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Name: Rani Joan Marlone Dreadwing
Phenotype: Dreadwing Dragalish
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color: Shiny and black (natural); Recently dyed in a rainbow pattern.
Skin Color: Dusky Grey, green, and black.
Height: 150cm, 190cm with tail; 348cm wingspan
Weight: 41kg

Origin: PATRIOT; Born around Carson City, Nevada. College in San Francisco, California.

Cunning  2  Health: 3x wounds to K.O.
Luck  2  (C + L)*2 = 8
Athletics  3  Stamina: 2x stages.
Skill  4  (A + S)*2 = 14
Empathy  4  Spirit:
Will  2  (E + W)*2 = 12
Stress Explosion: Scream it out! Rani lets out her stress vocally, and quite loudly. When her stress explosion is triggered in combat, Rani must spend at least 2 dice from her combat pool each turn until her stress is reset to 0, losing 2 stress per die spent. When her stress explosion is triggered outside of combat, Rani takes a -4 penalty to social checks until her stress falls to 0, or she may spend a scene doing strenuous activity with no other benefit.
Stress Relief: Through art, my soul is healed. Rani recovers stress quickly when she has a chance to work uninterrupted, producing something. The end product does not have to be good or even valuable, but at least completed. If she spends a scene working on a project, she recovers 1 point of spirit, and recovers an additional 1d3 points of spirit upon completion of whatever it is she was working on (this may take multiple scenes, depending on what the project is). Rani may hold light conversations while working, though it generally is to detriment of her concentration.

Movement: land 5, flight 16


  • Armored Skin - Dragalishes possess hard scales, though dreadwings have somewhat more fragile ones. Against physical attacks, Rani gains +1 defense, increasing to +2 vs ballistics.
  • Blindness/Extrasenses – Dreadwing dragalishes do not have eyes, but instead a complex sensory organ resembling horns. These organs are able to sense both heat and electricity, as well as heightened sensitivity to certain frequencies of sound. A dreadwing dragalish can detect heat and electricity within a range of roughly 15 meters, and is capable of using sonar with a moderately low resolution. A dreadwing dragalish is also capable of detecting the reactions of her miasma and various substances, giving her a far clearer picture so long as it is active; her horns are capable of detecting these reactions within 50 meters, roughly as if it were sound.
  • Flight - Dreadwing dragalishes are capable of flight, possessing four wings, comprising of their arms, plus a pair at their hips. A dreadwing has a flight speed at x3 movement, though they find hovering very difficult. Rani cannot fly in blue zones, however even in blue zones she can glide safely from any height if she is unencumbered.
  • Miasma - Dreadwing dragalishes all possess some form of miasma. Though normally not irritating, Rani's miasma is slightly different, carrying capsiacin within it, to become a considerable irritant when released; she has the luxury to withhold her miasma thanks to her strand. Dragalishes are reptilian enough to be mostly unaffected by capsiacin.
  • Cool-Blood - Though not cold-blooded, Dragalishes are sensitive to the cold. When in cold environments, Rani takes a -2 penalty to endure the cold, and takes a -1 penalty to all physical and mental stats when affected by the cold.
  • Odd Body - Due to their wings and tail, Dragalishes require very special clothing, especially if they want to fly. Combined with Cool-blood, dragalishes tend to greatly prefer warmer climates.

Strand: "Rainbow in the Dark"
Six motes of light materialize around Rani, each one resembling a fairie, and each one is a different color of the rainbow. Rainbow in the Dark manifested shortly after Rani became a Dragalish, the mechanics behind the awakening being unknown. Each fairie is roughly 2 feet tall, though there is variance between each. Halos of respective color shimmer in shades of the respective color of the fairie. Each fairie has a "mate", identified by number of breasts; Red and Orange have four, Yellow and Green have six, and Blue and Violet have two. The second respectively also possesses a male organ, though it is uncertain if functional, or what the mated pairings mean.

