follew the river and go after it*
mkb: They do as told! The brook really rakes no effort to cross.
NearO: (paths I'd want them to take, generally what I'm motioning for. I'm going to go with Machista.
mkb: (remember you guys started to build a wall)
Dee (NearO): Ya
mkb: The cave spider has gotten off its own web, which is odd in and of itself, and is now looking around.
NearO: If I can get in front of Machista, I will. I've got to protect him.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You can -- Tempr is very fast! The spider leans its body down and holds its abdomen above everything else, aiming at Grummsh.
NearO: "Be careful! Get behind it from us!"
mkb: Who was that to?
Dee (NearO): Grummsh.
mkb: The firblin raises a hand to signal he heard you, while Machista takes aim again.... the cave spider shoots Grummsh with a wad of web!
mkb: [3d8+4 = 10]
mkb: It goes way long thanks to the firbling quickly pushing himself against the wall.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Damn, not good." I continue to try to get into close range with it, feeling my temporary body's musculature and tendands, especially in the legs, and see how instinctively I can shift into the quicksilver form. [AKA, Absolute Steel, +10 movespeed, +2 AC if moving at least 10 feet]
Dee (NearO): [If I can, I will be trying to use manouvre, if nothing else but out of habit.]
mkb: Looks like the spider has some idea of what it's doing -- it put its web between itself and you two, while trying to concentrate on Grummsh. You'd have to skirt the web to get to it.
mkb: Machista tries to get closer by staying close to the brook.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I skirt closer to the webbing, trying to close distance myself. Getting into that stuff will be a bad idea, however, "Worry only about distracting it, not actually hitting it, Machista!"
Dee (NearO): worry more about distracting, not only
mkb: Machista squats in his aiming position again, and throws again. There's a bunch of debris and construction material on that side of the web, but you get through just fine -- you pass by the wrapped-up antling.
mkb: [3d8 = 23]
Dee (NearO): Owchies.
mkb: Machista hits the spider just as it was preparing to shoot web again, and causes it to splurt ineffectively into the brook.... ugh, someone's going to have to clean that up, later.
NearO: I pause to release the little guy, if I can.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The antling has been struggling a whole bunch to break free, and is exhausted -- it croaks some noise that could be a thankyou and skitters off to hide in one of the huts after looking at the brook longingly for a drink of water and figuring maybe later.
NearO: I'll continue on now, charging the spider, especially if it's focused on Grummsh!
NearO: RAWR! [Charging Minotaur if possible. 1str, 1bab, 2 charge) [3d8+4 = 12]
Dee (NearO): ;_;
mkb: You skid a little, and get to the side of the thing -- eep, those legs are spiky! The critter heard you coming and crab walks away, preventing your charge from connecting.
mkb: [3d8 = 11]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Machista throws another rock, which hits the creature in a leg and bounces off. Grummsh is waiting for a signal, ready and on guard, trying to keep the large critter disoriented.
NearO: "Grummsh, Now! Attack it!"
mkb: Grummsh pounces, trying to get the pick in one of its eyes!
mkb: [3d8 = 9]
mkb: And fails horribly! With a swing of mandibles the cave spider sends Grummsh rolling off... then turns towards you, clacking its mandibles menacingly!
NearO: "Grr...!"
NearO: I lash out again with the spear with a great shout, "WAAAAGH!" [3d8+2 = 7]
Dee (NearO): The dice HATE me today >_<
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): little bit
mkb: [3d8+4 = 23]
mkb: You get gored for your trouble!!!
mkb: [1d8+2 = 4]
NearO: (err
mkb: You jump back, but you do skip a breath....
Dee (NearO): (Can I use Wall of Blades? x_X) Well, too late.
NearO: I roll back, letting Grummsh get its attention.
Dee (NearO): ...Yay flanking?
mkb: [3d8 = 10]
mkb: [3d8 = 9]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Grummsh sinks his pick into the critter's thorax -- well, tries to, as it's repelled by the thick carapace. At least the spider can't ensnare anyone: it -- she, rather, likely -- would get stuck in her own web.
NearO: I take advantage of the distraction to jab into it with my own spear! [3d8 = 12]
Dee (NearO): +4, =x
mkb: That gets in! You wedge the spear between two hip joints, causing the critter to jolt its legs close together -- it hasn't made a sound yet, other than banging on the ground or the splurt of web shots.
Dee (NearO): Flanking is a really good strategy x_x
mkbp (mkb): you're the zerg, use it :p
Dee (NearO): kekekek
NearO: Too bad I can't really pin it...
Dee (NearO): Should I roll damage, or are you tracking this? >_>
mkbp (mkb): do roll pls
Dee (NearO): Kies
NearO: [1d4+1 = 4]
mkb: Machista has followed, and throws another rock. [3d8 = 20]
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Dee (NearO): ..jeeze, he is a ranger o_o
mkb: Now the spider is confused by the multiple targets, and snaps its mandibles in the air -- then jumps up!
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): o_o;
NearO: Dang, tripping such a creature is too difficult to be pointless to try, otherwise hacking at its stomach would be much easier >_<
mkb: [3d8 = 6]
mkb: It lands on its web.... but apparently not with a very steady footing, and the whole thing oscillates wildly with the spider concentrating on hanging on.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Tch!" I try picking up a rock on my own to throw at it!
NearO: [3d8 = 15]
NearO: "Grummsh, stay back, don't get into the webs, even if it seems weak enough!"
mkb: "Got it!"
mkb: Grummsh gets behind you while Machista takes aim again.
mkb: You hit!
NearO: [1d4+1 = 4]
Dee (NearO): This will be a long fight x_X
Campaign saved.
mkb: The spider eventually regains control of the web, and waits at the center of it ,following its instincts -- it flips around so it's between the fallen rocks and the web, so you have a harder time hitting it with rocks, presumably.
NearO: "...This will take a bit. Machista, can you still hit it?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: [3d8 = 15]
mkb: Machista tries and succeeds! The critter winces a bit -- this way it's harder to see, but it's exposing its somewhat softer belly....
mkb: [1d4 = 1]
NearO: I adjust my grip on the spear, and sling it at the spider's belly! [3d8+1 = 15]
mkb: That hits and -- stays there! The web trembles as the critter curls up on itself trying to bite the spear off its abdomen and only managing to snap off the end of it.
mkb: (dmg pls)
NearO: [1d4+1 = 3]
NearO: While it's busy with the spear, I'll try to get rid of that webbing, so Grummsh can get to it!
mkb: What are you trying to do specificallty?
Campaign saved.
NearO: Grab the webbing and yank it away to the side. Starting with this one. Up, then away from grummsh.
mkb: [1d4 = 1]
mkb: You're lucky and grab one of the non-sticky threads!
mkb: It's somewhat elastic, so yanking it doesn't seem to do much other than maek the critter oscillate....
NearO: It's not attached to the other threads? Drats. Is there a sharp rock nearby?
mkb: There is!
NearO: I'll try cutting the one near to Grummsh. Hopefully Machista is keeping the spider busy currently.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Machista is -- you guys got the thing trapped, at least for now. Cutting the thread works!
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Allright, this one isn't sticky," I point to the one I was trying to move earlier, if there's something to lift and move the thread I just cut with, then I'll do that, and go forward after getting a large amount of dirt to throw on th esticky ones we run by. "Follow me up to in, I'll take care of the webs, you take care of it, got it?"
mkb: "Got it!"
mkb: Throwing dirt on the threads seems to help quite a bit -- perhaps due to the open wound the critter is annoyed, and it is having problems hanging on to threads that according to its instinct should help support her.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Yes!
mkb: You can cut threads, yes.
NearO: We head up to attack the spider, then!
mkb: You climb down on the freshly fallen rock -- the spider is hanging on its web still, upside down and slightly above you.
mkb: Machista has been helping with the dirt.
NearO: Now that we're close, I give the signal for Grummsh to go all out in attacking it!
NearO: We're busy with the threads to help keep him from getting trapped in one.
NearO: Also, in case he's webbed up, we can double team the spider.
mkb: Grummsh charges! [3d8 = 10]
mkb: And is pushed back by a very alrge hairy spider leg.
Dee (NearO): DX
NearO: I throw some dirt up at the spider, mostly aiming for the webs, "Shield your eyes!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Your two doods do -- most of the web is now covered in dirt, the spider may be thinking of coming down, however these creatures think. With effort due to the wound, it swivels its abdomen towards you!
NearO: Is it attacking?
NearO: Reacting on instinct, I hold the rock as a stone axe, moving it to intercept an attack from the creature!
mkb: It is now!
mkb: [3d8 = 17]
mkb: SPLORT! You're hit by a milky smelling, sticky liquid that looks and feels a little dirtier than it actually is! Uh ohl...
NearO: Hit where, in the arm? x_x
NearO: ...Actually, IDEA
NearO: If it's stuck to my arm, I'll jab the gunk into either it's web producer or its mouth! Whichever I can hit.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Will gunk up its web producan' for the former, and block its attacks for the latter.
'Dee' disconnected
'Dee' connected
mkbp (mkb): mew?
'Dee' identified as 'NearO'
NearO: WEBBING PAUNCH!! [3d8+2 = 14]
mkb: Where?
NearO: Which is closer, the spinnerettes or its mouth?
mkb: Mouth!
NearO: The into its mouth!
NearO: "Horra!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: The LAST thing this critter expected was having meat jammed between its mandibles
mkb: [3d8 = 18]
Dee (NearO): May have misunderstood ya on what got webbed. >_>
mkb: Unfortunately for Tempr's arm, it has the presence of mind to close its jaws, severing it right past the elbow. Fortunately for the rest of Tempr, the web has already coaugulated, meaning she won't lose a lot of blood AND that this is the last time the spider bites down on something for a good week or so...
mkb: Fort save?
NearO: [3d8+3 = 15]
mkb: You're still conscious and in control of Tempr's body.
NearO: "GGgkk!"
NearO: "Now! Pierce it with your pick!"
mkb: [3d8 = 14]
mkb: Grummsh sinks the pick into the bottom of the critter's thorax, and pulls it out -- black shiny ichor falls down the wound. The spider is trying to shake its jaws free, and is wide open!
NearO: I bring up the other hand with the makeshift stoneaxe, to bring it into it's head!
NearO: [3d8+2 = 17]
Campaign saved.
mkb: You tear open one of its eyes -- it has seven more, but still, that can't be good for it
Dee (NearO): Are Machist's legs sharp enough to use as weapons?
Dee (NearO): If so, I'll be calling him to help out.
mkb: Machista comes down, and looks at you very worried.
NearO: "We'll be fine... I'm sorry this happened this way, but we need to finish this thing off."
mkb: [3d8 = 16]
Campaign saved.
mkb: The spider is mentally stuck trying to free its jaw, and you quickly beat it to submission once Machista points out that all you have to do is break its abdomen open.... the creature is still alive, but won't be for long. Fortunately the silk stopped most of the blood loss for you, but you're feeling very light headed.
mkbp (mkb): good job on figuring out how to make it trap itself
NearO: "Oooog... Machista, carry this creature's body back to me. Grummsh, you carry Tempr back.. good job both of you."
Dee (NearO): Myu!
mkb: Machista takes one look at the spider.... "I'm not carrying THAT by myself!"
NearO: "I'll send more... Just make sure nothing else comes. Run back if it does."
NearO: With that, I let Tempr's mind go.
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Was the webbing punch useful at all, or just stupidity? ;_;
Dee (NearO): I was going to say spiders don't have crunching jaws, but it's a monstrous spider so, ya..
mkbp (mkb): not sure why you jammed the jaws with an arm, but that worked.... was figuring you'd get a stick webbed
Dee (NearO): Didn't have a stick. :<
mkbp (mkb): the spider broke the spear
mkbp (mkb): there's a half-demolished vilalge full of two by fours and bamboo canes
Dee (NearO): ...Right. Didn't think I had time. :/
mkb: You're back in your own body, with the transition a little fuzzier than usual -- YOU feel a lot better because this body had no blood loss....
NearO: Meep. @_@
mkb: You find that Flaflan has put the tadpoles close to Spi'loh and then has planted herself in front of her charges with a very mean look on her face.
NearO: I do wonder if I can grow a replacement for Tempr's arm, but first things first is to call everyone back and send a retrieval team for everyone.
NearO: "Good job." I pet Flaflan for her initiative. "Things are safe, for now.
Campaign saved.
mkb: A minute later, everyone's back in your room -- Grummsh and Machista walk in, carrying a very unconscious Tempr; they figured it was best to do it that way. They tell you the spider has stopped moving, other than two of the legs twitching.
NearO: I send out the strongest members, who didn't go out to fight the thing, to go retrieve the corpse. I figure absorbing it might be useful, and the legs will be tasty for everyone at least.
mkb: Everyone else has crouched around the wounded Tempr. The spider's body is brought in with a bit of effort... so is Tempr's arm, the antlings are trying to make the ends match.
Dee (NearO): (And I can't produce a substance that could help piece them back together? :<)
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): You can. Do you know how?
NearO: As if I'm producing a new critter, maybe? INstead of forming into a set shape, let it be a goop.
mkb: It looks like Tempr will be out of it for a while, she's just flat out passed out.... Terrachek asks you what to do with the spider, it looks safe to compost, but...
NearO: I'll absorb the spider. =x Save 4 of the legs to cook :o
mkb: You feel more than a prickle as the spider's body is buried under you, it must've had some strong stomach acid... The legs are brought downstairs to the hot room.
mkbp (mkb): You can now spawn dridlefirs, which I think was the last unlockable.
Dee (NearO): \o/
mkb: "Huh? I dreamed that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" That was Tempr waking up and lookign at herself....
Dee (NearO): Two driddlefirs will be my next spawn. >_>
Dee (NearO): ...Or healing goop. ._.
Campaign saved.
mkb: She gets up and walks unsteadily towards you, everyone else sort of giving her room i ncase she collapses again.
NearO: I stay silent and wait for her to speak. =x
mkb: Rather than speaking, she walks towards you and then starts hitting you with the good arm, ouch, right in the boobies.... she's crying, and you can feel her anger. "Why did you do this to me! What did I do wrong!"
NearO: "It was my fault, I'm sorry you must suffer for my mistakes.." I hug her. "There are ways to heal you, I will find them and restore you."
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): I wasn't just suggesting an idea on how to do it, I was gonna try that. x=
mkb: In a few minutes you end up with a surprisingly decent giant spider leg kebab, Mes'sith having had the prsence of mind to save the boiled chitin for armor joints, a still-crying Tempr finding she can't figure out how to eat with one arm -- she keeps trying to use the missing one, and is obviously in denial -- and nursing rather aggressively on your lower right breast.
mkb: Flaflan is feeding Spi'loh.
NearO: I let Tempr do that. Will help her with feeding, if I can.
mkb: You probably can -- you got pretty good with your tentacles -- but she flat out didn't let you....
mkb: The four miner antlings are making sure your mycelium can absorb the spider properly, they ate very quickly and you can feel them moving earth under you.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Aww. :< Kies, I let her pout for now. It was my fault. ._.
mkbp (mkb): well you didn't get anyone killed, i was betting on at least a couple lings
Dee (NearO): Myu. =x
mkb: The antling that had been wrapped up in silk crawls in Tempr's lap rubbng against her, but she pushes it off.
NearO: "Taking out that anger on the little ones is uncalled for." I sigh.
Campaign saved.
mkb: That gets you a bit of a growl from Tempr and a few chirps from Spi'loh, who starts working on calming down the antling by making cute faces at it.
mkb: Soon after Tempr falls asleep again, normal sleep this time -- she's twitching and whimpering a lot.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I try to comfort her. how's her temperature? :<
mkb: A little cold, but she'll make it -- she doesn't have your constitution, but the giant spider silk is a very good coaugulant
mkb: Terrachek has to be told by Tortra that no, wiggling Tempr's arm around as a puppet isn't funny.
NearO: No, no it isn't. >_>
NearO: I try to concieve of a way to restor her arm myself. Maybe by producing a blank state sort of mass. Similar to using clay to fix a broken urn.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You can certainly try!
mkb: The rest of the evening is uneventful, other than Grummsh and Machista contradicting each other when they recount their own slightly exaggerated role in defeating the spider, and you're interrupted from concentrating on that problem a few times to tell how it actually went.
NearO: Am trying. =x
NearO: And I do tell how it went. I do skip over some of the more embarassing moments, but eh.
mkb: The morning brings you good news and bad news -- good news is Tempr is going to be all right, and the shaft DOES look like it goes way way way way high.... bad news is, how do you even get up there? Breakfast is skewered bat.
NearO: Is there anything around that could be used to get up there?
NearO: Also, is that spider thread salvageable?
mkb: The spider thread mostly is -- it'll never be white again due to the dirt in the strands, but it makes for very good rope.
Campaign saved.
NearO: yay rope!
mkb: There's a bunch of stuff, but the shaft is REALLY, REALLY long, could even be a couple hundred yards tall! By the look of it there was a platform and a pulley system -- held by that odd metal wire: a rope that long would break under its own weight -- but the wire has fallen down in a heap, one of the pulleys having come loose.
NearO: How much of it is there?
NearO: Are the sides of the shaft made of metal?
NearO: Or can we carve hand holds and pulley systems into the walls?
Campaign saved.
mkb: The sides of the shaft are made of.... huh, weird. Rock that was melted by something very very hot by the look of it. You can carve hand holds if you're slow and careful about it....
NearO: o_o;
NearO: Well, carving into it is probably the best idea we have, since there's no pulley to get up there. :<
NearO: Or was there a level or anything around it? >_>
mkb: No, there wasn't. The "floor" of the shaft is a big clump of obsidian that may well have fallen down on it while melted...
mkb: Orpterro gets "his" antlings in gear, Zelga and Mes'sith start working on scaffolding, and work starts!
NearO: Obsidian swords!
NearO: ..Why didn't I make any of those? ._.
NearO: I'll also get shields made. >_>
mkb: After a little bit of enthusiasm they walk back to you and, pooling their fingers, tell you that it'll take more than forty days to get up there....
NearO: Still trying the goop for Tempr, zo. Since can use it for others, too!
mkbp (mkb): you dun have a stoneworker
mkb: Mmm. [2d10 = 13]
mkbp (mkb): well i'll be damned
Dee (NearO): ...Right. Need one of those, too. ._.
Dee (NearO): :o?
mkb: What are you doing with Tempr? After being angry and so on, she's mostly just been sitting there, sayng she's useless.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "You aren't. I've lost my arm before, a very long time ago..." (I'd produce the stuff near to me in like, a small egg that could be opened up, "You can be healed, you can also still use what you have until then. But for now, rest, you deserve it.
mkb: Tempr asks you what happened with that.
NearO: "I got a new arm built."
NearO: "Though it was of metal, I believe the same could be done with another material for you."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Can Mess'sith do that?"
NearO: "Hmmm, not sure, can certainly try."
mkb: "... please?"
NearO: "Of course."
mkb: "I don't want to not be able to do things... and well if we're going to see the rest of the world soon I don't wanna miss out..."
mkbp (mkb): So what'll you do with her, and what'll you do in the time it will take to break to the surface?
NearO: I'll try to get her healed if I can, and also show her how she can still do things, it just takes learning.
NearO: For getting Mess'sith to make her a new arm also, well, a wood plank and hook are more functional than a stump if it comes to that.
NearO: I think I'll also produce a Firblin stoneworker (via Spi'loh) and a Driddlefir fighter (through me) =x
Campaign saved.
mkb: Mes'sith asks you a million questions about how your arm worked.
mkbp (mkb): remember you got 40 days to "waste" anyway -- you've solved all the puzzles, so we can ffwd that period if you like; your doods can handle the occasional bat swarm or molerat family
NearO: I answer as best as I can about that. x_x
Dee (NearO): Sure, fast forwarding good.
Dee (NearO): two stoneworkers, a miner, I think we're god on farming... another engineer, and two driddlefir warriors.
mkb: That doesn't really give him much to go by, but he does start work on something usable. The goop egg is ready, it doesn't hatch by itelf obviously, it just rolls off you -- what did you guys do with Tempr's arm for the four days it's been unattached anyway?
mkbp (mkb): kies!
NearO: Reabsorb it, her detached arm, that is.
mkb: You find that giving birth, even when the egg is bigger than usual, has become a lot less painful, even generally pleasant.
NearO: I instruct Tempr to try this egg, and I'll help her if she needs it. =x
mkb: Tempr puts the whole thing on her stump, sort of expecting a new wrist and hand to grow back.... she looks a bit disappointed to see that that's not the case, although the wound heals well with little scarring.
Dee (NearO): Myu. :<
Dee (NearO): Well, at least no infection.
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Tiem for hooks!
mkb: You probably got lucky in making the stuff the first time, but you can replicate it exactly if you need to.
Dee (NearO): *nod*
mkb: Mes'sith gets a minor wound for his trouble as the first thing Tempr does with her hook is stick it in his thigh by mistake -- after that has been taken care of, she tells you she wants to go hunting molerats or fish or ANYTHING, and don't nobody talk to her for a few days please.
mkb: She's gone from depressed to determined at least....
NearO: That's fine. =x
NearO: Err, what she's doing
NearO: Well, depressed isn't good for anyone. ^^;
mkb: Finding things to stab, mostly.
mkb: She's a very angry firblin.
Dee (NearO): ya ._.
mkb: So where do things find you and your doods when the scaffolding is finally done? Other than mildly bored about the food rotation.
mkbp (mkb): if you'd like to change up the cave map, pls do
mkbp (mkb): can be done another day
Dee (NearO): *nod* Need to do tat, ya. Since I got my printer working now
mkbp (mkb): basically you figured out how it all works, so you tell me the end configuration. Good going, you did pretty much everything right
Dee (NearO): yey
Campaign saved.
NearO: Well, lots of it will be smoothed out.
mkb: [2d10 = 10]
mkb: [2d10 = 15]
mkb: [2d10 = 8]
mkb: [2d10 = 14]
mkbp (mkb): want to do the breaking out bit or want to pause for today?
NearO: hmmm
Dee (NearO): pause for today. I'll do up the cave modifications before we do that.
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): So will never find my spider body? ;_;
Campaign saved.
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mkbp (mkb): updating drawing
Dee (NearO): kies
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mkbp (mkb): And now the long-delayed end of the arc!
mkb: [2d10 = 14]
mkb: About half of your little tribe is there attacking the seal with, mostly, picks and a crowbar...
Dee (NearO): Ack, I thought I only sent a small team? @_@
mkbp (mkb): sorry
NearO: Was gonna see if I could make out anything on the seal first, and if we should keep it intact or not.
mkb: The seal is made out of copper and zinc and it looks like it may be several centuries old -- the copper is green, there's white fuzz on the weldings and the whole thing generally looks like it's ready to fall apart. On it is a picture of a triangle with some curved shape inside: it could be a hook, a scorpion tail, the numbers 7 or 9, or even a letter Q.
Campaign saved.
NearO: If I have anything to do so with, I'll make a copy of it, before ordering the removal of the thing. It'd be better as scap if I can copy it. :/
Dee (NearO): scrap, not scap*
Dee (NearO): clay or mud works if no paper or anything.
mkb: Making a copy of it is done by means of one of the precious few pieces of fabric you have, and some charcoal -- it really doesn't look like much.... then again it's a pretty simple sign.
NearO: Yeah, but it still might mean something. And wasn't this on the other piece of metal back there? Mayhaps the symbol of... he's no longer our enemy, closer to a second father now. Anyway, his symbol, possibly.
NearO: After that, well, we tear it down. Saving the metal, of course, can't waste it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Aaaaagh! All of you are blinded! You can't see anythign either -- you CAN hear a bit of screaming in panic, except for the antlings who apparently are a little bit more level headed and just hit the deck. You *can't see*!
NearO: "Calm down!"
NearO: I shut my eyes, and cover my face with my hands.
NearO: Am I hurt? Or just blinded?
mkb: There's a hot breeze coming in.
mkb: You're not hurt, just you can't see a damn thing.
NearO: I'll wait a few minutes, then open my eyes again, making sure everyone is calmed down as best I can. "I believe this is the outside..."
mkb: Quite -- just none of you has ever seen the sun, and getting around by bioluminescence, darkvision and the occasional magmatic glow doesn't quite prepare you for the scorching desert...
Dee (NearO): Soriously x_x
Dee (NearO): Well, I've seen the sun. :P
mkb: You see your away team curled up against the engraved wall, at least they had the presence of mind to keep away from the giant deep hole.
mkbp (mkb): Not with Nacht's optical cells :p
NearO: So I can see again?
Dee (NearO): Point, there.
mkb: Yes; the colors look funny and you still get little black blinks in your field of view, but you can see.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Ah... the light of Ixion once again..." I take a deep breath, and sigh. I didn't realize how much I had missed the sun. A hand above my eyes to shield them from too much light, I step out through the portal, into the desert for the first time.
NearO: Though a bit worried about the warning before, since the light didn't hurt us at first, it probably won't still.
mkbp (mkb): Meeep?
mkbp (mkb): what happened?
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Heard singing, nothing to make that singing is active.
Dee (NearO): Not the first time it's happened, either.
mkb: You can feel something poking you, but you cannot tell where -- the body you're currently inhabiting moves very much like your Retriever body, with the exception tha tyou can actually feel the ground under your legs. Good job you're a digitigrade, because the sand is HOT! Your firblins and murglins will probably need shoes... the constrictor'll just have to get used to it, by the feel of it. That you can tell, it's either just before or just past noon -- you don't know the general orientation of the cave.
NearO: What sort of poking?
mkb: Your children are all still inside; Tempr has been rather upset with you taking risks with borrowed bodies lately, obviously....
mkb: As if someone's calling you but is just out of definite earshot.
NearO: Yeah... That's made me consider something.. my own body to do dangerous stuff with.
NearO: I look around outside, no landmarks or anything I can see that might show which way to civilization?
NearO: And can't make out any of the calling?
Campaign saved.
NearO: I scuttle back towards the cave for now, though. We can get to the outside, now, so we need to prepare.
NearO: I formulate how, if I can, make a body I can use for dangerous things, that doesn't belong to another.
mkbp (mkb): meep
Dee (NearO): Here's where the idea for Dreams comes into play. :P
mkbp (mkb): mew!
mkb: The 'calling' is more of a mix between your ears ringing and some little pokes. The cave looks much darker than it did -- gotta wait for your eyes to get used to the darkness now....
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Ah, so that was me leaving range of the avatar?
mkb: You can probably spawn a very stupid critter on purpose? It almost did happen with Flaflan.... who's been doing a lot better: she still needs to be given a significant portion of what little meat you guys get because she won't eat much else, and she's still aggressive, but she's actually a very good babysitter.
mkbp (mkb): That or someone's trying to wake you up.
mkbp (mkb): Or both.
mkbp (mkb): but ya, not a lot of range unless you build an antenna
Dee (NearO): Ya
mkbp (mkb): fortunately that part is easy if you think about it
Dee (NearO): But even a stupid critter is another being.
Dee (NearO): Well.. near never met Avara, or she'd already have thought of it.
NearO: I tell the others there that we're to head back, and to also tell Nacht that. I tell them she's getting her body back now, and release back to my core.
mkb: You find Terrachek indeed poking you! "Wake up! Wake up!"
NearO: "Nnn? What is it?"
mkb: It can't be that much of an emergency -- everyone else is playing marbles with some pebbles on one of those "pads" you generated, that hasn't been placed anywhere yet. "All of a sudden it got really cold for a moment! And there was a noise from the room with the big light and there's a lot less light poking from the stones now!"
Campaign saved.
NearO: "Cold how?"
NearO: "What sort of noise?"
mkb: You have it described it as a bamf, foomf, burp and frup. And it got really cold for just one moment!
NearO: The "room with the big light" was the [nuclear furnace] right?
NearO: Where the littlu undeads were?
NearO: I check on Flaflan if she's in sight.
mkb: The room with the big light was indeed the main furnace -- Flaflan is uhm.... a little busy with Spi'loh and her tail, by the look of it!
NearO: Ah
NearO: So she's fine, at least.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I thank Terrachek for letting me know what happened. Then we'll get started on making supplies for going outside! :D
NearO: And I start plotting how to avoid risking my children via my own curiousity... If it were only me at risk....
mkb: Everything else seems fine -- you feel the rest of your doods coming down the main shaft, slowly as they're climbing down the rope.
NearO: We'll need shoes, clothing, hats, waterskins, and packs. Plus supplies for going out and about.
NearO: It's good they're fine.
NearO: Would hate to lose more of them, or get more of them hurt due to my failings ._.
mkb: The main issue would be waterskins... you don't really have much that is waterproof in here.
NearO: Silk bags? :3
Campaign saved.
NearO: But, yeah.. waterskins will be a problem
Dee (NearO): Silk won't really hold water. >_>
mkb: Packing food to walk around with sounds like a challenge to Wargmi, who asks you what field rations usually look like so she can start on it....
mkb: Now you have everyone who hasn't gone upstairs yet asking you permission to go see the sun, even if their eyes will hurt for a little bit!
NearO: Mostly dried things, or precooked things. I describe what I can as best I can... but we don't have any cheeses here, nor really enough meat for jerky, so it's mostly mushroom blocks and hard-tack.
NearO: I give them permission, but only in groups of five at a time.
NearO: And be careful, don't leave the cave yet.
mkb: They quickly sort it out (after arguing whether Machista and the four antling miners counts as a group of five and eventually deciding that yes, it does). The only one uninterested is Flaflan who, after having left a very flustered Spi'loh to take a nap, ahs gotten back to playing with your youngest generation.
Dee (NearO): Mushroom blocks: Take a bunch of mushrooms. Boil them into paste. Form the paste into blocks and dry them out.
mkbp (mkb): Sounds about right
mkb: Zelga asks you what shoes are exactly, and how they're worn.... in general, there's a lot of activity around you as it has often been the case whenever anything new happened.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I bet. I'll explain as best I can about anything they need. Shoes are special cloth feet protectors, they have a thick and tough bottom, but are comfortable to wear. Though in the desert, Sandals would be appropriate. Wood bottoms with thin-ish rope to strap them onto the feet. Though is still supposed to be removeable. >_>
NearO: Because I know if I don't say that last bit, some of my doods will have the shoes nailed or really tied on. :P
mkb: You find that little Gellamo, who's finished developing although he's still very tiny -- and may stay that way, he's barely taller than an antling -- has gotten all interested and goes with Zelga to work on it, with a little meep from Flaflan.
Dee (NearO): oooh
Campaign saved.
mkb: It is two hours later, after some rations have been made, that your doods who have been playing tag as far as who goes upstairs to take a look around figure out that the sun does move, that it's normal, and that your cave system is in fact roughly oriented NW/SE as you suspected.
Dee (NearO): *nodnod* Coolies.
NearO: How's clothing? Waterskins will be a problem, yeah....
NearO: I can't grow waterskins? >_>
mkb: Clothing so far consists of a few tunics that had gotten made.... what you CAN grow ends up looking more like a thin wooden bottle with enough moss on the inside to make it roughly waterproof, but it's bulky to carry. A good thing is that you know the moss inside it is clean....
NearO: Well, can send those water-tubes on with a Driddlefir, since they're good at carrying things.
NearO: But one of the first things to do is actually find something to make good ones out of.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I'll send a hunting/scouting party out first, goal is to see what's around and try to map out. If they can bring back some food, that's good.
NearO: They're supposed to start back when the sun sets.
mkb: Other than Torptra, they don't mind carrying around water and food (or antlings for that matter)...
NearO: That's good :o
mkb: Now you got EVERYONE wanting to be the first to see a star.
mkb: Even Spi'loh.
Campaign saved.
NearO: only sending out one Driddlefir, likely Nacht, since I trust her strength. Machista, in case of predators. Urist, because he's one of the sanest. Poporon because she's (supposed to be) good at tracking... That should be all that's needed to send out for now.
NearO: That's a problem, there. @_@
NearO: Well, half of them can go to see the first stars. The other half can go see the first sunrise. :P
NearO: Though some of them can't really go see. >_>
mkb: Spi'loh takes it in stride, she just mentions she doesn't think she's helping much....
NearO: I let her know she's been helping a lot. :<
mkbp (mkb): The new ones are still little other than Natch
NearO: She's remembering the stories better than I am :o
Dee (NearO): Ah, oops.
Dee (NearO): Then a similar team of my originals. X_X
mkbp (mkb): sorry but that's a lot of doods to grow in three months ^_^;
Dee (NearO): right right
mkb: Tempr walks up to you and very matter of factly says she'd like to go because she's the most expendable.
mkb: The odd thing is that you don't remember using the word "expendable" around any of them.
mkb: She did get a hook made, a wooden thing with vine straps and a copper blade on the back of the hook.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Yeah ._. "You aren't expendable. I'm sad to hear you think that way, but I chose you as you were the closest to myself. So stop thinking you're not valuable to everyone." Even so, she can go if she wishes, and I let her know it's because she's strong and fast. Which will be needed to survive out there.
NearO: I'd be really sad if she were to die ;_;
mkb: "Really?" She sticks her tongue out. "Thank you! Got you!" She runs off to see if she can get a decent pick of shoes.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Crisis averted? @_@
mkb: Eventually you get your away team -- Machista, Natch, Tempr, and Torptra to whom apparently two of the smaller antlings have sort of bonded to, because they're sitting on her shoulders.
mkbp (mkb): apparently: tempr DID want to go :p
Dee (NearO): Yeah, it is pretty obvious she did. Just had to take care of that self-confidence problem, by letting her know she can, and the reasons why.
mkb: Speaking of antlings -- there's one of them who you can feel coming down the elevator chute VERY fast, and panicking.
NearO: Meep? Who was up with it?
mkb: Grummsh and Arphilia, who was mostly interested in looking at the engraving and seeing if she could copy it. They feel worried as well.
Campaign saved.
NearO: I wait on the aintling to get back, but go ahead and send out my away team to help see if there's a problem
mkb: The antling was NOT falling, as you do feel it fall the last few feet and scurry back home through the fortification.... at least it's not hurt or anything.
mkb: The away team leaves and Machista almost trips due to the little critter running towards you shrieking.
NearO: Can I understand it? @_@
mkb: Stuff coming in from the sun?
mkb: Your old metal body parts have been put in what used to be Flaflan's cage -- nobody could figure out how to get Tempr to use the arms, if they're still working at all.
NearO: What sort of stuff?
Dee (NearO): Hrmm.. will need to get to the Titan's Fart somehow to get those things working, then. >_>
mkb: Moving black things coming from the sun and making speaky noises.
Campaign saved.
NearO: weird. I'm going to take over Grummsh, and see what it's all about, then. If I can give him warning, I will.
mkb: Grummsh is... being held at swordpoint by a shadow elf? No, that's a human in shadow-elf garb....
mkb: Oddly enough Arphila has been left alone, and is still looking at the engraving.
NearO: "...Sorry what what may have transpired before, but may I ask who you are?"
NearO: What else of the situation can I gather?
mkb: There's probably only one or two of them, and he/they cannot be too aggressive if they left the stonecrafter alone...
Campaign saved.
mkb: Given the obvious bruise on the man's forehead, Grummsh must have thrown something at the man.
mkb: "What the fuck are you?" That was in accented common. "Where is the Shadow."
NearO: "Well, currently this is Nightmare speaking. The Shadow? Well, first, what is your business here?"
mkb: "How come I can understand you now. Well, beats before. Where is the Shadow or I run you through."
mkb: You're poked in the sternum by the shortsword.
mkb: The man sounds dehydrated, or maybe it's just his version of trying to sound tough.
mkb: Must be some sort of shadow-elf groupie: he even shaved his head.
NearO: "Currently unknown. Possibly dead. Does that work? Now please, no need for violence, after all, these two aren't alone here, and if they see this one dead, well, you'll soon join. Now calm down... Would you like some water?"
Campaign saved.
NearO: "This one has none on him, but the others will have some."
Dee (NearO): right. All my doods speak Ethenegaran and Goblin. Never taught them Common. >_>
mkb: "This isn't the Shadow's cave then. Some other madman? But why offer water -- heh -- if it's a trick it's an odd one. Kayce, come back up!"
NearO: "Madman? No, I don't believe so. Anyway, you know my name, what's yours?"
mkb: An actual shadow elf, a woman, climbs back up from the elevator shaft with surprising speed. "What's going on?" "There's more of those things." "No kidding, the midget is probably waking up the whole nest. Whatcha got?" "This one talks. You, goblin - thanks for the water. I'm all for being civil, the fuck did you throw rocks at us for? I'm Arj... I'm Karim."
Campaign saved.
NearO: "It's a pleasure to meet you Karim. As for the rock... Well, Grummsh can be impulsive, I apologize for that. Grummsh is the name of the actual owner of this body, I am Nightmare, his mother, currently displacing him for the benefit of everyone, apparently.
NearO: "
mkb: The woman, Kayce apparently, joins Arphilia in looking at the engraving; the stocky firblin barely lifts her head.
mkb: "Sounds like a damn illithid to me."
NearO: "Illithid...? Ah, no, I don't believe so..." It sounds familiar, but I can't place it, "Regardless, that's the situation. You panicked the tiny one, and I was prepared to fight. It's good that you're willing to be civil."
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): there is no underdark, but there are illithid -- it's something like dragons, you ear about them, hardly ever see one.
Dee (NearO): Yeah
mkb: "We're looking for the Shadow's cave. There may still be something of value in there. Were you one of his minions?"
mkb: "It is the Shadow's sign" Kayce comments, looking at the engraving. "Look, it's the same symbols as on the memory vats."
NearO: "If it's who I think it is, that's a no. Oddly, part of me is one of his children, but my other part is at least partially responsible for his death."
NearO: "Are you traders or scavengers?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "What's the difference?" Karim laughs at the woman's remark. She looks at Arphilia with what looks like a small slab of red-tinted glass. "They're not undead." "What about that new plague..." "Shambling around stupidly trying to bite you? No."
mkb: You hear the away team starting to come up on the elevator shaft.
NearO: "No, none of us are infected."
NearO: "Well, then. I'm fairly certain you have information we can use, what do you want for it? Though it might be best to speak in my main chambers, I can understand if you'd want to avoid that."
Campaign saved.
mkb: They look at each other. "Draw straws?" "Ate it." "Oh mother... Stay here, report back to the family if I'm not back." "Right."
mkb: The woman takes a step forward as Karim finally lets go of Grummsh. "I'm coming down."
mkbp (mkb): Well, for the next bit you're in control, so you gotta describe the environment a little :)
NearO: "Allright. Let me talk with the team for a sec." I go over to the shaft, and bark down in Ethenegaran to them that someone's coming down, and to lead her to 'mother'.
mkb: The man quietly sits down, at the edge of the sun filtering in -- it may be late afternoon but the sun here is scorching.
NearO: There sholud be at least an extra rope to get down, "You'll have to be careful, it's a long drop."
Dee (NearO): Err, actually, disregard some of the things I said
NearO: Someone's coming down, give water to the guy up here.
mkb: In a few seconds, Kayce unfolds a collapsible staff she had under her cloak. "I saw." She leans down to see that the away team has almost come up. "No room to glide, I'll just follow you."
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): The away team doods are climbing up.
NearO: I go down the rope, and wait for her at the bottom. Then will lead her through the main entrance, with it's oddly engraved walls. Over the trade depot, and I mention if she lends me a waterskin, I'll fetch her some fresh water.
mkb: "What the fuck - oh great mother, mutants!" She keeps very far away from the multilegged ones, and slides down the rope with great grace, waiting a moment for her eyes to get used to the near-darkness and following you to the paved area. "Huh. Goblins aping dwarfs. That's new." She hands you a waterskin around which very fine tin chainmail has been woven, and resumes looking around. "Those are dragon bones!"
Campaign saved.
NearO: I get it filled quickly from the resevoir, at least keeping a bit of an eye on her. Returning with it, "Yeah, dragon bones. Useful for something, probably. And we aren't aping dwarfs, this is the lot we were given, so this is how we dealt with it."
NearO: I await her reply, not really impatient of angry over anything
Campaign saved.
mkb: Kayce quickly runs over to the reservoir and gets a bit of powder from a pouch under her cloak, then dabs her finger in water and touches the powder; after looking at it for a second, not really paying attention to you, she throws her face in and starts drinking enough that you wonder if she's trying to drown herself. The anteroom is empty; just to be on the safe side, the warriors said that while you deal with this everyone should stay past the fuwaforms.
mkb: A good half minute later she emerges drawing a huge breath.
NearO: "Thirsty, eh?"
mkb: "Uhf! Well if it was poisonous I'd be dead a hundred times over." You notice she hasn't touched the water in the waterskin. "You have no idea. Not sure why I feel silly saying it but -- heh, take me to your leader."
mkb: The shadow elf collapses her staff and folds it under her cloak again.
mkbp (mkb): Always wanted to say that :p
Dee (NearO): hehe.
NearO: I nod, "Well, follow, then." I lead her past the engraved walls, where they turn into roughly worked stone, and there's a green, mossy carpet on the ground, a large, oddly-coloured, tree-like growth standing tall. I put my hand on it, and nod, motioning for her to go through. We pass by an oddity in the wall, a large amount of stones stacked neatly on each other to seal it up, then to the door.
Campaign saved.
NearO: Taking the lead there again, I open it up, the fuwaforms shouldn't be active against her nows, so she can pass through safely. The entire round cavern is coated with spongy, green moss, even the cieling. At the centre, where I shew her to, is a large, bulb-shaped green flower. A lighter shade than the moss around it, it sticks out fairly well, and I lead her into the core of it, "This is where I have to take my leave, but continue on a bit further. You'll meet her in just a few more feet."
mkb: When you pass next to the stone pile, something that Kayce is carrying makes a repeated clicking noise, like a bunch of pebbles dropped on a stone -- she quickly sidesteps so she's walking as far away from the stones as possible. "Right...." Other than that she's been looking around with her eyes wide open; the air down here is cool and moist. "This is beautiful."
NearO: With that, I have Grummsh run further in and release him, so I can tell him to stay still and behave for our guest.
mkb: Kayce moves to take her staff out, then thinks better of it and, careful to not touch anything, walks forward, scurnched up a little so as to not seem too much taller than the rest of your children.
mkbp (mkb): For a desert people a place like this would seem very desirable.
NearO: "Thank you. Though I'm not quite sure how much was intentional and how much accidental." I say in my original voice.
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Oh yeh. Even though Near's from a Savannah, this is very nice. :3
mkb: Kayce jumps... "Great mother, what the fuck is - wait - sorry, where's my manners." She curtsies, and to your surprise spits on the ground, then stands back up and looks at you head to pedestal-root. "You... you are their mother, aren't you. What are you?"
NearO: "Honestly, I'd like to know that, too. But I've mostly accepted that I'm me. And yes, I'm their mother. Nice to meet you in person."
mkb: The shadow elf looks around, not sure where it's safe to sit.
Campaign saved.
NearO: "As I said before, I am Nightmare. Or to be correct, Near of Nightmares. You may call me either." I let her know anywhere's safe. Except on the little ones that couldn't move too far, or on the long one there. "So, for information about the surrounding area, how much do you want for it?"
mkb: She very carefully sits on your mat, and thinks about your offer after realizing it's serious. "A hundred gallons. We'll bring the jugs. Done?"
NearO: "Of water? Deal."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We're a days walk from Corunglain. There's been some chaos there recently -- Urist's dead, Angelo disappeared, Drazi's taken over the town and now the Dorok family have declared themselves the new siridars."
Dee (NearO): Yay, I have access to one of the hardest to get resources in the area! :D
NearO: "Corunglain? Ah.. That's to the south, right?" I try to think what the siridars part means.
mkbp (mkb): That's about twenty percent of your reservoir, zo
Dee (NearO): Ah. Though the resevoir does refill itself. =x
mkb: "South by southwest."
NearO: "Thank you."
Dee (NearO): I could absorb her, and kill the guy pretty easily, to be honest. >_>
Dee (NearO): But won't. :o
NearO: "So, what's all that really mean now? Your people are in charge?"
mkbp (mkb): probably actually
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I'm a Kirintor. But roughly, yes. Drazi's a bastard but better the bastard you know -- we may have a home under the sky again."
NearO: "Ah ha," I nod, "A home under the sky... I wish I could see it with my own eyes again, but regardless of that. Would trade be a reasonable thing to expect there now? Or should I try elsewhere?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Trade? It's Corunglain. If you want to buy a man's soul, your only problem is going to find someone who has one. Why would that change now? I told you, Drazi is a bastard. And he needs gold."
NearO: "That's good, then. I believe that's everything I need to know." I nod, "So, do you have any questons?"
mkb: "What's going on here. If you're one of the crazies who hole up under the Broken Lands and plot to take over the world you're being very civil about it. Is all this" she waves a hand encompassing the cave "part of you? Are they?"
Campaign saved.
NearO: "This is a part of me. They came from me, but aren't a part of me. And no, I'm not a crazy like that, I landed here mostly be accident, and luck. Wether it's bad or good, I'm unsure, but." I shrug. "We're trying to live here is all that's going on, at least, for now."
mkb: "I think we can come to an arrangement then. What do you have to trade? Other than water."
Campaign saved.
NearO: "We're working on that. Copper, for now. As for other things, well, I'm still experimenting what I can produce."
mkbp (mkb): note location
Dee (NearO): *nod*
NearO: "Rope is one thing. Fairly strong stuff, as you saw earlier."
mkb: "You'd have to talk to Kerista, I think. I know me and Karim haven't been followed, for what's worth."
mkb: "Given the average of what lurks in these caves, heh, you'll be a pleasure to do business with." She looks around again. "Would... would you allow guest quarters somewhere in this cave? It is truly beautiful."
NearO: "Guest quarters? I don't see why not. I enjoy company."
Campaign saved.
NearO: I smile, "And you're welcome to them, if you ever want."
mkb: You can see the relief in the shadow elf's face. "I... Thank you, Near of Nightmares." She stands up, and walks to you, holding out a hand to shake, presumably.
NearO: Well, it depends if I have tentacles or spider limbs now, but I offer her one to shake, regardless. (Of course poison is off)
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): you didn't tell me you were changing those :p
Dee (NearO): thought I did
mkbp (mkb): mew, must've missed it O_O;
mkbp (mkb): so which is it?
NearO: Eh, will go with tentacles, then.
mkb: You're rather surprised to see Kayce look at the appendage with a bit of carnal interest, given how she shook it. O_O;
NearO: eeep :o
Campaign saved.
mkb: It's informal, but you seem to have made a trade agreement with the Kirintor family...
mkbp (mkb): And this is now its own faction, getting one tech point per turn coz it's tiny.
Dee (NearO): Kies :o
Dee (NearO): First tech point is going towards fabric production. >_>
mkbp (mkb): That's sensible. I think we can call the arc done here, with a few interludes later on I guess... so reborn Near is officially NOT the same person, right?
Dee (NearO): Yeah. Essentially a daughter, but same memories, and a portion of the original's soul.
mkbp (mkb): You cannot normally make human sized firblins, she's a one-off.
Dee (NearO): ya
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): That's important for succession reasons.
mkbp (mkb): hope this was fun mew, i liked it.
mkbp (mkb): Is it safe to assume that Near will mask the entrance somehow?
Dee (NearO): Ya
Dee (NearO): Was really really fun, myu! :D
Dee (NearO): I loved it. You did really good with giving them all personalities. :3
mkbp (mkb): kies! note that near rejoined normal time roughly right after Drazi took over corunglain, so reborn Near would have about a week to make her way to Karameikos. If you want to send the limbs back to Titan's Fart or sell them to Corunglain that's up to you
mkbp (mkb): as such it'd be quite a few turns before anyone in golden coin figures out how to fix them
Dee (NearO): How much coulrd I get for them from Corunglain?
mkbp (mkb): about 1500gp considering they don't work
Dee (NearO): just for one or all of them?
Campaign saved.
Dee (NearO): Will probably take them to the Titan's Fart, zo. Also just realized Titan's Fart is TF. ;>_>
mkbp (mkb): Missed it personally. Thanks? :p
mkbp (mkb): All of them. It's a lot of money for stuff that doesn't work.
Dee (NearO): ya... Well, will sell them the spider portion. The arms I'm keeping.
mkbp (mkb): That will go for 500gp.
Dee (NearO): ...Actually, no. Gonna keep the spider bit.
Dee (NearO): Eh, ya will sell.
mkbp (mkb): pick one :p
Dee (NearO): I can get the plans back from Titan's Fart, where I left them. :P
Dee (NearO): So sell it is.
mkbp (mkb): that works!
mkbp (mkb): I guess we'll next see Near of Nightmares on her first siege :)
Dee (NearO): gan get worldmap again?
mkbp (mkb): there it is, also marked where you are
Dee (NearO): meep siege
Dee (NearO): thankies
Dee (NearO): can zoom out and go to Karameikos?
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): cue the music at the end of BSG season 3
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Chat log started at 4.5.2010 / 21:04:37

'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Red: Ushuhuhu?
'Kittymewmew' connected
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
mkb: pyu
Dee (Red): pewpew eye laz0rs!
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): rawr?
mkbp (mkb): is this with or without kip an d either way recap? ^^
Will: I don't know?
Red: Right, well. We had a few days of downtime to relax and chill and get our bearings. Red has made a sorcerer's crystal to help prove Will has no magical ability. She HAS tested him with it (dunno the result, though). She also caused a ruckus when one of her projects had a meltdown and she had to dispose of it. Lily chilled. Will did some soul searching. Sinclair made a puppy. Will is going to head to Specularum and we're basically flying there now, aftera few technical difficulties. Lily has been trying to learn the way to fly the thing so that there will be a spare pilot (that's sane, at least).
Dee (Red): I think we were leaving Sinclair so that his mechadoggy can eat intruders and such. Also, he was producin' crossbows.
Dee (Red): Unless Kip said different. I don't remember.
mkbp (mkb): let's ask?
Dee (Red): Right, didn't see him on, musta skipped over him x_x
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): he says go ahead
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya, got the same from him here
Dee (Red): kies
Will: So we're in the air en route to Specularum now, and Will is still mostly thinking on what he has become. He needs to speak to the one man he knows resembles his father in many ways, but is lucky enough to still live: Duke Stefan himself.
Dee (Red): [So, result on Will's magic ability via the crystal? It's sorta a big part of his defense, currently, that he can't use magic)
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Zalpha really hasn't given you the silent treatment, she's mostly been distant -- thing is, you're still the most qualified pilot on board, as Lily just barely got past "what lever does what".
Red: Red is mostly pondering things. Her feelings are hurt, but she doesn't let that get to her. She's unusually quiet as she broods on various things, one of which is willingly appearing in front of the inquisition.
mkb: Red, your ersatz sorccerer's crystal gives a very very faint glow when touching Will.
Red: So that means he has latent ability, but nowhere near the power to do Radlebb. Works in our favour, still.
Campaign saved.
Red: Lily mostly explores the ship, seeing how things go while in use.
Kittymewmew (Will): Makes sense since sorcery is died to charisma
Dee (Red): Well, since it's harmonite core, it'll sense any magic ability.
Will: Will does try to offer some consolation to Zalpha, but really doesn't know what to say. What Zalpha wants from Will, he really can't give.
mkb: (When did you guys leave?)
Dee (Red): Morning, I believe.
Kittymewmew (Will): That's what I thought
Campaign saved.
Red: Red offers her ear to Zalpha's problem, should she want one to listen.
mkb: Zalpha would probably appreciate it if she wasn't busy with keeping the engine running! Will on his end has to deal with Lily being definitely eager how to pilot the thing. The first half of the voyage is uneventful until... hmm, looks like three wyverns with riders coming from Krakatos!
Will: "Oh hell. Not those pompous louts. Not NOW." Will mutters.
Red: "Oh yay, we're snacks," she sighs. She rolls her eyes, "And I bet your banner would get us in trouble now, right? So, what do we do?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "The only thing we really can do. We have no boosters. TAKE US DOWN!" I shout to Zalpha in the engine room.
Red: "Right, talk on level ground works."
mkb: [1d20 = 12]
mkb: Zalpha's common sense [3d8-4 = 7]
Kittymewmew (Will): (if we had rockets I'd crank it hard to port and run north as fast as we could boost, but eh)
mkb: Will, you lose control as the fins on the airship snap to horizontal and with a great BRRRRRAPT the envelope starts to deflate above you, making the air hot and foul smelling! You're gliding down into the lightly forested outskirts of Marilenev.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red says something remarkably similar to "Fgsfds!"
Will: "NOT what I meant!" I shout down to Zalpha.
Will: "Hold on!" I yell at Lily and Red and brace myself for a rough landing.
Red: Red didn't really need to be told, as she flattens herself to the floor.
Red: Grabbing th eclosest stable handhold while down there.
mkb: Reflex check everyone!
mkb: Will, you have a little bit of left-right control, but it looks like this thing's going to plow into the ground pretty hard.
Red: Ref. save [3d8+5 = 16]
Dee (Red): I rolled what Zalpha did XD
Will: reflex save (+1 if I've lost charisma to saves) [3d8+6 = 17]
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): i has a double pwm driver in one cog?
Kittymewmew (Will): excellent. I knew you could do it. ^_^
Red: Lily's reflex [3d8+5 = 15]
Dee (Red): :O?
mkb: Will, OUCH your lower ribcage hurts! Red, you hit the deck a little literally and bruise your chest a little.
mkb: Will, there's a beach to your right....
mkb: There's also a path in the trees with enough of a clearing that MAYBE you can land on it.
Will: I try to pull it over toward the beach. We've got better odds of that than trying to slip into the trees, and there's no damn way we're going to hide.
Red: "Owww..." she moans a bit, complaining about mostly anything she can think of that's gone wrong today.
mkb: Will, the envelope flaps about -- it has stopped deflating, and by the sound of the engine running at full Zalpha may be reinflating it already. The three wyvern riders are on top of the envelope and you can't see them.
Will: I try to get us over the beach so we can land, hoping this doesn't turn ugly.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Pilot roll?
Red: Lily craves some fried sprat about now. She's quite cam, with the thought, "Either it will be fine, or we die horribly."
mkb: Inflating the envelop seems to make the airship pitch upward a little, although you're still descending.
Will: pilot zeppelin [3d8+1 = 15]
Campaign saved.
mkb: You plow quite a mark in the sandy soil and break one of the spars on the left fin, but you're all right -- the airship lists to the side, but quickly settles itself as the envelope finishes inflating; the engine is still going at full blast.
mkb: You're all allright, save for some bruises.
'Dee' disconnected
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): derp
Will: If I have forward throttle control, we're not moving forward, so we're pretty much settled. "That could have gone worse."
'Dee' disconnected
Kittymewmew (Will): eep?
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Dee (Red): RAWR
'Dee' disconnected
Kittymewmew (Will): ...
mkbp (mkb): kitty is teaching me pcb design
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Chat log started at 4.5.2010 / 22:04:31

'Dee' connected
'Kittymewmew' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Dee (Red): blar
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
mkbp (mkb): der
Will: If I have forward throttle control, we're spun down and not moving while Zalpha hopefully brings us to rest.
Will: I'm hoping those asshole wyvern riders don't shred our envelope. I've had enough of my paranoid countrymen backstabbing any attempt I make to pass on the truth.
mkb: You've landed safely, and the ship has more or less managed to bring itself to a halt -- the engine is working furiously to refill the envelope with whatever eeeew keeps the thing afloat. You can't hear a thing due to that.
Will: I start getting the gangplank down so I can get off this tub.
mkb: The wyverns land rather gracefully in front of you, the lead knight dismounting and walking towards the prow of your ship -- he'll be here in a minute or so.
Red: Red gets up and brushes herself off. She helps with the gangplank. Lily stays inside and helps with whatever.
Will: Hopefully by then I'm down so we can talk without all the noise.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Zalpha is trying to get the airship back aloft and has to be told by Lily to not just take off, she hadn't even noticed Will and Red dismounting. The three wyvern knights seem a little surprised to see two women approach them, but the lead keeps walking towards you -- he's tall, by the look of it blonde -- he's taken his helmet off -- of the same build as Will and his lightweight armor has been decorated with brass embroidery where possible. "What is your business here!"
Red: Red defers to Will, not trusting her temper in handling these folk.
Will: "Travelling to Specularum, sirs," I tell them, not seeing the point of revealing himself to people who _will_ overreact and make trouble.
mkb: "Not in that thing you're not. Air travel has been forbidden within the Duchy, has nobody told you?" "Unless you're with the Guardians..." one of the other two comments before being shushed by the other." The leader continues. "At any rate. I'm surprised you were not told."
Campaign saved.
Will: Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty - the Guardians being the name of the wyvern order, or someone else? [3d8+4 = 17]
Red: Red raises an eyebrow at that, and wonder what they'd do about birds. Remains quiet, regardless, she'd get them in trouble if she spoke without prompting.
mkb: The Guardians being one of the cohorts in it -- there aren't many wyvern riders, so they use the Imperial squad system, a cohort being three to seven soldiers.
mkb: "We'll let you hop that thing in the water, and you can enter the city via the harbor. After inspection of course."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I have my doubts that it's going to float without quite some days of labour."
'Dee' disconnected
'Dee' connected
Kittymewmew (Will): oh boy not again
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh that was apparently D's box deciding it really wanted to reboot
Kittymewmew (Will): we're good
Dee (Red): Bleh.
mkbp (mkb): Sorry
Dee (Red): sokies.
Dee (Red): What happen? x_x
mkb: "That's not our problem. May I come aboard?"
Dee (Red): Are we jailed yet?
mkbp (mkb): no
Dee (Red): good
Dee (Red): I mean, Hooray!
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Will: "With the captain's permission. My authority stops at the gangplank, sir," I say as I walk him to the gangplank. "ZALPHA!" I shout out to get her attention.
Kittymewmew (Will): (this I'd rather leave in her capable hands)
Dee (Red): NOW we are going to get jailed, and forced to breed with animals until webreak in half or get pregnant.
mkb: The goblin eventually comes out of under the deck after having gotten the ship where it's almost buoyant; she looks at the damaged wing and stretches, then runs down the gangplank and gets between Will and Red. She's given a beneath-contempt glare from the Guardians, the leader of which eventually asks, "Right. Goblin, you're not welcome here. Know this. Do you have any explosives on board?" "Uh, I don't think so?" "Yes or no." "And what if I do?"
Kittymewmew (Will): Sorry, but Will pissing off Zalpha > Will pissing off these idiots.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red sighs, "Please don't talk so rudely to others. It reflects poorly on yourself."
Will: Will just looks at the so-called knights with utter contempt.
Will: "There are no explosives aboard the ship that I know of. Red?"
Red: "All my wares are back home. I brought none with me."
Will: "Then there should be no explosives aboard."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The patrol leader turns around and points one of his subordinates on the ship. "Go take a look." "Yes, Harrier." The man walks on the gangplank at a brisk pace, to his credit showing no hesitation and managing the not-at-all-steady thing very well. "Right, a few questions in the meantime..." The patrol leader asks you what is your name, what is your quest -- you do look like adventurers -- what is your business in Specularum, and if you are planning to do anything stupid because it's really not the time; he also tells you that you'd have to go at least ten miles out at sea before taking off.
Will: I tell him we're travelling to Specularum to seek new adventure and spend our rewards. I give him the name Wilhemina, and hope he takes it since many fair folk don't have more than one name. I tell him no, we have no intentions of doing anything stupid.
Kittymewmew (Will): (we do have every intention of lifting off again as soon as it's dark...)
Red: "Red Leyline. My quest is to make money and improve the lives of other. I never plan to do anything stupid, it just usually happens."
Red: "As for Specularum, what she said."
Red: others*
mkb: The wyvern knight that had gone inside emerges with one of the goblin firemen ineffectually beating on his leg, or is it humping it -- hard to tell. He promptly turns around, by the sound of it vomits in the sand, and says "Ugh... All clear... Coal and fabric and some provisions."
Campaign saved.
Red: She shrugs. Too bad she left her medicines and masks, as well, but he'll be fine so, meh.
Will: I wait and see if these idiots want to make camp or start a fight instead of leaving, since they know we can't exactly drop in the water in our current state.
mkb: The patrol leader holds up his chin with his hand, taps his foot a few times, and looks at the two of you. "So, are either of you doing anything after ditching the greenskins? We'll be off duty at eight."
mkb: The other knight finally gets the fireman off of him.
Campaign saved.
Red: "I don't really have interest in men who treat my friends rudely." She shrugs.
Will: I glare at the knight. "Fixing this ship, thank you kindly. If you're trying to romance me, you'll have to try MUCH harder," I tell him.
Red: She stretches a bit. Her back and chest a little tense.
Red: "I guess I'll try fixing lunch, then."
mkb: Speaking very slowly and very loudly, the knight addresses Zalpha and tells her she's supposed to just hop this eyesore into the water and make for the harbor, and she's not to take off. "Oh, I thought this thing could float." "It can float just fine, it can even go higher 'n' the World Mountain for that matter!" The three wyvern knights titter at Zalpha's outburst. "Is that so, Wilhelmina? Very well, we'll stick around until you're in ready to sail off, then."
mkb: "You may want to remind your... captain... that nothing can fly that high, gold dragons if there are still any maybe..."
mkb: The three joke about the patently stupid thing Zalpha said; she's looking up at Will.
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Will: "If Zalpha says she can lift a ship that high, I wouldn't doubt it."
Red: Red sets to making lunch. Lily helps with the ship, unaware of Red's cooking ability.
Red isn't petty enough to deny the two knights some lunch, so she makes enough for them, too.
Will: If Red can distract the knights, I ask Zalpha if we can line the bottom with fabric and fly barely in the water.
Red: cooking! [3d8+3 = 19]
Dee (Red): [No clue what's available to cook with, so at the mercy of the DM what she makes]
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Your funeral, madam..." Harrier accepts the offer very graciously, but insists that Red take a bite first. He then orders his two men to give a hand with the broken fin or they'll be there the whole afternoon -- after they're done with the noms that is. Red, there were a few provisions on board, mostly maize pudding and eggs.
mkb: "This thing looks like it was supposed to sit in the water, it will float... not sure how we're going to make it go though!"
Red: Red does eat first. She doesn't have problem with much, considering all the times she's accidently eaten some form of poison, though.
mkbp (mkb): Lol there's that
Will: Will gets some food too, but only after mentioning his idea to Zalpha. "Well it won't float with holes in it," he adds.
Will: Last I checked there be holes in the bottom.
Will: Or was that fixed
mkb: "Caius, go and get a carpenter from Marilenev or we'll end up staying here a week if we're waiting for these runts to fix their ship." "Yessir."
mkb: Will, Zalpha tells you that worst to worst there'll be some water going in and out -- to make the ship just below buoyant so a bit of the hull is in the water is easy, that's how she's landed this thing so far to avoid breaking the fins.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red is happy with her cooking. Lily is... less so.
Will: Will nods. "Good, then make it look like you've done some work on it while we feed these louts, then let's get out of here."
mkb: Zalpha doesn't quite get the "make it look like" part, but goes to help with at least mending the broken fin temporarily, and helping the firemen with changing the ropes so that the fins stay above the hull. "Uh, Wilhelmina was it? Should we fetch you a boatwright."
Will: "No, we'll manage. Quickly too, from what the captain told me."
Red: They come to an agreement. Lily will teach Red to cook, and Red will repay her by being a pillow for a few days. Not that bad of a deal, Red thinks. If it was a guy, she'd fry him for even suggesting it, but since Lily's a girl, there's no way those thoughts are going on.
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Will: >_>
Dee (Red): What? .-.
mkbp (mkb): XD
Will: I ask Red if she'd like to ride into Specularum with Lily and I while the greenskins sail wherever they might need to go next.
Kittymewmew (Will): [if we sail this thing into port as it is we're getting ganked, I have a plan]
mkb: "Thank you for lunch, we'll wait until you get in the water then." The patrol leader tells his men to remount; they haven't fed their mounts at all, interestingly.
Kittymewmew (Will): That's something that I noticed and that also worries me re: us getting attacked.
Red: "Hmm, that's fine. We can do that."
Will: I head back to help with the work. Again when nobody's really listening, I ask Zalpha if she can just fly back to her tribe at night, flying really really high so nothing bothers her?
Will: Sense Motive: are the Wyvern Knights likely to gank the goblins once they're at sea? [3d8+15 = 30]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, the damage isn't extensive.... Zalpha answers by climbing on you and hugging your neck. She can do that, it'll be hard because she'll have to fly AND mind the engine and it's really hard to do that at high altitude, but she can try.... and she really wanted to go home.
mkb: Will, most likely: the impression you get is that they were promised actions but are very very very bored.
mkb: *action
mkb: Parade-quality shine on uniforms and barding and that sort of thing. Either that or they're just vain.
Will: I tell her that honestly, I'm worried about the wyverns attacking them at sea. These men seem more like common bandits than knights.
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Kittymewmew (Will): meow?
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Kittymewmew (Will): derrrrrp.
Dee (Red): Myeh.
Dee (Red): not it on recap
Will: We got pulled over by the skyway patrol, and we're in the process of dealing with them. We've basically decided to float out to sea with the boat and and effectively fly with our hull in the water.
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Will: We've basically decided the best thing to do at this point is to just get out of there, and figure out what to do after that.
Red: Basically. we (that is, Zalpha and the gobbies) were working on semi-waterproofing the hull enough for that to work without us getting flooded.
mkbp (mkb): Mew!
mkb: That takes surprisingly little, by the look of it it's mostly Zalpha tying up some of the spare fabric -- pretty much the last of it unfortunately -- filling it with gravel, and tying it to the hull as if to weigh it down. The three sky knights are mostly looking at the gobbies slowly fill the sacks up, affecting boredom.
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Red: Red mostly plays with Dragon while waiting. Acting several years younger as she does so, and without any form of embarassment.
Will: Will mostly ignores the wyvern knights on principle, and helps the goblins. He's decided they're not even worth venting his frustration on.
mkb: With Will's help that goes along a lot faster -- the airship is quickly weighed down by two sort of hammock shaped bags of rock that are left to dangle to the sides. "That makes it so we're sorta floating, I don't know how it works but it's what Rukti and Malky did when they went fishing..."
mkb: "You can hop this thing into the water but don't try to take off" one of the knights interjects.
Will: "Good enough then. Let's get out of here."
Red: "Ah, time to leave now?"
Will: "Yes, let's shove off and begone!"
Campaign saved.
Red runs up, having done some jogging, "Hooray! I'll need to clean this sweat off, but I can do that on the ship." She chirps, heading back to the ship.
mkb: The sky knights make a show of taking off before you and getting on your flanks; Zalpha lifts the thing so that the weights are sort of dragging on the sand a little, and says come aboard.
Will: I do my best to get onboard, the horse body still being rather annoying for that.
Red: Red does so, happy to be back moving. She gets Dragon on first, and then ready to help Will get on.
mkb: Will, the plank more or less works with you, although it takes a little. Zalpha says basically ignore the up and down controls, and hope there is little wind because otherwise you'd end who knows where! What a waste of fuel.... The hop in itself is pretty easy: just let the airship swim along in the air.
mkb: The fins have been forced to tilt up so that they don't touch the water -- the engine probably could move oars, but that'd be another project....
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Will: I nod, and tell her I don't know much of ships, so we'll have to make do this way for now.
Will: How IS the wind?
mkb: [1d6 = 6]
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
mkb: Pretty strong, annoyingly -- it's pushing northwest, so it'll be easyish to get up the river but hard to get off this shore. Or you could dock in Marilenev. Once they see you splashdown, the three wyvern riders make their mounts cry out and by the sound of it leave -- the envelope is still above you, so you cannot really tell.
mkb: Zalpha points out that this is going to take a while: the fins act as sails but do so in just the wrong way.
Will: I nod, and tell her that for now we have to just deal with it. I tell her to start thinking of ways to avoid the wyvern riders. Will wonders one big thing: do they fly wyverns at night?
Red frowns, but doesn't want to stink, so if she can, shell start bathing.
Dee (Red): Well, can just continue up the river until she gets back home.
mkb: Lily really put some heart in helping with the rocks, and ends up asking Red if she can share the bathing supplies.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red doesn't mind.
mkb: "Idunno? I gotta keep an eye on the engine, if it locks up we're going to drift to sea and that's kinda bad."
Red: The less stinky people the better.
mkb: You very slowly make your way along the coast, seeing some fishing boats going out late in the afternoon -- Marilenev isn't quite on the shore, but it's a short walk and there is a pretty strong pier.
Will: "I say we dock there," I tell Zalpha, pointing to Marilenev. "We can sort the rest out later."
mkb: The fishermen seem to be pointing at you and possibly laughing, but if they're hostile they're doing a good job of hiding it -- docking the ship is a LOT easier, since you're going with the wind. What does surprise the two teamsters who helped launch the fishing boats is how effortlessly a big-ish craft such as yours slides up on the beach...
Will: It does fly, after all. Once we're where Zalpha wants us, I help her and the other goblins tie the ship down.
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Red: Lily helps with the ship, if we're done bathing by that time. If not, well, she's not an exhibitionist like Red. :P
mkb: That's mostly a matter of letting the envelope deflate just a bit, you're already weighed down; Zalpha figures that this messing aroud with inflating and deflating has eaten up quite a lot of fuel though, and there's JUST enough to get back home on the direct route if the wind helps or doesn't hinder. Marilenev, to the north, is a palisaded village a little smaller than Luln and known for being well-off and peaceful, being that sea raiders would quickly have to face the main garrison at Specularum.
mkb: The sun is just starting to set; the two teamsters who watched you make landfall get back to collecting salt from the small basins that have been dug near the pier.
Red: When clean and Dressed, Red'll disembark, "So, walking to Specularum, then?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Apparently. Zalpha...I have no idea what to tell you. I don't know when you'll be safe to fly without getting attacked."
mkb: Red, whatever else is said about sailors, the pier workers do seem to appreciate your figure and let you know by raising their eyes and waving expansively, although they don't seem to act impolitely about it.
mkb: "Uh.... like.... ever?"
Will: "I'll do what I can to find out what's going on. I know you were safe to come with me to court last time, but these are rougher times, I'd ask that you stay here with the crew, and that Lily stay and help too. Don't trade the ship for a fishing boat just yet though - I think we can come up with a plan."
Red: She doesn't mind, and does a few stretches, waiting on Will and the others. She won't interrumpt the conversation between Zalpha and the knight. Her mind wanders briefly back to that 'concieve any' spell she brainstormed out of boredom once, recent events have seemed to show Will isn't as interested in the goblin anymore, however...
mkb: Will, that takes the engineer a little to process. "Why'd you want to waste an engine on a boat?" She figures out you were sort of kidding, and says she will have to get some coal or charcoal though -- this engine is a lot lighter and nicer, but doesn't burn manure. She still can't remember how she put it together the first time, though.
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mkb: One of the dockworkers approaches, hand raised -- the other's still filling a cart with salt.
Red: "Yes?"
Red: Red turns to the dockworker, awaiting an answer.
mkb: "You're adventurers, right? Anything going on that we should know about?"
Will: I give her a few gold coins and tell her to spend it carefully. "If you have time, maybe make the ship a bit more seaworthy."
mkb: The goblins caused a bit of worry, but it's not like THREE goblins are a raiding party.
mkb: Will, Zalpha looks at you with a bit of a grin for a moment, then asks you to promise her it's just as a safety and she's flying home right?
Red: "Not really, we're just on vacation, currently."
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Red: "These doods are our ride, well, were, but they're friends. Anyway, nothing to worry about; horse-rump overthere just likes to make an entrance anywhere she goes."
mkb: "If you're looking for a place to stay I my cousin has an inn, uhm... there's rooms on the ground floor, if it helps."
mkb: "Piotr, get back to work!" "Like you were doing anything." "I'm hungry, let's wrap this up..." "Allright allright I'm coming!"
Red: "Thanks for the offer~" She waves as he leaves.
Will: I give Zalpha a big hug. "I'll do my best to make that the case, but as long as we get away from those blasted wyverns, the skies are ours. They can't be EVERYWHERE!"
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mkb: Will, you has a wriggly? No, seriously, she's not getting off you. She's also wearing the wig Red made for her, apparently backwards.
mkb: Red, the men wave back and one makes a comment about the other's cousin better mind his manners. Marileneve is to the north.
Red: Well, those guys were nice and polite. Staying at the inn might be allright, though they're goal is Specularum, not this town.
Will: "Zalpha...I don't think you can come with me. I worry for your safety here."
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mkb: "If I can't come with you then I'm staying here or I'm going home, if I can't fly home then I'm staying here, not a lot of options. If you're worried about me being bored nah, I have a couple of ideas!"
mkb: Lily for her part has repacked and stayed on the ship -- she's traveled this far and doesn't want to be recognized by these two lest it turn into a long conversation.
Will: "Don't start any wars, alright?" I ask Zalpha very politely. "I'll be back soon."
mkb: Zalpha jumps off you and says to send her a carpenter or boatbuilder if you find one in town, that way she can get to work a little faster. One thing that surprises you is the path between the pier and the village: it's been graveled with great care and uniformity. The two dockworkers are wearing little more than rags, but given they're loading salt it would make sense even if each had a king's wardrobe -- the cart itself however is as good as you'd see on a main road, and these men use it as a handcart.
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mkb: Will, Zalpha very briefly noms your tail and smiles before letting you go.
Will: I pet her head and tell her things will be alright. We've been through worse.
Will: I walk along with Red, telling Lily to help out with Zalpha and the others - having one human around is probably a good idea.
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Will: We do pass through the village and inform a shipwright (it's a fishing village, there's probably a few) that if he talks to the odd looking goblin girl on the beach, there could be good money in it.
mkb: Marilenev is noisy as bells ring in various houses to signify dinner is ready -- the place is smaller than Luln, but very prosperous. It's pretty obvious that salt and logging are a big business here, and the town's silhouette is dominated not by a keep but by two very large windmills on top of which guard turrets have been built in a very seamless manner -- by the look of it a good chunk of the milling intended for Specularum happens here. The roads are pretty clean, you only spot one beggar, and what looks like silver millstone replaces the usual bell on Petra's shrine in the main street that goes across town. There are fisheries right where you're coming from; by the look of it most of the workers are either at sea or at dinner, but you have no difficulty finding a tall, rather jovial man who takes a good look at the both of you and answers in the affirmative.
Dee (Red): Derp.
Red: Red gave Zalpha some gold, too, to help in shipness, and her tribe.
mkb: "Huh! We were all warned to be on the alert for foreigners, I guess if you're it the Homeguard boys were just afraid of shadows..."
Will: "Probably," I tell the shipwright. "We usually have enough trouble, why would we bother making MORE?"
mkb: "Good word, good word -- I'll send Iannis along with the morning turn then, thanks for the advice!"
Will: "Excellent. Red, what say we find some food before we get back on the road?"
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mkb: There seem to be a grand total of three inns here -- one is rather oddly shaped, at the north end of town with much of its bulk being composed of a covered-over storage space for wagons. It's doing good business: traveling merchants het much less expensive quarters here than in the outskirts of Specularum proper, and it's only a half hour away.
mkbp (mkb): And thus was born the motel
Red: "Sure, though we ate not too long ago. Guess you use up a lotta fuel?"
Will: "That slog through the water was longer than you think, it was lunchtime then."
mkbp (mkb): That happens a lot when sailing -- you feel the wind, see the water move and don't realize you're not making much progress
mkbp (mkb): it's a classic cause of "we misestimated our dead reckoning", which if you're out of sight of the shore can be lethal
Red: "Ah, suppose so, then."
Campaign saved.
Red: "What do you have in mind?"
mkb: Whatever craziness happened in Radlebb, or the Black Eagle Barony, not to mention up north, seems to not even be conceivable here -- while it's true that the Sea of Dread historically deserved its name, Duke Stefan has done a good job with keeping the roads and waterways secure.
Will: "The first tavern we see?" I ask Red, and look around for some source of food.
Red: She shrugs, "Sure. I don't mind whatever."
mkb: That would be a rather small thatched-roof cottage that by the look of it used to be someone's house before being repurposed: it's sitting between two somewhat larger buildings and advertises itself as the Viking's Horn.
Red: ooh, cozy.
Will: Works for me. I head in, stepping carefully given my size.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, your arrival doesn't pass unnoticed -- the place looks more like a roadhouse than a docks bar, and it's reasonably quiet except for an ash-blonde girl playing the harp remarkably badly and being generally ignored. By the smell the menu comprises mostly of sausages. The men here, by the look of it tradesmen who don't have or don't want to go back to their family just right now, look rrough but respectable -- it doesn't escape the two of you that you're the only female presence other than the bard and presumably the tavernkeep, a very wide middle aged woman who welcomes you in like you were long lost relatives and adds "Do clean your hooves on the doorway, dearie, please?" to Will.
mkb: It's easy to imagine this person in bed surrounded by an unholy number of cats.
Will: I make a point of doing as she asks, and then step up to the bar, and order up something that mostly comprises sausages.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red greets her warmly, cleaning her own boot bottoms, and orders something also, though a bit lighter. She's not that hungry.
mkb: The sausage by the feel of it contains a bit of fish entrails, which makes sense given the village's location, and is so-so; the dip it came in on the other hand is delicious, although it could probably cure a cold in ten minutes all by itself. The veggies look pretty fresh, and are served with the same dip; you find the price is a little more than you'd have thought, same as in Kelvin really, but being this close to the big city that's not too surprising.
mkb: As you eat, the bard shyly approaches you and asks you if you have a moment.
Red: Nervousness, combined with a mild depression-induced funk, not to mention some light cramping, have understandably decreased the appetite that produced this figure of her.
Dee (Red): hers*
mkbp (mkb): Meep!
Dee (Red): Oh that'll be fun for Will.
Will: I give the bard a friendly smile. "Of course, what is it?"
mkb: Her name is Irna and well, as you probably might have guessed she's really not very good as a bard... she stumbles upon her own words specifying that she's NOT asking for a handout, she'd never do that unless she was actually starving and she did get to eat today, but since you look like travelers -- what have you seen and been to recently?
