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Jarik Ninx is a character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Jarik
Race: Streamie
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Eye Color: Brown on green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Olive.
Height: 220cm
Weight: 100kg

Origin: Zoroas
Hits x (1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)


Threshold : Sta+Foc=9
Timing : Spd+Ins=9
Movement : Type+Spd=5

Psi Powers: (INT-2)

-Psi power Biolash, Jarik has the ability to extend semi organic vine like extensions, allowing him to engage in melee at a range of several yards. Every hit adds 5 feet to his melee reach.



Brawling (Strength)3 = +7/1s (+7 to both sides, 1 swap dice)
Crystal Use (Attunement)2 = +6/1s
Awareness (Instinct) 2 = +6/1s
Parrying (Speed) 2 = +*1 (Specialization, multiply bonus by number in defense pool when used)

Non Action

Exobiology (Intellect) 1 = +4
Crystal Mining (Intellect) 2 = +4/1s
Gardening (Intellect) 1 = +4
Geology (Intellect) 2 = +4/1s


Heavy single shot Crystal Launcher for demo work
work belt
geology pick
crystal lights
Geology maps
crystal dowsing rod

Backstory: Jarik Ninx was a lowland miner in the Zoroas Caliphate since he was a young man, and was good at the simple rhythm of gathering crystals in his harsh desert homeland. From a modest family with little 'magic' in the blood like most others he took to the hard labour works to ease the families trials as his countrymen moved to isolate themselves more from the rest of the world.

Then one day it all changed.

Working a rich vein of crystal near the edges of the canton he stumbled into...something. A crevasse opened up and a noxious thick green mist enveloped the startled miners. They quickly became ill. The clan of miners were quickly isolated and rushed to an Selenis sanitarium as they quickly began to exhibit rapid biological changes, one of the other miners having a set of Meganeura wings burst out of his rib cage, while another went mad and dashed his skull against a wall screaming he could feel the psi energies around him and hungered for them like a brain worm. In Jarik's case, his body, already heavy with crystal residue was altered, his heavy arms thickening, his veins standing out against his skin in a pale green hue and previously unimpressive psi energies amplified, and somewhat warped in their intent.

Jarik's body had become a host to a strain of plant like spores that are rich in crystal minerals. The spores altered his biological makeup to be more 'like home', the fallout leaving him with a sense of 'otherness' about him, and an instinctive ability to effect organic material, both within himself and in the world around him. Strange organelles above his wrists contain a retractable vine like material that he can extend several yards, thinning as it extends.

After Several years under close study by the Selenis he was cleared as stable, and not an infection risk to others and was released. Years of being poked and prodded by the doctors had effected the man who chose to wander the skyways, rather then root himself down. He plys his way with plants where he can, but seems to always end up needing to apply more brute force then his gentle he would like.

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