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This is a character template for the test Waylights game. Chargen is explained here. For use: remove the notes and replace the sample data.

CharacterName is a character for the test Waylights game.


Name:Naming conventions should, but do not have to, follow the character's land of origin.
Race:(Plat/Streamie/Womp/Geep) At the moment, race is only for flavor and culture, and there are no bonuses or penalties.
 Eye Color:Heavy psi users have blue eyewhites, Zoroans, Harmattanites and miners tend to have them green. Geeps often have completely black eyes.
 Hair Color:Anything within or past human range. Hair tends to whiten early in life, so dying it is common.
 Skin Color:Anything within human range, plus perma-tanned, and greyish blue (as in argyria)
 Height:int cm. Assume the game world uses whatever units you are most comfortable with. I use metric.
 Weight:int kg. Assume the game world uses whatever units you are most comfortable with. I use metric.
Gender:(Male/Female/Androgynous) Not necessarily birth gender, Selenites provide mtf grs services for example.
Age:[0|100] Most cultures set the age of adulthood between 14 (Pasqualis) and 30 (Enotria).
Origin:The land that the character comes from. Also relevant for what language the character speaks as their first (Tsuxi or common)
Faith:What religion or philosophy if any does the character follow?



Note: 3 represents the weighed average for all races. If Attunement is 1, it means that the character has the Psi Null trait. PC stats start at 2. 10 points can be spent to raise stats. Raising a stat to 3 costs 1, raising a stat to 4 costs 3, raising a stat to 5 costs 6. Lowering a stat to 1 refunds 1.

Derived stats
Hits(1 base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power)x

Psi Powers (INT-2)

  • Power
    • Explanation of effects

Note: These are psi circuits characters know by heart when they start out. Focus determines how often they can be used and Attunement determines how effective they are.


  • Trait
    • Perk:
    • Drawback:

Note: Characters may have 0-2 traits, each of which is composed of a perk and drawback.

Action Skills

Important Note: The skill budget is 20, of which 5 go to action skills, 5 to nonactions, and 10 free. Raising a skill from 0 to 1 costs 1, raising a skill from 1 to 2 costs 2, etc. A skill cannot be higher than the lowest of the stats it depends on. All skills must depend on one or two stats.

Sample skills:

  • Rig Riding (3)
  • Mountaineering (1)
  • Sharpshooting (1)
  • Explosives (2)

Note: 15 points can be distributed here: 1 point in a skill costs 1, 2 point costs 1+2=3, 3 points 1+2+3=6 and so on. Action Skills encompasses combat, acrobatics, in general things done when timing is important.

Other Skills

Sample skills:

  • Rocket Science (2)
  • Airframe Mechanics (1)
  • Engine Mechanics (1)
  • Synchro (1)
  • Circuit Drafting (1)
  • Memory Casting (1)
  • Field Medicine (1)

Note: 15 points can be distributed here: 1 point in a skill costs 1, 2 point costs 1+2=3, 3 points 1+2+3=6 and so on. Other Skills encompasses those things which can happen without immediate time constraints.


Note: A list of your character's possessions, in order of availability: On Person - Backpack - Stashed. Assumed to be on your character's person unless specified otherwise.


  • Change of clothing
    • Unremarkable, utilitarian clothing, pants and long-sleeved shirt
  • Light armor
    • Heavy boots
    • Gloves w/plating on backs
  • Stomp suit (Protection 2, Duration 3)
    • Set of matching aerospace-styled breathing mask and large, slightly darkened goggles
    • Jump/climbing harness
    • Altimeter
    • Small air tank
    • Jump/flight hood
  • Carbine
    • Pyroarm, short barreled
  • Bandoleer
    • Part of jump harness, holds refined crystals accessibly
  • Flicker/Chute
    • One or the other always attached to jump harness
  • Rope
    • Short length, attached to jump harness and coiled in side pouch


  • Toolkit
    • Tools for working on and constructing rigs, primarily, but adaptable in a pinch to most things mechanical
  • Medikit
  • Canteen


  • Spare flicker charges


The backstory should be one to three paragraphs long and include a character's ambition.


Attunement in this case is indicative of psionic strength/potential; psionic finesse (magical skill) is a learned ability. Learning or creating new circuits requires Intellect, while for using ritual magic for extended periods, Focus is also important. Characters with zero attunement cannot use psi at all and must exert mental effort into even activating a named or even a refined crystal, but are immune to some mind-altering effects.

Humans have no special modifier. Womps are on average more simpleminded and have less attunement, but have much greater endurance. Geeps should prioritize quickness over toughness, and have high attunement. Lemlins tend to be small, quick and weak. Fins I have no idea.

Suggested additional skill sets and skills:

Magic: Circuit Drafting, Ritual Casting, Memory Casting, Crystal Imprinting, Crystal Processing

Combat: Wing-Do, Omnite, Crystal Baritsu, Heliconian Twisting / Wingcape Dancing, Sharpshooting, Grapple Launching, Destreza, Heavy Hitting, Brawling, Improvised Weapons, Javelinist, Rocketeer

Mobility: Rig Riding, Ship Piloting, Horseback Riding, Mountaineering, Ground Trekking, Navigation, Heliconian Twisting / Wingcape Dancing

Tech: Airframe Mechanics, Engine Mechanics, Electricity, Synchro/Clockwork, Signal Operation

Interaction: Crew Management, Cricca Contacts, Squad Leadership, Wing Leadership, Trade Routes

Knowledge: Ground Env, Cliff Env, Alpine Env, Ice Env, Desert Env, Deep Botany, Alpine Botany, Deep Ethology, Alpine Ethology, Field Medicine, Ward Medicine, Ancient Languages, Plateau Language, Stream Language

in general for equipment think 1930s pulp novels, sky captain, etc. most stuff is xtal powered and again there's no automatic weapons. Radios are shoebox sized. You do NOT start out with a ship or a rig, so guess what your first objective is :p

in general for magic: intellect = how many formulas you know, attunement = how effective they are, focus = how often can you spam them


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