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mkbp (mkb): SPY! or not?
Red: Red offers her a sausage anyway, as she's not gonna eat it and doesn't want it to go to waste, clarifying that part. "Mmm, not sure what's interesting of it all, but.." She details some of the more interesting things she's done, mostly of the time between leaving the Titan's Fart and when she got back to Will.
Red: She really enjoyed the food in Alfheim, the short duration she was there. Also how Dragon once scared away an owlbear while she was bathing.
Red: Among other things
Campaign saved.
Will: Will is actually a lot less boastful with this girl, and describes some of his self-reflection as of late, on the inevitable fate of paladins.
mkb: Irna hesitates a littlee and nomnomnomnoms, laughs, and returns the chatter by telling you where she's been so far in her travels, from Selenica down here, and how she got completely sidetracked in Penhaligon helping a barbarian and a dwarf look for some sort of "uncertainty lich" that turned out to be some necromancer in a jeweler's employ who was using dorf skeletons to excavate the tomb they'd been buried in for gems.
mkb: "Your people have paladins? Got me there... I guess people need heroes, really... but well you meet a hero in person, they're always a lot less shiny than in stories, you know? That's our job... clean up what happens so it makes for a better tale. Again not that I'm any good at it...." She shrugs and lauighs.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Just have to observe how others tell things, what gets the reaction you want. Always gotta be ready to learn." She smiles. She agrees on the heroes bit, they're but men and women. Even so... She sighs for no apparent reason, and asks about what sort of drinks they have here, and what's strongest, to the tender.
Will: I smile at her. "Oh, I have many stories of Paladins, perhaps when I have more time I'll come and tell them."
Will: I do tell her one good story I came across, mostly because it's one of Will's favourite stories: how Sir William Kert became a legendary champion of Ironforge.
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkbp (mkb): yay marketing?
mkb: The tender says that you don't want something too strong or you'll get in trouble... she seems to look like she'd LIKE to if she had twenty years and a hundred pounds less, but points at a barrel of stupidly overexpensive dwarven rum.
mkb: Irna listens attentively, and says that everyone's been jumpy like crazy after Raddlebb, do you thinks demons did that?
Campaign saved.
Will: I tell her no, I think it's got something to do with the border war between Luln and the Black Eagle, like everything over there.
Red: Red doesn't get something nearly that strong, mostly something to calm her nerves down, and make some of these herbs go down better.
Dee (Red): Derp forgot she's an alchemist, so she can make medicine for her cramps. >_>
mkb: You're treated to admittedly very good, and cheapish, local white wine from the new vinyards around here -- Irna politely just asks for a glass of water.
Will: Will on the other hand never says no to a good dwarven brew.
mkb: "Sounds about right. And to think that the Baron's coming here to be commended or something! They're going to close the big road all morning either tomorrow or the next day so he can come here...."
mkb: Will, a positive thing of being a centaur is that even with you looking more minute, you hold your drink a lot better.
mkbp (mkb): I figured out why dorfs drink so much. Their metabolism is trying to make up for living in oxygen poor environments.
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Dee (Red): *nod*
Will: "Wait...Baron Von Hendricks is coming HERE? Tomorrow?!"
Kittymewmew (Will): CRAP.
Dee (Red): Ohnoes!
Red: "Ah, scary scary."
mkb: "Oh he's not that scary.... the fifty creepy guys along for the rides though!" Irna interjects. "There was a visit at Penhaligon at one point, I was there -- locked down the whole city." "Glad it's the big city and not us then -- Oronzo'll be happy his wagon in stays full for an extra day I guess."
mkb: "Something about a commendation or medal or something, we only heard about it because these Homeguard boys passed by to warn us about the disruption in traffic. Decent thing to do, at least."
Will: "I hope they draw him in to hang him, but that's my take."
Red: She nods, "Huh, a commendation for him? Weird."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I heard he's bringing a sea dragon to the Duke as a gift, that I'd like to see." "Pah! Girl, that's horseshit. I been at sea for twenty years and never saw anything that could fly and dive and didn't taste good on a skewer!"
mkb: Around you that evolves into a discussion on how best to catch gulls and egrets while out fishing.
Red: "Well, dragon probably tastes good," she shrugs, and withdraws from the conversation.
mkbp (mkb): yours prolly does :p
Will: "A sea dragon, hm? If he does, I'll bet it's live, we all know him and his plots!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "It's gotta be like that traveling show with the mermaid skeleton that was a bunch of bones tied together..." "You know, there's mermaids past the Isle of Dread." "Yea, nasty buggers, too, sink you sooner than look at you..." "Why would anything remotely female want to look at YOU?" "Fuck off!" "All right boys, calm down, no fighting!"
mkb: Irna looks at Will. "I don't know. Bargle the Infamous can probably conjure one up out of nothing without thinking twice."
Will: "Last I heard, he's busy digging up the blight swamp for a new weapon."
mkb: "Ooh, that's interesting! You're coming from those parts?"
Will: "That was my last stop, yes."
mkb: You're mostly asked if Fort Doom is as scary as they say -- the merchants don't like to talk about it, so it's either that bad, or there's good deals and they don't want the competition, mostly.
mkb: Interestingly, the older folks still call it Halag.
Red: She gets some more wine, knowing her own limits, and just going to reach the bottom of them.
mkbp (mkb): speed it up a lil?
mkb: [1d6 = 2]
Dee (Red): Hmm?
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): Red's mostly done here. She's waiting on Will.
mkbp (mkb): i'm asking if you want to
mkbp (mkb): not telling :)
Dee (Red): Ah.
mkb: These people aren't terribly interested in new weapons -- having the capuital right there makes them feel pretty safe, and anyway, at least nominally the Baron is on their side.
Will: "Scary? Honestly, yes, it's in the very image of tyranny. I was there once, and hope I can avoid going back. Anyhow - I should be in the city by nightfall, so we'd probably best be off soon."
Kittymewmew (Will): ya let's speed it up a lil :)
mkb: "If you were racing the sun you lost, but the road's short and very safe. Are you sure you wouldn't rather stay here? The rates are much better than in Specularum."
mkb: The sun is indeed down, but it's not quite dark out yet.
Red: "Up to that one." She motions to Will.
Will: "A valid point, let's."
Campaign saved.
Will: It's safer, too >_>
Red: Well, if we're staying, Red'll partke of some of that Rum. :P
mkb: "What if they close the road though?" Irna asks. "I mean, sounded like you were in a bit of a hurry... better be stuck ahead of the jerk brigade than behind it, no? Me I'm going the other way along the coast, so I don't care, but still."
Will: "THAT is an even better point."
mkb: "You should really respect your betters, young woman!" "Oh but I do!" That gets a general round of laughter from everyone except a grizzled old man who then goes back to playing cards with his buddies.
Red: "There is that... I think we do need to get into the city tonight."
Will: "Agreed. Sorry to leave you all so soon, but I'm sure we'll see you again."
mkb: "Be safe!" "Thank you!" "Watch out for grues!" "Yer drunk, I better walk you home."
mkb: The bill is reasonable -- Irna is basically licking your plates clean the second you thought you were gone.
Campaign saved.
mkb: *she
Red: Red bids her farewells as they leave. She leaves a few silver as a tip, and also a few more to Irna, 'for listening to a boring alchemist talk about work'.
Red: And to get some damn harp lessons. :P
Will: Poor dear. I say a short prayer for her health, and smile at Red as she leaves the coins, knowing that will only delay matters. Perhaps she'll get better, or find her calling one day.
mkb: Red, the tavernkeep doesn't comment, being used to adventurers occasionally being extravagant, but the bard almost starts crying -- thinking better of it she keeps her composure and mouths "Ye gods, thank you!" as you leave.
mkb: The road to Specularum is a diramation of the Westron Road and as such it's wide, well paved, and trafficked even at this hour -- mostly wagons with flours at this time, to be used for fresh bread in the morning.
mkb: There are two Homeguards right out of Marilenev, but they barely give you a glance. Are you walking or is Red riding Will?
Campaign saved.
Red: Casting mount is a bad idea, and Red doesn't feel comfortable riding Will, so she's walking.
Red: She is surprissingly fast for a woman of her build, however.
mkb: It still takes you an hour to get in sight of Specularum -- the city is well walled, and there are few lights giving away its presence, other than the castle and the lighthouse. You are passed along the way by a few wagons. The farmer's road gate is open and by the look of it inspections are pretty cursory, the line is maybe a wagon and two carts.
Will: We wait at the gate. Will's not terribly worried - this place has generally done him well, and he figures this matter should be reasonably sane to clear up.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The guard detachment is composed of three people who are clearing merchants in quickly -- you two get asked where you're coming from and what your business here is. Oddly, this particular guard seems to find Will more attractive than Red, given where he's looking.
Will: I tell him we're coming from the Black Eagle Barony and my business is to speak to the Duke's Court about the matter of Radlebb Keep.
Kittymewmew (Will): [doing this right away makes it less likely we're just trying to get into the palace]
Red: Red wonders what plan Will has, if he has one. Goes along with it for now, though.
mkb: "Uh... Did you send ahead or do you have an appointment? Let me go get the sargeant." The guard leaves you there -- you can probably even just run / gallop in at this point since his immediate superior is making small talk with a merchant he obviously knpws personally.
Will: I wait anyway - no sense starting trouble when I'm easily recognized.
Will: "I did not, the urgency of the matter suggests little need."
Will: "From what I can tell, is ANYTHING being taken more seriously?"
mkb: The sargeant looks at Will up and down. "Uhm, you're here to... speak to the Duke? Directly?"
Red: Red says something in an exasperated tone to her familiar, using celestial. A few squeaks and odd noises gets a chuckle.
Campaign saved.
Will: "I would suspect that anything to do with Radlebb Keep would attract his attention. I assure you this is no waste of His Grace's time."
mkb: The two guards look at each other and roll their eyes. "Who's got head shed duty tonight?" "Carrot, sir." "Sounds like this one is for Captain Carrot to handle then... Very well" the guard looks a little amused "you can talk to our station captain, and he'll talk to the seneschal if it's warranted. How's that work for you?"
Will: "It's a start."
Dee (Red): ...I know of several Carrots, but I'm fairly certain which one this is referencing.
Will: "It's not like I expect you to believe everything I'm telling you."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "It's not like I care. You're obviously not wizards or sappers, so if you want to spend the night in a waiting room, be my guest -- my shift's over at second vigil and I get to sleep in an actual bed.... Marcus, take these two to the head shed and sort them out, will you?" "Got it sir. Uhm, ladies, please follow me? You know, if you're just visiting you could just say so."
Red: Red shrugs, and follows, "Well, it is the truth, about what we're here for."
mkb: The thin guard starts making his way past the first gate, after which wagons are sorting themselves out in the interlude between fortifications as teamsters unload the vehicles and bring in the flour on their back. "You and five other cranks a day. You wouldn't believe the crazy story this masked man dropped into our lap last week before we kicked him out of town."
Will: "Was he wearing half of an iron mask?"
Will: I'm starting to think getting myself arrested as Sir William Kert might be more expedient.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): More expeditious, yes, more likely to get us listened to? maybe, more likely to get us thrown in the dungeon? Very.
mkb: "No, but just as silly -- some half disjoined glamerweave mask, kept shifting between white and black randomly. Why would you want to wear a butterfly on your face that looks like a piece of poop half the time... I guess you guys in the adventuring business are just quirky, hm? Anyway, complete nut case. Wonder what happened to his diary, really... Anyway" he points at a tower built on the inside of the old wall "that's the head shed, you can't miss the captains' office, it's the only one with a door that closes. Sort it out with the Captain and don't make any trouble in the city, y'hear? We put bar brawlers in the pokey around here, we got room."
Red: She nods, and wonders if she's met anyone matching that description.
mkb: "Half an iron mask? There was some fortune teller around here last month with one. Pretty good with weather, I hear."
Will: "I know, I heard they put him to the sword in Kelvin, but mages, you know."
Will: "I think he was a spy or something."
mkb: "Well if you want to add to the crank file, the captain is upstairs.... uhm, he's a little, literal, so you know."
mkb: The guard opens the door for you -- Will will fit just fine, these staircases were designed to be used by soldiers in heavy armor or engineers carying ballista bolts.
Campaign saved.
Will: I sigh. "Not a lot of point, really," I tell Red. "I think it's best we find another avenue, and simply visit the city. If there's no trouble, that is."
Kittymewmew (Will): [much easier to declare myself as Will Kert at the Academy than here, and nothing ELSE good is going to come of this move]
Red: "Really? We've gotten this far, just do it."
Red: If Will won't enter first, she does.
mkb: "Well, sorry, but you said you had all these crazy important information on the big kaboom.... as I said if you're just visiting, you should've said so at the gate. So now be a nice lady and go talk to nice Captain Carrot and see if you can entertain him for an hour or so, hmm?" He motions for Will to get in.
mkbp (mkb): good point, but you brought it up, you can't backtack
Will: "Fair enough then. I probably should have tried to start higher."
Kittymewmew (Will): Let's go on a grand tour of Specularum's legal system?
Will: I do enter the Captain's room, and give him a friendly smile as I do, letting Red follow in behind me.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red tells Dragon to behave and sit outside the room by the door. She has a collar and ribbons on, so people should realize she's a pet.
Dee (Red): It's not the legal system, just the diplomatic way to sneak in someplace.
mkb: The study is tiny, the table is mahogany, old, dented and huge, the seat in the back has probably seen a few wars and the man sitting on it literally trying to sort out what paperwork is important and what can go into the fire is easily as tall as Will, sporting the build of a dwarf and a buzz cut with hair the same color as Red's. The guard quickly excuses himself and gets a nod for his trouble.
Dee (Red): Smashing won't work here, so we have to talk. :E
Kittymewmew (Will): We're not trying to sneak in.
Dee (Red): No, but we are trying to get in.
Kittymewmew (Will): If I was trying to diplomatically sneak into the palace, that is a whole other matter. I'm trying to get the Duke's OFFICIAL presence, which is harder.
mkb: The huge man stands up and, with a little bow, says "Welcome to Specularum, ladies! I understand you have some information about the possible whereabouts of a criminal? We definitely appreciate all the help our citizens can give us. I'd offer you some tea but we're out and someone misplaced the petty cash again...."
Kittymewmew (Will): If Will was human and therefore more capable of skulking, talking to the Duke unofficially might have been possible, but in this case not really
mkbp (mkb): No, this does not involve jet-propelled swamp dragons. Today.
Red: Red gives the proper gesture, likely a salute, "It's fine. It's not so much information about the wherebouts of the criminal behind Radlebb, but the clearing of one of the current suspects."
Dee (Red): Does Will suspect Anton now, or did I imagine that scene?
Kittymewmew (Will): Lily did convince him that he is the most likely suspect.
Dee (Red): Kie
Kittymewmew (Will): He does consider the possibility of another wizard not yet known but in the area.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red motions for will to present his case.
Will: I first ask him if he knows of the necromancer who attacked Kelvin, and who started the zombie infestation in what is now the Black Eagle Barony. If he does, I tell him that said necromancer is dead, but had a wealth of information.
mkb: "We've dealt with the New Plague, yes -- why just last week there was a minor riot over the uhm, new funerary requirements for Mrs. Ludlow... she was kind enough to get up for just long enough to make the point moot without Watch intervention, fortunately. I must admit, it's odd how allowing arms to the populace actually reduced crime to some extent."
Red: Sidetracked that a lot, but eh, it's his hide. She listens for a point she can add to.
mkb: "So you wish to report the death of a suspect? That is fine. Please be concise and stick to the facts, ma'am." Without a trace of irony, the man sits down again and prepares to write a report.
Campaign saved.
mkb: One thing both of you notice is that on the man's desk, in a tasteful wooden frame is a very finely engraved slab of marble depicting what looks like a dwarven family with a gangly human teenager towering over them.
Will: "If he was one of the suspects, then yes," I say, and pass on the tale of how Sir William slew the necromancer. "I was privy firsthand to the tale in Corunglain." I don't act as though I know Sir William is suspect yet.
mkb: "Thank you -- we will assign an officer to review this information, if we can. Have you come across anything we can use about the Radlebb incident? It's got everyone riled up, and rightly so. Do you also know the whereabouts of the necromancer's slayer? I would guess it's him you wanted to talk to me about, as he is a person of interest."
Red: "..." Red sighs, she looks a bit dissappointed at Will.
Will: "In fact I do have some information as to the Radlebb incident: the necromancer had extensive notes on the situation at Radlebb Keep and the political reasons for the destruction. Those notes were lost, but they reached a very logical conclusion that it was someone directly involved in the border conflict between Luln and the Black Barony."
Campaign saved.
Red: She remains quiet for now.
mkb: "If you have a copy of the notes, I should very much like to see it -- if you just have the notes, I'll get a copy made, of course."
mkb: Either this man is somewhat naive or he has an excellent poker face: he's taking it all very professionally.
Will: "That I do not. From what the search of his lair shows, the notes were destroyed along with most of the place. All I know is what was heard from Sir William, and from the woman with me, who travelled with him for some time."
mkb: "Very well, tell me all you know. Please be concise and stick to the facts."
mkbp (mkb): this is not intended to be a recap, it's to see what you guys tell him
mkbp (mkb): remember this IS something that warrants getting a wizard or cleric to do some CSI
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah, well, good luck getting anyone up there and surviving at this point.
Campaign saved.
Will: I tell him what Ambrose told me about WHY Radlebb Keep was destroyed, omitting what I know about the how of it. I tell him I have little knowledge of the workings of magic, but the politics make a lot of sense.
mkb: "So you're saying it was a local matter? That matches our lead, in fact. Again, you wouldn't happen to know where this knight who slew the necromancer is, would you?"
Red: "Apparently we don't."
Will: " I gathering you suspect HIM? Did you run out of wizards or something? I've heard the story of him slaying a demon in one blow, but a CASTLE?"
Will: I look at Red quizically, wondering if SHE has a plan.
Kittymewmew (Will): (by the way this is mostly me figuring out as much of what THEY know as I can)
mkb: "He is a person of interest as are a few others. There's actually a reward for bringing him in for questioning as he's the only prime suspect who hasn't been found and interrogated. I take you're the adventuring sort: would you like the job? I cannot give an advance of course, but there's 100 platinum pieces in it, courtesy of the *ehm* generous *cough* Baron von Hendricks."
Campaign saved.
Red: "So he's the one who wants Sir William captured? I can say, though, that it's quite impossible that Sir William was the one to destroy Radlebb. Though he has the potential for magic, he has no such ability to use it. I tested him myself with a sorcerer's stone for that. While I would like to bring him in for questioning, it wouldn't be for a reward."
Will: I look over at Red, a little surprised, and curious where she's going with this.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Though it would be better to show in person, it seems we will be unable to do anymore here to clear his name."
mkb: "I commend your civic duty ma'am, but fair work gets fair pay -- did you know it's actually on the law books here?"
Red: "Not so much civic duty, as trying to help a friend, even if he does piss me off all too often."
Red: "But I don't have anything further. Do you?" She looks at Will.
mkb: "If this is all -- well, I see no reason why I should detain you further. Now be advised that there will be a state visit tomorrow, and we're imposing a curfew from midnight on, so I recommend you find lodgings... oh, you know the gentleman? In that case, where last did you see him? And if you get a chance to correspond -- please tell him that he's making it worse on himself by not responding to muster."
Will: "Well if you'll fetch a mage to prove it, I'll tell you that you've been talking to Sir William the entire time. I responded as quickly as I could. I believe that entitles this woman to a hundred platinum, and me to a fair trial."
Kittymewmew (Will): I think I got as much information as I'm going to get, the frontline captains would probably be reasonably informed as to who's up to what.
Dee (Red): NOW you do that.
Kittymewmew (Will): ...
Kittymewmew (Will): Cut the last post
mkbp (mkb): Wow, that's unexpected
Kittymewmew (Will): D, would you play both characters until you're satisfied with my actions? see you in a couple years.
Dee (Red): Oh, I thought you'd do that from the start.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): I'm not criticising you, just saying it like Finally!
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh lol
Kittymewmew (Will): That was actually plan B
Kittymewmew (Will): Or plan A once I figured out it was a reasonable course of action.
Kittymewmew (Will): The other thing I wanted to do was get the captain of the guard drunk and find out EVERYTHING
Kittymewmew (Will): but I'll do that later.
Red: "basically that. I can't say when I last saw him, becase he's been here the entire time." She points to Will.
Dee (Red): ...Dood, he's dwarf-raised. YOU will get drunk before he will.
Kittymewmew (Will): This guy isn't the captain of the Duke's guards >_>
Dee (Red): Oh, different dood, then
Kittymewmew (Will): he's the captain-on-duty. Much lower ranked.
mkb: "Well, technically you brought yourself in here, she didn't identify you as such... hmm, you'd have to get the paper pushers to sort it out, although I would tend to agree." The man keeps his poker face. "In that case I think I should fetch the seneschal immediately. Would you please consider yourselves under arrest and let me skip the whole business with the chains? Just wait for half an hour."
mkbp (mkb): He's A captain for this quarter of the city, ya
Will: "On my word as a knight, I won't leave this room. Could you have someone fetch some water, though?"
mkbp (mkb): the title you're looking for is Commander.
mkb: "We'll do that."
Will: "Thank you, Captain."
Red: "Why am I also under arrest? And I don't care for the money I said."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The large man turns to Red. "You're free to go, but I suggest you stay and try to make your case to the seneschal about that reward, frankly. I'd be all for giving you leave of the city but we've been told that this is a political matter and regrettably some subjects' rights will have to be nudged. Now can I trust you to stay here? I'd really rather not physically lock either of you up..."
mkb: It's obvious that the lad can probably bench press Will, but is a little uneasy around women. Those who don't have a beard anyway.
Red: "I'll stay, I just don't want to be in trouble."
Red: She crosses her arms, and sighs.
Will: "Neither of us will be, Red."
mkb: "Safest place in the world is in a jail, ma'am." The man walks out and you hear him call, "Dubny! Get some water and tea into my office please, and stand guard outside. Anyone who isn't with me tries to get in or out, sound the alarm!"
Will: "This will be cleared up reasonably sensibly. Since Duke Stefan took the throne, there's been good justice here."
mkb: True to his word, Captain Carrot didn't even lock the door. Outside the narrow window the city of Specularum prepares to turn i nfor the night, with the due exceptions: thanks to the burning paperwork it's reasonably warm in here.
Red: She grumbles something about jails being safe.
Red: She lets Dragon into the room.
Red: "Allright, I owe you some yoghrt next time we get the chance."
Campaign saved.
mkb: In about a minute, a very runty guard brings in some clean water and a pitcher of a drink that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. He does mention to clean after your bunny as he's next on the chores wheel for that.
Will: "Honestly, Red, I say you argue for the bounty. If you don't need it, I'm sure the people in Kert could use the money."
Will: I thank the guard for the water.
mkb: "Uh, you need to use the privy, er... let me know, right?" Fortunately you don't for some time.
Red: Red thanks him as well, and proudly states that Dragon is fully trained to not make such messes indoors :D
mkb: [3d20 = 38]
Red: "Right."
Dee (Red): wow, 1 away from triple 13s.
mkb: You're left to wait for a few minutes, are you doing anything in the meantime?
Will: Mostly convincing Red that she should argue for the bounty. She can always spread it to those who need it.
Red straightens out her and Dragon's hair, and gets her sorcerer's stone out. "Fine, fine. I'll do it. I'm just loathe to take money from that man."
Will: "Why? Better we take it than let him keep it."
Campaign saved.
Red: "There's that. I'll just have to check every single damn coin, even if I'm paid in copper."
mkb: You have to wait much less than the promised half hour, maybe twenty minutes -- Carrot has a brief talk with the guard that ends with both of them standing at attention at the door, as a man and a woman -- both looking somewhat harried -- enter the room. Both are dressed in aristocratic finery, but the woman's ornate dress is singed with acid burns in a few spots -- she is wearing two oddly cut crystal glass covers over her eyes; you've seen eyeglasses before, but these are not quite it. Red, your stone flickers.
mkb: "Sir William? You've certainly... huh... grown since we last talked." This was the seneschal, who seems to have aged a bit since Will last saw him on his first visit to Specularum. The woman locks the door and makes a hand gesture towards it, causing the wood of the door to fuse with that of the frame; she puts a tiny armillary sphere made of brass on the table, where it starts to spin by itself. "We can talk privately here" she says. You notice now that she is wearing a veil, and is completely bald underneath.
Red: "Ah, well, that's good. What's first on discussion, then?"
Will: "Good to see you again, Seneschal," I say, noting her arcane powers. "I hear someone suspects me of something rather impossible."
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): *the woman's arcane powers
mkb: Red, the older woman glares at you in such a way that you can actually feel heat on your cheeks.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh boy.
Kittymewmew (Will): NOW Red's in trouble >_>
Dee (Red): She's used to it, really. =_=
mkb: "Neither of you will talk unless I say otherwise." The woman's voice is unusually deep. Calmly, she starts walking around Will. Will, you feel like she's literally looking through your clothing, and possibly your skin and muscles directly into the bone -- it's warm and chilly at the same time.
Red: Red shrugs, and decides its not worth it. Dragon sticks her tongue out, though it could probably just be her licking her nose.
Will: I keep my usual fearless demeanour about me. Though I don't trust wizards in general, the ones here have too much to lose playing power games.
mkb: "I see a young man in front of me. Growing up is such an exacting task, is it not? You have to run at a gallop just to keep up." She finally takes the eyepiece off, and glances at Will with a very ambiguous look. Will, will save?
mkbp (mkb): belay that actually
Campaign saved.
mkb: "William Kert, Scourge of Radlebb Keep. William Kert, Mountain Champion. I have to wonder."
Kittymewmew (Will): [no save needed?]
mkbp (mkb): no
mkb: "How long ago were you ordained as a paladin of the realm?"
Will: "It would have been...almost three years ago now."
Dee (Red): ...I don't right recognize that, but I have a bad feeling about that pic.
mkb: "You don't exactly hear stories of your bravery much. I like that. True heros don't toot their own horns... just as bad as they often end up unsung, really. Have you kept your vows to your liege lord and to your people to the best of your ability?"
-> red: This is a pretty standard way for an inquisitor to formally start a line of questioning, btw.
Will: "Yes, I have."
Red: Red takes a deep breath through her nose, taking a few extra sniffs at the air as if trying to catch a scent.
Red: She then sneezes.
mkb: "I vouch for his identity. I believe we have an easy way to prove his guilt. Hmmm... Guard, outside! Do you have any small boxes?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, the bald lady clearly noticed, but doesn't seem to mind. The seneschal whispers to you "You're not in any trouble, don't worry. Creeps me out something fierce though..."
Red: She nods.
mkb: A nondescript wooden box is brought in, about the right size to contain a pair of shoes -- the woman closes the lid, touches the side, and burns a perfectly round hole in it, then opens it again. "Put your hand in the box, knight."
mkb: It was empty, but now there is something flickering in there, silver and brass and green shapes as if in a mist.
Will: I place my hand in the box.
mkb: The woman closes it, so that your wrist is sticking out. "Paladins can withstand the most extreme torture without fear, and can block out pain -- if they have not strayed from their path."
mkb: 27
mkb: "Do you know what's in the box, young knight?"
mkb: Red, you see the seneschal starting to sweat.
Will: "No, I do not. I do sense a trap however, as I believe the matter here is of Radlebb Keep, rather than the gods' choice to protect me."
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): [note: if Will has either Divine Grace or the Marshal's equivalent, he has Charisma to his saves, otherwise he does not]
Kittymewmew (Will): [and you should subtract 5 from any saving throw he makes]
mkb: "Very true. Very true. But surely the gods would not protect a man who is guilty of massacre, no?"
mkb: She looks like she waits for your answer. Will, you feel as if a number of needles are starting to prickle at your hand.
Will: "The gods would not protect many men. Do the gods protect you?" I give a sideways glance to Red, as if suggesting some serious starspark action might be worth considering shortly.
mkb: "No. We protect them. So, if the gods have indeed withdrawn their favor from you -- does that not show that you are not innocent?"
Red: Red's glance prettymuch says 'HAHAHAHAHA FUCK THAT NOISE'. There will be no sparks flying from the witch.
mkb: (fort or will save, your pref)
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, the seneshal is saying something under his breath. read lips?
Will: fortitude save [3d8+13 = 26]
Red: Read Lips [3d8+3 = 12]
-> red: "That's not how it goes...."
mkb: Wil, now your hand feels hot. HOT! HOT!
Will: "Your logic is flawed. You say that if I have fallen from the grace of the gods, that I have done this evil without any proof of my act. That logic could claim my guilt in ANY evil."
Will: Speaking of Evil, is my Detect Evil working, and if so, is it going BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP? Coz my common sense is.
mkb: Will, the pain stops! "Well argued, young knight. Seneshal, this warrior has passed the trial of pain -- not by grace, and not by guts. You've got a wise knight here, despite his impulsiveness. I strongly suggest you keep him." "But he has fallen?" "Yes -- I could've told you that when I went through the door. And so what? These are not, mercifully, my grandmother's times."
mkbp (mkb): I wasn't going to rip Dune off THAT bad, doods.
Kittymewmew (Will): Really now :P
Dee (Red): Yeah :V
Campaign saved.
Red: Red sighs, mostly out of relief.
Will: Will does the same.
Will: "I see there is wisdom among us now, and that my original assumptions were correct. I apologize for doubting you."
mkb: "What was your assumption?"
Will: "That good justice is done here."
mkb: "Justice is never done. At best, it continues."
Will: "Well said."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Spare me your condescension, boy. Now listen." Her voice lowers an octave again, assuming odd reverberations. "You will tell the truth to the good Seneschal here, all of it, any of it, until such time as he releases you to your slumber. You will wake up restored in body and mind." Again in the normal voice, she tells the Seneschal that you're all his, and her work is done -- then she sits in Carrot's chair and seemingly enters a trance.
mkb: Will save both of you?
Red: Will save [3d8+5 = 12]
Will: will save. [3d8+9 = 24]
-> will: You hafta tell the truth. You got a TINY bit of wiggle room. such as omitting minor details.
-> red: You hafta tell the truth, flat out.
Red: not that I wasn't planning to.
mkb: The Seneschal pulls out a drawing pad, lead pencil and paper, and starts with the questions: did you do Radlebb keep?
Red: "No."
Will: "No."
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): Does Dragon have to answer questions, or is she ignored because she's an adorable bunny? >_>
mkb: He's a little surprised when Red also answers, and figures that there's probably a good reason for it. He asks you who do you think did it to the best of your knowledge, how are you connected to the zombie plague, what do you have to say about the possession incident in Titan's Fart, what do you have to say about Rockhome having complained that the last three tax collectors sent to Ironforge died in the heat, whether you are in any way connected with Glantri or Alphatia, is the ZAN a subversive organization, and *takes a sip* how do you even CALL this tea, and what happened to William, and who was the responsible of the New Plague working for?
mkbp (mkb): She's kind of cowering as far away from the inquisitrix as possible.
mkbp (mkb): quick answer is okies
Will: Who did Radlebb Keep: I suspect one of the Wizards of Luln or Bargle is most likely responsible.
Will: How am I connected to the zombie plague: It was released in Kert because it is my hometown, in hopes to slow my attack on the necromancer, who is now slain.
Will: Possession incident: I am barely aware of it and was planning to go there to investigate it upon clearing my name.
Will: Rockhome tax collectors: I hope there aren't any more demons loose in Ironforge.
Will: I am not connected to either Glantri, nor Alphatia.
Red: Anton, of Luln. Not connected, except as a researcher. I was unaware of possession. Fookin' dorfs, man. I am originally from Glantri, and am never returning. ZAN is a not subversive as far as I know. I do not think of it as tea. Unsure. Unsure.
Will: The ZAN is not a subversive organization, it exists to protect the peasants from zombies.
Will: As for the tea, it's really not.
Will: If the New Plague refers to what was released in Kert, he was working for himself. If there is a more recent plague, it is an offshoot of that as far as I know, and is not controlled by anyone.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Both of you feel extremely tired. "This necromancer. Is he connected to the Harmonite crystal being studied at the Academy? Is he gone for good? What was his goal? Do you know how Radlebb Keep happened at all? Did this necromancer work alone?"
mkb: It looks like the bald woman is still out for the count.
Red: Likely. Unsure. Unsure. Not really, though many hypothesises. Unsure.
Will: "Yes. Yes. His goal was to stop all-out war between Alphatia and Karameikos. I have no understanding of magic theory, and can give no insights on the spell, but I know it WAS a spell. The necromancer had minions, but none who could replace him."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I accept your innocence. This necromancer -- could he have done it? Can he possibly return? They tend to."
Red: "Again, I'm unsure. I never really made contact with the necromancer myself."
Will: "No, and no."
mkbp (mkb): well, yes, he could have done it: he knew how. will save?
Will: will save [3d8+9 = 21]
mkbp (mkb): or are you interpereting the "could" as "might he have" instead of "did he know how"
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya.
Kittymewmew (Will): I interpreted it as "is it possible that he did it"
Dee (Red): I was, too.
Kittymewmew (Will): which is no.
mkb: The woman wakes up from her trance. "Seneschal, leave us." The door has, at some point, returned to its unsealed state. A little dazed, the man does so, then closes the door behind him.
mkb: "Now before you two pass out, know you will be brought to a clean bed. The last question. You are not telling me all. Who started all this? Who is the ultimate cause of all this ... disturbance ... upon these lands."
Campaign saved.
Red: "I truly would not have any idea."
Will: "If there is one ultimate cause, it would be Acererak. He works from beyond the grave to create chaos, and speed the end of the entire universe, through slow machinations."
Red: Red doubletakes at that, "Buh?"
mkb: "We will have to take steps. This conversation never happened. You are clear of all accusations and will leave the city as soon as you are able. If what you say is true all consequences of this must be reverted. May we never meet again...." The woman looks at Will with a penetrating glare. "Odd, I can't quite..."
mkb: She makes a gesture. "We shall have to deal with this."
mkb: Fort save both of you?
mkb: [2d10 = 8]
Will: fortitude save [3d8+13 = 29]
Red: Fort. save [3d8+4 = 17]
mkb: Red, you pass out.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you feel a moment of wrenching pain in your gut and think your sight might've gone funny as you see your front legs bend in a way that they shouldn't. Then you also pass out.
mkbp (mkb): Well, rolled a 53, so what are we TRYING to fix about Will's shape change
Dee (Red): Myusu. =x
mkbp (mkb): accepting suggestions
Kittymewmew (Will): Well who has control here and what is the desired outcome?
Kittymewmew (Will): If Will has control he comes out as he was when he went in - human and riding pathfinder. He may have to duck. :P
mkbp (mkb): I will not answer that on grounds of it should be obvious given who's been talking and what's they been saying.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): Basically, you can fix one part of the transformation, is what I gather.
Dee (Red): Female or Centaur. There may be more choices?
Kittymewmew (Will): Did I miss something? >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): I got D's response but not Kay's yet
Dee (Red): The woman is attempting to fix you.
Will: Yes, I get that much. If I have to choose OOC between male centaur and female human, male centaur it is.
Kittymewmew (Will): Actually wait.
mkbp (mkb): got it
Kittymewmew (Will): Hmm. Yeah.
Kittymewmew (Will): Male Centaur works better I think
mkbp (mkb): Yeees?
Dee (Red): *shrug*
Kittymewmew (Will): I could Iron Heart Surge myself into an androgynous being but no further :P
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): PINGAS
Kittymewmew (Will): Well, sex change spells aren't terribly hard to do.
Kittymewmew (Will): So if she can bring back my horse, female human, because that's the harder magic to do.
mkbp (mkb): that's true, actually
mkb: [3d20 = 37]
mkb: [3d20 = 33]
mkb: [3d20 = 14]
mkbp (mkb): stop here?
mkbp (mkb): or keep going?
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm good, D?
Dee (Red): sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
mkbp (mkb): *petpets*
Kittymewmew (Will): aw.
Kittymewmew (Will): kies
Dee (Red): Question: Will Dragon remember any of this? :P
mkbp (mkb): Probably. In the form of "Scary lady, words, words, words, sleepies"
Dee (Red): XD
Dee (Red): Kies
mkbp (mkb): It's a bunny.
mkbp (mkb): Maybe if she'd been told to before hand"?
-> red: so what are we doing to will :p
mkbp (mkb): Incidentally, REALLY hope you don't meet this person again. She cannot make your head explode with a glance, but she can make you think it did.
Red: Female human, Pathfinder fine. Because it's his last choice on it, and it suits more for him to pick Pathfinder's wellbeing over his gender, at least, from a paladin's PoV.
mkbp (mkb): hope the campaign sucks a lil less than it has for the last few sessions mew
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah, this is definitely one of the Bad Guys in some capacity
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): nah. she's definitely not a bad guy. in the sense that dr manhattan isn't, zo.
Dee (Red): Hmm? I don't think she's a Bad Guy, just essentially... Well, you don't usually want to meet the guy who straps you into the electric chair at his job, do you? :P
Kittymewmew (Will): Not at all what was said in those last words or implied by her upcoming actions.
Dee (Red): I got a different feel, then.
Kittymewmew (Will): D, you're way off the mark here. This is someone with an agenda to undo everything caused by the necromancer, for good or for ill. At the very least this is likely to mean some SERIOUS inquisition power coming down on the zombies and the Black Eagle losing his land grab, but what about the Shadow Elves, and the goblins?
mkbp (mkb): Arguably the agenda is "look into the possibility acererak is still pulling strings, and cut them"
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm not sure why as soon as I say something, the dark feel of the scene goes back to happy fun time, but ok?
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): thanks!
Dee (Red): Meh.
Dee (Red): Sloop.
Dee (Red): Sleeeep
'Dee' disconnected
mkbp (mkb): nini! hope this was funish mew
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya, good scene.

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mkb: ach
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mkbp (mkb): fishfishfishfish
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Dee (Red): Tunatunatunatunak tun!
mkbp (mkb): nom?
mkbp (mkb): Recap.
Kittymewmew (Will): Rawrcap. Your turn D.
Red: We got INQUISITIONED, by a very scary bald lady. Fortuneately, we weren't really in trouble, since we cleared up suspicions against Will, and he also get partially fixed. We also got servned not-really-tea-but-some-people-think-it-is, but that's more of a minor note.
Campaign saved.
Red: Also, Red is grouchy, for various reasons.
mkb: Both of you wake up in jail. This is bad. The fact that mattresses have brought in and the keys are inside in a way that are easy to reach from the inside of the cells however should mitigate the problem... By the look of it it's at least a couple of hours past dawn.
Red: Red stretches, and looks for whoever's outside of the cells. She's not taking any chances, and will ask about what's going on first.
mkb: There isn't anyone outside; matter of fact by the look of it of the four cells in the guard tower, you're in one of them, Will is another, one is empty and the fourth contains someone who by the sound of it is dealing with a huge hangover.
Will: I groan, and look for Red.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red is in the other cell. Will, in your case, you've been dragged on a tarp rather than a mattress.... you're also naked from the waist down. Pathfinder's barding is nowhere in sight, but hey, at least you have toes again?
Red: "Fun. I'm reminded of my life back in Glantri. Yo, Sillibarnya, gde?" She calls for Will, then remembers he doesn't speak Elvish, "Err, Sir William."
Will: Wait, I have...toes? I look down.
Will: How much of last night do we remember?
mkb: It seems that the Inquisitrix has started "fixing things" with you -- you get pretty nice hips and legs to go with the rest of the package.
mkb: [2d10 = 16]
mkb: [2d10 = 13]
mkb: [2d10 = 15]
mkb: Most of it -- you also feel stupid tired, like you've sparred all evening and all night.
mkb: In fact that's the right term, both of you feel rather punch drunk.
Red: Red is fairly certain she swore never to enter a Dwarven pub again... So that's not it.
Will: Oh nice. "Red, you're alright? Well, it looks like I'm human again at any rate."
Will: I don't look terribly happy, but eh - it could be worse.
mkb: Will, you find that you're a little shorter than you used to be but ended up tall and somewhat narrow hipped for a woman overall. You also find that if you want to be technical about it, the Inquisitrix did restore your gender as well as your race. Technically.
mkbp (mkb): Was fair dice roll, nyu.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Honestly thought Will as a male centaur would be hawt, so bleh on this end, too :p
Red: "Ah, that's good. So, are you allright, too?"
Kittymewmew (Will): What do you mean by technically? :P
Kittymewmew (Will): Also, lol, hey if you wanted to do that I said you could
Will: "I think so, though I can't say I'm happy with my new body."
Dee (Red): Myusu.
Red: "Oh?"
mkbp (mkb): Thing is, from the point of view of basically wannabe MiB, a female knight is more commonplace than a centaur this far south
mkbp (mkb): and she figured that body plan > gender in will's priorities
mkb: Both of you can get out of your cells just fine -- the keys have been left in as a gesture of good faith, you just have to unlock it reaching through the bars.
Dee (Red): It's also since gender is easier to fix, the Law of Resistance won't have as much of an effect.
Kittymewmew (Will): This is true.
Red: "So... Do they want us to get out, or what?"
Will: "I'd guess so, they don't generally leave the keys to prisoners. That said, I think I'll wait for some trousers," I say, keeping myself covered.
Will: "Bloody witch made me human, but left me this woman's body. At least from what the wizards say, it's easier to fix."
Red: Is my haversack with me?
mkb: Red, yes, your stuff was put in there.
Will: Mine as well?
Red: Then I give Will a skirt. :P
Campaign saved.
mkb: No, yours blew up the universe for a femtosecond. If you mean your stuff yes it's there.
Red: "I'm surprised she was even able to make you human again."
Red: "Here."
Will: I meant my stuff yes.
Red: Well, if you give someone all their stuff, they aren't really in jail, so now Red can say that they just put us hereas a place to sleep.
Will: I figure out how to put the skirt on and do so. "Well, it'll do for now."
Red: She gets out of the cell.
mkb: Any small change you had in your pockets, copper pieces and so on, is however gone -- not unusual for a night in the pokey, at least your REAL effects have been left alone.
Red: "I've no spare bloomers, though."
Will: I gather my things and do the same. "I guess they want us to get out, they left me enough weaponry to go through the wall if I wanted to," I say, lashing the hammer to my back.
mkb: Red, spot check?
Red: Spot [3d8+9 = 26]
-> red: Meep, bulge on Will.
Red: Hey, Red's seen Near naked. :P But that's interesting to know~
Red: "And even a tent to sleep in, too," She says in a joking manner, looking away (to hide a grin and avoiding laughter).
Will: I laugh. I hope the skirt's long enough that I don't have to worry about it. I blush a bit. "Well, I guess our first thing to deal with is fixing THIS."
Campaign saved.
Red: "Well, I guess we should have a looksee to find out where we are, exactly, and get some answers."
Will: "This looks like one of Specularum's guard towers. I'm guessing they left us here to sleep off last night."
mkb: A short corridor brings you to the T that goes into the officer of the day's office -- there is a different, and much more indolent guardsman there. "Uhm, mornin'."
Red: "Mornin'."
Will: "Good morning. Care to tell me what happened?"
Red: Red and Dragon want ginger cookies.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will wants his body back. >_>
mkb: "Er, yes, says here uhm.... Stratford's owed two coppers for cleaning up the mess, on account of, forgive me, the extreme amount of horse manure we had to clean out during the night AND the vet's bill..."
mkb: The guard looks up at the two of you. "Uh... I think we can waive the charge, though."
Will: "If I had any coppers left to pay, but it appears my petty coin has gone missing."
Will: I give the guard a sidways glance that basically says "I'm cool if you're cool"
mkb: "What else, you're free to go, you cannot leave the city on account of the roads being blocked, have a nice stay in Specularum, don't forget your personal effects." He almost said "Next?".
Will: "Fair enough then," I say, and make sure I have everything.
Will: I don't really WANT to deal with any more magic right now, but there isn't a lot of other options to get my body restored right now.
Red: Red hefts her pack, having everything already. "Well then. Thank you for your time." She then looks to Will, not having to crane her neck nearly as much, and thankful for it, "So now what?"
mkb: "You may recover your mount at the Stratford stables, I think they know you're coming."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, one thing you do NOT have is shoes or socks.
Red: Red has no spares of those. :/
Will: "She's alright? Oh, thank Terra! I am quite amazed we were safely separated."
mkbp (mkb): DROID
Red: "So to Pathfinder, first, then?"
Dee (Red): Huh?
Kittymewmew (Will): DROIIIIIID.
Dee (Red): What about it? ._.
Will: "Indeed, I need to check on her."
Kittymewmew (Will): That phone is creepy
Dee (Red): Ahs
Red: "Then we can get you some shoes~"
Red: She starts off to go, getting Dragon to follow beside her.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Shoes would be good, but unless they'll fit your feet, I don't plan on letting myself stay in this shape long."
Red: She shrugs, "Well, up to you." She shrugs.
mkb: The southwestern entrance to Specularum has a few garden plots in them, mostly belonging to the city's nobility for their herbs and source of flowers -- the road is paved, but wet. Not too bad to be barefoot in, but you'd hate wearing only socks.
Will: Peasants make do with bare feet all the bloody time. Will doesn't feel like it does him much harm to do the same for now.
Will: First stop is the stables, for sure. I have a lot less need for shoes if I can ride, and if I recall, at least knights can ride in the city.
mkb: Good question where those particular stables may be: probably between the walls. One thing that is odd is that there are a few yellow-brown flags under the ducal flags on the guard towers that weren't there before; the outer gate is closed, although the one in the old walls is not.
Campaign saved.
Will: Well, then I head between the walls, and look for a guard, page, or other civil servant that might know where I would find my horse.
Red: What would the yellow-brown flags mean?
mkb: It's the storm soldiers' pennant.
Red: Ah.
Will: ya
mkb: Guards there's two on the inside of the outer gate: they look bore. Around them, the farm plots between the walls -- the city's siege reservoir, cultivated with great care -- are being tended to.
Red: Red debates what to have for breakfast. Much of her nervousness has gone, but she still prefers to keep her mind to simple thoughts for now.
mkb: Dragon is firmly shooed away from some potato sprouts.
Will: "Excuse me there," I address one of the guards. "I was put to trial in the tower there last night, where might my horse be?" I ask him.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will notices Red's nervousness and assures her again that she is safe.
Red: "Hey, those are poisonous, you know that!" She admonishes her familiar. DX
Red: "Eh? Oh, that's not it... Eh, nevermind."
mkb: "I don't know? Anyway, you cannot leave the city until this afternoon."
Will: "I know that, I'd like to check on her, there was magic wrought and she's a wonderful horse. If the stables aren't barred, could you tell me where to look?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Which stables? There's a few just around here..." "Wait, I think they're talking about that giant mess in the head shed last night. You want Stratford's place, near south market."
Will: "Stratford's, yes, that name was mentioned, thank you. North side of the wall?" I ask.
mkb: "Why do I get all the dumb bimbos. South market; see the dirt road that goes alllll around the city near the wall? Make a right, follow the wall, you'll get to a market square, that's south market! Ask again there, it's close by. Got all of that?"
Red: "She is a bit dense sometimes, but you should respect people, regardless."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Verily," I tell him, grasping the directions just fine.
Will: "Good day to you then," I say harshly, not feeling like pulling rank on the idiot, I'd rather just get him out of my sight.
mkb: Specularum is quite a bit less busy than you remember it -- must be because of the state visit.
Red: Red follows after Will, having to call the curious rabbithound back to her side to heel first.
Will: Politics can both fill and empty a city, depending. "So, let's go see about Pathfinder first - the magicians' guild is in the south anyhow, and I certainly need to pay a visit there."
Red: "Right. I can use a visit there, myself..."
mkb: Both of you get a few glances from the gardeners (and in one case, provoke one's female coworker to yank on his ear after a comment neither of you quite caught). The south market square itself is quite drab: there are a few stalls, mostly of foodstuff, with the exception of one woman selling cotton by the bale from her small shop/warehouse.
Campaign saved.
mkb: This is the sort of square that usually fills with traveling peddlers, and there aren't many around.
Red: Aww, food peddlers are the best kind!
Dee (Red): More reason to hate ...Whatever his name was, I can't remember it.
mkbp (mkb): :(
Kittymewmew (Will): Von Hendricks, I presume?
Dee (Red): Yeah, that's it.
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
Dee (Red): I mostly just refer to him as the Black Eagle Baron. >_>
Red: "Quiet big cities are... What's the right word... disturbing?"
Campaign saved.
Will: " seems no one wants to see the Black Eagle in person. There's no order to clear the streets though..."
Will: I look around for the stable as we talk.
Red: She nods, "Seems that way, certainly. Even in an order to clear the streets, there would be more folk out."
mkb: Will, the businesses are open as usual: just there aren't many people around at all. The stables you were looking for is right there on the square, which makes sense due to the position -- it also advertises itself as a veterinary.
Campaign saved.
Will: I look over at Red. "This must be the place. I do wonder why the Seneschal had no more interest in seeing us - I think if the mages can cure my transformation, I'll report to the palace this afternoon."
mkb: The stables looks like you'd expect -- clean but smelling very unmistakably, and worn in a way that suggests decade of regular use and decent maintenance. They're quite full of draft horses and oxens probably belonging to merchants who got stuck in the city for the day; a stablehand is trying to sort out the hay throughs.
Red: Red waits for Will to speak up for his horse. No point in impatience, since he's in a foul mood, too.
Will: Misery loves company. Will looks around for Pathfinder, and if addressed by the stablehand, informs him that he's looking to check on his horse after "the big mess in the head shed" as the guards call it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Uh... Wait a second ma'am." He runs off to call the boss, who quickly shows up and introduces himself as Faustus. "I assume you're here for that... private arrangement?" The man is tall, a little unctuous, and has a long mane of black hair that would look good on a stripper.
Will: "Private arrangement? I wasn't aware the city guards made 'private arrangements'. I'm Sir William Kert, I was told my horse is here."
mkb: "Uh, Mr. Howl hoots at midnight? Is this one of those code word things.... Anyway, sure, you're all paid up by the creepy lady, your horse is in the back."
mkb: "We packed up the barding, it was all scrunched up -- that's paid for, too. Now are you going to get her out of here? She creeps me out. Whole thing does."
mkb: The man coughs. "I'm sorry, not sure what got over me today -- not having a good day, even though with the block-off I guess I shouldn't complain...."
mkb: It is true everyone's been crabby so far.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Is the lady in red visiting everyone today?" Red grumbles, not noticing she's wearing lots of red.
Will: In Specularum, is there any law prohibiting Will from riding in the city? If not, he'll gladly take Pathfinder out, though he'll ask that the barding be stored until he leaves town - Not as much need for that armour in town, after all.
mkbp (mkb): There is, unless he can prove he's a knight. Right now with armor plating and a skirt and no shoes.... well you mostly look a little silly.
mkbp (mkb): *armor plating up to the hips
mkb: "Couldn't tell ya -- I think everyone's annoyed at the interruption, and well, I guess it rubbed off on me.
Will: Ah, no harm in leading her around.
Will: At least until I see a wizard about turning myself back into a man.
mkb: "By the way, are you selling 'er, by chance?"
Will: "No chance in the nine hells. I've never hard a better partner in battle."
Campaign saved.
Red: "Don't eat that! Okay, you need fiber, but not from there!" Red physically picks up Dragon, "Spit that out!" She sets down the rabbit-hound, wiping some.. substance off her nose.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Meep!
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL.
Dee (Red): Hey, it happens in Pokemon when you visit the cow farm. :P
mkb: "That's a warhorse? Huh.... Anyway, here she is." You're led into what you guess by the smell of soap to be the infirmary.
Will: "The best I've ever ridden," I say, walking in to see what I hope is Pathfinder healthy and doing well.
mkb: What you see is Pathfinder looking healthy, and staring at nothing again, same as when you got her from Tayla in Kelvin. She doesn't look at you and bends her head to nom up some hay.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Ah, yeah, she looks fine to me."
Will: I walk up to her and try to get her attention as I always do. I know the power of the gods no longer flows between us, but I hope all we went through surpasses that.
mkb: Very slowly, the draft horse turns her head towards Will. One thing you do notice is that the scar on her head is gone. She doesn't seem to give more signs of recognition than that, but it's something.,...
Will: "What has that witch done to you, girl..." I whisper softly, stroking her mane. "It's me...remember? Please remember..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: What you get is Pathfinder's idea of a gentle nudge, which forces you to either take half a step back or fall backward, coz she's a big horse with a big head. Done that, she resumes staring straight ahead.
mkb: "You know, that's more 'n' anyone got out of her. Listens like a dog though, getting horses in here is usually a handful but she just followed.
Will: "I know...something happened to her, though. Or me. Or both. There was a time when I didn't even need words. I'll take her out around town and see how she does, perhaps a priest can help. A good one in Kelvin did once already."
mkb: "Uhm, this is the end of it, right? I'm not seeing you or that woman again, right?"
Red: "Likely."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Wonderful, thanks for visiting, good bye!" He seems rather hurried in shoving you off the place, which is odd given he didn';t seem to have anything better to do.
Red: Red doesn't mind. She leaves while Will handles Pathfinder
mkb: Will, the barding -- which for some reason is mangled and bent as if it'd gone through a red dragon's stomach -- has been packed up in a sack of cheap burlap; there is no saddle.
Will: "If you see me again, I'll be back to normal and buy you a pint. Fair?"
mkb: "Uh.... whatever normal looks like for you, ma'am. Thanks."
Will: Oh boy, guess I'll need to hit up a leatherworks for a new saddle too.
Red: "We should eat." Red comments when Will joins her outside.
Red: She's had to get Dragon to spit out poo again, and is hungry herself.
Will: I nod. "Probably."
Campaign saved.
mkb: You get outside to see even fewer people around -- except northward; the general movement seems to be northeast, towards the palace.
Red: "I can probably guess what that's about."
Red: She sighs, and looks about for food places.
Dee (Red): Red Mage needs Food.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Campaign saved.
mkb: There's an Ethngaran place up the road, mutton kabob by the look of it mostly.
Red: Ooooh, Ethenegaran food.
Will: Works for me.
Will: "Let's not bother with that madness. I'd appreciate the Baron not knowing I'm here for now."
Red: "Quite, quite."
Red: Horse cheese!
mkb: You do notice that people are indeed clustering up around the palace -- whether that is something that's being actively enforced or spontaneous is hard to tell; it's possible that the people you've talked to aren't there BECAUSE they dislike the Baron to start with, hence the surliness... By the sound of it it's some sort of parade.
Campaign saved.
Red: Well, we don't wanna attend it. We want food! Glorious food!
Will: I honestly don't want to involve myself much, especially not while I'm not myself.
Will: Let's get some food.
mkb: Food consists in mutton kebob boiled for a few moments in a broth that you're given with the dish; the meat gets some sauce on it and is given to you wrapped in lettuce. The old woman tending the stand notes what's with all the hubbub just to see some dragon skeleton or something....
Red: "really, some people have the necks of ragdolls, though. Give them anything interesting and they'll gawk."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Free of charge, the woman drops something down for the bunny, carrot heads, mostly -- she looks like she'd do the same for Pathfinder if she had enough; the large draft horse watches impassibly. "My Kirh's probably in the first row, then..." She smiles. "And me still here workin'.
Red: Dragon 'wrmpwrmpwrmps" in thanks to the woman as she eats. "Ah, well,' Red shrugs. She gives her compliments for the food most certainly.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will agrees with Red on the ragdoll comment. "Personally I'd rather be working."
mkb: The woman doesn't feel like asking what Will's business can possibly be, dressed like that.
mkb: You did wander close to the Magician's Guild, though.
Dee (Red): Will hasn't taken off her armour yet? >_>;
Kittymewmew (Will): >_>
mkbp (mkb): I think he had a studded leather top, a spare skirt from you, and nothing under?
mkbp (mkb): IIRC, coz the plating was too recoginzable
Kittymewmew (Will): Mithril plate top.
Kittymewmew (Will): It was Avara's armour.
mkbp (mkb): Oh ya.
Will: "Apparently being the point of ridicule of EVERYONE here until I find myself a magician to turn me back into a man."
Red: "Or until you get some decent clothing."
Red: "Really, what did you expect?"
Campaign saved.
Red: "I do still have that outfit I made for you, though the skirt needs changing out..."
Will: I nod. "I'm hoping THIS transformation doesn't persist as long as the last one, or I may go insane and start lopping off the head of any magic user I see," I jest at Red.
Red: "You may not get past the first if that's the case."
mkb: Where are you headed? (AFter paying the woman I'm assuming)
Red: Oh yes, paying her and tipping as usual for Red.
Red: Probably a tailor first, is red's suggestion. :P
Will: Will wants to go straight to the magicians' guild.
Will: He has no interest in being stuck in a woman's body, and isn't terribly fond of the fact that Red's idea of helping involves dressing him up as such.
-> red: Methinks Will doth bitch too much.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The Magician's Guild would be a place to start -- the Academy is outside of city walls, for everyone's safety, but if you want to hire an arcanist... The half-scale exact reproductionm of the Academy's Tower of Art is easy to tell among the smaller buildings.
Red: She shrugs, "Have it your way, Milady. I need to pick up some tailoring supplies anyway, so I'll meet you back?"
Will: "Fair enough, if I'm not still at the guildhouse, I'll meet you back here."
Will: I head to the mage's guild, and hope this will be quick, painless, and not TOO expensive.
Red: "Yes, here's fine." Red leaves to find a tailor. She'll get this dress made to fit herself if she can, plus some silks.
Red: She waves bye to Will, leaving Dragon with the knight, so she can vouch he's not really crazy.
mkbp (mkb): Yes because having a giant armored bunny in tow makes you look less crazy :p
Red: Well, Dragon's not armoured currently. And Red sorta forgot only she can understand her.
Will: Red does that. He walks into the mage guild looking like hell with a giant rabbit beside him.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red'll be picking up 5 square yards of good quality silk if she can, and how much getting the dress fittted professionally would cost.
mkb: Will, Pathfinder waits outside without any need to tie her to anything... the building is quite ornate inside, but not overly so (the tower is mostly ornamental for the record). There are offices, a billboard for job/work offers and one for buy/sell/swap of magic items or spell components; wizards in these parts have tried very hard to come across as just another sort of professional, and the only overt sign of magic is a floating ball made of mirrors in the atrium, that sends the sun's light coming down from the replica tower all over the place. It makes you think of a music beat, for some reason.
-> Red: That can be had for normal price; you mean Will's dress?
Red: yes, the one I made for him, since he doesn't want it.
Red: And kies on price of silk.
-> red: to her or to you?
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
Will: I walk inside, and look for a reception desk. STOP. HAMMERTIME.
Red: To me. I don't have her sizes as a human.
Campaign saved.
-> red: You can get something REALLY well done within the day by a professional tailor for 5gp -- they dress half the court, or so they claim.
Red: Oooh, that works for her. Isn't quite so sure about the claim, but it's not unbelievable.
mkb: There is no reception desk as such, what there is however is a voice apparently coming from the ball saying that Dr. Lavaeolus will see you now, first to the right.
-> red: It takes a bit to get measured, but they'll get it done within the day. You do see that there's some sort of parade going on.
Red: Red checks out the parade, might as well, really.
Will: I follow the voice. Oi...wizards.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lavaeolus is in a small office with a carefully shut window, a glowglobe providing light-blue light despite it being late morning by now, and a huge assortment of spyglasses and crystals trained on a piece of parchment. He stands up, visibly unused to having to do with anything female. "Erhm, hello, hello!"
mkb: He waves a hand over the parchment and some writing on it disappears.
mkb: Red, it's a small military parade: the Baron with two platoons of storm soldiers, Bargle (recognizable as usual by the garish colors) riding a wagon that's moving ahead without horses or oxen pretending to prod nonexistent animals forward, and two cages on the large wagon -- one with some large bones in it, the otehr with what looks like some sort of hissing snakelike creature with protruding ribs, clearly weakened by the sun.
Will: "Hello there," I reply.
Red: Undead ribclacker?!
Will: I'm really used to wizards doing most of the talking at this point. They like it that way.
Red: "Ohh... That does explain the crowds a bit more.."
mkb: Duke Stefan is waiting for the painfully slow convoy to get to the wall of the palace; there's a small wooden chest in his lap. A few hired bards explain what happened with the epic battle between the Baron and the foul creature, who is believed to have brought the New Plague in these lands with the help of an infernal engine.
mkb: Will, oddly the scrawny man seems more interested at staring at your chest. Eventually he gets a grip, apologizes for the mess but he's working on deciphering some variable hexadecimal script from Blackmoor, and asks you if you're here to hire, being as you look like an adventurer.
-> red: yep, probably still one of ambrose's.
Red: She listens, but has her doubts on several parts.
Red: I see.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Bargle stops, lifts his hands, and conjures for a moment the image of a brass-clad armored flying monstruosity, belching noxious fumes from its exposed stomach on the top part and dropping infested corpses on the audience -- there are a few screams, then applause as the illusion vanishes.
Will: "I'm here because I need a transformation undone. I was once a man, turned first into a female centaur, then yesterday an Imperial prestess restored me to human form - but left me a woman, for some fool reason. Can it be fixed?"
mkb: "Uhm, er, sure.... heh, I happen to know a very good blue mage for that sort of thing, if you care."
mkbp (mkb): He totally hammed it up, but it's recognizable as a flying Bone Machine.
Will: "Refer me to anyone you need to, I just want to be myself again!"
Red: Well, at least we know there's part of the necromancer's faction left.
Red: A stupid parade for a stupid reason. This likely isn't the only one left if it's attempting things like this, there's probably someone controlling them with their master dead.
Red: Red still watches the ceremony, she has nothing better to do for now.
Campaign saved.
mkb: By the sound of it the Baron is getting a commendation and formal recognition of his annexation of the independent fiefs on and near the coast, and a mandate to protect them from the undead menace until its disappearance. Leave it to politicians to make something simple last two hours -- this said, the Duke sounds like he'd rather be anywhere else. Baron von Hendricks on the other hand is drinking it all in.
mkb: Will, you're referred to this young "blue mage" by the name of Eric.
Red: Red wishes she had a rotten tomato.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh god.
Dee (Red): Hmm?
Kittymewmew (Will): Blue mage? Eric? This is likely as not the first version of Eric from MH >_>
Will: Will asks where he needs to go to meet this blue mage, and how soon he can be seen.
Dee (Red): How would he be able to help? ¯\(°_o)/¯
mkb: "Well, he's usually got a bit of an odd sleep cycle... you can probably try his uhm, studio in Tenemunde, it's the street right west of Westron Alley. Er. Do mention I recommended you."
mkb: "But I wouldn't bother until midafternoon. He's eeeh... a bit of a shut in."
Will: "Stuck like this for the rest of the morning? Bah. I'll try this Eric, though, and hopefully it all turns out."
Will: Will bids the wizard good day, and makes his way back to look for Red.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you don't really know where to look, but there's only one thing going on right now...
Red: Dragon left at some point to explore around the guild.
Red: Red wasn't really expecting Will to be done so quickly, so she's still watching the parade thing.
Will: Having no idea where Red is, Will decides it's best to just sit down and read.
Campaign saved.
Will: He resumes his study of flexible tactics, first as written by the elves, and wonders if there are any more exotic tomes of military knowledge he might glean some wisdom from. Remembering strategies of past battles is something he's never been very good at, but he's pretty good at getting the point behind them, at least.
mkb: It looks like this is the end of it: a very happy looking von Hendricks dismounts, kneels in front of the Duke, and is awarded by the look of it some sort of medallion which Duke Stefan puts around his neck -- the Baron stands up and turns around, then disappears the piece of jewelry under his waistcoat. Guards tell people to give some room to their highnesses as they revert to the palace grounds; the creature is left in the plaza, and so are the bones, with a picket to make sure people don't get too close.
mkb: Red, it's obvious to you that the creature is very debilitated outside of its armored shell, although since it's obviously undead who knows how long it'll last. The last phalanx of its fingers has been cut off in order to declaw it.
Red: Red figures to report this creature to Will is a good idea. She returns to the meeting place.
mkb: Will, you has a Red!
Red: "Ah, you're back here earlier than I thought."
Red: "...Where's Dragon?"
mkb: The big bunny hasn't come back yet.
Will: I look around. "Eating something, somewhere. Can't your magic find him?"
Will: "I assumed it was like Patfhinder and I were."
Campaign saved.
Red: "No, not really. My link with HER is a bit different than a paladin's link. I suppose we should check the guild first, unless you went somewhere else?"
Will: "No, I've been here reading this whole time. He might be sniffing for magic, yes."
Red: "..." Red sighs, "Right then." She goes to the guild, counting under her breath for some reason.
mkb: It looks like Dragon went to the back of the guildhouse and there picked a fight with a dog, or vice versa, and had to start kicking -- the dog is making a plaintive gesture.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Ah, there he is. Finding trouble as usual, I see."
Red: "Really, do I have to put you back on a leash again? Naughty girl." She pulls the rabbithound away by her ears.
mkb: Woof!
mkb: It doesn't seem much else is going on; the crowd is dispersing, which for some reason lifts some of the oppressive feel of the city today.
Red: Red checks the board about magic items and such, "So, what'd they say?"
Will: That's good. "I was referred to a blue mage named Eric, in Tenemunde, west of Westron Alley. Know anything?"
-> red: Blue mage is the formal term for a nymphomancer, you've read THAT sourcebook right?
Red: Actually, no I haven't, but I DO know what you mean.
Red: "...BLUE mage?"
Red: She stares at Will blankly.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Eh, he might be able to help, since that school handles a lot of stuff like this, but the mage himself I don't know anything about."
Red: Red's not happy with Will currently. Thanks for letting her vent some steam XD
-> red: miw!
Red: "May not be what you're looking for. Should I ask around for another possible mage as well?"
Will: "Yes, please. In matters of the arcane I'll trust you over some mage guild idiot any day. The fool barely knew the difference between a man and a woman. You might get your unlicensed indiscretions waived if you show him," I offer.
Red: "What unlicensed indiscretions?" She raises an eyebrow, "Eh, I'll go ask, where was he?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Practicing magic in the Duchy. It's probably best if you cover that up AND legalize it," I say, rather hushed in case anyone's around.
Red: "I'm not stupid."
Red: She goes off to look for whoever herself.
mkb: You're still in the back of the magician's guild, there is no service entrance, though. Red, you're directed to the same man, who by now must probably think it's his lucky day -- with a glance you measure each other; he is quite powerful in the arcane arts, but by the feel of it he's more into studying the nature of the planes than going out into the world. He's also totally staring at your boobs anyway even as he asks what he can do for you.
Red: She's quite used to that. "A transmutationist, is there one under employ here?"
mkb: "That would infact be my uhm, other specialty, ma'am... why?"
Campaign saved.
Red: "I need some form of gender reversal, permanent preferred, but if it only lasts a year, that's fine, just don't tell her that. My... companion, who came by earlier, is in need of such magic. Though maybe someone who doesn't want his eyeballs gouged out by a crazed rabbit hound might be better."
Will: In the meantime, Will goes back to his book.
mkb: "Er, I guess Eric is more.... uhm.... Actually to be perfectly frank with you.... Why don't we call Dr. Furzer on this one. Older gentleman, it's probably safer that way..."
Red: "Yes, quite."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The man on the other side of the small, scratched crystal ball -- a semisphere actually, by the look of it it doubles as a lens -- looks like he's getting ready for the sort of monumental lunch that wizards are famous for. After a quick exchange of chatter, he recognizes Red for Thimhallan's assistant during the time he made his big discovery. "Of course I'd be delighted to see you, come on right over!"
Red: "Thank you, let me get my companion, first." He tells us where to go, right?
mkb: The man resides in the Street of Dreams, just at the edge of the Nest -- quite an odd location from someone that from what you could see of his clothing looks very well off.
Dee (Red): Kies
Will: When Red arrives to retrieve him, Will puts his book away and asks what she's found.
Campaign saved.
Red: To Will outside, "There, I got an appointment with someone quite capable. And won't stare at your boobs."
Will: "That should do well, at least I hope so. Thank you."
Red: "No worries. He's on the Street of Dreams, I'll show you there."
Will: I nod and follow her.
Kittymewmew (Will): [you know, since Will isn't joined to Pathfinder anymore, the transformation on him may be more of a latent effect. A good disjunction might destroy it.]
Red: She pulls on Dragon's leash, "Aanhg! Come, you're in trouble, missy."
mkb: Life seems to have returned to Specularum -- it takes you a bit to make your way there; you're mostly left alone, other than Will getting a few glances for her attire. The house is two stories tall and looks like a large family lives in it rather than a wizard -- there are clothing hanging from lines, the window shutters are in good but not excellent state of repair, and so on. This said, it's one of the few houses left in the Old Quarter that don't have a workshop or store as their first floor.
Dee (Red): [Possible, ya. But Red would smell it if it was.]
mkb: The door says "Dr. Francus Furzer, M. Thaum."
Campaign saved.
Red: Red politely knocks on the door/whatever is proper here to get the right attention.
Will: "This is it?"
mkb: There's a knocker in the shape of a nautilus shell -- it's polished tin painted to look like brass, pretty tacky.
Red: "Fairly certain it is."
Red: I guess she'll use that, then. "Hello? This is Red and her Companion, I spoke not too long ago with you?"
mkb: The door just opens; the air inside is strangely dry.
Red: She enters, "Pardon the intrusion. Doctor Furzer?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Come in, come in! It is a great pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Leyline. I've expanded quite a bit on Thimhallan's work in the last few weeks." The voice comes from upstairs. "So, I understand you might have gone a little too wild on the town, Mister..?"
Will: "Sir William Kert. It was some sort of magical accident, exploring ruins near Corunglain. I was first transformed into a female centaur, then last night an Imperial preistess separated my horse and I, who were formerly conjoined, yet I remain a woman."
mkb: "That's unusual... Er, if the horse is doing well, please don't bring it upstairs."
Red: She lets Will speak, they can talk about the crystals afterward.
Will: "She's outside."
mkb: "Come on up."
Will: I do as instructed, hoping things go alright.
Red: Red follows, having Dragon commanded to hang with Pathfinder.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The inside of the house is barren of most furniture -- rather, it looks like the lair of a mad herbalist, if there is such a thing.... algae, fungi and plants grow under glowing globes of different colors, each in its own tiny little vase or petri dish, each with a clipboard full of cryptic notes. A whole row is given constant-angle natural sun by a system of self-moving mirrors; another is kept in the dark as a series of what you hope are animal eyes suspended from wire meshes watch them bioluminesce. Dr. Furzer show up, looking more like a priest than a wizard -- white robe and white undercoat past it. The effect is rather spoiled by the odd half-mask he is wearing, and the leather apron.
mkb: "I would offer you a drink, but I gave the help the morning off to gawk at whatever idiocy is coming from the Black Eagle this week."
Will: "Idiocy indeed. I decided to skip the show."
mkb: The wizard looks at you with the one visible eye, head to toes.
mkb: Red, you saw the man with a normal face in the crystal ball, incidentally.
Red: Red nods, though the next thing she'll probably drink will be Limsh minus the tea.
mkb: "Right, right. Miss Leyline, will you have time to discuss your research with me while I determine what can be done for your friend? Uhm, Mr... Will? Wait, aren't you the..."
Red: He probably took it off to answer the call, or some other form of it. No reason to believe anything sinister. That's Will's job. "I can, certainly."
Campaign saved.
Red: He probably has more research done than she does, but hey, confirming the results of others is also quite useful in this field.
mkb: Will, the wizard walks once around you, looking at you with clinical detachment.
Red: "Though with his temper, it might be better to wait."
Red: "At least, until you find something."
Will: "Aren't I the what? If you're asking about Radlebb Keep, I was cleared of that. I'm no sorcerer."
Will: He does examine the half-mask the wizard is wearing closely.
mkb: It's some sort of very carfully cured leather, or maybe hardened and lacquered wax -- hard to tell. It is pitch black, though, and seems to stay on with no help.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "So what are you here for, exactly, Sir William?"
Will: "I'm here to be restored to my normal body, as I was before all this magic got into me in the first place."
Red: "Basically a gender reversal from the current state."
mkb: "I think seeing whether we find any on you would be an excellent way to start. Would you kindly strip and get into the large glass vat behind you? The.... Oh, is that it? Why, that's hardly worth an examination!"
Red: "Well, do what he wants first. He's the one paying for it."
Will: "Red, silence yourself before you make another mistake. I don't need MORE mess heaped on. You're the one saying we didn't need to find a blue mage to mess with my parts."
mkb: Dr. Furzer hides a snicker.
Will: "Contradicting yourself doesn't help."
Red: "...Considering what I saw, no, no you don't."
Will: I do strip down and go stand in the glass vat.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Honestly, nobody has ACTUALLY analysed what happened to Will yet. It's probably a good idea.
mkb: The glass vat is in fact one of two -- the other contains some sort of green goop that smells vaguely foul, but not terribly so; a brass sphere is suspended on top of it by rope, and occasionally sends a small purple bolt of lightning into the mixture.
mkb: "Now assuming you haven't eaten, would you care to try some primordial soup, later? I assure you it's the future of field rations, AND it tastes nice. Amazing what you can do starting from veggies and mites.
Red: "...I've eaten, but thank you."
mkb: There are a few hisses at Furzer's gestures and a brass hose starts to drop warm, clean water into the empty tank after Will lowers himself in it. "That's a curious take on the human anatomy, I say. Tell me, have you ascertained whether you are fertile as a male, and do you lactate? You don't happen to have any ork or troll blood in you, do you."
Will: "None, though I've been told there's some fey blood in my distant past. I don't lactate, and I'm unsure of my fertility as a male, though my parents had no trouble, I've my doubts on impotence."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "There's a brush and some pumice stone -- all you need to do for me is take a quick bath, without any detergents; I'll simply look in your water to see what the matter actualy is with you. Much more convenient than messing around with viewing crystals, no? Divine a spell with another active spell and you're sure to get interference... And it's a good excuse for a warm bath, too."
-> red: Indeed you don't smell much magic in here; you can get a number of different 'flavors', signifying that many effects are in place, but they are all as subtle as they can be made to be.
Will: "Thank you!" I tell him, and start to clean myself thoroughly. Never a bad thing, really.
mkb: "Elven strategy, eh? I don't think we've that much to learn from the fair folk.... with one all-overriding exception, that is."
mkb: Furzer is polite enough to turn around and let you bathe; he's more interested in talking to Red, or maybe he's just not into girls with boy parts, or into girls at all. Or he's actually trying to be polite more than he's spacy.
Campaign saved.
Red: Red answers his questions, if she can. She doesn't sneak peeks at will unlike what she did with Near.
mkb: Red, you get a barrage of questions about Harmonite -- where you found it first, what did you do with it yet, where do you think it can go, and if you've tried to bond it with any plants or did you already leave Thimhallan then.
mkb: Will, the water is pleasantly warm.
Will: I try to enjoy this as best I can, and take the time to regain my own focus and try to find my inner self within this body, and "feel" my true form. I don't feel as though I can force myself back to normal as I am now, but if this fails, with study perhaps I can.
Campaign saved.
Red: Ste answers truthfully. She believes it would be quite useful in explosives or mechanics, and while she hasn't tried it with plants yet, she has tried it with salt crystals. [I do think she was with Timhallan when he was doing that.
mkb: Will, after a few minutes, there are a few glorps as some of the water drains away from the bottom of the vat, then little columns of bubbles start appearing from the same drains. The effect is actually rather pleasant, like a gentle massage. "Now I need you to dive in and stay underwater for as long as you can hold your breath without discomfort, thirty heartbeats is fine."
mkb: FUrzer offers Red to see the little harmonite bonding vases he's got going. "I'm very close to determining what species of moss most complements the crystal's structure -- do it properly and these things grow by sunlight, not only magic background noise!"
Red: Red's interested in that :O Definately so. If she can grow her own stuff, she can do a lot of research with the stuff.
Campaign saved.
Will: I nod. "Certainly," and drop down into the water.
Will: How long CAN I hold my breath in this form?
mkb: Red, you're led to a completely dark closet -- wait, no, there are very faint red lights coming from points of light behind the furniture, just enough to not bump into things. Furzer takes off his mask. "Got to keep my night vision up -- again, I try to not use magical aid extraneous to the effect I am studying: it muddies the picture..."
mkb: Will, you seem to be doing fine -- it's not liek you can't just stand up straight and get your head out.
Red: She nods, "Right right." She has an eyepatch for when making batches of woodripper.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, you're shown a row of carefully tended lichens that have grown to about strawberry size for each pod, each pod having a smalish harmonite crystal at its center -- they do a pretty good job at lighting up the box they are in now that your eyes are used to the darkness. "I make sure all these get the same amount of sunlight every daym and mesaure their growth and luminosity. I dteremined fairly early that moonlight seems to have no measurable effect, odd, that...."
mkb: Will, you get your head above water again -- possibly your movement triggered something, because the water in the tank is starting to drain.
Red: She listens to his explainations, "He'll be fine by himself?"
mkb: "The most promising sample is right here -- it's actually a swamp weed from the Shires border, but it's developed this sort of fairy-ring growth around the pod, see? I don't want to disturb it, but please take my word when I say it's also generating rizomes, like algae do."
mkb: "Your friend? If he drowns in a bathtub, why, he didn't deserve to be helped."
Campaign saved.
Will: I stand up once my head's out of the water, and wait.
Red: "I meant otherwise." She shrugs, "The Shires? And I see..."
mkb: Will, you're soon naked and drying up inside the tank -- getting out is easy, it's not tall and there's a handhold, but nobody's brought you towels. Below and behind you, your bath water is being routed through tubes, exposed to differently colored lights, some is vaporized and sunlight is shined through it, and so on. "Oh, he's in great health, that much is obvious. I hear the thing's ready -- I had set it to go off by itself, but it won't do much good without me watching it...."