  • "Dancing in the Light:" Rani can cause RitD to flash and shimmer in a variety of colors and patterns, potentially achieving a variety of effects. Dancing in the Light may be used as an Excuse by Rani to influence mood, perceptions, or other mental or visual effects, though disguises and illusions are covered by Image Lost in Time.
  • "Shadows of the Night:" Two opposing-colored fairies can join together to become a small piece of hard light, up to roughly 100cm³ voxels per pairing.
  • "Image Lost in Time:" RitD can create a 3D hologram of light out of their forms, though the complexity of the image, and number of fairies used, affects its size; each fairy producing up to 2 cubic meters worth of 1cm³ voxels.
  • "Caught in the Middle:" RitD's composite fairies have gained the ability to energize and contain a small amount of goods as light. A fairie may hold up to one cubic meter worth of goods as luggage, though the total density of said luggage may not be greater than 1 (using the full cubic meter for total size). RitD cannot disassemble objects via "caught in the middle", unless it is divided appropriately between the required number of fairies, and reassembled appropriately.

∙ Power E - Very weak; Rainbow in the Dark is counted as having a strength of 1 for manipulating objects on its own. Three fairies (or a mated pair) if combined have a strength of 2 for manipulating objects, and all six fairies combined have a strength of 3 with advantage 1.
∙ Speed A - Rainbow in the Dark moves at the speed of light, and always succeeds a speed or timing check (barring strange fuckery), even without Rani's input.
∙ Range D - Rainbow in the Dark has a range limit of 10 meters, always centered on Rani.
∙ Staying D - Rainbow in the Dark is itself intangible, but any constructs created by Shadows of the Night have 6hp (half of Rani's Spirit), but are destroyed instead of taking wounds. RitD isn't harmed by this destruction, but Rani takes 1d8 stress and the component fairies are unable to be called for 10 minutes.
∙ Precision B - Rainbow in the Dark grants Rani +*1 to create images with its aid, granting her near photographic detail with Image Lost in Time.
∙ Learning C - (learned Caught in the Middle) Rainbow in the Dark's light conversion abilities are strengthening, though it is close to reaching its limits on what it may accomplish.

Miasmic Breath - Rani can expel a plume of her miasma, dealing stress damage to creatures in its area due to the strong scent, as well as its normal properties as an irritant.

Area: 20m cone
Effect: Miasmic Breath uses her Miasma Control skill as her attack skill, and inflicts stress damage with a multiplier of *2 (caution). The miasma persists in the area afterward, using the attack allocation and bonuses (and penalties) against creatures passing through it; it loses one die from this pool each round until it reaches 0 dice.
Defense: Evasion or Resistance. Armor bonuses do not apply unless air-tight (in which case it is blocked entirely). Creatures resistant to capsiacin gain a +4 bonus to their defense roll against this breath.
Special: Affected creatures are detectable by Rani (combining her miasma control bonus with her awareness bonus) within a 50m radius; thick walls, enclosures, or convoluted pathways can block this detection.
Reuse: Rani incurs cumulative disadvantage against her attacks with this power equal to each time she's used it prior since her last long rest.


Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)Bonus/Advantage DiceDescription
Acrobatics2 (3xp)+1/1sGeneral agility and skilled acrobatics.
(Spec) Flying1 (1xp)+1Specialization in acrobatics while flying.
Aimed Fire2 (3xp)+1/1sSkill with ranged weaponry and throwing things.
Artistics2 (3xp)+1/1sGeneral artsy skills involving all media.
(Spec) Painting1 (1xp)+*1/2Skill at painting in an emotional style, not necessarily realism.
(Spec) Sculpture1 (1xp)+*1/2Skill and training at sculpting, with a variety of media, including her Strand.
Awareness1 (1xp)+1Perception and situational awareness.
Brawling1 (1xp)+1Basics of hand-to-hand combat, as well as grappling.
Cooking1 (1xp)+1Skill at preparing food for consumption.
Endurance1 (1xp)+1Ability to pace oneself, as well as to push to avoid too much overexertion.
Influence1 (1xp)+1Interpersonal ability to influence others.
Mathematics1 (1xp)+1Skill at mathematics in all its applications.
Memorization2 (3xp)+1/1sAbility to memorize images, as well as other information.
Miasma Control2 (3xp)+1/1sAbility to control her miasma, increasing or decreasing its properties.
X Flight Speed1 (1xp)N/AIncrease to base flight speed equal to ranks in skill. Maximum rank equal to ranks in flying specialization.

