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spiritplumber (GM): Yay!
spiritplumber (GM): yay stuffs working?
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
spiritplumber (GM): Yay stuff working!
spiritplumber (GM): sorry if took this long O_O
Naeko: no worries!
Player_D (Ran): sokie.
spiritplumber (GM): what's an azurin?
Player_D (Ran): It's a type of human, imbued with Incarnum. Trades the skill points each level for 1 point of incarnum.
Player_D (Ran): err, essentia.
Player_D (Ran): They also age sorta faster. >_>;
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spiritplumber (GM): Sounds like something similar to what happened to the Koryszegys :p
spiritplumber (GM): Can go with that if want, or not.
Naeko: do i make this character sheet finish character creation?
Naeko: it's making my stats all zeroes...
spiritplumber (GM): just change them?
Naeko: ahhh. numpad input only works for text fields for some reason.
spiritplumber (GM): weird
spiritplumber (GM): re Ran... OK, so are we using your template or the harmonite template?
spiritplumber (GM): re Naeko, stat as human, elf or halfelf please :)
Player_D (Ran): Hmm? Oh, Azurin, she's not harmonite at all.
Naeko: what's our stat balance for this? i know the standard point allocation is 10 all stats + pool mod
Player_D (Ran): I was more or less going for her affinity with the type of magic she's using, which is channeling magical beasts.
Naeko: you say that like i've had enough opportunity to memorize what those stat pools ARE
spiritplumber (GM): Kies, just saying that was an option too
Player_D (Ran): I used 25 point buy... start at 10 and each point in a stat costs an amount equal to the bonus the new stat grants; minimum 1, though you can drop to 7 to get points back.
Naeko: colies
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Player_D (Ran): If Kay wants something else, zo, I'm fine with it.
spiritplumber (GM): Ya. As long as we're consistent across storylines since there will be interaction
spiritplumber (GM): 25pb was used for everyone else right?
Player_D (Ran): I used it for Alicia, redone Avara... Near was something else, zo.
Player_D (Ran): I used it for Lily as well.
spiritplumber (GM): sounds like we standardized on that then :)
spiritplumber (GM): Near is definitely something else.
spiritplumber (GM): She's pretty much cornered the market on something else :p
Naeko: *snerk* mmkay, if i've done it right, 25 points bought.
Naeko: question: if magic is based on science in this universe does that make knowledge(engineering) a caster class-skill?
GM: Quick description of who you are in general and then I can plop you somewhere appropriate. Magic is not based on science, quite the other way round actually...
Player_D (Ran): I thought it already was.
Naeko: still trying to fill out this sheet!
GM: I figure casters pick some up for the same reason why physicists pick up some programming :)

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spiritplumber (GM): so sorry about that!
Naeko: it happens, no worries!
Naeko: and yaysheet!
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Player_D (Ran): Rawr!
Player_D (Ran): Fortunately I hadn't started on skill points yet...
GM reticulates splines.
Player_D (Ran): *redoes a bit of stats*
Ran: Anyway, Ran is a wild-child, who was separated from her family, or abandoned. She can't really remember them. She's managed to survive on her own for several years, however.
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Naeko: Naeko came from tribal ancestry, but they had largely been absorbed by city expansion several generations prior, her grandparents the last generation who were particularly bitter about it. She had formal training in the basics of the arcane, but soon splintered off to develop her own discipline of "Orgone Engineering"
Naeko: her teachers felt that this was Much Too Silly, and suggested she undertake field research on her concepts. so she is. when she isn't distracted by something grabbing hold of her curiosity, anyway. but she's been undertaking general adventurey work to get as wide a variety of test situations as possible.
GM: Works for me! Anything else at all about Ran? (not necessary but useful)
Campaign saved.
Ran: Ah, right. Physically, she looksa tad different. short, red hair that's more like feathers than hair, slight scaling on her legs, tufts of feathers on her back and along her arms, and a short, feathered tail. Her eyes have a shocking blue color.
Ran: She's not really dressed in anything but a belt, with a long knife, pouch, and waterskin.
spiritplumber (GM): D can you give K. a hand w/ stattiness ? s
Player_D (Ran): sure, what's needed?
Naeko: ah right, forgot clothing. Naeko wears a fairly hefty sort of harness of her own devising under what's usually some basic travelling clothes, and the bulky gauntlet that controls the system.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: [[for start, how do i trigger OOC message mode? also, which skills are class skill for sorceress? and how do i input spells into this thing?]]
Player_D (Ran): either use /ooc at the start, or press alt+enter.
Player_K (Naeko): nifty.
Player_D (Ran): Do you see the blue book called d20 System on your end?
Player_D (Ran): That'll open the thingie for your class.
spiritplumber (GM): bluff, concentartion, craft, knowledge(arcana), profession, spellcraft
Player_K (Naeko): ahhah... hadn't seen that button
Player_D (Ran): as for spells, you haveta add them with a right click and select the icon while at the Spells tab.
Player_D (Ran): will have your spells and such, too.
spiritplumber (GM): makes life easier to fheck on stuffs
Naeko: "Mending" was NOT a level zero spell in the rulebooks i've read.
Player_K (Naeko): oops, wrong button
Player_D (Ran): There. Went with mutationist for first level, so she can actually learn magic during th estory.
Player_D (Ran): Oh?
Player_D (Ran): Well, it doesn't fix big things.
Player_D (Ran): Mostly like cracks, tears, burns and such.
Player_K (Naeko): yeah, but it fixes mysterious dents in my control gauntlet ;p
Player_D (Ran): Repair Light is a 1st level spell.
Player_D (Ran): Yep.
Player_K (Naeko): threaten me with dents, will you...
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Breaking light may be harder than fixing it :p
Player_D (Ran): I meant like Cure Light wounds.
Player_D (Ran): Repair Light Damage.
Player_D (Ran): Ran can use Cure Light Wounds :D It's healing fire +_+
Player_K (Naeko): so... that's got spells and skills done. how many feats do i start with?
GM: iip?
Player_D (Ran): *tries to find a good icon*
spiritplumber (GM): summon familiar, scribe scroll
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): weapon focus (longbow or rapier)
spiritplumber (GM): if you don't want a familiar, we can swap
Naeko: ...i wanted weapon focus (axe)
Player_K (Naeko): i like axes.
Player_K (Naeko): sadly, i'll have to resume in the morning, Mastress declares bedtime *hugs* i am sorry.
Player_K (Naeko): though i really look forward to doing this when we can!
Player_D (Ran): Aww, kie.
Ran: Axes are fun :o
Player_K (Naeko): baibai *hugs*
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spiritplumber (GM): I hope this goes somewheres :)
Ran: same :o
Ran: Balance [1d20+8 = 23]
Campaign saved.
Ran: I'll keep lookin for a better portrait..
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spiritplumber (GM): So ya, it'll be Darokin or Thyatis proper I thinkakk
Player_D (Ran): Harpies could have money, right? >_>
Player_D (Ran): There, finished updating.
spiritplumber (GM): yeah, not a lot of trade going on with them but money is generally a universal concept for any species that gets as far as building fires by now.
Player_D (Ran): As a harpy, she was sorta a shaman type. Is currently travelling the world as part of her rites.
Player_D (Ran): Ah ha :o
spiritplumber (GM): One good thing of a gold standard, nobody much cares whose face is on the coin if the weight is right
Player_D (Ran): :3
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): She may or may not be futa, but cloaca. >_>;
spiritplumber (GM): interestingly darokin has paper money (letters of credit) and they're seen as weird because of that.
spiritplumber (GM): when we drove thru turkey in some towns we couldn't use banknotes O_O;
Ran: o_o
spiritplumber (GM): REALLY way up in the boonies
spiritplumber (GM): and it was a while ago
Player_D (Ran): That's why you keep chickens with you.
spiritplumber (GM): the biggest coin at the time was around $5
spiritplumber (GM): $3ish actually
spiritplumber (GM): that said 2 euro = $3
spiritplumber (GM): i hate $1 bills and quarters ._.
spiritplumber (GM): i have a sock full of quarters in the car and i can knock people out with it and it's for laundry and parking
Player_D (Ran): yay quarters :o
Player_D (Ran): forgot the bonus to Sing. >_>;
Ran: Sing [1d20+8 = 21]
spiritplumber (GM): so yeah you guys are probably in tavaro
spiritplumber (GM): you may remember having left a subterranean tank there.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): yep :o
Player_D (Ran): toooonk
spiritplumber (GM): Yonk
Ran: Flapflapflap
spiritplumber (GM): what's a cinctue?
spiritplumber (GM): and what's a soulmeld?
spiritplumber (GM): can has link?
Ran: It's a soul meld; channels the power of Fire. In this case, it's to protect the wearer, and critters who attack me (unless they have reach) take fire damage
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): It's in Magic of Incarnum
Player_D (Ran): Lemme getthe link.
Player_D (Ran): I'm gonna be mostly putting in Totemist levels after this. Soul Melds are a form of magic that works by creating a sort of construct out of soul energy, or essentia.
Player_D (Ran): I rate it as a type of Divine magic.
GM facekbd.
Player_D (Ran): sowwies.
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spiritplumber (GM): also i think in ethengar there's more room for stuff like harpies and slightly mutated halfelves
Player_K (Naeko): wait whut?
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spiritplumber (GM): connectionprobbies
Campaign saved.
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Ran: yay, in!
Player_K (Naeko): connection stuff does suck. wibbies!
Ran: Boob size! [2d10 = 3]
Player_K (Naeko): what does "damage S and damage M" mean on the wepaon tables?
Player_D (Ran): Flat!
Naeko: Boob size! [3]
Player_D (Ran): damage for small size and damage for medium.
spiritplumber (GM): it's /die 2d10
spiritplumber (GM): oh, you can either use 1d20 or 2d10 as a way to make crits and fumbles more/less likely.
Player_K (Naeko): okies. GM quesiton then... forme weapon focus (axe) do i start with a small or a medium axe?
Player_K (Naeko): since it lists them both as 10GP
Player_D (Ran): you're medium, so you get a medium axe.
spiritplumber (GM): small is gnomes, halflings, goblins and kobolds
spiritplumber (GM): dorfs of course use medium weapons because there's no "heavy" category.
Ran: ;1-2 flat female, 3 big boobied female, 4 futa :o [1d4 = 4]
Player_D (Ran): ...
Player_D (Ran): Dice have decided!
Naeko: [1d4 = 1]
spiritplumber (GM): And of course
Player_D (Ran): That's just me being indecisive about character quirks.
Ran: Right, so what happened with Near is; They got the glider tested, with pilots! It flew, pretty well, considering the pliots had no clue wtf they were doing (probably). Though show-offy half-ork dood broke it trying to be fanceh
spiritplumber (GM): lol
GM: To explain a bit earlier than that....
Ran: Near got stuff done, and talked with her eldest sister, Karin, some and sorted things out with her mild identity crisis.
Player_D (Ran): Oh, derp.
Campaign saved.
GM: The Khanates of Ethengar haven't had a true ruler since the Khan of the Silver Horde unified the territory.
GM: The territory itself has not become prey to its neighbours simply because the warlord enclaves the Horde generals split the land into, while not particularly significant strategically, are extremely fierce fighters and would rather see their homes razed than under someone else's flag.
GM: Ethengar has been seen for the last six or seven generations as little more than a source of prized horses, mercenaries, and raiders.
GM: We're going to follow what goes on in Izwald, one such city-state, which has the distinction of having been the Empire's capital at one point. Meaning a good half of the buildings are brick and stone instead of wood.
GM: Izwald is currently ruled by the Dios family, an actual family that operates a mixture of merchant and military activities not unlike a Mafia clan in the 1870s.
GM: They sent two of their daughters out into the world to learn of the wider scope of the known lands, and possibly bring home a strategic advantage.
GM: About half a daughter came back.
GM: Dee, you can take it from here :)
Campaign saved.
GM: Ethengar has become more or less a haven for mercenaries and adventurers finding that the "civilized" lands are getting too crowded for their activities -- the complete lack of roads hinders commerce and law quite a bit.
Ran: Near Dios was th efirst daughter sent. She was more or less being groomed to be a general, and volunteered as much to travel about to learn more of the world. She had many adventures, and did some pretty crazy and awesome stuff. One of which was get turned into a cyborg drider. Another was getting turned into a zerg overlord. Another, was creating a clone and implanting her true soul into it to take over her old life, as her new one is sorta strange.
Ran: Remia Dios was sent later to help Near out. She did some crazy stuff as well, but her biggest was getting possessed by a demon and exploding a bunch of things, then opening a portal to hell. Afterward part of excising the demonic taint involved removing her limbs. She had a brief stint as an airship controller, but the airship sort of broke soon after for unrelated reasons.
Ran: Currently, the second Near is building an airforce for Izwald, though the Izwaldan Floral Brigade, as it's been dubbed, is still in it's infancy.
Campaign saved.
GM: Nonmagical air vehicles are a very new thing and are interesting because any bound-elemental skyship or magic carpet is vulnerable to a dispel.
GM: Izwald's ruling family has ambitions -- so does every other Ethengaran noble family -- and an air force seems to be what all the big boys are doing, so...
GM: How is this as a scenario?
Ran: I like it. :3
Player_D (Ran): Several things we can do, but first let's get our characters introduced?
spiritplumber (GM): K.?
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): mew?
Player_D (Ran): pyo? :<
Player_D (Ran): I think she's reading...
spiritplumber (GM): Is searching for Izwald on the map
Player_D (Ran): AH.
Player_D (Ran): Izwald is a bit south and east of the World Mountain in Ethenegar.
Player_D (Ran): Along the river, I forget the exact distance, I think it's 5 hexes away.
spiritplumber (GM): found it
spiritplumber (GM): Note the happy red skulls.
Player_D (Ran): still loading x_x
Campaign saved.
GM: The World Mountain is... Sometimes things are big enough that people don't see them anymore, like the curve of the world. The World Mountain, rumored to be the abode of the last gold dragon, pierces the clouds thrice over -- none who have tried to climb it came back successful. It is a place of eternal winter, perpetually dark sky, and nature so hostile the very air gives you no breath.
GM: Ran, Naeko, what would you be doing in the only city in what is otherwise a very inhospitable steppe?
spiritplumber (GM): I'm guessing for Ran it's the closest place to her cliffs to take a look at if she wants to see more than twenty people at once
Player_D (Ran): Yep.
Naeko: Naeko, whose family doesn't want her to mention her last name until she gives up the stupid Orgone Engineering and comes home to learn proper magic, is from an offshoot family of a dark-elven clan of mages, her ancestors created in a terrible accident where an individual sorceress got far too intimate with her feline familiar. She believes herself to have found a Superior Form of magic in what she called Orgone Engineering, a means of drawing upon energies that living bodies emit without being affected (beyond some fatigue) by their loss.
Ran: Mostly watching people from atop a high place, curious, and trying to see how much these shiny coins are worth. A bit hungry, but hunger's not unusual; don't want to spend too much and run out of coin not getting all I can for it.
Naeko: Naeko, whose family doesn't want her to mention her last name until she gives up the stupid Orgone Engineering and comes home to learn proper magic, is from an offshoot family of a dark-elven clan of mages, her ancestors created in a terrible accident where an individual sorceress got far too intimate with her feline familiar.
Player_K (Naeko): GAH! had a huge amoutn arrive all at once!
spiritplumber (GM): there are no drows in this setting. There are shadow elves, which live in the Broken Lands and are at once very pale and very well adapted to desert life in other ways, so they're known as the masked people.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): okay, well, just elves of whatever sort, and it was a black cat ;p
Player_D (Ran): ANd the people of Ethenegar are fairly dark-skinned.
Player_D (Ran): Ran's actually fairly tanned; I can't find a good portrait.
spiritplumber (GM): Shadow elves are the only people on the continent that know how to make rubber, or at least get it from the remains of an older civilization. They make nailbows with it.
Player_K (Naeko): i sent kaye the picture of Naeko. not dark. onyx-black.
Player_K (Naeko): given my rubber addiction, Shadow Elf mages it is ;p even if she's exiled for her heresey.
spiritplumber (GM): Dee, timeline wrt Near , zen?
Player_D (Ran): We left off at the end of month 1, iirc?
Naeko: Naeko mostly wanders the city looking for work, doing any odd job that provides her with an opportunity to test her theories and explore the limits of Orgone Engineering.
spiritplumber (GM): Shadow elves are generally against magic that isn't elemental plane of air based, ya. The previous civiliation was designed around it. Pneumatic stuff everywhere.
Ran: I preen a bit, making sure my feathers are nice. These short-arms have odd, but delicious-smelling, food...
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Ran, the Krandai River is a welcome sight after a day of walking in the cold and dry steppe; a long, shallow barge pulled by two mules on each side of the river is slowly making its way upstream. Naeko, you've been following the river figuring you'd eventually meet someone who isn't out to eat you -- Ran, you've last had a merchant's mount, and possibly the merchant, last week and are just gliding in to get some water, from the other side (northwest).
Player_D (Ran): I waylaid a merchant? :o
GM: whisper ran In deference to classical myth I think that harpies should be mostly carnivorous.
spiritplumber (GM): derp
Naeko: After having a copious, and noisy drink, Naeko sits on the bank, taking her boots off to dunk her feet in the river and try to soak out some of the exhaustion from the day's walk. if she can't get back to somewhere she can rent a room, she does NOT want to make camp on sore feet.
Player_D (Ran): Yeah, mostly nutrient and calorie dense foods, like meats, nuts, and fruits.
GM: Yes, but it was a whole week ago and you've decided to go on walkabout ever since, so don't worry about it?
Player_D (Ran): Eh, the merchant probably got away, since I don't have his stuff. :P
Player_D (Ran): Anypyo.
GM: Naeko, the barge is moving towards you at an old man's walking pace, the mules fighting the current. One of the people driving them raises a hand in greeting -- there is of course a scimitar in it.
Ran: Mmm, water!
Ran: I check the water for signs of crocodiles or snakes before getting my waterskin to fill it.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I wave back. I'm not actually holding my axe, but then, my goal isn't to intimidate him, either.
GM: Ran, the water is torbid as usual, but other than the metallic taste, you know this part of the river to be safe. The river's embankment are barren sand, but that is only because a recent flood moved them. Naeko, the humanoid -- tall and thin, for what's worth, and wearing the sort of blue robe that wouldn't be amiss among your own people -- lowers his hand. The driver on Ran's side of the river, however, calls to his or her companion with some agitation at spotting the harpy; a notably fatter man who was sitting at the barge's steering oar pulls a sackcloth off what looks like a small polybolos installed astern, and sweeps the sky with it. "Hey you!"
Ran: "Se wah?" I turn to look at the man.
Ran: My waterskin filled again after taking a drink from it, I fit it back on my belt, looking about if he meant someone else.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I watch, but as soon as he uncovers a weapon, i pull my feet out and get my boots back on. this... i don't want to be in the middle of someone else's fight if i'm not being paid.
GM: Naeko, you're probably going to have to move eventually... the mules pulling the barge by means of thick ropes are coming in and that rope looks heavy. Ran, by the look of it they mean you; your flock isn't particularly predatory, but quite a few are and when there's one harpy.... "Are you alone!" the fat man shouts.
Ran: "Yes! I mean no harm!"
Naeko: I move back from the back enough to let the mules pass, but still watch. If things get precipitous, well.... loot the leftovers was a common passtime in these parts.
Ran: I'll hop to the other side of the river in view of them, as I need to cross it anyway, and doing it in view should put them at ease a bit.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, you land next to Naeko. Naeko, you're quite right on that assessment...
Ran: Oooh, tall person.
GM: The man with the scimitar gets off the mule and pulls on its bridle, the barge eventually coming to stop against the current -- the man, or humanoid, walks towards the both of you with a determined step. The fatter person on the barge is still scanning the sky with the ballista.
spiritplumber (GM): Not at all what it looks like, but so you know the mode of transport.
Ran: "Was Re Ya tenya yor!" I give a wing salute, trying to appear friendly. I want to make a good impression on these short-arms :o
Player_D (Ran): Tenya means Meeting, yor = you, and was re ya means "I'm happy to" roughly.
Player_D (Ran): harpy language :o
Naeko: I reach back to take my axe from where it hangs across my shoulders. I've been 'accosted' enough times to be more worried about being ready in case he doesn't care what impression he makes, than what impression -i- make. "I'm just looking for work, friend, not trouble."
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Personally, my defense is setting myself on FIRE, so I'm not too worried. >_>;
GM: The sky is terse - not a common occurrency. It does mean there won't be harpies coming out of the fog that comes from the World Mountain.
GM: This causes the fat man to relax and, with effort, push the barge over to the side and jump off it.
Ran: I cock my head, oh, is this how the hairy people greet each other?
GM: The tall man stops. "What kind of work?" He takes off his veil, to show that he is indeed a man, but with the wiry build of an elf -- too much facial hair for that though. Despite being in his fifties, he's obviously got long-distance-runner muscles.
Naeko: I laugh, shrugging, "most any kind that doesn't involve shoveling muck or reading a ledger. Though if you want a guard, you'll need to pay enough to keep me from getting bored."
Ran: I ponder what "work" means... Oh! Crafting and stuff? I chirp.
Campaign saved.
GM: "River's high, probably no need to shovel until we get to the city. As it happens, I do need hands -- you've got too much in the way of curves and too little in the way of muscles to interest me, though, woman. Jum, let's go." "Sorry ladies, you heard the boss" the tall man adds with slight bow of his head; still wary, he walks backwards to the mule.
GM: The fatter man struggles to climb back aboad.
GM: [1d20 = 3]
GM: And fails miserably, eliciting a laughter from the two muledrivers and falling on his bum. Apparently the fact that he's in charge doesn't exempt him from a bit of mockery.
Ran: I shrug, and chirp at the woman beside me. "Hey, hey, hey, could you help me?"
Naeko: I watch, but say nothing. after all, he's got the ballista. and while i MIGHT be able to melt some of the important parts if i got really really lucky... trusting luck is for gamblers, not a Mighty Orgone Engineer! Huh? the harpy wants...? "What did you need help with?" my tone is firmly noncommittal.
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Stuff! And thngs. Mostly things. I'm not used to dealing with flat-feets much," I flap a little, "so I was wondering if you could help me?"
Naeko: "I suppose I might as well. Doesn't cost me anything. 'Course, once it DOES cost me something, it costs YOU something, if you take my meaning?"
Ran: "Heke?" I cock my head.
Naeko: "Money. Or goods. they're what's usually exchanged for work?
Ran: "Ohhh. I see. Shinies."
spiritplumber (GM): sry fg froze
Naeko: "...Sure. Shinies." ...What have I gotten myself into...?
Ran: "I have shinies. Oh oh, do you know that big place with all the nests? Are you heading there?"
Campaign saved.
GM: The barge eventually resumes travel once the tall man, Jum, was it? helps his boss back up the barge after two unsuccessful attempts at climbing back on; the man looks at the two of you phlegmatically and gets back to his mule.
GM: Given the size of the barge and how fast it is moving, you can count on seeing it pass you by for the next while...
Player_K (Naeko): what was the name of the city again?
spiritplumber (GM): Izwald
GM: The fat man covers the ballista once more and, admitedly with some skill, gets the barge in the middle of the river again.
Naeko: "If you mean Izwald, yeah. I left this morning because there were supposed to be some caravans coming, and you can usually get a good deal if you're out to meet them before anyone else, but it looks like they're nowhere nearby yet."
GM: You can't quite tell what the barge is carrying -- it's a big wooden box with a barely delineated keel; probably grain, rice or salt or a combination thereof.
Naeko: "I was -hoping- one form back home would show up. I really miss some of the food."
Ran: "Oohhh. What sort of food?"
Ran: We've gotten out of way of the barge, I think
Naeko: "Well, the only one a caravan would be likely to have is strips of spiced biltong. When I was little i'd spend weeks gnawing my way through a big lump of it."
GM: Naeko, the scuttlebutt you heard is not entirely inaccurate -- a barge like this can carry as much as twenty beasts of burden, after all, and with there being no roads...
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Ran, the fat man calls out. "If you want a ride into the city - it's only a copper for the two of you! Not fast, but it beats walking!"
GM: Actually it's cold and dry this morning: you can tell the drivers' legs were hugging their mounts and the fat man, well, he has insulation.
Ran: I have fier. +_+
Naeko: "Do you think you'll get there by this afternoon? I'm grateful for the offer, but I've already paid for tonight's bed once!"
Ran: Oh, that would be nice! "Ooh! That'd be great!" It's probably less than food cost for that much flying.
GM: "You can get there faster than me if you run, woman - but I'll be more comfortable."
GM: The barge is indeed having problems keeping a walking pace, as if it's too big for just four mules, or as if there's more current than it looks.
Ran: I fiddle with my belt pouch a bit, trying to find a copper for the fee.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Well... if the harpy's paying. "You make a fair point. I'll be glad to take advantage of your hospitality."
Ran: Kind of hard with only two fingers and no thumb, but after a half a minute I've got it!
GM: By then you have to run a bit to catch up to the barge -- the fat man, apparently not showing any more animosity, skilfully steers the thing so that you can pretty much hop on board. (Jump check anyway)
Ran: For me to land? [1d20+19 = 27]
Player_K (Naeko): what do i roll?
Player_K (Naeko): just d20?
Player_D (Ran): ya, plus your strength mod and jump skill ranks.
Naeko: [1d20 = 18]
Campaign saved.
GM: The fat man looks at the two of you. "We're carrying rice, so make yourselves comfortable, you can't break anything or steal enough of it to matter to me. I'm Dimitros. Stand on one leg."
Naeko: "I'm Naeko. And you said a copper, not a copper and party tricks."
Ran: I stand on one leg, it's easy for me. :3
GM: "Party tricks it is until you hand the copper over" the man replies with a grin.
Ran: I gave him the copper :o
GM: The man pockets it with enough gingerliness to show respect for your talons. "Thank you. So what sort of work were you after anyway? I need someone to help me unload this stuff, but maybe my brother..."
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Mmm, I'm a shaman...? Gettuva? Healer is better word? I'm on a world walk." I sit to rest my thighs.
Naeko: I shrug "I'm not likely to be too useful as a dockhand. I do general stuff. My last job was somebody wanted me to go get them twenty moose pelts to avenge his sister. A moose bit her once, and somehow that cost him his job at the theatre."
Ran: "Wark?"
Ran: I blink at that story. "What's a moose?"
Ran: "Is it a type of rodent?"
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Naeko: "uhm... big, like a cow, but with a lot more horn. and more temperamental."
Player_K (Naeko): HAH! i KNEW you would get the holy grail joke!
GM: "So you're a hunter? You'll do fine, I bet. You... I hear they're trying to stitch wings to people, maybe they need a flight instructor? Anyway, then no. Although I know my brother is looking for a courier and, well, good luck being a courier by yourself."
GM: "No offence for earlier, but shoveling muck isn't a job for women."
Ran: "...Ah." I haven't seen a cow before, either, but I don't think asking more questions is good here.
Naeko: "Done it before. Unless he wants to move something that Emanates. Blow that for a joke."
Ran: "Flight stuff?"
GM: The man doesn't look like he's so much as lifted a box in years, but doesn't come across as temperamentally lazy -- he's doing a good job at wiggling the barge so as to climb the current while not giving either pair of mules undue strain.
GM: Dmitros quickly explains the recent stupidity with the flying machines; to him it mostly means that Izwald probably has more money in their coffers than they know what to do with, so it's worth it to bring rice all the way up here. A staple in more humid lands, here it's a bit of a delicacy even.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I decide not to mention that I can't stand rice except as a last resort. Gives me wind something shocking.
Ran: "Ohhh. If I help teach the short-arms, they can help teach me stuff, too! "I see, I see!"
Ran: Remove that first quote mark
spiritplumber (GM): Naeko, incidentally, how tall and heavy is your character?
Player_K (Naeko): 1.6m 79kg naked, 88 with harness and gauntlets.
Player_D (Ran): Ran's 4'10", and 80 pounds. ._.
GM: The landscape moves by agonizingly slow, the sand embankments and then steppe to the north and steppe to the south. As always, looking at the World Mountain gives both of you a feeling of displacement -- you can't accurately gauge its distance with regards to everything else, it's just too big.
spiritplumber (GM): Ya, was asking for aero reasons.
Ran: The world mountain is my home?
Ran: rather, my home is on the world mountain
-> ran: One of the normal peaks surrounding it.
Ran: Ah, kies
Naeko: I grin as i look out at the World Mountain, "Still... if they get the flying machines off the ground, it'd be a great way to stash supplies higher on the World Mountain so somebody can finally get to the top."
-> ran: The main peak goes up at a steep angle and it's probably twice Everest if not more.
Ran: :o Wows
Naeko: "I don't know how people can stand it... so... always THERE, but completely unknown..."
Campaign saved.
GM: "And why? Gold dragon bones? Rather keep my feet on the ground -- or on the river. To be honest I'll be glad to unload, pick up some spices and ride the river home - but again, talk to my brother if you are looking for work. It's the best lead I have for you."
Ran: "Basvila!" He gave us his brother's name?
Player_D (Ran): Basvila = thank you.
GM: Not yet. "Actually - you've been in town before?" Dmitros asks the both of you. Ahead, the other mule driver gets off the lead mule to let the beast's load lessen for some time.
GM: [2d10 = 16]
spiritplumber (GM): I blame Kip.
spiritplumber (GM): I wonder how Ethengarans would have taken it if nerve-stapling horses had become a common thing
Naeko: i shrug with a dreamy smile. "For knowing. And yes, I'm familiar with some parts of [ffff... log doesn't scroll back far enough for me to hide that i forgot the city's name again....]. Why do you ask?"
Ran: I shake my head.
Player_D (Ran): Izwald. It's right there. :P
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): it wasn't on my map until i tried to drag it around. it was pointed as somewher enamed Xantha. when i tried to drag around and let go, it snapped to Izwald.
Player_D (Ran): ah, weird.
GM: "Never been myself. So I actually need someone to run ahead and hire me some teamsters."
GM: Spot check?
Naeko: "If you know what you're prepared to pay, I can do that. The dockmaster's apprentice is the one whose sister antagonized a mule."
Naeko: [1d20 = 12]
Ran: Spot [1d20+1 = 21]
Player_D (Ran): :V
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Natural 20s are good.
GM: Ran, you're more used than most humanoids at looking up and down. In this case, up. Small, thin thing falling on the barge in an arc, very fast.
GM: "Do you pick a lot of fight with quadrupeds, ma'am-"
Ran: "Thing!" I immediately take off to get away.
GM: Dimitros looks at Ran, confused.
Naeko: "Myself? no. Just the ones i'm paid to."
Ran: Flying ahead of the barge, "Above!"
GM: Dimitros lets go of the rudder and uncovers the polybolos again, slamming it upwards!
GM: [1d20 = 1]
spiritplumber (GM): Oh come on.
Player_D (Ran): @_@
GM: TWANG! Naeko, reflex save?
Naeko: [1d20-1 = 19]
Player_K (Naeko): WOO!
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): you have a -1 to your reflex save? o_O
Naeko: [[s'what the sheet says from my stats.... it could be wrong? i don't know if i did it right...]]
Player_D (Ran): so you have 8 dex?
Naeko: [[no. my stats i edited last time weren't saved.
Naeko: [[i have super shitty like, 10-point buy stats. give me a moment and i'll reroll that.
Player_D (Ran): Ah
Naeko: [[actually. now that i hav ethe right stats, and don't have a -1 to my save, can i keep the natural 20? ;p]
GM: Naeko, the rudder slams against you when Dimitros drops it and you manage to catch it and keep it neutral -- the barge almost but not quite slams into the embankment. Ran, you're at the barge's bow -- a pike, of the sort that an infantryman might carry, has landed smack in the middle of the barge, almost perfectly vertical and with enough force to go right through the hull if it hadn't hit a sack of rice.
spiritplumber (GM): Sure
Naeko: [[also, is there a way to copy my serverside sheet to local so it doesn't happen again?]]
spiritplumber (GM): Yes but i don't know it, I will make a backup zo
Campaign saved.
Ran: I activate my flames to give myself more lift to rise up; did I see the source of the pike any?
Player_K (Naeko): thankies.
GM: Ran, other than the omnipresent clouds around World Mountains, the sky is remarkably clear.
GM: Naeko, you have the rudder! The barge lists to the left a little.
GM: Dimitros also scans the sky, with no more luck than Ran's.
Naeko: I stare at the pike nervously, scanning the banks ahead. Somebody had to throw or launch that. I push the rudder to the right, biting my lip "I've never driven one of these before!"
Ran: I circle up ino the sky, looking around a bit, then deactivate my flame and circle back down to land. "Ribyeta okay?"
GM: "Good catch even so! Get on the crossbow. STOP!" Trying to outrun anything on a barge is stupid, and Dimitros orders a halt instead.
GM: Naeko, there is literally nowhere to hide that you can see -- the steppe is a golden yellow, there are no hills, and that you can tell even the grass isn't tall enough to hide anyone, unless they are very good.
GM: Ran, you see nothing either; the city is visible to the horizon, which is nice, but in the immediate you have a pike to deal with and no attacker to go with it.
Naeko: I'm all too happy to trade the tiller for the ballista. Though as i rock it back and forth, i start to get more and more worried. but there's something i can do about that, at least. [[cast detect magic.]]
GM: Naeko, the polybolos has no trigger -- rather there is a hand crank that pulls the bow and then shoots at the end of the turn. You can't really see or feel much in the way of magic nearby you; the other driver -- not Jum -- is carrying some sort of protective charm, but that's about it.
Naeko: I let go of the ballista briefly to concentrate, opening a panel on my left gauntlet to expose the bank of switches which i fiddle tot he right configuration to let the energy drawn from my body take my senses with it... and hopefully tell if anyone else was violating causality nearby.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): well, we'll say i RPed the casting before you told me the result ;p
Ran: I check the angle of the pike.
Naeko: Disappointed, i take hold of it again, winding the crank partway so that i can get a shot off quickly if and when i DO have a target.
Naeko: "Get attacked when carrying food often?"
Ran: Shouldn't have shifted much, so I could try to trace the trajectory...
GM: Ran, good idea.... the pike went through a sack of rice. It's angled almost vertically, but the butt points to the east, roughly.
GM: "Not like this!"
Ran: "East to westward... Either short, or very long distance.."
Ran: It's a pike? No feathering like an arrow?
GM: No, it's a pike. One thing odd about it is that it's very old wood for the handle, held together with iron bands. Who'd bother?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the sky does seem to be clear.
spiritplumber (GM): Hooray, the high bandwidth mode for the datalogger works!
Ran: "Fes re ta... I don't think another attack will come."
Naeko: I step away from the ballista, moving over to look at the pike myself, on noticing the unusual constriction, i try to take a closer look, seeing if i can discern anything unusual about it.
Player_K (Naeko): well, recognizably or meaningfully unusual, i mean.
GM: The wood is very, very old and is -- barely -- held together by iron bands; who would bother doing that rather than another handle... The pike itself does not appear magical at a first analysis, which you already did.
Naeko: I was thinking more in terms of trying to recognize the style of craftsmanship, why metal would be wasted binding an old handle rather than replacing it with newer wood.
GM: "I guess the whole women on a ship, bad luck applies to river barges too" Dimitros comments. "I'm going to change my mind about needing guards, I guess." Naeko, the tip and bands are quite unremarkable -- any village smith could have done this. As to why not just make a new handle, that's indeed weird.
Campaign saved.
GM: It's too heavy to be a good pike, but apparently that's not an issue if you're throwing it from who knows where and how high.
Naeko: "Eh, it's a pointless superstition. If it was really bad luck, why is is that the stories of pirate queens end with them disappearing into retirment somewhere, while pirate kings always get murdered?" Naeko talks mostly as a distraction as she lifts her axe, intending to try to cut open part of the pike's handle. maybe there's something inside?
GM: "You've got a point there."
Ran: "Sorry.."
GM: Jum raises a hand and the other driver nods, as the barge resumes its slow trek towards Izwald.
GM: Naeko, the handle looks like it'd come apart by snapping it.
Naeko: I use the axe anyway, carefully. i want to cut upen a portion and look, not shatter it.
Campaign saved.
GM: There's a bit of a puff of.... dust? smoke? when you do -- good catch, as you'd have missed it amongst the splinters if you had just broken it. It smells like, well, old dry wood, but it wasn't quite natural.
GM: Ran, there is a line of hills towards where the pike might have come from, but given its angle, whoever threw must have made it touch the cloud layer if it came from there.
Ran: Wow...
GM: Dimitros ties the rudder in place and, realizing that the pike might have poked a hole in the hull, moves some of the rice sacks around to use as sandbags. While the man is stronger than he loooks, he's not used to this sort of labor and is soon panting and sweating.
Naeko: I make another incision further down the shaft, to see if it seems to run the entire length, though i pull it out, first, and mark the bag it penetrated. "I'm not certain, but this pike might be poisoned. don't sell the bag it went through withotu getting someone who knows about that sort of thing ot check for contamination. Anyone who'd want to ruin your reputation in these parts, Jum?"
GM: "Not me, but good call!" the driver calls out from ahead. "Again, I've never been this far north" Dimitros comments. "Adelphos moved here after last I saw him."
Campaign saved.
GM: A gentle wind starts to blow -- it doesn't carry sand with it, but the air becomes a little warmer.
spiritplumber (GM): K. if you gotta go say, eh :) hope this was a decent intro
Naeko: "He been in contact with you at all recently? Even if there isn't anyone who doesn't like you, it could be someone using you to try to hurt your brother."
Player_K (Naeko): it was an estimate based on past data. Mastress hasn't declared bedtime yet... i'm not collapsing yet... good to go awhile longer.
GM: "No, have you tried to get a hold of anyone in this country? Heh. I guess the clacks are spoiling me."
Ran: "CLacks?"
Naeko: "Pigeon. Fear charm. Homing charm. Messy, but works."
GM: Dimitros quickly explains the land-lighthouses that are used to send messages in the Empire and its satellite states -- pricey, but worth it to know trade goods prices before you move a caravan. "Homping pigeons? Telll that to your friend!" Dimitros points a thumb at Ran and grins.
Ran: "Pigeons? Those are those slow, tasty ones?"
GM: "Yep."
GM: Naeko, if the pike's payload was poison, you're feeling remarkably healthy.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Not so slow when Mom's hit one with a class three fear spell and invisibility. ...that said, I'd love for ther eto be a way for her to yell at me again to come home that didn't involve a shoulder soaked in the aftermath of terriffied pigeon.
Naeko: I set the pike down at one side of the boat, still not trusting it. Plenty of poisons don't work until combined with something else.
spiritplumber (GM): Invisibility may be a valid explanation.
GM: The trip continues, with the three-ma crew quite a b warier than they were earlier.
Player_K (Naeko): i figured the mage family Naeko's on the outs with is probably more than capable of that.
GM: Dimitros, not without embarassment, asks Naeko's help moving the rice sacks around.
spiritplumber (GM): Given shadow elves so far probably.
Naeko: I do so somewhat grudgingly, tempted to suggest he should give back the copper. but i don't.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Keep going or sleepies/otherstuff? Is it any good so far?
Player_D (Ran): Keep going is fine.
Player_K (Naeko): is fun! happy to keep going until Mastress declares bed.
GM: At least if there's another pike from the heavens, it won't sink the barge....
GM: What there is, up ahead, is four people on horseback, all on the river's northern side.
Naeko: What Naeko doesn't say is that with no trace of magic on it, to hit somethign from how far away that pike must have come... something is seriously off.
spiritplumber (GM): Someone has a high-altitude platform and is playing pranks?
Ran: @_@
Naeko: Naeko does nothing about the party on horseback except watch. it's not her barge.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I sing a bit as we ride, to lighten the mood a bid.
Ran: bit*
spiritplumber (GM): Did I foget to mention the Iron Star?
Player_K (Naeko): i don't know anything about any Iron Star
GM: The party on horseback is... well, they could be half-orc ruffians on slightly malnourished horses. They could be part of Izwald's militia, being as they are wearing at least an attempt at a uniform. Most likely they're a little of column A, little of column B.
GM: The Iron Star is a speck in the sky that is occasionally visible against the sun at dawn or dusk. It is shaped like a cake with a slice taken off, roughly, and it's not very big.
GM: It came about last year.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): is the iron star visibly metal? and thus the name? or did the name come from rumours and such?
spiritplumber (GM): It came from rumors. Actually, Blackmoor -- the civilization shadow elves claim as their ancestors -- used to create absolute emptiness inside metal cylinders, so that they would shoot up into the sky, and put teleportation links on them to let their rulers monitor the air higher than any creature or implement. Maybe someone fixed one.
spiritplumber (GM): See link.
Player_D (Ran): Can't think of a song she's singing. XD
GM: There's four of these people, all mounted -- in Ethengar, a warrior without a horse isn't a warrior -- and they appear to be deliberately standing in Jum's way.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I sigh discreetly, and fiddle my switches some, in both hands, just in case.
Ran: I stop singing once we get to that point, letting them converse.
GM: They're demanding an entry tax, being as this is Izwald's territory proper -- Jum is challenging them to produce a piece of paper or a seal saying that they can collect. "You look like hoods to me" he says calmly, dismounting.
Naeko: i quickly check my pockets, making sure the chitty i got the gate guards to sign on the way out that i'd already recieved permission to move about the city weeks ago was still on me.
Campaign saved.
Ran: There's a tax to enter? I cock my head. Tax, tax... that word... Oh, it's money.
GM: "Jum, what do they want?" "A sack of grain!" "We're carrying rice." "We want a sack of rice then!"
GM: "Come aboard and get it!"
GM: The horses look nervous as they're left there -- the four humanoids quickly get on board and start looking hungrily around for the fullest sack. They don't smell nearly as bad as they'd look like they would. Ran, one of the supposed guards grunts at you.
Naeko: Naeko looks to Jum, surreptitiously gesturing at the bag that got punctured. why not?
GM: Dimitros is casually leaning against the ballista.
GM: Why not indeed! "That one?" "'s got a hole in it!"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Lets the rice get some more air. comes at a premium, as long as you keep the hole side pointed up."
Naeko: Naeko does not have hte most flattering opinion of half-orcs.
GM: Naeko, bluff check?
spiritplumber (GM): That's hella clever actually.
Naeko: [1d20+5 = 17]
Player_K (Naeko): i'm a fuggin sorceress. go charisma skills.
GM: One of the 'guards' is about to object, but two of the others are already taking the sack out of the barge -- there are a couple hundred in the vessel, so Dimitros doesn't seem to mind. After a couple of glares between them and Jum, they put the sack on the least-malnourished of the horses and ride off towards the city. "You're sharp, I like that" Dimitros comments.
Player_K (Naeko): and Mastress commands bed soon as this encounter's over and it's a good pause point.
Player_D (Ran): Kies :o
spiritplumber (GM): kie! Nini?
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Hope it's fun. If feedback has, please give before bed :)
Naeko: I wink. "I'm a scrawny mutant shadow elf half a continent away from home. I've got to do -something- to keep my insides meeting that description."
Player_D (Ran): I like it so far, zo not much done yet.
spiritplumber (GM): in general I try to take the Fallout approach, you can talk your way out of 75% of the fights.
spiritplumber (GM): I do tend to be a bit slow.
Player_D (Ran): Ya, I knows.
Player_K (Naeko): i'm having fun ^.^ but then, YAY! Naeko's out of the carbonite!
spiritplumber (GM): Actuallly for elf standards Naeko's pretty beefy
spiritplumber (GM): then there was Blissey, aka The Only Sylvan Elf With Boobs.
Player_D (Ran): I like Blissey :3
Player_K (Naeko): comes from swinging that axe around. and compared to the average 25pb fighter she isn't.
spiritplumber (GM): I do tend to get lost in details, so if you have a problem with that poke me about it and I will speed up
Player_D (Ran): *noddles*
Player_K (Naeko): i like details. they are fun.
spiritplumber (GM): I want to make the setting come alive a bit
Player_K (Naeko): technical question: are we keeping track of xp? or do we just level up when you say we level up?
spiritplumber (GM): As to what's with the orbital friendship pike dropper, who knows. Jokes aside it's probably nothing to do with things in orbit.
spiritplumber (GM): Level up as a party because less drama
spiritplumber (GM): Particular bits of cleverness get you a fate point.
Player_K (Naeko): makes sense to me. was just asking.
spiritplumber (GM): Meaning that you get to call a guaranteed crit or a guaranteed fumble.
spiritplumber (GM): On yourself.
Player_K (Naeko): though, if one has magic available, would you be able to put -negative- mass inside of a vessel, so it can then have negative density, and actually bouyancy to orbit?
Player_D (Ran): Not quite.
spiritplumber (GM): So save them for EPIC MOMENT (tm)
Player_D (Ran): The most effective way I've found to get into space with magic is to ritual cast teleport.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): The problem with that is that magic depends on the environment. A lot of magic is harder to cast away from.... not sure what (some say living things, some say sapient things)
Player_D (Ran): yeah
spiritplumber (GM): so for example you can't magic your way out of crossing an ocean, you have to get a good ship and a good skipper
spiritplumber (GM): you CAN it's ridiculously expensive and prone to failure zo.
Player_K (Naeko): but a thing, which once created by magic, is just a thing, whatever attributes it may have, will cease extant existance at a distance?
spiritplumber (GM): Nope. But if you enchant something to have negative weight it will regain some of it as you go up.
Player_D (Ran): Typically, yes; items created by magic are rarely permanent, actually.
spiritplumber (GM): Still a way to send up a balloon, but it won't break orbit. There's also the fact that most permanent magic items have a chance of crapping out over time.
Player_K (Naeko): ...GM judgement call. does the harness and rigging through which Naeko DOES magic count as items created through magic?
spiritplumber (GM): if it was predictable it'd be natural philosophy, not supernatural philosophy
spiritplumber (GM): It's probably some broken archeotech that Naeko thinks she's fixed it, tbh.
spiritplumber (GM): Blackmoorians had 1920s tech based on pneumatics rather than steam and electricity, by and large
spiritplumber (GM): even so, in the Broken Lands you find stuff like plasma guns.
Player_K (Naeko): *nods* mmkay.
spiritplumber (GM): By and large they don't work or work only once and then blow up.
Player_K (Naeko): and on that note, i really ought to fulfill my Orders.
Player_K (Naeko): nini!
spiritplumber (GM): Nini!
Player_K (Naeko): backed up the character sheet?
spiritplumber (GM): hope is fun, im a bit rusty
spiritplumber (GM): ya
Player_K (Naeko): yay!
'Player_K' disconnected
spiritplumber (GM): I think I have gotten worse at this O_O;
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Why's that?
'Player_D' disconnected

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'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Player_D (Ran): arhleadbleuad. I've spent 5 hours on this character already and nowhere NEAR done. x_x
Campaign saved.
GM: FG up
Ran: ...umm, yes, it is. I'm in it now.
Ran: K. says almost bed time :<
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): aw kies nm then
spiritplumber (GM): sry