Red: She nods, "Right right."
Campaign saved.
Red: She lets him do his thing watching the device Will's currently in. She follows out of the closet-room, too.
Will: I stand and drip dry, towels are still a luxury in a lot of cases anyway.
mkb: The next ten minutes or so involve Furzer apparently doing nothing, and watching the water as it's exposed to light, nebulized and shone the sun through, boiled, and even frozen. "Let's see, Mr. William -- You've gone through a few changes in spirit as well as in body recently, but it seems, however strange, that this is your natural shape... was it an artifact that transformed you, or mortal magic?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I don't know. I rode through a gate to some sort of vault, and entered a very strange world. In it, I took the form of the centaur lady, which remained when I left."
mkb: "I always wonder who takes the time and effort to come up with that sort of dungeon trap. At any rate; no disjunction under the sun will be able to put you back the way you were. So I'm afraid we will have to do this the inelegant way..."
mkb: The lightning sphere hovering on top of the other vat makes a loud thundering noise, and Dr. Furzer throws his head back and laughs maniacally!
Will: I look at him with a raised eyebrow. "What does this entail?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: He looks at Will a little disappointed. "And me hoping for a reaction... I suppose you've been around some fairly strange things as it is. It entails your standard polymorph spell, preceded by a little bit of scrying into your past to retrieve, so to speak, your shape and form as it was then..."
Will: I nod. "How permanent is it?"
mkb: "That's for a different spell right after, once you are happy with the initial result -- and that is also quite honestly what is expensive. Essentially how permanent it is has quite a positive correlation with the amount of money you want to spend on it; I like to think of myself as a man of means, but, well, I've been focusing on my research recently and that means my time is actually losing me money now, at least for a while."
Campaign saved.
Will: "THAT of which you speak is the kind of magic that got me INTO this kind of trouble in the first place! I'll find my own means, thank you."
Will: Ugh. Wizards!
mkb: "As you know, making a spell permanent takes quite a bit of wind from my very being, and -- How do you mean?"
Will: "Spells on top of spells on top of spells! I am NOT going to let myself depend on wizards to appear as I am. Red, let's go find a tailor. What do I owe you for your diagnosis?"
Red: Red sighs.
Red: "So you decided to waste everyone's time?"
mkb: The man sits down and observes you, again very clinically.
Will: "If that's what you want to call it, by all means do."
Campaign saved.
Red: "Allright. Bye."
Red: "Dr. Furzer, I'll take my leave for a while, and return when this individual is no longer here, is that fine?"
mkb: "Absolutely, you're welcome any time. Mr. William, I understand your feeling for the arcane arts, but -- sometimes the surgeon must take the knife to a stab wound in order to heal it. You owe me fifteen gold of my time, and you're welcome to finish drying off in here, if you need to."
Red: Red nods and leaves.
mkb: "Now you will please excuse me, my plants need tending to."
Will: I nod. "Thank you. You've been kind, and I apologize, but I cannot continue to depend on the same sorcery time and again."
Will: I leave the money, dress, and leave, barefoot and possibly still a little damp.
Campaign saved.
Red is nowhere to be found.
Will: Good.
Will: Will goes and looks for a tailor. "Wizards..."
mkb: Will, tailors are plentiful -- maybe not there, but just walk back to Bricktop...
Campaign saved.
Will: That's easy. At least when I get back to Kert, my armour should fit better.
mkb: Red, what are you doing in the meantime? Will, you find that even your current unusual anatomy doesn't faze the tailors much once it's estabilished you have money to spend -- in fact you're asked if you'd like custom underpants to go with whatever it is you want to wear.
Red: Getting Drunk. Dragon will keep pervs off her.
Will: I tell them that it would be a good idea, and I tell them I want my clothing masculine in fit. I also ask for advice on how to wear armour fitted for a man's chest while like this. I have no hesitation in blaming wizards for my problem.
Campaign saved.
mkb: One of the servants at the tailor's points out to you that you know, just cut your hair, wear something a shaped a certain way on top, get shoulder pads and you do just fine in looking masculine. She sounds like she speaks from experience.
mkb: "You'd have to talk to an armorer on that one."
mkb: Any objection the tailor had about making masculine clothing for a woman is quickly dispelled by a few calcullations about the bill; what are you getting done, in the specific?
Will: I nod. "If you can help," I ask the servant, "please, aid me. I think I'll need it."
mkb: Red, it's very easy for a pretty woman to get plastered in Specularum; a little harder to be left alone, but the enhanced watch presence due to the baron's visit makes people pretty polite, and just being drunk ain't against the law.
Will: I want my existing clothes tailored to fit my frame, and a new shirt and trousers.
mkb: Will, you're given a few useful tips and offered a haircut while the tailors work -- again, the armor will have to go to a professional, especially something made ofmithril.
Will: I accept the haircut, and accept the fact that I may have to wear this mithril breastplate until either myself or the dwarven steel can be reforged.
Will: Dwarven steel...hmm. A thought pops into Will's head. There have been many ascetics over the years who have used similar mind-over-body techniques to those he uses himself, perhaps one of them can teach him more?
Campaign saved.
mkb: The haircut gets done and is greeted with mild disapproval by the tailor; she asks you if she can keep your hair, they're long enough to be reused for a wig, and of course she'll cut that off the cost of your new wardrobe.
Will: I gladly let her. "Of course. Honestly *I* feel sorry for my hair, but perhaps it's for the best."
mkb: Will, thanks to a little bit of sartorial trickery you're left with something that lets you pass for a rather good looking if somewhat effeminate young man with ease -- and the trousers came out very comfortable. This was very much an one-off and a rush job, and the bill looks like it: thirty gold.
Will: I pay it up - I'd rather deal with this than more magic, to be honest, even if it takes me years to find my own form again. I _WILL_ do it by some means or another.
Campaign saved.
mkb: You leave some grateful tailors with a kiss on the cheek from the short-haired girl, who made a point of not telling you her name in front of her boss. What are you guys doing next?
mkb: Specularum has returned to its routine, and the brown-yellow pennants have been lowered, although the Baron's flag is still under the Duke's in the castle.
Will: Will isn't going to report to the castle while the Baron is still hovering around. Instead, he decides to see if he can find a priest of Zirchef - perhaps the priest can help ease the weakness between him and Pathfinder so that they may find their bond again.
Will: *Zirchev
Campaign saved.
mkb: The main temple to Zirchev is on the south side of the Nest -- it is simple, but there is more original architecture in it than in Halav's in the middle of the city. Rather than doing something campy and making it look like a megalith where there historically was none, it is a sturdy brick house that has been carefully been allowed to be overgrown with vines without damaging its structural integrity. Inside, a priest is reading a duck's entrails for a family worried about their daughter's pregnacny.
Will: Will does not interrupt the rite, standing aside, with Pathfinder as he knows her kind are always welcome here.
mkbp (mkb): stop here due to sleep?
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya
Dee (Red): yeah ._.
Dee (Red): Night!
'Dee' disconnected
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mkbp (mkb): Mew
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'Faldren' connected
'Faldren' identified as 'Faldren'
Faldren: hi
Faldren: [1d12 = 4]
'Faldren' disconnected
'Faldren' connected
'Faldren' identified as 'Faldren'
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mkbp (mkb): test
mkb: nice, this works :)

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mkb: Pyu
mkb: So do you need any info beforehand? :)
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Faldren: some might be a little help
'Near' connected
mkb: First off you'd have to tell me who Faldren is.
'Near' identified as 'Near'
mkb: did I send you the primer?
Faldren: yeah
Faldren: Faldren is the oldest of the two children of a local blacksmith.
Faldren: When he was about 13 years old, he was sent to Ironforge to learn his father's trade
Campaign saved.
Faldren: However, Faldren wasn't exactly happy with what his folks had in mind for him, so late one night he took off from the dwarven forgemaster's shop with a few thousand gp's worth of dwarf made weaponry
mkbp (mkb): srry, kitty's talking to me
mkb: Why would anyone send a human to a dwarf fortress to learn blacksmithing O_O
mkb: Good way to get them hurt at the very least
mkb: so I understand the reaction
Faldren: The dwarf was an old adventuring partner
Faldren: From there he took up bounty hunting to keep food on the table
mkb: Works for me. Now where would you get the $ to buy an adamantine greatsword, or did you swipe it?
Faldren: Nah made it
mkb: So your character can work adamantine?
Faldren: and it's a fullblade
Campaign saved.
Faldren: he had the resources and assistance to do so at the time
mkb: That needs at least 14 ranks in blacksmith since it means you can make masterwork weapons, so please move around the skill points a little, other than that, THIS may be more game breaking than anything else :) we'll see
mkb: other than that it looks good to me.
Faldren: It was a commission from a client when he and a duskblade he partnered with found some relics in the ruins on the island
Near: Was discussin' what might work better that way, myu.
mkb: I'm not concerned with the weapon as such more than with the fact that your character is able to work it
mkb: to work adamantine (meaning he can do pretty much everything else except goldsmithing)
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Brb.
Near: Oh, as a commission, he didn't forge it. He didn't learn adamantine woirking before leaving
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Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Faldren: I'll be back on later
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Dee (Red): Guess I'll keep up with Red for a while.
mkbp (mkb): Miw!
mkbp (mkb): Recap?
Kittymewmew (Will): Meep kies
Will: Will cleared his name and woke up human, but for some reason he still has boobs and a feminine figure. Not exactly happy with that, he goes to see a mage, who offers more stopgap solutions and nothing truly permanent. He declined further work, politely saying he will seek other options. Red in the meantime stormed off to get smashed.
mkb: Specularum has more or less returned to its normal mix of activities after the parade, even more so as the city struggles to sort out a morning's backlog of incoming and outgoing trade. Will, you're being followed by Pathfinder, who seems to have taken the whole thing with great phlegm, and Dragon who is actually trying to look dog-like for once. Red, finding a tavern in Specularum is possibly the one thing in the world that has a negative CR.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): heh
Dee (Red): wait, Dragon's following Will? o_O;
mkbp (mkb): IIRC you had her do so, last.
Will: Will takes some time to sit down and think. He knows he needs to report to the palace, but would honestly prefer to deal with that AFTER Baron von Hendricks is gone, so he has more time to plan his dealings with the Baron. He decides it's best to continue his reading, and simply bide his time for now.
mkb: [3d20 = 32]
mkb: [3d20 = 30]
mkb: [3d20 = 17]
Dee (Red): Ah, guess so...
Will: He does remember he wanted to see a priest of Zirchev about Pathfinder, though, so with one eye in his book, he starts walking along, looking for such a temple.
Kittymewmew (Will): also Emblem of Command was the item I was mentioning earlier, found name. Gives +1 to major marshal auras.
mkb: None of you get anythng terribly significant done -- Will, you're about halfway through your book: it's one of the relatively recent bound-to-one-side jobs, not a scroll. You find a temple to Zirchev in a street in South End -- it's a very nondescript brick building that has been allowed to be overrun with ivies and similar plants without causing actual structural damage; the roof is mostly made out of sailcloth so that it can be folded away, which is the case here. The building obviously used to have another function, but has been adapted well.
Kittymewmew (Will): AFAIK unlike bards and clerics there is only one item that does that and it's cheapish
Red: Red tries calling Dragon to her before she starts getting too drunk. Can't do to have perverts and drunkards slobbering on her, and Dragon's good for keepin' those off.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
mkb: Ah, that'd be a problem actually Red -- it's a little early for most hardworking people to get plastered, and your problems come in the form of a rather tall and broad shouldered matron who decides to sit next to you and start haranguing you about the perils of drink and dissolute living. She's being loud enough howver that the bartender is considering kicking HER out, this said, he's not going to touch a lady if he can help it at all and neither are the other patrons.
Will: Will brings Pathfinder with him as he enters the temple, hoping he appears reasonably masculine in his new clothing.
mkb: Will, nobody is paying attention to you: a couple, the woman visibly pregnant, is having something's entrails read by a priest on one of the altars -- this one looks like it used to be a fireplace. The priest does notice you, but raises a hand to bid you halt; Pathfinder seems to perk up a little in the semi-artificial grove.
Red: Red explains her situation, she's not nearly drunk enough yet to be violent, and that she really does need this drink today.
Will: I do as the priest says, and wait there to be addressed by the clergyman.
mkb: Red, that doesn't really stop the tirade. What if a man gets you in trouble? What if you can't remember where you're lodging? What if your ancestors happen to be looking down and won't they feel shame?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, the ritual is brief -- you cannot hear what the priest is saying to the couple, but they hug very carefully, and walk away with a fairly light step -- oddly the man looks like he was crying, and quickly hides it from you pretending to blow his nose.
Red: Personally, Red's ancestors can go fuck themselves, she wants nothing more to do with her rotten, slimy, "family"! YOU HEAR THAT DAD, GO AND BURN IN THE FIERY PITS OF THE ABYSS YOU MURDERING SCUMBAG
Dee (Red): yay therapy? >_>
Will: I worry not for them - they wouldn't want me in their business anyhow. I wait for the priest to finish cleaning up from the ritual, and observe for the moment, not wanting to be impolite.
mkb: Red, THAT works.... "Well, I NEVER!" The lady leaves in a huff after tossing some coppers the bartender's way; the man rather seraphically collects the woman's bill. "She should talk, just because it white wine it's not as if it doesn't count...." He smirks at you.
Campaign saved.
Red: She shrugs, "...Nnn, I need ta find Drag'n... Poor ickle'un gets so nervous when I ain't arund.." She plops down coin to pay for double what she's down and goes to find the rabbithound, "Such people dun both'r me much anymores." She waves as she leaves.
mkb: Will, the priest -- who's probably two or three years older than you, just a little pimply, and too tall and too thin to get much done in a trade other than maybe paint walls and hang signs -- looks at you with a little bit of hesitation, then closes his eyes for a second. "Welcome, ser." He stresses the E after recognizing you as Thyatian, and sounds a little cold. "I will be of assistence as I can to you -- you look a little disoriented."
mkb: Red, Dragon is nowhere in sight, but likely nearby.
Will: "Thank you, father," I tell the priest. "I've simply been a bit out of sorts lately...the matter that truly concerns me is my steed. She and I have a rather strange history, and recently the gods have broken our bond, leaving her barely better than the half-mindless state I found her in. I don't know what to do, father...she's been such a good partner to me. I seek your guidance."
Red: She sniffs for the connection to her familiar, not caring how odd she looks doing that currently, and seeks her out.
mkb: A man is nailing a crudely painted wooden board to a wall reminding everyone that restrictions on carrying knives or daggers have been abolished and that it is a crime to keep animated zombies in the house.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, the man's face softens considerably. "That does you credit, for certain... I am but an acolyte and don't think I can help much personally. I would suggest asking Elder Nicolai when he returns: or you may go find him in Goldleaf, if he is not already on the way back here."
mkb: The acolyte pats Pathfinder, and notes that she doesn't indeed react much if at all.
Will: "Goldleaf...well, I was on my way there already. Perhaps if Father Nicolai cannot help me, the elves can. Thank you for your guidance," I say with a smile, and kneel before the altar to pray for Pathfinder before I leave.
mkb: Red, you mostly look like someone who's trying to find one particular eatery with a bit of excess zeal... You eventually do find Dragon playing with two very small children, supervised very loosely by their mother as she works a small loom in a little workshop open to the street.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Th'r ye are, ickle one! What've ye been doing ,running away again? Ye be'er have a good reason fer it."
mkb: Will, the acolyte is quite surprised to see your mount sit next to where you're kneeling: she's pretty much mimicking your movements. He makes a hand sign that you recognize as a blessing, and leaves you alone.
mkb: Red, you get a big rub on the cheek as the kids run away laughing. "Oi! Your dog ate half my juta scraps!" the thresher woman calls out.
Red: "Eh? Sorry, she tends tah do that. Bad girl!" She baps Dragon on the nose with her finger, "Err, 'ow much did she run ya for?"
Will: After he finishes his prayer, he gets Pathfinder to her feet and leads her out, not really sure what to do next. Getting her barding reforged is moot right now - it will need resized if he can't ride Pathfinder into battle anymore anyhow.
mkb: The woman smiles. "Don't worry about it -- run along now. Good on you for asking."
Campaign saved.
Will: Will wonders if he should see a surgeon about his chest, so that he might wear his armour properly again.
mkb: Will, the acolyte looked more startled at your visible ethnicity than your mixed gender presentation, at least....
Will: Could be worse there. ^^
Red: "Ehehe, apologies again. Come you, so much trouble, it hasn't been that long since we've been in a big city." She's not that angry, really.
mkb: Both of you find it easy to deal with any errands you might have had to; the city is back to its usual vitality, being a little dirtier than Kelvin but just as much more active. Are you going anywhere in particular?
Will: Will: not really...he mostly wanders about the old quarter, reading his book and making his way steadily north.
Red: Probably back to that doctor (Furzer?) to inquire about his research and if she can assisst in it remotely, in a different, but nearish town. She's drank something to sober herself up, and gotten somecandy to get that taste out of her mouth. She'll also find a place to stay tonight, and ride back to Kert on the morrow. (>'_')=
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you get to the merchant district at around dinnertime; the streets are full of craftsworkers who are callling it a day, while the shopkeepers tend to remain active until later.
mkb: Red, Furzer is overjoyed to see you, after you fish him out of the closet (again -- he was running the runoff water from the harmonite-linked plants through a nebulizer and the thing made enough noise to drown your knocking). He says you're always welcome to corespond with him, and asks if you have any means of fast communication on you.
Red: "On me? Eh, no, unfortunately. My faster one is O-kuu, and using her as a messenger pigeon would hurt her feelings."
Will: Will doesn't take a lot of notice of most shops. He does wonder if he can play his cards right at the palace and report himself in tomorrow, even with the Baron about. He knows most of his armoury problems can be settled quickly back in Kert by Sinclair, or by the quartermaster here, but he still figures he'd best deal with Baron von Hendricks when he has a plan.
Will: He finds some dinner somewhere, and makes his way to the Bricktop, to find a reasonably nice inn, where he might inquire how long word has it the Baron is staying.
mkb: "Pity, I had this crystal ball that was just out of tune that I could've parted with, but I accidentally dropped my good one...." That explains the fuzzy image in the Guld. "Oh well -- I will buy a new one and you can have this one here, so that's my excuse for getting you to come back and talk. Did you see the semaphores?" Red, the man clearly values your company but oddly he's actually not hitting on you.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): Which is a relief :D
Dee (Red): Semaphores are what? >_>
mkb: Will, you're actually finding some of the Baron's soldiers are staying there, much to the dismay of the innkeeper who basically was forced into giving them a group rate. None of them seem to know or recognize you -- they're all larger than you (even as you used to be) and eating like pigs even as they mill about. "Probably tomorrow" you're told "probably."
mkbp (mkb): Ask?
Red: "Semaphores? not sure."
Will: I'm still not sure whether I should discuss matters in Kert with him or not. It's likely my biggest ace in the hole is gone, and he's half as likely to burn Kert to the ground if I so much as irritate him right now, given that Verina's on his nerves. That said - even if I didn't destroy Radlebb Keep, as long as I continue to appear his ally, as I did last time...
Will: These are the thoughts in Will's mind as he has a couple of strong drinks, a nice dinner, and finishes his book, assuming no interruptions by marauding storm soldiers.
mkb: "Some graduate students are setting up this flare generator on the Tower of Art, if you can believe that -- why bother? Palantirs and so on are only going to get cheaper if we can power them with harmonite. Kept me up for a few nights though..."
mkb: Will, the Baron's soldiers are oddly well behaved : they seem mostly intent on trying everything that there is to eat, probably a respite from their usual reations.
Red: "Ah, those. I saw those, gave me a bit of a shock before I was able to figure out what they were."
Campaign saved.
Will: That's certainly a fair approach, though they could do by some table manners. Proper knights they certainly are not. That said, it's a poor time to pick a fight with them. I half expect them to be bullying squires in the practice yard in the morning - THEN I can beat them up.
mkb: For both of you, the evening and night is uneventful; Red, Furzer says recommends not asking Godelikon about the semaphores if you come across him -- a colleague evidently -- or he'll talk your ears off about ways to send a message in less letters than the message actually contains.
mkb: Neither of you had that much of a straining day, so you're up early. (Unless you're doing something specifgic, let's ffwd a little pls)
Red: Not doing anything specific here.
Red: Red'll leave town after breakfast, tell the guards at the exit she's going to summon up a horse outside of town, then do that and ride to Kert.
Will: (ya plz)
Kittymewmew (Will): So Red isn't going to Kelvin? Kies.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, you're told to hurry as the travel halt will be back for a few hours depending on when the Baron decides to leave; since additional security measures are in place, you're told to walk unti you can no longer see the wall before doing any summonings, please.
Dee (Red): As useful as she would be to have, no, she's not going to Kelvin.
Red: She nods, and complies. She can use a nice jog anyway.
Will: Will on the other hand has come up with a plan. He's starting to understand the whole elven art of deception, and now is a good time to try to put that into practice. He gets himself dressed up nicely, but not too nicely - he puts on his gold breastplate despite the discomfort, his good shirt and cape, his golden chainmail, and his leather riding chaps over his trousers. Presentable but ready for action, he straps on his sword belt, buckles his shield, and heads for the palace, head held high. He leaves Pathfinder in the stables for this one.
mkb: Will, the guards have been dealing with a number of minor nobles and dignitaries today who are trying to seize the occasion of getting the Duke and Von Hendricks together: there might as well be a line at the door (not literally, there aren't THAT many). How do you present yourself?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, as you walk back to Marilenev, you notice that you don't see the envelope of the airship -- the big windmills are in sight, though.
Red: I'l inquire what's happened to the ship with the big tube on top before I head on.
Will: I present myself as Sir William Kert, reporting my victory over the necromancer plaguing Kelvin and lands west, and the original source of the plague of zombies and of the return of Acererak's tomb.
mkb: Will, after a brief let-me-check routine, you're led even past a few city notables to the small corner office that belongs to the Duke's secretary -- the newly installed speaking tubes occasionally ask the polite "are you there sir?" but the man is in fact not. The guard tells you to wait there, and he'll run to get him for you -- he was about to order a search for you anyway to discuss something urgently.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, you're told that if you mean the goblin ship, they worked on it all day yesterday and went fishing early in the morning.
mkb: And good riddance, because it stank like a fire in a manure pile.
Red: That it did. Red resolves to make a better fuel, though she doesn't state that aloud. She thanks them, and continues back to Kert.
Will: Oh boy, a search for me. That's the last thing I want to hear right now.
mkb: Red, it's fine for you to summon a horse.
Will: Let's hope it's something good!
mkb: Will, the seneschal -- K:N to see if you remember the name -- walks in with as brisk a pace as his paunch will allow him, dismisses the guard, and greets you loudly and with an air of urgency. "Sit down, sit down! Please. Water, tea, anything?"
Will: Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty [3d8+4 = 15]
Red: "Trusty steed who serves, tireless, breatheless, wantless; Come Forth!"
Will: Do I have his name?
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Yes, but I don't, the search function on the log froze >_>
mkbp (mkb): found it, derp
mkb: The man is Lord Yarol, Minister of State for Karameikos, and informally his privy secretary and as far as you know only trusted advisor -- he's Traladaran, but part of the point of the guy is to make you forget about ethnic tensions, really.
mkb: Red, you have a ride!
Will: "Water will be fine, my lord," I say, waiting politely for him to pose his questions.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): yey ride!
mkb: "You look younger, Ser William. Uhm." He looks at you a little. "I would've guessed travel would have the opposite effect on you, but.... anyway! You return victorious, I understand? I got the report from Inquisitrix Moham. You are positive that the mad destroyer is still at large, and not the man you slew, right? We were afraid war would be unleashed on the whole world for a few days, here -- not the usual diplomatic tell-off, either. Fortunately it's calmed down somewhat, everyone is afraid of the destroyer -- do you think he is also that who snuffed out magic for some time?"
mkb: Red, southern Karameikos is not a pretty place to ride in at night, but by day it's quite beautiful -- low forests from horizon to horizon, sprinkled with little settlements and their adjoining fields.
mkb: Will, the man HAS put on weight since you last saw him.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Blame a wizard long dead. Indeed, he is still at large, and I believe him somewhere in the region of Luln or the Black Eagle Barony, or perhaps somewhere in hiding. As for snuffing out magic, that was an accident in the battle with the necromancer. A side effect of all the harmonite present, perhaps. That was a battle for the ages, though I'll spare you the tale."
mkb: Red, you pass several carts and small wagons going to and fro, mostly carrying flour or potatos.
Red: Red greets the folk as customary, though not sure how they'll react to her mount. Regardless, she continues on, enjoying the times alone to her thoughts, and nature. She develops formulae in her mind for new fuels, uses for harmonite, ways to destroy harmonite, especially if it fuses to a creature, the possible causes of zobie plague, what's this Taste THeory Lily was going on about, and why did a pair of her bloomers dissappear last time she was on the airship?
mkb: "I'd ask that you don't, ser William... would rather hear it from you than edited by bards, frankly. But that is for later. I know you've had quite the disadventure yourself, you seem to be recovering? At any rate, the real reason why I wanted to see you: why would Baron von Hendricks grant you amnesty? That right there pretty much fingers you at the culprit in the eyes of much of the nobility... He's been telling everyone how his methods have kept the undead plague under control better there than anywhere else, but I would hear the other side of it. And spare me the politics. About this harmonite... you're telling me it was not something that will happen again, then?"
Will: "It may happen again if the accident is repeated."
mkb: Red, it's a nice day for a ride, and you make good time: you keep moving eastward with no trouble at all. One thing that strikes you is how, magical properties aside, harmonite seems to really grip the mind of some people... then again maybe Furzer is just like that naturally.
Will: "Aside from that, I have my doubts, but I am no magician."
Campaign saved.
Will: "As for the amnesty - I believe it is twofold. First, I have always presented myself as a friend to Baron von Hendricks, mostly for the protection of my village from his marauders. My guess is he does believe I destroyed Radlebb Keep, and wants such a powerful weapon in his service rather than standing against him.
mkb: "You wouldn't believe what the Academy asked us to look into the problem -- all the while with eveyrone knowing they were going to anyway. So what is the deal between you and Von Hendricks? I will not force an answer out of you, but give me that which is, please." The page with the water comes in and sidles out just as quickly; you notice that the man has muted the speaking tubes to talk to you.
Red: Actually, it certainly has displayed such properties... Maybe these crystals resonate some form of psionics? If that's true... A crystalline lifeform?! Harmonite may very well be a living creature, though an odd one.
Will: "I have no deal. I haven't spoken to the man since I visited Fort Doom about four weeks ago, and that was simply at the request of the Townmistress of Luln, as a diplomatic action."
mkb: Red, you do know that some plants occasionally tend to "shack together", perhaps so does harmonite and moss.
Campaign saved.
Red: *nodnod* This requires research! But need a psion to help... maybe. Well, for now, the pressing concern is the plague. A live specimen and a non-goblin medical scientist are needed for that... Though she can probably make some headway herself there.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I'll admit I am very relieved to hear that -- it is frankly what I needed to know quickly." He calls a messenger by speaking tube. "Now, what did you want to discuss?"
mkbp (mkb): Red uses Brain! Red gains a tech pont.
Will: "I mostly wished to give my report on the matter of the necromancer, and request the replacement of some equipment."
Dee (Red): :O
mkb: The man gives you pen and paper and asks you to write a chit for that. "We have your report from the Inquisitrix: I hope your meeting with her was fruitful. But you say mostly -- what else? I can spare you a few minutes, and with Duke Stefan busy being bored to tears with hunting tales for a few hours, my ear is as good as his."
mkb: Red, your day continues as you spend your time thinking and getting to Kert.
Dee (Red): *nodnod*
Campaign saved.
Will: "Honestly, it's about the Baron's tall tales of the plague. It bothers me to see such misinformation thrown around. The necromancer started it, but his magic is not the only thing sustaining it. It seems to be mundane now, or as close to mundane as we know. Given that we've found his soldiers infected, he's doing more harm than good."
Will: "If we're given control of our lands back as far north as Tabur, or better yet up to Luln's borders, we'll have this plague dealt with in no time."
Will: "I'd also like to make a nomination that Ser Verina be commended for her efforts, but that is of course very little of my business."
mkb: Will, the secretary laughs. "So you're asking permission for a land grab, is that it? I was under the impression that your fiew had been but decimated..."
Will: "Land grab? Hardly. I simply want my land BACK, I've no interest in starting a war. We've been worse than decimated, we're down to about twenty right now."
Will: "The problem is with the Baron's soldiers running about being idiots, it's going to get worse."
mkb: "You're certainly one of the most old-fashioned knights in the young crop, I'll tell you that. Do you think there is glory in conquest?" he asks, then turns serious. "Or do you fear for your status."
Will: "Neither."
Will: "I fear for the lives of my people."
Will: "I fear for having enough food come the next winter, or having the village overrun with mindless zombies in Storm Soldier livery."
mkb: The man winks, and gives you a manly pat on the back. "No visions of conquest for you, hmm? You can be straight with me, you know."
Will: "Very well. If I had the men I would knock Baron von Hendricks on his rump and bring better days to every poor soul in his barony, but now is not the time for war."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Dreams and reality are two separate things."
mkb: The man smiles, and encourages you to go on. "The Baron is getting on in years and well -- we will always need warriors who are ready to do what's necessary for the duchy, no matter how unsavory. I will not give you away if you want to prepare properly for such an endeavor, of course...." He winks again. "We've some manpower for you in that sense, indentured servants who have almost earned back their freedom from their past misdeeds. You can work them through the rest of their sentence and either release them or have them swear fealty to you... or prolong their sentences a little if you need the boost."
mkb: "As I said, men such as the Baron are necessary. If you feel he's losing his edge..."
Will: I nod. "Thank you. I'll take the men, we could use farmhands for the spring planting. I understand he is necessary to guard the northwest border, but I do believe his inflexibility will be his undoing. I will consider preparing for such a campaign, but my people come first."
Will: "I also believe he's going to starve himself out in ten years."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Do you care? In that case his loss is your gain, isn't it, boy?" The man grins.
-> will: Is this the same Yarol who was so concerned about a threat to the public welfare a month ago??
Will: "What's come over you, Seneschal? This is for the people, not my gain."
Will: "I am no conqueror and no man like the Baron. While I respect his methods as effective, it pains me to see what his serfs endure."
mkb: The man tilts his head, a serious expression replacing the grin. "I guess I make a poor act of being a blood-drunk bastard, don't I. And you probably believe what you just said, too."
mkb: "Do you really want to drop the Baron on his rump? I suggest you avoid challenging him openly, if that is the case. Have you sworn fealty to him already?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I have not, and have been making a point of biding my time in hopes of a change in situation. He has not summoned me, so I am not beholden to go out of my way."
Will: "I have no intent of challenging him openly."
mkb: "Keep doing so. If you do not wish to renege your status as a direct vassal of the Duke, well -- you know the range of options you have if he objects, I'm sure." The messenger arrives, and is quickly told to report to the Duke, as soon as practical, that the madlands aren't as mad as feared. "You will have to, at some point -- I suggest you be ready for it: I may want to take sides, but I know Duke Stefan can not and will not. Also, I'm afraid I was lying about the prisoners, although you've done an excellent job with those that were assigned to you, but I will see what can be done in that sense, so expect new arrivals."
Kittymewmew (Will): What ARE my options there? Will knows, Riley doesn't really.
mkb: Red, you pass by another small fief where a funeral is being held -- the body is being respectfully cremated even as it struggles to break free of ... huh, fire-proof rope?
Campaign saved.
Will: I nod. "Thank you. We do need farmers, and we've room to house new arrivals. My gates are open."
mkbp (mkb): A duel, a vendicta (war of assassins) or armed mobilization with the understanding that both sides will immediately truce if the Duchy as a whole comes under attack. Or the Baron deciding to withdraw his claim to your fealty for whatever reason, which gives a neat legal cover to blackmail and bribery, but so it goes.
Red: [Can I ID what type of funeral? Know religion] Though interrupting and asking for a corpse after riding in on a ghostly steed won't win me any favours. >_> [3d8+4 = 25]
Dee (Red): O_O
Will: If there is no stipulation in this place that I cannot assassinate the Baron, peraps Jusik and that Kobold are around and for hire...
Kittymewmew (Will): Screw the whole Paladin thing, a dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn.
mkb: Red, Thyatians bury their dead and so do Traldarans most of the time -- the woman must've been a Darina, a gypsy, although by the look of who's attending she had settled in the village. One's last wills are taken very seriously in this part of the country.
mkb: "I will see what I can do -- as an aside, a liaison with the Guardians informs me that your request for a flying mount is denied on grounds that you are too young to join the Sky Knights on your own accord, and too old to go through their training, and as a personal note -- here, you can look at the parchment if you like -- he believes you are a befouler of the air and of the Sky Knights' tradition. That one is out of my hands, son."
Red: So, out of the question to even ask. Maybe another of the Baron's men will show up infected. For now, she watches, rather curious, and paying her respects to the poor woman. A terrible fate indeed.
Campaign saved.
mkb: He does hand you an impressively stamped and sigiled piece of parchment with a note in pencil at the bottom, written in flawless script.
mkb: Red, the funeral is quick and respectful -- whoever the woman was, she was well accepted in the small community. You do hear comments about a coup de grace, the man having made it being reminded that it was her wish to not be given it should she reanimate.
mkb: You're told that since the woman was shopkeeper for the town, well, they will try to accommodate you but would rather not if you're not in dire need of supplies.
Will: "Oh, that is fine. My request to join the sky knights is withdrawn on grounds I cannot speak even freely to a man of your stature. I do however want to request the right to authorize flights on behalf of myself, and Baron Kelvin. In my case it will ease my return home and my efforts to move people and cargo through the use of some hired airships. In Baron Kelvin's case, he has a goblin village as a protectorate and they maintain flying ships. If they cannot fly, diplomatic relations WILL collapse."
'Dee' disconnected
Kittymewmew (Will): eep
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Red'
Will: "Oh, that is fine. My request to join the sky knights is withdrawn on grounds I cannot speak even freely to a man of your stature. I do however want to request the right to authorize flights on behalf of myself, and Baron Kelvin. In my case it will ease my return home and my efforts to move people and cargo through the use of some hired airships. In Baron Kelvin's case, he has a goblin village as a protectorate and they maintain flying ships. If they cannot fly, diplomatic relations WILL collapse."
Red: I'm not in need of supplies, currently. I'll leave, and keep my eyes out for possible vectors of infection.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Hmm.... well, those ships definitely are a strategic asset, and frankly I wouldn't mind reminding that Order that we have alternatives. How many airships are we talking about, here?"
Will: "Three now, and more may be built. We're talking about goblins. It may be thirty tomorrow, if they have a good day at it."
Will: "You just can't predict them."
mkb: Yarol gets a piece of plain paper, slams his signet ring on it with a WHACK so that it stays impressed on the fibers, and starts scribbling, seemingly not paying attention to you anymore.
mkb: Red, you leave without incident.
Will: I wait for him to draw up the paperwork, letting the old man focus.
Campaign saved.
Red sighs. If she was a little less amoral... She would've been able to procure a specimen. But then she wouldn't be any better than her brother, would she? There are lines she won't cross, so if noone has righteous claim, and only then, will she be able to deal with disrespecting the dead like that.
mkb: [3d20 = 15]
mkb: [3d20 = 21]
mkb: [3d20 = 51]
mkb: Red, you're more than halfway to Kert now -- if you were looking for a lone zombie, no such luck so far. Probably a good thing, everything considered...
Dee (Red): Yeah ._.
mkb: Will, the piece of paper ends up saying that whereas airships are a strategic asset, whereas the duchy is always in potential danger, and a good twenty other whereasses, you donate your airship to the Duke personally as a prize of war in your adventure against the necromancer, and whereas nobility exists to protect and uplift the common subjects, etc. he is not comfortable with making an exception to his own laws, so the air travel ban is repealed.
Campaign saved.
Will: "There is one problem there: I don't have an airship."
mkb: Red, you find a group of seven dwarves headed Kert way.
Will: "It belongs to the goblins, though if the Duchy were in danger I'm sure they could be convinced to fight on our behalf."
Red: Dorfs! D:<
Red: Red swallows her distaste, and hails them, "Salutations!"
Will: "Even if I could give it to the Duke, I can't speak for their crew, who are highly specialized."
mkb: "Didn't you capture one from Corunglain? So we understood from a dispatch in Tavaro... then again, the dispatch was rathe rfull of outlandish things. Can you convince the goblins to part with one?"
Will: "Why would we want one? We can't really fly it, the engines are very fickle and need well trained engineers."
Will: "I don't think I'd get on ANY airship without Zalpha in the engine room."
Will: "Also, the ship we captured is hers, I named her captain and that was that."
Will: "If it's a pressing issue to get one, gold is plenty good with them."
mkb: "Oh, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to use one of those contraption for ANY military purpose... too dangerous and bad for morale with our current air corps."
mkb: "I'm sure you and your horde of crazy creatures can figure something out -- tell you what : I sign the order, you deliver me something that will fly for a little while with no magic, and you're good to go."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Well bargained and done, as the elves say it."
mkb: Red, the dorfs stop -- they're hauling a cart by hand. "Hullo!"
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm thinking envelope + man-powered fan here :p
mkb: "Goblins are... interesting, but if there is military merit in this invention, we have plenty of sages who will look into it thoroughly."
Red: "Hullo! Are you making a delivery to Kert by chance?"
mkb: "Kert? We heard it was abandoned!" "Aye, that's why--" The second dwarf gets elbowed in the ribs. "We're prospectors."
Will: "There could be, in fact, with time and refinement, or the right crews. I'll do what I can."
Red: "It's far from abandoned. Prospecting what, may I ask?"
Red: "I'm the town alchemist and apothecary of Kert, returning from a short trip, so I may have to inspect your wares before you're allowed entry."
Campaign saved.
Will: LOL
Kittymewmew (Will): !!Red!!
mkb: "Pah, it's all siltsone until the aquifer here, so--" "Aaactually we understand there may be emerald clusters closer to Halav -- and rock crystal, for glass." "Oh this is just the standard kit, minus cats." "meow" "Ach... Right, which one of you scraggly bearded idiots brought the cat?"
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
Red: "Emerald clusters? A few, but, they're under ownership of Sir William."
mkb: Will, the seneschal nods. "Frankly, again, it's mostly a reminder to the Sky Knights that we can indeed live without them... now you were mentioning using these things for cargo? What merchant would be so temerary, I wonder... At any rate: this is what I can do to make up for not delivering on my promise."
Dee (Red): Warning flag, on Emeralds. >_>
mkb: "So he didn't cro-" "Uh, we're.... overjoyed to hear that the Champion of Ironforge is alive and well, ma'am. We'll just continue on towards the sea, if the sad news we received was incorrect." "meow" "Would you like a cat? It's f-ow! Only a copper."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I understand. Do I need a writ to see the quartermaster about my damaged gear?"
Red ponders, they could really use a cat, yes. "Sure, why not. Though I'd really offer you to stay in Kert proper, until Sir William returns, you can discuss prospecting and such when he returns within a week or so."
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh boy.
Kittymewmew (Will): Fun.
Dee (Red): Who says the dwarfs will survive until Will returns? >_>
Dee (Red): And we can get some labor outta them :V
Kittymewmew (Will): hehe :P
Kittymewmew (Will): Honestly Will doesn't mind the dorfs.
Kittymewmew (Will): Could be good.
mkb: "No, I can just use the speaking tube IF THEY WORK!" The seneschal blows into one, generating a faint, faraway raspberry like sound.
Will: Will holds back laughter.
mkb: "Uh, actually ma'am.... if he is alive, we were just going to continue on westward. You know, not wanting to underm- encroach on an ally's lands."
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
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'Kittymewmew' connected
Campaign saved.
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mkb: "Uh, actually ma'am.... if he is alive, we were just going to continue on westward. You know, not wanting to underm- encroach on an ally's lands."
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'Dee' identified as 'Red'
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
Kittymewmew (Will): There we go
mkb: Red, you're given a lead cage that you cannot possibly lift containing a very pregnant, very angry cat whom Dragon looks at with mild amusement. That'll be two coppers, one for the cat and one for the cage.
Dee (Red): 1 copper for a lead cage? DEAL
Red: She's fine with tha, and fortuneately her horse can take it. >_>;
mkb: Will, you're told to find the quartermaster and call ahead at least half a day when you are bringing the airship in -- in the meantime, you are also given a passport letter for yours.
mkbp (mkb): for the record, NO, you can't cage-trap a dragon with this trap
Will: I nod. "I'll do the best I can on that," I say, and bow and bid farewell to the Seneschal, whose time I've probably wasted too much of already. "It was good to see you again, milord."
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): Wasn't planning on it. I now have some extra materials for harmonite research! :D
Dee (Red): Though I probably could cage-trap Dragon in it. :P
mkb: "It was good to see you -- funny, that, your sort are a dying breed. I hold audience with two, three adventurers a month these days, tops."
mkb: "Either the world got smaller or there are less strange things in it..."
Will: "Thank you, milord. Perhaps it's simply that the strange things have been pushed away from us - the western border isn't much of a frontier these days." Next stop is the quartermaster's as that's what I was told to do next. I mostly need Pathfinder's barding repaired, and to see if I can talk them into making me a new battle standard, as mine has been run roughshod over by a herd of goblinized elephat men or something. War is hell for flags, too. I also stock up on some rations and
mkb: Red, the dorfs seem inclined to keep going after refusing your hospitality.
Red: Well, let them die in th ewilds. She couldn't give a damn about them until they start becoming a problem.
Red: A celestial hawk may or may not start harrassing them.
Dee (Red): replace Hawk with Bear.
mkb: Will, you're told that the barding is best melted down and reforged, but they'll give you a new set if you drop the old -- you get a bit of a dressing down from the quartermaster, who says your standard is your own damn responsibility, and anyway it'd take at least two days for a seamstress to do a proper job of it so go ask in the city. That said of course a knight is welcome to the pantry at no charge!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, you get home, for some values of home -- you find that the Baron's guards have finished the trench and moved out of the inn, picking one of the empty houses outside the palisade instead: the inn itself is still half-barricaded and will likely need a lot of work before being reopened. Sinclair had time to set up shop properly, but isn't quite done with whatever dog-like contraption he was working on.
Red: That's fine. Red retires to her lab to RESEARCH
Dee (Red):
Will: I nod. I figured as much about the standard - saving the kingdom from a necromancer is no excuse for your banner to get shredded up, at least among puffed-up palace fools. Honestly he was hoping for a bit more than a pat on the back from the Seneschal, though he feels proud of his results overall. He decides to see what he can do in Goldleaf and Kelvin. There's plenty of talent there and it'll be considerably cheaper what with the shortage of work. He takes the offer of some new barding - the crossbow mechanisms in the old set were utterly trashed anyway.
mkb: Natasha had taken it upon herself to get you a proper bed and a proper door without blood stains or fire damage on it; everyone in the small village has mostly been waiting and tilling what cultivable land is inside the palisade, just in case.
Red: Have they been using my fertilizer?
mkbp (mkb): You did get your flying privileges back AND tacit permission to start a fight with the baron at your convenience: what are you wanting more?
mkb: Red, no, it's too early to put down fertilizer.
Dee (Red): Ah, kies
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Point about the Baron.
Dee (Red): I think it's time you visit Kelven, maybe. Airships! :D
Will: That's fairly close to Will's next stop.
mkb: Will, you suspect that anything coming from you has been tagged "for further research" as the old barding is taken away rather speedily, but you're issued a new one -- it's top quality for heavy cavalry, although it hasn't been made to fith Pathfinder special, you get the idea she won't complain much....
mkbp (mkb): You're not worried about Zalpha having gone fishing?
Will: That's fine - he's not riding Pathfinder into battle anyway, and Will doesn't KNOW Zalpha went fishing.
mkbp (mkb): point
Will: Will's debating back and forth a trip to the practice yard to indulge himself and humiliate some storm soldiers, the library to find some interesting tomes on warfare, or just getting Zalpha and getting on with things.
Will: He decides to mostly do the latter, though he does conveniently path himself out by way of the practice yard. Will is Will, after all, and he hasn't donked any pompous idiots in a while.
Red: Red isn't worried much. Of course, she fishes the same way goblins do. With underwater explosives.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): mew
Kittymewmew (Will): myu
mkb: Red, one thing you quickly do find is that a moss similar to Furzer's grows here.
Dee (Red): mya
Dee (Red): wootz
mkb: But you'll need some stuff to do that other research to confirm that thought.
Dee (Red): Yeah ._.
mkb: Will, there are storm soldiers in the practice yard -- they're mostly making stupid comments about a sports-fencing match between two squires while their mentor supervises and occasionally tells the less-than-welcome guests to shut up already.
Campaign saved.
Will: I grin. I'm sure Zalpha can handle herself for a half hour or so while I have some fun. I pick up a heavy waster, a wooden specimen of a sturdy zweihander, and start going through guards.
Will: Honestly, the fencing practice is never a bad thing to begin with.
'Dee' disconnected
mkb: Will, you find quickly that despite being shorter by an inch or two and somewhat curvier, you haven't lost much if at all of your strength -- this said, you DO find yourself having to compensate for not weighing half a ton and being able to use that mass for thrusts instead, making your fighting look a little drunken... That said, the storm soldiers quickly end up asking permission to the master at arms to take you on five against one, specifically the five you thrashed in single combat.
Campaign saved.
Will: Hahahaha. I wait for the master at arms to let them challenge me - I seem to be reasonably amicable about the idea, and ready myself to take on multiple opponents.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
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Kittymewmew (Will): Rawr.
Dee (Red): Rawr
Red: Dwarfs moved into the swamps near Kert. Red's VERY wary of them, as they said they were looking for emeralds (read: Harmonite). Red bought a pregnant cat and a lead cage. Will did some stuff.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): >_>
Dee (Red): You recap your things :O
Will: Will got some seriously useful politicking done at the palace, earning the right to wage war if he wishes, and in exchange for some sort of lifting body (a second time) the lift on the air travel ban.
Kittymewmew (Will): (remembered that Will already gave them one captured shiplike thing)
Kittymewmew (Will): (though it was grown not built)
Red: Red also started research on Harmonite, as well as a cure for the Plague, and partially working on the AnyMate spell whenever she has a muse on it, and is stuck on something else.
Kittymewmew (Will): AnyMate spell? >_>
Dee (Red): Allows two creatures to produce a child, even with incompatable genders or races. Would allow a goblin and a human to mate (producing a half-ork, however), among other things.
Dee (Red): Not expecting any progress on it until maybe the epilogue XD
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): oh boy
Dee (Red): It's actually for Zalpha. (>'_')= But anynya.
Will: O_O Miiiip.
mkbp (mkb): Mew?
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Thanks for recap!
mkbp (mkb): Kitty cancels GM, interrupted by search for portal gun
Dee (Red): eep?
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
Will: So Will is now in the practice yard of the Ducal palace, getting some much-needed practice in by donking some of Baron von Hendricks' goons.
mkb: The master at arms having granted permission to the storm soldiers to take on Will five on one, 4chan made it on the tf2 blog what?
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya. Scroll down on update news.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will grins and waits for someone to move, or for the master at arms to begin the fight. He pivots on his left foot, keeping an eye on all of his opponents.
Dee (Red): wait wat
mkb: Will, rather than surrounding you as would make sense, the soldiers get around you in twos and one; the master at arms asks you if you're still alright with this.
mkb: Red, you're left to work; Natasha is nice enough to bring you a meal, which frankly stinks, but she's getting better and the Kert survivors have taken to taking turns cooking.
Red: yay food!
Red: She thanks her for it, though her appetite isn't really that much. She snacks as she works, seeing what solvents can dissolve harmonite, either destroying it or retaining the porperties of the base material.
Will: I nod. I have a feeling I know what they're up to, and I think they may get a good lesson in technique. "Ready," I say to the master at arms.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, one thing you do discover is that harmonite dissolves very readily in pretty much anything stronger than lemon juice, usually shattering into dust with a pop, but occasionally staying in shards.
mkb: Will, which way are you facing?
Red: Oooh!
mkb: That does end up using a significant portion of the harmonite you have, though.
Red: Drats. :/ Will have to see if I can grow more with the fungus.
mkb: Not like the stuff will be rare for long by how everyone's trying to grow it, though..
Red: Yeah.
Red: Which is why she wants to find ways to destroy the stuff easily.
Campaign saved.
Will: I'm pivoting about every few seconds, keeping an eye on everyone. When it looks like someone's going to move, I step towards the lone guy.
mkb: The lone guy is used to fighting with a shield by the look of it (all of you have been given batons of your preferred length).
mkb: He's moving along with you -- the others seem to be keeping guard on each other.
mkb: The lone guy jumps you!
Will: I'm already heading at him, he's actually left his feet and is tackling me?
mkb: Yes -- a wild charge, and not a very good one either: he looks like he wants to wrestle you to the ground.
Will: I thrust my waster hard into his gut and step around him to the right.
mkb: Red, you did find some moss very similar to Furzer's, but he never showed you how he bound that and the crystal together.
Campaign saved.
mkb: He goes down! The two men behind you on the right however are trying to grab you by the arms and back.
Red: I'll get some of those shards out of the acid tests, rinse them to neutralize the pH, and plant them in the moss.
Will: I use my counter-clockwise momentum having started right around the downed man to do a spin move to try to break their grab (see American football players breaking tackles) and throw my foot out to trip one of them!
mkb: Who knows if they'll take... Are you using any sort of protection in handling the crystal?
mkb: Will, grapple check?
mkb: [3d8+1 = 11]
mkb: [3d8+1 = 17]
Will: grapple [3d8+9 = 21]
Red: Of course! She NEVER handles any material without her gloves on.
Will: If I get an opening with one of them stumbling, I put the pommel of my sword into the other one's chin.
mkb: You easily evade the grapple, but don't quite get one of them to trip, just end up standing on one leg for a moment. The other two have figured their trick didn't work, and are just positioning around you. To hit for the chin shot?
Will: pommel strike [3d8+9 = 17]
Kittymewmew (Will): bad roll but hopefully good enough ^_^
Campaign saved.
mkb: You hit, although if you were going for a split chin that didn't work -- the man staggers back against the wall.
mkb: "DOGPILE!"
mkb: The order is called by the man you knocked out, and sounds like he's just done puking, which he is -- ther is a moment of hesitation.
Will: That's basically what I wanted. Dogpile doesn't work well with two guys distracted for a second and two more rushing.
Will: I rush the two guys coming in to dogpile me.
mkb: Red, you end up having a littlle vase with moss and crystals in it -- who knows if it'll take!
mkb: Will, you're a lot lighter than you use to be... One jumps at you while the other dives and tries to tackle your leg.
Red: That's how most of her research goes, to be honest. She'll start work on some batches of alchemicals, particularly another batch of Leathepatch to replace the huge mess she made before.
Will: Not quite what I expected them to do, I brace my waster like an estoc and jump upwards, thrusting towards the higher tackle! [think how you jump and use the sword in wizards and warriors]
Kittymewmew (Will): (note that I'm accelerating towards these guys as well, hopefully getting at least some room from the ones behind me before I get grabbed by all four)
Campaign saved.
mkb: You collide rather painfully (ow, better get that armor fixed!) with the attacker as the one who was going below you gets, well, landed on by the third and fourth man -- you and the one who is trying to go for your throat, having dropped his weapon, land on the pile of fighters that has genrated itself.
Will: I try to quickly get OUT of said pile before I get grabbed, rolling to the side before getting to my feet because that's faster.
mkb: Grab attempt [3d8+1 = 10]
mkb: Grab attempt [3d8-1 = 4]
mkbp (mkb): loldice
Kittymewmew (Will): rofl
mkb: Drop and roll seems to work! There's five of them again, the one you hit in the gut before having recovered, but they're all more or less in front of you or at your feet. The master at arms has allowed some trainees to stop their own practice and is using this, so far, as "what not to do when trying to overwhelm a single target".
Will: While keeping myself in the plow guard, I give a few swift smacks to the downed idiots, going for the spots that will daze or hurt them the most (head shots, gut shots, I won't hit them in the nards tho).
mkb: Red, that is much more familiar territory and you can more or less work with the ingredients you have, in that sense: the townsfolk have generally decided that it's safe to leave you alone, and so far they find Sinclair's stuff a little more interesting. Lucia comes by and, after kncoking with some hesitation, asks if you're doing anything interruptable.
Will: When the standing ones come towards me again I back off and make room so the ones on the ground don't grab me.
Campaign saved.
Red: "Currently, yes. This stuff has to simmer for a couple of hours, so I'm not married to it yet. Whatcha need?"
mkb: Will, there's two -- they're looking at each other, not terribly sure what to do. Finally, they resolve to get into an approximnation of a fencing stance and trying to jab you in the knees with their batons.
mkb: "I was wondering if your kind of magic could help me with my herbs, mostly... I kinda understand what you do watching you work, Sinclair's not so much -- plus, well, too much noise for my liking."
Red: "Herbs, yeah, I'm good with those, even without using magic."
Will: Why they'd go for my knees when my guard is already low baffles me, but I easily bat aside their clumsy strikes and give one of them a good thrust to the shin for good measure.
Red: "Anything specific?"
Kittymewmew (Will): (this is goign a LOT better than I expected it to)
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Do you have a way to know how much something has been concentrated by boiling it? To make sure it's not too much, you know, like with verbena."
mkbp (mkb): Stormtroopers.
Kittymewmew (Will): Fair.
Will: Yay bumbling idiots?
mkb: Will, as you parry, your foot is being grabbed by one of the soldiers on the ground, who has recovered!
Dee (Red): You had to give me something I don't know. >_>
Will: Bah, he must have crawled forward as I backed off. If I can use the opening I just made in the attacks of the other two, I thrust into the wrist of the guy who just grabbed my leg.
Will: If I don't have enough of an opening I keep my guard up and try to pull free.
mkbp (mkb): Actually it's basic math if you assume that what you are trying to concentrate doesn't evaporate :)
mkbp (mkb): which usually isn't, and anyway you get a "close enough" result
mkb: "Aaaaah! Oh ye gods you broke my goddamn hand!"
mkb: The men step back.
Red: "Oh, certainly! It's pretty vital in alchemy." She starts off with a few simple things, segueing into a rambling lecture before she corrects herself and apologizes, "Eh, well, do you get the gist of it?" She asks.
Dee (Red): Ah, thought so, but didn't wanna use my common sense and do something stupid again.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lucia certainly did her best to listen by the look of her. "Uhm, next time I make salves, can you give me a hand and show me? I'm always afraid of making something too itchy so I probably don't do something as good as it could be...." She may or may not have gotten it, but remember, these are generally smart people but they barely know how to read.
Will: "Ye shouldn't have put it there!" I shout back at the storm soldier, taking the opportunity to take a step back myself.
mkb: "Here, let me see that -- " "OW! Watch what you're doing, old man!" the soldier exclaims defensively, hiding the injured joint under his good hand. The other soldiers haven't put down their weapons, but are letting them dangle.
Red: "Certainly, certainly, I'm always available to help. At least, when what I'm working on is stable enough to not explode. But it's not that common, really!" She adds quickly.
Red: Red doesn't mind teaching. :3 At least, as long as the people are willing to learn.
Will: I keep my guard up, but don't step forward.
Will: "Probably safest to call this over," I suggest, not really wanting to hurt anyone ELSE, but we'll see what they say.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I'll have to agree" the master at arms comments. "Just put the batons in the pile when you leave -- you lot, take your friend to see a healer. Allright all of you" he turns around to address the trainees "Anything worthwhile to be learned from this? Raise your hands and lemme hear it before I have to tell you!"
mkb: The guard who seems to be in charge between the five joins the injured comrade, while the other three stay there.
Will: I lower my guard and wait for the stormies to drag their injured friend out before I return the practice sword. I'm curious to see what the trainees say about my performance.
mkb: Will, sense motive?
Campaign saved.
Will: I wonder what Ganon's up to [3d8+15 = 23]
mkb: Red, Lucia says that she'd like to watch you work when it's safe to do so, as she expects that if there's fighting she'll need all the skill she has or can muster up in the meantime.
mkb: Will, at least one of the soldiers had every intention to try and sucker punch you or hit you int he back if you hadn't waited for everyone to leave before you.
Red: She lets her know it's safe so long as nothing strikes the pot the stuff's boiling in. The mixing up of the finisher doesn't even release any fumes :D
mkb: The master-at-arms is explaining to his pupils that in general, if you're outnumbered five to one you want to disengage, regardless -- what if one of those guys had a dagger or got a lucky strike in.
mkb: Red, Lucia is still understandably jittery, and asks if she can help.
Will: That's why I didn't put my sword down yet.
Red: Certainly. This part is apprentice work, actually.
Will: I figured someone would try something and I wanted to give him another reminder to the back of the head.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, that doesn't happen, although the storm soldiers keep looking behind at you as they walk off the field. Spot check?
mkb: Red, Lucia helps for some time, then says she intended to get up very early, and leaves you alone after a while.
Will: spot [3d8+5 = 21]
mkb: Will, the supposedly injured soldier gives you the two fingers with the hand that you hit as he and his comrades walk off.
Will: I shrug. Honestly I probably deserved the insult, I did break his hand.
Red: That's all fine. It's nice to talk with others, really. :3
Will: I don't feel terribly bad about it, though.
Red: She gets back to doing notes on everything done so far, and not just her research. The dwarfs, her theories on harmonite and the plague, Will's actions, and general thoughts on things.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rather than complimenting you, the master at arms goes over a couple of clever things you did with his pupils, most importantly not letting your opponents take the initiative and using your flow of motion both physically and metaphorically. A hand is raised from one of the few female trainees, three out of fifteen by the look of it -- she's possibly a little younger than you. "Maras?" "Er, question for Sir William -- Is it true that you went to the Broken Lands and were cursed to grow boobs?" By the snickering, it's fairly obvious that she was prodded by her male classmates to ask the question as none of them dared to.
mkb: Red, it's always useful to clear your mind that way -- Dragon has the good sense to take one look at the spiked moss and stay well away, which is reassuring.
Will: "Yes, I was."
Will: "Though it was not a curse, it was a magical accident with some ancient transportation spell."
Red: Quite. Dragon does know better than eat anything Red's made while in her work clothes. She gives her familiar some spare carrot tops and greens and a few sktriches behind her ears.
mkb: "What, do you want directions?" "Shut up!" "Maras, Iannis -- front and center, NOW! Apologize to our guest." "Uh... Sorry, Sir William, thanks for the demonstration...." "Sorry."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, you have a giant bunny more or less relaxing against your legs -- this place is quiet, and they let you work here: it could be a lot worse.
Will: "You are forgiven, it was an honest question, though I ask you don't speak of it further."
mkb: Will, a page comes toward you -- walking brisking rather than running, as is the custom on training fields here -- to let you know that your kit has been prepared.
Red: Oh certainly. That Inquisitor and her puppets could be here. Those cold, soulless eyes, just staring... staring at her... She shivers, and decides to give the bunny more huggles and petting.
Will: I thank him, and bid the master and trainees farewell, saying it's best I collect my things and get back on the road.
mkb: Giant bunnies are fluffy and affectionate and yours in particular doesn't even smell too bad! Yay?
Red: :D
mkb: Will, Pathfinder has been shoed, barded and her saddlebags have a couple days' worth of rations in them -- the farrier comments, when you go get her, that he's never seen a quieter horse, and if you can tell him who trained her.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Red, one of Sinclair's sentries is trying to lift a leg in front of your door and pee on it, largely failing at the second task.
Will: I tell him I have no idea, and that most of it is the effect of some kind of head injury.
Red: She tosses a cork at the thing, "Shoo!"
mkb: Red, that works...
mkb: Will, the farrier raises an eyebrow. "Huh, should start doing that to that breed soon as they're born, let me tell you -- don't think even a full knight could ride a stallion!" That breed is known for being somewhat intractable, indeed.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Seems rather cruel," I reply.
mkb: "So's a broken knee from an unbroken horse. Damn incompetents.... Sorry, nothing that should concern you, ser. Hope you like the work, and safe travels!" If he's jonesing for a tip he'sn ot being obvious about it.
Will: "I'm sorry to hear about the knee. Maybe this will help you take things easier and rest it a bit," I say, tossing him a silver coin.
mkb: Will, you leave a very happy craftsman -- the Baron won't be returning to Halav yet, so the roads are free; since it's not known when the Westron Road will be closed, traffic through there and the northwestern quarter is frantic as people try to get their stuff done.
Campaign saved.
Will: Well, I get my things gathered up, set my pack in order, and head north on the road to Kelvin!
mkbp (mkb): You left Zalpha with money and instructions to upgrade the ship alone for more than two days?
-> red: Whenever you want to just pop in Near is fine at this point
Red: Kies
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh shit right.
Will: Zalpha's in Marilenev, she hasn't flown out yet!
mkbp (mkb): Am I doing it wrong? :(
Kittymewmew (Will): No, thank you for RPing Will's memory :p
Will: "How the HELL did I forget that..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The trip to Marilenev is brief: Pathfinder hasn't lost any of her stamina, and while your mystical bond with her may be gone you're a good rider and she's ultimately an excessively well behaved mount. Upon exiting the city, merchants ask you if you DO know anything about when the roads will be closed, since the guards don't.
mkb: You quickly come to see the big windmills that dominate Marilenev's silhouette -- no envelope, though.
Will: I tell them I haven't a clue, sorry.
Will: I do tell them I didn't see the Baron getting ready to leave when I left the palace, so there should be time.
Will: I look around for the ship.
mkb: You get to the big pier, which is now empty since all the fishing boats have left, and see a pretty thick trace in the sandy beach near it that continues the one that was made during the forced landing: it seems the airship has been floated into the sea.
Campaign saved.
Will: That's...odd. I guess they're testing something. I ask anyone around about the ship with the big balloon on top of it, if they know what's been going on with it.
mkb: Will, an older man who's doing some marlinespike work on his little fishing boat says that they got rid of the balloon and, being that there was no wind this morning, they went and offered to tow the fishing boat out with that stinky big contraption.... he looks at the sky and says better hope you don't get sirocco in.
Campaign saved.
mkb: It doesn't seem the fisherman recognizes you, as he mentions to you that those people were with a centaur lady who kept going, so if you were trying to meet the lot you should be prepared to wait.
mkb: "We're getting some pretty odd visitors lately -- goblins, centaurs, a woman with a tail. Can't hurt trade, I guess, but I'll keep to my own kin..."
Will: The word sends a chill down my spine with Zalpha out at sea. "I hope she's got the sense to come back in. We're not here for the fishing, and there's work to do. I don't bother mentioning the centaur lady, there's just too much confusion around here, and say I'm a good friend of the goblins.
Will: woman with a tail? Does Red have a tail? Do *I* have a tail?
Will: Wait, right, I pass now.
Dee (Red): Ask him?
Kittymewmew (Will): Well, I would have noticed if Red has a tail.
Kittymewmew (Will): Does she? >_>
Dee (Red): nope
Kittymewmew (Will): Wait. Remia has a tail!
Campaign saved.
Dee (Red): But doesn't count as a Woman.
Kittymewmew (Will): Point, she's like 10.
mkb: "Nasty little buggers if you ask me. Used to be anyway. Now instead of stealing our salt they come here with boats that fly and spend a bunch of money on horseshit and rigging."
Will: "Woman with a tail? As for the goblins, eh, you'll get the ones who steal your salt, too, just club them and throw them in the sea."
mkb: "Way ahead of you, sonny."
'Dii' connected
Will: "What did she look like?"
mkb: "Very dark skin, white hair, looked a little disoriented. One of them adventurer types I suppose. Now if you're going to sit on your horse and talk to me, yerhighness, would you hold on to this and back off a bit, and pull as tight as you can? Thank you kindly."
mkb: Takes more than a shiny armor and a warhorse to impress this old mariner, apparently.
mkb: He hands you the end of a line.
'Dii' identified as 'Near'
Near: "Oy, can I see your horse for a sec? She looks familiar."
'Dee' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Will: "It couldn't be her...that makes no sense," Will says, and holds onto the line, following the man's directions. He looks down in the direction of...NEAR?! (does it actually look like her?)
Dii (Near): Well, there's a colour swap and she's in different armour, but ya.
mkb: Will, it seems that the older man figured he'd use the free pull of a heavy horse to raise a mast -- you strain a little, although Pathfinder doesn't care a bit. Reflex check for not dropping the rope when you see Near?
Will: DERP [3d8+2 = 20]
Will: "NEAR! You're alive?! How?"
Near: "I could say the same. This is Pathfinder, right? Yeah, that scar and that build. No horse like that around here save her. You look familiar, also. I'm Near of Dreams, do we know each other?""
mkb: You don't drop the rope and the mariner quickly fixes the line in place. "Thanks muchly!" He figures he better shut up.
Near: "I'm supposed to be dead?"
Near: She looks confused, "Oh, that was a real long time ago. Such a thing wouldn't kill me!" She laughs, a hearty laugh.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Spider got your tongue, miss? You have me at a disadvantage."
Will: "Miss? Oi, I've had it with being taken for a woman lately!"
Will: "A long time ago? We were in the Vaults four weeks ago!"
Will: "Near of Dreams? That's a new one. Last I saw you, you had mechanical limbs and went by Near of Nightmares."
Near: "Last you saw her, actually. She still does, so I chose a different name."
mkb: The fisherman looks at you two like you're both crazy, says something about prissy nobles and crazy adventurers, and gets back to work.
mkb: [3d8 = 11]
mkb: [3d8 = 17]
mkb: [3d8 = 4]
Will: "But...wait. The only sisters she has are the sorceress and Remia, I thought?"
mkb: A breeze starts to rise from the northwest.
Will: "If you're from Izwald, can you use magic? We may need to rescue some folks."
Near: "I'm not her sister. It's... Complicated. I'll tell you when you get off that horse and tell me your name."
Will: I drop to the ground and offer my hand. "Sir William Kert, at your service, madam."
Will: "Sorry for being so rude. Near is far more dear to me than I'd ever let her believe, when I thought she survived..."
Near: "...Ah. Explains it. So I wasn't the only one to undergo some changes. Well, Nightmare is still alive. Otherwise I wouldn't be here."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Explain?"
mkb: "That's your sirocco building up breath" the mariner comments. "Glad I couldn't go out in the morning, hope your friends with that ship with no sails will be safe."
Near: "As for your question, no, I can't use magic. The other is, I'm basically Near of Nightmare's daughter, but with memories copied over."
Near: "So the same, but different."
Kittymewmew (Will): She's a CLONE? O_O
mkbp (mkb): The real Near is in a very dark place deep below. She will probably never experience the sun again.
Dii (Near): yeah, at least without a proxy.
Will: "Anything we can do?" I ask the mariner, Near, and anyone else with ideas.
Near: "Do about what?"
Near: "I can explain a bit more later, it seems there's more concern about that ship. Zalpha is upon it, right?"
Will: "Yes she is."
Campaign saved.
Near: "Explains a lot. She should be fine, though. She's quite capable. So only four weeks have passed in reality... Interesting."
mkb: "There's this girl from.... Lily White, right, you know? Been making the rounds warning people about the zombies and so on. And some goblins. Anything you can do? We've a shrine to Malafor if you want to pray...."
mkb: The breeze has stiffened; at least the sky is clear.
Will: "Indeed...there's GOT to be more we can do. Bloody hell, where are those useless wyvern knights when you actually NEED them?"
Campaign saved.
Near: "..."
Will: I look up at the sky, doubtful to see the winged avatars of stupidity but y'never know.
mkb: "Don't look at me, son - uhm, you are a man, are you? I can't tell, sorry - I'm not going out with this wind a'coming by myself. I'm past the age to hold a rudder with the sirocco blowing..."
mkb: "If yer so worried -- tell you what, either of you know how to carry a boat?"
Near: "Not one on the sea, no."
Will: "I'm not much of a sailor. I can fly an airship, but I haven't been out on rough water."
mkb: The man stands up. "Here, they're coming back -- see those dots back there. I reckon they'll be here before the wind really gets bad. You wanna help, give me a hand dropping lines out: it'll make retrieving the boats a lot easier, especially if they're full.
mkb: There are a number of little dots on the horizon.
Campaign saved.
Near shrugs, she can help do that. Doing work isn't bad at all.
Will: I nod. "Of course," I say, and follow the man's lead, rolling up my trousers and taking my boots off first - no sense getting my clothes TOO wet
Near does the same, having left her armour back on her wagon.
mkb: There are heavy lines anchored to spikes riven into the sand a couple dozen yards past the waterline, each terminates in a wooden buoy, some of which had been painted garish colors before most of the paint flaked off. "Just drag the lines to the water: they'll float off." The buoys are made in the shape of three circles intersecting, so as to catch the wind.
mkbp (mkb): These exist, turns out with heavy wind the real danger is in the landing, so what you do is catch on to these, pull sail and do the final approach by rappeling with the big line. Largely superceded by motors now, but can still be found.
Dii (Near): ooooh :o
Will: I do as the man says, and drag the buoys out.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near also helps, giggling a little at the feeling of water and sand under her feet. "Hehehe"
mkb: The work is easy -- just unreel the rope and throw it and the buoys in: the man is grateful to have two young people do instead of him. Rather than helping you, he gets ahead of you and pre-unkinks the thick hemp lines for you so they don't just bundle up once they get wet.
mkb: The wind by now is pretty strong, but the boats are coming in, slowly, tacking against it -- you still see them as dots on the horizon. None of them is bigger than the others.
mkb: "Good work, this may look useless to you but it can save lives -- certainly has saved hulls in the past."
mkb: The water is cold, but nor unmanageably so.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Keep it up, only a few more to go!"
Will: I hope with the strong wind Zalpha can make it in, since she can't tack.
mkbp (mkb): ffwd'ing a little here: it's not like this needs a check, and you said you're just obeying.
Dii (Near): *nod*
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah, he's the sailor here
mkb: Some of the townspeople, recognizing the wind, start to come in from Marilenev to be ready to mount a rescue if need be.
Near: "We have a lot to talk about, especially the time I've missed. And you can probably explain the headless corpse We had found with the two crossbow bolts stuck in him. Was he the Shadow those elves had htalked about?"
Will: "That's the one."
Near: "Thought so. Must have been quite the fight. Shame I missed it. As well as the dragon bones all over the place, his pet?"
Will: "Indeed, quite the battle there."
mkb: You're thanked for your efforts and told to basically keep out of the way until you're told otherwise -- Will, a woman walks up to you and asks you to please stay, they may need Pathfinder to tow one of the ropes in, if you can spare the time, please.
Campaign saved.
mkb: There's a small argument over whether it'd be best to send out a boat with a master line and some rowers.
mkb: Around you the wind has grown -- it's strong now, and very irregular, with gusts that make an arrythmic song play in and around the bushes and rigging.
mkb: The new wind must've reached the boats, as they seem to jitter and move more erratically as they slowly come in.
mkb: Oddly, you'd still call this a very nice -- if very windy -- day: there's barely a cloud in the sky.
Near isn't used to such storms, and decides to watch it.
Will: I tell them I'm staying until Zalpha comes back at the very least and will gladly help with the boats. I offer to row if they need people.
Near: "I'l have to thank you for leaving those bones, though. Quite the boon for us. Though silk's our main export, or at least it will be. Have any need of it?"
mkb: The sailors take a look at you -- "Can you row?"
-> will: spot?
mkb: whisper nea spot?
Dii (Near): huh?
Near: "I can."
Will: "Silk? Perhaps...export? Who...where..." I ask her, then snap back to the present. "I've not much experience, and never on the ocean, but I've done it once or twice."
Campaign saved.
Near: If they need her to row, she's certainly capable. Strong!
Will: spot check [3d8+5 = 18]
Near: Spot [3d8+2 = 13]
mkb: "Right, stick around. Let me think." The man who is talking is in his forties and probably has some dwarf blood in him by the look of it -- he's too poorly dressed to be any sort of notable, but he seems to be the person in charge of the little harbor, such as it is.
mkbp (mkb): which way are you looking?
Near: Probably up into the sky about clouds. Then back to around where my wagon would be.
Will: Out to sea, generally.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The boats look like they're making headway -- the sea looks surprisingly calm for the choppy, gusty wind, the waves only reaching out to waist level or so and breaking on the beach harmlessly. Still, the people who have joined you here look tense.
Will: Will looks pretty tense too. One thing he hasn't seen is engine smoke.
Will: Now he REALLY wishes they had more of Rukti's gas burners...wait...
Will: Will feels a little at ease.
Near keeps her breathing cool and even. The tenseness in the air isn't bothering her much.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The boats are getting closer, fifteen in all, struggling in the seemingly calm sea as they can't keep a tack due to the continual small shifts in the wind's direction. The small trapezoidal sails are in some cases being held on the correct side by hand; the boats look full of fish, which is good, but....
mkb: There is still no sign of any engine smoke anywhere.
Will: I'm waiting for a rocket boat to come screaming in hell bent for glory
mkb: "Let's go get them!" "No, we risk losing too much of the catch if we reel them in from far out..." "Someone's going to get hurt at this rate, look at them!" "Come on, it's not as bad as two months a go's."
mkbp (mkb): spot again?
mkb: Just in case, the rowers are ready to launch the launch.
Will: [3d8+5 = 21]
Near: [3d8+2 = 15]
Campaign saved.
-> will: Wait, there's something else coming in from southWEST....
mkb: "If you're one of those fey people, can you do something about this?" a woman asks Near after looking at her intently.
Will: I glance over to the southwest to see what's coming in.
Near: "I'm not fey. Also not a mage who could do anything about this."
mkb: Larger boat, you can't quite name the design -- no smoke, but no sails, coming in quite a lot faster compared to the fishing flotilla.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Boatdoken? :P
mkb: By the look of it the fishing boats are making progress: the lines have unrolled and a couple of boats are close to the buoys, although you can't see anyone trying to grab them.
Near: "Something bodes ill..."
mkb: [3d20 = 36]
mkb: [3d20 = 19]
mkb: [3d20 = 24]
Will: "Is it sorcery? Not much smoke, I doubt it's Zalpha..."
mkb: The first boat shudders as the buoy is grabbed and tied somewhere, and the sails are quickly lowered. "Help us reel them in!" the man who to all appearances is in charge calls. "You, you, you, you two, you!"
Will: If that addresses me, I help quickly to reel in the line!
Near: Near'll help too!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Traladarans are generally very respectful of rank, but at least in Will's case right now that went out of the window for the duration of this... The key, you're told, is to keep the tension EVEN and don't just yank: they probably tied down the line quickly, and the knot may not be ship shape, so it can come loose.
Near: Even and smoooth. Got it!
Will: I do my best to do as he says!
mkb: By the time you've reeled the first boat in -- with a couple of words of thanks, and most of the men and women who know how pulling it up on the beach and moving to the next line -- most of the boats have moored themselves. The wind is still strong and uneven, but the sense of urgency is mostly gone.
mkb: Will, the larger boat is coming in from Sulescu bay -- it does look like the airship, sans envelope, and with two giant oars to the side or something like that.... it's coming in pretty evenly. Still no smoke from it, though.
mkb: You can tell the crisis is over by the fact that a boy is sent back to the village to fetch a cart so that the catch may be brought in: the first returning sailors after helping secure their boats follow him, probably either to a bed or a mug. "You with the horse, can she pull?"
Will: Giant oars, huh? Not what I EXPECTED Zalpha to jury-rig, but as long as she's safe, I'm happy with that.
mkb: Near, you're kept on reeling-in duty.
Will: "She sure can, she's very obedient. If you want me to start her, take this line, but she'll listen fine."
Near: That's fine. It's good practice for breathing.
mkb: "Right, we're not letting her pull the lines, but you can help pull the boats up the beach -- it's out of danger then, and that way we keep the beach near the pier free if someone has trouble. Move it!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: All the boats but two are recovered in a pretty full ten minutes as the wind finally starts calming down -- it's still strong, but there are far fewer gusts.
Will: "Right!" I say, and tell Pathfinder to stay still while someone rigs a rope harness to her.
Kittymewmew (Will): (sorry I shoudl be before you I think)
mkb: Will, Pathfinder takes to this little slice of seafaring life very well and does as she's told.
mkbp (mkb): sorry -- you've handled this properly, i'm trying to speed it along a little.
mkb: You're quickly left with little to do as the final two boats are reeled in: it looks like a good catch for today, for what's worth, and little of it was lost to the waves.
mkb: Listen check?
mkbp (mkb): sorry for the cutscene v_v
Dii (Near): Hmm? Is fine
Kittymewmew (Will): NP :)
Will: listen [3d8+4 = 19]
Near: Listen [3d8 = 22]
Dii (Near): And I crit it. >_>
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: The other boat is still coming in at about a thirty degree angle to the beach.... pretty quickly....
Campaign saved.
Will: Oh boy.
mkb: Now you can see a trail of bubbling, turbulent water behind it -- the smokestack was probably bent to spew underwater. The oars, as if moved by an imp the size of a troll keep moving in ovals.
Will: ...what the hell did she do?
mkb: A quick round of explanation from the returning sailors reveals that that is the goblins' ship, which towed them out on the outbound leg due to calm, after which they decided to go to Sulescu to try something.
Near: "Incoming!" Near calls out, that definately sounded like Zalpha.
Will: "That's Zalpha alright! Clear the beach!"
-> near: That was Lily's voice actually -- thing is there ARE no speed controls: the pilot just calls that to the engineer. What happened TO Zalpha if she's not slowing the thing down?
Will: Please don't crash please don't crash please don't crash
Near: oshi-
mkb: "... Why is that thing going straight for the pier? Just beach it someplace! Dammit! Do as prettyboy here says, we'll get the carts later!"
mkb: The activity around you renews as the boats are dragged up past the beach and into the bushes, as are the nets with the fish in it. What do you do?
