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Giuseppe Giostra is a known and respected figure in the outsider-hunting community. Having spent most of the second half of the 20th century dealing with supernatural threats -- even pre-Rapture, which leaves a lot of questions open -- he has forgotten more about punching vampires or empyreans in the face than most people will ever know. Despite his age, he periodically comes out of retirement when he has accumulated enough NC reserves to perform as he used to in his youth; the rest of the time, he is often asked to be a remote advisor to hunting parties.

John Mallory was the US Vice-President during the Rapture and is now President of PATRIOT. A man of great intellectual honesty, he nevertheless pines for the old days and openly supports efforts to figure out a way to dampen narrative causality, at least in PATRIOT's territory.

Harriet Jones is the current Governess-General of SABRE. She is a pragmatic ruler, preferring to use soft power to give a unified direction to the very diverse commonwealth under her care. The survivors of the various European royal families maintain their titles, but defer to SABRE administration on policy matters.

Garik Kimovich Kasparov is the General Secretary of HAMMER. The former chess champion easily won the elections by distancing himself from any sort of "strongman" persona, and playing up his advance planning abilities. His primary agenda is agricultural self-sufficiency for HAMMER, a goal that opposition leader and rocket scientist Prokhor Zakharov considers unambitious.

Hwang Jang-yop is the Chairman of ANVIL. The elderly statesman had just managed to defect from North Korea when the Rapture happened; his election was a compromise between various power groups within the commonwealth. He is still a believer in the agrarian socialism principles that he championed in his homeland before Kim Il-Sung stole his writings and perverted them; this stance is a much better fit for the post-Armageddon world.

Dilma Vana da Silva is the Prime Minister of SMASH. Her background in the humanities and linguistics and her hands-off style of leadership made her an easy choice for leadership. She strongly believes in adaptation and flexibility, and spends her time traveling the commonwealth and encouraging her citizens to tackle the challenges of the new world with passion.

Central Officer Bradley Ford is the official spokesperson of CATS and the XO of Ground Minus One. He maintains that he still takes order from CATS' commander, at least formally. While he is not known for martial prowess, he excels at logistics, and his no-nonsense style of diplomacy (coupled with the respect CATS enjoys amongst non-Remnant people) has him occasionally act as a mediator between commonwealths.

Blue Squad: The whereabouts of the CATS strike team that sprung the Snare are unknown. Their commander was last seen in the Alps, making a public declaration of intending to breach Hell.

Raymond Irons is a notable figure in the Christian Remnant; haughty and arrogant, he is one of the main proponents of the "Free Jesus" current of the Remnant. He is the only Remnant member known to be affected with Protagonist Syndrome, which leaves him as possibly the only jetliner pilot left in the world who can ply his trade, due to having essentially no fuel or maintenance worries. After an alleged attempt to crash land in Ground Minus One, is one of the few people known for having been explicitly banned from there, shoot-on-sight.

Micah Rozenweig is a respected biologist who joined the Remnant halfway through the Tribulation and retired. He is still respected for his work on high-yield fertilizers. He has been vocal in pushing the view that Jesus was not truly defeated and the Remnant are living in the Millennial Kingdom. He is still the Remnant's prominent theologian, although his edge is starting to slip with age.

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