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This is a character template for the test Tripocalypse game. Chargen is explained here. For use: remove the notes and replace the sample data.

CharacterName is a character for the test Tripocalypse game.

Blank character sheet available for quick copy/paste


Name:Naming conventions should, but do not have to, follow the character's commonwealth of origin.
Phenotype:The character's general imago. This can be changed, but slowly and over time.
 Eye Color:All natural eye colors are allowed; Strand users tend to have very dark eye whites; heavy narrative causality users have this in purple.
 Hair Color:Anything within or past human range. Hair tends to whiten early in life, so dying it is common.
 Skin Color:Anything within human range, plus perma-tanned, and greyish blue (as in argyria)
 Height:int cm. Assume the game world uses whatever units you are most comfortable with. I use metric.
 Weight:int kg. Assume the game world uses whatever units you are most comfortable with. I use metric.
Gender:(Male/Female/Androgynous/etc.) Not necessarily birth gender. Most government forms, etc. have Male, Female, Dual, and Other.
Age:[0|100] Most cultures set the age of adulthood between 16 and 21.
Origin:The commonwealth that the character comes from. Also relevant for what language the character speaks as their first.
Faith:What religion or philosophy if any does the character follow, if any. Obviously, most people don't have one anymore.



Note: 3 represents the weighed average for all races. PC stats start at 2. 10 points can be spent to raise stats. Raising a stat to 3 costs 1, raising a stat to 4 costs 3, raising a stat to 5 costs 6. Lowering a stat to 1 refunds 1.

Derived stats
HitsThreshold *2[4-20]
Wounds to KOStarts at 3[1-7]

NC Powers (ATT-2)

  • Power
    • Explanation of effects

Note: These are innate narratives that the character can manifest around themselves. Focus determines how often they can be used and Attunement determines how effective they are.


  • Trait
    • Perk:
    • Drawback:

Note: Characters may have 0-2 traits, each of which is composed of a perk and drawback.

Action Skills

Important Note: The skill budget is 20, of which 5 go to action skills, 5 to nonactions, and 10 free. Raising a skill from 0 to 1 costs 1, raising a skill from 1 to 2 costs 2, etc. A skill cannot be higher than the lowest of the stats it depends on. All skills must depend on one or two stats.

Sample skills:

  • Mountback Riding (3)
  • Sailing (1)
  • Sharpshooting (1)
  • Explosives (2)

Note: 15 points can be distributed here: 1 point in a skill costs 1, 2 point costs 1+2=3, 3 points 1+2+3=6 and so on. Action Skills encompasses combat, acrobatics, in general things done when timing is important.

Other Skills

Sample skills:

  • NC scripting (1)
  • NC anisotropy (1)
  • Ship Management(1)
  • Cooking (1)
  • Infotech(1)
  • Field Medicine (2)

Note: 15 points can be distributed here: 1 point in a skill costs 1, 2 point costs 1+2=3, 3 points 1+2+3=6 and so on. Other Skills encompasses those things which can happen without immediate time constraints.

Narrative control is specialized into reification, scripting, and anisotropy (other).


Note: A list of your character's possessions, in order of availability: On Person - Backpack - Stashed. Assumed to be on your character's person unless specified otherwise.


The backstory should be one to three paragraphs long and include a character's ambition.
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