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There are dozens of spacefaring races in the galaxy, but most share an oxygen-based metabolism, four- or six- limbed endoskeletal frame with warm blood, a single spinal cord and brain, omnivorous digestive tract, some amount of ki affinity, large visual cortex to support binocular vision, and the ability to nurse their young. The usual translation for such a being is "humanoid" even though humans constitute a minority of the sentient population, because they constitute a plurality. The surprising degree of genetic compatibility between sentients has been imputed to an ancient purge, a precursor race who seeded the galaxy, and even the death or imprisonment of an old god of racial purity, although the latter theory may exist simply to annoy Black Lance propagandists.

Fwee are tiny winged humanoids adapted to live in an atmosphere rich in sodium hexafluoride; they are considered close to the smallest possible sentient organism possible.

Mimirogue are hexapodal humanoids whose middle limbs have largely atrophied into structural supports for the rib cage and back; they appear near-human and have a particularity in their genetic structure that makes them easy to clone without suffering from clonal degeneration.

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