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  • Transfer an interceptor to North America. Training will have to happen through simulators anyway, and I'd rather have someone there.
  • First batch of trainees arrives in 3 days (Used memory hack to freeze spending, then hired 70 rookies all in one go). What passes for "faculty" better shape up quickly.
  • We're going to need room, so Strike The Earth, Dr. Shen!
  • Dr. Vahlen is told to leave the yellow stuff alone for now, and start with the classic: Time to do an alien autopsy. An intentionally grainy video with badly-made special effects will be leaked to Youtube. For now, we will have to focus on basic xeno-biology.
  • Alien abduction sites are reported! We need engineers, so we're going to go help in Australia, with the hope of picking up a cadre member there.


  • We land near Brisbane. At night. In a cemetery. We're probably going to be fighting some sort of zombie giant spider, and that's not even counting the aliens.
  • We find another yellow canister. This time it's in plain sight, definitely not an abduction machine that opened up. Send Nikola Karmarek to look at it. Everyone else advance cautiously.
  • Two pairs of sectoids show up. Nikola opens the canister (and ends up having to hide behind it). One of the derps is seen performing some sort of ritual on the other. Our turn to shoot. She misses horribly.
  • Petrov has a shot at the sectoid that performed the ritual. And misses horribly too. Maciej shoots the recipient, killing it.
  • The sectoid who shouted at the dead critter does its trick again, with a different one, who boldly moves to shoot Nikola and wounds her. We speculate that the ritual is inVeed more than cultural in nature, either that or the sectoids have really good hearing. Petrov and Kowalski figure that's enough to consider him a leadership figure, and move in to beat his ass in.
  • Both miss embarassingly, Kowalski exposes himself.
  • Vee hits the third sectoid, but not fatally. Nikola finishes the job.
  • The two remaining sectoids gang up on Kowalski, who doesnt panic, but is ordered back to the skyranger, being that when the adrenaline rush is over he will barely be able to walk.
  • Nikola has enough of this shit and runs up to the sectoid, shooting it in the face. Can't miss from that close.
  • Petrov gets a good shot in from a decent range.
  • Vee also misses the sectoid "sargeant", after trading shots with it.
  • After taking some fire, Petrov manages to flank one of the sectoids, and drop it.
  • It seems the "sargeant" is the only one left. We'll be trying to surround it. He shots Nikola, but not fatally.
  • Vee misses again, although she did a decent job suppressing it. While Petrov reloads, Nikola once again runs up to the Sectoid and makes it suck her gun. The lack of a mouth hole is a problem for about half a second. Vee is still going to have to work on her aim.
  • I think we've figured out what the nasties are weak against: point-blank annihilation.
  • Vee has been on two missions so far, and has nothing to show for it.
  • A second canister is found during mop-up.
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