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It is the year 2005. This has been the case for 19 solar orbits; the cosmic clock is stuck.

The Rapture happened in 1996, and after the eight-and-a-half years of Tribulation during which the plagues of the Apocalypse happened more or less as foretold, after many failures an obscure international organization succeeded in derailing Biblical prophecy at the very last minute.

The wounds left by Armageddon have mostly healed; the Earth, while scarred by radioactive or surreal areas resulting from the end of the world, once again has tall white mountains and beautiful valleys, as it should. Large areas remain inaccessible due to radiation of various physical and metaphysical kinds. Geography has changed to the point where in some areas it doesn't make sense: two wrongs still don't make a right, but in some places neither do three lefts.

The two billion people or so left on Earth found themselves free of the dictates of God and, increasingly, physics, and have resolved to build a noble, bright future for themselves and their children. To most everyone's surprise, this has worked better than history suggests it might...

A generation after the Apocalypse was cancelled, Humanity -- in its new expanded definition -- has figured out how to survive in the new not-quite-reality, and are once again setting sights upwards. The next prophesied appointment with a vengeful God is a thousand years on, and this time, everyone wants to be ready for it.

Love can conquer death. Monsters roam the earth. Making local changes to the fabric of reality is just a couple of college classes away. Things from other universes lurk in the shadows... and get shoveled in the face if they peek out too far.

All considered, it's a good time to be alive.

History(Prologues: 1 2)Combat and Skill Check SystemCharacter Sheet Sample
GlossarySkills and BackgroundsGeneric NPC
Science!Economics and Equipment(Tougher version)
Narrative CausalityWeaponsTest game 0
Cultural NotesArmorAnita, Storyteller with an Academy
Homo Imago Dei Test game 1
Maps, Zones, Liminalities Holly, arachnid site engineer
Photos Penny, tiny test pilot
Commonwealths and other factions Godo, muscle wizard
Fauna Griff, shootist, only sane man
Religions or what's left of them Test game 2
Notable Figures Rani, lizardpunk courier
Legends, Rumors, Stories, Metafiction Soapbox, gator-gal surveyor
Adventure Seeds Dee's Characters – Because she has too many.
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