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Commonwealths are general alliances of interest that comprise more than one contiguous habitable territory -- essentially what's left of national governments. There is little room in anybody's food or technology budget for standing armies, and the spirit of unity that allowed humanity to defeat the Almighty is still strong, meaning that commonwealths mostly exercise soft power over the largely autonomous communities that they encompass. The commonwealth structure ensures that an equilibrium between re-industrializing blue zones and agrarian green and yellow zones remains. The relative ease of grid travel makes it very difficult to enforce borders for people, but Commonwealth-level coordination ensures that supply lines are both monitored and protected.

Aided by narrative causality, the Antichrist was able to reorganize the world into ten "kingdoms"; after the wholesale devastation of the final days of Armageddon, these were reorganized into five on the grounds that there just weren't that many people left to justify ten. Names were and settled on by a small majority of the world's population after being leaked early in the process of subcommittee selection for what the Commonwealths were going to call themselves at the first global political conference. All commonwealths have a small stockpile of assumed-working atomics, SMASH's stockpile coming from the Antichrist moving the South African nuclear program to Brazil before canceling it.

SABRE: Roughly comprises what remains of English-speaking countries outside North America, including India, South Africa and Australia. The name comes from the now-famous Dunwich Sushi Massacre infantry charge.

HAMMER: Roughly comprises what remains of Eastern Europe, and the greater part of Russia. The name comes from the Hammer Brigade, a volunteer organization responsible from freeing thousands of people from the Moscow subway after one of the resettlement global earthquakes.

ANVIL: Roughly comprises China and the Southern Pacific. The name comes from what the China-Taiwan reunification accord was hastily signed under (Quoting a CATS Blue Squad member present at the ceremony: "Hurry up or I'm dropping it").

SMASH: Roughly comprises South America and northern Africa. SMASH territory is largely rural, and great beasts roam here with the greatest freedom; the name comes from the fact that "monster smashers" from other commonwealths automatically enjoy law enforcement status.

PATRIOT: Roughly comprises North America, but includes Japan. The name was chosen in honor of Gerald Fitzhugh, last US president and one of the few world leaders who managed to at least try to oppose the Divine agenda.

Commonwealths maintain their hold on the communities they rule over largely because it's a job someone has to do and nobody else wants it; civilization has remained fairly decentralized, and subcultures are becoming more important than nation-states in people's minds. Aside from these quasi-nations, tThere are two other major organizations in the world.

CATS has stuck around post-Battle of Armageddon, in a reduced capacity; CATS workers keep an eye on trends in metaphysical activity and maintains Ground Minus One. Rumor has it that they maintain a crack team of VTOL-based operatives to fight Empyrean incursions as they manifest, or do various other sinister things. CATS has little in the way of military or industrial power, but commands universal respect and CATS coordinators are generally called to mediate inter-commonwealth disputes.

The other organization, albeit a much looser one, is the Christian Remnant (that is what they call themselves). Those who pledged loyalty to the One Above All and survived the Tribulation make up approximately 20% of the population.

In respect of one the few non-negotiable demands that the winners of Armageddon made of the Commonwealths upon their reorganization, a number of Academies that teach combat theology also enjoy extraterritorial status, in order to guarantee academic freedom.

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