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Alias: Fuchsia / Real Name: Lulao Duwahn (Fuchsia Wisteria)
Race: Streamie (1/16th womp)
Gender: Female
Age: 26

Eye Color: Not applicable.
Hair Color: Black with magenta tips
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 186 cm (with marionette), 96 cm (without)
Weight: 44 kg (not including attachments)

Origin: Koji; former Insect Gladiator star


Threshold: STA (3) + FOC (4) *2 = 14

Wounds: 3 before KO

Psynergy: STA (3) + ATN (5) + Psynergy Boost (4) = 13

Warp: When drain exceeds psynergy, takes a point of warp, as wounds. 15% cumulative chance per point of warp to suffer backlash; calculate drain, then warp, then roll for backlash whenever casting a psi power.

Stress: INT (5) + CHA (4) *2 = 18

Stress Explosion: FEEL MY ANGER! When she hits her breaking point, Fuschia lets it be known, unleashing her frustration and rage in tides of psionic energy. She tends to be louder than normal, and though rarely hurtful in her choice of words, others are still shaken by the raw emotions emanating from her. All creatures she interacts with must make a resist psi check with a target equal to her stress at the time of her explosion, and take stress damage on a failure. Fuschia takes 1 point of drain each time she inflicts stress in this manner.
Stressor: Introvert Fuschia is an introvert, and prolonged exposure to people is draining on her. Whenever she spends a scene interacting with people she is unfamiliar with, she takes 1 point of stress. This occurs only once per scene, no matter how many people she must interact with.
Relief: Simple minds, simple pleasures. When interacting with animals, Fuschia finds it much easier to relax. Though insects are her favorite, she likes all animals. When spending a scene with an animal that is friendly to her (or at the least indifferent), she recovers 1d4 points of spirit.

Timing: SPD (3) + INS (3) = 6
Movement: Type, hindered (-2) + SPD (3) = 1

Psi Powers: int (5) -2 = 3
Skill Tree
Telempathic Projection level 1
Fuschia has honed her telempathic ability on the fields of chitin, and recently has had reason to expand her potential targets to people. Manipulating emotions and instinct is her basic ability, and she can also communicate her emotions, or read the emotional state of others directly without affecting them.
Unless noted otherwise, Telempathic Projection uses Influence as its accomplish skill, and Awareness for its caution skill.
Ability Name - (caution target; self-infliction chance; warp loss)

  • Distraction - (9; 61-100, -1) Using subtle prodding, Fuschia can distract a person or creature from completing a task or noticing something. The target suffers a -2 malus to all rolls; this penalty lasts 1 minute per accomplish dice used.
  • Haywire - (15; 46-60, -3) Briefly scrambles the target's thoughts, causing them to behave erratically for a moment. On one action made by the subject within the next round, the caster may alter the target of an attack, the manner an item is used, or the direction the subject tries to move. If more than two accomplish dice are used, the window for altering actions increases by 1 round per extra die.
  • Overflow - (12; 21-45, -2) The target experiences a surge of emotions, briefly overwhelming their body's ability to handle it, causing mental or physical stress. A weapon-like ability, the caster may choose to deal health damage or stress damage when using overflow. At 1st level, the emotion used does not have too much of an effect.
  • Pacification - (12; 1-20, -2) Soothing feelings are used to make the target unwilling to fight, as well as more susceptible to further influence for a time. If successful, the target becomes helpful to the caster and loses the desire to fight unless further aggressive action is taken (including abusive or extreme requests). This is a charm that lasts for 10 minutes, and the subject must make an instinct check of 10 to realize they were manipulated after the duration expires.
  • Spasming – (99; W²%, -10) Fuschia cannot reasonably utilize this projection, which overloads several parts of the mind to send the subject spasming uncontrollably (as stunned and prone) for 1 round, plus an additional round for every 5 or 6 rolled on the accomplish dice. At least, she can't without immediately risking being affected by considerable warp, and greatly risking this happening to her in return. The chance for this backlash occurring is equal to her accumulated warp squared (and is selected with priority from the bottom), and she is affected by it for 1 round per 2 points of accumulated warp (minimum 3 rounds).

Infuse Crystal crafting

Fuschia is able to create named crystals with the proper reagents; typically refined crystals, proper schematics, and time, of course.

Insectile Command excuse/passive This ability is a part of telempathic projection, is but listed separately.

Fuschia commands insects with her empathic abilities, directing them and even borrowing their senses at times. She may use this ability as an Excuse for a variety of actions involving insects, though she must attempt the appropriate checks to do so.

