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Name: Griff
Phenotype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Skin Color: Sunburned Caucasian




To Spend: 0

HP: (2x (STA[3]+FCS[3])) = 12

Wounds to KO: 3

Timing: (SPD[4]+INS[3]) = 7
Movement: (Type+Spd[4]) 4


  • Abnormal Sanity - Maybe it's just a facade, but Griff is hard to shake. Both positive and negative NC effects that operate on the mind have problems working on him.
  • Imago Dei - Griff has not changed his imago significantly, which allows him to pass for a member of the Christian Remnant should this ever become necessary. Conversely, people may think he belongs to the faction even if he doesn't want them to.


  • Shootin'est, rootin'est, tootin'st in the west! - x
  • Not growing a giant, red mustache and shrinking to 3 feet tall and becoming extremely ornery - y


Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Action Skills
Sharpshooting (Instinct)2 (3XP)+5An inherent hand eye co-ordination when applying firearms, aka I shoot u in da head!
Ride (Speed)1 (1XP)+4On A steel horse or a mundane beast this one is skilled in the saddle. High ranks may even allow riding chainsaws.
Brawler (strength)1 (1XP)+4Fist, Apply Direct to the forehead.
NonAction Skills
Trade (Intellect)2 (3XP)+5Buying, Selling, Trading, Wheeling, and Dealing.
Book Smarts (Intellect)1 (XP)+5Well Read on a lot of subjects, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Homely (Charisma)1 (1XP)+4He's got an honest face, salt of the earth looking fella, someone you can trust.

Possessions Mare's Leg Lever Action Pistol

Chupacabra Hide Leather Duster (Don't Ask)

Tilly Hat

Cargo pantss (the second S is silent)

Hiking boots

2 Nicks (currency)


Griffon T Dion was born on a cattle ranch in the dusty remains of the west, and was, aside from the idle hopes of the somewhat hippy parents of his, not some mystical bird boy,. The plains were not too heavily shifted, as aside from the reversion to older cattle handling technology, life went on much as it would. Grew up on the Ranch, working sun up to sun down and spending his nights reading what ever he could light finger out of the local remains of a public library. Seasons go by even if the years done, and boring routine was seldom punctuated by the few times where he'd ride the heard off to other buyers, meting some strangers and getting into the odd bout of fisticuffs with those that found him 'run of the mill'.

Tiring of the dullness and seeking adventure he hooked up with one of the local stage coaches routes as a driver, and later a coach messenger. Carrying mail and small goods, protecting strong boxes and such on their ride from place to place gave him a change of scenery and a feeling of accomplishment, and some distance from the smells of cow manure powered farm equipment.

 Tripocalypse After Action Report
  • Local anomaly (Luigi) quelled 5xp
  • The power plant project has been advanced 3xp
  • The power plant is not operational -
  • Nobody in the work crew died 3xp
  • The cartridge cache has not been found -
  • Faeries vs. scavenger hostility not resolved -
  • Ekaterina has been found out (Remnant) 1xp
  • xxxxxx has not been found out (Consortium) -

12xp Total (not yet applied)

Additional loot: Helipack, Satellite Link, 800 Nicks from Mike's company (landtrain rental that didn't happen, plus sundries) XP distribution: 3 each.

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