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spiritplumber (GM): see if d comes in o o
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'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Player_D (Ran): Explosions!
Player_K (Naeko): yay! we gotta hav emore explosions!
Ran: Was Re Ya!
spiritplumber (GM): Meep O_O
spiritplumber (GM): Explosions?
spiritplumber (GM): Already?
spiritplumber (GM): Recap!
Ran: We sort of met randomly on the way to Izwald; Naeko returning there after some exploring, me as my first time. Ridin' on a barge carrying rice an' stuffs! Suddenly ORBITAL PIKE OUT OF NO WHERE
Ran: Weirdness abounds with the pike, but shoulders are shrugged and we carry on. Then we come across doods who may or may not be advance patrol/guards of Izwald, who demand a tax. Naeko convinces them to take the bag with the hole in it.
Ran: We left off shortly after that point.
spiritplumber (GM): Yep!
Ran: Though we did learn about some job opportunities; there's the air force thingie that some of the nobles seem to be doing, plus the merchant guy's brother or something
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): now i know. recap with an ! is instruction for hte players to do it. i will remember this.
GM: Jum watches the supposed guards trot off -- their horses didn't look like they had much gallop in them -- and just shrugs. Dimitros covers the barge's ballista again, and nods at Naeko in acknowledgement of dealing it well.
spiritplumber (GM): I want to make sure everyone is on the same page, so recap is done by turns, yeah
spiritplumber (GM): makes life easier in the "did everyone miss this or that clue" department :) hope that's ok
Player_K (Naeko): perfectly fine!
Ran: I chirp, happy to learn more about interaction in shart-arm territory.
Ran: short-arm*
Player_D (Ran): You get why Ran calls everyone "short-arms" right? >_>;
Naeko: Naeko sits on the barge's deck, quickly deciding i may as well lay down unless something else happens, it's not like things move around much on a barge. "And that, Ran, is called 'gulling an idiot'. It's the best way to keep your money, er, your shinies, yours. but try to be actually sure they're an idiot before you try it."
GM: "Whether those were guards or thugs I think the problem'll be finding something to trade for" Dimitros laughs "maybe all the reports I heard of this place doing well were overstated!"
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Ohhhh." I nod. Interesting person.
GM: The first thing you see of Izwald is a very large, slightly pink in the haze, inverted pear shape hovering above what you guess is the city proper. The overall look is somewhat mammary, at this distance; Naeko, you can clearly see a rope of some sort tethering it.
GM: "Or that."
Ran: "Ooooh! That's pretty neat. What is it?"
Naeko: Naeko grins, "There's plenty of people with plenty of money, however they got it. You'll sell your rice. As long as you keep an eye on it."
GM: The city proper has no temple towers or for that matter guard towers, its walls tall but thin and worn in places; the city proper, such as it is, leans on a hill north of the river -- the harbor is inside the bend, on the south side, and by the look of it hasn't been seriously used in years: it comes visible as a shantytown of yurts and temporary buildings. The first impression is that there's a clear class divide around here...
GM: "I'll definitely have to hire some protection. Well, any time you want to disembark - just jump off, really..."
Campaign saved.
Ran: I look to Naeko, really wanting to explore, and she said she'd help me...
Naeko: "If it's all the same to you, I'd rather wait for the harbour. The guards there are less likely to argue with the fact i've already got papers."
Ran: I cock my head, "What's 'papers'?"
GM: "Well, you paid and then some" Dimitros shrugs.
Naeko: Naeko sighs, once more wondering what she's gotten herself into, fishing them out of her robe. "These. Lots of things go on papers, but these particularly..." she unfolds it, revealing the signature and stamp of a tax collector. "say i've already paid my fees to come and go as a please in the open parts of the city for the next few weeks."
Campaign saved.
GM: "Not worth much in these parts, but it's one less gang you have to worry about, at least. Or so I'm told, I've found people to be more hospitable than what the stories claim..."
Naeko: "Avoid any bar where you can smell fresh paint. Stood me in good stead for months now."
Naeko: "But then, i'm not in town itself very much. Inn. Noticeboard in the square. Go do stuff. Get paid. back to the inn."
GM: You're close enough to the city that you start seeing various contaminants in the water, mostly streaks of red and blue dye that smell vaguely of rotten eggs. The balloon is indeed tethered with a long silk rope to a squat structure that looks more like a bunker than a palace; as you get closer, you see that there is quite a bit of activity in the city. Unlike most towns, most everyone is on horseback who can afford it. The harbor area, by the look of it, is not so much a shanty as a place that was abandoned long ago and is only recently being recolonized, so to speak.
Ran: "Mmm, can you wait for me? I wanna look at that closer." I ask Naeko.
GM: Being on the "wrong" side of the river, Jum detaches his mules and raises a hand, calling out that he'll find a bridge. Dimitros looks ahead. "Going to have to take it slow anyway by the look of it."
GM: The balloon is indeed mostly white or a pale pink; there's a tiny gondola under it, probably an observation platform.
Ran: I do a light hop to the ground then jump to take off from solid ground, not quite trusting a water take off.
Ran: Oooh, I'll check the gondola
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Naeko, being ever a pragmatic kitty, does what should always be done with a large flat space on which nothing is going to happen for a fair while in the sun. She takes a nap.
GM: It's tiny! There's someone on it -- oh! Whoever it is they just sent what looks like a tiny bucket down the tether rope.
Ran: I circle down to where it's tethered, curious.
GM: The slow barge slowly gets to the harbor, or what's left of it -- the other mule driver, who hasn't said a word for the entire trip, helps Dimitros lead the large watercraft against a pier that by the look of it was allowed to get filled up in sand for years: the barge gets stuck. "Dammit!"
Naeko: The jarring surprise of the barge sticking is enough to wake Naeko, and so she can hear the outburst. She doesn't ask about it, though. No doubt the two are related.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): brb
Naeko: After a few minutes, Naeko decides that she might as well ask, "What do you usually do when the barge gets stuck?
GM: The barge is stuck at an angle, almost but not quite between two piers; the river is wide enough that this doesn't cause clogging, but your landing has attracted attention. Townsfolk, two dozen in all maybe and of varying colors between olive and green, starts running up to the grey planks of the pier. Some wear rags, some a linen shirt that you'd expect on a peasant; all have some sort of weapon at their belt.
GM: "Talk to the harbormaster, but..." Dimitros grunts. "Doesn't look like there has been one a while." On the pier, someone comments about that being the biggest boat he'd ever seen.
Player_D (Ran): back
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): how far from the nearest pier is the barge?
Player_K (Naeko): also WB
Ran: What sort of people are below me as I circle down? :o
GM: You can jump off: the problem is that it's stuck.
GM: Ran, you're on top of a large, squat building that has a different style than the other buildings around it -- simpler, much more massive. The stones making it are each much larger than those of other constructions. There is a sort of hatch next to where the rope is tied, and bundles of cordwood near it.
Ran: I look down the hatch, if it's open, otherwise I'll look around for an entrance
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the townsfolk have surrounded the mule driver, who is remaining stoically near the animals -- they don't seem hostile as such, but they're definitely being rough and loud. "Calm down, people, calm down!"
GM: Dimitros ambles towards where the barge hit the pier's corner.
Naeko: I shrug, heading to the same place, hoisting myself up onto the pier, "Do you know where to find your brother? I can go see if he's got any ideas. ...That's about as much goodwill as i've got. Sorry."
GM: Ran, there are no other entrances -- you did see someone come over and pick up the mug that was tied to the towrope: a way to send down messages? The hatch is barred from the inside.
GM: Dimitros also gets on the pier with some difficulty. "No, his name is Adelphius and he says he has a warehouse in town, but that's all I know. Easiest if I go find him: what's it worth to you to hold the fort for me?"
Ran: Aww. I tug on the rope with a foot, testing if it'll hold me.
GM: Ran, it's pretty taut -- by the look of it the balloon is holding it up quite well. You can probably climb it, yes.
Naeko: Naeko considers it for a few moments, then shrugs "If all i end up needing to do is sit here and look too cranky to be worth bitching at, call it four copper. If i have to maim or kill anyone, it'll go up."
Naeko: "Two if it doesn't take all that long."
Ran: Well, I half fly, half climb up it, so I can rest as I do so.
Campaign saved.
GM: "Done!" With a surprising turn of speed Dimitros hands you a somewhat blackened silver coin and walks down the pier, the planks bending under his bulk. "Pardon me! Pardon me!"
GM: In a moment, he's surrounded by the people who showed up, same as his driver, and starts shouting about seeing the harbormaster.
GM: Ran, anotehr mug is coming down! Pretty fast!
Ran: eek!
Ran: I get off the rope and fly up on my own power a bit... then get back on the rope once it's past.
GM: Good idea -- there was a lump of coal in this mug.
Ran: "Sorry! Umm, hi! Can I as what this is? I'ven't seen anything like this before!"
Naeko: I look over the coin, but pocket it. And since I've taken the job of looking threatening, I pull my axe forward, laying it across my other wrist in order to start priming the system in case i need that, as well.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, by means of shouts and a few shoves, Dimitros makes his way past the small crowd; his driver is still standing impassively near the mounts. One of the halforks in the group, a woman, asks the driver if he's too good to trade with them directly, and spits on him when there's no answer. This elicits a slow growl from the cloaked figure.
GM: Ran, a boy's voice answers. "Get off or we'll call the patrol!" Then a girl's voice. "Kuno, easy, it's just one harpy! Hello, come up! You're not going to hurt anyone right?" The gondola is quite small.
Ran: "Oh no, not at all." I chirp, and try to get the rest of the way up and onto the gondola.
Naeko: Naeko doesn't get involved. He's paying her to protect the cargo, not to protect him. Of course, if he asks, they can negotiate the costs later. Smooth-talking some guards into taking a bogus 'tribute'? easy. talking past a crowd that smells blood? not fucking likely.
GM: Naeko, the group has moved past the mules and is going towards you.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Naeko shifts to a clearly combative stance. "Now, I'm not a merchant. I don't sell goods. You can all wait patiently for Mister Dimitros to be ready to sell you his rice, and then nobody has to get hurt."
Naeko: Sure, i think I'M the one who's gonna get hurt if they seriously make trouble, but i don't want them to know that. "No closer."
GM: Ran, there's a pretty strange side there. The gondola is made of wood and canvas and contains a cauldron with a small coal fire burning in it, presumably to fill the envelope with smoke, that you can tell. That, some coal and some mugs and pieces of bark are the only contents; a remarkably scrawny boy wearing a canvas shirt with some sort of harness on it seems to be the only occupant as he greets you to your face. "Er, hello."
Ran: "Hi hi!" I give a small wing salute, trying not to disturb balance much.
GM: "We got here first, we should get first call on price!" the woman answers Naeko loudly. "No closer? Says who?" asks a man, shoulders wider than an ork and olive skin.
GM: Ran, the boy points up. "Remia is up top, I'm uh, helping her be lookout I guess. Doesn't pay much but I get to fly... guess you're used to it, eh? Please don't touch the silk or you'll break the-" He shuts up abruptly.
Ran: "My name is Ran'depaopao."
Campaign saved.
GM: "I'm Kuno."
GM: Naeko, while you've pretty much been surrounded, you can easily jump back on the barge if you need to. These people have started shouting -- they clearly want rice, but some seem open to buying it. A few are pretty much asking why don't they just take some.
Naeko: I sigh, Dimitros is going to pay a LOT more than one silver coin for this if it doesn't diffuse fast. "Says me." As quickly as I can, i case Mage Armour on myself, and flick the switches again to cast Grease on the stretch of pier between me and them. Hopefully the Armour forming flashily enough that they don't see the grease come into existence. Hurts a bit... I really need to get that feedback sorted.
Player_K (Naeko): oh, damn. i thought i still had some space to work with on the pier.
spiritplumber (GM): Some you do. About ten feet.
Player_K (Naeko): ten feet is good. perfect, in fact ^.^
GM: Naeko, the flashes upon your body cause a reaction as people back off a little; the driver, now behind them, slowly turns around to face them. Two against twenty, but they look somewhat scared...
Naeko: "Now I know some of you are thinking that I can't fight you all. That's very true. But who wants to be the first one on my axe?"
GM: Ran, the boy looks healthy, although you can definitely count his ribs. He looks flustered. "So uhm... why are you up here?"
Ran: "I was curious about this thing. Didn't know something so big could fly!"
GM: "Look lady, I'm here to BUY some food before it all gets carted off!" the halfork woman says. "I'm not!" someone else adds, but gets a heel in the toes rather quickly.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, the boy says that it's got something to do with the way they put enchanted oil on the silk, because he's burning ordinary coal as far as he knows. "Then we sit up here, Remia on top of the balloon and me underneath, and if there are raiders and so on I write it on a piece of bark and send it down. Or a big boat. Beats being a footman!"
Naeko: "And I'm here to keep an eye on it until the guy who owns it gets back. Calm down, and back off. Argue about who gets to buy first with the person who's here to sell it."
Ran: "Oh? Someone's on top?" I chirp. "I see, sounds neat zo. You shortarms are clever!"
Ran: "Do you need any help?" I cock my head, not really letting up with my comments.
GM: Naeko, the mule driver growls again when the woman tries to talk to him. "Cripple that! It'll all be carted off and we'll see it in the stores at ten times the price! I say you're selling and we're buying -- else we're taking!"
GM: This time the man's call is taken with murmurs of assent.
Player_K (Naeko): can i aim an acid splash well enough to peg him in the face?
Player_K (Naeko): 1d3 is a lot in the face ;p
Player_D (Ran): scareh :o
GM: Ran, the boy is pretty happy to show you how to stoke the fire, although he doesn't really know how the machine works -- he says he's not scared of it falling off anymore, and he's been at this for about a month. He also tells you Remia is up top on top of the silk but seriously, talons off it please.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): The big guy is in the middle of the small mob, so you can try, but risk missing.
Player_K (Naeko): i'll hold off on that then.
Ran: "Oohhh, Okay. I'mma just look, then; can she hear from here?"
Naeko: "Okay. Who's first? Step forward in your own time, 'taker'."
spiritplumber (GM): brb
Player_D (Ran): kie
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): sorry, door salesman
Player_D (Ran): what sorta doors did he have? :o
spiritplumber (GM): you want to sell me newspaper, i want to sell you robots
Player_D (Ran): hehehe
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): could automate his job, actually. little robot with coin operated paper dispenser.
Player_D (Ran): anypyon. game!
Player_K (Naeko): would HAVE to make it sound like Analyzer from Yamato.
GM: Naeko, the large man steps forward - he has no weapon out, but carries a Thyatian gladius on his belt. "We're hungry. Too much meat, not enough grain. You get hunter's disease eventually."
spiritplumber (GM): LOL
Player_K (Naeko): that... that at my door i would actually buy papers
Player_D (Ran): eat moar guts! :V
GM: Ran, Kuno points upwards. "Yes, she can." "Who's down there?" the girl's voice asks.
Ran: "I'm Ran'depaopao! You must be Remia? Can I come up there?"
Player_K (Naeko): is he within reach without me stepping on my own grease-patch?
Player_K (Naeko): which he is standing on?
GM: Ran, the girl trills yes. Naeko, he's not within reach, not quite.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Hunter's disease is easier to fix than steel poisoning."
Ran: Yay! I chirp, and hop/fall off and do a shallow swoop and roll to get altitude to try to get above the top of the balloon.
GM: The woman also departs from the group and tries once more to talk to the mule driver. "That's why I'm trying to ask you to BUY the grains." "It's rice!" "Rice."
GM: Ran, there's a very little girl strapped in a sort of harness right on top of the balloon; she has no visible arms or legs. A circle of rope sewn into the balloon's top for rigidity also lets her turn herself around by her mouth.
Naeko: I ponder briefly some more misdirection. Wouldn't work. they'd much rather harass her than try to get rice out of a guard patrol. "So talk to him when he comes back. It's not my rice. It's my piece of pier. If you want it to be your rice, talk to Dimitrus."
Campaign saved.
GM: "He already went to talk to the merchants!" "If we wait they'll cart it all off and it'll be too expensive!" "Have some heart!" "You don't talk much, do you?" The last remark is to the mule driver; again there's a growl.
Ran: I try to hover a bit to look at her, then instead circle once I start losing altitude soon after. "Oh! Sorry, I'm not good at flying yet!" No place for me to land up here without risking talons, eh?
GM: Her back maybe? The rope circle, if you get it just right? "Me neither, don't worry!" the answer comes with a giggle.
GM: Naeko, the man points to his cohorts. "Last call. Name a price or I'll just push you off. I have my people to worry about."
Naeko: Acid splash to the face.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Hmm. Not so sure about that... "Oh! I have a friend waiting on me, I almost forgot her... Do you know if you have work available?"
Player_D (Ran): (My mouse battery ran out, and don't have spares in here. >_>;]
spiritplumber (GM): meep?
Player_K (Naeko): eep!
GM: "We're definitely hiring harpies if they behave!" The girl has a tail, which she uses to wave at Ran.
spiritplumber (GM): K., so you're attaching?
Ran: "Oh, yay! Thanks, I'll be back!"
Ran: I fly back toward Naeko, chirping.
Player_K (Naeko): yup. he's said last call or he attacks. so Naeko's patience has run out and she's goign to try to make a (nonlethal, if possible) example of him.
GM: Ran, the glide down gives you a good look at the city -- it looks to be fairly prosperous, by local standards anyway; the abandoned harbor is the exception.
spiritplumber (GM): Roll to hit then!
Player_D (Ran): "He has 4 hp, my attack only does 1d3 damage! Of course it's non-lethal."
Player_K (Naeko): what's the hit roll on a spell?
Player_D (Ran): BAB + DEX (if it's ranged like acid splash is)
Player_K (Naeko): and it' sonly nonlethal if i don't have to follow up with the 1d8 axe
Player_K (Naeko): BAB?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): base attack bonus. For you it's currently +0
Naeko: [1d20 = 16]
GM: "Aaargh!"
Player_K (Naeko): so, do i roll damage as well, or did you do that privately?
GM: The large man covers his face -- and slips, causing a chain reaction! While it doesn't look like he'll lose an eye, his arm is sizzling. All around him, the small mob flails about on the greased pier!
spiritplumber (GM): you do
GM: [2d10 = 13]
Player_K (Naeko): it doesn't seem to be letting me do 1d3, so 1d6/2?
Player_D (Ran): yeah.
Naeko: [1d6 = 1]
GM: A couple of people fall off the pier outright, the maybe four feet drop ending into sand or muck with only one actual splash.
Naeko: I wait for things to stop. Keeping an eye for anyone trying to climb from the water onto the barge.
GM: The woman ends up hanging onto the barge's tow rope, causing the mules to shift a little -- fortunately, they were out of the grease's reach. The mule driver still hasn't reacted.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Zomby driver? :o
Player_K (Naeko): i'm thinking were.*
Player_K (Naeko): all the growling.
GM: Ran, you're gliding above all this: from your vantage point you can see that a lot of people are slowly converging towards the barge. None of them are on horseback, and they don't seem to be in a hurry -- it seems to be mostly a case of let's see what happens. From the city proper, four riders are waiting for a small raft to cross, there being no bridge.
Ran: I circle down to Naeko, trying to land behind her.
Naeko: "Oh, hi Ran. Dimitrus offered to pay us to keep anyone from taking the rice while he's seeing to his boat."
Ran: "Oooh!"
Ran: "I found possible job! Really nice and cute."
Ran: "Oh, there's people!"
spiritplumber (GM): Ran where are you landing?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, people are getting back up - the large man is doing so very deliberatly. "Good trick, witch."
Player_D (Ran): about there.
Naeko: "Well, you'll have to tell me about it when we finish this one." She turns back to the large man, "Are you still here?" It's deliberate. Getting pissed off while standing on greased wood isn't helpful.
Ran: I cock my head. "It's a fight?"
Naeko: "He wants to make it one."
GM: Naeko, the man gets up with some difficulty. "And not going anywhere." Most of the rest of his mob however is going. "Someone give me a hand!" "Drop, it's just four feet!" The halfork woman has her feet on the pier and her hands on the rope.
Naeko: "Anywhere? Really? Cool. You can stand there as long as you want, mister."
Naeko: Then to the woman, "Just drop and walk away, Ma'am. do you really want to follow this idiot's example?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Arcane Mark, visible, on the axe blade, random mystic glowy crap that looks scary.
Ran: (intimidate) I straighten up and spread my wings; the small red and gold rope at my waist glows red... then suddenly FIRE spreads from my feathers, covering me in flames. ( feel free to add whatever bonus I get to intimidate from being on fire :P) "It might be in your best interest to leave us alone." [1d20+3 = 4]
Player_D (Ran): ...;-;
Player_D (Ran): of course I nat one a really cool action.
Player_D (Ran): too tiny to be scary D:
Ran: "Or, you know, whatever you want to..." I fold my wings and blush a bit.
Player_K (Naeko): happens to all of us.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
GM: "I swore I would follow him when I married him, you bitch!"
Player_D (Ran): wat o-o
Player_D (Ran): oh, derp.
Naeko: "Then persuade him not to die today and you can STAY married to him!"
Player_K (Naeko): i think intimidate makes sense there.
Naeko: [1d20 = 18]
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Naeko, the small mob -- about a dozen people -- has reformed at the end of the pier; the inscrutable mule driver has barely moved a step throughout all this. "So you got a witch and a harpy protecting your rice. Big deal!" The woman does drop. "Maybe the merchant man will come back and we can actually talk" she opines as she walks off the sanded-in embankment. The large man has finally gotten back uo.
GM: "Fine, you win" he says to the both of you "but if you aren't budging neither am I."
Naeko: "You can stand anywhere on the pier you please, mister. Long as you don't come any closer."
GM: Going back, he reacts to the muledriver's growl. "And what do you want? You're a slave to the rich same as them!". Again, there's no reaction, other than the mule driver staggering a little.
GM: While they're keeping their distance, some people are coming closer. At least the barge doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere for now, despite the current pushing it away...
Ran: I stop my flame and sort of hide behind Naeko. Didn't think they were that scary when it was just a few, but lots of people...
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Ran, the problem is that a flock of harpies is scary, one harpy somewhat less. And fire is n't a problem on a waterfront.
Player_D (Ran): yeah..
Naeko: It needs something. I get out a honing steel and start working it lightly on the edge of my axe and whistling. not actually pressing hard enoguh to do anythign but make grating noise, but it's all about the appearances right now, what things look like to anyone suggesting another run across the grease.
Ran: "Umm, will that float away?"
GM: Rice is somewhat of an exotic commodity in these parts, and a few members of the original mob run off, possibly to talk to their families or their patrons.
GM: The barge? The mules aren't budging, but now that you think of it, it DID move backwards a little, changing the angle...
spiritplumber (GM): good catch, too
Naeko: "Not while it's attached to the mule."
Ran: "You sure? It would be bad if it did..."
GM: It looks like the harbor has been disused for long enough for anyone with any nautical knowledge to have moved on, or maybe it is fine how it is - nobody's said a thing. "Does anyone know how to cook rice??" someone calls further back from inside one of the yurts.
Naeko: I gesture to the mule driver, "That's his job. Ours is just to keep the rice on the barge."
Ran: "Okay..."
Campaign saved.
Ran isn't even sure what rice is, actually.
GM: By the look of it four riders in leather armor are coming across on a rudimentary but robust ferry -- they're wearin the same leather armor that the "frontier guards" were, but it looks much better maintained. No sign of Dimitros.
GM: [2d10 = 9]
Ran: I preen a bit, since nothing is going on.
spiritplumber (GM): I wonder what a chimicherrichanga is.
GM: Ran, spot check?
Ran: [1d20+1 = 7]
Naeko: In a particularly unusual spate of self-awareness, Naeko whispers bitterly to Ran, "I wouldn't blame you in the slightest if you took wing and headed back wherever you came from. This is life among the 'short-arms'. Get paid by the people who have stuff to step on the people who want it. But, better to be the shoe than underfoot."
Ran: "Oh... Not much different than home, just less getting eaten."
Ran: "I'll go back to the balloon people, then. Join later, if you can?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Sure, why not? Let 'em know I'm coming, okay?"
GM: Ran, the humid air made you a little fluffier, contrary to expectations!
Ran: "Okay!"
Player_D (Ran): Fluffy! :O
Ran: I take off going back towards the balloon.
GM: Ran, the balloon is still there, having shifted southward a little due to the change in wind.
GM: Naeko, the riders make their way on the pier and, without dismounting, push people off -- it's two men and two half-orks. One of the latter takes the lead and rides halfway on the pier. "Who is the first mate of this vessel?"
GM: [2d10 = 18]
spiritplumber (GM): oh LOL.
Player_D (Ran): eek?
Naeko: "No idea, officers. i'm just a passenger who was hired to gurad the cargo when it rab aground."
Naeko: "mind the grease."
Campaign saved.
GM: The guard describes Dimitros, exaggerating his plumpiness quite a bit. "This the man who hired you?"
Naeko: "He wasn't that fat at the time, but otherwise, yes."
GM: Ran, you're near the balloon again -- the climb was a bit taxing on you though.
Ran: I try to land in the gondola again.
Ran: "Hueee..."
Naeko: "Is there some problem, Officer? My papers are in order, I just went out this morning to see if there was anything I wanted to try to buy from the caravans rumoured to be arriving today."
GM: "Best hope he paid you in advance, he's dead." Not seeing anyone injuried or dead nearby, the guards figure anything that happened here isn't for them to deal with. "This boat is confiscated, push off, you lot!"
GM: Naeko, spot check?
Player_D (Ran): oh dear :o
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 20]
GM: One of the human guards was trying to talk to the muledriver. "He's an idiot, Boss." "Then leave him there, obviously he didn't do it.
-> naeko: The boat definitely moved, whether by itself or because the muledriver was distracted you can't tell.
GM: Ran, Kuno says mind the hot cauldron and makes what little room he can.
Naeko: "Didn't do what, Officers? I'm a registered freelancer, I may be of some assistance."
GM: "Your employer was killed in Adelphio's shop, we don't know any more than that. If you know where Adelphio is, he's the primary suspect, so we could use a hand with that, yes. If you don't then buzz off, the boat is confiscated, since there's no owner."
Campaign saved.
GM: The three other riders take station around the mule driver, ready to push people off -- the small mob, far from dispersing, has grown back to its original size but nobody seems keen on looting the barge just yet, even though it's four against thirty.
Ran: "Kies kies. Oh oh, who do I talk to about work? Is it enough to eat with? Do I have to worry about getting eaten?"
Naeko: "okay, okay... yeesh, blame a girl for trying to find more work when the current job dries up..." She steps carefully across the grease, it's a gimmick she's fond of using, so used to walking across it herself. She stops ever so briefly by the driver to whisper, "Anything you'd care to tell ME?"
spiritplumber (GM): Do not fire clowns, they fire back.
Naeko: I don't actualyl wait for an answer, continuing onwards, saying to the guards, "If you need me for anything else, Officers, I'm usually in the Boar's Head Inn if I'm not out on a job."
Naeko: Of cours,e now there's the question if anyone in the crowd feels like being belligerent at her now that nobody's goign to get any rice.
GM: Ran, Kuno says talk to Remia, it is but they want to hire light people obviously, and no, unless harpies eat other harpies, actually.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the halfork nods. "Good for you. If you can talk your idiot friend into leaving, we'd appreciate that - I got to go back to the keep."
Ran: "We don't, usually. I think Biggy was joking whenever she said it..." I then chirp up to Remia, "So you hire? Or who to talk to to hire?"
GM: Ran, Kuno makes a face. "I need people who can fly and you obviously can, so yes, we can talk to Near tomorrow if you like! Just show up at the farm!"
Player_D (Ran): Biggy being the nickname of one harpy that had gotten too fat to fly anymore. >_>;
Ran: "The farm?" I ask Kuno. "Huzzah! Anything you need me to do now?"
Naeko: "Doubt it officer. I only met him a few hours ago." I continue forward. Looking in hope that i can slip past the crowd rathe rthan having to go through them.
Player_K (Naeko): i do hope that it's obvious Naeko was only announcing her place of residence to the guard as an excuse for Silent Type there to hear it?
Player_D (Ran): brb
spiritplumber (GM): kie
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the muledriver looks at you, maybe interrogatively, maybe because you're the closest moving object.
Player_K (Naeko): was the muledriver Jum who was mentioned earlier? and if not, what happened to him?
Player_D (Ran): back
GM: The patrol boss leaves for the makeshift ferry; the crowd around doesn't seem particularly hostile actually...
spiritplumber (GM): Jum is the other muledriver. There were mules on both sides of the river
spiritplumber (GM): Jum is in town someplace
Player_K (Naeko): ah, gotcha.
GM: The "confiscation" news was greeted with some grumbles and some cheers, to think of it.
Naeko: I notice him looking, and shrug, "You coming, or not?" Regardless, I've got nothing else to do here, so i leave to head into the city proper. I seriously doubt 'someone up on your balloon liked the harpy i met on my way back into town' would get me close enough to be meaningful, but hey... why not?
Player_D (Ran): pretty sure the state would sell the stuff cheaper than th emerchants would... on account it's pure profit for them. XD
GM: Naeko, you're let through with few problems, except when you bump into the large man and his halfork wife. "Nog, leave it alone" she says.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Kuno explains that the Floral Brigade headquarters are actually on a farm in one of the few fertile splotches of grounds not far from the city; the balloon was brought into the city proper because, well, it's the first one they make that seems to work reliably.
Ran: "Oohhh!"
Ran: "Floral Brigade?"
Naeko: I keep going. If he decides to ignore her advice, i want him to have to go through other people to get to me, and hte faster i move, the more likely that is.
GM: Naeko, your little exhibition earlier makes it so you get a reasonably wide berth -- thse people respect fightiness, apparently, and now you have nothing they want.
GM: The last pier, also the only one with an intact berth next to it -- way too small for the barge -- is where the little ferry had gone; there are a few rafts on the river, all solidly but simply built, and a few ropes srewn across for them to push against.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I've got no more business on the docks, and frankly want to get as far from them as I reasonably can, back into the part of the city that's actually city.
GM: Ran, Kuno quickly explains the name -- the farmer who rented half the land to the nascent airforce fancies chamomille flowers, both to sell and to keep, and the name stuck.
GM: Naeko, the ferry who brought over the guardsmen has just left, probably at the patrol boss' command. They're still in shouting range, though... Or you can wait for the next one.
GM: The constructions you saw in the harbor area wren't so much dilapidated as tempirary.
Ran: "Oooh, That's neat. I like it."
Naeko: [[ah, i thoguht we had city, then deilapidates area, then h arbour, not that the harbour was on the opposite side form the city, which... really, makes no sense.
Player_K (Naeko): er, ooc that previous post >.<
Player_D (Ran): Hmm? It makes sense to me...
Player_D (Ran): The harbor built first, with the city getting started on the river, then they build the main town where the land is fertile, then build around. Eventually the city no longer needs the harbor, and expands as normal.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Actually I lifted the city map out of Ostia, near Rome.... that's pretty much what happened when the roman empire went
Player_K (Naeko): mm, fair enough.
spiritplumber (GM): no more big ships, so no need for a harbor
Player_K (Naeko): are there actually guards on teh departing ferry, or no?
spiritplumber (GM): Just the one, the other three stayed behind to guard the barge
spiritplumber (GM): are my descs this bad :<
Player_D (Ran): no..
Player_D (Ran): I got that they were on it. =x
Ran: How late in the day is it now?
Player_K (Naeko): it could easily be me spazzing a bit trying to redo geometry in my head. you know what i get like ;p
GM: About midafternoon -- you skipped a meal while on the boat, but it's not a big deal.
Naeko: I wait for the next ferry. Delaying cranky guardsmen is not a health-promoting activity.
Ran: skipped meal? x_x Hungry!
Ran: I open up one of my rations; dried meat! I offer Kuno some of another one.
GM: Ran, Kuno accepts eagerly -- he's not starving, but you can tell by his physique that he has been there a couple times. "Thank you!"
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the next ferry coming is carrying someone who looks quite a bit like Dimitros, actually, and another guard.
Naeko: Even if being down a meal and then rapidly chain-casting means i'd be prepared to slaughter and eat one of their horses in front of them... IF I could somehow get away with it. Good ol' self preservation instincts. Helped keep out of hte way of exploding htings in Mom's lab, keeps from antagonizing hte big men with pointy things that, and this is the important part, Know How To Use Them
Naeko: I wonder if this is the brother in question..
Ran: "No problem, we're droogs now, right? Same flock!" I chirp. "How does Remia eat?"
GM: "Like usual, she had some rice cake this morning, she says that lasts her all day.... why?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the ferry moves along by using the river's current and a rope strwn across it - the last few yards are done by pushing with a stick, by the look of it. The guard and the dignitary get their mounts off first, and then disembark. "Need a ride, miss?" the ferryman asks -- it's a dwarf, oddly enough.
Ran: "Ah, was curious, cause she doesn't have any arms 'r legs. Thought she might've been like one of those bouncy doods."
Naeko: I nod "Yes, thankyou. What's the fee?" By now, though, I don't -care- if this is Dimitros's brother. Still, if Ran's managed to talk -me- into higher places along with her, the day isn't a total loss.
GM: Kuno doesn't know what happened about that. "She's really the one everyone goes to talk to when they need someone to talk to. We're uh... a little less into the whole machismo thing than the rest of the militia."
GM: Naeko, the ferryman looks at you. "Oh, these gentlemen already paid for the trip and said to leave them there... Got any of that rice I heard about, though?" Definitely not your typical dwarf.
Player_K (Naeko): Given that Naeko's been in town for a month, would she know the "balloon people" are called the Floral Brigade?
Naeko: I shake my head "Afraid not. I was guarding it, but I didn't ask for any. It doesn't agree with me."
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Ohhh. So like Biggy. She couldn't fly, but we all talked to her when we were angry at a padrooga. ..It's sort of why she's stayed so fat."
spiritplumber (GM): Yes, they're either popular or disliked because they're a waste of money, but everyone knows who they are
GM: Ran, Kuno laughs. "I didn't know fat harpies existed."
GM: Naeko, the dwarf shrugs. "Pity. Quartermaster Bog is going to start selling it, so I expect a lot of business waiting for me on the other side anyway. Help me row, then!"
GM: Naeko, listen check?
spiritplumber (GM): Out of curiosity, why didn't you guys claim the barge?
Naeko: [1d20 = 13]
GM: Naeko, you can actually hear the dignitary making some sort of proclamation after he's reached the pier - there is cheering after that, which you can hear very well.
Player_K (Naeko): because i suspected that growly woudl react violently, and protecting rice behind me on a chokepoint is easy, protecting it in a marketplace is hard.
Ran: "Well, they don't usually. If you can't fly you can't eat, but Biggy had a really doting padrooga, so after breaking her wing, she kept getting fed without having to move, so..."
Campaign saved.
GM: Kuno comments that he can think of a sergeant in the militia who's like that, if he tried to get on a horse he'd probably beak its spine.
Naeko: Good for the cheering people. Don't care. Want to get away from barge. Get a souvlaki, and find more work.
GM: Naeko, normally the ferries use the ropes to angle themselves against the current and be pushed along, but the dwarf is in a hurry and asks for your help to row along with that.
Naeko: Since i'm in a hurry, I don't even ask to be paid. yes. by all means i'll help row.
GM: [2d10 = 10]
Ran: "Heheh. So this is part of the militia?"
GM: The river isn't that wide -- matter of a couple of minutes, really.
GM: The ferries are rafts, but look newish and well maintained; upstream you see a few parked in the middle of the river, their occupants visibly fishing.
Player_D (Ran): Drew the flag for the floral Brigade/izwald. ^^;
GM: Ran, Kuno says that he keeps being told yes and no by different people. They get a uniforma and a salary, so that's close enough, no?
Ran: I nod. Was just curious; I only sort of know what a militia is.
GM: He says that the rest of the army won't consider them a real unit until they get in a real fight, but the money is coming from Warboss Borbear, so that's official enough.
GM: Naeko, the city proper looks very, very old -- the walls and the squat towers especially.
GM: [2d10 = 10]
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Once off the raft, i head into the city, unless something interferes with me, heading for food, then to the town square for the noticeboard.
Ran: "Uniforms? That'll be interesting; I wasn't allowed clothing in the flock... Drakes like me are supposed to be naked, they said." I frown at those memories.
GM: Naeko, something does interfere with you - the dwarf points out that the big boat is definitely moving.
GM: Ran, that may be why the boy is blushing.
Naeko: I look over to it briefly, but... it's a boat. in the water. And if the rice that councilman just promised to somebody breaks loose and goes downriver, the riot will be over THERE, away. and it might mean more work.
GM: [2d10 = 6]
GM: Naeko, you're almost on the other side -- there are no piers, just a smoothed section of embankment that allows small boats to be retrieved and launched; the walls themselves seem to have no gates, but you see people getting in and out through tall doors at the base of the guard towers.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I fish out my papers as i head for the nearest tower. Please be someone who just wants to do their job, not some petty vindictive asshole... ...and NOT the guy i slapped in a pub a couple weeks ago.
GM: Ran, from above, Remia also calls out that the boat is moving; Kuno uses a small piece of coal to scribble something on the bark and lets it fall off via mug. "The mugs are iron, they make enough of a clang when they hit that they know there's a message.
Ran: "Ohh."
GM: Naeko, there is indeed a line of people who want to get to the other side -- nobody pays attention to you as you disembark. The guards at the tower are deaing with a merchant coming in with several mules carrying cloth; one of them calls out to you and asks anything to declare.
GM: [2d10 = 12]
Naeko: "Nothing. I'm already stamped." I wave the papers at him as i head on through.
GM: Naeko, you're waved through. The merchant is trying to hint at some baksheesh to be let in early, but the guad is either too thick or too loyal to take the bait.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I make my way through the streets, by this time of day, most of the peopel selling food ought to be selling it cooked rather than as groceries.
GM: Naeko, that the wheel is barely known in these hard lands is obvious by the fact that while the doors are wide enough for a pack animal, you'd never squeeze a wagon through them. Imperial roads reach as far north as Corunglain and you're familiar with the underground paths of your homeland, but Ethengar never saw a need for either. As it's coming to be what a lot of people would call dinner time, the streets are indeed thick with yummy smells.
GM: [2d10 = 6]
GM: Ran, spot check?
Ran: [1d20+1 = 9]
Player_D (Ran): I r bad scout.
Player_K (Naeko): you're distracted by your incipient shota-toy ;p
Player_D (Ran): Ran's a drake, so not really. :P She's just sorta derpy.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): LOL
GM: Fortunately there's three pairs of eyes on the balloon. "The big boat is loose! The big boat is loose!" Remia calls at the top of her lungs.
Ran: "Eh?!" I look toward the boat. "Oh noes!"
Naeko: Oblivious to the riverside chaos, Naeko enjoys fulfilling her gastronomy.
GM: Naeko, you're from one of the few parts ofthe world that have indoor plumbing -- Izwald has a certain barbaric splendor, as much as you can't help shake the feeling that it smells all the time. At least right now it smells good! The streets, made narrower by all manners of vendor stalls between the ancient stone buildings, resonate with the call of food peddlers.
GM: You can find all manners of meat under the sun here, usually wrapped in brown leaves that you still haven't figure out where they come from; not much in the way of agricultural product though -- the usual balance of prices btween animals and plants is skewed here.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, from your vantage point it looks like there's a crowd around a spot on the pier; one of the mules has been dragged along the barge, and you think you can see the driver's arm calling for help. Something has distracted the crowd, however.
spiritplumber (GM): I hope this is interesting at all, mew.
Naeko: It is a difficult decision. the assorted varieties of spiced meats and sweet things are an incessant temptation. Still, i keep myself to just a -few- large chunks of meat to chew my way through enroute to see if "oh yeah, the harpy up there in your balloon said you might be hiring."
Player_D (Ran): It is :o
Player_K (Naeko): yupyup!
Player_D (Ran): Laika is whining and moping a lot is all.
Ran: "Do we need to do something about that?" I ask Kuno.
GM: Kuno already sent down a message. "I hope someone's paying attention! I was told don't come down unless there's a raiding party incoming..."
Ran: "Ah. I see."
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, finding the keep is eays -- it's smack in the middle of the city, and there's a tether rope pointing to it. You probably don't want to know what the sauce on the meat is, and it's a little messy, but it's worth licking your hand when you're done for what you paid for it (1c) -- while by and large you're not bulky for this town, the way you walk means people give you some berth. A good thing about the relative lack of civilization is that nobody would dream of asking you to peacebind your weapons...
Naeko: Having fed myself, i'm much happier with the world at large, I actually get a second helping to take to Ran... if i actually get all the way to her. I've not approached hte keep before in my time here, but hey? what's the worst they'll do? And if they're trying to build flying machines, then surely as a machinist i could be of some use...
GM: "Er. Can you go down and knock on the hatch?" Kuno asks.
Ran: "Okay!" I chirp, and hop down, doing a tight screw to descend.
GM: The keep is clearly the oldest construction in the city -- the stone blocks that compose it are much larger and fewer than any other building, and it is free of any latter-day additions in brick or wood. Given that it's maybe the size of a small warehouse, you suspect that it being mostly underground is true; an abandoned dwarf fortress maybe? As custom, the wide doors are unguarded, at least from the outside.
GM: Ran, there seems to be a fight aboard the barge. Finally the small crowd stopped paying attention to whatever was on the pier and are now running along on the embankment. Spot check?
Naeko: I keep moving forward. I'll find someone who looks official or someone will ask me what i'm doing, and either way, i'll get some directions out of them, even if it's just "fuck off, freelancer."
Campaign saved.
Ran: [1d20+1 = 18]
GM: Ran, the thing that was distracting everyone is apparently a pair of human legs with nothing above them.
Ran: o_O
GM: Naeko, you're very quickly intercepted by a large ork of the sunken-eye variety. "Bidness here?"
Naeko: Naeko attempts to bluff him, "Was told the Floral Brigade might want me for something. Who do I go see about that?"
Naeko: [1d20+5 = 18]
Campaign saved.
Ran: That's weird
GM: "Uh... Top floor!"
Ran: I'll make sure to tell them when I land
GM: "Come!"
Ran: I knock on the hatch with my talons :o
GM: Naeko, the ork pretty much grabs your shoulder and directs you.... outside?
Naeko: Uh, what? Well, he seems to know where he's going.... so i let him direct me, for now.
GM: Naeko, on one side of the otherwise featureless, save for small arrowslit windows, keep is a wooden ladder.
Player_D (Ran): [Sometimes I'm just waiting on a response... I'm too used to in person already XD
GM: Ran, there's no answer - the last two cups haven't been collected either.
Ran: Can I try to open the hatch?
Naeko: I head up the ladder. what' sthe worst that could happen? ...well, th eladder could be a trap that gives way at the top and dumps me into a clockwork spikepit that's full of twisty auguring drills. ...but that's back home. they probably don't have clockwork drillpits here. probably.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, earlier it was barred from the inside. Now it's actually... huh, open.
Ran: I look in, "Hello? Anyone down there?"
GM: Naeko, the ladder is old, the wood greyed in the dry air -- it's also built to handle three orks climbing it. Up top you see Ran opening the hatch, some ron mugs tied to the tether rope, and a newly installed giant iron loop to hold it. "Halt! You!" the ork calls out at Ran.
GM: Ran, inside is a small ladder going to a room that by the look of it used to be a servant's bedroom before it was turned into an office. There's nobody there.
Ran: "I'm halted! I was told to check out down here!"
Naeko: i attempt another bluff, "Shouldn't it be fine? She's the one who told me the Floral Brigade wanted to hire me."
Naeko: [1d20+5 = 16]
Player_K (Naeko): lower each time in sucession... i need to back off on these bluffs,lol
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Naeko, that's enough to confuse the ork -- who promptly, with some difficulty given his size, starts climbing down the hatch after pushing Ran aside. "Wait, I ask."
Ran: "Okay." I back off to let him fgo through.
GM: Naeko, the anchoring loop is crude, but effective. There are two cups with a message in it, BIG BOAT MOVING and BIG BOAT LOOSE.
spiritplumber (GM): I guess they haven't quite figued out the logistics of surveillance yet.
Player_K (Naeko): having someone to recieve the messages would be a start, yes ;p
Player_D (Ran): yeah. :P
Player_D (Ran): Near's gonna have fun chewing someone out. ^^;
GM: Said someone pops out - it's a visibly bored halfork with an extremely athletic build, wearing no armor (or a shirt, for that matter) and with a long curved knife on his belt. "... Er, is this an attack?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: i wait for the ork to go through. Ran's been nicely vetted by now, but i haven't. "Doesn't look it. but there's some freaky shit going on by the river."
GM: "Zog! I was in the latrine for - " The beefcakey halfork picks up both missed messages. "What do you two want?" he asks, glancing down and not sure whether he should run downstairs or deal with you.
Ran: I explain what I saw; "Legs with no other parts attached!"
Ran: "Kuno told me to tell ya."
Naeko: "I wa stold the Floral Brigade might be hiring more machinists."
Campaign saved.
GM: The youth slides down the ladder with decent agility. "Great, you already talked to Kuno and Remia, you're in! Alert! Alert!"
GM: After leaving an entry into the keep unprotected, the athletic but spazzy trooper keeps making lots of noise skidding around the corridors. It doesn't look like anyone is there to stop you should you want to infiltrate the keep.
GM: Either this place has really poor security, or it doesn't need it...
Ran: "..Well, I think I did it..." I fly back up to Kuno to let him know
Ran: well, fly-climb
Naeko: I bite my lip worriedly. Back home, this would mean that there were so many deathtraps that technically i should already be minced, sauteed with onions, and trebucheted ove rthe horizon in a decorative souvenir dish.
Naeko: But here...? I think i'll wait for whoever Kuno and Remia are. I should probably ACTUALLY talk to them about it.
Naeko: After all, not having LOTS of deathtaps doesn't mean ther earen't any deathtraps.
GM: Ran, as you climb, you notice that the barge has now more or less slammed itself against the embankment somewhere downstream -- there's already a crowd chasing it, as well as some people defending where they have more or less anchored it. More mounted warriors are crossing the river.
Naeko: you could put a spring! and some razors! right here! pow! back of the knees, you're not runnign properly!
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): I used to be a spah, then I took a razor to the knee
Player_K (Naeko): thankyou ^.^
GM: Naeko, all you get is the large ork coming up and effectively blocking the passage -- in less than a minute, a gong somewhere is ringing and moments later a maniple of mounted warriors leave the keep at a gallop. "Talk to Remia up the rope" the large ork comments to Naeko.
Naeko: "Up the... rope?" Well, there's nothing for it but to climb. top floor my ass...
Ran: "Hey. Who's the dood who answers, he wasn't there when I got there... but he knows now."
Naeko: I am quite vocal in my opinions about climbing up a frigging rope for a job interview. quietly. but very verbose.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, it'd take a while to climb... (Climb check in the meantime?). It's hemp, and quite thick, so it's not hard as such; just there's a lot of rope.
spiritplumber (GM): derp?
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 16]
Player_K (Naeko): sorry, got blindsided by emo in an IM window. i'm fine now.
GM: Ran, Kuno says that'd be Krunz. The balloon oscillates a little as Naeko climbs up. "Friend or foe?" Kuno asks Ran conversationally.
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Friend~"
Player_K (Naeko): aaaand need to bbiab. Mastress declares food time. hopefully won't be long.
Player_K (Naeko): >.<
spiritplumber (GM): kie! Good time to stop also
Player_D (Ran): kies :o
spiritplumber (GM): lesee what time it is when K. gets back
Player_D (Ran): kies
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): I want a pillowgirl/pillowboy. Either good. Also, Kuno is probably going to wonder if this is not-very-dressed-hot-women-visiting day.
Player_D (Ran): XD
GM: ^^,
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): i try O_O;
Player_D (Ran): you do good :o
Player_D (Ran): drawing Ran atm.
Campaign saved.

spiritplumber (GM): awesomes
spiritplumber (GM): Fantasygrounds Y U NO SQUIGGLE
Player_D (Ran): you can do alt+0126, which is what I do
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spiritplumber (GM): fixan d's connecti
GM: tnf
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
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Ran: Rawr!
Player_K (Naeko): yays!
Player_D (Ran): Spicy chicken ramen is not fsteak, but it keeps my voracious craving for delicious beef at bay.
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spiritplumber (GM): SPY CHICKEN
Ran: As for what happened last session: We arrived in Izwald! Stuff happened, rice-mechant dood got killed by someone, possibly his brother. Neither of us particularly did anything on that end, as the town guard apparently has that under control. Rice was siezed, but boat started to run away.
Ran: I got on with the Floral Brigade, and Naeko almost; just need to make it official. Krunz was helping keep look out, but was goofing off on his post, and stuff happened
Ran: We left off roughly there.
Ran: Big burly guard dood had stopped me, cause I was at the upper hatch, and Naeko was with him, since she can't fly.
GM: In the specific, you left off on top of the squat, bunker-like keep. Said burly guard is still looking at the two of you with a mix of suspicion and derpiness; Kuno and Remia are still on the observation balloon, while Krunz ran off to deliver the by-now obsolete messages about the boat.
Naeko: And Naeko was climbing up the rope to try to get a proper 'job interview' type thingie
Naeko: having been told she needed to "talk to Remia"
Ran: "Umm, anything else I need to do, now? I sort of just got hired by Miss Remia."
GM: Interestingly, that seems to be well with the guard. The rope is.... well, there's a lot of it, Naeko; it doesn't seem to like your weight much, as you sway a bit as you climb -- that said, it was clearly designed to be climbed, from the knots on it.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I'm swearing rather sulphurously with each exhalation. climbing a massive long rope after a day that's already been plenty weird is not what i had in mind when i left the city this morning in hopes of getting first crack at some caravans. friggin' rice.
Ran: "Wark? Oh, I'm Ran, do you have a name?" I gesture as if to ask if I can come inside.
GM: Ran, the guard blinks at you. Slowly. "Yer."
GM: Naeko, the basket under the balloon isn't very wide -- a human youth is lazily stoking the fire under it. He's also got a hot poker and is in a good position to use it against you..."
Ran: I hop inside so that I'm not looking down at him. Shortarms seem to be more at ease if they have the height advantage, so.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, hop inside where?
Naeko: Naeko's face probably doesn't look all that friendly as she crests the edge of the basket. "Hi. Are you Remia? Ran said that she mentioned me and that the Floral Brigade might want to hire me? I'm a machinist."
Ran: The squat building; I was at the hatch on top looking in, iirc.
GM: Ran, reflex save?
Ran: Ref. save [1d20+3 = 4]
Ran: derp
GM: Naeko, the boy blinks. "Er... Hello? You're the harpy's friend? Remia's topside, but don't try to climb up the envelope please!"
Player_K (Naeko): owwww...
GM: Ran, the ork grabs you by the scruff of your neck. "Stay here, chicken!"
Player_D (Ran): Oh, I thought he was inside x_x
Naeko: i visibly relax somewhat that at least Ran mentioned something. "Yes. We're friends. She's not very big on giving details, though..."
Naeko: "relevant ones, anyway..." i mutter as an afterthought.
Ran: "Wark! I'm not a chicken!" I fluff up indignantly.
GM: Naeko, Kuno looks at you -- spending a bit of extra time on your curves; you're actually a tiny bit taller than him -- and hmms. "Er... Well, both of you can come to the farm?" "Kuno, who is it?" "It's the other girl, Remia!" "Great! Can you fly uphere?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, the ork lets go of you and looks at you, then licks his lips. "Tasted like chicken to me last time. Heh. Wait here, no eating." The grin is... pointy.
Naeko: i lean back carefully, though gripping the edge of the basket extremely tightly, "No, I haven't worked out how to get the Condenser to manipulate wind yet! I'd have to come up the hard way, which I've been told not to."
Ran: "Okay..." I step away from him, but I'll wait.
GM: "Oh! Uhm.... Why don't both of you come to the farm this evening then!"
GM: Remia sounds chirpy.
GM: Ran, the guard's grin turns into an actual smile. Krunz eventually comes back and gets up the ladder -- he looks like he got the wrong end of a shouting.
GM: Under you, a troop of foot soldiers is getting out of the keep, marching south in loose formation.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "I think we can do that." i weigh up some odds in my head, "I got this for Ran, but i think she's going to be playing down there until well past it going cold, you want this?" i fish out the wrapped package of meat that, indeed, i had grabbed to give to Ran in a strange urge to do something nice.
GM: Naeko, Kuno says yes just as he moves his free hand towards you to grab it. "Thank you!"
GM: He gives the coal a shake with the poker.
Naeko: i'm all too happy to let him. letting tasty spicy meat go to waste would be bad.
Naeko: heck, can Ran even eat spicy things?
GM: Ran, without apparent prompting, the ork jumps down the side of the bunker to join the maniple heading towards where the boat hit the riverbank. Krunz looks at you. "You're the new flight instructor?"
Ran: "Maybe? I'm not great at flying, but I've been doing it for 12 years now." I chirp.
GM: Naeko, harpies are known for eating anything... or anyone for that matter. Whether that's true or not, well, ask her! Above you, Remia calls out -- what are you good at?
GM: Krunz sighs theatrically. "Got me beat, I barely have one hour in the air! And now they have me play paper boy because I mouthed off to what's her name ONE time, c'mon!"
Naeko: i ponder the question briefly before answering "Designing machinery. Building machinery. Fixing machinery. Running from malevolent magical entities."
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Oh? Who? She sounds a bit touchy.."
GM: "Kuno! Get down!" "What?" "Get off the balloon!" "Er..." "New person, can you land this gently?"
GM: Ran, Krunz shrugs. Terra? Tear? Near's sister. "Well, it probably WAS a bad idea to vent the soot just at that moment but..."
Ran: "Ahh."
GM: Naeko, Kuno makes a bit of a face. "Just let the balloon come down gently and we'll get Remia off the top later, it's almost time to switch anyway."
Player_D (Ran): Mouthing off to Terra.. yeah, that's a paddlin'.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "I can try to. The principle looks like just venting hot air slowly to let gravity reassert itself?"
GM: Ran, you can actually see a crowd forming outside the city walls around the big barge.
GM: "The principle looks like what? Just lower the fire without letting it die and yank on the rope pulling this way or that...." Kuno may have understood venting, but not gravity, by the face he made. Then again he was mostly busy staring at Naeko's chest...
Naeko: i look around the ballon, feeling fairly confident i can handle this. "Sure thing. Get going. Orders are orders."
GM: [1d20 = 14]
GM: Naeko, Kuno starts climbing down. Ran, Krunz looks up and points up. "Is it my turn yet?"
GM: Ran, Krunz asks you what it's like to be able to fly whenever you want anyway, how high can you go, how fast can you go, do you actually eat people?
Campaign saved.
Naeko: i watch the fire, carefully poking it to separate out some of the coal to let it cool a little, reaching with my other hand to tug the rope and get a feel for how responsive the venting rope is,
GM: Naeko, the gondola is simple -- there's a cauldron with holes poked in it in which a fire is burning.
GM: You also get a poker, and on the side of the gondola is a curved piece of wood that you're obviously supposed to reel the big rope in to. Above you Remia calls out, "Easy on it!" You got the right idea there: just yank at the rope one end or the other to get what little direction is needed -- mostly you need to reel the rope in quickly.
GM: The balloon starts to descend. "Ugh, gotta get the new coal..." Krunz complains. By the look of it it'll take a few minutes for it to come down.
Ran: No, I don't eat people. Well, once, wasn't that tasty, goats are better. I can fly decently high if the wind and thermals are good, but I'm not that fast, yet.
Ran: As for conferring the feeling of being able to fly anywhere at anytime... It's hard. I haven't been stuck on the ground since I was a chick, so I can't relate to NOT being able to fly.
Naeko: i call out, "So, uh, Remia? am i doing this right? should id rop us faster, slower... Mom doesn't like that i'm careful with things the first few times i try to work 'em, but there's a LOT less explosion that way, so it's a bit of a habit to be cautious..."
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Krunz seems to soften up a bit and actually listen attentively... then grumphs and says he's got to go get the coal sack, and starts climbing down. The guard is gone...
GM: Naeko, Remia says this drop is fine -- it looks like you're coming down a bit faster than you'd climb down a ladder -- but slow down at the end or Remia will get jostled and the silk envelope may get singed! "If you burn it you pay for it!" she singsongs.
Naeko: "I'll just have to make sure not to burn it, then!" she makes sure as they continue to descend, her tone screams confidence. She flicks the switches in her gauntlets to prepared two charges of Mending, just in case.
GM: Naeko, you're halfway down and speeding up your desent a little! It's getting hard to keep up reeling in the rope.
GM: Ran, if you want to get in now is the time, by the loojk of it !
Ran: Eep! I'll try to get in, then!
Campaign saved.
Naeko: i stoke the fire to slow down, pushing the coal back in to bring the heat back up slightly, relaxing on the venting.
GM: Inside is.... a large lavatory that was turn into a small office, by the look of it -- there's no coal in it, but by the soot, one corner used to be full of it; someone's been lazy carrying things.
Ran: Ahs :o
GM: Naeko, that works -- you can keep the reeling rope tight. A slight breeze pushed you a little too far out though, and at this rate you'll land outside of the keep's roof....
Naeko: So this is what he meant by pulling on the ropes. unsurprisingly, trying to tug on the rope to get back over the roof provokes more swearing.
GM: It also makes you come down faster, though!
Ran: Is Krunz in here, too?
GM: Ran, Krunz went off wherever the coal is kept -- there is one door out and it's been left open and, in fact, swinging.
GM: Looks like the air service is being run a bit approximately...
Naeko: i wrap the rope quickly a couple of times around one wrist and hold it tightly, pulling carefully while stoking the fire more until the descent slows and stabilizes.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, good call -- that works exactly right! It's a bit harder to pull, of course, but... by the look of it you'll make a soft landing. Ran, outside is a corridor with a few, very crude tapestries hung on the walls, and two more doors; there is only one stairway down.
GM: Ran, there are steps coming up.
GM: Naeko, you're about to hit the roof -- quite gently, by the look of it!
Player_D (Ran): brb
Naeko: i deliberately stoke the fire to make more upthrust, and pull us down the last few feet by brute force of arm against rope.
Naeko: that OUGHT to be a really soft landing.
Ran: Sound of steps, or actual steps?
GM: Ran, sound of steps!
GM: [1d20 = 17]
GM: Naeko, that doesn't quite work as planned... the idea is flawless actually, but you stoke it a little too much and really have to pull hard; the rope creaks a little and you'll have to make a good knot to make sure it doesn't slip. (Use Rope check?)
Ran: Oh dear, oh dear. I peek out the door
spiritplumber (GM): good idea, bad dice o
GM: Ran, it's actually Krunz with the coal. A lot of it, by the look of things, although he's probably exaggerating the weight given the posture.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): where do i see my bonuses for 'use rope'?
Naeko: [1d20 = 14]
Ran: Well, I'm no help in carrying things..
spiritplumber (GM): under skills
GM: Ran, Krunz makes a show of huffing and puffing anyway. Naeko, you're no sailor but spending a day on the water might have done you some good!
GM: "Good job!" Remia calls. "... Now can someone get me down?"
Naeko: "Busy holding us down until the fire relaxes! I fucked up! Handling it!"
Naeko: I ignore the fire since we're now down, swithing to both hands holding hte rope as tightly as i possibly can.
Ran: "Oh oh! I'll help!"
Campaign saved.
Ran: I'll help gether down :D
GM: Naeko, it'll be a few minutes before the pull decreases, but you don't have to pull in anymore, just hold it -- it's a bit uncomfortable, but still. Ran, you get back topside to see the balloon hovering just above its retaining ring, with Naeko in it! One thing is -- where did Kuno go in all this?
GM: Below, Krunz is still laboring with the sakc of coal.
Naeko: It's a good day to have decided texture for better grip was a good idea when i built these things. that's all i can say.
Ran: o_o
Ran: Dunno! I fly to where Remia is, "Umm, how do I get you out of this?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, good quick thinking! Krunz is getting the coal upstairs, with some effort; Ran, Remia is wearing a tunic with straps that are tied to matching straps on the top of the envelope, so that she can rotate, but not move around too much. "Just untie me!"
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Umm, Okay!" I try to untie her using my talons, holding onto her for support with my wings.
GM: Ran, Use Rope too?
GM: Naeko, there is some shuffling on top of the envelope -- good call on overdoing it a little, as the extra stoking means it's taut.
Ran: Use Rope [1d20+3 = 21]
Ran: wark!

