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Name: Stephanie "Soapbox" Rainier
Phenotype: Alligator/Pearltail Dragalisk
Gender: Dual
Age: 23

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Rosy pink scales, with mottled black spots.
Height: 160cm, 220cm with tail
Weight: 47kg

Origin: PATRIOT; Florida


HP: (2x (STA+FCS)) = 14

Wounds to KO: x3

Spirit: (2x (INT+CHA)) = 14

Stress Explosion: Voraciousness; Soapbox relieves her stress and tension by EATING ALL THE THINGS. She will leave toothmarks on anything inedible, sometimes including other people, but usually prefers to eat non-talking meats.

Energy: (2x (SPD+STA)) = 14
Timing: (SPD+INS) = 7
Movement: land 5, swim 7


  • Armored Skin - Dragalisks possess hard scales, providing them with natural armor. Against physical attacks, Soapbox gains +2 to her defense.
  • Natural Swimmer - Pearltail dragalisks are excellent swimmers and quite at home in the water. Soapbox gains a +2 increase to her speed when swimming, and 2 free ranks in swimming specialization.
  • Cool-Blood - Though not cold-blooded, Dragalisks are sensitive to the cold. When in cold environments, Soapbox takes a -2 penalty to endure the cold, and takes a -1 penalty to all physical and mental stats when affected by the cold.
  • Odd Body - Due to the shape of their bodies, Dragalisks require very special clothing, especially if they want to fly. Combined with Cool-blood, dragalisks tend to greatly prefer warmer climates.

Strand: "Jukebox Hero"
∙ Power ? -
∙ Speed ? -
∙ Range ? -
∙ Staying ? -
∙ Precision ? -
∙ Learning ? -


Skill (stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Acrobatics (SPD)1 (1)+4 
Awareness (INS)1 (1)+4General Perception skill.
(Spec) Investige1 (2)+1Ability to discern things out of the norm a bit more than usual.
Dodge (SPD)2 (3)+4/1sDefensive combat skill.
Endurance (STA)2 (3)+5/1s 
(Spec) Swimming2 (x)+*2 
Influence (CHA)2 (3)+4/1s 
Photography (INS)2 (3)+4/1s 
Ranged Fire (SPD)1 (1)+4 
(Spec) Gunplay1 (2)+*2Specialization concerning ranged attacks made with firearms.
Writing (INT)1 (1)+5 


Note: A list of your character's possessions, in order of availability: On Person - Backpack - Stashed. Assumed to be on your character's person unless specified otherwise.


The backstory should be one to three paragraphs long and include a character's ambition.
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