Near: Well, get out of the path of the thing, but be ready to help out should they needid when they crash. >_>
mkb: It looks like it will plow into the pier at this rate...
Campaign saved.
Will: I help them drag stuff, and I have no idea how to keep Zalpha from hitting the pier. "It's going to hit the pier!"
Near: Near has an idea, but it requires stuff we don't have, so it's moot. "Yep, looks like it."
mkb: Will, the help is much appreciated -- the pier can be rebuilt, it's mostly just planks, but the hulls and riggings must be saved. Near, you're urged to get moving and do something!
Near: She helps out, then. Nothing she can do for the speeding ship, so moving other stuff out of the way it is.
-> near: IM :)
Will: I hope Zalpha can get out of the way, I don't want to see HER hull get trashed on the pier...
Will: I sure hope she can stop whatever she has going.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The big boat has almost reached the pier!
mkb: At the last moment, it veers right, heading out to sea again... and keeps veering... and keeps veering... Now it's moving in circles!
mkb: The wind is slowly pushing it outward away from shore though. While most people relax significantly, the sailor in charge looks at the vessel for a few moments. "What are they doing now? They'll end up drifting off at this rate."
Will: "Not a clue," I say. Are there any lines out for them?
mkb: Yes, all of them: the big boat bumps into the buoys, which float off harmlessly losing maybe a few splinters.
mkbp (mkb): The lines were thrown back in after a recovery
Near: "Got a grapnel?"
Dii (Near): Dammit Near, stop doing insane shit.
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
Campaign saved.
mkb: The general agreement is that nobody's getting near that thing -- they would love to help, but the risk of getting knocked out by those self-moving oars by accident is too great.
Will: Is the big boat still under power?
mkb: "Aye, we do -- what do you want to do?"
mkb: Yes, the oars are still going.
mkb: It's about a hundred yards out.
mkb: The circling radius is about thirty.
Near: "Got onto the thing and stop it from inside. The pilot's doing all she can to avoid crashing, so she can't stop."
Will: "I don't think we should pull it in while whatever's still burning. I don't know if she can control it, but if she keeps that up she won't drift off before the wind stops, will she?"
Will: " on EARTH do you know all of that?"
mkb: The boat leaves an odd wake behind, full of turbulence and bubbles.
Kittymewmew (Will): [how DOES she know all that?]
Dii (Near): Guess?
Dii (Near): A guess*
Dii (Near): And the fact it hasn't stopped.
Near: She shrugs. "I heard a few things."
mkb: "Hard to tell -- if the sirocco doesn't pick up again, well, she'll end up somewhere between here and Vorloi.... it's a big gulf, unlikely to get lost at sea."
mkbp (mkb): She heard Lily freak out, yay crit on listen
Near: "So, can I borrow a grapnel?" She drops her pack and pulls out some rope. Yes this is probably utterly stupid, but hey, her life's been defined by doing stupid things so yay.
Will: "I'll take your word for that then, but if Zalpha can't stop it..." I say, and pull my grappling hook off my field pack.
mkb: "I don't think they're in any danger other than their lunches and pride, but -- if someone got hurt earlier in the day, can't get them to a healer."
mkb: "You're actually going to - "
Campaign saved.
Near: "I have a plan."
mkb: "RIGHT LADS, LAUNCH IN THE WATER! We're helping the crazy people!"
Dii (Near): Will try hooking it when it gets close, rather than trying to swim after it. Possibly inventing waterskiing.
Dii (Near): Note: Near does not have her armour on.
mkb: Now the problem is throwing a grappling hook at least seventy yards out....
Will: Yeah that's a hell of a shot.
Dii (Near): Ah...
Will: Actually.
Dii (Near): It's that far out? Drats.
Will: Will takes out his longbow, and ties a rope onto a broadhead arrow. "I hope they get the idea to tie this to something..." I say, and aim for an open spot in the middle of the deck.
Dii (Near): Near's rope?
mkb: Will, the sailor puts a hand on your shoulder. "Good call, but it won't work. Here." He deftly ties some very thin line to the arrow, then ties your rope to the back of said line. "Aim high, they can catch it on the rebound, I hope."
mkb: "That's silk, so don't break it -- pilot lines ain't cheap."
Will: I nod, do as he says, and fire.
Will: (yeah it was near's rope, she laid it out already)
Campaign saved.
Dii (Near): Kies
Dii (Near): Yay earthsilk rope :D
mkb: Where are you aiming?
Will: I lead the boat as best as I can figure, my air combat training taught me to do that already, and I aim high to arc beyond the boat.
mkb: You miss and overshoot! Which is just about right: the line begins to fall off the boat as it speeds away from you, and gets caught in something. One of the goblins starts reeling it in soon after, figuring out might as well try it....
mkb: [1d20 = 10]
mkb: The circling adds to the difficulty of reeling it in and you see two goblins run back and forth along the deck; someone has in the meantime tied a bigger rope to Near's, and one of the reeling ropes at the end of that one.
mkb: Looks like the people on the ship got the idea!
Will: Great! Now let's hope they can figure out to turn off the engine!
Will: "Let's get this tied down! I shout, and head for the pier, which is probably the sturdiest thing out here.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, your cry is followed and the line quickly taken away from you by people who know as much about knotwork as much as you know about combat.
mkbp (mkb): Today's mission: BOAT PROBLEMS
Dii (Near): Yep. >_>
Near is ready to help pull it in when they're ready for it.
-> near: im
mkb: It looks like the boat is slowing down just a little.
Campaign saved.
-> will: Looks like they stopped feedng the engine: you do know it takes some time to actually stop, unless the engineer stops it.
mkb: The boat is widening its circle a little -- a goblin is running back and forth trying to reel the rope in without it getting stuck or too tense against anything.
mkb: [1d20 = 2]
Will: We wait until it stops before we start pulling it in, but we make sure the boat is well tied down.
mkb: Now the boat is -- it's doing a tacking movement, making a serpentine towards the beach as it slows down.... the reeling-in speeds up: it's likely by now that they have gotten the big rope on board.
mkb: After a few minutes of zigzagging, the big boat finally comes to a halt, its not very streamlined hull acting as a sail and keeping the rope taut. "Everyone get ready to pull!"
mkb: Wil?
Will: I do as told and get in position on the rope, ready to haul in.
mkb: "Very steady now! Don't want to risk breaking the line!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: As you reel the boat in, you see that there's only one goblin on board abovedecks -- the big boat is eventually reeled to the pier a little after the wind has died enough that pulling it up on the beach and anchoring it on spikes is barely more than a chore.
Will: I do as told, pulling slowly and steadily.
mkb: "You two did good, fish fry's on the house tonight -- after we're done gutting it."
Near: Near's helping haul in. =x
mkb: "Hope you like bieletrochu!"
mkb: The big boat is quickly anchord in place; the sailors get a chance to look at the auto-oars, which turn out to simply have been swapped out for the original fins and the motion changed just a little bit.
mkb: "Come out of there!"
Will: "Fresh fish? Sounds great to me!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu's the first to jump to shore and, recognizing Will, runs up to him.
Near: Near also checks out the boat, wondering about the voices and what's went on. Seeing Rossie, "Yo, you're alive, too?"
mkb: The little goblin freezes and looks at Near funny. "Uh - er - yes ma'am!"
Near: "What happened on there?"
mkb: Rossiu makes to turn towards Will, then turns toward Near again. "Zalpha passed out and started saying a bunch of crazy things like that big guy with the horned helmet way back then! Lily brought us home anyway! I'm thirsty!"
Will: "Is she alright?" I ask, heading for the ship to look for Zalpha.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near hands Rossiu one of her waterskins, "There you go."
Will: It sounds like a piece of the mind cloud is in Zalpha's head...or it's flat out back.
mkb: "Thankyoumaam!"
mkb: Will, belowdecks is a mess: the envelope is in there and so is the fabric for the fins. Some of the fabric has been unrolled and covered in charcoal marks. In the middle of it is Lily giving first aid to Zalpha.
Will: "Lily! What happened?"
mkb: The goblin engie looks at Will with the same faraway stare Pathfinder has most of the time. "Will! You got a hippo on your head!"
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'LilyWhite'
LilyWhite: "Not entirely sure. Make sure that fabric's fine, I think she was writing notes on it when her head asploded."
Will: "What?" I say, looking up.
Will: I look over the fabric, making sure not to disturb her notes. maybe she remembered how to make engines or something.
LilyWhite: "I think she'll recover, though. I stopped the bleeding for now, and got her heartrate from being so fast."
mkb: "I got a fish, would you like to make a wish?"
Campaign saved.
Near: Near talks with Rossiu, about things in general, like if the gobbie recognizes her.
LilyWhite: "She's been talking like this for a little bit. The symptoms are like something I've seen before, though I don't think it's quite the same."
mkb: Near, you don't get much of the goblin scout other than "yes" and "no" -- she's obviously a little nervous around you. She does answer to the best of her abilities -- you look and sound like her old chief, but you can't be her because she's partly made of metal and doesn't have a tail.
mkb: "All aboard, let's go... let's go... somewhere else..."
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Will: "Congratulations on the fish," I say, kneeling down beside her.
Will: "Please be okay..."
Near: "Ah right.. Almost forgot myself. Thanks, little one." She pats Rossiu on the head, Then looks to the ship, and hops onto it.
LilyWhite: How's her temptature?
mkb: Normal for a human, so a little low for a goblin.
mkbp (mkb): fast metabolism
LilyWhite wraps Zalpha in one of her shirts, and carries her like a baby, standing up now. "She'll need rest for sure. Can you make anything out of those notes?"
Will: I look over the notes.
mkb: "Will? Near? You lost some bits of you... did I break anything again? The air stops pushing down because there's no air up there..."
Will: "Up where?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I don't think you broke anything...and I got the wyvern knights to let you fly again."
Will: I hope that will cheer her up
Near winces at how Zalpha looks now. Very painful looking. D:
mkb: Will, it looks like random scribbles, if random scribbles had letters six inches tall and were done in charcoal on linen. It looks like a drawing of some contraption sprinkled with pictograms for bunnies and pixies some of which are marked "strato elves?"
Near: She looks over the notes as well.
Will: "Let's leave these alone and make sure they're not disturbed."
Will: "She'll probably want these later."
mkb: "Y-You gotta go up if you get this sort of wind, dammit.... but there was no up to go to so.... there's a lot of up in your head, you know? Did we already actually beat them at altitude is that why they let us fly again or did I dream it?"
LilyWhite: Lily lets her talk, focusing on keeping her warmed up. Some fish stew wouldbe useful.
Near: "Yeah, she probably will.."
mkb: "Anybody harmed down there?" someone calls -- they're not about to get any closer to the engine than they have to.
Will: "I think that was a were in a windstorm. They said they'll let us go up again if we give them an envelope and something to push it around with. No engine, maybe something on a crank?"
mkb: "An envelope on a crank? Huh?" She tries to shake her head awake.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: "I've got it handled!" She calls to the person, then to the others, "Well, should get off here now. We need food."
Will: I nod.
Will: "There's fish."
mkb: The townsfolk have tied down the ex-airship Gulliver style, and gladly welcome you for bieletrochu -- fresh fish entrails, plus the little baby fish just out of their eggs that you find sometimes inside females.
Dee (LilyWhite): Yum? ._.
mkb: It's not a celebratory meal: it's just that the stuff REALLY doesn't keep, and must be eaten as soon as it's fished out.
Will: I'm not sure if Will would have ever eaten that before, but he doesn't say no to food.
mkb: Even so, you are thanked for your assistence -- Will and Near for the recovery, Lily and the goblins for the towing out, although nobody's keen to mess with that thing again....
LilyWhite helps Zalpha to eat, not going to let up until she's sure the goblin is fine.
mkb: Zalpha is half-awake and sitting in Lily's lap because that's where she was being carried -- she does look shellshocked. This said, without her wig and with the stitching she looks a lot more the part of the goblin engineer. She keeps occasionally blanking out and going into a fugue, though, and every time she recognizes Will and Near and asks where the rest of them went.
Near has eaten weirder things, and things much more gross than this, and doesn't mind at all.
mkb: "Quiet everybody, emperor Fred has an announcement... FRED."
Dii (Near): Huh? o_o;
mkb: Doesn't sound like the sort of rambling you got from someone in the brain cloud, at least, there's no mathy words.
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
Will: Indeed. Sounds like Zalpha hit her head.
mkbp (mkb): Did Lily look under the stitching any?
Campaign saved.
Dee (LilyWhite): Yes, as part of to locate the bleeding.
mkb: There was what looked like a metal plate over, or instead of, part of the braincase.
Dee (LilyWhite): eeeks
mkb: Not sure on what sort of metal: silver, or mithril -- hard to tell with blood on it.
Dee (LilyWhite): yep ._.
Dee (LilyWhite): WTB> Hermit Purple.
Dee (LilyWhite): Damn that's a broken stand in a non-combat situation. >_>
mkbp (mkb): wibble?
Kittymewmew (Will): Huh?
Dee (LilyWhite): Essentially clarevoyance/clairaudiance if you have a camera or TV or something similar.
Dee (LilyWhite): Plus it's a badass purple vine growing outta ya.
Kittymewmew (Will): ooooh, now I getcha
Kittymewmew (Will): Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
mkbp (mkb): Meep!
Campaign saved.
Dee (LilyWhite): Joeseph used it to look inside his own head to fight The Lovers.
mkb: It was an early dinner, as such -- but again, bieletrochu gotta be eaten as soon as it's caught... It reminds you of battered shrimp, a little bitter and with unpredictable texture, but it "feels" very nutritious.
mkbp (mkb): Oo.
LilyWhite: Well that's good for getting Zalpha back up and running. Goblins recover fast, but still, Lily's worried it'll happen again if she doesn't know what happened in the first place.
Will: Will's very worried about her too.
Near: If there's any extra, or enough extra, she takes some to her wagon. After a brief discussion with something inside it, she returns, having left the food in the wagon.
Near: She's not sure what to do on Zalpha.
mkb: Most of the men and women on the fishing team leave you to your own devices after eating -- the "real" catch of the day has to be salted or smoked, and there's no time to waste to do that, either.
mkb: There's enough; hey, free meal, at least...
mkb: "Can we PLEASE go home?" Rossiu pipes up as soon as she feels a little more comfortable around Near.
Near: "I don't see why not. I was heading there next, to be honest."
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: Lily cleans the blood and such off of Zalpha's head, using a little aqua vitoe to help with that. Then she cleans the wig, and puts it back on Zalpha.
mkb: Near, that causes Rossiu to literally freeze for a couple of seconds.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha ows a little, but she seems to have fallen into normal sleep, at least...
Near: "No need to be worried. I don't want to take it over."
mkb: Will, you know for a fact that Near didn't use to have a tail.
mkb: "A-are Sunzo and Skoty...?"
Near: She shakes her head, "I haven't seen them at all, so I'm not sure."
Will: "I can only assume they didn't make it, Zalpha..."I say, giving her a hug.
Near: "Nor Ossum."
Dii (Near): I think that was Rossiu.
mkbp (mkb): ya, sorry
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh duurrrrr...
Kittymewmew (Will): I thought Rossiu already knew.
mkb: Zalpha shifts rather effortlessly from Lily's lap to Will's. "I think I saw the thing that Rossiu saw in the sun."
LilyWhite: "Oh?"
Will: "You saw it? What was it?"
mkbp (mkb): Ya, but seeing Near or a Near-alike again...
Campaign saved.
Near: "Something in the sun?"
mkb: "It's a black spot shaped like a letter G the way Adulf writes it. I think. My head hurts. Do you ever feel like there's someone else with you behind your eyes?"
Near: "I used to, but I won't anymore. Someone's looking through your eyes?"
Will: "Perhaps that's why your head was opened...perhaps someone IS watching? I don't know if showing that to Adulf would be a good idea, though. I don't think he's any good at brains. Near?"
Near: "Is it like a little pressure? Not a physical on, like you're thinking of something far off."
mkb: The sailors and fishermen have largely left you alone, after some more words of thanks and please-do-come-back-when-that-thing-works-right and you can do your repairs at the beach, just don't take forever.
LilyWhite: Lily lets them know it does work right, they just had a Critical-Captain-Conciousness-Failure.
mkb: "I've been since I was in that nice workshop with that guy who said a bunch of stuff about money.... I remember building the whole engine from you know, just simple bits -- I can't remember how to do it again though!"
mkb: "There's something that keeps going on about numbers and squiggly lines and gas pressure and compression ratios."
Near: "Hmmm, odd. But no, I would not trust Adulf with her at all."
Campaign saved.
Will: "I wish I knew, Zalpha, I wish I knew."
mkb: "Every time I fall asleep just before I fall asleep it's right there and I just have the picture in my head and then it's gone..." Rossiu says something to the tune of eh, engies are all nuts anyway but she looks a lot healthier. All three of you are besieged by some "can we go home now? can we go home now?"
-> will: Rossiu whispers to you that Near is SCARY and not Near at all.
Near: "I don't mind at all. Do either of you two have anymore business?"
LilyWhite: Lily shakes her head no, she doesn't.
Will: I hug Zalpha closer. "We can go home now."
Will: "Near...before I agree to take you with you, what are you? You're playing hell with Rossiu's instincts, I sense something very otherworldly about you..."
mkb: "I need a bunch of glass and a bunch of leather and a bunch of oil and... uh...." She hugs you back. "You yelled at those knights enough that we don't actually need to go up farther than they right? I can stop worrying about it? Why do they want an envelope on a crank though. I mean that's like a week project but why?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you has a sleeping Zalpha in your lap. With the same buzz cut you got, right now, except you didn't get invasive brain surgery.
Near: "Otherworldly? Not really. And well, I'm now a full on Ork now, I think. I wasn't able to pass on the human part of my body, it seems."
Will: "You don't have to worry about it...and they want it so they can try to figure out airships."
Near: "Not a standard ork. I don't think any of my children can be considered standard."
Will: Zalpha's I sort of trail off.
Will: "I THAT'S why the goblins are afraid of you. You may want to be very careful with that. You may be more of a danger around them than a help. I suggest you keep your business with them short."
Will: I make a note of Zalpha's requests of glass, leather, and oil, though.
Near: "I've had to deal with being this way around all my own little ones. It'll take them some getting used to, but shouldn't affect them negatively." She shrugs.
Near: "There's things I need to return, anyway."
mkbp (mkb): IC and OOC, how does sleepies sound?
Dii (Near): yesplease ._.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Works for me, I'm about to pass out.
Near: Near's not currently tired, but sleeping before heading out is good.
LilyWhite: Lily is exhausted. x_x
Will: I take Zalpha to bed and curl up with her...I don't really want to let her out of my sight right now.
mkb: Will, Zalpha figures out that: you're back to being a boy, yay! You have big soft boobies she can sleep on, double yay!
mkb: Near, your stuff has been very carefully left alone, wonder why. :)
mkbp (mkb): Kies, I think the interlude is over and we can officially call this the start of arc two.
Near: Hehe. Near will sleep in her wagon.
Dii (Near): yey!
'Dee' disconnected
Dii (Near): Night #_#
'Dii' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Kittymewmew' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 20.5.2010 / 20:22:05

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'Dee' identified as 'Near'
Dee (Near): Blar
mkbp (mkb): Derp
'Kittymewmew' connected
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
Dee (Near): derpasherp
mkbp (mkb): Sherpa derp
mkbp (mkb): BTW, you never picked tech points for the current round ^_^; i'm going to unify the goblins and kert if that's ok
Kittymewmew (Will): Reasonable, most of our tech actions are either Sinclair or them anyawy
mkbp (mkb): you get four, rukti being chief means two have to be spent on something air related.
Kittymewmew (Will): is Kip coming btw?
mkbp (mkb): are we done w/ kip-less stuff?
Kittymewmew (Will): Sinclair-less not so much, Kip-less yes because Jusik should be on camera shortly?
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): miwpoint
Kittymewmew (Will): asking him
mkbp (mkb): also GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER. :3
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
Kittymewmew (Will): that was cool
mkbp (mkb): Admittedly easier to steer than I made near's to be when she first hooked it up, so, sorreh.
Dee (Near): Waha~
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Kip says he'll be on in a efw :)
Kittymewmew (Will): also I think Near's had a lot more fine control
mkbp (mkb): yeah
mkbp (mkb): zo!
Dee (Near): Da ze?
mkbp (mkb): Any perplexities?
Dee (Near): I thought we had 5 points, but eh.
Dee (Near): Red's doing Fuel.
mkbp (mkb): You already used the one.
mkbp (mkb): So you got four.
Dee (Near): Kies
Will: So, recap I guess. We spent some time in the sailing village of Marinliev, where Will helped rescue the goblin ship from a sirocco. Aside from that he spent more time reading and thinking, to get himself back on the sensible path he needs to be on.
Kittymewmew (Will): (so when does Will start gaining class abilities again? Is there going to be some big thing that happens?)
mkbp (mkb): Red gets an extra tech point this round for successful OOC application of the scientific method where the GM failed to do same.
Dee (Near): :o
Kittymewmew (Will): (Is it actually going to be seven months ingame time coz that's going to be icky)
mkbp (mkb): What do you think :)
mkbp (mkb): No.
Kittymewmew (Will): (kies)
Kittymewmew (Will): (idunno, just wondering coz I have a feeling I'll need the juice soon)
Will: Tech point for me...hmm.
Will: Parachutes.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Not a bad idea.
Kittymewmew (Will): I have some plans that involve paratroops
Dee (Near): Same.
Kittymewmew (Will): Having good chutes will also save pilots :)
'someguy' connected
Dee (Near): so I've spend Red's point and Near's already, so I don't really have any more say.
'someguy' identified as 'Jusik'
someguy (Jusik): spy here
mkbp (mkb): apparently
Kittymewmew (Will): So who has tech points to spend then?
Dee (Near): By the way, will we need a big-ass mercenary with an even bigger-assed sword? >_>
mkbp (mkb): Four between the three of you
Kittymewmew (Will): Also...maybe, that sounds like something that belongs in a Fire Emblem game :P
mkbp (mkb): You will definitely need all the help you can get.
Kittymewmew (Will): Or do you mean that derp friend of yours >_>
mkbp (mkb): You got 150 doods against 15000, so...
Dee (Near): So just need to get my friend in, zen.
Dee (Near): Yay Great Cleave?
Will: >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): <_<
Kittymewmew (Will): hoo boy
Kittymewmew (Will): well let's see how he RPs I guess? Kay?
mkbp (mkb): sure
Kittymewmew (Will): Anyway Kip since you're controlling Sinclair I say you get a decent say in the tech points, I put one into Parachute tech
Dee (Near): Myu. He's far from a munchkin I can tell you that. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm thinking we go heavy ships
Kittymewmew (Will): bombers/paratroops, maybe some rocket gliders as harriers
mkbp (mkb): anyone trying to GC thru an army is going to be politely asked to leave anyway
Dee (Near): Anynya
Kittymewmew (Will): "politely asked to leave"? That's odd for you. Killed is more what I've come to expect.
mkbp (mkb): care to rerecap for kip's benefit? One thing that Will DID manage to do was un-centaur himself.
someguy (Jusik): anyone trying that is likey splatted
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): I meant OOC. IC he's going to be dogpiled and die of suffocation, which is not a fun death.
Will: Ah yes. In Specularum, we've managed to lift the ban on air traffic if we provide them with a basic model of an airship. Will also has the seneschal's blessing to make a grab against Baron von Hendricks, which he will do but not now, in due time.
Will: An Imperial Priestess restored his body, but not all of his masculine form - a bit of cosmetic work has taken care of the rest for now, but he's not quite as big as everyone might remember him. Better than nothing.
Will: (he has feminine hips and boobs, but male biology, not TOO bad)
Will: (he'll outgrow it)
Will: Anyway, we went to Marinliev to pick up Zalpha and the crew, retrieved them from the sea, and are now planning to quickly slap together something to give the Seneschal, and fly north to Kelvin.
Near: Near is sleepan' in her wagon, after putting Zalpha's drawing covered canvas in her wagon, as if handing it to someone.
someguy (Jusik): you've been busy I see
-> jusik: In the meantime at the goblin village: Remia went either crazy or possessed by a demon, became a Dark Presence in the Woods (tm) which attracted the usual gaggle of low level adventurers to deal with it, and Rukti was informed by the Baron that the issue of taxes would remain in limbo for now, but by ducal edict air travel has been forbidden. He wants to bomb Kelvin. This is about t-minus one week to now.
Dee (Near): Oh yeah. Near's back.
-> jusik: What do you advise?
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh right. Yeah. Sort of. Creepy ork-blooded Near who's the spawn of the original Near, who's now the overmind of a fungal mass.
Kittymewmew (Will): Who may get carved up for dinner if she freaks out the goblins too much. >_>
Dee (Near): Good luck with that. >_>
Jusik: I'd advice spying on Remia when possible to figure out what happened there and if need be knife in the back if threatened...but hey...having that around distracts folks from for the baron...any tax collector is going to be not so politely told to leave at spear point...and for air travel being a problem..hmmm...
mkb: Dawn finds all of you in good shape -- Will, Zalpha hasn't bled on you, which is good. Lily is dealing with the fact that being a minor celebrity has made her somewhat more attractive, and is fending off some not very wanted male attention, including one one-eyed guy who brought her his collection of zombie heads, just to show off.
mkb: Near and her cargo are awake as well.
-> jusik: Rukti is understandably angry about being told to not fly after it's explained to him that yes, technically the baron can demand that.
Jusik: have construction increase on the ground and get ready to send out several ships when we deside not to play nice...but keep them under cover for now
Dee (Near): Ew, zombie heads. @_@
Near: "No, you can't come out yet. Don't worry, I'll get you something. Meat? Fine." Near goes to find her companions and procure breakfasts.
Will: Will wakes Zalpha up gently and asks her how she's doing and if she feels up to throwing together an envelope and a simple raft body quickly.
-> jusik: Rukti takes the suggestion -- eventually after a lot of back and forth, they DO let him keep a balloon up to use as a guard tower: given that there may be more demonic things afoot, that's seen as a good idea. It doesn't take long for the pilots to figure out that they can skirt the new law by throwing themselves down the balloon with blankets, and thus the parachute was born, sort of.
Campaign saved.
Near: Near inquires how the others are doing, though isn't really sure what to do about Lily's distress without making a bigger mess. Refrains.
Jusik: they aren't flying...they're falling with style
mkb: Will, Zalpha takes a little bit to recognize you. When she does, you get that well -- the raft body is easy, but the envelope takes a while, she'd need good linen or ideally silk, and oil, and at least a day's work.
mkb: Near, all seems well on that front.
Will: Will also tries to get Zalpha not to be so freaked out about Near by saying that she's not that tough, and that there's no one person who can't be outsmarted.
mkb: Will, that doesn't help terribly much... she would also like to know where the real Near went and OH EM GEE I WROTE DOWN A BUNCH OF STUFF WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT!
Kittymewmew (Will): So what're we doing with the other 3 tech points, if nobody gives us any good ideas, I'll start planning it all myself
Near: "Need silk? I've got some leftover, I think." She's presenting herself as helpful and assertive, not aggressive. It worked previously, just takes a while.
Will: I give Near an odd look about what it's doing in my room this early in the morning, and cover myself.
-> jusik: A problem is that the humans in the village are considering moving out, things are a little bit TOO weird there. Aynran is against that because they make the whole thing look a little classier, Rukti doesn't care, and Adulf wants them gone ASAP because they get too loud about his perfectly legitimate medical practice.
Will: I then ask her what she did with Zalpha's notes, as I saw her with them last.
someguy (Jusik): well for tech points I'd say spend one on basic weapons manurfacturing in Kelvin...Sinclair has been doing his little show on crossbows, and in the time you've been gone can have moved on to others
Near: "Oh, that stuff, I have it safe, if you want it." She explains, briefly, about the 'real' Near. Since she's also the real Near.
Dee (Near): Huh, I thought Will was outside?
Kittymewmew (Will): we did spend one point on production capacity already, a point in small arms would probably give us a decent weapons foundry, but why would we make em when we can buy em?
Kittymewmew (Will): We don't HAVE to make everything
Kittymewmew (Will): That's not a bad idea.
someguy (Jusik): true but think of it economically...they're right out for farming atm...might as well give your people another trade while we're rebuilding
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh, in Kert you mean
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): your gal back home is already working on trade and sinclair is there teaching crossbows...hence why I mentioned it
mkb: Near, Zalpha has stopped hiding from you. She is now just flat out staring, then excuses herself to get to the ship and find her notes, also she'll need a BIG fire, a small boat, and anyone who is little enough to fit on it but grownup enough to understand the controls NOT YOU ROSSIU.
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah, a point in small arms production in Kert isn't a bad idea.
Will: Will points out that he got a fair bit smaller recently, asks if he'll do.
Near: Near'll go get the notes to get to Zalpha, then. (>'_')=
mkb: "Well you already know how to steer... Sure!"
mkb: Said notes occupy a very large piece of low grade canvas.
someguy (Jusik): so that leaves 1 tech point....any opinions?
someguy (Jusik): I'm thinking commando goblins....but thats just jusik talking
Kittymewmew (Will): Wait 1? I thought we had 3 to spend, who spent what?
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh wait, derp. Right, we had 3 counting mine coz Red spent one.
mkb: Around you Marilenev has resumed its activity, the events of yesterday mostly forgotten other than for the boatwrights getting to the dock with a cart full of lumber and tools to make repairs with; the mills have gone still, the powerful wind of the day before allowing for extra work getting done and the millers likely having decided to take a late morning because of it.
-> jusik: The other problem is that the elves are REALLY starting to complain about deforestation around Titan's Fart -- that's bad for you guys too, because it's gotten to the point where you're not eating a lot of meat.
Near: Can get breakfasts with Bacon? :O
Jusik: in other words we need to build some farms or open up trade for food....
Campaign saved.
mkb: If you pay for it yes: the bacon is decent but not great, that said, you've technically never eaten any.
mkbp (mkb): still in semi-ffwd mode until i'm told otherwise mew
Near: Point. Will get a hearty breakfast. Well, several hearty breakfasts.
Near: Also getting notes to Zalpha, along with the silk, and maybe a little one to watch her build.
Jusik: and now I'm hearing "construct additional supply depos" in my head
Will: Semi-ffwd is fine. Will doesn't bother with anything fancy like bacon - would rather something simple that the locals know how to make well.
mkb: Near, the tavernkeep obliges -- her daughter asks you if you're going to eat Fedor instead, please, he's been crying half the night. She gets a mild scolding, but the thought of you eating people wasn't far from the grownup's mind either.
mkb: Will, salted flatbread with oil it is! The stuff you've seen before in field reations because it's handy to carry, but fresh it's a lot better.
-> jusik: lol
Near: No, won't eat Fedor. >_>
-> jusik: what call do you make on that one?
Near: Near will do some practice and exercises and help when needed for the remainder of the day.
Will: Will makes no comment in Near's defence yet - he's still not sure what to make of all this.
Jusik: well I'd like to ask the others about spending a tech point on that id we haven't spent them all
Near: And eat.
Will: Will spends most of his day helping Zalpha, and when he's given idle time, finishes his book and goes over some of the finer points again.
mkbp (mkb): so last TP?
mkb cornholios.
Campaign saved.
Near considers challenging Will to a practice match, but decides not to yet. Now's not really the time.
Jusik: Construct additional supply depo's...goblins be hungry
Dee (Near): Shrinking engines?
mkb: Lily had been wanting to learn airships anyway, and decides to pull rank a little and gets people to help the construction of the balloon -- the thing is largely circular and by the look of it will have to be pulled by a horse to its destination unless the pilot wants to row against the wind to Specularum.... Said wind fortunately is benign, and soon the two large mills are put back to work.
Kittymewmew (Will): Uh, no? We still need to know how to BUILD engines. I say if we can unlock engine production that'd be a good one, otherwise maybe lv3 rocket engines?
mkbp (mkb): so I have xbows, parachutes, fuel, one i missed, and rockets?
Kittymewmew (Will): that's one more than we have isn't it? :P
Dee (Near): Isn't that one Near's?
Kittymewmew (Will): I think Near has her own tech tree at this point, no?
Dee (Near): I think so, too. Then that one would be the Zombie Cure.
mkbp (mkb): Kies.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): that works for me
-> jusik: So what do you recommend about the elves? The general agreement is tell them to fuck off, except for Poli who says maybe if you stop using wood and charcoal to work with hunting will be easier, that'd also make the scouts happier. Aynran points out that buying fuel from Kelvin is expensive though.
mkb: Zalpha finds that once a human tailor gets on the envelope, there's little left for her to do other than maybe learn to sew a little better -- the move of soaking the new envelope in oil and then LIGHTING A FIRE UNDER IT is generally questioned though.
Jusik: I'll go with the general opinion to tell them to bugger off for's the tribes opinion ...I will keep an eye out for alternatives though and try to keep it from getting to a fight for now...until the others come back and maybe Vyn can talk some sense into those elves...oh yead...the elf is dead
Near: There's that.
-> jusik: Are you personally doing anything during this week other than trying to track Remia?
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We usually use the engine for gas, but well -- I need a whole extra bunch of it! How else do you get it then. I gotta make sure we can still leave with the real ship after this, no?"
Jusik: jusik knows it's going to be a problem in the long term...but at the moment the short term gain is worth for other things....tracking remia and the various fools that go after is a point, as is keeping an eye on kelvin and the elves...keep up production and such as it stands now.
someguy (Jusik): generally sit on his ass and quietly build up and ready to pouce when given a target
Near mostly watches, not commenting, though this is really interesting.
Jusik: it's pretty much how a spy works...just on a larger scale
-> jusik: lol
Will: Will does pay some attention, though he's busy studying, and spends some time thinking about some possible uses for airships in warfare...
Will: especiallyt he kind of asymmetrical warfare goblins generally fight.
mkb: The problem here is that filling the boat with a person and a small fire under it is fine, but the big fire needed to fill the new envelope quickly, well... Or someone can keep an eye on the small fire all night,a nd the thing will be ready the next day.
Will: I suggest to Zalpha that we take the safer option and not risk starting a bigger fire.
someguy (Jusik): awwwww
Will: that said, if she's sure she knows what she's doing, let's go for the big fire.
Kittymewmew (Will): I just don't want EVERYTHING on fire
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): goblin + anyfire = big fire
Near: Fill the envelope separately from the gondola (while keeping it strapped down) then when it's full attach it to the boat?
mkbp (mkb): lol
Dee (Near): Near knows more about engineering than me ._. so that's really a question if that's a good idea
mkb: Near, that's what Zalpha wants to do: the townsfolks have decided that they can help, at the very least to see something interesting and since of course they'll be paid for their time, but the whole thing is being done on the beach anyway due to the lack of flammable things there. At worst the big fire will burn the envelope and you'd have to start over.
Will: Fair enough. I think that's safe enough.
mkb: In the meantime, the hastily converted airship is being repaired by the boatwrights along with the fishing fleet -- it DID help with the recovery operation, so at least that is free.
mkb: [3d8 = 12]
mkb: [3d8 = 19]
mkb: Are you taking any precautions?
Near: Of course. >_>
mkb: Near, you find that Zalpha and the rest of the goblins are still very skittish around you. What sort of precautions? You got a beach, a small boat (well the husk of one: too many missing planks to use it at sea, so of course it works for going up in the air).
Dee (Near): What they are, I'm not totally sure...
mkb: a big bonfire and an envelope.
mkb: And the sea.
-> jusik: All in all things are as quiet as they can be around there SPLAT there goes another pilot who used a blanket that was too small.
Near: If there's any other way to prevent the envelope from being set of fire, do that. Also, peoples are holding ropes for the envelope, as well as those ropes being attached to a weight.
Near: And we'll avoid tidal zones.
Will: Will tells Near that it's best to mostly let Zalpha work and not talk too much.
Jusik: Jusik shakes his head and marks down another mouth they don't need to feed as the Doc heads over to scrape the remains into a bucket
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Well you ARE on the sea shore. There's sand and water, so....
Dee (Near): I don't know?
Near: "I have been. Goblins just tend to over look some things. Taking such a lackadaisy attitude is just asking for trouble."
Will: "This is true." I DO make a point of making sure the envelope is TIED TO SOMETHING.
mkb: The work continues -- Zalpha gets really into it and eventually even forgets her fear of Near enough to tell her to help with the bellows. "You know, we either tow this with something, or Will you're going to have a hell of a time with the oars!" Oars with big canvas fins have been built to order, the carpenters and tailors thinking that was such a ridiculous thing that they used floral-pattern discards for the oars. Pink.
Dee (Near): :D
mkb: There are a few oohs and aahs when the envelope starts trying to lift up -- some of the townspeople who agreed to help start patting themselves on the back for having done magic all by themselves.
Will: I laugh at the sight of it all, and tell zalpha we can just tow it in - someone ELSE can figure out how to row it.
mkb: Zalpha gets on a tirade about how that's not magic at all, or starts to anyway. "What are we towing it with?"
someguy (Jusik): needs some zebra print for the seats and your airship be Pimp'n
Dee (Near): Near has Oxen. (>'_')= One of her carts is a lot lighter than before so she can spare one, maybe.
mkb: Lunch is brought in: there's soon a line of little kids that want to hang on the ropes holding the filling envelope, so that they can do "slow jumps".
Campaign saved.
mkb: "So anyway" the head carpenter, who is duly impressed with the contraption havign seen how it's done, but remains a practical man "who's paying for all this?"
Near: "How much is it all?"
someguy (Jusik): time to pass the check and run!
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
Will: Will waits for Near to say something, since she's almost instinctively decided to take charge of all this.
Dee (Near): No, she just knows Will doesn't like to pay for things. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): Right, your other actions had so much bearing on it. :p
Kittymewmew (Will): *facepalm*
mkb: "Let's see..." It's actually more the fabric than anything else; that and labor and the boat, which the family it belongs to insists on selling as if it was in working order PLUS the lumber they'd bought to fix it, comes down to about fifty ducats. That surprises the man, who by virtue of age had been picked by the others to be the general contractor; only that much for something that flies with a man on it?
Dee (Near): The DM asked what sort of precautions we were taking and noone else answered. >_>
Dee (Near): Besides, I'm an Overlord! It's my job! >:O
mkb: "Well, it's not going to fly for long, and then there's the fact that I hadda tell you how to do it..." "But it's easy once you know how to." "I still had to show you!" "Someone showed you, right?" "Uh, yes, when I was little..." "You're big now?" "Hey! I'm almost twelve!"
Kittymewmew (Will): Um, I did, and ...eep.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): an evil over lord?....have you read the list?
Dee (Near): Not Evil. :V
someguy (Jusik): the list still helps
mkb: The bickering between the carpenter and the flight engineer is good natured. This thing will either be ready by dinner or early morning.
Near: Would offering my wool stocks help lower the cost any? I can still pay it, zo.
someguy (Jusik): ah the wonders of economy
mkb: Near, you're asked a little suspiciously where that is from and if you DO have the gold.
Will: Will, having finished his reading, pays some attention, but still decides not to step in until needed.
Near: "We produced it back home. And I do have the money, but it's in my blood to haggle some."
-> jusik: What you discover is that Remia has been possessed by a demon after the prank she wanted to aply on the tax collector has gone SUPER wrong; the poor man has since been interned to a monastery for his own good.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near, you're told that the wool doesn't look like much and it'll get you a 12gp discount from the tailor, after she goes to get a thresher to appraise it.
Jusik: wow....must have been one HELL of a prank....
-> jusik: Ask D >_>
Near: Kies, I can pay that, then.
Kittymewmew (Will): How much is the final sum anyway?
mkb: [1d20 = 5]
mkbp (mkb): About fifty.
mkbp (mkb): Plus twenty -- no, forty coppers for everyone's lunch AND dinner since Zalpha said it'll be ready a little before sunset at this rate.
Dee (Near): so 50-12 for how much I pay?
mkbp (mkb): Yep
Dee (Near): Kies!
mkb: The good thing is that Zalpha seems to be in much better health.
Will: That's VERY good, she tends to be that way when she's working.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): ya
mkb: Dinner is a quick bowl of fish soup with farro beans in it: everyone's excited to see this thing take off! The actual takeoff is a little anticlimatic, the bonfire is quenched, the envelope is let go and the small boat, holes and all takes off as far as the tether will let it, yanking on the pole a little but not breaking free. Zalpha explains that it'll need a little a fire in it under the envelope (which is mostly spherical: this thing really won't go anywhere fast). The head carpenter jokingly mentions charging for rides when the first enterprising teenager starts climbing up the tether rope.
mkb: [1d20 = 1]
mkbp (mkb): ...
someguy (Jusik): yay...she's slightly less crazy and prone to blowing things up
Kittymewmew (Will): fire fire fire fire
someguy (Jusik): and the fish dinner explodes
Dee (Near): Or some kid falls off the rope. >_>
mkb: The bonfire had already been extinguished, fortunately... the problem is that said kid has been moving the rope too much while climbing, and the pole is coming loose!
Near: "Oy! get down from there! You're gonna get hurt!" Near calls to the kid.
someguy (Jusik): darn kids...git offa my lawn!
mkb: Reflex check?
mkb: [6d20 = 68]
Near: Ref. save [3d8+7 = 15]
Will: reflex save [3d8+2 = 14]
Will: "Watch out, the pole's coming loose!" Will shouts to the kid.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The result of that is the kid hanging onto the rope even tighter as ... yep, it's loose! The wind is coming from the sea, and it's just a little breeze -- the pole is trailing on the sand still, but is starting to climb! Quick!
mkb: There are screams all around you as the boatwrights try to catch the anchor, but fail.
Near: Near jumps to grab the rope!
Will: Will starts sprinting towards where he thinks the balloon is headed - we're still on the beach, so he heads up toward the village!
mkbp (mkb): roll it then!
mkb: Will, your hunch is correct -- it looks like it's heading toward Marilenev... The people by and large follow you.
Near: why am I not a dragoon again? [3d8+38 = 50]
-> jusik: In the meantime, Sinclair has noticed that the harmonite crystal embedded in his new creation, well... doesn't seem to do anything by itself.
Dee (Near): err 28
mkbp (mkb): 28?
Dee (Near): 18 base, +10 from stance (doesn't take any real action to enter basically)
-> jusik: That said, the new dog-shaped homunculus works pretty well!
'Dee' disconnected
'Dee' connected
mkbp (mkb): derp?
Jusik: the artificer wonders about what it will do, and places a second raw chunk infront of Skeets the woder robotdog...checking if there was any resonance between it and the chunk in the doggy bot
'Dee' identified as 'Near'
Campaign saved.
Jusik: he ideally wonders what kind of funding he could get if the Hound could 'sniff out' the stuff
Dee (Near): derp
-> jusik: Not until the construct inspects it by giving it a nosepoke; you hear a tinkling sound come from both crystals. So there's definitely some possibility for what you just said, now how to make the homunculus DO that....
mkb: Near catches the pole! It's enough to make the whole thing negatively buoyant again, so there's a screaming kid and Near getting a very rough tail-rub from the grass next to the path....
mkb: Now the problem seems to be that the kid is too freaked out to do anything but scream and hang tight. So is his mother.
Near: Is there anything I can grab with my legs, maybe?
Jusik: hmm lets see...simple enough to test we can get a larger effect with a larger sum....Sinclair places his current supply of harmointe infront of the hound to gauge the response
mkb: Near, yes, some undergrowth of the mildly spiny thing.
Dee (Near): I mista missed that..
Will: Will's still heading up to hopefully intercept the floating balloon.
-> jusik: The same phenomenon repeats. The problem is teaching the construct hound how to look for it, as it seems that the harmonite does resonate....
Near: I'l grip that, and try to pull the thing down at least enough for the kid to drop down, "Stop screamin'! You'll be fine, just calm the frish down!"
mkb: Will, the balloon is still up in the air -- Near is bouncing more or less alongside you on her tail as she tries to stop it. The balloomn being nearly spherical, it catches the breeze very well.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near, that gets the kid to stop screaming and start crying... well it's an improvement...
Jusik: hmm dog's not like I can give you a bone to chew when your a good puppy....Sinclair settles down to pet the creature while he thinks
Near sighs, what did the kid expect to happen? I'll try to get myself onto my feet to better stabilize myself and maybe keep thi thing from getting pulled too much more by the wind.
mkb: Will? You're close to this minor mess.
mkbp (mkb): which happened because i rolled a 1 on launch, but the fire was already off, yay
Will: I try to get somewhere underneath it when it's going to be low enough for me to grab it.
mkb: Will, you end up with Near's ass in your face, more or less. Definitely low enough for you to grab. Also tail.
Near: "Something's always gotta go wrong..."
someguy (Jusik): how how the mighty have fallen
Will: I grab onto Near if I can't grab the pole, then!
Will: "Oh come on, this isn't so bad," I say, adding my weight to the anchor. That should be enough.
mkb: Near is already grabbing the pole -- thing is, that sort of anchor is fine for horizontal pull, but even the sailors didn't think about this thing pulling UP.
Campaign saved.
Near: Oh, I'm holding the pole. How thick is it?
mkb: It is indeed: you are shortly joined by everyone else who was on the beach, and the would-be aviator is eventually cajoled down.
mkb: About leg size.
Near: I'm thinking using the rope and pole as a pulley to get this thing down
mkb: "We need to have a small fire in the boat to keep making hot air or this thing will just plop down, anyone got a large pot or something?"
mkb: Near, you can try.
Near: Oh, if we got them down, then no worries for that..
Near: "At least we're getting the bad luck out of the way early."
Will: I just pulled you guys down, yeah. "Certainly," I say, somewhat amused, and not at all worried. It would've come down sooner or later.
mkb: The balloon is pulling up less strongly already: even with a fire under it, it probably won't fly for very long.... The people who helped you build it are still very excited, although the enthusiasm for being the first to ride it has gone down considerably.
Dee (Near): With or without the kid.
mkb: "You know, if we built another one we could hang it on top of the big windmill and spot ships early..." "You want to tie a rope next to the windmill? Are you nuts?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Hey if we're flying this to the city we should either do that now, or wait until tomorrow..."
Kittymewmew (Will): Mostly likely with given that he was hanging on for dear life.
Near shrugs, either works for her.
someguy (Jusik): just give the kid something shiney
Dee (Near): And if he came in contact with a wyvern rider or bird or tired out before the ship got low enough...
Will: "Let's fly it to the city in the morning, none of the bureaucrats will be awake this time of night."
-> jusik: so what will sinclair do to make a harmonite hound? The easy way is to change how its mind works, but you hafta sacrifice some other abilty for that.
Kittymewmew (Will): More likely came into contact with a tree >_>
Dee (Near): that, too.
mkb: The thing is anchored a little better, and figuring that the spectacle is over, the townsfolk get back to their lives after the excietement -- Will, you're told it will be five coppers for the extra firewood and ten for the nice copper pot that Zalpha apparently just bought from a tinker.
Jusik: could I add some more hamonite to the inside of the things snout to make it more sensitive...I'd rather put a little more harmonite into it then give up anything on the mental or physical side
Will: I pay them two silvers, and apologize for the trauma.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: what did you have in mind for giving something up with it?
Near goes back to running through her forms, until it's time to turn in. She'll get some warm water and bathe, then turn in.
-> jusik: Some other ability gets removed or nerfed: the more you give up the better the tracking gets. OOC I recommend not overdoing it zo.
mkb: Will, that's a great way to make trauma go away, being that this is all before civil lawsuits....
mkb: The goblins elect to sleep in the ship, even Zalpha who wants to be close to the balloon just in case.
Near: "You stink, too! Clean yourself. Yes I know you've just been sitting in there all day. I still smell you, I told you to stop that."
Campaign saved.
Will: Who is Near talking to? Also, even a few extra coppers does go a long way towards goodwill, Will has found. Will decides to stay in the village, trusting the goblins to take care of themselves.
mkb: Will, that's a pretty valid question!
Dee (Near): You'll see later when (>'_')=
mkb: Beyond that and the fact that the stable boy will not get close to Near's cart, the evening is uneventful; you're invited to a few rounds of Cripple Mr. Onion being that the master carpenter has convinced everyone that no, you're not magic users, despite the evidence.
mkb: Someone has sketched a pretty decent drawing of the flying boat and put it on the tavern's wall; you notice upon close inspection that there are writings on the back of the sheet.
Will: Where's Near when she's saying that, do I hear her?
Near: She's by her wagon and cart
Jusik: ok...I'll give up the constructs ablitiy for Low light still has 60 foot dark vision...that should get be a very limited form of sensor at the least, and I can upgrade it later
Near: If you're close enough to, you can hear her.
Will: I'll say yes for dramatic interest then. "Who are you talking to, Near?"
Near: "Hmm? A couple of my children. I've had them stay here to avoid startling anyone for now."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Children?"
-> jusik: That takes you a couple hours tops: how are you testing it?
mkb: Will, Near, as far as you know there is noone around.
Jusik: I'll hide a chunk of harmoite in the shop (behind the bellows) and order Skeets to "Seek"
Will: I glance around to see what IS around.
Near: "Yes, children. Maybe I should introduce you to them." After checking around for anyone, she says, "Allright, you can get out, stretch yourselves out and introduce yourselves like I taught you."
mkb: Will, this is the stables -- not terribly much other than a few horses, Near's oxen, and Pathfinder.
-> near: who's doing this bit?
mkb: There's a great deal of rustling from the bigger cart....
Near: Natch and Ka'erie. :3
-> near: i'd rather you do so i have cues on how to RP them, they weren't very prominent in the cave play
Near: oh that. Then I'll do it.
Will: I wait to see what emerges.
Jusik: getting rid of low light makes a kinda sense...real dogs are color blind...low light's difference with dark vision was just color and some light...
Jusik: so doggy bot is colour blind
-> jusik: The artificial hound doesn't act very hound-like when told to do that -- it seems to be searching by sight rather than by smell. It occasionally pounds the ground with its face, possibly listening to the reaction from its internal crystal.... In a moment, you have Skeets walking towards the bellows.
mkb: Will, Will save?
Campaign saved.
Will: will save [3d8+4 = 15]
Jusik: Sinclair tries to feed the mental image of a real dog tracking...and checks over the hounds face to make sure it hasn't dented anything
Near Other: Out from the cart Near was speaking to comes out a boyish-faced.. wait wat. Spider butt. Androgynous features on both of them, dark skin, long, pointed ears, and greyish hair. The taller one has, taller because of, the lower body of a spider beginning at the hips. The other a snake-like body, though a bit thicker than a snake of that size sholud be.
mkb: Will, you manage to not freak out.
Will: "What on EARTH are they?"
Kittymewmew (Will): O_O they have supernatural fear? Oh THIS is going to get GOOD. >_>
-> jusik: No, Skeets has enough proprioception to know how to not damage itself; if you repeat the exercise again, it moves in a more natural fashion, although you get the idea it's still mostly tracking the crystal by hearing.
mkbp (mkb): No, they don't. You however aren't used to feeling fear.
Near Spider-butt: Brimming with self-confidence, and a tad bit of impatience, this one bows, "I'm Natch, I beat stuff up."
Near : Snakey: Yawns and stretches, "Eh? Oh, I'm Ka'erie. I.. uhm. Do stuff."
Near: Near sighs.
Will: "I see. My name is William, perhaps Near has told you of me?"
Will: "A pleasure to meet you both," I say, smiling.
Campaign saved.
-> near: Your doods find nothing strange with Will's androgynous looks because well, goblinoids do that anyway.
someguy (Jusik): nice recovery
Near: "Yeah, a little." Near answers.
-> near: Note that Ka'erie knows how to steer an airship AND run the engine with her tail if it's set up right.
Near: They both reply back, in different tones, that it's a pleasure as well. Ka'erie looks as if she wants to curl up on the hay, while Natch looks like he wants to run about.
Near: Kies! :O
Dee (Near): They both wound up being duals, so I based pronoun on how they act.
-> near: kies!
someguy (Jusik): ah.
-> jusik: Overall it seems you got something that works!
Will: "So you are of Near's tribe as well?"
mkb: [3d20 = 34]
mkb: [3d20 = 17]
mkb: [3d20 = 31]
Dee (Near): eep?
Jusik: if sinclair has time for some real testing he'll try to find an effective range but he's really happy that he's getting a response
Near Natch, "Near...? Oh the Golden Coin?" Near herself sits down to let them talk. "Yes, well, 'auntie' there is boss for now, cause Mom said so."
-> jusik: That requires taking your harmonite and hiding it around : are you doing that only inside the village?
Jusik: OOC I figured that something like this was a better idea then expecting massive upgrades from's not really a powerful game breaking ablility
Campaign saved.
Near: "Both are Mom..." Ka'erie says, but shrugs when that earns her a glare from her brother.
Will: Will finds a place to sit as well. "Ah, I see. So your mom is Near, the one I knew? Such a strange fate for one so reckless."
Jusik: it's more a game of hide and seek around the village , with sinclair shuffling off and hiding around the keep and Skeets finding starts off as a serious experiment...but it kinda turns into a with a real dog
Near: "What you call reckles I call planned risk." Near mehs.
Near: "Basically?" Natch seems to like to talk for himself.
Jusik: OOC trying to guess at what happened to near from what I've seeing here....this near is what exactly...a splinter of the first one?
Will: "Ah, I see," Will says. He asks a few more questions about how the tribe is doing, and what actually brings Near TO this part of the world, then heads back to join the others.
Near: Mostly Near is travelling around back to the places she's been before. Also to get some help from the Titan's Fart, but that's mostly secondary.
Campaign saved.
Near: They then turn in for the night as well, with a brief arguement over wether Natch can enjoy the night air.
-> jusik: The sentries get in the way a little, but the results are twofold -- the hound's range is more than the village's palisade for sure, and the people of Kert are getting used to your attempts at artificial life.
Will: Will wonders what's going to come of this, then...
-> jusik: Yes, Near is basically just that.
Will: but right now, he needs to settle things in Specularum and get back to the Titan's Fart himself, so he can deal with the demon problem.
Jusik: well that is better on all fronts then! more then I expected...and nice for the folks around me not to want to burn be as a witch for making this cute little creature
-> jusik: Sinclair has proven his usefulness to the people of Kert, who by now are starting to get used to stuff like, well, giant mechanical spider people.
Campaign saved.
-> near: what has lily been doing?
Jusik: well I'll be sure to take it easy with them next time....*starts drawing up more mundane projects for the next round of development*
mkb: The night is disrupted in the wee hours of the morning by a woman's piercing scream! Wait, two, three.
Will: I wake up quickly, pulling on my trousers while trying to discern the source!
Will: Listen [3d8+5 = 22]
Near: Lily has been doing normal Lily stuff. Checking info on the surrounding area, picking up any details she can on zombies tehy've seen around here and before, helping Zalpha out with ship, just basically doing everything she cauld possibly do . @_@
someguy (Jusik): thank you...but your forgot your shirt...and Will still needs to cover some things
mkb: It's somewhere very close to the inn!
Near also leaps up, having grown used to needing to do so when screaming is involved. She grabs her halberd as she makes her way to the source, going outside first.
Will: Will doesn't necessarily sleep stark naked.
-> near: You learn that there've been a few instances of zombies that have clearly died at sea, but they're easy to control -- they wash ashore bloated and are even slower than the other ones.
Near: Near slept in her tunic in pants. Not going naked like she would in a tribe.
Will: If he doesn't have a shirt on he does throw one on, or just a quick wrapping over his chest.
Will: Grabbing his sword, still sheathed, he runs out looking for trouble!
someguy (Jusik): my bad...sorry topless fight scenes
Dee (Near): Sleeping in your clothes was a common practice back then :V
mkb: You see nothing there... oh wait, a standing figure is kicking a prone figure, repeatedly. You two meet on the ground floor.
Near: "Oy! What's going on here?!"
mkb: "My damn useless lout of a husband came back for me is what!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Is that what all the screaming is about?"
Will: "Stop kicking him please, and let's hear this out."
mkb: The woman is kicking a reasonably fresh corpse in the nether regions; there's a knife in the body's eye socket.
Will: "Or not..."
Near: "Ah."
mkb: "I thought they broke the damn neck when they hung him, but no..."
Near: Lily would be interested in this. >_>
Will: Is he a zombie?
Will: Doesn't LOOK zombie.
Near: unless isn't zombie..
mkb: The corpse is fresh; you'd have to get closer to see.
Will: "He was alive before you stabbed him, right?" I ask.
Near raises an eyebrow. She shrucs
Will: I look back at Near. "Zombie troubles lately."
Will: Turning back to the corpse and the woman, I wait for her reply.
Near: She nods.
mkb: "No, he was... you know. Beat me for twelve years he did before the townmaster did something about it!"
mkb: The woman is in her late thirties and would be sort of attractive if her nose hadn't been broken several times.
mkb: "And they can't even get THAT part right!" Another kick.
Near sighs, well, that's something she's not really used to, but can understand. At least, her wanting to kill him, not the incompetance part.
mkb: "You'd think Lady Magda would give a damn, but noo...."
mkb: She sounds at the very least tipsy.
Campaign saved.
Will: "He was infected? He looks freshly dead to me," I say, and run through everything I know about zombies in my head (ZAN training, past experience).
Will: "Let's get this sorted, Near, go and raise the town constable."
Near: "Meh." She bleats, shrugs and goes to, hefting her polearm.
mkb: Will, there is really no way to tell by sight: maybe see if it's warm?
mkb: The man is wearing the barest minimum, and his feet are swollen.
mkb: The woman looks at the two of you defiantly. "Going to give me a hand with this?"
Near: "Hand with which part?"
Will: I reach down, and pressing my boot heel to his forehead to keep his head down, check to see if the body is still warm.
mkb: The body is cold and clammy to the touch. "We gotta burn the body, no? I think it sends out evil vapors or however that works."
Campaign saved.
-> near: would your doods have been told to stay hidden regardless?
someguy (Jusik): need to get a chainsaw out and hack up the body
Near: ...To be honest, they weren't. Ka'erie isn't gonna be doing anything, zo.
Near: And I think Lily will show up about now.
mkb: [3d8 = 14]
mkb: [1d4 = 4]
'Dyy' connected
'Dyy' identified as 'LilyWhite'
Will: "Yes, I feel it's best to burn the body, though it's nothing supernatural." Oh right, Lily's in town, just who we need.
LilyWhite: "Oh, you have it under control already... Who was it?" She asks.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: "Took me a while, thought I might need my kit." She holds up her healer's bad a bit sheepishly.
Will: "I don't know," I tell Lily. "Can't even be sure it IS one, he looked pretty freshly dead. Suggestions are welcome."
LilyWhite: She looks over to the woman, "Mind if I check some stuff on him?" She puls on some leather gloves and a mask from her kit.
mkb: The woman recognizes Lily and figures she's going to take her size. "My ex husband, may he rot in the pits!"
mkb: She steps away from the corpse after one last kick.
mkbp (mkb): sorry, phone from italy, dealt with
Dyy (LilyWhite): Kies
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): np
Will: "Please do," I tell Lily, stepping aside. "The sooner I know what's going on, the sooner we can settle this and go to bed."
LilyWhite: Lily pulls out a scapel and a bonesaw and begins taking him apart! [Yay dissection?] [3d8+13 = 27]
-> near: You can no longer know for sure, but you get the idea one of your doods is up and about and watching you....
LilyWhite: Starting with the head.
mkb: Lily, that sobers the woman up pretty quickly -- it's a rather grisly sight. "Hey, I didn't mean to-"
LilyWhite: "This may take a while, but you can go now."
Will: "Hold there."
mkb: This said, the long knife that the woman was carrying, and that has become more or less the standard for this sort of thing at least in this town, has gone through the eyesocket into the brain.
someguy (Jusik): what a great way to start the day
mkbp (mkb): srsly
Will: "Lily, until you can tell me if this body was infected or not, this woman is under arrest for this man's murder."
LilyWhite: "What do you think I'm doing? And it looks like he was already killed, or at least attempted already from the neckwounds."
mkb: Lily, the man was strangled with a rope -- if he WAS hanged, the hangman must've been pretty incompetent about it: maybe it was a murder?
Will: "Garrote, or a hangman's rope?"
someguy (Jusik): coma due to strangulation ?
LilyWhite: "Rope, definately. Not someone very good at it, though."
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: any other signs based on hanging practices vs murder? Such as bruises and such. [3d8+13 = 23]
-> lily: heal check to figure it out?
mkb: Lily, the body has bruises on it, but it could be where the corpse had pressure put on it after death. The woman looks at Will and says "Who are you to arrest me anyway?"
-> jusik: is Sinclair doing anything else when he was left alone?
Near is distracted with something, keeping her eyes on two separate places.
Will: "Sir William Kert, knight of the Grand Duke. You'll be turned over to the town constable, of course."
LilyWhite: Any strangely broken bones?
LilyWhite: Also, any signs of zombification?
Jusik: well...with the doggie bot settled for now and the poeple trusting him he keeps up his crossbow lessons and spends some time doing real blacksmith work...with a little artificer flair
Jusik: the town really does need the basics, tools, pots, pans etc
mkb: Lily, the man had a broken arm right past the elbow, and the corpse is quite fresh although it's already come and gone through rigor mortis and started to smell.
mkb: The blood has blackened, which is consistent with carrying the zombie plague.
-> jusik: That definitely goes over well -- it's mostly reforging stuff that was broken in the attack.
LilyWhite: "I'm going to say zombie for now. Can I get a more open place to work, here? I want to figure out the root of this thing if I can."
mkb: Will, the woman raises her eyes and sighs, then sits down. "Twelve years he beat me, do you understand that? Do you want to see the scars on my back?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "If that's true, I'll see you let go."
Will: Sense Motive, though I won't let it sway me either way. [3d8+15 = 24]
mkb: Will, the woman looks up at you and well... maybe it's the nose, but she is definitely not lying about that one.
Near: To Near, this isn't something to arrest the woman for. Her story's easily checked about him being hanged before, and if he's up and running again after that, what else could it be?"
Dee (Near): no " at the end there.
-> lily: Overall the impression you get is that this is a very fresh corpse, but it was definitely a walking corpse when it got stabbed.
LilyWhite: Lily continues her rather morbid work with a bizzare sort of fascination.
Will: That's odd, because if she's NOT held now, she could be long gone before we can check this story, depending how far away he was hanged. She did say "came back for her" - that could have a few meanings...
LilyWhite: "Definately zombie."
Will: "You're certain?" I ask Lily.
LilyWhite: Lily reports. She still doesn't stop, checking for anything really unusual. "Quite."
mkb: Lily, the woman has calmed down a lot because of this -- she's not looking at you working.
LilyWhite: Braaaaain.
Dyy (LilyWhite): Thanks, the pure Lily has become a potential Frankenfran. >_>
Campaign saved.
Will: "Understood. That blade should be cleaned in a fire, and the body burned."
Will: "You're free to go," I tell the woman.
mkb: Lily, the man's brain has been stabbed through the eyesocket and then whisked with the knife. It looks greasy. You do notice that the breath is putrid, meaning digestion has ceased -- that is also a mark of the undead plague.
someguy (Jusik): or he had one rotten last meal
LilyWhite: If I can get the brain into a container, then I will.
LilyWhite: Also, check out his spinal cord, and chest cavity.
LilyWhite: Nates are taken about everything, as well.
mkb: "You mean you're not helping me with this? Oy. Go to hell, yourselves." She didn't recognize Lily. "You deal with this mess, I'm going back to bed!"
LilyWhite: Lily didn't really notice the woman's comment.
someguy (Jusik): biology class is FUN...more zombies next time...and everyone remeber your safety glasses
Will: I look over at Lily. "Should I drag it out, or you?"
mkb: Lily, the one thing you find that is definitely a "marker" you didn't know about is that the fluid inside the spine is yellow rather than clear-ish.
mkbp (mkb): lol!
Will: "You appear to be having fun."
-> will: You're not grossed out at all? ^^;
LilyWhite: "Oh ho! That's interesting.."
mkb: By the look of it the woman lived just upstairs....
Near: "I think you should leave it to her. Go rest, I won't be getting any, so I'll watch her."
LilyWhite: Also will get sample of the spinal fluid and tissue.
Campaign saved.
Near: She calls out something in Ethenegaran.
mkbp (mkb): being?
Near: "If you're out there, stop hiding. Help out if you want to walk about."
mkb: Lily, you don't have that many vials -- they're expensive -- but this can be useful.
mkb: A large humanoid that looks quite like Near's spider body, except it's all flesh and blood, comes out of the stables moving with surprising quiet.
Will: "Thank you, Near," I say, and go back to bed.
mkbp (mkb): ffwd
Dee (Near): sure.
mkb: Will, you wake up in the notable absence of screams and calls for the watchmen -- Near must have cleaned up well.
Dee (Near): Basically what I was gonna do, ya.
'Dyy' disconnected
mkb: Both of you are surprised to see that the inn is full, even if it's morning -- the innkeeper has decided to make a bit of an event of the launch of Marilenev's first flying machine, and it is said that lady Magda may come to witness the event herself!
Campaign saved.
Will: Good on her, the last thing I need is a complete incompetent AND a corpse lying around. I probably have Lily to thank more than Near, bless that girl.
Dee (Near): Lily would've continued on till dawn if Near hadn't interrupted her.
Will: In the middle of the bloody floor? Oh jeez.
Will: Will dresses in reasonably nice clothes and comes down to get some breakfast.
mkb: Fortunately the undead bleed very little...
mkb: Will, you're greeted by quite a bit of noise! Breakfast is on the house, at least.
Near yawns, and does enjoy breakfast. She's not as tired as she'd normally be since she had help getting the stuff to burn the corpse.
-> jusik: Yesterday (ingame) an Inquisitor has come to see what is going on with the demon, and to ask about Etiver's fate. He introduces himself as Bertrand Gui and demands to meet the chief of the tribe -- Rukti's on the balloon, he's been very distant lately.
Near: yay food!
mkb: Zalpha and the gobbies are noewhere to be seen. Will, you're asked to explain to everyone how the flight will happen.
Will: That's convenient, let's hope there are no more zombies. Is Lily around downstairs?
mkb: Yes.
Near: Reviewan' notes while eatan'
Will: I find her and suggest she make sure people here have had the ZAN talk.
Will: There's not usually just one zombie.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Good point and good catch!
Near: She nods, and answers when her mouth isn't full that she will after breakfast.
Jusik: Jusik takes the demanding inquisitor in stride, figured they were going to get involved eventually, but he desides to take his time, offering a scenic tour of the (non super secret stuff) areas and attempts to bore him with small talk to by some time and get a feel for the guy
mkb: Will, the goblins really aren't around.
Near: Near goes out to look for them, having more contact with them will get them more used to her, which'll help the rest of the gobbies in dealing with her.
-> jusik: The man is bald, aquiline, thin, and possessed of an unnervingly direct stare -- he looks annoyed just at the fact that you guys exist. He coldly declines any food or drink, and asks for a patch of clean ground where to set up his pavillion -- beyond that, he talks little and listens a lot; Adulf had the good sense to close the medical tent, at least.
mkb: Near, they're setting up the fire on the beach, and reinflating the envelope on the "real" airship -- Rossiu tells you that Zalpha has been working all night and wants to get her baby back in the air as soon as possible, and that she's worried about the engineer because she keeps chanting "up up up" under her breath.
Will: Will gives a brief speech to the people about what he thinks is going to happen ( we lift the small ship and tow it with the big one ), then after eating, heads out to find Zalpha himself.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Odd. Just keep an eye on her if you would, I'm worried as well..."
mkb: Will, the crowd follows you, but at a distance. You have the fleeting impression that someone made a bunch of copies of that drawing and is selling garments with said drawing on them, but that can't be right, right?
Jusik: Jusik makes a note to send a runner to rukti to keep him in the loop, and he also sets up a plot just outside the camp itself, figuring that the Inquisitor would perfer his own company...and if he sees it as a mild snubbing...well that is just fine with Jusik, whom is playing the part of a very civil goblin...almost like a aide in any human government
Dee (Near): wat ._.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_o
Kittymewmew (Will): Someone invented the event t-shirt? >_>
someguy (Jusik): your famous folks
-> jusik: Reverend Gui accepts in good stride, says a few brief prayers of thanks over the plot allotted him, and starts setting up his tent.
Dee (Near): our folks are famous? :O
mkbp (mkb): No, but it's totally a CMOT Dibbler thing to do
Kittymewmew (Will): haha.
someguy (Jusik): lol
Will: I check on Zalpha to see how she's doing, and ask her if she needs anything, and how things are going.
mkb: Will, you're surprised to see that the work is already mostly completed -- Zalpha is moving faster than Rossiu, zipping between the two ships to keep an eye on the engine AND the little portable fireplace that was made out of a cooking pot. Rossiu explains she was fine with keeping an eye on the smaller boat herself, but Zalpha just isn't listening to anyone about this.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Both ships are essentially good to go; the crowd, about eighty people plus the fishermen who figured this is worth losing a trip over, spread out at a respectful (and hopefully safe) distance. The big ship is still weighed down, while the small boat is tugging on the anchor again -- this time it has been tied to a shack, just in case.
Jusik: jusik makes a point of mentioning to the rest of the goblins "no practical jokes on this guy....for now...we don't need the whole hell fire and brimestone nutjobs on our case" ...all that whispered quitely in goblin of course so he doesn't over hear
Will: I wait for Zalpha's orders - this is HER show, and my job is to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
Near: Near hangs way back, she's got her own transport she'll be doing.
mkb: "Hi Will who's driving anyway see I knew I could do a whole ship by myself well sort of and guess what my head almost doesn't hurt anymore is there any food you really should let your boobies out a little STOP SHOVELING hey can you buy some more charcoal oh look there's a lady coming here oh what's wrong with her legs?"
mkb: Near, Ka'erie peeks out and goes all starry eyed. "Ooooh...."
Will: The last bit gets my attention, and I look towards what she's pointing at. I tell Zalpha I don't know who's driving what, I'll drive what she tells me to drive?
mkb: A palanquin carried by two horses, with four guards -- it's the open-air sort, and on it is an elderly woman sitting a litle lopsided due to the fact that both her legs are in casts. She lifts a hand; the people quickly but sincerely bow at her and spread out.
Will: Oh hell, this is PROBABLY not good.
Near: "Yes, be patient. I may be able to get you your own, should you behave."
Near: I whisper that to her. I don't tell her to hide, she can certainly watch.
-> jusik: Odd how pretty much all goblins listen to you... ;)
Will: "Zalpha, stay here, I'll see what this is about," I say, looking for the party that's meant to greet this visitor.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, it looks like you're it -- you're the one who has been identifying himself as a knight, after all. "What" the woman demands haughtily "is it not custom that I be present at a ship's christening?" That gets scattered laughter as the woman's expression becomes softer and melts into a smile. "I'm Lady Magda Marilenev. You're William the Fallen, am I correct?"
Near: Near raises an eyebrow at the "Fallen" bit, news to her.
Jusik: Jusik shakes his head a bit, all this responsibility goes against the grain for him....he'd rather just be a sneaky git again....but oh well...kept things working
mkbp (mkb): It may have been "falling" rather than "fallen".....
Will: "I am Sir William Kert, I do not know of the title you use, no."
Will: "I apologize for not extending a proper invitation."
-> jusik: Rukti is a decent manager, although you've had to do a bit of extra work since the ban because he's been sulking a lot.
mkb: "Oh, that -- sorry, we've been hearing stories of you falling out of the sky just about everywhere lately... Your apology is definitely accepted. So, have you come to teach us how to fly?"
Jusik: Jusilk daydreams a bit while he works over the day about stabbing the baron for the no fly order so they can just take off and Rukti can get back to normal...
Campaign saved.
Jusik: everything boils down to "can I solve it with stabbyness?" with goblins eventually
-> jusik: While practicing, you DID learn that Baron Kelvin is not very afraid of assassinations at all -- he's mostly afraid of raids, and economic conditions. While he is strict, he is well accepted by his people and has few enemies.
Will: "Not per se, though if you watch perhaps you'll get some idea. This isn't much of a ship, but the Duke's men wanted us to show them the idea of it, at least." I explain as much as I know about the principles of flight, which admittedly isn't a LOT.
mkb: Will, Zalpha jumps up and down trying to interrupt.
Will: I stop talking when Zalpha gets involved. "Ah, there's someone who knows what she's talking of."
Near: This sholud be interesting.
mkb: What follows is five minutes of completely wrong, but workable, facts on aerostatics interrupted by the occasional "slow down, dear".
Kittymewmew (Will): Hahaha.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik starts trying to mentally translate what would be the economic equivelet to a black jack to the make the baron reconsider his flight ban...."I need to work on that"
mkb: It becomes obvious that the elderly baroness can't understand a word of what Zalpha is saying, especially since she switched from common to goblin halfway through.
Will: "Zalpha? I think you lost her," I whisper in goblin as she trails on.
mkb: "This is... definitely something we should like to learn more about but -- I get a sense of urgency from this uh, young lady... Ser William, depsite the small size of the ship, the people under my care feel it should be christened with full honors, and I have to agree -- so as per custom, please accept this tankard of wine and uhm.... I'd be supposed to smash it on the hull, but I dont't want to break anything, so..."
mkb: Zalpha jumps off the front horse she had climbed on to explain, and does a final check of anything. "HEY! ANYONE WANTS TO RIDE IN THE LITTLE BOAT? LAST CALL!"
someguy (Jusik): 5 silver says that the goblins drink it
Near: "You wanna?"
Near: She asks Ka'erie.
Campaign saved.
Will: I nod. "Of course. What would you have us do with it, I think this boat is rather small to break it.."
mkb: Near, you've never seen Ka'erie actually wag until now.
Will: If there's a steel rivet or spike or anything sticking out anywhere I can probably smash it on that...
Near: "Heh, go ahead and volunteer. I'll walk with you."
mkb: Will, the keel has a tin covering on the end of it so that a fisherman can put a boot against it to reel things in and not worry about fatiguing the wood.
mkb: Suddenly, screams!
Dee (Near): She's not that scary ._.
Dee (Near): Even dressed nicely D:
mkb: Near is accompanying a.... it looks like a small lamia, actually it looks quite a bit like the creature that Baron von Hendricks brought into Specularum a couple of days thence.
Near: "Calm down, nothing to be worried about."
mkb: It is dressed nicely and doesn't have fangs or claws though.
mkb: Despite her age and wounds, the elderly Lady Magda makes her palanquin follow the guards as the four watchmen march in front of Near and her cohort. "What is this?"
Will: I step in with the four guards to confront Near, and wait to see what SHE says.
Near: "The pilot." She states simply.
-> jusik: The inquisitor so far hasn't asked one questions of anybody -- rather, he's been walking around the village's perimeter.
Will: Oh boy.
mkb: "Well, you get oars, but there isn't actually very much to pilot on the small boat..."
Will: "I've met this creature before, Ka'erie I believe she was called. I do not believe her an enemy, milady."
Campaign saved.
mkb: The people relax surprisingly quickly: it's sweeps week for weird things and well, if we have two flying ships on the beach, why not a lamia.
Jusik: an inquisitor that doesn't ask questions....thats just spooky...jusik is thinking that the fellow is either biding his time (much like jusik is ,which is a warning in itself) orhe's mapping the place for attack
mkb: "You've... met? I figured it was one of your companions from the outlands."
Dee (Near): Hurting people interrupts her sleepy time.
-> jusik: He is either praying on a weird mix between a rosary and an abacus, or indeed scoping the place out.
Near: "She's my daughter." She shrugs. Not really wanting to have made a scene.
mkb: That gets an eyebrow raised.
Will: "Indeed not, she and this creature are...related to one of my former comrades-in-arms, but even I know little of all this."
Near: She wants to fly, let her fly. ._.
mkb: "My lady, I would also like to volunteer." This is one of the fishermen who was out on duty when the whole mess with the sirocco happened. "I can outrow any man from here to Sulescu!" He looks like it, too. Zalpha looks at the constrictor and the young man. "Idunno, rock paper scissors? Can't carry you both..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: During the night someone DID get around to replacing the frilly oar-fins with plain white canvas ones.
Jusik: Jusik takes some time to at several times pop up unexpectedly (not from cloak, just normal sneakyness) behind the fellow while he makes his rounds and asks politely if he needs help with anything, or if he remembered to carry the 2 (while pointing to the abacus)
Dee (Near): Chess would take too long, so Ro-Sham-Bo it is?
-> jusik: You get a cold, but polite, "No, thank you" every time. Said in the same tone of voice every time. This guy's head has more cold iron in it than Kershaw's.
Will: I wait to see what gets decided.
Jusik: Jusik keeps up the helpful harrassment for a while just to keep him on his toes
mkb: "This will only fly once, is that correct?" "Yes, we're not really using lifting gas, this is just the usual air getting heated up and the-" "And it is a gift for the Duke.... Hmm. I should like to vouch for Alexei here: the wisdom to build these thing we do not have, but this is wood and fabric from my estate, and it would certainly impress Duke Stefan."
Campaign saved.
-> will: Why would she care? They hate each other -- Magda's husband was one of the few notable victims of the occupations.
Will: "Hmm. To be honest, I would vouch for the [something in goblin that means not-a-spy] here, as she's lighter," I say, directing my comment partly to Zalpha so she hears me.
mkb: Zalpha looks at the constrictor and at the young man, who waits respectfully. "Actually he's lighter...." she answers in goblin. "See the tail? Are you allright?"
-> jusik: He's irritated -- eventually -- very eventually -- but it takes a spy to tell; this guy has a hell of a poker face.
Near: "Do you know how to fly, though? She was born for it." She asks the man.
Will: "Ah, you're probably right. What do you think, Zalpha?"
