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The device which has been dubbed the "Yarnall" by our field operations team is of deceptively simple construction. Yes, device, as it has no organic components whatsoever, and is essentially little more than a propulsion system, several robotic tentacles, and the enigmatic invisibility device.

Initially the Yarnall's appearance was cause for terror, as if the aliens were capable of making their other deployable assets invisible until they attack, this war would doubtless be a great deal shorter. Luckily it appears that the invisibility operates via a mechanism which renders it unsuitable for organic life as we know it, or even complex electrical systems as the EM interference generated by the ocular cloaking is highly disruptive. It is doubtless constructed utilizing nanotechnology, as its processor utilizes nano-scale physical analog switches rather than transistors for its computational functions. We do not fully understand the software involved, if, on such a system, the term 'software' can even be used. It operates via a motion detector coupled to a series of simple directives. It moves away from its point of deployment, cloaks upon first detecting motion, attempts to seek out an isolated mobile entity, and then decloaks in order to coil around it and strangle the life from its target, identifying this as accomplished when motion ceases.

So far, this seems to be incongruous with its actual behaviour, which my assistant refuses to refer to as anything other than "The Slylandro Fallacy," which for purposes of clarity, is the apparent fact that the controllers of these devices have placed such priority on the 'attack' action in the system's settings have meant that it never activates the circuit which determines whether or not its target is actually isolated, which has resulted thus far in our ability to terminate them easily with only minimal injuries.

However, this does seem to support the hypothesis that the aliens are not prosecuting total war against us in any form. As if they were, it would be a simple matter to fill a scoutship with these devices and seed them upon the rooftops of an area prior to an attack. We deal with them easily enough in groups of two or three, but ten? twenty? The anti-choke collar we have developed would do nothing against numbers capable of simply wringing flesh from bone and sundering joints beneath crumpled armor. Something far more sinister is at work here.

(As written by Kite Winters, intending to ICly be in the words of Doctor Ilse Vahlen)

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