spiritplumber (GM): yay
GM: Ran, you untie Remia.... both of you start sliding down the envelope!
GM: Naeko, the rope is less taut now. Krunz has managed to bring the coalsack up.
Ran: Eeek! I try to grip her gently and guide us with my wings; not flying, exactly, but controlling the fall/slide.
Naeko: i relax a little, taking the time to tie it off now rather than just holding it and bracing myself against the balloon. "Uh... I know i'm not all that light. Is this thing gonna jerk back up int he air if i get out?"
GM: Ran, you're sliding down the side of the envelope! Krunz calls out, Yes! Displaying some presence of mind, he hangs onto the gondola to give you a bit of slack to tie the thing in place. "Only we want the envelope to stay full...ish... because otherwise we have to get four people up here to hold it spread!
GM: "
Campaign saved.
Ran: Do I have a good enough grip on her, holding her more with my thighs?
Naeko: "Well, someone who's better than me at knots handle that so i can stoke the fire again!"
GM: Ran, you do! Remia seems a bit embarassed by how you're holding her, but is smiling.
GM: Naeko, Krunz jumps up the gondola and quickly ties it off. "Thanks, good job there. Looks like Kuno just up and went again..."
Ran: Then I'll try to fly and circle down to a nice landing spot!
GM: "RIGHT, MY TURN TO GO UP, I JUST TOOK A DUMP SO I'M GOOD TO GO, ANYONE HAVE A PROVLEM WITH THAT?" Krunz calls out loudly. Ran, you circle around the balloon and land near the coal sack.... Remia is wriggly! Naeko, Ran just brought what looks like an infant, from here, down from the ballon. "Whee!"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: finally. i can let go of hte damend rope, and i quicklt stoke the fire as best i can to get the heat back up, staring over to Ran and, presmuably Remia. What the hell? but questions later.
Ran: "You okay?" I blink, that was pretty fun, though!
Ran: "Umm, sure?" I say to Krunz.
GM: Naeko, Krunz starts loading the coal up with a surprising turn of speed, for no visible reason!
GM: Ran, Remia wraps her tail around your leg and nods enthusiastically. "That was fun, again sometime please?"
Ran: "Sure!" I chirp, "You're pretty light." I pick her up with my wings to see if she is as light as I thought.
Naeko: I just sorta eyeball him for a moment, "As someone who's coming into this for the first time, and is still essentially a neutral outsider, is there anything you feel i ought to know?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Krunz keeps loading the coal. "Don't piss off the boss' family and don't drink the water on the farm without boiling it!"
GM: Ran, Remia wiggles and sort of settles in your wings, looking to the sides. "Oh! Hello!"
Naeko: i stare at him in mute horror for several seconds. "you'd drink ANY water without boiling it first?"
GM: Naeko, the infant is in fact a young girl. With no arms or legs. And a tail. Which she's waving at you in greeting.
GM: Naeko, Krunz is too busy loading the coal as quickly as he can to answer. Apparently water here is cleaner than in the Broken Lands...
Naeko: Krunz seems to have things well in hand, so i hop out of the balloon and head over towards Ran and Remia, after a brief moment's consideration, bowing briefly. "Good to meet you, Miss Remia."
Ran: I sniff her hair, curious as to what she is. She doesn't have the ears or tail of a rabitian...
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, smells human or orky. Remia wriggles in your wings a little. "Nice to meet you and great job for a first landing! You're both hired, actually, care to take me to the farm? Oh wait, I have a poetry reading... You can go there yourselves and I'll be along tomorrow?"
Naeko: "Er, will they let us in just from us saying you sent us?"
Ran: I blink, poetry reading? "Okay... You said it was to the north?" (I think that's where it was compared to here)
GM: Naeko, Remia shrugs -- she doesn't seem to have anything past her shoulders, but the gesture manages to be very expressive anyway. "Sure, why not? And yes, you really can't miss it, it's the big barn with the little balloon on top of it. Usually."
GM: Quickly and with a bit of a twang from the rope, the balloon takes off with Krunz in it! "Hey!" Remia calls. "You're stil ground -- ah, oh well."
Ran: "So, how will you get to your reading?"
Naeko: "Should we do anythign about your assistant? Who was in the basket? He seems to have... disappeared?"
Campaign saved.
GM: "Kuno? He does that. Did you buy meat at the south market?" she asks Naeko.
GM: Ran, Remia settles so that she's facing sideways, with you holding her as you would a nursing baby. "I got it!"
GM: Remia is either in denial about her lack of limbs, or can get around by magic, by the look of it. The balloon is speeding upwards.
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Oh, okay." I set her down, then, "We'll see you later, then. It was nice meeting you!"
Player_K (Naeko): sorry about that, had suden laser intenstine strike attack.
Naeko: "Actually, i prefer the west market. they tend to be a bit less stingy on the spices. Why?"
spiritplumber (GM): meep!
GM: "Oh, that's where he went then!" Remia giggles and rubs her head against Ran's leg for a moment. "Thank you!"
Ran: "No problem. Was re ya hellef nas!" I smile.
Player_D (Ran): brb
Player_D (Ran): stomach as well. x_x
Naeko: "Alright, see you tomorrow at the Farm, then." Naeko says it nervously. Certainly it's not like freelancers weren't routinely told to stay the hell away from there.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Remia smiles up at you and waves her tail as a goodbye. "Get down by the outside ladder please!"
Naeko: "Sure thing." Naeko heads over to the ladder to start climbing down, presuming Ran's going to come too. or she might jsut fly there.
Player_D (Ran): back
Ran: "Okay!" I chirp, and follow Naeko on foot. I wanna try walking around for once. :o
GM: Ran, Naeko, remia shuffles on her hips to face you as you climb down -- Krunz has gotten the ballon back up and is waving at you with both hands. Climbing down, you see that the commotion about the barge is largely over... there's even a few people walking around with sacks that you recognize as being the rice. It's now llate afternoon, and by the look of things things aren't particularly busy.
Naeko: I clamber down the ladder, at the bottom flicking my gauntlets back to idle cycling, looking over to Ran. What the hell? Why am i having urges to watch out for her?
Campaign saved.
Ran: I chirp, following Naeko. She's pretty interesting, and I hope we continue to get along.
Ran: "Lots of people..."
Naeko: "Yep. Usually. Keeps things interesting. Have you eaten anything?"
Ran: "I ate a bit of my rations; dried camel jerky."
GM: Ran, you get a few glances, but that's about it. The horsemen are coming back and resuming their rounds, which causes a few people to drop what they were doing and run off to hide -- overall, nothing too uncommon. The streets are dusty, but relativey clean. Where are you headed?
Ran: To the farm, I think :o Naeko is leading.
Naeko: "Anything you want to see in the city before we head to the Farm?"
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Mmm. I can't think of anything. Where do people sleep around here?"
GM: Izwald has a few inns, but if you are asking about Ehtengar, most people sleep near their horses for warmth during the cold dry nights on average...
Naeko: "If they have their own house, there. Or in an inn. I've usually been staying in an inn. But the people who run the farm might hav eother ideas if they ratify Remia hiring us."
Naeko: "So, why don't we go find out if that's the case before it gets any darker?"
Ran: "I see. Yes!"
Naeko: So, we head to the north towards the farm.
GM: The northern gate to the city is just a door, barely wide enough for a loaded pack mule, through one of those squat and extremely solid guard towers -- you are let through without incident. One problem quicly becomes apparent -- even with the white backdrop of the World Mountain, you don't see any balloons!
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Ohnoes, umm, oh! Flowers were mentioned."
Player_D (Ran): What sort of flowers were they? I forgot >_<
spiritplumber (GM): Chamomille for tea!
Player_K (Naeko): i admit, i was kinda assuming that with naeko having been in-city for awhile she'd know more or less where it was...
Player_D (Ran): Ah, right, was thinking that :o
Ran: "Chamomille! Should be a farmwith that."
spiritplumber (GM): Well, the Floral Brigade is known -- overall it's being treated at half useful, half posturing -- but as much as it's not a secret, there's really a matter of there not being marked paths.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: After some brief wandering, i sigh, "Can you fly up and see if you can spot the place?"
Ran: "Umm, sure!"
GM: Due to the river, there's a line of somewhat fertile land around Izwald -- small farms dot the landscape, most of them with teams of men, orks and oxen at work. Further out there is the yellow steppe and then the slightly unsettling mass of the World Mountain.
GM: Ran, one of the farms -- by the look of it the smallest in terms of irrigated area around here -- has a quite large and quite new barn. There's a patch of dying flowers in a corner of one of the three fields.
Ran: Oooh. Large, new barn.. that balloon was pretty large, yes? I'll check there, then!
Ran: Well, first go get Naeko and tell her, and follow on foot.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: With a bearing, i walk substantially less grumpily. and yeah, given what Krunz said about the water, for the flowers to all be dying makes sense. But That Is Science!!! To make new life, ther emust be the occasional death!
spiritplumber (GM): Eep!
GM: Naeko, the irrigation that these people use is extremely primitive compared to the pipeworks you know about, but it's effective -- where it's maintained. By the look of it, there aren't windmills and the river was never harnessed: water is pumped by hand or by mule.
Player_K (Naeko): where unavoidable, of course.
GM: Ran, do you fly there or go with Naeko?
Ran: I walk with Naeko
Ran: Legs may be starting to hurt with all this walking ;_;
Naeko: while walking, i try to ask more about Ran, "So, what made you decide to come out and explore?"
GM: Naeko, the air is dry and a little dusty to most people -- you find it refeshing, if anything. A few of the farmers lift an arm, usually with a farm implement or pike in it, to let you know they're aware of your presence.... unlike in the west, no free man or ork would dream walking around without a weapon of some sort.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I wave back as we pass, no reason to look hostile, the axe over my shoulders is plenty visible.
GM: [2d10 = 11]
Ran: "Well... various things. I started being able to use magic, and decided to go to places where I could learn more about it. And get away from Yiankut. She started getting rather scary towards me..."
Naeko: "Scary how?"
GM: The farm you're trying to reach is on the outskirts of the irrigated area -- yellow green wild grass grows, but not much else. The one canal you're walking alongside is dry, and you passed a broken pump earlier.
Naeko: Well, they're not usin git for farming anymore, but keeping the water going would just make sense... There could be LOTS of improvements to make here.
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Well, getting rough with me, pushing me around, grabbing me a lot..."
GM: The boundaries between farms are marked by the canals and, occasionally, poles here; this particular farm is surrounded by undeveloped steppe, so it's hard to tell if you're technically there yet or not. There doesn't seem to be anyone around, though, oddly.
Naeko: They probably only care about what's inside the barn. "Related? Siblings do get like that. One time one of my brothers locked me in the main pressure chamber for a few hours... i couldn't walk straight for a week with all the ringing in my ears!"
Naeko: "Captiv ewind spirits get -really- noisy when they think they've got someone to talk to."
GM: [2d10 = 15]
GM: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!
Ran: "No, we're not really related."
Ran: "Eek!"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Naeko stops, calling out towards the barn, "Remia sent us!"
Ran: I hide behind Naeko, peeking out at what made that sound.
GM: At that point there's a whistle and a whine. "You missed dinner!" The voice is male, old, and very loud.
GM: The farmhouse is decrepit; the voice came from the recently expanded barn.
Naeko: "We'll live! I already ate! Safe to approach?"
Campaign saved.
GM: "Unless you count head concussions! Ramirez, go see who it is." "Why do I have to do everything?!?"
Player_D (Ran): XD
Naeko: "I -do- tend to count concussions. So i'll watch my head." With this, i start approaching closer again.
Ran: "Qweeh?"
Ran: I stop hiding behind Naeko, since it seems fine now.
Campaign saved.
GM: A dark-skinned young man in a surprisingly new uniform walks towards you, holding a pike and with his free hand raised. The barn has clearly been expanded to include living quarters; the barn proper now has a canvas roof, which right now is pitched to the ground tent style. "You're the new recruits? Welcome to the Floral Brigade, if you hiurry there's some sausage left, but you're on scrub duty with Tork. I'm Rez, Rami Rez. Private, for what's worth, but they're not formal here. Near went off to find parts. What can you two do? -- huh, what's a harpy doing here?" The man seems a little worn out, and there's a bandage on his forehead.
Naeko: "We were just hired by Remia. I'm Naeko, a machinist, and Ran knows more about flying than any of us do."
Ran: "I'm Ran Depaopao. Uhmm. Yeah. I can fly!"
Ran: "And make fire."
Campaign saved.
GM: That gives pause to the soldier. "You've got a point there... Heh, so can we I guess. So! Come in, we got work to do!"
-> Naeko,: there's a smithy in the structure -- you can smell it.
Ran: "Okay!" I chirp.
-> ran: Odd, nothing smells like animals here...
Naeko: Does Naeko notice anything unusual in the smells of the smithy, since she's rather familiar with them?
GM: Naeko, they probably don't have much to work with over here.
GM: Without anticipation, Rez turns around and starts running back towards the barn!
Naeko: Uh, what? still, he knows the place better. I start running as well.
Ran: Eek! I follow, taking off a bit to get off my legs again, and rest them a bit.
GM: "HARPY ATTACK!" someone from the inside shouts. "PROTECT THE GAS TANK!"
GM: "Wait no!"
Naeko: Mage armour on Ran.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Quiet like. not the glowy version from the docks, the sneaky invisible version.
GM: Naeko, Ran, after a lot of noise inside, there's a thwump and a crossbow bolt flies out, missing wildly.
Ran: I try to stop and land at that, only slightly getting used to it.
Ran: eeek o_o
GM: "Wait!" "Ramirez, get to cover!" "WAIT YOU IDIOTS!"
GM: Arrows at Ran [2d20-2 = 19]
GM: Arrow at Naeko [1d20-2 = 14]
Naeko: Dancing lights, floating text reading "The harpy is your new flight instructor, dickheads."
Ran: I flail, and curl up as arrows start flying, covering myself withmy wings over my head.
GM: Naeko, there are more shouts and screams -- eventually it stops.
GM: Naeko, a bolt grazes you!
Player_K (Naeko): is that for damage, or purely cosmetic? ;p
GM: From the sound of it someone just kicked a table over.
GM: "STOP IT!" "What's going on?" "Come out!" "You come in!" "Ramirez, get to cover dammit!" "Tork, stop being an idiot and read!" "T...h...e....h...a...rr..."
Naeko: I continue forward, albeit crouched into a half-crawl.
Ran: I whimper a bit, activating my flames on instinct, still curled up.
Campaign saved.
GM: At least your prospective squadmates have stopped shooting at you! Ramirez has ducked to the side. You're now at the barn door -- by the smell of it there were oil lamps in the windowless building, but they've been extinguished. Do you get in? "She's on fire!" "I got it!" "Who threw Ephebian fire?" "I SAID I GOT IT!"
GM: Ran, reflex save?
Ran: Ref. save [1d20+3 = 8]
Player_K (Naeko): you have GOT to stop using the animated version. it's raping you.
Player_D (Ran): yeah ._.
GM: Ran you're hit by a bucket of water. Just the water, fortunately; the bucket falls short.
Ran: "Eeeek!"
Ran: I shake myself off, "That's cold!"
GM: Naeko, you can see inside -- there's an overturned table with wooden plates and iron knives and forks in front of it, scattered all over the place; a dozen pairs of eyes are followingyou from behind cracks between the planks that form the table.
GM: "No open flames in the hangar!" the male elderly voice calls again.
Naeko: I dismiss the lights, standing up straight. "So. Now that the stupidity is out of the way... Hi. Remia hired us a few hours ago. I can see we'll be a big help."
Ran: I fluff up, and then realize I'm on fire. After letting them dry me off, I calm the fire down. And sneeze. "Sorry."
Campaign saved.
GM: And that's when what you guess is the Floral Brigade, to a man stands up -- a few are still holding pikes, crossbow, or in one case a very large fork. The old man sighs. "Howdy. I'm Toma, I guess I'm in charge for the time bein'." He plants the pike in the dirt floor to signify he means no harm. "Please no catchin' fire near the ship."
Naeko: "Ship?" my attention is certainly caught.
Ran: "I'll do my best to avoid accidents.." I squeak nervously.
Campaign saved.
GM: "Welcome to my farm, what's left of it. I'm quartermaster. You met Ramirez. These are Ayotnom, Tork, Kiri, Zogurt, Fredorig, Milky, Lewi and Kaia. The Commander left with Pollicino and Rachel, and I guess you met the balloon crew?" How did he know?
Naeko: Well, i've been shouting Remia hired us at every opportunity, so it can't be all that hard. "I'm Naeko. I'm good with machines."
Ran: "Yes, Miss Remia told us where to go."
Ran: "I'm Ran, I can fly, an stuff."
GM: "Good, maybe you can get the Skyranger to fly then! We've been going crazy over the designs for a month now! And... so you're here for... target practice?" "Toma! Be nice!" "What? Near said she wanted to start anti-harpy exercises!"
Ran: "Umm, I just wanna help out..."
GM: "What else... Oh, yes, there's really no ranks or so, on account of there bein' so few of us. Unless we get the boss' family or any guests of theirs to visit, in which case you're to salute and do all that militia stuff, got it?"
Ran: I give a wing salute, "Got it!"
Naeko: I nod slowly "That's easy. just like back home."
Ran: "Sort of."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "So.. you mentioned designs...." My hands twitch eagerly. Schematics! just in the door and already schematics!
GM: Naeko, Toma sees you salivate. "Er... yes, small problem - they're in crayon, so wash your hands and don't drool, y'hear?" Ran, you're quickly surrounded by the small maniple of soldiers; they haven't seen a harpy outside of combat, except for one or two of them. Kaia wants to know if you can help her with finding thermals, Tork wants to know if you're white meat, and so on. "Ramirez, start cleaning up!" "Hey, wait a minute -- I'm not the new guy anymore!" "Good point. New guys, start cleaning up!"
spiritplumber (GM): did you ever see Wings of Honneamise?
Player_D (Ran): I haven't ;_:
Player_K (Naeko): very yes. it's one of Mastress's favourites
Naeko: "I'm not a guy. so i can't be a new guy. And Ran doesn't have hands. Sorry Ramirez."
spiritplumber (GM): I'm going for that feel if it wasn't clear :)
Player_K (Naeko): i suspected something like that ^.^
Player_D (Ran): ahs :o
spiritplumber (GM): Worth grabbing for sure, I promise :)
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): kieskies!
Player_D (Ran): do need to DL stuff to watch while I don't have nets.
spiritplumber (GM): Then very yes on grabbing that.
Player_K (Naeko): if you haven't seen Madoka yet, make sure to grab that too.
Ran: Thermals I can definately help with! Actually, I'm more endurance, so I'd be dark meat, I think...
Player_D (Ran): I have seen Madoka. :3 Been reading Kazumi as well.
Player_K (Naeko): oh, of course. you linked me to Kazumi. i'se an idiot ;p
GM: Naeko, your logic is impeccable... the crew greet it with a laugh and eventually start helping with the cleanup. Ran, one of the halforks, a female, bows in front of you in apology for shooting at you.
Ran: Also yeah. Harpy cleaning.
Ran: We aren't exactly known for it. >_>;
Ran: "Umm, it's okay, misunderstandings happen..."
Ran: I ask if I can get a uniform, too, maybe people will be less crazy around me, then? :o
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "So.... schematics? i can see them? my hands are clean! I've got a chin-cup to catch the drool, i promise!" it's probably more disconcerting that she says she has plans for dealing with the drool rather than that she won't drool. but still, better to know yourself, right?
GM: Naeko, Toma leads you tothe barn proper -- the entire structure has been emptied to make room for what looks like an elongated balloon with a bigger gondola, two sets of oars, and a strange looking engine instead of the simple burner you saw on the balloon. Ran, Kiri comments she'll have to make you one special. "By the way, we get paid same as dragoons, notmilitians."
Ran: "Pay? Neat!" I chirp. I ask about the people here, cause I like people.
GM: "Now from what I've been told, the plans were drawn in crayon by a gobin with a hole in her head and a bad case of lovesickness, so.... yeah."
Ran: I'll ask Naeko about anything I don't understand later.
GM: "That's the Skyranger. She floats up and down just fine, but we can't get her to go forward. If you can fix that..."
Naeko: Looking it over, Naeko immediately starts mumbling to herself, "Lift would be easiest by playing games with the air... No! I am making PROGRESS with Orgone Engineering! I do NOT need to turn back to the hidebound inadequacies of Conjural Pneumatism at the first hurdle!"
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Wat."
Naeko: "Forward, forward.. easiest forward is to move something back... pumping? Flapping? might work. would be heavy. How much weight tolerance do you currently have?
GM: Ran, eventually the table is righted and you're thanked for what help you could give. While Naeko has a minor nerdgasm, the crew introduce themselves properly -- there's Kaia, the glider pilot, who trained as a dancer -- not by choice, she says, and leave it at that -- and was found practically starving by Near; there's Tork, who mostly went along because the priest said it was a good job for him; there's Lewi, who's mostly trying to get into regular army service so she can save up enough to buy one particular horse; and so on.
GM: Naeko, Toma says they've been using those big oar wing things to flap and that it sort of works, but it gets everyone tired quite quickly. "Not much point in getting somewhere fast if then they're too tired to fight!"
Player_D (Ran): Kies. Mostly wanted in IC excuse to know what's on the Rookie sheet. XD
Ran: "Add rockets?"
Naeko: "By HAND? i need to talk to your smith. coil springs. we NEED coil springs. even if i can't get more out of that engine that'll reduce the effective force. or maybe a- NO! Not pneumatics! fuck you! I can DO this!"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Do you have the plans for the engine handy? I don't want to open it up until I know what's inside."
spiritplumber (GM): yay springs!
GM: "Ah, Rachel went with Near and Pollicino to get some doohickey or other..."
GM: Toma points you to the engine plans -- they have been pinned to a corner of the barn. They are, indeed, made in crayon. Sometimes there are stick figures with hearts around them -- apparently whoever drew these was, at least half the time, in love with a centaur. Or really bad at drawing stick figures.
Player_K (Naeko): fair to say Naeko has basic drafting materials with her given her chosen profession?
GM: Ran, Lewi takes one good look at you. "So, no hands, hmm? Other than fying what are you good for?"
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): On her? Probably a good fountain pen, which incidentally is a very rare thing to own outside of Blackmoor. Paper is generally available, if a bit expensiv.
Ran: "Well, I can sing, make fire... I'm also pretty good at balancing and acrobatics. I learn pretty quickly, zo."
Player_D (Ran): Papyrus?
Naeko: i get out pen, paper, and ink, and start sketching down a more accurate schematic, runnign back and forth between the plans, and how they've currently been enacted on the ship, trying to get an accurate picture.
spiritplumber (GM): That's what paper generally looks like, ya. Modern-ish paper can be made in some cities.
GM: Naeko, from what you can tell, according to the plans... well, they don't much look like the engine. And from what you can tell about the engine, half the moving parts in it should get in the way of each other as soon as you light a fire.
Player_D (Ran): Ran is pretty young, just barely an adult by harpy standards, even.
GM: Ran, Kaia asks you if it's a big deal for harpies to be able to make fire. "I thought your people did cook their food?"
Ran: "Well, some cook. But I mean I make fire with magic, than scratching my nails against some flint."
Campaign saved.
GM: "Oh that's why you were on fire earlier!" "Makes sense..." "Don't worry, plenty of chances to be on fire around here."
Ran: "...That makes me worry, actually."
Ran: Oh, right, ran knows healing magic, too. >_>;
GM: "One thing, absolutely no active magic around the engine, it doesn't like it." "Also uh... standard issue is a featherfall charm, in case things go stupid, but... do you need one?"
Ran: "Ummm. Not sure. If there's spare ones, sure, but it could wait.
Ran: I nod about the magic thing.
Naeko: Naeko stares at the engine, and her drawings, in mute horror. "This... works?"
GM: Naeko, it's clear to you that Toma doesn't really know how any of this stuff works. He does mention that the air in this balloon is different than normal air, because it lifts better than hot air, but it makes you retch if you try to breath it. And it catches fire.
Campaign saved.
GM: "Goes up and down pretty well..."
Naeko: "Ohhh... vent gas. nifty stuff, but yeah, doesn't like sparks at ALL. That helps, I didn't know that'd been discovered around here."
GM: Ran, one human -- Ayotonm? -- tells you that it's likely that you'll be fighting other harpies, and are you all right with that.
Ran: I nod, "There's a lot of fighting between all the tribes anyway."
GM: Naeko, you're told it was a westron invention apparently -- some crazy goblin.
Naeko: "Do we have two people who're small, light, shameless, medium pain tolerance at a minimum, and don't mind not-moving for prolonged periods?"
GM: "Kaia and Pollicino, why?"
GM: Ran, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed, overall -- Kiri starts measuring you up for your uniform, some leftover sausage is warmed up, and Milktea asks you if you can play liar's dice.
Naeko: "Well, the problem witht he Mark 1 Orgone Accretion Generator was finding somewhere to dump the heat. run a conductor up the cables to the bands around hte gasbag and simple atmospherics will absorb most of it, the rest will keep the gasbag warm at altitude... could use the energy from that to move modified wing-oars pretty easily... but we'd need to widen the back end of the ship for a two-person Accretion System to FIT. and a one-person rig won't generate enoguh energy to be self-sustaining...
Campaign saved.
Ran: I can, but I'm a bit bad at it.
GM: "If you have a way to row without gettin' as much tired by all means try it, we can start tomorrow -- we've mostly been waiting for Captain Near to get back these past few days."
Naeko: "I'll start drawing up plans then. Oh, r, Kaia and Pollicino... neither claustrophobic? Get along with each other okay?"
GM: "Capital! You haven't been paid yet so... care for a few practice rounds?" Milktea winks at Toru, who promptly joins in. Kaia is more interested in knowing more about where you're from. Fredorig seems to keep wanting to ask you about where your flock lives, how many they are and so on.
GM: "Sure, well, far as I know. why?" Toma is puzzled.
Naeko: "Well, they'll need to spend a couple of weeks in the rig before it's deployable in order to attune the aggregation system, get the flows stabilized. My harness took about three months to attune, but then, it was a prototype and WAY different. The Mark One i have DOZENS of tweaks in mind since i last built it."
Ran: "Okie." My flock is mostly on the western portion of the world mountain, actually facing opposite Izwald. There's about 20 of us, though the new chicks seemed healthy.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I can grip dice at least with my wing-fingers; no thumb, though.
GM: "Well, where are you from, miss? None of us here are nau-tick-al folks, so maybe we're just doing rowin' wrong... do you mean to teach them?"
Naeko: "Nah, I can't even swim. But I've read about the physics. They'll be providing power, but it shouldn't be tiring for them. Quite the opposite once they get used to it, really. They'll be hungry enough for about six people each the first few months, though.
GM: Ran, while Milky and Toru explain to you the local version of the game -- you seem to be really good at it, oddly, although nobody's betting real money seeing as you don't have any yet -- everyone else is interested in the fact that you live on the Mountain. Are there monsters? Is the Void Dragon real? Did any of your flock get sucked out of the sky by updrafts? Are there still pegasi in the valleys? Do the crazy dwarfs in Boatmurdered still hunt for prey?
GM: Toma counts on his fingers quickly. "We're good on grub, thank the spirits. What'll they have to do?"
GM: Naeko, Toma asks where you're from then, if not the sea. He seems to assume that every foreigner is from one seaside or the other.
Naeko: "Do? Nothing. Except not go insane. A few of the first prototypes did, but they were pretty weak-willed to begin with AND i had the third series of amplifiers backwards so the kinetic transfer had WAY too much feedback. i've fixed that."
Ran: I've seen pegasi, but they're kinda tiny, and all sortsa funky colors. We don't live quite on the mountain, and not terribly high; I didn't want to fly for a while when I was younger thanks to stories of the updrafts... I've only heard stories of the void dragon and of boatmurdered. Biggy told me lots of stories. ._.
spiritplumber (GM): yes, there is boatmurdered.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): Crazy dwarfs can name ANYTHING
GM: Ran, by the sound of it you'll have to spend the evening narrating some of them... Naeko, Toma says that everyone's anxious to get the airship flying, so if you want to start work you're welcome to -- or you can join in with the others. Toma says that, with everyone's leave, he has to pray; that stops the chatter for a few moments and gets respectful assents.
Naeko: i'm completely oblivious to the respectful silence, heading to the smithy to see how much they've got of what metals, and start drawing up lists of supplies.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I share in the silence, waiting for someone to prod me before I continue relating the stories. I have a couple from others than Biggy, also, especially Gilda's claim of racing a pegasus.
GM: Naeko, there's a little of everything, barring precious metals and adamantine -- there's even a patch of mithril weave, scavenged from who knows where. While variety is good there isn't much of quantiy though... You do have quite a bit of iron and leather to work with. Of course, there's no rubber.
GM: Ran, the group comes back to their relaxed attitude when Toma has made his way to the mostly dilapidated farmhouse; the new building serves as workshop, barracks and mess hall. Oddly, the forge was put in the barn with the flammable airship. There are two gliders, currently folded up and hanging vertically from the hangar walls -- the airship can, barely, lift one up if there are no other passengers.
Naeko: I sigh... rubber would be best for portions of the underlays, but i'm not sacrificing my gauntlets for these people. The mithril will do, though, if i can get hold of the tools necessary to unwind it back into bits of wire to thread into the leather in the right ways... it'll be more painful to use, but hey, military people, right? suppsoed to be hardy and stuff! But best not to take it apart until they approve the designs.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, while the glider drawings have been done by someone with a good hand -- in brush, no less - the original designs for the airship are a giant mess.
GM: Ran, your stories go on well! If there was any diffidence towards you being a harpy, it seems to have gone... Kiri asks you who you're bunking with, since right now there aren't enough beds.
Naeko: I do look ove rthe glider designs, as they'll doubtless prove useful for redesigning those oars, i've pretty much abandoned the original engine as a writeoff and am working from scratch on fitting one of my own design. Of which Kaia and Pollicino will be a vital part.
Player_K (Naeko): i just didn't notice Toma asking where Naeko was from, but Naeko just pretending not to notice works well for her ;p
GM: Naeko, the designs are a lot smaller but a lot better drawn; the gliders are four-winged and carry one person, prone -- the back pair of wings is twisted to provide steering.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Iunno who I'll bunk with. :o Used to making a nest out of long grass, or treebranches... maybe I could make another nest? Though if someone offers, that's fine, too.
spiritplumber (GM): Note that Pollicino isn't there; the lightest people are Kaia and Millktea at the moment
Player_K (Naeko): from the pneumatics and such back home, would Naeko understand hte principles of fans/propellers?
Player_D (Ran): Well, the lightest is probably Ran, but yeah.
spiritplumber (GM): Yes. There's a drawing of a ducted fan, but oddly enough it's marked DINNER BLASTER and has the duct rotate with the blades.
spiritplumber (GM): or, "We need this BBQ to catch earlier, let's connect a 35Krpm drill motor to a trolling motor propeller"
spiritplumber (GM): 45 second barbecue
Player_K (Naeko): lolwut?
spiritplumber (GM): ... I do things.
Player_D (Ran): bbq is long and slow x_x
spiritplumber (GM): The idea was to make that catch fast :)
Player_D (Ran): ya
spiritplumber (GM): I wonder if I have the video somewhere
GM: Ran, there's hay, if you want to do that -- it's reasonably clean.
Ran: I'd rather. It's been a long time since I had an "accident" but I'm still wary of it happening again.
Ran: Rocks + hay + grass = nest!
GM: You are told that since this IS a military unit after all, there's a curfew - unless you need to go to the outhouse of course -- and wakeup call is with the first rooster. Ran, you're allowed to build up a little nest inside the barracks; Is Kaia taking notes as you do?
Ran: Umm, she can, sure.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I keep sketching,oblivious to the notion of sleep with The Big Idea spinning in my head. Yes! This could do it! This could PROVE the utility of Orgone Engineering! So what if Nathaniel's maids kept losing their minds! They were stupid to begin with even BEFORE Nathaniel broke them!
Player_D (Ran): If I can grab a corner, I'd like that. (This thing may wind up looking like the nest of that one type of bird, that adores the color blue
Naeko: I've been wearing MY Accretion Harness for YEARS and -i- haven't gone insane! Ha! Of course I'm not insane! The concept is laughable! Ahahahahaha!
GM: Ran, there are a number of fabric scraps around too -- some of them wing canvas, some were probably from making the univform.
GM: Naeko, you forgot to use your inside voice. "Ehm?"
Ran: "Wark?"
Naeko: Naeko is also completely unaware that any of that was out loud.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt is suddenly behind you with what looks like a cup of tea. "Mish?"
Naeko: "Oooooh... Yes please! Tea would be wonderful. Helps the brain, you know!"
GM: Ran, Kaia in all seriousness says you're wecome to the fabric scraps if you like, too. "I hope I'm not being rude, I've seen magpies pick them up.."
Ran: Yay nest! I fluff up and settle in, letting my feathers lay back down.
GM: Naeko, a cup of tea is thrust in your face.
GM: It smells almost entirely unlike tea, to be honest, but still.
Ran: "Oh, thank you! They're really good for tying the structure together. Stylish and functional!" I chirp.
Campaign saved.
GM: Out of nowhere, a loud gong hit! Probably from the farmhouse, actually. Ran, you end up with a sack of scraps that were too small to use for patches.
GM: One odd thing is that despite the ramshackle nature of this group, the uniforms everyone had on looked simple but very new.
Naeko: I quite happily drink the tea. These people want me to make their airship work! I can trust them! And i Will Succeed! It will be a Mighty Triump of Orgone Engineering ove rhte Hidebound Inadequacies of Conjural Pneumatism! Bottom's up!
Ran: A full sack? o-o I could make a layer of cloth to cuddle on!
Naeko: Naeko slugs back the tea in one mighty gulp
Player_D (Ran): Was that Limsh?
spiritplumber (GM): Wellthey've done a bunch of stuff with fabric
spiritplumber (GM): wings, envelope
Player_D (Ran): ya
GM: Naeko, Zogurt makes a bit of a derpy face, and looks left and right before asking you if you needanything.
Naeko: i think for a moment, before giddily babbling, "More paper! And Tungsten wire! Oh oh oh! Can we get any electrum? just a little? or gold and siler, i know how to make it. ...Have to rebuild the forge to do that, though. So already alloyed is better!"
Ran: "What was that gong for?"
GM: Ran, you have to handle the Aerial Hussars each wanting to touch your hair before they leave you alone, but after that it seems like you can goto bed. Zogurt starts help you look -- there is paper, there is no tungsten wire but there's mithril wire, and there are some old electrum coinsthat can be melted -- theywere being kept in case someone found a merchant that'd take them.
GM: "That's lights out, go to bed early, get up early..."
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): i admit, i thought the tea was going ot be drugged so Naeko would fall over and snore instead of rambling
Ran: I snuggle into bed after grooming my hair back down, and fall asleep pretty quickly.
Naeko: i'm positively giddy at the coins, i can totally work with those, they're already close to the right shape, can just hammer them out some instead of melting them. i put them aside with the mithril weave... yes... yes... if i use the mithril and leather on the calibration rig, then that'll have them ready for the greater strain from the electrum for the real thing... and that way the final version will be MUCH easier to get in and out of... with help, of course.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt seems to have decided to try to stay up and help, although he looks like he's half asleep. Do you work through the night or turn in?
spiritplumber (GM): Elves don't need as much sleep, as such, but still.
Ran: Dreams of fire, flaming chickens, volcanoes and other such imagery fills Ran's dreams; she sleeps pretty peacefully, unless awakened. She's a light sleeper.
Naeko: i fully intend to work throught the night, but it's been abusy day, and one where i've cast far too much magic to manage to stay up. after a couple more hours... well, there's a reason my ink bottle has a counterweight so that it stoppers itself form the inside if it falls over. Still, i got some sketches done.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, you're surprised to find that Zogurt is sleeping on some hay and has left you a whole cot; everyone else is doubled up, by the look of it due to a lack of mattresses. The matteesses themselves are burlap sacks full of, probably, rejected fabric.
spiritplumber (GM): I'm barely awake myself tbh. Is this fun?
Player_D (Ran): Yeah :D
Player_D (Ran): I'm liking the characters
Player_K (Naeko): i was saying Naeko kept at it until she jsut fell over on the table she was working at, she'll notice the cot in the morning. maybe. and as to fun, yes, i is enjoying.
Player_D (Ran): Ran is adorable :D
Player_K (Naeko): i hope i'm not playing Naeko as -too- mad a mad scientist?
Player_D (Ran): Nah~
spiritplumber (GM): getcha!
spiritplumber (GM): Makes sense on table
spiritplumber (GM): Ran is indeed adorable
spiritplumber (GM): do hope is fun O_O;
Player_D (Ran): Is!
Player_K (Naeko): how many times do we have to say we're having fun before you believe us? ;p
spiritplumber (GM): anythingi should do different? sorry if i ask for call quits for now but i'm a bit wiped 66;
spiritplumber (GM): any clarification or q's?
Player_D (Ran): Is good place to call it; the characters went to sleep, too. :P
Player_K (Naeko): is Naeko going to get run out of town when she suggests powering the airship by siphoning magical energy out of enforced bondage sex?
Player_D (Ran): What happened to Near's detailed notes on the airship engine? She keep them with her?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): ...She might get bapped on the head for being a little too crazy, and asked for something less silly first. >_>;
Player_K (Naeko): is not silly! it's what powers her magic!
spiritplumber (GM): Those notes were used to make the partially working engine and then have been put somewhere safe.
spiritplumber (GM): now she's trying to figue out Zalpha's notes
Player_D (Ran): Ah, kie
spiritplumber (GM): D care to explain the antecedents?
spiritplumber (GM): ... wait what's your power source again?
Player_D (Ran): the wha
Player_K (Naeko): Orgone Engineer? you even suggested it. so the harness gathering and altering and focussing sexual energies?
Player_D (Ran): Well, we are actually trying to get an airship that doesn't use magic.
Player_D (Ran): iirc
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko doesn't know that part. and that would be a good reason to shut her down on the generator idea when someone with actual clout gets back
Player_D (Ran): yeah. ^^;
Player_K (Naeko): not to mention the two who've been unwittingly nominated to be locked lewdly together in a small metal egg and ludicrously overstimulated.
Player_K (Naeko): they probably have a few things to say about it.
Player_D (Ran): Though Near'd be interested in it, depending.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): well the thing is - the problem with magical flyig things is that they're very easy to cause to plummet
Player_K (Naeko): she can still alter the oars to rig springs on them to make the rowing easier and a sliding rack system to make them self-rotate.
spiritplumber (GM): a magical flying thing is fine if it, say, only needs magic to take off and not to stay in the air
Player_D (Ran): ooh :o
spiritplumber (GM): it's not a matter of "we want to fly without magic for the challenge", it's for tactical reasons.
Player_D (Ran): light the Lighten Object spell for the Iron Wyverns
Player_D (Ran): Yep.
Player_K (Naeko): Iron Wyverns?
Player_D (Ran): like the*
Player_K (Naeko): Orgone-generated lightning magic charging a rail-launch system? ^.^
Player_D (Ran): I future idea. Basically planes, but using magic to halve their weight so they can take off, despite materials.
Player_D (Ran): that would be neat :o
Player_D (Ran): Should let Kay go to sleeps. ^^;
Player_D (Ran): I have to move and stuff tomorrow, too...
spiritplumber (GM): neat idea yeah o_O;
Player_K (Naeko): meepity. no worries *hugs* sleep well, both of you.
Player_D (Ran): haveta stop us now, or we'll be up another couple of hours discussing things.
spiritplumber (GM): Also, there's the fact that for some reason magic fails more often the higher you go.
spiritplumber (GM): nini!
spiritplumber (GM): teah derp
Player_D (Ran): Night night!
Player_K (Naeko): nini! *hugs*

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GM: wkekopo
GM: derp
GM: derp
GM: sorry
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
GM: i'm a bad person.
Player_K (Naeko): huh?
spiritplumber (GM): isco
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spiritplumber (GM): pisco
spiritplumber (GM): i try o_O;
Player_K (Naeko): i don't know what you're upset about...
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spiritplumber (GM): i'm not upset i'm scared O_O; anynya! cap?
Player_K (Naeko): cap? what? *hugs* i'm sorry.
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Ran: Recap!
Player_K (Naeko): oh
Ran: Umm. Stuff happened! We found the IFB, and joined them not-quite-but-moreso-than-before-officially!
Ran: I got water dumped on me ;_:
Ran: And I made a nest! :D
Ran: I'm still naked, zo, since they haven't made a uniform for me yet.
Naeko: Lessee. Ran and Naeko got hired, Naeko spent the night maniacal cackling while trying to revise designs that nobody has actualyl cottoned on to the fact they mean she intends to take the two smallest peopel available and mash them into a sexual bondage pretzel to draw magical power for a revised engine.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
spiritplumber (GM): I hadn't either o-o;
Naeko: But a revised latching and rotary system for the oars can be adapted for when they DO cotton on to that and tell her "Oh Naeko Ringo no."
Ran: Nest!
GM: Naeko, so are you actually intended to be up all night doing that?
Naeko: She was attempting to be, but eventually fell over and splatted facefirst ont he desk, despite the tea.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I was sleepin' all night, cause was such exciting day
Naeko: and while her intents with what she'd said weren't obvious form what she was saying, they WILL be obvious to anyone who knows how to read well drafted shadow-elven schematics
GM: Naeko, at the moment, that seems to be nobody. Morning is called by a remarkably asthmatic rooster; Naeko, you find yourself in one of the bunks. Ran, nobody's bothered your curl-up spot, mostly because there aren't enough bunk and you're one less person to double up...
Ran: yay! I get up to bask in th esun, after straightening up the pile that is my bed.
GM: Zogurt is sleeping at Naeko's feet, apparently having given her his cot for the night. Toma starts banging a frying pan against the nearest metal surface to get everyone up.
Naeko: I grumble a bit as i wake up, qhecking over the harness under my clothes carefully. oh the hell there'll be to pay if somethig's come dislodged... but no. thank the gods that hasn't happened. i get up out of the cot, stretching carefully.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I'm up early; cause that's best hunting tiem. Though I don't haveta hunt right now. Which is yay. Stuff with peoples! Even if they are short-arms.
GM: "Five volunteers to help fix the canals to this place, an they get to take a bath tonight if they're done in time! Everyone else! We got a glider to finish! Near may be back tonight, so let's at least try to look busy! Naeko, do you think you can get the ship flying?" Toma makes a decent drill sargeant impression, but it's easy to pay attention to the man frying a large amount of small eggs of unknown provenience: it smells pretty good and extremely pervasive.
Ran: Eggs!
Naeko: Naeko grimaces, "Maybe. I don't know how far i got last night before i fell over..." she turns to take a look over the schematics she'd done so far...
Naeko: [[craft:]]
Campaign saved.
Naeko: [1d20+3 = 12]
Naeko: [[oh hell.]]
Ran: "Bath? I had one yesterday..."
GM: Ramirez points out that he doesn't want to volunteer for ditch digging, and further explains that he might as well volunteer anyway, but he doesn't want to do it. Tork, Bin and Toru follow suit -- Toma tells Pollicino to go with them, since he needs the exercise and the second glider is still in pieces anyway. Naeko, the drawings are actually done... the problem is going to be implementing them, now!
Ran: "Umm. Is there a way I can help with the glider? Or anything else?"
Ran: I can't exactly dig a ditch.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I gather my notes rummaging through what i can find around the area "i can't implement propulsion in a single day. that would take weeks of attunement, even once i've got the new motive-core built. but i think i can make the oars you've got much more efficient by evening."
GM: "We got one good glider, one that needs putting back together... the main thing is getting the ship where it can do more than go up and down, really" Ayatonm comments. "So far it's been digging and rowing and shoveling coal... heh, would've joined the regulars if I knew!"
Ran: "Ohh. Hmmm."
GM: "'Scuse me? We actually have someone who can fly on staff, so why doesn't she go up on patrol rather than us setting up the catapult and all that?" "But it was my turn today!" Milktea and Kaia start bickering about it -- Toma seems to let them. If this is a military unit, by the look of it hierarchy was never considered much....
Ran: "Umm, I could use help showing me how to patrol?"
Ran: "I'd be grateful if someone would go with me."
GM: Toma looks around. "Naeko, do it." Zogurt seems to be first in line to help, making puppy eyes at the shadow elf. Ran, Kaia pretty much jumps for joy at that. "Awesome! Basically the idea is we launch the glider, get to the sandy patch over there" she points northward "because there's warm air there, and then do a big circle around and if there's anything bad on the horizon go back and report it."
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Ah! Kies kies! Two sets of eyes is better than just one." I chirp and smile, eager to set off.
Naeko: I commence ignoring pretty much everything around me in order to start reassembling the mountings for the oars. and the oars themselves. I doubt i can rebuild them to collapse on the forestroke in a single day, but the gearing to rotate to cut throuh the wind instead of against it and then turn back for the major pull. I quickly start barking basic 'fetch me [noun]' orders at Zogurt, caught up in the problem to solve too much to notice him more than that.
Ran: I ask for something to put on so that doods can identify me as part of the IFB, instead of just a random harpy.
GM: Naeko, you end up with a remarkably efficient assistant - Toma calls for everyone to get their scrambled eggs before setting off to work, and tries to get Naeko and Zogurt's attention several times, eventually just leaving two bowls on a stool next to the workbench. The catapult is... well, rustic: it's a wooden rail with a big counterweight setup at the end. Ran, you're given a sleeveless vest with the group's colors -- it's a bit uncomfy, but it was improvised. (Good call)
Ran: Oh, yay food!
Ran: Yay vest!
Ran: "Thankies." I chirp again, getting it one. It's better than getting an arrow in me, at least.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I eventually tell Zogurt to fetch a cover so i can do some welding, and i want to keep sparks from potentially going up to the gasbag. i am dismayed to find FOOD in my cover. stomach is not. casts overwhelming vote. food is consumed as excessive velocity. then bowl is used as spark-shield.
GM: The glider itself is a pretty rickety contraption of bamboo and silk, with the pilot lying between the two pairs of wings and four rockets that can either be released forward or used to gain altitude. Kaia deftly climbs into the thing, wriggling around a little to avoid ripping any fabric, and the whole contraption is carried with the pilot onto the rail; Toma uses his surviving donkey to pull up the windlass that lifts the counterweight -- by the look of it, the whole thing was built into an old well.
Ran: "Interesting. That can fly?"
GM: Naeko, Zogurt gets you whatever he finds for a cover -- looks like the whole workshop setup was copied from the goblin's drawings verbatim, including the shoddiness.
GM: "Not yet, but it's really good at falling slowly!" "Some slower than others!" "Shaddup!"
Player_K (Naeko): my joke was that he got the food bowls as a cover, thus, Naeko ate.
spiritplumber (GM): Derpsry
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
Ran: I watch, before taking off myself. I wanna see this thing launch :o
GM: Naeko, you're fairly disgusted at how homemade everything from the forge to even the cutting tools look, honestly... with just you and Zogurt, who seems to be keen if nt particularly smart, there's a fifty-fifty chance of getting it done with a couple hours of sunlight to spare. Do you ask for other help?
Naeko: I do an overall pisspoor job of concealing my shadow elven origins, as i repeatedly fall back on the Expletives Of My Youth to describe the tools, laboratory conditions, availability of supplies... but oddly enoguh, i don't say a word about the lack of slave labour. Go Zogurt. more efficient than any six captive brain-dead maids.
GM: Ran, so are you waiting for this thing to go up before taking off?
GM: [1d20 = 6]
Ran: yep.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Once makign enoguh progress to arrive at that estimate, i do shout out to Toma "Er, when did you think this 'Near' person you're worried about was going to get here?"
Ran: It's curious, and I wanna make sure it can actually fly if I'm to share the air with it. >_>
GM: "Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night, who knows?" He doesn't call on you to watch the launch, not wanting to interrupt.
Naeko: "....Does anyone here know how to use a welding torch?" I look down at the tool in my hands, "Er, is comfortable enough with tools to use a MODIFIED welding torch?"
GM: "Rail ready!" "Weight up!" "Check the flint on the rocket mounts!" "Good!" "Good!" "Good!" "Er wai- Good!" "Kaia, you got a bit of wind to port!" "I know, I see the grass, ready to go!"
GM: Naeko, Zogurt looks at the thing. "I am!" Toma calls out, surprisingly hearing Naeko over the shouted checklist. " Hey, harpy girl, come here and hold this lever!"
Ran: "Huh?"
Ran: Who's asking that? I'll help, zo
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Then when you can, get in here and I'll go over my notes with you. If you can work on prepping the components for the other side, we should be done by early afternoon."
GM: "Someone flip the hourglass, it's a warm day, I want to see how long i can keep it up!" That's followed by some wolf whistles, notably from Milktea. "I gotta go help the elf lady" Toma says "just take the lever out of the wheel when everyone says they're good."
GM: Naeko, Toma starts making his way back towards the hangar. Ran, the lever is just the remains of a training gladius, stuck in a slot on what looks like a well's pulley axle.
Ran: "Okay."
Ran: I get to be a part of the launch. :3
GM: Naeko, Toma says that he's been a smith in his life, but this stuff is all beyond him -- he's mostly out to keep the farm for his sons when they come back, and this is a better arrangement than basically trying to farm rocks, given the quality of his land. "So, what's the plan?"
GM: Ran, Kaia starts counting down to five; everyone else hangs on to a wing, to run it along during the first few feet where it may wobble. "... two one, pull!"
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Ran: I pull :O
Naeko: "Alright..." i quickly dial back what i was planning to say several notches, going through my notes for two specific diagrams, "This is what the attachment point for the oars looks like now. This is what i WANT it to look like, and here are designs of the parts i'm going to need for that. Can you smith some of those parts while I work on disassembly of the oars and locks?"
GM: Ran, reflex save?
Ran: Ref. save [1d20+3 = 8]
Naeko: I don't expect Toma to be able to smith a high-tension spring, let along four of them. i'll hav eto do that myself.
Player_D (Ran): derp
GM: Ran, that's an ex-training sword to the face for you -- ow! Some very big rock or chunk of metal falls down the well, pulling the rope along against the pulley and yanking the glider by its front hook -- the soldiers run along with the four-winged thing to keep it stable as it speeds up, and watch Kaia stabilize it by pulling against the bamboo frame as it gains speed. Ran, it's coming right at you!
Ran: D:
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the man looks at the design and starts sorting through bits of scrap iron for those easiest to hammer into shape.
Ran: Emergency dive to the side!
Naeko: I leave him to it and get back to the disassembly. For soem reaosn, I notice Toma's presence more than Zogurts, and moderate the cussing about degenerate uncultured technologiless savages to internal cussing.
spiritplumber (GM): Basically this, except there is one less pulley and the glider goes TOWARDS the pylon -- which is why the pylon was built into a well, that way it's only two feet tall
Player_D (Ran): ah ha :o
GM: Ran, the big canvas thing actually does take off, to your surprise! You get to see the unerside of the wings and in the middle of the contraption Kaia screaming something inarticulate; the rope hook comes off roughly when it's suppsoed to. All throughout this, the donkey remained extremely phlegmatic. The other Floral Brigade members cheer at a good takeoff.
spiritplumber (GM): i try
Player_D (Ran): It's neat :D
Ran: "Wooow.."
GM: Naeko, the thing is easy to take apart... surprising that it hasn't come apart by itself if anything, everything seems to be held together by ropework.
Ran: I stare at it for a second, then remember I'm supposed to be joining. I run after a bit, flapping, then a jump with a small puff of flame to aid in take off... and flying!
Campaign saved.
Naeko: As soon as i've got both sides apart, i move over to join Toma at the forge. i have GOT to make some improvements to this torch. this will NEED to be a lot more solid.
Player_K (Naeko): afk for a bit, Orders
GM: "I guess that's one way to get ahead of schedule for a second glider" Ayotnom comments as everyone else makes their way back to the big shed.
GM: Ran, you find that the glider is actually moving faster than it looks -- it's a bit hard for you to gauge how fast and far away it is, because it doesn't look like any other flying critter and you haven't the hang of it yet. Kaia steers northward, do you follow or go another direction? The general plan was to go up as much as possible and then do circles around the farm, to see if anything nasty is coming in.
GM: Good weather for flying, although not for the classic harpy ambush: there's not a cloud in the sky.
Ran: I'll sort of follow, circling around the opposite direction she does, though. I'll climb more, since she seems faster.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Since we're to keep an eye out on things, I'll also be climbing to get a better view.
GM: One thing you notice is that while you can climb just by effort, the glider can't just point its nose up -- it can't flap its wings, well maybe just a little bit to turn. Kaia is shouting something at you.
Ran: Oh? I'll try to get close enough to hear, then.
GM: "Go up as far as you can and I'll do the circles!"
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Ya Ki Re!" I make my ascent, then!
GM: Ran, you climb up to see what's below.... no more big boats on the river, not much of anything really -- a mule train along the river, some riders up and down the countryside, farmers in the fields. The big city itself looks like a sand castle from here... the glider starts making a lazy counterclockwise circle around the farm; as usual, the World Mountain has fog up its unnaturally steep sides -- apart for that there isn't a cloud in the sky.
GM: [2d10 = 11]
spiritplumber (GM): What is it with me and percent die lately/
Player_D (Ran): no clue o_o
Campaign saved.
GM: Anywhere in particular you're paying attention to?
Ran: Hmm. I think mostly SW of where I am.
GM: The river is peaceful from up here, you can't really tell water from grass other than by color -- again, no big boats going either way; there's a mule train following the river.
Player_K (Naeko): back, though really knoghitng to do but make knowledge and/or craft rolls if you want me to ;p
Ran: Ah ha :o
Ran: I'll circle southward, then.
Ran: Mule Train!
Ran: I suppose that's interesting enough to mention.
GM: Naeko, actually... the one problem you have to deal with is, now that the glder has been launched you may have too many hands on hand so to speak: Zogurt is very good at helping out without getting in the way -- right now mostly tending to the bellows of the small forge -- and Toma is competent for a village smith, but what about the other people? You were told that they built one of the glider and the ship's gondola and well... it shows.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, there's another group of riders to the south, going through the hills; hard to tell if it's a trading party or a raiding party from here, especially since the answer in these parts is actualy pretty fluid.
Naeko: I pass over my diagrams and say simply "Anyone who can read this, go help Toma. I don't know which of you are any good at forging, so i'll let him be the one to beat you about the head and chase you away if you aren't."
Naeko: but JUST the diagrams about the oars and springs and such, they don't need to know about the new engine plans yet. too complicated for them, i'm sure.
GM: Ran, spot heck?
Ran: [1d20+1 = 6]
Player_D (Ran): sorry, noms.
Player_D (Ran): derp.
GM: Naeko, Milktea has at least some idea what the springs are going to be for.... as it turns out, Kiri has some experience with ropework -- everyone else is pretty much told by Toma to clean up the pigsty so that it looks like a barracks, at least, and start winding up the catapult again.
GM: Ran, listen check?
Ran: [1d20+1 = 7]
Player_D (Ran):, I cannot into dice tonight.
Ran: or is it just th egraphic roller? [1d20+1 = 11]
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): ...
Naeko: If she has some idea how to MAKE them properly, i'm happy for her to start, if we can get this rebuild done i can potentially start trying to brew up some adhesive to reinforce the structure of the ship
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Player_K (Naeko): lol at me or Ran?
GM: Naeko, Milktea shakes her head - she's seen some clockwork, and has a basic idea of what you mean, but she doesn't know how to make them. She looks at your gear and asks casually where you're from incidentally, would you want to compare notes on ropework and harnesses later?
spiritplumber (GM): at dice
spiritplumber (GM): I swear to god that fantasygrounds doesn't have a "load dice" optio but we got some very weird rolls from this program.... in very convenient moments (orn ot)
GM: Ran, it's DEFINITELY an eagle's cry, and it's close!
Naeko: "Up north." is all the answer i plan to give on where i'm from, "But comparing notes sounds like a good idea. better flight harnesses would be a very useful once this 'Near' approves my rebuild of the engine."
Player_K (Naeko): [[the Broken Lands are tot he northeast from here, right? i didn't misremember that?]]
spiritplumber (GM): Lots of east, little north, but ya
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, that gets you a smile. Everyone was complaining about the fact that, after all the rowing, any fighting would find them exhausted... for now the idea seems to be to get something working rather than being ready to fight.
Ran: I do a roll, to quickly scan for the sound!
Ran: Eagles are scary D:
Ran: But can be tasty...
Ran: Depending who catches who..
Ran: I instinctively light my flames as I roll, too.
GM: Ran, you went quite a bit up... but it sounded like it was above! (Aieron roll or barrel roll?)
Naeko: I do comment, I at least thought innocently, that i'm not too familiar with rope and knotwork, far more at home with strapping, chains, buckles, flywheel catches, and other miscellaneous ramble. At least something this shoddy is effortless to take apart.... though i'm worried about cutting open the oars to inser the rotation mechanism.
GM: Yes, eagles and harpies have quite the consummate relationship in that sense, either way depending on who catches who.
GM: The oars look like they were made from either leftovers from making glider wings, or early abortive attempts at same: taking the oar holders aart without untying half of everytthing to everything else may be a bit trickier. (Use Rope, or have her do it?)
Ran: Aileron.
GM: The eagle was indeed above you, and swoops at you with its talons out! [1d20-2 = 12]
Naeko: Have Milktea do it. as i said, i'm not too comfy with rope.
Ran: eeks!
Player_D (Ran): Miss, yay.
GM: Ran, the big bird continues the dive, having missed you by a feather.
Ran: I'mma chase after it, dropping into a dive myself. +_+
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, you do know that goblins have, or had, working airships -- overall it seems that this place was design to mimic their disorganized ways. What's your take on it? Milktea brings out the brass oar holder, which she calls a skalm, and says that if you show her what to do with one she'll help with the other three.
Player_D (Ran): for some reason I am VORACIOUS righ now. 1/5th a french loaf with rosemary seasoning an' oil.
spiritplumber (GM): Nom nom?
Ran: I start my dive/drop, aiming to hit the eagle as it starts to come out of its own dive! (If counts as charge, add +2 :o) [1d20+3 = 10]
Player_D (Ran): drats, probably missed..
Naeko: I nod, since Toma isn't finished with the parts he can make yet, cutting into one of the Oars where it would go into the lock, explaining about putting a gear in here, and allowing the outward section to rotate halfway without turning the handle, as most of the changes would be to the locks, adding springs and teeth for the gears to notch into so that when the actual stroke of the oars is finished, the smaller springs will automatically rotate the oar so it will slide through the air horizontally on the trip forward again, then rotate back.
Player_D (Ran): Ran is unlucky.
GM: Ran, you make essentially the same mistake - the bird's smaller than you and has an easier time coming out of a dive quickly; now it's higher than you again! How do you evade? You started pretty high, so you won't faceplant anytime soon, but the hills are definitely closer.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Milktea and Kiri actually get some of that (Zogurt has been helping Toma, mostly by running the bellows). (Craft and Prof rolls?)
Naeko: [[Craft:]]
Ran: I'll do a quick pull up, to throw myself high, and try to get above it.
Naeko: [1d20+3 = 11]
Naeko: [[Prof]]
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 15]
Player_K (Naeko): well... that's something at least.
GM: Naeko, you're a bit rusty on this kind of work, but it seems that everyone has accepted your de facto leadership, at least for today: you'll probably get it done fast enough for a quick test at the end of the day, overall, unless you push harder?
GM: The eagle cries out and dives at you again, much like before -- only this time not quite with the same speed. [1d20-1 = 16]
Ran: Hit x_X
Ran: But it takes fire damage :D [1d6 = 4]
Naeko: Push harder? with barely more than untrained assistants? oh HELLS no. i'm trying to rebuild a goblin-designed airship. i cannot afford to be anything but careful, or it'll end up like big brother's war walker. aka: Crater 3.
Player_D (Ran): I'm assuming that's nowhere near the highest numbered crater.
GM: SQUAWK! Not expecting it, the bird just grabs at whatever's closest - Ran's tushy, as it happens - and bounces off!
GM: [1d4+3 = 5]
Ran: "Yipe!"
Player_K (Naeko): the numbers stop at about 26, at which point Matriarchal Decree led to reusing older craters and incrementing a subdesignation.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, both you and the bird are sort of tumbling now...
spiritplumber (GM): lol
spiritplumber (GM): nice
Player_K (Naeko): so while the walker was experiment Crater 3, there's 3B, C, all the way up to 3DDY
spiritplumber (GM): And 3000 years of this gave us the Broken Lands
Player_K (Naeko): Crater 1, 2, and 3 get the most use. they're closest to the house, and why walk all that way just to watch an explosion? or, occasionally, something working right.
Ran: (Strength check) I'm going to attempt to pull away, remembering I'm not here for food, and maybe it's got th epoint, too. [2d10+2 = 16]
GM: Ran, the bird has panicked because fire and keeps tumbling down while you pull up -- you got a bit of a nasty scratch there, but can fly home without problems. The eagle comes to an uneasy stop near the river.
Naeko: Now in more of a supervisory role, i go to help Toma mostly, and start work on the springs, both small and large. I'm surprised they seem to be understanding what i was teling them to do, but then... i AM the best in my family at Small Words.
GM: Ran, you're close to the mule train -- they seem to have seen this, and someone is running towards the injured bird. At least nobody's shooting arrows at you...
Ran: I'll pull up, checking over the caravans I saw before before returning.
Ran: Oh, mule train is close
Ran: By checking over I mean looking at
GM: Naeko, perhaps these people were selected for some degree of mental ability: the idea seems to set up a workshop more than a fighting force for now.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, looks like you got someone an eagle breast for lunch or dinner... The mule train is maybe a dozen animals, by the look of it carrying foodstuffs. One person does have a bow pointed at you.
Ran: "Eep!" I'll pull away, trying to get out of the bow range. At least I have a decent idea of what they're here for.
GM: Naeko, pretty soon it looks like you mostly have to wait on the metalwork. The people in this group seem to have the attitude of army misfits everywhere -- they work reasonably well together by inclination, although not by any means by drill. At least the hangar's big and there is not much danger in people occasionally bumping into each other.
GM: Ran, are you heading home? The glider is doing its circle, a little lower on the horizon.
Ran: Well, I'll go a little closer to that other caravan thing I saw to double check on that one, then head home.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, it's either raiders or hunters, maybe a dozen people and six horses, two of which aren't actively starving. They have definitely seen you and have started looking around for the rest of your flock.
Ran: Eeep. Heading back nows
spiritplumber (GM): Ran technically got the first killmark of the squadron...
Naeko: Rather than just waiting, i work on some of the metalwork, though it's good to see things seem to be going well. No. Bad brain. Mother would NEVER let me keep this many minions. Hell, she never let me have ONE of my own, just borrow the maids that my big brothers were tired of.
Ran: :o
Ran: First eagle "kill" for her, too. ^^;
Naeko: But I'LL SHOW THEM! Orgone Engineering is the Wave of the Future!
GM: Naeko, Zogurt in particular seems to appreciate the role of minion - Toma comments that the ork hasn'tbeen this active since seeing you. "Work hard now, don't row hard later!" Zogurt grunts. As for your engine project... any candidates yet?
GM: Ran, you actually get home with the glider still up there, although by the look of thing Kaia'll land soon.
Player_K (Naeko): which two were the smallest again?
GM: Kiri and Milktea, by the look of things - well, Kaia's thinner, actually, but she's on the glider.
GM: [2d10 = 4]
GM: [2d10 = 17]
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "I'm not sure yet. size is important, of course, but not as much as flexibility and psychological fortitude."
Ran: "Phew.."
Ran: I report what I saw :o
Ran: Can I get some first aid for my bum? ;_:
GM: Ran, you get into the hangar to see most activity concentrated around the half-disassembled airship. Kiri gets the bandages and salves and comments that ze healing is not nearly as satisfying as ze hurting....
GM: Naeko, Milktea is almost as flexible as you, as agility goes.
GM: Ran, the salves itch - Kiri says stop wriggling or she'll have to tie you to a cot.
GM: [1d20 = 12]
Ran: I whine, and try to stay as still as possible.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, the bandages take the shape of a temporariy pair of pants - Kiri lays hands on you but comments it'll have to stay there until tomorrow morning.
Ran: "Okies.. Eagles are scary."
Naeko: Hmm... Milktea DID comment about the 'comparing notes on harnesses'... maybe she'll even have a predisposition? worth seeing what she thinks. one that actually LIKES the idea... well, that'd be VERY new data for the Orgone Generators.
Naeko: But later. That's why she didn't contribute anywhere NEAR as much to the cratering as the rest of her family. One Project At A Time.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Toma tells Lewi to report your finding -- which he sets off to do by means of a longbow and an arrow with quickly made notches along the length.
GM: A few minutes later, the glider lands, with no incident save for Kaia riding it down a little too hard and bending a couple of canes.
GM: Toma explains that there isn't a semaphore system up yet and there probably will not be any time soon because it's too easy for others to read, so reports are made by arrow. It'd be good if a glider pilot could ut notces on an arrow and shoot it at the city or at the hangar....
Ran: I hrmm, trying to see how those sorts of landings could be easier... "Little way to slow down fast enough.."
GM: Naeko, things are going well overall; a test later today is definitely a possibility.
Ran: "I see!"
GM: A few complaints about Ran not bringing home her almost-kill are quenched by Toma's assurance that food won't be lackin any time soon.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the two lightest people are definitel Kaia -- who by the look of it had a bout with malnnutrition recently -- and Milktea.
Naeko: Considring it for awhile, i decide i'll wait on it. If 'Near' shows up before sunset, a demonstration could be good, but if not, reinforcing the hull with a good resin or similar will make it MUCH less likely that the springs will over-stress the hull.
Ran: "I'll try to bring it home next time..."