Jusik: Good....irritated people make mistakes, and jusik is patent (for a goblin)
mkb: "You just gotta sit there, keep an eye on the fire and when we cut you loose row to the city and wait for the fire to go out... again it's not a full airship...."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Ka'erie still gives puppy-dog eyes to everyone; Alexei looks up at Lady Magda, then at Will, then at Zalpha and nods gravely. The man is a couple years older than Will, but looks like he wasn't making an empty boast.
mkb: "Now the oars, you're not in the water so you gotta move them forward like this and backward like that, kinda flip them a quarter turn so you get some push.... come on, I wanna go home, either of you get on the boat already!" She's given the small wine tankard to Will.
Near: Well, if she doesn't get on the little one, she can ride the big one..
Near: "Rock paper scissors, then?"
mkb: Zalpha wasn't paying attention, and says NO scissors on the ship, the envelope is thin!
-> jusik: After taking two full circles clockwise, the inquisitor goes back to his tent and.... does it all over again, counterclockwise. Maybe it actually IS a ritual. Or maybe it's supposed to look like it.
Near: opposed die? >_> [1d6 = 6]
Dee (Near): ...yay?
Campaign saved.
Will: "Let's just get this going then, or I'm going to decide by kicking you both and picking the one that lands the closest."
mkb: Ka'erie gets the rules of rock paper scissors pretty quickly, and the two figure that's a good way to settle it. "No no, you gotta pick the one who lands the farthest coz they're lighter, silly!"
mkb: Lady Magda seems to be mildly amused; in the meantime, the crowd has had the time to take a good look at both vessels from all angles.
mkb: [1d6 = 5]
Jusik: Jusik keeps up his pestering...but asks one of the enginneers to interupt him next time he goes over to talk to the inquistor and just babble something at him in goblin...anything he likes, Jusik gives him a wink and then heads off to intercept the hawk looking human again
mkbp (mkb): Gotta redo it, 1-2 rock, 3-4 paper, 5-6 scissors
mkb: [1d6 = 1]
Near: [1d6 = 2]
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: [1d6 = 1]
Near: [1d6 = 3]
mkb: After winning, Ka'erie offers a hug to Alexei, who shies away from it a little bit.
mkb: Lady Magda looks mildly disappointed.
mkb: "Ser William, when you have time -- we should like such a thing for our estate as well: even if it cannot fly for long. What will it cost us?" The master carpenter tries to interrupt, but the noblewoman signs to him to shut up.
Near is happy Ka'erie will finally get to fly.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Ka'erie gets a second explanation from Zalpha and is handed the end of the rope, with instructions to pull on it to release the anchor -- the towing rope is already in place between the two ships.
Will: "You may ask the goblins of the Titan's Knee as soon as they're free to do such work. Send a messenger by way of Kelvin, he'll find their village. I prefer to leave myself out of their business."
mkb: Near, you're quietly acosted by one of the boatwrights who informs you that he wants seven silvers for the rope, since all this ended up using more than expected.
mkb: "Farewell then, William of Kert -- safe travels! Between you and me I'd have asked for a ride myself if I hadn't broken my legs... at my age you realize, well, risks are easier to take."
mkb: Will, Zalpha is trying to tow you toward the ship by the finger.
mkb: Near, what are you doing? The ship can't carry your stuff, obviously; Pathfinder let herself be led into the ship, but it's doubtful whether a less seraphic horse would allow that.
Near: She shrugs, "Fine." So petty with money, but they probably have to be, she gives him a full ducat, and thinks that she'll use her ropes more often.
-> jusik: The engies have been busy refitting the airship hulls, since the engines can't be messed with without testing them -- they're a little bored, so you get a can do.
-> near: It's a shitton of money for a peasant :p
Near: I'mma take my carts and drive up to the Titan's Fart.
mkbp (mkb): It's a shitton of money for a peasant :p
mkb: [2d20 = 20]
Near: yeah, but Near's never felt the life of a peasant.
mkbp (mkb): 9/11 on a takeoff roll?
Will: "I'm sorry, milady, for your legs, and I understand your aversion to the risk."
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Srsly
someguy (Jusik): I didn't do nothing honest
someguy (Jusik): I'm just minding my own little end of the time space continumn
Dee (Near): I hope Ka'erie's fine ._.
someguy (Jusik): terrorist dice
someguy (Jusik): not my fault!
mkb: The takeoff is surprisingly quiet -- this airship is slow and towing something else isn't a problem, although it makes the whole thing even slower.
mkb: There are some cheers on the ground as you set off! "Yay!" "Whee!" "Squadalah!"
mkb: Will, the goblinoid lamia seems to have no problem with things and is even using the oars to keep the boat right behind the larger ship so as to reduce drag; what'll happen to her in Specularum is anyone's gues.
mkb: Near, everyone is distracted and nobody sees you leave, or worries overmuch about it.
Will: Let's hope nothing bad. Will pilots the larger ship for now, while Zalpha mans the engine as usual. He keeps on alert to ensure the archers know not to shoot at him!
-> jusik: The engied quickly work out an annoy-the-creepy-guy rotation.
Campaign saved.
-> jusik: One thing they did do after what happened to poor Sosho was pickle the leftover bits of zombies that you had captured and, working with the medics, building some sentry crossbows -- they're nowhere as good as Sinclair's and look pretty grisly, though.
mkb: You're just in sight of the Specularum wall when you're intercepted by the Guardian Knights.
mkb: Knight, rather -- this time Harrier is by himself; you can tell him apart due to the gilded helmet.
Near: I have hope she'll be fine, it is a goblin ship, so they're likely to expect weird things. I head up to Titan's Fart normally.
Jusik: when jusik does is next irritation run and the enginner comes along and babbles on cue, Jusik hasitiy asks the inquisitors pardon, and that jusik huries off into the woods in a mild hurry....once out of line of site with the inquisitor...he intends to pop invisitblitly and double back....then sit in the camp for a while and maybe eat as sandwich...leaving the inquisitor to wonder
Jusik: jusik then just blends in with the other goblins and quietly spreds the little joke...if the Inquistor is worth the name...he should be paranoid at nothing for a little while
Will: I throttle back and let him escort us in.
Will: I give him a wave and a smile, even.
Jusik: OOC I felt a few mind games are in order...and Jusik is bored too
mkb: Will, ther isn't much to throttle back -- you'd actually go FASTER on Pathfinder, with the boat in tow. He's gesticulating at you to land.
Jusik: he does ask a few other goblins to keep up the irritation runs and such just to keep him on edge while jusik gets back to the real work for now
-> jusik: That seems to work, especially after he sees you go one way but not the other -- he does look at you funny for a second.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik just nods politely back and hides a smile
-> jusik: "Is there anything I cna help YOU with."
mkb: Near, it's a long way, to Titan's Fart, to the sweetest girl I know....
Will: Oi...I guess he has instructions on where we're to land, so I tell Zalpha we need to start landing, and try to get the other airship to just keep its current position as best I can.
Will: I hope he's not stupid enough to wreck it.
Will: Does it have a tether on it, so we can just PULL it groundward?
Near: I shall SING! Because it annoys Natch until he starts trying to sing over me.
mkb: Yes, it's tethered.
mkb: Near, you guys sound a bit drunk, overall.... nothing new for caravaneers.
mkb: Will, you're being shouted at by the idiot who doesn't realize you can't hear him over the engine.
mkb: Near, Natch would probably make for a pretty good drummer.
Campaign saved.
Near: Neats ;o Might try getting them all presents when we get to TF, really.
Will: I get Rossiu to tie the other balloon somewhere as we go down.
Will: "Make it fast, Rossiu, this idiot's impatient."
Will: I know full well he can't hear ME. :p
mkb: [1d4 = 4]
Jusik: "Oh I couldn't possibly impose on one of such standing.." Jusik says with many bows "But now that you mention could you perhaps ask the good baron on our behalf to lift his flight embargo..." jusik leans in conspritoritly "it hurts trade you see, which leaves some bellies a little empty here and there...bad for work you see...and hunting is scarer then it was...I would so dislike to have a hungry mob of goblins abounding in the woods...wouldn't you?"
mkb: You're close to the city wall now -- you can see the commotion under you. The airship has begun to lose altitude.
Jusik: half truths, and I expect him to have intel from the elves already if he's good at his job...
Will: I keep the ship back from the wall, I don't want to land on it, or cross it without permission in a ship like this - that's liable to anger people with weapons pointed at us.
-> jusik: "I'm sure you can keep your underlings in line. It would be safest for everyone involved if I did not have to involve the secular arm of the law in this investigation."
mkb: Will, there are indeed weapons pointed at you that you can see -- longbows mostly -- but nobody's firing. Harrier is still shouting.
Campaign saved.
mkb: After a while, he holds a large iron ring in front of his mouth, and tries again. "LAND NOW OR I SWEAR TO HALAV I AM GOING TO BURN YOU DOWN AND LET YOU CRASH ON THE WALL!"
mkb: Near, your doods appreciate the fresh air once you're alone -- they were a little jealous of Ka'erie.
Will: I ignore him and keep the ship steady as we descend.
Dee (Near): yay fresh air!
Will: I wave to him and give a nod.
mkb: Will, where are you trying to land?
Will: On a flat spot of ground outside the wall.
mkb: Pilot roll?
Jusik: "I see, well no harm in asking of course...and you did ask if you could any case...I'm sure my fellows will behave...on another know we would very much like to have you for dinner" Jusik smiles with a bit of teeth at the end there
Will: Preferably one without anything growing.
Will: pilot [3d8+1 = 11]
Will: "We really need to get some weapons on these..." I mutter, wondering what Rukti's been up to with his speed burners lately.
-> jusik: The man thinks for ten long seconds, surprised you're holding his stare. "I.... I will accept. Will I have a chance to speak with the chief then -- or should perhaps I deal with you directly." He returns the showing of teeth on the last bit.
mkb: Will, you land -- the problem is that you're going to land on your prow a little, since there's negative weight on the stern of the ship!
mkb: Nothing dangerous, but you're liable to look a little stupid.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "I'm sure something can be arranged...I will see you tonight then?"
Will: I tell everyone NOT doing anything important to move astern, most importantly that HORSE that's lolling around.
Will: Hopefully that will balance things out a bit.
Will: If be it, we look a little stupid.
-> jusik: "I will perhaps take a walk in the woods." Now that you think of it, the man came on foot -- did he walk all the way from Kelvin, AND set up his tent, AND walk around the village without resting at all?
mkb: Will, that does the trick -- you come to a perfect landing, the small boat still tethered to the bigger ship; as the engine winds down, you hear Harrier swoop down telling you to get the other gas bag to hit the ground NOW!
Jusik: ooc I figured he had some followers along with him....he came alone?...hmmmm
Jusik: Jusik takes his leave of the man and goes to talk to the current chief, and some of the cooks, hoping for some real 'authentic' gobin food for the meal...and some human eats if we have them (planning for Jusik to eat the human food right infront of the =I= while he gets served some "authentic" goblin food, hehehe)
mkb: Near, your little group is full of questions about the people here.
Campaign saved.
Will: "I'm under orders from the Seneschal to deliver this gas bag to him, and it can't deflate without stopping that delivery. Either YOU go tell him to come out here, or let me pass, Harrier."
Near: I answer. They're a tad stupid and slow to accept others, but I'ven't had many problems other than when it's involved pride.
-> jusik: Rukti gets the idea, and calls for a cooking challenge free for all just to see what happens! Poli sighs and sets up outside the palisade with Anya, they'll make the REAL food there.
Jusik: jusik also gives Rukti his opinion of the man, he's a tough nut, he's scoped out the place well and isn't the jumpy young preist types...he knowns what he's doing, even if he can be irritated, he's not one to respond to threats...which is something to worry about
Near: Basically, just accept they're xenophobic and avoid sounding condescending and you shouldn't have much trouble.
Near: Other questions I'll answver as best I can. Especially about food. :9
mkb: Harrier jumps off his wyvern as the creature lands and starts grooming itself, and runs to your hull. "I know that -- which is exactly the problem! These things are abominations! There's no tradition behind them, no blessings, and the only sort of fighting you can do with these things is using them as a .... a .... a big blob to drop rocks from! You insult every code of chivalry I've studied just by supporting these greenskins and their contraptions!" He's trying to climb aboard.
-> jusik: Rukti seems to share your worries -- he's already asked Adulf to stop working unless there's actual healing that needs done. "Is he after the demon girl or after the tribe?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Ah, I've offended your proud order, steeped in tradition, have I? Well perhaps you'll simply have to adapt. If you use that pea brain of yours you'll realize your knights are hardly useless in either case!"
Will: I step down to meet him rather than let him come aboard, I don't want to get the others involved in this.
Jusik: "he's likely taking tallies on the tribe itself...he hasn't asked any questions about anything at all really...could just be biding his time...but I'm thinking that it's about the camp itself, or something in it"
mkb: The boat is about level with the walls, and Ka'erie is doing a good job in keeping the fire going -- despite the fact that she has a good thirty bows pointed at her: she looks a bit too much like the critter that Von Hendricks brought in for comfort. Even so, there is movement behind the walls.
-> jusik: "This is your bag, so: are we killing the dood? I don't know how long I can play nice, we've basically all been locked up in here for what, a week now?"
mkb: Near, are you letting your doods out of the wagon?
Will: "Rossiu, pull that boat down lower, let's not give those archers any ideas."
Will: [in goblin of course]
Near: Only if I stop to eat. As we travel along, no.
Near: mostly because it's hard to explain. When we get to the Titan's Fart, they can run around all tehy want. >_>
mkb: The scout physically pulls down, or tries to, then figures out she better use a winch and starts doing that.
Will: I wait for Harrier's reply, whatever it may be.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "I want to find out his game first....he's got a goal, we figure it out and we might get some use out of the nutter...and killing these kinds get the whole rest of the zelots all riled up...lots of trouble in the long run just ganking the gentalman"
mkb: Harrier looks down at you -- not hard; he's a little taller, and objectively quite handsome -- and shows you a leather glove, then slaps you with it. "Fine. Your plot to keep these monstruosities flying may have succeeded, but you will duel me and you will see that we are doing it right!"
mkb: Near, that sounds like a good way to stay out of trouble.
Will: "Very well, Harrier, you will have your duel. As it is your challenge, I may choose the weapons. We will settle this at the tilt."
-> jusik: "Good idea. We'll play along."
mkb: Will, that definitely catches the man by surprise!
mkb: "I -- but -- what would that PROVE?"
mkb: Near, it'll take two days and a bit to get there....
-> jusik: There is some resentment when Rukti stops the parachute tests, mostly to make sure Adulf doesn't have to work on anyone under prying eyes.
Will: "Whatever you wanted to prove in a duel with me, Harrier. Or you could withdraw your claim, and let us do our duty unhindered. Though I'm sure half the city would LOVE to see your prowess at horsemanship."
Dee (Near): yikes.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh I'm just going to humiliate the fuck out of him.
someguy (Jusik): should be fun
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Withdraw my claim? What code are YOU under? I would never. I will see you tomorrow at high noon to settle this! Now excuse me -- I have a duty to return to." He walks away haughtily, just as the gates open fully for what looks like a welcoming committee.
Will: "Excellent. So do I."
Will: I climb back up and tell Zalpha that we'll have to leave in the afternoon tomorrow, instead of today, because I have to fight this idiot in a duel, but it's going to be funny enought that it's worth her sticking around for it.
mkb: The wyvern's shriek as the man mounts it and digs his spurs in is enough to make Ka'erie twitch and curl up in the little hull.
Will: "THIS will be fun."
mkb: "Will we can't fight on this ship, it has no weapons on it!"
Will: "We're not fighting on the ship," I say, and explain the joust to her.
Will: I then wait for the welcoming committee.
mkb: Will, your explanation is met with curiosity. The Seneschal, as promised, is there -- to your surprise so is Duke Stefan, dressed simply but with the coronet well in evidence.
Will: I tell her I have to go and meet the Seneschal and the Duke, and that she's allowed to come with me as long as she lets me talk.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): for the next session, can i ask you guys to take over zalpha and rossiu? the duel WILL be interesting and I guarantee you there will be stuff going on between the secenews.
Will: I also tell her to BE NICE, and if you're spoken to, address the Seneschal as My Lord and the Duke as Your Grace.
Kittymewmew (Will): (etiquette in a hurry lol)
Dee (Near): Aww, I wanted to take over Ka'erie as she began experiencing such new and interesting things :o
mkbp (mkb): Good point actually!
mkbp (mkb): that works better
Kittymewmew (Will): :)
mkb: Zalpha nods and puts on her wig. Backwards, but oh well.
Will: I turn her wig around the right way as we step out and I try my best to smile and look proper and presentable.
mkb: There is no fanfare as the Seneschal dismounts and calls you forward, addressing you as Sir William of Kert. "His Grace Duke Stefan Karameikos will grant you audience now!" the man calls out, as if this was the throne room.
Jusik: lol
Jusik: well see how it goes then
Campaign saved.
mkb: You hear one of the old guards comment to a younger one that the last time he saw this was the end of the occupation period when Igor Marilenev surrended. Except you know, without snake people or giant flying sails that stink.
-> near: what's ka'erie doing?
Will: I kneel before the duke and hope Zalpha is smart enough to do the same.
-> jusik: Sorry about you not being there, thought you'd get back in earlier mew
mkb: Zalpha looks on the ground to see what you dropped in what could or could not be a bow; the Duke doesn't seem to take offence, and bids you rise.
-> jusik: The results of the cook-off are in!
Near: sitting in her boat and watching. She doesn't really wanna leave it, yet.
Will: I rise to my feet.
Jusik: so...what looks the worst?
Will: "Your grace, I bring you a specially-built flying ship, as asked."
mkb: "In two days, no less! I'm impressed. We will send it to the Academy so its workings may be studied. This operates entirely by means of natural philosophy?" Zalpha isn't sure who he's talking to.
Campaign saved.
Will: "It certainly does. There is nothing magical about it."
Will: "It may not be much of a ship, but it demonstrates the basic principles, and we were able to show some of the craftsmen in Marinliev how the parts of the ship are made."
-> jusik: That'd probably be either barbecued worms, or maybe the potato leaf salad. Someone tried to fry some of the oiled canvas you use for glider wings in its own oil and put sage and flour on it.
Jusik: looks a bad way...or is that bad in a good way...either way...should be interesting for out friend
mkb: Stefan Karameikos raises an eyebrow at that. "... so this isn't goblin craftsmanship..." The man's prejudice is amply justified, but that doesn't prevent Zalpha from making a sound at that. "I accept your gift with gratitude, Sir William, but as your rightful liege lord ask something further of you."
mkbp (mkb): Note the phrasing.
-> jusik: The "real" food is breaded bread. Which is yummier than it sounds, ask Rley.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: I'll take your word for it
Will: I nod. "Of course, Your Grace," I say. I do note the phrasing.
-> jusik: File under "stuff we ate on the houseboat" along with fried jellyfish.
Jusik: hmm jellyfish...didn't know there was enough...well...meat to those to fry....
mkb: "Why, I'll take a ride! I've been on an Imperial flying ship when I was a boy -- I will never forget that sight."
someguy (Jusik): your boned
-> jusik: They don't as we learned :) So what 'll be offered to the inquisitor?
Dee (Near): eeep
Jusik: why a little of everything of course, must be a good host after all *evil grin*
Dee (Near): I am the sword of your boned.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Will: "Zalpha, can the boat carry His Grace and myself?" I ask her.
Will: I KNOW he'll object to Ka'erie as a pilot so I'm going to take this one myself.
-> jusik: The stuff that was made for the cookoff looks definitely more colorful than the bread.....
Dee (Near): I think he meant the big ship
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh if he's confused of ships, then we're all boned, I assumed the fact that the big ship was a goblin ship and not built in two days was rather clear :p
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): NO, just ride on the big one.
mkb: "Uhm, no, but if we pump a little bit of lifting gas in it... then again there's the open fire under it, don't think we ever tried it...." She turns to the Duke. "Your Grace, dood, are you any good at rowing? Or we can hitch a horse and pull you around until you land if you like."
Near: Ka'erie derps, then looks a tad shy.
Will: "The boat is only made to carry a pilot and his things," I tell the Duke.
Will: I wave to rossiu to winch the boat down to ground level.
mkb: "Oh sorry sorry sorry, was it my grace and not your grace? Will said that guy's name is My Lord, but.... uh..... I'm doing it all wrong am I."
mkb: Will, you have a Zalpha hiding behind your legs. Admittedly that worked better when you were a centaur. Marginally.
someguy (Jusik): I'm sure the shear adorableness will save zalpha
Will: I sigh. "I apologize, Your Grace, but goblins have no such titles."
Will: "I assure you, she would never mean you any disrespect."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Sir William, I grew up learning as a fact that goblins ate their young and were born from filth under the earth -- and you bring me ones that fly. I take no offence at all. As for rowing -- ah, I'd have accepted five years ago, but... Let's just keep it safe. Bucephalus!"
mkb: The Duke whistles and his horse comes close at a small trot, then stops. The boat has been pulled down.
-> near: What's Kaerie doing?
mkb: "Sir William, will you walk my horse down the path and back as he pulls this flying boat?"
Will: "Of course, Your Grace. I would gladly be of such service," I say. When the boat descends, I tell Ka'erie that the Duke will be piloting for a while, and that it can only carry one person. I tell her she did well bringing it here.
Near: She'll get out of the boat to make way, and she'll try to keep her distance, respectfully, but shy. If it wasn't for all the bows pointed at her, she wouldn't stick this close to what Mom taught her. :P
-> jusik: Reverend Gui joins you at lunch; he's being given a wide berth from everyone. He doesn't look disgusted; just very aloft.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Ka'erie slides off to a few gasps and a rattling of weapons from the guards; the Duke looks a little taken aback. "Is that sort of ... creature associated with flying ships, Sir William? It looks like a spawn of the wretch Baron von Hendricks brought me."
Near: She wags her tail and tries to look cute and harmless.
mkb: Will, Ka'erie slowly makes her way to the bigger ship -- when she descends the winch jumps a little. Duke Stefan, despite his age has no problems climbing in the small boat and manages to sit in it without imbalancing it. "There is a brazier here, must it be lit?"
mkb: Moving the rope between the ship and the horse's saddle is surprisingly easy.
mkb: Will, you got Bucephalus' bridle and the winch.
Will: "In fact unrelated - it's a creature from the Broken Lands. She was visiting Marinliev when we built the ship, and wanted so badly to fly it. I believe she's a child, Your Grace. Yes, that fire should be kept stoked."
Will: "In theory, more fire, more altitude, but given the size of the fire, you may not notice much difference," I say, as I harness the boat to Bucephalus, then start letting off slack, so that the Duke can make the boat rise into the air.
mkb: "I should like to have her viewed by a sage before you leave. Well, let this rise!" You hear him mess with the brazier; the Duke has no problem getting his hands dirty. The small boat quickly rises up; the rest of the Duke's retinue waits around the bigger ship.
Campaign saved.
-> near: At least three scribes are hastily sketching the bigger ship.
mkb: Will, are you walking the horse around or ?
Near: Ka'erie wants to draw, too. ._.
Near: But she is le tired.
Will: Right now the horse is standing still, while he gets off the ground. Once he's up, I start leading the horse along as the Duke asked, down the path.
Will: I keep looking over my shoulder to check on the boat, making sure everything is alright.
someguy (Jusik): dumb question...anyone got a back up plan if he falls out of that thing?
mkb: Will, the retinue isn't following: you walk Bucephalus down the path -- he lets you with as much compliance as Pathfinder, except his eyes are alert and darting around.
Will: The guards do: catch.
Will: He's not that high up
mkb: This is afterall goblin tech. [1d20 = 20]
mkbp (mkb): lol
Dee (Near): Wow.
mkb: Actually you're being left alone -- whether this was intentional or not, who knows.
Will: I'm glad the duke has such a well-behaved horse, though I have no clue why I'm being left alone...
Will: When we reach the end of the path, I turn the horse about in a wide half-circle and start back around.
Will: I'm a little paranoid, my eyes are darting as much as Bucephalus'.
mkb: You're maybe a hundred paces down the path, when Duke Stefan calls -- not very loud -- for you to stop.
mkb: "I should like to try out these oars, I think. Would you say it's safe to let go?"
mkb: Ka'erie is actually offered a pencil -- it's graphite, not lead, and of very good quality. The paper has been bleached, even.
Campaign saved.
Will: "I'll give you more rope, but I'd like to make sure you don't drift too much!" I shout up, as I let out a bunch more line.
someguy (Jusik): high tech
mkb: "Actually.... reel it in a little."
Will: I reel the rope in a bit as he asks.
Will: "Yes sir!"
mkb: "Now that we have plausible deniability: what do you want to tell me about my dear cousin?" The Duke's tone is serious.
Near: yay! She draws! Maybe the ship, maybe a bunch of random doodles like how stuff looks from above.
Will: "Ah, Baron von Hendricks, you must mean? Several things, if I may," I say quietly, just loud enough to be heard by the Duke.
mkb: "I think you have a captive audience for a minute or two." There's a chuckle.
mkb: Ka'erie is given wide berth; she can actually hear two dignitaries argue over whether she has anything to do with the ribclacker that Von Hendricks captured.
Will: "First...his source of the plague is a lie. The necromancer I reported was the creator, and it was but a single plague. Second, the situation in the lands he has recently claimed has gotten worse, not better - things WERE under control before storm soldiers started turning into zombies. Third, his pet wizard is plotting something BIG."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "And you would have my blessing to challenge his claim to lordship over your fief? Thank you for the warning -- Bargle is... interesting. Frankly? I tolerate him mostly because it makes the Alphatians at least a little worried about us."
Will: "Of course, though I worry this may set the Alphatians off."
Near: She looks over to the dignitaries, curious. She was told of one of those creatures before, that she was named after him. Decides it's not worth the effort to talk, and curls up to nap in the sun before realizing where she is.
Will: "I would indeed have your blessing. It will take time to muster the men at any rate," I say.
Will: "As for the plague, its source is dead, its effects merely linger like any disease. There's little magic in it, so we must simply fight it with our wisdom."
mkb: "Something certainly almost did... but frankly -- this is my concern, not yours. As it stands: if you feel you can better protect your people and my right to rule than my cousin -- and yes, in that order -- I expect both of you to call a truce and muster your forces under me should the need arise; beyond that, act like nobility, and do as ye will."
mkb: "No magic? That is a relief -- our people have great vital force; we will fight it off, then."
Will: I nod. "Certainly, Your Grace, and I thank you." I say. I don't sound particularly happy, but this is the way things are. "I'm glad. I will have Ser Verina and her aides send word about on how best to deal with the blight."
Campaign saved.
Will: Good. I have permission to retake Kert. Bad. Von Hendricks' claim on my lands still stands in the Duke's eyes. Bloody idiot, he WANTS this to come to blows...why? Will thinks to himself.
mkb: "Now lift this thing -- let's see if I can actually row in the air... I have to say, this is not what I had in mind for a flying ship at all, but that it was made with local labor is amazing!" He gives you a thumbs up to mean let go of the rope.
-> jusik: Duke Stefan would never move against family, but he's a bit sick of Von Hendricks, too. So let's have this dood try and gank him, if it works yay, if it doesn't eh.
-> near: Duke Stefan would never move against family, but he's a bit sick of Von Hendricks, too. So let's have this dood try and gank him, if it works yay, if it doesn't eh.
Jusik: heh...well sounds like...well nobility anywhere
Will: I let the rope out, though I keep one hand around it to grab it if he goes too high.
Jusik: getting flashbacks of battletech
Near: basically what I was thinking.
Near: It's basically the sole reason Von Hendricks is still in power and wasn't taken out a long time ago. >_>
mkb: It turns out that no, the Duke can't row past the wall -- as he obviously tries to -- and eventually yanks on the rope a little to send you a signal, as he feels shouting would be undignified. He does get to make a few circles, though.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Ka'erie has done a good job with the brazier, and the boat will probably stay aloft for a few hours, assuming nobody is on it.
Will: I reel him in when he requests it, and tell him that he did well as a pilot, especially for his first time up!
mkb: Will, that gets a bit of a lopsided look from Zalpha; the courtiers applaud briefly as the Duke jumps off the boat and orders it moored to the walls until such time as it comes down by itself.
mkb: "Be it known that I am not above the law: from this day forward the skies of Karameikos are open to all who would come and go, as her roads and shores have always been under my rule!"
mkb: The man may be getting older but still has the voice of a field commander...
Will: I applaud the Duke, and smile down at Zalpha.
Will: I only wish there was a crowd to join me.
mkbp (mkb): The ride was mostly there to mean that.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Sadly the little flight was only witnessed by the Duke's retinue, who would have applauded at anything he said, and some of the guards who figured they should salute instead -- and a few merchants who were trying to get in or out when this started happening, who also applauded; this will definitely make the rounds with storytellers....
mkb: The Seneschal announces that His Grace is returning to the palace and travel through the gate may resume; Will, you're approached by one of the merchants who were waiting. "So how fast does this thing go and how much can it carry?"
someguy (Jusik): yay good PR
mkbp (mkb): Usually if a royal does anything in public there'll be a dozen sycophants trying to figure out its meaning and how they can gain favor from it.
Will: "This little boat? As fast as you can row, and it carries a man and his things, little more. Now the goblin ships..." I begin, and then turn the conversation over to Zalpha.
Near: Now that the Duke's not there and she can be less nervous, Ka'erie slides back up to the others, she pokes Zalpha about if she could pilot the big one any. :3
mkb: Zalpha quickly answers Ka'erie in goblin in between trying to explain that the limit is WEIGHT, not VOLUME, to the merchant -- yes, but Will would have to keep an eye on you.
Campaign saved.
mkb: A few minutes later, a few watchmen are dispatched to stay around the big ship; the balloons have attracted a little crowd, obviously.
Near: Yay! She full-body hugs Zalpha (not too hard, zo) and listens to the conversation.
mkbp (mkb): stop when?
Dee (Near): It's 6am. o_o
mkb: The merchant, a stocky man by the name of Stavros, manages to keep his cool upon seeing Ka'erie.
mkbp (mkb): ya i know mew sleep
Kittymewmew (Will): mew sorry v_v
mkb: "So I'd want to carry, say, wool or silk rather than grain.... Hmm. "
someguy (Jusik): yeah... sound like a good idea...*yawn* ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
mkbp (mkb): it's all good, yaygame!
someguy (Jusik): nice to game again after all the crap I've been doing lately
mkb: "It'd make arranging a return trip pretty difficult, I imagine. Even so....
mkbp (mkb): sorry for not rejoining the party earlier but this turned out to be a cute lil scene
Dee (Near): game fun, myu. :O
mkbp (mkb): so next session D you're playing kaerie, kip do you want zalpha or rossiu?
someguy (Jusik): it really was...and I had my fun with back at the camps
someguy (Jusik): I guess Rossiu
mkbp (mkb): any guesses as to what happened to zalpha, why harrier is being more dickish than usual, and whether the people of marilenev will do anything with what they learned?
someguy (Jusik): not a freaking clue
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): .Zalpha got BRAINCHIPPED
Dee (Near): Check her forehead if she has the mark of Tiphares.
mkbp (mkb): Meep!
mkbp (mkb): ;_; daisuke ido ;_;
Dee (Near): Harrier's being a dick because he's a jet pilot and he thinks he'll be replaced by these blimps. Ho doesn't see that they're both useful for different things and compliment each other well.
someguy (Jusik): meh....he might just not like Will...thats usally enough
Dee (Near): And the peeps of Marilenev will likely try to replicate it and make their own, becoming a skyport as well as a sea port :D
Dee (Near): And ya, what happened with Ido was sad. :<
mkbp (mkb): probably not, but observation balloons are useful for seeing sea raiders or storms come
Kittymewmew (Will): Nah, D got it in one about Harrier. That's why Will is going low tech to humiliate him, to remind him of their roots.
mkbp (mkb): That totally caught me by surprise, too. Awesomes.
mkbp (mkb): Please do catch the GM by surprise.
someguy (Jusik): then you should just club him with a stick while he sleeps...cave man style
Kittymewmew (Will): It's also probably the only way I could win a duel against him without class levels :p
someguy (Jusik): could have picked goblin weapons dual...he shoots first and explodes
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkbp (mkb): like when vyn accidentally corunglain? ^^
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): vyn did that one on purpose
someguy (Jusik): what can I say...he went out with a bang
mkbp (mkb): point!
someguy (Jusik): anyway I got some work settled with Sinclair, and some fun messing with the =I= hanging around the goblin campe with Jusik
mkbp (mkb): nini? sorry for crappy 2nd arc so far mew
Dee (Near): It's been fun, myu.
someguy (Jusik): that it has for what I've been here for, I'll try to make it more of late
Dee (Near): Thanks to some Plot stuff, Near and Will will arrive at TF at about the same time :D
mkbp (mkb): actually ya...
mkbp (mkb): cue WTFBOOM
Kittymewmew (Will): it's been good. :)
Kittymewmew (Will): sleepymew.
'Kittymewmew' disconnected
mkbp (mkb): nini

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Kittymewmew (Will): rawr
Kaerie: ksshaaaa
Kittymewmew (Will): so what's going on?
Dyy (Kaerie): I guess we get some things done in Specularum?
Kaerie: [2d6 = 2]
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Campaign saved.
'someguy' identified as 'Jusik'
someguy (Jusik): test 1 2 3
Dyy (Kaerie): Weren't you gonna play as Rossiu?
Jusik: oh right...forgot about that
Jusik: brb
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
Kittymewmew (Will): Sounds like we're playin' :)
Kittymewmew (Will): works for me
Kittymewmew (Will): laaaaaaaaaaaaaag
'someguy' identified as 'Rossiu'
someguy (Rossiu): meeeeeeeeooooooooooooowwwww
someguy (Rossiu): that better?
Dyy (Kaerie): KITTY
mkb: .oc e
mkbp (mkb): meep
mkbp (mkb): sorry
mkbp (mkb): recapes?\\\
mkb: .e n
mkb: \/\
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mkb: e n
mkb a
mkb minipassedout
someguy (Rossiu): ???
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: Lotsa crazy stuffs happened, involving flying things!
mkbp (mkb): Apparently!
Will: Derp
Kittymewmew (Will): You ok?
Kaerie: There are people that want to dissect me. ._.
Kittymewmew (Will): Apparently
Will: From what I gathered, we discussed some things with the Duke while we presented our gift of a flying machine. Harrier acted like a giant douche and challenged me to a duel - hopefully a fair one though I have my doubts.
someguy (Rossiu): and a few wacky things back at camp(s)
mkb: Will, as a knight of the realm, you're offered accommodations in the officers' quarters at the palace; your retinue, such as it is will have to sort itself out.
Kaerie wants to sleep on the ship! And maybe eat first.
mkb: There is a little bit of confusion when two of the guards show up on the ship saying they are to take Kaerie to the zoo, right after the Duke has left.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Under whose orders?" I ask the guards.
Kaerie: "What's a zoo?"
Rossiu: Rossiu is left polishing her bat and waiting for some real fun to start
mkb: "Uh...." The two seem to be confused about that.
mkb: "Terari?"
mkb: "Teldon?"
Kaerie: "Is it a place you get food? I'm hungry... Fish fish fish."
mkb: "Not sure, some Academy liaison rushed down to the watchhouse and...."
mkb: The two look at each other. "We should maybe go back and ask."
Rossiu: "might be a good idea"
Will: "He's out of his jurisdiction, then. The Duke asked us to take her to VISIT the Academy, but I'm sorry, she's not an animal, she's a free person."
Kaerie mostly looks confused. She puts away the airship sketches into her beltpouch for later.
Will: "I suggest you find out who this person is - I may wish to speak with him personally."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Erm, yessir...."
mkb: There is obviously a small crowd around the two vessels, but the city watch is doing a decent job of keeping them away. Zalpha says she needs to go buy some charcoal for the big ship, as it's almost out of fuel and she wants to go back home tomorrow.
Kaerie: "What's things going?" She pokes Will a bit.
mkbp (mkb): kitty talking to me, hold on
mkbp (mkb): backies!
Kittymewmew (Will): Sorry :(
mkbp (mkb): nw
Dyy (Kaerie): sokies
Campaign saved.
mkb: You are told that it's safe to leave the ships unattended: the boat is now personal property of the Duke, and the airship can either stay where it is or floated to the city docks and come to a water landing there.
Will: I ask Zalpha what she wants to do with it.
Kaerie perks up a bit at the chance to fly it a little, maybe, please?
mkb: "I think we can do that, but then we really need to get a lot of charcoal!"
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: "ooh ooh...can I help get charcoal...Please...I want to run around the big city things" Rossiu is hopping one foot to the other
Will: "Well, when we fly north tomorrow, I'll let you fly for a while," I tell Ka'erie, and promise Zalpha that I won't let her out of my sight for a second.
Will: "For now, I'll go give the guards on the wall some incentive to keep a watch on the ship here, and we can just leave it, if it's going to be too much effort to bring it in on the water."
Kaerie tailwags and earflaps. Hooray~! Oh, hungry. Want feesh.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha asks you if you can take care of it and take the two firemen (who apparently are originally from a tribe that didn't use names): she would really like to lie down, coz her head hurts again.
mkb: Beyond that you're left to your own devices, except that you definitely attract a lot of curiosity and the occasional question.
Kaerie offers her tail as a bed to Zalpha. :<
Rossiu: "Yippy!!" Rossiu runs down the street.....then turns around and rushes back and goes to will "Can I have some shiney to get the charcoal stuffs?"
Will: I give Rossiu a few silvers and tell her not to lose any.
Kaerie: Her stomach rumbles a little.
Will: I get Pathfinder down from the ship, after a bit of effort, and ask Zalpha if she'd like me to stay here for a while, or if I should go and get food, or what she'd like. I honestly feel worried about her.
Rossiu: Rossiu gives one of those goblin ear to ear smiles and then rushes off for town, leaving a little bit of a dust cloud
mkb: "Don't you and Pathfinder have to get ready for that big who-throws-who-off-the-horsey fight? I'll be fine, promise!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, the two firemen have a bit of a problem tracking you -- then again everyone has a problem tracking you, pretty much. Where are you headed?
Kaerie nods, and helps Zalpha get comfy and situated resting, and will go look for foodness.
Rossiu: The scout is buzzing back and forth across the street looking at things going "ooooh...awwwww" and sort of meandering for the merchant district
mkb: Kaerie, Zalpha doesn't look like she's going to sleep at all -- it looks more like she wants to go over that giant blueprint she drew before passing out. She looks like she's very agitated.
Kaerie: Ah, well, will let her be, then. >_>
Will: I tell Zalpha that yes, I'd like to get some practice in, and tell her I'll come back soon to check on her.
mkb: Rossiu, Specularum is quite active: pretty much every enclosed space with a street view is a shop of some sort, usually with the keeper living directly upstairs of it. The only open space you find other than the siege fields is the area around the stronghold, where a regulation-size tournment tilt is being set up by Guardian squires....
mkb: .... who have apparently decided you're some sort of spy because they're chasing after you with the rakes they were using to level the ground with!
mkb: Will, Zalpha says she's going to sleep so she can be up early and see you beat up the stupid dood with the nice hair, then!
Will: I take Pathfinder, my armour (minus leggings and greaves as they're still in Kert) and am headed to the palace grounds myself, to find some food, some greaves, and a place to practice.
Kaerie follows her nose to food!
Rossiu: "eeep!" rossiu takes off like a bat out of hell down the nearest street
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, the King's Guardians have taken it upon themselves to set up for the duel, much to the relief of the palace garrison who don't then have to do the inevitable work associated with setting up a tilt, pavillion and seats for an audience. Some are making a very poor attempt at chasing Rossiu. Others have cornered the two goblin firemen into a corner in one of ther Bricktop streets, and are threatening them -- the two are semiferal and barely speak any common, and have elected to curl up in a rubbish bin.
mkb: Rossiu, you evade with great ease! You're close to the market district.
mkb: Kaerie, food.... hmm... the strongest smells come from the south end.
Rossiu: Rossiu Rushes back for the Ferals and starts shouting obsenties at the guards
Kaerie: Yay, will check around, see what smells tastiest.
Rossiu: "you'z stoopid pinkys can't catch me!"
Rossiu: Rossiu tells the ferals to make a break for the ship in Goblin and then moons the guards
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you witness the three servants -- full squires actually, from their uniform -- being mooned by Rossiu. Rossiu, they're chasing you again!
Will: I facepalm. I can't really step in on something like that, she's good enough to not get herself killed at any rate.
Will: Beaten, well that's her problem. She probably started it.
Rossiu: "And awaaaaaay we go!" And rossiu is off down the street again
Will: I look about the grounds, and ask one of the squires to fetch me a practice lance and set up some targets. I'm honestly VERY surprised Harrier isn't out here practicing.
someguy (Rossiu): think Speedy Gonzales
mkb: Kaerie, you look quite like the creature that Von Hendricks brought in only the other day -- people give you a wide berth, and a few hide the children. The smell of spices is strongest from what looks like a small kabob stand on the side of the siege fields: a few farmhands are waiting for what is either a very late breakfast or an early lunch.
mkb: Rossiu, there's a lot of things and people in the way as the tilt is being constructed!
Rossiu: the scout sticks to dashing under shop stalls and people legs and tries to keep moving for the merchent quarter
mkb: Will, you're aware of the minor commotion and rather surprised when a clerk of the Guardians stops the squire who was running off to obey. "Regulations require that you use your own retinue for training aid, Sir William the Falling" he informs you sternly.
Kaerie: Mmm, meat sounds good? Will wait in line if there is one. She hums a bit and wishes she had an ocarina.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Very well, if we're going to be strict to the rules," I say, and start setting up my own bloody targets. "I thought I'd give them the night off, honestly."
mkb: Kaerie, you're behind two farmhands and a woman who, by the rugged but clearly custom-tailored clothes, is probably a master gardener for one of the noble families. The vendor is Ethngaran, and seems to be little fazed by your appearance -- when it's clear you're just waiting in line, people around there relax. The siege fields being worked with the extreme care it takes to keep them as productive as possible is not a very inspiring spectacles, the workers are mostly women, except when there's heavy lifting to do -- that said the meal smells nice.
Will: I get the idea that these guys are going to play things EXACTLY to the code - that means I'd best make damn sure I know every regulation in the book as well as they do. NOW I think I know what Harrier is doing right now - reading up on same.
mkb: "Kind of you, I'm sure. We're going to set up the field for you and Sir Harrier, free of charge obviously, but would like to remind you to be respectful of our property."
Will: "Of course."
mkbp (mkb): Of course.
Rossiu: Rossiu keeps dashing away trying to keep to little alley ways and anywhere else he can ditch the rake weilding roughs
Will: My plan then, is to practice until dinner time, clean up the equipment, and eat in the mess. After that, *I* am going to read up on the code.
Kaerie: Yay food! She thanks the vendor in Ethenegaran, and enjoys her meal. Will then go exploran'! Big cities're interesting, and this is the first one she's been allowed to wander about in.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: Rossiu would be exploring...but is kinda busy with the running
mkb: Kaerie, South End is where the service workers -- servants, haulers, unskilled labor -- for the rest of the city live, more or less; teh buildings are old and mostly made of whatever was available at the time. The streets are paved unevenly, and you come across children at play, peddlers hawking their wares, and a few loitering haulers whose work brought them to their neighbourhood and who are taking it easy before getting back to it.
Will: For some reason, at some point or another Will's thoughts drift back to that elven woman he met in Specularum the last time he was here. She was...striking, to say the least. He wondered if she was right when she said they'd meet again someday.
mkb: Rossiu, you're in the Grand Market street! Hundreds of people are walking in both directions, some carrying hand carts or wheelbarrows -- the street sides are a cacophony of people selling everything that can be bought in this part of the world. You're poked a few times into playing a game of find the lady.
mkb: Will, one of the squires -- female, and probably your own age by the look of it, with a pageboy haircut -- decides to give you a hand and asks if your horse needs any attention. "Clerk Brian is uhm.... a bit of a hard ass I guess."
someguy (Rossiu): find the lady?
mkbp (mkb): you know, the three cards thing
Kaerie: I'll windowshop. Shouldn't really be buying anthing, but hey, it's something to do. Lotsa stuff I'ven't seen before :o
someguy (Rossiu): three card monte
Campaign saved.
Will: "I understand. Harrier seems like the same," I say jokingly. "I think she'll be fine, I'll take her to the stables. I wouldn't want Harrier to catch you fraternizing with the enemy, now would I?"
Kittymewmew (Will): [I can flirt with her LATER, for all I know she's Harrier's spy]
mkb: Kaerie, you find that while you may look a little odd there's people of all sorts here -- Nords, Ethngarans, Glantrians in richly embroidered robes, adventurers on a day off with a few too many spikes on their clothing for comfort, you even spot a shadow elf or two.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Rossiu: Rossiu falls for the fast game and puts one of the silvers on the table...if he wins he gets some MORE shiney and gets more charcoal...and that will cheer up zalpha....fool proof plan!
mkb: "We've a duty to be courteous, ser William the Falling -- do we ever get drilled on that! Just avoid clerk Brian, if you want some advice..." The young woman gets back to work herself.
mkb: Rossiu, you're quickly explained the game -- the man behind the table seems to keep a game going with two other people who appear to be passersby like you; the movements are fluid, but you think you can follow them.
mkb: Spot check?
Kaerie: Oooh, Elfsies.
Rossiu: Spot check for card sharks! [3d8+6 = 20]
Will: I smile, nodding. "Thank you," I say. "I do have one question. Who came up with such a ridiculous moniker as William the Falling?"
mkb: Rossiu, you were really sure the card was to the left -- with a quick slap the man reveals it in the center spot! Awww....
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: "huh?" Rossiu darts forwards to turn up the left hand card
mkb: "We've been told those goblin airships fall out of the sky every other time they take off and well, you've sort of become their patron in Karameikos."
Kaerie: She already ate, zo. So continues derpin' around looking at stuffs. If she can find any, an ocarina may be nice.
mkb: "There was a rumor of you falling from grace -- sorry, I shouldn't gossip, but there was -- and well... that kind of came about. I heard you killed a lich up in the Broken Lands though, so that can't be right, yes?"
Will: "Ah, all true. The gods have their ways, and we mortals have ours, and it seems they simply don't need my sword any longer. I did indeed defeat the lich, and perhaps that was my divine mission."
mkb: Kaerie, there's a small group of street players who happen to have one, along with drums and a lute... you've never heard this song, and they have drawn a small crowd. They're not that bad, so why are they getting veggies thrown at them? Oh, it's a game -- try to hit the baskets they put down in a certain order.... and they're getting paid in food that way, too.
mkb: Rossiu, the man behind the counter puts a hand on yours, firmly. "Better luck next time friend, want to try again?"
Will: "I see no reason to stop doing my duty simply because the gods have chosen another with more adamant convictions. You would do well to study the virtues of flexibility. It can mean victory over an incredible force."
Kaerie: Aww, not for sale, then? But still, it's a nice song, she'll listen. :3
mkb: "WHoo boy, I see why you and Sir Harrier are picking a fight!"
mkbp (mkb): Well, ask when the song is over?
Kaerie: Prolly.
Will: "Indeed, and if you think a moment longer, you'll understand why I chose the tilt."
Rossiu: "Hummph" Rossiu suppresses the urge to bite the fellows and and then with as much diginit as the scout can muster turns around and walks away with a sniff
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Come ladies, lords, barons, please heed the call, don't stand in the doorways don't block up the halls, for he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled, there's a battle inside and it's ragin'... It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin'..."
Rossiu: the goblin kicks at the street stones and mutters about sneaky cheats in goblin under her's breath...then goes looking for charcoal
someguy (Rossiu): lol nice tunes
mkb: "I was hoping it'd be aerial archery to tell you the truth -- they let us fly to tow the targets sometimes...." She sighs.
someguy (Rossiu): no one yelling Freebird yet?
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: Rossiu, the man grins at you and lets go of your hand. By the look of it charcoal isn't that easy to find here; you'd have to go find a smith or a wholesaler.
Will: "Aerial interesting contest. I should keep it in mind for the future," I say, knowing I'm not too bad at shooting from a ship at this point, but probably not much of a match for Harrier.
mkb: Kaerie, the small troupe finish their songs and declare that the young man in the shiny armor, over there in the back, seems to have done the best throwing -- with six coppers in a row, no less! They say they'd offer a prize if they had any, but would he choose the next song they'll play? "I should like you to accompany me as I sing one, in fact." That gets the small crowd to stick around rather than go find noms as they would otherwise. "This is a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes and try to keep up, okay?"
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: Rossiu waits until the man turns his back and stick her tongue out at him...then goes off to pester the nearests smith...should be easy right?
mkb: The man is a little taller than Will, and is wearing polished, but dull-finish armor with an odd sheen to it.
mkb: Rossiu, it is easy: just follow the smoke!
mkb: Will, the woman leaves you alone -- your mount is of course more than welcome in the palace stables!
Kaerie: Oooh? Interesting :o
Will: I stable Pathfinder, and continue along with my plan, getting myself some food and a seat in the library to study the knight's code, and what pertains to the tilt and its weapons. If Harrier's there, I make a point of mocking him, saying he may be better off spending his time in the saddle tonight - he won't get much tomorrow!
Rossiu: Rossiu follows the smell of smoke for a while...and keeps an eye out for more card gamey folks too
Dyy (Kaerie): Now that's just rude ._.
mkb: Will, Harrier is indeed there, with two clerks at his beck and call to find him the relevant passages and help him cram. "Spare your repartee for the crowd, Will the Falling." he says icily.
Campaign saved.
Will: "The code won't save you in the field, Harrier. Know it, obey it, but remember that it is what guides us, not what rules us. Words can't hold a lance."
mkb: Kaerie, the man makes a little gesture towards the players and they seem to freeze for a second -- then the drummer starts with a harsh, almost possessed beat while the lutist is surprised to find her instrument's sound distorted by the brass contraption the man in armor gave her to attach to the body before the song starts. "Welcome to the future, boys and girls! If you're out there all alone, and you don't know where the sense is, come and take a trip with me, to future world!"
Will: "Good luck tomorrow."
Will: After that, I say nothing more to him.
mkb: Kaerie, you've never heard anything like this other than it reminds you of what an airship engine OUGHT to sound like.
Will: After all that I just said, I know that I HAVE to win, but if he calls me out on a technicality I missed, it's going to look badly on HIM, not me.
Will: Still, I'd best do a bit of studying, I don't want to embarrass myself on something that ISN'T an obscure detail.
mkb: Rossiu, the smoke takes you back southwest -- the posh folk in Bricktop wouldn't want the smell or the sweaty men around afterall...
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh shit that's the guy
Kittymewmew (Will): OF COURSE. The one time nobody who was around who'd recognize it is on the scene.
Kaerie: I cock my head, weirdnessness.
mkb: "One day you'll live in the happines with a heart that's full of joy, you'll say the word Tomorrow without fear..."
mkb: Kaerie, some in the small crowd really like the beat, and bob their head along -- some are just staring in surprise or disgust.
Rossiu: Rossiu makes a dash for the other side of town, following her nose for smoke
Kaerie: I dun like his voice, but the instrumentation is nice. How many are staring in disgust and have veggies?
mkb: Will, you quickly find that your training was heavier on the formalities than you suspected: you have been to jousts before, and remember the protocol well.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Kaerie, about a half dozen.
someguy (Rossiu): follow your nose...hmm wonder if I'll end up on a fruity cereal box
Will: If I'm well enough versed in basic protocol, I decide to spend the evening on the technicalities - no harm in training my memory, even if it doesn't come in any handy.
Kittymewmew (Will): (sorry, but there isn't any dramatic reason for Will to enter the scene anyone ELSE relevant who might spot this guy in Specularum?)
mkb: Rossiu, South End is a bit of a maze: you find a small warehouse that supplies the smithies farther east. You can see some commotion at the end of the street to the west.
Kittymewmew (Will): Where's Lily right now?
Dyy (Kaerie): Probably following Kaerie to make sure she doesn't get abducted, honestly. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): ...that's a pretty big dramatic shift here. She'd recognize this dood.
Rossiu: the little goblins head goes back and forth....but curisoity wins and the Scout dashs up the street to the west to see what all the hub-ub is about
mkb: Will, now it's Harrier's turn to taunt YOU -- are you trying to refresh your memory on how to address a lord or a lady properly, been around savages and mutants for too long, eh?
Will: "Mayhap. There's never any harm in it. Unless you'd care for a game of chess instead?"
mkb: Rossiu, you end up at the back end of a small crowd as a very odd-sounding ballad comes to an end. Kaerie is there.
Kaerie: Then it's a tomato that strikes the guy in the face from the back. :P Lily really doesn't like this type of music.
mkb: "Uh, I don't -- No, our chalenge shall be tomorrow."
mkb: [3d8+18 = 33]
mkb: The man catches the tomato and effortlessly tosses it into one of the baskets!
Rossiu: the goblin makes for the the crowd and watches the fun start..."Nice beat" Rossiu does a little twirl to the tune
Will: "Oh, that's fine, it was merely an offer." I figured Harrier would be a terrible chess player. Touché.
Campaign saved.
mkb: When the song ends, the bards look at each other in disbelief -- they're sweating after all that fast playing, and aren't terribly sure how they knew the melody. Rossiu, this is fast and tight -- your kind of thing. When the song ends a minute or two later, the oddly dressed man -- he isn't in armor, more like metal clothing seeing how tight it is on him --
Kittymewmew (Will): ...
mkb: steps to the side and encourages the players to bow. Half the audience leaves shaking their head; those who stay cheer.
Kaerie: Something doesn't Sit right with her, so shestays and ponders. Though she can't really come with anything.
mkbp (mkb): Think a fencer's vest except all over, not just the vest part
mkb: Kaerie, you've seen this sort of metal "fabric" in those super-strong iron ropes your tribe found in the birth cave: except this seems to be a full suit made of it.
mkb: "I'll see some of you again in the future, perhaps?" The man winks, and starts walking off into a narrow alley northward.
Rossiu: Rossiu looks over the werid fellow...something about metal dressed men tickles the memory...but goblins brain is a little rattled with rock beats and card games to figure out what is was about....anyway the Scout waves at Kaeire
Kaerie: Curiouser and curiouser.
mkb: Will, Harrier does look very, very embarassed.
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'LilyWhite'
Will: In the crowd, another person stands out. A girl with red pixie-cut hair and a tight, muscular figure, wearing the scant, tight-fitting garb of a dancer, looks rather baffled. "By the ancestors, what WAS that..." she whispers, having felt the raw power in that beat...
Kittymewmew (Will): [enter Miari, a very minor character who may not appear again outside of that paragraph]
mkb: The lutist, a dwarf -- odd in itself, dwarf bards tend to concern themselves with sagas rather than ballads, but there you have it -- stares at his, or her, modified instrument.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Campaign saved.
mkb: "No kidding..." The lutist answes as the other members of the band quickly pack up the food and most importantly the coin.
LilyWhite: Lily will now tail this guy. The snakey-girl seems to be doing fine, and this is a big lead.
Rossiu: "Snappy tune....could use a faster drum beaty thing" the goblin comments aloud..miming a drummer going REALLY fast
Will: Miari decides to ask the drummer if he'd like to do a set with her, and make a bit more coin on the side. Says she needs to clear her thoughts after that.
mkb: Lily, the man is walking away in a very narrow alley; two men are slowly loading a cart full of something that could be sand, flour or salt into a large wheelbarrow.
Kaerie: Ka'erie asks about the ocarina.
Kittymewmew (Will): oh boy, I wish we had radio comms or soemthing
LilyWhite: With a quick look, could she identify a bit better? Each of those does flow differently. [3d8+7 = 17]
mkb: "I - You mean right now?" The dorf lutist looks confused; the other players too, especially when the ocarina player is approached by a semi-mythological creature who wants to buy his instrument. The three players quickly get into a huddle, and turn toward Kaerie and Rossiu. "Uh... All right, what is going on? Is this one of those "we have been chosen by the Immortals to go on an epic quest" thing? We're just traveling entertainers..."
Dee (LilyWhite): Am not, definately. He plucked the tomato out of the air like that, and lily's not nearly confident enough in her combat skills to try it.
Rossiu: Rossiu shrugs....figures she'll mention the groovy tune to the goblins when she gets back...waves again to karie and then zipps off back down the street to for the smiths looking for coal again
Kaerie: "Huhwhat? It's just, my sister broke mine, so I wanted to get a new one..."
Will: "No, I just wanted to dance," I tell the players.
mkb: Lily, you definitely got a good look at the armor; you even got adecent look at the man's face, he looks almost exactly like Will used to, only perhaps five to ten years older and a little taller.
LilyWhite: Not familiar in any other manner?
Kittymewmew (Will): Dammit, where's Jusik when you need him.
mkb: "Oh... Sure! I think Gavin's pretty exhausted though" the lutist says pointing at the drummer. "What do you have in mind?"
mkb: Lily, not as such. If the man knows you're following him, he's not taking indication of it.
mkb: Rossiu?
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Why not -- we can definitely get new instruments now, look at all this silver! What did you have in mind for a trade?"
Rossiu: Rossiu goes into a very Rapid negotiations for some charcoal
LilyWhite: Dang, can't detect magic, so I can't tell if he's using a disguise...
Kaerie: "Umm, I don't have much... Just some shinies?"
mkb: Rossiu, you scamper off and quickly make a deal with the warehouse owner: they'll be glad to deliver! He also asks you if these flying boat thingies normally run on charcoal or coal...
Will: "Something that will remind me of home, the plains of Arat," I say.
mkb: "That's enough for ten wheelbarrows full, plus we'll carry it for you."
mkbp (mkb): the trade bit was at Kaerir
Will: Will, in the meantime, decides to let Harrier stew in his embarrassment. It's not very nice, he'd normally offer to teach his fellow knight to play, but he has to play this game to its ending.
LilyWhite: Lily continues following. She's not really very sneaky, but most other people won't recognize her as following the guy. She keeps an eye open in case he starts trying to cast a spell or anything.
mkb: "If you want to team up with us for a while, we definitely can -- I'm Khai, that's Gavin and she's Pina. And I think I need some booze and Gavin needs a lot of water by the look of it.... not sure what got over us, did you SEE that?"
Rossiu: "they run on some real stinky stuff...coal smells much better...but no go as fast...anyways Thankies, here's your shiney!, don't loose it playing with those 3 ladies thingys.." Rossiu points to where the airships are for delivery and then goes zipping off that way
mkb: Lily, the man looks like he's going about his business and heading toward Bricktop.
LilyWhite: Likely, but no reason to stop following him.
mkb: Rossiu, you hear the manager call someone named Fyodor telling him that he gets the idea business is about to pick up before scampering off: where are you going?
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: "Mmm, Mom'll want me to go back with everyone else, an I get to fly the ship tomorrow! Yay! Oh, umm, I'm Ka'erie. I saw, saw, was weird."
Rossiu: The scout scampers back to the airships, figure the fire fighters should be back and rake free by now..and maybe the zalpha would like to hear about the crazy beat from the shiney dood that looks a bit like Will
mkb: The three players pull out wineskins and start drinking copiously from them -- it's water, even in the dwarf's case, surprisingly. Kaerie, Miari, you're offered some as they wait for you to introduce yourselves. "Oh, you came with the ship! So -- is the uhm.... creature we saw the other day in the parade your relative? That was also on a flying ship."
Will: Miari agrees to team up with the players for the night, at the very least, and agrees that what she felt from that music was unnatural. That man was a powerful magician.
mkb: Rossiu, you get there at your usual speed; the firemen are taking a nap, while Zalpha has found some paper and is filling it with a smaller copy of whatever she drew in her delirious state. "Rossiu! I saw the thing in the sun, too!"
Kaerie: "No, I don't think so. I'm the first of our bunch to come here, I think...? Mom'd've said something about it, and we didn't have a ship until, like, just now."
Will: Or perhaps some being of the gods...
Kittymewmew (Will): [here the closest thing to a shaman where she's from would be an arcanist, though]
mkb: Matter of factly, Pina says there was definitely magic there -- some sort of illusion and divination as far as she can tell. "I can do a bit of flash myself, but well -- big magician's guild in the city, and lots of temples -- they don't like that."
mkb: "Mostly divination. There was some other guy obsessed with the future making the rounds, old ugly man with a half mask, about a month ago. Huh.... If it's the same guy, I'd love to know who fixed him up!"
Rossiu: the scout goes into Fast forward talking about card games and rakes and really fast drummers and shiney shirted Will looking peoples...but the sun thing stops the rant "what do you think it was"
Will: "I met him in Kelvin...that man was different."
mkb: Khai stops drinking and puts the wineskin away. "I'm going to hang on this thing though. You know, just in case he wants it back." He points at the brass "casing" that fit around his lute. "Different how? Is he a performer, too?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "This man...he has a great power. Perhaps he is what the masked soothsayer was so afraid of?"
mkb: Lily, the man stops and without saying a word starts helping the men who are loading their wheelbarrow -- they ask what he thinks he's doing, but he tells them he knows what he's doing just fine.
mkb: "Oh dear. This IS one of thsoe epic quest things isn't it." Gavin seems to have recovered.
Kaerie is rather cunfuzzled about all this. She asks if 3 of these white shinies are good? That is, if she isn't inturrupting.
LilyWhite: Lily finds some way to appear nonchalant while keeping an eye on the guy.
Will: "They're never as epic as we tell them to be," Miari says, having had a bit of adventuring experience. "That said, you seem as eager as I to find out what power this man wields..."
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha pretty much grabs you and shakes you! "It's a ship! I know it! Someone's figured out how to get THAT high! And -- and I was stuck in the storm and couldn't climb and -- The air gets thin! Even if you're closer to the sun the heat gets thin too! I think the magic gets thin too, everything gets kinda thin that's why nothing lives up there! You can get there from here, if I only could REMEMBER!"
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha starts cryng in your lap.
mkb: "I'm eager to find a craftsman and someplace with a proper bed to sleep in, myself! Look at all this silver!" "Hold on, I think she has a point...." "Let's get to eating, first."
Rossiu: Rossiu is a bit shaken but pets the crying engineer
mkb: "Three silvers for -- YES, yes it's fine, it's completely fine!" While freaked out, Pina keeps her eye on the prize. Wow, that's ten silvers in an hour! What's going on there? You make that sort of money in the Imperial Orchestra, if that, maybe!
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: Yay ocarina obtained!
mkb: Ka'erie, you have a used but very serviceable ocarina that must've been with Pina for a while given the amount of decoration she's gently inked into it.
Rossiu: "maybe the thingy in the sun is like the thingy they had in the thater...the metal fish thing...that let them have air for breathing...maybe it's like a metal air fish!"
Kaerie: "Thank you!"
Will: "It's like...magic..." Miari comments. She seems deep in thought, and just kind of follows the band and eats with them unless they say anything. She's not really paying a lot of attention to it.
mkb: "That's not the usual sort of magic though...."
Will: "It feels more like how a shaman would change the wind..."
Kaerie: Oooh, pretty, too :o
mkb: The band has elected to eat right there; Kaerie, you're offered veggies, too. The anti-vagrancy laws are very loosely enforced in this part of the city, and people setting up a small fire to cook their meal in the street isn't TOO odd, although you're told to move so you're next to a stone building rather than a wooden one.
Kaerie: Veggies are, sorta meh, but hey, food!
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha perks up. "Right! Gotta bring air with you. Were you grown when we met the turtle tamers in the Sea of Dread? They had that figured out. We gotta find some of them!"
LilyWhite: Lily's keeping an eye on anything suspicious, especially if he tries casting any magic.
Rossiu: "huh wah?"
mkb: Miari, Kaerie, the discussion veers on how they even MANAGED to play that song -- it's hell on the drums, but they didn't break or loosen, and it's as if their hands were possessed -- and to what sort of creature is Kaerie anyway.
mkb: Lily, the man stops helping the two men and pushes one on the ground very roughly all of a sudden -- the other hauler is about to punch the stranger, when a brick from the roof falls roughly where the first man was.
mkb: "I have business elsewhen." That said, the man in metal clothing turns and resumes walking north.
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: "I'm a lonaglin! An'a pilot."
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha explains that when she was little -- guess you weren't alive yet -- she was on her second outing on the tribe's ship to start learning, when they met a tribe of goblins that would tame giant sea turtles and ride them, and they had air sacs to be able to go along under the water and raid ships with those.
Kaerie: "It means, uhh, Snake Child. Or Little Snake?"
mkb: "You're a pilot? For what port?"
mkbp (mkb): originally "pilot" means "sailor who is an expert on one particular port, and is brought on ships on a small boat before docking to help with said docking"
Dyy (Kaerie): Ah
mkb: Lily, the stranger stops, picks up a pebble from the ground, and throws it at the head of the first man. "Ow! Why you crazy-"
Rossiu: "So.....the thing in the sun is flying sky turtle ships.....of Course!" Rossiu is kinda lost...but it's nice to see zalpha happy
mkb: "Ivan, leave it alone, look what could've hit you instead." "What was that even about?" "We're late as it is, come on."
Kaerie: "Hmm? No, I steer the flying thingies."
Rossiu: "Maybe we go tell the others....maybe they know where we can get some turtles ....we could stick a gas bag on it!"
LilyWhite: That was really odd ._.
mkb: Kaerie, you're the center of attention almost immediately: the ships are definitely the talk of the town today. Is it hard? How far have you gone? What other magic do you know? Is it something you study or are you born with it, like a warlock
Will: "Oh, the flying ships!" Miari exclaims, having heard stories of them, and seen yours flying over the wall today. Miari joins in with the bombardment of questions.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha launches into a very detailed -- and somewhat level headed: she's not crying or freaking out anymore -- explanation of how no, you don't really need a turtle, but you do need to bring some air with you and she has NO idea how to do it but maybe they do.... or did, who knows where they even are?
Kaerie: I dun know any magic stuffs. And I'm only like, uhhh... 5 months? 6? Flying's not hard for me, it comes really naturally to me, as if I did it a lot before.
mkb: "This is all incredible" Khai interjects "so what happens next, the sky opens up and flattens us?" "What, like at Radlebb?" "No, that was a magical ice storm, that's what the clerics said...." "No way! It's a cover-up, I told you!" Pina and Khai roll their eyes at Gavin's comment.
Kaerie: Wait wat. "How would the sky open up? It's not like rocks. What's a rad-leeb?"
Rossiu: Rossiu tries to keep up with Zalpha but gets lost in the talk "uh right...maybe we talky to Sir Will before the horsey things...maybe she knows"
mkb: "That's another thing, why did Will split from her horse? Now she'd auto win this silly game. Then again she gets to beat up that stupid guy so.... Yeah, she probably does know! I hope."
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: "and maybe we ask will if he...she...has a brother or something....dood in some very shiney stuff....good taste in music too" Rossiu proceeds to bop on the bat on a rock or two trying to sound like a drum set
Kaerie is struck by the urge to play a short tune on her ocarina.
Kaerie: song of storms? [3d8+5 = 19]
Campaign saved.
'Dee' disconnected
Rossiu: Rossiu tries to lead zalpha over to where she had seen Will practicing earlier "oh...look out for some little people with rakes...they don't like me for some reason"
mkbp (mkb): meep
mkb: Kaerie, the band lets you play -- they're not impressed, but it's pretty good for someone who doesn't do that for a living!
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha asks you if she can listen to it herself, because that sounds JUST right to her!
mkb: Is Lily still following"?
Campaign saved.
Dyy (Kaerie): Yep.
Will: If the music suits her, Miari dances.
Rossiu: "Maybe after we find will....I'm sure Sir Shiney pants will want to hear aobut the flying turtle ship....thingy"
Kaerie: She looks up after playing, and shrugs.
Rossiu: before they leave the ship Rossiu tells the feral goblins that the charcoal is coming...and to try and avoid rakes this time...then he drags zalpha off to look for will
mkbp (mkb): miw!
mkb: The music is nice and slow and danceable to, it's not really a test of skill.
Will: Miari comments that it would be a good beat if it were faster, but does her best to work with it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha lets herself be dragged, although you can't expect her to keep up. "I think we're done with fast songs for at least today!" Gavin jokes. "Lookit that. The drums didn't even loosen any...." "You should put that away -- bad luck to play with enchanted instruments" Pina says to Khai about the augmented lute.
mkb: Lily, the man keeps walking towards the palace.
mkb: He's about to turn a corner.
Kaerie: She keeps an eye on him, this may not be good at all. Also, isn't magic currently illegal to cast in cities?
Kaerie: If so, she'll keep her eyes out for town guard to warn about him.
Rossiu: The scout keeps buzzing around looking for Will dragging the enginner behind..."hey seen this Sir Knighty guy....carries a big stick....shiney pants...has a thing for horses?" to random people
Dyy (Kaerie): Kinda tired .-.
someguy (Rossiu): want to call the game for the night?
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: prolly a good idea
someguy (Rossiu): not exactly looking forward to another all nighter after the last one
Dyy (Kaerie): ya
mkbp (mkb): miwkies
mkbp (mkb): was hoping we'd at least get to the duel, guess we got a leetle sidetracked
mkb: Lily, spot check and reflex check?
mkbp (mkb): sawwies
mkbp (mkb): kies, nini :)
Dyy (Kaerie): err, kies
Kaerie: spot [3d8+7 = 21]
Kittymewmew (Will): Sorry about that. :(
Kaerie: reflex [3d8+5 = 20]
mkb: Lily, the man turns the corner and when you get past it.... he's gone! There are people on the street going about their business, but it's not super busy either.
mkbp (mkb): let's just say that the rest of the evening is uneventful and Rossiu & Zalpha find Will? Just tell me where you sleepan'
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: Lily will probably get an inn room with Kaerie, so they can get to the jousting thingie tmorrow
mkbp (mkb): and: does Will know anything about giant turtles and air sacs?
mkbp (mkb): kitty's busy, is it ok if we wait for him to answer before calling it ninies?
someguy (Rossiu): ok for me
Dyy (Kaerie): ya
mkbp (mkb): PILLS.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): pills pills.
mkbp (mkb): in the meantime check out the google homepage
mkbp (mkb): and hit insert coin
Dyy (Kaerie): ya, pacman :o
mkbp (mkb): yaypacman!
Kaerie: Does Lily molest Ka'erie in the name of SCIENCE?! [2d10 = 10]
Kaerie: Nope!
Kittymewmew (Will): sorry about that
Dyy (Kaerie): salright.
Kittymewmew (Will): what was I supposed to do? I thought I was supposed to make cookies. I'm sorry. :(
Dyy (Kaerie): I din't know about cookies ._.
mkbp (mkb): miwy sorry
mkbp (mkb): Aw, science.
Campaign saved.
Will: Sleepieswise, as I said before Will's quartered at the palace.
Rossiu: and the goblins at the ships I guess?
Dyy (Kaerie): ...wait, 70 is calced as if it's above the target it fails. Derp. messed myself up with the onder vs over thingie.
mkb: The band tries to stick around Miari and Lily -- they seem to attract interestingness, at least.... Oddly they can't work out a play and stay dal with any inns, but given they have some money for once, they spring for a room.
Kaerie: Lily and Ka'erie are sleeping in town at an in.
mkb: So did Will know anything about going underwater on a turtle?
Will: Will doesn't know anything about going underwater on a turtle, and suggests they ask someone at the academy.
Kaerie: And SCIENCE does indeed occur.
Dyy (Kaerie): I shall pass out now.
'Dyy' disconnected
mkbp (mkb): Ni ni!
mkbp (mkb): Meep science!

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someguy (Rossiu): sorry hamachi was giving me a problem for a min there
someguy (Rossiu): hi everybody
Dee (Kaerie): myusu.
mkbp (mkb): mew mew! generated food
Dee (Kaerie): Heyos. I may need to sleep sometime before 1am. >_>
mkbp (mkb): mewmew
mkbp (mkb): recappies!
someguy (Rossiu): then I guess we need to kick ass faster then ususal
Kittymewmew (Will): *sends D coffee* sleep is for noobz
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): derp!
someguy (Rossiu): lets see... Will is off prepping for a dual with Sir Dirtbag...the goblin rossiu has been running around being a some stuff for the airship and got chased around....and the flying lizard thing ....something about the bard band
someguy (Rossiu): oh and we might have the shiney will look alike in town
mkbp (mkb): That's most of it, yeps
Kittymewmew (Will): Yup.
mkbp (mkb): Where was everyone sleepan'?
Will: Is Lily going to tell Will what's going on? He was sleeping in the knights' quarters in the Palace coz he was offered room.
Kaerie: Lily and Ka'erie were in an inn. Lily was givin' Ka a checkup, because, hey, this is rally friggin' interesting here.
someguy (Rossiu): scout is on the ship, the town's folk have this odd greeting with rakes that rossiu is keen to avoid
Dee (Kaerie): If she saw him that day, ya. If sh edidn't, she wil next time she sees him. .-.
Rossiu: and as for recap out at the camps...Sinclair did his hamonite hound, and Jusik is doing his mind games with the =I= dood over dinner
mkb: Will, your brazen ways are known to the garrison officers, and since there will be a lot of betting going on, you're asked if you're planning anything interesting... oddly most of the questions involve you using not-quite-magic to your advantage. One knight who brings up Radlebb Keep in that sense is reprimanded.
-> rossiu: :3
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: the camp stuff can wait for now...the duel should be interesting enough for everyone
mkb: Lily, Kaerie, you're largely left alone -- Lily isn't terribly well known in Specularum city and Kaerie, well, you're both filed under "adventurers". Sometimes in the evening you hear that the balloon finally floated down by itself.
mkb: Rossiu, the two firemen -- who you finally manage to stop telling apart: their tribe must be a little lacking in variety, but they're not identical twins -- seem happy with what grub is available, and Zalpha has to be reminded to eat.
mkb: Will, as per custom, you're awakened at dawn by an acolyte who asks you if you would like spiritual counseling, even if the duel is not to the death, accidents can and do hapen.
someguy (Rossiu): that's what Dial-a-Deity is for
Will: I tell the acolyte that if I die today, I die well, but I have no intentions of dying.
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: "Of course, Sir William."
mkb: Will, did you take your plate off to sleep?
Will: Yes, of course.
mkb: You may want to tell the acolyte that your eyes are about a foot up then if he's trying to look at you in the face.
Campaign saved.
Will: I don't even bother. At this point it's not worth it. I'm half tempted to mash his face in my boobs on principle.
Kaerie basically follows Lily around like a puppy. The girl has more experience flying than she does :o
mkbp (mkb): aww!
mkb: Lily, Kaerie, Rossiu, what do you do?
Kaerie: Eat breakfast, then go to watch the joust!
mkb: Will, the acolyte leaves you to get ready -- you get first go at the hot water, if you want a shower, even. There is a note, unsigned and unmarked, saying "The both of you, don't hurt yourselves. I need two good knights more than I need one good show."
mkb: Rossiu, you get up to see that the balloon has completely deflated and, with some uncertainty (are you SURE this isn't magic?) is being packed up by some of the fieldhands and guards.
Rossiu: Rossiu is going to grab a sandvich on the run and drag zalpha over to see will about the whole "Flying Turtle Balloon" theory...and about that shiney Dood that looks like Will...when Will was a dood
Rossiu: "Come on want to see Will before the big toothpick fight right?"
Will: I know that's from some representative of the Duke, perhaps the Seneschal or one of his commanders. I have no interest in hurting Harrier *TOO* badly, and I do make a point of taking a shower before I get ready. Best to look as proper as I can.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, noms is very bland -- porridge -- but at least it went with the hosteling price. Rossiu, you quickly make your way to the palace to realize that Zalpha's not slept all night! "Yush!" She can't possibly keep up with you, but makes an effort - the two of you are stopped by a palace guard who wasn't told about anything special going on other than a joust. Other than the main event, a melee has been organized, as well as a little demonstration of aerial archery by the Guardians -- they set up the dueling grounds and whoever wins want to remind everyone of their prowess.
mkb: Will, the breastplate is STILL a little too tight, but you can probably live with that; there are a few too many volunteers to help you don your armor, oddly the majority is female.
Rossiu: Rossiu waves the guard down to bend over so the goblin can talk face to face instead of face to kneecaps
mkb: All in all, the palace guards are seeing this as one more event to supervise; so it goes in the big city, and at least this thing will not disrupt traffic significantly unlike the baronial visit. Will, the cages with the dragon bones and the ribclacdker have been temporarily put between the two palace walls.
mkb: Rossiu, the guard does crouch and says very slowly and loudly "THIS IS THE BIG HOUSE OF THE BIG BOSS, YOU CANNOT COME IN HERE, COMPRENDE?"
Rossiu: "I don't know where to start with you. I mena do you even know who you're talking to? Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? Basically, kind of a big deal"
Will: I do accept the help from one of the girls - I feel a bit more comfortable that way, and while I've learned a few tricks to get into plate armour properly on my own it takes about ten minutes.
Kaerie: Lily and Ka'erie discuss some of what they saw about the shiny guy, mostly for Lily to remember it better when they get the chanceto tell Will or someone else about it. Lily sketches out a picture of what his face looked like, as well.
Will: I don't have my greaves, so I ask for heavy leather leggings, or chain if someone can lend them to me, in case some unscrupulous sort decides to lance me in the shins.
Rossiu: the scout leans on its bat and looks the guard in the eye "We needz to see Sir Will Dood...NOW!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you're given chain leggings and told to see the armorer to make them fit properly. "You're supposed to provide your own armor but... eh, no point in losing a leg to an accident."
mkb: Rossiu, the guard attempts to pick you up.
mkb: Kaerie, are you making your way to the palace?
Rossiu: The Goblin tries to duck past the guard
Kaerie: Is that where the joust is going to be?
Rossiu: reflex to avoid guard dood [3d8+8 = 25]
mkb: Grab! [3d8+3 = 21]
Will: I nod. "I apologize, but I didn't even HAVE human legs when I left, so I didn't see the need to bring them along."