Prescience level 1

Fuschia has learned a mild level of precognition, and primarily uses it in navigation and movement. Prescience is usable as an Excuse to gain bonuses to accomplish a variety of tasks, however, it cannot be used with Telempathic Projection. When prescience is declared, select a bonus and roll a Resist Psi caution check (following normal allotment) against the target for that bonus: +1 (target 9), +2 (12), +3 (15), +4 (18), +5 (21), +6 (24), etc. Failing the caution check inflicts drain equal to the amount by which the check is failed.

Auditory Perceptive Navigation boon

(can use sonar to navigate, has trouble when it's very loud. Increased sense of hearing)

Crystalline Affinity boon

(can identify and use named crystals easier than normal)

Telempathic backlash drawback

When Fuschia uses her psionic abilities, she experiences drain. She must make a caution roll when using psionics, accumulating drain based on failure against the target number for the ability. When her drain exceeds her psinergy, she gains a point of warp, which is treated as a wound for all purposes excluding K.O., and adds a cumulative 15% chance she will be affected by a random (d%) telempathic projection, and loses the accumulated warp listed for that projection after it ends.

Injury Inflicted Blindness drawback

(no eyes, cannot see in the traditional sense}

Limbless drawback

(Possesses no limbs unless she has artificial ones attached, with obvious consequences.)


Skill Name (stat)Ranks (XP cost)TotalDescription
Awareness (instinct)2 (3xp)+4/1sHalf bonus on visual perception (only when using psi); +2 bonus on auditory perception.
(Spec) Sonar1 (1xp)+7When using her sonar-esque technique, auditory only.
Crystal Use (atn.)2 (3xp)+5/1sFor using crystals; +2 bonus when identifying. Cannot use Prescience on this skill.
Influence (charisma)1 (1xp)+5Interpersonal skills; external.
(Spec) Telempathy1 (1xp)+6Using her Telempathy on others.
Navigating (instinct)2 (3xp)+4/1sGeneral navigation skills.
Psi Knowledge (int.)2 (3xp)+6/1sGeneral psionics knowledge. Cannot use Prescience on this skill.
Psynergy Boost (n/a)2 (3xp)N/AIncreases her psynergy threshold by (Ranks*2).
Resist Psi (focus)2 (3xp)+5/1sFor resisting the effects of psi from other sources.
Unspent XP: 0xp
Converted XP: 0xp
Total XP: 20xp

Born in Koji, Fuschia is one of a line of gork/womp blooded folk where the women are born without limbs. Fuschia is lucky, as she has enough psionic power to use psi-powered prosthetics, not only reliably but with excellent proficiency. Her eyesight has always been terrible, but got much worse in an accident that cost her her eyes and gave her some scarring over her face.

Fuschia's father, to whom her mother is a concubine, is something of a rich dandy. With a serious gambling addiction. So when he noticed she developed the ability to ping emotions in others, he immediately sent for her to receive training to command insects and participate in the insect-based arena so popular in the land of Koji. She became quite skilled, being able to use the eyes of the insects she commanded as her own, though she needed more direction than other players when doing this, as she could become quite distracted.

Unfortunately, pressure from her father to perform better frayed her nerves, and pushing herself past her limit revealed the drawback of her telempathic projecting. Writhing on the floor caused her to be withdrawn from the match in a semifinals game, and loss of such a star player is widely attributed to be the reason her team did not advance to the finals. This cost her father dearly, and he sent her off in a rage, buying her a trip far away from him until, well, who knows?

Fuschia has five half-sisters (with not a limb between them), and no brothers of any sort; she gets along with her sisters that aren't from her father's first wife, meaning all but the eldest and youngest. She has a poor relationship with her father even before the strain of her team's loss. She cares deeply for her mother, however, and wishes to rescue her from the grips of the man who effectively owns her. With her primary skills being interpersonal or psionic, Fuschia has managed to ply her trade as a navigator after some research, but she would much rather figure how to make a living as a hedgemage, and so practices with crystals as well.

Inventory and Gear:

  • Clothing: Set of leathers, collars/bangles, and two sets of koji-style robes.
  • Marionette Harness: So called because of what it resembles, these doll-like limbs provide her with a normal sort of appearance. However, these are fairly crystal hungry, so they do not get used much.
  • Pony Harness: A peculiar harness designed for her body, allowing her to move about on all fours at a normal speed, and even faster if running, though she will quickly tire.
  • Blindfold: To hide the scarring on her face; has a socket for a crystal to give her limited sight with her prescience.
  • Insect Cages: A few cages containing beetles from her line of gladiators.
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