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Kip: In light of my luck with characters I'm creating a back up, since SOMEONE was nice enough to make this section.

Matrim "M.C" Cairthien is a (Spare) character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Matrim "M.C" Cairthien
Race: Plat
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Skin Color: Pale.
Height: 185cm
Weight: 85kg

Origin: Tsuxia
Hits x (1 base + 1 armor + ? perk + ? power)


+1 Stamina for race included

Threshold : Sta+Foc=9
Timing : Spd+Ins=9
Movement : Type+Spd=4

Psi Powers: (INT-2)

-PsiScan - Matrim has the telepathic ability to detect other psi active sources, generally the minds of others or active crystals, and determine basic information about them, such as a relative location, general emotional state, and a 'feel' for what the source is. At close range (10m), this is very easy. The further away, and the more psi sources this becomes more difficult. Unintelligent, Unwilling or Unfamiliar psi sources are harder to detect, and heavy psi/crystal use can create 'static' that can make it even harder.

-ThoughtSpeech - As an extension of PsiScan, Matrim has the telepathic ability to communicate without speech, directly with the minds of those around him, at a level between thought and language, conveying abstract concepts and emotions on par with that of spoken word, but without requiring a shared dialect. At close range (10m) with only a single willing receiver, this is relatively easy. The further away, and the more receivers this becomes more difficult. Unintelligent, Unwilling or Unfamiliar receivers can resist hearing him, and heavy psi/crystal use can create 'static' that can make it even harder.

ShareSense - As an extension of ThoughtSpeech, Matrim has the telepathic ability to transmit and receive additional information gathered by the senses of himself or others. This Deals with the classical 5 senses only, allowing Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. At close range (10m) with only a single willing receiver, this is some what difficult. The further away, the greater number of senses and additional receivers makes this becomes more difficult. Unintelligent, Unwilling or Unfamiliar receivers can resist receiving him, and heavy psi/crystal use can create 'static' that can make it even harder. If receiving senses from another, the receiver must make a check to separate their own physical senses from what they are receiving.



Brawling (Strength)2
Crystal Use (Attunement)3
Awareness (Instinct) 2
Parrying (Speed) 2
Pilot Rig (Intellect) 1

Non Action

Flight Crew Operations (Intellect) 2
Radio Operations(Intellect) 2
Sign Language(Intellect) 1


Perk: Beep Beep

Fully Fluent in Morse Code and most other forms of non verbal radio communications and shorthand.

Drawback: I Said He's Mute!

Can't actually Speak with his mouth.


Tailored Heavy Wear,Open-cockpit Pilot Outfit (Piercing 0+1,Blunt 1,Projectile 1,Environmental 1)
Socketed Machete (Short Reach, Slashing Damage)
Nailgun (Short Range, Piercing)
Crystal lights
ShortWave Radio Pack
Work Belt

Backstory: Matrim "M.C" Cairthien was born on in Tsuxia to Tam and Moiraine Carthien, a Radio Operator and an 'Accountant' for one of the few open trade stations to the outside world, near the crystal walls guarding the nation from the 'demons'. Matrim was an anomaly, born functionally mute, and cannot speak aloud. His parents taught him sign language and eventually to tap and whistle morse code as a way to communicate with others. The nature of this oddly handicapped child brought the attention of Oversight, Tsuxia internal policing elements, but it was found that he is not in fact 'an evil mutant Invader spawn come to devour the souls of others'.

However even the idea that he was not 'normal' in the xenophobic Tsuxia made things difficult for the family as he grew up. The Family looked moved to one of the few settlements off the Plateau to try and get a fresh start after it was discovered that Matrim was psi active enough to 'sense' people around him alarmed several other children's parents after a game of hide and seek. Working out of a Tsuxian embassy set up onboard the massive airship 'Unity', Matrim had more exposure outsiders, and despite his cultures fear of the unknown, took up with some of the 'demons' and learned how to better control his psi abilities. His family was overjoyed when he finally was able to 'speak' with them using his newly learned abilities.

It was at this time that Oversight once more took an interest in the boy. It turned out that his mother Moiraine, had been a low level Oversight member since before he was born (coming to her husband Tam as something of a shock after a life time with her). She however decided to conveniently 'lose' the order to send the child back to the Tsuxia for training, and his father suggested that Matrim "Go to the store for some Headlight fluid". Matrim took the hint, and after a teary eyed fairwell, the teen hopped onto a transfer to the airship "Harmattan" to get lost in the masses.

On the Harmattan, "M.C." took odd jobs, and given his talents tended to fall into radio operator roles working his way up to communications and control when working with docking crews. After a few seasons there, and a final crew quarters brawl based on his nation of origin, he's once more on the move, sending his family the odd coded radio message on his 'search'.

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