Will: I see how the leggings fit, then see the armourer about fitting them a little more properly if there's time.
mkb: Rossiu, you dodge! The guard ends up staring at a visibly woozy Zalpha. He looks at you then at her. "Wait, you'd be his uhm, retinue... flew in with that thing outside?"
mkb: The armorer asks you if you'd like your armor refitted while he's at it: the whole thing is scheduled for high noon anyway, so you have time.
Rossiu: "Yup yup chuckle head"
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: "Now do I have to bust your kneecaps or can we see the dood nowz?"
mkb: Yes, the entire thing happens in the clearing north of the palace. Some of the noble families who own homes in Bricktop won't even have to get out of the house to assist.
Kaerie: Then, yeah, that's where we're heading.
mkb: Rossiu, the guard glares at you and sniffs the air. "Please wait here."
mkb: He points at a precise spot in front of the portcullis.
Kittymewmew (Will): Haha. Uh-oh? :P
Rossiu: Rossiu eyes that spot a bit...most of the time other goblins would say that there would be a big X there
Rossiu: which generally lead to 'Bad Things'
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, the Guardians sure did a hell of a job in only one afternoon and evening! Pavilions have been set up for the two duelists, an enclosed area has been rigged up for the melee fight, and a number of targets with a protective wooden wall behind them has been built facing northwest -- the targets alternate between standard bullseyes and what looks like wooden balls on silk strings.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Campaign saved.
Kaerie is excited! This is new, will it be fun? What's happening? Can I get a nap before it happens? Do we haveta help clean up afterward? Don't like cleaning.
mkb: Will, while the armorer adjusts the greaves, word is sent to you that Pathfinder is being washed down, and that the stable master is a little worried she might have been sedated overnight.
Will: I hope it's just Pathfinder being Pathfinder...I honestly don't EXPECT Harrier to cheat.
someguy (Rossiu): your not thinking like a goblin
Will: He's more likely to try to make it look like I cheated.
mkb: Kaerie, you're given wide berth (also, try to not wag so much!) by the people who are starting to accrete in the dueling grounds -- mostly people who are setting up their own little stalls for food and drinks.
mkb: Will, the armorer again offers you to adjust your plate -- just a couple hammer blows: he can tell you're in a bit of discomfort. "It's not like you're having to pay fer it, ser."
Rossiu: Rossiu takes up the point there..." You knuckleheads aren't even worth it"
mkb: Rossiu, reflex check?
Rossiu: reflex [3d8+8 = 20]
someguy (Rossiu): I should have known better
Kaerie: Lily helps keep Kaerie from spending all her money through her naivete about the value of a coin.
Will: "It's a dwarven masterpiece, and honestly, I don't feel right about anyone else touching it. It feels like there's a piece of the armourer's soul in this suit."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, you narrowly avoid the clay pot full of.... eeew! Rossiu, you narrowly avoid the chamberpot. There is a muffled laugh on the narrow window above the portcullis, which then opens.
mkbp (mkb): JARATE!
Rossiu: "I'm NOT going to headbutt them, I'm NOT going to headbutt them" Rossiu mutters as the goblin goes in
mkb: "Of course, ser William -- wait, I heard the story! You fought a fiend out of hell, didn't you!"
mkb: Rossiu, it looks like Zalpha needs at least to wash her feet down. Just as well that she's not wearing shoes or socks.
mkb: It doesn't look like she's even _noticed_, she keeps staring upward.
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, there isn't much to be bought just yet, but you do find some excellent grape juice. You do spot the band you met yesterday, though!
Rossiu: Rossiu walks back and gets behind zalpha trying to push the engineer in "come on Zalpha places to go...doodz to see"
Will: "I did, though in fact that was how I earned my shield...this armour was given to me as part of my pay for helping make the first trade agreement between dwarves and goblinkind." I tell the armourer. "It was nothing monumentous, I more or less bought it."
someguy (Rossiu): zalpha can track the stuff all over their nice clean halls for all I care...maybe wipe her goblin feets on some expensive tapistres
Kaerie: Are they doing anything in particular, or just playing?
mkb: Will, you're given excellent chain leggings -- it's a poor attempt at steel that feels more like pig iron to you, but the links have been made with painstaking care. "Heh... frankly I don't know what's scarier. Goblins that want to raid us or goblins who want to live among us."
mkb: Kaerie, they're setting up and apparently having an argument; Khai does NOT want to take the whatever-it-is off her lute.
mkb: Rlssk
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, that's pretty much what happens: a clerk quickly intercepts the both of you and asks if you're part of Will's retinue.
Will: "They may not be the most civilized, but they're hard workers. I don't mind them much, myself," I tell him. "Admittedly we may need more firefighters if they start coming around."
Rossiu: "Yup...can we go find him nowz...or do I have to run circles around your chuckleheads?"
Kaerie: Lily asks if she could examine the device, mostyl to help settle if it's okay to leave it on or not.
mkb: Will, an exhasperated clerk brings you two goblins, speaking of which. The armorer, cleaning up his work table looks at Rossiu and Zalpha and raises his eyes in agreement.
Will: "Ah, speaking of goblins, hello you two."
Rossiu: "Hiya boss dood"
Will: I strap on the leggings, and smile at them, giving Zalpha a soft hug since I'm wearing armour. "Are you alright?"
mkb: Lily, you're told sure, absolutely, after some pleasantries - it's a sort of small, very flat brass drum full of mechanisms at the center of which is a poorly cut emerald.
Kaerie: Emerald? She tries bringing forth a little magic power to test if it's harmonite.
mkb: Will, Zalpha hugs back -- she HAS cleaned her feet, mostly through dragging. "I'm good, the ship's good, can you beat up this guy and go home? Please? We gotta do SO much stuff and I really gotta see a dok!"
mkb: Lily, what do you do exactly?
Will: "Yes, we're going home after this...if you need to see a dok though, what's wrong? Your head?"
mkb: Rossiu, the armorer has been trying to be polite while Will was watching -- now he's looking at you and making a hand sign, mouthing some sort of prayer to Halav.
Kaerie: Call forth a little bit of lightning, mostly a spark. Checking to see if it'll absorb the energy that it normally takes to produce such a small effect.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Zalpha nods a bit. "I know I almost got it but I can't REMEMBER! Maybe they can get it out or something! It feels like there's something stuck there and well it's probably too small for me to wrench off!"
mkb: Lily, spellcraft check? (I see a +5 on lilys sheet)
Dee (Kaerie): That's what I thought it was, kies
Kaerie: [3d8+5 = 24]
Rossiu: Rossiu sticks his tongue out at the armour and waves back at the warding gesture
someguy (Rossiu): her
someguy (Rossiu): it
Dee (Kaerie): xir
someguy (Rossiu): that works
mkb: The little zap earths itself on the metal surface, and the gem in the middle twinkles. "Hey, watch out!" "Khai, that thing's dangerous." "I don't care, it's LOUD!"
Will: How good are surgeons here? I assume brain surgery hasn't really been discovered yet, or hasi t?
Will: Finding someone better than Adulf might be a good idea.
Will: "Maybe a magician can look inside and see if there's anything there?"
mkb: A very good chirurgeon can deal with blood clots under the braincase by trepanation -- this generally means magical healing later will be easier and less likely to disturb the patient's mind.
Dee (Kaerie): Well, Lily's Heal bonus is about as good as Will's sense motive... Not that she'll admit to being probably the best doctor in the duchy >_>
mkb: Most religions have accepted the wisdom that the brain is the seat of the soul, rather than the heart, which has made clerics a little hesitant to mess with it.
someguy (Rossiu): drilling holes in people heads....real fancy
mkbp (mkb): THat's about the best you'd have gotten up until circa ww2 :p
Kittymewmew (Will): Yup.
mkb: Religions that haven't tend to be on the "EXCELLENT, ANOTHER SACRIFICE" side when it comes to mental patients.
Kittymewmew (Will): Yikes.
Will: "At least they can tell you if a dok needs to open your head up. I don't want to see anything get worse..."
mkb: "Maybe? I think Ambrose did. I think this is either something he did or something he tried to fix..."
someguy (Rossiu): zalpha is going to end up with the top of her head off saying "I smell burnt toast"
mkbp (mkb): meep
Campaign saved.
Will: I hug her tight. "Please be okay," I tell her, and I take her and Rossiu along, and resume preparations for the duel.
Dee (Kaerie): I'm thinking that "emerald" is harmonite, but was Lily able to figure out for sure?
mkb: The armorer coughs and politely says the other challenger has requested some adjustments to his gear as well, and it's bad luck for both contestants to meet before the duel.
Will: "Of course," I say, and take the goblins away.
mkbp (mkb): Twinkles after being the target of magic, and distorts it. Sounds about right.
Dee (Kaerie): Kies!
mkb: Will, Rossiu, you're in the palace courtyard -- you're not really being paid attention to: the Duke will spectate from the walls, but has chosen to not be there formally.
Kaerie: "Oh boy. This isn't good. I strongly suggest /not/ using this thing, and if you really want to, let me get it to a friend of mine who could probably make a version that will not eat your soul."
Rossiu: "Zalpha. the flying turtle thingy" Rossiu pokes the sleepy engineer " and I got to tell xir about the shiney dood"
mkb: "Why'd that eat my soul? Whatcher talking about?"
mkb: Lily, Gavin seems rather supportive of you -- Khai has but yanked the instrument back into her hands. Pina is mostly looking at Kaerie and thinking.
Campaign saved.
Will: I don't necessarily overhear Rossiu's comment about the shiny dood. Hopefully someone will fill me in.
Will: My next stop is to retrieve Pathfinder, and make sure she's doing alright.
Will: The classic drug-the-horse trick sounds a bit beneath Harrier to be honest.
mkb: The armorer asks the clerk to please ask Sir Harrier to delay a little -- the clerk answers indignantly, to which the armorer says you may know sums and calligraphy better than me but I've been bending iron and leather for twenty years and gotta keep an eye on the shop with those greenskins about, so go already! The younger man does so, huffing and puffing a little.
Kaerie: "Well, note how possessive you've become of it. Classic signs of a cursed item." Lily puts on her confident face, "In all it's very suspicious. The material in that box is quite dangerous, and it's full properties are unknown, though it is quite capable absorbing energies. Can you normally use magic? It's fueled by such, and if you can't, well, it'll burn the next best thing to that."
Rossiu: Rossio starts poking the engineer with the end of the bat "hurry up and make with the big words..."
mkb: Will, Zalpha takes your hand and starts saying about how she saw the thing in the sun too and she knows how to get there and she needs to bring air along and she heard of another tribe that tamed turtles and did sea raids with them and is this still important if we can fly again and she wanted to build you a rocket lance but didn't have any rocket bits so she didn't and she wrote everything down on paper like the wizard doods so you can use the fabric again and you're cute and please don't get hurt and do you want her to set up anything for the duel?
Rossiu: if the scout heard that racial comment IS kinda true
mkbp (mkb): that it is >_>
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Well, I'm not your everyday sort of bard in that sense - I mean, I've always been about the music, not the uh, flash and glitz...." Khai seems to be thinking about it. "Just -- if you don't want to get rid of that thing, at least don't use it today, I think this crowd wants the tried and true...." "He's got a point there" Pina interjects. She winks at Lily.
Will: I tell her no, she can relax and not set anything up, Harrier isn't used to riding horses and using heavy gear, he's used to flying. I do tell her to let me know if she sees anything that looks like cheating though, like rocket lances or pillz or anything.
mkb: "What's cheating and what's not?"
someguy (Rossiu): cheating-definition...anything the goblins would do
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, around you the bookmakers are beginning to set up -- bets are being taken on the melee and obviously on the duel.
Will: "Best way I can explain it is if you see any pillz or magic stuff it's probably cheating."
Kaerie: Lily nods. Not saying anything more about it, and excusing herself to make sure Ka'erie doesn't get lost/kidnapped/molested.
Rossiu: "okz turn right?" Rossiu is getting kinda bouncy ...even for a goblin
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: "I did the whole get the charcoalie stuff for the ship, even with all the pink skins with the rakes and the mean words and I'm gonna break some kneecaps later, but there was this dood right...big shiney dood...looked like you..well...not with the horsey bits or the huge boob thingies..."
Will: "Big shiny...wait, like me? Oh dear. Zalpha, that's the man from Radlebb Keep. We have to warn the Duke. NOW."
mkb: Kaerie is mostly being kept away from -- mostly because she looks a lot like the creature that the Baron captured.
Will: "SOUND THE ALARM!" I shout at the top of my lungs.\
mkb: Except a lot friendlier, of course, but still....
mkb: Will, the alarm does not sound, but a few people -- soldiers and a clerk mostly -- come running. "What happened?"
Will: "Bloody hell, is this how you lot react? We may have an intruder! Two of my retinue, and NO, not just "some daft goblin", saw who I am fairly certain destroyed Radlebb Keep in the city last night!"
mkb: Zalpha, not hearing any alarms has taken it to herself to start going "piiiiii piiiiii piiiiii piiiiiii" until someone tells her please shut up, it's scaring the dogs.
Will: "The Duke needs to be warned and the Academy put on high alert for sorcery, NOW!"
Kittymewmew (Will): lolzalpha
Kaerie: Lily and Kaerie snack on something sweet.
mkb: "That's serious. You two, mount up and do a run of the watchhouses. I'll go alert His Highness. Sir William -- would you ask for a postponement?"
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, you're offered threshed sugar -- it's a pretty new thing for the common folk, since it wants made in a glass jar and glass only recently got much cheaper; the peddler boasts the machine is straight from Ironforge.
Will: "No, I don't see the need. We're no mages, and I don't see him trying to sneak in. If he's coming, he'll walk in during broad daylight."
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: ooooh, sounds tasty. Will try it :o
mkb: "Right. I get the idea that if a general alert is sounded well, you'll hear it NOT YOU!" the clerk finishes pointing a finger at Zalpha before running off.
Rossiu: the scout wasn't done with the report but with all the guards and folks showing up is hiding behind Will...mostly because it's the best cover
mkbp (mkb): It's basically cotton candy, but with brown sugar.
Dee (Kaerie): *nod*
Dee (Kaerie): Yay goblin lamia + sugar? >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): oh god.
mkb: Two coppers just for that is a bit of a steal -- the peddler asks if you want to turn the handle yourself; having a bit more business sense than your typical dwarven tinker, he's attached little tinkly things to the gears after figuring out where to put them so the machine doesn't get gummed up.
Will: I laugh at the clerk's reaction to Zalpha. "Rossiu, the rest of your report?"
Dee (Kaerie): Though her metabolism's slower than a normal gobbie, plus she's got a fair bit of mass..
mkb: Zalpha is making faces at the clerk as he leaves.
Kaerie: Lily lets Ka'erie turn the handle for both of them.
mkb: Lily, the trio have finally decided what to do -- they'll hang on to the device, just the gears and so on is valuable if taken apart afterall, but they won't use it today. Khai seems a little annoyed, but not overly so; Pina takes you aside and asks if that thing is indeed that dangerous and if it is, they'll try to "get it stolen" during the day.
Rossiu: "Well...I saw the flying dood and a bunch of those spoony types with the fancy noise makers there too...the shiney dood and them made some groove beat thing..." the goblin starts drumming on the side of the bat really fast trying to imitate the sound
Will: I seem a little worried about the presence of this man in the palace. I hope I didn't overreact terribly much, but someone who BLEW UP A CITY deserves a little of that.
mkb: The sugar is sugary! It melts really fast! It contains sugar! It makes you a little thirsty! Also sugar.
someguy (Rossiu): eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii suger buzz
mkbp (mkb): Yeah, might wanna keep that away from Rossiu. BONK
mkb: Will, were you heading towards the stables?
Campaign saved.
Will: "Flying dood? The one I'm fighting? Also hm..." Yes I was.
Kaerie: Lily answers Pina that it is rather dangerous.
mkb: There are three people clustered around Pathfinder; one is taking her temperature.
mkb: She lifts an ear when she spots you coming.
Kaerie: "Thirsty..." Kaerie wants meadtea!
Rossiu: " No...the flappy dood...kaerie...I waves..."
mkb: The stalls have been set up and people are starting to cluster up.
Rossiu: "No wave back...was kinda into the musicy
mkb: The books have been opened, and... huh, Will quickly gets to about 3:2 odds on, by the look of it.
Will: "Ah, Ka'erie. Alright. Hm. I'm a bit disappointed at the odds. Perhaps Harrier has a bit more skill than I surmised. I'll be sure not to underestimate him."
Rossiu: "So....can I goes and break some faces for the pinky people...they threw crap at me ! And rakes!"
Kaerie: Lily gets some tea, and Kaerie gets some mead? :o
Kaerie is happy happy, this is fun! Kinda like home, 'cept more people. And she's not getting gnibbled on by Flaflan.
Will: "Well that wasn't very nice, but please don't start a fight."
Rossiu: "Awwwwww"
Will: How's Pathfinder doing?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, you're told your horse has probably been sedated -- she's just too calm!
Will: I tell her to get ready for a charge and see how she reacts.
mkb: The mead is so-so, the tea is a little cold but pretty good: you're shown how it will be heated up by the sun, given the recent availability of cheap green glass jars. "It's a bit of an investment but think of the savings in firewood! No, same price, sorry."
mkb: Will, Pathfinder shakes herself and perks up, looking side to side before staring straight ahead with her head slightly downward.
mkb: Will, once again you're complimented on your animal training skill as the horse doctor mutters something about never having seen that.
mkb: Rossiu, you spot the guard that likely threw the jar'o'"tea" at you.
Will: "This horse is rather odd in the mind," I tell the doctor, and humbly explain it has little to do with my skill. She just follows orders.
Will: "She'll be fine, let's get her armoured up," I say, looking around since I'm so used to barding her myself.
Rossiu: "Hows the weather over there?" Rossiu really wants to run over and crack a skull or two
mkb: The doctor walks once around Pathfinder. "Five hundred gold if you tell me how it was done. I won't insult you by offering to pay a little visit to Sir Harrier's mount..."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Piss off! I'm on duty." The guard gets a poke from his companion at the first word -- it looks like his failed prank has made him the butt of a few jokes.
mkb: Kaerie, Lily, they've started taking signups for the melee.
Rossiu: Rossiu shakes goblin butt in his direction and jeers
mkb: Rossiu, the guard grulbmes about having to pay for the jar, too.
Kaerie: Lily is interested! :3
Kaerie: What kinda folk have signed up?
Rossiu: the scout...feeling better about things..(not making up for the lack of head bashing..but close enough) heads out to find a spot for the goblins to watch for this cheating thing in the crowds outside
someguy (Rossiu): retainers get ring side seats?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Kaerie, for the first round mostly people who hadn't signed up the day before -- so no professionals: this is mostly dockworkers, beginning adventurers who found nothing better to do, teamsters and the occasional off-duty guard who is being given very dirty look by comrades.
Will: "I have no idea how it was done. Not even a priest of Zirchev could discern it exactly...nor do I think I want to know. There was something terrible that happened to her."
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha mostly follows you -- you have to remind her to stop looking into the sun, though.
mkb: Will, the horse doctor excuses himself and scampers off.
Will: Miari will join the melee if she's here, just as a character note.
Kaerie: Lily signs up! Ka'erie doesn't feel like it, and doesn't really know what the big hubbub is about when it comes to a melee.
mkb: One thing you do not see in the stables is Harrier's mount: there are a few coursiers, a large number of courier mounts, but no warhorses that have barding with Guardian insignia.
Will: I honestly wonder if he's going to make his wyvern walk, and hope it scares my horse.
Rossiu: "your going to boil your brains if you keep doing dat zalpha, now come on...we gotta make sure your dood done end up stuck like a boar for dinner"
Will: I hope he has a backup plan if that's his trick!
mkb: Lily, you're told that it's either bare hands or sticks -- by the look of it mostly dried-out handles of farm implements who will likely be broken during the melee and then used for firewood -- and the only armor you're allowed is a cup or in your case a chestplate. It seems for this round you're the only girl.
Kaerie: She's fine with a stick.
mkb: Will, you're told that you don't have to present yourself to the master of ceremonies formally until right before the duel, since it's not a tiered tournment, so feel free to wander around.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: Rossiu starts wandering around looking for a good looky spot...wishing jusik was here to do that sneaky stuff
mkb: The Sky Knights have done a hell of a job setting up the tilt, the space in gneeral, and sitting areas; there are no accommodations for nobles since they will be assisting either from the palace walls or from their own houses. Their crest, featuring a white swan on yellow or golden background, has been put pretty much everywhere it was dignified to put it.
Will: Of course.
Will: I look around, admiring their work. It is actually quite nice, and as much as it does have a bit of an arrogant tone, they're the public heroes. It's their job to show off a little.
Will: Will has no real problem with that. The only reason he's here is because Harrier called him out, and he's not going to back down from a challenge.
mkb: Rossiu, you can probably climb up a building if you want -- Zalpha is really not paying attention. "Do you think oiled leather will hold enough air?" she asks you out of the blue, then shakes her head. "Sorry I'm good I'm here what do we have to do again?"
Will: "Oh, just relax and watch. You saw me fight with my horse, right? This is how we make a sport out of it."
Kaerie and Lily chill for now, mostly.
Will: "It's like when your scouts chase tails to practice fighting in the woods, we do this to practice for the charge."
Rossiu: "We got to look out for the Flying Dood trying anything sneaky when he and Will do that Tilt-thingy"
Will: "I can handle myself, Rossiu," I say. I still don't know if I'm going to be allowed my adamantine shield - I honestly would feel a bit safer if they let me use it, the old iron bar trick is as old as jousting.
mkb: Lily, you're told you're up in the second half of the first round: a lot of people signed up, and the space is limited so.... You're also told that nobody'll care if you're a woman, so watch yourself, and if you have to get healed you'll be expected to pay for it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The odds have moved to 2:1 for Will, despite the barkers carrying Guardian crests on their backs walking around the now-thicker crowd reminding everyone of Harrier's deeds of valor.
Will: Miari just grins, and strips down to a chest wrapping and a loincloth, so that she can fight without her flowing outfit catching on her limbs. "This will be fun."
Rossiu: "and oil cloth....dunno whatcha mean....anyways youz stay here and keep your eyes peelededed...I'm gonna run around and take a look at things around here. kay? thanks bye!" and with that rossiu is dashing off into the crowd
Will: hoo boy, hope he doesn't get himself hurt.
Kaerie: Lily's fine with that. She's never asked for anyone to take it easy on her, so.
Will: I grin at the odds shifting even further in my favour. I decide to present myself officially now, as it shouldn't be long before showtime.
mkb: Miari, you're told you're also in for the second half.
Kaerie: She doesn't strip, though, and has Kaerie hold her stuff.
Rossiu: Rossiu is off fast running a zig zag over the whole grounds looking for anything weird....which considering all the everything
mkb: Will, the Guardians had less than a day to prepare your pavillion -- well, they could've been dicks and not done so, but they chose to -- and actually did your crest better than the best one you have right now: it may be worthwhile to take a pair of scissors to the pavillion.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: spot for anything thats REALLY strange... [3d8+6 = 27]
mkb: Rossiu, you mostly see an excuse for people to start drinking in the morning hours; a few musicians are playing, including the three you met -- minus the odd instrument, pedlars are shelling out their wares, and you spot a pickpocket beng told that if he's caught again he'll be thrown into the melee ring. One thing you do notice is that there is a lot of hubbub around Harrier's tent, with people coming in and leaving, and a loud discussion happening there.
Kaerie: Karie scans over, on a hunch there might be something bad just haning out of sight... [3d8+10 = 25]
Will: The thought of taking the crest is tempting, but very uncivilized. I may hire their herald, however.
mkb: Kaerie, there's two shadow elves behind you! Oh wait, they're just dressed like that -- it's one human and one uh, troll possibly? Greenskin, a little taller than a firblin but not wide like an ork, with a long nose.
mkb: Will, said herald is the female squire who was talking to you the day before -- is she actively spying on you?
Kaerie: She cocks her head at that, "gkgkgk?" How close are they?
mkb: She's also wearing your crest on her uniform: again, it's a better job than anything you or your father ever owned.
mkb: Kaerie, two rows of seats above.
mkb: The melee starts slowly -- it looks more like a bar brawl, from what you can tell... which seems to suit the crowd just fine: there are encouragements, copper pieces exchanging hands, cheers and jeers.
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: Ah, then interesting, but she can't talk with them.
Will: ...That's possible. Not sure what she's going to get from it. I ask her why she's decided to take up my cause.
Rossiu: Rossiu desides to try and sneak a little closer to Sir Doofus's tent and try and hear what is going on....Sneaky time ...can't be that hard if jusik does right?
Rossiu: move silently [3d8+13 = 25]
Kittymewmew (Will): lag?
Kittymewmew (Will): ah no dm typing kies
someguy (Rossiu): ah
Dee (Kaerie): derp?
mkb: Rossiu, a good thing is that nobody pays attention to a small goblin -- a guard notices you, but after scanning around and finding nobody angrily running after you and spotting no obviously stolen goods on your person, ignores you. "I am NOT doing this! It is an abomination against all that is honorable about our traditions! Why, I might just as well hand him victory!" "You ARE doing this, because I'm telling you to, and I'm still Marshal last I checked." "But sir -- " "You have no chance in a fair duel. The man -- woman -- whatever the hell it is -- has more hours on a warhorse than you do on a wyvern, we both know that!" "I can beat him! We know he fell from grace." "So he did, so he ONLY has about a decade of training over you, rather than that AND the gods'smile!"
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh boy, he's up to something but he's a bit reluctant.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: the goblin tries to blend in...doing things that people picking belly button lint.....and keeps listening in
mkbp (mkb): I keep thinking monkgirl's name is Maria... >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): Miwsry?
mkbp (mkb): my bad, it's just what comes into my head
Will: Will in the meantime asks squire girl again why she's decided to take up his colours.
Kittymewmew (Will): np
mkbp (mkb): her actual name being?
'Dee' disconnected
mkb: "Why, I'm being punished for fraternizing with the enemy! I got a whole week of hazing ahead of me..." She shrugs. "At least we get to see some real sharpshooting before this thing starts. Anyway, I'm at your service for the day -- just let me watch the archery part, please?" She sounds genuine, at least.
Will: sense motive, I don't believe that bluff. [3d8+15 = 30]
mkbp (mkb): should we stop here?
Kittymewmew (Will): I don't know
Kittymewmew (Will): Is she coming back?
someguy (Rossiu): said earlier needed sleep before 1am....seems thats about now
mkbp (mkb): shows as online, zo
mkbp (mkb): as in not away
someguy (Rossiu): ah
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm poking her
mkbp (mkb): she usually sets away
Kittymewmew (Will): could just be computer derp
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): is computer derp
Kittymewmew (Will): k
Kittymewmew (Will): waiting then :)
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Kaerie'
mkb: "Why, I'm being punished for fraternizing with the enemy! I got a whole week of hazing ahead of me..." She shrugs. "At least we get to see some real sharpshooting before this thing starts. Anyway, I'm at your service for the day -- just let me watch the archery part, please?" She sounds genuine, at least.
mkbp (mkb): then there was a 30 on SM by will
Kittymewmew (Will): 28, remember the -2
Kittymewmew (Will): still should get me some information :)
mkb: Rossiu, the argument between the Marshal and Harrier continues -- you hear other people in the tent but they aren't saying much. Neither seems to want to change their positions.
mkb: Will, the girl definitely has an ulterior motive for being here.
Rossiu: The goblin hasn't heard anything REALLY incrinating yet....but figures it's a good idea to hightale it back and talk to WIll before things go on
Will: Can I tell if it's that she likes me or similar or if it's that she's on a mission of some sort?
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, Miari, the first round of the melee is about to end -- being that there's more people on the ground than people standing anyway...
mkb: Will, she's definitely on a mission of some sort.
someguy (Rossiu): cue a character with a urge to live for more then 4 min
mkbp (mkb): lol
Rossiu: THe goblin makes to zip back and find zalpha and will
mkb: Rossiu, for you navigating a medium-density crowd is simple: Zalpha is in the seats with Kaerie, the two look a little out of place.
mkb: You're still the only girls in the fight; most everyone else aren't professional fighters, although you can ell two or three people are probably beginning an adventuring or mercenary career by the fact they're wearing actual armor.
Will: "Well, you don't have to worry about it, because I've got a job for you in the spectator's seats. See that goblin over there? *points to Zalpha* She's feeling a bit out of sorts sometimes. Could you please take care of her? She and I will both appreciate it."
Kaerie: Hey, we weren't allowed armour. >:(
mkbp (mkb): Yes, but they won't take it off until they're told to.
Kaerie: Headbutt special for those derps, then!
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
Rossiu: "Hiya there" Rossiu waves at highspeed tottthe two of them and then gets switches to goblin "Zalpha..they Sir flying Dood is up to something with the ...March...match...Marshal!...they're gonna do something during the Tilt-a-whirl thing!"
mkb: "That's the one who made the flying ships! I heard there was a bounty on her head from some crazy elf up north..."
Dee (Kaerie): Who's that talking?
mkb: Will, the squire -- who still hasn't told you her name -- gets one of the waterskins she had dutifully prepared for you and moves to get to the spectators' seats.
Will: "Really now. I'll give you a silver ducat if you tell me all about THAT later. If it's who I think you mean, you'll bring war to the duchy if you try to collect."
mkb: "Yessir! And I'm at your service for the day, you don't have to pay me, really!" She scampers off.
Campaign saved.
Will: I remind myself that Rossiu and Zalpha can beat this kid's head in with one arm between the two of them and relax a bit.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha listens and says why then we gotta do something right back! She needs something heavy, some wood and a LOT of rope.
Will: Oh boy...
Rossiu: Rossiu retells what he heard at high speed to zalpha and asks where will is so he/she/it can be warned
mkb: "Will's in the big red tent thingy!"
Rossiu: " am I...." Rossiu looks at the the tent...."Ok I get it!"
mkb: Will, Pathfinder is brought in to you -- she's been barded VERY well and seems to have figured out something's up, because her ears are upright, at least.
Kittymewmew (Will): I just noticed the map symbol for the melee pit. XD
Dee (Kaerie): I need the map again? ._.
Rossiu: the scout zipps off to the tell Will...and maybe steal the whole tent for what ever zalpha is planning
Dee (Kaerie): spasiba
mkb: Lily, Miari (not Maria lol), it's your turn! The human and dwarf behind you whine a little about having to take their armors off.
Will: Miari grins and does a forward flip over the fence, and cartwheels to the far side...then stops moving at all, containing her energy for the fight.\
mkb: Kaerie, Rossiu, Zalpha, before the scout runs off, you're offered some more of that cotton candy thing.
mkb: It's selling really well, and it seems that the water pedlar has teamed up with the sugar thresher.
mkb: Lily?
Kaerie: Ooooh, sugar!
someguy (Rossiu): Scout senses...tinkiingling.....suger buzz....
Kaerie: Lily isn't quite so flashy as Miari, and gets ready with her stick thing, at least hoping it's durable enough to break the sticks of other peoples.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The sticks are mostly handles for farm implements, already broken training weapons, and other stuff that is marginally good for one more go before being declared firewood.
Rossiu: whoosh and the scout is away....missing out on sugery foods
Kittymewmew (Will): Lucky us.
someguy (Rossiu): this time
Will: Will in the meantime double checks all of his equipment.
mkb: The brawl begins! It is indeed a brawl: most of the combatants have no skills and nobody's really there to seriously hurt each other. The dwarf seems to be biding his time, fighting defensively while the human -- who barely was wearing anything, other than a rather impressive codpiece which he got to keep; he's bald and has a scar under his eye -- is throwing into the fiht with barbarian fury.
mkbp (mkb): I HAVE FURY!
mkb: Kaerie, yum! Zalpha noms her candy really really fast and moves to uhm, your tail. :3
Kaerie: Lily fills up with her own fury to go after the bald dood first!
mkb: Will, your equipment looks good -- you have been provided with regulation training lance and shield, the last of which has been painted in your colors, if a little sloppily.
mkb: Lily, the bald man grins and holds up his stick as if it was a sword, then takes a dive at you!
mkb: Have at you! [3d8+2 = 16]
Will: I feel a bit annoyed at leaving my shield, but it's fairly reasonable.
Campaign saved.
Will: Miari decides to bide her time as well, and wait for an opening. She circles, hoping the dwarf will be at least somewhat distracted by the flashy fight between the two derps.
mkbp (mkb): for AC i have: 17, dex +2, armor +3, shield +2
Dee (Kaerie): so it's +4 dex, no armour or shield currently (in novice fury, if the guy's in a rage)
mkb: Miari, it seems that the dorf has the same plan as you -- a barker is commenting the fight and noting that he expects something good when the two of you meet!
Rossiu: "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" Rossiu comes in shouting for Will and goes into a high speed rant about what the goblin had overheard (something in the Chimpmunks theme kinda highpitched fast talk) and asks to borrow a tent and some ropey stuff...zalpha has IDEAS...
Dee (Kaerie): (so 14 AC :<)
mkb: Lily, you're hit in the gut -- ow!
mkb: [1d6-1 = 2]
mkb: "Come on!" "Max, it's not a REAL fight, take it EASY!" the dorf calls.
Will: I ask him what exactly he heard they're planning, and to tell zalpha NO, cheating back is not how we do things here. If I can outsmart their cheat and still win, it's for the better.
Will: I inspect the "regulation" gear I've been given in case there's a booby trap.
Kaerie: Lily lets out with her own stick, treating it more like the club it is. "Oorah!" [3d8+7 = 22]
mkbp (mkb): lol sqwerl
Kittymewmew (Will): huh?
Kittymewmew (Will): sqrl?
mkb: Will, there are no booby traps -- the lance is new, the shield has been used a couple of times but the repairs look good.
mkb: Lily, where are you trying to hit?
Will: Miari taunts the dwarf, doing a little twirl, well out of arm's length, showing herself off with no modesty at all. "Come on already and get me!"
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: His legs.
Kittymewmew (Will): [ready an action to flashkick the dorf] XD
mkb: Miari, the dwarf figures you're the only real theat there and charges you head first -- literally, he's about to hit you in the stomach with his head.
Kaerie: just below the hips
Kaerie: now low
Kaerie: not low*
Rossiu: "I don't KNOW what they were doing....they were all talking sneaky like....but the marshal was yacking on and on about you tearing this Goof a new one if they didn't do it....can I have the stuffz anyways....I'll tell zalpha no big booms unless they starts it" Rossiu gives Will puppy dog eyes for a moment
mkb: Lily, the bald man dodges INTO it and takes it!
mkbp (mkb): to hit?
Dee (Kaerie): Did it up there
Rossiu: "Pweeeeeeeeeeeeees"
mkbp (mkb): roll damage wif the stik, 1d6-1?
Kittymewmew (Will): Perfect position to kick him in the head with my readied action.
Kaerie: [1d6-1 = 5]
mkb: Lily, the bald man has to take two steps to the side! "Owww!"
Will: Miari lets the dwarf come, letting him do exactly as she planned, as she backflips into the air, timed right to kick him in the head with both feet!
mkb: He actually said "ow", he didn't ow.
mkb: Miari, Tumble check and then roll to hit?
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm approximating her stats fyi
Will: tumble [3d8+13 = 30]
mkb: Rossiu, you get your point across.
Will: FLASHKICK [3d8+7 = 20]
mkbp (mkb): It's not exactly a plot critical fight
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): ya
Kittymewmew (Will): I don't even know why we're detailing this :p
Kittymewmew (Will): You guys started so I followed ^^
Dee (Kaerie): I thought it'd be like the last melee. =x
mkb: THUD! You may have broken the dorf's nose; he's flying backward, to a cheer from the crowd.
mkb: Lily, the barbarian turns around at that. "Forgath!"
mkb: Oddly, he walks away from you and moves to retrieve his passed-out friend.
Kaerie: Lily was about to sucker punch him in the kidneys, bet hey, let him switch his anger to someone else. She'll get out all this stress on these other doods aronud then!
Will: "Sorry!" Miari calls out, hoping she didn't hit him TOO hard.
mkb: Actually it looks like the bald barbarian is dragging the dorf, who seems to have a bad case of nosebleed but nothing more serious (dwarves get their noses broken often in their lives), out of the arena.
mkb: Now he's whining for a cleric....
mkb: The other fighters are leaving you two wide berth -- are you actually going to engage each other?
mkb: Rossiu, you seem to have gotten the point across. Will, the weapons are in good shape.
Will: Miari and Lily? Miari waits to see who comes to her next.
Will: Will thinks. So Rossiu doesn't actually know WHAT they're up to, just that they're up to SOMETHING? Hmm.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: Rossiu starts looking around the tent while will is busy doing that head hurty thing...right...Thinking....and starts picking bits of lumber and cord to drag back for zalpha
mkb: Miari, after that sort of display, well, nobody.... although there's three teamsters, probably used to work together, that are alternately settling some scores with a rival group and debating ganging up on you.
mkb: Rossiu, the pavilion is mostly empty, but there's plenty of leftovers under the audience seats since it was built in a hurry.
Kaerie: If noone wants to come at Lily, well, this other girl looks to be the next best challenge, "Pfft, cowards.." She takes a guarded move u to Miari, and levels a poke-with-stick at her chestwrappings.
Dee (Kaerie): She fights surprisingly dirty for her character archetype ._>
Will: Miari makes a quick grab to disarm the stick.
mkb: Lily, pretty much everyone's attention is on the catfight, as was predictable (and probably predicted by the melee organizers)
Rossiu: the scout waves bye real quick to Will "your all busy with the whole stabby on horsies thing....I'll just run this over to zalpha, thanks bye"
Will: "Rossiu, stop. Do NOT INTERFERE WITH THE FIGHT."
Kaerie: The stick is let go of fairly easily!
mkb: The brawl keeps going in the background, with boos stopping the teamsters who were going to gang up on Miari -- they have the grace to look embarassed before someone else grabs one of them and tries to pants him.
Will: "If he does anything, we get him later."
Will: "Then we break his legs."
Kaerie: She then attempts a headbutt at the other girl.
Rossiu: Rossiu is already dragging things off "Awww...I wanted to see what zalpha was going to make..."
Will: Low, or grab-and-smash?
Will: "I'm sure I would too, but it would get me in a lot of trouble."
Dee (Kaerie): Rush in and drop head into other person's skull/chest
Will: Miari drops flat to the dirt and flapjacks her.
Campaign saved.
Dee (Kaerie): Don't really know how to do headbuttings ._.
Kittymewmew (Will): That's about right actually, but if you're charging in and she's willing to take the fight to the ground, that happens :p
mkb: Kaerie, you and Zalpha are joined by a girl who ends up looking rather like Will, except more on the girl side, enough to not leave doubts. She offers you some water (not a bad thing after the cotton candy) and says she's gotta keep an eye on you, and can you PLEASE tell her more about flying ships? That pretty much sets Zalpha off.
Kaerie has her own water, actually! Yay! I remembered something.
mkb: Thirty seconds later the man ahead of you in the seats says his back is not a writing pad, dammit!
Kaerie: How well attached is Miari's loincloth? >_>
Rossiu: .....
Dee (Kaerie): Bleh, dunno how to describe things @_@
someguy (Rossiu): death by wedgie
Dee (Kaerie): Actually, ya.
mkbp (mkb): Ow!
Kaerie: Lily flips over Miari to sit on the woman's back, and yanks on the loincloth as hard as possible. (>'_')=<
mkb: Kaerie, you know how to FLY airships, not how to MAINTAIN them, but from what you hear about the second engine Zalpha was given, some of it was designed to be operated with a ribclacker tail.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_O
mkb: That gets a huge cheer!
Kaerie: Lily is really enjoying herself~
Kittymewmew (Will): Apparently.
mkb: By now the remaining five brawlers have quietly stopped, dragged their friends to safety and left you the field.
mkb: Rossiu?
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: the scout sits down and pouts about not getting a chance to see what zalpha would do with all the stuff...Will keeps saying no
Will: That won't pull it OFF coz you're pulling it UP but it certainly gives people a nice view. Lily can have a closer look, too, as Miari dextrously curls up and goes for the head scissors!
Kittymewmew (Will): [oh why the hell not]
Will: grapple lol! [3d8+12 = 18]
Kittymewmew (Will): [lol not that it matters XD]
Kittymewmew (Will): [I don't think Lily is going to TRY to resist that]
Kittymewmew (Will): Will is mostly waiting for this show to get going.
Kaerie: [opposed grapple] She's more enjoying the fight than the view, it's just a bonus, so nde tries dodging to avoid the two legs that trie to circle her head. [3d8+7 = 17]
mkb: Kaerie, quite a few people -- all boys, you note -- have stood up to get a better view; Zalpha is explaining how the engines work -- she doesn't know WHY they work, but says she's almost figured it out....
Kaerie is distraught! Airship or show! DX
Kaerie: Oh, Engines.
Will: You actually manage to beat her grapple, Lily has the advantage!
Will: Will, decides to go and officially declare himself to the master of arms, and blushes when he sees what's going on in the melee ring. "Oh dear."
Dee (Kaerie): Is Miari a contortionist? :3
Kaerie: Ankles by ears? >_>
Kaerie: "Wheeeee!!"
Rossiu: "ooooh, thats going to leave a mark" Rossiu says as the goblin follows Will, figures if they can't preempt cheating...he can atleast bonk someone when they do
Kittymewmew (Will): She can, yes
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: the Scout waves to Zalpha in the crowd and then gives a thumbs down and points to booming for us
mkb: Will, the master of arms is currently listening to the Sky Marshal's complaints about stopping the indecent spectacle in the melee ring, and pointing out that at this point it'd probably cause a riot and well -- could he get out of the view? The Sky Marshal, whose name you do not recall, shakes his head (white hair and military buzz cut, clear eyes) and admits that yes, the view is interesting; the two men figure they ought to watch. You can easily introduce yourself.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha seems to be very busy talking to Kaerie and Will's temporary squire... you do see movement in Harrier's pavilion, again, though.
Kittymewmew (Will): Marhal Tolwyn I presume...
Kaerie: "This is fun, though you might've thought better on your dress in this." She uses Miari sort of like a chair in her shrimp position. Front row seats!
Kittymewmew (Will): looks moe like that than the fat warty one
Will: Will decides to just watch, and does introduce himself to the master of arms during the spectacle.
Dee (Kaerie): @_@
mkbp (mkb): lol
Kaerie: Lily is no longer quite as pumped, and actually sort of drained now.
Will: "Hah, you think I care?" Miari quips back, and rolls Lily off of her.
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: "Uwwaah!" Lily rolls with the fall to minimize whatevers.
mkb: The Master of Arms nods his acknowledgement. He's a somewhat plump man with quite a lot of muscle under the fat, as often happens to retired drill sergeants. "I heard much about you, Ser William the Falling. Most of it good." The Sky Marshal glares and inhales sharply -- he outranks the Master of Arms, but you introudced youreslf in the right order there, as the master of ceremonies in this case has precedence above all save the Duke.
mkb: The Sky Marshal's uniform is dark blue and very severe, like a cleric's, in contrast to the ornate gold motifs of his order.
Will: "Thank you, sir," I say. "Greetings, Air Marshal. I do not believe we've previously met," I say, introducing myself to him formally.
Dee (Kaerie): ...Isn't that the dood from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Rossiu: Rossiu tries to stay tiny and look over the marshal for anything blatently useful for messing with the match
Rossiu: spot for discreately looking for anything like wands or magical doodads for mystical cheating...or anything else funny looking on his person [3d8+6 = 14]
Kaerie: "Yep. I'm out." Lily laments as she can't find the energy to get back up.
Dee (Kaerie): That part's over, I guess then?
mkbp (mkb): looks like it O_O
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, you see a bald spot -- that's mostly it. This said, there IS a lot of activity around Harrier's tent.
mkbp (mkb): It's also the dood from Wing Commander
Dee (Kaerie): Ahs
mkb: "I am Yottskry, Sir William. It seems that -- gods forbid -- should there be a war, you have placed yourself under my command...." He offers a hand to shake.
Will: Miari stands up and nods. "Good fight," she says with a smile.
Kaerie: "Yeah, best I've had in a while." She pulls herself up, "I think the main show's starting."
mkb: Miari, Lily, the crowd is cheering and you're being thrown a few copper pieces and a few flowers -- the copper pieces are quickly being collected by the bookmakers and their flunkies.
Will: I shake his hand. "Oh, I command no air forces. You may be ording goblins about, though. I'll gladly share my experiences with them if you'd like. It may benefit you strategically."
Will: Technically I don't. Rukti is the master of the fleet.
Rossiu: Rossiu desides it might be a good time to go have another look...the scout Taps Will on the leg and rolls it's beedie eyes at the tent
Will: I look down and give a short nod.
Kaerie: Lily snags what coins she can. >_>
mkb: Miari, the bookmaker presents you the melee's prize for this round -- a nice ten silvers -- and holds both your and Lily's arms up; the people are definitely happy with the spectacle, although the more conservative organizers aren't hiding their disapprovals.
Will: Miari doesn't care too much, she can do better dancing.
mkb: "I... see, Sir William. I look forward to seeing the fine tradition of honor duels upheld today -- just please remember, it is only for sport, this time."
mkb: The melee ring is quickly dismantled around you to make room for the main event.
Rossiu: The goblin rushes off into the crowd for a bit and then moves towards zalpha...the scout will tell her what Will said...but expects her not to listen...
Will: "Of course. I've no real quarrel with Sir Harrier anyhow. I'd hate to see him harmed, sir."
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha is busy discussing aerodynamics with the Guardian squire.... what you do hear, masked by the general noise is somebody pleading to Harrier to do as he's told, as THAT is his first duty.
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: Lily goes back up to Kaerie.
mkb: Will, Yottskry nods. "As much as it pains me to admit it, I must say, your brazen ways have won you favor with the crowd and with the aristocracy, Sir William. Perhaps we ought to learn from them."
mkbp (mkb): Beep boop boop!
mkb: "Harrier is a good knight and a good wingleader, but he doesn't care much for the forest as long as he can dodge the trees."
Will: I nod. "While there is more to war than courage, one must not forget that without it, we can't even lift our spears."
Will: "The courage to get things done is worth as much as the courage to fight, no?"
mkb: "A fine thought. I will with your permission quote it to the next batch of trainees -- nothing removes my suspicion that you whipped those creatures into some semblance of discipline...."
Rossiu: Rossiu has the urge to jump up and down shouting and pointing at the sneaky git....but instead runs over to zalpha...puts a hand over the enginners mouth to stop the talking "Will said no boom...but doods are out there gonna do bad things...and I don't know what to do...other then bonk everyone and run!"
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Kittymewmew (Will): Np
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someguy (Rossiu): backies
Will: "Oh, they're still an undisciplined lot. It's like herding cats," I tell the air marshal.
Will: "The end result can be breathtaking, though - sometimes it is worth bending your ways to those of your troops to get the job done."
mkb: Rossiu, the direct approach works: Will's "temporary squire" lets you know that Harrier can be an absolute hardass but he's not going to do anything stupid without permission....
mkb: "Or to those of your adversary; would you not agree? I understand you've had to borrow a few tricks from your last enemy in order to defeat him..."
Will: "As many as he borrowed from us, or more. I'd certainly never dabble in the black arts he trafficks."
Rossiu: "Well that fancy pants Marshal guy is all but shoving permission down the doods there!"
Will: "I like my soul where it is," I say with a laugh.
mkb: The barkers call out that, as the two duelists prepare, the crowd will be treated to a display of aerial prowess and marksmanship by Harrier's wing; a quick incantation and, much like the balloon sitting outside the walls, the wooden globes lift into the air in a perfect vertical, holding the targets under them...
Kittymewmew (Will): Hahahaha.
Kittymewmew (Will): Yup.
Kittymewmew (Will): Knowing Harrier's budget he actually HAS a BE longsword too >_>
mkb: That leaves the crowd somewhat underwhelmed: they've seen bigger, for once.
Kaerie: Lily basically tells Rossiu to calm down. "You'll only make it worse if you act on it. Right or wrong. So sit tight and stay right there. Or I'll give you a right proper spanking, you got that."
mkb: Lily, Rossiu, Listen check?
Kaerie: (assuming 5) [3d8+5 = 23]
Rossiu: listen [3d8+5 = 18]
Campaign saved.
Kaerie is blissfully unaware of most of what's been happening, save she has to fight with her skirt thing a little to hide the bit Mom told her to keep covered up in public.
mkb: The Air Marshal lifts a hand and makes a hand signal; four wyverns come out from behind the far side of the walls, shrieking to announce their presence and flying in a perfect diamond formation. The gilded-armor Guardians break out modified composite bows and, riding their mounds with grace and puissance, get almost perfect hits on the airborne targets, then swoop in low to anotehr cheer from the crowd. Kaerie, THAT is pretty cool, too! Zalpha's only answer is a very loud raspberry; the young squire is enraptured.
Will: "Impressive."
Kaerie: "ooooohhhh"
-> kaerie: "FINE! I'll do it! And I want it on the record that it's a stupid idea!"
Will: Are they coming straight in, or are they able to strafe their targets?
-> rossiu: Harrier shouted something.
mkb: Will, they're coming straight in for this pass.
mkb: "What you see is the result of years of training, and generations of breeding -- our wyverns are stronger and faster than those you would find in the wild" Yottskry explains, full of pride.
mkb: The four sky knights make another pass at the targets, this time in line formation, strafing them -- their aim loses accuracy only marginally. A fifth wyvern, riderless, perches itself on the maypole behind the audience's seats.
Rossiu: the scout shoulders the bat "Somethings up I tells you Lily"
mkb: A number of attendants quickly leave Harrier's tents; tthe master of arms says to Will that he should get ready, and does he need assistance mounting and arming.
mkb: *tent
Kaerie: "Yes, I heard it, too, but there's no need to do anything."
Will: Will watches curiously. He'd always wanted to join the wyvern knights, and he's quite impressed with their marksmanship. The name Harrier suits him, and his role on the battlefield perfectly.
Will: I shake my head. "I've been in the field so long I don't remember what to DO with all these squires!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "My thanks to the Guardians for the assistance they provided, however."
mkb: Will, the four sky knights engage in mock combat trailing kites behind their mounts' tails and trying to chop tthe others' off or shred the kite -- you don't miss that the kites have been painted with vaguely orky faces, and are made of the same fabric that you've been using for envelopes. The dogfight is clearly slowed down for the audience's pleasure, but does not look staged; the first kite falls, people jump to get the pieces when they land, and the "defeated" Sky Knight withdraws behind the city walls. "We exist to serve the Ducky." Yes, he actually mispronounced that.
Will: I pretend he didn't, and excuse myself to prepare for the duel.
mkb: Will, there are two large men in your tent -- they also are wearing your colors, although their uniform is more approximate.
Will: Ah, a classic.
mkb: Kaerie, Will's squire panics -- "Oh crap, that's my cue!" -- and runs towards Will's pavillion.
mkb: Rossiu?
Kaerie: Kaerie follows her.
Will: As soon as I see them I shift my right foot into a subtle ready position, and whistle for Pathfinder. "If you're here to assist, I'll need my lance and shield," I say with authority.
Rossiu: the scout is about ready to pull out her hair "...can't run away and can't bonk it...what do we do?"
mkb: Will, your temporary squire and Kaerie are behind you; the two men nod gravely and bring you your weapons. "We are. Marshall Yottskry felt your retinue was not up to the task."
mkb: Pathfinder is seraphic as usual.
mkb: Outside, the mock combat continues.
Campaign saved.
mkb: There are now two Sky Knights left, and their kite-fghting has turned into more of a dance; they are also obviously keeping an eye on what is probably Harrier's usual mount.
Will: "I check the weapons out as I hop up onto Pathfinder, making sure they're still in good order. This would be a good time for a lance switcheroo.
Kaerie: Lily pats Rossiu on the head, and tugs the goblin's ear in a playful manner, "Just sit tight. We know what we're doing."
mkb: Will, the books close -- maybe it's because of the airshow but your odds of winning are now 3 to 2 against, thanks to a last minute flurry of big bets.
Rossiu: the Goblin sits down and just growls
Kaerie has no idea why she's here, actually, but hey! She's in the tent!
Kaerie: She bugs the girl squire with all sorts of random questions.
Will: I trust my allies will be alright, now I just have to worry about myself.
mkb: Will, the men obey -- your "squire" hands you a waterskin, then asks you how she should announce you, and apologizes for not having brought it up sooner. After she does her best to answer the snakegirl's questions.
Kaerie: "..Thirsty..."
Kaerie rambles on, generally excited and rather hyper for some reason. She's a bit uncomfortably energetic, really.
Will: I don't drink, not being too worried of dehydration at this point, and the poison plot is too obvious there. I don't give Kaerie the skin either, though I do let her take it if she tries to.
Will: If I can I just lash it to my field straps on Pathfinder's saddle.
mkb: "The Sky Knights, the King's Guardians, are steeped in a tradition of honor, bravery and sacrifice for the greater good! You know of Sir Harrier, of his victories against the Jaggadash and Kloss-Lunk tribes, of his daring counter-raids against the Ierendi pirates -- now see him fight for the ever-renewing tradition of chivalry that he embodies as a Guardian wingleader!" The barkers start repeating the herald's call. "Uhm, Sir William, shall I just wing it?"
Kaerie: She doesn't try taking it, she's not rude at all."
mkb: Will, you can.
Kaerie: She goes to find water!
mkb: Your squire gets out of the way; outside the mock combat has ended, and the duel area has been cleared except for Yottskry himself who is walking so as to face Harrier's wyvern.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Kaerie, there's other waterskins in the pavillion.
mkb: Rossiu, Zalpha seems to have fallen asleep -- one of the men in the row behind you is looking at her oddly.
mkb: Will?
Kaerie: Lily picks up Zalpha and keeps the goblin in her lap.
Will: "Go right ahead!" I shout back.
Kaerie: Yay water! She gets something to drink, and returns to watch.
Rossiu: Rossiu gives the man a dirty look and keeps the bat in hand...pokes zalpha a few times to wake her up "come on zalpha...your dood in shiney pants is going to kick some butt...and might need our help" --in goblin of course
Will: I TRIPLE check the lance and shield, and make sure Pathfinder's barding and my saddle are all strapped on right.
Will: Then I mount up and get ready to fight.
mkb: As per custom, your "squire" walks in front of you as if leading your horse out of the tent, and calls out, "This is Sir William of Kert! He flies like one of us!" That gets some jeers from the event organizrs. "He rides like a centaur! He dives into the earth and beats up demons! And we should all be very thankful he's on our side!" That gets quite a big cheer, up there with the one Harrier got -- speaking of which, the man is still in his tent by the look of it. Will, everything is allright.
Kittymewmew (Will): [changing stance: Roots of the Mountain. Let's see him unhorse me now.]
mkbp (mkb): best intro she could do, rly
Campaign saved.
mkb: Yottskry whistles once, clearly, with his fingers then walks back to the front row; Harrier's mount dives down on the crowd and grabs his pavillion, carrying the canvas off its wooden supports!
mkb: Harrier is revealed in.... his Sky Knight lightweight armor, a regulation shield, no lance, atop a thin horse that seems to be made entirely out of muscle, barded in the light finiments and saddle of a courier's mount. "As you can see, Sir William, we too can move with the times." Harrier may be upset but is not showing it, and his riding form is flawless.
mkb: The remaining wyverns shriek and fly away; the crowd is staring as Harrier casually trots to his side of the tilt.
Will: "Quite the introduction, Harrier," I tell him. "So, shall we return to our roots for one more tilt?" I reply in a friendly tone.
Will: I have a feeling he's up to something tricky, but I'm going to show him that sometimes the old ways stuck around because they worked.
mkb: The man nods, bringing down his helmet's visor as he does so.
Rossiu: Rossiu tightens up on the bat and is trying to look everywhere at once...espically at the flying lizard that just made off with a tent....
Campaign saved.
Will: I do the same. Still no lance huh?
mkb: The Master of Arms walks up to the middle of the tilt and calls out, "Sir Harrier, this is highly irregular -- you don't even have a weapon!"
Will: Possibilities are rolling through my head. A disarm attempt is going to be hard to pull off - a jousting lance rests at the shoulder and is tucked under the arm. Unhorsing me barehanded is something much larger men have tried. Tiring me out by making me MISS? HAHAHAHA. Let's see it boy.
mkb: Harrier's answer is easily discerned as something that was put into his mouth and that he is spitting out with disgust. "My sword is enough. Traditional heavy cavalry charges have been shown to be much less effective than in the past, and I felt that our duel should represent that. Besides, swiftness and agility is what we do." The second part sounded like he meant it.
mkb: "I will not deny you this -- it does mean the duel is to surrender, not dismounting. Sir William, would you like your sword now, or later?"
mkb: The Duke was watching the airshow, and is now looking down with a surprised expression.
Will: "I'll have my sword, then. So much for tradition, hm, Harrier?"
mkb: "Quite." The words sound like ice mixed with vomit.
mkb: "Have at you, then, gentlemen -- wait for the trumpet!"
mkb: The Master of Arms walks away.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Drums sound to a martial beat, then quiet off.
someguy (Rossiu): to quote Willy Wonka "The suspense is killing me....I hope it lasts"
mkb: The trumpet sounds -- one sharp blow.
Will: "CHARGE!" I shout to Pathfinder, kicking her into full gallop instinctively, though somewhere I know it's unnecessary. I lower my lance, lining up my shot, knowing fairly well that harrier will try to evade. If he leaves the line, he'll be called out, so I'm expecting a roll to the right. Everyone tries that. Many fall off their horses. I'll take the first pass traditionally, looking to see if my guess is right - if it is I'll try to capitalize on it next go.
Kittymewmew (Will): [selected manoeuvre: none. Stance: still Roots of the Mountain.]
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): (btw you had the positions correct before)
mkb: Harrier just shouts SOMETHING, and his horse accelerates towards you -- he's holding his shield sideways in his dominant hand, at an angle.
Kittymewmew (Will): (generally your shield is at your left and you ride with your shield to the tilt)
mkbp (mkb): derp
Will: So his shield is to the outside? He's going for a parry, I aim low, riding my lance right down to the tilt.
mkb: You're close to each other! Now you see he's holding the shield with both hands as you two gallop towards each other.
mkb: No way to tell what he feels -- the helmet is pretty face-enclosing.
Will: sense motive to avoid a feint, reading his maneouvre [3d8+15 = 31]
mkb: It looks like he's getting ready to either bolt, run off, or try and push your lance into the tilt's supports with his shield!
Will: Aha. Now I see what he's up to, he's going to try to spike me. Not as new a trick as he thinks. I keep my lance low and ride the point over the top of the tilt, not letting him get the leverage.
Campaign saved.
mkb: He bolts, causing his horse to rear up on its hind legs -- Will, you're this close to impaling the poor creature in the lower ribcage or gut!
mkb: At the same time, he jumps off the horse, in the same movement!
Will: Oooh, NICE! Well played, Harrier, I did NOT expect that. I haul my lance up quickly, and spur pathfinder forward faster!
mkbp (mkb): cue the wtf
mkb: Will, reflex check?
someguy (Rossiu): I've been doing that for a while
Will: reflex save [3d8+2 = 16]
mkb: There's a very loud neigh as Harrier's horse almost impales itself in the throat -- you manage to yank the lance upward and miss; the horse veers off, quickly caught by handlers. Harrier has managed to jump off his mount, and is standing ON THE TILT, feet as sure as anyone else's would be on the solid ground. "You went for my horse you murderous bastard!"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Do you think ANYONE is going to believe that? You look like an idiot," I say, bringing pathfinder around. "You have two seconds to yield before I run you down. CHARGE!"
mkb: Will, are you turning around?
Will: I'm going around the end of the tilt.
mkb: Yottskry is trying to interrupt the duel, but the masteer of arms is telling him that it would be dangerous to do so.
mkb: Harrier unsheats the wooden sword and strikes a pose, pointing at you with it and lifting his shield to the audience's cheers.
mkb: Kaerie, Rossiu, it looks like that the crowd's favor seems to be shifting.
Rossiu: "Boooooo"
Will: I keep my lance in hand, and bring Pathfinder along at a slower canter this time, reserving some speed. I know she's quick on commands, let's see HOW quick she can react.
-> kaerie: he's not trying to win, he's trying to look heroic.
-> rossiu: he's not trying to win, he's trying to look heroic.
Kaerie: ya .-.
mkb: "You, William the Falling, are no true knight!" Harrier taunts.
Kittymewmew (Will): [maneouvre: none. Stance: roots of the mountain. Plan: ride to about a foot in front of harrier then come to a dead stop and make him fall on his face.]
Will: I KNOW he's going to try to jump onto my horse.
Will: I say nothing. Yet.
mkb: "FOR GREAT JUSTICE!" He's actually RUNNING TOWARDS YOU on top of the tilt, using the balance learned from years in the air.
Will: Ah, better plan then!
Campaign saved.
Will: When I get close to even with him, I call for Pathfinder to JUMP, as I bring my lance dangerously low in front of her, knowing exactly how she moves from my time in her body.
Rossiu: "Show Off!" Rossiu shouts at the demented little human
Will: Let's see how this goes I guess!
Will: ride check sounds useful at the moment. [3d8+14 = 30]
mkb: Just when his feet were about to be hit by your lance, Harrier also jumps -- on the other side of the tilt, then rolls a few times and comes to a halt about when Pathfinder jumps to your exact commands -- your momentum carries you forward.
mkb: "Oley!" Harrier calls after getting up, and raises his shield again. "Missed me again!"
mkb: He gets some dust off his pauldrons.
Will: "Well played. I wonder if they'll have you for court jester!" I reply.
mkb: Rosiu, Kaerie, it's obvious that everyone is enjoying the show -- not so obvious who the crowd is rooting for. Other than that group of obvious fangirls over there who are just going oooooh.
Will: I pause at the end of the tilt as I come around, thinking. Since it's to surrender, and he's unhorsed, he no longer has to abide the tilt and cross over when I come around, right?
Rossiu: rossiu keeps an eye on the crowd, halfway expecting a sniper or some wacky mage to fling fire at will or something
Campaign saved.
mkb: Right. Whether you want to stay mounted or dismount is, by the rules, up to you.
mkb: "Fight me like a man, if man you are!"
Will: "So much for the terms of our duel! Fine, I'll fight you YOUR way, if that's how you mean it!" I say, and drop to the ground, sword and shield ready.
Kaerie: Lily's fairly certain of the "trick" harrier's marshal came up with. This is, rather stupid, actually. And Will's falling for it. Par for the course, probably. She watches, stroking th esleeping Zalpha like a cat.
mkb: The tilt is left in place -- Harrier doesn't respond: it's obvious his heart isn't into this sort of thing. He calmly walks to the tilt.
Kaerie: Ka'erie this it's pretty dang cool. Needs more explosions :o
Will: I walk slowly up the side of the tilt towards Harrier. I know full well that he's using the tilt for cover and a platform to jump, and that he could dodge my lance all day doing this.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha doesn't purr, unless you count some half-mouthed words about if you go fast enough, if the world is a big ball, won't you just not fall back on it?
someguy (Rossiu): on horse...him moron jumping in armour...who's going to tire out first?
mkbp (mkb): point
-> rossiu: but which is going to look better?
Will: I don't HAVE a counterattack I can effectively use against this while mounted. What I DO have, however, is something he didn't realize: Pathfinder is still barded and in the fight unless she bolts or is pulled out. I know his plan now. If I recall we're now on the same side of the tilt, correct?
Rossiu: true...but hey....victory generally looks better then falling for tricks like this
Will: (I came around after tilting at him, and dismounted)
mkb: Yes; Harrier is slowly walking towards you.
mkb: Pathfinder is waiting there, as still as you'd tied her to the end of the tilt.
Will: I nudge pathfinder to the other side of the tilt, pointed down it, and tell her to stand right there.
Kittymewmew (Will): [if he wants to play dirty tricks, so can I]
Campaign saved.
mkb: She does; your horse has a bit of an eerie reputation by now -- it was part of you until last week for crying out loud -- and nobody seems to be keen to pull her away from the arena.
mkb: Rossiu, listen check?
Rossiu: listen [3d8+5 = 14]
-> rossiu: would the goblin scout actually like harrier's style more than will's?
Kaerie: The sleeping engineer's odd words have Lily more engaged than the match.
Rossiu: true...but the scout KNOWS it's part of a trick
-> rossiu: yeppers
Will: I walk slowly towards Harrier, waiting for his next trick. I purposely open up my left side, standing close to the tilt.
Kittymewmew (Will): (ie, if he jumps over the tilt he can probably get an opening)
mkb: Now that you're on foot, the man seems to show a lot more confidence.
mkb: You quickly get to engagement range -- Harrier stops, and holding the shield in his off hand, assumes a picture-perfect fencing position so that said shield is basically useless.
Will: "Thank you," I say, and since he has a practice sword and I'm in full armour, bull rush him into the tilt.
mkbp (mkb): Grapple roll?
Dee (Kaerie): Wouldn't that be a bullrush check? .-.
mkbp (mkb): point
Campaign saved.
Will: Ya.
Will: bull rush, he gets an AOO if it matters [3d8+9 = 30]
Kittymewmew (Will): Aw. One short AGAIN. :(
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm assuming he doesn't think to go for a trip attempt and start the D&D clusterfuck that is special attack AOO stacking? :P
mkb: Harrier obviously expected you to accept his challenge to turn this into a fencing duel and tries to dodge under the tilt -- forgetting that you're in full armor and the tilt is a series of very loosely connected holes.
mkb: You're both on the floor, with Will on top and Harrier trying to squirm out of it.
mkbp (mkb): roll damage, subdual, you got him good.
mkb: He's trying to breathe.
Dee (Kaerie): Eh, you actually only get to take one AoO against any particular creature per round. So it doesn't actually stack.
Will: thud. [2]
Kittymewmew (Will): It doesn't go infinite
Kittymewmew (Will): but it stacks for a bit, more if Combat Reflexes get involved
Kittymewmew (Will): between that and the return trips for failed trip attempts, it's fairly easy for two fighters to end up rolling like 20 trip attempts
mkbp (mkb): two?
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): oh derp I think I mistyped that
Will: [2]
Kittymewmew (Will): ah
mkbp (mkb): two!
Kittymewmew (Will): it doesn't support 1d3
Kittymewmew (Will): wait. Gauntlets.
Will: [1d4+2 = 3]
Kittymewmew (Will): There. three! :P
Dee (Kaerie): Even with CR, you only get to take one AoO against any single creature. So between two combatants it'd only go up to 4.
Kittymewmew (Will): Ah okay
mkb: It looks like Harrier is winded -- he's trying to breathe under the helmet, and squirming. The bookmaker for the melee runs over to start a boxing-style count to ten, and is frozen in place by an icy glare from the master of arms.
Will: "The marshal set you up," I say to Harrier as I bring my shield down for a blow to the head. "Yield or I hit you REALLY hard."
mkb: "Haah... You fight like a peasant!"
Will: "I fight like a soldier," I tell him and bring my shield down on the side of his helmet.
Will: POWER ATTAAAAAACK! [3d8+4 = 21]
Kittymewmew (Will): [also Mountain Hammer]
Campaign saved.
someguy (Rossiu): that would be Bonk time
mkb: It's not really hard to hit someone who is prone and under you.
Kittymewmew (Will): Yup.
Will: base damage [1d4+7 = 9]
Will: mountain hammer [2d6 = 10]
Kittymewmew (Will): BONK
Kittymewmew (Will): (I did say I was going to hit him REALLY hard)
mkb: BONK! You crack the wooden shield against the helmet, and pull your arm back to see that the helmet got bent quite badly -- it'll be a problem taking it off without the aid of a smith...
mkb: "Aaaaagh!" Harrier tries to headbutt you in the chest, given your respective positions!
mkb: [3d8+8 = 27]
Will: "I warned you," I say, expecting to have dazed him more.
Kittymewmew (Will): Well that's a hit and four more
mkbp (mkb): not a lot of brains to daze in there
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
mkb: divide by two [1d6 = 2]
Kittymewmew (Will): no effect, I've got damage reduction 3/- right nwo
mkb: That doesn't faze you much, but OW!!! Maybe you should've gotten your armor reshaped just a little... you're going to be sore for a few days, and can't keep him pinned!
Will: Ouch. Bastard.
mkb: Harrier rolls off from under you, and takes a deep breath before standing up -- his helmet is bent so that his visor only lets him see out of his right eye.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Lord Yottskry set me up? For what, you mongrel?" he hisses.
Will: "A gamble. You win, he wins. You lose, you lose."
Will: I get up as he rolls off of me, and get back into my defensive posture, leading with my shield.
mkb: "I do this for the greater glory of my Order -- whoever wins here -- all that matters is who the crowd calls a hero..."
mkb: Harrier shakes his head trying and failing to right his helmet, then assumes a fencing position again, this time discarding his shield. "Come on! Enough of your tricks!"
mkb: The last part was out loud -- the crowd has fallen silent.
Will: "Fine, enough then," I say, and stay in my guard. "Come on."
Kittymewmew (Will): [I'm going to take whatever he throws at me and dent the OTHER side of his visor]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Fighting sideways removes a bit of the disadvantage of being blinded -- again aiming right at your chest, he lunges forward in an elegant, form-perfect fencing crossbow step.
Will: Except I'm wearing dwarven armour and he has a practice sword. I ignore his thrust and throw my next punch.
mkb: "Touche'!" He takes one and a half step back. There is a small cheer after that.
Will: POW! HAHA! [3d8+9 = 16]
mkb: He's definitely figured out where your weak point is -- he can do that for a week and not cause you harm, but it does hurt.
Will: Yeah, that's annoying.
Will: I'm going to have to knock him out fast before these hits get distracting.
mkb: You don't quite reach far enough as he does a little jumpo back, using what's left of the tilt as his reference line.
mkb: "You're slow! Am I fighting a knight or just his armor?"
Will: "Well met. Try this," I say, and with the technique the dwarves taught me, throw my shield at his head, and follow it up with another headlong charge!
mkb: There's another cheer after the little flourish he peppers the taunt with.
Will: shield throw! [3d8+9 = 23]
mkbp (mkb): are you actually throwing the shield?
Kittymewmew (Will): Yes.
Dee (Kaerie): yay Capt. America?
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): I need the open fist more anyway.
mkb: Dodge? [3d8+8 = 25]
Kittymewmew (Will): and if it distracts him enough for me to hit him...
Kittymewmew (Will): he dodges the shield, does he dodge my right hook?
mkb: Will, you miss as he ducks, but he's definitely off balance.
mkbp (mkb): Good question!
Will: punchy punch punch! [3d8+9 = 26]
mkb: Will, you enter his guard and ignore another hit to your flank, which mostrly just sounds like "BONG" on your armor, and hit him... where exactly?
Will: I was still going for the right side of his helmet, as I caved in the left. :p
Will: If I can muddle his vision enough so that he can't fight effective, he'll yield or I'll make an idiot out ofh im.
mkb: [1d20 = 9]
mkb: The punch connects with the sureness of a granite boulder! The audience is now cheering for Will's down-to-earth style of fighting, at least on the plebeian's seats....
Will: pow! [1d4+2 = 4]
mkb: Harrier staggers back; you probably broke his nose with that. The helmet is really stuck around his face now, but it seems he can still see out of it at least to some degree. "Mhwhwwhwwfff!!!" It also sounds like the mouthguard got stuck to the helmet and he can't talk.
mkb: "Hwdh hwdh hw!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Again, a little slower this time, Harrier assumes a fencing position, and tries to meet your weapon with his, neither advancing nor retreating.
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Will: "Why do you not yield?" I say, this time reading my left hand to disarm his weapon, which is why I dropped the shield.
mkb: "Hudda hudda hu!"
Will: listen? [3d8+5 = 18]
Will: translate from experience with Skree? :P [3d8+2 = 10]
mkb: Could be a "I cannot" "I will not" "Ow my nose" or "Ow my teeth"
Will: Well, here we go then, I thrust clumsily to the left, take his riposte stepping right, and grab his sword by the blade in my gauntlet.
Kittymewmew (Will): [cue circus music]
mkb: Harrier doesn't answer; rather, he tries to knock your weapon out of your hand by hitting it sharply with his.
mkbp (mkb): d what's the rules for that?
Campaign saved.
Dee (Kaerie): For Disarm? provokes an AoO, opposed strength check. Will's at -4 for a light weapon.
mkb: Str check [3d8+1 = 9]
mkb: Does he actually think that the wooden swords matter? Maybe you DID hit him in the head once too many....
Dee (Kaerie): Oh, I thought Will didn't have a sword. No penalty if they're the same category.
Kittymewmew (Will): opposed attack roll actually
Dee (Kaerie): derp, mistype.
Kittymewmew (Will): and he's using his open fist to GRAB it, should be advantage gauntlet actually
Will: strength check anyway [3d8+2 = 16]
mkb: Will, you drop the sword that you weren't holding onto that tight anyway, and end up holding his.
mkb: With both hands.
Will: "Well played, except I still have a sword!"
mkb: "Whwhw!" He tries to yank it off you.
Will: I draw back.
Kittymewmew (Will): (another disarm roll?)
Dee (Kaerie): Actually, it's a lot easier to move the blade of the sword than to grab, plus the handle provides better grip than the blade. :P
mkb: So does he -- you two are now in what looks a lot like a tug of war over a wooden sword...
mkbp (mkb): ya but the sword is made of wood
Kittymewmew (Will): Funny, german fencing manuals show a LOT more disarms done with the gauntlet or at the half-sword.
Dee (Kaerie): *HAS tried to do this in real life, actually.*
Kittymewmew (Will): *same*
Kittymewmew (Will): Admittedly not wearing a metal gauntlet or with a metal sword.
Dee (Kaerie): Not saying they don't happen, but it's not easy.
Dee (Kaerie): Anynya
Kittymewmew (Will): Not much in fencing is easy, at least not to me :p
mkb: A few people laugh.
Dee (Kaerie): It's a "Do this and hope you don't die" manouvre.
Will: As he pulls back on it, I let go and let his momentum send him to the ground.
Kittymewmew (Will): Most things in fencing with sharps are. :p
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, it looks like he had the same idea, but your execution was faster -- you stumble back a few steps, while he rolls to the floor. More laughter.
mkb: [1d4 = 4]
Will: I kick the sword out of his hands while he's down.
mkb: That provokes a boo.
Will: I'm sure it would.
mkb: Harrier spreads his arms.
Will: I place my foot on his chest ceremoniously, not putting any pressure to him. I wait for the official call to raise my visor.
mkb: "Enough of this circus act!" Marshall Yottskry calls out. "Harrier, yield, you've embarassed yourself enough!" The Sky Knight nods.
Will: Once the fight is called I offer harrier a hand.
mkb: The Master of Arms walks over and looks at both of you. "Stand up and shake hands. GET A SMITH AND TELL HIM TO BRING PLIERS!"
mkb: Obviously Harrier cannot lift his visor -- he shakes your hand with a very audible grumble, and an icy glare from Yottskry, who then walks back to the stands.
Will: I help him up if he takes it, and shake hands. "Well fought, Harrier. Your agility serves you well, if we had real blades it may have gone differently."
mkb: "Whahgfh ghrrr rwhwhhs whghrh!"
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL.
mkb: The Sky Knight accepts the help, and his handshake is strong but polite.
Will: I'm trying to make it clear that we're fellow knights and I never meant any hard feelings here. I was just making a point of kicking his ass.
mkb: "I had no stake in this duel, but let it be known -- both of you embarass me." Yottskry says.
mkb: At that, Harrier tuns towards the head of his order, and starts walking in his direction.
Will: I say nothing to the air marshal. So far his entire order of knights embarrass me, so we're even? :P
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: The crowd is silent -- obviously more than a few of them expect the Sky Knight to deck his superior; instead, Harrier is halted with a gesture and commanded to find himself a healer and by the look of it an armorsmith. "This joust is over, Sir William is the victor!" the Marster of Arms calls out to a mixed reaction -- some people cheer, some boo, quite a few remain silent.
mkb: Kaerie? Rossiu?:
Will: I raise my fist in the air, as I lack a sword.
Will: Since there is no nobility presiding over the duel, after this I trudge back to my tent, damn tired.
Rossiu: Rossiu tries to get a chant of "Sir Will of Win" going
Kaerie isn't really sure what to do. The end was rather dissappointing, and it seems neither of the two accoplished anything other than a dick measuring contest.
mkb: "Was there anything more at stake than a dispute between you and Sir Harrier I would ask for an annullment" Yottskry says "as it stands, I hope the fine people of Specularum enjoyed the show."
Kaerie: Lily hefts Zalpha, and figures she'll offer healing to the two combatants.
mkb: Rossiu, some people pick that up -- the punch in the kisser went over well.
Will: "Thank you, sir," I reply curtly to the air marshal. Seems I know a bit more about fighting than he does. :p
mkbp (mkb): apparently
Kaerie: Lily is gentle with the goblin, making an impromptu child carrier with her cloak.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Yottskry blows a whistle, and a few seconds later the four Sky Knights on Harrier's wing make a last pass, snatching the still-floating wooden balls with targets and then landing into the square, with Harrier's mount in the middle; a visibly beaten Harrier, a black eye and a few teeth missing not to mention the helmet torn with pliers rather roughly, walks to his mount unsteadily and offers his congratulations. "Hwhshsm msw Sr Wshsm." He bows his head.
Will: I salute him. "Blessed be thy wings, Sir Harrier, and godspeed, Guardians!"
mkb: "Return to duty, Guardians. Harrier -- we shall have a word later. Sir William, you have the field, well fought" the Marshal says, making an effort to sound dismissive.
mkb: The wyverns fly off, dropping the evidently dispelled wooden globes on the arena; the Master of Arms signals that the event is over, and a few people run down to pick up the targets, dismantle the tilt -- for firewood, probably -- and generally reclaim the space around you.