GM: There's a bit of debate whether that counts as a kill or not -- eventually Ayotnom ends the debate by writing KIL BORED on a rock that was incorporated in the hangar's construction in chalk, and marking Ran
spiritplumber (GM): sorry
GM: and marking Ran - | on it. There's polite applause.
Ran: I blush at that.
Naeko: I twitch violently at the misspelling, but eventually manage to calm down and say nothing except a quiet hiss under my breath. Springs. Shitty tools. Cannot Afford Distractions. Must Be Perfect.
spiritplumber (GM): Welcome to the Potatohoe Space Program
Player_D (Ran): spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): A Lion? In Africa?
GM: Lunch consists of unidentified stew, hopefully identified mushrooms, and probably a bit of coal since it was heated over the back of the forge. Toma says that they were told to send out at least two patrols a day, and they did, so if anyone wants to help out with the ditch digging or keep working on the ship... He didn't plan on having an extra flier,honestly.
GM: "Sorry folks, I'm not a military man and I hated my time in the militia - so what do you all want to do? Other than getting that canal dug out, but looks like we're on track with that and beats walking to the well for water, right?"
GM: [2d10 = 10]
spiritplumber (GM): Soon. Rocks fall.
Player_D (Ran): D:
Ran: "When is the next patrol?"
Campaign saved.
Ran: Would a parachute be a good way to make landings easier?
GM: "Tomorrow... I think? Near said do two rounds a day, and I guess we already did...." Milktea rolls her eyes, but isn't about to volunteer to do more work; Kaia and Pollicino are playing liar's dice for who goes up next.
spiritplumber (GM): Maybe?
Ran: I voice the idea, since it's similar to how I land.
Naeko: I finish the smaller springs, the ones to go inside the locks, and start to work on the bigger ones "Back home, that 'logic' would get someone flogged, and if Mom was in a bad mood, fed to Bobby. I dunno anything about Near, but two -actual- patrols is a good idea."
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, apart from the fact that your bum still hurts (not healed yet, put those wounds back :p ), it's up to you if you want to go back up. The "using a bunch of extra fabric for landings" thing is mulled over, with three for trying it, four against, and everyone else unsure. Naeko, what's your call on it? The people who were digging the ditch get back to it, pointing out that that too will be done within the day barring accidents.
GM: [2d10 = 4]
Player_D (Ran): Sorry, thought the lay on hands part healed me.
Naeko: "With the existing setup you've got, deployment on a parachute's gonna be a bitch and a half. but workable. Be horrible to torch it with your rockets while planning to rely on it, though.
Ran: I'll go up again after a bit of rest.
GM: One thing is that the rockets were not used at all - Kaia explains that right now they're very touch and go and they're only to be used to prevent a crash or if there's a big war party approaching, to use as flares and warn home. "I did one false alarm one time and it was... well, weird, really."
Ran: "Oh?"
Ran: "Will I get rockets?"
Naeko: I sigh, rolling my eyes "But the PLAN is to eventually have them as a propulsive option. Stopgap designs you plan to replace later is a sign of shoddy thinking. If you design it right, you can integrate, instead of replace."
GM: It's Pollicino's turn to go up next! Naeko, do you watch this launch? "Good question, we haven't hired a full time alchemist yet... I think there's two or three left over that were too small for a glider if you want them?"
Player_D (Ran): Yes, give rockets to the girl that randomly spontaneously combusts. >_>;
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Mmm. Someone else will probably need them..."
GM: Toma doesn't seem particulalry concerned with that -- there is a bundle of small rockets in a quiver, mounted on arrow stalks so that they can at least be used as flares; like everything else they seem to have more or less abandoned after they weren't found useful for their intended purposes.
Naeko: Things are going well enough that i think i can spare a few minutes to watch this one. So i do.
GM: Ran, nobody's seen you spontaneously combust yet -- when they did they thought it was their fault , remeber?
GM: [1d20 = 2]
Player_D (Ran): point.
Ran: I'll take some then. :3
Ran: Is there a spare quiver?
GM: THWONK! Pollicino, either due to the extra weight, the fact that he's pushed himself digging, or just bad luck, ends up yanking the towing hook on takeoff - it whips the ground narrowly missing Toma. More work to do when he lands, by the look of it... Kaia clicks her tongue in disapproval. Ran, what do you do once he's up? Naeko, launching a glider takes about fifteen minutes overall and still requires one person to pull the lever and two to four to hold the wings up before the thing picks up speed; not very efficient.
GM: Ran, there is, worn leather and pretty ratty looking.
Ran: I'll take it and a couple rockets. :o
Campaign saved.
Ran: Well, I'll take the rockets after this run
Naeko: I bit emy lip sharply enough to draw blood holding in the Blistering Furor. they don't need the distractions, and One Project At A Time. Do not violate The Rule! One Project At A Time! ONE! No, "make this place work properly" cannot be a single project with subheadings!
Ran: I'mma follow after Pollicino, doing the same thing I did with Kaia
Ran: Go up high to look around, and return when Polli does. I'mma check the progress of the two caravans I saw.
GM: Ran, Pollicino looks a bit less confident and asks you to stay close. Naeko, so you're NOT launching in the afternoon? As for the place working properly... the general impression is that both the technical and organizational parts of this operation were copied from goblins - which would work fairly well if this place was manned by goblins, but as it is...
GM: Ran, are you leading Pollicino on or letting him drive, so to speak, or going off on your own?
Naeko: I head back into the forge, quickly, trying not to think about what i just saw, taking one of the scraps of cloth from Ran's nest as it's closest and shoving it in my mouth to staunch the blood of just hurting myself. SO not launching this afternoon unless we need to impress Near. That resin is going to be MAJORLY necessary.
Ran: He wants me to stay close, so I will. I'll let him lead.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): yay sanity?
GM: Ran, Pollicino just does a clockwise circle around the farm -- the balloon in Izwald has gone back up, incidentally. The muleteers are making their way along the rivers, but you can't see the other party anymore, did they go behind the hills? "There's eagles on the big mountain" Pollicino shouts "but this thing is too big, scares them off!"\
Ran: "I see!"
GM: Naeko, the new oars come together quite nicely: you'll have to explain how to use them, but that can be done later. Zogurt seems really keen on impressing you, and Milktea makes the argument that resin is heavy, and the current gondola seems to hold. "I don't think anyone's going to shoot at us any time soon yet..."
Naeko: I roll my eyes a little "Resin doesn't HAVE to be all THAT heavy. and the springs to make the rowing easier will need the reinforcement or in high winds you might tear the hull apart by yourselves.
Naeko: "we're not rebuilding the hull out of it. just a couple of reinforcing coats inside and out."
Naeko: "If it adds all that much weight, i'll build some corsets to reduce people's appetites."
Campaign saved.
GM: "Dibs!" "Dibs!" That was Kiri and Milktea, in that order. A few comments later, both point out that it's not as if anyone was given proper armor yet.
Naeko: I stare at both of them somewhat askancely, a foreign thought struggling to trickle into my mind. was it possible to have... voluntary test subjects?
GM: Tork asks Naeko who made her boss anyway - Toma starts answering, but coughs and doesn't, for now.
GM: Ran, there doesn't seem to be much going on other than that... where are you looking/
GM: [2d10 = 11]
Ran: opposite where I had before
Naeko: I turn on Tork, "I'm the one with a grasp of physics, aerophysics, material structures, mettalurgy, textile tensions, and neurophysics. How many of those WORDS do you know, let alone as technical disciplines?"
Ran: SE/E more
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): yay army of darkness?
Player_K (Naeko): yay army of darkness. how'd you guess i planned to threaten him with my BoomFist if he got violently offended? ;p
spiritplumber (GM): Your primitive intellect wouldn't understand alloys and composites and ... things with... molecolar structures...
GM: Naeko, Tork counts on his fingers. "Three?"
Naeko: I nod. "And THAT is why, until someone with the wherwithal to actually do a BETTER job of reinventing this thing than me comes along, I'm in charge of it."
GM: Ran, the glider looks invitingly easy to sit on from where you are, just above and to the side of it -- you see Pollicino steering largely by warping the bamboo structure with his body weight and the occasional pull or kick.
GM: Naeko, if the result is having to row less to move faster, nobody's complaining, but you are asked by just about everyone who isn't cleaning or digging what you want to do to get rid of that completely -- you mentioned it was doable and so did Near, a bunch of times.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Sitting on it probably bad... Like the time I thought I could sit on Gilda. That hurt.
Ran: I observe how the glider seems to fly. I don't understand it, still, but I think I'm getting ideas.
Naeko: I sigh, eventually outright screaming "ONE PROJECT AT A TIME!! Sacred Rule!" taking several deep breaths to calm down, "That will still use the rebuilt oars for propulsion. Manual rowing may still be needed in emergencies. But we need a hull that won't shatter moving at speed that we can keep up in the air FIRST.
GM: [6d20 = 59]
GM: Naeko, someone shouting while holding white-hot metal is sure to get attention... the emergencies part at least goes over reasonably well. "So how do we make the hull stronger?" Toma asks levelly. "I told you, we've no alchemist and I don't think you mean using tar like I was told is done on big boats."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "I know some fundamentals. A few recipes. The one my big sister used to try to improve the ballistas back home should be perfect." i grin in remembered catastrophe. "wasn't perfect for what she wanted."
Ran: I pay more attention to how I steer and turn, rather than letting it go automatically like usual.
GM: Ran, Concentration check?
Ran: Concentration [1d20+3 = 17]
GM: Naeko, Toma accepting your leadership for the day seems to have the desired effect -- he does tell you to not stay up all night again... Craft check for the springs?
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 13]
GM: Ran, you definitely fly better by instinct, although if you pay attention it's easier to tell how big and how far the glider is -- being able to sort of see Pollicino in it helps. It shouldn't be a problem anymore.
GM: [2d10 = 4]
GM: The glider starts to lose altitude, and Pollicino wants to get back.
Player_K (Naeko): Spot check to examine the quality?
Ran: We'll go back, zen ;3
spiritplumber (GM): sure
GM: [1d20 = 1]
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 20]
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, spot check?
Player_K (Naeko): whew
Ran: [2d10+1 = 6]
Player_D (Ran): ._____.
Player_D (Ran): I have not rolled anything but a 5 on my spot checks.
GM: Naeko, the spring came out... not well, but given the metal and tools you had to work with, they can probably be used for a while.
spiritplumber (GM): O_O yeah
GM: Ran, you and Polli are coming in for a landing, do you let him go first? He seems to have paid more attention to you than to the flying overall, which is why he lost altitude so fast.
Naeko: I sigh as i inspect them... at least they're the easiest part of this whole thing to replace later. And if it impresses this Near person, maybe we can send off to order proper ones from a GOOD forge...
Ran: Yeah, I'll let him land first
GM: Ran, Pollicino is coming in too low! He'll land on the rough patch ahead of the cleared landing field!
Ran: "Ack! Pull up!"
GM: Ran, do you do anything?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, at least the others get the idea -- Kiri helps you install the other three. These will probably work for now...
Player_K (Naeko): other seven, if there's four oars
Ran: Is there a place i can grab to help pull it up?
spiritplumber (GM): point
Player_K (Naeko): fore and aft springs for each oar to balance the weight both ways
GM: Ran, the glider has four wings, two in front and two in back, with the back wings being smaller. It's lighter than it looks, but it's quite big compared to you. Pollicino pulls up in reflex at you calling it, and the glider points its nose up, losing speed quickly.
GM: Naeko, Kaia -- who was on the roof as a lookout -- shouts out at the top of her lungs, "Stall! Stall!"
Ran: I'll give a push on the back of the glider, to help it forward and into a stall. (I think I'm picturing it right..)
Naeko: I look to Toma... "What does that mean?" [[Language fail! not that many flying things that COULD stall yet, after all ;p]]
Campaign saved.
GM: "It means we're going to have to cut more bamboo and I'm personally beating up Pollicino if he doesn't hurt himself!"
spiritplumber (GM): Well they have been at it for a month or so
Naeko: "Uh... huh. So, he crashed?"
GM: Ran, by doing that, you cause the glider's tail to go even lower -- the glider can't be leveled with you pushing, and essentially crashes for the last twenty feet or so.
Player_D (Ran): ._.
GM: Naeko, the answer comes as a loud noise from the outside!
Player_D (Ran): This is why I don't help D:
spiritplumber (GM): Actually a lot of birds land by stalling on purpose and then flapping their wings like crazy at the last minute, for example pigeons :)
Player_D (Ran): That's what I thought I was making it do. =x
spiritplumber (GM): fixed wing aircraft oviously can't do that
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): but I can see why a harpy would think of that first
GM: [2d6 = 6]
Ran: "Ack!"
GM: Ran, you're right on top of Pollicino as he braces for impact and rolls out of the bamboo fuselage as the glider's back wings splinter apart after touching the ground -- Naeko, when you hear the noise everyone's already running outside.
spiritplumber (GM): Eh, it happens.
Naeko: I grudgingly follow, uttering quite audibly a repetition of "One Project At A Time" over and over under my breath
Ran: "Note to self. Landing is hard."
GM: It doesn't look like that Pollicino broke anything, and the wings DID act as a parachute just by virtue of being flat and large -- however, he gets up with a visible limp, takes a couple of steps, and drops to his knees.
GM: "You idiot!" "What's wrong?" "Can you stand? Can you move?" "What happened?" "IT's HER FAULT SHE SAT ON THE TAIL!" "No, it's your fault for not paying attention!" "I twisted my ankle!" "Get up you baby!"
GM: [2d10 = 20]
spiritplumber (GM): ... Appropriate.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): eep?
GM: You're all around the damaged glider, with Pollicino having rolled over and lying on his back, one leg to his chest.
Ran: "I was trying to help..."
GM: The glider itself doesn't look too bad, although it'll have to be taken in the hangar in three pieces. "This is the third time you crash it, what's wrong with you?" "It's just bad luck!" "It's you being fat!" Kiri makes a mildly disgusted face and takes a look at Pollicino's leg, when the somewhat pudgy pilot's jaw opens agape and he points a finger upward.
Ran: I look up.
GM: It happens very rarely that the World Mountain's very tip is not obscured by clouds.
GM: There's a pulsing green light coming from it, not in flashes like a flare, but coming on and off slowly, like a hearbeat.
GM: Beat, beat, beat, beat. Beat, beat, beat, beat. Beat, beat, beat, beat....
Campaign saved.
Ran: O___O
Ran: "...Cue wareque ..."
Player_D (Ran): Which translates roughly to "What is this I don't even."
GM: It seems to attenuate every time it repeats, slowly.
GM: "What IS that?" "Did someone manage to get all the way up there?"
spiritplumber (GM): I TOLD YOU BRO
spiritplumber (GM): IT KEEPS HAPPENING
GM: A flash! And then - nothing more as the clouds around the World Mountain return to their more usual patterns. "What WAS that?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I just stare in silence, i've got nothing to say. i'm at a loss. i ahve seen something and i have No Idea anything about what i have seen... it hurts. the confusion, the bewilderment.. it hurts....
Ran: "Wark. I have no idea."
GM: Naeko, someone hugs you tight from the side for a moment. "No idea either, but why do I get the feeling that it's our problem?" Toma says.
Naeko: I turn. who's hugging me? and why?
GM: Ramirez, probably for support himself -- he's making a face, too.
GM: Naeko, Ran, spot check?
Campaign saved.
Ran: Spot [2d10+1 = 8]
Naeko: [2d10+1 = 11]
GM: There have been enough glider crashes that the procedure for recovery is probably the one thing this teeam has rehearsed -- the stilll limping Pollicino is brought to his feet by Kiri, and the glider's dmaaged back wings disconnected after cutting some rope loose.
-> naeko: Dot. In sky. Getting bigger.
Naeko: "Somethings coming down! Get under cover!"
Naeko: I run back for the shed... it's SOMETHING, at least.
Ran: "Ee!!" Flee to hide under things! Inside hangar x_x
GM: [1d4 = 4]
spiritplumber (GM): and of course
GM: Naeko, Ran, your call for cover causes a bit of confusion at first... but the result is that the glider is summarily dropped, Zogurt picks up Pollicino bodily, and everyone legs it inside until only Toma, due to his age, is outside. "To arms! To arms!" "Where are the pikes!" "Screw that, where's my shovel!"
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, remember the part where you suggested using a roll of fabric as a way to slow down a fall?
Ran: Yes?
Naeko: Once inside, i look outward to try to spot the dot again and see where it's coming down, or what it is, if that's visible yet.
GM: Naeko, it's visible -- which means it won't fall on your head. It looks like... a dot... with a line after it? A rock with a streamer? It's hard to tell, being that it's also on fire. Did someone shoot a fireball from way up there? A meteor?
Ran: "Thiiiiiing."
GM: Apparently standard defensive stations here consist in kicking the table across the door and getting pikes and crossbow ready behind it.
GM: Toma makes his way inside and, knowing he'd not be much use in a fight, goes to quench the forge.
Naeko: "What the..." At least this i can analyze. I ignore their attempts at fortification, staying by the window to watch it. "Get buckets ready. It's on fire, whatever it is. and it's... trailing a... ribbon?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Why isn't the ribbon burning...?"
GM: It isn't! The rock certainly is -- you're pretty sure there is something solid in the fireball -- but it's definitely trailing a red ribbon of something.
GM: It does make it look more fireball-y at a distance though.
GM: Impact!
GM: It's LOUD.
Ran: "Waaah!"
GM: It is, or was, maybe the size of an ork, but it made a small earthquake when it hit the middle of the field, not a hundred feet away from the old well.
Naeko: As soon as it lands, I run out towards it again. It looks WAY more interesting than that spear on the barge did.
Campaign saved.
GM: And yes, there is a red... no, wait, grey... ribbon attached to it.
Ran: I follow :O
Naeko: is the ribbon in the fire, or not?
GM: Naeko, everyone else stays put. Ran, walking or flying?
Ran: Flying, excited!
GM: There isn't a fire anymore, other than singed dry grass and so on -- just a big hole in the hard ground!
Naeko: I slip down into the hole without hesitation, sure, it'll probably be hot, but that's what hands encased in several layers of leather and metal are BEST for.
GM: The "ribbon" itself is quite a lot bigger than it looked when this thing was falling -- there is gravel everywhere and the crater that has formed made a ridge about three feet tall.
GM: Naeko, just the air is incredibly hot, yes.
Ran: Fabric? :o
Naeko: Too Curious To Care. Must Examine Falling Thing!
Ran: I check that out first.
GM: Ran, you get a view from the top - the "ribbon" is actually about as long as the barn and as wide as you standing up, and it now seems to be a dull grey. Naeko, the rock in the middle of the crater is... a rock, but the ribbon is attached to it by metal rings, with corresponding eyeholes in the ribbon itself. The rock is still smoking.
GM: Ran, you can't tell what the ribbon is made of.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the rock seems to be of the sort that you remember from the deepest cavern layers, the result of immense heat and pressure in bygone days. The dry, superheated air smells faintly of rotten eggs.
Ran: How tough does it seem to be when I test it with my claws?
Ran: D:
Ran: "Oww!"
Ran: "Hot."
Naeko: I don't touch it, but instead shout "Water! And lots of it!" while looking it over. How the hell would deep-down rocks get way up in the sky, this big a piece to be an almost invisible dot... "Are there any other projects like this in other nations? To achieve better forms of flight?"
GM: Naeko, now that the dust and smoke has dissipated some, you can see that the various rock pieces are held together by steel strips, riveted together; the intense heat has melted about half the rivets you can see.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, being above the thing really smells bad. Poking the fabric with your claw shows that it feels like it's barely there, it's very very light and feels more like paper than fabric.
Ran: Interesting :o
Ran: I don't know what to do with it, though.
Ran: Perhaps it could be used to make a new glider? :o
Ran: Or two
Naeko: This... We can use this. I look up worriedly. Somebody's playing games.
Ran: "Gifts from the sky!"
Ran: I caw happily.
Naeko: We're worried about weight and something strong enoguh to take the stresses of falling behind something like this rock but lighter than the finest silk, lighter than the thinnest rubber! just falls out of the sky. "I don't like this. The gods aren't noted for giving gifts for FREE."
Ran: "Perhaps they have want of us succeeding."
GM: Naeko, just as you say that, the rock makes a loud hiss.
Ran: "If so, then it would be rude to not accept these gifts."
-> naeko: You recognize it as a pneumatic cylinder opening.
Player_D (Ran): Scavenger = not likely to turn down free stuff.
spiritplumber (GM): ya
Naeko: I scowl at it angrily as soon as i recognize it. If this is Mother's idea of a sick joke... well, Fuck Her, i'll take these people above the sky!
Naeko: "Stay back! Whatever's inside is active!"
Ran: "Oh?"
Naeko: "There's a machine moving inside the rocks!"
Campaign saved.
GM: A few more hisses, and the back of the rock crumbles -- a metal mesh falls outwards.
Ran: "Ooh?"
Naeko: I move around carefully, watching it. "Don't Touch It."
Naeko: I move around carefully, watching it. "Don't Touch It."
Ran: "Aww."
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Player_K (Naeko): [wb]
Naeko: "It wouldn't be hard to have something like this enchanted with a nasty trap." even saying this, i to try to look more closely at the mesh.
GM: Two or three shapes, covered by cloaks of the same grey fabric, skitter out on all four, halfway hidden between the steam, smoke, and the ribbon's root.
Naeko: I take out my axe and start flicking switches as i level it at them "If you can communicate, it would be a good idea."
GM: High pitched roars follow as three kobolds jump out of the cloaks!
Ran: "Wat."
Campaign saved.
GM: They aim their... things... at you.
Ran: :O
Naeko: I don't even hesitate. Kobolds aiming unknown weapons at me? I charge the nearest one, swinging at him with intent to kill.
Player_K (Naeko): what's an attack roll again?
Player_D (Ran): 1d20 + BAB + Strength for melee.
spiritplumber (GM): Initiative, first!
Player_K (Naeko): BAB?
Player_D (Ran): Base attack bonus, or +0 for you.
spiritplumber (GM): base attack bonus, it is level and class dpendent
Naeko: [1d20 = 14]
Player_K (Naeko): not bad for initiative
Ran: Initiative [2d10+3 = 8]
GM: Naeko, since you asked for water, four of the guys are coming with buckets... two of the three kobolds are in the crater, and probably can't be seen from the hangar.
GM: [1d20 = 11]
spiritplumber (GM): Naeko first, the three critters, then Ran
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 17]
Player_D (Ran): Kie
spiritplumber (GM): Killer Kobolds from Outer Space!
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Hopefully, when they get here with the water, they'll see the fight and start helping.
GM: Naeko, you charge the nearest kobold as it fiddles with what you figure is a flame projector of some thing - it holds the weapon up in a parry, but the thing is about as fragile as a nail launcher and not at all suited for the purpose; it may as well not be there as its barrel is bent out of the way. (Damage?)
spiritplumber (GM): K., you don't have to, but describing attacks helps with position etc :)
Player_K (Naeko): any modifiers on the weapon damage roll, or jsut base weapon?
spiritplumber (GM): Not an official charge, so not at the moment
Naeko: [1d8 = 1]
Player_D (Ran): weapon damage + your strength.
Player_K (Naeko): FFFF...
Player_D (Ran): orz.
Player_K (Naeko): well, that's 2 at least then
GM: Naeko, even as you push off the critter's weapon, the movement deflects most of the blow - at least you've closed in with it!
spiritplumber (GM): you have 4 HP and you charged a kobold with a flamethrower? I'm impressed O_O
GM: The two other creatures turn and aim their glass-and-bronze devices at Ran, turning away from Naeko probably to avoid hitting their companion.
Ran: "...eep?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Walking forward with some difficulty, the two creatures move the valve on their metal bagpipes, moving in unison!
GM: Streams of noxious fluids fly towards Ran! [2d20-2 = 23]
Player_D (Ran): one hits D:
GM: Ran, the stuff starts boiling in contact with air, emitting acrid smoke as it flies towards you!
GM: Hydroquinone launcher [1d4 = 2]
Player_K (Naeko): i have 4 HP and i wanted to keep the ranged weapon at close quarters when i'm a sorceress with an axe.
spiritplumber (GM): point
GM: Ran, it's not acid, and it's not fire... it's just HOT HOT HOT!
Player_D (Ran): So these two are separate from Naeko?
Ran: "Grrr! Gras Re Ya!"
Ran: Angry D:<
Player_D (Ran): Is my go? =x
Player_D (Ran): Also: Embers is (Ex), not magic.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Visible heat comes off my wings, and I flap roughly, launching a barrage of embers at the two who tried attacking me!
Ran: (Reflex DC14 for half) [2d4+1 = 6]
GM: [2d20-1 = 16]
Player_D (Ran): :o
Player_K (Naeko): yaytorchy the people with tanks of volatile chemicals? oops.
Player_D (Ran): Semi-retarded harpy.
Player_D (Ran): And it wasn't a crit fail, so... Well, one might've been..
GM: Whatever that grey fabric is, it must be good against heat -- however, the kobolds have shed it. One of them ducks behind the ribbon and uses it to deflect the ember storm in large part, but the other is caught in it! Panicking, the creature drops its weapon and tries to scratch the stuff off of itself, tearing the bellows at the end of the contraption and splashing himself! Growls and screams follow as the creature flails and rolls inside the crater!
Ran: "Take that!"
Player_K (Naeko): what would be the roll to grab the Kobold i'm in melee with by the face and Acid Splash him with that hand?
Player_D (Ran): Melee touch, so same as your axe. Is what I would say.
Player_D (Ran): Possibly a called shot, but dinno if Kay does those.
Player_D (Ran): Derp.
GM: You're already in melee with the critter and it's about half your size.
Campaign saved.
GM: If you want to go for the face, watch for the teeth!
Player_K (Naeko): what about stomping on its legs to pin it down and then spray?
Player_K (Naeko): i think i'll go with that.
Player_D (Ran): Pyons?
Naeko: I shove forward bodily, intending to knock the kobold over and stomp on its legs, and if sucessful, an Acid Splash to the face should keep it from doing anything for awhile. if ever.
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 20]
Player_K (Naeko): WOO!
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the kobold isn't unlike the ones you are aware of - hollow boned and light. You end up pinning the creature easily; it opens a long mouth full of sharp teeth, but only in order to chitter in pain.
spiritplumber (GM): damage?
Player_K (Naeko): do i roll anything for the stomp? or jus tthe acid splash?
spiritplumber (GM): Just the acid
GM: [1d6+2 = 8]
GM: The kobold squeaks in terror -- you've blinded it!
Campaign saved.
GM: The creature weakly kicks at you and tries to claw you off it. The surviving kobold pops out form under the ribbon and sprays the boiling good at Ran again!
GM: [1d20-1 = 14]
Player_D (Ran): miss :D
Ran: I hop and swoop at the Kobold, raking at it with my talons! So what if they look fancy, they're still yummy little lizard things! [2d10+3 = 17]
GM: Naeko, the kobold struggles under you -- his weapon is pinned between the two of you. It's simpler than it first looked, basically two bags of that same fabric containing some sorts of liquid; a bellows provides the pressure.
GM: Ran, you catch the kobold pumping its weapon and hit it across head and shoulders!
Ran: Damage of the hurtiness and pain? [1d4+2 = 3]
Player_D (Ran): drats ;_:
GM: [3d8 = 16]
spiritplumber (GM): unrelated dice, dont panic
Naeko: I don't want to damage the weapon too much, i want to examine it. not to mention the capsule they fell to earth in. But there's a simple solution to that. Its head is moving a lot, even though being pinned. It's chest, however, is not. And there's a thing about a two-handed strike of a battleaxe to someone laying on the ground? It hurts. A lot.
GM: Ran, you're above the kobold -- your talons delivered a big gash on its neck, and it's bleeding!
Player_K (Naeko): any situational modifiers for him being pinned?
spiritplumber (GM): yes, it's a lot harder to miss.
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 7]
Player_K (Naeko): ....good.
GM: Naeko, you don't quite strike where you wanted to -- ather, you chop the kobold's arm right off at the shoulder. The creature gaks and spits at you before ceasing to move.
spiritplumber (GM): had 1hp left
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, the kobold under you holds the sprayer upwards and slams it on the ground, squishing the bellows that way!
GM: Hydroquinone sprayer [1d20-1 = 9]
Ran: Eep!
Player_D (Ran): Not so eep.
GM: Looks like that's not how the thing is supposed to be used thogh -- the bellow frame doesn't budge, and the only thing that comes out of the sprayer is a raspberry-like noise.
Ran: I stomp both talons into it, wanting the creature dead, but new friends may want item intact. [2d10+3 = 10]
Ran: Second claw! [2d10+3 = 15]
GM: Ran, the kobold parries with the weapon's mouth and you move your claw away by reflex -- the first time. The second connects right in the head!
Ran: Rawr! [1d4+2 = 5]
GM: You actually ended up putting some weight on it -- you snap the kobold's neck.
Player_K (Naeko): did the one who was foundering from the ember attack die?
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): So it would appear?
Naeko: I step off the corpse of hte one i was handling to go check. being snuck up on with one of those sprayers.... at least it's definitely NOT Mom being a bitch again.
Ran: I look around for more enemies.
GM: And as you'd want a bard to tell it in a pub later, the cavalry -- as it were, three men and a donkey -- arrives only now: the donkey was loaded with two big buckets of water in the pack saddle.
Naeko: "Whoever else is working on flight tech is WAY the fuck ahead of us!"
GM: Naeko, the third kobold seems to have asphysixated on whatever fumes his weapon emitted when it caught fire.
Naeko: best not to get into those clouds, then.
Ran: I preen a bit, shivering as I let off only slightly warm sparks. (using healing soul; +2 hp)
Ran: "Yay, you're here! We killed some things."
Naeko: "Water on the corpses! Damp down whatever reaction is going on in those tanks! We can cool the capsule enoguh to investigate it with the next batch!
GM: Lewi and Zogurt look at each other in disappointment. "Sorry we were too slow, you shouted for water and -" "Dammit, missed the fun." Ayotonm looks at the mess and starts leading the donkey as closest to the capsule as it'd go, to avoid wasting water.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I ignore them. they have their orders, after all. instead i check over the not-too mangled corpse i dispatched, looking for any identifying insignia or emblems.
GM: Throwing water on the one of the weapons breaks something -- there's a smell like that which you get at the bottom of a waterfall for a moment, and a lot of bubbling, but not much steam or heat.
Ran: I prod the kobold I just killed. Wasting food is bad... but with what Naeko said, are they safe to eat?
GM: Naeko, the kobld looks sickly somehow - there are some where you're from, and you're not an expert, but you're pretty sure it shouldn't been showing all these ribs and the arm came off a little too easily. Other than pauldrons and gauntlets not unlike yours in concept to handle the sprayers they don't seem to be wearing much of anything -- that cape, steel mesh protective glasses, that's about it. One obvious thing that comes across even the most cursory of examinations is that the creature had been neutered, probably not long after birth.
GM: Ran, it's dead.
Naeko: Worrying modifications. Might not be Mother, but this is defintely looking like more biomodding than anybody outside the Broken Lands that i know of should be able to do. I move over toward Ran, intending to check to see if this is true of all three.
Ran: Yeah, but is it edible?
GM: Also, it doesn't seem to have a lot of meat on its bones, now that you think of it, only the horses the other day were showing more ribs.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Awww.
Ran: "Not food..."
spiritplumber (GM): Not MUCH food, but kobold meat is edible.
Player_D (Ran): Yeah, point.
GM: Slowly and cautiously, the rock is being cooled down.
Ran: "What are those things they had?"
Naeko: "Bellows sprayers. I've seen them for extinguishing fires before, but not spraying... anything like that. Though it's a good sign they look like they're prototypes. Or at least, i hope they're prototypes."
Ran: "Ohhh.."
GM: Pollicino is the first to enter the rock-craft... and the first to quickly get out: it's still really hot, for one! "It's like they were sealed in, there's kobold shaped holes in the... metal striped rock thing, and that's ti!"
Ran: "Weirdness."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I look carefully inside, my gauntlets should be protection enough for me to hold the edge and lean in for more of a look. maybe i can make out some more details? [Dancing Lights as illumination inside if i need it.]
GM: Naeko, the inside is... rock fragments, plus steel stripes, fashioned so that indeed there'd be barely room for the kobolds and a box which probably contained the weapons.
Naeko: Well... at least it looks like they're planning on treating whatever they deploy this way as disposable. but then... the neutered kobolds means they must have a means of... manufacturing lots of disposable soldiers.
GM: More light reveals that there's another box, unopened, and built so that it looks to be part of the rock: the concealment however is poor, slapshod.
Player_K (Naeko): Can i get to the box withou getting cooked?
Campaign saved.
GM: Yes, between the water being poured on the thing and the time passed everything is touchable -- with gloves anyway.
Naeko: I crawl inside, heading for the box, hoping to get it out of the capsule before opening if i can, or else just opening it if i can't.
GM: The second box is built into the rock, you can probably smash it out with some time and effort.... there's just a latch to hold it close.d
Player_D (Ran): ...I should sleep. x_X
spiritplumber (GM): me too
Player_D (Ran): I'm really liking this, but I'm about to crash.
Player_D (Ran): it's 7am.
spiritplumber (GM): Cliffhanger about box then?
spiritplumber (GM): sry
Player_D (Ran): sokies
Player_K (Naeko): no worries, that works for me.
spiritplumber (GM): it did get good, also, derp percent dies
Player_D (Ran): Cliffhanger fine :o
Player_D (Ran): good even.
spiritplumber (GM): This campaign has been brought to you by X-Com
Player_K (Naeko): having lots of fun, but there's stuff i should do before bed, too
Player_D (Ran): yay X-Com!
spiritplumber (GM): nini! quickly any feedback? ^-^
Player_D (Ran): btw, Naeko should wait for Near before she takes apart any alien artefacts. >_>;
Player_D (Ran): Hmm.
Player_K (Naeko): wait? for someone else to covet the shinies? sod that!
Player_K (Naeko): there's SCIENCE to be done!
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Player_K (Naeko): >.> i might make a neat gun?
Player_D (Ran): Fine fine. :P
spiritplumber (GM): hope this is fun ^_^; sorry for nosleepies
Player_D (Ran): Is fun! :D
Player_K (Naeko): is fun ^.^
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Can't think of anything to change right now cause derpsleep.
Player_D (Ran): Wanna play more :o
spiritplumber (GM): nini!
Player_D (Ran): Night night

