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Name: Sami Yan
Race: Human-derived cyborg
Gender: Female
Age: Adult

Eye Color: Red cybereye lenses whose brackets are enamelled to look like brass
Hair Color: Black.
Skin Color: Scar tissue.
Height: Racial average variance 5%
Weight: Racial average variance 5%

Origin: Ex-UOC "relocation expert"
Hits x (1 base + ? armor + ? perk + 0 power)

All stats TBD once details of system to be used is finalized


Timing : Spd+Ins=6
Movement : 6

KI Rank 1

CONSTANT VIGILANCE: There are the healthily paranoid. Then the unhealthily paranoid. Then the clinically paranoid. Then the dangerously paranoid. And then there is Sami Yan. She has eyes in the back of her head. Literal eyes in the back of her literal head. Grants 360-degree vision and one advantage die for rolls to spot movement.

My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma: Sami Yan has Seen Some Shit. A career that largely was composed of being sent to stomp whatever local citizens' militia was resisting resource exploitation has left her prepared to at least fake numbness to the concerns of others when they are an obstacle to her objective. Once per scene emotional damage that would KO Sami leaves her at 1hp. Negative effects of being KO'd still ocurr after the adrenaline wears off.
Traits: \\

Hybrid Existence: Requires food to live. Requires electricity to function. Her precise runtime between recharges is unclear, suspected fudgible via KI.
Flaw: Internal Power Supply: While using a plasma sword without any obvious power supply is an excellent intimidation tactic, in Sami's case it means some critical things. 1: Damage sufficient to breach her outer cyberware and get to the organs and workybits runs a chance of flat out blowing (parts of) her up due to the inherent instability of internal plasma conduits. 2: if her batteries ever actually run completely dry, she's a blind paraplegic until she gets to a power supply she can recharge from and gets someone to plug her in.

Internal Conduits: She has multiple ports on her back for connecting auxilliary power sources for charging/throughput. She has ports (generally obfuscated by clothing/armor) on her palms and upper hips for charging/powering her assorted weapons. She states this is because since people don't SEE cabling from a backpack to her plasma sword or to her guns, they assume she's limited to standard battery runtimes. As any mentoring she has done in the course of her career has leaned heavily on "the weapon is an extension of your arm," it may provide more utility in increasing her ability to affect the weapon's operation via KI due to literally connecting it to herself. The downside is that the side effects of taking enoguh physical damage (ie, phys resilience KO) have a chance for bits of her to explode. Roll a d6 for every excess point of damage (ie, what would be negative health points), for each that comes up a one, some part of her arms has blown up and needs to be replaced.

Skills: 25xp +5 xp
Soldier (Background): Command 1, Ranged Combat 1(Assault Weaponry 2), Melee Weapons 2(Plasma Sword 3), Close Combat 2, Explosives 1, Info Tech 2, Mechanics 1, Navigation 1, Alertness 1, Artillery 0, Tactics 1, First Aid 1, Athletics 2, Swimming 1
Electives: Business 1, Manipulation 1, Stealth 1
Ki Manipulation 1

Sami Yan was a rising star in the wetworks division of the UOC (Unified Outerspace Company, but nobody actually remembers anything but the acronym) securing "unsettled" spaceborne objects for resource exploitation, up to and including the forcible 'relocation' of inconvenient natives or unregistered settlers. But the galaxy always needed more. More fuel. More Radiose. More. More. More. And wherever there are those who consume, they want as little to do as they can with the butchers who prepare it for them.

The UOC's cyberwarfare division is not so humane as to say the first sacrifice must not be voluntary, but it wasn't for Sami, all the same. What hair still grows on her scalp is kept cropped short, so as not to interfere with the fact that the metal connecting the artificial eyes that sit in her original sockets continues around her head, below her ears, and holds a second pair of said eyes at the base of her skull. These are the only immediately obvious 'spare parts' she's been equipped with, but in fact most of her skull, spine, and the entirety of both arms has been replaced over the course of many years' service. The combination of her cyberware/accessories and sheer bloodyminded determination has seen her keep fighting far past any reasonable expectation more than once, and often beyond any sane boundary. Time and again she gave her all for the UOC.

After a prolonged engagement disputing gas harvesting rights in the Horse's Ass Nebula (opposite side of the Galaxy from the Horse's Head. Never mess with astronomers, they will write their ire upon the fabric of space for all time.) against the Andrews' corporation, Sami returned home to find that the company to which she had given her life, for which she had shed so much blood and ended so many lives, which would gleefully pay again and again to replace worn and wounded flesh with gleaming metal to make her a more potent weapon of war, would not in fact pay to fix her teeth to let her more easily eat the ration packs to fuel such engagements. Loathe as she was to leave her squad behind, Rick's Rollers would have to find their steam without her, as her wisdom teeth were one slap in the face too many.

She has adjusted well to the private mercenary lifestyle. Sometimes the people she needs to shoot, slice, punch, choke, crush, or otherwise dismember in her new line of work have done something more to deserve it than simply being in the path of the crunchy end of the galaxy's appetite.

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