Will: "Thank you sir. Was I right in fighting in such a manner, after the premise of the duel was discarded?" I ask him quietly.
mkb: William, you're given a few pats on the back by particularly daring citizens, and told a few times to take your monstruosities and get lost in whatever hick hamlet you came from.
mkb: Will, the Master of Arms helps you push the peasants off. "Hard to tell -- technically yes, you did nothing untoward: you fought well and showed mercy where it was due."
Will: I nod. "I simply wished your opinion, sir, as I respect you as an excellent teacher of arms."
Will: I don't mind the peasantry much, I don't get much of that at home except from Amy.
mkb: "My opinion is that this was a farce and you were indeed set up. LEAVE SOME ROOM, PEOPLE!"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Pina gets a hold of you after the field master excuses himself -- interestingly, all the people associated with the Guardians are pointedly avoiding you now.
Will: I nod. "Of course it was a farce. May I speak freely sir?"
mkb: "Certainly!"
mkbp (mkb): drop last sentence from me sorry
Kaerie: Well, since Harrier flew off, Lily makes her way to Will. Ka'erie does as well.
Will: "One of my squires overheard the Air Marshal discussing tactics with Sir Harrier. She heard no details, but he did not seem happy with things as planned. I believe it was Sir Harrier being set up, not me."
Will: "Why on earth he would do that baffles me...if you know, I'd love to hear it."
Rossiu: "Hail the conquering hero" Rossiu comes along with the others to see Will...mockingly playing the bat like a trumpet ...a very out of tune trumpet at that
mkb: "Or indeed the both of you. Harrier is quite popular -- Yottskry likes to be the point of reference for the Guardians, even though he's getting too far on in years to fly himself."
Will: "Ah...THAT must be it. He sees me as the competition to his position as an icon of the skies. Now I understand the politics behind this duel. Thank you, sir, for the enlightening words."
mkb: "Even this thing with airships, there's been a lot of murmurs about him being against it due to jealousy."
mkb: "Politics is everywhere, is it not? I am sorry to bring you this sort of enlightenment. If you and Harrier do have a dispute -- my suggestion is settle it in a field with a handful of friends on each side."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Between you and me the boy's mistaken erudition for intelligence and thinks that knowledge of minutiae makes him wise.... but now that you've beaten him, well, try and offer him a drink." The old warrior smiles. "As for Yottskry -- he's above both our pay grades, if you want my take."
Will: "Agreed, I've no intentions of playing THAT game. You should SEE what I have to deal with already!" I say, looking down at the goblin at my feet. "Come, let's get going home," I tell Rossiu.
Kittymewmew (Will): [end interlude? Maybe? This time? XD]
mkb: Rossiu, Pina picks up the tune, a little better. "Y'all should come down to the Bald Rooster and settle it there like REAL men!" one of the men who was in the melee calls out encouragingly.
mkb: Do you have anything else to do in Specularum?
mkb: Lily, you are told in passing by Gavin that he's managed to "lose" the odd mechanism, and Khai took it reasonably well.
Kaerie: If she can ask him for it, she will. >_>
Kaerie: She offers Will healing, too.
mkb: Lily, you're told that the gears and other fiddly bits will probably fetch enough to buy Khai a nicer instrument...
Kittymewmew (Will): Not really no.
Kaerie: She just wants the emerald.
mkb: Rossiu?
Will: Will shrugs, and says he's unhurt.
Campaign saved.
Will: I DO want to get this damned armour off though. Like now. :p
mkb: "You said it was cursed or something -- this old lady only charged me a copper to take it and the curse away from me... good deal I thought...."
Kittymewmew (Will): Whoops. :P
Kaerie: "..What did she look like?"
mkb: "Old woman, wore a veil, looked... heh, must've been kinda hot in her time. Nose and eyes like an eagle, though. Except the toupee. Ugh."
Kaerie: "Where was she last?"
mkb: As you prepare to leave Specularum, you are told that while a search was initiated, the other Radlebb Keep suspect was not seen anywhere in the city; Will, you are also told specifically that the Duke has no messages for you, for some reason. Lily, Gavin had no idea -- he was watching the show!
Kaerie: Dcrts. :<
Kaerie: Well, we'll leave, then.
Kaerie wants to fly!!
mkb: The balloon boat has been taken away, possibly to a warehouse full of identical wooden boxes.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: lol
someguy (Rossiu): any big gold boxes with angels on it hidden away?
mkb: The airship however is right there and almost ready to go -- Zalpha is STILL out of it, oddly, and mostly seems to have decided to curl up in Lily's sling after making sure Will was allright. She asks Kaerie to keep an eye on the two derps with the shovels.
mkb: Will, taking your armor off feels incredible... for two seconds, then you realize just how sore you were and are going to be for at least a couple of days!
mkb: [1d20 = 16]
mkbp (mkb): let's wrap it up
Will: We head back to the airship and I let Zalpha take a nap while I clean up my armour, give Pathfinder a nice rubdown, and generally relax until we have to fly.
Kaerie: Lily offers healing to Will again. :P
mkb: Zalpha wakes up when the ship is fueled, almost to the instant -- she wants to know if Will or Kaerie are driving.
mkb: Lily, you're starting to kinda sorta see how the air engine operates.
Kaerie: yey
Rossiu: rossiu...who's been running around all day...takes a nap in the airship after making sure there were no humans armed with rakes about
Kaerie: Kaerie is driving, of course.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Rossiu, as you settle in to sleep you notice that someone decided to make a little shrine to Petra *on* the deck.
Rossiu: "Buh....oh never mind...I'll bonk someone for that after 40 winks"
mkb: Kaerie, Zalpha explains you how to the controls on this particular ship work -- you can't use the pedals too well, but that's nothing a bit of rope cannot fix.
Will: I offer to drive, but if Zalpha thinks Kaerie is competent, she can.
mkb: The trip itself is uneventful, or only as eventful as you want to make it, anyway.
mkbp (mkb): cue indiana jones style map travel
someguy (Rossiu): riding the red line out of here
Kaerie will bite the hell out of Will if he think he'll fly instead of her. >_> <_<;
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: "You doods really need to pick a shape for my pilots to look like!" Zalpha complains good naturedly after rigging the controls for the snakegirl. She's basically been doing better the instant you got airborne.
Campaign saved.
Kaerie: "Hmm? Sorry?"
Will: Sounds uneventful and reasonably safe then. Will takes some more time to rest. Given what he heard about a demon, he figures he'll need it.
mkb: There are a few strange things as you get close to Titan's Fart... one would be the balloon hanging on top of the village instead of patrol gliders... another would be the fact that a lot of deforestation happened while you were gone.... the third is the large sign, set up specifically so as to be visible both from the road and from the air, on the roadside. "TITAN'S FART -- INTERDICTUS -- BY ORDER IMPERIAL INQUISITION."
someguy (Rossiu): no one expects the imperial Inquisition!
mkbp (mkb): dun dun duuun
mkbp (mkb): thoughts before we all go sleepies?
Dee (Kaerie): FOOOOD
Kittymewmew (Will): Hoo boy.
mkbp (mkb): at least it's not exterminatus
someguy (Rossiu): yet
mkbp (mkb): hope this wasn/t too will-centric mew
Dee (Kaerie): Myusu.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): mew i'm getting worse at this
Kittymewmew (Will): I don't think so, why?
Dee (Kaerie): We will find out how Will responds to being told "Shut up." soon, I think. >_>
Dee (Kaerie): And nah, you're doin' good, myu. Sometimes you're a tad hard to predict, but that's normal. :P
mkbp (mkb): no?
mkbp (mkb): that's the idea :p
mkbp (mkb): harrier would totally not have done any of this, he'd have charged in and gotten his ass kicked
mkbp (mkb): honestly he was going to have a row with yottskry except he lost too many teeth
Kittymewmew (Will): Oops.
mkbp (mkb): fair roll, honestly as duels go that wasn't a very good show but it was a pretty cool fistfight. :3
Kittymewmew (Will): Well if he gets told "shut up" by Dreams over this and she takes charge, she's going to likely die.
Kittymewmew (Will): If it was the old Near he might.
mkbp (mkb): Oooh
mkbp (mkb): *plans for DM popcorn next session*
Kittymewmew (Will): But if she takes charge of the goblins it's fairly obvious he and Zalpha will lead them against her.
Rossiu: ...
Dee (Kaerie): Why are you differentiating between two people who share the exact same memories?
Dee (Kaerie): And I'm not referring to that. I already have a plan for dealing with the goblins.
Kittymewmew (Will): Because one is an Ork with a natural ability to control them directly.
Kittymewmew (Will): They also don't act anything like each other.
Dee (Kaerie): Actually they do, you're just seeing a side of Near Will didn't see. >_>
Kaerie: anyway, I need to get those three hours of sleep.
Dee (Kaerie): Night!
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): nini!
someguy (Rossiu): I agree on the sleep thing...right after I strangle some song birds
'Dee' disconnected
someguy (Rossiu): this is going to be an agent smith thing isn't it?
mkbp (mkb): Maaaybe.
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah we may have to go back to the broken lands and purge Near. Here I was hoping we'd bring back the same cool stuff we had going with Will and Near.
Kittymewmew (Will): That just isn't gonna fly with the way this is going.
mkbp (mkb): Whether this Near is legit or not...
mkbp (mkb): well maybe she isn't supposed to be?
Kittymewmew (Will): she freaks out the goblins too much and Will has to be very careful of that.
mkbp (mkb): Just please don't ask D OOC.
mkbp (mkb): Promise?
Kittymewmew (Will): kies.
mkbp (mkb): I dun say it often but mebbie I have a metaplan for this.
mkbp (mkb): You're either going to throw stuff at me or love it when it's done.
someguy (Rossiu): we could throw nice could happen
mkbp (mkb): NOM NOM NOM
someguy (Rossiu): anyway...sleepzorz
'someguy' disconnected
mkbp (mkb): nini
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Near: There, done.
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Rossiu: test 1 2 3
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Rossiu: test 1 2 3
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mkb: DERP
mkb: DERP
mkb: DERP
Rossiu: echo derp
'Kittymewmew' identified as 'Will'
Kittymewmew (Will): the power of derp compels you
Rossiu: yay
Rossiu:'s everybody?
mkb: Bwaaaa.
someguy (Rossiu): I think my cat made that sound last time kris stepped on her tail
'Dee' connected
mkbp (mkb): THENWE MW
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Kittymewmew (Will): derpderpderpderp
'Dee' identified as 'Near'
someguy (Rossiu): no you are not breeding my cat with lazer sharks
Dee (Near): huh? o_o;
someguy (Rossiu): she is hazardous enough as is....and also she's Fixed
Kittymewmew (Will): o_O
Dee (Near): Didn't we arrive back at the village? :V
mkbp (mkb): Recap!
mkbp (mkb): near is also fixed >_>
Near: Kaerie gotto fly!
Near: Also she had fun doing lotsa stuff.
Near: Fairy Floss is tasty!
mkbp (mkb): lol
someguy (Rossiu): Will knocked some teeth in during the duel...which while fun, didn't exactly score a lot of good will....also some sneaky mentions of cheap glass and harmonite instument things
Will: We just got back to the village, to find it interdicted by order of the inquisition. Also Harrier decided to turn a joust into a kung fu fight and still lost.
someguy (Rossiu): lost the battle...
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): Oh Harrier still lost a lot. It was someone else who gained from it.
mkb: [1d6 = 5]
Rossiu: so what character do you want me on for this camp stuff?
-> rossiu: whoever you want!
-> rossiu: i'd recommend switching to jusik once they get there
Rossiu: works for me
mkb: Since I try to stay away from contrivances, it looks like Near is a little behind the airship, just now coming to the path that leads to Rifllian.
Dee (Near): I'm fine with that.
mkb: Kaerie is surprisingly good at steering, although the last third of the trip took longer than expected because the right fin drooped off somewhat and Zalpha, oddly, looked at it and said it wasn't worth fixing before getting back to base.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Kaerie, Rossiu, you're slowly making your way north after having seen the large sign.
Will: Knowledge: Religion on what this means for the goblins. [3d8+4 = 17]
Rossiu: Rossiu is bouncing around deck, first looking out on one side...then rushing over to the other to look around there....putting a mild rock to the ship if the goblin weighted a bit more
Will: Other than that Will is trying to make sure zalpha's doing okay.
Rossiu: spot for any of the Inquisitor folks that might be pening in the clan [3d8+6 = 22]
mkb: Will, Interdictus means "Nobody gets in or out"; it also means religious functions and festivities are suspended, but it's not like the goblins would care terribly much.
mkb: Rossiu, there is one small pavilion outside the village and... oh, a series of military tents to the south, at the new edge of the forest.
Will: I explain to the crew what's going on and that we're going to have to convince the inquisitor to lift the interdiction before we proceed. We can land nearby, make camp, and hopefully even see everyone, but those military guys are going to make a mess if we just bust in.
Near: Lily's been doting on Zalpha as a doctor. Curious case indeed, but she's grown attached to the little nutbar.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha definitely has something in her head -- literally, there's some bumps under the skin.
mkb: She doesn't mind the attention, mainly because she alternates between keeping the engine going and passing out for a few minutes.
Will: EEEEP. That's not good. It's a good thing Lily gave her a good look.
Near: When she's passed out, is when Lily works most on her. She also keeps an eye on the engines, because it'd be bad if those went out x_x
Near: Seeing th esign, Near's had the singing stop, and is a bit worried now. She continues on, though, a religious barring isn't going to stop her.
mkb: The engine is definitely making more noise now than it did when you guys left, that's for sure...
mkb: Near, you can easily see the airship ahead and above.
mkb: [1d20 = 14]
Rossiu: the scout keeps look out...but suggests to the kaerie that they should land nearby with some cover from the humans...
Rossiu: "The we can sneaky in!"
Will: "Take us in north of the village, there should be some open fields near Verge where we can land and make camp."
Rossiu: *then
Campaign saved.
mkb: A few carts are moving to and from Verge; there is nothing abnormal in that sense.
Near is heading to TF unless someone stops her personally.
mkb: Will, nothing stops you, so far... Near, you get to the point in the Windrush Road where the trade depot had been built only to find it literally torched down, and another sign indicating the goblin village under interdiction in its stead; this one is also written in dwarven runes. The path is otherwise clear.
Kittymewmew (Will): Don't look at me.
Near: does the Dwarven say any different?
Near: Going to head in, regardless.
mkb: Near, you DO notice that all the carts you've seen have at least some form of armed escort -- no, the runes say and mean the same thing.
mkb: Will, you do see that the village is in the middle of a rather large deforested area, certainly larger than when you left; all the tents have been replaced with wooden huts.
mkb: There's a balloon on a tether in the middle of the village.
mkb: Near, the path is a bit too narrow for your wagon...
Will: I take us north far enough to be reasonably out of sight, and look for a place to land. I don't really want to appear TOO related to this mess until it's cleared up.
Near: Hmmm. I'll stop it, then. And get on my armour and suited up. I'll take Natch with me as an extra set of eyes, and tell the others to be on the look out, but not be aggressive, pretend you aren't there if possible.
Near: I'll then walk the rest of the way.
Campaign saved.
Rossiu: Roussiu just wants to get back in the camp and see what's going on....starts trying to come up with crazy ideas like riding over really fast and sliding down the balloon's rope
mkb: Near, the wagon is parked next to the husk of the trade depot -- Natch takes a moment to stretch, rather curious.
Will: Will tells Rossiu to just relax.
mkb: Rossiu, that's feasible actually. The doods on the balloon have certainly spotted you, they're waving...
Will: This will be settled shortly, it's likely some fool's overreaction.
Near: "I won't patronize you by telling you again the ground rules, but don't hesitate to defend yourself if it comes to it." I tell him, and then we set off.
Rossiu: Rossiu is waving back really fast...then gets the idea to try and flap her arms fast enough to fly over there herself if sir shiney pants isn't going to let them go
Will: I wave to the balloon crew.
someguy (Rossiu): should have kept some of that candy floss....the scout could go Humming bird and zoom over
Kittymewmew (Will): O_o
someguy (Rossiu): suger buzz of DOOM
Dee (Near): Flap her ears for take off?
mkb: Near, the first thing you notice is that deforestation HAS happened quite a bit around the village -- notably the fungal mass, east of the village, is now exposed to the element rather than being half-hidden in the undergrowth as it used to be; by the look of it some of said undergrowth was burned to prepare for new fields in the spring. The cabins containing the small human population are now empty.
Near: "This is odd.."
mkb: Will, it seems that the tether used for the balloon doubles as a zip line to bring up firewood and presumably goblins to the balloon: the aerostat's construction is cruder than the airships' but serviceable.
Campaign saved.
Will: Seems reasonable, I still don't want to start dropping into the village and pissing off all those armed men. I'd rather settle this quietly, thanks.
Dee (Near): What armed men?
mkb: The armed men have set up camp south of the village --- you've seen the pavillions, but nobody on guard.
Kittymewmew (Will): The ones we saw from the air ^_^
mkb: Near, the palisade has been reinforced; the door, which on the other hand hasn't been for some reason, is closed.
Near: How tall is the door?
Will: My plan is still to land further north and ride in.
mkb: It's about dinnertime if you want a very late dinner; you've all eaten on the way.
Near: But if there's a place to knock, she does so.
mkb: Near, it's still about ten feet.
Will: part of why we're going north is to give D some time since she asked me for it OOC
Rossiu: anything I need to know from the Jusik side...or is this just fallout from the Dinner idea?
mkb: Will, there's a large clearing right north of the village, and a small one on the feet of the mountains, just south of Verge village.
Near: "Hello!" She calls out in goblin, "Might I request entry?"
-> rossiu: The Inquisitor made a lot of faces but ate without a comment -- and ordered everyone inside the village, or in addition to dealing with the demon you'd have to deal with him.
Campaign saved.
Will: We're going to head for the smaller clearing IF I think it's large enough for an easy landing. If not we'll take the southern clearing. The safety of the ship has priority.
mkb: "Who is it!" "Bald dood said nobody goes in or out, sorry!" "Hello?" "Are you the demon?" "If she was the demon would she tell you? Numbnuts."
Near: "It is I, Near! I've returned! What's this about a demon?"
-> rossiu: can switch to jusik if want
Rossiu: so he's placed the interdict and basicly blocks all outside contact until the demon issue is done....Jusik would raise the legal issue of juristiction if he thought it would really help...but it's unlikely it would
mkb: "What?" "Dood!" "No way!" "Uh how do you work these knot thingies?" "STOP GNAWING ON IT GO GET A KNIFE!" "Oy..."
Rossiu: brb
'someguy' disconnected
'someguy' connected
'someguy' identified as 'Jusik'
someguy (Jusik): Spy here
Near: Well, that got their attention. She waits until it's open to request to speak to Rukti about dissolving any claim she has over this tribe anymore. She'll just be a visitor, an outsider again, and that's how she'd prefer it, now.
mkb: Will, it's fine, but it will take a while to either get through the woods or get back to the road, walk south, and come back in through the path. Ka'erie has never landed an airship before, zo...
Jusik: Jusik, deep in the camp makes for the gate to see what all the noise is about...they haven't exactly had visitors for a while
mkb: Rukti's head pops up from behind the palisade -- he looks a little fatter. "Who's the---- O SHIT DEMON!"
mkb: Jusik, you see someone who could be Near if she dyed her hair, and some horrible monstruosity that looks like Near's spider body except it's all flesh and blood. Near doesn't quite look or smell right, either.
Near: "He's not a demon."
Campaign saved.
-> jusik: You're cloaked.
mkb: Rukti's already jumped off the palisade, shouting orders.
Near: "Please calm down." She sighs and facepalms.
mkb: Natch looks at Near with a bit of uncertainty.
mkb: [1d20 = 12]
Jusik: Jusik drops down over the gate cloaked and quietly gets behind this fake near and the spidery thing, crossbow out
Near: "It's usually like this. I don't think we need to beat anything up, though, so that's good."
Jusik: move silently 3d8+12
mkb: Will, the landing is pretty good -- Kaerie flies almost as good as you and this is her first time! The two firemen, not being terribly involved with the whole return home thing offer to keep an eye on the ship. Will, Zalpha's trying and failing to pull Pathfinder off the lower deck, she's going "arewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyet"
mkb: [3d8+12 = 27]
-> jusik: Ya.
-> jusik: High Inquisitor Vorbis is a pain in the ass but at least he can do his job: he's legging it to the palisade ladder. The glider catapults are quickly being taken out of what passes for storage.
Will: I compliment Ka'erie on her landing, and give her a pat on the head. "Good job!" I thank the firemen, and I tell Zalpha that yes we're there, but apparently something happened and there's an Inquisitor here and a small army and something like a siege and we have to talk to them and make them go away first.
Near: Lily's staying on the airship, even though she's worried about Zalpha, she's going to listen to that woman noone else sees when she's told to do something.
mkb: Will, that's Zalpha's eye twitching. Fort save?
Will: fortitude save. [3d8+12 = 26]
someguy (Jusik): ooh death glare
mkb: You've never associated "scary" with the goblin engie, but it might be a good time to start.
Campaign saved.
Will: "You know, I think if you did that to the Inquisitor, he might explode."
Will: "They're just being stupid because they saw something. I'll find out what and we'll hopefully have this over in an hour or two."
Near waits for things to calm a bit.
mkb: She gives you Pathfinder's reins, rubs her head, and shows Lily how to keep the engine running at minimum power, just in case -- oh and if it makes three loud noises in a row not QUITE like that there more like that but not quite also turn it off because that's when it wants to blow up.
Will: Oh boy.
Jusik: Jusik Decloakks behind Near, Crossbow to the back of the head and calmly says "Just lay your weapons down and walk away"
mkb: Near, a bald head pokes up from the palisade. "Who is there! This village is under Interdictus. Leave, it's dangerous!"
mkbp (mkb): O_O
mkbp (mkb): Nice.
Jusik: thanks
Near: "Oh, hi Jusik, I'd put that down, you don't have him covered, and he's got a temper."
mkb: Natch is mostly looking at the first full-blood goblin he sees. Jusik, there's still this huge spider-ork hybrid behind you -- it's a little less scary up close, but it's tapping its legs unnervingly.
Kittymewmew (Will): Stab and go, dood. :p
Near: Then to the possible inquisitor, "Dangerous how? I would like the story first. I have suspicions and it'd put my mind at ease to hear what's going on."
Jusik: "And if you had half the brains of one whom you look like you know that I'm not the one to worry about right now" The
mkb: "Who are you and WHAT IS THAT THING!" Vorbis' voice sounds imperious rather than panicked -- it's obviously not the demon he was looking for.
Near: "I am Near of Dreams, and this is my child, Natch! He's mostly harmless."
mkb: "More abominations?"
Kittymewmew (Will): yeah we're having a fire sale on em
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): that would be after the pyro gets to them
Near: "I've given you my name, care to return the favour?"
Jusik: jusik nods...sounds like near....doesn't smell right though...still...if it bugs the bald bastard..."Tis a fair question"
Near: "Oh, I'm not worried at all. I've come in peace, just prepared. There's a bit of a scare with those signs all around."
mkb: "I am Imperial Inquisitor Vorbis, Cleric of Halav.... NOW! ATTACK NOW!" He dives below the palisade. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS!" The last sentence was more muffled. Even so, one glider launches!
Jusik: Jusik has the urge to face palm.....stupid Cleric
Near: "Natch, Hold."
Near: She says calmly.
-> jusik: That's probably Markal. He's been wanting an excuse to take off and buzz SOMETHING for days.
mkb: Natch does.
Near: Hoping this'll be one of the times he actually listens to her. =_=
Near: yay
Jusik: Still keeps the crossbow pointed at the back of nears head "Don't try anything cute" he whispers
mkb: Will, you're making your way to the camp with Zalpha and Rossiu -- the undergrowth is thick but Pathfinder is basically making a path for the two gobbies to follow.
mkb: Near, the glider stops its ascent, spreads its wings, and dives straight for you!
Jusik: "Markal! Stop you impatient twit!"
Will: Appropriate. As for gear I'm fully armoured and barded again, and my lance is out with my pennant on display, since I don't have my standard.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU FILTHY, SUBHUMAN, PILES OF SNOT!" That's followed by a lot of punching sounds. Like, a lot.
Will: So much for Mr. Inquisitor.
Near: She stays fairly still, though at least she's ready to leap up should the crazy nut not pull up.
Jusik: Jusik snickers a bit
mkb: Near, you're being shot at!
someguy (Jusik): oops
mkb: Repeating crossbow (left) [3d8+4 = 19]
mkb: Repeating crossbow (right) [3d8+4 = 10]
Near: [Wall of blades] Near's guantleted hand flashes out to catch any bolts that look to be too close for comfort! [3d8+11 = 30]
mkb: You have to admit to yourself that whoever's piloting is aiming better than anyone did just a couple of weeks ago.
Kittymewmew (Will): IIRC wall of blades is melee attack >_>
Dee (Near): *gets out the book*Though I've used it against ranged attacks all campaign. :V
Kittymewmew (Will): This is the first time I can recall Near actually being shot at, actually.
Dee (Near): Nope, applies to ranged attacks :D
Kittymewmew (Will): Kies.
mkb: Near, good thing you tried to parry or that'd have hit you in the mouth or nose -- as it is, you take a bolt on the gauntlet, which throws your arm.
mkb: "WHAT?" Markal calls to Jusik as he swoops and trades speed for altitude, coming in for another go.
Near: She flexes and shakes her hand to pull it back to standard. "Oy vey.."
Jusik: "Note to self: do something unpleasent to that chap" Jusik says to himself after the strafing run, out loud he shouts "Land that contraption NOW"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Inside the palisade, a loud scream followed by the sound of an axe hitting something squishy is heard. Jusik, Near, fort save?
Jusik: The Spy keeps the crossbow pointed at this Near of Dreams person for now "THank you for being an even bigger head achen the the demon who ever you really are"
mkb: Will, you are in sight of the clearing.
Near: Fort. save [3d8+11 = 23]
Jusik: fort [3d8+1 = 24]
someguy (Jusik): wow....
Near: "Sorry, I'm checking that out."
mkb: [3d8+3 = 19]
Near: Near leaps over the pallisade to see what's going on.
Kittymewmew (Will): ...
someguy (Jusik): pallisades are kinda big....
Dee (Near): She said it was 10 feet.
Kittymewmew (Will): ...let's see it :p
Near: err, door, not pallisade
mkb: Near, you and Natch are hit by intense nausea! You feel like someone just kicked you in the guts right after you ate three burritos...
Kittymewmew (Will): ...oh shit.
Kittymewmew (Will): that's bad.
mkb: Jusik, you feel vomitous for a moment, but it dissipates -- you see Markal crash into the river, which is nothing new, at least.
Near: Okay, this is getting checked out. [3d8+28 = 47]
Jusik: "Move and I shoot creature!" Jusik shouts after getting over the wave on nausia
Dee (Near): yay, 11 feet :V
Kittymewmew (Will): Um, no
Kittymewmew (Will): see jump chart?
Dee (Near): Leaping dragon, No need for running start.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_O you JUST make it
Kittymewmew (Will): Your jump chart is off btw.
Dee (Near): 4 for every 1 foot of verticle distance.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh okay they changed it.
Kittymewmew (Will): Weird.
Kittymewmew (Will): Whatever :p
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): well...Jusik warned Near not to move repeatedly....Going to have to shoot you
Jusik: Quickloading Hand crossbow [3d8+5 = 22]
Dee (Near): That's a hit.
Jusik: no sneak attack here [1d4 = 3]
Dee (Near): Yay DR, 0 damage :D
someguy (Jusik): bugger
someguy (Jusik): sorta
Kittymewmew (Will): lol adamantine
Will: I hate to say it but this new Near feels more marysueish than the one that was talking about being one-eighth DRAGON...
mkb: Jusik, the main reason why your shot only glances Near is that you didn't expect her to take a standing jump right after whatever that wave of pain was -- which is affecting Natch to the point where he's writing on the ground.
Will: let's see if we can't disarm that.
mkb: Near, you clear the palisade even as you spill your lunch all over it!
mkbp (mkb): achievement unlocked
someguy (Jusik): vomit jump is an achievement?
mkb: And promptly fall down very ungracefully on the other side, since the pain was preventing you from landing properly.
Dee (Near): ._.
someguy (Jusik): like a rocket jump...but messier
mkbp (mkb): what's fall damage?
Dee (Near): Could I make a concentration check? >_>
mkbp (mkb): Sure
Kittymewmew (Will): Actually you can't, you're Nauseated >_>
Near: Near focuses her mind to ignore the pain, a basic tennent of this art. [3d8+15 = 23]
mkb: Near, you do a decent job of ignoring the pain of hitting the ground with a shoulder.
mkb: Fall damage [2d6 = 5]
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): Actually, it's concentrate on spells, not just use the concentrate skill.
mkb: Around you are mostly passed out, groaning, and occasionally swearing goblins.
Kittymewmew (Will): "anything that requires concentration"
Dee (Near): attention, but eh.
Jusik: Jusik thinks about knifing the spider thingy while it's down for a goes for the doors instead
Dee (Near): moing on.
Kittymewmew (Will): SRD vs book probably
mkb: The robe-clad inquisitor gets up slowly, his face seriously messed up from the brief beating -- a black eye, a nosebleed. He casually spits a tooth, passes a hand over his head from chromedome to chin, and reveals a restored visage and an angry expression.
mkb: "You're no demon yourself -- but bear the curse of Orcus...."
mkb: Jusik, the door is still unlocked, but you'd have to move to go through it.
mkb: Will, you and your two doods get to the clearing! You can see the fungal mass on your left; it looks sickly, no longer protected from the sun or being fed by falling leaves.
Jusik: The spy heads for the wall next to the door and cloaks, getting ready to duck inside
Near: Near stands herself up, even as unsteady as she is. "I bear no such curse. Cease this spell, so we can talk like civilized folk."
mkb: Jusik, Natch is getting up slowly, making a big effort, when you do.
Will: Eepbad. How are Zalpha and Rossiu doing?
Near: "I came here expecting to see my sister and friends again, not such a mess."
Will: I circle around and head for the door.
mkb: Will, they're doing fine!
mkbp (mkb): You were too far away to *hear* the curse being pronounced
Kittymewmew (Will): *nodnod*
Kittymewmew (Will): So it's a pulse, not an aura. Got it.
Near: Near straightens up, suddenly looking perfectly fine.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik debates again for putting a bolt in the thing...but he wants to see the other goblins...and ducks inside under cloak
Kittymewmew (Will): Point.
mkb: "You -- Wait, spider creature, dark skin -- you are Near de Izwald!"
Near: "It's been a while since I used that name, but yes."
Near: She takse a moment to wipe off dust and bile from her armour.
mkb: Jusik, pretty much everyone in the village is regurgitating lunch, except for Adulf, who probably actually *has* an iron stomach. He's casually walking towards the Inquisitor, bonesaw in hand.
mkb: *dinner
mkb: "Your sister killed a score of men and elves, and I don't care to count how many of these wretches! What do you have to say for yourself."
mkb: The man looks at you past two raised fingers, and makes a surprised expression for a moment.
mkb: Will, you and Zalpha and Rossiu are at the door -- the two of them have recognized another Markal landing, and figured they might as well deal with it. This is normal enough to actually put a smile on both their faces.
Near: "That doesn't quite sound like her, but she is her own person. If she has truly done such a thing, then I shall be the one to punish her."
-> near: what sort of demon was it that got Remia?
Near: One of hate.
Jusik: jusik finds a place to hide before the cloak wears off where he can listen to and shoot either near or the cleric
Campaign saved.
Will: I pat them on the back. If the gate is open I ride up to it, but don't go through. I listen.
Near: It was kept in check by parental and sibling love, but when she started getting really independant...
mkb: The Inquisitor takes a few deep breaths. "You are not welcome here. Leave now and take whatever abomination you brought with you away. A creature of evil you may not be -- I cannot tell -- but I can tell you you are unwelcome in Imperial territory."
mkb: Will, the gate is unlocked but closed; Zalpha and Rossiu are for once helping Markal out of the river before recovering the glider bits, because he looks sick.
Near: "And I can tell you I do not care where I am unwelcome. I have many things to do, and so I shall do them. Where is my sister, Remia, now?"
mkb: "In hell, and a fiend in her body!"
Near: Near takes a deep breath, and releases it slowly. "Then show me to her body." She says almost icily, but the tone is more to hide the fire brimming up in herself.
mkb: The cleric seems to have calmed down somewhat; he steps out of the writhing pile of groaning goblins, and approches Near. "It's in the woods around here -- we've been stalking it for days, with no success! I cannot have a relative here as I do what I must. Leave, for your own sake, if not for that of these wretches.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, Adulf is looking left and right -- some doods are starting to get up, but only barely.
Near: "I will do for Remia's sake. If it requires me to tell through hell, itself I shall bring her back. Which way?"
Dee (Near): tear, not tell*
mkb: "We don't know, are you deaf, or daft?"
Jusik: jusik wants to sense motive on the Near to see if she means what she says, it COULD be her...I mean, look at the changes that happen to Will
Jusik: 3d8 sense motive
mkb: [3d8 = 18]
Near: "Fine, then. I will go find her. If you have any way to speak to your people, tell them to let me through. Much less bloodshed that way."
-> jusik: She seems to mean it.
mkb: "It doesn't matter. These creatures attacked an Imperial official. My work here is done."
mkb: "If you wish to die, remain."
mkb: That said, the inquisitor turns around and walks towards the gate.
Campaign saved.
Will: I step to the side and hug the wall. I want him to see me AFTER he's through. Assuming Jusik doesn't just stab him.
Jusik: "If we had meant to attack you wyou would not be still breathing oh shiney headed one!" Jusik calls from his hidding spot with his crossbow at his side
Near: She shrugs, and stalks off, exiting th edoor, checking on Natch and telling him to return to the wagon, and have them leave back south, at the river fork between Kelvin and Rifllian.
Jusik: Jusik mutters aloud in goblin a bunch of rather unflattering things about the Cleric and his family in general...the spy is Livid
Near: When he's able to move on his own, that is. She gives him some water to wash out the acid from his throat.
mkb: Near, are you trying to step ahead of Vorbis in leaving, or walking behind him?
Near: Behind him, probably.
Dee (Near): ya, behind.
Campaign saved.
Near: Probably some distance, not right up close.
mkb: Upon reaching the door, the Inquisitor turns around and points a finger at Near. "Stop."
Near: "Hmm?"
mkb: Near, Will save?
Kittymewmew (Will): [changing active save boost to Willpower]
Near: [moment of Perfect Mind] [3d8+15 = 22]
Dee (Near): dangit.
mkb: Near, the hmmm is all that comes out of your mouth or in fact the rest of you -- you can't move!
Campaign saved.
Near: She focuses her mental control over her body, driving out the spell. "You shouldn't keep trying those tricks of yours. You might make a very terrible enemy."
Dee (Near): Yay Iron Heart Surge.
Kittymewmew (Will): actually you can't use it if you're Held or Paralysed.
Kittymewmew (Will): All manoeuvres, no exceptions, require the body to be able to move.
Dee (Near): That's what it's made for. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): Nope! :P
Kittymewmew (Will): It's nice for other stuff tho.
mkb: "We may not have caught the demon, but it will not matter -- exterminatus upon this cancerous growth of a village!" He pushes the gate open and prepares to leave, then turns. "The might of Halav's axe is not a trick, orc girl."
mkb: Jusik?
Dee (Near): I actually see nothing in the book about it. Dm ruling?
mkb: Will, the Inquisitor is face to face with you. "The detachment is already here? Get rid of these creatures. They're infested to the core."
mkbp (mkb): A maneuver would require some ability to affect the environment, I think
mkbp (mkb): so would casting a spell unless you take a bunch of crazy feats
Dee (Near): Affecting my body?
Kittymewmew (Will): Meh I'm looking it up, gimme a minute, this came up a couple days ago
Dee (Near): Neutral party? >_>
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik throws a clump of dirt at the back of the inquisitors head "You got no right pronouncing anything baldy...we're not part of your nutbar church, so you can take that exterminatus and shove it up your holy AX"
mkb: The man turns around. "HOW DARE YOU! How are you even still standing -- kneel! Kneel before humanity, you little wretch!" He holds his holy symbol up, a small golden axe on a rope around his neck. Jusik, will save?
mkb: Will, the Inquisitor is ignoring you.
mkb: Near, save again?
Near: [3d8+2 = 20]
Jusik: Will save [3d8+2 = 14]
mkb: Near, you're still largely paralyzed.
someguy (Jusik): there goes my luck
mkb: Jusik, you're not paralyzed, but your kneecaps aren't responding so that you do fall forward and kneel.
Dee (Near): Can I speak?
mkbp (mkb): Yes.
Jusik: "Bugger you and your church too!"
Campaign saved.
Jusik: the spy's legs might not work...but the mouth keeps going
Kittymewmew (Will): What ARE you guys doing? I can't gank him.
Kittymewmew (Will): Not unless you make him say something REALLY stupid.
Near: "Humanity is no better than any other of th e peoples upon this world. You live, you die, you rot in the ground. You will reincarnate, maybe as an elf, maybe a deer, or maybe even one of the goblins you despise."
-> jusik: you had to kneel but your hands are free, one of them at least
Near: "Your soul belongs to the great wheel, not to your so called god."
Kittymewmew (Will): page 38, "to initiate a maneouvre or a stance, you must be able to move"
Kittymewmew (Will): no exceptions are given in Iron Heart Surge.
Dee (Near): Ah, was hidden. >_>
mkb: "Your kind has no soul -- and my spirit belongs to the Immortal of this land! Enjoy being back to your filthy hovel, orc. It will be the last thing you see."
Near: "I quite certainly do. And even if this body dies, I will be back, thank you for your name, I will remember it."
mkb: "What does an orc know about reincarnation?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: You seem to have piqued the bald man's curiosity.
-> jusik: So pick yer target.
Near: "I. Am. No. Ork. I am Near of Dreams!"
mkbp (mkb): Or not.
Dee (Near): Huh?
mkb: "You were born of rot and filth and that is what you will revert to!"
-> jusik: Will save again?
Near: "I was born of a desire to protect my children. If I am from rot, then so are you!"
Jusik: will save [3d8+2 = 14]
-> jusik: You can stand up!
Near: "We were all born of earth and mad and clay, and we will return to the earth when our bodies are done. I am accepting of my eventual death, and of my place in life.?"
Dee (Near): geh, forget that ?
mkb: "Fine then - I leave you to wallow in your excrement. Fear my return."
Near: "I fear not ye."
mkb: Will, the man turns around and walks right past you. "You're not from the detachment. If you're an adventurer, leave soon. This place is condemned."
Campaign saved.
Will: "Inquisitor, a word, if you would?"
mkb: "Speak."
mkb: [3d20 = 27]
mkb: [3d20 = 35]
mkb: [3d20 = 5]
Will: "The Duke has expressed his favour of this place for the flying ships only they have the knowledge to build. It may not be wise to burn them out over the brash words of a mere fool."
mkb: The goblins are slowly starting to get up.
Will: "I saw no evidence of demons from the air. I fear it is long gone from this place."
mkb: "The Duke ordered those things to be grounded or destroyed just a week ago! What nonsense are you spewing."
Dee (Near): It wasn't Near's words, it was the goblins attacking him. >_>
Kittymewmew (Will): I was given a writ from the Seneschal, correct?
mkbp (mkb): yes
mkb: Jusik?
Will: I present the writ from the Seneschal, dated less than a week ago. "Things have changed."
Will: "if it were not for these ships a necromancer would be burning his way through Luln and the west as we speak. Crude as they may be, these greenskins are not our enemies."
mkb: That leaves the cleric speechless.
Near focuses her breathing, remaking her rythym to peel off this magic that binds her.
Jusik: jusik now able to move goes for the ladders to the walls and climbs up...ready to jump down and stab the cleric if he gets mouthy again
Campaign saved.
Jusik: jusik now able to move goes for the ladders to the walls and climbs up...ready to jump down and stab the cleric if he gets mouthy again
Jusik: sorry...wasn't meant as a whisper
-> jusik: nw!
mkb: Near, save again?
mkb: Jusik, from your vantage point you see that some of the tribe are staggering upright.
mkb: Adulf seems to be mollified by the fact that the mass food poisoner is leaving, and has stopped walking towards the inquisitor.
Will: Will waits for the Inquisitor to recover himself.
Near: Concentration [3d8+15 = 31]
Kittymewmew (Will): [you can't USE that though, it's a maneouvre]
Kittymewmew (Will): [so replace w/will save bonus I guess]
Kittymewmew (Will): [good roll tho]
Campaign saved.
mkb: "I came here to preserve this village. They've turned on me. I shake this place's dust off my feet -- and it be removed if I have a say on it. Good day to you, sir knight. You can help these things deal with the demon."
mkb: Jusik?
mkb: Near, the man's attention has moved away from you.
Will: "Good day to you, Inquisitor. May you never have to see this place again."
someguy (Jusik): urge to 'bust a cap in his ass" but if he doesn't go back then they just send another one with a small army
Kittymewmew (Will): ya
Kittymewmew (Will): this will work a little better I think.
someguy (Jusik): jusik could kill him and spy guy replace him
Near: I can't really do anything until I can move again. .-.
someguy (Jusik): how long you think that would last?
-> near: You can move.
Kittymewmew (Will): Not long enough
mkb: The Inquisitor carefully walks in a wide circle around Natch, who is having a few problems figuring out all the legsm but looks allrght otherwise.
Near: Near walks over to Natch, "Are you fine now?" Sh ekneels to help him at least sort out his legs.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Get tiny dood off me...." Markal has been recovered -- Zalpha and Rossiu are still fishing for glider bits -- and he's been either trying to hump Natch or figure out where the controls are for him. The goblin pilot quickly skitters off and curls against something when Natch recovers.
Near: She gives him some water, "Well, not how I would have hoped it would go."
mkb: Jusik, a very shaken Markal runs back into the gate and makes for the commodes.
Will: I look over at Near, having been there against the wall the whole time. "Don't worry. I showed him the Duke's writ, and told him the Duke has favoured this place. If he likes his neck, he won't be back."
Kittymewmew (Will): torching this place = church of halav loses favour with the duke = bad for the guy who did it :p
mkb: Jusik, Adulf asks you what the heck just happened.
-> jusik: why didn't you just stab the guy :p
Jusik: because just killing him doesn't really HELP...they'd just send an army
-> jusik: there's that
Near: "Let's go get the other ones.. Oh, where's Ka'erie?" she turns to Will.
mkb: Good question actually...
Jusik: jusilk isn't stupid enough to kill him just to get the whole place mowed down
mkb: Jusik, spot check?
Campaign saved.
Jusik: [3d8+6 = 12]
someguy (Jusik): dice no likey me
Will: "She's with the ship," I tell Near. "We left it north of here in a clearing."
Will: "She's gotten rather attached to it. Lily and the firemen are there too."
Near: "Ah, good. She doesn't deserve to hear those sorts of things."
Will: "Agreed, she's a sweet child."
mkb: Jusik, possibly for the first time in your life you're attacked by surprise! Namely by Rossiu and Zalpha, who have decided you're one of two doods from home who are in any sort of huggable shape and Adulf was farther away.
Jusik: "Ack...unhand be labourers!"
Near: Near tells Natch to stay, and goes to get the other doods.
someguy (Jusik): I've been Glomped!
Dee (Near): Help will be needed to clean up these guys, and need to make sure noone's came across them. >_>
mkb: Near, Natch does, sort of. Among others, Rukti eventually gets up; he did gain a bit of weight, and looks a good half inch taller. "We thought you were all dead! What happened! Who fixed Near! .... is that Near?"
Jusik: "It's is as far as I can tell....sorry about the whole shooting you thing...but things have been....tense here" Jusik says after getting out of the hugs of doom
Near: "Ah, you're awake again. I have something to talk with you about, but it can wait a little bit."
mkb: Jusik, Rossiu leaves you alone to see what happened to his mates -- Zalpha fell asleep, or passed out, again. In your arms. Adulf is getting there. "Hello fraulein.... Hey, is she wounded?"
Campaign saved.
Near: That was to Rukti.
mkb: Near, Rukti looks at you and sort of shrink into his shoulders a little. "Er, no, it's fine right now!"
Will: "It is and it isn't," I tell rukti. "It's good to see you again, Chief Rukti."
Near: She nods, "It's better if everyone hears that I no longer have any claim over the Titan's Fart. I still wish to be allies, it's been a long time since I've seen all the little ones here, but I have no desire to be chief here."
mkb: "Will! You look shorter! We have some horse noms that way assuming nobody puked on'em... Here it's been crazy, soldiers and that one crazy dude and Near's sister went crazy, then Adulf tried to fix that and she went crazier!"
Jusik: Jusik waves a greetings to will, but then vanishes back into the camp at the earlies moment
mkb: "Uh... Thanks I think? If you wanna climb the balloon line and shout down I found it's a good way to get everyone to listen, well most everyone."
mkb: Jusik, Adulf asks you what's wrong with Zalpha and if he should gets his doods ready to take a look at her.
Jusik: Jusik is going to get his own glider and the catapult and try to get ahead of the cleric to his camp...pose as a wounded messenger saying that the demon has taken the inquistiors body...
Will: "Oh dear. I heard something about a demon possessing her body. I'd ask you tell me later."
Jusik: why kill him when I can get the nutters to do it for me
-> jusik: Good idea!
Near: She shrugs, at least she's made her intentions clear. It'll still take some time to get them all to warm back up to her, but she'll try to be patient. For now, she'll be focesud on finding Remia.
Will: If I hear anything between Adulf and Jusik, I tell Adulf that there's a human dok named Lily on the ship, she knows more than anybody about what's going on with Zalpha.
mkb: Jusik, the catapults are back out; one is unloaded, since Markal launched.
Jusik: this way we don't get invaded...hopefully
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik goes for lift off
mkb: Near, Rukti helpfully points to the balloon then slides back a step and a half. "I don't think I'm very good at the whole chief thing, Will. We lost a lot of tadpoles and it's usually means that the chief isn't doing a good job. And Remia killed" huh, looks like Rukti lost a pinky finger in the meantime "twentyone of us."
Will: "Gods...that's horrible. Any idea where she went?"
mkb: Jusik, the engies haven't seen Zalpha having come back and most are still sick, but you goad them into action -- you having survived the nausea unscathed is doing good for your rep at least....
mkb: [1d20 = 5]
Near: "Ah.. Which ones? And how did she? She's never been malevolently violent like that.."
mkb: The takeoff is shitty, probably from lack of practice, but you can try and stalk the bald dood.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Near, you're regaled with a tale of how a prank done to the tax collector who instigated the whole thing with the chits snowballed into him being accused of raping Remia and Remia herself going nuts pretty much immediately after, something which Adulf's ministrations if anything made worse; there was an explosion of violence after which she just left. "They said she was hiding in the woods, then they don't let us remove the woods to deal with it.... so now... no idea! And then AFTER it's all over that crazy priest dood shows up."
Will: Knowledge: Religion since a demon was mentioned already. [3d8+4 = 19]
mkb: K:R on what?
Jusik: we know where his camp is jusik heads there rather then follow the guy
Will: on what happened to Remia
someguy (Jusik): idea is to get their first
Near: Near thinks about how her magic blood had begun channelling and the scandal with her tutor... Are either of those related to her suddenly going berserk? [3d8+4 = 14]
Dee (Near): Well that's a derped Arcana roll.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, the camp is six large pavillions; there are two sentinels outside.
mkb: Near, maybe?
mkb: Will, demonic possession can be triggered in sorcerers by a particularly evil act, especially if it comes out of the blue from a normally less evil person.
Near: She sighs, too many factors for what happened. She figures she might as well go with possession then.
Will: "Maybe the inquisitor was right about possession. If Remia tried to play an innocent man a rapist, that could have led to her being possessed."
Jusik: Jusik tries to land unseen near the human camp
mkb: Move silently?
Will: "Remia consorted with demons before, it doesn't surprise me in the least. We need to find her and either exorcise her, or bring her down. If the Inquisitor speaks true and she is damned, then her soul is already gone."
Jusik: move silently [3d8+12 = 24]
mkb: "You know, scary girl is scary but well... there's scary and there's dismembering people!"
Will: "Agreed. Rossiu, you think you can find this thing and not get killed?"
mkb: Will, Adulf passes by you with the unconscious, but breathing -- and smiling -- Zalpha being carried by two of his assistants. "A human dok? I gotta see that. Anyway, she just fell asleep."
mkb: Will, Rossiu is nowhere to be seen.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, you've been flying low, and land in the trees on the side of the camp.
Near: "She has never consorted with demons directly, OR consensually. Damn that bastard for doing that to her..."
Will: "Wonder where she went. Anyway. I'll go get Lily. Back fast," I say, and I get Pathfinder and run back to the ship, to retrieve Lily.
Near: "Right."
Near: Near goes to get her doods, to get them started and settled in.
Jusik: Jusik starts towards the camp, figuring out what exactly to try here...lots of ways to play this....bloody messenger...or maybe something more...Direct
mkb: Near, Will, you ascertain that Rossiu also kicked someone out of her hut and went to sleep; Zalpha has been brought to the medical tent. Will, Rukti asks you if you think it's safe for him to get back to being a pilot, because he has a lot more fun with that and what's that piece of paper saying we can fly again again?
mkb: Jusik, by the sounds and what little you can see in the tents, it seems that most of the soldiers are sleeping? Guess they do the night shift then....
Will: I tell Rukti it's a writ from the Duke that I will have put on record in Kelvin and have some copies notarized by the Baron so he can just show those to people. I tell him I can't really give him this one coz this place tends to be a mess and if it gets lost it's a lot of work to get another one.
Campaign saved.
Will: I tell him you're good to fly though, and that I'll stay here to clear any arguments up.
Near: Walkies walkies, space walkies
Jusik: Jusik quietly sneaks into one of the tents and borrows a set of clothing from one of the sleeping guards, to complete the look of a church messenger
someguy (Jusik): under cloak
mkb: Near, the wagon really won't make it through the path unless you add to the ecological damage...
Dee (Near): brb
Near: And don't care that much about ecological damage.
mkb: Jusik, you'd have to find a small one: there's three dozen, mostly human, some elves.
mkb: Near, neither do the oxen, other than it'll take a while.
Will: I excuse myself and go get Lily so she can tell Adulf what's going on. The sooner Zalpha is better, the happier I am.
Jusik: the spy goes for the more elven guard gear, he's closer to that for looks to most humans that aren't looking too close
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, the airship has been turned off because Lily said it made a funny noise; she was mostly looking around the clearing. Where did Kaerie slide off to?
mkb: Jusik, you gotta find it...
Jusik: search [3d8+1 = 6]
Will: "Lily, where's Kaerie?"
someguy (Jusik): crap
mkb: Jusik, the sun will come down in a bit -- some of the guards are stirring.
mkb: "She said she had to go number two, not sure if she's back yet -- oh yes, belowdecks probably.
Jusik: Jusik just grabs what he time to be picky...he dresses up quickly and heads for the most important looking tent , expecting some captain of the guard
Near: "For once I had a reason, don't know what it could be, and the road I must travel~" Sh egets her doods to sing along to brighten up their spirits.
Dee (Near): Near can't sing well, but sh elikes to. >_>
Will: I go look belowdecks. "The forest isn't safe. There's a demon loose."
Will: "You're needed at the village. Is the ship good to fly?"
mkb: Near, the breaking small trees don't provide good accompainment, but eh... it's not a long trip.
mkb: Will, Lily answers in the negative: she had to turn off the engine and doesn't know how to turn it back on safely. Neither does Kaerie, although she half thinks she knows what she's doing -- she was just belowdecks curled up around something.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, there's one tent that is slightly bigger.
Jusik: Jusik gets his game face on and heads in
Jusik: disguise self [3d8+11 = 25]
someguy (Jusik): since I forgot to do it earlier
Will: The envelope's still inflated though, can we lift and tow it with Pathfinder?
mkb: Jusik, whoever's in charge gets an actual mattress by the look of it -- the man hasn't shaved or bathed in a few days. And is snoring ever so loudly.
Jusik: hmmm
mkb: Will, maybe if you cut the anchors and see if the tow rope makes it thru the trees...
Near: Just take Lily and Ka'erie with you, and fix zalpha, then come back for it? Or get a squad of goblins to caryr it back.
someguy (Jusik): they're so cute when they're asleep....makes stabbing soooooo easy
Dee (Near): No reason to stab him. >_>
someguy (Jusik): I know...just reflex
someguy (Jusik): Oh....Idea....stab him....leave bloody note for guards that it was the cleric....
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): No, bad stupid.
Will: I anchor the tow rope to Pathfinder, and tie on two more just to be safe, getting Lily and Kaerie to check the ropework. I make sure the rope is a fair bit longer than the trees, and ask if anyone has an axe.
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: Will, there's in fact no axe, but you have the sharpest shield in the world.
Jusik: Jusik pokes the man awake gentally...hoping a sleep addeled mind will help with his disguise
Will: Good point. That should do the job.
mkb: "Huh? Is it dusk already?"
mkb: Will, strength and constitutio ncheck -- you hafta move fastish in order to get there.
Will: strength check [3d8+2 = 20]
Will: con check [3d8+2 = 13]
Jusik: "Sir, sorry to wake you Sir, but I'm a runner from the temple...I carry an urgent messeage...for your ears only sir!"
Jusik: bluff man Bluff [3d8+9 = 22]
Will: I'm mounted on pathfinder as I'm bushwhacking because that lets me clear a path for the rope easier. She can handle her own hooves.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Near, you both get there at the same time after having hewn and widened path to the north and east of the village respectively; you also had the opportunity to see what sort of a mess the goblins did after deciding that demons in the woods needs less woods.
Jusik: for the life of me I've blanked on the clerics name
mkb: Will, much like boats, you dsicover that in no wind an airship is easy to tow.
mkb: "Huh -- wat -- temple? What's going on."
mkb: Will, Near is driving an oxcart full of... more whatever-they-are?
Will: We haul the ship back to the village and I help the goblins moor it. "Near, you brought more of your children? Why here?"
Near: Near lets everyone out now, though she carries Gelamo, he's so tiny, afterall, "Remember to behave all of you." She says to them, "So they can learn. Company and extra hands, also."
Near: She gets out the sack the mechanical limbs were in and goes to find an engineer that isn't at risk of brain implosion.
Jusik: "It's about the inquisitor sir, there has been a discovery Sir, I wasn't privy to the details but they seem to have found some hertical documents hidden at the temple, in his name Sir"
mkb: Will, the pilots pretty much push you off -- SHINY SHINY SHINY!!! When you both get back into the village, there's a lot of activity as a bunch of things are being moved that were in what used to be the clearing used for the airship's mooring -- it looks like a squat, semi-subterranean structure was built and it is now being lifted again. That's where all the wood went, they made a hangar!
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, the captain -- lieutenant actually, judging from the pips -- looks at you. "The fuck do I care? Did he find the damn witch or do we have to have another fright night here."
Jusik: "For their own reasoning Sir...they've declaired him excominucated as an agent of evil demons Sir....he IS the fight Sir"
someguy (Jusik): Sir yes Sir SIR!
mkb: The detachment leader stands up. "Huh... Who the heck are you? We were told there wouldn't be any church crap, we were just here to provide support..."
mkb: Now it looks like they'll have to remake it because the new ship doesn't fit...
Will: Whoops.
Will: At least we have a new ship
Jusik: "Sir...the Immortals choose their champions on their own whim's...not I, but was sent to warn you how dangerous this man holy mandate his is to be taken....dead or alive"
mkb: Lily, Adulf asks you if you're the human dok Will mentioned, also what's up with him looking different (the medic missed the whole centaur thing) and what happened to Zalpha.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: super bluff? [3d8+9 = 22]
mkb: "Oh, new orders. Should've said. Sure, hand me the chit and scamper off, you know the drill."
mkb: Jusik, it doesn't seem this guy is paying attention to much fo what you are saying.
Near: Lily: "Uh, dok, yeah, that's me. Weird stuff happened, he got a few body switches. Nothing big, he'll grow out of it, maybe."
someguy (Jusik): crap...why'd they have to be smart
someguy (Jusik): and dumb at the same time
mkb: "Great! Half my doods are still sick and I don't want anyone to puke in Zalpha's head. Get the leather straps and the anesthetic will ya?"
Near: Lily: "As for Zalpha, well, I haven't had the equipment to look. Do you?"
Near: She shrugs and gets to work then!
mkb: Will, by the look of it the goblins have been getting into arts and crafts, not being allowed to do much but mess with the unholy amount of wood they'd gathered before the interdict.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): ok....chit...some coin or marker to confirm orders...I KNEW I should have tossed the stuff in the tent for orders or something first....but I didn't want to wake leftanent bozzo here....anyone got any ideas?
Dee (Near): sleep gas?
mkb: Will, you see a general clustering of the flight engineers away from the new ship and towards the medical tent. Hey, Zalpha's back! Oh, she needs opening up! Ouch! Half of the engies stay there and look and the other half figure eh, gbtw, shiny ship more interesting.
Will: Search yourself and say you fucked up and lost it, idunno.
Will: I say at this point bailing out is priority 1
Near: No engineers for the mecha limbs? :< Drats, well, Gella can check out the airship, then!
Will: I follow the doctors and hope Zalpha will be okay...
Near: Lily will work on Zalpha, not trusting the goblin dok to do it. >_>
mkb: Lily, that's a bit of an enterprise since Adulf feels the same way towards you.
Will: O_O
Near: She's the one who's already been working on her, and now that she has the equipment she can get to do some REAL work!
mkb: Near, your doods aren't exactly getting a warm welcome -- they're big and scary, well, those with more than two legs anyway. Machista seems to figure out that the best way to get people to relax around him is to sit down.
mkb: Will, Adulf says can't you do people-fixy magic too?
Jusik: "I'm sorry sir but I do not think you know the true form of this message...I am not here, this is a magical projection from the temple grounds...I cannot physically hand you your orders or I would have done I must be off...the spell last too long or he'll counter the mag--" and in mid sentance the goblin pops the cloak...vanishing from site and fleeing like a bat out of hell
Kittymewmew (Will): WELL PLAYED.
mkb: Jusik, Move Silently check?
someguy (Jusik): I hate improv
Kittymewmew (Will): Bluff check too maybe >_>
mkbp (mkb): That was clever
Campaign saved.
Jusik: bluff [3d8+9 = 25]
Jusik: move silently [3d8+12 = 29]
Dee (Near): That was really well done o_o
someguy (Jusik): not bad for making it up as I go
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya, awesome move.
mkb: Jusik, the man waves a hand where you were. "Huh... Oy. ALL RIGHT BOYS, UP UP UP! Change of plans, we're going after the bald git. Turns out there's no demon."
Kittymewmew (Will): LOL
mkb: "Now with any luck he'll come quietly, but if he don't..."
mkb: Jusik, you scamper off.
someguy (Jusik): thank the dice good for that
mkb: Lily, Adulf says that the first thing to do is to strap the patient down, just in case.
Jusik: Jusik runs for the forrest suppressing an maniac laugh that it worked and scampers off for his glider and then for the camp as careful as can be
Near: She shrugs, she knows all this, but hey, just let him act like a boss, works well for avoiding conflicts when there's no need.
mkb: Jusik, are you trying to bring the glider back?
someguy (Jusik): yes, last thing I need to leave is evidence
mkb: Lily, the straps are actually well built (they'd have to be). Then Adulf says the best thing to do is deliver a big smack to the head so she stays knocked out, and there's a trick to it, and where's the wooden mallet?"
someguy (Jusik): still its near evening...that should help with the sneaky things
mkb: Jusik, in a few minutes you're aware of the fact that the soldiers are fanning out.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Adulf asks you again if you can do some people-fixy magic when it's time to close her up, just in case.
Dee (Near): Doesn't Lily have knockout poison on her person, or am I confused here?
Near: "I've got the magic healing covered. Just prefer the good old-fashioned way."
Will: I tell her I've never been much at magic, but I just know how to get people to pick themselves up.
Kittymewmew (Will): [I do have a 20 point healing pool now]
mkbp (mkb): i see aqua vitae and thats it
Dee (Near): Drats.
mkb: "So you wanna hit her over the head right here.... huh, looks like someone already did..."
Near: "It's better to keep them awake for the brain stuff, I think. So you can be sure you don't poke the wrong thing."
Jusik: Jusik tries not to swear...they *should* be looking for the cleric and not for him...and since he's dressed like one of them it shouldn't be too hard to get away in the fading light....he'll have to leave the glider for now though
Near: "Anyway, let's get to work."
mkb: Lily, Adulf agrees. Will, Zalpha waks up just when they're about to open her head -- she did regrow some hair, yay? -- and asks you what's going on, oh hi Adulf, do you know anything about breathing thin air?
mkb: Jusik, you have no problems heading back to the village without the glider to worry about.
Near: Near helps out around the camp with heavy lifting and such. She gets Natch to help as well.
mkb: Near, it seems that natural curiosity as to where you've all come from has turned to disbelief and then into a contest of who can tell the craziest story.
someguy (Jusik): hopefully they don't find it...or if they do they'll think it's an old one...since mine IS older then the current models
mkbp (mkb): doubt mook guards can tell
someguy (Jusik): good point....
Kittymewmew (Will): fire?
mkb: "... and then... and then they were all rescued by this huge-ass giant eagle they actually had the whole time, right before the volcano blew up!"
someguy (Jusik): too much of a give away....
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): LoTR...nice case of the crazies zalpha!
Near: "Now that's just silly," Ka'erie comments.
mkb: Ka'erie so far hasn't evoked any threatened reactions: she's having to chase of two scouts who want a tail ride.
Jusik: Jusik colapises his glider and tries to stash it in the trees before he makes for the camp
Jusik: hide check [3d8+5 = 16]
mkb: Will, Zalpha closes her eyes, opens them again and asks you if they're home yet.
mkb: Jusik, you have no idea about the glider, but it seems you're making it to camp with no problems.
Will: I tell her yes, we're home, and things are okay.
Dee (Near): Wasn't Jusik's glider a foldaway cape thing?
Jusik: foldy yes...cape I don't think so
mkb: Lily, Adulf basically says "watch this drive" and takes off Zalpha's stitches without her even feeling it much; seeing the skull of someonme alive is a little unnerving. Then he drops her scalp from surprise. "Wow, look at this! Whoever did it great job!"
Jusik: the Spy strips off his borrowed clothing and straightens his suit before heading back into the camp
someguy (Jusik): don't want to get shot by our doods
mkb: Zalpha's skull is missing a section right on the top; a metal plate has been put in its place and riveted there with the smallest rivets you've ever seen.
Dee (Near): Punch a few holks in the wings and break it a little and dirty it. There, crash site and they have no reason to believe goblins are capable of magic things like that.
mkb: The metal looks a lot like mithril but doesn't have the sparkle.
mkb: "Uh... You do that?"
Will: Will looks shocked.
Near: "Yeah... Really well done."
mkb: Will, Zalpha says that tickles.
Will: He can't really watch this.
Near: "Err, no, I didn't."
Jusik: He struts off towards the chief to make a report...hopefully they'll take care of the =I= if not it will at least mess things up for them for a while
Will: He stays around though, he's really worried about Zalpha.
Will: He just stares at...nothing.
Near: "She was like this when I saw her, though I didn't open up her head yet."
Campaign saved.
mkb: Jusik, Rukti's outside the medical tent; he's worried sick too, he's also just BEEN very sick so best overall if he doesn't go in there and makes it worse. He listens to you intently. "Jusik why don't you take over for a bit? Honestly I got a new ship to play with and well... you know how it is..." He's trying to not show it but he's worried sick.
Near: Are they rivets or screws? >_>
mkb: "Gotta open it, though!"
Near: "Ayup."
mkb: They're rivets: impossibly tiny, and they all look exactly the same.
Jusik: "but then I'm too busy playing boss to do fun stuff like this!"
Jusik: "but if you want to be a labourer again and play with the flying machines I understand...."
Near: Well, if we cut around that, and I provide healing to minimize the damage, then maybe.... Getting it back on would be hard, though.
mkb: "That's the problem, we'd need someone who likes being chief! But then they'd like it too much and make a mess of stuff!"
mkb: "Like Ayn the other month."
mkb: "Do human doks do this stuff normally? Dorfs?"
Jusik: "Ok ok...I don't LIKE it...but I guess I'll do it...for now"
mkb: "Well at least help me pick the next dood!"
mkbp (mkb): hope who said who is clear from contedst
mkb: Jusik, Rukti keeps glancing between the hangar and the medical tent.
mkb: Near, your help is appreciated -- tehre's a hangar to embiggenate!
Near: "Certainly not either of those. This was someone way beyond that..."
Jusik: "I would have said zalpha but she seems kinda werid since she got back from what I could about the Doc?"
Dee (Near): NOOOOOOO
Campaign saved.
Will: "The one who did the work on her is dead," I tell the dok.
Kittymewmew (Will): NO. NO NO NO.
mkb: "Will if I end up stupid after this can you please get me to blow up somewhere interesting? Hey that REALLY tickles, doods stop it!"
someguy (Jusik): juisk doesn't know where zalpha and the doc are right now...his point of view says all the looks that way from the chief could be him thinking that way
Near: "Oh, right right. You won't end up stupid, don't worry."
mkb: Jusik, Rukti thinks about it for a bit. "Uhm, I think we've had enough zombies running around for a bit. How about Poli? She can just keep cooking and be chief in the downtime..."
Will: "You'll be alright, Zalpha..." *please let her be alright...* Will whispers, praying for guidance...
Near: Could I bend the rims of the rivets enough to pop off the metal plate that way?
Will: Not a bad idea.
Will: (re: cook --> chief)
mkb: Near, yes -- again, the rivets are tiny: they can be popped. Just be sure you don't break bone. Are you trying to do that?
Jusik: "that could work...though anyone that doesn't agree is likely to end up IN the pot for dinner" he laughs a bit...jusik is feeling a bit jolly
Near: Yeah, Lily will try that, and readying a burst of healing in case something goes awry.
Dee (Near): You do NOT want Near doing brain surgery.
mkb: "Ugh. That's another thing, I caught Pui taking a bath in there again! Eeew."
mkb: Lily, you're brought the best tool available, which doesn't say much -- at least the lancets are decent.
Campaign saved.
-> near: easiest if you rejoin as lily mew
Jusik: "Just adds flavor right?"
mkb: "Ya, but Pui was cleaning the zombie trap right before!"
Jusik: "can't be much worse then what we cooked up for that baldy the night before"
'Dee' disconnected
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'LilyWhite'
mkb: Rukti chuckles. "So can you give me a hand in talking Poli into it?"
mkb: Lily, Adulf says that he's never messed with metal bitz put there by people other than him, so you got the board.
mkb: Concentration, Heal and Medic check?
mkb: In the meantime, he gets something very foul smelling and drops a drop of it in Zalpha's mouth -- she gives all of you a bit of a vacant grin, then starts making chirpy noises at Will.
LilyWhite: She also gets out the honey to help treat low blood sugar and as a disinfectant for any wounds caused.
LilyWhite: concentration [3d8+5 = 19]
LilyWhite: Heal [3d8+13 = 22]
Kittymewmew (Will): Eh the zombie plague probably dies if you cook it >_>
LilyWhite: Medic [3d8+8 = 20]
Kittymewmew (Will): Let's hope so
Jusik: "I'll be very way Poli can resist a face like this"
Dee (LilyWhite): It would.
mkb: Jusik, Rukti suppresses a guffaw.
Dee (LilyWhite): Based on what I've been told and figured out about it.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, the next five minutes of your life feel like half an hour as you pop the tiny rivets one by one -- there is no infection. Eventually the plate seems reasy to come off! It's still being held in place loosely by something, possibly cerebral fluid or new tissue.
mkbp (mkb): Should we end on a suspense note?
mkbp (mkb): or do you want to know what's inside Zalpha's head?
mkbp (mkb): (aliens theme)
Dee (LilyWhite): I wanna know!
Dee (LilyWhite): I'm not gonna get to sleep tonight, likely. x_x
someguy (Jusik): I say it's a hamster at the controls of a zalpha bot
Dee (LilyWhite): I think it's a brain chip.
mkbp (mkb): meep
mkbp (mkb): any speculation from kitty?
Kittymewmew (Will): some kinda brain sapper?
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm good to keep going
Will: Will is starting to undersand the whole concept of fear a bit, and part of what motivated him to go beyond what is chivalrous in the defence of those he cares for.
mkb: Lily, there's something stuck there, but very loosely: the rivets are off.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.... something something.... wow that's a boring song!"
LilyWhite: She's pull it off gently, but firmly. Easy does it.... easy easy...
Dee (LilyWhite): TAKE IT EASY
Dee (LilyWhite): If a yukkuri pops out, I'm punching the DM
mkbp (mkb): O_O;
Kittymewmew (Will): lol
someguy (Jusik): a what?
Dee (LilyWhite): google it.
mkb: Schwlick! The thing comes off, trailing a little bit of white goo and revealing a small infection right under the middle of the plate. Lily, the plate itself is ticking, faintly but very quickly.
LilyWhite: She throws it right the smack out of the tent.
Will: O_O you'd better have something to replace it with, I can't heal a hole in the skull
LilyWhite: "This.. Isn't good."
Dee (LilyWhite): And if it explodes?
mkb: Jusik, a possibly-mithril plate with what looks like a tiny mechanical spider connected to one side flies past you.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: She takes a deep breath, no time to play around with this, magic has to do it, "Stay back, don't want you infected, too."
mkb: Zalpha tries to kick with her foot, by reflex; her brain wibbles visibly in the skull.
Dee (LilyWhite): .Zombie infection in her brain?
mkb: She's passed out the moment the plate was yanked off; she opens her eyes again, they're glazed and unfocused. "derp?"
Jusik: Jusik shrugs....and makes a point to ask poli not to add it to the stew for dinner
someguy (Jusik): goblin medics...chunks flying out aren't shocking
mkb: Jusik, the plate lands spider-up on the ground -- the ticking is faster and faster.
LilyWhite: "Go fetch what I threw, please?"
Will: "Please be okay, Zalpha..." I whisper, and go get it.
Dee (LilyWhite): Was going to use Cure Disease on her
mkb: Adulf is sticking his very good nose near the wound; he's put the scalp in a wooden box full of some sort of soup. "Doesn't smell like it"
mkb: The ticking is faster, faster, more and more frantic, and then stops.
mkb: There's no kaboom.
LilyWhite: "Yeah, she didn't show any signs of it, either..."
mkb: "derp?" *blink* *blink*
mkb: Jusik?
Will: I look around for the plate, and if I find it, pick it up and bring it back to the tent.
Jusik: "What was that thing?"
mkb: Will, spot check?
LilyWhite: She chants a little under her breath and places her hand over, but not touching Zalpha's braincase. [Cure Disease] Isn't sure this will work, but have to test it.
Will: spot [3d8+5 = 16]
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, the shift in the light between your hand and Zalpha's brain scares the pants out of Adulf -- he leaves the pants there and keeps assisting you, mainly by carefully dosing a smaller quantity of whatever sedative he gave th engie.
mkb: Will, someone's about to step on the thing!
LilyWhite: "Zalpha?"
mkb: It seems to have landed fiddly bits up, though.
mkb: "Meow!"
LilyWhite: "Nya?"
mkb: "Haai!"
mkb: Will?
mkb: Jusik?
LilyWhite: "Need a better look at the metal thing, then.."
Will: "hey hold it!" I yell at the idiot about to step on the thing. "Don't step there!"
Jusik: Jusik decides to poke his nose in the doc's office "whats going on in here...I haven't heard any screaming for awhile?"
mkb: Will, a commanding voice works fine even with overexcited flydoods turned construction workers; the thing is still on the ground, looking like a dead bug.
LilyWhite: "Screaming isn't necessary."
mkb: Jusik, Adulf explains that he's looking for bits of bone that will fit in the hole, but he thinks Zalpha should be taken off flight and shown how to do stuff like run towards something and make sure the fuse stays lit.
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: "I have a better idea for what could cure her. And I'm pretty sure clanky-bigbreetches will pop for it, too."
mkb: Will, there's writing in the back of the thing, around the "bug".
Will: I pick it up and look at the writing. Can I read it?
mkb: Adulf immediately goes back to paying attention. "Telltell! We have ferals for that sort of work, dammit."
LilyWhite: She's still looking through. Does it look like there is anything missing?
Jusik: " got her brain pan scrambled....well unscramble it! Enginneers are too rare to going kaboom like that"
LilyWhite: "Involves some druidic magic, but masically remaking her from scratch."
mkb: Will, yes -- it's a mix of common and old imperial. The lettering is eerily perfect, everything etched in the metal as by the hand of a machine.
Will: I take it to Lily, and show her the writing, translating if necessary. "Any idea what this means? It's dwarven made..."
someguy (Jusik): it really is a clock...for something
LilyWhite: It's a wind up thinking cap.
Campaign saved.
mkb: The other note below is in Ambrose's writings. "By killing this creature know that you have ended a great mind. I do not blame you. They are not evil, but they must not reach above. Master! You would eat this soul, too?"
someguy (Jusik): ok....THAT is spooky 6 ways from sunday
mkb: The engraving is fine and fills the plate all around the whatever-it-is.
Dee (LilyWhite): Hurry and take it back to them?
Dee (LilyWhite): oh derp
Will: "They must not reach above...Ambrose WAS trying to prevent her from flying higher! There's something up there!"
Will: "She was RIGHT!"
mkb: Right now she's mostly smiling in Will's general direction and sticking her tongue out a little. "pwee?"
LilyWhite: "Quite likely... Well, I think I know that I don't want her to die, but I wish to heed this person's words. Tell me, which do you wish to do?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "I want to see her healed."
LilyWhite: "There are many ways to do that. I can try to replace this, or we can give her a new body."
mkb: Adulf figures at least he should make sure they put her hair back on. "Igor, get Skoty, he has a sapper to train. Yes even if his eye fell off again, actually that way I can look at the damn thing, go, go!"
LilyWhite: "No, she won't be a sapper."
mkb: The tiny clockwork mechanism, after a flurry of activity after being removed has now fallen silent.
mkb: "What do you wanna do, kill her? That's a waste!"
LilyWhite: Is there a winding key on it?
Will: "Please, her."
LilyWhite: "No, no killing her either."
mkb: There's a single screw that holds the 'bug' to the plate.
mkb: It's beveled in so as to not stick out, too.
LilyWhite: Can I twist the bug to wind it?
mkb: Yes
LilyWhite: "Well, which way is the best way to help her?"
Will: "Give her her mind back. All of it. It's what she would want."
Will: "If you can."
mkb: "Whatever that thing did, look under it -- that's mycelium fibers, she must've hit her head real hard a few weeks back.... "
someguy (Jusik): anyone got a fate point to put her brain back together?
Campaign saved.
LilyWhite: "Yes..."
Will: "She mentioned hitting her head..."
LilyWhite: She winds up the plate a few good times, lets it run a couple seconds, then holds it still as she reinstalls it.
Kittymewmew (Will): [honestly I'm tempted to burn one here...but at the same time I'm not sure if it's a good idea for the world in general]
Dee (LilyWhite): Reincarnation? >_>
someguy (Jusik): well last time I checked I had burned through up to you guys
LilyWhite: She chants in a language she doesn't speak, letting healing energies flow into her as she puts it on.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, that seems to reduce the small trickle of blood and cerebral fluid that was being lost; Zalpha's breath becomes more regular.
mkbp (mkb): Small note: Rockhome is a Kingdom, not a Confederation.
Dee (LilyWhite): Yeah, thought that was odd.
someguy (Jusik): not about a when
mkbp (mkb): Mew.
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): way back when...or maybe the future...the dood knew a bit about time lines right?
mkbp (mkb): hold on, kitty's telling me a bunch of stuff about a rocket in FF7 that's kinda cool
someguy (Jusik): ah
Dee (LilyWhite): ahs.
someguy (Jusik): holding on the brain surgry for rocket science
mkbp (mkb): and we're back! ^^
Kittymewmew (Will): ya explaining stuff related to Zalpha
Kittymewmew (Will): Sorry but we're kinda in a "what do we do here" mode.
Dee (LilyWhite): ya.
mkbp (mkb): What you decide will have implications for the fate of the world, the fate of Will, the fate of this tribe, and the fate of whoever tries to look at the other side of the world from above. And Zalpha.
Will: I wrap my hands around Zalpha's and whisper. "Come on. You're better than this. Pull that brain of yourse together..."
Kittymewmew (Will): [throw all my healing in]
mkb: *blink* *blink* yercute! that feels fuzzy!
mkb: Lily, the mechanism is moving again, slowly but accelerating as it finds nothing to push against: you cannot tell if the impact damaged it any, but at least it has been cleaned very very carefuly.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will just looks on, fearful for what's going to happen to her...
LilyWhite: She places it back on, holding it still as long as she can to minimize any odd damage, still chanting.
mkb: Lily, concentration check?
LilyWhite: [3d8+5 = 24]
mkb: Your hand is steady -- you'd expect to feel a little bit of unseen help, but oddly, it's just not there.
mkb: Will, Listen check?
Will: listen [3d8+5 = 17]
-> will: "And so, by the power of love, mere anarchy is loosened upon the world..." You know that Lily didn't say it, but it sounds like her voice.
-> lily: to will: "And so, by the power of love, mere anarchy is loosened upon the world..." You know that Lily didn't say it, but it sounds like her voice.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will looks a bit more O_O than he did five seconds ago.
mkb: "... confusion ... "
Will: Will just looks like he's praying to some unseen force.
someguy (Jusik): Feel The Force
LilyWhite: I will heal her. Killing her to reincarnate her against her will does not sit well with her if her closest isn't for it either.