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Player_K (Naeko): i LIVE!!
spiritplumber (GM): yay
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'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Ran: rawr!
Campaign saved.
Naeko: so.. to cap, Space Kobolds turned out to be fragile. and Naeko is climbing into the capsule to open and examine Mystery Box's contents, being the only person with any thermally protective gear in her harness and boots and gauntlets and stuff.
Player_D (Ran): Ran has yet to develop a resistance to fire. :<
Player_K (Naeko): fire isn't the same as heat, anyway.
Player_D (Ran): Well, in D&D terminology resistance to fire applies to heat.
Player_K (Naeko): every GM i've ever had says fire resist doesn't protect from being burnt by touching white-hot metal.
Player_D (Ran): weird.
Player_K (Naeko): though, we have a GM who likes logic here *hugs* so this might be different?
Player_D (Ran): hopefulyl :o
Player_D (Ran): derp
GM: 'ppc der[
spiritplumber (GM): derp?\
spiritplumber (GM): fg derped
Ran: I tell the others who've arrived what happened, and what we saw.
Player_D (Ran): Derp?
spiritplumber (GM): will think on fire....
Ran: About th ethree kobolds climbing out of the thing when it started hissing, and how the cloth was hot even though it wasn't on fire.
Player_D (Ran): Well, in Sandstorm and Frostburn, they say that resistance to fire/cold helps protect from extreme environments.
spiritplumber (GM): "helps" is not "is same as"
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko will just have to devise a heat-resistant ointment that doens't interfere with the function of feathers for Ran ;p
Player_K (Naeko): though, chemistry's not her specialty, that'll be hard rolls
GM: The three kobolds.... well, two are somewhat intact, one is burned to a crisp. The other members of the squad are still pouring dirty water on the rock -- the cloth, while warm to the touch, seems undamaged. Naeko, the inside of the rock is extremely cramped: it was obviously sealed around the three critters.
Naeko: I don't need to get all of me inside. just to reach in and open that box and see what's inside. i'm pretty sure i could do somethign with these weapons of theirs, seeing what else is in here would be great.
Ran: I examine the harness on the kobold I killed, as well as the kobold itself
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): and now finally a strat map that won't cause crash on load!
Player_D (Ran): :O
Player_K (Naeko): WOO!
spiritplumber (GM): did that work?
Player_D (Ran): yep!
Player_K (Naeko): cslowly, but it's there ^.^
GM: Naeko, the smaller box contained the bellow-and-bladder contraptions.... the larger box by the look of it is empty, save for what looks like crumbled flatbread and a couple of rusty metal canteens.
GM: Ran, the harness is brass and leather -- interestingly the metal parts have no indication of having been hammered or bent or riveted; you can't tell how they were made. The harness itself is just a way to carry the odd weapon, a quiver of short spikes, and those admittedly snazzy looking brass pauldrons.
Campaign saved.
GM: The kobold itself looks like he had skipped quite a few meals.
Naeko: i gather up any of the bellow/bladders remaining, an intact one will be easier to study, and i already have ideas from seeing them in combat. the flatbread and canteens, too. if there's anything unusual about them, it'll give some clues where they're from. i don't know HOW someone shot a rock full of kobolds that high, but i'm still convinced it went up before it came down.
GM: Also, someone'd neutered it -- with good precision, mind you, but still.
Ran: Ah ha. Interesting...
Ran: "What should I do with it?"
GM: Naeko, there's one intact; one has basically melted itself; one is broken.
Player_D (Ran): I remembered I had cure light wounds after last session was over. >_>;
spiritplumber (GM): ya
Ran: Doesn't seem to be much I can do here. I'll let them know I'm flying up to see if any more things had landed.
Naeko: I take all of them anyway. failur econditions are good for fighting them, and studying failure conditions will help me improve them.
GM: Naeko, one of the weapons still contains some of the liquids. Ran, the rest of the group is done dousing the rock -- Kaia waves up at you. "Careful!"
Naeko: One learns more than how to breka things from seeing them broken, if one is really looking.
Ran: "I will be!"
GM: Naeko, Toma eventually makes his way over and sighs. "Good job I'm not trying to raise anything on this field this season, what do we do with this hole?" "More digging? I thought this was the flying infantry!" "Shaddup, you didn't help this morning."
Ran: I'mma use one of my cure light charges after I'm in th eair to refresh myself, then do a circle around the base and town.
Naeko: After a few moments, i shout out to Ran "If you see a pigeon moving about ten times faster than it should? Try to catch it alive for me!"
Ran: "Okay!"
Ran: Healing! [1d8+1 = 9]
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, the falling rocks would be very visible when falling, but they'd be hard to spot once fallen -- and obviously all of you were focusing on the one in your backyard.
Ran: Yeah..
GM: Where are you looking?
Ran: Still, there should be people activity around them
GM plays the Catch the Pigeon cartoon son.
Player_K (Naeko): or y'know, space kobold with chemical sprayer activity.
Ran: In a loose circle around izwald.
Ran: People activity will be a bit easier to spot, is all.
Ran: It'll probably take a while, but I want to make a report on how many have landed.
GM: Ran, the balloon on top of Izwald is still there.... it doesn't look like anything exciting is going on on top of it; you do notice that the damaged barge is slowly being towed into the city, though. There is some smoke north of the city, in the meadow where the horse fairs are held; a group of riders are clustered around something.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I'm going to check at the balloon first to ask if they saw the falling things.
Ran: Actually, wait, probably better to go tto the smoking place first.
Naeko: I finally brush myself off and answer Toma "Honestly, i think the hole is something we can ignore. But if we can get the cloth they were using, both the blankets they insulated themselves with and the tail the rock had while falling, and get that inside, that'll be FAR more useful."
GM: A couple of dubious prods later, Toma seems to agree -- the cloth is connected to the rock by metal rings, and Tork and Toru are quickly called over with shovels to try and break those off. The kobolds are quickly piled together, the chemical sprayer's emissions having more or less melted one of the corpses to the ground; it smells quite disgusting.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, by the look of it it was another unknown falling obstruction! The riders, a hunting party, either didn't see it land or saw it but decided to investigate themselves: they're currently taking turns kicking a kobold corpse. If there were more than one, you can't tell: they're more interested in the critter than in the vehicle.
Naeko: *i watch them move the bodies, contemplating asking to dissect them...NO! One Project At A Time! anyway, tech first. they died easily enough, after all.
Ran: Oh ho! Interesting. How far is it from base?
Ran: I'll land, opposite them from the crashed thing. "Haldo! I am from the Floral Brigade, please don't be alarmed!"
Ran: I'll examine the crashed thing, and see if it has a tail like the other, and if I could roll up and take it with me.
GM: Ran, it's on the far end of the meadow where the horse fair is held; maybe fifteen mieles?
Ran: And the thing is really big and likely too heavy for osemone else to cart off?
GM: "Now we get harpies too? Charge!" "Zug zug!" "WAIT!"
Ran: "Eep!"
Ran: "I'm peaceful!"
GM: Ran, it's a big rock. You'd need a wagon to move it, and the associated problems with moving a wagon in a place that has no roads.
Campaign saved.
Ran: Yeah
GM: Naeko, eventually the decision is reached to just sort of even out the crater and leave the rock there for now, mostly because it's not really in the way of anything and nobody wants to do any more digging for the day. There's the problem of what to do with the corpses of course.
GM: Ran, you're quickly surrounded by a half dozen riders -- they look better off than the brigands the other day, but not by much. "What you want?"
Naeko: There's only ONE thing to do with corpses! Test a working theory! I sling the backpack reservoir of the intact sprayer over one arm, point the nozzle with one hand, and squeeze the bellows!
Naeko: Well, two things. but dissection and bioposy are a PROJECT, and only One Project At A Time!
Ran: "I'm making sure there are no injured at these sites; are you three all right?"
Ran: Oh there's 6 not three
Ran: Correct what she says
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, where are you aiming at?
Ran: Let's see how making up things works out! "I am also here on part of the Izwaldan Floral Brigade to investigate these incidents, and bring back a sample. Would you mind helping me with the cloth? Whatever else is yours, of course."
Player_K (Naeko): the kobold corpses.
Player_K (Naeko): in order to be able to calmly watch the chemical's effect on flesh.
GM: The riders look at each other and their mounts -- by the look of it the smarts are about evenly distributed between the two groups. "er... yes? There's two dead kobolds in the... rock?"
Player_K (Naeko): if they keep the weapons, one can only hope they try them out well outside the city......
Ran: "So it was just the kobolds that were injured? That's good. You must be fairly skilled."
GM: Naeko, the stuff sprays out with much hissing and bubbling -- it gets hot in contact with air, or when the two liquids mix; there's no actual fire. The mixture smells badly and by the look of it is enough to essentially cook the kobold corpse.
GM: "Huh, six of us and one of them, harpy girl!" "Chicken roast!" "Shaddup, she's in the militia!" "Zo?"
GM wonders if harpies are white meat.
GM reminds everyone that sylvan elves, due to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise as welll as natural inclination, are delicious.
Naeko: I whistle impressedly, stepping closer as soon as the fumes clear. "Oh, i can't wait until we get the airship up and going, i REALLY want to work on these...."
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): incidentally, i veto any concept for a vore-based campaign.
Ran: "Umm, please don't hurt me..." I try to look cute. "If you help me with the cloth, I can make sure you're reimbursed!"
GM: Naeko, while you yourself have no particular issues considering boiled kobold for dinner, everyone is grossed out by the smell. The backpack itself is kobold sized and the whole thing can probably just be carried by a human or elf as a two handed weapon, but it's obvious that the tanks contain maybe eight-ten squirts total.
Player_D (Ran): note to self: Get Bluff and Diplomacy ranks ASAP
GM: "Huh, sure..." "Wait a minute, Bog - if the militia wants the cloth it's probably worth sumthin'. Thanks but no thanks, we'll keep it, flit along now!"
Ran: "Well, I just want the cloth because it's so light... I can't carry the rock back.."
Ran: "But I can promise you you will be reimbursed for it."
spiritplumber (GM): Not particularly into vore, that said, in Corunglain one thing they do occasionally is pick a fight with Good clerics so that angels are summoned, then eat the angels.
Player_D (Ran): :<
Naeko: I continue to grin. not about the bodies. kobold is much tasier braised, anyway. But once i figure out what the chemicals are... oh, what i could DO with this. for one thing, plating so it's not so damed fragile. we can handle something a lot heavier than superbrittle kobolds can.
Ran: If they still don't budge, I'll leave. :<
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Toma tells Ramirez to gather up the cloth while Tork and Toru try to flatten the dry earth around the rock.
Player_K (Naeko): if we ever go there, Naeko is going to try to interrupt them to capture the angel and see what sort of Orgone Response she canget out of it. Celestials probably have higher energy content, being from a higher plane, and all.
Ran: Diplomacy? [1d20+3 = 8]
Player_D (Ran): Guess I'll leave. :<
GM: Ran, they've started trying to cut the cloth from the rock, with only two of the riders paying attention to you... their rather dull scimitars are having a hard time at it, oddly enough!
Ran: Hmm. There's 6 of them?
GM: Yes; you can't tell if human, ork or somewhere in between because frankly they haven't bathed in a month from the stink of it.
Ran: Do they have horses?
spiritplumber (GM): Eh, Corunglain is interesting.
GM: Ran, yes, although only two are mounted; the other four are trying to cut the cloth from the rock.
Ran: I have a plan... not sure if I should try it, though...
GM: Naeko, Toru says that just because you got to fight why aren't you helping out with digging anyway?
GM: "Ha! Got it!" one of the hunter exclaims -- more like paper than fabric, the cloth finally ripped.
Naeko: I roll my eyes, "Because, Toru, I'm thinking about how to rbeuild their weapons so that when i give you one you can go forth and Fuck Shit Up. Do you want me to make you the baddest motherfucker in the Izwald militia? Or do you want me to dig?"
Ran: Did I get a feel for how heavy the stuff was before?
Campaign saved.
Ran: As in, could I concievably carry the cloth at a decent pace flying?
GM: Ran, it's very light, it's about as light as thin paper -- but there's quite a lot of it. Maybe the cloak, but not the big ribbon.... you can try of course.
GM: Naeko, Toru looks at you and... (Roll intimidate pls)
Naeko: [1d20+3 = 4]
Player_K (Naeko): well FUCK.
Ran: I set my fire on and take off, striking at one of the unmounted horse's flanks to scare the hell out of it and make it run!
Ran: And if I can, make another run in the opposite direction.
Ran: "Sorry! My mission is more important than you lot!"
Ran: I try to get some height, too... plan is to circle around and grab the cloth, then skitter as fast as I can away from them.
Campaign saved.
GM: ... starts laughing. "See this? This is my FIST! I'm already the baddest motherfucker in the Izwald militia because I need nothing else!" After a gesture composed of showing the fist and touching his elbow with the other hand, Toru gets back to digging. "See next time we're in a fight, watch me, maybe you learn something."
GM: Ran, your idea works! One of the horses bolts and the two mounted hunters figure that the best thing they can do is ride off to catch it. One of the hunters is still trying to sort out the big ribbon -- the other three however start shouting at you. "Get her!"
GM: You're currently flying low above them, what's the plan?
Ran: I want to grab that cloth, this is flatlands, right?
Naeko: I cound to ten in several different languages to calm down enough to resist the urge to cast something humiliating on him. it'd be too easily traced back to me, after all. And when she does speak it's in a deadly quiet whisper which there's no intent for him to hear, "Hmph. That which cannot be improved is already dead. ....hmm. rocketfist?"
GM: Yes, it's a big meadow. You want to grab the big ribbon?
Ran: Is that the only cloth?
Player_K (Naeko): there was also the kobold's blanket for inside the rock?
GM: Naeko, Toru does get the point that you got different sort of work to do, and is grunted at by Tork to get back to digging already. The ribbon is already being dragged back to the hangar; the kobold's blankets are scattered around the rock.
Campaign saved.
Ran: If those are out and unattended, I'l grab those instead, but if the big cloth is my only option...
GM: Ran, yes, if the kobold had anything on himself it's already been taken, by the look of it. The hunters were mostly playing polo with the corpse.
Naeko: In order to appease Toru somewhat, i gather the blankets over my shoulders along with the weaponry, wrapping the rations and canteens in one as an improvised bag, carrying htem back to the shed myself.
Ran: All right then, time to snatch the big cloth and drag it off as fast as I can, then!
spiritplumber (GM): Buzkashee was invented in Ethnegar in this world, obviously.
Ran: Get some height and distance to build up enough speed...
Player_D (Ran): Yeah. :V
GM: Ran, the cloth tinks like metal when your talons touch it, but crumples more or less like paper - it feels very light at first! Speed up or try to gain height? The three hunters are getting their spears.
Ran: speeeeeed, height can come later.
GM: Naeko, the cloth is indeed very light; when you gather it up, it doesn't seem to want to let air through it.
GM: Ran, as you run for it, you drag more and more of the cloth -- it's still sliding against the grass, and that slows you down!
GM: Spears! [3d20-2 = 33]
Player_D (Ran): Misses~ :D
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I shake my head slowly, tugging at ap iece experimentally in my hands. dammit, i should NOT be wanting more rocks to fall so we can get more of this, but there's so MUCH we could DO with it!
Ran: I want to avoid physical conflict if possible. Don't think it'd look good on me to have hurt or killed citizens of this city..
Naeko: But more rocks are likely to fall. this was definitely some sort of attack. The kobolds were using it as a shield agains theat, and had heat weapons. some clockwork and springs and hel-lo compact deployable shield!
Naeko: getting those build for the squad should be the fir- One Project At A Time!!!!!!!
GM: Ran, the spears fly above your head and plant themselves in the grass -- whether they were warnings or actual attempts at getting you, no idea. Are you still holding onto the fabric?
Ran: Yep
Ran: Dumb fabric.
GM: Naeko, the reason why only two people were digging is that everyone else is gathered around the stricken glider; there's some concern about fixing it before Near gets back, having zero out of two gliders working doesn't look good.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): is there enough cloth in the ribbon to completely reskin the glider?
GM: It has the strength! And the struscle! And YANK! The hunter who was trying to cut the fabric pulls on his end of it, hard! You had pretty much unfurled it with your dash earlier, so... Reflex save?
Ran: Ref. save [1d20+3 = 6]
Ran: Derp
Player_K (Naeko): the dice hate us tonight...
Player_D (Ran): they ALWAYS hate us.
GM: Ran, meet the ground! At least it's softish.
Ran: "Ourf!"
spiritplumber (GM): Actually rolling 00 on the event table, meaning for that turn "Scout drop right next to the base", wasn't that bad
Player_K (Naeko): wasn't that last night, tho?
Ran: yep
spiritplumber (GM): D, please to tell K. the other time a 00 was rolled on an event table :p
Ran: I scramble up to my feet. "Dammit!"
Player_D (Ran): We accidently the universe and had a showdown with the End of Time.
spiritplumber (GM): in the specific: They tore up a bag of holding which had been modified by the Uncertainty Lich.
Player_D (Ran): Which my psion defeated with LOGIC.
Player_K (Naeko): ROFL
GM: Ran, the hunter boss is still laughing at your faceplant; the other three are running towards you and closing in fast.
Player_D (Ran): whatever seed FG uses for it's RNG must be geared towards low rolls atm.
Ran: "I didn't want to have to fight, but!"
Ran: Now it's 3 on one. MUCH better odds.
Player_K (Naeko): reiterate: is there enough cloth int he ribbon to replace the shredded silk of the crashed glider?
GM: Naeko, yes, there's enough of the odd fabric to reskin the glider. And possibly some left over if your seamstress is clever.
spiritplumber (GM): sry, i can't copy/paste here so i have to erase stuff and retype
Player_D (Ran): :D
Player_D (Ran): aww
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): no worries *hugs*
GM: Ran, oddly, the three hunters don't have swords or clubs drawn -- they're just running at you. The fourth hunter has started walking towards you casually.
Naeko: I set things down near the glider, except the weapons, as i'm worried about volatility, moving to lok at the glider "What's the problem with fixing it? We can IMPROVE it. I want to analyze it more, but this stuff's WAY lighter and stronger than any silk i've ever seen."
Ran: (Intimidate) I turn to face them. Wings spread wide, flames high! "I-I mean it! Don't force me to fight!" [1d20+3 = 14]
Naeko: "Take it all the way to bits. don't say we're repairing it. We're making upgrades in light of emergent opportunity to extend our range of operation in response to a sudden threat."
GM: Ran, that actually causes the three hunters to stop. "Then go away!" the fourth hunter shouts, starting to retrieve the roll of fabric.
Player_D (Ran): Stuttering helped my roll, it seems.
Ran: "Then give me the fabric!"
Ran: "Or take it to the Floral Brigade! Please?"
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Ran is derpy. ._.
GM: Naeko, a few members of the squad have to mouth their way through "emergent", but the point gets across. "...You sure this grey stuff is any good?" Milktea crouches to look at the cloaks and nods vigorously. "She's right, we couldn't buy this with all the gold in Alphatia!"
GM: Ran, the fourth man calls out "If they're buying it - saves us a trip in and out of the city! Where are they quartered?"
Ran: I'll tell them. "The barn is our base. Talk with Naeko!" (I don't remember exactly where it is, but Ran does(
GM: "Shouldn't we do that with the other glider?" "Well it's one or the other, that way if anyone gets yelled at it's the new girls..." "I want to try this!" "Yeah, maybe you'll actually manage a proper landing then!" "Shaddup, Kaia."
spiritplumber (GM): Yellow dot on map
Ran: "Northwest of the city itself."
Naeko: I nod, fingering a piece gently "They used it as a heat shield, as well. that will mean we can do some nifty stuff with the launch mecha- One Project At A Time!!!"
Player_D (Ran): Ya, just not in correlation to where I am now.
Campaign saved.
GM: "Deal! Let's go boyz, let's roast some meat before that big rock gets cold." The other hunters generally assent, one commenting that Ran faceplanting was funny.
Ran: My pride injured, but mission accomplished, I'll fly off back to base.
GM: Naeko, the stuff feels like some sort of metal if you rub it one way and like paper if you rub it aother.
spiritplumber (GM): This isn't paper, it's some kind of metal!
Player_D (Ran): metal cloth?
Player_D (Ran): ...don'ttell me it's adamantine foil.
Naeko: I move over to Milktea. i don't think i can explain it to anyone else. "Milktea, feel how this rubs? skin the glider so the metal way is forward, if possible? so it's smooth to the wind flowing over it, rather than grainy like paper. the flight will be much smoother, i think."
spiritplumber (GM): Iterociter incorporating planetary generator. Iterociter with voltarator. With astroscope.
GM: Naeko, Milktea also touches the fabric. "The problem is going to be cutting it!" One end is slightly crinkled -- not frayed -- and the other still has those metal eyeholes in it.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, while you fly back, do you make any stops?
GM: Naeko, speaking of One Project At A Time, looks like you've ended up with two: what do you focus on?
Ran: To the balloon to ask if they saw other falling things, and where they are. It's only a very short stop, though.
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran, Remia is up on the top of the balloon! "Yes, four! She points with her tail, a little awkwardly: two you know of, and two south of the river. "Kuno said his grandfather told him bout those, there's cold iron or mithril in falling stars! Are you guys going to pick them up?"
Naeko: I sigh. while i HATE suspending a project, the glinder will be imperative for getting to continue to work on the airship. It has to be the glider first. "help me bring it inside and we'll take a closer look."
Ran: "If we can. Can you get anyone to pick them up for us?"
GM: The glider isn't THAT broken: two of the bamboo beams holding the back wings broke, but fortunately there's spares. The wood-fabric-and-rope construction however means that to replace the beams you'd have to take the whole thing apart...
GM: Ran, Remia wriggles a little in a shrug. "I think Dad already sent people south and east, one fell very close to the farm, no?"
Ran: "Yeah, We got that one. Thanks though!"
Player_K (Naeko): i meant Milktea help me bring hte metal fabric inside, leaving the glider frame to the others
Ran: Remio makes me feel happy just seeing her, for some reason. Anyway, I have to get back to tell them of the other cloth coming in from those hunters.
GM: Everything's already been brought in, that's why only two soldiers were digging: the big roll of fabric could be carried with little problem by one person.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I take the cloth into the forge, rolling it back up as i go, it's one of the blankets, a much more riskable piece, that i lay across the anvil
GM: Naeko, good call there: while the others start taking the glider apart, Milktea and Kiri follow you to see what you're doing. Ran, you make your way back when the sun is already low -- the trip back was relatively uneventful...
Naeko: and then set to work experimenting with various tools, awls, hammers, whatever is at hand to see what effects it has, what would be good for manipulating it, and, if i find osmething mangles it, well, good ot know.
GM: The blanket is big enough to cover a kobold or a goblin, but could make a decent mantle for someone human sized. What you do find is that the fabric punctures and shears easily if cut by something sharp, but does not budge one bit if hit by blunt things. It does burn rather than melt, although even then after considerable effort. Overall it reminds you of asbestos, if you could make asbestos strands long enough to be woven.
Campaign saved.
GM: One interesting thing is that it's almost impossible to rip, but shears cleanly when you do manage to rip it -- which took clever application of weighs and Zogurt in the first place.
Naeko: As soon as i make that conclusion, i definitely try to vent as much of the smoke as i can, and breathe as little. but at least now we DO know how to cut it. I'll have to build a high tension clamp-guillotiene for Milktea. and i share the information with her to try to get her insights on how the devil to -sew- it once it's cut...
GM: Naeko, you'll probably go through a lot of needles...
GM: Ran, you land to find the ground around the rock having been smoothed, and everyone inside the hangar.
Player_D (Ran): Unless you punch holes in it then thread it? :o
Ran: I'll announce myself and enter, giving my report of what happened.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I can invent a better needle later. hmm. perhaps something larger, and *sigh* pneumatically driven... with a grinding surface to resharpen the needle on te upswing.
GM: Toma isn't fazed about people knowing where the Floral Brigade is headquartered, after all it's not like this is some sort of secret society. "Let's see how much they want for this stuff - I suppose if we have leftovers, show them to a posh tailor... you said this stuff is better 'n silk, right?" he asks Naeko. "Wonder if you can dye it." Ran, do you also tell him about the faceplant?
Ran:, I'll leave that part out, as it's not important.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I look up from the forge "it's better than silk for us. I don't think any tailor in Izwald could do anything with it. We can rig up somethign temporary to skin the glider, but I'm gonna need all the iron and steel you can get me to build a workshop for handling it properly."
GM: "Sounds like we need a proper workshop and.... huh, did anyone bury the kobolds?" "Yessir!" "Don't forget to mark the killboard!"
Naeko: "... Two for Ran, one for me."
Naeko: "If i thoguht we could swing it, Toma, I'd ask for a foundry. Sand-casting tools. fuck it. if i thought there was ANY chance i'd send to my mother and ask her to send some of my lab-equipment and Generator Seven.
GM: "My daughter Rakel went with Near so as to get a proper forge going -- they said they might be back this evening..." The small bell that was mounted on top of the barn starts ringing as if on cue.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): :o
Player_K (Naeko): so, is Dee going to play Near at the same time as playing Ran?
spiritplumber (GM): Not exaclt
GM: y
GM: "Dinner's ready!" That's actually Lewi calling out a break. If it helps, it doesn't look like malnourished kobold is on the menu....
Ran: yaaay
Naeko: I stand up from crouched over the anvil, rocking my shoulders as another thought strikes "we probably can't dye it... but we could enamel it. mottled blue on the bottom withotu any emblems would make it invisible in clear skies.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Toma explains that his surviving daughter is a smith, is reasonably good at it, and she went with Near to look for things to buy or requisition: this isn't really a cash economy. Ran, you get a lot of attention at dinner, mostly because of your recent success with the kobolds. Naeko, enamel isn't a priority, but Toma will try to add it to the list... also, dying the stuff may make it easier to sell, that's the thing. Dinner is wrapping up when the lead hunter that Ran met earlier walks in, holding his horse by the bridle, and clangs jams his scimitar in the dirt floor to signify peaceful intentions. "I am Potgieter!"
GM: Ran, he's not too bad looking now that he's at least thrown his face into a bucket somewhere between there and here.
GM: Naeko, Milktea opines wouldn't it be better to make it all blue?
Ran: "Umm, whoever is good at haggling should handle hime."
Ran: I don't say that where he can hear me
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I think about it for a moment, trying to pin down why i thought only about the bottom. "I'm not sure.... but if it stays silvery on top, then Ran can see it easily from above, not much is that reflective naturally."
GM: Ran, that'd be Toma -- also, it's technically his house, so that works out. The two start talking, and Toma is quick to point out that he appreciates the fabric brought over, but it's not a big deal and in fact they already have a bunch of it, see over there? The hunter assumes that the disassembled gliders are looms, and Toma doesn't comment; do you?
Ran: I don't. I'm letting him handle it.
Naeko: Even if Ran doesn't, I do. "We're also evaluating wether or not it's hazardous to handle."
GM: "How do you mean?"
Naeko: "it seems to cause reproductive failure in kobolds."
Player_K (Naeko): oh, i'm proud of that one.
GM: "Less kobolds sound good to me, why is that a problem?" The man has clearly held the roll of fabric between himself and the saddle while riding here.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "We only know exposure consequences in kobolds. Andl, there -are- chemical similarities between organic systems in most races. Give where you were carrying it, apparenrlty withotu any protective gear, i'd really appreciate if you let us know if you notice any decline in virility as a result of the concentrated exposure. If your penis falls off, though, we can't help you with that. We haven't got a surgeon on staff."
GM: Naeko, the hunter seems profoundly uninterested in your spiel until the part with the falling off - without particular regard he scratches himself at the inseam. "Er... It was really a short ride and - Is that why you sent a woman to uhm... retrieve it?"
Naeko: "In part. also, someone who would only handle it with semi-armoured limbs." at this, Naeko waves her -extremely- armoured hands.
Naeko: "It COULD be perfectly innocuous to non-draconically derived races. but we're finding out."
spiritplumber (GM): is Edward Scissorhands' outfit that far out of an image for Naeko?
Player_K (Naeko): yes. i sent you an image of Naeko ;p
spiritplumber (GM): derp
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, that leaves the man at a loss of words. A quick conversation later, Toma parts with half the contents of a purse he carries on himself, argues a little bit about who gets to keep the actual purse, drops a number of gold and silver coins into the hunter's hand and watches him gingerly push the roll of fabric off the horse's saddle with a fold of his sleeve.
spiritplumber (GM): and might i add great job
Player_K (Naeko): thankyou kindly ^.^
Player_D (Ran): :3
Naeko: I whisper as soon as the door closes "someone watch the window and run him off if he tries to wash his crotch in our well."
GM: Naeko, that gets a few chuckles. "I ended up paying half of what I had earmarked for a roll of silk - not bad, not bad at all!"
Naeko: "And it's safe, too. Ony thing worrying would be if it catches fire, which is hard... oh hell, i need to electrotest it somehow. if it earthed a discharge in flight...."
Campaign saved.
GM: Toma says that, this aside, there isn't that much money to go around -- don't worry, everyone will be paid in full, that was never into question; however buying any sort of gear will definitely have to wait until Near comes back and probably longer. Naeko, the last part mostly goes over everyone's head, other than Pollicino noting that if it means rockets are less likely to set fire to the aft wing he's all for it. "Or you could lose some of that tummy and not need to fire them off as often?" "Oh come on!"
Ran: "Squishy~"
GM: "The other problem is that right now we have no gliders and no ship - Ran, that means you're on patrol duty all day tomorrow. Sorry, but that's just how it goes." Ran, Pollicino blushes at the comment even as Toma gives his assessment of the situation. "Naeko, Milktea, Ramirez, you don't have to be up all night but I want at least one glider working by tomorrow at sunset!"
Naeko: "If we glue it rather than trying to sew it, we ought to be able to have it done by noon. The cutting is easy now that we know how."
Player_D (Ran): do you really wanna trust the glue that's available to hold the glider together?
Campaign saved.
GM: "That'd need some glue!" "Does using magic glue count? Can you make it?"
Player_K (Naeko): this is Naeko. she's planning to cook her own and beat Ramirez about the head until he learns what a simmer is.
spiritplumber (GM): sovereign glue is expensive O_O; 2400gp per 8 ounces
Player_D (Ran): This is Ramirez, he probably knows more cooking terms than you do.
Player_D (Ran): or 300gp an ounce.
Player_K (Naeko): fair enough, i haven't got all of them straight yet. and also: this is Naeko. she ASSUMES she knows more about everythign than everybody, this doens't mean she's always right.
Player_D (Ran): point.
Player_D (Ran): Also, I haven't seen Fredorig anywhere, is he with Near?
spiritplumber (GM): well you got shadow elf artificers down to a T
spiritplumber (GM): Yes
Player_D (Ran): That makes sense.
Naeko: I nod slowly "I can. don't throw out, or eat, any of the bones or cartilege from tonight's dinner. i've got some other chemicals... it won't be perfect. definitely not up to combat maneuvers, but should be fine for patrolling. Just remember to look up as well as down.
Naeko: "...We don't have a mortar and pestle, do we? ..I'll improvise."
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, that doesn't really make anyone feel better.... Yes, there is a mortar and pestle: they probably won't be available for kitchen duties after, right?
GM: Ran, Naeko, how do you spend evening and night?
Ran: I try to get some extra carbs if I'm to be flying that long, and getting a spot of extra rest.
Player_K (Naeko): i'm just gonna grind bones and catilege in it. it'll be fine for kitchen duties after. and i DO actually apologize for assumign there wasn't one.
Naeko: i'm gonna cook glue. and suggest Ramirez get early sleep whiel Milktea works on cutting and i grind bones and start making glue, because once it's been going awhile i'll want to swap with him so he can keep it simmering until morning.
Ran: And see if they have a spare waterskin or two I can take with me.
GM: Ran, the somewhat-rusted metal canteens were found to contain water,or something that doesn't smell or taste at any rate; that said they're a bit too heavy and hard-edged for you to carry comfortably. A waterskin is found, although it'll have to spend the night soaked to regain elasticity. Naeko, so you're not trying to pull another all nighter/
spiritplumber (GM): I'm good to go for a while longer, y'all? Hope this is fun, sorry for the lack of action but R&D tiem.
Player_D (Ran): I'm good :D
Naeko: Nope, no attempt at an all nighter. This is the Real Work, not the design frenzy.
Player_D (Ran): Sokies
spiritplumber (GM): At any times we can speed up, eh.
Player_K (Naeko): i think i can go a bit longer. at least until the laundry's done, anyway
Naeko: Precision is important. and that means being fully conscious is, too.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: There's a reason i'm the first of my family in three generations not to increment hte crater system.
Ran: The waterskin needing to soak is fine. I just need some water to carry, so I don't have to make too many stops.
Ran: Anyway, sleepies!
GM: Ran, you're left to nap! The next morning brings some noms, some washing and cleaning -- you now have the closest thing to running water you can get around here, which means carrying buckets for tens rather than hundreds of yard -- and Naeko's again having been given a cot to herself.
Naeko: I wake as early as everyone else, though, going to relieve Ramirez on the glue. the ego isn't there. the condescension isn't there. there's Work to do. no room for risking fuckups. I'm actually conscious enough to ask Zogurt to bring breakfast in for me so i can keep an eye on the glue and give Ramirez a break.
GM: Ran, you're specficially told to not engage anything right now, just observe and report and don't get hurt. Naeko, the rest of the group is more or less at your orders, other than Milktea who thinks that it'd be best to do at least one glider with the sewing patterns they've already tested. The cutting itself didn't take too long once the trick was figured out; Ramirez seems to have a decent job with the glue, and gratefully eats breakfast then passes out. Ran, what's your flight plan?
Campaign saved.
Ran: I'll ask the others which areas are priority to cover. This is different than my usual scouting, so a little unsure.
Ran: I was thinking starting northwest, then going southward in a circle, and do several loops in each of the four spots in a + from the city proper.
Naeko: Glue one first so we at least have one that LOOKS whole even if untested when Near arrives. We'll have time to cut and start sewing the second one once that's drying. The others are to get the frames as ready as possible. Gods i'm glad we finished installing those springs on the new oars on the airship before all hell broke loose. No! don't think abou tthat now. Gliders now!
GM: Ran, Kaia and Pollicino say that they're not too sure either -- the balloon seems to serve Izwald's needs better than anything else, and their main job at this stage was basically to be seen to have gliders. In your case... the best thing to do would be to either range out and find more impact sites, or maybe climb up and see if you can figure out what's up there? To you even the pilots seem a bit confused about just how high up things are or aren't, but that's not surprising.
Ran: Ah ha
Ran: Then I'll look at the other 2 sites I know of, and look for others. I'll stop by the balloon first to ask if anything happened during the night.
GM: Ran, you find Kuno in the balloon -- he mentions that Remia hasn't been around since the evening before but he wasn't told why, something about writing a letter on fancy parchment.
GM: Naeko, craft check?
Naeko: [1d20+3 = 5]
Player_D (Ran): ...
Player_K (Naeko): FFFF...
Player_D (Ran): Take 10? >_>
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Player_K (Naeko): thankfully Naeko's not solely responsible for the assembly...
spiritplumber (GM): take 10 is to be called BEFORE rolling:)
Player_K (Naeko): i didn't know it was an option
Player_D (Ran): I know, but the dice gods are hating us :<
Player_K (Naeko): though i would point out that an unmodded roll for an all-night project between three people seems unusual.
spiritplumber (GM): DANCE PUPPETS DANCE no seriously, there's no GM command to load the dice in FG.
Player_D (Ran): it's +2 for each helper...
GM: hmm /kip
GM: doesnt work
Player_D (Ran): :/
Player_K (Naeko): since engineering is my form of magic, can i use my spellcraft modifier instead? ;p
spiritplumber (GM): Kip not only accidentally the universe that one time, he also managed to shut down all magic continent-wide by mistake and defeat the uncertainty lich by mistake... which was basicaly the only way to permakill him
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah, that's fair.
Player_K (Naeko): so that's 2 rolled, +4 for helpers, + 7 for spellcraft
spiritplumber (GM): let's use a disjunction spell in the middle of a vein of naturally purified harmonite that took 1000s of years to mature!
Player_K (Naeko): which got so many points because i expected to be taking combat-casting feats, not improved crafting ones when i filled out the sheet ;p
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): You'll get plenty of that when you guys get a dedicated r&d person
GM: Naeko, you're ready to glue the odd fabric to the just-rebuilt glider frame! (What are you guys calling the fabric btw?)
Player_K (Naeko): better dedicated R&D person than the displaced Actually Somewhat Stable shadow-elf artificer?
Ran: Fantastilk!
Ran: Awesomecloth.
Naeko: I'm just calling it the captured fabric so far until i work out more of what it IS. I let Milktea and the others who've built and rebuilt these gliders however many times do most of it, mostly focussing on smoothing the globs of glue into evenly painted coats over the join areas.
GM: Naeko, you're almost done when the bell rings! Ayotnom is on lookout.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): is it just a meal bell or a general alert bell? am i goign to try to build them more bells?
GM: "Near and Rakel are coming back! They got some stuff!"
spiritplumber (GM): It's the one bell that they have. :)
Naeko: Ah. it IS just an alert bell. We need more bells with different sounds to differentiate 'mealtime' 'incoming friendly' and 'ohfucktheskyisfalling'
Ran flapflapflapflap
GM: [2d10 = 19]
spiritplumber (GM): ...
Player_D (Ran): eep?
Player_D (Ran): what's a 09 mean? D:
Naeko: I sigh, rocking my shoulders to keep from tensing up as we put the finishing touches on the upgraded glider.
GM: Ran, you're south of the river -- remember that group that you saw yesterday? Looks like there's a lot moe of them, at least three dozen; they seem to have made camp around something that could be a rock impact site or could just be a convenient boulder used to shield a fire from the wind.
Ran: Not gonna confront anyone this time.
Player_K (Naeko): well, if the story's spread, they won't object to you lewting the cloth...
'AmpuDe3' connected
GM: Naeko, you figure that the figure on the horse is Near and the one on the first of the three pack mules is Rakel; the mules themselves seem to be loaded mostly with food and fabric, but you're pretty sure you see crates of something that must've been worth packing carefully. Ran, you're too far up to be detected, or maybe they're not paying attention...
'Player_D' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'AmpuDe3' identified as 'Near'
AmpuDe3 (Near): Derp?
AmpuDe3 (Near): I don't know if you kicked me or what..
Player_K (Naeko): was that supposed to happen?
AmpuDe3 (Near): Ran's just gonna note where they are and keep going for now.
spiritplumber (GM): is it doing the license conflict thing again?
AmpuDe3 (Near): nah, just DC'd me. might've been a coincidence.
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Naeko: Any commander worth listening to would respect the notion of finishign the delicate work before getting ceremonial. and it's a chance to watch and find out if that's true.
Player_D (Ran): THere. Well, do I really need her active?
GM: Naeko, you haven't seen many people here with a skin tone similar to yours, nor with a unusual hair color like yours. Past that, nobody bothers you and Milktea as you keep working -- the other glider isn't quite as far along, but may be ready by tonight or tomorrow morning. By the look of it, the supply mission mostly wrought food, silk and rope... You do hear Rakel shout in horror, who touched her stuff?
'Player_D' disconnected
'AmpuDe3' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
Player_D (Near): derp. What'd I miss?
GM: Naeko, you haven't seen many people here with a skin tone similar to yours, nor with a unusual hair color like yours. Past that, nobody bothers you and Milktea as you keep working -- the other glider isn't quite as far along, but may be ready by tonight or tomorrow morning. By the look of it, the supply mission mostly wrought food, silk and rope... You do hear Rakel shout in horror, who touched her stuff?
Naeko: i whisper to Milktea "which stuff was her stuff?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, rumors of another airship turned out to be false; on the plus side, Remia is in high spirits and the Floral Brigade is now officially part of the militia.
Player_D (Near): I think there was ore than that I missed...
spiritplumber (GM): nah
Player_D (Near): Huzzah!
Player_D (Near): Ah, kie
GM: Naeko, Milktea answers that she probably means the forge.
Naeko: I turn away from the glider, facing towards near to throw off a quick attempt at a salute. it actually looks surprisingly good, but then, they only know what she's been like SINCE getting away from the family. "That'd be me. I'm Naeko, hired probationally by Remia as a machinist for the Floral Brigade."
GM: Near, you left the balloon crew in Izwald since they're doing a good job, and Remia is napping inside one of the cloth sacks because she was up all night on the balloon.
Near: I take stock of th esituation, wondering what I should ask about first.
Near: "First things first... Hello again everyone. Can I get a status report on what I've missed, please?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, the bad thing is that both gliders are on the ground. The good thing is that the place hasn't exploded, exploded twice, or caught fire. Also there's a large boulder in the south field that wasn't there before. Except for Milktea who just calls out "Can't stop!", everyone else does turn out and tries to salute with various degrees of success.
Naeko: I drop the salute, turning halfway back to divide my attention to the finalization of the glider upgrade and watching Near. but Milktea really does have it mostly in hand, i'm mostly just providing extra eyes and a little bit of grip-tension.
-> near: Near would already know about the new doods from Remia, also about the fight mostly.
Near: Ah ha :o
spiritplumber (GM): i guess near and naeko do look a bit similar
Near: I wonder who crashed the gliders this time.
spiritplumber (GM): technically they're roughly from the same area, too
Player_D (Near): Hehe
Near: "Polli, if you crashed another glider, you're going on a diet."
spiritplumber (GM): they're also abominable mutations of their original race, too. should get along well
Player_K (Naeko): oh? so Near might well recognize Naeko's origins and un-secretify her family name?
Player_D (Near): This one isn't that intimate with Shadowelves, actually.
Player_D (Near): Nightmares maybe.
spiritplumber (GM): Nah, they were actually 30 miles apart, but half of those were vertical.
Player_K (Naeko): lol
GM: "It wasn't my fault, the harpy sat on the glider's tail!"
GM: Kaia vouches for that.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, it looks as good as it's going to get... the glider looks exactly the same as it did before, only the wings are now grey rather than dirty white. Your call on what to check for!
Naeko: I'm going to check for any warp in the seams, or bubbled in the glue to squeeze out while we still can. get everything as smooth and unified as possible.
Near: "Fine, fine. Onto other things, I'd like to meet our new recruits."
Naeko: I hear it, but checking the glider is more important. hell, it's what she's going to evaluate me on until i get to show off the new oars.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, Toma says that Ran is out on patrol -- see, they did keep their promise of two patrols a day! -- and Naeko's been doing a bunch of work. Naeko, Rakel is too much of a profesional to interrupt you while you're doing something that needs care, but she's staring at you with a definite "we gotta talk" face. Kiri comments that she never thought they'd have too much silk, which due to the new fabric seems to be the case. Near, the place is... well slightly cleaner than you left it, other than the ersatz harpy nest.
Naeko: When my eyes occasionally meet Rakel's, they're calm. my body-language is clearly that of "i do what needs doing, and i don't apologize for that to ANYBODY." Rakel is NOTHING on as scary as mom about nicking tools.
Near: Ah ha. Well, since th enew girls are busy, I'll check in with how everyone's been doing so far.
Near: And ask about the rock outside.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, you're given a quick tour of the rock and told that the occupants were quickly dealt with -- kobolds with strange weapons, one of which has been kept. The soldiers seem keen on impressing you on how they smoothed the crater and buried the enemy dead already. The rock itself looks unremarkable: it's held together with riveted iron strips, you can see the tiny crew holes, and are told that the creatures brought drybread and water as provisions and that was it.
Near: "What sort of weapons?"
Naeko: Done with the glider, Naeko slips up behind to answer that one
GM: Naeko, as soon as Near leaves and you look like you're not immediately busy, Rakel asks you who are you, who let you near her forge, and what did you do to the oars, they're mounted ninety degr4ees wrong!
Player_K (Naeko): oh, or not ;p
GM: Near, you get back in time to see that little exchange.
spiritplumber (GM): sorry, crossposts happen with this O_O;
Naeko: I shrug, "I said, I'm Naeko. and i'm a machinist. They asked if i could improve the airship, I did. The oars are all interlinked now, and will rotate automatically depending on the stroke to take about 30% of the effort out of it. The loadsprings should take another 15. Nobody 'let' me touch your tools. I let me. I do what needs doing."
Naeko: "The notes on the engine were a fucking MESS. that'll take longer. than a single day."
Near: "My notes aren't that messy."
Naeko: "But they're -incomplete- which meant deciphering hte goblin-vomit."
spiritplumber (GM): I resemble that remark!
Player_K (Naeko): it's Naeko's words, i'm just writing them for her!
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): opinions given by characters are not inherently those of their players!
spiritplumber (GM): And one day Zalpha and Naeko fought, and that's how Equestria was made
Near: "I don't think her handwriting's that bad.." I hrmm. "Anyway, I'm Near, your boss."
GM: Naeko, Rakel just sort of stares, then goes to take a look. "Huh, these actually do move!"
Naeko: "I'm Naeko. I'm your engineer, Ma'am. Can i show you MY notes?"
Near: "Sure sure. I've taken to enjoy looking at schematics."
Near: "And let's hope you don't go insane like my last engineer."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I lay out the sheaf of notes for further improvements to the airship covering one of the tables, the hull reinforcement with the resin, the already implemented oar changes, the slip-linkages for connecting to whatever engine -is- a motive force, and three different potential engines. an attempt at deciphering hte goblin-vomit, a coilspring and flywheel assembly that'd be pre-wound befor elaunch as a clockwork drive meant to be easy-out and rowed home, and one with a binary Orgone Generator, though without enough information to say what a Binary Orgone Generator -is-.
Naeko: "I tried insanity for awhile once, Ma'am. my family is more fond of it than i am, and that's why i'm here, instead of there."
Naeko: "Your last engineer? They weren't ME."
GM: Naeko, Near, Rakel joins in and this time she's a lot quieter. Kaia and Pollicino start going over the rebuiilt glider. Remia has waken up and, with a little oof, has wiggled out of the sack she was in -- now she's busy being hugged by Fredorig, who was at the close of the small mule train. "Ramirez, take these mules back to the city!" Toma calls out.
Near: "Please refrain from insulting her; I have doubts you're anywhere near her level. But that's not the point in contest." I pull out a scroll case containing a few of my newer engine schematics, including the TwoBall one I'm quite happy with.
Naeko: I look over it briefly, grimacing briefly "Workable, but pointless. Why must EVERYONE run back to pneumatism like it's a fucking womb? And you'll blow your driveshaft."
Near: "And what's wrong with pnuematism?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, apparently Remia is going to stay here a while and help out. The tiny girl is telling Toma about the other rock drops and, with Fredorig's help, unfurling a big map on which she marks drop locations. "We heard of two more from merchants, but they just saw the flash and bang, no attackies."
Naeko: "It's a god-damned shackle to history is what it is. You'r eblowing out more exhaust than you're getting work from the system. ESPECIALLY with this design. You'll be brekaing off your own power-stroke befor ecompletion every time."
Near: "All right. Show that to the harpy when she gets back, I want her to check those sites."
Near: "Then what do you suggest instead?"
Naeko: "If you're married to bloody pneumatism? at least three drivers on valved bypasses so that you're not trying to drive the air past one to get to the other. the force lost to making the drivers trip some valves during their stroke is NOTHING on the cost of aborting your stroke.
Naeko: "Oh, and ditch the balls. you're wasting mass. sloped cones will maximize force transfer.
Near: "In place of pnuematics, then?"
Naeko: "Orgone Engineering! Tame lightning generated from a truly renewable metabolic source! Easy to convert to physical force through some enhanced lodestones!"
Campaign saved.
Near: "...What the hells is orgone?"
GM: This is a bit above Rakel's head, so she's going to remove the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES sign that Remia speedpainted on the barn door after being fed a pancake.
Naeko: "My invention. My discovery. My Journey. The Power of the Future!"
Near: "Ah huh."
GM: The stuff that Near brought in is being put away properly. Naeko, Zogurt sits on the floor quietly and listens.
Near has an expression that says she is less than impressed.
Naeko: "....Back home i ran an entire lab worth of equipment off it until Niklaus stole his fucking maids back."
spiritplumber (GM): Apparently in this settings aeronautical engineers are all bonkers.
spiritplumber (GM): I am okay with this.
Player_D (Near): Isn't it true in real life, too?
spiritplumber (GM): nah, it's usually the EEs and chemies who are prone to flight of fancy that i've seen :)
Naeko: "I only use a monodirectional feed without the amplification systems in my own accretion harness, but that's enough power to do a fair bit as long as i ration the recharge cycle. the amplifier would be cumborsome to move around with."
Near: "Just so you know, I'm vetoing any magical power source by default." I state. "Nothing against magic, it's just too easy to disable."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "It's only magical during the accretion stage. Once it's converted to tame lightning it'll run a circuit through an AMZ without a problem. i KNOW about those. fuck, Craters six through fifteen ARE permanent AMZs now. ...fucking Niklaus."
Near: I raise an eyebrow at that. "I see. And how do you accrue this orgone?"
GM: Kaia and Pollicino are arguing whether Near meant it about the diet. Zogurt listens raptly, although he seems to have understood that this is about rocket powered geese.
Naeko: "You know about psychic emissions from sentients, right? it's how empathy works, what mindreaders really are reading, yadda yadda?" i don't wait for a response for that before continuing, "The right means to amplify that emissions process through a combination of physical and mental stimuli results in pushing the enrgy up to the point where the right sorts of alloys absorb it passively and convert it to tame lightning."
Naeko: "and that's just it! if the right magicks are used to make the state sustainable, it Accelerates Naturally! By Itself! and the output increases with it!
Near: "..."
Naeko: "ther ewere some feedback problems at first... i WISH i could move Generator 7 here... it really was my best work."
Near: "Feedback problems?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "The Mark I's brain cooked off. But in fairness, Nathaniel should have TOLD me he'dlaced her brain with copper wire, i'd have known to take it OUT first."
Naeko: "And number two... well, some people just aren't suited for it."
Near: "That's reassuring."
GM: "Anything I can help with?" asks Remia, who's made her way over there after finishing the map.
Naeko: "Number three was my first AMZ test. all the other ones after that i left nonmagical airholes, and a maintenance hatch to get in and rub the cramps out until the spells kick back on. runegraved mithril's awesome stuff, just need to give it a bit of juice to reboot the spells."
Near: "For now, let's stick to pnumatics." I pick up Remia, finding a seat to plop down in. "It sounds pretty interesting, actually, but we need results as soon as we can get them."
Naeko: I sigh expansively "you ARE the boss......"
Near: "With as little COST." I wince, remembering. "Once we have a little leeway, you can have free reign."
Campaign saved.
GM: Remia wiggles a little. "If you're worried about it I can pilot the airship, I've done that before! The older one was neat, they strapped me into this bag thing and I could move everything from there."
Near: "Heh. I wish I could have done that. My time on a glider was unfortunately short."
Naeko: Naeko sinks into bleak not entirely verbal and mostly inaudible muttering about whether or not what she's managed to make happen in two-damned-days counts for anything or not.
Naeko: ....fucking pneumatics. run halfway across the fuggin continent and it's still fugging pneumatics.
Naeko: it is a Very Rude eartwitch.
Near: "Don't look so down; things don't happen as fast as you want them. I know this well."
Naeko: "Were you working on revolutionary technology in secret because you'd be killed for toying with it because it violated family traditions if you didn't have something major to show off by the time you were found out from the age of six?"
spiritplumber (GM): meep!
GM: Naeko, Remia looks at you quizzically. "Did you get in trouble?"
Campaign saved.
Near: "No, but I've done my share of dangerous projects."
Near: "My favorite was the demonic engine."
Naeko: Naeko starts to shrug, thought hat catches her interest, "daemonic engine? ...huh, you might actually not be full of shit in saying you know."
Near: "That was an interesting one. The first time we ran it, I destroyed a good quarter of th evillage."
GM: "Are you going to pull out your willies and pretend swordfight?" Remia giggles.
Near: "Oh hush."
Naeko: "...technically, i DO keep a dagger hidden in one of them."
Near: "That would be uncomfortable..."
Naeko: "Why? it's made of laminated sandalwood."
Naeko: "If there's no mechanisms insode your dildo, why NOT hide something useful in it?"
Campaign saved.
Near: "But! As it is; I have people breathing down my neck for results. I need them. We need them. These falling rocks are just a prelude, I believe. I don't know how much time we have until we need something we can deploy."
GM: "It's not very hidden if you brag about it" Remia notes. "Just Krunz kept saying that the militia is just about a bunch of wagging of di- oops! Nevermind he didn't say anything!"
Near: I pet Remia, "Thanks for that."
GM: Reka
GM: Remia nuzzles!
GM: A bit more gingerly than usual, the repiaired glider is being dragged outside -- mostly to make room to work on the other one in comfort.
Near: "Next time, it may be more than a few, starved kobolds. I want something that can carry at least 4 people who will be fresh for battle when that happens."
Naeko: "Get me sand-casting tools and a smelter, and i can have a version for your engine that has a chance at working built in a week as a generous estimate. Including something to pressurize your reservoir effectively before launch."
Near: "Good."
Near: "I'll see what I can get."
Naeko: I weigh things up in my head... the Rule hangs threateningly in my mind like an axe. but sandcasting involves a lot of waiting, "I also have thoguhts for overhauling your glider launch system.
Near: "Oh? I'd like to hear that."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Stop pulling the glider directly. flatten your launchway better, and pull an open cart with the glider on it, manually held clasps with a bit of lever-gearing should be enough for th epilot to hold against the lift until ready to launch, then it's just a matter of literally letting go rather than getting a hook out of your infrastructure.
Naeko: "the cart will need a lot of maintenance until we can make a -really- cushioned backstop instead of a solid one, or a reactive braking mechanism."
Naeko: "but it ought to reduce the strain on the much more fragile gliders.
GM: Remia is looking at Naeko very intently, but seems otherwise happy to be on the chair; the glider has survived being moved, at least. Along with Remia and Zogurt, the two glider pilots also join in and listen. "I didn't know you piloted a glider before Miss Near, why didn't you just show us if you've done it before?" Kaia thinks that it sounds good to try at least.
Near: "We did something very similar at the start.."
Naeko: Naeko holds in the urge to demand to know why they stopped and reverted to an inferior system.
Near: "Hmm? I've been wanting to, but I'm a bit heavier than I was then.."
Player_D (Near): Four limbs heavier. >_>;
Near: "Is the new glider made of stronger materials?
Near: "I noted there was an interesting new development."
Naeko: "The skeeton is unchanged, but the skin we salvaged from the meteors."
Naeko: "it... pisses me off. i have NO idea what it is. it CAN'T be any of the things it acts like because it acts like too many of them. Someone's AHEAD of me." Naeko spits the last sentence with horrible amounts of vitriolic furor.
Campaign saved.
GM: "Someone's also above us! Either that or they have a really really big catapult."
Near: "I think being above is more likely."
Naeko: "Could be a golemic launcher. None of those that've been unearthed i know of WORK or were salvagable, but there were plenty of records to show what they were capable of" Naeko is bad at this whole 'secrecy' thing.
Near: "Anyawy, is the glider ready to test?" I stand up, still cradling Remia.
Naeko: I try to look to Milktea for progress on the one being sewn. i've been too caught up in arguing to keep an eye on the glue setting....
GM: Remia wiggles! The glider has been taken to the catapult and Kaia is firmly strapped inside it. Naeko, at a very first very cursory glance, it looks good... Milktea seems to be progressing well, but now she's put all the blunted and broken needles in a plate.
Campaign saved.
GM: You'll need a few more of those eventually. Kaia says she's ready, but could someone give everything a look over?
GM: Remia wants to know if she can get a glider too given all the extra silk.
Near: "Probably.."
Near: "I think you'd do better with a balloon, though."
Naeko: "Who makes your rockets?"
Near: Who does make our rockets? >_>;
Near: I'll help with giving the glider a look over, making sure things are secure and such.
Naeko: "Because a capped aluminum cylinder with a sheathing of the captured cloth around it would mean you could permnently mount frames for much narrowe, sustained burn rockets for thrust and just need fuel-cylinders rather than remounting for thrust."
Near: "The problem with that.... Is aluminum."
Player_D (Near): It's really expensive ._.
GM: Near, the rocket recipe was brought back from Titan's Fart, and you hired an alchemist to make the one batch you did make.
Campaign saved.
GM: The urgent thing was to show proress, so you didn't keep the alchemist on staf at the time.
Naeko: "Gahh... i'd kill my little brother to get us some rubber strings. i'd kill him anyway given the chance, but getting ahold of a decent supply of rubber to seal up the junctions in your stupid pneumatic engine would be wirth breaking into his lab and dealing with all the damned golems."
Near: "The rocket recipe we used was from the tribe I also got the airship design from."
spiritplumber (GM): we actually played that out remember?
Naeko: the 'stupid' part just seems to be a nod to her 'cultural prejudices' rather than any real invective, caught up in the technical challenges
Near: "Let's focus on what we do have rather than what we want."
spiritplumber (GM): guy wanted so much for one batch and a lot more to stay on staff and work on nothing else
Player_D (Near): ...we did?
spiritplumber (GM): ya, but was almost a year ago irt .-.
Player_D (Near): ah.
GM: Near, you notice that the odd fabric has been glued to the wing frames rather than sewed to it.
Near: "Glue?"
Near: "What sort of glue is this?"
Naeko: "Have a look at how many needles Milktea's brokeno n the other one. Big sis calls this "Recipe 47'... she's not big on names."
GM: "I read somewhere that unicorn glue's really good..." Remia comments. "Do't think this is it though."
Near: "Are you confident enough in it to test fly it yourself?"
Naeko: "But it's about the strongest thing you can make without any exotic or magical ingredients. Well... i keep a few phials in my bags of the really USEFUL ones."
Campaign saved.
-> near: Naeko's pretty hefty at 190lbs
Naeko: "I'm confident enough to go up as a passenger, but i only know the theory of how to fly one."
Near: It's more a threat than actually intending to.
Naeko: "I'll probably crash, but if that's what it takes to prove i've been doing this sort of thing for longer than i've been walking, sure."
GM: "Oooo can I fly it?" Remia asks.
Near: "It won't hold two." I hrmm. "Well, no point in crashing it due to inexperience. Let's test it."
Near: "No, Remia, not yet."
Near: I think of plans for Remia's personal glider.
Naeko: I lean over and whisper "Omnidirectional rudder."
Near: "Good idea."
Campaign saved.
GM: Kaia says that she'll try it, just let her know if it's safe please because she can tell good sewing from bad but she doesn't know a thing about glue.
Naeko: I move over to check the seams, nodding slowly as i do. "I'd trust my life on it to anyone but Pollicino flying."
Near: "He's not that bad." I chuckle. "He did well on his first flight."
Naeko: "Ah, but he's the ONLY one i've seen crash. subjective data."
Near: "Well, then you haven't seen enough flights."
Naeko: "It's only my third day here, Boss-lady."
Near: "Exactly."
GM: Pollicino doesn't say antything to that, in case someone makes him go on an even stricter diet.
GM: Other than the glue issue, everything else checks out! Toma has gotten the donkey to wind up the counterweight and gives the all clear...
spiritplumber (GM): and I'd like to end here on account of me being unable to read the screen and also on grounds of it's a decent cliffanger :)
Player_D (Near): Kies :o
Player_D (Near): Sorry for keeping you up so long.
Player_K (Naeko): sounds good to me ^.^
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): IS fun!
spiritplumber (GM): hope is still fun O_O i liked the banter mew
Player_D (Near): Very fun :D
Player_K (Naeko): as i said to both of you, Naeko and Near were going to either bite each other's heads off or fuck ;p
spiritplumber (GM): also zalpha vs naeko would be good
spiritplumber (GM): yeah O_O;
spiritplumber (GM): or both in either order
spiritplumber (GM): that said right now naeko would win handily
spiritplumber (GM): vs zalpha, not necessarily vs near
Player_D (Near): at this specific point in time, or at th eend of the 9 months?
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko'd beat Near in some sort of bizzarre fucking battle ;p
Player_D (Near): maybe.
spiritplumber (GM): meep!
Player_K (Naeko): over a decade continuously in a stimulator harness harvesting your lust for magical power builds up a lot of stamina ;p
spiritplumber (GM): at the end of the 9 months... actually at this point in time it'd be an interesting thing to watch
spiritplumber (GM): from a satellite
Player_K (Naeko): the primary accumulator doesn't come out.
spiritplumber (GM): orbiting a diferent planet
Player_K (Naeko): have i been that bad? ;p
spiritplumber (GM): nah :) just zalpha basically ran on pure inspiration for long enough to invent a bunch of stuff, then her best friend got blown up due to an order that the person she was in love with gave, then said person decided to go date someone else
Player_D (Near): Can't be worse than the result of Alicia, Adulf, and Milfara meeting up.
spiritplumber (GM): so zalpha kinda REALLY snapped after that
Player_D (Near): Milfara being a test subject, rather than anything else..
Player_D (Near): Also, the thing needs to go outside. >_>;
spiritplumber (GM): as a result she became a well adjusted if slightly uncreative goblin engie
spiritplumber (GM): that sounds dirty
spiritplumber (GM): anyway, nini?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): Night night
Player_K (Naeko): nini *hugs*
GM: >:D<

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Ran: Pyons? Don't force yourself...
GM: 21dfgdf
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Campaign saved.
Ran: pyokopyoko
Player_D (Ran): Orite, wasn't I on Near last time? >_>;
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'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
GM: pootis
Player_D (Near): Waha.
Player_D (Near): Molestification of limbless lolis.
spiritplumber (GM): Meep O_O;
spiritplumber (GM): depends on what K. wants to do XD
spiritplumber (GM): can you link me the dropbox for the FB?
Player_D (Near): sure, sec.
spiritplumber (GM): fairies! :3
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 26.3.2012 / 01:20:21

'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
Player_D (Near): feeesh.
spiritplumber (GM): fish! whar K.?
Near: dunnos ;o
Player_D (Near): did you tell her?
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): i think so, ddi yu?
Player_D (Near): ya
GM: fKru
'Player_K' connected
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
Player_D (Near): pyo?
Player_K (Naeko): myu!
spiritplumber (GM): derp!
spiritplumber (GM): K. can you send me naeko's pic again so i can import it?
Player_D (Near): Should be in the gallery I linked.
Player_K (Naeko): okies!
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): snet!
spiritplumber (GM): so other than me opening a foot and doing some work in the caribbean and managing to get completely drenched because flash flood, what goes? cap?
spiritplumber (GM): thankies!
Near: I (Near) arrived on th escene, and got the report from everyone. Also delivered some more materials.
Player_K (Naeko): nomuch. weird assed dreams.
Naeko: I argued with Near a lot about my technical qualifiactions as a Creator of Stuff Supreme. Eventually accorded Near +5 respect. What? 5 is a LOT! most of my siblings took YEARS to get to 5....
Near: Met with one of the new recruits, discussed engineering stuffs, and we were about to see the testing of a glider made out of "alien" materials.
spiritplumber (GM): portrait should not be available
spiritplumber (GM): NOW be available
Player_K (Naeko): i still just see the plain werid crap that's always been there.
spiritplumber (GM): random stuff and TF2 portraits?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): try restarting FG?
spiritplumber (GM): sec. let me at leat fix this one thing O_O;

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Player_K (Naeko): maybe if you send me the portrait file and i put it in FG directory, too?
Player_K (Naeko): because poking that, the FG directory is all the portraits i'm seeing
spiritplumber (GM): sending O_O;
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
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'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): did that work? (may need to get out of fg and in again)_ aa
Player_K (Naeko): it lives!
Player_D (Near): Rawr!
Near: Let's hope the glue on the glider holds out...
spiritplumber (GM): yay!
Campaign saved.
GM: Ah, yes, that - Kaia was strapped into the glider whose wings had been replaced with the strange fabric and glued, rather than sewed, to the wooden frame. The catapult has been wound up, the donkey moved off the takeoff path, and Kaia just said she's good to go! The strange fabric has a not-quite-metallic glint against the slightly overcast sky and the soldiers are standing by to run the glider along until it can take off.
Naeko: I give Near an unfriendly look, "The glue will hold, as long as the glider doesn't take any harsh impacts. I've used that recipe to hold against a LOT more stress than the glider should ever be put under as shear-tension."
Near: "I see; pardon if I'm still wary."
Naeko: "Of course. Wariness is a survival trait. I must say it's AMAZING that the water is safe to drink without 6-stage filtration in this country. Just boil it for awhile? wonderful! So much faster."
Naeko: I give a heartfelt sigh, "But scouring the filters always was the BEST place to get Curium...."
Near: "...yeah.. Anyway."
GM: Kaia calls go! Toma lets the weight drop into the well and the glider is yanked forward, four of the soldiers running along it to make sure the wings don't sag until they start pulling upwards....
GM: [1d20 = 18]
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): :o?
GM: ... then one of the far corners of the front wing starts coming off! There is no ripping sound -- the odd fabric is very tough. It looks like the glue wasn't quite, however.... Kaia pulls the string and releases the towing hook, which rockets forward banging against the launch rail a few times.
Player_K (Naeko): well, technically it should've had a LOT longer to cure, as with any adhesive...
Player_D (Near): Also, the fabric may not like glue.
GM: It comes to Fredorig, Zogurt and Tork to stop the glider, without any apparent damage to pilot or chassis. Kaia slides off from under the frame and quickly gets in front of Naeko; Pollicino is having a quiet laugh. "Ramirez, go get that towing hook!" Toma calls out.
Player_K (Naeko): or just -that- glue. all sorts of possibilities. just a corner failing's pretty awesome for a first test within hours of first exposure to the substance. which i'm sure Naeko's going to have to point out ;p
Player_D (Near): Well, in modern aircraft, nothing is welded... everything is rivets. =x
Near: I sigh, "At least we caught that in time. Should it set more?"
Player_K (Naeko): true
Campaign saved.
Near: "Or should we try to requesition some adamantine needles..."
Naeko: I shrug expansively "almost certainly. plus, i'd call that a rousing success for a launch test within.... seven hours of first exposure to a new substance."
Naeko: "adamantine needles would help, but it gets brittle when it's thin. mithril would be better. they'll bend, but we can bend them back."
GM: Naeko, Kaia crosses her arms and looks at you. "Next time YOU try it, sister!"
GM: Further away, Pollicino says that actually it's his turn next, and she's being chicken.
Naeko: "Okay. paint it back with the last of the glue and i'll go up in 12 hours."
Naeko: "Somebody walk me through the controls!"
Near: "Better for a day flight; it's quite difficult to fly at night."
-> near: Note that Naeko weighs about 200lbs.
Near: yeah.. Near's only 160
Near: "How much do you weigh?"
Near: "Polli's our heaviest pilot, and he's considerably lighter than me."
Naeko: "Seventynine kilograms with my gear. if i leave the projector-gauntlets and backfeed dischargers down here, 63."
GM: "There's a rope to pull to let go of the hook, two per rocket because there's two pieces of flint for it, and everything else you just hold onto the rope under the appropriate wing and pull like a bridle..." The entire crew is looking at the ripped wing; again, fortunately nobody got hurt and nobody got damaged.
Player_D (Near): The reason glue won't work, is I think, because of how much warping the wings have to do, btw.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): it's an animal protien based glue, it'd be fairly elastic.
spiritplumber (GM): good catch, that sort of thing is prety much why ailerons were invented. there was a huge argument between europeans and americans about which method was better.
spiritplumber (GM): K., true but also setting time
Player_K (Naeko): no arguement on setting time. i'm honestly surprised we didn't have a total collapse. i'm getting behind Naeko's "actually, i call that a good test. it failed BEFORE it'd be fatal"
Player_D (Near): How much does polli weigh?
spiritplumber (GM): About 130lbs
Player_K (Naeko): so, about the same as Naeko if she leaves the heavy gear on the ground)
spiritplumber (GM): Good die roll, plus some of this stuff is from IRL early aviation silliness.
Near: "So without your gear, you're just a bit above polli."
Campaign saved.
Near: "Is the training 'horse' still intact?" (a mockup of the glider that's held by 4 people who act like a mechanical bull)
Naeko: I shrug "and the new skin's less than half the weight of silk. that'll easily make up the difference."
Player_K (Naeko): afk for a bit, Orders
GM: Near, it is -- Krunz still really hasn't gotten a lot of air time other than in the ballon at Izwald so it was kept for him. Pollicino weighs whether to complain about the order change; in the meantime, the catapult is being reset.
Player_D (Near): Is there a place I could get a couple links from my armor made into needles? >_>;
Campaign saved.
Near: "I'll see about getting mithril and adamantine needles for working with this material."
GM: Working adamantine is very difficult. Rakel, who's finally done unloading, says that it's a shame to damage such a thing and she won't even try for fear of marring the breastplate and getting nothing useful out of it. "We can use steel needles, but I think we'd end up breaking a dozen per wing..."
Player_D (Near): Near is 72 kilograms ._.
Near: "Hmm. Well, if it'll work, it'll work. And cheaper in the long run."
Near: Steel needles, that is.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Even if we break them, they can be reforged, so a special material isn't needed."
GM: "That's my worry about this grey stuff" Toma opines "If we're supposed to fight these critters, it's not a good idea to depend on them for supplies."
spiritplumber (GM): wait for K. meep O_O;;;; and eh near is muscly
Player_D (Near): Right right. =x
Near: "We have the silks for backup. But we shouldn't not use the material just because of that, considering how much better it is than our current."
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Bit of a problem there :p
Player_K (Naeko): back! sorry!
spiritplumber (GM): noworries, should be one page of scrollup :)
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "We can work out how to make it, IF we can make it later. Same for better ways of using it. There's apossibility that braiding strips of it around thin enough steel rods to make a slip-based distortion system rather than a flexible skeleton could do interesting things. but i want to run numbers on that before committing to if it's a delusion or not."
GM: Naeko, that gets a lot of confused blinking in general -- Rakel however says that she can make steel needles just fine, it just takes a little bit. Ran is still out doing laps -- given that at the moment you really can't get very far (there are two horses and three donkeys on the premises and no working aircraft) that's probably a good thing.
GM: By the way, where did Remia go?
Near: ....
Near: I ask if anyone's seen her; if she's this quiet for this long, usually not a good sign.
GM: Naeko, the airship mods were almost but not quite done -- there's some glue left over for you to try again, also. Near, a quick round of questions reveals that no, nobody's seen her go anywhere. Fredorig asks how far could she possibly get anyway?
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): i thought the springs were done on the airship, it was just brewing the resin for the hull reinforcement?
Naeko: I tap Near on the shoulder, "Am i using this 'horse' thing to prep for proving that i have faith in my work, or going back into the forge to DO more of that work? The changes to the airship LOOK good right now, but if someone tried to row too fast they should shear the hull. i want to reinforce it."
Near: "You may be surprised." I look for her, in the most likely places she'd be. Oh, about what time is it? Tea time?
Near: "Work on the airship. You can practice later."
GM: About midafternoon; there's still a few hours of light left.
GM: Naeko, you have no idea how, but Remia not only climbed into the gondola, she also sat herself up on the first of the planks that the soldiers are supposed to sit on.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: i give Remia a curious look, but shrug "Having fun there, Remia? It's going to get awfully smelly in here."
GM: What is to be done about the glider with the glued-on wings? One good thing is that the ditch-digging that needed done got done, so your little base now has enough running water for everyone to clean themselves once a day. Also, this round of supplies means that everyone gets some sort of mattress; there's a couple of empty spots now, even.
GM: Naeko, Remia shrugs and says that she thinks this ship looks better than the small one she ended up owning for almost a week, but it's a lot slower that she saw.
Naeko: I walked Milktea through it enough that she should be able to gleu the wing back down to let things set -properly- this time. to Remia, i look at her askance "The small one you owned?"
GM: Near, the rest of the crew help Rakel get the stuff you guys brought in -- notably the mattresses and some of that rice -- inside.
Naeko: Upon seeing rice while starting to cook resin, Naeko sighs, and hopes that her imminent gastroid weaponization may be forgiven.
GM: Remia says that she ended up having an airship when she was staying in the goblin village, although at some point they had to take it apart. "It had oars like this one, basically they'd strap me in front of the whole thing and I moved like this and like this" -- there she does a little dance, of sorts, almost looking like she'd fall off the plank on her bum but not quite "and that's how you steered it. And then we dropped a bunch of stuff on two mean paladins!"
Naeko: which is weird. wanting to be forgiven, instead of wanting impudent fools to beg for forgiveness? what was this country DOING to her?
GM: Near, what is to be done with the glider, glue it now or sew it up later?
Near: We have a second glider to fix, right?
Near: Glue the current, and sew the next.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Remia seems rather happy about her role in blowing up mighty warriors from above, and smiles at you after specifying that they were really mean and killed a bunch of people for no visible reason to her.
Naeko: I listen to Remia's story, but eventually shrug it offa s not having anythign i can use as data. "You don't have to justify it to me. hell, they sound like my brothers and i'd hand you the bombs myself... except they'd survive and trace it back to me... they always do.... but don't worry, once we sort out the engine, this one will have plenty of speed!
GM: And that's the last of the glue! By the look of it both will be ready tomorrow morning at best, and that's with at least three people staying up all night to sew.
GM: Naeko, Remia says that the bigger ship moved around with dinner blasters but those got broken.
Near: I'll have that be done. I'll send some tea to help make it a tad easier on them.
GM: So the rest of the day is spent doing work but not trying to launch anything, in general?
Near: Basically, yeah.
Naeko: "Dinner.... blasters?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, apparently it has something to do with building a chariot wheel wrong on purpose and roasting a lot of meat.
GM: Remia tries to explain, but generally gets lost in details such as what was being cooked and so on. She wriggles her shoulders a lot when she speaks.
Naeko: I stare, and decide this is too much of a distraction, these people don't understand what primitive tools their working with, the resin can't fail like the glue did. slow. careful. do it right. file dinner blasters as something to ask Near about whether his sister was ever dropped on her head as a baby NO! to ask what the hell she is talking about. yeah, that will work.
GM: Near, in order to make sure there's room for everything, the gliders will probably have to be left outside overnight -- unless you call for bunking close together. Everyone really appreciated the new food and the new beds, that's for sure... Eventually, Ran lands saying that she doesn't have much to report other than some people on horseback on the southern hill, and she already told that to Kuno.
Player_D (Near): Remia wasn't dropped, no, but she was possessed by a demon :V
Campaign saved.
Near: Then we have the gliders out tonight. I'll assign short-ish guard shifts to make sure they'll be safe.
Player_K (Naeko): gonna ask for a roll on the resin? or that she's got enough time to be sure of doing it right?
Near: Well, ask for volunteers first, then assign. ;P
GM: Near, you get volunteers, largely because they'd rather loaf around than sew if they have to be up at night anyway -- Bin, Lewi and Ayotonm offer to stay up.
GM: Naeko, you had plenty of time to sort that out for the airship -- are you just following up on it, or also trying to keep an eye on the glider?
Naeko: I point out that nighttime gaurd duty might also entail being the first line of defense against more kobold drops. flying at night might be hard, but falling is the same, light or dark.
Naeko: I'm just focussing on the airship. i can't sew worth a space-kobold's testicle.
Near: I need two more for guard duty, as I want at least two on it at all times.
Naeko: I resist the urge to say "so what are you doing?" because that's a good way to have boss-lady breathing down my neck all night while i smooth the resin.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): Very much so. :V
GM: Naeko, given how weak those kobolds were, that doesn't seem to worry anyone. "I'll take beating up over sewing up any day or any night!" "Hear hear!"
Naeko: Well... hopefully we'll still see them first. i'll hold off until i can REALLY dig into the sprayers to voice my concerns there.
GM: Naeko, not a bad call focusing on one job in this instance... (means you get to take 20). To be fair, you haven't found any space kobold testicles yet.
spiritplumber (GM): Does ANYONE have a passive detect magic ability?
spiritplumber (GM): Flaming rocks from the sky aren't hard to see. Unless they happen to be right overhead.
Player_K (Naeko): in most settings, don't all casters have some degree of that?
Player_D (Near): PASSIVE, no. Fredorig can detect magic with a cantrip.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Not really.
Player_K (Naeko): then... that sounds like a no.
Player_D (Near): Remia used to be able to, but I don't think she has any of her warlock abilities anymore.
GM: Dinner is rather uneventful, other than Remia ending up lying down on the table singing the up-tiddley-up up down-tiddley-down-down song. She's actually pretty good at it.
GM: [2d10 = 12]
Player_D (Near): (It's the level 2 warlock ability, if it matters)
Naeko: I do not comment on the singing. it IS after all, a better song than 'death to the lesser races.' which is the only one mother ever taught her.
Naeko: She doesn't sing much.
Near: I'm spending my time writing. Writing reports, writing out iteneraries, writing out plans, etc.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, Toma quickly lets you know what's going on as far as supplies go -- the unit is in great shape, there's enough food for a month and barring disasters coal, rope, needles, grease and other consumables won't be a problem -- you're generally shot on gold, but this isn't much of a cash economy anyway. (I'll build a table later). Naeko, you can probably call it an early night if you want; or you can go help Milktea and the others with the gliders. Near, Remia ends up lying down on the table, grabbing a quill with her lips, and correcting the occasional spelling error or mistake with the sums. Naeko, Zogurt has mostly left you alone today, probably due to having to dig earlier on in the day.
Player_K (Naeko): i can call it an early night? when resins a 'paint thin coat, smooth repeatedly while it dries, sand like a motherfucker, repeat until exhausted' substance?
Near: I think remia and pet her when she helps, pinching her ear when she does th eopposite. "Oy... The most boring part of leading." I look to the other projects. I want to get my hands dirty building again, but this needs to be done...
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): i know, i spent all saturday afternoon doing exactly that :
spiritplumber (GM): :)
spiritplumber (GM): Or you can offload it to Zogurt.
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko trust Zogurt with it after the glider glue didn't work for the big demo? she might've pretended confidence, but that pissed her off.
GM: Near, at least it's a small unit and there hasn't been much in the way of discipline problems. Then again there hasn't been much in the way of discipline either, this whole thing is mostly being done ork style.
GM: [2d10 = 17]
Naeko: I work on notes for the other projects, fervently trying to tell myself it's NOT violating the Sacred Rule to do so because there's nothing to DO once i've smoothed each coat until it dries.
Near: Well, one of the things I'm planning is organization.
Near: "Hmm. What's a good title for the pilots?" I ask Remia, and anyone else around.
Naeko: And i really do need to look at the remaining samples of the alien cloth more, and the sprayers... i don't have the equipment to check over their rations in any detail except for one experiment. i ask Zogurt to eat some.
Campaign saved.
GM: The following morning finds Bin soundly asleep, the other sentries reasonable alert, and a gentle coat of dew over the gliders, especially the new wings -- odd that, you don't often get morning dew here. Naeko, Zogurt's culinary experiment resulted in him having suffered no ill effects whatsoever, other than him complaining how dry that bread-like stuff was. Good thing there's running water now! Near, Remia's opinion is "lazy?"
Near: I bop her nose lightl at that.
Near: Anyway, in the morning, well, first I check the dew. Did it harm the gliders any?
Near: On my organization list, Lewi and Ayotnom get a check.
Player_K (Naeko): has any culture in this universe discovered coffee or an equivalent?
GM: No, there's just a lot of condensation on the fabric. As in a lot.
spiritplumber (GM): K. Yes, but there isn't any here. Coffee and chocolate are imported from Ierendi and make the islanders quite a lot of money.
Player_D (Near): TEA
spiritplumber (GM): Tea is a lot more ubiquitous.
spiritplumber (GM): A lot of regions have their own varieties.
Player_K (Naeko): *nods* no worries then.
Player_D (Near): Alfheim has coka'ine
Naeko: I grumpily nurse a lot of tea. as i ahve been for the latter half of the night. but the airship hull would downright GLEAM if i had sanded it for gloss instead of slightly rough to be matte. but it's done, bitches. boasting about being willing to go up in the glider may not hav ebeen the best plan.
Campaign saved.
Near: The sentries getrelieved and a chance to catch a spot of rest, and I get everyone organized to start the tests of the new gliders. First make sure they're dry.
GM: Near, you weren't aware that Bin snored quite that loudly... then again, you being the boss nobody's told you whether you snore or not. Drying the gliders off actually soaks two bedsheets! Naeko, so what will you do? Pollicino seems more keen on trying the glider with sewed-on wings; as it is, the people who were up at night doing that also need a bit of rest and ask for it when Near sends the sentries to sleep.
GM: Remia apparently curled up next to Ran for the night.
Near: Point, I let them rest, too.
Naeko: I point out that the airship hull is duly reinforced and will be test-ready in three hours, when Near has a moment. otherwise i stay out of the way with a pissy expression and wait for orders.
Player_D (Near): (Meant to mention them as well. derp)
Campaign saved.
Near: Letting NAeko stay with that expression a bit while I make sure that the tests are to wait a bit while everyone recovers, and we're aiming for mid morning. Then I see NAeko; "Good good, we'll see if the envelope will hold it up."
spiritplumber (GM): mind if i drop dead for a few hours, speaking of which O_O; sorry for the emphasis on logistics but it's kinda important to know what you have ready to take off for intercepts :)
Naeko: "I didn't put THAT much resin on it. And i've got thoguhts on the envelope once we get better at sewing xenocloth."
Player_D (Near): sure :o
Player_K (Naeko): no worries! i LIKE logistical details!
Player_D (Near): Go sleepies.
Player_D (Near): Same :3
Player_K (Naeko): sleep well, hon *huggles*
Player_D (Near): Though please remind me if I miss any details. I tend to do that. ^^;
GM: Xenocloth is likely going to stick until someone comes up with something shorter... The big strips have all been used up, but there's still three small capes to mess around with.

