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Name: Godo Si
Phenotype: Standard
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:

Origin: PATRIOT. He's a construction wizard!



To Spend: 10

HP: (2x (STA+FCS)) = X

Wounds to KO: 3

Timing: (SPD+INS) = X
Movement: X


  • Imago Dei - Godo has not changed his imago significantly, which allows him to pass for a member of the Christian Remnant should this ever become necessary. Conversely, people may think he belongs to the faction even if he doesn't want them to.

* x - x


Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Muscle15Bro do you even lift? (or haul, push, etc)
Daemonscripting26animating stuff
Reification26making stuff out of dust and stuff
Arcana37other magic
Mathematics15Formal education in maths
Physics26Formal education in physics
Computers15Informed in using computers
Logistics15Understands supplies and procurement


POV stick: A thin shellac stick with a persistence-of-vision LED light on top, used to help draw sacred-geometry patterns in the air (or more accurately in the user's retina). Totally not a magic wand! Can also be used as a flashlight.

Portable terminal: A prototype made with with the best fabrication technology the Academy had to offer post-Rapture, it is about as good as a TRS-80 portable with a packet radio in it. It can be used to check and send mail in the field. Godo has a subscription to an academic "I'll look it up for you and email you a summary" service. The portable terminal works just fine in blue zones. Godo's in particular comes with a .edu email address, which gives an air of credibility, and some academic and R&D contacts.


Godo was born in 1989. God considered him mature enough to withstand the Tribulation despite this, possibly because of an early sexual awakening. Being one of the few children left on Earth, he was raised in a somewhat overprotective environment; rather than getting all the toys he wanted, he opted for an encyclopedia and a home computer.

Godo's parents were scientists; after having realized what was going on, they did some math on probabilities, and high-tailed it to a fallout shelter with like-minded individuals; Godo's teenage years were a bit sheltered, but relatively safe. Eventually, his parents were tapped by CATS to help cancel the apocalypse; too young to go, Godo resolved to follow in their path.

After the Snare, Godo came out of the fallout shelter when the all-clear signal was given, and promptly conscripted into a construction batallion. After a few months of grueling manual labor, Godo's foreman noticed that the kid was smart and recommended him for a place in one of the newly formed Academies.

In gratitude for his parents' service, CATS put him on a full scholarship for the first year, and Godo kept up the grades and effort to maintain that until graduation. There, Godo studied physics, and picked up experimental metaphysics essentially as the field was born, even managing to co-write a few papers in it. After this, he worked as an assistant instructor for a different Academy for a while.

Godo has an education, no obligations, and a bit of academic reputation; due to his sheltered upbringing he wants to see some world.

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