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Steb is a character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Stephanos "Steb" Avstin
Race: Mixed (Streamie father, Plat mother)
Gender: Male
Age: 31

Eye Color: Brown, very dark.
Hair Color: Light chestnut, often shaved.
Skin Color: White, but well tanned.
Height: 195cm
Weight: 130kg

Origin: Former Thracion prizefighter
Hits 1 (1 base + 0 armor + 0 perk + 0 power)


Threshold : Sta+Foc=8
Timing : Spd+Ins=7
Movement : Type+Spd=4

Psi Powers (INT-2):
- Blast (uses the damage type of attached crystal to spray a cone of energy)
- -

Skills: 20xp
Close Combat: 3
Aimed Fire: 3
Negotiation: 1
Fishing: 1
Alertness: 2
Stealth: 1
Relevant Magic Use Skill: 1
Mechanics: 1
Backstory: Stephanos took well to the rigorous training that is the hallmark of boys in Thracion who display a penchant for fighting, and participated in pankration tournments in Helicon, Enotria and Archiella while growing up. Traveling during adolescence however exposed him to the interesting notion that women are in fact a lot more fun to be in bed with than his fellow warriors. Technically he is on extended leave from the Thrax army, and this move ended up cutting his formal career short as well, but he's quickly figured out that a lot of skills learned in the arena translate well to the field. Steb is traveling for phun, profit and pussy and that's all there is to it; muscle always finds employment, especially if there is some brains to back it up.

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