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Name: Anita LeVay
Phenotype: Standard
Gender: Female
Age: 34

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:

Origin: Suffolk, England, SABRE



To Spend: 10

HP: (2x (STA+FCS)) = X

Wounds to KO: 3

Timing: (SPD+INS) = X
Movement: X


  • Limbless - Cannot move much under her own power, but can fit in small spaces. Stats assume
  • PS (mild) - Those with Protagonist Syndrome are extremely charismatic, but have problems telling people apart from stereotypes.

* Storyteller - Anita is a known Storyteller in her community. Even outside of it, she can listen better than most and use parable and metaphor to explain things to others very persuasively.


Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription


Augments - Anita's augments are supposed to be state-of-the-art prosthetics, however like most custom jobs from local makers, they tend to work erratically in blue zones... the technology isn't quite there yet. Anita finds the augments very tiring to wear, as they require great concentration, and generally prefers to do without.

Safety Blanket - An quilted blanket, prevalently yellow and orange in color, of poor quality, given to Anita by her first class of students. Holds two people in perfect safety from any environmental hazards (cold, heat, rain, hail, etc.) short of an ion storm. In blue zones, it's still a nice comfy blankets.


Anita LeVay is a former associate professor of comparative (not combative) theology at Suffolk University. In the early days of Loki's Maximum, enough people accepted that Lovecraft's Dunwich, thoguh fictional, was in that area that this became the case, and so when a debate transpired between a group of existentialist philosophy majors and a group of HPLHS tourists, the abyss really did stare back.

Few people can claim to have barehandedly wrestled a shoggoth back into the formless void. sadly, she no longer has these hands because her limbs needed to be amputated before the Outsider's Taint reached her central nervous system. Adapting to her new lifestyle has been a challenge, sure, but she can still teach, and she's been promised a crazy-awesome set of magitek limbs in order to make use of her fisticuffs-vs-the-unnatural talents in the event of widespread Empyrean incursion. For now, she feels she's earned the comparative rest.

(Note: she is under observation for suspicion she may be a borderline case in terms of developing protagonist syndrome. If she is aware of this, she gives no sign.)

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