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Lighty is a character for the test Waylights game. Back

Name: Lightning Racer
Race: Mixed; Kerbian father, Archiellan mother.
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Golden Blonde, with black streaks
Skin Color: Tanned
Height: 185cm
Weight: 55kg

Origin: Courier, originally from Cascadia.


Threshold : STA (4) + FOC (3) =7

Wounds to KO: 3

Timing : SPD (5) + INS (4) = 9
Movement : Type (1) + SPD (5) + Trait (1) = 7
Psi Powers: int (2) -2 = 3
Skill Tree
Cloth Control

Lightning is capable of cloth she has made or worked on herself, making it move as if it were alive, or hardening it to make it as strong and stiff as wood or metal. She adds her Tailoring or Use Psionic Ability to checks involving said cloth (such as trying to grab a ledge, or tying someone up), and may treat it as a stronger material using her Use Psionic Ability skill.

Know Direction

Lighting can gauge her direction of movement and keep short distance way points in a form of mental map. This allows her to do stuff such as walking in a straight line with her eyes closed, or easily find which way is north with only a little concentration. Passively applies Attunement to Navigating skill.

Lightning Razor

Lightning can infuse a ribbon of cloth with electricity, allowing it to function as a weapon. She may also use her electricity to fire needles and pins as if using a launcher. Applies Use Psionic Ability ranks as a specialization to Melee and Ranged combat skills and gains +2 armor penetration, but only when using Lightning Razor as a weapon. Lighty is currently limited to using lightning razor to create smaller blades, or firing very small metal objects (like pellets or needles).


Gotta Go Fast; (Capable of handling high speeds, as well as being naturally faster. Unfortunately, tends to get impatient a lot)

Skills: 20xp

Skill Name (Stat)Ranks (XP)TotalDescription
Acrobatics (Speed)3 (6xp)+8 
Awareness (Instinct)1 (1xp)+5 
Navigating (Ins + Att)1 (1xp)+9 
Piloting (Focus)3 (6xp)+6For flying rigs and similar methods of flight or vehicles with similar controls.
Psicraft (Intellect)1 (1xp)+6 
Ranged Fire (Focus)1 (1xp)+4 
Tailoring (Intellect)2 (3xp)+7 
Use Psi Ability (Att)1 (1xp)+5 
Lightning Razor melee0 (0xp)+4Reach 1 (small ribbons) or Reach 3 (ribbon tail); bonus x1, Gains +2 armor penetration.
Lightning Razor ranged0 (0xp)+5Range 10; bonus +0, Gains +2 armor penetration.


  • 1,752 talis
  • Key to pick up Beetoven
  • Clothing! 2 sets, both made herself, along with a poncho, a scarf, and a hat. Tall boots, too.
  • Maid Uniform~
  • Skintight Lintinal suit; needs a little work and is undyed.
  • Water-Resistant Messenger Bag; has a lock, more to make doubly sure stuff doesn't fall out. Designed to also be usable as a pillow if needed.
  • Sewing kit; kept in messenger bag, previous travel kit stored inside this.
  • Utility knife; Handy knife for stuff and things.
  • Ribbons; some of litinal, some of cotton, and a really long one of xeclo.
  • Toucan, Beetoven; currently awaiting pickup
  • Wing Cape! Made herself, with a little help. Is blue with a lightning pattern on it. Cannot be used by anyone else, due to no ribbing, but is not identifiable as a wing cape.


Lighty is the oldest child of Pizzicata (Archiellan squire washout, now a teacher) and Speed (Kerbian professional racer). She has a younger sister, Cloud, and a younger brother, Speed Jr.

Works for Cloud 9 delivery service; paid by commission/job, so her hours are rather flexible.



Model Name: Toucan MkIII
Base Band: Medium
Speed 135
Flank Speed 145
Range 235

Hits x (1 base + 2 armor + 0 perk + 0 power) (this will need a lot of work)


Threshold : Res+Det=[3]
Timing : Sync+Lay=[2]
Combat Movement : Power+Maneuverability=[5]
Special Functions (SYN-2): None
Traits: Flickerable, Flying Boat
Weapons: Two wing slots, one empty. Standard bolter on left wing.

  • (1) Courier Build -- Comfort -1, speed +5, range +15. The fuselage has been lightened by removing seat padding and compartments.
  • (2) Overnight Runner -- (Activated) +Alt, Range -5, Resilience -1, Speeds +10. Her brother has placed in a modification to help with faster runs.
  • (3)

Current Book Value: 102Kt

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