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Name: Oh, Ick, What? - "Ick"
Species/Race:Land Squid... thing
Gender: Male
Age: Can't remember.

Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Blue
Skin Color: Horrifying green
Height: "um."
Weight: 40kg? You try.
Description: A somewhat amorphous, fluidly-moving tentacle critter usually shaping himself into a floor length trenchcoat. Well spoken, brash, aggressive and wry.

Origin: Better off not knowing.
Attibutes VDP Primary Attributes


Timing : 3
Movement: Minimum(3)+Racial(1)+BR= 4 Ground
Traits: Squidgy. Slow, but hard to knock over and able to climb in a limited manner; very good at stabilizing himself
Grippy. Has suckers. Don't try to take his hat.
Clingy. Don't grapple this. There are... uh... documentaries about that.

Proficiencies: None

Skills: Soldier + 6 (Indicate the total number of XP spent on skills)
Command 2
Ranged Combat 3
Melee Weapons 2
Close Combat 2
Explosives 2
Info Tech 2
Mechanics 1
Navigation 2
Alertness 2
Artillery 1
Tactics 2
First Aid 2
Athletics 3
Swimming 2
Thief 2
Sleight of Hand 2
Stealth 3


A vagrant that joined up for glory, money, cool guns and because nobody ELSE was hiring the mildly unhinged tentacle monster contingent.

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