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Selenity - Centered around Land Seleny, this faith worships the female principle, with the largest moon Luna as the physical symbol of their Goddess. This faith is very keen on proselytism and pacifism; the over-eager Selenite medic is a stock character in many stories. A quirk is that all Selenite adherents are female, regardless of circumstances of birth. This is allowed by a peculiar crystal array, of which there are only two in the Slipstream.

The high priestesses of Selenity that stand in for a ruling cabal tend to be secretive about their deepest views and often in general, as Selenity itself is a fringe concept in a world where male dominance passes for equality. Within their homeland they do make some appearances, but the deep mysteries even there are oft discussed openly only behind carefully watched doors at meetings open to all truly interested in the's message.

It is not that Selenites wish to hide who they are from the world at large out of shame or superiority, quite far from that in fact, the secrecy and careful monitoring are a result of having their pacifist nature challenged on a regular basis by a world that realizes it may lose in the war for hearts and minds unless it either upsets the Selenites' ability to act through the numerous (usually laughably bad) infiltration attempts, or manages to incite a hot war, something these girls do not wish to see. Their goals are aimed at a peaceful ascendance of the female postgendered principle.

The cult is not tightly controlled, though the message is remarkably consistant. Selenity promotes a socialistic world-view including the concept that humanity has outlived the need for traditional reproduction and gender, and that the best state to begin from to seek even higher evolution, greater understanding and capability is entirely female and then some.

Their advanced medical technology is often put to use researching the nuances of implementing their goals. Though Selenites are frequently accused of developing chemical and biological weaponry, their general pacifism prevents the use of such technology outside of consensual situations.

It is widely acknowledged that the cult is simply in power as the current government, though this land has by many standards quite a lack thereof. It is rumored that high-ranking Selenites participate in some sort of shared consciousness to allow this system to function.

International controversy exists over the Selenites' methods, with many nations suggesting they are all but at war with the world already, their rumored seduction and manipulation techniques being the relevant breaches of international etiquette. The Selenites argue however that they simply present an irresistible choice without threat, coercion or misrepresentation, a hard argument to back up when most of the rest of the world already thinks you're up to something.

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