-> lily: she didn't say anything re reincarnation
-> lily: she just said "if i wake up stupid let me blow up against something worthwhile"
'Dee' disconnected
Campaign saved.
mkb: Outside, there are at least a dozen gobbies waiting on the outcome -- that's pretty much a record, giving their attention span.
mkbp (mkb): did i freak D out O_O
'Dee' connected
someguy (Jusik): I think connection issues
'Dee' identified as 'LilyWhite'
mkbp (mkb): the internets disapprove of my writefaggotry!
Dee (LilyWhite): ? ._.
Kittymewmew (Will): derp?
Dee (LilyWhite): What'd I miss?
mkbp (mkb): nothing, we waited
mkb: Adulf is actually letting Lily work, rather than interjecting. Will, you feel a presence or two nearby... Jusik, Rukti is basically hugging you for comfort.
mkb: Will, as you close your eyes to pray, you see once again the vision of Draconis -- except this time it's the REAL stars below you, and the bright blue globe of the world above. Flashes of light move across it.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik is kinda heart broken...he wanted to tell zalpha about the trick he just pulled on the cleric....he might not get the chance...
Will: I try to open my mind to the presences around me...what am I seeing?
mkb: Lily, as you pray for guidance -- you find there is none, the angel that may or may not guide you is looking away.
LilyWhite: Then I'll just do it on my own. This is what's right, I can't stand the other options.
mkb: Will, you know this can be someone's death bed, and can feel the presence of that fleshless grin familiar to soldiers on the edge, sometimes begged for, sometimes pushed against.
mkb: Jusik, Rukti sees Skoty come in -- no idea how the hell he made it back from Corunglain, and wait a minut, wasn't the eyepatch on the OTHER eye? -- and starts shouting at him to stay the hell away for some reason.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, Zalpha is barely conscious and mostly smiling innocently in Wil's general direction.
-> will: Your healing works a lot better on the conscious, obviously.
Jusik: Jusik jumps the goblin "It would appear I am not the only spy about"
mkb: "Ach, easy, easy! Adulf sent fer the head sapper!"
mkb: Lily, you can see the screw on top of the plate move gently counterclockwise as you carefully and slowly align the thing in place.
Will: "Zalpha, come on, remember! You're the best engineer we've got, don't let me lose you..." I say to her, a strong air of worry in my voice.
someguy (Jusik): he's got the eye patch wrong...and should have been in corunglain....screems spy to me
LilyWhite: "Shhhh..."
mkbp (mkb): either that or random surgery
mkb: "derp? ooo balloon ride?"
Kittymewmew (Will): or new sapper named Skoty :p
mkb: Jusik, they're pushing the airship into position.
someguy (Jusik): how many sappers naked skoty could there be?
someguy (Jusik): and why are they moving the air ship?
Dee (LilyWhite): eww naked skotty
mkbp (mkb): Because they're sorta making the hangar bigger WHILE they move it. Goblins do that.
Will: "Yes, we'll go for a balloon ride..." Will whispers. He looks like he's about to cry. He steps back a bit. He doesn't really know what more he can do for her.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, it's all you -- you can put the plate back in, temporarily stop the screw then put it back in, figure there's a better way....
mkb: Will, Zalpha giggles and smiles.
LilyWhite: can you roll a heal check for me and tell me the best advice? I don't trost my judgement here...
LilyWhite: though I think stopping th escrew works best?
-> lily: Yes, you want that thing to touch the brain while it'in positin, not before
-> lily: so stop the screw and prevent damage, don't and let a bit of damage happen, etc.
-> lily: push down too much and let zalpha go to her rest or to a new life
mkbp (mkb): how does reincarnation even work with RAW
LilyWhite: Lily uses a good knife, or something similar that has a low chance of breaking early, and stops the mechanism while she puts it into position, gently and just even with the rest of the skull.
mkbp (mkb): *looks*
mkb: Lily, the frantic ticking stops!
Campaign saved.
mkb: You push the plate back in position after Adulf quickly puts some powder under it between the metal and the skull, saying it'll let the rivets "take" again. When you let go of the knife, the ticking is slower and more sporadic.
Jusik: check IM for link to SRD Spell for reincarnation
Will: Will just looks on...hoping it works...
mkbp (mkb): thanks
mkb: Will, Zalpha's eyes focus, but her gaze remains vacant. "haai?"
mkb: Adulf looks at Lily and says "Er... Can we talk later? You gotta show me some stuff."
mkb: He's blushing!
LilyWhite: Lily tries winding the screw a little while it's in position. It's obviously designed for that, not like how we took it off.
LilyWhite: "Sure..."
LilyWhite: Her work now done, she drops down onto her rump, looking much more tired than she should.
Will: "Zalpha...are you alright?" I ask her...
LilyWhite: "honeywater... low blood sugar.."
LilyWhite: "Give her time... shesholud recover.."
Will: "Thank you..." I whisper...
Campaign saved.
mkb: Lily, Adulf calls Skoty in -- "Hey, change of plans!" -- snags his bottle of whatever it is, and offers it to Lily.
mkb: Will, Zalpha tries to get up, but the restraints are still thre; one of Adulf's doods fish her scalp out of the box.
mkb: "Did we crash?"
LilyWhite: She takes a swig of the stuff to taste it.
mkb: Lily, this'll either kill you or make you beat up an army.
mkb: Jusik, Skoty is sent back out -- "ach, me bottle of scurmpy!" and stares at you, the ground, and the sky.
Will: "No, we made it home..."I tell Zalpha.
LilyWhite: She takes another swig and gives it back to Adulf, "Now I need food."
Jusik: "You can get another bottle...and what's with the eye patch...wasn't it on the other side last time?"
Will: Will waits to see how Zalpha this a medical miracle?
Will: Is she at least okay?
Will: He's just...relived that she sounds at least like herself..
mkb: "About time Adulf learned left from right, aye?"
mkb: Did he say "aye" or "eye".
mkb: Lily, you see your angel!
mkb: And pink elephants.
Campaign saved.
mkb: And C= shaped things floating in the sky and playing beepy boopy music.
mkb: And carp.
Jusik: "um...aye....eye..?"
Kittymewmew (Will): ROFLMAO
LilyWhite: "...Huh. Well, if I'm getting paid in booze..."
mkb: The bad news is that Lily has passed out and is having a conversation with Timothy Leary, Salamando and His Divine Shadow all in the span of three seconds; the good thing is that they're sewing Zalpha's hair back on. "Will I can't come with you, I made a deal with this man here in town and I gotta pay him back, if I do he's going to free the other doods too..."
'Dee' disconnected
mkbp (mkb): did i do it right or too cheesy?
'Dee' connected
Will: "That all happened already Zalpha. You're back home, it's all fixed."
someguy (Jusik): nah....
Will: I think it worked.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "We're home? Oooh! I hope you get to meet that nice man with the iron mask next time we're in Corunglain! He's shown me all sort of awesome things! We're going to start building a talking box tomorrow! ... wait I can't be back there in time for tomorrow...."
'Dee' disconnected
Jusik: "well...she SOUNDS like Zalpha again" Jusik wipes his brow
mkb: "Did you know there's a whole other different world right there? Like in your pants?" She giggles. "Except with times, you gotta turn around the other other OTHER way a right angle and then you sort of.... I didn't get all that but it's gotta do with time and pants."
mkb: "I think you gotta put your pants over your head. And he's also going to show me how HE makes airships! Like from scratch!"
Will: "Zalpha, you built that already," I say, not giving her details, but letting her remember.
mkb: ".... oh ...."
someguy (Jusik): your pants....having a Red Dwarf flashbacks
Will: "It was really cool! Try to remember..." I say, smiling at her.
mkb: "Did we do the thing with the HUGE skull in the big black room?"
Will: "Yeah, you did, it tried to kill me."
'Dii' connected
Will: "Sorry I had to break it."
Will: "It was really cool though!"
'Dii' identified as 'LilyWhite'
mkbp (mkb): lemme resend for d
Dii (LilyWhite): FINALLY
mkb: The bad news is that Lily has passed out and is having a conversation with Timothy Leary, Salamando and His Divine Shadow all in the span of three seconds; the good thing is that they're sewing Zalpha's hair back on. "Will I can't come with you, I made a deal with this man here in town and I gotta pay him back, if I do he's going to free the other doods too..."
mkb: "We're home? Oooh! I hope you get to meet that nice man with the iron mask next time we're in Corunglain! He's shown me all sort of awesome things! We're going to start building a talking box tomorrow! ... wait I can't be back there in time for tomorrow...."
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Did you know there's a whole other different world right there? Like in your pants?" She giggles. "Except with times, you gotta turn around the other other OTHER way a right angle and then you sort of.... I didn't get all that but it's gotta do with time and pants."
mkb: "I think you gotta put your pants over your head. And he's also going to show me how HE makes airships! Like from scratch!"
Dii (LilyWhite): oh hey, near still has her Talky box. >_
mkb: "Wait not pants! Trousers! Does anyone have any left?"
Jusik: "Your not getting my suit!...Ask Will"
mkb: "Did we actually find a ship that goes under the floor or did I dream that?"
mkb: Adulf asks if you guys have any idea what she's going on about or if she's gone bonkers.
Will: "We found that," I say. "Guy who runs it sold it though."
Will: "said he needed parts to build something else."
mkb: "How about the thing with the big flare to hit the big skull in the eye?"
mkb: "Hey Will has boobies! Awesome! Did he eat the rest of the horse?"
'Dee' connected
'Dee' identified as 'Near'
mkb: Adulf finishes stitching Zalpha's hair back on (he had to do it twice, it was backwards) and says he'll have to put a little ring over the screw or something.
'Dii' disconnected
Campaign saved.
mkb: The dok asks Will and Jusik if they feel confident with letting Zalpha out of the restraints.
mkb: Skoty is muttering something about having to brew up a stronger batch if humans can survive it.
Jusik: "keep her down and let her sleep
Will: I just blush at that.
Will: I tell Adulf that I'll take care of her, and I think she's okay.
mkb: It should be worrisome that while the rstraints have to be latched up the usual way, ther's a lever under the operating table to release them all at once....
someguy (Jusik): that's always kinda mad scientiestly
Kittymewmew (Will): In case of monster breaking your restraints? :P
mkb: Zalpha sits up, looks around, tilts her head, looks outside, then carefully climbs down from the table and, walking a little funny, makes a few steps toward Will.
mkbp (mkb): At least that saves the restraints.
mkbp (mkb): Don't grow on trees, etc.
someguy (Jusik): well...wooden ones DO
Campaign saved.
mkb: And figures the best thing she can do for herself is pounce Will.
Will: I catch her and give her a big hug!
someguy (Jusik):'s the goblin national pass time
mkb: Will, there's an apparently healthy but only debatably sane engineer who is trying to molest you while clinging onto you. Half the tribe is watching.
mkb: Including Near.
mkb: Listen check, everyone?
Will: I blush and carry her off someplace private. "Aw, Zalpha, can that wait a minute...everyone's watching!"
Jusik: listen [3d8 = 11]
-> jusik: Right before Zalpha came to, a grey voice came from nowhere... "devour everything, devour everything, devour everything"
mkb: Will, apparently the answer is somewhere between "no" and "I need to take your trousers off because SCIENCE!"
Jusik: ok....thats REALLY freaking creepy
someguy (Jusik): lol science pants
mkb: Seriously, something half your size is trying to raep you.
Campaign saved.
Near: [3d8 = 16]
Jusik: Jusik raises an eyebrow and then claps his hands loudly, then begins shooing folks out ..."nothing to see here"
-> near: Right before Zalpha came to, a grey voice came from nowhere... "devour everything, devour everything, devour everything"
Will: I just kinda start moving quickly towards an empty hut while trying to stop her from taking off my trousers.
mkb: Will, good, because she's actually managed to flip herself upside down while you're still holding her up, and is nomming on the buttons.
mkb: Rukti says throw something against the hut's doorway, which doesn't quite get obeyed very quickly because everyone's having a laugh at how prudish Will is. Apparently his new appearance is reigniting a lot of discussion about humie sexual dimorphism that were thought to have settled.
mkb: Near, by the look of it... well... you've helped lift the hangar, and so has your little cohort -- at least when stuff was happening nobody gave you a second look. Maybe things will settle...
Will: Once we're in private I just get rid of them for the sake of preserving my trousers. :p
-> near: if you tell everyone what your doods did in the meantime to help around, least everyone knows the names.
Will: and just kinda stand there blushing
Near wants a bath, she's used to similar displays enough where this is mostly just amusing.
Near: tell IC or OOC?
mkb: Will, Zalpha determines accurately that you're back to being a boy and then starts doing something a little scary and quite ecchi with her discovery, but about twenty seconds later falls asleep on your boobs. It's natural sleep and her breath is fine.
-> near: either good :) just random stuff around the camp
Campaign saved.
Will: I just relax and fall asleep with her. That works.
mkb: Will, your left boob is being nommed. Feels considerably better than wearing plate all the time.
mkb: Jusik, you're asked to go invisible and check on Will and Zalpha. Like, by most everybody. Insistently. XD
Near: Of Near's gobbies (?), Natch was one who helped with moving and heavy stuff, along with Machista, both are buff and strong. Poporon wants to help cook, and helps tidy everything up, being a neatfreak for a goblin. Gellamo helps with the ships. Ka'erie is lazy and sleeps.
Dee (Near): Ohgot, I realized with my nickname for goblins, the black goblins - Firblins - are Firbies! DX
mkbp (mkb): LOL
mkb: Poporon is told to go bath -- it takes a bit for Poli to figure out that she's NOT covered in soot.
mkb: It looks like that at least for now this little corner of the world is back to whatever passes for normal around here....
mkbp (mkb): how'd that work out? phew. ^^;
Kittymewmew (Will): Whew
Dee (Near): Hmm?
Kittymewmew (Will): that worked out surprisingly well
Kittymewmew (Will): Great GMing as usual
Dee (Near): Oh, ya. Was fun! I got to do brain surgery! :D
someguy (Jusik): for bloody insanity things are remarkably doing well
mkb: Not many of you remain awake for long, but -- did something just flew under the moon?
someguy (Jusik): dun dun DUNNNN
mkbp (mkb): Looks like you're going down the left leg.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Least you didn't break the seam. :3
Dee (Near): eek?
someguy (Jusik): or get anything stuck in the fly
mkbp (mkb): Did anyone ever get around to determining Zalpha's physical gender?
Dee (Near): Dual? :V Probably female leaning
Kittymewmew (Will): Will at one point or another probably found out :p
mkb: [1d4 = 2]
mkbp (mkb): So, before we go sleepies, questions/comments/wtfisgoinon/conspiracy theories?
Near: Not that my brain can come up with. Need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep
mkbp (mkb): ninies!
mkbp (mkb): hope it was fun mew?
Dee (Near): Was very fun!
Dee (Near): Night!
mkbp (mkb): nini!
someguy (Jusik): very fun...
'Dee' disconnected
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Jusik, remember you can backstab most humanoids and possibly get away with it :p
mkbp (mkb): the magical message thing was brilliant :D
someguy (Jusik): true...but it's just a few minor problems when they're important people
Kittymewmew (Will): derpderpderpderp.
Kittymewmew (Will): I'm in wtf is going on mode honestly
mkbp (mkb): you got a couple extra pieces of the puzzle, actually.
someguy (Jusik): and was a god plan for something to pull out of your ass
someguy (Jusik): the troops are there for support and don't directly answer to the church by the sounds of it...
mkbp (mkb): ambrose probably caused zalpha to hit her head, fixed it best he could, and warned that it may not be the best idea in the long run to let too-smart goblins around
mkbp (mkb): ya, they had the barons insigna
mkbp (mkb): baron kelvin i mean
someguy (Jusik): ah...ok so thats a hint on who is in bed poltically with the =I= guys
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): XD
mkbp (mkb): yep
someguy (Jusik): well...I got to ninja around and spy...we got some brain sugrey and possible Doom(tm) from fixing zalpha....still...good to have the enginner back
mkbp (mkb): Yeppers
Jusik: and possible chief chef later
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): lol
Jusik: the drama...and the paranoia alert is going up and up...which is always great fun
mkbp (mkb): haha
someguy (Jusik): and now...sleepies...need to figure out some job stuff tomorrow hopefully...I'll skip the brain implants, they might be running Vista
mkbp (mkb): nini!!

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'someguy' identified as 'Jusik'
someguy (Jusik): spy here
Kittymewmew (Will): Ahoy fellow followers of the great derp? :p
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): classless here
mkbp (mkb): meep.
Dee (Near): Moo?
someguy (Jusik): ?
mkbp (mkb): meow!
mkbp (mkb): can has recap?
Near: We got back to the Titan's Fart. Turns out bad stuff happened while we were gone (as usual): Remia got possessed, went nutso and blew up a lotta folks and the Inquisition came by. Well, we managed to avoid exterminatus, and then started getting everything cleaned up. Jusik got the rest of the =I= to think the cleric inquisitor that nasuea-nuked the camp was under the demon's influence. Back at camp, Lily wound up doing brain surgery on Zalpha. Hopefully not messing her up anymore than she already was.
Near: Good thing about all this excitement is the gobbies seem to be fine with Near, and her doods, so.
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): Mew!
mkbp (mkb): Or maybe they were distracted.
Will: Also Zalpha was doing some sort of science on Will's trousers. He may wake up with the Techno-Trousers.
mkb: No, but he does wake up without trousers -- Zalpha fully intended to molest Will but fell asleep because recovering from brain surgery. How about the rest of you?
Near: Near and her doods used wagon as hut and turned in earlyish. Cept maybe the ones that wanted to do things.
Near: Lily is wherever they put her unconcious carcass while she was out
Dee (Near): brb
Jusik: Jusik spends some time talking things over with the chief and cook about the current state of goblin politics
Dee (Near): back
mkb: The current state of goblin politics is that everyone is (a) bored of not doing anything cool and (b) a lil worried coz there haven't been any tadpoles coming in from the woods at all.
mkb: Morning finds all of you sleeping in a little and discovering that breakfast is just some oatmeal because the food variety has gone down lately, largely due to the fact that trade stopped.
Will: Will has brought plenty of solutions to the former...
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik worries abit over how all this clear cutting is effecting the camp, and the fugal mass in particular...something to talk with the doc over breakfast with....
mkb: Near, did you park your stuff inside our outside of the palisade?
Near: Near does her morning exercises with Machista and Natch, then everyone goes to get a bath, if they have to be bodily picked up and dunked.
Near: [1d6 = 2]
Near: Outside.
mkbp (mkb): lol
mkb: The stream is pretty clean; there's almost no soap left, but eh....
Near: Can go to buy more soap. (>'_')=
mkb: One interesting thing is that the stationary balloon is being kept up even at night, if at all possible -- namely not today because whoever was suppoised to keep the fire going forgot. That said, there isn't much firewood left, either.
mkb: By and large it seems that Remia's rampage caused about twenty deaths, four of which have reanimated spontaneously and are being kept in what's left of the prisoner pen.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will doesn't really know what to tell the goblins about the zombies; he says they can't really be returned to the fungal mass when they die, or it might mean no more tadpoles ever, or zombie tadpoles, or something.
Near: Lily'll be interested in the reanimated ones, definately.
mkb: That they had figured out -- one thing that Rukti's actually curious about is how do you bigger doods do funerals usually... other than burning bodies on a fire and not using it to cook stuff on.
Near: Near explains normal funeral rites for her folk... Which is usually burning, but ya.
Near: But the rituals behind it are more important than the actual act.
Will: Will explains some of the different rites he's seen, similar burnings to those of Near's people, burials such as those his own people often use, and the great tombs of the dwarves
Jusik: Jusik is talking things over with the doc about the mound for a bit...and looking around....starts thinking it might be a good idea to move on again...this spot is starting to look rather bare...and even with trade things are getting scarce
Near: She does wind up mentioning the funeral Carrier got. Yay lava burial?
someguy (Jusik): lava?
mkbp (mkb): meep?
mkb: Jusik, Adulf honestly has no idea what to make of it: dig a big hole further into the woods and put the fungal mass in there? Leave? He's a doctor, dammit, not a botanist!
mkbp (mkb): waited 2 years for that line
Campaign saved.
someguy (Jusik): *snicker* ok...walked right into that one
mkb: "And just chucking bodies in the river is bad, right?"
Near: If near overhears that, she offers her help. It is "Make a bigger hole and keep it covered ye retards", though maybe worded a bit less condescending.
mkb: Near, to your surprise you end up having about two dozen volunteers for just that, mostly ferals. Some have shovels. One has a giant fork for some reason.
Will: "Yes, bad."
someguy (Jusik): fork? least it's not a keyblade
Kittymewmew (Will): fish!
Near: "Well, there's your workforce, that what you want to do?" She asks Jusik and Rukti.
mkbp (mkb): fish!
Dee (Near): Fish!
mkbp (mkb): Player vote on level cap please
Kittymewmew (Will): 8 is fine by me
Jusik: "Move it under some cover for now...right doc? Cool and wet....a spot near the river?"
Dee (Near): If we go three arcs, 9 or 10
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): map is horribly outdated
mkb: "That's a big thing to move, how do we do that without breaking it?
mkb: That's Rukti -- he's obviously eyeing the airship hangar.
mkb: Around you, breakfast is slowly being nommed, with somewhat less enthusiasm than usual.
Near: "Rolling, probably. Though lifting it all at once also works. Mine, well, We just moved ourself."
Jusik: the mental image of the Mass falling out of the sky and landing on the cleric makes Jusik snicker in an evil manner for a few moments
mkbp (mkb): Did anyone leave any money in the camp?
Near: Near's trying to advise instead of tell. ._.
mkbp (mkb): lol
-> near: ya
Dee (Near): Well, the money from the dragon we got. >_>
someguy (Jusik): all the cash was in the airship after the dragon bit...along with the head and hide that Vyn was saving for armour
Kittymewmew (Will): money from the dragon?
Dee (Near): Yeah, assload of coins.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh right Zalpha took the dragon's horde
Kittymewmew (Will): *hoard
Kittymewmew (Will): derp
Kittymewmew (Will): or wait no Rukti had it
Kittymewmew (Will): we dropped it off at the ship
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): also Hextor's remaining money, and I think most of Near's remaining money
mkb: One thing that is true is that most tents have been replaced with wooden huts -- by the look of it the goblins, confined to the village and its vicinity decided to fortify (as much as they can understand it) and make themselves a little comfier.
Dee (Near): Actually, most of near's money outside of that hoard was in her haversack and got vanished. Of course, she's managed to gain more back due to you guys leaving Mars's bones, so yay.
mkb: Near, the would-be diggas are looking between you and Jusik, mostly... "Hey doods, I need to go have a LONG talk with Zalpha, is she awake?"
mkb: Rukti seems a little uncomfortable -- do goblins blush? Probably not.
Will: "I think so," I say, pointing Rukti towards where I last saw her.
Near shrugs. "Well, your decision, Jusik, what do you want to do for now?"
mkb: Will, she did wake up for about ten seconds, kissed you a whole bunch all over, and fell back to sleep.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "Lets get settled for a hole a bit further down stream and under some cover of some trees...some tarp too maybe...I'll take this bunch and get started" Jusik calls out for the labourers to follow him and starts walking for the river bank
Will: I go check on her, and see if she's awake. If not, I tell Rukti to try later.
Near: "Right-o." She gives a respectful quick salute and goes to find Gellamo, themechanical limbs and some of the TF engineers.
mkb: Jusik, the ferals look at Near first, then figure out you're in charge and follow you -- very closely, since you have a habit of disappearing. Scree also wanted to help, possibly feeling a little responsible for the deforestation -- uh, no, it looks like he mostly wanted to stab the ground with the giant fork he got who knows where.
mkb: Near, as far as you can tell, your previous incarnation's shoulder and hip sockets are intact; you had two arms, one of which used to have a flamethrower on it, and the glider bits: the spider body was found, very aged, inside your cave. You have no way to determine whether that stuff works or not; Gellamo is mostly interested in the glider launchers.
mkb: Will, Zalpha is writing some very complicated math on the pair of trousers you left there. At least you think so -- it could be the sort of stuff you saw associated with Ambrose, or it could be scribbles that look like it.
Will: I ask her what she's working on!
Campaign saved.
Will: I also ask her if she'd like something better to write on.
mkb: "It's all I can remember of that whole big mess under the floor! And I'm almost sure it was on pants the first time. Uhm only they were painted on a blackboard but well real pants should be better then no?"
Near: Near considers things, and figures she'll probably send these things back to base camp if her plan went through properly.
mkb: Jusik, Scree asks you what we're doing with the trees next!
mkb: He has a giant fork and doesn't afraid to use it.
Will: "Painted on a blackboard? Trousers? The mess under the floor? You mean when you were in the caves?"
Near: She lets Gella continue doing things, if he's more interested in the launchers, eh. She brought him to learn and that's still learning. She figures she'll get a hunting party set up for finding Remia.
Jusik: "We want to clear a spot for the big gooey ball, and keep the trees around it for shade, so no more cutting then we have to"
Will: Will continues to comfort Zalpa, and asks if she needs anything. Also says Rukti has some important stuff to say, should I send him in?
mkb: Will, you get a lot of nods and a very confused explanation of this blackboard with lights on it, one thing the nice man with the mask drew a lot were trousers. Some had three or four legs. Was that for Machista? He kept talking about pants and time and predictions. Zalpha thinks that predicting the weather and being any good at it would be cool, you could plan ahead for what winds blow where and get around faster.
mkb: "Am I in trouble?"
mkb: Jusik, that may be a bit of a concept....
Campaign saved.
Will: "No, I don't think you're in trouble," I say, and I go get Rukti to see what he wants, saying she's kinda working on something, and I can't really understand what.
mkb: Near, you really have no problems finding volunteers, again mostly ferals. Markal wants to know if he can come with: Mari intentionally her glider trying to at least bring Remia down to the ground, but ended up melted.
Dee (Near): Mari's gone? :<
mkb: "I wanna see if she's all there or not! And we gotta talk about a bunch of other things. And I wanna know what the new ship does and so on."
Jusik: "well it's either that or we make some big shell over it to keep it all warm and wet and out of the light..." Jusik looks a bit confused....he's not an engineer or archetict...seen a hard can it be?
mkbp (mkb): Apparently!
Near: She gets Poporon to select the best scouts among them and the rest of the tribe. Near says Markal can definately come, then, just that he should be careful.
mkb: Jusik, as you get close to the fungal mass you do note that there are no tadpoles forming from it and even the bunch of little critters and stuff that inhabit it are scarce.
Near: Poporon's going to lead the hunters, not herself.
Will: Will tells Rukti to go ahead, should be fine, and says he wants to talk to him about trade after.
mkb: Near, Markal asks if you want him to scout ahead or what! Poporon starts asking around: Rossiu's either still asleep or happy enough to be home that she doesn't want people to bother her.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Yes, go ahead and find the most likely places she can be. Do not engage at all, we want you to come back in one piece, you hear?"
mkb: Will, Rukti looks a bit unhappy in general; hopefully getting his friend back will do something for that. You get the idea that this place has seen better days, despite the new construction, the little green men are a lot less hyperactive than usual.
mkb: Near, that would probably get a salute among humans; here it gets you a lot of yesses and a general scramble to everyone's respective hut or bunk to get their gear. Markal just goes "uh uh" at the do not engage part.
mkb: Jusik, Scree starts getting ready to burn some trees to make a clearing!
Will: Why are we burning and not chopping? :P
Jusik: Eep "No burny, cut down...we got enough problems without toasting the whole forest!"
Near: "I mean it, if you die, then noone will know where she is. You'll get your chance, it just isn't now." She says to Markall. She doesn't want to lose anyone else, more than any other concern at the moment.
Jusik: "you can try and knock one down with the fork if ya like"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Hwdd!"
Will: Will notices all the commotion, and asks Near what's going on
Near: "I'm organizing a searching party."
Will: "For?"
mkb: Jusik, you know Scree's smart enough to read a few words AND to maintain a very dangerous weapon he won't let anyone else touch, but you gotta wonder -- is he actually trying to stab a tree?
Near: "Finding Remia is a big concern."
Will: "You don't think she's flown off?"
mkb: As in, repeatedly.
someguy (Jusik): as long as it's not burning us all alive...fork away
Near: "Doubtful. Where wolud she or it go? The inquisition here also says that she's likely to be around."
mkb: Near, your little scout party has dispersed to get their stuff; Markal's loudly demanding for an engineer to prep a catapult, and getting the first wad of mud of the day thrown at him.
Near: "Don't you think they'd hear about a demon running amok somewhere else?"
mkb: Jusik, where are you digging?
Jusik: down river from our current camp, say about 100 yards into the tree line, but still fairly close to the water
Will: "The Inquisitor here is largely a fool. Where would she go? Anywhere she can wreak havoc? If she's truly possessed, what would bind her to this place?"
Near: "There is never a single inquisitor."
Campaign saved.
Near: "Where would she go indeed? There's nothing binding her here, but there is also nothing to take her away."
Near: "So best to exhaust the area searching for her before we rule out her being elsewhere."
mkb: Jusik, you follow the creek up to where you can see it merges with the main river; the soil here is healthy, although there aren't any tall trees in place. You do have to tell your doods to dig ONE hole, please.... Scree is nowhere in sight, is he still stabbing the same tree?
Will: "The Inquisition is not some hive mind. They may or may not have spent much effort on magical communications. I understand your concern, though. Good luck."
Will: "Assuming you have no desire of my company, of course."
mkbp (mkb): OR ARE THEY
Jusik: Jusik tries to get them all digging in one spot..with a few minor threats of stabby for those that get too shovel happy...and as long as Scree isn't Forking with me, he can fork off
Near: She shrugs, "Actually, I had something to discuss with you. You said before that I meant a lot to you, and you considered me a friend, but your actions to me had only been of contempt and those of a superior to an underling. How does your heart truly feel?"
mkb: Jusik, intimidate roll?
Campaign saved.
Jusik: worry or get the stabby [3d8+3 = 8]
someguy (Jusik): wow I suck
mkb: Will, Near, some of the scouts (and Poporon, whose stuff was all in one place) are slowly returning. Since you're talking, they start batting stones into the river; the yells of the gobbies who get hit by the occasional miss don't bother you.
Dee (Near): ._.
Will: "I said that to your mother. You, so far, have only shown me traces of her. To me you are two different people. You have yet to prove yourself, and I worry for your sanity."
mkb: Jusik, it looks like this crew is a lot unrulier than they were a few minutes ago... you're still getting a bunch of small holes rather than a big one. Scree comes out of the trees brandishing a crude stone hatchet, and attacks another tree by running headlong into it. It's not doing a whole lot of damage, but he looks a lot happier.
Will: "As I would anyone who is the spawn of that woman."
Near: "What about my sanity? I have naught but her memories and an echoe of her soul, but I do consider myself the same, at least until my split from her."
Will: "That is what worries me, you see yourself as her, and yet you seem very different. Embrace yourself as another person, it may serve you better, no?"
Jusik: Jusik face palms
Near: "It all depends. I know myself fairly well, and what my memories say I am, I am. Regardless, you haven't answered my question. Why did your actions not mesh with how you apparently feel?"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Because you are not her."
Will: "Need I put it more clearly?"
mkb: "Hudda hudda hu!"
mkb: Jusik, this is fast degenerating into a "who throws the most dirt in whose face" contest.
mkb: It's a decent way to till soil, at least...
Kittymewmew (Will): Yay goblins? >_>
Near: "No, but I believe I do. To Nightmare, you always secondguessed her, you treated her as if she were a servant and a barbarian, despite her being 2 moons your elder, and just as much a knight as you. And yet you tell me you see her as a friend?"
Jusik: Jusik quietly slips back to the camp...looking to borrow Near for 'intimidation' purposes
someguy (Jusik): your big and works
mkbp (mkb): Note that the few goblin tribes who practice agriculture tend to use surplus sappers as fertilizer / tilling agents.
someguy (Jusik): which is why I need to stop the "dig a hole to the hollow world" contest here
mkb: Jusik, as you get back into the camp, you find Adulf and Skoty discussing on the possibility of zombie sappers: the problem is steering them. Adulf would rather try to make more sentries, but other than with Sosho that hasn't worked nearly at all. The dok is also considering opening up Zalpha again for his own curiosity.
Will: "If that's the way she feels...I am surprised. I knew not her age, she came to me a child in her own mind, reckless and without temper, and I never saw her as a servant. Woman-at-arms, certainly. I was hoping to teach her some discipline, as I saw none in her."
Campaign saved.
Jusik: Jusik sneaks up on the 2 "No playing with Zalpha's brain unless asked...and no zombie explosives...they'll get goo all over the place...and then we get zombies we don't where are the big people?"
Near: "So your memory isn't quite so clear. Regardless, I am a bit more clear on your feelings, though I do hope you don't always treat those you see as equals like that."
Will: I shrug. She certainly has one quality of the old Near: absolute arrogance. She'll probably suffer the same fate. Sad, really, but he feels much less for her than the old one.
Near: If there's enough of the scouts together, Near'll call Poporon over to give him the plan for searching, and then tell him to start moving them out.
mkb: Jusik, you're pointed just south of the hangar where the scout doods are slowly assembling. "I'm not asking, I'm telling -- besides we gotta make a ring or something for that screw or I will have to open her head up every once in a while, and her hair will get all messed up, and she's gonna get mad at me, and I'm gonna get mad at you!"
Near: "Or did you ever see her as your equal?" She turns back to Will.
mkb: Will, one thing that you notice is that the darker-skinned critters seem to be a lot more disciplined than your garden-variety gobbies.
Will: "In all honesty? No. I need to discuss further trade with Ironforge with Rukti. Good luck in your search."
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "No...see if she gets mad at you then the big Sir shiney pants gets mad at you and then we have to scrape you off the bottom of his go talk to zalpha NICE like...then maybe you get somewhere...but NO ZOMBIE EXPLOSIVES, at least until you get something that can stop them when they won't work right"
Near: "Hrmmf. Then I will have to ask you for something. A duel for respect. You were a man we thought we could look up to, but you slowly proved us wrong. Would you like to change that opinion?"
Will: "I see little that force of arms would prove here. If you are Near, then there is little to settle: with a sword she was always my better."
Near: "A duel is not always swordplay!"
mkb: Jusik, you get to where Near and Will were -- Adulf is giving up on the issue, partly because of you and parytly because Skoty sounded unconvinced.
Near: "How one duels, their personal beliefs are displayed in the ring."
Will: "See, this is what I mean - even smiple expressions of language soar past you."
Near: "I can say the same for you."
Will: "If you wish my honesty, Near is an uncultured barbarian for whom I have much respect and care. If you can understand that."
Will: "You may see me the same."
Will: "Perhaps in your lands it will be true."
Near: "Uncultured? That is a very, very terrible insult to my people."
Near: Her voice has lost much of it's friendliness, and turns cold.
Will: "You wanted my honesty. Perhaps now I'll be less ready to share it."
Campaign saved.
Near: "If you do not understand the importance of the duel... How can you begin to call yourself a warrior, let alone a knight?"
Will: "I understand, and very well, if this has such meaning to you, then I accept."
Jusik: Jusik heads over for the big people and makes a mental note to take a closer look at the sentries and the rest of the doc's 'projects' in the future
mkb: The gobbies are slowly backing off, while still looking like they're ready to go, sorta.
Near: She visibly calms, "Thank you. Wooden wasters or staves?"
-> jusik: may wanna go get the dok >_>
Will: I raise an eyebrow. "Nightmares would have asked for first blood. Staves will do."
Near: "First blood would not prove what's needed." She gets a pair of quarterstaves from her wagon and returns.
Will: "I see," I say. "Well, let us see what can be proven!"
mkb: Near, good thing you do: finding a straight taff that isn't part of something would've been a bit of a problem....
Jusik: "Oh darn you tall buggers" Jusik starts back for the doc and shouts for skotty to bring the diggers back...either to help pull these 2 apart...or to just watch the show
mkb: In about ten seconds, pretty much everyone who isn't doing something has gotten around you, where there's room.
Near: She offers Will choice of which of the two staves.
Campaign saved.
Will: Assuming there's no difference in them I take the one held in Near's dominant hand.
Dee (Near): So left.
Kittymewmew (Will): *nod* didn't know but would have observed it by now
Kittymewmew (Will): Green sprays are ?
Near: She nods, takes a few steps off, then turns back to face him and takes a ready stance with it.
mkb: Jusik, Adulf, Igor and Fredk have nothing better to do; Skoty oddly isn't terribly interested.
mkbp (mkb): trees that are left
Kittymewmew (Will): Kies.
mkb: He does go into the storehouse and haul some fragile-looking stuff away from it, though.
Near: initiative for determining who gets to go first. [3d8+6 = 26]
Dee (Near): Uhhh, ya.
Will: initiative [3d8 = 13]
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah.
someguy (Jusik): good the skrumpy bottles...assuming thats what "fragile looking stuff" is
Near: She sets up defensively, taking several breaths and choosing to let Will take the first move. [Absolute Steel, Full Defense action.]
-> jusik: If at any moment you want to interrupt this, you can hit either of them over the head instead of stabbing them.
Will: Will watches her defensive posture, observing, and dropping his staff into a long guard as if it were a pike against his left foot. [Roots of the Mountain, Full Defense action]
Campaign saved.
Jusik: jusik will watch for now...if it looks like it's going to get deadly he'll be ready to bash some one over the head
mkb: "Hey! Do something someone!"
mkb: No idea who called for that.
Near: "Hmhm, not so willing to take initiative, eh? Fair enough." She starts with a rush and thrust of the staff as it were a spear towards Will's stomach. [Charge attack, -2 CE]
Near: [3d8+11 = 19]
mkb: Gellamo is currently being interrogated by Igor, who goes off to tell Adulf that some of the fake limbs are back and maybe we get to use them again!
Kittymewmew (Will): Whiff.
Dee (Near): Dangits ._.
Will: Will steps left, putting the tree to Near's back as he takes the opening and thrusts hard forward with his Pike! [Mountain Hammer, Subduing Strike, 4 Mastery Points]
Will: and you're at -2 AC for the charge. [3d8+9 = 22]
Kittymewmew (Will): If that hits tell me how much I beat your AC by
Kittymewmew (Will): At leats in increments of 4 as I get bonus nonlethal damage
Near: Near's staff flies up toward's Will's own thrust, as she grins. [3d8+11 = 30]
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh right superpowers.
Dee (Near): Yay Wall of Blades :V
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): If this turns into a refresh loop I'm not sure what to do.
mkb: Near, you're backed up against a tree as you parry.
mkb: Jusik, Rukti is trying to come towards you while not being seen.
Near: "Good, good!" Near shoulders the stave on one sholder, freeing her hand and steps close to Will, locking one foot behind his and shoulder slamming into him. [Trip attempt. yay improved trip. :3] [3d8+15 = 22]
Jusik: Jusik takes his eyes off the mess the talk folks are making to go see what rukti wants
Kittymewmew (Will): Trip attack hits, str checks
Will: strength vs trip [3d8+12 = 24]
Kittymewmew (Will): trip this :p
Near: [3d8+8 = 19]
Kittymewmew (Will): Nope!
Dee (Near): How's yours +12?
Kittymewmew (Will): Roots of the Mountain, +10 vs trips
mkb: "Is this a serious fight or are they just playing? No, because if it's a serious fight I'm having Adulf stitch them together afterward."
Will: return the trip attempt [3d8+2 = 17]
Kittymewmew (Will): (free action)
Will: Will just stands his ground, and with a subtle shift back, he tries to send Near to the ground!
Near: [3d8+8 = 21]
Jusik: "I haven't a clue...and I'm debating bonking the both of them...but their humans...all they do is fight"
Kittymewmew (Will): Didn't expect that to work though you don't actually get the +4 there
Kittymewmew (Will): actually wait
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): myu .-.
Kittymewmew (Will): what happens on a tie for a trip?
mkb: "Dunno about Near there. Eh, go for it.... wait is Scree out with the diggers?"
Dee (Near): Dm's choice
Kittymewmew (Will): Kies.
mkbp (mkb): You both fall down!
Kittymewmew (Will): ROFLwut.
mkbp (mkb): GET THE CHAIR!
Kittymewmew (Will):'re serious, we're both tripped?
Dee (Near): Wel, since you put yourself offbalance to try and return it, it makes sense.
mkbp (mkb): No, but you both start prone
Kittymewmew (Will): *nodnod*
someguy (Jusik): ashes ashes you all fall down
Dee (Near): Since I still have my move action~
Near: Near rolls over as they both collapse to the ground, getting some distance from Will.
Will: Will slips on a rock as he catches Near's trip, staggering back. He catches himself with his staff, and lands on one knee. Standing quickly, he readies himself against another attack. [stand from prone, refresh manoeuvres, fight defensively]
Near: "So you are capable of tactics." She flips herself to stand up, and enters a non-stance. After all, how's leaving yourself open for attacks a stance?
Campaign saved.
Near: To Victory! Stance
Kittymewmew (Will): btw what is Near wearing at the moment? Her breastplate and chain?
Near: "Well, do you want to be at this all day? I'm sure you can end this if you wanted."
Dee (Near): Yes.
someguy (Jusik): actually I think in Kenjitsu there is a stance like that
mkbp (mkb): lol
Dee (Near): Kenjitsu, not western martial arts. :p
Will: Will grins, poking in with his staff, and rocking back, having a guess as to what she's up to. [defensive strike, fighting defensively]
Will: defensive strike [3d8+3 = 14]
Dee (Near): Miss~
Kittymewmew (Will): Describe it?
Kittymewmew (Will): You said you left yourself completely open.
Kittymewmew (Will): Either you did something clever or I can't miss ;)
Kittymewmew (Will): (also my AC is at +4 until next round)
Near: As the clumsy blow donks against her armour, Near raises her own staff into the air, "Weak! Weak! Weak!" [Mountain Hammer] [3d8+12 = 31]
Near: And brings it down full force towards Will's shoulder.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_o
Dee (Near): What? :V
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): Appearing open is different from being open.
mkbp (mkb): Well, no, you have to actually close up
mkbp (mkb): and would he have hit before?
Dee (Near): No, even if I was flatfooted.
mkbp (mkb): 14 low?
Dee (Near): Flatfooted AC of 15, so ya.
Kittymewmew (Will): O_o kies.
Dee (Near): Is that a hit? I don't know your AC
Kittymewmew (Will): Yeah, barely.
Near: Ignores DR~ [3d6+6 = 14]
mkbp (mkb): so w/ penalty wouldn't Will hit?
Kittymewmew (Will): Meh. I'll greatshield it.
Kittymewmew (Will): No effects or damage 1/encounter. :)
Dee (Near): No, because with the -2 from the 3d8 we're using, he rolled a 12.
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya.
mkbp (mkb): kies
Dee (Near): Greatshield wat
Kittymewmew (Will): Fighter: Heavy Armour Specialization.
Dee (Near): Ah.
Kittymewmew (Will): it's greatshield from Fire Emblem
mkb: Jusik, spot check?
Will: Will just completely ignores the blow, and realizes NOW she's probably opened herself up for real.
Campaign saved.
Will: Will takes a quick step back then lunges hard with his staff, throwing his full weight behind a blow to the chest, looking to knock Near off balance. [Mountain Hammer, Demoralizing Strike, Mastery +4]
Will: [3d8+8 = 19]
Dee (Near): Hit.
Kittymewmew (Will): You're at -1 to attacks, damage, and saves until end of encounter.
Dee (Near): Or until my next turn.
Kittymewmew (Will): If you want to.
mkb: Around you the cheering has largely stopped: this looks serious, gobbies tend to not attract attention to themselves when there are larger critters fighting, and so there's generally silence.
Will: damage [3d6+3 = 13]
Kittymewmew (Will): (ignores dr)
Jusik: spot check for jusik [3d8+6 = 18]
mkb: Jusik, Markal seems to have gotten fed up: he's about to launch off in his glider.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Hehe, nothing to say?" She grins, "That's fine," she shifts again to focus guarding herself a little more and spinning her quarter staff a moment, taking a step back as she lashes out with her quarterstaff. [CE-3, Absolute Steel, Refresh manouvres and Iron Heart Surge] [3d8+8 = 26]
Dee (Near): err that's +10 due to IHS
Jusik: "What now!" Jusik shouts as he turns to the launchers
mkb: Sproing! [1d4 = 1]
Dee (Near): [IHS comes AFTEr refresh.]
mkb: Markal is airborne! It'd be nice if his glider also was.... looks like someone'll have to get him off a tree again.
Kittymewmew (Will): how are you attacking
Kittymewmew (Will): I thought IHS was a standard action still
mkb: "Aaaaaaaaaaicanseemyhutfromhereaaaaaaaaa*splat*frush*frush*
Kittymewmew (Will): You also can't refresh if you'er using a boost :p
Kittymewmew (Will): If it IS swift
Kittymewmew (Will): If you can/do attack, btw, hit.
Dee (Near): Derp, it's standard. Thought was swift. Ignore attack, then, it's just aflourish to clear her mind.
Kittymewmew (Will): So you're IHSing or Refreshing?
Near: IHS, and she's hopping back 10 feet.
Kittymewmew (Will): Kies.
Jusik: Jusik facepalms....and pokes the doc to follow as the spy goes to scrape markal off the forest floor
Will: Will presses his advantage, and surges forward! [Battle Leader's Charge, Demoralizing Blow again]
Will: HYAH! [3d8+6 = 17]
Dee (Near): Miss :D
Kittymewmew (Will): One short.
Kittymewmew (Will): Lucky.
Dee (Near): 2 actual, thanks to Absolute steel.
Kittymewmew (Will): Which you never put back on. You're still in To Victory.
Kittymewmew (Will): So actually I hit. ^_^
Dee (Near): No, I said Absolute Steel.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh it's in the massive pile of illegal spam. Kies. :P
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): So miss then.
Near: Refreshed in vigor, Near lashes out with a sweeping strike from her quarter staff! [CE-2, refreshing now] [3d8+11 = 26]
Kittymewmew (Will): Not sure if you can CE on a refresh, says "and do nothing else", also how the fsk are you at +11 with CE
mkbp (mkb): I'm learning stuff here.
Dee (Near): IHS gives +2 to next roll.
Kittymewmew (Will): Ah right.
Kittymewmew (Will): with the charge that hits.
Near: Damage [1d6+6 = 8]
Will: The hit seems to have a bit of an effect, but barely fazes the knight. "Well played," he says, knowing full well this is either going to be a test of endurance he wins, or a called fight he loses. He steps back into a guarded stance again, looking for an opening [Defensive Strike, Fight Defensively, refresh]
Will: (Defensive Strike is a called shot not a manoeuvre btw)
Will: backing off [3d8+3 = 18]
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh yeah of COURSE that hits. :P
Dee (Near): Yep.
Campaign saved.
Near: Wait
mkbp (mkb): drr
Near: [3d8+9 = 24]
Kittymewmew (Will): wall of blades?
Dee (Near): Yep
Kittymewmew (Will): Kies!
Near: Another flash as she moves to parry again.
Will: There was barely a strike to parry, and Will smiles.
Near: "Really, now, what are you trying to do? You will tire before I."
mkb: Near, Will, a few of the scouts are actually taking notes, so to speak, pointing this or that to each other. One seems to want to do real-time commentary, but gets hit with a bag of sand instead.
Will: "You think so? You don't know the bond of a knight and his armour. I haven't even broken a sweat."
Near: She takes steps forward, "Then let's change that, things are only now going to heat up!" It is quite not a charge as her staff comes forward in a thrust towards Will. Then, partway towards him, an apparent flame erupts around the head! [3d8+11 = 31]
Dee (Near): Flaming Fist, derp
mkbp (mkb): I HAVE FURY!
Kittymewmew (Will): Yup, just hits.
Near: [3d6 of is fire damage] [4d6+6 = 23]
Will: OW, crazy rolls yay?
Will: "Sorcery? Really now, I see your true colours."
Campaign saved.
mkbp (mkb): that's a new one to me...
Near: "So you speak now. A warrior intune with his body can do much. Relying on armour prevents you from understanding that!"
Will: Will takes the brunt of the flame on his chest, as it scorches his staff and his armour. "THAT was rather uncalled for, and the REAL Near had no such magic!"
mkb: The goblins closest to you take a few steps back, shuffling backwards against those who are pushing to look.
Near: "I! Am! Real!"
Will: I throw down the staff. "Perhaps the inquisition was not so foolish to be here."
Near: "You used your own skills to surpass your human body, and expect me to be fine with it? I am. But when I do the same, you decide to quit?"
Near: "That is very much LESS than what I expected of you, William."
mkb: A few of the gobbies are standing up.
Will: "You have not seen me throwing arcane fire."
Kittymewmew (Will): (sorry, but to any sensible being, and game mechanics, he's right, I haven't used a single Su all fight)
mkb: By and large they didn't think much was attached to this fight, although there are a few boos, directed possibly at either of you -- what is true is that the goblins that Near is facing are kinda stepping back a little.
Campaign saved.
Near: "And was that outruled in the start? When Akhara did the same to me, did I complain?"
Will: "Your fight with Akhara was not some duel in a ring with wooden sticks. He may well have killed you."
Near: "Actually, Yes. It WAS."
Dee (Near): We DID duel with sticks.
someguy (Jusik): no...the first fight WAS a teaching lesson...with sticks...
Kittymewmew (Will): [really? Weird, I was healing off a LOT of lethal damage on Akhara after that]
Dee (Near): That was the only fight those two had.
Dee (Near): And yes.
Near: "Do you doubt your armour now?"
someguy (Jusik): well...when hextor went nuts you nearly fragged akhara too...
someguy (Jusik): that wasn't much of a fight as a SPLAT
Will: "No, I do not," I say, levelling my hammer from my back sling. "I only doubt myself for ever trusting you!"
Will: [heal and refresh]
Near: Near maintains her hold on the quarter staff.
mkb: That gets a reaction -- it's probably serious now! The goblins sit down again.
-> jusik: Rukti is coming close to you again.
Near: She sighs, flourishing with a quick Kata, and switching to a springy stance. [Refresh and Swooping Dragon]
Near: Readying a leap backward if he attacks me.
mkb: The goblins widen the circle a little, not wanting to get hurt! A few climb up on the observation balloon, either for safety or to get a better view.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: jusik took the doc to get that flier out of the crash "What now Rukti, I am quite busy" he says as he pulls mariaks head out of a tree
Will: I don't move at all. "So you wish to attack me, knowing what it entails?"
-> jusik: Rukti tells you what's going on -- the dood is quite a sprinter when he has to be -- and says "{I'm not going to ask you to stop this, but -- well -- if there's more trouble coming don't we need both of those doods on their feet?"
mkb: Markal is being taken back by Fredk: he hit his head (again) and is a little dizzy (again) and insists that it's the engies' fault for the bad launch (again), so nothing new.
Near: "You seem to misunderstand my intentions. You have failed the test I have set. If you so desire to ruin any further respect I have in you, I shall not let you make a mockery of the title of Knight."
Will: "Barbarian sorcerer, begone from this land lest its full wrath be upon you."
Jusik: Jusik sends the order back....glomp the both of them with as many goblins as you can
-> jusik: "We lost twenty doods to Remia already! That's going to get a lot of us hurt!" Rukti starts to walk back with you. "If you think it's safer..."
Near: "I am not a barbarian, nor a sorcerer. I am a knight. By birth, by training, by code. You fail to see the points of others, the intentions of those besides yourself, and your own failings!"
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "just get a line of goblins between them and stand there. If one of them moves to attack the goblins....I'll stop them, Jusik gest out his blade and pops cloak heading for the fight
mkb: Rukti nods and starts running back.
Near: She stands, and walks towards Will. "It seems I was wrong about ever thinking I could look up to you."
Will: "You were born, if you even speak the truth, in a cave in the depths of nowhere. You have no claim of anything by birth."
Will: Will stands firm, not moving.
Near: "You put down your stave, you surrendered. This duel is over."
Will: "Very well. Now as a knight of the Grand Duke I order you begone. I may not have the right to formally banish you, but consider this me giving a head start to the daughter of a comrade."
Near: "No."
Near: "I have my business here. I shall finish it. I had hoped to restart our relations, but the way you have acted has continued to be naught but disrespectful!"
-> jusik: Looks like you'll actually get there before Rukti: he ran all the way there and well, he did gain some weight.
mkb: Some of the smartest goblins are finding stuff to do in the hangar, workshops or huts -- anywhere indoors, really.
Will: "Very well then," I say, shouldering my hammer. I honestly don't know if I can settle this myself.
Jusik: then under cloak I head out between the 2 and wait, crossbow in one hand knife in the other
Will: "You had your warning. I pray your arrogance does not damn us all."
Will: I call for Pathfinder.
Near: "What arrogance? You are the one who considers himself above another."
-> jusik: You're almost there.... there.... there.... ooops! Gotta avoid the horse! There you are.
mkb: Will, Pathfinder comes along at a calm walk; you didn't whistle with any specific urgency, really.
Near: "We are equals. I have always thought that."
Campaign saved.
-> jusik: there you are!
Will: Fine by me...
Jusik: "Stop this ungentalmanly behavior post haste!" Jusik pops out of clock between the 2 of you
mkb: The gobbies part to let the big horse through; she's had something to eat and drink, buyt nobody brushed her down.
Jusik: *cloak
Near: "A little late, there."
Will: Will just laughs.
mkb: Jusik, that gets a few cheers: at least now the tribe knows who to root for!
Jusik: "You've both had your little fun and games, beating the snot out of each other, which is fine and dandy...we understand that don't we lads?" Jusik goes to the crowd now
mkb: That gets a few cheers, a few doods skittering back because they're scared, and at least a bit of attention -- some goblins come out of their huts, since the world isn't on fire yet.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "But that ends right here and right now. And if you don't like that you can leave....Rukti doesn't want to be chief anymore...and I didn't want the job...but I'll take it and the authority to kick the both of your bums out of here unless you can act Civil"
Jusik: "If thats ok with you" Jusik nods to the cook of all people....
Near: "This was civil, or at least, supposed to be. Regardless, I'm done."
Will: "Very well, Jusik. You have your right."
mkb: Jusik, Poli tilts her head -- she was watching from the top of the hangar.
Will: "I warn you that you still have Baron Kelvin to answer to, and he does not take well to sorcerers."
mkb: Scree has wandered back into camp and, somewhat oblivious, is walking into the circle.
Jusik: "Well We goblins to take to well to Barons, so I guess we'll all have to learn to get along now"
Near: "He seemed to take less well to you."
mkb: Will, Pathfinder has reached you; she doesn't seem to care much.
Campaign saved.
Jusik: " *groan* acting chief....I say this fight is done...and within this camp you two can't so much as poke each other with a stick or you can get walking...with the whole remia demon thing and the inquisition around We don't have the goblin power to waste knocking some Manners into you tall folks"
Will: "Baron Kelvin does not mind this village, or he would have razed it already. I know him, and he is not often much for restraint in such matters. The blood of Halav is thick in his veins."
Near: She rolls her eyes, "Yes, yes." She sighs, there's no point arguing with the brick wall.
Will: He was speaking to Jusik.
Dee (Near): so was she.
mkb: Scree has walked over to you guys and, waving hi in a somewhat girly fashion, picks up the dropped stick.
mkb: Everyone looks really surprised about the fact that this actually ended the fight! "Wait, no stabby?" the smith asks.
Will: Well it's already been burnt so I guess he can burn it more?
Will: "Not today," I say, lashing up my hammer again.
Jusik: "Scree....there you are....I'm playing at um...first get to baby sit these two....if they get feuding ....well...use your imagination" Jusik makes a fwooshing sound
Near: She shrugs, and goes to find Poporon again and see how the organization's going.
mkb: What organization? Everyone figured this was more interesting than pretty much anything else...
mkb: "Huwd whda w?"
mkb: Scree takes Near and Will's hands and tries to put them together, a little clumsily.
Campaign saved.
Will: I accept Skree's gesture. I honestly like the little guy...girl...whatever.
mkb: "Hudda!"
Near: Near avoids the grab and continues stalking off. "Gershikkik Kigashaaa." She groans out, utterly frustrated with the turn of events.
Will: "I will see to it that you're run from this place, sorcerer, but for you are appaerntly welcome."
Kittymewmew (Will): *for now you
mkb: Will, Scree gives you the stick back and holds your hands just so, tehen mimics a hand gesture and nods at you.
Near: "William. I still hold no ill will towards you. Butyou are a total asshole."
mkb: Scree looks a little sad at Near leaving, but shrugs.
Jusik: Jusik nods in agreement with near for the moment
Will: Will just stands there and ignores the insult.
mkb: "fhwqgads?"
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "Now" Jusik turns to the crowd with a bit of anger in his voice "....I'm Chief...I didn't want the job but if you clowns can't keep things straight someone has to...or we end up like the tall folks" Jusik nods back at the dual grounds " that we have that settled....GET BACK TO WORK!!"
Will: "I don't know," I say to Scree. "I don't know."
Will: Will just kinda eyerolls Jusik, but realizes that painting him the bad guy suits his leadership position right now, so it works.
mkb: Jusik, maybe it's the tone or maybe it's the fact that as far as most of these doods figure you won the fight by showing up and yelling loud enough, but that gets a much better reaction than a little while ago!
mkb: A good bunch of doods leave to dig the hole again, if they can find the place; Rukti seems to be busy gushing over the new airship, the bits that are gush-worthy anyway because he's saying the fins have to go now that you have something faster.
mkbp (mkb): MENTLEGEN!
Jusik: Jusik sighs...." least Rukti is happy" and the spy heads for the doc to check on that moron of a pilot is doing
mkb: Scree picks up Near's stick and starts looking at it from all possible angles.
mkb: Jusik, Rukti says that well, you got there first, so that's fair... oh well, so much for his ambitions.... That gets a good laugh from the crews who are trying to refit the airships and, so far, have mostly managed to break the one working airship just a bit.
mkb: Near?
Campaign saved.
Near: Near goes to find Poporon and check on the organization of the search parties.
mkb: Will, Scree tugs at somewhere tuggable on your body.
Will: I look down at Scree.
Will: "Yes?"
Will: I don't get down on a knee to meet eye to eye because that might cost me my eyebrows with Scree >_>
Near: Near's anger is still just under her surface, but she holds it back. She needs to find her sister even more now, and is going to focus heavily on that.
mkb: Scree does what could be a little dance, more or less trying to mimic Near's katas, and then holds his(?) hands out with the stick between the wrists; that generates a small and oddly loud burst of flame in front of said stick and hands. "Hudda hudda hu!"
mkb: Scree offers Will the stick.
mkb: Near, you recover the scout party -- they seem a little nervous.
Near: "Poporon, you know what to do, right?"
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Nope!"
Jusik: after checking on Doc, Chief Juisk heads back to where they're digging the pit for the fungus, borrowing from some of the cities he's seen he wants to use the dirt they take out to make a earth works around the fungus...nothing fancy...but more cover might help
mkb: Jusik, surprising how your little talk got everyone to pay more attention to you -- what you end up is a hole with a wall of dirt all around.
Near: "...We just went over this... Group scouts up, big guys and at least two fast ones. Send them through quarters of the area, then return and go back out straight. Have them on a time limit for returning so we can tell even if they don't come back."
someguy (Jusik): for the record...I really wanted to avoid being the dm...I was trying to get the cook to take the job...but eh...seems this is how it comes out
Jusik: *ask
Kittymewmew (Will): Kay explained all the OOC stuff you were bashing me about D, thanks for bringing it up I guess.
mkbp (mkb): well, just resign?
Kittymewmew (Will): Okay.
Kittymewmew (Will): Oh, you meant Jusik >_>
mkb: Near, Machista would like to go with, too.
Campaign saved.
Near: If he wants to, he can. "Just be careful, like everyone else. It's better for you to return than to try anything else."
Jusik: "So...we got it covered, shaded and watered.." once the digging is done jusik asks for folks head back to camp and rest a little, he's going to go talk to Rukti and maybe Zalpha about ways to move the fungal mass
Near: She gives him a hug, "You've grown a lot, but there's still much left for you. Return safe, please."
Near: She gives Poporon a hug, too, "You as well. Return safely."
mkb: Jusik, the digging will take at least a day...
Dee (Near): brb
Campaign saved.
Dee (Near): back
mkb: Near, about twenty doods including Poporon and Machista leave camp, splitting in two groups and quickly covering the deforested area before diving into the woods.
Will: Will waits a while, and once Near's party has left, decides he's going to talk to Rukti and Zalpha before he talks to the Baron. It's only polite. If Near's staying here and letting her troops march out that's another story.
Near: Near goes to find Lily, since she trusts the human girl more than the goblin doks.
mkb: Will, you find them on the by-now-ex-glantrian airship; Zalpha is introducing Rukti and Kaerie to each other. Near, Lily's a little too interested in what Adulf has cooking in there....
mkb: Jusik, now that you're chief and Rukti said it works for him, you find yourself with one problem: the hole is being dug, now how do we move the big wallop of fungus?
Near: And also Lily will understand what the hell she's talking about (hopefully) about her soul, memories and identity.
Dee (Near): Near gets healing, physical and spiritual. Will type that up, sometime, probably.
Dee (Near): Awww.
Campaign saved.
Will: Near's letting the scouts run and hunt Remia without any heavy support?
Will: We already GOT a whole bunch of our doodz slaughtered.
Will: Will immediately objects, saying that she's too dangerous to stalk this way, and that a heavy recon-in-force is the only way to minimize further losses.
Dee (Near): They're SCOUTING for her. Not hunting.
Dee (Near): Heavy support will only slow them down and get them killed.
someguy (Jusik): derp?
mkb: Jusik, now that you're chief and Rukti said it works for him, you find yourself with one problem: the hole is being dug, now how do we move the big wallop of fungus?
Near: Do I get any say in Lily's actions? Also, what's Adulf cooking up?
Jusik: jusik was heading back to camp to discuss that with Rukti and maybe zalpha if she's acting sane ish
-> near: yes, some
Will: Will sighs and goes to talk to Rukti.
mkb: Will, Jusik, you're with Rukti, Kaerie and Zalpha amidst the noise of, by the look of it, the airship you brought back being essentially taken apart.
Campaign saved.
Near: Then it's likely she'll help Near figure out what's up with her soul. This is a big matter, especially if there's a demon out and about.
someguy (Jusik): as for resigning...he could...but he won't...rukti doesn't want the job and, well...someone compitent has to...he may not like it...but thats a good thing as a leader from my point of view
Will: "Rukti, Jusik. Near just sent the scouts out on their own, I thought she was leading a large scouting party, not sending a bunch of small squads to their deaths! They're your men, order them back!"
-> near: No kidding!
Will: "I swear she has more to do with this demon kin of hers than she lets on, but even if I'm wrong that's a suicide mission."
mkb: Will, you note that Zalpha is back to her exhuberant self.
Dee (Near): Also: how the hell would heavy support work? WHAT heavies do we have? If youmean the PCs, well, can we have all of us out there and able to know, even in a rough sense, where the scouts are?
Jusik: "Will, we've had scouts out looking since things happened...they know to just look and report back...if something happens they'll be back faster then you can say bonk"
mkb: "BONK!"
Will: Near and a single large recon party is a much less tempting target.
mkb: That's just someone trying to get someone else to lift their head and hit it against the hangar walls.
Dee (Near): Meaning she WON'T be attacked, it'll be actively avoided!
Jusik: Jusik facepalms again
Dee (Near): We won't find her with a large party of heavies.
Kittymewmew (Will): ...Ah, I see your tactics.
Kittymewmew (Will): That works I guess. Not very nice but it works.
Dee (Near): We're hunting a cat here.
Dee (Near): Well, monkey, but eh.
Dee (Near): This also minimizes losses if there are any.
Dee (Near): Only lose about 4 instead of more if it comesto that.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Well you're definitely thinking like an orc :p
Dee (Near): Anyna
Kittymewmew (Will): needs more wolfrider spam? XD
Dee (Near): Closer to a chessplayer, actually. >_>
Jusik: "Now if your done telling me how to run this place Sir William...I was wondering if we could borrow your horse, Zalpha, think you can rig up a sled or raft so we can drag the fungus mound to a nicer spot?"
mkb: Rukti is mostly entertaining Kaerie with some stories of past adventures, occasionally corrected by Zalpha who is a bit less into pilot's banter.
Will: "What happened to the mules?" I ask Jusik.
mkbp (mkb): They got et.
Kittymewmew (Will): Ya but Will wasn't there.
mkbp (mkb): Largely after they got burninated.
Kittymewmew (Will): Again, he wasn't there ^^
mkbp (mkb): i know
Dee (Near): OOC telling to avoid the stream of IC noise?
mkb: "A raft? Like, hang it under the ship?"
Jusik: "I was thinking maybe a water one if the air ship can't move it...the new site is pretty close to the river"
mkb: "Oh! Sure! We'll hafta cut a bit more wood though..."
Kittymewmew (Will): Didn't realize were ffwding. Kies. ^^
Will: Will agrees then, to the use of his horse to get thigns moving.
mkbp (mkb): sorry
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "See what you can salvage from the trade depo for material, we're not using it right now
Will: When he gets a chance, he asks Rukti if it's worth any time to speak to the dwarves at Ironforge about reopening trade right now, as he does have to make a trip there to have his armour reforged.
mkb: "Probably? Idunno what we can sell them though, Ayn tried to shout down Remia and she kinda also melted... I mean thing is, what can we sell them that they don't got?"
Jusik: "all this cutting is ticking off the neighbors with the pointy ears..and likely lead to why the fungus wasn't growing I'd like to keep the forest cover we have for now, at least until we can get things organized again"
Will: "Rockets?"
mkb: Near, Lily will look into the soul thing... as it is, you get healed properly. She really is getting a bit too much into the whole opening people up thing.
mkb: Rukti blinks a few times, processing the ideas of making rockets and not firing them.
Campaign saved.
Will: "Then again...the Baron hates dwarves. Maybe selling them things that go bang is a bad idea."
Will: "What do we have for gold?"
someguy (Jusik): hmm don't know what we have for gold much was with the airship after the dragon raid?
mkb: "A bunch, just we couldn't do anything with it because merchants wouldn't show up! And some of us tried to go into the city and... they were all polite and everything, just they'd been told to not sell us stuff. Unless we paid a whole lot extra and showed up at night and generally went sneaky about it which is a little silly because at that point you might just go ahead and steal stuff, no?"
mkbp (mkb): 3800 IIRC
Will: "Your ethics I may question, but I cannot argue your reasoning there. The interdiction is over, so you should be free to buy things again. Should I try to get a dwarven caravan around?"
someguy (Jusik): then that's pretty much our war chest for now
Jusik: "We need to deal with the demon and the fungus move first, we're streched too thin right now to do much trade"
Campaign saved.
mkb: Will, Rukti gives you a list of stuff to buy -- largely nails, screws and so on: the doods here can't make them reliably.
Will: "Consider it done, I'll have a shipment sent."
Will: "Then again, it would probably improve relations with Baron Kelvin if you bought them from HIS craftsmen instead."
Will: "I'll see what I can do about it not costing any more, though they won't be as well made."
mkb: "Oh they also had something for you that when they heard they weren't supposed to trade, they were already here and said never mind and brought it back, a cart or something?"
mkb: Will, Rukti is definitely no politician: he says that's Jusik's call now, and would Kaerie like to hear about the time they went as far as the World Mountain?
mkb: Near, you come out of the hut Lily temporarily commandeered feeling somewhat better.
Will: "Oh, I assumed you broke, dismantled, or burned that. I'll have to pick it up when I get there."
mkb: Zalpha asks if the raft thingy is urgent, coz she'd rather play with the ship now that she has parts.
Jusik: chief Jusik goes over the things that came back with the airship "I think you might be able to trade some of that dragon hide for supplies....I was going to turn it over to the Doc to play with...but if we can keep trade afloat then so be it
Will: "Oh, we still have that dragon hide? Excellent, that WILL sell well. Who's head trader now?"
mkb: Rukti shrugs. "Nobody: Ayn died and well, trade hut was closed so not a lot of point in picking anyone."
Campaign saved.
Near: She takes a deep breath and wishes she had Spi'loh around. As it is, she'll find a place to be alone and meditate for a bit.
Will: "Is there anyone good who isn't working right now? I'm fairly good at reaching agreements, but I don't know the value of such things well."
-> jusik: Not really: there's one other trader but well she's little, she's like six years old tops.
Jusik: figured....only one I could think of is Scouts mom
mkbp (mkb): lol
Jusik: "I'd go to make the deals, but now I'm stuck here....maybe you could send for one of them to come down and we'll talk the deal out here"
Campaign saved.
Will: "Certainly doable. What should we do about this so-called replacement for Near? I don't trust sorcery much."
-> jusik: The little one is called Popi but is it ready for that responsibility?
mkb: A good thing is that it doesn't seem like the scouting parties found much of anything yet -- no screams or eldritch flame on the horizon or anything like that.
Will: Good news there.
Jusik: "Well honestly I could care less about what you Trust...we're going with what we have right now"
Will: "Certainly then, though I do say, be careful."
Near: If anyone's around her, they can hear Near singing, trying to clear her head and reaffirming herself.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near, Natch comes up to you and asks you if all this is normal aboveground -- Gellamo's helping out with the ship work, and seems content with it.
Jusik: Jusik just give the knight a skeptical look "Careful is my bussniess"
Will: "Well just thinking about the idea of Near possessing sorcery makes ME worry."
Near: "Which part? No, not really normal." She stands up, and pets him on the head, "But it's exciting, no? There is no normal, here."
mkbp (mkb): btw, kip, kitty did you see near's doods?
Kittymewmew (Will): Hm?
someguy (Jusik): nope
Kittymewmew (Will): ICly? We saw Ka'erie.
Kittymewmew (Will): She's hereish.
mkbp (mkb): d made awesomepix i thought
Kittymewmew (Will): Will has met Natch as well
Kittymewmew (Will): oh, of all of em now?
Kittymewmew (Will): sweet
mkb: "Can you tell the fat dood with the big boobies that she's not allowed to cook any of my legs for dinner and I need all eight? I'm kinda -- oh there she is."
mkb: Natch skitters off.
Near: She chuckles a bit, fairly certain Natch'll be allright.
mkb: Jusik, Will, you both see Scree running to the creek with a head full of fire after trying to learn Near's trick reliably.
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): lol crazy chef
Jusik: "If Near does anything that hurts the tribe we put a few rockets in her bedding and the Doc gets to play with the left overs" Jusik says deadpan to the Knight
Kittymewmew (Will): lol Scree
mkb: Zalpha sits down with the other engies and they draw lots for who has to do the boring (read, non-airship-related) job of building a raft.
mkb: [10d20 = 91]
Jusik: "And the same applies to you Sir"
Will: I nod.
Jusik: " I said...I don't care how you feel about it, Near is useful"
Will: I know how such things can play out, and I do worry, but that is that for now. I guess the best thing I can do now is start on all my little side errands.
mkb: "So are we throwing rockets at the dorfs or not?" That was Skoty, who was kinda listening in. His eyepatch is back on the right eye.
Will: "No, we're not blowing up any dorfs unless the crazy ones come back!"
Jusik: Jusik makes a calming gesture "I think he meant trade Will...not boom"
mkb: Jusik, Skoty gives you a "Did I?" look, but eh.
mkb: Near, Poli runs by you. At least now you know who Scree took the giant fork from.
Will: "It's Skoty, does he EVER not mean boom?"
Near: Is Natch chasing her? >_>
Will: "As for trade...I leave that to you, though you know as well as I do they'll just start building them themselves in some time."
mkb: No, actually she's chasing Natch.
Jusik: "Some times....when he's REALLY drunk....anyways right now we bunker down, get what we can trade wise with the gold and the dragon hide parts, and we finish the move for the fungus, and THEN we gear up for trade"
Campaign saved.
Jusik: "And somewhere in there....we may or may not have to chuck rockets at remia....depends on how well Near does"
Near: Then I run after her to grab her, "Can you not try to eat one of my children? He won't be terribly tasty, all bitter and such."
-> jusik: you have 3 aiships, or 1 large one and 1 small one, are you going to use all of them for war or can one or two be used for transport instead?
Will: "Agreed, though I can't say I'll be staying so long."
mkb: Near, Poli kicks a little. "Shhh, we're playing! Did he live under a rock all his time or something? He's cute how he's all clueless!"
Kittymewmew (Will): o_O
Near: "Ahh. And yes, basically. Just so long as you don't hurt him, go ahead." She sets the gobbie down.
Jusik: 3 airships, 1 for war, 2 for transport, we need trade to get by right now, and we can convert an empty transport to a troop carrier if need be
Near: Some teasing is fine, after all. At least he seems to be doing well here.
mkb: Poli looks around and runs after Natch, with three other gobbies in tow. They have normal-sized forks.
Jusik: we have glider lauchers that give air defence for the we only need one warship in the air to do things at a distance,
-> jusik: also a stationary balloon
Near: She shrugs and sighs. She hopes he'll be okay at least.
Campaign saved.
mkb: "So we ARE making rockets? Sweet." That's all he needed to know apparently. "I need a whole buncha coal though!"
Jusik: yes that too....right now the goblins have to rebuild from the trade blockade and expand resorces, can't do that with war machines
mkb: Will, Tik, the engie who was tasked with seeing how to turn a trade depot into a raft asks you to get your big horse to please do something other than shoo it away, coz it can't get anywhere.
Jusik: "Well you can burn the wood they've taken down for the new Fungal mass spot for charcoal, but try not to go over board, we're going to run out of trees at the rate we're going"
mkb: "So?"
Jusik: "then we don't have them for when we need to make MORE rockets"
Jusik: "Got to think the NEXT boom"
Will: Will goes to help the engineer move Pathfinder around.
Jusik: "Once we get back up and running full tilt, maybe I'll try and talk to the baron about setting up a logging camp somewhere that won't have the Elfy folks so peeved"
Near: Near walks around th evillage, taking in the familiarity of it, and strengthening her memories of everything. Some of them are missing, and she'll miss them, she looks over all of the gobbies around, pulling their names to the fore and feeling more and more at ease here.
someguy (Jusik): hey....doesn't Kent Have some trees...and a lot of out of work farmers?
Kittymewmew (Will): Trees yes, manpower no
Campaign saved.
Kittymewmew (Will): Plus that's a LONG way to haul logs.
someguy (Jusik): well we're going to need wood and food, and the elves are pissed enough at us hunting and cutting here...and we can't move the WHOLE we need to expand to get supplies
mkb: And so thanks to Jusik's more or less reluctant leadership, things get organized! The whole day is spent digging the hole and dismantling, and bringing in, the trade depot. Skoty has started with some rocket juice (and probably drank half of it); he wants to know if we're making a bunch of small rockets, one big rocket or what. Both lunch and dinner for the day remain somewhat bland -- maize pudding and some sort of minced whatever-it-is, possibly smoked mule meat, still. Near, maybe it's because you've been given a bit of a smackdown from Jusik, but the doods here are less deferential of you... they do try to stay away from people who generate fire. Incidentally, someone needs to tell Scree that you can make a toupee out of chicken feathers but you really shouldn't. The patrols come back empty handed, other than a couple rabbits that Machista hit: however, Poporon is missing! Apparently the elves took him hostage! This becomes known just as dinner is being made as the scout doods come back.
mkbp (mkb): derp textwall sorry
Kittymewmew (Will): The elves took him hostage? FUN. :D
someguy (Jusik): np
Near: "...Did they say why they took him hostage?" She facepalms.
Near: For dinner, Near pulls out some of the rations she brought and offers them to spice up themeal at least.
Campaign saved.
mkb: Near, that goes over very well! Except they get sniffed a whole bunch, because, what is it?
Near: Jerky and such picked up along the way down here. Because the fungus rations they had rotted 3 days into the journey. >_>
someguy (Jusik): yummy
mkb: Near, the meat goes very well! They've been missing it, honestly -- the main reason why they broke out what they had is that well, you guys came back.
mkb: "Something about us being under quarantine and Poporon looking weird..."
Will: Will doesn't have a lot of trail supplies with him right now, but shares what he does have (again some jerky, trail biscuits, nuts, etc)
mkb: "They thought he was infected or something."
Will: "Oh."
Will: "With Lily here, that should be easily sorted out."
Near: "Will have to be soon, though."
Near eats while standing, and looks ready to go basically now.
mkb: "They said they wanted to talk ta Near coz he said she's in charge of him anyway and then we got into an argument and then they told us to shut the hell up and go away so we went away and came back!"
Will: "Well enough then. I need to go to Goldleaf and speak to their master weaver anyhow."
Campaign saved.
Will: "So you have my aid."
mkb: Will, Zalpha wants your pants to hang in the hangar, and also what are we doing with three engines then? It turns out they've completely demolished the Glantrian ship!
Near: Near nods, "Then after we eat we'll head there. This is a matter that requires expedience."
Dee (Near): Did the scouts find ANY traces of Remia? Burnt patches in the ground, discarded food, poop, random stuff that an animal wouldn'tdo? >_>
mkb: Jusik, Rukti asks you if you want to use the ships to trade... well, what, for one.
mkbp (mkb): Not really; then again they might have missed some.
someguy (Jusik): trade for one what?
Dee (Near): Ahs.
Dee (Near): We'll do a second and third search tomorrow, then, maybe one at night, too.
mkbp (mkb): That's the thing: he doesn't know WHAT to carry with them. Rukti hasn't really considered the idea of hiring them out for shipping.
Near: So Near eats, scrubs up quickly, and gets out of her armour. She then dresses in her nicest silk tunic, and is then ready. Now she remembers about Silverbolt and asks about the horse.
Will: I tell Zalpha she can have my trousers, I'll get another pair.
mkbp (mkb): scrub scrub scrub
Campaign saved.
mkb: "Aww."