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'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
Player_D (Near): pyon.
spiritplumber (GM): is everything in there?
spiritplumber (GM): characters etc
Player_D (Near): ya, seem so.
spiritplumber (GM): YES! in your face hard disk plague
Player_D (Near): :3
spiritplumber (GM): kies :) just checkan'. thanks! anythign else needs done before next playtiem?
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Near: not that I'm aware of
Player_D (Near): sec.
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'Player_D' identified as 'Naeko'
spiritplumber (GM): herp K. never finished her inventory
Player_D (Naeko): Derp.
Player_D (Naeko): Everything seems to be here, zo.
spiritplumber (GM): yep
spiritplumber (GM): yay
Player_D (Naeko): ...her stat array is odd.
spiritplumber (GM): howso?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Naeko): save charisma, it's rather unimpressive; all 13s.
spiritplumber (GM): this thing needs a small charsheet for the soldiers
spiritplumber (GM): if that's what she wanted to do
Player_D (Naeko): *shrug*
'Player_D' disconnected
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GM: 92
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Player_D (Near): I'm thinking I'll be doing more near stuff for this session, but DM feel free to tell me which character I should get on.
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
spiritplumber (GM): Cap?
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): 2 and a half characters to draw x_X
Player_D (Near): I'm not sure what happened IC vs alll the ooc stuff we got done. x_X
Naeko: If i recall, we were approaching time to re-test the newly revised gliders, and Naeko was surly as fuck having stayed up to resin the entire airship hull. but knew it was her own damned fault so trying not to take it out on anyone.
spiritplumber (GM): Nothing got done ooc, although a bunch of decisions were made :)
Near: I got a lot of paperwork done before turning in. I'll announce the names of the gliders and airship in the morning, as well as posting the rank system!
Campaign saved.
GM: It was a long night for a few people, notably Milktea and Bin, but you have all three of your flyers ready to test! Naeko, the paint seems to have taken and the oars are done. Near, the glider was re-glued, and the other glider was stitched.... now it's a matter of whichever works better, really. Milktea and Bin will miss the launch due to having stayed up, and Zogurt looks groggy -- he ate some of that drybread that was found in the rock, and drank maybe a gallon of water in the morning because it made him super thirsty; he's behind a tree somewhere taking care of business. Ran is looking down from the barn's roof.
GM: One interesting thing is that the normally scarce morning dew has accumulated on the xeclo wings.
spiritplumber (GM): Small note, only the wings on the gliders have been replaced, the tail is still made of silk
Player_D (Near): kies :o
Player_K (Naeko): i thouht we already towelled off the gliders?
Near: I'll have someone check on Zogurt... Probably Kiri or Ramirez.
Near: Also that could be useful... But for now we towel off the gliders and gen ready for the tests.
Campaign saved.
GM: That gets a couple of blankets drenched -- Toma has them squeezed into the rain buckets for now, since dew is pretty much always clean. Who goes up first and on what?
Near: "Naeko, you said you trust your glue?"
Naeko: "I said if someone wanted to give me a couple hours to learn the controls I'd go up myself, didn't I? I'm sorely regretting doing that AND reinforcing the hull of hte airship all night, but I WILL hold to it if you want me to."
Near: "Get some rest. We'll test the sewn glider for now." I chuckle, giving her a pat on th eback. I will hold her to it, but I won't rush her.
Near: I start to get everyone ready to launch th esewn glider, after breakfast.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Too much work to do. Still need to analyze those sprayers. Tea will kick in soon enough. Seventh cup's the charm, right?"
GM: Breakfast is rather sparse today, mostly due to nobody feeling like cooking because testing! Most of these people did sign up to fly after all, a couple even taking pay cuts. Remia keeps bouncing around Near's feet wanting to go on the glider if there's extra room!
GM: Krunz is still in Izwald, and technically it's Pollicino's turn, but he's been having bad luck lately...
Near: Hmm.
Near: I ask Polli if he feels up to it.
Player_D (Near): [Do we have the airship ready enough to test today?
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko said earlier it's three hours to airworthy.
GM: "Sure! I only messed up last time because Ran landed on my tail" he points up at the barn's roof.
Near: "Heh, sure. Well it's your turn."
GM: "You don't have a tail!" "I mean the glider's tail, stupid." "Speaking of which, I found tail hair in my bowl - Lewi, watch it when you sit down!" "Wasn't me!"
GM: A launch is still not routine enough to stop people from getting excited and somewhat silly, it seems.
Naeko: Naeko is conspicuously quiet about the subject of tails of all sorts.
GM: Pillicino quickly gets into the harness and Ramirez drives the donkey to pull up the catapult weight, and everything gets readied up in only a handful of minutes.
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d20 = 5]
Player_D (Near): No one has ranks in pilot or launch yet, do they? >_>;
GM: The glider takes off a lot sooner than expected, threatening a stall! Pollicino recovers it, but has to let go of the towing hook early -- the rope flies off and doesn't hit Ramirez because the long-suffering soldier half expected it and hid between what's left of the well. The resulting flight is very brief but interesting: the glider barely got any altitude from the launch, but seems to have a much easier time keeping it! Ran flits off the barn and gets closer to take a look, the pilot yelling at her to NOT TOUCH THE GLIDER IN FLIGHT.
GM: Kaia cheers her colleague on, while the rest of the soldiers kind of walk following the glider, expecting they'll have to get it back...
GM: Toma salutes Near and says he has to return the extra donkey to the city.
GM: [1d20 = 18]
Near: "Allright, have a safe ride."
Campaign saved.
GM: Pollicino comes to a perfect landing not far from where Near and Naeko were standing, the skids touching the sand and sparse grass quite gracefully. Then, he gets off the frame with a little difficulty and bows. "Either I got better or this stuff makes it a lot easier!"
spiritplumber (GM): Nobody has ranks in those yet. Maybe Remia.
Near: "Possibly both."
GM: "Sure, but if you mess up it's someone else's fault!" Kaia comments.
Player_D (Near): ...what happened to Near's Piloting ranks? o_o
Near: "Hmmm. Let me try a flight, then."
spiritplumber (GM): Different logic between a glider and a flying exoskeleton :) She does know how to operate an airship, zo.
Player_D (Near): Ah, kies :o
Naeko: I watch the launch critically... i don't know enough aeronautics yet to analyze it except in terms of comparison to the silk one. "We might want to lower the weight on the launcher. Getting a lesser force for a longer time and covering the whole launchway would be better until we can manage a proper lock-and-release system."
GM: Naeko, Ramirez -- who's walked over -- sort of stares at you.
Naeko: "...........what?"
Naeko: "it's basic impulse equations."
spiritplumber (GM): Ramirez is basically Rincewind.
Near: I go to help retrieve the glider, "It's been a while, but I think I still have it in me."
GM: "Aren't you going to tell me to split the weight?" the thinner man asks Naeko.
Naeko: "No. I'd rather boss-lady authorize me to work on a lock-and-release launcher."
Near: "Later!"
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, the glider is light, and the main reason why it's carried by four people -- one per wing -- is to avoid anything touching the ground other than the skids, rather than the weight. Fredorig is gently coaxing the donkey into reeling the weight in, and the retrieval gets done quite quickly. Naeko, Ramirez comments that he likes you.
GM: Near, what are you wearing?
Near: Normal uniform, don't have my armor on unless I'm expecting fighting.
Naeko: I shrug at Ramirez, "I just believe in trying to go for the long-term solution instead of the stopgap."
Campaign saved.
GM: The glider looks a little better built than the ones the goblins had, but wobbles a little more, probably because it's bigger. Near, there's really no place for you to strap on, other than a belt tied to the frame and loops for the feet. Lewi quickly connects the hook -- there's a simple latch to let go of it. Everyone else quickly grabs a wing to hold it up for launch. "Ready!" Fredorig also calls ready.
GM: Naeko, the thin man just smiles. "Sounds good to me?"
Player_D (Near): Near does know how to fly this thing in theory at least, right? >_>;
GM: Ran is still in the air, mostly just looking down at things. Zogurt comes back from the outhouses, a little frazzled.
spiritplumber (GM): Yes. She's flown the first one.
Player_D (Near): Kies!
Near: "Ready!"
GM: Naeko, Rakel asks you if you want the airship's fire started?
GM: "Set, drop!" Fredorig calls out. THWANG! (Near, balance roll?)
Naeko: "Give it another hour. ...and make ABSOLUTELY SURE that ALL of the resin dust has been swept up first. ALL OF IT."
Near: Balance [1d20+10 = 29]
Player_D (Near): BAM
GM: Near, the takeoff is actually a little slower than you expected - but you're up in the air faster! You can keep the thing leveled easily, and the rope is about at a 45 degree angle when you're halfway to the well. Tork tripped, but without any consequences. Naeko, Near quickly soars up, faster than even you expected!
Campaign saved.
GM: Rakel whistles at the good takeoff, then says she'd better sweep around the gondola then.
Naeko: "No. the whole area around the airship. that dust ignites, we all die."
Naeko: it's an exaggeration, but not a lot of one. dust explosions SUCK.
Player_D (Near): 4d6 damage to all in area. Yeah, it sucks. :V
Player_K (Naeko): plus, resin is toxic. add d4 to d6 poison, too
Player_D (Near): Point, but an average of 14 damage kills most doods even on a successful reflex save. >_>;
Near: I grin as I soar, I missed this.
Near: I don't get too excited, gotta concentrate!
Near: I don't do anything complicated, but I do try for distance.
GM: Near, when do you let go of the cable?
Player_K (Naeko): oops
Player_D (Near): Pyo?
Player_D (Near): When should I? o_O
Player_D (Near): *is lost*
Player_K (Naeko): before the weight drags you facefirst into the well or a stall
Player_K (Naeko): the tow/launch cable
Player_D (Near): Ohhh.
Near: Umm, probably about 4 seconds after I'm in th eair
GM: Naeko, the mechanism is basic, but you quickly figure it out and can probably improve on it. The goblin's sketches showed a ballista, rather than this sort of trebuchet-like arrangement.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, the cable is starting to pull the nose down! Kaia and Pollicino are shouting at you!
Player_D (Near): Blarf.
Player_K (Naeko): a ballista? ooohhh that would be a problem.
Near: I drop it, then?
Near: What are they shouting? D:
GM: The cable falls down - you'\re going a little faster than you thought, but you're also lower than you thought, maybe a hundred feet up. Interestingly, Ran is flying after you and having problems keeping up...
GM: Near, they were shouting to let go earlier!
Near: I'll remember that next time.
Near: Can I try to get altitude?
GM: Naeko, Zogurt walks around you. Remia is bouncing up and down calling "me next, me next!"
Player_K (Naeko): unless Naeko finishes her sketches of a switch to a tracked cart with a spring-coiled auto-release before next time
GM: Near, sure! You got plenty of speed.
Campaign saved.
GM: The xeclo wings look a bit more taut than the silk, and seem to be doing well; it's a nice day out, with just a few scattered fluffy clouds.
Near: Wheeeee~
Near: Not gonna get too high up, but enough to get a rough idea.
Near: Of how high it could probably go
GM: Near, you could've gotten a lot more altitude if you released the rope earlier; that said, you start to noticeably slow down after gaining quite a bit of altitude. Ran mostly just sticks around -- she does have some problems keeping up, but does as you climb and lose speed. Naeko, on the ground, Kaia and Pollicino are shouting random suggestions while everyone else just looks on; Zogurt at you, the soldiers at Near, Remia at the other glider. Rakel seems hapy sweeping.
Naeko: I mostly ignore them, watching the flight, occasionally glancing back to the catapult, fixing thing sin my mind and visualizing what i WANT them to look like. admittedly with cheaper materials than i'm used to imagining. this place is rubbing off on me.
Near: "Wow, high up. Ran! Any good thermals out there?"
Campaign saved.
Near: Okay I liied, I'mma fly this baby until it wants to land. :P
GM: Naeko, while you're concentrating, Zogurt may have said something to the tune of "wat do?"
Naeko: "Get me my drafting tools, and a measuring rope."
GM: Near, Ran points a talon northward -- in this area the grass gives way to a sandy hill as soon as the irrigation canal ends. "I'm going back for now!"
Near: "All right!"
Near: I'mma angle down a bit to get speed before i hit the termal.
GM: "Zug zug!" Naeko, Zogurt comes back with some paper, your precious fountain pen and a ball of string with marks at, hopefully, regular intervals.
GM: Near, good call! You're quite a bit heavier than Kaia, but find it easy to stay up with the boost you get that way. From where you are, you can see a couple ranchouses and an abandoned farm to the north and northwest -- even higher up than usual, looking up at the World Mountain still gives you a bit of vertigo.
Player_D (Near): Milky has leeeeegs~
spiritplumber (GM): for how long? :p
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): Until we get reliable cybernetics :V
GM: Naeko, Kaia is trying to get everyone else to get the other glider ready. "These are a lot better! I want to see how the other one does!" "Are you sure? I don't know about that glue...." "Oooh! Can I come too?" The last was Remia, of course.
Naeko: Did he actually say Zug Zug? I thought mother made that up.... "Thankyou." Did i REALLY just? Pfeh. Work. I take the string and start pacing along the launchway, peering down the well, getting the numbers and distances and angles into my head in more detail than the sketches inside.
Naeko: "It should be ready, but for FUCK'S sake, don't let the tow run on as long as boss-lady did. my numbers were based on the launches i -saw-. Easy to fix, but we haven't DONE it yet."
Near: Hmmm. Lots of undefended places.. No potential spots for raider camps are there?
Near: I'll circle around, staying up for a while longer, then land after 2 or 3 passes.
Player_D (Near): unless that's really too long.
GM: Naeko, Kaia smiles. "I htink Near ot distracted... I k wtha!"
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): kbd being weird sec
Player_D (Near): Ah. Was about to start desciphering what she said.
GM: "I think Near got distracted, I know that!"
Naeko: I shrug "that's what it looked like. and so i want to try to keep that from being a problem. it'll mean we need to smooth somewhere else to LAND separate from launching, but it'll be well worth it. ...CAN we get a decent amount of good steel? i'd hate to use iron for something that'll stay outside."
GM: Near, given how far cattle have to range, it's really hard to defend a place -- ranchers generally move with their herd even if they have been given land, the ranchouses being little more than tool sheds. As far as you're aware, the last raider sighting was Ran's, to the south, past the river. If they were raiders.
Near: Will ask her more about those, then.
GM: Naeko, the people who might know are away -- Rakel's cleaning up and Toma left earlier. Behind you, the second glider is being moved into position; Remia is pestering Kaia about letting her come. Ran has returned to the barn and, given that she's not needed elsewhere, is dividing breakfast leftovers with Toru.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, balance check again? Are you trying to land anywhere in particular or just in the middle of the field?
Near: Balance [1d20+10 = 19]
Near: Just in a place where it won't damage the glider, or be too hard to tote back.
GM: Admittedly the giant rock from the sky, despite having been half buried and the dirt smoothed, may be a problem in case of a bad landing... You land with a bit of a bump, but only scrape the front wing for a moment when you've almost stopped and don't hurt anything. Naeko, you're done taking your measurements when everyone runs away to fetch the glider. "Aw, I wanted to go get Near, I missed it!" "You wouldn't have missed it if you'd let me go along!" "I wouldn't have missed it if you weren't sitting on the rail!" "Am not!" "Are too!" "No, I'm STANDING on the rail." Kaia and Remia are having a good natured argument.
Naeko: I sigh and shrug, working on it on the assumption we can get steel, and i'll rework it if we can't. steel would be better anyway for an overly wide buttressed eight-wheel cart with a pile of clockwork buried in its guts to make an automated clamp/release/braking system.... but as much as i hate it, i DON'T want to make all the parts myself. i get too excited, and this could kill someone if it went wrong. No Killing The Test Subjects. I am NOT my siblings.
Near: "Whew! That was fun."
Near: I help carry the glider back.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I have not noticed that i've sat down in the middle of the launchway to do my sketching.
GM: Near, Pollicino actually manages to keep up with everyone else as far as running towards you goes. You get some compliments, and some chiding from the pilot to let go of the wire earlier next time. "I wonder how far we can go if we use the rockets!"
Near: "Oh yess. We're going to be needing more of those, I think."
GM: Naeko, Remia scoots over and takes a lok. "That's a nice pen, can I borrow it sometimes?"
Near: I grin, imagining that. My idea of fast response gliders seems much more plausible now.
Near: "Hehe, we should be able to have the airship tests today, too!"
GM: Kaia nervously looks at the glued-in-place front wings, then nods to herself. "Good to go here!"
Naeko: "...No." It clearly comes out more hostile than i meant it. "It... is special. It's the first thing I ever sucessfulyl repaired. I really was too tired this morning. I usually don't let it out of my sight."
GM: Naeko, Remia bumps into you gently. "You really remind me of Zalpha. Cept you're taller and don't have a litte clock in your head."
Player_D (Near): maybeh.
Naeko: I actually laugh at that, really for probably a lot longer than makes any sense, like some sort of dam breaking. "You're too cute."
GM: Near, the glider you used could go up again right now in theory, it just needed a wing corner cleaned up.
Near: Hmmm. "Naeko! You up for a flight?"
Campaign saved.
GM: Kaia turns her head, sighs softly, and starts getting off the glider. "Eh, her glue, her go I guess..."
Naeko: "I can try. you sure you wanna risk it on a first-timer so soon after it got fixed?"
Near: "Well, it is your glue. Kaia can go up on this one while you get familiar with the controls!"
GM: A few comments by Milktea, who's just woken up, about Naeko being a bit too heavy to fly are shushed by Zogurt; the half-elf heads over to the well.
Naeko: Milktea is right, thoguh, and with a shudder i head over to a corner of the barn to disconnect my gauntlets and boots from my harness. "Anybody touches these, i will gut them in such a fashion that it takes days of attention from a skilled healer just to let them die in peace. udnerstood?"
GM: "Hya! Come on!" Milktea slaps the donkey a little hard, and after a bit of braying the weight is quickly pulled up again. "Maybe having two rails is too much but having two weights is doable..." Fredorig comments.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt takes it upon himself to guard your stuff -- not that there seems much of a need to, given that it'll take everyone to launch two gliders in quick succession. Ran gets back on top of the barn, looking down at the activity -- she can't really help carry a glider. Near, Remia keeps bouncing up and down asking to go with Kaia.
Near: "Let's see if you can fit on there."
GM: "Maybe if I put her in a backpack?" Kaia opines. "I can't really hold on to her while I fly."
Near: "I drew something I think you'll like after you went to bed, too."
Campaign saved.
GM: "Ooh?"
Near: "Point... We got something to use for a harness?"
GM: Naeko, the glider was clearly designed around someone shorter than you, but you can fit -- there's a belt to strap yourself into, loops for your feet, and grips. Four of the soldiers quickly grab hold of a wing. "Basically say when you're ready. Yank that sting to let go of the hook. Past that uh... ask one of the pilots?"
Naeko: Now feeling naked and cold in hands and feet, i move over to climb into the frame of the glued glider, reaching for the controls, tugging them carefully, experimentally... if i position myself like this my mass is centred... i can do this. i don' tknow the air, but i KNOW numbers. this is just numbers applied to the real world. quickly. above ground. without me gear.
GM: Naeko, Pollicino starts explaining how you pulling against the frame with hands and feet warps the wings and decides if you go up down left and right, ane says that the higher you try to go the slower you move and so on. Near, Kaia goes look for a harness; Remia wants to know what you drew.
Player_D (Near): The sketch Near did was of the wing arm design, in her own unique style. It isn't badly drawn, just I can't really emulate it. >_>;
spiritplumber (GM): getha! So the first design?
Near: I show it to her. ;3
Near: Yep
Near: "We're gonna need more of this Xeclo, but I think it's doable."
GM: "Hey that's the one you got made! I mean the other you. Do I get to play doggy too?"
Naeko: "I think i've got it. And hey, if i fuck it, i've survived worse than a long fall." I reach up to adjust my mask cautiously, then nod. "Hit it."
GM: Remia actually starts barking -- she does a good imitation -- and wagging her tail.
Near: "Unfortunately, not really. I didn't bring the mechanical limbs up here with me."
Near: I give her head scritchies at that. :P
GM: "Ready here!" "Weight ready!" "Naeko, call it!"
Campaign saved.
GM: Kaia comes back with an empty backpack.
Near: I watch this launch.
Near: "That should work, if you want to wear it on th efront or your back.
Naeko: "Three then go! One! Two! Three!" Naeko tenses up to hold herself as steady as possible, one hand on the release string, eyes fixed firmly on a point on the runway. watching hte other launches today, i have decided THAT is where i release. when the tip of the glider crosses that point should be perfect. "GO!"
GM: Kaia and Remia sort that out amongst themselves -- the back is probably better.
GM: Naeko, reflex save? (No ranks in balance I see)
Player_K (Naeko): over-analysis get me any modifiers?
GM: The four troopers run alongside you, making sure the wings don't touch the ground while they're not lifting yet and are still wobbling.
spiritplumber (GM): Not yet
Naeko: [1d20 = 5]
Player_D (Near): ohnoes D:
GM: Naeko, the wings quickly catch air and much like Pollicino earlier you're airborne sooner than you expected! Engineering check?
Naeko: [1d20+2 = 4]
Player_K (Naeko): what is WITH these dice gods?
spiritplumber (GM): Naeko kips!
Player_D (Near): D:
Player_D (Near): Wow, she's unlucky.
spiritplumber (GM): Provisional observation: Players whose name starst with KI roll like crap.
Player_K (Naeko): if i'd known which stats were going to be important to the campaign...
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): that is not meant to be accusatory, just bitchign at dice gods.
Player_D (Near): Well, didn't expect to launch you on a glider. :P
GM: Naeko, you're up... there's a flapping noise to behind you, and you're tipping upwards. By the look of it, a good share of controlling the glider is done by shifting your weight.
Naeko: I lean back slightly, just a moment longer, and then i pull the cord to release the tow. i don't need a long flight, just a flight.
GM: Near, Kaia got Remia strapped into the backpack and is now carrying her not unlike Angelo was being carried around by his gigantic minion.
GM: Naeko, releasing early turned out to be a good idea - the flapping noise continues, it's almost like the buzzing of a giant insect. The craft droops to the left. Pollicino is shouting things at you, but the flapping is too loud.
Near: "That's a decidedly easier way to carry her." But I can feel her soft tummy that way. I go back to watching the maiden flight of the glue glider.
GM: Near, the left rear wing has partially detached!!!
Near: Oh dear.
GM: Naeko, you're definitely listing to the left, and the nose seems to want to go up.
Near: Is Kiri one of the riders, or is she back with us?
Naeko: I can do this. I lean hard to the right, but pull the front wing to try to level things off and counter the drift. just level off, and come in for a safe landing.
Campaign saved.
GM: Kiri came back, yes
GM: Only Toma went, he said he'd take the donkey back to the merchant and walk back.
Near: Well, me and her are gonna ride on Spitfire towards where the glider is "landing" since she's the best healer.
GM: Naeko, the flapping noise continues.... your movement seems to do the job, and you more or less level off! You've seen landing with a sort of flaring up before, like birds, and landings that just sort of go down to the ground as if on an invisible ramp. Which do you try?
GM: Near, Kiri jumps on your horse with you and you two start following the glider! Ran also goes with, but the glider's a bit too fast for her to catch up.
Naeko: i scream at the glider as i try to level it off "You are a MACHINE! I control machines! Not the other fucking way around!" The rear wing is fucked. flaring would make me spiral. i can see it in my head so clearly that it almost makes me throw up. But there's no time for that. i'm level. feel the way it's twitching. STAY level. it's a glider. it wants to glide.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Ran catches up with you and shouts something! Listen check? (Or ignore it). It takes a bit to grip on the frame so as to keep it level on three wings and a half, but you're actually managing to ride this thing down, if a bit too fast!
GM: Near, at a gallop you can follow more or less underneath Naeko.
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 16]
Player_K (Naeko): oh NOW they give me numbers
Near: Don't want to be directly underneath her
GM: "Do you want me to try to brake you and where?!?"
Naeko: "No! I WILL DO THIS! There is only Progress or Death!" I lean back ever so slightly, worried about raising hte nose to try to brake, leaning harder to the right to try to keep things stable. don't twist. for the love of anything, don't twist.....
Campaign saved.
GM: Ran spreads her wings and lets herself flare up and out of the way. Naeko, concentration check?
Player_K (Naeko): take 10.
Player_K (Naeko): so, with the plus 4 for 14.
Player_D (Near): taing 10 implies you're not under stress and have a moment to prepare yourself. =x
Player_K (Naeko): oh.
Player_D (Near): Yeah. ^^;
Player_D (Near): It's still up to the DM, but that's the general rule. =x
Naeko: [2d10+4 = 10]
Player_K (Naeko): i believe it was said we could do 2d10 instead of 1d20 at discretion?
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, Naeko's slowed down enough for you to catch up... Naeko, you hit the ground and manage to skid to a halt without careening sideways! A few pebbles hit you and your imbalanced posture does cause the glider to twist a little after touchdown, but all it does is make the right wings skid against the dirt for a little bit... You are jostled around more than a little, but damage to the glider's frame is minimal! One problem - the belt buckle bent, and you can't get out of the frame by yourself.
spiritplumber (GM): If my finite element analysis is still passable you pretty much did this one perfectly O_O;
Naeko: Not getting out by myself isn't a worry. i twist around to look. What failed? Was it my glue or the skeleton somewhere?
Player_K (Naeko): how so?
Near: "Ho-ah!" I bring spitfire to a slow, as I get off with Kiri.
spiritplumber (GM): moving your weight and doing a controlled crash rather than a flareup landing
Player_K (Naeko): oh. hell, we already discussed why Naeko would know THAT'S a bad idea ;p
Player_D (Near): I did a flare up landing on my very first glider run. >_>;
GM: Spitfire whinnies -- the warhorse doesn't seem to mind gliders much. Kiri runs towards Naeko with Near.
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah but in this case the non-working wing would've caused a hard stall and then the glider would've fallen down tail first.
spiritplumber (GM): Survivable, but then you're basically minus one glider
Player_D (Near): eep
spiritplumber (GM): unlikely to rip the xeclo, but you gotta build a new frame
Naeko: "I'm rattled, but fine! What broke?"
Near: I examine the glider, telling Kiri to make sure Naeko's fine.
GM: Naeko, Kiri quickly crouches and looks you over, then starts fiddling with the belt. "Can you move allright? Wriggle your toes?"
GM: Near, looks like the glue doesn't... gloo... very well on xeclo.
GM: Whether it's the glue's fault or the fabric, you can't tell.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): you guys ever try to epoxy fiberglass to dacron? Jesus.
Near: "Seems this stuff doesn't take well to glue." I state, trying not to put blame on Naeko. Even if it is her hubris. No one got hurt, and this is easily fixable.
Player_D (Near): I haven't, but I've tried to glue lotsa different stuffs together. With various substances, half of which could be called "glue-like".
Naeko: I give Kiri a bit of a look. but i wiggle the toes individually, but remain glaring. "Don't do that, boss-lady. yeah, it was a cock-up, and my cock-up. but failed experiments have data, too."
Near: "I know."
Naeko: "No craters. Slate's still clean."
GM: Naeko, you're going to be sore for a while, but it doesn't look like you're hurt -- Kiri fidgets with the belt buckle enough to free you from it. Looks like you can walk away from this landing....
Near: "That's actually more than I can say from my failures. Hehe."
Player_K (Naeko): i've never done much personally with glue aside from model kits, i admit. but wood-to-cloth tends to be a pretty good one.
Player_K (Naeko): forgot not normal porous cloth.
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah, this is more like saran wrap on crack, OOC.
Naeko: I stand up, stretching a little, pretending the soreness isn't there. just because this particular instance of pride fell flat doesn't mean i'm not still far too attached to said pride.
spiritplumber (GM): Saran wrap works really well for wooden planes.
Campaign saved.
Near: I grin at that. "Let's wait for pickup. How'd you like your first flight?"
Naeko: "A bit short. And noisier than i expected."
GM: Ran circles over and calls out good job, then gets back to the barn -- everyone is running over, even Kaia with Remia in tow.
GM: Retrieving the glider doesn't take much - Zogurt was still standing guard in front of Naeko's stuff, but everyone else at least started to run there, only slowing down when Naeko gets up apparently unharmed. Indeed not bad... To the little girl's dismay, Kaia asks if it's a good time to launch with Remia, considering. Milktea sighs and notes that it'll be sewing this glider up too by the look of things -- she's been doing extra time for two days in a row, can she get something extra next time someone goes in town for stuff?
Naeko: I wave as they approach, clearly prepared to try to shrug off the crash. i put my life on my own work. so i cocked up? i'll still put my life on my next work. and the next. and the next.
Campaign saved.
Near: I tell her I'll consider it. Which actually means highly likely with me, unlike just about everyone else at the palace.
GM: Naeko, actually Kaia and Pollicino pretty much flank you as you get back to the barn, and ask you exactly what you did to recover so well!
Near: "Eh, let's get you up in there, Kaia. Remia should give you enough weight it'll feel more like the ones before."
Player_D (Near): That's said on the way back, not when th epilots flank her.
Naeko: I try to describe it as best i can in terms of thinking of it all as a platter balanced ona pin, and the broken wing being a heavy weight on the platter i had to balance out.
GM: Near, Remia is just enjoying the Kaia ride for now. And making faces.
Near: Hehe.
GM: The damaged glider needs a bit of cleaning up, other than the detached fabric; Pollicino checks the ropes, tightens a couple, and calls it good. Milktea keeps grumbling about being the only one who's been sewing stuff up, which isn't quite accurate. Kaia and Remia are put on the glider about when Rakel says that the ship's clean and she's started the fire. "Ready!" Tork decides to give the donkey a break after Milktea's slaps and prods, and just pulleys the weight up himself.
Near: About what time in th eday is it?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, while Kaia straps in, Pollicino keeps asking questions, telling you how he felt that xeclo handles different than silk. With all this, it's almost time for someone to start making lunch, but not quite... Ran's been keeping an eye on things, although she didn't have time to go out on patrol proper.
Naeko: I spend quite a lot of time meticulously brushing myself off before sliding first my gauntlets, adn then my boots back on, sighing with extremely obvious relief to have my harness complete again, flexing and stretchign to reseat things properly.
Near: So we'll test this glider, then break for lunch, then airship test!
Near: I let everyone know that plan.
GM: Tork and Toru take it on themselves to start roasting meat on the airship's engine.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt looks at you proudly, then wanders off because something smells edible.
Naeko: Once resettled and having explained to Polli until he either gets it or i run out of rephrasings, then go to chase Near down with my sketches.
Campaign saved.
GM: Kaia and Remia are ready to go - it may be the first two-person glider launch ever!
GM: THWANG! [1d20 = 6]
Player_D (Near): orz
GM: "WHEEEEeeeeeeee......."
Near: I'm watching Remia and Kaia's launch a little worriedly
GM: Not expecting the increased lift, Kaia also decides to be conservative and release early -- due to the extra weight, the flight consists of just a figure-eight above the field before Kaia starts coming in for a landing. Ran's gone over to where the food is going to be; Naeko, Pollicino thanks you profusely and helps you collect said sketches.
GM: Near, maybe it's having changed arms five times in your life so far, but you have to admit Naeko has much better penmanship... (Sketches of what?)
GM: Kaia carefully comes in for a landing. [2d10 = 14]
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): sketches of the idea for a cart to be what the catapult pulls with the wheels having each one inner spoke on them so each rotation pushes a link of a spring past a latch, so that once they've rotated a certain number of times, spring pressure will pop the latches holding the bottom skeleton of the glider to the cart and instead snap over to push against the wheels of the cart as brakes so th cart slows as soon as the glider is released.
Player_K (Naeko): slots for inserting levers on the side to 're-cock' things
spiritplumber (GM): good way to make things more predictable for sure O_O
Player_K (Naeko): based off... i forget which grecian inventor did the needle-wheel based cog-odometer, but based on that.
GM: [2d10 = 22]
Near: "Hmmm. Interesting. It will be a bit hard to make, though, so we should save it for later. I'm not sure howmuch funding you've had before, but we don't have much."
Naeko: "...What i could steal from my siblings' labs. They had what they stole from.... everybody?"
Naeko: "It was a good day when i found a ventilation shaft into Nathaniel's storage rooms. He never even knew the Arcanite went missing."
Near: "Heh. Stealing. More than we have now."
Campaign saved.
Near: "But, i've ideas on us getting more."
GM: Kaia lands with reasonable grace, and gets off the glider commenting that she barely felt the extra weight. Somehow, Remia jumps off the backpack and lands on her wide tushy, then starts hopping around the glider alternatively saying thank you to Kaia and deciding she wnats to go next.
Near: "We don't have one for you yet!" I call to Remia. Unless someone has a harness idea for her.
GM: The bell is rang just after the glider gets recovered; Milktea has barely started with the sewing, as it is, but it looks like the next step is mutton... cooking it with coal rather than scrap wood changes the taste a little, but not by much. "You said you figured it out, I can wait a little bit!" Remia answers.
Near: I ruffle her hair and rub her stomach a bit. "Yeah yeah."
GM: Toru seems to have decided that kobold drybread actually makes for a decent meat wrap.
GM: You all end up eating around the airship rather than at the table, mostly because that's where everyone went. Naeko, the resin seems to have taken and Rakel did a good job of cleaning up -- the burner has been going for a while and the envelope is nice and taut.
Naeko: After considering for a bit, Naeko shrugs "So, How DO we get more? because the resources to do what was done with those rocks... If it's hostile, they're WAY ahead of.... Everybody." as i finish the sentence, i get VERY bitter.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Maybe. Those with the advantage tend to get overly confident. Anyway, the idea I have for our first mission, is to find a camp of raiders, and well, raid them." I state simply.
Near: "The rest will come after that, but I have reaching plans."
Naeko: "Those who can turn rocks into stratospheric drop-pods that can safely deliver GLASS chemical weapons have a RIGHT to be confident."
Near: I grin at that, "Challenge is fun." And resume eating.
Naeko: I glower a bit longer, but then fall to eating with a sullen vengeance.
Near: "Try not to eat too much! There's a strict weight limit." I say, half joking, to the entire crew.
spiritplumber (GM): fg froze
Near: After lunch, we'll ready for the airship launch! :D
Player_D (Near): D:
Player_K (Naeko): oh noes!
spiritplumber (GM): eh it will do that sometimes you get a bunch of lines all in one go
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I shrug "I think I'll volunteer to stay down. I -have- to get started on those sprayers."
GM: Near, that gets a round of laughs -- Kaia mentions that if Naeko wasn't so big boned she'd probably be the best pilot.
Near: "Nope, everyone will get a ride today. It's preperation."
GM: "Who drives anyway?" Toru asks. "We've never really gone out with this without a rope."
Near: "I've experience with it, so I'll be teaching Rakel and Ramirez how to."
Naeko: "The modified oars should work identically from a propulsion perspective, just feel lighter and be a bit louder."
GM: Toru looks at the gondola, a little dubious. "Do I get on?" In the meantime, the part of the barn's roof which can be pulled back is carefully lifted and moved out of the way so that the airship can get out by just a gentle lateral movement. Rakel and Ramirez are the first two to climb on, followed by Lewi, Tork, Milktea -- who understandably doesn't feel like doing more sewing -- and Fredorig.
Campaign saved.
GM: "We need one person to pull us off and untie the anchor rope..." Rakel comments.
Near: "Not yet, Toru"
Near: I'll get onboard, too (Making 7?)
Near: I'm about to say Ramirez, but he's on board...
GM: Ayotonm asks if this raid happens right now; Toru shrugs, and starts pulling on the gondola. Given that the envelope is already providing some lift, that's enough to move it. (Yes, 7 with Near).
GM: There's a "plop" sound as Ran decides to land on top of the envelope.
Near: "Not right now, now. We have to go over tactics. Anyway, testing time!"
Near: "Oy, Ran! No landing on the envelope!"
Naeko: I lean against a wall, trying not to let how tired i am show, stress from the crash starting to catch up with me. but i want to see the oars working. see the hull holding. i HAVE to have done that much right. it HAS to be right!!
Near: I'll get Ayotnom and Toru to lead the airship, then.
Campaign saved.
GM: [2d20 = 17]
GM: Ran squawks and just sort of jumps down. "Aw, but the burner stinks!" It kinda does. The two soldiers pull on the gondola while those who got on deploy the oars and give them a try -- the swimming motion is a little jerky, but works well.
GM: Ayotonm helps Toru position the ship under the hole, then the smaller man asks permission to come aboard, sounding quite formal about it. Naeko, Zogurt brings you some water and a hankerchief.
Near: "You get used to it."
GM: Near, given that the ship is oar powered, there isn't much in the way of controls beyond "up" or "down"... you do have a good map and one of those two-axis sexstants that Rukti showed you how to make, though. Everything's ready to go! Naeko, whether the resin waterproofed the gondola it'd be best to never find out, but the oars do work by the look of things!
Near: 8's the limit, so yeah, he can get on. Makes less to add with Toru
Near: Right! We'll give a fly around, see how stable it is. I'll get us up a fair bit.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, you call for coal to be thrown in, and the airship -- which isn't at full capacity -- starts climbing up with a good turn of speed! Naeko, looks like you have the place mostly to yourself; Toru is waiting for the mooring rope to be taut before untying it. The airship's burner smels vaguely of rotten eggs, and the takeoff is much less graceful than that of a glider, but can it ever climb fast....
Naeko: I actually blush confusedly at Zogurt's consideration, "Thankyou, Zogurt." and i drink the water, trying to mop my face clear of nervous sweat. "Right. Sprayers. Zogurt, go keep a lookout. I've got... a funny feeling."
Near: I try to make the ascent a little slower..
Naeko: Whether he does or not, I head back to the forge, getting out the recovered sprayers to examine them.
GM: Near, that's not hard. The thing is a lot more responsive than the big airship as far as going up and down goes. Did you bring the drawings for Remia with you?
Near: Hmm? No, I didn't.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt nods and heads out - Ran asks you if she should go on patrol for real or not; the others gather around the glued-together glider to decide what to start doing with it. Naeko, Near left the drawings for Remia's glider on one of the tables... you're not sure where the mechanical arm would come from or how can it be made to move, barring magic.
GM: The sprayer itself is simple: two bladders full of something, a bellows to provide pressure, a small glass tube to allow the chemicals to mix, and a nozzle.
GM: Near, you stabilize at around five hundred feet -- it's the first time the ship goes that high, being as it's the first time you've let her go up without a rope. The crew look a little too busy oooh'ing and aaaah'ing to row....
GM: There's a gentle breeze making you drift south ever so slowly.
Near: exactly WHY I want to take everyone up at least once. :P
Near: "Yes yes, it's pretty. We're drifting, so try to at least keep it going a bit."
Naeko: I nod to Ran "Probably, but close in. Don't go too far" My attention is on the sprayers, looking ot see if i can safely disconnect the bladders from the assembly, as the rest seems pretty easily replicable/repurposable. though some scrap metal to make an armoured housing around the glass parts and bellows is definitely the first order of business when it comes time to try to retrofit them for our use. there's no doubt in my mind that doing such IS within my abilities.
Campaign saved.
GM: Tork spits down and misses the barn -- some drifting did happen; ayotonm remarks that he didn't even hit the REALLY broad side of a barn.
GM: Naeko, Ran finishes the last of the meat then takes off! The whole thing looks like it's been put together with lots of force and little brains: the seals have been made by copper tubing bent and crushed in circles around the thicker tubes. The bladders are leather, and a bit of careful cutting would only shorten the neck by a fraction of an inch.
GM: Near, where do you go?
Player_D (Near): can has map?
GM: Below you, Ran starts to make a counterclockwise wide round around the farm.
Player_D (Near): still loading. x_X
Naeko: i tut at the crudeness grumpily, but do attempt the cutting, they sprayed enough that i should be able to re-rig a temporary seal. though i do wonder how possible it would be for me to get ahold of or etch a thread-boring tool.
Near: Shield is us? Actually, can we fly over the town proper? Ack, forgot a banner, so not a good idea.
Campaign saved.
Near: So let's go straight south a bit, then circle eastto land back at base.
Player_D (Near): brb
Player_D (Near): back
GM: Near, the soldiers start rowing -- with a bit of difficulty -- until you're above the river.
GM: [2d10 = 6]
Near: "Be careful, the air's lighter up here, so it'll be harder work."
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the bladders were half empty, and you do the cutting with little difficulty: it's easy. Zogurt puts a mug of fresh water at a corner of the table. Near, it looks like someone repaired the big barge and -- after thoroughly looting it -- is going back downriver. Looks like they're carrying bricks from up here. "How high can we go?" Fredorig asks.
Near: "Not sure. I've been a couple miles up, though."
Naeko: i get one of the bowls from the kitchen, and experiment with pouring small quantities of hte fluids into it, experimenting with the question of if there's a minimum amount necessary for the reaction, or if it requires the ratios to be balanced... overall.. what happens?
Near: I leave out the part where I FELL a couple miles.
Near: "Don't want to go very high for now. This is good enough."
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, what happens is a lot of bubbling and a lot of heat -- by the look of it the ratio seems to be close to 1:1 and there is no minimum. The smell is somewhat familiar.... (Knowledge: Nature?)
GM: Near, it takes a couple of tries for your crew to turn the ship around as they're not used to synchronized rowing; now it's just a matter of getting back.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: [1d10 = 10]
GM: The breeze has died down, so there's that.
GM: [2d10 = 10]
Naeko: [2d10+1 = 7]
Player_D (Near): you still allow th e3d8?
GM: Naeko, the smell is definitely familiar, but you can't place it.
Player_K (Naeko): fair roll, really. what does nature in the broken lands have to do with ANYWHERE else?
Player_D (Near): point.
GM: Near, spot check?
GM: [2d10 = 11]
Naeko: I try to do tests on the individual chemicals, scraps of metal from the forge a good way to try to test for acidity, and, under the mix, is the bugglign any reaction OTHER than heat?
GM: [6d20 = 53]
Near: Spot [2d10-1 = 11]
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the chemicals seem to be a mild acid and a mild alkaline dissolved in water -- the overal consistency is that of snot, really. They heat up when they mix, and can scold.
GM: Near, was that a contrail? Looks like it was on the other side of the World Mountain though...
Near: "Hrmm.. Anyone catch sight of that?"
Near: I doubt it, but I ask without realizing it.
GM: While the ship makes a full 360 as your soldiers learn how to row, you notice a group of men on horseback south of the harbor. Is it the same group that Ran reported? You get answers in the negative, by and large, other than Ramirez. "Looked like the trails that those rocks left.... went behind the Mountain though."
Near: "Ah. Hrmm."
Naeko: "That's it? No. There must be more to this. What am i MISSING? We could not just replicate this but IMPROVE on it with an armoured and padded backpack protecting glass tanks the size of these pouches, lye for one, sulphur for the other, adjust the solution densities... i'm missing something. i HAVE to be.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): KISS?
Player_K (Naeko): a shadow elf artificer repioneering as the singular practitioner of her discipline do SIMPLE?
Near: "Let's discuss when we get back."
Player_D (Near): Yes.
Player_D (Near): :V
Player_K (Naeko): she's got a lot more settling in to do before that occurrs to her.
Player_D (Near): Heheh.
Player_D (Near): I'll send scouts to the south.
Near: Check on those riders.
GM: Naeko, the others have begun to recognize That Mood and get with the sewing. Near, the little excursion over, you start getting back -- and come across Ran, who flies around the airship twice, watches the oars move, and only reluctantly refrains from jumping on the envelope like one would on a nice bed. "Nothing to report!"
Near: I shout to her to check those riders, if they're up to anything suspicious, but not to engage.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, Ran dives a little and goes to check it out after mentioning that the air behind the airship really does smell like rotten eggs!
GM: Naeko, as for missing things.... the device there looks fairly simple, overall. Obviously some skill went into making the glass parts and brewing the chemicals.
Naeko: no tools. no power. it would take YEARS to build the tools to build the tools to build an electrolytic distillery, let alone find and train a test subject capable of powering it. I miss Generator 7. She made a lot of things simpler.
spiritplumber (GM): me splat O_O;
Player_K (Naeko): sleep well, hon! we should probably all splat!
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): ya for more fun game!
Player_D (Near): yeah. x_X
Player_D (Near): Really fun :D
spiritplumber (GM): sorry for not very sensical stopping point....
Player_D (Near): Yay progress!
Player_D (Near): Sokies.
spiritplumber (GM): splat *-*
Player_D (Near): We can off screen to a good point next session. :P
spiritplumber (GM): yay incremental backup >_>
Player_K (Naeko): *huggles*
'Player_K' connected
spiritplumber (GM): FFFFFFUUUUUUUU
Campaign saved.

