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Template for a generic mook for a Waylights game. Back

Name: Elite Mook
Race: 40% plat, 40% streamie, 10% womp, 10% geep (apply racial bonuses)
Gender: Irrelevant
Age: Adult

Eye Color: Any.
Hair Color: Any.
Skin Color: Any.
Height: Racial average variance 15%
Weight: Racial average variance 15%

Origin: Mooks'R'Us
Primary Attributes


Special: 2

Derived Attributes

Hitpoints (Body Health) = BF+(MF/2)+(SF/2) = 4 (Actually 2: see below)
Brains (Mind Health) = MF+(BF/2)+(SF/2) = 4 (Actually 2: see below)
Calm (Soul Health) = SF+(BF/2)+(MF/2) = 4 (Actually 2: see below)
Timing: BR+MR+SR= 8
Movement: Minimum(3)+Racial(1)+BR= 7

Crimson Chemise Curse: Mooks only have half the health and XP values that they would otherwise have. If anything happens to this character that removes their Mook status, they will lose this trait.

Look Out, Sir!: Mooks have a 50/50 chance of taking a hit for their boss if near (move action or less) the boss, if any, and if that hit would KO the boss.

Skills: 6xp
Awareness (MR) 1 (1xp)
Athletics (BP,BF) 1 (1xp) Close Combat (SP) 1 (1xp) Specialization: Whatever weapon the mook is carrying (1xp)
Ranged Combat (MR) 1 (1xp) Specialization: Whatever weapon the mook is carrying (1xp)


By setting, as follows.

Psi Assist: Once per scene, add (Special) to an ally's final attack or defense result.


Probably none. This character has managed to distinguish themselves from the mass of mooks, but not enough to warrant their boss learning their last name.

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