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Template for a character for a VDP game. The idea is to do a bit of math during character generation, so as to reduce the amount of math to be done during play. These values are used in the Resolution System to determine the chances of success of a character action.

Name: should contain the full character name, as it might be printed on a passport.
Species/Race: depends on setting, for example, Humanoid will do for a space-opera game, but a game set in 1970s post-collapse America should probably indicate ethnicity.
Gender: should indicate what the character identifies as. It's not really likely to come up much in most settings, but it might in, say, a Victorian scientific romance game.
Age: Playing kids or elderly folks should come with a physical attribute penalty, but that's for the group to settle on.

Eye Color: Or highlight appearance color palette (eyes, antennae etc).
Hair Color: Or secondary appearance color palette (fur, feathers etc).
Skin Color: Or general appearance color palette (fur, feathers etc).
Height: Use whichever system the players decide on. Default is metric.
Weight: Use whichever system the players decide on. Default is metric.
Description: Optionally, add more details.

Origin: The planet, or nation, or town the character is from. Can be a useful ploot hook.
Attibutes This shows the average for NPCs. PCs will start with these stats, and point-buy to raise them somewhat, unless the game starts with XCOM rookies or the like.

VDP Primary Attributes


(Suggestion: If values are equal across a row or a column for NPCs, condense them, for example BODY=2 or REACTION=2)

Special: 0 (This indicates the "special" pool points available to the character: it can represent magic, ki, grit, karma, metanormal advantage... depending on the setting. Omit if none).

Timing : 3
Movement: Minimum(3)+Racial(1)+BR= 4 Ground
Traits: (Traits are special mechanic that are unique to a subgroup that the character belong to, or to the character. They should have a benefit and a drawback, and not change much through the character's history.

Skills: 5xp (Indicate the total number of XP spent on skills)
Awareness (MR) 1 (1xp) (Indicate the skill name, its base stat, its level, and the number of XP spent on it: 1 is 1xp, 2 is (2+1)=3xp, 3 is (3+2+1)=6xp and so on
Brawling (SP) 2 (3xp)
Aimed Fire (MR) 1 (1xp)
(Suggestion: Make use of Backgrounds if you want to start from a template rather than from scratch)


Keep it between one and five paragraphs please!

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