XP Total: 25 ; Unspent: 0xp

On Person/Worn

  • Desen Brush: A double-headed brush that produces good-quality medium (ink, paint, make-up) if dipped in mud, water, or grease/oils, the color determined by the artist. One end bears a wide-tipped brush, and the other a fine-tip, and can be used on skin, canvas, or paper, limited by the form of medium used. Makes for a good quality brush in blue zones.

Storage and carrying

  • Cooking gear: Including a knife and travel-sized cookware, table, and cutting board, she'll stash this if she has a stable place to keep it, otherwise it forms the bottom of her forepack's capacity.
  • Food/Rations: A couple MREs, canned food, spices and seasonings, and other things that keep without needing refrigeration. Rani eats a lot for her size, and stocks up readily.
  • Stove Cans: Several small cans of fuel that burn hot and long enough to cook with; each one lasts roughly an hour. (Possession: 4 cans)
  • Painting medium: A couple sheets of canvas, though not stretched, and a couple of sketch books, one mostly filled. Also includes several pencils, pens, and mundane water-colors.
  • Sculptor's tools: A chisel, mallet, and a few blades, picks, and other assorted tools.


Rani was born halfway through the Tribulation and has only a vague idea of what it was like before the Event. She lived with a Remnant group in an area of the American Midwest that was spared from most of the destruction, and spent her early years in a rural environment that was kept as free as possible of post-Event influences by mutual consent. Her upbringing was fairly conservative.

At puberty, this changed fairly quickly when Rani started making decisions about her looks and sexuality - she went through several girlfriends, though most broke it off due to fear of their parents' thoughts, or realizing they weren't into girls themselves. Thanks to brief exposure to a "draconic cult", and her general punk leanings during this time, Rani became highly interested in the aesthetics of the Dragalish scene, a form of visual punk paired with a philosophical bent that resonated with Rani. Despite her good grades and athletic prospects in school, Rani and her parents had a falling out when she was 17. She then left home on a cheerleading scholarship invitation of early admission at a newly formed five-year college in a Gulf Coast town. She reconnected with the dragalish "movement" and blossomed in the more liberal environment, finding a long-term girlfriend and becoming an important contribution to the cementing of a community spirit in the new school. Rani studied visual arts and sculpture, while her girlfriend Caroline got into the humanities.

Just shy of graduation, the pair separated on good terms when Caroline was recruited by CATS as a psychohistorian. Rani hasn't picked up much in college to count as employable skills, but has made a living as a courier leveraging her above-average desenrascanço and willingness to travel. Her positive attitude and empathy qualifies her for Storyteller training, but she feels she hasn't enough stories to tell to settle down yet.

Oldstuff (Emlia 9stat)


HP: (2x (STA+FCS)) = 8

Wounds to KO: x3

Spirit: (2x (INT+CHA)) = 12

Energy: (2x (SPD+STA)) = 14
Timing: (SPD+INS) = 7

Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Acrobatics (SPD)2 (3xp)+5/1sGeneral agility and skilled acrobatics.
(Spec) Flying1 (1xp)+6Specialization in acrobatics while flying.
(Other) Flight Speed1 (1xp)N/AIncrease to base flight speed equal to ranks in skill. Maximum rank equal to ranks in flying specialization.
Aimed Fire (SPD)2 (3xp)+5/1sSkill with ranged weaponry and throwing things.
Artistics (CHA)1 (1xp)+4General artsy skills involving all media.
(Spec) Painting1 (1xp)+5Skill at painting in an emotional style, not necessarily realism.
Awareness (INS)1 (1xp)+4Perception and situational awareness.
Brawling (STR)1 (1xp)+4Basics of hand-to-hand combat, as well as grappling.
Cooking (CHA)1 (1xp)+4Skill at preparing food for consumption.
Endurance (STA)1 (1xp)+4Ability to pace oneself, as well as to push to avoid too much overexertion.
Influence (CHA)1 (1xp)+4Interpersonal ability to influence others.
Mathematics (INT)1 (1xp)+4Skill at mathematics in all its applications.
Memorization (INT)2 (3xp)+4/1sAbility to memorize images, as well as other information.
Miasmic Command (FOC)2 (3xp)+2/1sAbility to control her miasma, increasing or decreasing its properties.
Sculpture (INT)2 (3xp)+4/1sSkill and training at sculpting, with a variety of media, including her Strand.
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