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A few sample photos that fit in the setting. Incidentally, photography is a known science; any sizeable town will have a developing lab,
and installing a compact one in an airship is fairly trivial since psi can save a lot of time in that sense.
Snapshots (instant photographs) exist, but only in black and white and since the quick-polarization process is heavily driven by psi,
the photos tend to have distortions based on the user's mood at the time.

Enotrian castle town.
Note the mooring clamp on
the right.
Cascadian hikers.
You can barely see
the World-Mountain just
below the sun, past the mist.
Farmer in Bergstrasse on
the lookout for raptors.
Sheepdog doing same and not
being distracted by posing.
Mooring mast in a town during
a mild miasma rise.
Taken by a new student leaving
home for Tarant University.
Many lands are inhospitable for
permanent settlements, but goats and
zapiggs thrive there.
Miasma rise incoming,
batten your hatches!
The edge of the Gray Plateau.
Picture probably taken during a Selenite
or Thrax raid.
An occasional dare is to walk from the
edge to the islet in the picture on foot
without a stomp suit.
The top of the Grey Plateau.
This picture was taken by a
high-altitude balloon; those are
clouds, not mist.
Waylight / guard post. They seem to
have lost their generator to winds
or hostile creatures.
Instant of a small land being
battered by a miasma rise. It is
often necessary to clean up afterward,
lest deep lifeforms take hold in the
alpine soil.
Rare instant of the top layer
of a fungal field on a clear day.
Pretty, but you should probably
admire it with your filter mask on.
A small inhabited land.
You can barely see a windmill
with an antenna tower on
one edge.
Another small inhabited
land with two farmhouses.
Crystal fields do not often
self-ignite, fortunately.
No, seriously, this is an exception.
But try to explain that to Kerbians.
In fairness, this is more or less
the norm for them...
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