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This is a character template for the test Waylights game. Chargen is explained here.

Name: Ships must be named. Rides associated with a ship generally take the ship's name plus a number. Most truckers name their big rigs.
Type: (Ship/BigRig/Rig) A ship generates most of its lift aerostatically. A big rig is generally defined by its ability to carry containers and have more than one pilot's seat; small rigs carry one or two riders.

Base Band: The band this vessel is optimized for (low, medium, high)
Speed Cruise speed in kilometers per hour. Assume the game world uses whatever units you are most comfortable with. I use metric.
Flank Speed Absolute maximum velocity that comes with maneuverability and resilience penalties.
Range How far can this ship go on a standard load of fuel?

Hits x (? base + ? armor + ? perk + ? power) (this will need a lot of work)


Note that this mirrors a character's attributes.

 Power = How easy is it to change speeds and altitudes? (Strength)
 Maneuverability = How easy is it to change heading? (Speed)
 Resilience = How does performance degrade with damage? (Stamina)
 Synchro = Are there complex special systems? (Intellect)
 Adaptability = How quickly are various ship functions accessible? (Instinct)
 Detection = Does the ship help in finding danger? (Focus)
 Comfort = How usable is this rig for longer periods of time? (Charisma)
 Luck = Every ship has a Luck stat; ask any sailor.
 Attunement = How easy-to-learn is the ship?  How easy is the ship to reconfigure/retune? 

Threshold : Res+Det=[2|10] (This is how much damage can be taken before needing the injury table)
Timing : Sync+Lay=[2|10]
Combat Movement : TypeSpeed+Maneuverability=[2|8]

Special Functions (SYN-2): These are special options installed on the vessel. They tend to be finicky. -
Traits: strings. min 0 max 2. Traits combine a perk and a flaw.

Weapons: strings. Maximum number of weapons is lowest of Power, Resilience and Maneuverability.

Backstory: This should be included!


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