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A hypothetical pre-Rapture visitor would be hard pressed to find a human being who is not affiliated with the Christian Remnant, and think that the Earth has been taken over by Doctor Moreau.

While everyone has an opinion about whether Jesus was telling the factual truth (as opposed to the Divine Truth, which He was by definition) about cosmology and evolution, pretty much everyone who survived except for the Remnant agreed that if God had made humanity in His image, something had to be done about it.

On the formal level, taxonomy has been symbolically amended to remove the genus Homo and fold it it back into Pan, with Homo Sapiens renamed "Pan Narrans". On the informal level, humanity looks about as varied as old Star Trek episodes used to, if not more. Post-Snare, this manifested in a wave of interest in tattoos and body modification... until a critical mass was reached and narrative causality started to work along with the new prevailing meme.

Given that God Almighty considers humanity to be in His image, and given how easy it has become to change one's phenotype -- narrative causality is easiest to work on oneself, after all, which has had the side effect of making medical care much easier -- most non-Remnant humans have changed their shape at least symbolically to answer Divine concern about it. Given time, mythological influences, and the occasional bit of oneupmanship, this has caused a number of phenotypes to emerge.

While most everyone is limited to shapes that make physical sense, at least if they want to be able to visit blue and most green zones, it's not unusual to meet folks as short as two feet or as tall as eight, people with tails, and even centauroids and the like (although departure from the general vertebrate shape is rare).

Oddly, this has caused what was left of the fledgling furry subculture to decline and disappear fairly quickly.

Being NC dependent, a human's imago is rarely fixed throughout life, and may change according to community, profession, passion, and so on. Imago still starts according to the old textbook definition of human, and most of the vital organs remain in the usual places, so medicine is still taught using the standard template (although in yellow zones, it's common for doctors and veterinarians to share a clinic).

Over time, the most common way to change one's imago radically has become spending time in a particular "spawning ground" or "regenerative pool" liminality; these may emerge around communities of people who feel particularly strongly about wearing a particular imago, and make imago-change a matter of days rather than months. Liminalities of this kind usually feed back into the communities that generated them, so that the community gains "curator" figures and may even restructure itself around the liminality to some degree. Like many metanormal phenomena, this process was started by accident but reached critical mass. Accessing the altering liminality in the first place tends to have among its prerequisites that of being aligned with the group on at least body-image grounds, although there are exceptions.

Even a rare few of the Remnant have altered their imago in order to fit in with their communities (the notion that Christians are unable to alter their imago remains widespread, though), although most Remnants retain the Imago Dei with pride. All commonwealths have anti-discrimination laws in place.

CATS has officially expressed a speciation concern, and asks that babies born with a nonstandard imago be taken in for examination or, if that sounds too sinister, be given a very full checkup by a doctor or community healer at least.

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