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Accapelia is a character for the test Waylights game. Back
For a Clasew version of the sheet, check here.

Name: Accapelia Sonalto
Race: Streamie
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Metallic White
Skin Color: Pearlescent
Height: 92cm without Suit, 214cm with Suit.
Weight: 24.5kg without Suit, 105.7kg with Suit.

Origin: Archiella


Threshold : STA (5) + FOC (5) = 10

Wounds: 4 before KO

Psynergy: CHA (4) + ATT (5) = 9

Accapelia's psynergy is the limit of how much psi she can use before burning a crystal charge.

Timing : SPD (4) + IST (3) + Perk (1) = 8
Movement : Type (1) + SPD (3) = 4
Psi Powers: Unspent XP ( 1 )
Skill Tree
Arhou'chs Cecet: lvl1 Psynergy Cost: 6

Accapelia sings, and her song and hope become a shield to protect her allies. As a single action, Accapelia grants allies within range of her song three potential swap dice, which may be spent on defense rolls against attacks. Each affected ally is surrounded by small, pearl-colored and transparent shields of psuedomaterial that are broken when they intercept attacks, and fade a turn after she ceases her song.

Pearlskin: lvl1 passive

Accapelia's psionic resonance increases her durability, making it harder for her to be harmed by most things. Pearlskin is treated as both Tactile Projected Psychokinesis at rank D, and Invulnerability with a rating equal to the attack dice of the triggering attack, and is unaffected by the armor piercing property of weapons.

Arciellan Squire: boon

Gains a suit of Squire class power armor, along with the requirement to use it (limb replacement). She is counted as having a light shield (+1 defense) constantly, even when wielding a weapon with two hands or dual-wielding, and she can spend 2d6 psynergy to treat all of her rolls in a single activation as if every die came up a 4.

Arciellan Crystals: boon

Implanted augment in her chest that crystals are socketed into. Improve mental capacity, and power her squire armor. Grants +1 timing passively, and she can spend 1d6+1 psynergy to gain a bonus attack die in mental skill checks and social combat for 1 minute.

Crystal Dependance: drawback

A new crystal has 10 charges, and charges are burnt naturally over time at a rate of 1 per 2 days with high quality condensed crystal, or 2 charges every 3 days with normal refined crystal (this may be stretched out by spending extra time with her limbs unequipped; the rate accounts for limbs being unequipped during normal sleep). When charges hit 0, Accapelia takes a -1 penalty to Focus, Instinct, and Speed based skills (including timing), and her pool to these stats are decreased by 1/2 their maximum value (round up); if this would drop the pool to below 0, the penalty is -2 to that set of skills. In addition, she has 1 hour of power remaining to her limbs, after which they power down. Replacing the crystal will reset the charge counter, but the penalties remain for 1 hour after exchanging. While her limbs are unattached or powered down, Accapelia takes no penalty from Crystal Dependance.


Skill Name (stat)Ranks (XP cost)TotalDescription
Acrobatics (speed)1 (1xp)+4General skill for acrobatics, such as balancing, jumping, etc.
Awareness (instinct)1 (1xp)+4Perception and insight into surroundings.
Brawling (strength)1 (1xp)+4Unarmed combat skill, as well as defending against grappling.
Crystal Use (attunement)1 (1xp)+6Using crystals and crystal circuits.
Mental Resistance (focus)1 (1xp)+6Ability to resist mental influences, such as charm, confusion, fear, S.E.P., etc.
Parrying (specialization)2 (3xp)+*1Brawling, Swordplay: Defensive combat skill, using a weapon or unarmed.
Psi Knowledge (intellect)1 (1xp)+5Knowledge of psionics, crystals, and such.
Presence (charisma)1 (1xp)+5Social skill for influencing others; an extension of her own self.
Repair (intellect)1 (1xp)+5Knowledge of repairing mechanical things.
Singing (charisma)2 (3xp)+5/1sSkill at singing.
Song Magic (attunement)1 (1xp)+6For accomplishing Song Magic; use Singing for defense rolls. She gains Song Magic as an Excuse.
Swordplay (strength)2 (3xp)+4/1sCombat skill when using swords, offensive and defensive.
Tactics (intellect)2 (3xp)+5/1sKnowledge of military tactics, as well as skill at games of tactics.

Accapelia enjoyed a normal life on Archiella. She excelled at the mandatory music studies, as well as fencing, taking wrestling and chess as other electives. Military history was perhaps the only true intellectual activity she enjoyed, as most of her grades in brainy studies were poor.
At the age of 12, she entered the military academy, and was accepted into the Squires, the precursor to joining the elite Knights of Arc. After scoring high on the exam, she agreed to the operation to modify her body for the powered armor used by the Knights, despite it requiring her to surrender her arms and legs, and insert a dangerous crystal augmentation into her sternum.
Continued use of the crystal to augment her capacities has altered her eye, hair, and skin colors to become metallic. Her innate psionic abilities were mostly unnoticed until she was 16; though she, surprisingly, is capable of using Song Magic in a manner akin to a Songstress than the Knight she longs to be.
Currently out on one of her Knightly Trials, Accapelia is escorting a prospector in search of more crystals for both Archiella's Tower, and for the augmented Archiellans. She takes her duty seriously, as even though there is no current emergency, the task is vital to the survival of her nation.

Archiellan Power Armor; Squire Class Armor, combination of plate armor and replacement arms and legs. Bears Oblivist symbols, and has black and white patterns, with butterfly inspired designs at the hips, shoulders, and wrists. Spine is externally augmented to support higher strength. Replaced limbs function as buckler, applying +1 to defense rolls when parrying or blocking.
Breastplate, lightened; Done in the style of an Archiellan Paladin's armor, bears the symbol of the Oblivists, and includes a helmet. Medium armor that stacks with her power armor to count as heavy armor (+1 defense swap die in combat).
Crystal Augments; Replacing her sternum and attaching on the inside to her spinal column, provides boost to her reaction times and ability to focus. Contains a fresh crystal battery.
Crystal, Condensed; Three spare crystals for powering her augments.
Farfignion; A large stuffed animal resembling a winged dolphin, is special to her as a gift for her 14th birthday from one of her non-squire friends. Also special in an embarrassing way, so she does not allow close examination of its stomach.
Long-handled Sword; Hand and a half sword with a grip 4 hands long, providing defensive and offensive power. (Weapon Power x2, straight edge)
Money; Talis saved up (that weren't spent on frivolities). 2,275 t
Supplies for her travels. Rations, tools for her suit's upkeep, cleanliness products, etc. Not carried if she has a stable place to store things.

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