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Name: Penny Wesson
Phenotype: Kemi (Meerkat)
Gender: Female
Age: 28

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Light Brown Fur
Height: 4' / 122cm
Weight: 70lbs / 31kg

Origin: SABRE, she's from the southern hemisphere. Grew up around a shipyard in SMASH territory (former Liberia).



To Spend: 0

HP: (2x (STA+FCS)) = 10

Wounds to KO: 3

Timing: (SPD+INS) = 6
Movement: 4


  • Small Size - Penny is tiny! She's about a meter tall, in fact. This means that she will occasionally have problems being seen... and have a very easy time not being seen if she wants to. She's strong for her size, so her ability to carry or move stuff is not too impaired.



Skill Name (base stat)Skill LevelModifierDescription
Piloting (Instinct)Journeyman (2)+4Knowing how to operate a boat or ground vehicle. Higher ranks allow sailing in adverse weather, piloting an airplane, etc.
Swordsmanship (Strength, Speed)Journeyman (2)+4Expertise in the use of a type of contact weapon (knives, swords, heavy blades, batons, polearms).
Mechanics (Intellect)Journeyman (2)+4Mechanics covers most forms of practical engineering, in addition to being handy with dealing with a recalcitrant engine.
EMT (Instinct)Apprentice (1)+1Emergency treatment, the setting of bones, the stabilization of people who are bleeding out and so on.
Alertness (Instinct)Apprentice (1)+1The ability to make oneself pay attention to details even when tired or in a noisy environment.
Swimming (Strength, Stamina)Apprentice (1)+1The ability to stay afloat in a liquid, hopefully some sort of water.
Brawling (Strength)Apprentice (1)+1Basic fighting and improvised weapons.
Athletics (Strength, Stamina)Journeyman (2)+4Any sort of physical effort that requires endurance and discipline; running other than a quick sprint, climbing a wall, and so on.

To spend: 0 (min 5 athletics/combat, min 5 non)


Slide-rule cutlass: A parting gift from her mentor. This rather unusual implement combines a cutlass with its sheath, a slide rule (the blade is the center slider), and a capillary action based chemical analysis tool in the hilt. The latter does not work properly in blue zone, being rather finicky, but everything else is a piece of excellent metalwork. Originally intended to be an utility knife, Penny was given it as a journeyman's gift. It fits her just fine as a sword, and she can usually get away with carrying it in secured areas. As slide rules go, it has all the functions of a modern calculator, except to fewer decimals.


Penny was born about a year after the Rapture, and doesn't remember the worst of it - her parents laid low during the Tribulation, and survived it in part by luck and in part because they had a precious small child with them.

She grew up with her family in a small village built on top of a former Navy shipyard, where she alternated school with working at one of the shops that repaired and rebuilt support vehicles for the huge effort of taking the surviving old cargo ships and converting them from internal combustion to sail/electric.

Her small size let her do an excellent job at that, and her enthusiasm put her on good terms with the tinkerer subculture that had begun to develop. While she's not the best and greatest at making stuff, although she can hold her own, she learned how to drive or pilot damn near anything - ground cars, sailboats, gliders, airships, even a train (And she can reach the pedals just fine, thank you very much!).

Now she has a reputation as a test pilot of sorts, which takes her away from her home fairly often -- Penny's boss called the apprenticeship over, gave her a pat on the head and a graduation gift to keep her safe, and told her to stay in touch, as he means to get into bat-boat racing if he can ever spare the time.

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