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  • After a few minutes of unbridled joy during which the Japanese base personnel look in mild disapproval except for a few tho look like they understand me all too well, and the "Council Of Nations" gofers just stare at me impassively with what I am very sure are camera glasses, I come to my senses. The people topside eventually join me in the hangar that I absolutely didn't just jump down into in impatience.
  • I am quickly introduced to Mr. Bradford, head of operations, Dr. Shen, head of engineering, and Dr. Vahlen, head of research. There's a spark in Dr. Vahlen's eyes that I instantly like; Dr. Shen looks at me like he would a wayward pupil; he reminds me of an Asian version of Dave Hatch, the best lab instructor ever. Mr. Bradford oozes disapproval, but is too professional to give me anything but the canned speech in which he paints himself as my second-in-command.
  • I'm finally given a full briefing. Three days ago, a series of gravitational disturbances were detected the LIGO gravity wave experiments -- it took nearly half a day to confirm that the equipment wasn't malfunctioning. Something has parked itself in the L2 point of the Earth-Moon system, above the far side of the Moon. Twelve hours ago, impactor probes started coming down in Germany. The initial suspicion of Space Nazis is proved wrong when these "abduction devices" sprout pseudo-algal tentacles and start sucking people in, processing them as they go.
  • Alien machines with tentacles. Only in Japan, even though it's happening in Germany. Most everyone around me is freaking out; I manage to go past the surreal situation, and study the coordinate response of a NATO special forces team... that gets completely obliterated by the little grey men. The last survivor of the team seemingly commits suicide after witnessing a shellshocked soldier blow himself and a comrade out with a grenade, ostensibly out of sheer despair. I suspect some form of mind control.
  • Another incident is reported in China, much closer to home. This one we have the ability to react to.
  • On the flight here,
  • Other than the people I requested, we've been assigned a smattering of folks who were offered my job but whose psychological profiles and interviews didn't quite go as well as mine did. I guess my cooking was better than I thought...
  • I mostly have to watch; the only person we could quickly get a hold of who's going on this mission is Stephen. I spend the entire time praying (I know, I'm a bad Deist) that nothing happens to him... as much as it is hypocritical, I can't bring myself to much care about the others.


  • We land in China.
  • Warehouse map. Night mission.
  • Stephen gets shot at, lives. We see little grey men. Two confabulate a little before diving for cover.
  • Stephen returns fire, misses.
  • Archie Sutherland critically hits a grey who, after briefly conferring with another grey, boldly moved forward.
  • David Anderson gets missed out of cover.
  • Brigitte Lefebre shoots the mind-booster.
  • David Anderson breaks into the warehouse, finds the other two greys. Once again, the two confabulated briefly, after which one boldly steps out of cover and shoots him. Are they talking? We can't hear anything. Telepathy? Subdermal radio?
  • Anderson shoots back, and hits.
  • Stephen grenades the last sectoid, because it's a better guarantee of a kill than using bullets. This theory pans out.
  • We see a canister that looks like those abduction devices, but contains a yellow crystal instead. Don't really know what to do with it. They are recovered after-action, when they are found to have contained a timer that would've caused them to disperse the yellow stuff if it was triggered, and assumed to be a variant of the abduction devices.
  • Promotions all around. Stephen is wounded for 10 days, Anderson for 7. The plasma blasts didn't actually look that bad, but we are giving them a full checkup just to be safe, and keeping an eye on how the wounds heal.
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