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While the existence of will-sensitive crystals is seen by many as conclusive proof of the supernatural, the fact that most learned psions are reductionists is seen by others as counterproof to that; psi chology is just another branch of science.

Regardless of what is actually going on, the world is home to a number of religions; it's not uncommon for people to use religious imagery when channeling psi, as it tends to be learned at an early age and sticks with you.

This goes double for healing psi, as healing psi techniques generally augment but do not replace conventional first aid and the left brain is usually otherwise occupied - hospitals will often assign healers of the same religion as the patient, if at all practical.

A number of cantons have an official faith; tolerance for different faiths in these lands can vary from, say, polite scoffing in Enotria to immediate defenestration (sometimes literally) in the Caliphate. One important exception is funeral rites: if an "infidel" friend or ally dies in circumstances which permit it, they will be buried according to their tradition, as much as possible -- this is something that every Slipstream culture respects.

Religion tends to be a fairly private affair for the most part; with the usual exceptions for a religion's capitol, temples tend to be small and usually double as meeting places. Most churches are adorned by volunteers over the years rather than built opulent from the start. It is not uncommon in small lands for a single temple to be used by different faiths on different days if the population breakdown warrants it; religious debates are common simply becaue they generally have better attendance numbers than simple services. This causes priests (pastors, mullahs, kois, pegese, etc.) to usually be knowledgeable about faiths other than their own, if nothing else to point out their flaws.

Large-scale religious wars have been very rare; oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, conflict is more likely to occur between sects of the same religion than between faiths.

Celestial Bureaucracy

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