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This is a character template for the test Waylights game.

Name: Treble 'Dubs' Clef
Race: Streamie
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Orange
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 89cm without suit, 209cm with suit
Weight: 23kg without suit, 104kg with suit

Origin: Orphan, raised Archiellan, became squire



Threshold : Sta+Foc=7
Timing : Spd+Ins=9
Movement : Type+Spd=6

Psi Powers (INT-2):
Long Sight lvl 1

Treble has amazing eyesight, and gains an extra swap die for her Spot skill. By taking one action to focus, Treble can magnify distant objects or targets, gaining +4 bonus on attack when attempting to discern something far away, or when making an attack with a ranged weapon. She takes a -2 to defense rolls against close-range threats while using the active portion of this power.

Arciellan Squire: boon

Gains a suit of Squire class power armor, along with the requirement to use it (limb replacement). She gains an extra swap die for making ranged attacks, and she can spend one charge of her suit's power to treat all of her rolls in a single physical combat resolution as 4.

Arciellan Crystals: boon

Implanted augment in her chest that crystals are socketed into. Improve mental capacity, and power her squire armor. Grants +1 timing passively, and she can spend one charge of her suit's power to gain a bonus swap die in mental skill checks and social combat for 1 minute.

Crystal Dependance: drawback

A new crystal has 10 charges, and charges are burnt naturally over time at a rate of 1 per 2 days with high quality condensed crystal, or 2 charges every 3 days with normal refined crystal (this may be stretched out by spending extra time with her limbs unequipped; the rate accounts for limbs being unequipped during normal sleep). When charges hit 0, Treble takes a -1 penalty to Focus, Instinct, and Speed based skills (including timing), and her pool to these stats are decreased by 1/2 their maximum value (round up); if this would drop the pool to below 0, the penalty is -2 to that set of skills. In addition, she has 1 hour of power remaining to her limbs, after which they power down. Replacing the crystal will reset the charge counter, but the penalties remain for 1 hour after exchanging. While her limbs are unattached or powered down, Treble takes no penalty for crystal dependance.

Skills: 20xp

Skill Name (stat)Ranks (XP cost)TotalDescription
Aimed Fire (Focus)3 (6xp)+6/1sTarget shooting with a variety of arms, or throwing things.
Athletics (Strength)1 (1xp)+4Climbing, Jumping, Running, and similar physical feats.
Awareness (Instinct)2 (3xp}+6/1sGeneral perception and situational awareness.
Influence (Charisma)1 (1xp)+5Ability to influence others, both subtly and with words.
Mechanical (Intellect)2 (3xp)+4/1sUnderstanding of mechanical things, and how they work.
Medical (Intellect)2 (3xp)+4/1sUnderstanding of biological things, and how they work.
Musical (Charisma)1 (1xp)+5Skill at music in general.
Pilot (Focus)1 {1xp)+5For flying rigs and similar vehicles.
Tracking (Instinct)1 (1xp)+6How to follow a target through a variety of means.


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