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Name: Holly Diver
Phenotype: Tauric, arguably arachnoid
Gender: Assumed female
Age: 19

Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Fair
Height: 6'8"

Origin: Somewhere in the deep south. Probably. Or Russia.



HP: (2x (4 STA + 3 FCS)) = 14

Wounds to KO: 3

Stress: (2x (3 INT + 2 CHA)) = 10 spirit

Stress Explosion: Sleep it off. Holly will deal with stress by shutting down and crashing, getting in some fitful sleep while perhaps dreaming of taking out all her anger and sorrow on figments in dreams. If she must remain awake, Holly takes -4 to all rolls until her explosion is over (twice as long while awake), or she can splat somewhere.
Stress Relief: Alcohol is mankind's friend! Holly can be something of a lush, and enjoys drinking. She can remove 1d3 points of stress by spending time drinking in a relatively safe area.

Timing: (2 SPD + 3 INS) = 5
Movement: 4


  • Silkspinning - Ah can has shot web! Anatomically accurate, and works in blue zones, although the stuff is a lot stronger elsewhere.
  • Spider feets - Clinging to things and climbing all over your walls.
  • Spidersense - Some sorta extrasensory danger sense or something.


  • Spider Venom - Holly produces a weak venom in her saliva (or maybe she just recycles alcohol) that can be transmitted in her bite. As a move that takes a -4 penalty on her Brawling check, she can attempt a bite. If she succeeds, roll a d6 against the target's stamina, if the roll is higher, the target is poisoned, and takes penalties as if drunk for the next hour. This ability only affects biological creatures, and only if she can reasonably get past their armor or clothing (if any).
  • Physical Improvement - By taking 1d4 points of stress, Holly may improve a physical skill roll she is about to take, gaining a bonus equal to the stress she took. This increase also counts as a bonus die for multipliers.
  • Ki Initiate - Holly can make ranged attacks using her brawling skill at 1 rank lower. It addition, she may use her Ki Usage skill as an Excuse for simple tasks, such as healing without medicine or tools, resisting diseases and poisons, enduring extreme temperatures, etc. Using Ki abilities requires recharging, sacrificing dice equal to the number of accomplish dice used for the ki ability. Holly's physical improvement ability's bonus die may be used to recharge a ki ability, and any swap die granted by ranks in the Ki Use (ATN) skill reduce the total recharge dice needed by the number of swap dice granted.


Skill name (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Athletics (STA)1 (1xp)+5Running, Climbing, Swimming, etc. General physical challenges.
Awareness (FCS)1 (1xp)+4General perception.
(spec) Spider Sense! (0xp)+7Awareness to notice immediate harm and/or danger.
Brawling (STR)2 (3xp)+6/1sPrimarily a kickboxer. Maybe.
(spec) Drunken Fist3 (7xp)+*2AKA: Vodka-Fu! Doesn't have to be drunk to use this, but it helps.
(spec) Ki Blasts0 (0xp)+6(Full bonus is listed) Using ki to fire small blasts!
Ki Use (ATN)1 (1xp)+3She's starting to learn how to use ki for stuff~ This is for non combat ki use.
Lore: First Aid (INT)1 (1xp)+4Does have some knowledge in patching up folk.
Lore: Engineering (INT)2 (3xp)+4/1sNo formal schooling, but her parents crammed her full of mechanical knowledge.
(spec) Construction1 (1xp)+5/1sHer father's trade! She took it up because she finds it fun.
Ropework (INT)2 (3xp)+4/1sSurprisingly not into bondage.

Unspent XP: 0
Converted XP: 2 (2sp)
Total XP: 23


  • +200 nicks


Parents are engineers, and took to the spiderform early on, with Holly following their example. Home-schooled for the vast majority of her knowledge, she took to athletic pursuits because it seemed interesting and she wasn't stopped from doing so. Enjoying physical effort, she became something of a fitness nerd and buffed herself up pretty well. She kept up with her studies, and found she could easily get work as both site engineer and construction crew thanks to her frame and mind. She has felt the need to do more, however, but isn't sure what to do with that desire, yet.

Character Goals

  • Uncover Cowgirl Milk Conspiracy, or obtain milking license.
  • Learn Muscle Magic
  • Reach Sabin/Mash level of suplex ability.
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