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The Price Of Freedom A small land wants to secede from its parent canton. The parent government is willing to go along with it, but the small land's inhabitants have to buy their independence back -- either because it's how it works (Cascadia) or as bribes to politicians (Enotria). The party is tasked with reducing the amount of the "fine" to what the small land can pay, by fomenting unrest or exaggerating the risk of armed rebellion or taking a dignitary on a tour to convince them that the small land is poorer than it is.

The Price Of Freedom - Alternate: The party makes a stop at a small independent land to find that the technology level here is much earlier than in nearby lands, and at the one inn they find, are greeted by a wizened man who the shaggy locals seem to kowtow to. "I'm the king of a small kingdom. We have no army, no actual lords, and we're otherwise financed by waylight rent. Those giant kingdoms down the road are colluding to make sure their grain cost so little that our farmers have just stopped planting, they can't even sell their crops. Their nobles are setting up steads with brick construction in our territory, they care so little about us that they're claiming our land without even bothering to invade first. Everyday I look at the map and see my country shrinking into obscurity and soon with just disappear without a sword being drawn."

The Last One Left A relatively routine pirate hunt turns interesting when an old hero of the Black Lance Incident turns out to have been heading the pirates, and is looking for worthy successors.

Righteous Fire Devourists have always been remarkably quiet for being a cult of self-declared demon worshippers, but lately a militant wing of the church has emerged and quickly taken the spotlight. On top of it, they're flying a new model of mass produced fighter for their commerce raids. Can the party stomach working with "traditional" Devourists to bring this back under control? Is the new Devourist conclave being bankrolled by Tsuxia?

Invisible Enemy Rumor has it that, be it recovered pre-Invasion tech or a new development, one of the cantons is developing an aircraft that can turn near-invisible in daylight and is completely undetectable at night. Obviously, there's practically a bidding war for operatives who might capture or at least destroy the prototype. What will they do if they manage to keep it? What if it's an elaborate mole hunt instead?

Enemy Mine The party was engaged for a prospecting job and is now stranded in the Wasteland due to a crash -- near a group of slightly better equipped Tsuxian prospectors! Will they cooperate or fight for the other group's equipment? Who can call in reinforcements first and what will they do then?

Tigers of Mompracem Things are coming to a head in Land Salgar, and there's plenty of blood money to be made. The party comes across a wounded Sankodan, who has a strange request -- can one of them impersonate him while he recuperates and runs off to rescue his lost love?

No Gods, No Kings, Only Man Ryan Andrews, the richest man in Land Ustria, is fed up with labor unrest in his home and needs enforcers to quell it. His cause is unjust, but the fact of the matter is that if Foreman Domai's Incredible Tide movement takes the upper hand, the ensuing chaos will make life across the Slipstream that much harder for years until anyone can reestabilish production. What's the right thing to do?

Kerbian Space Program The annual Race Into Space has turned more and more serious lately; this year, the entire land is polarized around the Kolumbia and Krus families, to an extent that previously-unheard-of acts of sabotage have been reported and most everyone has lined up with one of the two groups. Furthermore, a lot more money than usual is pouring in for both group. Traditionally, whichever family does best in the Race has a lot of political sway for the coming year; either way it looks like Kerbia might end up harboring deep hatreds... The party may be hired to stop the stupidity and maybe figure out who wants Kerbians to fight amongst themslves, perform espionage or sabotage, or as test pilots.

The Andromeda Strand A trade convoy flying a little too close to the Rift to gain speed has been all but annihilated by what survivors have narrated to be an enormous piece of free-floating cable, easily the length of a small land! Is it a tentacle beast? Are the legends about a space elevator true? Rumor has it that the thing eventually slipped off the Rift, and salvage teams are being hired to claim it or at least to retrieve a sample.

Mu 2: Battle for Arae The current prospecting system on Muarae hasn't produced the desired results lately, and the eighbouring lands have decided on a different sytem: a managed brawl. There are no set territories and no rules of engagement, with two exceptions: all gear must be bartered for metal, and no powered aircraft are allowed! Three mining companies take on the challenge and face off with frontloader duels and glider/ornithopters while they harvest metal from the rich sands of Muarae. Clearly there's a lot of opportunity for infiltration and sabotage...

Romy and Julius Romy is a gifted Selenite priestess with incredible fieldwork skills; Julius is one of the mightiest fighters in Thracion, competing in the arenas intercantonally and all but sure to become a prominent citizen after his rite of passage. During an otherwise unremarkable episode in the ongoing prank war between the two lands, the two meet and are found in intimate congress at the end of the action... Ordinarily, this would not be a big deal (this occasionally happens and results in well wishes and a ship ticket anywhere else), but each of them has been the respective land's prized child lately: now each group is claiming that their golden sprout seduced the other, thus demonstrating their own superiority. Hotter heads prevailed, and the situation has escalated... The party is contacted by either of the star-crossed lovers, now essentially stuck in a golden cage, with a simple request, get both of us out of here! (If an extraction happens, the Selenites recalibrate their array to alter their recruits' sexuality as well following the Romy incident and sent their recruited population through the process once more, their claims of not being evil seem a bit flimsier, on the other hand now that everyone's into girls, infiltration attempts have gone way down.)

The Code Knightly Squadrons were decimated in the Black Lance Incident, but have made a comeback since -- enough so that the ancient Slipstream Tournment in which cantons send their best to compete can be resumed. A party member from a small or poor land is telegrammed to the effect of having been chosen as the Knight Representative for that land, with the party as their squadron! Please do not make your canton look bad, and sorry if we had no training budget for this! By the way, the tournment is in three days.... Incidentally, the Knightly Squadrons are a lot more like a honor guard than they used to be, so -maybe- you have a chance, just don't make us look too uncouth!

Tranquility Now Terrorists have jammed the Synchro Beacons! At least three out of four must be operational for safe navigation to occur. The party is asked to liberate the closest to them, while other groups are sent to free the others. Who attacked the main waylights? Is it ransom? A way to cover their track to prepare for a larger attack? By treaty, the Beacons are neutral; can the other free squadrons asked to intervene be trusted to keep to that if they prevail?

Forge of the Jungle During a deep prospecting or salvage mission, the party is surrounded by a group of plats in ancient stomp suits who are obviously not Tsuxians, but think the party are Invaders or mutants. A small group, isolated from the early days of the Invasion aftermath, has been surviving around the wreckage of an evacuation transport for centuries; they have managed to hang on to dear life, but their elders know that their time is running out for them. It turns out the party are not the first group of Slipstream captive: the problem is that the previous ones, trying to coopt the survivors' remaining knowledge of pre-Invasion technology and that which they independently discovered over the years, each have painted a different picture of what the modern world looks like! How will the party gain the survivors' trust?

Enemy Unknown Rumors of alien abductions have abounded in Land Midia probably since the Invasion was over, but there seems to be a bit more than bad moonshine to the last batch. Cattle mutilations, gork footprints, stories of gork-like creatures using portable sunbeams at night and accompanying flashes... and the militia always getting there ten minutes too late. The party is hired to investigate by a farmers' coalition and given a "base of operations" complete with rambuctious redneck runts raring for a rumble. Are the Invaders back or is it just a land-grab scheme by the local Congressman?

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