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'Player_K' identified as 'Genny'
spiritplumber (GM): is it all in there? also, naeko has no inventory O_O;
Player_K (Genny): YAY!
Player_K (Genny): and yeah, i never got around to working out just what the hell she SHOULD have in terms of paperwork.
spiritplumber (GM): anything reasonable, her harness should figure into it because it can get damaged or stolen but since it seems to me that's the ingame equivalent of a spell component pouch i won't charge against it
Player_K (Genny): damaged, yes, but someone has to take an atricle of clothing -off- for it to be stolen.
Player_K (Genny): at least when it's a redundantly secured skintight harness
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Stranger stuff has happened.
spiritplumber (GM): Near had her lower body stolen after getting drunk one time.
Player_K (Genny): Naeko spent her childhood hiding/running/defending erself from living with people who were eager to kill her, some of which in order to harvest and biopsy her organs to try to replicate her abnormal strength.
Player_K (Genny): Naeko does not drink beyond 'ever so slightly buzzed'
Player_K (Genny): Naeko's not on any of those lists...
spiritplumber (GM): If you start capturing aliens theyll start to do same
spiritplumber (GM): I guess she counts as staff
spiritplumber (GM): she should be O_O;
Player_K (Genny): Aliens will start trying to biopsy Naeko's organs?
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Genny): or Naeko will have freakouts over the fact that she's Doing Unto Others as was threatened to do unto her?
spiritplumber (GM): Alien autopsy IS a trope. And it can go both ways.
spiritplumber (GM): NO XCOM, YOU ARE THE ALIENS
spiritplumber (GM): honestly surprised that kobolds got no examination past "yellowish instead of green/grey" and "malnourished
Player_K (Genny): oh, if it was ME, i'd have gone nano over it.
Player_K (Genny): but Naeko's more physics than biology.
Player_K (Genny): nana, even. and while Naeko has relaxed some on strictness of Sacred Rule, she's going to stressplode over it sooner or later. but autopsy will happen.
spiritplumber (GM): meep!
spiritplumber (GM): note that according to the splatbooks ALL of Ethngar's population is nomadic. Since that's stupid, there are villages on the river; Izwald happens to be the largest. \
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Was the capital, but that went south quickly after the last Golden Khan jut sort of wandered off and there was a war between brothers.
Player_K (Genny): i have already stated my opinion of "fuck the splatbooks. GM speaks with Voice of Glod when it comes to world-design matters for their story."
spiritplumber (GM): the OD&D splatbooks are very stereotipey and i try to avoid that
spiritplumber (GM): basically the original intent was to take the original D&D setting and give it the Battlestar Galactica treatment
Player_K (Genny): and i like that.
spiritplumber (GM): that wasn't very fun so some skizo tech and memes got mixd in. then t was more fun. :)
Player_K (Genny): very much so.
Player_K (Genny): *hugs* i need to tell you some stuff.
spiritplumber (GM): sure O_O,
Player_K (Genny): the games i have GMed: a game of Maid taking chunks of Disgaea setting so that the characters started out as prinnies in maid uniforms trying to sneakily recover their bodies and souls on the side while tasked with recovering their daemonic Mistress's stolen pastries.
spiritplumber (GM): Maid and prinnies. You and D definitely need to co-write something.
Player_K (Genny): a game of Paranoia where the troubleshooters were sent, not just Outside, but through an anomaly created by an experimental power generator
spiritplumber (GM): sounds fun, zany or srs?
spiritplumber (GM): Meep! and where did that take/?
Player_K (Genny): Johnca-R-TER of Mars
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Genny): and currently i'm GMing the test-game of Magical Girl Apocalypse
spiritplumber (GM): Oooooh
Player_K (Genny): i don't do zany OR serious. put it all in the blender and push the 'manic fun' button
spiritplumber (GM): nice
spiritplumber (GM): real mars or burroughs mars?
Player_K (Genny): worse. my chaotic interpretation of a combination of DPRagan's semi-terraformed mars mixed with Red Faction mars mixed with Bradbury mars
Player_K (Genny): in short, i will ALWAYS have your back on the concept of taking the details of the canon to pieces to hang different meat on the skeleton to tell a new and interesting story to play through
spiritplumber (GM): ncie O_O
spiritplumber (GM): ya, mainly it's because i hate doing character stats (i stink at it) so i can use the premades on Pandius
Player_K (Genny): how's Genny's inventory look? as a generic base, anyway. i assume for specific missions she'd pick up additional supplies.
spiritplumber (GM): looks good and yes, loadout is generally done on go
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): the harness i keep thinking looks like the Healing Jacket from Arcanum, speaking of which.
Player_K (Genny): in my head, the harness looks like in the picture i sent you of Naeko. at least from the waist up.
Player_K (Genny): though i lost the picture with the big ol gauntlets... *sigh*
Player_K (Genny): also, Naeko seemed to pick up a 5th HP somewhere? was that supposed to happen?
spiritplumber (GM): not that i'm aware of?
spiritplumber (GM): i see 4hp
spiritplumber (GM): try to log in as her?
spiritplumber (GM): also good call on featherfall
Campaign saved.
'Player_K' connected
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
'Player_K' disconnected
Player_K (Genny): only 4 now. must've been a glitch of some sort
spiritplumber (GM): one advantage you guys have is that as a militia unit, at least you get food paid for (so far)
spiritplumber (GM): and ya, i see naeko' inventory as empty right now
Player_K (Genny): me too.
Player_K (Genny): but aside from the basics that'd be much the same as Genny except not having the "Choker"...
Player_K (Genny): i'm not really sure what to do for her. i mean, fountain pen of seemingly endless ink is established
Player_K (Genny): some degree of personal inventory of chemicals is established.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): want me to copy it over, also what's the choker for?
Player_K (Genny): the choker is a collar that Naeko gave Genny to mark her as 'favourite test subject'
Player_K (Genny): and copy over works. though is battleaxe instead of dagger and no crossbow
spiritplumber (GM): i generally put weapons in the first page coz easier to keep track of
Player_K (Genny): i'm OCD when i let myself bookkeep, so i put 'em on both.
Player_K (Genny): and i DO think if it's valid that Genny's second level is likely to be in Dee's "Pilot" class.
spiritplumber (GM): up to you charsheet wise, long as i can understand it :)
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): genny is tiny O_O; 1.1m is a tall halfling or gnome
Player_K (Genny): Genny was five, then she spent five years dangling from strings in a glass music box and starving, only noticed enoguh to be fed when she was also be to fucked. then she spent 6 years in Naeko's lab, the last four of which were tucked up inside a metal orgasm egg.
Player_K (Genny): so, not much resources to grow with when she had space to grow in. when body had resources, didn't have space.
spiritplumber (GM): eek, even Avara had it easier
Player_K (Genny): this is why Genny is ecstatically loyal about being 'favourite test subject'
Player_K (Genny): SHE doesn't know how to have other types of relationships, either.
spiritplumber (GM): I'm curious to see how you RP her seeing the sun for the first time in years.
spiritplumber (GM): she'll probably end up thinking that living around balloons and so on is normal
Player_K (Genny): the sun? fuck the sun. the SKY is gonna be the scary one to someone who's only sense of safety and happiness was the result of living with one's only light coming through one's airholes and intermittently through the maintenance/cleaning hatch
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): and you want to train that as a pilot? should be intereting
Player_K (Genny): hey, Mastress was able to train me to the point i could go hold down a job in retail dealing with strangers on a continuous basis, ne?
Player_K (Genny): subby loyalty is a powerful force
spiritplumber (GM): Ya, should do a bit more of that I think. I'd still like to take you or even D sailing. Still working on owning a boat zo.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Both your characters are a bit squishy!
Player_K (Genny): they are. but... i'll work on it later.
spiritplumber (GM): theories on the aliens so far?
Player_K (Genny): mine, or Naeko's?
Player_K (Genny): also, re squish: i like casters. i can't help it.
Player_K (Genny): Genny isn't anywhere near as headlong-rush-in as Naeko, either.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Both.
Player_K (Genny): mine... a faction of Air Elementals decided blowing up BLackmoor wasn't enough, they want to blow up everybody, and have recruited Diverse Minions to populate the Iron Star with.
Player_K (Genny): and have been "improving" them, unaware of hte irony in that they're acting very Blackmoorian towards them.
spiritplumber (GM): I like that. Tracking the iron star would be good then, suggest you guys get telescopes (which will require sending for lenses)
spiritplumber (GM): clear glass is EXPENSIVE. even potions and so on are kept in green glass
Player_K (Genny): Naeko's thought about it, but figures if Near won't even let her send out for proper STEEL, glass hasn't a hope in hell.
spiritplumber (GM): depends what you'd call proper really. all normal metals are findable in izwald
spiritplumber (GM): you'd have problems with mithril or adamantine or cold iron, but tha'ts it
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Genny): proper as in has been through the hands of someone who can make a good small spring reliably, as opposed to hers that can make bulky springs well, if she's lucky
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah, well, a good percent of the population here thinks that cooked meals are a modern marvel :p
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Genny): i know that. Naeko knows that.
Player_K (Genny): i understand it. Naeko wonders why they don't mass-suicide and get revived by a lich who'll get them to build some infrastructure for the next settlers to use.
Player_K (Genny): ....actually, could that be a Chatoic Good Necromancer? goes around rezzing forgotten war-dead as a travelling low-maintenance labour force for public works projects
Player_K (Genny): ?
spiritplumber (GM): EXTERMINATE
spiritplumber (GM): It happens n some places
spiritplumber (GM): notably alphatia
spiritplumber (GM): the average alphatian peasant has fewer rights than the average thyatian peasant, but a higher quality of life due to among other things undead labor.
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Campaign saved.
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'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
Player_K (Naeko): i... still... FUNCTION!!!
'Player_D' connected
Player_K (Naeko): "But Not for long!!!"
spiritplumber (GM): XD
spiritplumber (GM): meep?
'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
Player_D (Near): Rawr!
spiritplumber (GM): Starscream vs Rainbow Dash was good, too.
spiritplumber (GM): Bananas!
Campaign saved.
Naeko: so... to cap, airship made a successful patrol, Ran had been sent out, Naeko was pissy about the sprayers eeming too siple compared to what was done with the rocks
Player_D (Near): Banananana
spiritplumber (GM): And it's now day 16!
GM: [2d10 = 2]
GM: [2d10 = 12]
GM: [2d10 = 12]
GM: [2d10 = 16]
spiritplumber (GM): what is it with % die
Player_D (Near): no clue o-o
Player_K (Naeko): i think all the dies are pretty pissy with us.
GM: The airship having been tested and a few of the soldiers having been finally able to leave the ground for more than a few minutes, morale is very high when the airship gets back to base!
Near: Once we've landed, I ask what eveyone thought of their first air ride.
Campaign saved.
GM: You come back to find Toma having returned from the city; it's not quite dark yet, but getting there. Naeko, you still can't figure out where the chemicals could come from, but otherwise the sprayer is a very simple thing and could possibly be used with other liquids. Near, only during landing you realize that Ayatonm threw up.... he did a good job hiding it in flight, but there's some left on the gondola's side. That much said, the moment the gondola touches the ground -- guided in by Toru right into the hngar with no problem, since there was no wind -- you get a great big cheer! Rakel reminds everyone to not jump out or shelll end up taking off again, give the phlogiston in the balloon time to dissipate. The most enthusiastic is probably Tork; Milktea has been doing good project on the other glider, and essentially demands that whoever didnt go last time go next.... please? First time you've heard a please from her.
Near: Of course! That was the plan, I let her know. "Wanted to give everyone a ride, after all."
Near: "Enjoy it while it's still new, you guys will probably hate flying after a while."
GM: Now it's everyone else's turn to cheer! Naeko, it's a tiny bit distracting... Near, Ayotomn tries to make a brave face and says "Never!"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I ignore the people, thoguh the cheering tells me the blimp is back. i move over to the blimp, running my hands along hte hull, checking to see if the new oars caused any stress-fractures despite the resin reinforcement. it would be important to know, after all. an oar breaking off in flight would be disastrous for what it woudl take with it, heavy high-tension springs whipping back into the gondola... but i'll keep that to myself.
Near: "I'd suggest dinner first, but that may not be the best idea."
GM: Naeko, spot check and know:engi check? You do notice a bit of a stain on the side. Near, the bemustached soldier heartily agrees.
GM: Where did Ran go?
Player_D (Near): you're asking me?
Player_K (Naeko): ...paranoid. don't trust the dice. this is calm situation, take 10 on both for 11 and 13 respectively?)
Player_D (Near): Probably derping around base, waiting on dinner.
GM: Naeko, other than someone threw up (at least they did it over the side) the oars look good; they didn't get much of a workout, that's true, but you have the right to be proud of your handiwork.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: Now that's it's WORKED, i can admit that it was just an experiment. i'll let Near know that the hull should be checked regularly for signs of stress from the springs regularly when there's a quiet, private-ish moment.
Player_D (Near): Right, who went up last time?
spiritplumber (GM): Fredorig, Bin, Lewi, Tork, Kiri and Ayotnom
Player_D (Near): thought I took Ramirez, also?
GM: Naeko, Zogurt asks when if he can go with you next time. If he's giving you the puppy eyes, he's not very good at it, or maybe he's just following a fly.
spiritplumber (GM): derp, ya, ramirez instead of lewi, sry.
Naeko: "Zogurt, i'm not the boss-lady. i build stuff. who goes up ain't -my- call."
Near: So, it's Naeko, Zogurt, Lewi, Milktea, Toru, Rakel, and Remia
GM: After the envelope deflates, a Kiri and Bin call latrines and run off.... Rakel says she needs to clean herself up, as well. All in all, not a bad run... All you have to report to the city is that there's a barge coming up and that large group of horsemen to the south got closer to Izwald and probably saw one of the falling rocks.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): OH! Right, I sent Ran to check on those horsemen.
GM: One thng you never did work out is a signal method - you have flares but those are supposed to be for emergencies, and while you were promised carrier pigeons, none came. Ran did go andreported it to Krunz in the balloon before coming back, so that's dealt with for the time being; she doesn't seem thrilled at the prospect of BEING the carrier pigeon.
GM: [6d20 = 46]
Near: We should use flag signals.
GM: Near, Fredorig gets back from the little room, calls it not his turn to cook, and says he's almost done whittling a decent shogi set, so he'd like to finish that if he cna go off duty.
Near: Ehhh.. Hmm. I guess, since we don't have much left tonight.
GM: Naeko, Rakel didn't seem to mind you using "her" workspace ths time, so there's that!
Near: We don't have time to do another airship run tonight, do we?
Naeko: "Can we get flags high enoguh to be reliably seen from the city from here? without dangling them from the blimp?"
Near: "If we put up a tower, but that would take resources."
Campaign saved.
Naeko: ".... flagpole with a pulley on it? run up brightly coloured scraps of cloth in specific patterend orders?
GM: Near, it'll be sundown in an hour or so... everyone who didn't get to go so happens to volunteer to eat later than usual, of course.
Naeko: "Can't send as complex of codes as with position as a variable, but it'd be something."
Near: So we'll do another airship run for the people who didn't go last time.
Near: "Yeah, that's a good idea."
GM: Rakel is cleaning herself up and shouts that it's probably best if it's not just her who knows how to handle the burner, who else got it?
Naeko: I grumble a bit, but volunteer. "I managed the one for the balloon alright on my first try. I should be able to manage this one, too."
Near: I had been teaching Ramirez, I thought. But with the doods we're going with this time.. Naeko!
Naeko: After all, if boss-lady's gonna drag me along instead of letting me work... well, i'll observe the airship in flight and work on ideas for improving it more! there's always work!
Near: "Your project isn't going anywhere, daylight for flying is."
GM: So who all goes? Near, do you get back out there? Toma says if you want to sort out building a tower, you and him can plan it out now and he'll get it done tomorrow. Ran wants to come along, but only if shhe gets to ride on top.
Near: And with me taking Remia up with us this time, chances of crap being messed with is greatly reduced.
Campaign saved.
Near: Remia, Naeko, Zogurt, Toru, Milktea, and Lewi, are the ones that didn't go lasttime.
Player_K (Naeko): Anythign Naeko actually -says- is in quotes. the boss-lady bit was internal
Player_D (Near): Rakel did or didn't go?
Player_K (Naeko): or at east meant to be, since Naeko definitely has the 'verbal diahhreah' flaw
Near: Her body language says plenty. :P
spiritplumber (GM): Rakel went and was operating the furnace.
Player_D (Near): Kies.
spiritplumber (GM): As a way to get out of Naeko's hair mostly, she's being a bit nicer re: sharing a workbench
Naeko: I shrug, gesturing for Rakel to give me some detail on the burner so i'm not playing by ear like i was with the balloon.
Near: I also fill you in as things get started.
Near: "I should get a few others to learn this, just in case..."
Near: "That'll be later, though."
Naeko: "Definitely. I'm already working out ideas for encapsulated heat-bombs from their sprayers. whoever made them the first time probably did, too."
GM: Naeko, the burner is a little more complicatd, but not by much and certainly not by your standards; it's just a way to make phlogisticated air and direct it upward.
GM: Near, who all is going, then? You are the boss afterall.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Near): I said it. x_X
Near: Remia, Me, Naeko, Zogurt, Toru, Milktea, Lewi
GM: How about Ran?
Near: Eh, if she wants, just be careful with those talons!
Naeko: "Xelclo banding around the gasbag would be a good way to give Ran somewhere save to land."
GM: Ran squawks happily and takes off, but Rakel says that the envelope has to reinflate, also everyone get on board! Bin complains that why does Near get to go out twice, with Ramirez reminding him she's the captain and besides nobody knows how to steer other thn Near and Remia. Bin mentions that then someone else should probably learn if that's the case!
GM: Ran sits on top of the sliding roof and kicks her talons looking down.
Near: "You'll learn later!"
Near: "If you're good."
Campaign saved.
Near: pyo?
Naeko: Just in case, i check the connections on my gauntlets and boots before vaulting into the gondola. "i'm gonna be watching, you know. i expect to suss most of it out by the end of this trip."
'AmpuDe3' connected
GM: Naeko, Rakel tells you that in general you want to get people on board before taking off for weight reasons. "Bring axe?"
'AmpuDe3' identified as 'Ran'
Player_K (Naeko): so far as i'm aware, i didn't say Naeko took the axe off even for the glider run. her go ANYWHERE unarmed? not bloody likely.
GM: That was Zogurt, being super giddy around the gondola because he was told the whole thing is delicate.
Near: "Try not to for now, I don't expect to encounter hostiles."
Campaign saved.
Ran: "Wark~ Coo~"
Naeko: I give Near an unfriendly look. "I don't put down my weapon for ANYBODY."
GM: Ran, there isn't really a spot to sit on top of the airship -- maybe one o the thick ropes that hold the two parts together if you're careful.
GM: "Just check your weight" Rakel opines, still scrubbing herself with sand.
Player_K (Naeko): i was pretty sure that even with her gear, Naeko wasn't the heaviest one here.
Near: "You will here. I won't make a threat about it, but you will here."
Near: Establishing dominance!
spiritplumber (GM): Nah, Toru is
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I tense visibly, biting back a hiss of frustration. I want to scream. I want to attack. I want to not jsut hold my axe but USE my axe. How DARE she? She doesn't know! She probably can't even IMAGINE living that way! But that's just it. She doesn't know.
GM: Everyone who was in the militia before takes a step back -- something like this is not unusual in these parts: the Dios family had a heck of a time getting rid of promotion by assassination in the cavalry.
Naeko: "Make me regret this, and i promise you'll regret it." I lift my axe off my back, handing it over the edge of the gondola to Zogurt, my shoudlers quake as it takes me well over a dozen tries to actually let go of it, nauseated by doing so.
Player_D (Near): Near's probably been through worse, really.
Player_K (Naeko): cut open by her older siblings only a few days after being born so they could poke and find out why she wasn't radiation sick?
GM: Situation defused! Zogurt puts Naeko's axe away carefully, with a couple of sniggers from Ayotnom. "We'll go ahead and eat if that's all right, captain - leave everything ready for when you get back."
Player_K (Naeko): high STR and CON for a shadow elf...
Player_D (Near): Adulf opened her up a couple times. She fell 2 miles. She's been beaten to near-death. She's exploded twice. She's come back from the dead.
Player_D (Near): Last one is a technicality.
Player_K (Naeko): and Naeko doesn't know that about Near. but similarly, Near doesn't know about Naeko and her "family life"
Ran: "derp.."
Ran: "Wanna fly wanna fly." Wait, umm. I blush and try to hide my face.
GM: Toma was the only one who wasn't in a hurry to get airborne; he puts away the chalk and figures better see what the kid wants to cook. Ran, spot check?
Near: "Go ahead."
Campaign saved.
Ran: Spot [1d20+1 = 14]
Player_K (Naeko): probably once Naeko and Near actually -do- get to know each other they'll get along well.
Player_D (Near): Probably.
Player_D (Near): Near's gonna enjoy the training session, zo. :3
Player_D (Near): >:3
Player_K (Naeko): 'training session'? lol.
GM: Ran, speaking of, the big balloon has started lifting up while the short-arms were arguing.
Ran: "Umm, shouldn't you get on nows?"
GM: Not actually flying up by itself, just sort of filled up again and started tugging at the ropes....
Player_K (Naeko): i know Naeko got on, did anyone else?
Near: I got on first, to check things over.
GM: Everyone else climbs on to see that Remia not only already had, she's even sitting in the backpack thing that Kaia improvised for her -- the pilot is making sure that Ayotonm doesn't burn anything whle ttrying to cook, so she didn't put her in.
GM: You can take off! Zogurt and Toru take two of the oars.
Campaign saved.
Near: Huzzah!
GM: Ran, this may be a good time to climb on.
Near: Basically the same circuit as before.
GM: There's no wind, so taking off is trivial... are you driving or letting someone else drive?
Ran: Eep!
Ran: I try getting on, the rope thingie!
Near: I'll teach hmmm. Milk how to drive it.
GM: Naeko, the burner is really basic. Of course it's based on flow of air, phlogisticated or not, through... oh dear, looks like that not having rubbers, one of the leather pipes was made out of a horse or a bull's male parts. Saves on sttching, at least.
GM: Ran, balance check?
Ran: Balance [1d20+9 = 26]
Ran: yay balance!
Ran: Flapflap.
Near: Hooray for ork ingenuity!
Naeko: I don't really mind. i've more brothers than sisters, and they've given me a rather dim view on non-artificial penis. the thought of one with phlogisticated air flowing throuhg it while the Owner is still alive fills me with an ice warm glow. I get close to the burner, trying to see if i can gauge where it should be by the heat i can feel from it, rather than needing ot wait for a response from the balloon.
GM: Ran, the rope is easy to hang on to.... the envelope is... stinky in the back, but kinda fluffy to lean into! It feels a bit like what you figured clouds would feel like to sit on when you were little, until you figured out that they're just made of air.
Ran: Fluffy~
Ran: I try to keep from snuggling the envelope and falling asleep.
Naeko: And it's something i honestly wouldn't have thoguht of. Hmm. could laminated intestine be used instead of the crude copper seals for reverse-engineering the sprayers?
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the burner sems to behave well so far. Near, what's the heading? Remia has been secured so she can look down, and the other three have shuffled around so that Toru is rowing on both sides at the same time while Zogurt and Lewi take the back oars.
GM: Naeko, it'd depend on the chemicals - maybe in the parts where they're separated.
'Player_D' disconnected
'AmpuDe3' disconnected
GM: Ran, one thing you notice is that while you can see some wind in the sparse trees in the sunset, since you're still just climbing it FEELS like tat there is no wind at all!
spiritplumber (GM): derp
Player_K (Naeko): the seals were of the leather bags to the glass parts, weren't they?
'AmpuDe3' connected
'AmpuDe3' identified as 'Near'
Player_K (Naeko): wibbies
'Player_D' connected
Near: Heading is same as last time, a lazy circle to give everyone a taste of flight
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
GM: Ran, one thing you notice is that while you can see some wind in the sparse trees in the sunset, since you're still just climbing it FEELS like tat there is no wind at all!
spiritplumber (GM): Which way roughly?
Near: Southward first
Naeko: I sit next to the burner, slowly but steadily feeding it coal to keep the heat levels constant.
Campaign saved.
GM: As the sun sets, the river looks like a shimmering snake to the south of you -- it makes reflections that you can't see from th ground. Finding wind to go southward seems to requrie a bit of climbing, so there's that... Remia is calling out the stars she can see to the sides of the envelope as they begin to come out. Naeko, the device is basic, really; you're used to much worse. You can also tell that a good half of the moving parts in ths thing either don't ever move or can't move....
Near: "Milktea, you've got it? We're going to move westward around in a circle."
AmpuDe3 (Near): I'm teaching her to fly this :o
GM: As you try to head south, which ends up being more southeast due to a gentle breeze, you cross the river; past the hills you can see a few large cmpfires. Near, Milktea nods enthusiastically -- she just has to call to the other soldiers which way to steer, and keep an eye on which way you're facing versus which way you want to go versus which way the wind goes.
GM: Ran, spot check?
Ran: Spot [1d20+1 = 2]
Ran: My, the moon is beautiful tonight.
GM: Ran, being up in the air but not having to work for it is a little disorienting :)
Naeko: I sigh, and try not to look at it too much. We'll rebuild the engine eventually and ditch the goblinvomit. and a fin/rudder system instead of thrust-modulation turning might be a good idea, too.
spiritplumber (GM): I strongly suggest you guys develop space flight before Naeko means Zalpha because you'll need it to run away from the explosions :p
spiritplumber (GM): meets
AmpuDe3 (Near): yes x-x
Player_K (Naeko): HMPH! Naeko's explosions are all deliberate and controlled, thank you very much!
GM: Other than the chokchokchokchok of the burner's valve, it's actually really peaceful out. Naeko, where are you looking, instead?
AmpuDe3 (Near): Though it would help get Zalpha her inspiration back...
spiritplumber (GM): Actually right now Naeko would probably not think much of Zalpha, yeah.
Ran: "Blue mooooon~ You saw me standing alooooooone~ Without a dream in my heaaaaaart~ Without a love of my oooooown~"
Ran: Sing [1d20+8 = 24]
Player_D (Ran): ...and of course.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I mostly look around the airship, trying to gauge its performance, the strain on those rowing, i need to see that i've made things better. it would be nice to achieve that for once. to have built something that's not an urgent run of an arms race.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
GM: Naeko, Zogurt is singing along.
GM: Loudly.
GM: Not that badly for semiferal ork standards, by all means, but the occasional roars detract.
Naeko: I'm used to the roar of being in a lab that's a cavity between the piping for the energies and souls of unwillingly bound air elementals. i am far too tone deaf to realize that Zogurt is bad at singing.
Near: "Now with how the wind's taking us, which way do you think we should go to get back?" I ask Milk
GM: Naeko, Toru is having to row two oars - he's big and strong enogh to handle it so far, and it's a more natural movement than galley-style oars. Lewi seems to suffer from a little bit of a whiplash when the oar rolls, but it may be her doing it wrong. You leave the river behind and come to a row of rolling hills -- there's a fairly large campfire to your right as you face Izwald. The balloon is up, and you can see its silouhette as the sun goes down.
GM: Near, Milktea says that we're kinda going against the wnd right now, so she'd try to either go up or down to deal with that. Probably down since it looks safe and it'll get cold soon.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt may or may not look at you as he sings... Ran eventually stops.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: Ran, spot check again?
Near: What does my flight experience say about her suggestions?
Ran: Spot [1d20+1 = 5]
Player_D (Ran): dammit.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I am oblivious to Zogurt's attentions. i'm busily trying to observe what's going on with Lewi and if it's my fault or hers.
Naeko: I want to fix it either way, but i need to know what's broken.
GM: Naeko, Lewi seems to be trying to twist the handle to make the oar turn over, even though it does that by itself.
GM: Near, do you recommend up or down? Up is more likely to get you favorable wind, but it'll get cold. Down means no wind at all, so a bit more arm work, but warmer.
Naeko: I contemplate how to tell her, then decide rather than just shouting, i'll quickly move over to her, and whisper to try to avoid humiliating her. "No need to twist it yourself. that's what all the gearing is for. Let the springs and cogs do the work."
GM: Naeko, Lewi stops for a moment, then resumes rowing trying to do what you say -- you guys aren't going any faster, but her movement is smoother.
GM: /ooc I think Ran half fell asleep on the envelope. XD
Near: "Up will be colder, but down will be more work. If we were heading to battle, I'd say up, but we're heading back, so down is fine."
Ran: "Fuwafuwaaa.."
AmpuDe3 (Near): Probably.
spiritplumber (GM): or just kinda snuggled up on it coz it's fluffy and the front doesn't smell
Campaign saved.
GM: Down it is! You start heading back... The balloon on top of Izwald's keep fires a red flare, roughly in your direction!
Near: What's that mean? o_o
Naeko: I refrain from screaming I told you you should have let me bring my axe! luckily, it's too dark now for a black catigrl's facial expression to be very visible.
GM: The flare flies unsteadily as if it had been shot straight at you, but dies off long before coming even close. A moment later, you hear its whistle.
GM: Ran, spot check again? Wake up!
Ran: Wark?! [1d20+1 = 21]
spiritplumber (GM): She's the one on top.
Player_D (Ran): ...
spiritplumber (GM): And now she rolls a 20 lol
GM: Ran, the unnatural red light did wake you up -- and good thing too! There's four fading points of light, like shooting stars, roughly in a square, fading.... you see them streak across the moon still though! They're headed southeast of where you are, falling fast!
Ran: I screech, "There are four lights! Falling southeast!"
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): are we ALL disarmed, or did Near just inflict that stupidity on Naeko?
Near: Can a glider be launched carrying some weapons and a few sets of armor?
Near: Technically, Toru and Ran aren't unarmed.
Player_K (Naeko): no OOC offense intended, but Naeko is going to be -so- shouty at Near if she makes it out of this physically capable of shouting
spiritplumber (GM): lol
GM: Technically only Remia is unarmed
Near: "Well, that's surprising. The law of Murphy."
Near: Can a glider be launched with some shortspears, a shield, a bow, a crossbow, and 10arrows and 10 bolts?
-> Ran: You also got a decent look at the Iron Star as it crossed the Moon. It looks like one of those glaives that Freeholders use sometimes...
GM: Near, yes, but who's going to tell them?
Near: How long would it take us to get back to base and back?
Naeko: "Yeah, boss-lady. Real surprised. You want to tell Ran to go get all the weapons she can carry, or make a flyover to see what comes out of those rocks?"
GM: Near, maybe an hour or so? The major issue is that it'd involve a lot of rowing.
GM: Less than that, but at the price of exhaustion.
Near: Point. "Ran! Get your harpy ass to base, and tell them to send a care package! Move it on th edouble!"
Campaign saved.
Near: They should know what a carepackage means. :V
GM: At night, the smoke trail left by the falling rocks is a lot harder to spot -- you'd likely have missed the landing spot if you didn't know what to look for.
Near: oh boy, a night mission without equipment. :V
spiritplumber (GM): Blame the percent die :P You can also leave it alone till dawn, but..
Near: We got anything usable as clubs or quarterstaves?
Ran: "Wark! Umm, right!"
Ran: I follow orders, flying as fast as I can, trying to remember the spot to send them to.
Ran: Flame on! Portable thermals!
GM: The oar handles? They can come off. It may be a bit of a pain to put them back in...
Naeko: "The oar-handles can come off to be short-staves. Sort of. Boss-lady, we survive this, can i get a few words in private?"
GM: Ran, spot check again?
Player_K (Naeko): i was just saying that, lol
Ran: [1d20+1 = 13]
GM: You can probably figure the place out. There's actually a building down there, although you can't see what it is -- not many buildings between the river and hills.
Near: "Shut it. Mistakes are to be learned from."
GM: Near, Milktea asks if she should get out of the way and help row for now. Remia doesn't look scared and just calls out what can she do to help? Toru just nods.
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Naeko: "Ain't about that. S'why i said private. And after we survive."
Player_K (Naeko): whatever you just did made it incredibly hard to read the text..
Near: "Go help row," I say to milk with a nod, "It'll keep everyone somewhat fresh."
Campaign saved.
Near: I pull us to land maybe 100 or so feet from the landing spot
GM: Zogurt grins. "Fightan' time!"
Near: ...200 feet may be better.
AmpuDe3 (Near): ...Actually, everyone should have a belt knife.
AmpuDe3 (Near): I didn't put it on their gear as much I didn't put their clothes. >_>;
AmpuDe3 (Near): anyway.
Player_K (Naeko): could i use Dancing Lights to emulate a starshell?
GM: Near, as you get closer, you see that the building is in fact the skeletal remains of a farm that was built with some effort to take advantage of the river for irrigation -- the owner either moved on or, most likely, became prosperous enough to attract hostile attention and was plundered. It's night -- at least the moon is almost full. The river is to your right as you come in for a landing.
GM: Naeko, that's definitely worth a try.
Near: Oh! We should check that farm in case there's something to use as clubs in place of tearin' up the ship.
spiritplumber (GM): utility knife?
GM: How fast are you trying to get there?
Player_K (Naeko): gonna hold off on that until we land, don't wanna ruin the surprise.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Either a dagger or kuri, depending on the person.
Near: Mmm, not too fast to tire everyone out.
Player_K (Naeko): for Naeko, she'd have used her axe.
Campaign saved.
GM: It's a tense ten minutes until you get to your destination -- the river's whisper sounds menacing rather than soothing now, and it's colder than you thought it was.
Ran: How long does it take me to get to base?
Naeko: I hiss "I can light them up for us when you say the word, boss-lady."
Near: Are we by the farm?
GM: Not yet! There's a couple of trees there; the four fallen rock have landed hard -- one has cracked. The farm is a lttle further southwest from the landing sites, which look remarkably symmetrical other than the split-open rock... the things landed in a diamond formation.
Near: "Good. Fall behind with Lewi and Milk. Toru, you got your knives on you? Give them to Lewi. Zogurt, Toru, take point with me." I'm torne between having Remia stay on the airship, or taking her with me.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I nod, without my axe, i don't want to get in the effective range of those sprayers.
Near: I get out my knife, this'll be fun.
spiritplumber (GM): what's the damage for belt knives? 1d3?
AmpuDe3 (Near): Neat how the pixels actually make goot squares.
AmpuDe3 (Near): 1d4
spiritplumber (GM): thats for a combat knife
AmpuDe3 (Near): I guess, it's what's written for a dagger.
GM: There's very little wind, and landing vertically shouldn't be harder -- these rocks aren't going to get back up to the sky any time soon, so there's that.... where do you land?
Near: By the farmhouse.
GM: Naeko, you can definitely send a magical flare, but it'll only last a minute or so. If you want to use it for illumination to follow you, that's an option....
spiritplumber (GM): can you see the blue marker?
AmpuDe3 (Near): ya
Player_K (Naeko): the plan is illumination of the landing site where the rocks fell once we're all out of hte airship
AmpuDe3 (Near): if you have Light it lasts 1 hour for you..
Player_K (Naeko): i have Dancing Lights
Player_K (Naeko): more flexible, less duration
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): Light is an at hand object beocmes glowy. Dancing lights is what i want, where i want it.
GM: The farmhouse is dilapidated; the wood is old and dried, and quite a bit of the structure has been taken up for firewood. Naeko, you can ether try to moor the ship to a tree or to one of the support beams, or land it like you were shown to -- this will make it harder to take off in a hurry though.
GM: Your improvised starshell will last for about a minute tops, but you can probably drop it where you want, withn limits.
Near: Anything usable to make clubs with?
GM: Remia is... excited? "What can I do to help?" Zogurt wants to take the oar handle off already.
Naeko: I do moor it. if needbe i can burn out the ropes with acid for a quick launch, or someone can cut them.
GM: Maybe inside the farmhouse?
Near: in th efarmhouse, that is
Near: "Check the farmhouse before you rip up the ship."
Near: I don't know if we've landed or not. x-x
GM: About three quarters of the roof are still there -- Naeko, use rope check?
GM: You're hovering next to the farmhouse.
Naeko: [1d20 = 8]
GM: Naeko, if you stop feeding coal to the thing, it'll smolder for a while -- by your judgement the rope you tied to a protruding support beam will stay there; the heavy things weren't taken for firewood specifically because they'd be too heavy to transport, and they look too old to recycle structurally. Hopefully it'll hold...
Near: "Remia, can you make sure the ship doesn't float off?"
Naeko: Good enough. i'm too pissy about going into battle feeling naked to really put much into checking ropes in the dark.
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, Remia wriggles off the backpack and shuffles closer to the furnace, then looks around. "Okay!"
Near: "Good girl."
Near: "Just until we get back, okay?"
Near: Disembark tiem!
Near: "One at a time, easy now!"
GM: What's the disembark order?
Near: "Check the farmhouse for somethung usable."
Near: Toru, Zogurt, Lewi, Milk, Naeko, Me.
Naeko: I had a hand on the edge of the gondola to vault off and start scavving... but i do wait. grudgingly, but i wait.
GM: [2d10-1 = 15]
Ran flies as fast as possible
GM: Toru climbs off and by some sheer miracle doesn't just go through the roof! After you had a few moments to get used to the darkness, it's actually not too hard to see, although it may be inside the ruined farmhouse. Naeko, just looking away from the fire gets your eyes used to the gloom.
AmpuDe3 (Near): I didn't realize we were disembarking right on the roof. Oop.
GM: [2d10+2 = 11]
GM: Zogurt follows.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, it does look a bit rickety -- Lewi and Milk got off with no problems.
Naeko: I climb off, picking a route tha tlooks like i'll be able to scamper down into the farmhouse proper. i want a weapon, and i want it NOW.
GM: Are you guys sliding off into the farmhouse or out of it?
Naeko: In for Naeko
Near: That's up to each person.
Near: I'm going out.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Because my weapon damage doesn't mattertoo much. :V
Near: After Naeko's off and the ship's stable, I give REmia a kiss onthe forehead, "I'll be back."
Near: Then get off, tumbling off the side of th ebarn.
GM: Remia waves with her tail and, well, watches the smoldering fire itently for now.
AmpuDe3 (Near): I totally could have planned this better. :V
Campaign saved.
Naeko: I start rummaging for something, ANYTHING to hurt someone with.
GM: Near, the others follow you outside! Naeko, the inside of the farm is bare -- you can see what could be ruined furniture, or boxes, in a couple of spots but that's it -- and dark. There are a few planks on the floor.
Near: Those green squiggles are trees?
Near: I start making my way, motioning for everyone to try to be a bit stealthy for now.
Naeko: Fuck. Well, i'll try to get a good vantage point from the window. i should be WAY out of sprayer range. But i should be able to be a bit more precise. "When do you want the light, boss-lady?"
spiritplumber (GM): yeah, i drew the map kinda on the fly
Player_K (Naeko): just dragged to where i'm hoping to find a vantae point with a window inside the farmhouse
GM: The windows are there -- so are holes in the wall. The farmhouse can offer cover, but is by no means enclosed anymore.
Near: "In the middle of the trees."
AmpuDe3 (Near): that point.
Naeko: "Obviously. I said WHEN."
AmpuDe3 (Near): Derp, I misread you.
Near: So that means when we get there. :P
GM: Near, Zogurt turned around to get inside the farmhouse with Naeko; the other three are on you.
Near: "Yes, when we get to that point.
Player_K (Naeko): eh, jus tmore for them to shout at each other about afterwards.
Near: "Zogurt, get some weapons, even if they're clubs."
Naeko: "If they each have three like the one that hit near the base, we are BADLY outnumbered."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I've been through worse."
GM: You're not being particularly loud; under your feet the grass is yellow and somewhat tall.
Near: SNeaksneaksneak.
Near: SNEAKsneaksneaksneak
Naeko: Lights. Now.
GM: Naeko, that was Zogurt trying to find something club-like that won't break if he smacks it on the ground....
Near: "..." Rookies.
GM: The lights land between the trees to show that one of them was almost bowled over by a falling rock -- if that was intentional, whoever's throwing these things has uncanny aim. Past a short breadth of beach, the grass is tall to your knees, and yellow.
GM: Spot chec everyone?
Near: Spot [1d20-1 = 10]
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 14]
AmpuDe3 (Near): AT least we have Lewi ._.
GM: [2d10 = 7]
spiritplumber (GM): eh
Player_K (Naeko): one of "them" was bowled over?
spiritplumber (GM): One of the trees
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): the first one, see?
Near: I see it
Player_K (Naeko): gotcha
GM: "There! Something moving in the grass! Lwi calls out, pointing.
Near: "Everyone on guard! Forward!"
GM: Naeko, Zogurt hasn't found much to use as a club -- a nmarginally stronger piece of wood, maybe -- but yu found a good hiding spot in a corner; yo cn pop your head out and see what goes on.
Player_K (Naeko): i assumed iw as trying to keep looking out while staying mostly hidden.
GM: Near, there's definitly something moving in the grass but it's shorter than it s height....
Near: Is it within 80 feet of me?
GM: Near, yes, barely.
Near: I'mma rush it, then!
GM: Scurrying towards the farmhouse, at that....
AmpuDe3 (Near): It's worked so well for me in the past. :V
AmpuDe3 (Near): THe yellow dot, right?
Naeko: I wait, and watch, i don't know what to do just yet. "Zogurt, check over the rest of the farmhouse, please. Make sure there aren't any of them hiding in here."
Campaign saved.
Near: Charge Stabbifications! [1d20+12 = 17]
GM: "Zug zug!"
GM: Near, you charge and..... the movement stops while you are running towards it. The light won't las much longer, so now would bbe a good time to search...
GM: A little unnerved, the rest of your squad follows. Naeko, you weren't moving, so you did get to see roughly where the movement stopped.
Near: Search [1d20+2 = 3]
AmpuDe3 (Near): ....
AmpuDe3 (Near): Screw the dice.
AmpuDe3 (Near): My charge didn'thit? :<
GM: No, whatever it was, it stopped moving too early (or slowed down enough to not rustle the grass too much). And yea, dice.
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Naeko: I flick the switches in my guantlets as fast as i dare inthe dark, launching an Acid Splash at the spot
Player_K (Naeko): i forget, what roll do i do for magical to-hit?
Near: I take a breath and focus. This is what my training is for.
spiritplumber (GM): ranged touch attack
AmpuDe3 (Near): Dex+BAB.
spiritplumber (GM): ya
Naeko: [1d20 = 3]
GM: Near, the squad behind you fans out a little to try to take advantage of the light as it lasts.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Yay improved Uncanny dodge!
Player_K (Naeko): these god damned dice...
AmpuDe3 (Near): Lewi at least doesn't need light.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Yay halfork :D
GM: Naeko, the glob of fizzling stuff lands on the grass.... can't really tell if you hit somethng or not.
GM: Lsten check?
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 19]
Near: Listenifications! [2d10+1 = 11]
GM: [4d20 = 45]
Campaign saved.
-> naeko: Another rustling of grass, behind you! Is it Zogurt still?
Player_K (Naeko): behind which 'you'?
GM: Toru has also stilled himself to listen, and slowly turns around.
spiritplumber (GM): If it's a whisper, singular "you".
Player_K (Naeko): what do whispers look like in FG?
AmpuDe3 (Near): bold, purple text.
Player_K (Naeko): ....ohhhhh.
Naeko: I turn quickly to look, if it's Zogurt, i'll be able to see quickly, and i'm still armed on Acid Splash.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt was catching up.... it's another rustling of grass!
Naeko: Fuck. I try to rush towards it. It's too close for me to be able to run away from it safely, and if i can catch it off guard maybe i can take it's sprayer.
Campaign saved.
'Player_D' disconnected
GM: Naeko, it darts towards the side! But you're gaining on it! Near, the rest of the squad looks at you for leadership.
Near: "Keep your eyes open, sweep the grass!"
GM: Naeko, you can't tell WHAT it is... just the grass moving. For now.
Naeko: If it's trying to get away from me, then closing in is still the right idea. I try to drop another light right in front of it to startle, and if i'm lucky, blind it.
GM: Near, the squad again fans out.
Near: "Pull back towards the barn!"
Near: How far does the grass reach around here?
GM: As the squad carefully falls back, beating the grass as they move -- it reaches about to the knee, and is reasonably averaged out -- Naeko shoots her lights, more or less just as the previous set dies! *SQUEAK*
GM: A yellow kobold, naked and carrying a sprayer on its back with a leather strap, rears up blinded by the light!
Near: If I started a fire, roughly how bad would it get, by estimate?
Naeko: I try to catch up and grab it while it's dazed. i want that sprayer staying pointed away from me while i try to take it by force.
GM: Near, it's a lot of dry grass... depending on wind anywhere between the entire area and just a few dozen feet. There's no wind right now.
GM: Naeko, the critter has obviously been running on all four like a lizard or gecko - it's facing away from you.
GM: Shrieking, it scrambles to retrieve the sprayer.
Naeko: If i can grab it from behind and snap it's brittle-boned neck, that's fine by me, too.
Campaign saved.
GM: Do you just jump him? The sprayer is on its back.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Dammit, wish I had hunter's stance still.
Naeko: I do. the leather bags should be able to take some jostling from my own checking over them.
Near: I shout in Draconic, "Allright you little fuckers! I'm about to set this place ablaze, so surrender your asses now or you're all dead!"
spiritplumber (GM): Charge then! Very hard to miss giving that it's fumbling with the strap.
GM: Near, if that is understood, it's not answered.
Near: I raise my hand high, igniting it in flames.
GM: ".... captain, do you mean that?" Milktea asks.
GM: Naeko, roll for grapple?
Player_K (Naeko): is that modded by str or dex?
AmpuDe3 (Near): She speaks draconic, good to know.
AmpuDe3 (Near): str
Naeko: [2d10+1 = 14]
Player_K (Naeko): ...better than we've been rolling..
Near: "Unless you can point one out to me, yep."
AmpuDe3 (Near): Actually, can I just hold it like a torch? >_>;
GM: Milktea looks around. "There's got to be at least two..."
spiritplumber (GM): YES
Near: "At least 4, probably 12."
Player_K (Naeko): one of the rocks cracked on impact. that doesn't bode well for occupants carrying volatile chemicals
AmpuDe3 (Near): Ah ha.
GM: Naeko, you land smack on the weak critter! The sprayer squirts something out while being jostled, but it flies ovr the creature's shoulder. The kobold is less than half your size and while its wiry limbs are all muscle, they're thin. What do you go for?
Campaign saved.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Oh, hey. Come and get me only needs them to be able to hear me.
Naeko: One arm arount it's neck to lift it in a stranglehold, the other grabbing for the handle on the sprayer to keep it pointed away while i squeeze until it either chokes or i break its neck.
Near: Intimidate to force the closest enemy to attack me. >_>; [2d10+7 = 19]
GM: Near, while you do look imposing -- especially with your hand on fire -- there is no immediate answer... spot check?
Near: Spot [1d20-1 = 5]
AmpuDe3 (Near): haaaaate.
GM: Naeko, the creature's neck is quite spindly and you get your hand around it with no problems! The creature snaps at you futilely. (Damage, 1d4?)
GM: [4d20 = 39]
Naeko: [1d4 = 2]
GM: Near, Lewi points. "There!" Guess you did make someone, or something, shiver...
GM: Naeko, the kobold's neck snaps with a satisfying dry noise.
GM: Nako's lights finally die out...
Near: I throw my knife at the spot pointed out!
Naeko: I grin, unfastening the sprayer harness and slinging it over one shoulder before checking if the kobold had anything sharp on it... and lastly, putting an Arcane Mark on the critter's head so i can find it afterward, it's the least damaged body we've got and are likely to get.
Near: [2d10+7 = 21]
Campaign saved.
GM: Near, the knife disappears in the grass; it sounds like the blade sank into something.
AmpuDe3 (Near): yey :V
AmpuDe3 (Near): Minimum of 4 damage, would I need to roll damage? >_>;
GM: Naeko, the kobold was naked otherwise -- not even that dinky leather-and-brass armor.
Naeko: A little blood-drunk to have killed one AND be armed again, as I stand, i shout, "One down, mother fucking fuckers!"
GM: Near, you'll have to look for your knife.
GM: Naeko, Zogurt answers with a growl.
Near: I do so, "Stay put for now."
GM: [1d20 = 2]
GM: Near, as you look, the rustling returns -- very close!
Naeko: I look around for other rustles in the grass, ranging back and forth with the nozzle in front of me at arms' length.
Player_K (Naeko): can i gauge how many shots i've got from the weight?
GM: Naeko, no, you're not familiar enough with this thing yet. (know:eng?)
Naeko: [2d10+2 = 18]
GM: Naeko, there doesn't seem to be mch.
GM: From the weight and from what you saw in the daytime fight, you'd guess between four and eight.
GM: Near, thanks to your squad's positioning, whatever else is moving in the grass can't dash towards the farmhouse....
Campaign saved.
Near: That's good.
GM: It dashes northwards, instead -- the kobold has abandoned its weapon, if it had one, and is now just running for its life towards the river!
GM: That's still only two though...
Near: I grin, loping after it first with a bound then a charge.
Naeko: I try to circle aorund hte outside of the three trees, intending to try to come up to check on the impact sites
Near: Jumpalicious! [2d10+17 = 37]
AmpuDe3 (Near): ...
AmpuDe3 (Near): does 37 feet get me by it? >_>
spiritplumber (GM): O_O
Player_K (Naeko): i think it puts you in the river.
GM: Near, that left your squaddies stop whatever they were doing to flat out stare at you.
AmpuDe3 (Near): I'm not even in dragon stance.
GM: You just jumped over a tree.
Campaign saved.
AmpuDe3 (Near): Booyah!
GM: Milktea whistles.
GM: You land next to the rock that cracked -- the first thing you notice is that there are no corpses, although you can see a smashed sprayer on top of one of the fragments.
spiritplumber (GM): derp, ignore last
AmpuDe3 (Near): pyo? :o
Player_K (Naeko): wrong vector
GM: Near, you do in fact land on the beach --- the kobold stops and drops into the grass again; the rest of your squad quickly moves to surround it. You've heard it squeak in terror.
GM: Naeko, you're next to the rock that cracked -- the first thing you notice is that there are no corpses, although you can see a smashed sprayer on top of one of the fragments.
Near: "Hold and you'll live!" I bellow to it in Draconic.
GM: Near, there's no movement. But it can't have gone anywhere.... The others slowly close in, Zogurt beating the grass with his stick.
Naeko: I approach cautiously, a lack of bodies worries me. i move slowly, trying to spot any movement around me as i get closer.
Near: I keep my torch-hand up, "They always make this stuff so difficult."
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, the rock that split did not have a xeclo tail; that much is very obvious. Still no bodies.
GM: Near, once again there's no answer...
'AmpuDe3' disconnected
Player_K (Naeko): oops.
Naeko: I approach, nozzle pointed into the opening first as i look, handon the bellows and ready to spray, intending the confined quarters to mean that if i see anything alive, i can make sure it won't be much longer.
spiritplumber (GM): derp sec
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Near'
spiritplumber (GM): K. can you resend your last when D reconnects fully? just up arrow
Player_K (Naeko): no worries
Naeko: I approach, nozzle pointed into the opening first as i look, handon the bellows and ready to spray, intending the confined quarters to mean that if i see anything alive, i can make sure it won't be much longer.
Near: I join in sweeping the grass, using my legs rather than my arm.
GM: Naeko, the rock that split is well, split... there are no hiding places. Or do you mean the other three?
Naeko: Each, one by one.
GM: Near, the five of you close in.... and that's when the kobold, stark naked, just jumps you with its jaws open!
GM: Suicide grapple! [2d10 = 7]
Campaign saved.
Near: Counter attack? (If I dun get, ignore) [2d10+10 = 21]
GM: Naeko, the other rocks have had their tail cut; by the jagged cut, it was done very much in a hurry, and there's some fabric left to recover. Again there are no bodies; the second rock you check, the one against the tree, has one of those crudely hewn storage compartments intact.
GM: Near, the creature just lunged at you tryng to bite your face off, and came a bit short.... ending up bitng your shoulder rather ineffectively, given your chainmail. You're essentially being hugged and weakly scratched.
Near: Ah ha. I use my arm to press down on it to hold it still. "Are you hungry?"
Naeko: I can check the storage compartment when i'm sure there's nobody alive among the rocks but me. Why would they drop without the tails that let them survive the impact? If these weapons are as experimental as ours, that makes me feel somewhat better about our chances. And, along with that, my existence as a whole as Awesome Science Bitch Type Thing if we're not all THAT far behind.
GM: Near, how far does your chainmail reach down?
Near: Stops a bit before mid thigh.
GM: Naeko, the rock that split didn't seem to have a tail at all; the other three did, but they were already cut.
GM: Near, the kobold is trying to claw at your legs with his. Zogurt lifts his plank, ready to clobber it.
GM: [2d10 = 17]
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): but who else would have gotten here before us to cut them except the kobolds themselves? so Naeko's assuming they were dropped with shorter tails as an experiment.
Near: Wall of blades! [2d10+10 = 22]
GM: "There's the cavalry!" Milktea points -- a glider is coming from the north.
Near: I kick at the kobold to get it away.
Naeko: If i don't find anything alive among the rocks, i hit up that storage container
GM: Near, how forcefully? (is it an attack?)
Player_D (Near): WoB replaces my Ac with an attack roll.
Player_D (Near): So not enough to hurt it, but enoughto deflect it.
GM: Near, you kick the critter off, and it starts coughing, in the middle of the rest of the squad.
Near: "Hurrah! I don't think we exactly need them, though.."
Near: "Toru, can you knock it out?"
Near: "And give it some water, so it'll survive us taking it to base to figure out what the heck is with it."
GM: Naeko, the container was in the position of the empty container in those other rocks -- the floor plan of the crude constructions seems to be roughly the same. Whereas that one was empty, this contains what appear to be very thin obsidian knives, the blade a single very long chip of obsidian with a copper rod apparently crimped around it.
Naeko: I take them, of course. they'll be worth looking over later, if the obsidian's been treated enough that it won't chip on even the lightest armour, to say nothing of striking bone.
GM: Toru picks the creature up without difficulty -- it's still hacking and coughing. "It's as if something's strangling it..." That said, the big man grabs the creature's jaw to avoid snapping its neck by mistake, and lets Zogurt clobber it over the head.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Bizzare. We can find out more later. Anyone notice if there's any others around?"
Near: I go to retrieve my knife, to see if I had gotten one or not.
Naeko: I decide to let them know i'm not dead "Haven't found any at the crash sites! tails have all been shortened lots, and one absent!"
Near: "I see!"
GM: Naeko, that seems to be the only interestin find -- there is no trace of other critters. The glider circles overhead, and drops a sack of.... something.... on the farmhouse's roof, collapsing another section of it, before turning around and heading back.
Near: "Zogurt, Toru, go retrieve that package. Lewi, stick with me, Milktea, go help Naeko search."
Naeko: I hook the knives into my belt, before trying to check in more detail, to see if i can gauge from footprints or anythin ghow many got out of each rock.
GM: Near, you're left with a severely malnourished -- worse than the ones the other day even -- kobold at your feet. The squad disperses according to your orders; Milktea starts looking under the rocks, just in case.
GM: Naeko, there are some footprints, but kobolds are light and only one rock landed on sand.
Naeko: It was worth a try
GM: Naeko, the rock that DOES have footprints shows two or three; they quickly head towards the grass.
GM: Spot check?
Naeko: [1d20+1 = 15]
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, actually... at least one set went into the river.
Naeko: "Some might be in the water!"
GM: The river can't be forded here, but it can possibly be swam across -- by a good swimmer.
Near: Hrmm. Curious.
Player_K (Naeko): are kobolds usually good swimmers?
Near: It's likely if any got into the river, they'd be drowned, or eaten by carp.
Player_D (Near): Not... really.
Near: ...But maybe they're not supposed to.
Near: survive, that is.
Near: "Do you think they're meant to poison the water?"
Naeko: "Not with what was in those sprayers. There's a few trace chemicals left after they mix, but it would take an enormous amount to poison a river of this size.
Near: I ask Lewi. Any luck findingmy knife? I'm toting the Kobold in my cloak.
Near: "With a dead body, is how I meant. We should check them for diseases when we get back."
GM: Near, the kobold is either dead or passed out -- hard to tell. Lewi calls out; she didn't find a knife, but she found another kobold body. Looks like this one had both its legs broken, and crawled along for a little while.
Naeko: "....Corpses are enough to poison the water?" Naeko had been heading back to grab the dead one she marked, but instead just sorta stared at Near at that pronouncement.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Yes. Especially if they've been infected with disease. We had one set of crafty orks poison our water with rancid camels before."
GM: Naeko, it's hard to mess up Blackmoorian groundwater any worse than it already is -- filtering is a matter of course for you.
Naeko: "...i guess that's the disadvantage of it usually being safe to drink, i guess. Back home the radium usually did for anything trying to -live- in the water."
Player_K (Naeko): yup, i remember that one. made the 'but cleaning the filters is the BEST way to quickly get ahold of some Radium" joke
Near: "Thanks Lewi. We'll give all this one more pass over to make sure we got them all."
Near: "Naeko, can you and Milktea gather the xeclo?"
Naeko: "Sure." it'll be a chance to test the edge on these knives, after all.
Near: I've put out my torch by now.
Naeko: I head over to see if i can cut through the wire instead of the cloth with one of them.
GM: Toru and Zogurt come out with the bag -- Zogurt happily carrying his battleaxe leaves no doubts as to its contents.
Player_K (Naeko): Zogurt has a battleaxe as well, or is he carrying Naeko's?
GM: Naeko, the wire looks quite strong in and of itself - it'd take a while even with a good knife.
spiritplumber (GM): He also has a battleaxe.
GM: Further search returns Near's knife, and another body with broken bones, in even worse shape than the other. Near, you can't tell if your prisoner is knocked out or dead.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: The wire won't work, then i try to cut the cloth as close to the mounting points as i possibly can. the dead bodies are a good thing. they ARE still experimenting with their descent vehicle. the first round were too long, fell too slowly. got seen with time to react. these fell too fast. dead kobolds.
Near: Yeah, I'm sorta bad at that.
Near: Either way doesn't matter much to me.
Naeko: Downside. Someone has to be OBSERVING the results in order for them to be getting any data out of it.
Near: "All right, gather the bodies, seems we're done here! Good job!"
Near: I lead the looting that NAeko hasn't already taken care of.
Naeko: I'm a pretty thorough scavenger. Though i make sure to grab my marked body as well as checking the bag for MY battleaxe. i want it back more than i've wanted just about anything since getting here.
GM: Naeko, what are you using for cutting?
Player_K (Naeko): one of the obsidian knives
GM: That.... works surprisingly well, actually!
GM: You can't get the wire out of the metal loops, but you do recover four usable chunks of xeclo, as well as some scraps and strips. How many bodies are you taking home? In the airship, Remia has managed to stoke the fire at least once, against all odds.
Campaign saved.
Near: How many can we carry back? :V
Naeko: Did the bag have my axe, too?
GM: Naeko, yes - Zogurt didnt bring you it because he went back to keeping an eye out.
Near: A learning experience, this was. First off, always bring weapons. Second, we need some way to increase the response for care packages. Third, we need a retrieval balloon, because I'm sure we'll be getting more loot than we can carry soon.
GM: Near, two or three, basically. Interestingly, all the bodies you found were naked, and you found only one weapon.
Naeko: Putting my axe back into it's notches on the rear of my harness does wonders for my calm and morale.
GM: Remia politely asks if she can pilot on the way back.
Naeko: Only one weapon? Naeko's strapped on a sprayer and several knives?
GM: The knives wouldn't do very well as weapons -- they're more like scissor blades.
GM: They have a wicked edge, but no point.
Near: "Yes, you can." I smile at her. She did good, better than I really expected.
spiritplumber (GM): Imagine a narrow rectangle that has ben crumpled up into a tube, half of it holding a very big obsidian chip, the other half being the handle
GM: [2d10 = 11]
Player_K (Naeko): Oh. so we'll put a bolt through the handles of two to give Milktea some awesome shears.
Near: Also, I know this pattern. It's very similar to something I encountered before, but it's too early to confirm.
Campaign saved.
GM: The trip home is quite uneventful -- Zogurt and Toru get to burn off some adrenaline by rowing heartily back to base.
Naeko: "Boss-lady, can we have that private chat after we eat?" Naeko's tone is nowhere near as confrontational as it was earlier. For one thing, didn't get hurt, plus, got proven right. "I'll be polite. promise."
Near: "Yes, after dinner."
GM: Ran flew in as fast as she could, and has already gone to sleep; to greet you is well-spiced if slightly overdone thin beef steak and a carefully carved shogi set.
Near: Yay shogi!
Near: yay beef!
GM: On the back of the board is a simple dedication to the spirit of Moglai Khan, signed by everyone who had remained back at base except for Ran.
Naeko: While i WANT to just fall facefirst into the food, i get the intact sprayer tucked away in 'my side' of the forge, as well as laying out the marked body, since we'll want to look at it in detail later. Plus setting the knives with my other tools. THEN fall facefirst into the food.
GM: [1d20 = 4]
GM: [2d10 = 11]
spiritplumber (GM): 47, the dead who speaks
Player_D (Near): pyo?
spiritplumber (GM): neapolitan tarot card
Player_D (Near): ah ha :o
Near: I try to wake the kobold that may ormay not be alive.
Near: I saved a few slices of beef for it.
GM: The bad news is that the captured kobold did not survive -- it woke up briefly, coughed some, and eventually died. A quick look shows that it swallowed its own tongue and choked on it! The body is otherwise intact.
Campaign saved.
Near: Ah. Oh well. My beef then.
Near: "So, what did you want to talk about?"
Near: also, who was the pilot that did the drop?
GM: At dinner -- everyone else who's still awake offering to do the cleanup so you guys can eat -- speculation runs rampant about where the other critters went, if any; Milktea thinks that it was a diversion, Toru that the kobolds are scouts and spread out, Remia is honestly sorry for the one who died en route mostly, Kaia figures that maybe they ended up in the river further up or down.... The drop was made by Kaia.
GM: Pollicino helped finish sewing the second glider; he's actually decent at it. They tossed a coin.
Near: I see!
Near: My thoughts currently, are either they were an attempt to foul the water, or perhaps an experiment on the part of whomever is doing this.
Naeko: "I understand that this is your place, and you call the shots. But I need you to promise me you're not going to do that to me again. Going anywhere without a weapon when you have the option of having one is stupid even in peacetime. When we're the first line of defense against an unknown enemy that can attack more or less anywhere at any time?"
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "On top of that, i'm going ot be worthless unarmed. Can't think clearly about anything but laying hands on a weapon until i do. Old Habit. Necessary habit."
Naeko: "...And that's why I wanted this chat to be privat."
Naeko: "Because if you can't promise me that, I need to walk."
Near: "We need to break you of that, then. You've always a weapon. But I don't think we'll be doing these runs without weapons or armour anymore.""
Near: "Though we did get to test that care package idea I had, that we wouldn't have had we brought them."
GM: Rakel mentions that Toma did not feel well and also retired early, but he should be fine -- fine for someone his age anyway. She asks Remia how she stoked the furnace, to which the girl simply says "Well like you said, you put the coal in there and give one push on the bellows and..."
Naeko: "Bo-... Near. I need you to promise you're not going to put me in danger without a weapon again, or I need to leave the unit."
Naeko: "This. All this, building experimental aircraft to fight totally unknown force, is the safest thing i've ever done. But I NEED to stay armed."
Campaign saved.
Near: "I can promise I won't do it intentionally. I make no promises on accidents andfreak occurances."
Naeko: "That's fine. That order you gave is the first time i've put my axe down since i first found it. If you don't demand it again, I won't be without it."
Naeko: "And... thankyou. I DO want to do this. I DO want to build these things."
Naeko: "...even if you're using fucking pneumatics."
GM: In the meantime, the two dead kobolds have been put outside to be buried, and the soldiers who didn't go are drawing lots for who has to do that -- the killboard has already been updated, with the dead-in-transit kobold bein credited to Near.
Player_K (Naeko): i hope they're not burying the one i hid in the forge to autopsy?
GM: Miltea is hogging the warm water.
spiritplumber (GM): They've just been carefully dragged out for now.
Near: Actually, I ask Kiri if she could dissect th ekobolds, to see if they're infected with diseases.
GM: Looks like there's two dissectors and two bodies... Naeko, which one do you want to open up?
Campaign saved.
Near: Some got in th ewater, so I want to make sure if there's an emergency to tell the town, or if it's safe to ignore.
Naeko: I want the one wher ei broke the neck. i know exactly what i did to it, so i can factor that out in dissection. But I'm also nervy about Near being so quiet about how much i've, from my perspective, opened myself up.
Player_D (Near): This is Near, she doesn't like to rush things with people.
Near: She also doesn't yyet realize how big a deal it is to Naeko.
Player_K (Naeko): i figure. that doesn't mean Naeko won't be nervous about having essentially revealed that she's brash and forceful solely to avoid showing any weakness in a family environment of sudden-death mad-science calvinball.
GM: Kiri notes that as much as it'd be nice to have an icebox, the closest is in Izwald, so if you want to open anything up it'll have to be done either immediately or in the morning... and if these critters carry a plague it'd be best to do it somewhere other than the barn.
Near: Yeah. Outside, and asap
Campaign saved.
Naeko: "Got a disposable table, or we kneeling?"
Naeko: Some of the cranky i-know-everything-even-if-i'm-not-sure-of-some-of-the-fine-detail is creeping back in.
GM: At least there are torches, so that will not be a problem... Milktea is kicked out of the washbasin and two barrels of water and some soap are prepared in case there s something wrong with the critter and the two dissectors have to quickly scrub themselves clean; past that it's all that can be done with the current facilities.
Near: "No wood to spare."
GM: "We really need to work on our home base a bit" is Ramirez' opinion.
Near: Yes we do.
Near: I ask him to draw up some plans for improvement, and pick out the areas most inneed first.
Naeko: One of the benefits of a thick non-biological hand-sheathe. "What's the sharpest knives we've got?"
Near: "Since you so eagerly volunteered."
spiritplumber (GM): Ramirez, do architecture!
GM: Ramirez doesn't even roll his eyes at that anymore... "I'll... try? Can I borrow the drafting table?"
GM: Naeko, the sharpest thing on base is Near's sword - those obsidian knives follow, but they lack a point and wouldn't let you cut very precisely.
Campaign saved.
Near: "Go ahead."
Player_D (Near): ACtually, Knowledge Engineering also covers Architecture. Which is the actual reasonhe has it.
GM: So in closing... who goes to bed and who doesnt? :) (Other than the players I hope .-. )
Player_D (Near): [Yeah, I'm aboutto crash. XD]
Naeko: "Boss-lady, we'll make do with kitchen knives this time, but do you think any smith in Izwald would know how to make a scalpel if we asked for some?"
Near: Near goes to bed with Remia cuddled like a teddy bear. :P
Naeko: Naeko not until the dissection's finished and written up, then Crash So Hard
Near: "Ask Rakel, maybe?"
Player_D (Near): I haven't statted her up officially... but she has at least a +7 to blacksmithing...
GM: Near, Remia overall had fun, although she felt bad for the kobold that died coming back. "I mean, he kinda did surrender I guess?"
Near: "Not really. We sorta knocked him out."
GM: She looks tired, and falls asleep pretty much without waiting for an answer.
Campaign saved.
GM: Naeko, Kiri is happy to help -- Rakel will make proper tools, but not tonight, obviously.
Near: I gether to her small clothes, so her current won't get too dirty.
GM: The kobolds appear more malnourished than the ones you saw earlier at a first examination....
spiritplumber (GM): can we write the autopsy report later?
spiritplumber (GM): I hope this was fun even with low body count ^^;
Player_K (Naeko): totally. i figure next session we'd just ask you to "Research COmplete" what we found out
spiritplumber (GM): was trying to make it a bit spooky
Player_K (Naeko): was fun, though a bit wracking with just how much Naeko was spazzing in my head when Near made her Put The Axe Down.
Player_D (Near): Is fun :o
spiritplumber (GM): also, Krunz DID spot the attackers first, D, so hes got that going for him
Player_D (Near): Ah, yeah.
Player_D (Near): He at least loses his slash for performing night duty properly.
Player_K (Naeko): and it can be the regular militia's job to clean up the rest of that incident
Near: Those rocks will be sitting out there a while, then.
Player_D (Near): Sleepies tiem! Yay getting to a good stopping point.
spiritplumber (GM): nini!
Player_D (Near): Night night.
spiritplumber (GM): i hope this is still any good .-.
Player_K (Naeko): nini! and Naeko is so wanting a way to scavenge that wire, too.
Player_D (Near): Is!
Player_K (Naeko): i know it's hypocritical of me, but:
spiritplumber (GM): ya?
Player_K (Naeko): stop worrying about that. your players are two of the most loudmouthed people i have EVER known.
Player_D (Near): Am wondering what everyone will talk about concerning Near's jump. >_>;
Player_K (Naeko): if we'r enot having fun, we WILL bitch and moan.
Player_K (Naeko): and in specific fashions, not just "why has thou forsaken us, dicelords?"
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah, I think percent die are broken here.
Player_D (Near): prettymuch. .-.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): i think all the dies are broken. tempted to suggest rolling 5d4 instead of d20
spiritplumber (GM): Also see: Riley + incremental crits + harmonite flamethrower
Near: [5d4 = 12]
spiritplumber (GM): seriously, >95 three times in a row?
Near: 14241
Player_K (Naeko): SEE! reasonable spread there! it LIKES bulk-rolls!
spiritplumber (GM): result 1: Incinerated a vampre and a vampire slayer in one shot.
Naeko: [5d4 = 11]
Near: I'm more concerned it's a palindrome.
spiritplumber (GM): result 2: harmonite poisoning
Near: What's the third?
spiritplumber (GM): Secret. But fun.
Player_D (Near): XD
GM: Naeko, what's a good roll for an alien autopsy?
Player_D (Near): You asked her so I can't suggest. x_X
Player_K (Naeko): Take goddamend 20 because X-com didn't have a 'fail at autopsy' possibility, just an 'it takes longer' one.
Player_K (Naeko): and i am surly at these dice gods.
Player_D (Near): We brought back 4, so...
Player_K (Naeko): but if i had to say one, i'd say Concentration, actually. that's as close to an Analysis roll as i think we've got.
spiritplumber (GM): In general the freshest the critter the better the results. Before we go to bed and so I know what to write: what are you LOOKING for?
Naeko: Because Knowledge is about referencing things you know, not discovering new things.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): general alterations of function. how they differ from normal kobolds other than the brittle bones, and anything suggesting chemical abnormalities
Player_D (Near): Well, there's Appraise, Concentration, Knowledge (Nature), Heal, Search
Player_K (Naeko): Also, anything suggesting abnormal vulnerabilities
spiritplumber (GM): Makes sense!
Player_K (Naeko): but... we all need to splat.
spiritplumber (GM): eyup
spiritplumber (GM): nini!
Player_D (Near): And Kiri's searching for diseases, and possibly curses.
Player_K (Naeko): nini
'Player_K' disconnected
Player_D (Near): Night night
'Player_D' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.

