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Hand weapons: Anything that extend a hand's reach will be used against someone's head eventually. Hand weapons can be the subject of narrative control for extra sharpness, more impact, and so on.

Sword: A hand weapon with a broad blade, one or two edged, and a point. Many kinds exist (longsword, sabre, cutlass...)
Foil: A very thin sword with no edge and a very sharp point, usually longer than a sword. A few kinds exist (epee, rapier...)
Falchion: A very broad sword with one edge, intended to be used for slashing. A few kinds exist (dao, scimitar...)
Axe: The quintessential peasant's tool can be used for defense and offense.
Polearm: Polearms allow ranked infantry to fight in multiple lines. Surprisingly viable in urban combat. A number exist.
Mace: If everything else fails, blunt instruments remain effective. As many types exist as there are shelves in a hardware store.

Launchers: If one can aim, shooting things at an enemy is often a good way to at least soften them up before coming to blows.

Bow: Bows are quiet, can be nocked quickly, and offer good penetration but require high skill and stamina.
Crossbow: Often operates by pneumatics or springs rather than a bow, but the principle remains the same.
Firearm: Pre-Event firarms work more or less reliably, taking into account the general lower quality of ammunition and the fact that advanced features such as automatic fire tend to fizzle in yellow zones. A notable exception is the Avtomat Kalashnikova 47, whose legendary reliability (and the very fact that it's legendary) allows full-auto operation in almost all environments.
Sprayer: Any pneumatic device that sprays a gas or a liquid; a standardized backpack cylinder exists that can emit ignited fuel, liquid (very cold) lifting gas, electrified salt water, or even bagpipe music!

However they are flavored, mechanically weapons are statted very simply. A weapon may be required to use a skill -- the best fencer can't do much without a sword, for example. Some weapons may grant reach in melee, such as polearms; others may require high Strength to be operated in exchange for a powerful punch:

Unarmed10May be increased by martial art skills
Knife11May be thrown (range 10)
Sword12Type and fighting school may give bonuses to attack rolls
Pike21May be thrown (range 8)
Boomerang121Returns on miss
BB xbow201Most common launcher type
Sprayer52Environmental effect depends on fuel
Rocket304Single use; must attack with all available dice
Motorized weapons: Thermal lances, angle grinders, chainsaws, hand drills and the like can be used in a fight -- in general they are hard to hit with and can lead to serious self-harm on a fumble, but they can tear through armor like paper if they connect. Thermal lances and the like are considered "motorized" even if strictly speaking they have no self-moving parts; they can be powered by electricity, compressed air, small woodgas engines and so on.

VEHICLE WEAPONS: Commonwealths retain a small amount of conventional tanks and even warplanes. Fighting mecha exist, although they tend to be somewhat improvised, and land trains carry machine guns for self-defense.

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