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Elder Orhis, Master of Squires

Orbis is an elderly geep about 120 years old - he fought in the Big War and will gladly talk your ear off about it if you prompt him to. He's been relying on augments more and more to keep his wits about himself at any given moment, but his ability to see the big picture hasn't decreased a bit from when he was Archiella's youngest captain. He has accepted the post of Master of Squires knowing that it amounts to semi-retirement gracefully, and cares very much for his wards.

"You're representing us to the world. Do it right, and do it gracefully!"


Ryan Andrews, Polyndustrialist

Andrews is the reason why Streamies who try to look classy have been giving the trimmed moustache another go. Known as "the man who bought a canton", he rose to prominence in Land Ustria by the singular approach of investing in many different and seemingly unconnected business ventures, rather than trying to go for the traditional vertical approach. He is known for being a proficient aviator himself and rarely making use of a chaffeur, and spends a lot of time traveling -- his shipping depots always keep a coach ready. Andrews is known for both being a ruthless negotiator and always keeping his word.

"I wouldn't hire any man who I wouldn't want as a competitor."


Silvano Bruscoloni, Radio Mogul

The current Doge of Enotria is also the owner of the most powerful radio station in the land. A very charismatic man in his own right, Bruscoloni is somewhat short even by plat standards, but enjos the benefits of a very commanding presence even without his antennas to back him up. Known alternatively for his womanizing and occasional bouts of random generosity, the current Doge is widely known for having finagled his way into the position, and generally liked for it due to his ascent having had no body count. Bruscoloni's opposers point to the number of Enotrian laws that he penned exceptions to in order to halt proceedings against himself and his family; supporters claim that it's a perfectly normal thing to do.

"By definition, as a Doge I cannot be a liar."


Lily Okalani, Queen of Pasqualis

Pasqualis is a Land with very little in the way of government - it's simply never been needed. With the invention of radio, an unified voice became necessary for occasions others in which a warlord was chosen by the chieftains; Lily Okalani has a hand in operating a good third of the hostels in Pasqualis, and holds the position of Queen more as a symbol of her land than anything else -- she has no administrative or legislative powers, but is widely listened to. Particularly curvy for a womp, she naturally comes across as everyone's quirky aunt even now that she's begun to show her age. Lily's charisma and manners are enough to keep Pasqualis at the table with the larger powers, even though just a generation ago the land was seen as little more than a vacation spot(she says that she just psi-spikes the gumbo at diplomatic meetings, although analyses disagree). Despite all sort of rumors to the contrary, she's apparently celibate.

"Fashion exists for women with no taste, breeding for people with no manners."


Sankodan, the Tiger of Mompracem

Buccaneers have based on Land Salgar for hundreds of years; Sankodan is not one of them. While he and his crew are infamous pirates, his real interest is in traveling; Sankodan and his mates would probably have single-handedly liberated their home from the Emilians if they focused on it. As it stands, Sankodan is a third pirate, a third treasure hunter, and a third air racer -- his last foreign exploit was commandeering the Emilian entry in the last Race Into Space and taking the top-speed ribbon with it after an afternoon of modding. Most people assume Sankodan to be the size of a gork, but he's in fact fairly lean as streamies go.

"That's what a ship is, you know. It's not a keel and a gasbag and a power plant, that's what a ship needs but what a ship is... is freedom."


Andrea Napoloni, Missionary of Mercy

Andrea Napoloni is the grandchild of the infamous Enotrian dictator and will usually self-introduce as such to get it out of the way. Andrea converted to Selenity at a young age, much to the consternation of the Napoloni family, and graduated with a full M.D. from Tarant University on a full scholarship from the church only five years later. Andrea is in charge of the hospital ship Aeternalae and routinely takes the multihull, or at least part of it, dangerously close to hot spots or disasters in order to cater to the sick.

"Actually, in Enotria it's a boy's name. Why?"


Bobcray Kivel, Daredevil

Bobcray is easily the best Heliconian cape dancer living. Despite looking and acting almost like a caricature of a Midian redneck (he is in fact from there, but his parents moved to Helicon when he was young) he performs his stunts with the honed skill of a master craftsman. He also owns a flight school in which he occasionally teaches boarding and anti-boarding techniques, and has been instrumental in the revival of knightly tradition in recent years. Bobcray holds honorary Kerbian citizenship. Other Heliconian capedancing masters do not particularly approve of his flashy style or disregard for math, but acknowledge his skills.

"All my life people have been waiting around to watch me die, might as well charge for admission."


Eluvaelia, the Moonlit

Eluvaelia (original name unknown) is happy to admit that she runs a cult that bases itself on aggressive recruiting and assimilation, and points out that it's what all religions do -- only hers has nothing to hide about it. Despite this, she is a staunch pacifist; while having no qualms about making someone want conversion, she feels that the use of force would defeat the whole point. She sincerely believes that an all-female world would be able to pull itself together faster and better than the current status quo.

"Always Ever Greater, Always Ever Hotter, Always Ever Transformed, Always Ever Beautiful, Sisters One and All, Bound in Love and Hope, Ever Onward Together Toward the Beautiful Sunrise"


Vulgaris Magistralis

There are stories of a mighty old man who lives in a cave under Land Thracion, striding the wastes atop a ragnasaur (and sometimes a cryptodont) and occasionally attacking stranded parties before rescue can come to destroy most of their protective gear, only to take them back to the uplands teaching them how to survive the deep ecosystem the hard way. Level heads say that Vulgaris Magistralis, the teacher of the rabble, is a semi-secret office of honor passed down Thracian leadership. Thraces maintain that this grizzled mountain man in reverse is simply too badass for Death to have taken him when his time came.

"The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats."

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