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GM: [3d10 = 26]
GM: [3d10 = 24]
GM: [3d10 = 17]
GM: [3d10 = 22]
GM: [3d10 = 18]
GM: [3d10 = 14]
GM: [3d10 = 16]
GM: [3d10 = 15]
GM: [3d10 = 12]
GM: [3d10 = 16]
GM: [3d10 = 15]
GM: [3d10 = 20]
GM: [3d10 = 21]
GM: [3d10 = 19]
GM: [3d10 = 15]
GM: [3d10 = 13]
GM: [3d10 = 17]
GM: [3d10 = 21]
GM: [3d10 = 16]
GM: [3d10 = 7]
GM: [3d10 = 18]
GM: [3d10 = 19]
GM: [3d10 = 11]
GM: [3d10 = 17]
GM: [3d10 = 19]
GM: [3d10 = 11]
GM: [3d10 = 20]
GM: [3d10 = 12]

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Chat log started at 2.4.2012 / 00:57:37

GM: D n
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Player_D (Ran): reminds me that I need to find a better portrait for ran.
'Player_C' connected
spiritplumber (GM): derp.
spiritplumber (GM): reminds me I need to fix the portrait loader .-.
spiritplumber (GM): OK Naru, here's the rules: No drama, and if your guy dies he dies, this is X-Com. I mean the IFB.
spiritplumber (GM): Pick a name and know that it CAN be changed later.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Well, we are gonna try to set up a Ressurection Insurance once we get enough funding.
Player_D (Ran): Resurrection*
spiritplumber (GM): Player_C?
Campaign saved.
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
Campaign saved.
Ran: rawr!
Gaz: Para-para-paradise....
Ran: just lemme know what you need :o
Player_C (Gaz): A therapist.
Player_D (Ran): beyond that.
Player_D (Ran): I mean in chargen.
Player_C (Gaz): Money!
Player_C (Gaz): Ohh.
Player_C (Gaz): Well... money?
spiritplumber (GM):
Player_C (Gaz): Hugs.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): derp?
spiritplumber (GM): paradise?
Player_C (Gaz): It's a Coldplay song.
Ran: Huh. With her wings, Ran can hug MANY people at once :D
Player_C (Gaz): Then what the fuck are you waiting for?
spiritplumber (GM): That works? Re money, not sure, sec.
Player_C (Gaz): I'm going to base this character off of one facet. And that facet is going to be the AWESOME joke of: "Y'know what sucks? Whatever you are." -is joking-
Ran: *hugs world*
Player_C (Gaz): For example: "Y'know what sucks? Harpies."
spiritplumber (GM): 100GP, but you'll have to spend most of it because why would a bard with any money want to enlist.
spiritplumber (GM): You know what sucks? The wound in your chest.
Player_C (Gaz): Agreed.
spiritplumber (GM): admittedly "because I want to fly" is a good motivation
Player_C (Gaz): Ha!
Player_C (Gaz): But I'm a total impulse buyer, so it's going to get spent anyway.
Player_D (Ran): Note: You aren't getting issued armor or weapons yet.
Player_D (Ran): Well, you can be issued a club, spear, sling, or quarterstaff..
Player_C (Gaz): I need a lute of love.
Player_C (Gaz): Hmm... I dunno. A spear, I guess?
Player_C (Gaz): What's a young adult age for hobgoblins?
Player_D (Ran): I'd suggest getting a whip.
Player_C (Gaz): Then why didn't you offer that? D<
Player_D (Ran): Because we don't issue those.
Player_C (Gaz): I was going to ask 'cause I saw it under Bard... xD
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): out of what I listed, only the spear actually costs money.
spiritplumber (GM): Hobgoblins live for about eighty years, but spend the first thirty in childhood and adolescence. As I said, weird life cycle.
Player_C (Gaz): So just after thirty, then?
spiritplumber (GM): As to why no uniforms: The IFB is currently out of uniforms. :)
Player_D (Ran): yeah ._.
Player_C (Gaz): -comes nekkid- :D
Gaz: -strums lute- Now the sky could be blue, but without you it's a waste of time
Player_C (Gaz): Wheee, and I even got the lyric wrong. xD
Gaz: -strums lute- Now the sky could be blue, I don't mind; without you it's a waste of time.
GM facepalms.
Ran: Your cheatin' heaaaart, will make you weeeeeeep
Ran: "You'll cry and cryyyyyyyyyyyy"
Player_C (Gaz): So I'm being enlisted, not transfered from another unit?
Ran: "And try to sleeeeep"
Ran: "But sleeep won't cooooome."
Ran: "The whole night throooooough"
Gaz: -puts cloth over Ran's cage-
Ran: "Your cheatin' heaaaaaaaaaaart"
Ran: "Will tell on you."
Player_D (Ran): No cage. :V
Gaz: -puts cloth over Ran's head-
Ran: *sets it on fire*
Gaz: You might wanna take that off first.
Ran sets Gaz on fire.
Gaz: dies.
Ran: :V
Ran: Anyway. You know how to do your stats, skills, an' all that?
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Nope.
Gaz: You know I'm dumb. xD
Gaz: Y'know, for an MMO, WoW is kind of lazy. I can't dictate how my stats grow! A lot of MMO's do that...
Gaz: I remember playing some that let you pick, though.
Player_D (Ran): I think we did 25 point buy.
Gaz: I think Mabi will always be my favorite mmorpuhgrr.
spiritplumber (GM): if you want a videogame that at least feels like a in-person RPG, try Arcanum, it's on sale at
spiritplumber (GM): and ya, 25pt buy
Gaz: Okie. What do the stats start at?
Gaz: Ten?
Ran: 10
Ran: 11 is 1 point, 12 is 2, 13 is 3, 14 is 5, 15 is 7, 16 is 10, 17 is 13, 18 is 17
Ran: 9 is -1, 8 is -2, 7 is -4
spiritplumber (GM): also, if you have a 17 or 18 in a stat, I'd like to know the reason for it.
Gaz: M'kay.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Any racial bonuses or penalties, or will we do those after I pick stats?
Ran: iiirc, +1 dex/int, -2 con
spiritplumber (GM): ya
Gaz: So to get Con up to ten, it would be two points?
Ran: yep
spiritplumber (GM): yes
spiritplumber (GM): also what's NC for alignment?
Gaz: Neutral Chaotic
Gaz: I think that's how it goes, anyway. xD
Gaz: I'm sorry in advance for stupidity.
Ran: It'd be Chaotic Neutral, actually
Gaz: "Non-Combatant".
Gaz: Now it's "Crazy Nonhumanoid"
Gaz: Will there be a decent amount of interaction in this game?
Player_D (Ran): I believe so. :P
Ran: Bards need high CHA anyway.
spiritplumber (GM): naru have you ever played a rpg that isn't of the MMO variety?
Gaz: Final Fantasy... uhm... why is that the only one that comes to mind? xD Does Mass Effect count? I suppose so... I love Mass Effect. Skyrim!
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Oh man, I had so much fun playing my Shepard in the third ME.
spiritplumber (GM): I mean, like, pen and paper.
Gaz: She was getting tired from all of the crap that she had to go through, so she would succumb to moments of weakness and confess that she was scared
Gaz: And I nearly cried ; w;
Gaz: And I played a Hunter game once. xD That's it.
spiritplumber (GM): getcha
spiritplumber (GM): well, if you have questions ask, otherwise make the character :) or a mix of both
Gaz: Sorries
Gaz: Looking at skills and stuff
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): no worries
Player_C (Gaz): Is that too even?
spiritplumber (GM): no
spiritplumber (GM): 11,12,12,14,14,15 looks ok
'Player_C' disconnected
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
spiritplumber (GM): 11,12,12,14,14,15 looks ok
Campaign saved.
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
spiritplumber (GM): 11,12,12,14,14,15 looks ok
spiritplumber (GM): ordinarily i'd be a bit upset at the derpiness but i give him 3 missions ^^;
'Player_C' connected
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
Campaign saved.
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
Ran: there we go
Gaz: Check my math, please?
Ran: pyo?
/die [NdN+N] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
GM: jjj
spiritplumber (GM): 11,12,12,14,14,15 looks ok
GM: d can you give naru a hand
Gaz: I'm sorry ><
Ran: sure, I can't see her sheet, but I can do what I can
Campaign saved.
Ran: Whatcha got done currently?
'Player_C' disconnected
'Player_D' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
'Player_D' disconnected
Campaign saved.

Chat log started at 2.4.2012 / 02:10:18

'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
'Player_C' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Ran: Ntele we go
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): derpderp
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
spiritplumber (GM): so far we have Hobgoblin Bard, 11-12-12-14-14-15
Gaz: Jenny I've got your number
Gaz: Iiiiiii wanna make you mine
Gaz: 8675309
Gaz: 8675309
spiritplumber (GM): ok?
Gaz: -points accusingly at Dee-
Player_D (Ran): Hehehe. Mind control is fun.
Ran: get a whiiiiiiip
Gaz: YOU get a whip.
Ran: I have no hands.
Ran flaps.
Gaz: Use feets.
Campaign saved.
Ran: But my talons are better.
Gaz: Anyway, what do I need to click and stuff?
Ran: fill in your reflex and will base saves, they're at +2
Ran: Your HP is 7 total
Ran: Fill in your appearance, height, weight, and size (you're medium)
Ran: Also, elves in this setting are short
Ran: iirc
Ran: Don't break your sheet. >_>
Gaz: > w>
Ran: Take off that penalty, why is it there? o_O
Gaz: I dunno...
Ran: use mousewheel
Ran: ...wait
Gaz: Sheet = broken.
Gaz: Awwh!
spiritplumber (GM): it does the calcs for you, but if you change it by hand, it will tell you "there's a bonus/penalty the spreadsheet doesn't see"
spiritplumber (GM): it's how it's supsoed to wrk
Ran: Nao for skillz if you can't decide on appearance
Ran: Sing [1d20+8 = 15]
Player_D (Ran): No one is cuter than I :V
Ran: Except maybe Remia.
Campaign saved.
Ran: I will set you on fire and feast on your corpse if you do.
Ran: BURNINATION [2d4+1 = 5]
Ran: :W
Ran: Skillztiem naos.
Gaz: :D
spiritplumber (GM): Also, for some reason in this particular game: The dice hate you.
spiritplumber (GM): Especially D10's.
Gaz: Me?
Ran: Unless you're Near.
Gaz: [15d20 = 123]
Gaz: ...Jesus.
Ran: 1 1 2 2 4 5 6 6 9 10 13 14 15 15 20
Gaz: [30d10 = 203]
Gaz: Point allotment?
Ran: you have (6+INT)*4 skill ponits
Ran: Ponits.
Ran: Ponyts.
spiritplumber (GM): I should use Knowledge:The Planes to mean aeronautics in this game...
Ran: Ponyitis.
Ran: Oh? :o
Gaz: I will cut myself with a wooden spoon.
Ran: Ponyponyponyponyponyponypony
Gaz: ... That's it
Gaz: So... twenty... times four?
Ran: no
Campaign saved.
Ran: 6+ intelligence mod. Or 8*4, so 32 points
spiritplumber (GM): Also, you need to put at least one point in Ride.
Gaz: Oh. Then say that.
Gaz: Okie.
spiritplumber (GM): I want a pony.
Gaz: -hates those people at Walgreens-
Ran: INT is shorthand for the modifier. >_>
Ran: Ah
Gaz: -wishes she could simply point out that they could've just picked it up and said it was in the wrong spot-
Ran: Oh, those people
Gaz: But nooo, I would get fired for having common sense.
Ran: The barcode'll tell ya where it belongs :V
Gaz: Are points 1:1?
Ran: yeah, unless crossclass
Gaz: The fucking ITEM NAME will tell you where it belongs
Gaz: -grumble-
Gaz: But reading signs is hard here in the south.
Ran: Yeah ._.
Ran: Or listening.
Gaz: Anything beyond breathing, beer, sex, drugs and farting is too much.
Ran: We get at least 3 people a day confusing us for Papa John's, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesar's. >_>
Gaz: You're Domino's, right?
Ran: Even though we say right when we pick up "Thanks for calling Domino's"
Gaz: I can't tell you how many times people think that my store is a CVS
Gaz: They try to whip out their CVS discount card and get mad when I tell them that they're in Walgreens
Gaz: I say "Welcome to Walgreens" when they walk in the door.
Ran: orz
Ran: Anyawya
Gaz: Sorry
GM: no worries
GM: if it helps, it doesn't get much better if you do work for nasa :)
Gaz: Nasa is reeeeally stupid ; w;
Gaz: I keep hearing things.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: I put it under "ranks" right?
Ran: yep
Gaz: You said I needed a point in riding? That's the rank and not stat, right? xD
Ran: yea
Gaz: How many points would that cost?
Gaz: Since it's cross-class?
Ran: 2
GM: Basically: you're from Ethengar, you cannot ride a horse, you're alive, pick two
Gaz: -blink- What?
Ran: Ran can't ride a horse.
Ran: Ran is a harpy, zo.
Gaz: Ran is dumb.
Gaz: No, I'm sorry
Gaz: ><
Ran: She's smart, for a harpy. :V
Gaz: I like Ran very, very much
Gaz: I don't know why I keep poking fun at her
Gaz: I'm sorry
Ran: Sing [1d20+8 = 24]
Gaz: I don't mean any of it
Ran: Is fine
Gaz: -has no idea what to do with this character-
Campaign saved.
GM: With a bard, having a good backstory is kinda important :)
Ran: Well, didn't you wanna do engie, also?
Gaz: I knows... bleeeeh.
Gaz: Kay say Engie slot is taken.
Ran: Ah
Gaz: -slaps self-
Ran: Take ranks in Perform: Ghost Sound :D
Gaz: In what?
Ran: It's a spell
Ran: Silly suggestion, since it's only 1 round a level. >_>
Gaz: There, I suppose.
Gaz: It's too even, I think...
Ran: hubbagubba
Gaz: -slaps self with one of Ran's wings-
Ran: Lily had 14s acrossthe board. :V
Gaz: Yeah, I'm too spread out...
Ran: No such thing
GM: yeah
Ran: We could use another all-rounder, so Ramirez isn't doing every single mission
Gaz: Okay, then...
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
spiritplumber (GM): feats
spiritplumber (GM): and abilities
Gaz: Where are my choices?
Campaign saved.
Ran: For feats? LOTS.
Ran: For abilities, it's all the stuff under the special columb for a level 1 bard
spiritplumber (GM): see the thing that says d20 system on the right side of the window?
Gaz: Maybe.
Gaz: Does it pop up with a submenu?
spiritplumber (GM): does it?
Gaz: It looks like it
Gaz: I'm at the feats menu right now in the d20 site.
Gaz: How many feats?
Ran: only one
spiritplumber (GM): 1
Campaign saved.
Ran: WHat's your backstory idea so far?
Ran: Are you a conscript, or a volunteer in the militia?
Gaz: Your momma.
Gaz: Volunteer.
Gaz: And see neat technologies and have fun stories.
Gaz: Without ponies.
Gaz: Would Negotiator work as feat?
Gaz: Ohhh. Or Investigator...
Ran: those work
Gaz: [1d4 = 1]
Gaz: [1d6 = 6]
Gaz: Negotiator it is
spiritplumber (GM): bird hugging?
Gaz: ; w;
spiritplumber (GM): D'awww.
Gaz: Dee is going to hate me before tonight is over xD
spiritplumber (GM): So this guy just sort of shows up? I can work with that.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Shows up, volunteers, wishes to fly and get material for songs, happens to like technology?
Gaz: Dee and I were joking about her being communications officer
spiritplumber (GM): ... That kinda does work .-.
Ran: You may wanna think of some reason Near wouldn't be suspicious about her. x=
Gaz: The ears.
Gaz: Who can hate someone with big adorable ears?
spiritplumber (GM): o^o
Gaz: Goddamnit.
Gaz: I dunno.
spiritplumber (GM): Well, like evrything else, it shall be played by ear.
Gaz: She'll prove herself.
Gaz: She has a clean record, yes? Perhaps maybe some mentions of explosions in bars, but that's all in her inventor past.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Again, I dunno.
spiritplumber (GM): Can I have a backstory of any sort emailed to me? (I will edit it a bit to fit if I hafta, but will try not to)
Gaz: Yes, as soon as I make one up.
spiritplumber (GM): also, get some gear with your starting gold.
Gaz: Eh.
spiritplumber (GM): at least a weapon and an instrument. Cllothing optional, oddly enough.
Gaz: You said 100gp?
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): yep
Gaz: Is there an instrument section on the website? xD
spiritplumber (GM): annoyingly, they are abstracted
Gaz: ; w;
Gaz: Is there one anywhere?
Gaz: Goddess, my head hurts.
spiritplumber (GM): not that I found. So what instrument did you have in mind if any.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: A Mandolin :D
Ran: get a shamisen
Gaz: -sigh-
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): 5gp or 100gp for masterwork. Note that mandolins are relatively new. Very loud instrument for its portability though, possibly one of the few good thngs to come out of Glantri that isn't magic related.
Gaz: Eeeee
Gaz: Shame I can't masterwork it
Gaz: But eh, maybe I wanna get the money to.
spiritplumber (GM): well, consider that there is no amplification.
Gaz: Poopie.
Gaz: BIWA.
Gaz: xD
Gaz: Mandolins are so pretty, though.
Gaz: They make me teary if played right
Gaz: But then again, I'm big fat crybaby.
spiritplumber (GM): why isnt there an amplification bard spell anyway
Gaz: That is... a good question.
Ran: ye verily
Campaign saved.
Gaz: -snort-
Gaz: How about a koto?
Gaz: Or a Theorbo...
Gaz: Is basically an old bass.
Gaz: xD
Gaz: I guess you two are clocking out, huh?
Ran: A pipa?
Ran: I was checking bard spells to see if there really wasn't an amp spell.
spiritplumber (GM): anything made before 1930 is fine.
Ran: Inspirational boost, from Complete Adventurer could work...
Ran: Pipa is pretty old. ;3c
Gaz: The mandolin is just a newer version of all of these lutes.
Gaz: xD
Gaz: ...Eff it. I'm getting a ukelele.
Gaz: That's what I had in Mabi before I got my mandolin.
Gaz: -plays an elf travelling bard in Mabi-
Gaz: ALSO she is an hot-air balloon pilot.
Gaz: Coincidentally enough.
Gaz: "Perion the Daring Hot-Air Balloon Pilot"
Campaign saved.
Gaz: xD I managed to safely pilot and land a crashing hot-air balloon and got the title.
spiritplumber (GM): nice!
spiritplumber (GM): i don't play MMOs because time sink, but mabinogi was cute when i saw it
Gaz: -nodnod-
Gaz: I wish I could have a mandolin with that inspirational boost thing on it.
Gaz: Would be neat.
Ran: Is a spel you can pick up at 2nd level. Increases the potency of your inspire courage an' stuff
Ran: so it's really useful
Gaz: Pipa isn't bad.
Gaz: Sounds Silent Hill-ish at the end. xD
Gaz: I dunno. What would a pipa cost?
Gaz: Was Quagmire based off of the candy man from Willy Wonka...
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): apparently all instruments are abstracted to cost 5 / 100
spiritplumber (GM): I guess for ease of crnch
Gaz: -spies "electric pipa"--
Player_D (Ran): yeah. And really to let the players pick whateer they wanted to for flavor.
Gaz: Well, what do you two think?
Ran: abotu what?
Gaz: What sort of instrument should she have?
Gaz: I didn't really think about lack of amplification, sooo. I'm torn.
Gaz: And I'd rather not spend the next hour trying to decide.
Gaz: I would like a Moog synthesizer, please.
spiritplumber (GM): I don't think. I simulate. It does look like string instruments would work well with the culture zo.
Player_D (Ran): You could get a didgeriedoo.
Gaz: No.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: I'd still vote for mandolin.
Gaz: A non-electric one, of course.
Ran: A ruan or mandolin sounds good ,ya
spiritplumber (GM): That it dos
Gaz: Mandolin, then.
GM: And some sort of weapon. Ecerything else is optional really.
spiritplumber (GM): D f you have sugestions shoot
Gaz: I plan on outfitting all of the way.
Gaz: I'm sorry
Gaz: I don't mean to be so slow and aggrivating ><
Ran: I'd suggest a whip, crossbow, and/or mace.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Whip, then.
Ran: get more than one weapon. :V
Gaz: Crossbow.
Gaz: Talons.
spiritplumber (GM):
spiritplumber (GM): If you're sleepy or derpy can do it another day
Campaign saved.
Gaz: I'm fine.
Gaz: I'm always up all night.
Gaz: Work night shift, so... yes.
spiritplumber (GM): then finish the equip :p in geeral standard equipment is available
Gaz: -looking for prices on whip and crossbow-
Gaz: And bolts.
Gaz: Am tempted to get repeating crossbow...
Gaz: If I'm allowed, anyway.
spiritplumber (GM): there's a handy reference in the d0 system book icon thingy
Gaz: Oh, I found them on the site.
spiritplumber (GM): you may, but note that it's tagged exotic
Gaz: -was about to ask what that meant-
Ran: that means you need exotic weapon proficiency to use it without a -4 nonproficiency penalty to attack rolls
Campaign saved.
Gaz: And that's a feat, yes?
Ran: yep
Gaz: The whip is tagged exotic, too, but bards automatically can use it?
Ran: yep
Ran: I'd suggest against a repeating crossbow and get a light or hand instead.
Gaz: Why?
Gaz: I'm just curious.
Ran: cause you don't have rapid shot
Gaz: Okay.
Gaz: I guess a heavy?
spiritplumber (GM): If you are looking for advice from me you won't get any. I don't know what your weapon preferences are. I only run the universe :) My suggestion is that since you'll probably have to pull double duty, keep that into consideration
Gaz: Double duty?
Ran: A heavy can be good, but you will only get one shot off, unlike a light which you can do as a move action so you can fire once a round.
Gaz: Okay.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: I'm really sorry
GM: Well, you're expected to fight. Plus, as a bard you'll be in charge of morale, by default, and will likely have to do some of the negotiating with the various other factions.
Gaz: -nod-
Gaz: I'll go with light crossbow.
Gaz: Now clothes. How does that work?
Gaz: If I say I got like... an "explorer's outfit", do I get to pick what it all looks like and stuff?
Ran: yep
Gaz: Will I eventually get a uniform? xD
Ran: yes
GM: Yes, more or lss.
GM: Some description somewher is appreciated.
GM: And don't forget shoes.
Gaz: Aren't those included in the outfit?
Campaign saved.
Gaz: I can just "buy" the outfit and keep the extra stuff in like... a suitcase or something, right?
Ran: I think they're included, ya. And yeah, you don't haveto wear all of the outfit just beause you have it
Gaz: Okay.
Gaz: Sorry, I know these are dumb questions
Gaz: Can I just put "explorer's outfit" in inventory and describe what she has on as we play?
Ran: ya
GM: sure
Ran: It's usually what I do
GM: I guess that covers everything.
Gaz: What about food or stuff? Or is that provided?
Ran: get a waterskin, too
GM: not an issue in towns or bases, i will be strict about water though more than food
GM: hunting is easyish, finding water in ethengar not so much
Gaz: Okay.
Gaz: What if I wanted to keep a journal?
Campaign saved.
Ran: A blan book is 1gp
Gaz: And do I have to buy a pen? xD
Ran: yep. :V
Gaz: Yay.
Gaz: Suitcases? Or how is lodging handled on the ships?
spiritplumber (GM): uh?
Ran: THe ships are nowhere near big enough to live on
Gaz: Okay.
Gaz: So they stay in a base.
Ran: Anything you take on mission has to be carried on person.
GM: Well, you will need a backpack. Also, good luck finding a fountain pen in Ethengar.
Gaz: Okay, I get it.
Gaz: It's from... blankplace.
Gaz: I dunno, the website just says "inkpen"
Gaz: xD
GM: I don't even know how to answer that
Ran: Near's been writing with a quill. :3
Gaz: -was about to ask-
Ran: No wait
Ran: Brush
Gaz: How much is a quill?
Gaz: xD
Ran: pens are cheap. Ink is expensive
Gaz: -waits for answer-
Gaz: The inkpen was 1 sp
Ran: Ask Kay, but it says 1sp for a pen, which I assume is a nib pen or quill
Gaz: -looks to Kay-
GM: yeah
GM: and a little vase with ink in it.
GM: did you ever use the sort of fountain pen that has a little piston on top to suck up the ink?
Campaign saved.
Gaz: Yes.
Player_D (Ran): nope. =x
Gaz: If you're asking in real life, yes.
Gaz: xD
Gaz: Holy crap ink is expensive.
Gaz: I change my character to a squid mutie.
Gaz: Make my own ink...
Gaz: and stuff.
Ran: Think how long a single pen lasts now, and realize that has only like 1/10th an ounce in it.
GM: Yep.
Gaz: Anything else?
Ran: Take care of it, and that 1 oz of ink will last you a long ass time.
GM: I actually took a class in calligraphy and maintenance of stylographic pens.
GM: The calligraphy part didn't stick >_>
Ran: :<
GM: Looks like everything else is in place!
GM: Cept height and weight
Gaz: -cough-
Gaz: Average heights?
Gaz: I'm not good with weight, either...
Gaz: Don't worry, Kay. You'll hopefully get used to how dumb I can be. xD
Gaz: Ask Dee.
Ran: derp
Ran: I'd say 4'10", 115lbs
Campaign saved.
GM: Wait, you drew that really cool lineup O_O;
Ran: pyo?
Ran: Ran wound up shorter in the lineup than I had her down as. XD
GM: Given leg stance I'm not sure how you measure a harpy
GM: anyway, average height for that was what, five two?
Ran: Yeah
Ran: But Lewi is half-ork, Naeko is mutant, and Kiri is just tall. Those three, mostly Naeko and Lew, really skewed the average height
GM: there's that... hobgoblins are human height, roughtly
GM: but thin
Gaz: -stares stupidly-
Campaign saved.
Ran: pyo?
Gaz: Do I use dmg s or dmg m for whip
Gaz: and what guys under attacks
Gaz: goddamnit.
Ran: m since you're mediem
Ran: under attacks is your attack bonus with said weapon
Gaz: What is "1d3(little three)"?
spiritplumber (GM): roll a cubical die and divide by two
Gaz: bleh.
/die [NdN+N] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
GM: ?
Gaz: nothing.
GM: wat?
Ran: check the notes at the bottom of th echart for th ethree
Gaz: what goes under attacks
Ran: your attack bonus
Gaz: which i don't have so zero
Ran: with a whip, your attack bonus should be +1, since it's a ranged weapon
Ran: You apply your dex
Campaign saved.
Gaz: i guess that's right
Gaz: i didn't get any armour
Gaz: is that the uniform?
Ran: No, the uniform isn't armor
Gaz: guess i'd better not get hit then
GM: Yep.
Gaz: should i get something
GM: OK, so you're generally a ranged fighter
Gaz: leather or padded?
Gaz: i mean, it's not that much.
Ran: I'd go with leather
Gaz: is that okay with you kay
GM: yes, if you can afford it
Gaz: i can
Gaz: is that right?
Campaign saved.
GM: Seems to be, yes
GM: and I can see a hobgoblin bard wanting some armor. I'd expect much shoving by orks.
Gaz: much.
Gaz: anyway
Ran: get some buttpadding. :V
Gaz: one lat question and then ill leave you guys alone
Gaz: what are the hobgoblin appearnce options? skin tones, eye and hair colours, that sort of thing
Gaz: otherwise shell most likyel end up looking like a tall version of my wow goblin
spiritplumber (GM): Skin is various levels of green from yellowish to oliveish, eye color is basically random, hair mostly none.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Probably mildly asian in facial features overal.
Gaz: okay
Gaz: sorry guys
Gaz: byebye
'Player_C' disconnected
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): ... or that?
spiritplumber (GM): what a random person
spiritplumber (GM): on the plus side i found the backup log file
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): imma splat, this was draining O_O;

Chat log started at 3.4.2012 / 02:50:35

Chat log started at 3.4.2012 / 03:13:00

spiritplumber (GM): this should fix the chat log

Chat log started at 3.4.2012 / 03:21:50

'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Genny'
Genny: ...derp
'Player_D' disconnected
'Player_D' connected
'Player_D' identified as 'Ran'
Campaign saved.
'Player_C' connected
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
spiritplumber (GM): looks like everything works: yay
'Player_K' connected
Gaz: Wheeee!
Player_D (Ran): Huzzah!
Gaz: dives onto a birdie.
'Player_K' identified as 'Naeko'
Ran: I DECLARE A ROCKOFF! [2d10+8 = 10]
Ran: ...
Ran: Nevermind.
Gaz: The stage catches fire!
Naeko: ...what have i come into...?
spiritplumber (GM): Rocks fall, everyone start game.
Gaz: Hundreds perish in the flames!
spiritplumber (GM): Silliness apparently
spiritplumber (GM): K., this is C. who is new to rpg's or so I am given to understand
spiritplumber (GM): C., this is K. who's a lot smarter than me but lies about it :P
Player_C (Gaz): More or less. I was in a couple of other games, but I am dumb. Nice to meet you.
Player_K (Naeko): i is not!
Player_K (Naeko): nice to meet you, Naru
spiritplumber (GM): Naru is the first in a long line of disposable rookies who will play pickup
Player_D (Ran): :V
Player_C (Gaz): Yes. Kill me fast.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): *resists urge to comment on Near's tactical prowess and odds of redshirt survival* ;p
Gaz: Cliffjumper [2d10 = 8]
spiritplumber (GM): I'm probably kidding
Ran: Gaz probably will be issued a red shirt in the interim of nothaving a uniform.
Player_C (Gaz): Yesh. Am worthless. :D
Player_K (Naeko): please tell me you're joking.
Player_K (Naeko): even -i- don't say "i'm worthless" with a SMILE >.>
Gaz: "Why does my shirt say 'Disposable'?"
spiritplumber (GM): yeah, we are - this said, if a character dies, they die and resurrecting them is generally a minor story arc in itself.
spiritplumber (GM): just be aware of that please
spiritplumber (GM): it's not like in MMOs
Player_C (Gaz): I dunno... I was pretty lucky in the Zelderp game and MHRed...
Player_C (Gaz): I think feeshie was the only one not maimed?
Ran: Mags has taken almost no damage. >_>
Ran: Notwithout lack of trying, either.
spiritplumber (GM): as in, being that Gaz shows up later, there will be some IC hazing possibly, please know that we don't mean any of it OOC, okays? :)
Player_C (Gaz): Okies.
spiritplumber (GM): This all said I think so far the IFB really fits the Mildly Military trope :)
spiritplumber (GM): other than that y'all tell me what you want to do, basically :)
Player_C (Gaz): I'm here to work.
Player_K (Naeko): brb, bio
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): I wonder how Xeclo would work for drumheads.
Player_C (Gaz): Goddess, I had no idea what that meant until I saw a joke series about silly MMO terms. xD
Ran squawks.
Ran: Okay, last time was just a warm up. [2d10+8 = 18]
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Ran: "Kissing like a bandit, stealing time~ Underneath the sycamore tree~"
spiritplumber (GM): So yeah, y'all tell me what you want to do :)
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Ran has better Perform than Gaz .-.
Player_D (Ran): I have a higher CHA and racial bonus.
Gaz: Plays along with Ran? [2d10+7 = 9]
Gaz: WHOO!
Ran: Wow. Dice haet.
Ran: "You suck."
Gaz: So I failed SO HARD that not only did I break my strings, but also my instrument over Ran's head.
Naeko: the Dice gods want to rape us with spiky badness.
Naeko: possibly a Na Pali Strapon of Six Fires
Gaz: Or that weird bumpy club thing from Dead Island...
Gaz: I hear sirens outside.
Gaz: TRIES AGAIN [2d10+7 = 17]
Gaz: [1d20+7 = 15]
Gaz: There is much hate in these dice...
Naeko: [2d10+3 = 10]
Naeko: and Naeko rocks out like a white band on Soul Train!
Gaz: Oh man, I love White Band!
spiritplumber (GM): And yes, D10s hate you.
Gaz: Headbangs.
Ran sings a jaunty pirate tune.
GM actually figures that jamming sessions with workshop tools may end up happning quite a bit on evenings.
Ran: Probably.
Naeko: ICly? nah, Naeko'd yell at them to take it outside and let her work.
spiritplumber (GM): What are good play times other than "ungodly hours because both me and D are out of phase?"
Naeko: at least until she has her own lab she only comes out of for meals ;p
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): lol, point
spiritplumber (GM): D and K, care to give a one paragraph intro to what's going on here?
Naeko: mix Wings of Honnemaise and X-com enemy unknown, set in Ethengar, with more MAD SCIENCE!!!
Ran: Having your own lab just means that you can't rely on the other engies to distract Near from pestering you while you work. :P
Naeko: yes, but Awkward Questions can handle that ;p
Ran: AS for what's going on....
Player_D (Ran): Try to out awkward Near. I dare you.
Player_C (Gaz): Whee, Brandon's hit snooze three times now.
Ran: We are an underfunded, understaffed, under equipped paramilitary force!
Ran: We fly around and break faces.
Naeko: Fighting ALIENS! we think. they fall from the sky in rocks and have more tech than us! *angry glares at sky fuckers*
Ran: We also invent lotsa crazy stuff.
spiritplumber (GM): Got all that?
Ran: And have the honor of having almost enough intergendered people to require a third bathroom!
Naeko: At the behest of our patron, Miss Not-A-Zerg-Overmind's-Clone-for-walking-among-normals-At-All
Naeko: we even have two bathrooms?
Gaz: Alas my love, you do me wrong, to turn me off so discourteously...!
Naeko: i'm pretty sure that Near, Naeko, and Milktea do all the sexual harassment...
Ran: Why Milk? I'd thought Kiri does it
Gaz: God help the poor bastard who discovers that Gaz's hair is fake.
Ran: Probably Ran will.
Campaign saved.
Gaz: God help that adorable birdie.
Naeko: Kiri too. but Milk was the first one to eyeball Naeko's harness and ask for ropework tips
Ran: I am fire :D
Ran: Oh~
Gaz: I am hate. I am the dark. I am the shadows in your soul.
Naeko: I am Mad Science Bitch.
Ran: I am loooooveeee
Gaz: Oh, sorry.
Ran: *hugs you with the warmth of looooove
Naeko: also, a sorceress powered by electrical masturbation.
Ran: LOVE damage [1d6 = 4]
Gaz: moans.
spiritplumber (GM): Meeeep!
Ran: Ran does use the character for Love to write her name.
spiritplumber (GM): Also, right now you have four outhouses because it was convenient to build four and saves on having to take turns. Poop is a valuable resource.
Ran: It's also odd a harpy even knows kanji, but.
Naeko: Science Damage! roll cake(d)test.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
Gaz: ; w; May I please have a uniform?
Gaz: I just wanna be loved
Gaz: And not deaded.
spiritplumber (GM): actually that'd be one use of orgone energy, just shoot it.
Gaz: I am hideous in da face.
spiritplumber (GM): You're going to LOVE ME!
Player_D (Ran): I can't wait until Ran gets Wild Empathy. And Kiri Rapport with Beasts. SO MANY AMINALS.
Player_K (Naeko): piffle! Naeko wouldn't do that. for one thing, she's SEEN what lust looks like without filtering systems in her family. those are NOT ducts that're saf to crawl through
Player_D (Ran): Though the one animal that'd be really useful, and cheap, we can't exactly use...
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): humans?
Player_D (Ran): Falcons/Hawks are expensive, aren't they?
Player_D (Ran): Nah, they go "bowwow" and you can find like 80 if you whistle and put some meat in front of a fan.
spiritplumber (GM): Hh?
Player_K (Naeko): i THAT bad at racist jokes that it completely missed?
spiritplumber (GM): I just have no idea what that means, and what animal do you mean?
Naeko: Naeko made a 'humans are just anaimals' joke
Player_D (Ran): .-.
Player_D (Ran): Dogs.
Naeko: brb bio again
Player_D (Ran): Hell, this is Ethengar, fightan' dogs are probably really common. >_>
Player_D (Ran): But I think pitbulls are even worse for K. <_<
spiritplumber (GM): I figure you'd get kuchis and greyhouds. The Afghan hound fits the bill but honestly the modern ones look silly. The obvious hunting animal alternative are mountain lions.
spiritplumber (GM): but that's more of a war animal.
Player_D (Ran): yeah.
Player_D (Ran): And heavy enough to still be 1 unit in weight. :/
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): Heh, we could import Rabbit-hounds from Glantri. XD
spiritplumber (GM): given the prevalence of cavalry in warfare in Ethengar any war dog that cannot go after a horse is useless
Player_D (Ran): *nod*
spiritplumber (GM): as for hunting birds go, they're expensive to train and can't really be sold trained, I thnk.
Player_D (Ran): That just reaffirms my thought that Pitbulls would be common. Plus they just friggin LOOK like orks.
Player_D (Ran): Would actually being able to talk to and understand the bird help any? :V
Player_D (Ran): Really, we don't need war animals, we need hunting animals.
Player_D (Ran): ...Are there raptors in Ethengar?
Player_K (Naeko): we need 60-foot tall hunting golems with coilguns.
Player_D (Ran): Those are hard to transport.
Player_K (Naeko): but Near won't approve the funding
Player_D (Ran): And make. :V
Player_D (Ran): Near can't approve that funding. >_>
'Player_C' disconnected
Player_D (Ran): For the cost of 1 golem, we can have 20 airships.
Player_D (Ran): WITH CREW.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): -if- we build the golem. if we just take an airship to the ass-end of Neo-Blackmoor and distract Nathaniel long enough for me to steal his control cluster, that's a bunch of golems for the taking! they'll only need like, 4 years to walk to Izwald under their own power!
spiritplumber (GM): lol
'Player_C' connected
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
Player_D (Ran): brb, puppy bio.
spiritplumber (GM): MFW sixteen years after we found her and three months after she died peacefully, we find out that the stray cat that moved in with us without asking was actually an European wildcat.
spiritplumber (GM): Which nicely explains why she would beat the shit out of everything on principle
Naeko: *nods* the difference between a wildcat and a feral 'domestic' cat pretty much is just two-to-four kilos ;p
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): feets are wet from dew.
spiritplumber (GM): friend of mine did a bit of dna sequencing as practice, actually there's a lot of back and forth among zoologists whether wildcats and domestic cats are the same species or not
spiritplumber (GM): yaydew!
spiritplumber (GM): Naru, any questions?
Player_C (Gaz): No.
Player_K (Naeko): .....this debate surprises me, that there is a debate and it isn't obvious.
spiritplumber (GM): Oh, one thing - if anything you were writing gets preempted in chat, post it anyway.
spiritplumber (GM): rather than htting backspace. the "someone is typing" graphics are unreliable
Player_K (Naeko): i rather thoguht they might be.
spiritplumber (GM): BAT BOMB
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): ohnoes ;o
spiritplumber (GM): there is. Be easier to ask the interested populations directly but I figure they wouldn't much care?
spiritplumber (GM): anyway, just wanetd to poke ppl for introductions reasons :) sorry for derp
Player_K (Naeko): they both think they're completely unique and special and inherently superior to all other life
Player_K (Naeko): and hten i say "thumbs, they rock." and they give me the really MEAN look.
spiritplumber (GM): how about hemingway cats? they have thumbs
Player_K (Naeko): but sadly, they do not yet have phenotypic expression in physical reality
Player_K (Naeko): ...except under some very strange interpretations.
Player_D (Ran): Ran doesn't have thumbs.
Player_D (Ran): :<
Ran cries at not having thumbs.
Ran realizes she can fly under her own power.
Ran poops on Gaz from 300 feet in th eair.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: invent's the adamantium umbrella
spiritplumber (GM): actally yeah, how does ran eat at a table? Much as Ethngaran diet tends to focus on stuff that you generally eat with a dagger.
Ran: She needs both wings, or she'll use her feet.
Ran: try gripping stuff without separating your fingers, and she operates kinda like that.
spiritplumber (GM): One note on fictional metals, I'm only using mithril and adamantine to keep it simple.
Ran: aluuuminuuuuum
Ran: Unobtanium?
Ran: Unobtainum*
spiritplumber (GM): Mithril is prized for making it easy to work with magic (and may be enchanted alluminium: theories differ) and is buyable. Adamantine is basically Rearden Metal, and is not buyable easily. Interestingly you can't make springs out of adamantine because it's too rigid.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): anynya ^^, waht hapns now?
Player_K (Naeko): what does Rearden Metal mean?
spiritplumber (GM): eh, it's from atlas shrugged. basically adamantine is very light and very strong (so it's good for some edged weapons although it has the disadvantage of not having a lot of momentum). Great structural material. VERY difficult to work with.
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): I think we'll be sticking with aluminum and mithril...
spiritplumber (GM): so far you're mostly sticking with brass, wood and fabric
Player_D (Ran): Even though Near loves her some adamantine.
Player_D (Ran): Yeah..
Ran: I think too far ahead sometimes.
spiritplumber (GM): Dumb fabric!
Player_K (Naeko): Naeko would probably prefer mithril over adamantine. mutability matters LOTS in perpetual prototyping
'Player_C' disconnected
spiritplumber (GM): Does it ever @_@
spiritplumber (GM): derp, four thrty O_O can't evn get much one here
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): yeah, daylight savings went off on this side of the globe, too.
Player_K (Naeko): so timeframes has been shiftedededed
'Player_C' connected
spiritplumber (GM): in general if i'm online and my status doesn't say otherwise i'm OK to play, I do 75% of my work at home for the next two months or so
'Player_C' identified as 'Gaz'
spiritplumber (GM): in general if i'm online and my status doesn't say otherwise i'm OK to play, I do 75% of my work at home for the next two months or so
Player_D (Ran): kie
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): okies
spiritplumber (GM): meep.... best i can do O_O;
Player_K (Naeko): and your best is amazing and sometimes scary
Player_D (Ran): Is plenty :o
Player_K (Naeko): and i am SO not smarter than you ;p
Ran: Jump [1d20+19 = 31]
spiritplumber (GM): Might as well jump!
Player_D (Ran): It's not as impressive when Ran does it.
spiritplumber (GM): there is likely to be one-two sessions before Gaz arrives, s that ok?
Player_K (Naeko): makes sense to me.
Player_K (Naeko): i still wanted to discuss the question of Genny getting a semi-soonish intro so that she's had time to learn at least Common before we need her active.
Gaz: Don't care
Player_D (Ran): Genny?
Player_K (Naeko): playing someone with communication issues? potential fun. playing someone who doesn't speak anything and only understands a language nobody speaks? not fun.
spiritplumber (GM): Yeah. That's prolly why there'll be at least one or two in gae days
Campaign saved.
Ran: Move Silently [1d20+5 = 22]
Ran: Tumble [1d20+10 = 26]
Player_K (Naeko): you'll see ;p
Ran: Heal [1d20+1 = 5]
Player_D (Ran): I should probably swap her skilled to perception..
spiritplumber (GM): how so?
Player_D (Ran): She's a bit lacking in spot for a scout. ;p
spiritplumber (GM): Eyup.
Player_D (Ran): She can do it at night when resting, so.
Player_D (Ran): Will take this opportunity since we ended with everyone going to sleep.
Player_D (Ran): ANd I remember. >_>
spiritplumber (GM): seems to me it'd be best if both of you have a staff character and an enlisted character O_O; and yah, go ahead.
Player_D (Ran): There. :D
Ran: Spot [1d20+7 = 9]
Campaign saved.
Ran: Listen [1d20+7 = 11]
Ran: Appraise [1d20+6 = 25]
spiritplumber (GM): Dice
Player_D (Ran): ...
Player_K (Naeko): yeah.. they're... spazzy dice.
Gaz: [1d20 = 5]
Gaz: [1d20 = 11]
spiritplumber (GM): FG has no "fudge the dice" mechanism on the GM screen
Gaz: [1d20 = 6]
Gaz: [1d20 = 9]
Gaz: [1d20 = 5]
Gaz: [1d20 = 5]
Gaz: [1d20 = 6]
Ran: [3d20 = 30]
Ran: [4d20 = 41]
Gaz: [4d20 = 22]
Ran: [5d20 = 69]
Gaz: [5d20 = 53]
Ran: [30d20 = 383]
Ran: [4d6 = 16]
Ran: [41]
Ran: [4d6 = 13]
Ran: [4d6 = 14]
Ran: [4d6 = 15]
Ran: [4d6 = 15]
Ran: [4d6 = 6]
spiritplumber (GM): DICE O_O;
spiritplumber (GM): i'm being attacked by dice
GM: Near undergoing spontaneous clonal degeneration [3d10 = 16]
spiritplumber (GM): ...
Ran: I really don't understand the clonal degeneration thing, actually.
spiritplumber (GM): Telomeres. Safly enough, it hppens IRL
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): anyway, I was trying to show how D10s are bastards.
Ran: Everything I know about biology points towards speedgrowns living just as long as any other gritter
Ran: critter*
Ran: from the point of cloning, that is
Ran: Telomers can be fixed with telomerase during generation
Ran: Not to mention Dreams isn't a clone as much as a child
Ran: genetically
spiritplumber (GM): it's not a matter of speed growing so much as using already-old cells apparently.
spiritplumber (GM): Anyway, the point was "Watch me roll 952 out of 1000"
Ran: I don't get that, zo
spiritplumber (GM): there's a decent explananation if you look up dolly the sheep
Ran: Dreams was crafted wholecloth, using the same method any other of the nearspawn, just sped up to achieve maturation faster. .-.
Ran: I know of that
Gaz: whispers Messages to Ran as she sleeps.
Ran: that's WHY Dreams isn't an exact clone
spiritplumber (GM): oh :)
Campaign saved.
Ran: Dreams is a Specified Recombinant, to use Sinfin terms
spiritplumber (GM): pla?
Ran: Basically just a controlled mixing of DNA, like wanting specific traits in a child
Player_D (Ran): ANd Dolly died of disease, not of old age. >_>;
Player_C (Gaz): -stares blankly-
Player_C (Gaz): I don't know you people.
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): well, yes.
Player_K (Naeko): we just met a few hours ago.
spiritplumber (GM): lol
spiritplumber (GM): fair enough
spiritplumber (GM): expect a lot of (pseudo)science to be thrown around is all.
Player_C (Gaz): -is pretty dumb- So expect a lot of blnk stares.
Player_C (Gaz): *blank
Gaz: See?
Ran: Nether isn't even a recombinant, just a standard Infector Firrik, also.
spiritplumber (GM): yeah, no issue with nether
spiritplumber (GM): And, get you 20 percent smarter up in 10 seconds flat. *petpets*
Campaign saved.
Player_K (Naeko): that would be an interesting challenge. i mean, technically, neural patterning is electricity and mRNA encoding, if someone were to be fMRId while studying and tissue sampled with specific memoryf orms encoded to work out their individual patterns, then a whole bunch of stuff coded up in their mRNA patterns and inserted slowly, it'd still be a MUCH faster way to absorb information than traditional study once the pattern was found.
Ran: Huh. Dreams and Remia share only like 1/12th their DNA.
Gaz: -brain explodes-
Gaz: I'mma go and hit my head against stuff now.
Player_K (Naeko): can we weaponize that? someone who, when affected by mind control, shambled numbly towards the controller and cranium-detonates?
Player_K (Naeko): obviously a single-use sort of thing...
spiritplumber (GM): Not sure about the cranium detonation but maybe an implanted suggestion might do it
spiritplumber (GM): There is evidence of a phrenological implant to temporarily reverse mind control or possession. The manufacturing date is 70 years in the future. Naeko does not know this but Near does.
Ran: Near was half-ork, Remia human; so they only shared 3/4th then, technically. With Dreams being second generation, and the ork bits swapped out for firrik....
Ran: Yeah, that thingie :o
Ran: I nearly broke it twice.
Player_K (Naeko): who is the manufacturer?
Campaign saved.
Ran: \(_o)/ IT is a mystery to everyone.
Player_K (Naeko): is it wrong my response to this is to want to ask how long the Shadow Elf lifespan is? ;p
Ran: It's probably "Until Near finds you tasty"
Gaz: Oooookay.
Gaz: Gooooonna go now.
'Player_C' disconnected
spiritplumber (GM): Elves live for 200-300 years naturally (and find it easier than most to prolong their lives). Shadow elves about half that. Dwarfs live about as long as humans but mature quickly and don't suffer from aging until the last year or two of their lives, which is why they're thought to live longer than humans. Goblins have an accelerated metabolism and tend to die of old age around forty-fifty, except they rarely make it that far. Kobolds roughly same. Most every other races has human-comparable lifespans
Player_K (Naeko): nifty. my perverse thouht that it's a chronological clusterfuck resolt of Naeko getting pissy about dealing with mind-control aliens IS possible ;p
spiritplumber (GM): The one recent confirmed tme traveler showed up for about 20 seconds and blew up a city.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Also, some modern-looking baby food was found at some point.
Player_K (Naeko): am now thinking about mature, matronly Naeko. is scary thought.
Ran: o_o
spiritplumber (GM): yay! makes sense on the lifespans? Oh, also, it's Very Difficult to cheat old age.
spiritplumber (GM): Potions of Longevity for example halve their duration every use, except for reversing magical aging
Player_K (Naeko): makes sense to me!
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Hence the allure of undeath, I suppose.
spiritplumber (GM): However, if you're undead you're still dead. If you were a great painter while alive, you can still paint very well as a vampire or lich but your style stops evolving (or greatly slows down)
Player_D (Ran): Or become a fairly powerful psion and turn yourself into an Elan.
Player_D (Ran): Though it's still not immortality, you can live a rediculous time.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): now I wonder who the heck in history pulled it off.
Player_D (Ran): Pyo? :3c
Naeko: well, if there's a Plane of Time, a version of the Air Font for that plane could do damned interesting stuff...
Ran: I don't think there's a plane of time
spiritplumber (GM): The elemental planes are reachable with effort, the Ethereal plane is a neutral meeting ground between the living and the dead (in theory anyway), anything past that is known to the sort of archmagus who does NOT publish, although there are all manner of rumors
Campaign saved.
Player_D (Ran): me need crash nao.
'Player_D' disconnected
Player_K (Naeko): eeeenteresting...
spiritplumber (GM): I figure that wizards especially act a lot like uni professors.
spiritplumber (GM): Except when they actually do end up having enough power to travel the cosmos.
Campaign saved.
Naeko: then they try to hide it for themselves?
Naeko: so... just like uni professors?
spiritplumber (GM): Hehe.
spiritplumber (GM): Prettymuch >_>
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
spiritplumber (GM): Go sleepies :p