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The Council sends an impersonal message stating that they are confident that XCOM's tactics will adapt to this setback; whatever intel could've been obtained from the survivor is gone. Bradford shows it to the assembled troops, and segues with a note that after the death of the Headmaster, the project will continue under his direction until and unless the Council appoints a replacement.

The first order of business is to put Lena back in charge of training.

The second is to resume research on the yellow canisters; the nanomachines contained therein, despite the obvious danger, might have led to better medikits.

The third is to integrate into the combat doctrine file -- pending its complete rewrite by Bradford and Lena's hands -- that no one combatant should take it upon themselves to be a fire sponge, no matter how tough they think they are.

The fourth, and last for the day, is to deal with all non-military personnel by either formally conscripting them or sending them home, at Bradford's discretion -- this effectively means that Kay's handpicked personnel is brought, or dragged by force after an intense struggle as the case may be, to the floatplane that will take them to Osaka Airport and from there back to their homes.

How Commander Bradford's stalwart struggle to protect humanity against the alien threat faced against budget shortages, the mysterious XALT organization and their apparently unmotivated vendetta against XCOM, and the ultimate plan of the alien masters themselves is by now the stuff of legends; but this is another story, and it will be told another time.

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