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Name: Fleb Snorg

Phenotype: Humanoid, type 4A

Age: 35 standard years

Description: Blonde hair with a flat-top hair cut. Muscular but not ripped. 190cm x 110kg. Masculine gender expression.

Origin: Aggro 3, the rather uncreatively named third agrcultural world in Stra-Kuhl's domain. Signed up to join the Dark Legion after punching the local wildlife had become boring.

Stat Block:

VDP Primary Attributes


KI Rank: 0 Movement: 6

Traits: (Traits are special mechanic that are unique to a subgroup that the character belong to, or to the character. They should have a benefit and a drawback, and not change much through the character's history.

Jarhead: Fleb's background in the marines has its pros and cons. Fleb is able to use damaged equipment at full effectiveness, but every time the equipment is used, roll 1d6, on a 1, the item is destroyed beyond repair. Additionally, at the end of every scene, roll a d6. On a 1, a random piece of equipment used in that scene takes 1 point of damage.

Big Family: There's a lot of Snorgs in the galaxy. For better or for worse, you're doomed to run into them from time to time.


Quick Thinking: Mental Ability dice can be spent on any roll.

Master of Improvisation: During each scene, you have a pool of 2 XP you can spend at any time on any skill or minor ability (including powers or KI ranks). Skills learned or augmented this way work the same as any other skill, but the XP spent is lost either when the scene ends, or when a related skill fails a caution roll. If the XP is spent across multiple skills or abilities, only related XP spent is lost on a failed caution roll.


Skills: 0xp \\ -

Background: Space Marine; Elective Skills: 2 - Psychology 1, Piloting 1 (command stream)
Command 2
Ranged Combat (Pistols) 3(4)
Close Combat (Swordsmanship) 3(4)
Explosives 2
Info Tech 3
Mechanics 1
Navigation 2
Alertness 4
Artillery 0
Tactics 2
First Aid 2
Athletics 4
Swimming 2
Piloting 2 - GGG Boarding Craft, Landers, and Ground Vehicles
Psychology 4
Manipulation (Conversational) 3(4)
Stealth 2


Fleb's your typical marine's marine. Did everything by the book in basic, and was expected to fast track to squad leader. Did not expect his CO to get everyone but him and a defective pleasure drone killed, then hide in the bathroom on his first mission. After fragging said CO, he has become an impromptu space adventurer with a goal of finding his way back to the Dark Legion's space navy.

Since his operations on Fompa IV, he has been officially dishonorably discharged from the navy, and transferred to the Department of Stupidity. His work on Fompa IV has exemplified his ability to think quickly under pressure, and it turns out Fleb is a LOT smarter than you thought he was...but a lot less able to keep his head.

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