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The Slipstream is not a safe place; wildlife attacks are common and law enforcement or military presence sporadic, which has caused nearly all lands save Tsuxia to give up on weapons control past requiring visitors to carry openly and keep safeties bound. This of course causes fights to turn serious pretty quickly, which makes armor a necessity.

Textiles through the Slipstream take full advantage of any synergy that might exist between alpine, hybrid and deep environments: as a result fibers that would otherwise require advanced manufacturing and large amounts of hydrocarbons can simply be spun with barely more processing than linen or cotton require.

Armor gives extra Threshold to a character according to its armor value; it may also give an extra point of Threshold against melee or ranged.

TypeExampleArmor valueBonus against
Light wearNaked; sundress; swimming suit; pajamas0None
Medium wearSuit and tie; casualwear; white-collar work clothing1None
Heavy wearOpen-cockpit pilot outfit; blue-collar work clothing; overalls; hiking or climbing getups1Ranged
Flak armorFighter pilot outfit; military flickers; duelist gear; leathers2Ranged
Light armorPolice uniform; military fatigues; padded vest2Melee
Medium armorChainmail; standard mining stomp suit; riot police gear3Ranged
Heavy armorSegmented plate; socketed plate; monster-hunter stomp suit3Both

Environmental effects such as fire, miasma, extreme cold and so on can be replicated by some sprayers.

Stomp suits confer environmental resistance based on their quality rating; their endurance rating indicates their air and possibly water supply, when the supply is exhausted environmental resistance drops to none.

Anything expressly designed as armor will eventually cause fatigue to anyone who isn't trained in its use; medium and heavy armor will cause fatigue regardless, but do so much more quickly to untrained users. Armor can be custom-tailored to reduce this effect for the character the armor is being tailored to.

Motorized armor exists; linear motors built into a frame connected to the the legs and back allow for an effective negation of the suit's weight as long as they are powered, which allows for wearing heavy armor for an extended period of time without fatingue. They confer no other advantage (and are generally a very bad thing to be caught in when they are unpowered), so it's very rare to see motorized armor outside of specialized heavy stomp suits. Linear motors are generally not precise enough to work with shoulder joints, so motorized armor that also confers strength bonuses is limited to custom-built experimental suits. Either way, motorized armor is slow and unwieldy.


Like weapons, shields have a power value, which is added to defense rolls rather than attack rolls, and a range value, which is normally 0 (self only), 1 (self, plus one adjacent square or hex), or 2 (self, plus two squares or hexes, in a straight line).

Unarmed00May be increased by martial art skills
Round shield, wood02Medium
Round shield, steel03Heavy
Tower shield12Heavy, deployable
Dinner table21Very heavy, deployable

Like weapons, some shields may be used to attack, and some skills may allow using shields as attack weapons.

Like armor, medium and heavy shields will eventually cause fatigue to anyone who isn't trained in their use; heavy shields will cause fatigue regardless, but do so much more quickly to untrained users.

Deployable shields like pavises or tower shields can be used as medium cover during firefights; most heavy shields are designed to be able to stand up.

Motorized shields do not currently exist, but the Invader had force fields that were mechanical rather than psionic, and extremely small sunbeams on automated rotating mounts that would vaporize projectiles out of the air.

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