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The Good, the Bad and the Unfortunate: Deep in the deserts of the American Southwest, reports have surfaced of a hideously disfigured, horribly scarred Empyrean who has taken it upon itself to defend peaceful travelers and traders moving through the region, as well as communities in the area, from bandits and supernatural threats with guns, swords and its own natural abilities--and almost wholly without regards to their nature or spiritual loyalties (with the only reported exception being most other Empyreans it has encountered, whom it slaughters without hesitation or remorse). The zone it protects seems to be growing. Though hard-bitten and taciturn, the entity is somewhat more approachable than practically all other Empyreans have been up to now and actually (somewhat) willing to communicate at length in normal everyday language with those able to find it and demonstrate peaceful intentions, though to date, no one who has attempted to attack it first is known to have survived. Is the rogue Empyrean a willing defector for some unknown reason, or did a Dysprosian assault somehow succeed in corrupting its core programming? Is it the survivor of some human experiment, or is there something more sinister at work? Perhaps a clue can be found in the name those who have met it have given it: "The Saint of Killers."

An Offramp You Can't Refuse: One of the old Italian Mafia families has reorganized itself enough that they are using muscle, and an uncanny ability to bring in weapons, to impose tolls on grid travel. SABRE refuses to touch the matter - have the relevant officials been bribed, or is the commonwealth trying to regulate the grid through transverse means? An affected community may hire out-of-towners to look into the matter without fearing reprisal.

Raptor Ready: A Remnant community has found itself in the crossfire between two warring packs of velociraptors -- one is the scaly kind and one is the feathered kind. They seem to have a very easy time healing from bullet wounds, and going sword-to-claw with either type of velociraptor is not something anybody wants to do more than once. This may take a bit of memetics to solve in addition to a good blade hand (or hand blade). Why are most people in the community blaming the formation of a "theistic evolutionism" study group, if no such group can be found there?

War Makes Unlikely Alloys: A small community used to take great pride in two materials scientists, mentor and student, whose expertise is known throughout the commonwealth. Now, the two have had a falling out over the attribution on a patent, and engaged in a legal fight... which has reverberated locally into the alloy that either of them invented becoming catalytic, and turning everything it touches into itself, to the point that one or the other scientist's biggest fans are walking around with (functional) chrome domes on their heads or mighty hands of quasi-steel.... which has escalated barroom brawls more than a little; the community is now split in two, literally, complete with a mini-Berlin Wall. A judge is coming into town to arbitrate the matter; in whose favor? Most worryingly, what will happen to the place and the people?

A super callused fragile mystic, hexed by halitosis: People throughout the region have braved a particularly harsh yellow zone to seek the wisdom of a rare example of solitary Storyteller, known only as The Walking Man. Recent travelers however report that the ever-barefoot ancient hermit has become oddly repulsive - his breath smells of death, for one. Some suspect that he finally died of old age and an Empyrean has possessed his body in order to alter the memetic landscape; others say he just needs a dentist. Only one way to find out!

Rocket man, burning up his shoes with aerosol...: A small business smack in the middle of PATRIOT territory is reporting incredible success with balloon-launched rockets, and claims that they will put a man into space before the next solar orbit; whatever they're doing, it seems to involve extremely clever use of the interface between a green and a yellow zone that uncharacteristically goes up to high altitude. However, PATRIOT wants to confiscate their ranch and hand it over to a Commonwealth Space Program -- while the people running the ranch are very libertarian, they have also offered to sell the place to a CSP contractor, obviously for a lot more than the book value. Is this a pump and dump scam? Can they really into space? CATS may be involved to prevent one commonwealth having access to space in a way that other commonwealths cannot replicate, or they may want to take the facility for themselves.

Muenster Hunters: Great was the jubilation across the region when a community that had formed with the intent of reestabilishing production of the famous soft cheese succeeded in its intent. Recently, however, shipments of cheese across yellow zones or green zoens close to a limen have been targeted by wildlife in disproportionate amount. What's going on? Who is the Cheese Shogun who claims responsibility?

Faustian Bargain Bin: "evil daemonic cult" on the loose, travelling through the grid and poppiung up unexpectedly in different places. trying to conjure succubi, keep actually getting increasingly more confused and upset Reasonable Daemonette, because NC operates off internal beliefs, not external wants, and deep down the head cultist believes they're so inept with women that even if they summoned a sex demon, nothing would happen but awkward conversation and erectile dysfunction. Actual hell breaks loose when other cultists realize that much as they want a sex demon, that their leader can only be confident around males means they aren't getting one as long as said leader is around, is ousted/offed, then the summoning gets actual sex demons. (As Written by Kite Winters)

Don't Fear the Repair: A community is doing considerably better since the new handyman moved in - he can fix anything. Problem: He's a Dysprosian. CATS has cleared him, and checks on him every once in a while, even, but he won't open up about his past other than he wishes to make up for past mistakes. Live and let live... until people start having a lot more accidents than normal with machines and tools. Obvious culprit or not?

A Number of the Beasts: Careful survey has shown that a major city staddling a blue and a green zone can afford and put together a hybrid zoo -- other than the tourism draw, having natural and metanatural creatures available for study in a small area would also help immensely with biological research. Capturing most yellow zone fauna is something that has simply never been attempted... a nest raid to take juveniles or eggs, maybe?

No Prayer for the Flying: A mission of mercy requires getting a small package (a terminally ill child's beloved plushie that has been enchanted with healing powers by a known shaman) across a significant distance. The player characters retrieve the trinket, and deliver it to an airstrip for transport... enter Rayford Steel, superb pilot and key Remnant figure. The outgoing leg should not present a problem, but can the group deal with Mr. Insufferable on the return leg? What if he has ulterior motives? After all, he's the good guy, so everything he does is justified, right?

Alternate Scenario: Once More Through the Breach. The PCs belong to a small group of people fitting a particular metaphysical profile that allows them to cross Flipside. Clearly, CATS and the Remnant have an interest in this. The PCs may be asked to help Flipside develop a space program to get some cosmological answers (the world is in much better shape, it's just that the will is lacking), help The Other Light, or figure out a way for discontents from both worlds to cross over to their preferred environment en masse. Or, if it's that sort of game, just blow up God once and for all.

Alternate Scenario: Better to Rule in Hell. CATS' reclusive director has managed to open a literal portal to Hell by using adamantine tunnel through the Earth's magma core (No, this is not supposed to make geological sense). How to get the damned out? Is humanity ready to take over down there? How to keep Dysprosians from subverting everything? More poignantly, how do we go up from here?

More possibilities here.

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